T H U R S D A Y , A U G U S T 9 , 2 0 1 8 5 : 3 0 – 8 : 3 0 P. M .   |   PRINCE WAIKIKI

                                                                                                   PRESENTED BY

                                                                             H AWA IIPA C IF IC HEA LT H.O RG | HAWA I‘I PA C IF IC HEA LT H
                                                                                  IS A NO T-F O R-PRO F IT HEA LT H C A RE S Y S T EM.
“The 8-week SSRP has been a one-of-a-kind
                                                                                                                                                      opportunity to experience medicine first-hand.”

                                                                                                                                                     “SSRP allowed me to experience the remarkable
                                                                                                                                                            art of people caring for a community.”

                                                                                                                                                        “These opportunities opened my eyes to the
                                                                                                                                                    breadth of the medical profession and piqued my
                                                                                                                                                    interest in a variety of specialties that I have never
                                                                                                                                                                     previously considered.”

 Ray Vara, President & CEO of Hawai‘i Pacific Health, welcomed the 2018 Research Scholars to the 8-week Summer Student
 Research Program (SSRP).

“Each week has been a new adventure
        into practicing medicine.”

    “I have emerged from the SSRP
    with reshaped goals and stronger
    passion and appreciation for the
          medical field and life.”

                                                        Dr. Kenneth Robbins, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, met        Executive Vice President & Chief Quality Officer Dr. Melinda Ashton
                                                        with the students and answered many questions on the future of health care.       welcomed the Research Scholars at the SSRP Kick-Off on June 26.

On the cover: Top left-The 2018 Research Scholars. Top right-Dr. Charles Kim organized a robotic surgery demonstration. Bottom left-Dr. Maria Ver at the Pali Momi Medical Center Simulation Lab.

Welcome to the 2018 Hawai‘i Pacific Health Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) Scientific Presentation, which features the research projects of our
13 research scholars and their principal investigators.

During the last eight weeks, the research scholars have had the opportunity to not only conduct a clinical research project, but also receive an in-depth
introduction to the real world of medicine. From “Careers in Medicine” talk-story sessions with physicians of various specialties and behind-the-scenes tours
of medical facilities, to interactive lectures on the life cycle of research, surgery observation and physician shadowing, the research scholars have had the
unique opportunity to witness the practice of medicine, up-close and personal, from physicians, nurses and allied health professionals throughout the Hawai‘i
Pacific Health system who work together to create a healthier Hawai‘i.

Since its inception in 1986, SSRP has sought to assist pre-med students in affirming that a career in medicine is the right path. Each year we learn of more
SSRP alumni who have found their home in medicine. Many alumni have become doctors in our community and beyond. Tonight, these 13 research scholars
have embarked on their own journeys in the medical community.

This year’s projects represent a variety of medical specialties, including palliative care, quality and patient safety, oncology, pediatric emergency medicine,
pediatric intensive care, psychology, nephrology, health care administration, rheumatology, internal medicine, pulmonology, cardiology and the Ornish
Lifestyle Medicine Program.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the 20 investigators who volunteered their time this summer: Melinda Ashton, MD; Michelle Cantillo, RN; Owen Chan, MD;
Andrew Feng, MD; Edward Fong, MD; Heidi Hillesland, MD; Charles Kim, MD; Sian Lik Yim, MD; Gerard Livaudais, MD; James Musgrave, MD; Jessica
Nishikawa, DNP, NP-C; Shilpa Patel, MD; Prashant Purohit, MD; Marti Taba, MD; Len Tanaka, MD; William Tsushima, PhD; Jeffrey Wong, MD; Brian Wu, MD;
Loren Yamamoto, MD; and Albert Yazawa, MD.

We would also like to acknowledge Andrea Siu, MPH, SSRP research consultant from the Hawai‘i Pacific Health Research Institute, and the JABSOM Biostat
Core for their support and assistance with all of the projects.

A special thanks to D. Suehiro Electric, our 2018 SSRP Program Underwriter, and the Thomas and Sumie McCabe Foundation for their generous grant. It is
because of the support and contributions from individual donors that we are able to offer this program each year.

Congratulations to the 2018 SSRP research scholars. It was a pleasure introducing you to a career in medicine. Please keep in touch as you continue your journey.


                     S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, MACP                                              Curtis B. Kamida, MD, FACR
                     Co-Director | Summer Student Research Program                               Co-Director | Summer Student Research Program

                                                                                                               SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 3
    WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS                                                LAUREN MOONEY
                                                                             SOPHOMORE, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
    Raymond P. Vara, Jr.
                                                                             PROJECT: Incorporating Immature Granulocytes into Clinician Workflow
    President & CEO, Hawai‘i Pacific Health
                                                                             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Shilpa Patel, MD; Melinda Ashton, MD
    Kenneth Robbins, MD
                                                                             and Amy Onaka
    Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer,
    Hawai‘i Pacific Health
                                                                             JAIMEE KATO
    Melinda Ashton, MD                                                       SOPHOMORE, UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I AT MĀNOA
    Executive Vice President & Chief Quality Officer,
                                                                             PROJECT: The 80/20 Rule: A Study of Super High Utilizers of Health Care
    Hawai‘i Pacific Health
    S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, MACP
                                                                             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Gerard Livaudais, MD, MPH, FACP
    Moderator and Co-Director, SSRP
    Curtis B. Kamida, MD, FACR                                               MARCUS YAMAMOTO
    Co-Director, SSRP                                                        SOPHOMORE, CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY

    PRESENTATIONS BY RESEARCH SCHOLARS                                       PROJECT: Invalid Pre-season Cognitive Testing: Does Sandbagging
                                                                             Occur with High School Athletes?
                                                                             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: William Tsushima, PhD
    PROJECT: Factors Contributing to Clearance of Hepatitis B Virus in the   LINDSEY HODEL
    Setting of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection                                 JUNIOR, DARTMOUTH COLLEGE
    PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Heidi Hillesland, MD                             PROJECT: Correlation of Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate and
                                                                             Prostatectomy Specimens in Men with Prostate Cancer
                                                                             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Charles Kim, MD and Owen Chan, MD
    PROJECT: Factors Influencing Change in Disposition After STR             RYAN OGASAWARA
    PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Albert Yazawa, MD and                           SOPHOMORE, YALE UNIVERSITY
    Jessica Nishikawa, DNP, NP-C                                             PROJECT: The Nature of Infections Preceding the Onset of Acute
                                                                             Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis
                                                                             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: James Musgrave, MD; Susan Ingraham, MD
                                                                             and Rhiana Lau, MD
    PROJECT: What Decisions do Patients and Families Commit to When Faced
    with Life and Death?
    PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Jeffrey Wong, MD and Michelle Cantillo, RN

JORDAN FERNANDEZ                                                               A SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY THE
                                                                               2018 RESEARCH SCHOLARS
PROJECT: Continuous Bumetanide Infusion in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
and Len Tanaka, MD
                                                                               S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, MACP
VICTORIA MAK                                                                   Curtis B. Kamida, MD, FACR
PROJECT: Outpatient and Emergency Department Utilization Trends
of Gout as Compared to Rheumatoid Arthritis

PROJECT: The Cost of Incorrect Penicillin Allergy

PROJECT: The Ornish Impact on Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and Diabetes

PROJECT: Effect of a Standardized Inpatient Asthma Protocol on
Healthcare Utilization
                                                                                The 2018 SSRP Research Scholars

                                                                 Photo and Video Notice
                            Please note that you may be videotaped or photographed as part of your participation at this event.
                                     These video and still images may be used for the benefit of Hawai‘i Pacific Health.

                                                                                                             SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 5
The 2018 Research Scholars

                                                                                                                Tour of Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children

                                             Robot Demonstration with Dr. Charles Kim and Noelani Kohner, RN

 Tour of Pali Momi Medical Center

                                                                                                               Wilcox Medical Center and Kaua‘i Medical Clinic Tour

SSRP Kick-Off Reception                    Hawai‘i Pacific Health Simulation Lab Tour

                                    “9:37!” The words cut through the air as the preemie burst out of its red pouch. I was awestruck as the doctors and
                                    nurses raced the clock to keep the preemie warm while also calling out the seconds leading up to the optimal time
                                    for clamping and cutting the umbilical cord.

       Lauren Au                    I had yearned to observe a birth sometime within the eight weeks of the Summer Student Research Program, but
                                    had never expected this wish to be fulfilled within the first ten minutes of shadowing. This past summer, I’ve had
                                    the privilege of being given access to explore my passions while also being introduced to aspects and fields of
                                    medicine I was not previously aware of. This program has provided many precious opportunities to learn more
                                    about the constantly transforming field of medicine through talks with health care administrators and a wide array
                                    of physician role models.

                                    I’ve come out of the program with even more reasons to pursue a future in medicine. Each physician has spoken
                                    of the long and winding road in medicine, but has also expressed why this journey to such a career is so essential
                                    and worthwhile to us as human beings. To Dr. Yamamoto, thank you for showing me what it really means to be
                                    genuinely passionate about striving to solve issues one encounters. Hearing your stories about how new ideas
                                    to investigate come to mind always remind me of why research is so necessary for growth in medicine. I deeply
                                    appreciate your time, knowledge and advice. Thank you Dr. Kamida, Dr. Brady, Andrea, Jun, the SSRP staff and
                                    fellow scholars for making each incredible opportunity possible and enjoyable. I am so grateful to have had the
                                    chance to be in this program.

7                                                                                                         SUMMER
                                                                                        Lauren with Principal           STUDENT
                                                                                                              Investigator             RESEARCH
                                                                                                                           Dr. Loren Yamamoto.    PROGRAM | 7
Jordan                                                  “...keep an open mind because each path is unique
                                                                                                                       and unpredictable.

                                    Before I entered this program, I was at a crossroad of whether I wanted to pursue a career as a physician. I was
                                    not confident in myself and it was difficult to picture a future of wearing the white coat, caring for patients, and
                                    entering the life-long journey of a practicing physician. However, being able to be a part of the Hawai‘i Pacific
                                    Health Summer Student Research Program has reinforced my aspirations to pursue medicine.
Jordan Fernandez
    SENI O R, WA S HINGTO N STATE   This program went above my expectations and exposed me to so many aspects in medicine through doing
            U NIV ERS ITY           research, shadowing surgeries, and connecting with various doctors of different specialties. The doctors and
                                    medical staff have shown me that medicine is not just about the clinical conditions that a patient has, but
                                    about the complete picture; it is more about the person. Being able to provide compassionate care to patients
                                    in a way where you can eliminate their fears and stigmas about being ill and empathize with them, is what
                                    being a doctor is all about. This program helped me have that confidence in myself, and now I see that the only
                                    thing preventing me from moving forward were the demons of my own doubt. I am leaving this program with
                                    a newfound perspective and a deeper connection to health care.

                                    I would like to thank Dr. Kamida and Dr. Brady for giving me the opportunity to work with them throughout this
                                    program. I would like to thank Andrea and all the biostatisticians for being patient with me. Most of all, I would
                                    like to thank Dr. Prashant Purohit, Dr. Len Tanaka and Dr. Andrew Feng for helping me conduct research, being
                                    astonishing mentors, and for making a huge impact in my journey into medicine.

8                                                 Jordan with Principal Investigators Dr. Len Tanaka, Dr. Prashant Purohit and Dr. Andrew Feng.
Lindsey                                      “...to appreciate medicine as a multidisciplinary effort
                                                                                              that extends beyond the examination room.”

                                          Before this program I had no idea what a career in medicine would look like or if I would pursue one. The only
                                          window I had into the medical field was TV shows and when I tore my ACL last year. However, eight short weeks
                                          later I not only have a better understanding of the different medical fields but I know the population I may one day

     Lindsey Hodel                        serve, and I can envision my place in medicine.
                                          I am so grateful for the experiences SSRP has given me. From visiting Kalaupapa for a weekend, to using the DaVinci
                                          Surgical Robot, to shadowing surgeries, and talking with physicians from a variety of specialties, each week has
                                          been a new adventure into practicing medicine in Hawai‘i. This program has helped me to identify specialties, some
                                          that I didn’t even know existed, that I would like to pursue.

                                          Thank you to the SSRP staff, Dr. Kamida and Dr. Brady for all your hard work and guiding us smoothly through
                                          this program. To Dr. Kim, Dr. Chan, Andrea and Jun thank you for making this research experience as rich as
                                          possible. I appreciate all the shadowing opportunities and hands on work experience. I never thought I would enjoy
                                          conducting research as much as I did. Lastly to the 12 other scholars, thank you for keeping life for the past eight
                                          weeks interesting. You all have made going to work everyday fun and full of laughs. I am excited to see where we
                                          all end up!

9                                                                                                                         SUMMER
                                                                             Lindsey with Principal Investigator Dr. Charles Kim.   STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 9
                                            Before participating in the SSRP program my view of medicine was limited to the idea of a doctor in a hospital
                                            helping patients. However, through this program, I have gained experiences this summer that have broadened my
                                            view of the medical field and taught me that medicine extends beyond the hospital and out into the community.

      Jaimee Kato                           Reaching out to the seniors at Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center allowed me to learn about the needs of the
S OPHOMO RE, U NIV ERS ITY OF HAWAI ‘I                                                                   – puna. In addition to doing a community outreach,
                                            elderly population in Hawai‘i while also giving back to the ku
             AT M Ā NO A
                                            having the opportunity to shadow doctors and listen to their experiences and views on the transformation of
                                            health care has made me more aware of the challenges ahead but also made me excited to learn more about
                                            medicine and how I can use my knowledge to help create a healthier Hawai‘i. As I move forward along my
                                            pathway towards a career in medicine, the invaluable experiences I gained through touring the Hawai‘i Pacific
                                            Health facilities, talking to doctors, and getting exposed to the different aspects of medicine will continue to
                                            motivate me to become a physician able to serve Hawai‘i.

                                            Most importantly, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this summer unforgettable. To my mentor,
                                            Dr. Gerard Livaudais, thank you for the continuous guidance, patience and encouragement. You have inspired
                                            me to persevere through life’s obstacles and taught me that behind each hardship is a lesson to be learned. I
                                            would also like to thank Dr. Brady, Dr. Kamida and the Hawai’i Pacific Health staff for giving me a one-of-a-kind
                                            opportunity to experience the medical field first-hand through this program. Finally, to my fellow SSRP peers:
                                            thank you for the irreplaceable memories and lifelong friendships.

10                                       Jaimee with Principal Investigator Dr. Gerard Livaudais.
                                     After graduating from college, I was uncertain about my path or role in medicine. My knowledge of medicine
                                     was only limited to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants and other health professionals. I had not
                                     explored many of the other health-related jobs or how their work influenced the medical profession. The Summer
                                     Student Research Program (SSRP) gave me the opportunity to widen my view and learn about the different roles
       Evan Lum                      various health care workers and supporting staff play in improving patients’ health.
           C A LIF O RNIA            From the Careers in Medicine talks and panels, I had discussions with administrative executives, physicians and
                                     other health professionals about their roles in health care maintenance and the evolution of health care delivery.
                                     During tours to Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s four hospitals, I learned how much care is put into the layout and architecture
                                     of each hospital to make patients feel happier and more at home. I visited the hospitals’ simulation labs and
                                     observed a robotic surgery demonstration where I saw how new technologies can provide more practice for health
                                     professionals and reduce errors in treatment.

                                     During my time in SSRP, I learned that patient care and quality is not only managed by health care workers, but also
                                     the talents of architects, engineers, and many other supporting staff and volunteers. From understanding each
                                     worker’s roles and contributions in health care management, I have a better understanding of my role in managing
                                     and improving Hawai‘i’s health.

                                     I would like to thank Dr. Taba for mentoring me in my research and one-week Ornish Program experience, Dr. Brady
                                     and Dr. Kamida for leading our group to successful trips to Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center, Kalaupapa, and
                                     our research talks, and Andrea and Jun for their help in making my research project possible. Thank you also to all
                                     the Hawai‘i Pacific Health staff for giving me a reason to smile every day in the program.

11                                                            Evan with Principal Investigator Dr. Marti Taba.   SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 11
                                            My dedication to medicine began when I was 13 years old; my grandmother was admitted to the emergency
                                            room. Observing the skill, care and compassion at work made me realize that, rather than standing by, I could
                                            use my abilities to alleviate suffering. I left the hospital with the firm knowledge that I want to provide the same
                                            comfort to another family.
       Victoria Mak
     JUNIOR, S T. LO U IS U NIVERSI TY      Since that moment, I have strived to widen my breath of exposure to medicine through shadowing, volunteering,
                                            seminars and research. However, the exposure from these extracurriculars does not compare to the abundance
                                            I experienced during SSRP. SSRP has allowed me to understand all aspects of medicine. Conversations with
                                            physicians and administrators highlighted the collaboration to create a healthier Hawai‘i. Tours of facilities
                                            highlighted the importance of architecture in the healing of patients. Simulation labs highlighted the
                                            importance of interprofessional health care with effective communication and active listening. The sacred
                                            lands of Kalaupapa highlighted the importance of reflecting on the past for the betterment of the future.

                                            Most importantly, I have gained a deeper appreciation of the dedication and the care displayed by physicians,
                                            which confirms my impression that medicine is not just about the acquisition of certificates: it is about being
                                            driven by a deep respect for each other and the patients under our care. I hope to become a physician and
                                            practice in Hawai‘i to give back to the community who supported and nurtured me.

                                            I am grateful for Dr. Lim for mentoring me through this experience. Andrea and Jun, thank you for your support
                                            during the research process. Special thanks to Dr. Brady, Dr. Kamida, and the Hawai’i Pacific Health staff,
                                            physicians, and administrators for investing in our futures and for their valuable time and guidance. Fellow
                                            SSRP scholars, let’s strive together for the future of Hawai‘i.

12                                       Victoria with Principal Investigator Dr. Sian Yik Lim.
                                                       The Summer Student Research Program has reminded me why I initially wanted to be a physician, while giving me
                                                       infinitely more reasons to continue pursuing my dream.

                                                       SSRP is centered around genuine people who dedicate their lives to creating a healthier Hawai’i. This passion is
        Lauren Mooney                                  palpable throughout the entire Hawai‘i Pacific Health system. I am beyond honored to have been allowed an inside
                                                       look at the incredible work being done here.
            S O U THERN CA LIF O R NI A

                                                       This summer has reconnected me with my original desire to serve the community and eliminated any doubts I had
                                                       about my future in medicine. It is so rare to find physicians, like those at Hawai‘i Pacific Health, who are willing to
                                                       discuss the triumphs and pitfalls of their personal journey to medicine. The “Careers in Medicine” talks have been
                                                       invaluable to me and my development as a future physician. I am greatly appreciative to all those who took time
                                                       out of their days to speak with us, give us tours, or allow us to shadow them in their practices. I also feel fortunate
                                                       to have had the opportunity to visit Kalaupapa and experience first-hand how culture and history impact medicine.
                                                       These unique opportunities are what make SSRP so eye-opening.

                                                       I would especially like to thank Dr. Patel, Dr. Ashton and Ms. Amy Onaka for guiding me through this process
                                                       and being incredible female role models whose commitment to improving the quality of health care in Hawai‘i is
                                                       inspiring. I would also like to thank Andrea for sharing her knowledge and facilitating my research project. Lastly, I’d
                                                       like to express my appreciation for Dr. Kamida, Dr. Brady and the rest of the Hawai‘i Pacific Health staff for creating
                                                       such a memorable and impactful summer.

     13with Principal Investigator Dr. Shilpa Patel.
Lauren                                                                                                                    SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 13
                                                 Having been through this whirlwind of a program, I can say without a doubt that medicine is the field that will
                                                 continually challenge, grow and teach me. We were exposed to medicine from a myriad of perspectives—
                                                 from administrative roles, surgery, and primary care, to quality improvement and physician wellness, this
                                                 program allowed me a glimpse at how all the different nuances in this field work together to create better
       Lauren Muraoka                            care for our community.
                  AT M Ā NO A                    In one of our weekly meetings, Dr. Kamida told us the purpose of the SSRP is to give us experience—to expose
                                                 us to the awesome, real and sometimes tough parts of medicine to determine if and how we fit into that. I
                                                 believe this program went above and beyond its purpose, and provided unique experiences that challenged
                                                 me to ask not only what kind of physician I want to become, but also what kind of person I should strive to be.

                                                 I had many ideas of what the SSRP would be like, but my actual experience has surpassed them all. From observing
                                                 surgeries, learning the basics of research with our mentors and getting to talk with Hawai‘i’s physicians—to
                                                 going to Kalaupapa, spending time with my classmates after work and building life-long friendships, the SSRP
                                                 provided us with an immeasurable wealth of experiences that I will always appreciate.

                                                 I would like to thank Dr. Kamida and Dr. Brady for allowing me to be a part of this amazing summer. Thank you
                                                 Dr. Fong and Dr. Wu for your mentorship—your commitment to helping me get the most out of this project has
                                                 made this such a fun and insightful experience. To Andrea, Ellaine and Jun, thank you for your patience and
                                                 guidance throughout the research process. To the staff, thank you for welcoming us so warmly. Finally, to my
                                                 classmates, I would not have wanted to go through this program with anyone else, and I look forward to seeing
                                                 the great things each of you will do!

     14with Principal Investigators Dr. Brian Wu and Dr. Edward Fong.
                                                “Why do you want to go into medicine?” The most basic medical school interview question and yet one of the
                                                hardest questions for me to answer primarily because there has never been that momentous, paradigm shifting
                                                event that set me on a path towards a career in medicine. Rather, my love for medicine has evolved and grown over
                                                time through a series of small moments making it hard to pinpoint the exact moment of my realization because I
      Ryan Ogasawara                            always seem to be in the process of further refining my appreciation of medicine. My time in the SSRP has provided
                                                me with an opportunity to rediscover, strengthen and reflect on my appreciation of medicine.

                                                Through this program, I was given the unique opportunity to speak with physicians from a myriad of specialties,
                                                observe surgeries, shadow physicians and so much more. These opportunities opened my eyes to the breadth of
                                                the medical profession and piqued my interest in a variety of specialties that I had never previously considered.

                                                One of the salient points that was repeatedly underscored by many of the physicians we spoke with, and which
                                                resonated deeply with me, was the idea of not only curing a patient but also caring for them. The importance of the
                                                human connection in addition to the clinical aspect of medicine is a lesson that I will carry with me going forward
                                                in my journey through medicine.

                                                I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in this program. I would like to thank my
                                                principal investigator, Dr. Musgrave, for taking time out of your busy schedule to mentor and guide me toward a
                                                career in medicine. To Dr. Brady, Dr. Kamida, Andrea, Jun and the Hawai‘i Pacific Health staff, thank you for making
                                                this experience so amazing. Finally, to my fellow research scholars, thank you for all of the wonderful moments that
                                                made this experience truly unforgettable.

     15 Principal Investigator Dr. James Musgrave.
Ryan with                                                                                                        SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 15
                                             “Are you squeamish?” a nurse asked me the morning of my first surgery shadowing experience. Not sure how
                                             to answer this question, I was quickly relieved to find that I very much enjoyed the excitement, precision and
                                             concentration that an operating room demands and I couldn’t wait for my next shadowing opportunity!

      Zachary Pang                           The Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) has been a journey that has broadened my perspectives.
JUNIOR, L O YO LA U NIV ERS IT Y CHI C AGO   From spending a weekend in the sacred lands of Kalaupapa, to talking with professionals in the medical field,
                                             to shadowing various physicians, the SSRP has increased my understanding of the medical profession and
                                             the health care field. The opportunity to learn from and watch various health care professionals interact with
                                             patients in Hawai‘i has confirmed my desire to pursue a career in medicine. I aspire to become a physician who
                                             is as compassionate, humble and proficient as the health care professionals I have met this summer. The SSRP
                                             has also reaffirmed my desire to return home and practice medicine in Hawai‘i.

                                             Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. Special thanks to Dr. Kamida, Dr. Brady, Dr. Hillesland,
                                             Andrea Siu, Jun Ahn, my other fellow research scholars and the physicians I was able to shadow this summer.
                                             I am so grateful for this experience and have emerged from the SSRP with reshaped goals and a stronger
                                             passion and appreciation for the medical field and life.

 16                                                            Zachary with Principal Investigator Dr. Heidi Hillesland.
                                     As I began to realize that my college career was quickly coming to a close, I knew something was keeping me from
                                     feeling more like a complete undergraduate pre-med student. Going into the SSRP, I had no idea how much this
                                     program would mold me, both as a student and as a person. Now, I am glad to say that this program not only put

     Dayne Ramos                     any fears of uncertainty to rest, but it also shattered all expectations of how profound of an impact it would have

                                     on me. My understanding of the extremely expansive and dynamic world of medicine has developed so much over
                                     the past eight weeks, and my incentive to pursue a career as a physician has also grown along with it.

                                     Having the privilege to observe medical procedures in real time next to the physician and conducting our own
                                     research are opportunities I never imagined myself doing at this early stage in my career. One of the more inspiring
                                     realizations I’ve had during this program is that medicine and medical research is much more than just laborious
                                     chart review and organizing data; the human element and a patient-oriented approach to creating a healthier
                                     community should always be found at the head of every medical enterprise we decide to take on.

                                     I would like to give a big thanks to Dr. Wong as well as Michelle for guiding me along quite an unfamiliar path in
                                     the world of medical research. I would also like to thank Dr. Kamida and Dr. Brady for providing me with this great
                                     opportunity in the first place. Finally, to the most wonderful and ever-so charming 12 fellow students, thank you for
                                     making this one of the most unforgettable summers I have ever had.

17                                                                                                                  SUMMER
                                                                   Dayne with Principal Investigators Dr. Jeffrey Wong           STUDENT
                                                                                                                       and Michelle Cantillo.   RESEARCH PROGRAM | 17
                                         Every passion needs a purpose; I always had an inherent admiration for medicine, but I did not know why.
                                         Week by week SSRP helped me to envision what type of doctor I wanted to be and the type of person I want
                                         to become. SSRP is so much more than clinical research and health care exposure; this program helped me to

  Kelly Watanabe                         appreciate medicine as a humanistic service to Hawai‘i’s community. Our humbling visit to Kalaupapa revealed

                                         the importance of cultural sensitivity and research ethics in medicine. The beauty and privilege of medicine
            CO LLEGE                     is remembering that patients are people, that patients are someone’s loved one. As I continue my journey into
                                         medicine, I remind myself why I chose this profession: to bring comfort and joy to patients when they need it most.

                                         Through “Careers in Medicine” talks and hospital tours, I could create a holistic view of an integrative health
                                         care system. It takes a team to ensure the best care for patients. The health care professionals I met had a
                                                                                                                                                 – puna
                                         contagious passion for their medical service. I shared a glimpse of that passion through educating the ku
                                         at Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center.    There is so much joy in creating impactful connections across
                                                                                                                               – puna in Geriatrics.
                                         generations, and I hope to one day care for the most vulnerable, complex and lovable ku

                                         I would like to thank Dr. Kamida, Dr. Brady, Andrea and Jun for their inspiration and guidance through SSRP.
                                         Dr. Yazawa and Dr. Nishikawa, I am truly blessed to have learned from your mentorship. Thank you SSRP staff
                                         and fellow scholars for your encouragement and friendship!

18                        Kelly with Principal Investigators Dr. Jessica Nishikawa and Dr. Albert Yazawa.
                                        People say that all good things must come to an end; the SSRP is an ideal exemplification of this saying. A summer
                                        filled with countless opportunities into the world of medicine has provided more exposure than I could have
                                        received anywhere else. This experience has shown me how impactful and rewarding a career in health care can

Marcus Yamamoto                         be. More than ever, I feel the urge to pursue medicine, care for patients and give back to the community I call home.

S OPHOMO RE, C REIGHTO N UNI VERSI TY   In hindsight, it is hard to believe everything that was accomplished during eight short weeks. From observing
                                        surgical procedures and working on clinical research to touring the facilities and the sacred land of Kalaupapa, it
                                        has been a privilege to be a part of the SSRP. This program has taught me so much, but more importantly I have
                                        learned that there is so much in the health care field that I have yet to experience.

                                        Prior to this program, I had a limited view on what a life in medicine entailed. Since then, I have seen the breadth
                                        of careers and realized that the ability to impact someone’s life outweighs any sacrifices I may make. Spending the
                                        summer with Hawai‘i Pacific Health and learning about their values, I find myself driven to continue down this path
                                        to become a contributor to a “healthier Hawai‘i.”

                                        I would like to express my gratitude toward Dr. Tsushima for taking the time to guide me through this process. I would
                                        also like to thank Dr. Brady, Dr. Kamida and the wonderful Hawai‘i Pacific Health staff for making this opportunity
                                        possible to begin with. Finally, a warm mahalo to the other twelve scholars for the laughs, unforgettable memories
                                        and friendships that will last a lifetime. I am humbled to have been part of such an extraordinary program.

                                                                       Marcus with Principal Investigator Dr. William Tsushima.   STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 19
Inspiring Mentors - A Passion for Medicine

Melinda Ashton, MD           Michelle Cantillo, RN         Owen Chan, MD            Andrew Feng, MD               Edward Fong, MD
Executive Vice President &   Advance Care Planning             Pathology             Pediatric Intensivist        Pediatric Pulmonology
  Chief Quality Officer       Hawai‘i Pacific Health    Pali Momi Medical Center   Kapi‘olani Medical Center    Kapi‘olani Medical Center
                                                                                    for Women & Children         for Women & Children
  Hawai‘i Pacific Health

Heidi Hillesland, MD           Charles Kim, MD          Gerard Livaudais, MD,       Sian Yik Lim, MD            James Musgrave, MD
     Internal Medicine               Urology                 MPH, FACP                  Rheumatology              Pediatric Nephrology
 Wilcox Medical Center       Pali Momi Medical Center        Vice President         Straub Medical Center      Kapi‘olani Medical Center for
                                                         Hawai‘i Health Partners                                    Women & Children

Jessica Nishikawa, DNP,      Shilpa Patel, MD          Prashant Purohit, MD                 Marti Taba, MD              Len Tanaka, MD
         NP-C                Pediatric Hospitalist         Pediatric Intensivist             Family Medicine            Pediatric Intensivist
    Geriatric Medicine     Kapi‘olani Medical Center   Kapi‘olani Medical Center for      Straub Medical Center       Kapi‘olani Medical Center
   Straub Medical Center    for Women & Children            Women & Children                                           for Women & Children

William Tsushima, PhD       Jeffrey Wong, MD                Brian Wu, MD                Loren Yamamoto, MD,           Albert Yazawa, MD
    Clinical Psychology         Palliative Care          Pediatric Pulmonology               MPH, MBA                    Geriatric Medicine
   Straub Medical Center   Kapi‘olani Medical Center    Kapi‘olani Medical Center      Pediatric Emergency Medicine    Straub Medical Center
                            for Women & Children         for Women & Children            Kapi‘olani Medical Center
                                                                                          for Women & Children

                                                                                           SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 21
Amazing Experiences

        “Medicine is deeper than diagnoses
        and treatments, it's a relationship.”

Our Advisors

Curtis B. Kamida, MD, FACR, Co-Director of the SSRP                                S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, MACP, Co-Director of the SSRP

                                       “Thank you for the privilege to participate in a remarkable learning experience.”

                      “You provided continuous guidance, patience and encouragement. You have inspired me to persevere
                              through life's obstacles and taught me that behind each hardship is a lesson to be learned.”

                                                                                                            SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 23
Life Cycle of Research
                                                                                       The Research Scholars attended informational sessions on
                                                                                       research, from idea generation to protocol development,
                                                                                       statistical analysis and research presentation.

                                                                                       Hawai‘i Pacific Health Research Institute
                                                                                       David Horio, MD

                                                                                       Literature Search
                                                                                       Health Science Library
                                                                                       John A. Burns School of Medicine
                                                                                       University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

                                                                                       Melissa Kahili-Heede
     Dr. Owen Chan takes the students on a tour of the Pali Momi Medical Center Lab.

                                                                                       Research Study Design, Protocol Development,
                                                                                       Biostatistics, How to Write an Abstract/Paper

                                                                                       Andrea Siu, MPH, Hawai‘i Pacific Health Research Institute

                                                                                       How to Present Your Research
                                                                                       S. Kalani Brady, MD, MPH, MACP

                                                                                       Biostatistics and Data Management Core
                                                                                       John A. Burns School of Medicine
                                                                                                                 – noa
                                                                                       University of Hawai‘i at Ma
                                                                                       Hyeong Jun Ahn, PhD
                                                                                       So Yung Choi, MS

     Ryan and Dr. Musgrave review their data.

"Thank you for investing in our future and for your valuable time and guidance."

Visit to the JABSOM Health Sciences Library

SSRP Research Consultant Andrea Siu, MPH meets with Lindsey.   Evan and Ryan work on their projects.

                                                                                         SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 25
Careers in Medicine
                           Through the “Careers in Medicine” talk-story sessions, the Research Scholars had the opportunity to speak
                                      directly with physicians and health care administrators about the daily practice of medicine.

                                                                Anesthesiology                                             Health Care Administration-
                                                                Matthew Haight, DO                                         Hawai‘i Pacific Health
                                                                Bariatric Surgery/General Surgery                          Raymond P. Vara, Jr.
                                                                                                                           President & CEO
                                                                Maria Ver, MD
                                                                Cardiology                                                 Kenneth Robbins, MD
                                                                                                                           Executive Vice President &
                                                                Jared Oyama, MD
                                                                                                                           Chief Medical Officer
                                                                Hingson Chun, MD                                           Melinda Ashton, MD
 Dr. Keith Matsumoto, Pediatrics                                                                                           Executive Vice President &
                                                                Cardiothoracic Surgery
                                                                                                                           Chief Quality Officer
                                                                Mark Grattan, MD
                                                                Diagnostic Radiology
                                                                Lee Goerner, MD
                                                                Emergency Medicine
                                                                Thomas Hemingway, MD
                                                                Jennifer Ping, MD
                                                                Family Medicine
 Dr. Mark Grattan, Cardiothoracic Surgery
                                                                Dale Glenn, MD
                                                                Marti Taba, MD
                                                                General Practice
                                                                Richard Goodale, MD
                                                                General Surgery
                                                                Gregorio Maldini, MD

                                                                                               Dr. Russell Woo, Pediatric Surgery

 Dr. Justin Young, Sports Medicine

"I aspire to become a physician who is as compassionate, humble and proficient
               as the health care professionals I have met this summer."

                                        Health Care Administration –               Pediatric Anesthesiology
                                        Hawai‘i Health Partners                    Jason Brown, MD
                                        Gerard Livaudais, MD, MPH, FACP            Pediatric Hospitalist
                                        Vice President
                                                                                   Barry Mizuo, MD
                                        Hospitalist-Internal Medicine              Pediatric Intensive Care
                                        Brian Kim, MD                              Len Tanaka, MD
                                        Kimberly Naahielua, MD
                                                                                   Pediatric Nephrology
                                        Infectious Disease                         James Musgrave, MD
                                        Francis Pien, MD
                                                                                   Pediatric Palliative Care
                                        Internal Medicine                          Michelle Cantillo, RN
Dr. Jennifer Ping, Emergency Medicine   Anne Dempsey, MD                           Dawn Minaai, MD
                                        Heidi Hillesland, MD                       Jeffrey Wong, MD
                                        Michael Mihara, MD
                                                                                   Pediatric Surgery
                                        Neonatology                                Russell Woo, MD
                                        Venkataraman Balaraman, MBBS
                                                                                   Sports Medicine
                                        Lynn Iwamoto, MD
                                                                                   Justin Young, MD
                                        Kara Wong-Ramsey, MD
                                        Obstetrics and Gynecology
                                                                                   Franklin Lee, MD
                                        Bliss Kaneshiro, MD

Dr. Gregorio Maldini, General Surgery
                                        Scott Kortvelesy, MD
                                        Orthopedic Surgery
                                        Spencer Chang, MD
                                        Cass Nakasone, MD
                                        Grace Galiza, DO
                                        Keith Matsumoto, MD
                                        Carl Yu, MD
Dr. Franklin Lee, Urology                                                Dr. Cass Nakasone, Orthopedic Surgery

                                                                        SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 27
Behind the Scenes
     WE WANT TO THANK THE FOLLOWING WHO                        Straub Medical Center
     ORGANIZED TOURS AND ORIENTATIONS:                         Art Gladstone
     Hawai‘i Pacific Health - Epic Training                    Straub Medical Center Operating Room Orientation
     Toni Asis                                                 Lindlee Butcher
     Hawai‘i Pacific Health Simulation Lab                     University Health Alliance
     Bridget Lai, BSN, RNC                                     George McPheeters, MD
     Beth Berry, RN
                                                               University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center
     Regan Ramos, BSN, CNOR
                                                               Sharon Shigemasa
     HMSA (Hawai‘i Medical Service Association)
                                                               Wilcox Medical Center and Kaua‘i Medical Clinic
     Mark Mugiishi, MD
                                                               Jen Chahanovich
     InVision Imaging
                                                               Geri Young, MD
     Eric Hannum
                                                               Waikiki Health Center
     John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawai‘i
                                                               Elliot Kalauawa, MD
     Ivy Nip Asano, MD

     Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children

     Kenneth Nakamura, MD

     Pali Momi Medical Center

     Art Gladstone
     Gidget Ruscetta
     Cheryl Kozai, RN
     Kathleen Souza

     Robot Demonstration, Pali Momi Medical Center

     Charles Kim, MD
                                                                                            Tour of Pali Momi Medical Center with Brandon Letoto

Dr. Geri Young conducted the tour of Wilcox Medical Center and
                                                                                               Kaua‘i Medical Clinic.

   Dr. Kenneth Nakamura arranged the tour of Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children.

CEO Art Gladstone organized the tour of Straub Medical Center.                                 Tour of InVision Imaging with Eric Hannum.

                                                                                                       SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 29
Healthy Living- A Community Service
       On July 9, 2018, the 13 Research Scholars presented a community education event on health and wellness topics to over 180
       seniors at the Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center. The M. Lou Hefley, MD Endowment Fund, established at the Straub Foundation
       supported the event.

       Also presenting were Erica Hawkins, MS, RD, Registered Dietitian at Straub Medical Center’s Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program and
       Chieko Kimata, PhD, MPH, MBA, Certified Zumba Instructor and Lead Biostatistician with Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s Patient Safety and
       Quality Services Department.

                                                                                                                Erica Hawkins, MS, RD, Ornish Lifestyle
                                                                                                                Medicine Program

 The 13 Research Scholars prepared posters for their health and wellness presentations.                         Marcus and Kelly register walk-in participants.

Research Scholars Lauren Muraoka and Lauren Au                                     The Research Scholars enjoyed a tour of HMSA organized by Dr. Mark Mugiishi, Executive Vice President
                                                                                   & Chief Health Officer.

Jordan discusses his research project on Hawai‘i Public Radio’s   Chieko Kimata, PhD, MPH, MBA engage the participants and Research Scholars with "Zumba Gold for Seniors."
“The Body Show,” hosted by Dr. Kathleen Kozak.

                                                                                                                    SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 31
Support the Future of Medicine
     Attracting some of Hawai‘i’s most talented college students
     interested in a career in medicine, Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s Summer
     Student Research Program (SSRP) is a highly competitive program,
     now in its 32nd year.

     “From its inception in 1986, the SSRP has been the legacy of a great
     partnership between our organization and the community” says Ray
     Vara, President & CEO of Hawai‘i Pacific Health. “It’s not every day
     that students are offered a backstage pass into the world
     of medicine.”

     The SSRP is a unique program partnering the experience of
     conducting a clinical research study with a structured medical
     curriculum, which includes sessions on the “life cycle of research,”
     “careers in medicine” talk-story sessions with physicians of various
     specialties, visits to medical facilities, physician shadowing and        Sean Chan, 2016 SSRP Alum and first year medical student at JABSOM, welcomes the Research
                                                                               Scholars at the Kick-Off Reception.
     surgery observation.

     The SSRP is an investment in the future health care workforce for Hawai‘i and therefore an investment in the community,” says Dr. Kenneth
     Robbins, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Hawai‘i Pacific Health. “There is a shortage of roughly 600 physicians in
     Hawai‘i – the SSRP is one way that we’re working to help solve this problem; we hope that the students who experience the program are
     inspired to pursue a career in medicine and that after their training, they will come back to practice in Hawai‘i.”

     A very special thanks to Mr. Daryl Suehiro and D. Suehiro Electric Inc., our 2018 SSRP program underwriter, and the generous grant from the
     Thomas and Sumie McCabe Foundation.

     Your contribution has and will continue to help change the lives of a group of motivated young people who are contemplating a career
     in medicine. Because of your support, the SSRP will continue to provide students with an invaluable hands-on introduction to a career
     in medicine.

     For more information about supporting the SSRP, call 808-535-7134.

Mr. Daryl Suehiro, D. Suehiro Electric, Inc. (2018 SSRP Program Underwriter), joined the Research          Neonatologist and SSRP Alum Dr. Christopher Gibu and Lauren Au
Scholars on the tour of the Hawai‘i Pacific Health Simulation Lab.

One of the original SSRP founders, Dr. James Penoff, retired plastic surgeon from Straub Medical Center.   Dr. Kenneth Nakamura, Chief Medical Officer, Kapi‘olani Medical Specialists speaks with
                                                                                                           SSRP Alumni at the Kick-Off.

                                                                                                                            SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 33
Reflecting on the Rich History of Kalaupapa

                          “From the second you step foot
                        in Kalaupapa, you can feel the faith
                          and pride that is deeply rooted
                                   in its history.”

                      “I will never forget meeting the people;
                          their hearts filled with love, joy
                                 and forgiveness.”

                       “Kalaupapa reminds us all that even in
                       times of great hardship, there is also
                           a side of discovering peace.”

Journey Into Medicine
   Creating a Healthier Hawai‘i

       "Thank you for the memories
         and lifelong friendships."

                                      SUMMER STUDENT RESEARCH PROGRAM | 35
Thanks to
                         2018 SSRP PROGRAM UNDERWRITER




                            Berni Francis Schiller Endowment
                              Chia-Ling Chang Endowment
                             M. Lou Hefley, MD Endowment
                                 Nonaka Memorial Fund
                            Pietsch Family Trust Endowment
                                      Snyder Fund
                         William and Patricia Taylor Endowment

                                  CONFERENCE SERVICES
1100 WARD AVENUE, SUITE 1045 | HONOLULU, HI 96814 | PHONE: 808-522-3469 | FAX: 808-522-4455
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