BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College

BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College

2021 ISSUE
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
                 ADVENTURE EDUCATION & SPORT 04
                 AGRICULTURE 08
COLLEGE          EQUINE 16
                 FOOD 20
                 FORESTRY & ARBORICULTURE 24
                 FOUNDATION LEARNING 26
                 FLORISTRY 28
                 HORTICULTURE 30
                 LAND & ENVIRONMENT 32
                 VET NURSING & DOG GROOMING 38
                 APPRENTICESHIPS 40
                 COUNTDOWN TO COLLEGE 43
                 CAMPUS LIFE 44
                 TRAVEL & LIVING 50
                 THE RIGHT QUALIFICATION 51
                 OUR CAMPUSES 54
                 FEES & FINANCE 58
                 COURSE INDEX 60

BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
                   Plumpton College has an extremely rich heritage
                   due to the many thousands of students who have
                   studied here over the past ninety years who have
                   gone on to have highly successful careers in their
                   chosen industries.

                   There has probably never been a better time
                   to consider studying with us. Not only has our
                   curriculum and choice of subjects continued to
                   expand, but so has our site and the fabulous
                   resources that our students can benefit from using
                   to help develop the skills and knowledge required
                   in the workplace. Perhaps more importantly, the
                   range of land-based employers that our students
                   are employed by are going through perhaps some
                   of their biggest changes for over fifty years;
                   driven by technological advances, climate change,
                   conservation and many other factors. For many,
                   this change has resulted in there being more
                   demand for our students than ever before, and this
                   is demonstrated by the employability rates of our
                   students when they leave Plumpton College being
                   at over 90%.

                   So if you want a rewarding career in an industry
                   that has so many opportunities for you to grow,
                   develop and make a real difference, now is the right
                   time to be thinking about one of our many courses
                   all offering excellent career options and rewards.

                   I am committed in conjunction with the whole staff
                   team to ensuring that all students who study with us
                   at Plumpton College will achieve their very best, and
                   I look forward to meeting you soon at the start of
                   what will be an exciting journey with us.

                   Jeremy Kerswell
                   — Principal

                                        04                                 05
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
Explore with fleets of canoes, kayaks and mountain

       ADVENTURE    bikes and advance with state-of-the-art climbing,
                    navigation and sailing equipment. Co-ordinate
                    badminton, netball or basketball matches in our
                    sports hall where you’ll also discover our indoor
                    climbing wall.
                    Play cricket, football and rugby on our large sports
                    field plus tennis on two outdoor hard-surface courts.
                    Take part in a regular water sports timetable, designed       Study the science of sport and
                                                                                  become a health professional with
                    to help you progress in personal and instructor skills        sport coaching to learn about the
                    at a local Outdoor Centre. Activities include stand up        anatomy of the body to discover
                    paddleboarding, windsurfing, dinghy sailing and wake          how to preserve, strengthen
                                                                                  and maintain vital muscles of the
                    boarding on placid water and the sea. Course water            human structure.
                    sports activities can take place in other inland and
                                                                                  Your course could include:
                    coastal locations to continue your development in
                                                                                  — Expedition experiences
                    the marine and river environment.
                                                                                  — Psychology for sports
                    We have our own residential centre at the foot of Mount
                                                                                  — Practical land and water-based skills
                    Snowdon in North Wales, where you can experience
                    a huge range of exciting activities including hill walking,   —P
                                                                                    rinciples of anatomy and
                                                                                   physiology in sport
                    rock climbing and white-water paddle sports.
                                                                                  — Fitness for sports and exercise

                                                                                  ADVENTURE EDUCATION
                                                                                  Make a great start in this exciting
                                                                                  career by studying on a brand-new
                                                                                  qualification course that amongst other
                                                                                  varied and diverse subjects covers:
                                                                                  — Careers in the sport
                                                                                    and active leisure industry  
                                                                                  — Health, well-being and sport  
                                                                                    ersonal skills development
                                                                                   in outdoor activities                         Travel the world during your studies
                                                                                                                                 at Plumpton College as our Sport
                                                                                    pplied leadership and instructing           and Adventure Education students

                                                                                   in outdoor activity                           have the privilege of taking part in
                                                                                                                                 unforgettable excursions. The Sport
                                                                                  ­— Research project in sport
                                                                                                                                 students visited Barcelona during Easter
                                                                                                                                 2019 to take part in a Football Academy
                                                                                  OUR FACILITIES                                 style experience where they trained with
                                                                                    arge sports hall with gym                   top football coaches in the Spanish sun.
                                                                                   and climbing wall                             The Adventure Education students
                                                                                  — Sports pitches and tennis courts             have their highly anticipated annual
                                                                                                                                 ski trip to the Italian Alps. With a
                                                                                  — Residential centre in North Wales            wealth of experience from our tutors
                                                                                                                                 and the highly dedicated ski staff,
                                                                                  — Specialist water sports equipment
                                                                                                                                 the trip is open to all students and
                                                                                    arious outdoor and sport centres            is a fantastic bonding experience for
                                                                                   in Sussex and surrounding areas               all involved.
                                           06                                                                               07
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
               Our Football Academy, in conjunction with Lewes
               Football Club, offers an exciting, prestigious
               and unique partnership, allowing you to combine
               both an academy of footballing excellence and
               a performance focused vocational qualification.
                                                                                                TASTER DAY

                                                                                        Think you could be
                                                                                        part of Plumpton?
                                              Your course could include:

                                              — Practical football performance
                                              — Anatomy and physiology
                                              — Business in sport
                                              — Sports leadership (football)
                                                -8 hours of structured training
                                                                                      Join us for a Taster Day
 Benefit from specialist professional
 coaching under elite UEFA B licence
 coaches at Lewes FC and compete in
                                               at Lewes FC
                                                                                      to experience what it is
 the AOC Sussex Leagues, while having
 access to excellent teaching provision
                                              OUR FACILITIES

                                                arge sports hall with gym and         like to be a student at
                                                                                        a land-based college.
 with us at Plumpton College.                  climbing wall  
 The two-year programme is open to            — Sports pitches and tennis courts  
 female players and allows you to focus
                                              — Residential centre in North Wales  
 on realising your full potential as a
 football player. Take the opportunity of     — Lewes FC’s 3g all-weather pitch
 being scouted for the semi-professional
 Lewes FC first-team, whilst studying our
 Sport programme with a wide variety of
 football and sport-related units to help     Seize the opportunity to be scouted
 develop yourself as a dual career athlete.   for county, local and national clubs.
                                                                                       15TH & 16TH FEBRUARY 202 1
                                                                                            Full FREE day in one of
                                                                                           the curriculum areas ( 14+ )

                                                                                          Visit our website to book

BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
AGRICULTURE   Take on a fast paced and exciting career as the
              world of agriculture continues to develop with
              the use of modern technology. The skills to be
              more tech-savvy are vital now more than ever with
              drones, GPS mapping, field data collection, robotic
              milkers and Shearwell data scanning becoming the
              norm in agriculture for farm managers and farm staff.  

                                                                        Our Agri-Food Centre is the heart of
                                                                        the campus, offering modern facilities
                                                                        for our agriculture and food offerings
                                                                        giving students a true experience of the
                                                                        agri-food industry. Consolidate all your
                                                                        practical skills with vital theory sessions,
                                                                        ensuring you have all the knowledge you
                                                                        need to leave career ready.                     HIGHLIGHTS:
                                                                        Your course could include:
                                                                                                                        Our Agriculture provision has been a
                                                                        — Combinable crop production                    hub of activity this academic year as
                                                                                                                        Level 3 Agriculture students were given
                                                                        — P lant and soil science                      the task of creating a 360 virtual reality
                                                                        — Farm animal production                        video. Used to teach Level 1 and 2
                                                                                                                        Agriculture students best practice when
                                                                        — Investigative project                         milking the dairy herd; preparing the
                                                                          usiness management for the                   herd for milking, and showing why
                                                                         land-based sector                              certain processes are undertaken to
                                                                                                                        maintain the health and welfare of
                                                                        — Manage agricultural environments              the herd.  
                                                                        — Livestock breeding and nutrition              Third year students enjoyed a five-day
                                                                                                                        study trip to the Paris International
                                                                        — Beef production
                                                                                                                        Agricultural Show. This trip gives an
                                                                        — G rassland management                        insight to farming differences in another
                                                                                                                        country both cropping and stocking
                                                                        OUR FACILITIES
                                                                                                                        compared to the UK. The show has a
                                                                                                                        vast amount of new and developing
                                                                          70-cow dairy unit which is complete          technology that supports an innovative
                                                                         with 36:36 Herringbone milking                 approach within agriculture which is an
                                                                         parlour, overseen by the dairy herd            essential approach in the drive for
                                                                         manager                                        quality food production and efficiency.
                                                                          0 extensively managed cow pedigree           Represent the college as part of the
                                                                         herd of Sussex beef cattle and 550             Show Team. The team enter cattle, pigs
                                                                         breeding flock of sheep                        and sheep into a variety of country
                                                                                                                        shows throughout the academic year
                                                                        — 300-hectare arable unit
                                                                                                                        and frequently return to college with an
                                                                        — 120-sow pig unit                              abundance of rosettes.
                                    10                                                                             11
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
             If you’re interested in animals, there’s a world of
             opportunities to explore, from animal behaviourist
             to zoo keeper, animal welfare officer to ecologist,
             or lab technician to conservation leader. We have
             a fantastic Animal Management Centre for you to
             discover with areas specialising in small mammals,
             birds of prey, cold and tropical aquatics, and our
             exotics with a wide range of amphibians, reptiles
             and snakes.

                                                                                                                 OUR FACILITIES

                                                                   You’ll work with a variety of animals         —A
                                                                                                                   n extensive animal collection
                                                                   as a basis, preparing you for work             including amphibians, birds, fish,
                                                                   experience and moving into relevant            mammals and reptiles
                                                                   employment. You will learn essential
                                                                   skills required to work within the            —A
                                                                                                                   ccess to the college farm
                                                                   animal care industry such as how               livestock developing invaluable
                                                                   to feed and water animals, maintain            practical handling skills
                                                                   their accommodation, handling animals
                                                                   and carrying out animal health checks.        HIGHLIGHTS:
                                                                   You can also progress onto the Animal
                                                                   Management degree programmes,                 The Animal Management students
                                                                   also offered at Plumpton College.             benefit from annual educational trips to
                                                                                                                 various zoos and animal habitats across
                                                                   Your course could include:                    the country and nationally, enjoying
                                                                   — Animal handling techniques                  excursions to South Africa and Borneo.
                                                                                                                 The trips last around two weeks and
                                                                   — Science                                     are great for students gaining on the
                                                                   — Education                                   ground experience with exotic animals.

                                                                   — Conservation                                Our Animal Management students also
                                                                                                                 benefit highly from expert seminars held
                                                                   — Animal husbandry                            at the college by top professors from
                                                                                                                 across the globe who focus on topics
                                                                   — Ecology
                                                                                                                 such as dolphin welfare, exotic habitats
                                                                   — Animal welfare                              and animal behaviour.
                                   12                                                                       13
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
                 Engineering is a growing industry, with a 6% growth
                 in enterprises in the UK and 19% of the UK total
                 workforce being employed within this diverse
                 sector (Engineering UK, 2018). At Plumpton we
                 have a dedicated Engineering department including
                 Blacksmithing and Metalwork, Land-based
                 Engineering and Motor Vehicle courses.
                                                                       & METALSMITHING
                                                                       Delve into the creative and diverse
                                                                       world of metalwork, where you can
                                                                       learn the traditional skills of forging
                                                                       and fabrication to create designs of
                                                                       your own. This industry is very much
                                                                       in demand, from heavy forge work to
                                                                       fine jewellery and small scale metal
                                                                       work. You’ll have the opportunity to
                                                                       attend shows and exhibitions, as well
                                                                       as meet industry specialists.                      MOTOR VEHICLE
                                                                       Your course could include:
                                                                                                                          Automotive design and technology
                                                                         orgework preparation, processes,                is an advancing industry, full of
                                                                        techniques and safe working                       exciting careers, from motorsports
                                                                                                                          to manufacturers. 814,000 people are
                                                                         orgework construction tools,                    employed across the UK automotive
                                                                        techniques and safe working                       industry, and with over 60 specialist
                                                                       — 3 D design briefs and product design            car manufactures, 6 mainstream
                                                                                                                          car manufacturers, and 9 engine
                                                                       — A pplication of welding processes               manufacturers based in the UK
                                                                                                                          alone there are endless opportunities
                                                                                                                          for you to explore.
                                                                       LAND-BASED ENGINEERING
                                                                                                                          Your course could include:
                                                                       Altogether, 203,000 people with a
                                                                                                                            park ignition and system
                                                                       Level 3 or higher in engineering skills
                                                                       will be needed every year to meet
                                                                       demand through to 2024. So much has                —T
                                                                                                                            ools, equipment and materials
                                                                       changed with farm machinery in recent               for vehicle maintenance
                                                                       years, and it’s for this reason that you’ll
                                                                       need to be fully trained and up to date            — Chassis units and components
                                                                       with the latest technological advances.            — Electric and electronic technology
                                                                       You’ll leave Plumpton College career
                                                                       ready with the necessary skills to                 — Vehicle maintenance and repair
                                                                       maintain, operate and repair or sell
                                                                       in this ever-changing industry.                    OUR FACILITIES

                                                                       Your course could include:                         — 29 state of the art forges
                                                                       — Applying mechanical principles                   — Modern workshops with 2 MOT bays
                                                                         arrying out servicing and                       — 2 land-based engineering workshops
                                                                                                                          — Repoussé and metalwork room
                                                                       — H ealth and safety in a land-based
                                                                                                                          — Jewellery workshops
                                                                           engineering work area
                                                                                                                          — Fleet of tractors, equipped with GPS
                                                                       — Introduction to land-based machinery
                                                                          operations                                      — Fully equipped welding shop
                                      14                                                                             15
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
BE INSP- IRED - 2021 ISSUE - Plumpton College
EQUINE   Working with horses is an extremely rewarding
         career and an ever-popular department here at         EQUINE MANAGEMENT
         Plumpton College. Our equine students do so much
         more beyond the classroom, taking part in practical   Level 3 courses are designed for those
                                                               who aim to work in the equine industry
         yard duties, gaining valuable hands-on experience     and develop careers as competition
         using our fantastic equine facilities, some of the    grooms, riding instructors or supervisory
         largest and most comprehensive in Sussex.             roles. Learners can also develop the
                                                               knowledge and skills to progress to
                                                               Higher Education. Each course offers
                                                               opportunities to develop practical and
                                                               supervisory skills in addition to the
                                                               scientific theory of equine management.  
                                                               Your course could include:

                                                               — Equine structure, form and function
                                                               — Equine diet and nutrition
                                                               — Horse tack and equipment
                                                               — Equine health and husbandry
                                                               — Equine behaviour
                                                               — Managing an equine yard
                                                               — Equine injury and rehabilitation
                                                               — Schooling horses on the flat
                                                               — Ground poles and grid work
                                                                                                             OUR FACILITIES

                                                               HORSE CARE                                    —2
                                                                                                               large indoor schools complete
                                                                                                              with viewing galleries
                                                               Level 1 & 2 courses are predominantly
                                                               practical and an excellent way to             — 30m x 60m outdoor menage
                                                               develop essential skills and knowledge
                                                                                                               tabling for up to 40 horses with
                                                               of working with horses. You will also
                                                                                                              a variety for you to experience
                                                               develop theoretical skills to further your
                                                                                                              and enjoy
                                                               understanding of the care of horses.
                                                               Each course will enable you to access         — Treadmill and weigh bridge
                                                               the next level of study here at Plumpton
                                                               College or give you the necessary             — Solarium
                                                               employability skills to go out into           — Mechanical horse
                                                               the workplace.
                                                               Your course could include:                    HIGHLIGHTS

                                                               — Equine tack and equipment                   — Links with equine industry
                                                               — Introduction to equine biology             —L
                                                                                                               aunch of ‘BHS Changing Lives
                                                                  and health                                  Through Horses’ programme
                                                               — Equine work placement                       —T
                                                                                                               rips and visits to national and
                                                               — Principles of working with horses            international equine events

                                                               — Equine preparation and plaiting             —C
                                                                                                               ompeting in inter-college riding
                                                               — Practical equine behaviour
                                                                                                               bility to gain industry recognised
                                                               — Riding horses on the flat                    BHS qualifications
                                                               — Practical yard duties                       — Full livery options available
                              18                                                                        19
        Level 1, 2 and        Hear about Bethan’s
        14+ Programme         role at Plumpton

        Manager               College and what
        for Equine            inspires her everyday.
                              What’s the favourite part
                              about your job?

                              My favourite part of my job
                              is helping the students to
                              develop their own coaching
                              and equitation skills; I love
                              seeing the students grow
                              in confidence and ability,
                              and achieving things that
                              they once thought impossible.  

                              What do you love most
                              about Plumpton College?  

                              I believe a job is what you
                              make of it, but people make
                              a place. I am fortunate to
                              work with some of the most
                              dedicated, supportive and
                              knowledgeable people and
                              I feel inspired by them
                              every day.

                              What advice would you give
                              to students thinking about
                              studying at Plumpton College?

                              Take pride in what you do.
                              Our horses and yard are a
                              reflection of you. Try to get
                              involved with every opportunity
                              and give it your best effort.
   20                    21
FOOD   Cook, prepare and learn to maintain food
       establishments with the variety of food-based
       courses we have on offer. Bakery, Butchery and
       Fishmongery are fantastic options for those
       looking to get into the food business.

       Hone your skills to become a traditional craft
       baker, patisserie chef, or product developer
       for a specialist shop or artisan bakery. Learn all
       the practical skills and invaluable knowledge
       you’ll need to be successful as a modern butcher.
       Become responsible for maintaining high
       quality customer service, preparing and selling
       fish and enjoy sessions from Chief Executive,
       of Billingsgate Seafood School.

                                                            Your course could include:

                                                            — History of baking and its evolution
                                                            — Recipe formulation
                                                            — Bakery methods and processes                 The winner by a very narrow margin
                                                                                                           was Nicola Thomas, who produced
                                                            — Use of equipment and knife skills            a new take on pretzels with a twisted
                                                            — F inishing products including              combination of a peanut dough and a
                                                                packaging and storage                      dark chocolate dough. She marketed
                                                                                                           this a “Twistzel” and also constructed
                                                            — Waste reduction and recycling                a stand for her pretzels to be displayed.
                                                            — Consumer trend impacts                       The winning product was then displayed
                                                                                                           and sold in Real Patisserie and a fellow
                                                                                                           well known bakery.
                                                                                                           Our very own Butchery Apprenticeship
                                                            Bakery and Food students can often             Students have won Institute of Meat
                                                            be found indulging in competitive              ‘National Apprentice of the Year’ awards
                                                            tasks gaining valuable industry                for three out of the last four years.
                                                            based skills. Our Bakery students
                                                            this year took part in a Bake-Off style
                                                            competition including master baker             OUR FACILITIES
                                                            and owner of Real Patisserie.
                                                                                                             odern bakery facilities at
                                                            All of the students competed at a               Lewes kitchens
                                                            very high standard, with some truly
                                                                                                             airy processing unit at
                                                            innovative and imaginative ideas for
                                                                                                            Plumpton College
                                                            products. They had to produce a yeast
                                                            dough product made from two different          —H
                                                                                                             igh-end butchery facility near
                                                            flavoured doughs of their choice.               Ockham
                             22                                                                       23
ADAM                 We hear from
         HERSEY               Adam Hersey, former
         Former               student on our
         Environmental        Environmental Studies
                              and Conservation
         Studies and
                              course, on how his
         Conservation         studies at Plumpton
         student              College helped him
                              to further his career.

                              How did this course help
                              your career?

                              I’ve been lucky enough to
                              land my dream job. After my
                              apprenticeship, I applied for
                              and got the job working for the
                              National Trust at Nymans as
                              one of two Rangers here.

                              What advice would you give
                              to prospective students?

                              I would say, go for it! It could
                              lead you into further Higher
                              Education in Environmental
                              Science or Ecology degree

                              courses. You could go into
                              work as a Ranger, an Ecologist
                              or a Rural Surveyor.

                              What did you love most about
                              studying at Plumpton College
                              and how has it changed you?

                              For me, it was the interactions
                              with the tutors that I enjoyed
                              most. Returning to college as
                              a mature student, I was able
                              to maximise my learning
                              potential from these highly
                              knowledgeable individuals.
  24                     25
                Climb your way to a top career within this diverse
                and growing sector that can offer a range of
                pathways, from forestry and woodland operations
                to arboriculture all brought together by a passion
                for trees, ecology and the outdoors.

                The processing sector is highly advanced and at
                the forefront of technological innovation. In addition
                to wood grown in the UK, wood is sourced and
                processed from many other countries, including
                Scandinavia, Europe, North America, South America,
                Africa and the Far East.

                                                                                                                          OUR FACILITIES

                                                                                                                            ou’ll work on various equipment
                                                                                                                           such as tractors, a WoodMizer saw
                                                                                                                           mill plus a range of wood chippers
                                                                         Trees also serve an important purpose in          in our dedicated workshops
                                                                         our environment with forests and                 —E
                                                                                                                            xtensive grounds for you to
                                                                         woodlands making up 13% of the land               develop your skills
                                                                         cover in the UK and therefore there are
                                                                         many roles available in conservation             —B
                                                                                                                            uild your knowledge through a
                                                                         and preservation such as a tree officer           variety of locations including our
                                                                         or tree surveyor. If you are thinking of          farmed land, hedgerows and streams
                                                                         becoming self-employed or contracting            —A
                                                                                                                            ncient woodlands at our campus
                                                                         for a large organisation there are plenty         and access to working commercial
                                                                         of opportunities including grounds                woodlands
                                                                         worker, climber and utility arborist.
                                                                                                                            ou’ll be able to gain practical
                                                                         We have both full time study                      experience and knowledge of the
                                                                         programmes and apprenticeships                    tree-based sector through our links
                                                                         to suit your level of knowledge                   with local land owners and estates.
                                                                         and experience.
                                                                         Your course could include:
                                                                         — Plant and soil science                         Plumpton College’s Level 3 Forestry
                                                                         — Tree planting, identification, and care        students competed in the annual 3ATC
                                                                                                                          Southern College Climbing competition
                                                                         — Work experience                                run by the Arb Association. The
                                                                         — Tree felling and chainsaw use                  Plumpton College students climbed
                                                                                                                          their way to victory, with second-year
                                                                         — Forest and woodland skills                     students claiming first place and the
                                                                           pecialist forestry and                        first years taking second in their
                                                                          arboricultural machinery                        respective year groups. Plumpton
                                                                                                                          College has entered teams into the
                                                                         — Arboriculture skills                           3ATC competitions for the last seven
                                                                                                                          years, the experience has proven to be
                                                                         — Pests and diseases
                                                                                                                          invaluable for our students, giving them
                                                                           ree surveys, inspections                      experience outside of college as well as
                                                                          and data analysis                               ample networking opportunities.
                                      26                                                                             27
             Get the best possible start to your career with
                                                                                                                  STEPPING INTO COLLEGE (LEVEL 1)
             our Foundation Learning Pathway courses. It’s
             a great stepping stone into college and further                                                      This course is for you if you are not
                                                                                                                  quite ready to undertake a vocational
             education. The course will develop your                                                              course and may need a more supported
             independence and confidence, preparing you                                                           introduction to college and the
             for further study and progression into work best   PATHWAY TO INDEPENDENCE
                                                                                                                  expectation of college life. You will
                                                                                                                  achieve a Level 1 qualification, continue
             suited to your skills and experience. We have      AND PERSONAL PROGRESS (ENTRY 2)  
                                                                                                                  with English and maths and take part
             a dedicated Foundation Learning building to        You will learn and practice your                  in 1:1 and group tutorials. This course
             provide an environment where you can thrive.       independence skills, which will help              will include study skills, use of college
                                                                prepare you for adulthood. This will              facilities and systems and becoming
                                                                include social communication, team                familiar with the site and meeting staff.
                                                                work and enterprise projects. You will            You will have the chance to experience
                                                                be developing key skills to help you              a vocational area of your choice
                                                                decide and shape your future path.                and develop your personal and
                                                                You will achieve an Entry 2 qualification,        social skills ready to fully integrate
                                                                continue with English and maths,                  into college life.  
                                                                undertake a variety of projects
                                                                including art, photography, the Jim
                                                                                                                  SUPPORTED INTERNSHIP (LEVEL 1)
                                                                Green Competition and take part
                                                                in 1:1 and group tutorials. This course           For 18+ students, a Supported
                                                                can be taken over two years.                      Internship may be the perfect course
                                                                                                                  for you. Supported Internships are
                                                                                                                  a one year study programme with
                                                                PATHWAY TO PROGRESSION (ENTRY 3)  
                                                                                                                  the core aim being to find paid,
                                                                This course is all about progression              sustainable work for young adults
                                                                onto either employment or further                 with SEND. Supported Internships
                                                                study. You’ll be ready for the challenge          focus on developing a young person’s
                                                                of finding out more about work-related            independence; every student will be
                                                                learning. This course is designed to help         offered a work placement within a
                                                                you choose your future path and you               business where there is the likelihood
                                                                will get the chance to experience other           of paid work becoming available.
                                                                vocations and undertake group work                You will achieve a Level 1 qualification,
                                                                placements. You will achieve an Entry 3           continue with English and maths
                                                                qualification, continue with English              (if needed), undertake individual work
                                                                and maths, undertake a variety of                 placements and take part in 1:1 and
                                                                projects including enterprise, horticulture,      group tutorials. You’ll have support
                                                                Jim Green Competition, group work                 from a job coach and regular reviews
                                                                experience and take part in 1:1 and               to make sure you get the most from
                                                                group tutorials. This will help you to            your experience.  
                                                                decide what your next steps will be. This
                                                                course can be taken over two years.               HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                                                                  Foundation Learning students won first
                                                                STEPPING INTO WORK (LEVEL 1)  
                                                                                                                  prize in two categories in the South of
                                                                You will develop the required skills and          England Agricultural Society Jim Green
                                                                experience to be ready for work, or if            Challenge with their scarecrow and
                                                                you require support getting a job, for            preparation of a flower bed for planting.   
                                                                the Supported Internship programme. 
                                                                                                                  Students have successfully progressed
                                                                You will achieve a Level 1 qualification,
                                                                                                                  onto vocational courses including
                                                                continue with English and maths,
                                                                                                                  equine, animal care, floristry, motor
                                                                undertake an individual work placement
                                                                                                                  vehicle and horticulture.  
                                                                and take part in 1:1 and group tutorials.
                                                                The course is the stepping stone into             The students take part in a range of
                                                                employment, an apprenticeship or the              enrichment activities including beach
                                                                Supported Internship programme where              cleans, horticulture enterprise, Disability
                                                                you are supported to find paid work.              Cricket and the Jim Green Competition.
                                  28                                                                         29
FLORISTRY   Floristry is definitely one of the most creative areas
            of the land-based sector and through our fantastic
            courses, you’ll gain the ability to produce stunning
            floral creations for many special occasions. We’ve
            got fantastic facilities here at Plumpton College
            with a natural environment certain to inspire you.

                                                                     Whether it is wedding or funeral flowers,
                                                                     birthdays or other special occasions,         OUR FACILITIES
                                                                     florists are responsible for the beautiful
                                                                     creations from different flowers and          —D
                                                                                                                     edicated floristry classrooms
                                                                     natural foliage. There’s a wide level of       at both Plumpton and Stanmer Park
                                                                     study to choose from, whether you are          campuses
                                                                     new to the industry or looking to train       —A
                                                                                                                     ccess to beautiful flowers and
                                                                     as a master florist, including full and        foliage on the grounds, light airy
                                                                     part time options to suit you.                 classrooms and use of flower
                                                                     Your course could include:                     cooler. Our Level 2 students also
                                                                                                                    receive a basic toolkit.
                                                                       reparing and creating floristry
                                                                      designs including wedding,                   —A
                                                                                                                     ccess to our Stanmer Horticulture
                                                                      funeral, the everyday and planted             Campus as part of One Garden
                                                                      arrangements                                  Brighton, utilising facilities for work
                                                                     — Event decoration
                                                                     — Latest trends                               HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                       aring for and maintaining floristry        Floristry students have the opportunity
                                                                      products                                     to take part in a number of events each
                                                                     — Design principles                           year, this year sharing their creations in
                                                                                                                   the Chichester Flower Festival, Leeds
                                                                     — Working in the floristry industry           Castle Festival of Flowers, Members
                                                                                                                   areas at the South of England Show and
                                                                     — Customer service
                                                                                                                   Covent Garden. You’ll also have access
                                                                       egotiating and agreeing terms              to industry expert talks and various
                                                                      and conditions for sale                      enrichment trips.
                                  30                                                                          31
HORTICULTURE   Horticulture is one of the few professions that
               blends science, art, practical craft skills and a
               love of nature to enhance the well-being of our
               society, by producing nutritious food, and beautiful
               green landscapes for people to live in and enjoy.

               Plumpton is also the only college in the UK to be
               able to offer Level 3 study in wine as part of our
               horticulture programmes, providing you with the
               stepping stone onto our unique Wine Business
               and Viticulture degree programmes.

                                                                      We have a wide range of pathways
                                                                      from study programmes to
                                                                      apprenticeships to ensure there is
                                                                      the right fit for your chosen career        —A
                                                                                                                    ccess to expertly planted campus
                                                                      including:                                   gardens and borders to build your
                                                                      — Horticulture                               plant knowledge

                                                                      — Production Horticulture                   —A
                                                                                                                    ccess to new Horticulture Centre
                                                                                                                   of Excellence Stanmer campus,
                                                                      — Hard Landscaping                           redeveloped within the Victorian
                                                                      — H orticulture & Landscape                 Walled Garden at Stanmer Park.
                                                                         Operative / Supervisor                    You’ll use the walled gardens as
                                                                                                                   part of your studies to maintain
                                                                      — Viticulture                                professionally designed borders
                                                                                                                   and lawns
                                                                      — Crop Production
                                                                                                                  — 1 0 hectares of vineyards producing
                                                                                                                     over 30,000 bottles of award-winning
                                                                      OUR FACILITIES                                 still and sparkling wine  
                                                                        lasshouses at both Stanmer and           —P
                                                                                                                    urpose-built Wine Centre including
                                                                       Plumpton campuses to provide you            a commercial winery, research winery
                                                                       with all year-round planting, up            and laboratories
                                                                       to commercial level
                                                                      — Landscaping centre                        HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                        ational plant collection, the            Garden Design students were delighted
                                                                       Douglas Chalk Hebe collection,             to be part of the world’s most famous
                                                                       with endangered species through            flower show. The students took part in
                                                                       our close connections with Plant           the ‘planting a sculpture’ exhibition and
                                                                       Heritage and The Hebe Society              took home the gold award.
                                     32                                                                      33
               With 800 hectares of campus at your feet and
               the South Downs as your backdrop, there is
               no better place to further your studies of the

               Our outdoor spaces are becoming popular
               destinations for recreation and rural tourism, and
               as our climate changes, there is an increased demand
               for skilled people who can ensure that habitats
               are protected while making sure that the public
               still have the chance to enjoy its beauty.                                                              GAME & WILDLIFE
               Our course options include Environmental Studies       ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                                      STUDIES & CONSERVATION                           With careers ranging from Gun Dog
               and Conservation, Game and Wildlife Management                                                          Trainer to Countryside Ranger or
               and Fisheries and Aquatic Science.                     The modern countryside and                       Estate Manager, this is a diverse
                                                                      conservation industry faces a range              industry with a range of opportunities
                                                                      of complex issues.  Tourism and                  to suit everyone. This course teaches
                                                                      countryside development are essential            you about the sensitive management of
                                                                      to rural economies and you will study            woodland and countryside habitats,
                                                                      how these can best support strong                developing your knowledge of estate
                                                                      conservation principles to promote               management. We have several blocks of
                                                                      better biodiversity and healthy                  woodland used to rear game birds, look
                                                                      ecosystems. You’ll gain a fantastic              at woodland ecology and for the college
                                                                      understanding of scientific and                  shoot. You will carry out varied practical
                                                                      habitat-specific principles alongside            tasks related to gamekeeping on the
                                                                      the practical skills that will enable you        college estate, supplemented by visits
                                                                      to put them into place.                          to various estates across the South East.
                                                                      Your course could include:                       Your course could include:

                                                                      — Conservation of British habitats               —C
                                                                                                                         onservation and improvement
                                                                                                                        of British habitats
                                                                      — Estate skills
                                                                                                                       — Firearm safety
                                                                      — Species identification and surveying
                                                                                                                       — Estate skills
                                                                      — Land and countryside use
                                                                                                                       — Pest and predator control
                                                                        rinciples of wildlife ecology
                                                                       and conservation                                — Machinery operations
                                                                      — Countryside recreation                         — Game management
                                                                                                                         aintenance of game and
                                                                      HIGHLIGHTS                                        deer populations
                                                                      Students learning incorporates all               —A
                                                                                                                         ssist with shooting activities
                                                                      of our major local habitats such as               at the college
                                                                      the South Downs National Park,
                                                                      Ashdown Forest and local National
                                                                      Trust and Wildlife Trust locations. In
                                                                      addition, trips behind the scenes to             This season has seen new records
                                                                      the Millennium Seed Bank and the                 set on the college shoot through hard
                                                                      Natural History Museum support                   work from students and new members
                                                                      the development of scientific                    of staff. Along with this, students have
                                                                      skills. Field trips further afield to            been able to participate on deer culls,
                                                                      our centre in Snowdonia encourage                along with trips out deer stalking
                                                                      students to apply their knowledge                under expert tutelage using our
                                                                      to broader horizons.                             sponsored optics.
                                    34                                                                            35
LAND &                                                                                    PART TIME
ENVIRONMENT                                                                                     COURSES


                                                                                             WINE CASKS
                                                                                             TO WELDING
 Experience how lakes and
 rivers are managed. The fishery            OUR FACILITIES
 management programme is designed
                                            (available to all Land & Environment students)
 to provide you with practical and
 theoretical knowledge to progress          —8
                                              00-hectare campus with farmed
 your career in fishery management.          land, hedgerows and ancient
 We have dedicated facilities in our         woodland
 Fishery Management Centre, including
                                              ocal chalk-streams and chalk
 stock ponds and a lake, as well as the
 extensive college estate including chalk

 streams to develop your own Coarse,        — Roman villa and Bronze Age sites  
 Game and Sea Angling techniques.
 Our Level 3 course aids progression into   — Countryside practical workshop
 Higher Education to study Fish Biology,    — Fishery Management Centre  
 Marine Biology, Aquatic Science,
 Fisheries Management, Fish Husbandry       —O
                                              ne-acre lake stocked with
 and Aquaculture. Employment                 coarse fish  
 opportunities both within the UK and       — Two stock ponds  
 abroad include industry positions
 in aquaculture through to fisheries        — Game Management building  
 science and fisheries management           — Bird rearing pens and facilities  
                                            — Residential centre in Snowdonia
 Your course could include:

 — Aquatic Sciences                         HIGHLIGHTS

   reshwater and marine ecology            Students had the opportunity to join
  and conservation                          Nash Tackle and the Carp Syndicate
 — Water quality                            to fish with their idols with guest
                                            instruction from Alan Blair. It was a
 — Freshwater and marine principles         great opportunity for students to
                                            talk to professionals in the industry
 — Environmental processes
                                            about career possibilities, as well as
 — Fish health and aquaculture              developing their own professional skills.


Brig hton’s best kept secret. A walled garden,
rooted in the past and focused on the future.
             A place for everyone.


                     Working with animals, either as a Veterinary Nurse
                     or Dog Grooming Stylist is an incredibly rewarding
                     industry that offers you lots of opportunities whether
                     your ambition is running your own business or
                     working as part of a parlour or practice.

                     Our on-site facilities include an Animal Management
                     Centre, Training Suite and operational and busy parlour
                     offering you hands on experience at Plumpton College.                                                   DOG GROOMING
                                                                                                                             Whether you have an existing career
                                                                                                                             within the industry or wish to become
                                                                                                                             self-employed or working for a business
                                                                                                                             or franchise, this course will equip you
                                                                                                                             to learn modern techniques required
                                                                                                                             to become a professional Dog Groomer.
                                                                                                                             You will work with a range of dog
                                                                                                                             breeds learning breed and cross breed
                                                                                                                             styling and finishing, coat types.
                                                                                                                             Your course could include:

                                                                                                                               ealth and safety, legislation
                                                                               VETERINARY NURSING                             and codes of practice for the dog
                                                                                                                              grooming industry
                                                                               Join the Advanced Apprenticeship
                                                                               Programme where you will study in             — Styling and finishing a dog
                                                                               college as well as being employed
                                                                               as a student Veterinary Nurse. The            —H
                                                                                                                               ealth checking and handling a dog
                                                                               Veterinary Nurse plays a key role in           in a dog grooming environment
                                                                               the Veterinary Profession, assisting          —C
                                                                                                                               ustomer service and record keeping
                                                                               the Veterinary Surgeon, advising               in a dog grooming environment.
                                                                               clients on pet health and running
                                                                               Nurses Clinics. During the completion
                                                                                                                             OUR FACILITIES
                                                                               of the course a clinical coach is
                                                                               assigned to each candidate to support         —D
                                                                                                                               edicated commercially run
                                                                               the completion of the clinical skills.         Dog Grooming Unit
                                                                               Your course could include:                    —A
                                                                                                                               ccess to the Animal Management
                                                                               — Taking radiographs                           Centre to develop invaluable practical
                                                                                                                              skills working with domestic, exotic
                                                                               — Running dispensary                           and small animals
                                                                               — Monitoring anaesthesia                      —C
                                                                                                                               linical Veterinary Nursing Training
                                                                               — P rofessional behaviours                    Suite to give you experience of
                                                                                                                              working with the latest technological
                                                                               Our Level 2 Veterinary Nursing                 equipment to extend your clinical skills
                                                                               Assistant programme provides
                                                                               a great pathway into Veterinary
                                                                               Nursing. Supporting and preparing
                                                                               learners via a part-time study course,        The Dog Grooming students have been
                                                                               in conjunction with employment                highly successful this year bringing home
                                                                               within a veterinary practice.                 a wide array of rosettes from various
                                                                               Your course could include:
                                                                                                                             different grooming competitions. The
                                                                                                                             students competed in The English
                                                                               — Animal anatomy and physiology               Groomers Challenge, with one student
                                                                                                                             bringing home 1st place for Best
                                                                               — Principles of animal handling and care
                                                                                                                             Handling Skills and another bringing
                                                                               — Key administrative skills                   home 3rd prize for her hand-strip.
                                           40                                                                           41
APPRENTICESHIPS   Plumpton College is one of the country’s leading
                  land-based focused apprenticeship providers.
                  No matter what stage of your career we can
                  support you to develop your skills, knowledge
                  and behaviours in your chosen profession.

                                                                     Undertaking an apprenticeship is a
                                                                     big commitment. Working full time
                                                                     and studying isn’t for everyone,
                                                                     however for those that do, they soon
                                                                     see the benefits.
                                                                     We pride ourselves on the ongoing
                                                                     support and guidance we provide to
                                                                     our apprentices, giving them the best
                                                                     possible chance for success.
                                                                     As a Plumpton College trained
                                                                     apprentice, you will receive:
                                                                                                                  FINDING THE RIGHT APPRENTICESHIP
                                                                       dedicated apprenticeship tutor/
                                                                      work coach to support you while             If you want to continue your learning via
                                                                      on programme                                an apprenticeship scheme, it’s important
                                                                                                                  you find yourself a supportive employer
                                                                     — An induction programme on starting         and apprenticeship opportunity as well
                                                                     — A detailed training plan                   as fully understand the commitment
                                                                       egular progress reviews with you
                                                                      and your employer                           At Plumpton College, we work with a
                                                                                                                  broad range of apprenticeship employers
                                                                       raining and access to our online          across the South East region, as well as
                                                                      learning and e-portfolio platform           nationally, with opportunities becoming
                                                                     — Invitations to industry talks to          available daily. If you don’t yet have an
                                                                        enhance your learning                     employer, visit our website to register
                                                                                                                  with our Apprenticeship Talent Bank.
                                                                       ccess to free online courses              This service will allow you to be kept
                                                                      to help develop your wider skills           informed of all our latest vacancies and
                                                                                                                  forthcoming apprenticeship events
                                                                       college student union card to
                                                                                                                  and webinars.
                                                                      benefit from 100’s of student
                                                                      discounts                                   We have a wide range of apprenticeship
                                                                                                                  programmes on offer, in areas such as
                                                                       ccess to work mental health
                                                                                                                  horticulture, food, engineering and
                                                                      support services
                                                                                                                  veterinary nursing to name just a few.
                                                                       ward ceremony on completing               For a full list, please turn to the course
                                                                      your apprenticeship programme               index page or visit our website.
                                       42                                                                    43
CHARLIE                                                                           VISIT US

                                                                                                                                                                     TO COLLEGE
& HENRY                                                        Whether it’s in person, or through a virtual event,
                                                              join us for one of our Information Events to find out

Butchery                                                        more about what we have to offer. Alternatively,
                                                              why not attend one of our February Taster Days for

                                                                ages 14 and older and try our courses for a day?

                                                                                                                                   MAKING AN APPLICATION
                                                                                                                               Applications are made via our website, please
                                                                                                                            select the course you would like to study and click
                                                                                                                             ‘Apply’, or, if you live in East Sussex please make
                                                                                                                            your application through eProspectus. Your school
                                                                                                                               will help you with your application if you are
                                                                                                                                              using eProspectus.  
                                                                           YOUR INTERVIEW
                                                                                                                              In order to study your preferred course please
                                                                  You will be sent an email with an invitation             make your application before our priority deadline
                                                                to interview within 2 weeks of your application            of 31 January. We are happy to accept applications
We recently visited two                                                         being received.                                after this date but we cannot guarantee your
of our Plumpton College                                                                                                                       course selection.

butchery apprentices who
are currently employed at                                                                                                         ATTEND YOUR INTERVIEW
Park Farm Butchers in

                                                                                                                            Again, whether it’s in person, or a virtual interview
                                                                                                                           you can take the opportunity to find out more about
Hawkhurst, Kent.                                                                                                            your preferred course, accommodation, transport,
                                                                                                                             bursaries and fees. If successful, an offer will be
So, Charlie, what do you enjoy most                                                                                                      made to you on the day.
about doing an apprenticeship?
                                                                          OFFER CONFIRMED
It’s really fun being part of a busy team                       We will send you an email confirmation of your
and I get to learn new skills and earn                        offer. It is important that you respond to this email
money at the same time; I really enjoy                              within 7 days to accept your course offer.
my job! It can be hard work and
sometimes long hours but it’s really
rewarding!                                                                                                                                KEEP IN TOUCH
Henry, what advice would you offer                                                                                             You can get in touch at any time throughout
anyone contemplating an apprenticeship                                                                                          the year if you still have some questions.  

in butchery?                                                                                                                  It is important that you keep us updated with
                                                                                                                            your contact information so that you do not miss
After 10 years in the industry, I’m still                                                                                    out on any of the important messages we will
learning new skills and techniques                                             GOOD LUCK!                                          send during the year. Please email any
                                                                                                                                   changes to
including learning about carcass                                Study hard for your exams, we will be sent your
selection. There’s always going to be                            results. Don’t worry if you didn’t get what you
a demand for butchery, so I would say                           wanted, it’s still important to give us a call and
definitely go for it!                                                     discuss your place at college.

What do you hope to do in the future?
                                                                                                                            WE CAN’T WAIT TO WELCOME YOU
Because my Level 3 qualification                                                                                              Keep an eye on your emails over the summer
includes both practical skills and                                                                                             for important information about enrolling.
managerial skills, I hope to own my own                                                                                      You can check out what’s happening at college
                                                                                                                                      on our social media pages.  
business one day. Owning and running
your own butchery shop can offer really
good pay if you do it right.                                                   LET’S BEGIN
                                                              In September you will be enrolling into college and
For vacancies currently                                          we can’t wait to see you again and get things
available, please visit our                                    started! It’s really important to attend so you can
                                                              pick up vital information about your course so you
website at                                                 get off to the very best start.

                                            44                                                                        45
CAMPUS LIFE      This is the next step on your journey to the
                 career of your dreams. College life is very different
                 from school. It is a professional and supportive
                 environment for you to grow, offering you greater
                 freedom and increased responsibility, preparing you
                 for your next step into further study or employment.

                                                                                              WELL— BEING

                                                                                              Your health and well-being are
                                                                                              extremely important to us. We offer
                                                                                              a range of healthy snacks through our
                                                                                              two cafés as well as a selection of
  TAKING PART                                                                                 meals in our dining room each day,
  Our busy, vibrant Students’ Union is           SOCIALISE                                    sourcing much of our produce locally.
  run for the students, by the students.         Just 12 miles from Brighton city centre      At Plumpton College, we believe that
  Our aim is to represent each student           and set within the South Downs, there        enriching your college experience
  with a host of student voice activities        are a host of activities available to suit   through sporting activities can only
                                                                                                                                              OLD PLUMPTONIANS ASSOCIATION
  throughout the college year, ranging           you. Whether you enjoy the great             support the students focus and drive
  from exciting talks from NUS and local         outdoors, or a buzzing city to explore       to be the best they can be. Our                 Your journey with Plumpton College
  influencers, to the Plumpton Young             it’s all on your doorstep. As well as a      enrichment programme consists of                doesn’t end when you leave us.
  Farmers Club.                                  year long calendar of events organised       activities on a revolving schedule              You’ll join our diverse and active
  We want to give all our students               by the SU, every June brings our annual      throughout the year including:                  group of alumni ‘The Old Plumptonians
  a fantastic college experience by              awards ceremony and summer ball, a           badminton, basketball, netball, 5-a-side        Association’. There are opportunities
  providing a varied social calendar of          great way to celebrate a successful year     football, volleyball, rounders, cricket,        to inspire the next generation with your
  trips, visits, clubs and activities that are   of study.                                    stoolball, archery, indoor climbing/            story, keep in touch with friends, and
  open and accessible to all our students.                                                    bouldering, cross country running,              receive support and advice throughout
  There is something for everyone from           GIVING BACK
                                                                                              strength and conditioning, HIIT training        your career from the extensive alumni
  Running Club to Film Club, Wellness                                                         and many more.                                  community.
                                                 We play an active role in our local
  Yoga and Lunchtime Roller Disco.
                                                 community, getting involved in projects
                                                                                              YOUR VIEWS                                      ASPIRE PROGRAMME
  Year on year, our aim is to leave a legacy     from local shows to our Raising and
  of improvement and positive change             Giving Day for our chosen charity each       We take feedback from you very                  Every student studying at
  to student life by making sure that your       year. Last year our students raised over     seriously. We want to continually               Plumpton College will be entitled
  experience at Plumpton just gets better        £3,500 for Chestnut Tree House and           improve the experience of college               to a differentiated programme which
  and better. Our students play an active        Children with Cancer Fund. We support        life for our students. You will have            will enable them to improve their
  role in developments of the campus,            local events such as the South of            the opportunity to take part in student         overall experience, increase their
  offering feedback about residency              England Show, where students volunteer       surveys and group discussions on a              cultural capital and provide them
  and catering as well as holding regular        to be ambassadors for their industries       termly basis to ensure we get things            with an additional set of skills which
  forums with the Principal.                     to the general public.                       right for you.                                  will enable them to be work ready.
                                                 46                                                                                      47
                   Moving from school to college can sometimes feel
                   like a big step. We make sure that we do everything
                   to make you feel supported in this important
                   transition. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions,
                   we’ll be more than happy to help.

                   The college offers a range of additional learning
                   support and we have specialist support staff who
                   can help with specific learning difficulties such
                   as Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC)
                   Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and ADHD.

                   We offer personalised support which is centred
                   around you. Whether you need occasional support,
                   Exam Access Arrangements or have an Educational
                   Health Care Plan (EHCP) and need more regular
                   support, we can assist you.

                                                                                                                       The types of support we offer are:

                                                                          Plumpton is a college where every            — Support at interview
                                                                          student is important. We pride ourselves
                                                                          on being inclusive and place great           — Individual tutorials
                                                                          emphasis on providing support for            — In-class support (readers,
                                                                          students whether they are transitioning         scribes and prompts)
                                                                          into college from school, on a study
                                                                          programme or taking the next steps           — Note taking
                                                                          to employment, an apprenticeship or          — Support with practical activities
                                                                          further study. We have an excellent
                                                                          Additional Learning Support team who         — Communication support
                                                                          will support you every step of the way.      — Social communication group work
                                                                          We are committed to including and            — Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs)
                                                                          helping students with additional needs.
                                                                          Our Additional Learning Support team         —A
                                                                                                                         ssistive technology (ClaroRead/
                                                                          is here to help and guide students            writing slopes/overlays)
                                                                          with a range of learning differences
                                                                                                                         unchtime drop-in learning support
                                                                          and disabilities. You can let us know
                                                                                                                        (structured support)
                                                                          about a learning difficulty or disability
                                                                          on your application form or at interview.    — English and maths interventions
                                        48                                                                        49


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE RIGHT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   FOR YOU
                                                                                                           F    EAST GRINSTEAD                          H    ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS

                                                                                                               ASHURST WOOD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We run programmes for students who are
   D      REDHILL                                                                                                                                           CROWBOROUGH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 14-16, school Year 10 and 11, still studying
                                                                                                               FOREST ROW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 at school, or are Electively Home
 HORLEY                                                                                                        CHELWOOD GATE                                                                                     Educated. School students can come to
    CRAWLEY                                                                                                    DANEHILL
                                                                                                                                                            HADLOW DOWN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 college and study for a vocational
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 qualification, 1 day a week for either 1 or 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 years. The vocational programme is for a
                                                                                                               FURNER’S GREEN

                                                 HAYWARDS HEATH
                                                                                                               SHEFFIELD PARK                                                                                    single day per week but we are happy to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 work with the student and school to
                                                                                                                                    E    NEWICK
                                                                                                               NORTH CHAILEY
                                                                            SCAYNES HILL                                                                    UCKFIELD
                    HURSTPIERPOINT                           ANSTY

                                                             BURGESS HILL                                      SOUTH CHAILEY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 arrange a bespoke offer. The student will
                                                             WIVELSFIELD                                                                                                                                         need agreement from the school to study
                                 DITCHLING                   WIVELSFIELD GREEN                                 COOKSBRIDGE                                  ISFIELD                                              here and the application form needs to be
                                                             PLUMPTON GREEN
                                                                                                                                                                  CROSS IN HAND    HEATHFIELD                    signed by your parents and school. This is
                                                                                                                                                                                                 BROAD OAK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 a great stepping stone into a full time
                                                  PLUMPTON                                                     OFFHAM                                                                                            programme and to provide a qualification
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FULL TIME STUDY
                                                                                                                                              RINGMER                                            BURWASH
                                                                                                                                                                 GOLDEN CROSS                                    and range of skills that might not be on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 offer at school.                                 PROGRAMMES

                                                                  COLDEAN                                      KINGSTON
                                                                                                                                                                 LOWER DICKER

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Electively Home Educated students can
                                                                                                                                                                                                 HURST GREEN
                                                                                                                                                                 HORSEBRIDGE                                                                                      Our full-time vocational programmes

                                                                  ELM GROVE
                                                                                                               RODMELL                   POLEGATE
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ROBERTSBRIDGE   choose a vocational programme like               are accredited by a range of different
                                                                                                                                                             I                                                   school students but also add additional          awarding organisations, including Pearson
                                        PRESTON PARK              KEMP TOWN                                    SOUTHEASE                 WILLINGDON     HAILSHAM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 days for functional skills or GCSEs in           Edexcel, City & Guilds and Gateway.
                                                                  WOODINGDEAN                                                                                                                    BALDSLOW        English and maths and Level 1 courses
                        SOUTHWICK                                               SALTDEAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 in Applied Science and PSHE (Personal,           All of the courses that can be studied at
    C               B                                                                          A                          K          J                      G
                                 PORTSLADE     HOVE
                                                                                                                     SEAFORD     EASTBOURNE             BEXHILL
                                                                                                                                                                        ST LEONARDS        HASTINGS              Social Development). The offer can be            Plumpton, enable students to achieve
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1 to 3 days and courses are offered at           technical qualifications, which means
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 our Plumpton campus.                             that students develop industry knowledge,
 GETTING HERE                                                                                                  LIVING AT COLLEGE                                                                                                                                  skills and competences alongside a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  programme of academic study.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FOUNDATION LEARNING
 We have our own extensive bus network                                                                         Our excellent residential facilities
 with a range of zones covering East                                                                           accommodate over 200 students in                                                                                                                   All of the courses are assessed via
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 If you’re interested in developing your
 Sussex, parts of West Sussex, Surrey and                                                                      modern comfortable rooms. Rated by                                                                                                                 coursework, and many now also include
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 personal, social, academic and employability
 Kent (see routes above). You can access                                                                       Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ across all areas,                                                                                                          written exams and other time constrained
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 skills as well as English and maths, then
 the app and all the up to date info at                                                                        you’ll find them a fantastic place to stay.                                                                                                        assessments.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 our Foundation Learning Pathway                                                                                                                                                                                      programmes are ideal for you.
                                                                                                               We offer a range of different
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  QUALIFICATION LEVELS
 We are connected by local buses and                                                                           accommodation plans, from full and                                                                You will work towards a City & Guilds or
 trains with Plumpton Station and Lewes                                                                        part time to flexible, ad-hoc options                                                             BTEC qualification, and cover topics             Entry Level: If you have no prior
 Station short distances away from the                                                                         to help cater for a range of budgets                                                              which include exploring art, developing          experience and you don’t feel confident
 Plumpton Campus.                                                                                              and requirements.                                                                                 ICT skills, keeping safe, developing self-       about your abilities, then this level
 You are welcome to bring your car                                                                             Part time residents keep the same rooms                                                           awareness and communication. You will            could be a good place to start. You
 to college where you will find ample                                                                          so you can build friendships with your                                                            also get to develop practical skills             do not need any qualifications but you
 student parking.                                                                                              neighbours. When part time residents                                                              through vocational tasters and go on             will need to show a willingness to learn.
                                                                                                               are not staying, they must vacate their                                                           visits and outings. Work experience is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Level 1: Ideal if you are just starting
                                                                                                               rooms to allow other occupants use of                                                             also a big part of your course, helping to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  out or are new to the subject area.
                                                                                                               their room.                                                                                       build on your interests, experience and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This level covers routine tasks and basic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 confidence, as well as provide opportunities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to engage in real life practical work-
 Room Type                                                              Full Time                                               Part Time                                         AD–HOC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 related activities.                              Level 2: This is a great way to improve
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  your knowledge of a subject area and will
 Small Single                                                               £5,480                              £3,055 3-night stay per week                                    £28 per night                    The Foundation Learning Pathway
                                                                                                                £4,045 4-night stay per week                                                                                                                      be the equivalent of GCSE level
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 programmes include an offer at Entry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  of study.
 Single Room (with basin)                                                   £6,020                              £3,375 3-night stay per week                                    £31 per night
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Level 2, Entry Level 3 and Level 1 and can
                                                                                                                £4,475 4-night stay per week                                                                     be taken over one to three years, depending      Level 3: You can either study for 1 or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 on your needs. We also offer a Supported         2 years or attain either an equivalent
 Ensuite (Limited Availability)                                             £6,920                              £3,905 3-night stay per week                                    £36 per night                    Internship programme which is undertaken         to 1 full A Level or the equivalent of
                                                                                                                £5,180 4-night stay per week
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 as a final year of study to learners with an     3 A Levels. Ideal if you would like to
 Room Deposit                                                                 £150                                                £150                                              £150
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 EHCP who require support to progress into        go on to study at a higher level such
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 work. This is a one year programme.              as University.
 These prices are correct at time of printing for 20/21 and may be subject to change                                                                                                                                                                         53
‘	S tudents develop very good
      FOR YOU
                                                                                                  practical and vocational skills
                                                  SUPPORTED INTERNSHIPS
                                                                                                  and produce work of a high
                                                  WHAT IS A SUPPORTED INTERNSHIP?
                                                                                                  standard…the proportion of
                                                  Supported Internships are one year              learners who achieve their
                                                  study programmes run by Plumpton
                                                  College, with the core aim to find paid,        qualifications has increased
                                                  sustainable work for young adults               over the past three years…and
                                                  with SEND.                                      the proportion of learners who
                                                  This is a real hands-on course where            achieve A* — C grades in GCSE
                                                  you’ll spend at least one day a week            English and mathematics in
                                                  in a working business, and the rest of
                                                  your time either in college or working          2016/17 improved considerably
                                                  out in the community on a range                 and was higher than recent
                                                  of real-life projects. It’s a brilliant         national rates.’
                                                  opportunity for you to develop practical                                                        INDUSTRY WORK PLACEMENT
 APPRENTICESHIPS                                  skills, you’ll get to develop your existing                                                     All students aged 16-18 on our Level 2
                                                  skills and transfer them from the             Ofsted Report 2018
 WHAT IS AN APPRENTICESHIP?                                                                                                                       and Level 3 programmes are encouraged
                                                  college environment to the workplace.                                                           to take part in an exciting 50-day
 An apprenticeship is a real job that
                                                  You’ll be encouraged to look at the                                                             industry placement programme
 combines hands on work with the
                                                  barriers that are preventing you from                                                           alongside completion of their vocational
 opportunity to train and develop your skills,
                                                  working independently, all with                                                                 course. The programme will give you the
 knowledge and behaviours in your chosen
                                                  an end goal of finding a job to suit                                                            chance to gain valuable skills in a real
 profession. As an apprentice you’ll usually
                                                  your aspirations.                                                                               working environment whilst being
 be employed to work a minimum 30hrs
                                                                                                                                                  paired with your ideal employer.
 per week and be paid a wage no less              You’ll need to be 18 - 23 with an
 than the current national minimum wage           Education, Health and Care plan               ENGLISH & MATHS                                   Our mission is to pair students with
 for the time you are in work and training.       and be in your final year of college.                                                           their ideal employer and to support
                                                                                                STUDYING FOR ENGLISH AND MATHS
                                                                                                                                                  them continuously during the placement.
 At least 20% of your paid time will be           Alternatively if you do not have an
 spent in training and development,                                                             We know that employers are looking                There is flexibility on how students
                                                  Education, Health and Care plan, we
 usually with us at college but may also                                                        for students with good English and                complete the placement; it can be
                                                  can offer you a Supported Traineeship.
 take place online or in your workplace.                                                        maths skills and as it is our goal to help        during non-college weekdays, weekends,
 The rest of your time will be spent                                                            you be as employable as possible we               in blocks or over the holiday period. You
 applying your skills and knowledge in            HIGHER EDUCATION                              will work with you to improve your                will receive all the necessary information
 your workplace, doing the job you have                                                         skills during your time here. We have a           during your interview, and if you have any
                                                  Our degree courses are validated in           fabulous team of expert staff who have
 been employed to do. By the end of your                                                                                                          queries in the meantime please contact:
                                                  partnership with the Royal Agricultural       supported students over the last two
 apprenticeship, you’ll have gained the                                                                                                 
                                                  University in Cirencester. Together           years to exceed national averages in
 skills and knowledge needed to either
                                                  we provide expert teaching, an                achieving their grade 4 and above in
 succeed in your chosen career or progress
                                                  inspirational campus and a rich student       English and maths.
 onto the next apprenticeship level.                                                                                                              CAREERS PROGRAMME
                                                  experience to ensure that our graduates
 Apprenticeships are open to anyone who           leave us with the right knowledge, skills     This is why we include English and                Our aim is to provide a comprehensive
 is 16 years old and over, has a right to         and attributes to pursue successful           mathematics results as part of our entry          programme of careers information,
 work in England and is not in full time          careers in the land-based sector. We          criteria for our study programmes,                advice and guidance to all of our
 education. There is no upper age limit           offer degrees in Equine Science and           as all students who haven’t yet achieved          students in order to prepare them for
 and available to anyone whether starting         Coaching, Veterinary Nursing, Animal          a grade 4 or above in their English               their next step, whether this be further
 out in their career or for those who have        Behaviour and Conservation and both           or maths will continue to study it with           and higher education, apprenticeships,
 been working for some time. Modern               Wine Production and Wine Business.            us, either at GCSE or Functional skills.          traineeships or employment. All
 apprenticeships can now support your             You can choose to study either full-time                                                        students are entitled to 1:1 impartial
 learning aspirations to the highest level        or part-time, whichever works best for                                                          careers advice and guidance from a
                                                                                                WORK EXPERIENCE
 however it is important to know that the         you. Studying with us at level 3 provides                                                       qualified Careers Adviser, group tutorial
 level is based on the job role and duties        the perfect opportunity to progress           Study programmes include a minimum                workshops to support their career
 it is attached to. This means that even          onto one of our popular degree                of compulsory work experience hours               progression and employability and
 though you may have a higher-level               courses. We offer students studying           achieved through one day a week or                University application workshops and
 qualification in other subjects you could        at level 3 specialist sessions and events     block placements. The amount of hours             individual UCAS application support.
 still undertake an apprenticeship at a           throughout the year to help prepare           required is dependent on the study                For more information please email
 lower level.                                     for this next exciting step.                  programme.                              
                                                 54                                                                                          55
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