Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers
Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tag Printer Compatible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Power Measurement

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Scanner Compatible

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3 Phase Compatible
                                                                                                                                                      >10AMP Operation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mains Supply Test
                                                                                               Leakage Current

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Internal Memory
                                                                             Extension Leads

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PC Connectivity
                                                        Class I & Class II

                                                                                                                                    500V Insulation
                                                                                                                 250V Insulation

                                                                                                                                                                                       Battery Power
                                                                                                                                                                         RCD Testing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hard Case

     Product                                  Page
     Primetest 125 EL                           3
     TNT - EL                                   3
     TNT - ELB                                  4
     6201A                                      4
     TNT RCD                                    5
     Trisan S8                                  5
     DeltaPAT 3309 BT                           6
     PAC3760 DL                                 7
     Primetest 300                              7
     TnP-500                                    8
     TnP-500B                                   8
     Primetest Elite                            9
     DeltaPAT Complete                          9
     Delta Pro Print Pack                      10
     Optima II Kit                              11
     Elite Kit                                  11

    Please note: This is a basic guide only and is current at the time of publication. We do not intend to mislead consumers in anyway.
    For full specifications please refer to the Manufacturers documentation or call us on 1300 656 938.

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                                                       This was my first purchase with Appliance Testing Supplies, and I could not be happier
                                                       with their service. My order was confirmed, produced and shipped very quickly.
                                                       The order arrived safely, and the quality is outstanding! Thank you to all involved at
                                                       Appliance Testing Supplies.
    5-Star customer rating on Truspilot                Ron Clements |                                                      15/11/2018

                                                       Fast and efficient..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                                                       Fast, efficient service. Asked all the right questions to ensure we received the goods
                                                       we needed.
                                                       Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes                                                                                                  |         28/08/2018

                                                       Very helpful and well informed staff..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
                                                       Very helpful and well informed staff. Excellent service, good pricing and great product
                                                       range. All items were in stock and delivery was the very next day. Will continue to
                                                       purchase supplies in the future.
                                                       Paul Berghella                                                |             03/01/2018

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers

Welcome                                            Contents

About Appliance Testing Supplies                   Primetest 125 EL                   3
Established in 2006, Appliance Testing Supplies    Wavecom TNT - EL                   3
are a leading Australian owned and operated
business that specialises in the Testing and       Wavecom TNT - ELB                  4
Tagging industry. We pride ourselves in offering   Kyoritsu 6201A                     4
our customers an easier way to find their ideal    Wavecom TNT RCD                    5
appliance tester, along with unmatched support
and expertise. Guaranteed.                         Seaward PAC3760 DL                 5

Complete Range to Compare                          Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT            6

At Appliance Testing Supplies, you’ll be able to   Megger PAT150                      7
view and compare a complete range of appliance     Pro Logger PLUS                    7
testers on the market, with every brand and        Primetest 300                      8
model available.
                                                   TnP-500                            8
Lifetime Technical Support
                                                   Primetest Elite                    9
We guarantee lifetime support for your tester.
This way you’ll have the peace of mind knowing     DeltaPAT Complete                  9
that we’re there when you need us. This promise    Delta Pro Print Pack               10
is something we take seriously, as we place an     Optima II Kit                      11
emphasis on ensuring our customers receive
dependable and expert advice no matter how big     Elite Kit                          11
or small the problem is.                           Custom Tags                        12
Ordering                                           Test & Tag Accessories             13
You can place orders online via our website at     Electrical Test Tags               15, or if you     Printable Tags                     17
prefer, you can order by calling 1300 656 938.
                                                   3 Phase Testing                    17
                                                   Printers                           17
                                                   Scanners                           18
                                                   PAT Software                       18
                                                   RCD Testers                        18

             Phone: 1300 656 938
             Prices valid at time of publishing.
             Subject to change without notice.

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers
POPULAR                                              POPULAR

    SEAWARD                                              WAVECOM
    PRIMETEST 125 EL                                     TNT –EL
    $596.00          EXCL.
                     GST                                 $681.00        EXCL.

      Battery powered                                      Basic and user-friendly
      Leakage Current testing                              One button testing
      3 buttons to choose from                             Unique Meter Mode Function
      Offers great value                                   Leakage Current testing

    The Seaward Primetest 125 EL is a basic and          Coming in an all new ergonomic design and
    lightweight appliance tester with simple push        featuring a built-in carry handle, the Generation
    button functionality and battery operation for       4 TNT -el is an ideal choice for anyone after an
    increased portability.                               easy-to-operate and simple appliance tester.
    This is Seawards most recently released              With one button push operation, it’s as simple
    appliance tester and replaces the previous           as pressing ‘F1’ for Class I tests and ‘F2’ for
    Primetest 125 - although it has been given a nice    Class II tests. It’s also capable of conducting
    upgrade by now having the ability to perform         Leakage Current testing - a rarity for a tester in
    Leakage Current testing.                             this price range and a major benefit. Another
    The 125 EL still remains extremely simple to use,    additional feature is its ability to test sensitive
    with a total of just 3 push buttons to choose        electronic equipment that cannot be tested using
    from. On top of performing Leakage Current           a standard insulation tester.
    testing, it’ll test Class 1, Class 2 and extension   Similar to the other Gen 4 models, it includes
    leads (including surge protected power boards -      Wavecom’s new Meter Mode function which
    MOV’s).                                              display’s volts, amps, true power and reactive
    It also has a handy mains supply check function      power of an individual appliance.
    when performing leakage testing. As Australia’s      The TNT-el is supplied with its own carry bag
    lowest cost appliance tester, it certainly does      to help keep your tester secure, along with all
    provide excellent value and will get the done job    the test leads and manuals.
    quickly, while at an affordable price.

                                                         Item number: WCMTNT-EL
    Item number: SWDPT125-EL

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers
WAVECOM                                               KYORITSU
TNT –ELB                                              6201A
$698.00         EXCL.
                GST                                   $909.00           EXCL.

  Battery powered                                       Easy test selection
  One button testing                                    Super-fast testing
  Leakage Current testing                               Large LCD display
  Batteries don’t need to be changed                    Highly robust

The TNT -elb is Wavecom’s newest appliance            Known for being robust and highly reliable, the
tester to hit the Australian markets. It offers       6201A contains four functions in total, with the
the same testing abilities as the TNT -el, but        ability to test Class I, Class II, Leakage Current
does offer an additional power bank for battery       and Extension Leads. Conveniently, the Insulation
operation and increased portability                   Resistance test is also selectable at both 250V
However, it still contains the same simple and        and 500V — a great option to have when it
easy-to-use functionality and offers great value.     comes to testing particular items.

The lithium battery pack allows you to conduct        Overall, it’s a very simple tester to use - just by
up to 3000 tests before it needs any recharging,      turning the rotary dial to the test you want, it
which can be done from any phone charger (you         will automatically complete the tests in less than
won’t ever need to change the batteries).             5 seconds; this is considered a particularly fast
                                                      testing time for even a top appliance tester. In
The Australian made TNT -elb is also capable          addition to this, it also features a convenient auto
of conducting Leakage Current testing when            test sequencing function.
plugged into 240V power. Another additional
benefit is its ability to test sensitive electronic   Once your test is complete, the 6201A’s large
equipment that can’t be tested using a standard       LCD display will clearly indicate a PASS or FAIL
Insulation tester.                                    with its four LED lights. If you’re wanting exact
                                                      readings and values as well, they’re also shown
                                                      on the LCD display.
Item number: WCMTNT-ELB

                                                      Item number: KYO6201A

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers
WAVECOM                                                 TRISAN
    TNT RCD KIT                                             S8
    $1198.00        EXCL.
                    GST                                     $990.00           EXCL.

      RCD testing                                             Battery and mains powered
      Battery Operation                                       Enclosed in pelican hard carry case
      Isolation Transformer included                          Rugged and tough design
      Heavy Duty Carry Case                                   One of the fastest testing times

    The updated Generation 4 TNT RCD is much                The S8 Appliance Tester complies with the
    like the -el model, but is considered one step          AS/NZS 3760 Standard and provides an extra
    up because it’s capable of testing all 240V             rugged and tough design to ensure the safety
    electrical appliances, including fixed and              and easy portability of your tester. This makes it
    portable RCD’s. This tester also now comes with         ideally suited to people that require flexibility, a
    Battery Power. The Battery opperation and RCD           heavy duty case and advanced features.
    functionality makes the TNT RCD a great entry-          One of the major positives of using this unit is
    level tester.                                           that it doesn’t require additional equipment that
    It also comes with an Isolation Transformer that        some other testers require you to purchase –
    enables you to test portable RCD’s - this handy         especially ones at this price point. Specifically,
    device will ensure you never trip buildings RCD         no Isolation Transformer is required as it comes
    accidently. The Isolation Transformer and TNT           in-built, while no clover leaf or figure 8 adaptor is
    RCD appliance tester will both conveniently fit         needed either.
    into the heavy duty carry case, so you can easily       On the appliance tester itself, it contains buttons
    transport your gear when you’re on the road.            that correspond to the actual tests, which makes
    Like all the other Gen 4 TNT models, it comes           it the process of learning how to use the S8 a
    standard with the Meter Mode function which             simple and uncomplicated one. It also features
    allows you to display volts, amps, true power and       multiple sockets – one each for leakage current
    reactive power of an individual appliance. It’ll also   and insulation resistance that feature an LED
    test sensitive electronic equipment which can’t         light to indicate the appropriate socket.
    be tested using a standard insulation tester.           Item number: TRIS8

    Item number: WCMRCDKIT

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers

The Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT is one the best testers in its price      $1340.00        EXCL.
range and an extremely user-friendly and cost-effective option. Its
vast array of powerful features will make testing and tagging an       Internal memory
easy and effortless process, while also offering the
full suite of testing options.                                         In-built Bluetooth

The DeltaPAT can perform every test required by Australian             Comprehensive testing
Standards, all of which are completed with exceptionally fast          RCD testing
testing times. Conveniently, there’s no need for an Isolation
                                                                       Battery and mains powered
Transformer for when you test RCD’s. It is both battery and mains
power operated, which essentially makes it suitable for testing
all types of environments. It’s also got a lightweight and portable
design, so you can easily take it with you on the road and on site.
Test results can be stored onto the tester, which has an internal
memory of 1500 results. These results can then be transferred to
your PC via USB with the supplied PATlink PC software.
The tester is easily upgradeable to include a scanner and printer,
whereby you can use Bluetooth functionality for connecting
everything together.


Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers
SEAWARD                                              SEAWARD
    PAC3760 DL                                           PRIMETEST 300
    $1045.00         EXCL.
                     GST                                 $2296.00         EXCL.

      Battery operation                                    Fully programmable
      Printer compatible                                   In-built keyboard
      Basic data capture                                   Bluetooth capabilities
      RCD testing                                          Battery operated
                                                           Free PATGuard Pro 2 software
    The PAC3760 DL is one of Seawards new
    entry-level appliance testers and replaces the       The Seaward Primetest 300 is a top of the range
    previous PAC3760 +2 model. For its price range,      appliance tester that’s fully programmable,
    the PAC3760 DL offers great value with an            battery operated, tests RCD’s (Residual
    abundance of features and simple functionality.      Current Device) and is connected to all of your
    It contains a unique 9 button push operation,        accessories through its Bluetooth technology.
    with each button corresponding to a particular       This highly specified tester will enable you to
    test or command. Your results can then be            work more efficiently and speeds up your test
    stored on the tester and downloaded onto the         times through its large selection of helpful
    computer, with a total storage of 1000 test          features. The lightweight and compact Primetest
    results. Usefully, this appliance tester can also    300 also contains on-screen help, an in-built
    be upgraded at a later date to include a printer,    alpha keyboard for data entry and stores all of
    while also containing 3 Phase testing capabilities   your results.
    by adding an adaptor.
                                                         The Bluetooth technology incorporated into this
    It’s capable of testing both fixed and portable      machine means that it will communicate with all
    RCD’s (Isolation Transformer is built-in), which     of your accessory equipment without a wire in
    is a great add-on if you’re after a low-cost         sight. It also comes with a free copy of PATGuard
    appliance tester with RCD testing capabilities.      Pro 2 Software for data and asset management.
    The PAC3760 DL is supplied with all the test         The Primetest 300 can also be purchased as a kit
    leads, along with a protective case.                 to include a Bluetooth scanner, printer, PATGuard
                                                         Pro software and carry case.
    Item number: SWDPAC3760DL
                                                         Item number: SWDPT300

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers

                           TNP-500 / TNP 500B

$3287.00           EXCL.
                           The TnP-500 was specially designed to streamline the entire test
                           and tag process, making it particularly ideal for people needing
  High volume testing      to test a large number of appliances. This might include those
                           operating a test and tag business or obliged to test large facilities
  Print labels onsite      or multiple sites.
  Mobile memory unit       This setup comes completely integrated in a robust carry case,
  All-in-one-kit           with all of the accessories you’ll need complete the test and tag
                           process, including a thermal printer, barcode scanner, WinPAT’s
  RCD testing
                           software and keyboard.
  Optional battery power
                           The TnP-500 effectively allows you to print professional labels
                           on the spot and then easily re-test items using the barcode
                           scanner. Using WinPAT’s Premium software, you won’t need to
                           record any of your results manually, as your appliance tester will
                           seamlessly connect to your computer (no need to have a PC with
                           you when on site testing).
                           The TnP Appliance Tester will conduct all tests required by AS/NZS
                           3760 (including RCD testing), with results shown on the display
                           and a total storage of 5000 items.

                           Item number: WCMTNP-500 / WCMTNP-500B

Catalogue 2019 - Portable Appliance Testers
POPULAR                                            POPULAR

    DELTAPAT                                             SEAWARD
    COMPLETE                                             PRIMETEST ELITE
    $3069.00            EXCL.
                        GST                              $3181.00        EXCL.

      Complete printing solution                           Highly advanced
      Fully battery operated                               HD colour screen
      Bluetooth connectivity                               Camera with flash
      Barcode and QR tag printing                          Battery operation
      Heavy duty case                                      50,000 test memory

    The Metrel DeltaPAT Complete uses Bluetooth          The Seaward Primetest Elite is considered one of
    technology to connect your DeltaPAT appliance,       the most advanced and feature packed portable
    Zebra Printer and Android Smart Device all           appliance testers on the Australian market.
    together. This means you’ll be able to use an        It is fully programmable, so you can adjust
    Android device as a remote control to run            how it functions to suit the way you test. All
    your tests.                                          of your accessory equipment will be able to
    The Zebra Printer will then print your tag on        communicate with the Primetest Elite via
    the spot with the required information and           Bluetooth technology. Meanwhile, it contains
    company logo (the printer is supplied with a         other great features such as battery operation,
    NiMH rechargeable battery for transportation).       RCD testing, a built in camera with flash and
    When it comes time for retesting there’s no need     crisp colour screen.
    for a scanner, as your Smart Device will scan the    The Primetest Elite also contains an in-built
    QR barcode and show you all of the previous          QWERTY keyboard, making data entry an easy
    test results instantly.                              process, while also giving you greater control.
    All of the components in the Complete package        Once tests are complete, you can use the USB
    can easily be transported, as they perfectly         port to easily download results to the PATGuard
    fit into the custom heavy duty carry case.           PC software (software not supplied).
    By using the DeltaPAT Complete to its fullest        This appliance tester can also be purchased as a
    capability, it’ll offer you a complete printing      kit with a Bluetooth Scanner, Bluetooth Printer,
    solution and significantly speed up your             Patguard Elite Software and Carry Case.
    entire test and tag process.

                                                         Item number: SWDPT-ELITE
    Item number: SPDELTAPATCOMP


                          DELTA PRO PRINT PACK

$3570.00         EXCL.
                          Metrel’s all new complete appliance testing package has now
                          arrived in Australia. The Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack is an advanced
 Advanced PAT solution    Portable Appliance Testing solution with incredible features that’ll
                          transform the way you test and tag.
 aPAT android interface
                          It includes the highly comprehensive DeltaPAT 3309 BT tester, a
 Effortless data entry    Zebra Bluetooth P4T for printing high quality labels with custom
  peeds up the test &
 S                        logos and an advanced aPAT android interface for easy data entry.
 tag process              All of this comes contained in a custom built heavy duty case,
                          making it perfect for transportation.
                          The DeltaPAT 3309 BT tester and Printer will operate on batteries
                          or mains power, whereas the Zebra P4T allows printing on the
                          spot for both Direct Thermal (heat sensitive) and Thermal Transfer
                          (ribbon) test tags. Re-testing items is made simple with QR codes.
                          The supplied aPAT interface enables fast and simple data
                          management of tested appliances and a quick overview of
                          performed tests by scanning a QR code. All results can be sent to
                          the main office before leaving the test site, while also be able to
                          enter and save data by using the smart device.

                          Item number: SPDELTAPROPRINT

SEAWARD                                               SEAWARD
     OPTIMA II KIT                                         ELITE KIT
     $4491.00          EXCL.
                       GST                                 $6995.00             EXCL.

       Primetest 300 included                                Primetest Elite included
       Direct thermal printer                                ProTag XL test tag printer
       PATGuard Pro 2 software                               PATGuard Elite 3 software
       Bluetooth scanner                                     Bluetooth scanner
       Carry case                                            Elite carry case

     This remarkable kit includes everything               The Seaward Elite Kit is arguably the most
     you’ll need to test electrical appliances at a        advanced and complete package available
     professional level. All of the included accessories   on the Australian market. The number of
     are considered ‘top of the range’, which means        powerful features and benefits this kit provides
     they can all be seamlessly connected to each          when testing and tagging is endless, meaning
     other via Bluetooth.                                  that it will undoubtedly increase your overall
     The included Seaward Primetest 300 is a fully         productivity and make your PAT testing an
     programmable tester that connects to all of           easier process.
     your accessories via Bluetooth. It can complete       The supplied Primetest Elite is considered one
     any test you require and has advanced features        the most comprehensive appliance testers
     that’s second to none.                                available, with features such as battery operation,
     The highly useful PATguard Pro 2 is the software      RCD testing capabilities, fully programmable
     package that’s supplied with this kit, which will     testing, built-in camera with flash and HD colour
     let you create an assortment of reports and help      display.
     with overall data management.                         The advanced PATGuard Elite 3 software
     The Optima II Bluetooth Printer prints durable        supplied with the Elite Kit allows you to create
     Direct Thermal test tags that don’t require any       an assortment of reports for data management,
     connection cables, whereas the Barcode Scanner        email reminders for retesting, invoicing, quotation
     is battery powered and connected via Bluetooth.       and much more.
                                                           You’ll be able to print Direct Thermal tags on
                                                           the spot using the ProTag XL printer (different
     Item number: SPSWDPTOPT                               printer in image above), as well as use a battery
                                                           powered scanner for retesting items effortlessly.

                                                           Item number: SPSWDELITEKIT


Please enquire for pricing                            Whether you’re running a test and tag business
                                                      or you’ve been given the task of testing items
 Save time with pre-printed data                     within your company — it’s no secret that custom
                                                      test tags will help make your job easier.
 High quality full colour images
                                                      Customised Tags are an easy time-saving
 Test resistant material                             solution to help avoid writing each tag by hand.
 Add barcodes and QR codes                           Instead, each tag is pre-printed with the data
  ptional protective laminated
 O                                                    you need. You can also have your company logo
 flap for extra durability                            or business details placed on the tag to help
                                                      promote your business.
  romote your business and
 gain repeat customers                                We manufacture our customised tags in-house,
                                                      so you’ll have the benefit of talking directly
  ackets supplied with 100 tags and a
 P                                                    with the company responsible for the design
 permanent marker pen                                 of your tags.

Tag type                              Description
Light Duty Test Tags                   all-purpose

Heavy Duty Test Tags                self-laminating                 Create your own custom tags
                                              flap                  online using our tool.
Industrial Strength Test Tags             superior


                   TAG REMOVER
                   $9.10   EXCL.

                   This little gadget will ensure that removing
                   your test tags is a simple and safe process.
                   Item number: EASYOFF

                   IEC ADAPTOR TO FIGURE 8
                   $35.00    EXCL.

                   The easy to connect Figure 8 shaped adaptor to IEC
                   socket is excellent in power leads for multiple appliances.
                   Item number: IECFIG8

                   IEC ADAPTOR TO CLOVER
                   $35.00    EXCL.

                   This Clover Leaf shaped adaptor to IEC socket is perfect
                   for testing computer power leads.
                   Item number: IECCLOV

                   MARKING PEN
                   $3.50   EXCL.

                   Specially formulated for use with synthetic materials,
                   our pen is UV stable and ideal for marking test tags
                   or other plastic surfaces.
                   Item number: MP

                   TEST & TAG LOG BOOK
                   $15.00    EXCL.

                   A Test and Tag Logbook is used to manually record test
                   results. This logbook has enough space for 100 appliances.
                   Item number: EELB

                   INSULATION CLOAK
                   $169.00     EXCL.

                   Constructed from stainless steel mesh, they are designed
                   for use in testing Class II appliances and replace perishable
                   items such as aluminium foil.
                   Item number: EARTHCLOAK

$109.00    EXCL.

A comprehensive resource for all aspects of portable
appliance testing to Australian Standards.
Item number: BPM


$99.00    EXCL.

A heavy duty carry case is a great way to transport
and store all of your PAT testing accessories.
Item number: HDTCASE

$217.00    EXCL.

The Metrel Bluetooth Dongle connects the DeltaPAT
tester to your printer.
Item number: METBT DONGLE

$89.00    EXCL.

This protective and durable case is designed to be
used with the Seaward Primetest 300 appliance tester.
Item number: SWDPT-BP

$136.00    EXCL.

A high quality microwave leakage tester that utilises
an advanced sensor for detecting microwave leakage.
Item number: MLD


                  LIGHT DUTY TAGS         (Pack of 100)

                  $17.09   EXCL.

                  Light duty tags are an economical solution for large
                  volume testing in low traffic areas.
                  Item number: LDAP (COLOUR)

                  HEAVY DUTY TAGS          (Pack of 100)

                  $27.23   EXCL.

                  Can be used in most environments and suited to both indoor
                  and outdoor use. Features a unique self-laminating security flap
                  to protect the printed information.
                  Item number: SLHD (COLOUR)

                  INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH TAGS (Pack of 100)
                  $36.55   EXCL.

                  These are one of the toughest self-adhesive tags available that
                  were specially forumlated for high-risk and harsh environments.
                  Item number: IS (COLOUR)

FAILED TEST TAGS           (Pack of 50)

$12.90    EXCL.

Used for an item that has failed a test and needs
to be withdrawn from service.
Item number: FT

NEW TO SERVICE TAGS                   (Pack of 100)

$27.23   EXCL.

Specifically used for items that are new to service
and require testing and tagging in the future.
Item number: NTS

RCD TEST TAGS         (Pack of 100)

$12.90    EXCL.

If you have RCD testing capabilities, these tags are
ideal for test identification.
Item number: RCD L

HI VIS FAILED TAGS          (Roll of 100)

$26.36    EXCL.

High visibility tags ensure that any failed items are clearly
identified as a ‘Failed Item’ to ensure the safety of others.
Item number: FT FLURO

SURFACE MOUNT PASS TAGS                        (Pack of 100)

$12.90    EXCL.

These Surface Mounted Tags are specially designed
for items where the other standard tags are too large.
Item number: SMP

$12.90    EXCL.

A surface mount tag that’s used to record test results on
microwave leakage,
Item number: ML

Printable Labels
     Item#                    Description                                         Price*
     TT(COLOUR)               Supernova Thermal Transfer       (500)              $27.23
     MTT(COLOUR)              Zebra/Wavecom Printable Tags (500)                 $54.50
     ELITE(COLOUR)            Elite Thermal Transfer Tags (250)                   $27.23
     HDMTT                    Heavy Duty – Wavecom/Metrel        (250)           $36.00
     DTBL(COLOUR)             OPTIMA Direct Thermal Tags (250)                    $25.10
     CLEAR                    Clear Protective Overlay (500)                      $27.23
     TTR74NW                  Small Thermal Ribbon                                $15.90
     TTR74                    Narrow Thermal Ribbon                              $26.50
     TTR305                   Large Thermal Ribbon                                $77.27
     ELITE-RIBBON             ProTag/P4T Elite Ribbon                            $36.00

     3 Phase Testing
     Item#                    Description                                         Price*
     3PHPLEAD                 Patch Lead – 4 to 5 pin                    $160, $170, $180
     10/20/32 AMP
                              20A / 32A Test Lead (exposed
     3PHLEE20/32                                                              $218, $227
     3PHEXTRCD                3 Phase App/Ext/RCD Adaptor                       $809.00
     3PHMADP                  3 Phase Adaptor                                   $310.00
     3PL                      TPL 3 Phase Tester                                $880.00
     SWDPAC-TPL               PAC TPL                                          $1086.36
     SWDPAC-3P                PAC-3P                                           $1299.00
     METCM                    Metrel Clamp Meter                                $458.00

     Item#                          Description                                   Price*
     ZEBRA2824Z                     Zebra TLP 2824 Plus                         $727.00
     SWDPT-OPT                      Optima II Printer                          $1700.00
     SWDELITE-P4T                   ProTag Elite Tag Printer                   $2248.63
     SWDPAC-OPT                     Pac-OPT Printer                             $950.00
     SPDELTAAPROPRINTMK2            Zebra ZQ520 Printer                        $1845.00
     SWDPRO-XL                      ProTag ZL Test Tag Printer                 $1700.00

     * All prices are exclusive of GST.

Item#                          Description                   Price*
METBS                          Metrel Barcode Scanner       $367.00
BSCANUSB                       USB Scanner                   $131.81
SWDBCS-BLUE                    Seaward Bluetooth Scanner   $499.00
SWDBCS-PT300                   Bluetooth Scanner PT300     $599.00

PAT Software
Item#                          Description                   Price*
FASTTAG                        FASTtag                     $295.00
FASTTAGPRINTOPTION             FASTtag Printer Module      $295.00
FASTTAGPRINT                   FASTtag & Printing Module    $515.00
FASTTAGPROFESSIONAL            FASTtag Professional        $895.00
FASTTAGCOMPLETE                FASTtag Complete Solution   $1080.90
WINPATSLOG                     WinPAT’s Logbook             $180.90
WINPATSBASE                    WinPAT’s Base                $188.00
WINPATSPRE                     WinPAT’s Premium             $788.27
SWDPATGUARDELEM                PATGuard Elements            $180.90
SWDPATGUARD3                   PATGuard 3 Elite            $1498.18

RCD Testers
Item#                          Description                   Price*
PATRCD                         PAT RCD                      $136.00
SPRCDISO                       RCD & Isolation Kit           $271.81
SEW4112ELRCD                   SEW RCD Tester               $327.22
KYO5406A RCD                   5406A RCD Tester             $895.45
ISOT                           Isolation Transformer        $227.00
WCMRCD                         WCM RCD                     $280.90

* All prices are exclusive of GST.


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