TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery

TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
July 2019 | VOL. 3 NO. 2

                                                               Most Winners
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
July 2019

3! Creating Winners.

                               As we wrap
up the fiscal year, we've reached a new

3! The Wheel of Fortune Big
Money Spin. Check out the entry
and drawing dates for this special
                                                                                                       A message
MyLotto Rewards® drawing.
                                                                                                       from the Director
4! Get ready for Jackpot                                                                                 I'm excited to announce the Ohio Lottery just
Fever. Download the Ohio Lottery’s                                                                       completed its best year yet, creating more than
digital posters for use at the counter as                                                                141 million winners as the fiscal year ends.
the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots                                                                 Winners are truly everywhere. I’ll have more
grow.                                                                               details to share with you in the weeks ahead and look forward to
                                                                                    sharing the agency’s progress on a number of fronts. You are a
6! Summer Fun makeovers.                                                            critical part of our success, and I thank you for your hard work.
See what a sample of retailers across the
state are doing to spruce up their stores                                           I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy all that summer has to
and see their sales grow.                                                           offer. The Ohio Lottery loves to be part of the fun and will be an
                                                                                    active participant in a variety of festivals this summer, including the
                                                                                    Ohio State Fair. Be sure to mark your calendar for Ohio Lottery Day
7! Taking Care of Business:                                                         at the Ohio State Fair on Friday, Aug. 2. You can find a snapshot
Using digital play slips. Help                                                      of our activities at the fair and at other events throughout the
customers use their mobile device to                                                remainder of the summer and fall on pages 7 and 10.
create and save “ePlaySlips” for their
favorite Ohio Lottery games. We’ll also                                             Our agency is evolving to meet the needs of customers who thrive
show you how easy it is to process these                                            on access to information and getting things done via their mobile
wagers.                                                                             phone. Did you know that customers who download the Ohio
                                                                                    LotteryDSS to their mobile device can skip paper bet cards and
8! Instant scratch-off coupon                                                       store their favorite numbers for future play directly on their device?
in the mail. The Ohio Lottery’s next                                                If you haven’t yet helped a customer using a mobile bet card, we’ve
                                                                                    provided some quick “how to” steps in this issue of Ticket Seller so
coupon offer is set to reach your stores
                                                                                    you feel confident about processing their wagers.
beginning July 24. Take a few minutes to
review coupon processing to get proper                                              Looking for ideas to spruce up your store? This month, we
credit.                                                                             showcase some Summer Fun makeovers completed by retailers
                                                                                    and our hardworking staff, modernizing and brightening up their
.................................................................................   stores and Lottery play area. Retailers who invest the time and
All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of                                      effort should see its benefits as FY20 and the next Retailer Incentive
the information provided. However, the Ohio                                         Program period kicks off this month.
Lottery makes no warranties or representations
as to the accuracy of the information supplied                                      Have a great month!
herein. Winning numbers and jackpot amounts
can only be verified through our gaming sys-
tem, accessible at any Ohio Lottery office.                                         Sincerely,

The Ohio Lottery is an Equal
Opportunity Employer and Service
                                                                                    Patrick McDonald, Director
1-800-686-4208                                                                      The Ohio Lottery
Patrick McDonald, Director

Marie Kilbane Seckers, Editor
Molly Fanta

24/7 Problem Gamblers Helpline:
Please Play Responsibly

 2 | Ticket Seller | July 2019
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
  The most winners ever!
  Early estimates indicate the Ohio Lottery created
  more than 141 million winners* in Fiscal Year
  2019, which ended June 30. It’s the most
  winners ever in a single year at the Ohio Lottery.
  It’s an incredible accomplishment made possiblHH
  by the popularity of our games and the hard work
  and support of you, our retailers.

  *Estimate based on number of winning ticket
  validations made through June 30, 2019 in the
  gaming system. Information is preliminary and

MyLotto Rewards Spotlight:

The Wheel of Fortune
Big Money Spin
Keep those non-winning tickets for the Wheel of Fortune scratch-off game
and try for an experience of a lifetime!

Use your MyLotto Rewards® account to enter any non-winning $5 Wheel of
Fortune tickets into the Wheel of Fortune Big Money Spin. The prize is a fun-
filled trip to Hollywood. The package includes studio audience tickets to the
taping of Wheel of Fortune® and participation in the Big Money Spin event,
with cash prizes of up to $1 million.

          1           AUG. 13, 2019              AUG. 20, 2019
          2           OCT. 22, 2019              OCT. 29, 2019
          3           DEC. 10, 2019              DEC. 17, 2019
          4           JAN. 21, 2020              JAN. 28, 2019

Winners will be posted approximately 10 days after each drawing is
conducted, following winner verification. Three winners will be chosen
each drawing, with a total of 12 Ohio Lottery players winning the
Hollywood trip prize.

Final entry deadline is Monday, Jan. 21, 2020.

For more information, please visit
                                                                                July 2019 | Ticket Seller | 3
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
                                         “Scratch Offs”
                                         After talking with customers and retailers, we
                                         learned that “scratch offs” are the preferred
Instant Ticket                           and widely-used term for instant games.
   Updates                               So, look for the transition from “instant
                                         games” to “scratch offs” in the upcoming
                                         months. It’s been recently introduced on
 On Sale                                 the Ohio Lottery website,,
 July 23, 2019                           and will make its full debut in Ohio Lottery
 Xtra Bonus ($1), #525                   advertising starting this fall.
 Lucky ($2), #526
 Lots of $500! ($5), #527
 Million Dollar Cash Bonanza ($10),
 $1,000,000 Cashword ($20), #530
                                            Take advantage of
 Closings                                   Jackpot Fever
 Aug. 5-15, 2019

 Million Dollar Payday ($10), #408          Want to promote the growing Powerball and
 Diamonds and Gold ($10), #469              Mega Millions jackpots? As the jackpots rise,
                                            download the jackpot posters located on the

 All About the Bens ($5), #475
 Holiday Cash ($1), #480
                                            Ohio Lottery website and write in the current
                                            jackpot. You’ll generate attention and interest
 Holiday Gifts ($2), #481
                                            with these good-looking posters.

 Naughty or Nice ($3), #482
 Holiday Fun ($10), #484                    Go to and
 Snow Me the Money ($1), #485               click on “Retailer Resources” and then
 Reindeer Games ($2), #486                  “Promotional Fliers” to access the posters.
 Winter Ice Multiplier ($5), #487

 Last Date to Redeem
 July 16, 2019
 Fabulous Fortune ($20), #323 TPD
 Bonus Quick 7s ($2), #387
 Queen of Hearts ($5), #389                                                               Lottery playe
                                                                                                       rs are subje
                                                                                                                   ct to Ohio
                                                                                                                                laws and Com
                                                                                                                                            mission regul
                                                                                                                                                         ations. Pleas
                                                                                                                                                                      e play respo

 Neon 1s ($1), #391
 Triple Diamonds ($2), #392

 Joker’s Wild ($2), #412
 Wild 8s ($1), #435

 Holiday Lucky Times Ten ($5), #483

Please note that all on-sale dates are
tentative. These game releases are
current as of June 30, 2019 and are

subject to change.

TPD=Top Prize Drawing
See to learn more.

4 | Ticket Seller | July 2019
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
Instant Ticket Features
for July
                                                                                   Please note that all on-sale dates are tentative. These game releases
On Sale July 23, 2019                                                                      are current as of June 30, 2019 and are subject to change.

Xtra Bonus                               Million Dollar
($1), #525                               Cash Bonanza
Top prize: $1,000                        ($10), #529
Overall odds: 1 in 4.72                  Top prize: $1 million*
Percentage payout: 62%                   Overall odds: 1 in 3.56
Number of tickets per pack:              Percentage payout: 73%
200                                      Number of tickets per pack:
Number of tickets printed:               50
7.0 million                              Number of tickets printed:
Actual size: 2.5” x 4.0”                 6.0 million
UPC Code: 6 70656 01525 5                Actual size: 8.0” x 4.0”
Special Features: Make sure              UPC Code: 6 70656 10529 1
to scratch the “Bonus” number            Special Features: The
for another chance to win. Xtra          $1-million top prize is an
Bonus offers more than $4.0              annuity* paid as $40,000
million in total prizes.                 a year for 25 years before
                                         taxes. Players can choose a
                                         $500,000 cash option prize
Lucky                                    equivalent before taxes. Million
($2), #526                               Dollar Cash Bonanza offers
Top prize: $20,000                       more than $42.0 million in
Overall odds: 1 in 4.47                  total prizes. Be sure to scratch
Percentage payout: 65%                   the "Bonanza Number" too.
Number of tickets per pack:              ......................................
Number of tickets printed:               $1,000,000
4.0 million                              &DVKZRUG
Actual size: 4.0” x 4.0”                 ($20), #530
UPC Code: 6 70656 02526 1                Top prize: $1 million*
Special Features: Players can            Overall odds: 1 in 3.20
win up to 10 times on a single           Percentage payout: 75%
ticket. Lucky offers more than           Number of tickets per pack:
$5.0 million in total prizes.            25
                                         Number of tickets printed:
                                         4.0 million
Lots of $500!                            Actual size: 10” x 4.0”
($5), #527                               UPC Code: 6 70656 20530 4
Top prize: $150,000                      Special Features: $1,000,000
Overall odds: 1 in 4.21                  Cashword’s $1-million top
Percentage payout: 69%                   prize is an annuity*, paid as
Number of tickets per pack:              $40,000 a year for 25 years
50                                       before taxes. Players can
Number of tickets printed:               choose a $500,000 cash
6.0 million                              option prize equivalent before
Actual size: 6.0” x 4.0”                 taxes. Make sure to play the
UPC Code: 6 70656 05527 5                four bonus word squares
Special Features: Lots of                included on each ticket.
$500! offers more than $20               $1,000,000 Cashword offers
million in total prizes.                 almost $60 million in total
                                         prizes. This is the Ohio Lottery's
                                         biggest Cashword game yet.

                                                                                                                             July 2019 | Ticket Seller | 5
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
  Check out some of the outstanding makeovers completed by retailers across the state.
  Interested in a Summer Fun makeover? Please contact your sales representative or regional office.

     Dairy Mart #5464, Columbus
     Malik Saeed Ahmed, owner; Ashley Potter, sales representative
     Dairy Mart #5464 got rid of the clutter on and around the front counter, to make the area easier for customers
     to navigate. The store also added in a few seats for customers WRrelax and play, and added another winner
     display within the line of sight. From January though May 2019, compared to the same time the year prior,
     instant ticket sales have increased 40%.


                                Before                                            After
    Krish Food Mart,
    West Alexandria
    Nimesh Patel, owner;
    Julie Okorn, sales
    With the help of Ohio
    Lottery staff, Krish Food
    Mart updated its former
    cigarette rack and side
    of the front counter with
    the Ohio Lottery brand
    logo and recent winner

6 | Ticket Seller | July 2019
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
Digital playslip processing
It’s easy for customers to create
an “ePlayslip” using their mobile
phone. Check out these easy steps
to help your players. We’ll use the
creation of a Pick 3 digital play slip
as an example:

1. Press “ePlaySlip” on the
   home screen.
2. Choose what you want to
   play and spend.
3. The final step creates a QR
   code with the wager.

Retailers: Scan the QR code for
the selected wager using your
handheld scanner or place it in the
Photon’s camera bed to capture the
transaction. Collect the payment,
provide your customers with their
tickets and they’re good to go!

• FAIR DAYS                                                                • OHIO LOTTERY DAY AT THE OHIO STATE FAIR
  July 24-Aug. 4                                                             Friday, Aug. 2
  Advance ticket opportunity hosted by White Hall Shell July 1-31 at the     Discount Admission
  Whitehall Shell Carwash, located at 4780 E Broad Street, Whitehall.        Patrons 18 years of age or older may present a
  Come purchase a $10 Mega Millions ticket and get one free admission        non-winning Ohio Lottery scratch-off ticket at a
  to the fair (first 500). Whitehall Shell will be in the Market Place       booth outside the entrance gates to receive one $4
  Building for the duration of the fair.                                     admission voucher (regular price $10).

 Friday, July 26                                                           • SPIN AND WIN PROMOTION
 Join the Ohio Lottery and 92.3 FM WCOL for a Spin and Win from 11           Join the Ohio Lottery and 97.7 FM WNCI from
 a.m. to 1 p.m. Event held north of 7th Avenue, in front of the Rhodes       11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a Spin and Win promotion.
 Center.                                                                     Event held north of 7th Avenue, in front of the
                                                                             Rhodes Center.
  Saturday, July 27
  Come check out the Ohio Lottery’s Wheel of Fortune promotion from
  10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Event held north of 7th Avenue, in front of the
  Rhodes Center.
                                                                                                             July 2019 | Ticket Seller | 7
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
Instant winners
Instant                                                                  May 2019

                                                 Winners           Instant Game                   Winning     Selling Agent
                                                 Town                                             Prize

off coupon                                       Adrian
                                                                   Fireball Bingo
                                                                   50X the Money
                                                                   40th Anniversary Millions
                                                                                                             S & G #51, Toledo
                                                                                                             Marathon Food Center #237
                                                                                                             Alger Carryout

FRPLQJ                                           Avon Lake

                                                                   Decade of Dollars

                                                                   Power Play Cashword
                                                                                                             Smith & Snow Shell,
                                                                                                             Brook Park
                                                                                                             Speedway #9758
                                                 Cincinnati        50X the Money                $20,000      Shell Oil #1222
Scratch-off coupon                               Cleveland         Holiday Fun                  $50,000      Marc's #23
set for late July                                Cleveland         Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Avenue Food & Beverage,
Get ready. From July 24-Aug. 7, customers        Columbus          Bingo Squared                $20,000      East Main Street Duchess
who provide you with the current Ohio Lottery                                                                #1227, Newark
                                                 Columbus          Monopoly 25X                 $15,000      M&S Carryout
scratchoff coupon receive a free, $1 scratch
                                                 Copley            Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Discount Drug Mart #86
off with the purchase of a $2 scratch off.
                                                 Dayton            Royal Gems                   $50,000      Woodman Shell
                                                 Dayton            Cash X50                     $500,000     Dixie Shopper Stop, Kettering
Important: Process the coupon correctly so                                                      (Cash)
you get credit for the transaction.              Franklin          Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Miami Valley Gaming, Lebanon
                                                 Glenford          50X the Money                $20,000      The Kroger Co #621, Hebron

                                                                   Jackpot Party
                                                                   Extreme Millions
                                                                                                             Holland Carryout
                                                                                                             Tony's Market, Cleveland
                                                 Kinsman           Jewel 7s                     $150,000     Main Street Convenience
                                                 Lebanon           Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Speedway #8502, Findlay
 Coupon Processing                               Lima              50X the Money                $20,000      Madan's Winesellers
                                                 Madison           Decade of Dollars            $15,000
 for retailers                                   Magnolia          50X the Money                $20,000
                                                                                                             Waco Bell Stores #28, Canton
                                                 Marietta          Bingo Times 10               $50,000      Par Mar Store #6
 Take these steps:                               Mogadore          Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Circle K #5599, Kent
 • Go to “Ticket Functions.”                     Mount Orab        Special Edition Cashword     $300,000     Mt Orab 1st Stop #04
 • Press the “Inquiry’ button.                   Mount Sterling    40th Anniversary Millions    $50,000      Sterling Crossing
                                                 1HZ6SULQJÀHOG   $100 Million Money           $20,000      Village Plaza Sparkle Inc,
 • Scan the coupon barcode, using the                              Explosion                                 Columbiana
   camera bed or hand-held scanner.              Newark            40th Anniversary Millions    $20,000      Circle K #5305
 • Key in the last five digits of the            North Lima        50X the Money                $500,000     Western Reserve Sparkle,
   validation number.                                                                                        Poland
                                                 Pedro             Fastest Road to $1 Million   $50,000      Walgreen #4809, Ironton
 • Press “pay” on the inquiry screen. This       Phillipsburg      Decade of Dollars            $1,000/      Clayton Sunoco, Brookville
   transfers the coupon to the shopping                                                         mo/10yrs
   cart, where you can finalize the              Piketon           Diamond 10s                  $500,000     Waverly Valero
   redemption.                                                                                  (Cash)
 • Press “Redeem all Cash” or “Buy all           Piqua             Some Like It Hot             $20,000      Cardinal Express, New Breman
                                                 Ravenna           Fastest Road to $1 Million   $50,000      Marc's #56
   Cash,” depending on the cart balance.
                                                 Richmond          Fireball Bingo               $20,000      Village Pantry #5484,Eaton
                                                 Richmond          Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Dave's Supermarket #17
 Credit for coupon validation will show          Heights
 up as a low-tier cash on both the sales         Saint Marys       Power Play Cashword          $20,000      Phil's One Stop #16
 summary report and weekly invoice.              6SULQJÀHOG        Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Speedway #8916
                                                 Struthers         Ohio Cash Blow               $20,000      Stop N Go
 The coupon expires Wednesday, Aug. 7.           Toledo            4 Way Cash                   $20,000      Stop & Shop #273
                                                 Toledo            50X the Money                $20,000      EZ Mart
                                                 Uhrichsville      $300 Million                 $20,000      8KULFKVYLOOH6WDUÀUH([SUHVV
                                                                   Diamond Dazzler
                                                 Vandalia          Diamonds                     $20,000      Dixie Stop, Dayton
                                                 Wellston          Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Speedway #9335
                                                 Wilmington        Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Xenia Ave Market
                                                 Worthington       Fastest Road to $1 Million   $50,000      The Kroger Co #273
                                                 Youngstown        Fastest Road to $1 Million   $1 Million   Drive Thru News & Lottery,
                                                                                                (Annuity)    Austintown
                                                 Youngstown        Decade of Dollars            $15,000      Giant Eagle #4018, Boardman
                                                 Youngstown        Diamonds                     $20,000      McGuffey Speed Check
                                                 Youngstown        Some Like it Hot             $20,000      Aman & Raman

8 | Ticket Seller | July 2019
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
                 Winner News!
A. Rock'n 7s winner • May 2019
  Patricia Denoon of Parkersburg, WV, hit a recent $4,795
  jackpot for the Rock’n 7s game. She purchased her
  winning ticket at People’s News in Belpre.

B. Monopoly 25X winner • May 2019
  Erin Krebs (left) of Williamsfield won the $150,000 top
  prize playing the Lottery’s $5 Monopoly 25X instant game.
  She purchased her winning ticket at The Hot Spot Family
  Restaurant in Andover. Bob Matasy of the Youngstown
  regional office offered his congratulations.

C. $500,000 Cashword winner • May 2019
  Tamara Hughes of Piketon won $10,000 playing the $10
                                                                   A                                    B
  instant game, $500,000 Cashword. She purchased her
  winning ticket at Piketon Duchess #1240.

D. EZPLAY® Quick Spot winner • May 2019
  Vicky Cydrus of Beaver, Ohio, won a recent $5,158 Quick
  Spot jackpot. She plans to use the windfall to purchase
  tools and other items for her home, as well as pay a few
  bills. Vicky purchased her winning ticket at 335 Pit Stop
  LLC in Beaver.

E. KENO winner • June 2019
  Chris Scalese of Eastlake won $6,003 playing Keno at
  Sports Fanatics in Wickliffe. He came with his wife Toshia
  to make his claim at the Ohio Lottery’s Cleveland regional
                                                               C                                        D

F. Rolling Cash 5 winner • June 15, 2019
  Arthur Roehring of Toledo choose his numbers based on
  a dream he had of his late father and plays them every
  weekend. Those numbers came in for the June 15 Rolling
  Cash 5 drawing. Arthur took home $102,000, holding
  one of three tickets that matched 5-of-5 numbers to split
  the jackpot prize. He purchased his winning ticket at TJ
  Mart in Toledo.

G. Fastest Road to $1 Million winner • June 2019
  Joe McCune of Glouster won $10,000 playing $30
  Fastest Road to $1 Million. Joe, who purchased his
  winning ticket from EZ Mart in Glouster, brought along his
  son to the Athens regional office, where he claimed his          E                                     F
  prize. He’s going to buy a truck with his winnings.

H. Ohio Cash Blowout winner • June 2019
  Sierra Metcalfe of Louisville is enjoying a $10,000 prize
  after playing $20 Ohio Cash Blowout. She’s planning
  to move to a new place and purchase a car with the
  windfall. Sierra bought her winning ticket from Super
  Kwik #7 in Portsmouth.

I. Pick 4 winner • June 23, 2019
  Bill Reynolds of Belpre matched all four numbers straight
  to win $2,600 playing Pick 4's June 23 evening drawing.
  He claimed his prize at the Ohio Lottery’s Athens regional
                                                                       G                                H
J. $500,000 Cashword winner • June 2019
  Michele Weller of Ravenna won a $500,000 top prize
  playing the Ohio Lottery’s $10 instant game, $500,000
  Cashword. She plans to pay bills and help out her
  grandchildren with her winnings. Michele purchased her
  winning ticket at Giant Eagle in Ravenna.

                                                               I           July 2019 | Ticket Seller | 9 J
TICKETSeller - FY19: Most Winners Ever! - The Ohio Lottery
 the Ohio Lottery
 It’s time for customers to get out and have fun.
 Let them know about these great summertime events.
 Dayton Dragons                               Lake Erie Crushers game                     Streetboro Family Days
 Fifth Third Field, Dayton                    • July 16 and Aug. 13, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.        1530 Pike Parkway, Streetsboro
 • Aug. 21                                      Players can try our new Wheel of          • July 25, 5 p.m.-8 p.m.
   Be one of the first 1,000 people to          Fortune Spin and Win game!                  The Ohio Lottery will be at the
   enter Fifth Third Field and get one free                                                 Streetsboro Family Days event! Stop
   Ohio Lottery promotional scratch-off       Columbus Clippers                             by the Ohio Lottery booth and play our
   ticket.                                    Huntington Park, Columbus                     new Wheel of Fortune Spin and Win
                                              • Aug. 24                                     game!
 • Wheel of Fortune Spin and Win                Be one of the first 1,000 adult fans at
   Aug. 21, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.                       the Fantastic Friday game and receive      The Ohio Lottery has again partnered
                                                a free Ohio Lottery promotional ticket.    with the Akron-Canton Foodbank and
 Ohio Lottery/Dayton Dragons Wheel of                                                      will be collecting non-perishable goods
 Fortune Game drawing                         • Spin to Win promotion                      at the gate from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
 • Aug. 21                                      July 26, Aug. 10 and Aug. 24               Donate one canned good and receive
   Bring your non-winning tickets. Prizes       Customers can bring their non-             a free Ohio Lottery promotional ticket;
   include Wheel of Fortune scratch-            winning scratch-off tickets to enter a     donate six or more canned goods and
   off tickets, Dragons Suite Night,            drawing for a chance to play a Wheel       be entered to win a $50 Visa card.
   Dragons Prize Pack and Dragons VIP           of Fortune Spin and Win game. For
   Experience. Visit www.daytondragons.         details visit www.columbusclippers.       Garlic Festival
   com to learn more.                           com                                       13111 Shaker Square, Cleveland
                                                                                          • Aug. 24 - Aug. 25
 Lake County Captains                         • Columbus Clippers game                      Join the Ohio Lottery in supporting the
 Classic Park, Eastlake                         Aug. 6, 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m.                    North Union Farmers Market at the
  Redeem any Ohio Lottery non-winning           Stop by and spin our new Wheel of           Cleveland Garlic Festival. Stop by our
  scratch-off ticket for a buy one, get one     Fortune wheel.                              booth and try out our new Wheel of
  free offer for a Lake County Captains                                                     Fortune Spin and Win game.
  ticket for any Monday night game.           Edgewater Live
                                              Edgewater Beach, Cleveland                  Cleveland Oktoberfest Cuyahoga County
 • Buck Night Mondays                          Jam out with the Ohio Lottery at           Fairgrounds
   July 22, Aug. 12, Aug. 26, Sept. 2          Edgewater Live and be one of the first     • Aug. 30 - Sept. 6
   The first 500 adults to enter the park      to play our new Wheel of Fortune Spin        Check out for
   on Buck Night Mondays will receive          and Win wheel!                               details on activities.
   an Ohio Lottery promotional ticket.
   Players can also enter non-winning         • Wheel of Fortune Spin and Win             Ohio River Sternwheel Festival
   scratch-off tickets into a drawing for a     July 18, 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.              Marietta
   seat upgrade and some awesome Ohio           Aug. 15, 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.              • Sept. 6-8
   Lottery prizes.                                                                         An Ohio Lottery retailer will be onsite
                                              La Mega Concert                              across from the Lafayette Hotel selling
 • Lake County Captains game                  Jacobs Pavilion, Cleveland                   tickets throughout the weekend.
   Aug. 26, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.                     • July 13, 4 p.m.-8 p.m.
   Play our new Wheel of Fortune Spin           The Ohio Lottery will be at Jacobs         Enjoy the weekend entertainment and
   and Win game!                                Pavilion for the La Mega Concert. Stop     check out the Ohio Lottery Wheel
                                                by and play our new Wheel of Fortune       of Fortune Spin and Win game! The
 Lake Erie Crushers                             Spin and Win game.                         promotion will be located across from
 Sprenger Stadium, Avon                                                                    the Lafayette Hotel.
  Any Tuesday home game, Ohio Lottery         Rumble in the Hills
  players can redeem any non-winning          Rocky Fork Lake, Hillsboro                   The Ohio Lottery has partnered with
  scratch-off ticket for a $2 discount at     • July 20                                    Gospel Mission Foodbank to collect
  the box office.                               The Ohio Lottery will be at Rocky Fork     non-perishable goods from noon until5
                                                Lake for the annual Rumble in the Hills    p.m. Donate one canned good and
   Fans can also enter their non-winning        weekend. Spend a fun day with family,      receive a free Ohio Lottery promotional
   tickets into a drawing for a chance          friends and the Ohio Lottery!              ticket; donate six or more canned
   to win a Lottery prize pack and seat                                                    goods and be entered to win a $50
   upgrade!                                                                                9isa card.

10 | Ticket Seller | July 2019
Have extra room?
 After the plan-o-gram games are set, check out these recommended games to carry, indicated with ticket art. Still
 have room? You are encouraged to sell games marked with a X, based on available space and player preferences.

JDPHV                       JDPHV                                                          JDPHV
                               #526 Lucky*                                                       #527 Lots of $500!*
                               _________________________                                         _________________________
                                                                #477 Bingo Squared               #524 Special Edition Cashword
                               #522 Cash Explosion®             _________________________        _________________________
                               _________________________        _________________________        _________________________
#533 Triple Tripler                                             X#473 Find the 9s
_________________________      #516 45th Anniversary Black      _________________________
_________________________      _________________________        _________________________
                                                                #467 4 Way Cash
                               #514 Power Play Cashword         _________________________
                               _________________________        _________________________
                               _________________________                                         #523 Bingo Times Ten
                                                                #457 Blazing Hot Cash            _________________________
                               #509 Diamond x10                 _________________________        _________________________
                               _________________________        _________________________
#532 Double Doubler            _________________________                                         #518 Wheel of Fortune®
_________________________                                                                        _________________________
                                                                X#450 Moneybags Multiplier
_________________________      #504 Some Like It Hot                                             _________________________
                               _________________________        _________________________
#525 Xtra Bonus*                                                                                 #511 Monopoly 25X
                                                                JDPHV                         #506 Jewel 7s
#521 Cash Explosion®                                                                             _________________________
_________________________                                       #517 Combo Play                  _________________________
_________________________                                       _________________________
                                                                _________________________        #499 Decade of Dollars
#520 Lucky Dog Doubler                                                                           _________________________
_________________________                                       #510 Twisted Treasurers          _________________________
_________________________                                       _________________________
                               #502 Fireball Bingo Doubler      _________________________
#515 $50 in a Flash            _________________________
_________________________      _________________________

#503 Wild Cherry Doubler
_________________________                                       #498 Cash Wheel
                                                                _________________________        #493 Casino Royale
                                                                _________________________        _________________________
                               #497 Decade of Dollars                                            _________________________
                                                                #482 Naughty or Nice

#496 Decade of Dollars

X#491 Luck of the Irish                                                                         #460 7
                               #492 I Love Cash                 #404 Bingo Plus                  _________________________
Tripler                        _________________________
_________________________                                       _________________________        _________________________
                               _________________________        _________________________
#519 Platinum Diamond
                            Spectacular                    JDPHV                         OTHER SUPPLIES
                            _________________________      #494 Fastest Road to $1           Request these supplies when calling in
                            _________________________      Million                           your instant ticket orders.
                                                           _________________________         Terminal paper
                            #507 $5,000,000 Bonus          _________________________
                            _________________________                                        __________________________________
                            _________________________      #433 Extreme Millions             __________________________________
                                                           _________________________         Vending machine paper
#452 $150,000 Jackpot                                                                        __________________________________
_________________________                                                                    __________________________________
                                                                                             Bet cards
X #432 Jackpot Party
_________________________                                                                    __________________________________
_________________________   #488 $100 Million Extrava-                                       __________________________________
X #414 $300,000 Diamond     _________________________
Dollars                                                                                      REP RAP
                            _________________________      #368 Max the Money                Discuss these needs with your Lottery
_________________________                                  _________________________         sales representative:
_________________________                                  _________________________
                                                                                             Point-of-Sale materials (key chains,
                                                                                             scratchers etc.)

JDPHV                                                                                    __________________________________
#534 $500,000 Cashword
_________________________                                                                    Signage
_________________________                                                                    __________________________________
                            #476 Ohio’s Cash Blowout                                         __________________________________
#529 Million Dollar Cash    _________________________
Bonanza*                    _________________________      #174 Ohio Lottery 40th
_________________________                                  Anniversary Millions
                                                           _________________________         __________________________________
                                                           _________________________         __________________________________

#512 50X the Money                                         *These instant games go on sale
_________________________                                  July 23, 2019.
_________________________                                                                    __________________________________
#500 Decade of Dollars                                     List as of June 30, 2019. All
_________________________   #461 $5 Million Payout         games displayed may not be        Employee training
_________________________   _________________________      available at the time of your     __________________________________
                            _________________________      request. See your CSR and check   __________________________________
#445 Super Break the Bank                                  your terminal’s Games Available
_________________________                                  for Sale report for the latest    Other
_________________________                                  inventory updates.                __________________________________

#444 Royal Gems                                                                              __________________________________
_________________________                                                                    __________________________________
_________________________                                                                    __________________________________
                            #449 $100 Million Money
                            Explosion                                                        __________________________________
                            _________________________                                        __________________________________

                            X #428 $5 Million Jackpot
#308 $250,000 a Year for    _________________________                                             Need to
_________________________   X #358 $5 Million Multiplier                                        RUGHUPRUH
_________________________   Spectacular                                                       LQVWDQWJDPHV"
                            _________________________                                         Have questions
JDPHV                   #302 $300 Million Diamond
#530 $1,000,000 Cashword*   Dazzler
_________________________   _________________________                                           Please call
_________________________   _________________________                                        1-800-686-4208.

                                                                                                       July 2019 | Ticket Seller | 12
< Open here for additional order notes.

      Order Notes | July 2019
       Use Order Notes to prepare for your instant ticket order call by your assigned Sci Games
       representative. If your inventory starts to run low, use this handy sheet to prepare your order
       and give the Lottery a call at 1-800-686-4208.
       Review this plan-o-gram. Everyone should be carrying these games to drive sales.
       These are our top-selling games statewide.


       Fastest Road to                                            Platinum Diamond                                            $300 Million
       $1 Million                    Extreme Millions             Spectacular                   $5,000,000 Bonus              Diamond Dazzler
       ($30), #494                   ($30), #433                  ($20), #519                   ($20), #507                   ($20), #302
       ____________________          ____________________         ____________________          ____________________          ____________________

       50x the Money                $500,000 Cashword              Decade of Dollars             Diamonds & Gold               Wheel of Fortune
       ($10), #512                  ($10), #534                    ($10), #500                   ($10), #469                   ($5), #518
       ____________________         ____________________           ____________________          ____________________          ____________________

                                     Special Edition
       Monopoly 25X                  Cashword                      Jewel 7s                      Decade of Dollars             Combo Play
       ($5), #511                    ($5), #524                    ($5), #506                    ($5), #499                    ($3), #517
       ____________________          ____________________          ____________________          ____________________          ____________________

       Twisted Treasurers           45th Anniversary Black         Diamond x10                   Cash Explosion                Power Play Cashword
       ($3), #510                   ($2), #516                     ($2), #509                    ($2), #522                    ($2), #514
       ____________________         ____________________           ____________________          ____________________          ____________________

       Some Like it Hot             $50 in a Flash                 Lucky Dog Doubler             Cash Explosion                Wild Cherry Doubler
       ($2), #504                   ($1), #515                     ($1), #520                    ($1), #521                    ($1), #503
       ____________________         ____________________           ____________________          ____________________          ____________________

       As of June 30, 2019. Inventory changes frequently. See your sales representative or Sci Games rep for the latest updates.

                                                                                                                                         FIRST-CLASS MAIL

                                                                                                                                         U S POSTAGE PAID

                                                                                                                                           CLEVELAND OH

                                                                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 2484
       615 West Superior Ave.
       Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1879

                                                                              Facing Hunger
                                                                              supports the

                                                                              On June 4, the Ohio Lottery
                                                                              delivered more than two-and-a-
                                                                              half tons of non-perishable food
                                                                              to The Foodbank, Inc. in Dayton
                                                                              after devastating tornados hit the
                                                                              Miami Valley in late May.
          Call Center                                                         The donation was made possible
            Hours                                                             by Cash Explosion’s Facing
                                                                              Hunger Campaign. The annual
                                                                              campaign encourages fans of the
                    1-800-686-4208                                            Cash Explosion show to donate
                                                                              food during show tapings. The
                                                                              campaign runs from November to May.
             Monday through Friday
                                                                              “Having grown up in the Dayton region,
               8 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                               specifically Trotwood, the news of
                                                                              the storms and the resulting damage
                                                                              really hit home for me,” Ohio Lottery
       During these hours, you can talk                                       Director Pat McDonald said. “The Facing
         to a live person about issues                                        Hunger Campaign has helped us reach families in need in our state for
       concerning your Lottery business.                                      eight years, and after the news of the devastation in the Dayton area, we
                                                                              knew this year’s donation needed to be made here. We’re grateful to our
                                                                              Cash Explosion fans for their generous contributions year after year. They
              Intralot Technical Support                                      made this donation possible today.”
                    Operating 24/7                                            This year’s campaign generated 7,500 pounds of food. Since its kick off
                                                                              in 2011, the Facing Hunger Campaign has collected and donated more
                                                                              than 23 tons of food to food banks across Ohio.

Total copies printed: 11,100 Unit Cost: $0.315       Publication Date: 7/19                                                      July 2019 | Ticket Seller | 14
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