Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey

Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey
IBM Software                                                                                         Technical White Paper
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                                                Big data and analytics
                                                for a holistic customer
                Contents                        What your customers primarily concern themselves with, and rightfully
                                                so, is their own never-ending journey through life. All they really want is
                 1 Foreword                     to bring more satisfaction, fulfillment, and fun into their own existence.
                2 Overcoming big data
                  challenges for insight        In the modern business world, customer experience is everything.
                  and opportunity               Digital marketing focuses on ensuring a seamless, holistic, multichannel
                                                experience to all customers all the time. This is the pivotal concept of a
                3 How to acquire, grow and      “holistic customer journey.” Big data and agile analytics are key tools
                  retain customers              to help your company personalize and target the delivery of superior
                                                experiences to all customers.
                5 IBM big data platform and
                  IBM PureData System for
                  Analytics                     The business stakes could not be higher. In an experience-driven
                                                economy, your customers will quickly leave you if you don’t offer an
                 7 Engaging clients through     experience that’s tailored to their ever-changing life circumstances.
                   value and insight            To re-align your customer-engagement initiatives around this new reality,
                                                you will need a clear roadmap for where to start and how to proceed.
                10 Roadmap to holistic
                   customer engagement
                   through big-data analytics   This strategic whitepaper provides that roadmap. It offers an in-depth
                                                discussion on how you can use big data analytics to enhance experience
                11 Conclusion                   while boosting the bottom line. It includes informative case studies on
Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey
IBM Software                                                                                                                 Technical White Paper
Digital Media

how other companies have used big data analytics to delight
their customers. And it helps you understand which IBM big-
data solutions might support your own company’s initiatives
                                                                                         Security/intelligence extension
in digital marketing, multichannel engagement, and customer                              Process and analyze new types (social media, emails, mobile,
                                                                                         3rd party) and sources of under-leveraged data to significantly
experience optimization.                                                                 improve intelligence, security and privacy.

It’s a highly readable compendium with solid advice. It’s well
worth your time.                                                                         Enhanced 360º view of the customer
                                                                                         Extend existing customer views by incorporating additional
                                                                                         internal and external information sources.

James Kobielus
IBM Big Data Evangelist
                                                                                         Operations analysis
                                                                                         Analyze a variety of machine and operational data for improved
Overcoming big data challenges for                                                       business results and gain visibility into operations, customer
                                                                                         experience, transactions and behavior.
insight and opportunity
Consumer attention is shifting from traditional channels such
                                                                                         Big data exploration
as TV, radio and print media to digital media channels and                               Find, visualize and understand volumes of information to
devices. A study by Forrester Research found 50 percent of                               improve decision making.
US consumers’ time was spent online, with thousands of new
digital devices competing for consumer attention. Marketers
                                                                                         Data warehouse augmentation
have to maneuver their way through transactions and click-                               Integrate big data and data warehouse capabilities to increase
                                                                                         operational efficiency and optimize your data warehouse to
streams; call-center interactions, e-mail and retail store visits;                       enable new types of analysis.
product and service feedback and social media channels.

The potential to leverage big data is unlimited. Each industry
has its own unique challenges that can benefit from using big            Figure 1. Big data use cases
data for new insights and improved decision-making. The fol-
lowing five cross-industry use cases provide excellent starting
points for anyone looking to begin their big data journey:
                                                                         According to an Aberdeen Group paper, “Big Data for
                                                                         Marketing: Targeting Success,” the number of firms
                                                                         planning to increase their use of data analytics for
                                                                         marketing is 98 percent.

Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey
IBM Software                                                                                                        Technical White Paper
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This “big data”—the enormous volume, variety and velocity                 This paper will discuss how marketers and advertisers can
of data being produced—holds tremendous potential for                     manage the constant flow of big data and gain the necessary
marketing professionals to gain unprecedented insights about              insight to rethink their data environments for new value—using
consumers. Insights derived from big data analytics will drive            analytics and social and mobile technologies. Discover how
future decisions in accurately delivering the right message               the IBM big data platform and IBM® PureData™ System
to the right person at the right time at the right price for              for Analytics, powered by Netezza® technology, can help
maximized customer value.                                                 marketers better acquire, grow and retain customers, target
                                                                          high-value customers, determine the best channels for reaching
The wealth of big data can be used to create win-win scenarios            those customers, tailor the messaging and ultimately deliver
in which insights are turned into relevance as customers prog-            better results.
ress through the purchase funnel. Yet the volume, velocity and
variety of big data also comes with numerous challenges defined           How to acquire, grow and retain
by questions about how best to access, analyze, optimize                  customers
and apply insights to innovate customer lifecycles and create             Do your competitors have more insight about your customers
differentiated experiences:                                               than you do? Are you effectively converting your audience
                                                                          insights into added value for your consumers? The following
●●   Are we acquiring, aggregating, and analyzing the right               four objectives can help you can acquire, grow, and retain cus-
     data sources?                                                        tomers by improving customer interaction, building long term
●●   Does fine-grained customer segmentation and influence                relationships and realizing value from customer sentiment.
     assessment truly help us to target our campaigns for
     maximum lift?                                                        1. Personalization—Ensure each customer interaction is unique
●●   Do proactive big-data-powered target marketing and                      and tailored to buying journey by predicting best communi-
     engagement efforts expose us to charges that we’re                      cation method, channel, message, and time of delivery.
     invading privacy and stalking the customer?                          2. Profitability—Enhance a customer’s lifetime value through
●●   Are we going too far or not far enough to bring social,                 advanced association methods that deliver targeted up/
     mobile, and other digital channels into the core of our                 cross-sell offers in real-time and optimize use of marketing
     customer engagement strategies?                                         resources.
●●   Should we be incorporating real-time click-stream analytics          3. Retention—Increase retention and customer satisfaction by
     and other behavioral data sources into efforts to tune                  detecting anomalies in desired behavior through sentiment
     the customer experience across multiple channels?                       analysis and scoring to proactively make tailored offers.
●●   Are we truly differentiating with all of these digital engage-       4. Acquisition—Improve accuracy and response to marketing
     ment efforts, or simply keeping up with the competition?                campaigns, reduce acquisition costs and predict lifetime value
                                                                             using granular micro segments based on profitable customers.

Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey
IBM Software                                                                                                      Technical White Paper
Digital Media

Delivering a superior customer experience                               modellers in new approaches that are fundamental to marketing
Predictive analytics captures unstructured and structured data,         campaign analysis, such as MapReduce and R, text analytics
uncovers hidden patterns and associations within that data to           and more to visualize patterns and acquire, grow and retain
determine future outcomes, and acts upon the insights gained            customers through personalization, profitability, retention and
through optimized, real-time decision making.                           acquisition.

The following three objectives of customer analytics can help           Past, present and future time horizons
your organization gain deep understanding into customer atti-           The following deep past, present and future core components
tudes and preferences to predict future behavior and deliver a          are important when it comes to a big data infrastructure and
360-degree view of the customer throughout their lifecycle:             obtaining a 360-degree view of the customer:

Obtaining the right data on your customer. This includes                Deep past: How deeply can you look into the customer’s
data on customer sentiment, customer experiences and feelings           history when identifying how best to serve them? You need
as well as inclinations and predispositions. The best place to          the full historical customer record, including all purchases,
find such information is through social media. The challenge            transactions, and interactions. Missing information about the
for marketers is how to harvest that intelligence and bring it          customer during an interaction results in inappropriate or
into a big data platform and correlate it with all the historical       incomplete offers and communication, inconsistent service
data on customer buying patterns etc. There are many addi-              delivery, and weak customer relationships.
tional, typically siloed, sources of data, such as mobile and
geospatial, to combine with customer records to monitor                 Deep present: How deeply can you drill into the moment
behavior and drive rich intelligence into predictive models.            that the customer is currently experiencing, such as clicking on
                                                                        products on your website, in your store, or speaking with a call
Process, store and manage data. Unstructured sources of data            center representative? You need to correlate the full historical
are rich and intelligent. Marketers need to process, store them         customer record with real-time feeds of customer click-streams,
and manage these types of challenging data sources in a coher-          interactions, geospatial coordinates, social posts, and other
ent way. Scalability and processing power is key as you bring           behavioral data that changes moment to moment.
in more sources of structured and unstructured customer data.
You want the ability to enhance that historical and real time           Deep future: Do you have predictive capabilities when it
record of your customer as your ability to appropriately apply          comes to your customer’s future, and how confident are you
that data grows to add value along the purchase funnel.                 that you can nudge that future in a positive direction with
                                                                        actions you take right now? You need to continuously generate
Build predictive models. Data scientists who are essentially            next best actions by aggregating past and present data; mining
statistical and predictive modellers can help with complex              it for patterns relevant to customer propensities; and using it
tasks including customer marketing and churn analysis. These            trigger embedded predictive models that can drive loyalty,
experts can help build and tune these models from all of this           upsell and experience.
data. Therefore, you need to train and cross-train existing data

IBM Software                                                                                                                     Technical White Paper
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                                                                              IBM big data platform and PureData
                                                                              System for Analytics
             CONSULTING AND IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES                           According to Aberdeen Group’s “Big Data for Marketing”
                                                                              survey, best-in-class companies’ data analytics for marketing is
                                  SOLUTIONS                                   focused on improving the targeting of offers, delivering the
           sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT, RBI, HR, industry
                                                                              right message to the right person through the right channel
                                                                              at the right time. Best-in-class firms are combining campaign
                                  ANALYTICS                                   management and insight with customer analytics for invaluable
                   performance management, risk analytics,                    customer sentiment.
                    decision management, content analysis

                 business intelligence and predictive analysis                IBM big data platform
                                                                              To achieve best-in-class requires transformation to data-driven
                             BIG DATA PLATFORM
                                                                              marketing. Such initiatives require agility, yet major change is
                    content management, Hadoop System,
                     stream computing, data warehouse                         often constrained by IT system lifecycle costs and complexity.
                   information integration and governance
                                                                              IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data
                                                                              platform that enables marketers and advertisers to address the
                SECURITY, SYSTEMS, STORAGE AND CLOUD                          full spectrum of big data business challenges. The big data
                                                                              platform can help process and manage historical data at rest,
                                                                              real-time data in motion as well as execute the predictive
                                                                              models to help keep your customer relationships growing.
Figure 2. IBM big data platform

Driving customer interactions
By asking how, why, who and what, questions requiring multi-                  360 Degree Customer View
ple systems, a fusion is achieved that enables deeper insights:

1. What products can I up-sell this customer?                                   How?                                                 Why?
                                                                                Interaction data                                     Attitudinal data
2. What impact will inventory have on this customer?                               Email or chat transcripts                           Opinions
3. What marketing materials or “next-best-offer” should I send?                    Call center notes                                   Preferences
4. What should I know before contacting for renewal?                               Web click streams                                   Needs and desires
                                                                                   In-person dialogues
5. What’s going on with this customer today?
6. How can we increase engagement?
7. How can we get more customers like this person?                              Who?                                                 What?
                                                                                Descriptive data                                     Behavioral data
                                                                                  Attributes                                           Orders
By bringing disparate data sources together to create a                           Characteristics                                      Transactions
                                                                                  Relationships                                        Payment history
single view of each customer, companies start to see increased                                                                         Usage history
                                                                                  Self-declared information
customer satisfaction and decreased customer churn. When                          Geographic or
enterprise data is brought together with unstructured data                        demographic data
for real-time predictive and social analytics, there are benefits
along the content delivery value chain. This includes a deep
understanding of audience sentiment, as well as the ability to                Figure 3. Driving customer interactions with next best action solution
anticipate customer behavior and offer real time incentives
to accelerate offer acceptance and overall conversions.

IBM Software                                                                                                     Technical White Paper
Digital Media

Marketing organizations need to combine the past, present            To accomplish these data driven marketing efforts,
and future analysis of customer data using a holistic big data       IBM PureData System for Analytics delivers the proven
platform. IBM provides a consolidated and integrated approach        performance, scalability, intelligence, and simplicity that
to big data and analytics:                                           organizations need to delve deep into their data:

●●   Assemble and combine a relevant mix of information              Fast. Due to massively parallel processing architecture,
●●   Discover and explore with smart visualizations                  IBM Pure Data System for Analytics can perform data queries
●●   Analyze, predict and automate for more accurate answers         10 - 100 times faster than traditional custom systems. This
●●   Take action and automate processes                              will help marketers and advertisers go “from weeks to hours”
●●   Optimize analytical performance and IT costs                    turnaround time to slice and dice more complex sets of
●●   Reduce infrastructure complexity and cost                       audience, advertiser, and 3rd party data to meet the reporting
●●   Manage, govern and secure information                           demands of audience research, advertising and marketing teams.

PureData System for Analytics                                        Scalable. IBM Pure Data System for Analytics System provides
IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza tech-          up to peta-scale data capacity starting with 96 terabytes on a
nology, powers predictive analytics and statistical modeling         half-rack system. This enables IT departments the certainty to
to meet the needs of your customers, improve response rates          grow with the data volumes from their business teams as they
on marketing campaigns, and improve click-through rates on           need to analyze new and more sources of digital media and
various solicitations and product offers.                            marketing data.

                                                                     Simple and completely integrated. Deliver high performance
                                                                     automatically, with no indexing or tuning required. The inte-
According to the IBV executive report, “Analytics: The
                                                                     gration of hardware, software and storage is already done
real-world use of big data, How innovative enterprises
extract value from uncertain data,” many organizations
                                                                     leading to very short deployment cycles to get the analytics up
are basing their business cases on the following types of            and running quickly. A portal helps to monitor and manage all
big data decisions:                                                  aspects of administration for a single, easy-to-use access point.

• Smarter decisions—Leverage new sources of data to                  Marketing objectives achieved with PureData System
  improve the quality of decision making.                            for Analytics
• Faster decisions—Enable more real-time data capture                As marketers and advertisers increase their demands to quickly
  and analysis to support decision making at the “point              ingest, analyze, develop insights, deliver relevance and drive
  of impact,” such as when a customer is navigating your             new business processes from a wide variety of existing data
  website or on the telephone with a customer service
• Decisions that make a difference—Focus big data efforts
  toward areas that provide true differentiation.

IBM Software                                                                                                              Technical White Paper
Digital Media

types and sources and from new data being generated                     client is gaining new insight into its network and business
throughout a system of engagement, IBM PureData System                  operations that helps it prevent churn and negotiate more
for Analytics can help them achieve the following objectives:           profitable agreements with retailers.

1. Audience optimization: Enable higher precision identifica-           Benefits:
   tion, analysis, measurement, and targeting of existing and           ●● Helped staff uncover the cause of a customer service problem
   new audiences for content/programming, brands, or                       affecting more than 60,000 subscribers
   campaigns.                                                           ●● Expected to help staff pinpoint the optimal location for new

2. Advertising optimization: Maximize advertising revenue                  cell tower sites
   through better mapping, measurement, analysis, and                   ●● Improved contract negotiations, enabling staff to negotiate

   reporting of all available inventories within and across                more profitable contracts with retailers
   all available media platforms.                                       ●● Accelerated query performance by 10 - 100 times

3. Marketing optimization: Achieve higher precision audience            ●● Improved data load times

   targeting, optimized media planning, and campaign level
   analysis/reporting for marketing teams, MSPs and other               According to McCallum, the simplified experience and built-in
   media buying entities.                                               expertise of the PureData System for Analytics helped the team
4. Digital commerce optimization: Improve the precision,                rapidly deploy its new platform. “The process went incredibly
   relevance, and discovery of digital content offering to its          smoothly,” says McCallum. “About two days after the PureData
   audience members to drive greater engagement and direct              System went into the data center, we were ready to go. We
   revenue.                                                             worked with Lexel [an IBM Business Partner] to migrate the
5. Business operations optimization: Improve forecasting,               data from the Oracle platform to the IBM platform in March
   management and optimization of operational resources                 and April and switched over in May. Lexel provided a lot of
   and assets.                                                          added value about how to get the most out of our new system.”

Engaging clients through value
and insight
2degrees Mobile                                                        “We negotiated better contract terms with
As a mobile communications provider, 2degrees is revolutioniz-          the retailer for a more positive financial
ing mobile communications with the country’s first pay-as-
you-go service. Its approach has been embraced by more than
a million consumers seeking greater flexibility and lower costs.
However, with no long term contracts, 2degrees must closely             —Peter McCallum, Information Solution Manager, 2degrees Mobile

monitor the customer experience as consumers can easily
switch to another provide if they’re not satisfied. Using a
high-performance big data analytics platform from IBM, the

IBM Software                                                                                                                Technical White Paper
Digital Media

Trident Marketing                                                        ●●   Improved pay-per-click (PPC) bids, calculating click-through
Trident Marketing is a direct response marketing and sales firm               rates, the number of calls generated by each keyword, the
for leading brands such as DirectTV, ADT and Travel Resorts                   cost per call and close rates, along with a record of products
of America, handling more than four million calls per year for                sold. With this information, Trident Marketing can see
its clients.                                                                  clearly which keywords generate the highest yield for its
                                                                              customers and determine what bid levels are justifiable for
For Trident Marketing, success is based on its ability to                     each keyword.
acquire the largest number of paying consumers for its custom-           ●●   Gained the ability process more than a million keywords,
ers while minimizing the cost of sales. That means running                    with a large number of permutations, quickly enough to
highly targeted and efficient demand-generation campaigns.                    support its fast-turn promotional campaigns.
But the company lacked key insights into the performance and             ●●   Supports complex analytical models on hundreds of thou-
efficiency of its campaigns across channels, from the call center             sands of consumers, creating significant value for Trident
to the web. It could not measure basic close rates, or determine              Marketing and its customers by accelerating analysis.
why some sales pitches worked while others failed. The
company needed better visibility across channels as well as
the ability to analyze and optimize performance.
                                                                        “We anticipate taking predictive analytics
Trident Marketing uses PureData System for Analytics to                  beyond the marketing process, all the
capture massive amounts of data from the call center, order
systems, CRM application, credit bureaus and search engines to
                                                                         way through sales and into our ongoing
predict how customers respond to campaigns across channels.              communication with customers. We see
The company can quickly determine when to call a consumer,               bringing this into the sales area as the
which product to pitch and which salesperson is best suited to
close the sale. Plus, sophisticated analytic models can also
                                                                         best way to monetize it.”
predict which consumers are likely to cancel services within
12 months. In addition, analysis of click-stream data from               —Brandon Brown, marketing CIO, Trident Marketing
search engines helps the company optimize its pay-per-click

●● Increased revenue by 1,000 percent in four years by making
   sales and marketing campaigns more targeted and effective.
●● Achieved a 10 percent increase in sales in 60 days by choos-

   ing high-yield PPC keywords.

IBM Software                                                                                                       Technical White Paper
Digital Media

Datalogix                                                                North American retailer
Founded in 2002, Datalogix has built a successful business               Sweeping change was required for a large North America
helping companies drive better performance with their direct             retailer. To acquire new customers and increase market share,
mail campaigns. Datalogix developed an online capability                 marketers wanted the ability to “meet” customers during the
with a vision to leverage the power of offline data, targeting           shopping process. To retain existing customers and expand
and accountability, and bring it to the digital world.                   cross-selling opportunities, campaigns had to be more relevant
                                                                         and personalized, instead of being just about brand. And to
Datalogix had already proven that it could deliver a high return         manage and measure campaign effectiveness, the company
on investment with offline data, and it felt that the same target-       needed advanced analytic capabilities. As such, the retailer
ing precision could be delivered online. Their infrastructure            sought to bring much of its valuable data back in-house and
could not support the growing online data volumes and analysis           limit its outsourcing to campaign execution.
required. The IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered
by Netezza technology, was implemented, providing speed,                 The retail giant implemented the Aginity Customer
scalability and modeling capabilities.                                   Intelligence Appliance (CIA), an integrated set of smart and
                                                                         adaptable software, hardware and embedded analytics built on
Benefits:                                                                the IBM PureData System for Analytics platform; a high-
●● Drastically improved query turnaround time from 24 hours              performance, scalable, massively parallel system that is powered
   to 15 minutes.                                                        by IBM Netezza technology and combines a database with
●● Scaled to support 50 percent data volume growth per year.             server and storage technology in a single solution.
●● Increased campaign performance by 50 percent.

●● Improved ROI.                                                         The solution helps transform marketing efforts with a sophisti-
●● Gained the ability for analytic people to run their own               cated solution powered by advanced behavioral analysis tools. It
   queries; can join a 400 million row table to a 600 million            also captures and consolidates customer, sales and product data
   row table in minutes.                                                 from dozens of internal and external applications, resulting in
●● Gained the ability to track multi-channel performance.                an unprecedented 360-degree omni-channel customer view that
●● Helps the client optimize its bidding on the display ad-              helps the company identify and segment its most profitable
   exchanges, which is a complex task. The company has to                customers and sales channels. By segmenting, tracking and
   incorporate frequency capping and price volume curves                 scoring customers based on thousands of behavioral attributes,
   into its bid optimization algorithms.                                 such as shopping frequency, spend, historical purchases, sea-
                                                                         sonal buying habits and countless other factors, marketers can
An eyewear retailer in the United States                                 refine, target and customize marketing campaigns down to the
                                                                         individual level while simultaneously boosting customer loyalty,
anticipates improving marketing effective-                               retention and revenue.
ness by 10 percent, developing more person-
alized campaigns, and conducting faster
and richer customer segmentations based
on customer attributes.

IBM Software                                                                                                                  Technical White Paper
Digital Media

Benefits                                                                           From improving customer insight to waging loyalty campaigns
●● Anticipates improving marketing effectiveness by 10 percent.                    and implementing retention strategies, businesses are presented
●● Gains ability to develop more personalized campaigns that                       with a range of challenges—and a wealth of tools—from which
   demonstrate intimate knowledge of each customer’s buying                        to choose. Today’s big data requires sophisticated analytics that
   preferences.                                                                    use iterative analysis and pattern recognition, not to mention
●● Enables marketers to conduct faster and richer customer                         the ability to handle the sheer size of data workloads with
   segmentations based on customer attributes.                                     which businesses must now contend.
●● Gains the ability to acquire new customers by targeting

   non-digital channel shoppers to purchase items through                          Migrating from traditional marketing approaches to data-driven
   the company’s commerce site.                                                    techniques is a significant process that takes time. The follow-
●● Enables data feed from online channels and the ability to                       ing five steps can help digital media organizations achieve
   capture data from numerous customer interaction devices,                        acquire, grow and retain customers:
   such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs and laptops.
●● Enables capture and ingest of customer behavioral data from                     1. Recognize the vast new amounts of consumer data as
   online sales channels, in-store POS systems, and internal                          the emerging core asset in your digital marketing future.
   and external customer databases, and feed it to the analytics                      Until you take this step you will be standing still as competi-
   engine.                                                                            tors with greater foresight surge ahead. Determine if your
●● Provides a 360-degree, highly detailed view of customer                            organization requires deep dives on what people are saying
   trends, preferences and patterns across all sales channels,                        on social media. It may be that your target market are those
   helping the company create highly targeted, relevant                               individuals who don’t use social media heavily or aren’t
   campaigns and track, score and segment nearly 100 million                          influenced by social challenges.
   customers.                                                                      2. Gain access to your own big data. Even very basic
                                                                                      analysis of the data you own but haven’t yet studied can yield
                                                                                      meaningful insights about customer loyalty, churn, simple
Roadmap to holistic customer
                                                                                      likes and dislikes surrounding specific products and brands
engagement through big-data analytics                                                 etc. It can begin an interest for accessing deeper customer
                                                                                      insights and without such insights critical goals such as
                                                                                      greater personalization in consumer messaging cannot
                                                                                      be achieved.
       24%                      47%                          28%                   3. Commence simple, data-driven campaigns to apply
                       Planning big data activities          Pilot and
       Have not
                                                        implementation of
                                                                                      reliable measurement dimensions to justify moving ahead
     begun big data
       activities                                       big data activities           to more advanced data-based digital marketing. This step
                                                                                      is all about deliberate customer engagement based upon
                                                                                      elementary analysis and the insights gleaned. Digital market-
      12                                                                              ing lends itself to more solid ROI measurement than any
                                                                                      of the devolving traditional approaches. Your migration
                                                                                      into big data digital marketing is heavily dependent on
                                                                                      demonstrating ROI.
Figure 4. Big data preparation by media and entertainment clients

IBM Software                                                                                                         Technical White Paper
Digital Media

4. Add platform services and talent to expedite the develop-              Marketers need to be as agile as possible in this fast paced and
   ment of an expanding big data-focused culture in your                  changing connected consumer era. This requires an uncompli-
   marketing organization. Once you have proven that small                cated, easy-to-maintain system that runs lightning fast and
   campaigns rooted in basic data analysis can be clearly                 analyzes growing digital media-based data volumes. IBM Pure
   correlated to improved ROI, you will be in a position to take          Data System for Analytics offers one of the fastest time-to-value
   advantage of tools like data management platforms (DMPs)               for important business intelligence and analytics initiatives.
   and demand side platforms (DSPs). These relatively inexpen-
   sive platforms dramatically increase your access to data               About IBM PureData System for Analytics
   across multiple channels and provide more personalized                 The IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza
   and predictive customer insights around which to build                 technology, integrates database, server and storage into a single,
   more targeted campaigns.                                               easy-to-manage appliance that requires minimal setup and
5. Seek out and invest in your own big data platform. This                ongoing administration while producing faster and more
   is the natural result of rigorously adhering to ROI measure-           consistent analytic performance. The IBM PureData System
   ment, the addition of data-science talent that understands             for Analytics simplifies business analytics dramatically by con-
   marketing principles and the positioning of big data analytics         solidating all analytic activity in the appliance, right where the
   as the new core for digital marketing—a multi-year process.            data resides, for industry-leading performance. Visit:
   A critical factor, no matter where you are starting from, is to        PureSystems to see how our family of expert integrated systems
   build flexibility into your strategy so you can add new sources        eliminates complexity at every step and helps you drive true
   into your big data platform as well as new types of analytics          business value for your organization.
   as your needs evolve.
                                                                          About IBM Data Warehousing and
Conclusion                                                                Analytics solutions
Customers won’t wait for you to upload the nightly batch of               IBM provides the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio
fresh intelligence for new offers. Your business needs a real-            of data warehousing, information management and business
time, 360-degree view of the world through the customer’s eyes            analytic software, hardware and solutions to help customers
that is updated moment-to-moment. Throughout the world,                   maximize the value of their information assets and discover
marketing and digital media organizations face a growing                  new insights to make better and faster decisions and optimize
variety of analytics tools while also facing a critical shortage          their business outcomes.
of analytical skills. Big data effectiveness hinges on addressing
this significant gap. The optimal market and customer strategy
can help an organization turn customers into advocates, infuse
customer interactions across each channel with positive impres-
sions of the brand, and help engender a feeling of loyalty
across the customer base that drives campaign performance
and positive business results.

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                                                                  The performance data and client examples cited are presented for
                                                                  illustrative purposes only. Actual performance results may vary depending
                                                                  on specific configurations and operating conditions. It is the user’s
                                                                  responsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any other products
                                                                  or programs with IBM products and programs.

                                                                  THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED
                                                                  “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR
                                                                  IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES
                                                                  OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR
                                                                  PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF
                                                                  NON-INFRINGEMENT. IBM products are warranted according to the
                                                                  terms and conditions of the agreements under which they are provided.

                                                                  Statements regarding IBM’s future direction and intent are subject
                                                                  to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and
                                                                  objectives only. Actual available storage capacity may be reported for
                                                                  both uncompressed and compressed data and will vary and may be less
                                                                  than stated.

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