APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education

APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education

                         Wellington College International Shanghai

       FOR AUGUST 2021
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education
Wellington College International Shanghai opened in         THE SCHOOL
2014 and has already earned a reputation as one of
the leading international schools in the city.              Wellington College International Shanghai is one of
                                                            the fastest growing and most successful schools in
The college is led strategically by a Board of Governors,   Shanghai, and is in the New Bund area, close to the
all of whom are fully committed to establishing the         historic and modern heart of the city. It is a fully co-
school as the best in the region. Vital to achieving        educational day school, with over 1,300 pupils, aged
this aim is the appointment of a visionary leader (at       3 to 18 years old. We have a large, attractive, state-
Wellington we use the traditional title, Master) to         of-the-art main campus, with outstanding sporting
continue the expert leadership of the outgoing Master.      facilities and an impressive theatre. Our nearby Early
                                                            Years centre was opened in 2019 to accommodate our
The Master will be a strong and effective leader, a         nursery and reception pupils. It is an integral part of
team player, with a commitment to continual self-           the College. Our new cutting edge Sixth Form centre
improvement in all areas of school life. He or she will     will be completed on the main campus in early 2021.
have demonstrable, robust experience of outstanding
school leadership.                                          We aim to prepare pupils for success during and beyond
                                                            their time at the College. We expect every member
This is a superb opportunity to join the Wellington         of staff to help pupils reach academic excellence and
family of schools in a key senior leadership role and       to foster their personal development through our
to be a pivotal part of the strategic development           expansive co-curricular activity programme.
of both Wellington College International Shanghai
and the Wellington College China Group. The group           The new Master will lead a team of professionals
already includes international schools in Tianjin and       drawn from across the globe, but mostly from the UK,
Hangzhou, and bilingual Huili schools in Shanghai and       who enjoy sharing their extensive experiences from a
Hangzhou, with two more bilingual schools due to            diverse range of academic and business backgrounds.
open in 2022.                                               Our close ties to Wellington College in England and
                                                            our membership of the thriving Wellington College
                                                            China group give staff members many advantages such
                                                            as plenty of opportunities for professional learning
                                                            and career development, with strong support from
                                                            Wellington College China’s Institute of Learning.

                                                      A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education

We know that the very best schools develop the
whole child and we are resolute in our commitment
to holistic education. We aim to create a caring and
aspirational community that develops well-rounded
individuals with strong values and the skills to thrive
in an ever-changing world. We will achieve this
through holistic education and pastoral provision
that establishes the values, aptitudes and knowledge
needed to be an effective global citizen.

By embracing the ethos of our prestigious and
progressive partner, Wellington College in the UK, we
aspire to help our pupils become the very best adults
they can be. We have a clear understanding of what
this involves, and we describe this as the Wellington
Identity. A Wellingtonian will be inspired, intellectual,
independent, individual and inclusive. These are the
foundations of our Wellington identity.

Underpinning these aspirations, and this philosophy, is
our commitment to the Wellington values of kindness,
courage, integrity, respect and responsibility. The
Wellington identity and the Wellington values affect
every part of our practice and they are shared with the
Wellington College, our prestigious partner in the UK.

APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education


                                            THE CURRICULUM

                                            We follow the English national curriculum, which
                                            is creatively blended with the best elements of the
                                            international primary curriculum. Pupils complete
                                            IGCSEs at 16 and follow the International Baccalaureate
                                            Diploma Programme (IBDP) at 18. IB outcomes are
                                            already excellent and our expectation is that pupils will
                                            progress to the world’s best universities.

                                            Early Years includes nine nursery and reception classes
                                            in a purpose-built centre, separate from, but located
                                            near, the main campus. Early Years pupils follow the
                                            English Early Years Foundation curriculum.

                                            The Prep School currently has over 900 pupils and
                                            is divided into Pre-Prep (years 1 and 2), Lower Prep
                                            (years 3 to 5) and Upper Prep (years 6 to 8). Prep
                                            School pupils follow the English National Curriculum,
                                            suitably enhanced and with consideration of our
                                            international context and the needs of our pupils.
                                            Teaching in the Prep School is mostly by class teachers
                                            in Pre-Prep, and entirely by specialist subject teachers
                                            in the Upper Prep.

                                            The Senior School commences with the English
                                            national curriculum in year 9, leading to the two years
                                            of IGCSE in years 10 and 11. Most pupils progress
                                            to take the International Baccalaureate Diploma
                                            Programme (IBDP) in years 12 and 13, leaving them
                                            extremely well prepared to apply for world-class
                                            university courses and future career paths.

                                            Pastoral care and support for the younger pupils is
                                            focused on class teachers. Our older pupils are proud
                                            of their house identities, our house names are one of
                                            our many connections with the Wellington College.
                                            Housemasters lead teams of house tutors to provide
                                            pastoral support in Upper Prep and the Senior School.                            A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education

                                                                                             Wellington College China was founded, and is still
                                                                                             owned, by Joy Qiao an Oxford graduate whose
                                                                                             passion is to bring the best of Eastern and Western
                                                                                             education together. Joy is still closely involved with
                                                                                             the group and is an inspiration to all, with her vision,
                                                                                             enthusiasm, drive and integrity evident. The company
                                                                                             is financially secure and not for profit, with the aim of
                                                                                             gaining charitable status in the future.

                                                                                             The group establishes schools that, over time, can
                                                                                             flourish with high levels of autonomy. All schools enjoy
                                                                                             high levels of legal and financial independence and
                                                                                             have their own governing boards. Decision-making is
                                                                                             devolved to the frontline to give leaders at all levels
                                                                                             a sense of ownership. It is assumed that decisions
                                                                                             can be made at school level unless explicitly stated
                                                                                             in the governance handbook as group standards or
                                                                                             governance decisions.

                                                                                             All schools carry the same Wellington College name
                                                                                             and therefore share the same reputation. As a group,
                                                                                             there is a strong desire to combine the advantages of
                                                                                             school level autonomy and group level expertise. WCC
                                                                                             aims to raise standards in specialist areas to a level that
                                                                                             a standalone school cannot match, especially in the
                                                                                             non-academic functions of HR, IT, Finance, Marketing
                                                                                             and Facilities

Ms Joy Qiao shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a model of Wellington College
international school during the celebration marking Wellington College’s 150th anniversary
                                                                                                      A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education


                                            THE LOCATION

                                            Shanghai is an exhilarating city of 24 million
                                            people, a global centre for finance, innovation and
                                            transportation. Shanghai is often described as the
                                            showpiece of the booming economy of China. The
                                            city is renowned for its modern skyline and its
                                            historic buildings. The lifestyle in Shanghai has much
                                            to offer: a world-class dining scene, beautiful city
                                            parks, lively nightlife and excellent public transport.
                                            The city is exceptionally safe and family friendly.
                                            Shanghai is also a fantastic hub for exploring Asia with
                                            Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea on the doorstep
                                            and South East Asia only a few hours away.                            A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education


THE POST                                                                                                                     Leadership                                                      Educational Attainment and Delivery
                                                                                                                             Providing dynamic, consistent and motivational                  Creating a culture and environment in which young
1. PURPOSE                                                    •   Responsible for recruitment of high-quality senior         leadership for the school and its staff, ensuring the           people thrive and thus driving up educational standards
                                                                  leadership, teaching and support staff in line with        successful delivery of the vision, ethos, aims and              and improving outcomes for all.
The Chair of the Governing Board (the SAB) is
                                                                  WCC recruitment processes.                                 objectives as determined by the school Board.
currently seeking to recruit a Head of School (Master)
                                                                                                                                                                                             Ensuring that the modern, 21st century curriculum is
to lead the College from August 2021. We seek a               •   Establishing a strong understanding of the                 Taking overall responsibility for the strategic planning        continually developed and delivered through effective
visionary, yet down-to-earth and flexible, team player            Wellington College model and ethos.                        and operation of the school in line with the school’s           learning and assessment practice.
with high energy, resilience and a genuine commitment
                                                              •   Marketing the school through the building of               aims and objectives.
to continual improvement in all areas of College life.                                                                                                                                       Driving innovation in education, ensuring that the school
                                                                  strong links with the community and business               Providing a diplomatic leadership role within the               is able to respond to a changing external environment
The Master is the educational and administrative leader           interests in Shanghai. Reviewing and producing             school community.                                               and that the skills, learning and aspirations of the pupils
of the school and will be responsible for standards               all materials to inform all stakeholders and                                                                               are developed and enhanced at all key stages.
within the school’s academic programme, retaining                 prospective pupils.                                        Taking personal responsibility for improving children’s
and building a high-quality faculty, exemplifying and                                                                        eagerness to learn and mitigating the problems they face.       Ensuring that a high quality education experience is
                                                              •   Reviewing and operating budgets and providing                                                                              available for all pupils who attend the school.
protecting the school’s culture of excellence, organising                                                                    Developing and maintaining respect across all
                                                                  financial accountability.
and managing the school’s operations, developing                                                                             stakeholders, inspiring individuals to contribute               Implementing the Wellington Identity and ensuring this
relationships within and outside the school community.        •   Managing the school in a fiscally responsible manner.      positively to shared ideas and plans for the school.            is underpinned by a personalised learning approach.
The Master is accountable to the SAB and should strive
                                                              •   Ensuring the school curriculum is of an excellent          Attending, and contributing to, Board meetings and
for best practice at all times, in all areas of the school.
                                                                  quality, registrations with examination boards are         obtaining legal advice on behalf of the Board as
                                                                  submitted and up to date.                                  required.
The successful candidate will join a highly competent
group of WCC Masters and enjoy cross group                    •   Working with the Board of Governors and the                Keeping the Board informed of issues relating to the
collaboration, in addition to support from a strong Central       Central Office to produce an annual school                 governance of the school and informing the chair of any
Office multi discipline team, as and when required.               strategic plan with appropriate school policies            potential major operational or reputational risks.
                                                                  reviewed in an agreed cycle.
                                                                                                                             Participating in the evaluation of the Board, the school
2. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE MASTER                         •   Operating a risk management strategy including             and him/herself in relation to the work and success of
                                                                  all aspects of Health and Safety provision.                the school.
•    Providing strategic direction and leadership to
     the school.                                              •   Ensuring that the physical resources of the school         Setting the tone and modelling the Core Values of
                                                                  are utilised as effectively and efficiently as possible.   Wellington College China.
•    Serving as educational leader to develop a system
     for continuous improvement of teaching and               •   Ensuring the provision of high-quality learning
     learning.                                                    through excellence in service delivery and
                                                                  performance management of people and resources.
•    Upholding standards and gaining and maintaining
     appropriate accreditation.                               •   Ensuring the necessary systems and policies are in
                                                                  place to support and maintain a flourishing school.
•    Providing continuous professional development
     of staff.                                                •   Ensuring safeguarding is given high priority and
                                                                  staff are trained and recruited effectively.
•    Ensuring an orderly, stimulating and motivational
     culture with a strong sense of school community.                                                                                                                                                            A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education


Partnerships                                              Resources and Performance Management                        THE PERSON
Working in partnership with parents to raise              Delivering effective operational management for the
educational standards, promoting lifelong learning, and   school within the school’s budget and in accordance                        ESSENTIAL                                                                 DESIRABLE
improving outcomes for all.                               with financial probity.
                                                                                                                                     Honours degree                                                            Higher Qualification e.g. Masters
Fostering and enhancing strong links with Wellington      Implementing the WCC performance management                                PGCE/ QTS                                                                 degree: MEd, MBA etc
College UK, Wellington International and Huili Schools    framework for the delivery of high quality services
                                                                                                                                     The UK education system
in Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai and Jiashan.               through rigorous people performance.
                                                                                                                      KNOWLEDGE      International independent education                                       Independent education in the UK
Remaining corporate at all times, promoting and           Working to, and reporting on, targets for achievement                      Outstanding education provision

protecting the reputation of Wellington.                  and operation of the school, and personal targets                          Managing a school at a senior level e.g. Headteacher of whole school,
                                                          (KPIs) as agreed by the school’s Board.                     EXPERIENCE     or phase school leadership                                                Led an international school
Working with other public and voluntary sector                                                                                       Managing large financial budgets
agencies, clubs and societies in the local community      Setting high standards and expectations for personal,
to develop extended services to enable the wider          pupils’, staff and governors’ behaviours and actions in     INTELLIGENCE   Clear thinker; strategic                                                  Innovative, creative problem-solver
community (including entire family members) to access     support of the achievement of the school’s intended
                                                                                                                                     Strong pedagogical knowledge and understanding
knowledge, skills and learning opportunities.             outcomes.
                                                                                                                                     Highly fluent and personable communicator; articulate, persuasive         Ability to speak a second language
Supporting and developing public service,                 Managing, developing and motivating a committed,            SKILLS
internationalism and social enterprise activities.        effective and diverse workforce that has a clear                           Financially astute; commercially sharp
                                                          understanding of the vision of the school thus enabling                    Build and develop relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders      Nurture and develop future leaders
                                                          and promoting high quality learning.
                                                                                                                                     Commercial and educational judgement combined with strong intellect
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Strategic understanding
                                                          Developing strategic approaches to support and                             and analytical ability
                                                          monitor positive transformational change across all
                                                                                                                      APTITUDES      ‘Can do’ approach/pragmatic
                                                          aspects of school life.
                                                                                                                                     Appreciation & commitment to collegiate life, values & aims of
                                                          Ensuring the organisation structure and ways of                            Wellington College & WCC
                                                          working support effective education and learning.
                                                                                                                                     Integrity. Deliver consistent high performance; tenacious; trustworthy;
                                                          Providing and developing positive solutions to achieve                     strong sense of purpose
                                                          diversity, dignity and equality in all aspects of service
                                                                                                                                     Calm under pressure; role model
                                                          delivery and engagement with the broader community.
                                                                                                                                     Discreet and culturally aware
                                                          Acting in accordance with legislation affecting the         CHARACTER
                                                          conduct of the school, particularly that governing health                  Provides insightful leadership; personally credible
                                                          and safety matters and employment rights.
                                                                                                                                     Impartial; not swayed by others influence

                                                                                                                                     Self-starter; initiative and solutions driven; highly motivated to
                                                                                                                                     succeed; results driven                                                                                                                                               A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education


REMUNERATION PACKAGE                                          APPLICATION FOR THIS POST                                                REFERENCES

The successful candidate will receive an extremely                                                                                     Please note that we will wish to contact the referees
competitive salary and package with benefits appropriate      KEY DATES*                                                               of all shortlisted candidates; if you have a specific
to the responsibility and status of the position, including                                                                            preference that we should not contact someone
housing, car and driver, annual flight allowance, family      Closing date for                                                         immediately, please indicate this in your application.
                                                                                              23rd September 2020
medical insurance and visas, relocation allowance and         applications

school places for up to two children.
                                                              Telephone Discussions
                                                                                              8th-14th October 2020
The successful candidate will also be eligible to be
                                                              with selected candidates
                                                                                                                                       IDENTIFICATION AND
enrolled in the company’s competitive Executive Bonus                                                                                  QUALIFICATIONS
                                                                                              w/c 9th November 2020
and Long-Term Incentive Plan.                                 Shortlist Interviews
                                                                                              (Wellington College, UK)
                                                                                                                                       Shortlisted candidates will be asked to provide originals
Wellington College China is committed to the personal                                                                                  of all qualifications referenced in their applications,
                                                                                              w/c 7th December 2020
and professional development of its leaders and the           Final Board Interviews
                                                                                              (Shanghai or UK)*                        along with proof of identity.
Master will have an external professional Coach as part
of the Group’s Leadership Coaching Programme.                 *please note that some dates and locations are tentative subject to
                                                              ongoing travel restrictions. Final interviews will be held in Shanghai
                                                              unless travel restrictions are still in place.
Please note that salary information will be discussed with
shortlisted applicants prior to first interview stage                                                                                  SAFER RECRUITMENT

                                                                                                                                       Wellington College China is fully committed to
                                                                                                                                       safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children,
                                                                                                                                       young people and adults. All applicants must be willing
                                                                                                                                       to undergo child protection screening, including checks
                                                                                                                                       with past employers and Disclosure and Barring
                                                                                                                                       Service checks.                                                                                                                                                                      A PROUD TRADITION. EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE.
APPLICATION PACK FOR THE POST OF MASTER - Wellington College International Shanghai - LSC Education
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