Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"

Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
Crystal Meth
          Reference Guide

“Remember Your Spirit”
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
Native Courtworker
 Native Courtworker                                                                   and Counselling Association of British Columbia

         and Counselling                                                  Dear Reference Guide User,               unprotected person. A house that
                                                                                                                   once contained a lab can no longer

            Association                                                   Methamphetamine, also known as
                                                                          “Meth,” “Speed,” “Crank” or “Ice,”
                                                                                                                   be lived in because the gases are
                                                                                                                   absorbed by the house and release
                                                                          is a powerful and highly addictive       over a long period of time.
        of British Columbia                                               stimulant that affects the central
                                                                          nervous system. Meth is a syn-           This reference guide will be used
                                                                          thetic drug produced or sold as pills,   to inform Aboriginal Courtworkers,
                                                                          capsules or powder that can be           many of whom often work alone
                                                                          smoked, snorted, injected, or swal-      across the country, of the precau-
                                                                          lowed.                                   tions they should take when inter-
                                                                                                                   acting with a client on Crystal Meth.
                                                                          This drug represents a clear dan-        Our thanks goes to the Government
                                                                          ger to our aboriginal communities        of Canada and the Department of
                                                                          that we have never seen before.          Justice for providing the funds to
                                                                          As a neurotoxin, Meth damages            make this reference guide possible.
                                                                          the nervous system. Its use can
                                                                          cause dependence and addiction,          The drug’s low cost makes it an
                                                                          psychosis, stroke, dangerously high      easily accessible poison to all of
                                                                          body temperature, and cardiac ar-        our peoples. Our goal is to prevent
                                                                          rhythmia. Withdrawal often results       Crystal Meth from having a chance
                                                                          in severe depression and paranoia.       to destroy whole communities. That
                                                                          Long term users become aggres-           is why we’ve also provided a list
                                                                TM        sive and violent.                        of resource organizations in each
                                                                                                                   province and territory.
             “A Helping Hand To Justice”                                  Crystal Meth is unlike other drugs
                                                                          because its production can put com-      Use the guide to help our people.
The Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British             munities at high risk of contamina-
Columbia provides culturally appropriate services to aboriginal           tion, explosion, injury and death,
                                                                          among other things. This reference
people and communities consistent with their needs. Our service                                                                      Darlene Shackelly
                                                                          guide was created as a front line                Executive Director, NCCABC
is accomplished through access to counselling and referral services       weapon for fighting this drug and its
to clients with substance abuse and detox support issues; advocacy        effects on individuals, families and
service for aboriginal family and youth; and to facilitate and enhance    whole communities.
access to justice by assisting clients involved in the criminal justice
                                                                          The guide can also be used to help
                                                                          local organizations and/or Chief
                                                                          and Councils recognize and deal
Our dedicated employees are responsive to the needs of the                with the presence of Crystal Meth
community by providing quality, innovative and educational options        use or production in their com-
where people are treated with dignity and respect.                        munities. The toxic gases created
                                                                          during the “cooking” of the chemical
                                                                          cocktail can kill, injure or burn an
  Phone: 604-985-5355 Fax: 604-985-8933
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
Table of Contents
 *This Crystal Meth Reference Guide was funded by the
  Programs Branch, Department of Justice Canada. The
                                                             What is Meth...............................................................Page 6
views expressed herein are solely those of the author and
                                                             How is Meth Made...................................................Page 8
do not necessarily Represent the views of the Department
                                                             What are the effects
                    of Justice Canada.
                                                             of Meth on the Body ..........................................Page 10
                                                             How common is Meth Use................................Page 12
                                                             Aboriginal people and Meth...........................Page 14
*Meth Lab photos courtesy of Drug Awareness section          Child Endangerment/
‘E’Division.                                                 Meth and Ecstasy....................................................Page 18
Info Sources:Royal Canadian Mounted Police, PBS,             Prevention..................................................................Page 19
Health Canada, Narconon, Crystal                How to Spot a Meth User..................................Page 20
                                                             How to Spot a Meth Lab....................................Page 22
Disclaimers: None of the commercial products shown in        Why is Meth Production Dangerous...........Page 26
photographs are meant to imply that the companies en-        Tips for Dealing With
dorse the use or production of illegal methamphetamine.      Someone on Meth..................................................Page 28
                                                             How your Community can Fight 30
Special Thanks, to the R.C.M.P. “E” Divsion for provid-      Community Action Plan....................................Page 32
ing real samples of Crystal Meth and MMDA to be photo-
graphed. Particular thanks to Cst. Richard De Jong for his
                                                             Resource Guide Section
Special Thanks to Tina Keepers office for providing the       (Pages 34-82)
photo for the rear cover.                                    Canada
                                                             British Columbia
Cover Photo Elders:Margaret Harris and Sylvester Green.      Alberta
                         All photos, graphics, layout and    Saskatchewan
                         design, by Conrad Desjarlais        Manitoba
                         for Abostar Publishing.             Ontario
                         Research and writing                Nova Scotia
                         by Conrad Desjarlais.               Prince Edward Island
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Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
What is Meth?                        under the skin. Long-term use
                                                         may result in anxiety, insom-
                    Methamphetamine -- its               nia, and addiction. After meth-
                    slang terms include ‘crystal,’
                                                         amphetamine use is stopped,

    What is Meth?
                    ‘jib,’ ‘crank,’ ‘Jenny Crank,’
                                                         several withdrawal symptoms
                    ‘ice,’ ‘speed’ and ‘Tina’ -- is a
                                                         can occur, including depression,
                    powerful, addictive synthetic
                                                         anxiety, fatigue, paranoia, ag-
                    stimulant that causes the brain
                                                         gression, and an intense craving
                    to release a surge of dopa-
                                                         for the drug. Psychotic symp-
                    mine, creating a high that lasts
                                                         toms can sometimes persist for
                    from six to 24 hours. It can be
                                                         months or years after use has
                    smoked, snorted, orally in-
                    gested, and injected. It is avail-
                    able in many different forms
                    and may be identified by colour,
                    which can range from white to        Chronic abuse can lead
                    yellow to darker colours such
                    as red and brown. Methamphet-
                                                         to psychotic behaviour
                    amine comes in a powder form         including intense para-
                    that looks like granulated crys-     noia, visual and audi-
                    tals and in a rock form known
                    as “ice,” which is the smokeable
                                                         tory hallucinations,
                    version of methamphetamine.

                    Side effects of using meth
                    include convulsions, danger-
                    ously high body temperature,
                    stroke, cardiac arrhythmia,
                    stomach cramps, and shak-
                    ing. Chronic abuse can lead to
                    psychotic behaviour including
                    intense paranoia, visual and
                    auditory hallucinations, and out-
                    of-control rages. Chronic users
                    develop sores on their bodies
                    from scratching at “crank bugs”
                    which describes the common
                    delusion that bugs are crawling
6                                                                                           7
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
How is Meth Made?
                             Making methamphetamine is
                             a multi-step cook process. The

    How is Meth made?        key ingredient is ephedrine or
                             its cousin, pseudoephedrine.
                             Both are chemicals found in
                             over-the-counter cold, cough
                             and allergy medicines. Ad-
                             ditional chemicals are used to
                             isolate the ephedrine or pseu-
                             doephedrine, cook it into meth,
                             and process it into a form for
                             consumption. These chemicals
                             can be cheap, everyday house-
                             hold items like ammonia, lye,
                             and red phosphorus scraped
                             from matchbook covers. Start
                             to finish, the cook process takes
                             about 48 hours and can be haz-
                             ardous because at one or more
                             stages, the solution needs to be
                             heated, producing toxic fumes
                             and the chance of explosion.

                             Examples of toxic chemicals
                             may include:
                             • acetone
                             • lithium batteries
                             • iodine
                             • rubbing alcohol
                             • drain cleaners containing
                                sulfuric acid or muriatic
                             • ether (engine starter)
                             • paint thinner
                             • kerosene
                        (These products are only a small portion of
8                       the dangerous chemicals that go in to making meth.)
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
What are the effects of           poor judgment and dangerous,
                                                            hyperactive behavior. For
                          Meth on the body?                 instance, many addicts have

What are the effects of
                                                            committed petty and violent
                          Methamphetamine causes the        crime when high on the drug,
                          body to release large amounts of and even for casual users the

 Meth on the body?
                          dopamine, a neurotransmitter,     drug can increase the libido and
                          resulting in a prolonged sense    lead them to engage in risky,
                          of pleasure or euphoria for the   unprotected sex. Long-time us-
                          user; however, over time, this    ers have been known to develop
                          causes severe side effects. With symptoms of psychosis, includ-
                          repeated use, meth depletes the   ing paranoia.
                          brain’s stores of dopamine and
                          actually destroys the wiring of
                          the dopamine receptors. This
                          is a major reason why users
                          become so addicted to the drug;      This is a major reason
                          without it they are no longer         why users become so
                          able to experience pleasure (a        addicted to the drug;
                          condition known as anhedonia),
                          and they usually slip into a deep    without it they are no
                          depression. Although dopamine      longer able to experience
                          receptors can grow back over         pleasure (a condition
                          time, studies have suggested         known as anhedonia),
                          that chronic meth use can cause
                          other permanent brain damage,
                          such as declines in reasoning,
                          judgment and motor skills.
                          In addition, meth is a powerful
                          stimulant that causes the heart
                          to race and the blood vessels
                          to constrict, which can lead
                          to a number of serious medi-
                          cal problems, including heart
                          attack, stroke and even death.
                          During these energy-fueled
                          meth “runs,” which can last
                                                            (Pipe used to smoke crystal meth)
                          days, users generally exhibit
10                                                                                         11
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
How common is Meth
                                                        Information, such as hospital
                     use?                               admissions, shows that the num-
                     General population surveys
                                                        ber of people seeking treatment
                     on alcohol and other drug use
                                                        for Meth problems is growing.
                     are often done by telephone

     How common is
                                                        Police have also uncovered
                     interviews. You may have even
                                                        more clandestine laboratories
                     participated in surveys done
                                                        producing Meth. They have
                     through questionnaires at your

       Meth use?
                                                        also seized greater quantities of
                     school. These studies show a
                                                        Meth. All these factors point to
                     low rate of Meth use in the gen-
                                                        increasing Meth use, particular-
                     eral population.
                                                        ly in British Columbia, Alberta,
                     For example, a major recent
                                                        Ontario and Quebec.
                     survey, the Canadian Addictions    *Source Health Canada
                     Survey 2004 (CAS), asked peo-
                     ple about their use of “speed”,      standard surveys and
                     an informal term that covers all
                     amphetamines, including Meth.      interviews in the general
                     The CAS showed that 0.8% of          population likely miss
                     Canadians reported using speed       hard-to-reach people
                     at least once in the previous 12      such as street youth.

                     That doesn’t seem like a big       FINALLY BE IT RE-
                     percentage so why the big deal?    SOLVED that the National
                     Firstly, 0.8% of Canadians 15      Chief call for a strong em-
                     year and older equals about        phasis on the crystal meth
                     two hundred thousand people        epidemic among First Nations
                     so, while that number is much      youth and the need for support
                     smaller than some other sub-       to address this issue and other
                     stances, it’s still significant.    emerging addictions, during
                     Also, standard surveys and         the September 2006 Interna-
                     interviews in the general popu-    tional Conference on Harm
                     lation likely miss hard-to-reach   Reduction from Substance
                     people such as street youth.       Abuse in Vancouver.
                     Information from other sources     Excerpt of the Assembly of
                     suggests that Meth use is much     First Nations Motion on Meth
                     higher among this group.
12                                                                                    13
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
Urban Aboriginal
     Aboriginal People
                         Meth was first known in Canada as a Downtown Eastside Vancou-
                         ver problem. It has quickly spread to other Urban centres such as:
                         Kamloops, Prince George, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary,

         and Meth
                         Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. Ontario, Que-
                         bec, and now the Maritimes also face serious issues with Meth.
                         The increase of Aboriginal meth users from west to east has seen
                         a gradual and steady increase. The connection between Urban
                         Aboriginal and on-reserve meth use is tremendous. Due to the por-
                         tability of “Meth labs” the drug is as likely to occur in an Urban
                         setting as well as a rural or on reserve setting.

                         On and Off Reserve
                         It was reported in a Toronto Sun column from August 20, 2006, by
                         Christina Blizzard that” Crystal meth is manufactured in homes on
                         the reserves and is rapidly becoming a headache for community

                         In 2005 at an Aboriginal Health conference it was also reported
                         that *“Crystal Meth wreaks havoc on reserve”. Crystal meth use in
                         the Fort Macleod area has become higher, per capita, than in Har-
                         lem, a Mount Sinai neurologist told a Blood Tribe conference.

                         “I moved back to Alberta to raise quarter horses, thinking I was
                         leaving the meth problem back in Harlem and the Bronx,” Dr. Wil-
                         liam Tatton told the crowd of about 200.
                         “I was wrong. This drug, unchecked, will destroy a generation of
                         young people, and people had better wake up to it.”

                         *Source: Métis Centre-National Aboriginal Health Organization

14                                                                                       15
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
Aboriginal                          amphetamine, highlights youth
                                    and aboriginal people as the two      Aboriginal recommendations from
Communities:                        groups that are at particular risk.   the Premier’s Task Force on Crystal
A Quick Snapshot                    Manitoba has their our own            Meth in Alberta:
                                    Meth Strategy, it includes;
British Columbia has been very      measures to restrict the sup-         •   The Government of Alberta should work with the Government of
active in supporting Aboriginal     ply and production of the drug,           Canada to ensure that Aboriginal children, youth and young people
communities in the fight to stop                                               have access to any prevention, treatment, and healing programs it pro-
                                    promote collaboration between
                                                                              vides for crystal Meth addiction.
Meth. The Union of B.C. Mu-         policing and other agencies,
nicipalities has funded various     develop public awareness of the       •   The Government of Alberta should direct its departments that work
Aboriginal workshops and pre-       dangers of meth, and deal with            with Aboriginal communities to build and implement drug prevention
vention programs. While hav-        the consequences of meth use              and education strategies for Aboriginal youth and young adults.
ing done a fair job in engaging     with additional resources for
Aboriginal youth participation      the treatment of meth and other       •   The Government of Alberta should support Aboriginal community
and the Aboriginal community        addictions.                               mobilization initiatives that build strong relationships, promote safe
as a whole.                                                                   and healthy families, and focus on helping children, youth and young
                                    Ontario formed The Crystal                people develop their full potential through a Meth-free future.
Alberta has the most compre-        Meth Working Group to develop
hensive action plan and rec-                                              •   The Government of Alberta should work with the Government of
                                    a provincial response to deter-
                                                                              Canada to support Aboriginal communities that are committed to a
ommendations than any other         mine the scope of the problem             Meth free future by ensuring that they have access to existing Govern-
province in Canada. Although        in Ontario, look at what is done          ment of Alberta programs and services, including treatment, healing
other western provinces have        in other jurisdictions to fight            and after care programs and services, family and youth supports, and
dedicated resources and are still   meth and what the provincial              drug and crime prevention initiatives.
dedicating serious resources to     government could do to assist
the Crystal Meth epidemic, Al-      communities, health care pro-         •   The Government of Canada should rescind its policy of requiring Ab-
berta’s taskforce on Meth is the    fessionals, educators and police          original people to return to their home reserve for treatment services.
most recent and fleshed out plan     services in dealing with the use          This would allow Aboriginal people to choose treatment where they
for Aboriginal people. These        and production of the drug.               want it while still receiving federal government financial support.
recommendations are universal
in nature and could be adopted                                            •   The Government of Alberta, through AADAC, should establish after
                                       See the reference section
                                                                              care facilities for Aboriginal youth and young people who are mov-
by British Columbia and the           of the guidebook for more               ing back to their community after treatment so they can receive the
rest of Canada. The full recom-        detailed information on                appropriate life skills training and support in an environment that is
mendations are highlighted on         Canada and a province by                connected to their Aboriginal community and culture.
the next page.                         province breakdown on
                                    resource contact information.         Source: Premier’s Task Force on Crystal Meth
Saskatchewan government’s
recent strategy report on meth-
16                                                                                                                                                17
Crystal Meth Reference Guide - "Remember Your Spirit"
Child Endangerment                                                      Prevention
Children are growing and developing physically and mentally.
Children  in homes where people are cooking Meth will likely have       It is important to direct attention to resources that prevent Ab-
longlasting or permanent damage to their bodies and brains. In          original youth and young Aboriginal adults from using metham-
some meth labs, children’s food and beds were found right beside        phetamine. By ensuring they never start and by intervening early,
      Children are growing and                                          minimizing the harm resulting from meth use.
the chemicals and equipment used to make Meth.
      developing physically
      and mentally. Children in                                         Here are examples of two interesting prevention strategies using
The recently released Premier’s Task Force on Crystal Meth Report
      homeswhere people are                                             video.
calls on the federal government to toughen its approach to Meth,
      cooking Meth will likely
such as making “child drug endangerment” a Criminal Code of-
      have longlasting or perma-                                        •   DEATH BY JIB speaks directly to the hearts and minds of
      nent damage to their bod-                                             viewers to convey a powerful and emotional message warning
      ies and brains. In some                                               teenagers and young adults about the harsh realities of Crys-

Crystal Meth and Ecstasy?
      meth labs,                                                            tal Meth. This graphic video pulls no punches as teen addicts
      children’s food and beds                                              describe the horror of addiction to Jib. The important mes-
      were found right beside                                               sage regarding sexual exploitation of youth on Crystal Meth
      the chemicals
The RCMP                andofequip-
             say that some    the drugs seized at parties or dances         is handled in a straightforward and honest manner. To buy a
      ment   used  to  make   Meth.
that were sold as ecstasy were, in fact, crystal meth. As well, the         copy, call 1-800-263-6910, or e-mail:
police say that some dealers give out “free samples” at parties or in
the dance scene, in hopes of hooking new customers.
                                                                        •   First Nations youth will benefit from a new partnership project
•     Ecstasy pills often contain or consist solely of crystal meth.        between the RCMP and Cape Breton University. The RCMP,
     (RCMP [Vancouver] Drug Awareness Service).                             through their Crime Prevention Funds, is providing $5,000
                                                                            towards a crystal meth prevention video tentatively entitled,
•     58% of ecstasy-like pills contain Methamphetamine (RCMP               “Healing Through Expression Video on Crystal Meth”. The
     [Vancouver] Drug Awareness Service).                                   project, led by CBU’s Integrative Science team, is expected
                                                                            to be shown to First Nations youth around the Island this fall
                                                                            by RCMP. The video on crystal meth, made by and starring
                                                                            Mi’kmaq First Nations young people can have a positive effect
                                                                            by telling the story, presenting the facts, and highlighting the
                                                                            extreme life threatening consequences of crystal meth usage in
                                                                            an engaging and meaningful way. Through its message, some
                                                                            young people may be deterred from trying the drug and being
                     Ecstasy/MMDA tablets laced with Meth
                                                                            seriously harmed or killed.

18                                                                                                                                         19
How to Spot a Meth User?
                                There are several ways of identifying a meth user. Listed below is

     How to Spot a Meth User?   a generalized list of symptoms of a meth user, keep in mind that
                                just because a person is experiencing the symptoms listed below
                                does not automatically mean that they are using meth.

                                Users may experience: agitation, excited speech, decreased appe-
                                tites, and increased physical activity levels (Other common symp-
                                toms include dilated pupils, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and
                                elevated body temperature). Occasional episodes of sudden and
                                violent behaviour, intense paranoia, visual and auditory hallucina-
                                tions, and bouts of insomnia. A tendency to compulsively clean and
                                groom and repetitively sort and disassemble objects such as cars
                                and other mechanical devices. Other symptoms may include:

                                •   increased heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration
                                •   flushed or tense appearance
                                •   dilated pupils
                                •   bloodshot eyes
                                •   a chemical odour on their breath
                                •   excessive sweating
                                •   rapid speech
                                •   inability to sleep or eat
                                •   severe weight loss
                                •   rotting teeth
                                •   scars and open sores
                                •   paranoia
                                •   hallucinations (often times auditory)
                                •   repetitive behaviour
                                •   memory loss
                                •   depression
                                •   psychosis
                                •   teeth grinding
                                •   restlessness
                                •   tremors
                                                                                   source: Narconon
20                                                                                               21
How to Spot a Meth Lab ?
There are numerous signs that could suggest that a house is be-
ing used to manufacture methamphetamine. If a residence in your
area has several of the suggested indicators, do not approach or
investigate further yourself. Instead call your local police service
or Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-TIPS) and let them know of your

Indicators can be:
• Home has windows blackened or curtains always drawn.
• Chemical or other odours emanating from the house or apart-
    ment, garage or detached building. Odours from clandestine
    labs are often described as smelling similar to nail polish re-
    mover, “rotting garlic fish” or “concentrated cat urine”.
• Garbage frequently has numerous bottles and containers in-
        Muriatic Acid
        Red Phosphorus
        Veterinary products
        Rubbing alcohol
        Sodium hydroxide
        Paint thinner
• Metal drums and boxes with labels removed or spray painted
• Residents set out their garbage in another neighbour’s collec-
    tion area.
• Dead animals and birds, resulting from drinking contaminated
    water from waste chemicals.                                        This photo of a Meth Lab is from a bust by the R.C.M.P in
                                                                                the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.
22                                                                                                                                 23
Why is Meth production dangerous?

A major hazard in the Meth production process occurs when the          (Above is the toxic sludge from a meth lab busted in
labs are not properly ventilated. For example, Meth producers of-                        British Columbia)
ten store anhydrous ammonia improperly, a situation that can lead
to explosions when the containers decay. Not only are the pieces of
the exploding container deadly, a vapour is released that is poison-

                                                                       A minimum of 5 to 7 pounds of
ous. Breathing it may lead to illness or death. As well, anhydrous
ammonia is extremely cold and can cause severe frostbite if it
comes into contact with skin. Also, acids used to make Meth can
cause serious burns.                                                    chemical waste is produced
Speaking of poison, some of the chemical by-products of the Meth
production process are toxic. Phosphine gas may be released,
                                                                             for each pound of
something so explosive that it can ignite when it comes into con-
tact with air. Phosphine has a fish- or garlic-like odour and can           meth manufactured.
cause deadly reactions such as heart attacks and pulmonary edema
(where your lungs fill up with fluid.)

The Meth production process has led to several deaths and many
poisonings in the US.
24                                            Source:Health Canada                                                            25
The chemicals used                        Fires and                             The end products of cooking
                                                                                Meth are also very dangerous to
in Meth production,     METH HOUSES ARE   Explosions                            people,buildings and the envi-
as well as the toxic                                                            ronment, and Meth producers
fumes produced,           POISONOUS       Cooking Meth is a fiery explo-         don’t properly dispose of the
                                          sion waiting to happen. Because       garbage they create.
soak into floors,
                                          the chemicals can so easily
walls, carpets, and                       burst into flames, Meth produc-
furniture. Some                           tion is a huge risk not just to the   Hazards to the
homes are so badly                        producers their children, and         Environment
contaminated that all                     their home, but to all the homes
the walls, including                      and people in the community. If
                                          the flames used in Meth pro-           It takes an enormous quantity
the supporting studs,                                                           of chemicals to make meth.
                                          duction get out of control, an
must be removed                           explosion can wipe out the en-        In fact,every pound of meth
and replaced. Given                       tire home and spread the fire to       produced results in five to ten
the dangers of the                        nearby buildings. An explosion        pounds of toxic meth waste.
                                          also spreads toxic fumes over         Meth producers are often too
chemicals involved
                                          the whole community, poison-          paranoid to dispose of this
in producing Meth,                                                              waste through normal means
                                          ing the air we breathe.
you should never                                                                like garbage pickup. Instead,
enter a building that                                                           large amounts of waste pile up
has recently been
                                          The Impact of Meth                    in storage sheds or yards. Meth
used as a Meth lab.                       Production on People,                 producers also pour waste down
Also you should                           Buildings and the En-                 the toilet or tub, or they dis-
                                                                                pose of it in empty lots, sewers,
never, ever, enter a                      vironment                             campgrounds, wooded areas, or
place that was ever                                                             by the side of the road.
used as a Meth lab,                       Most of the individuals who are       All of these methods poison our
                                          producing Crystal Meth have
unless it has been                                                              natural spaces and waterways.
                                          limited knowledge of chemis-          These kinds of disposal also
processed by pro-                         try. Many of them will be high        endanger community members,
fessionals trained in                     while cooking up Crystal Meth.        including our children and our
handling hazardous                        And making Meth is an ex-             pets. Coming into proximity
materials. Never try                      tremely dangerous process,            with this toxic waste can cause
to clean a house that                     combining caustic, toxic, and         stinging eyes, rashes, and burn-
                                          flammable chemicals with open
has been used as a                                                              ing lungs.
26                                                                                                            27
For Aboriginal                                     4. Slow your move-
                                                        ments. This will de-

     Courtworkers                                       crease the odds that the
                                                        meth user will misinter-
                                                        pret your physical ac-
     and Organizations                                  tions.

 Six Safety Tips for dealing with                       5. Keep your hands vis-
                                                        ible. If you place your
        someone on Meth                                 hands where the meth
                                                        user cannot see them,
                                                        he might feel threatened
1. Keep a 7-10 ft. distance. Coming too close can       and could become vio-
be perceived as threatening.                            lent.

2. Do not shine bright lights at him or her. The meth
user is already paranoid and if blinded by a bright     6. Keep the meth user
light he is likely to run or become violent.            talking. A meth user
                                                        who falls silent can be
                                                        extremely dangerous.
3. Slow your speech and lower the pitch of your         Silence often means that
voice. A meth user already hears sounds at a fast       his paranoid thoughts
pace and in a high pitch.                               have taken over reality,
                                                        and anyone present can
                                                        become part of the meth
                                                        users paranoid delu-

28                                                                                 29
How Can You and Your
                                     Community Fight Meth?
 How Can You and Your
 Community Fight Meth?
                                 How can you fight crystal meth? Learn about meth. Learn
                                 how dangerous it is to use meth.

                                 Learn what it looks like when someone is using meth.
       Regina, Vancouver,        Learn how to identify a meth lab. Learn about the re-
                                 sources in your community to fight meth use and pro-
       Toronto, Winnipeg
                W          ,     duction. And help other people learn these things. As a
                                 member of the community,you have a tremendous power
            onton, Calgary,
                   Calg          to fight meth.

          ndon, Quebec City,     Encourage children, youth,and educators to take meth
                                 education seriously. The Internet, school curriculum,and
       mloops, Prince Albert,
                        Albe     recreational programs all offer opportunities for raising
                                 meth-resistant children.
       Moose Jaw, Victoria,      Help organize meth education forums for the whole com-
          Grande Prairie,        munity. Make sure that your community knows about
                                 meth use and production,and also knows the local re-
      On reserve,Off
          eserve,Off rese
                     reserve,    sources to combat meth. Create an expanded comprehen-
                                 sive resource guide especially for your community. Work
     Rural, Montreal, Halifax,   with local business owners and help them start a meth
                                 watch for purchases of meth ingredients. Help expand or
      Whitehorse, Hay River,     establish treatment programs,making sure that detox and
                                 treatment services are specifically targeted at meth use.

30                                                                                       31
A Suggested Community Action Plan
          to Fight Meth
1. Prevention                                                       3. Education
•    Provide to parents and youth a list of Web sites that offer    •   Prepare and distribute factual information
     trusted information about crystal meth                         •   Initiate media advertising campaign
•    Support drug education in school curricula                     •   Hold public forums at which experts provide general
•    Utilize schools as a base for a wide array of addictions       •   information and advice for members of the public
     programs from health promotion and prevention to on-site       •   Develop program supports that build resilience in vulner-
     counseling                                                         able, at risk students and out-of-school youth
•    Develop a database of addictions services for workers to       •   Engage Elders in the development of treatment and pre-
     use across the province                                            vention programs to reconnect Aboriginal peoples with-

2. Treatment
                                                                        traditional teachings, values and cultures

                                                                    4. Reduce Drug Availability
•    Provide funding to regional health authorities for inpatient
     and outpatient services                                        •   Use existing legislation, to target meth lab sites.
•    Provide funding for care of high-risk children and youth       •   Involve a broad cross-section of justice system profes-
     who need protection and specialized treatment                      sionals to better integrate day-to-day operations fighting
•    Offer programs that integrate mental health and drug               drug production and trafficking.
     abuse services, recognizing the strong link between men-       •   Use expertise of federal drug units at local levels of law
     tal illness and drug abuse                                         enforcement
•    Develop and use detox and treatment protocols that are         •   Increase scrutiny of the sale of products used to produce
     appropriate for crystal meth                                       crystal meth and, if necessary, make their purchase more
•    Offer outreach programs to assist families of children with        difficult
     substance abuse issues                                         •   Encourage the federal government to modify its legisla-
•    Increase skills of service providers                               tion to control access to and movement of products used
•    Research and develop a framework to identify and evalu-            to create crystal meth
     ate best practices for prevention and treatment                •   Encourage the federal government to strengthen legal
•    Support conferences that share best practices to engage            penalties around methamphetamines
     communities in fighting crystal meth
•     Support provincial networks that are a cross-section of       Source: A Strategic Plan for Crystal Meth and Other Amphet-
      professionals who deal with drug abuse                        amines in Saskatchewan
•    Create a community resource guide
32                                                                                                                              33
                      Aboriginal Youth Network                  Services: CCSA provides

     Crystal Meth
                      By Mail:                                  objective, evidence-based
                      Box 34007 Kingsway Mall PO                information and advice to help
                      Edmonton, AB                              reduce the health, social and
                      T5G 3G4                                   economic harm associated with
     Resource Guide   In Person:                                substance abuse and addictions.
                      Nechi Institute                           CCSA provides three core ser-
                      #1 Poundmaker Rd, St. Albert,             vices: information and reference
                      T8N 1M9                                   service, research and policy, and

     CanadaWide       Tel: 780-459-1884
                      Toll Free: 1-800-459-1884
                      Fax: 780-458-1883
                                                                training and workforce develop-
      Provinces       Website:
                      Services: AYN is a network
                                                                Centre for Addiction and
                                                                Mental Health

                      that runs across Canada (and              33 Russell Street
                      beyond) connecting allAb-                 Toronto, ON
                      original youth. AYN provides              M5S 2S1
                      information and quizzes about             Tel.: 416-979-4250
                      meth,other drugs, and addiction           Fax: 416-595-6881
                      in the Health Centre section of           Website:
                      their website.                            Fax: 416-595-6881
                      They also provide a listing of            Website:
                      treatment centres serving youth           Services: CAMH is Canada’s
                      (             leading addiction and mental
                      dictionstreatment.aspx).                  health teaching hospital.
                      ---------------------------------------   CAMH succeeds in transform-
                      Canadian Centre on Sub-                   ing the lives of people affected
                      stance Abuse                              by addiction and mental illness,
                      75 Albert Street, Suite 300               by applying the latest in scien-
                      Ottawa, ON                                tific advances, through
                      K1P 5E7                                   integrated and compassion-
                      Tel: 613-235-4048                         ate clinical practice, health
                      Fax: 613-235-8101                         promotion,education and re-
                      Email:                       search.
34                                                                                                  35
Canada                                                                              Canada
                                                                                    National Addiction Awareness        National Native Alcohol and
Crystal Meth Anonymous                    immediate, confidential and
                                          anonymous, bilingual and                  Week                                Drug Abuse Program
Website:             staffed byprofessional coun-                                                  Jeanne Mance Building, Tun-
Services: Crystal Meth Anony-             sellors. Kids Help Phone also             c/o Nechi Training, Research &      ney’s Pasture Ottawa, ON
mous is a 12 step fellowship for          offers public education projects          Health Promotions Institute         K1A 0K9
those in recoveryfrom addiction           and a Student Ambassador                  Box 34007                           Email: fnihb-dgspni@hc-sc.gc.
to crystal meth. There are no             program for young people to               Kingsway Mall P.O.                  ca
dues or fees for membership.              develop their volunteer and               Edmonton, Alberta                   Website:
Membership in crystal meth                leadership skills through train-          T5G 3G4                             hb-dgspni/fnihb/cp/nnadap/in-
anonymous is open to anyone               ing in team building, citizenship         Tel: 780-460-4304                   dex.htm
with a desire to stop using crys-         and public speaking, and to               Toll Free: 1-800-459-1884 ext.
tal meth. Find a local meeting at         promote the Kids Help Phone.              430                                 Services:                      ---------------------------------------   Fax: 780-460-4306                   The National Native Alco-
---------------------------------------   Narcotics Anonymous                       Website:               hol and Drug Abuse Program
Kids Help Phone                                                                                                         (NNADAP) is an example of
                                          Website:                                                           a Health Canada program now
300-439 University Avenue                 Services: Narcotics Anonymous             Services:                           largely controlled by First
Toronto, Ontario                          is an international, community-           National Addictions Awareness       Nations communities and orga-
M5G 1Y8                                   based association of recovering           Week (NAAW) was conceptual-         nizations. It helps First Nations
Tel: 416-586-5437                         drug addicts with more than               ized and developed by Nechi         and Inuit communities set up
Toll Free Kids Help Phone: 1-             33,500 weekly meetings in over            Training, Research & Health         and operate programs aimed at
800-668-6868                              116 countries worldwide. Their            Promotions Institute (Nechi) in     reducing high levels of alcohol,
Fax: 416-586-0651                         online meeting locator can                1989 to promote activities at the   drug, and solvent abuse among
Email: info@kidshelp.sym-                 be found at http://portaltools.           national level. The purpose of      on-reserve populations.                                  NAAW is to provide informa-         NNADAP supports a national
Website: www.kidshelpphone.                                                         tion, materials and to promote      network of 52 residential treat-
ca                                                                                  activities in both of the official   ment centres, with some 700
Services:                                                                           languages (English and French)      treatment beds and 550 preven-
Kids Help Phone is committed                                                        that will serve to raise aware-     tion programs with preven-
to improving the well-being of                                                      ness of addictions which affect     tion, intervention and aftercare
Canada’s children. Kids Help                                                        people across Canada.               activities.
Phone offers phone and online
counselling for Canadian youth
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The services are free,
36                                                                                                                                                     37
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
                                                                      British Columbia
                                                                      Abbotsford Community Services
Aboriginal Shield Program                                             2420 Montrose Avenue
                                                                      Abbotsford, BC
Program Coordinators in all provinces                                 V2S 3S9
(see website for contact info in your area)                           Tel: 604-850-5106
Website:                 Fax: 604-850-5492
The Aboriginal Shield Program is a substance abuse prevention         Services:
initiative                                                            Provides individual, couple, family, and group counselling for al-
designed specifically for Aboriginal youth. Police officers may use     cohol and drug issues. Offers adult and youth services, skill build-
this                                                                  ing groups, outreach to schools, alcohol/drug recovery groups, and
culturally-specific education package to educate Aboriginal youth      groups for affected friends and family. Offers education and as-
about                                                                 sistance to the community in the development of prevention activi-
substance abuse issues.                                               ties. Services also available in French, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.

The resource material consists of four teaching modules pertaining    Aboriginal Wellness Program
to Aboriginal culture, substance abuse, prevention, and informed      Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
and responsible decision-making. An “Officers’ Training Guide”,        255 East 12th Avenue
and “Officers’ Educational Cultural Reference Manual” are also         Vancouver, BC
included. As of April 1996, twenty training workshops were de-        V5T 2H1
livered to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal police officers, commu-       Tel: 604-875-6601
nity leaders, health care workers and education specialists serving   Fax: 604-875-6609
Aboriginal communities across Canada.
                                                                      Provides culturally-safe mental wellness and addiction programs
                                                                      free of charge to Aboriginal adults. Services include one-to-one
                                                                      and group counselling, individual support, outreach, and educa-
                                                                      tion. Offers a men’swellness group, women’s wellness group, and
                                                                      elders’ support group. Dual diagnosis support circle provides sup-
                                                                      port around mental wellness and/or addiction issues for men and
                                                                      for women.

38                                                                                                                                      39
British Columbia
Association of BC First Nations Treatment Programs
                                                                                    British Columbia
                                                                                    BC Partners for Mental                 Services:
                                                                                    Health and Addictions Infor-           The CSFS Addiction Recovery
Head Office                                                                          mation                                 Program is made up of two
Box 429 Cedarvale-Kitwanga Road                                                     1200-1111 Melville Street              distinct processes that enhance
Kitwanga, BC                                                                        Vancouver, BC                          each other. The first is to sup-
V0J 2A0                                                                             V6E 3V6                                port members with addictions
Satellite Office                                                                     Tel: 604-669-7600                      through cultural healing and
#2, 3003 -29th Avenue                                                               Toll Free: 1-800-661-2121              western therapies provided in a
Vernon, BC                                                                          Fax: 604-688-3236                      camp setting at Ormond Lake,
V1T 1Y9                                                                             Email: bcpartners@heretohelp.          a sacred meeting place where
Tel: 250-503-1135                                                                                           participants attend workshops
Fax: 250-503-2473                                                                   Website:          about addictions issues and
Email:                                                        Services:Feeling confused?             have an opportunity to attend
Website:                                               Alone? Want information you            traditional healing practices
Services:We aim to provide a First Nations forum that promotes                      can trust for you orsomeone you        such as a sweat, letting go cer-
culturally relevant best practices to enhance, excel and advance                    care about? We provide find             emonies, and begin the process
the continuum of care in addressing addictions. Our vision is to                    quality information, personal          of balancing ones life. The four
enhance First Nations traditions and cultural practices that pro-                   stories of hope, and resources         aspects of life are addressed in
mote healing, wellness, balance and harmony, where addictions                       you can use to make better             all session, physical, mental,
programming exists in each community as an integrated, holistic                     decisions about mental health or       emotional and spiritual. This
approach towards health and wellness and where there is an open-                    substance use issues.                  takes place for six months of
ness to addictions programming as prominent part of the healing of                  ------------------------------------   the year – from May to October
individuals, families and communities.                                              Carrier Sekani Family Ser-             – and there are different groups
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   vices (Najeh Bayou)                    using the camp based on either
BC Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Service                                                                       sex or age. The other six months
                                                                                    1112 -6 Avenue                         is to work directly in the com-
Tel: 604-660-9382                                                                   Prince George, BC                      munities providing outreach
24 Hours Toll Free: 1-800-663-1441                                                  V2L 3M6                                type programming, supporting
TTY: 604-875-0885                                                                   Tel: 250-562-3591                      the NNADAP workers in the
Website:                                                Fax: 250-562-2272                      community, and following up
Services: Addiction support workers respond to enquiries on all                     Email:                    with clients from camp or any
aspects of alcoholand drug use and misuse. They provide informa-                    Website:                  walk in clients that need help
tion on, and referralto a variety of resources including counselling                                                       with addictions.
services, detox centres,residential treatment centres and self-help
40                                                                                                                                                      41
British Columbia                                                                    British Columbia
Crossroads Treatment Centre                                                         Cwenengitel Aboriginal Society
                                                                                    13321 -108 Avenue
123 Franklyn Road                                                                   Surrey, BC
Kelowna, BC                                                                         V3T 2J7
V1X 6A9                                                                             Tel: 604-588-5561
Tel: 250-860-4001                                                                   Fax: 604-588-5591
Toll Free: 1-866-860-4001                                                           Email:
Fax: 250-860-2605                                                                   Website:
Email:                                                              Services: Cwenengitel Aboriginal Society is an organization that
Website:                                                             provides safe,central, suitable housing for homeless Aboriginal
Services: We approach treatment from a non-judgmental, holistic                     men while helping them break the cycle of substance abuse and
perspective and encourage clients to take responsibility for their                  alcohol. We also provide cultural and spiritual guidance, skills
own lives and recovery. Our goal is to meet the client where they                   building, educational mentoring and counselling services for our
are at on the road to recovery and provide the tools that they need                 residents with an aim to reintegrating them into mainstream soci-
to move further along this continuum. We emphasize self-deter-                      ety. Our long term goal is to expand our facilities to house more
mination, personal responsibility and encourage our clients to                      residents, to help more drop-ins and eventually to open a Woman’s
re-write their life stories in a motivational, supportive environment.              Centre.
Crossroads has various different programs, all of which are tailored                ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
to meet individual client needs: Residential Treatment Program,                     D.E.Y.A.S Youth Detox Program
Private Pay Residential Treatment Program, Detox – Withdrawal                       49 West Cordova Street
Management Unit, and Supportive Living Program.                                     Vancouver, BC
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   V6A 1K3
Crystal Meth Task Force Strategies Society                                          Tel: 604-251-7615
                                                                                    Fax: 604-254-9923
Tel: 604-476-3333                                                                   Email:
Email: info@                                               Website:
Website:                                               Services: The Youth Detox provides withdrawal management
Services: The Task Force, centred in Maple Ridge, has been able to                  services for young people between 13 and 21 years in a home-like,
substantially increase the level of community awareness about the                   24hr, 7-day a week residential facility. The Youth Detox meets
horrors of crystal meth, have established a Meth Watch program                      youth ‘where they are at’ when they are ready to try overcoming
(the first in Canada), have put into place several municipal by-                     their substance addiction. Staff are caring and non-judgmental. For
laws, have reduced the waiting time for meth addicts’ rehabilitation                about 450 young people each year, we strive to provide physical,
and have identified resources still lacking. The Crystal Meth Task                   social and emotional support during the physical aspects of with-
Force Strategies Society’s three-pronged strategy is to educate,                    drawal, as well connecting the youth to other services they need.
enforce, and provide treatment.
42                                                                                                                                                                43
British Columbia
Family Services of Greater Vancouver
                                                                                    British Columbia
                                                                                    Four Eagles Family Circle
1616 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC                                                                       Combatting Addiction through Recovery and Education (CARE)
V6J 1S5                                                                             Queens Court, 623 Agnes Street
Tel: 604-731-4951                                                                   New Westminster, BC
Fax: 604-733-7009                                                                   V3M 5Y4
Email:                                                     Tel: 604-517-6120
Website:                                                                Fax: 604-517-6121
Services: FSGV provides a community-based, voluntary residential                    Services: Provides culturally appropriate services to First Nations
program providing detoxification and stabilization for high-risk                     families of the lower mainland. Support is offered through an el-
youth ages 13 to 21 and information and referral regarding ad-                      der’s council, a women’s personal development support group, and
diction issues, and case plans for post-detox services. No fees for                 Combatting Addiction through Recovery and Education (CARE)
service.                                                                            support group. Self-referral for all programs.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Foundation House                                                                    Haisla Support and Recovery Centre

536 Cecelia Road                                                                    Box 1018 Haisla Post Office
Victoria, BC                                                                        Kitamaat Village, BC
V8T 4T7                                                                             V0T 2B0
Phone/Fax: 250-480-1342                                                             Tel: 250-639-9817
24 Emergency Pager: 1-800-454-7668                                                  Fax: 250-639-9815
Email:                                                      Email:
Website:                                                    Services: Assessment, counselling, treatment.

Services: Foundation House is a supportive recovery home for men
who are healing from the effects of alcohol and drug dependency.
Operated by a nonprofit charitable society, Vancouver Island Ad-
diction Recovery Society(VIARS), we provide residents with a
stable and safe living environment and facilitate community devel-
opment by assisting men in establishing a longer-term network of
support. The length of stay at Foundation House is flexible accord-
ing to the individual needs, generally anywhere from 3 months to 1
year. We have a total of 16 beds. The cost to residents is accessible
to those in receipt of social assistance. This cost includes: meals, a
shared room, utilities, internet access and recreational activities.
44                                                                                                                                                                45
British Columbia                                                                    British Columbia
Hey’-Way’-Noqu’ Healing Circle For Addictions                                       Ktunaxa / Kinbasket Wellness Centre Society
Head Office
#401, 1638 East Broadway                                                            Rural Route. 2, # 5A, Highway 21
Vancouver, BC                                                                       Creston, BC
V5N 1W1                                                                             V0B 1G2
Tel: 604-874-1831                                                                   Tel: 250-428-5516
Fax: 604-874-5235                                                                   Fax: 250-428-5235
Email:                                                         Email:
Services: A holistic approach to assist urban Native and Metis                      Services: The primary Mission of the Ktunaxz/Kinbasket Wellness
individuals and families through their healing journey from chemi-                  Centre Societytreatment program is to promote and strengthen First
cal addictions and codependencies. We aim to help restructure their                 Nations people and other Aboriginals to live holistic lives. Services
lifestyles to maximum functioning, in a culturally relevant way that                include assessment, counselling, and treatment.
enhances individuality, continual independence and uniqueness.                      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Programs include: outpatient family-based program, long term pro-                   Namgis Treatment Center
gramming for families, intensive day treatment for adult females                    Post Office Box 290
and males, and relapse prevention support.                                          Alert Bay, BC
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   V0N 1A0
Kakawis Family Development Centre                                                   Tel: 250-974-5522
Box 17 Meares Island                                                                24 Hours On Call: 250-974-8015
Tofino, BC                                                                           Fax: 250-974-2736
V0R 2Z0                                                                             Email:
Tel: 250-725-3951                                                                   Website:
Fax: 250-725-4285                                                                   Services: Assessment, counselling, treatment.
Email:                                                          ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Website:                                                            Native Courtworker and Counselling Association
Services:KFDC offers a program that promotes a balanced lifestyle                   Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Services
and a renewed sense of cultural identity and pride to First Nations                 50 Powell Street
families whose lives have been affected by alcohol or drugs. Ka-                    Vancouver, BC
kawis Family Development Centre Society is dedicated to a holis-                    V6A 1E9
tic approach to individual and family recovery, healing and growth.                 Tel: 604.687.0281
We provide an environment for physical, emotional, mental and                       Services: Provides outpatient alcohol and drug addiction services
spiritual healing using the power of the circle guided by the ener-                 anddetox support services to help clients achieve a healthy and sat-
gies of our Higher Spiritual Power. Recovery from alcohol and                       isfying lifestyle, free from alcohol and drug use and misuse.
drug abuse and other addictive behaviours is a life long process.
46                                                                                                                                                                47
British Columbia                                                    British Columbia
Nenqayni Treatment Centre Society                                   Phoenix Centre
Post Office Box 2529
Williams Lake, British Columbia                                     Kamloops Society for Alcohol & Drug Services
V2G 4P2                                                             922 -3rd Avenue
Tel: 250-989-0301                                                   Kamloops, BC
Fax: 250-989-0307                                                   V2C 6W5
Website:                                           Tel: 250-374-4634
                                                                    Toll Free: 1-877-318-1177
Services:                                                           Fax: 250-374-4621
The Nenqayni Family Drug & Alcohol Program facility was             Email:
officially opened August 23,1991 and commenced programs in           Website:
September 1991. The Family Program is a six-week culturally         Services:
based residential program. Alcohol and drug awareness is acquired   The Phoenix detox program operates 24 hours a day, seven days a
through individual and group counselling for the entire family.     week providing a medically safe program for clients to detox from
                                                                    alcohol and other drugs. The program includes assessment, crisis
                                                                    intervention counseling, referral information and referral to sup-
                                                                    portive recovery as needed. Phoenix Centre also provides alco-
                                                                    hol and other drug counselling and additional services to young
North Wind Healing Centre (Treaty 8 Healing Centre)                 people, incarcerated adult males, and others. Phoenix Centre is
                                                                    involved in community alcohol and other drug prevention services.
Box 2480 Station A
Dawson Creek, BC                                                    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
V0C 4T9                                                             P.L.E.A Youth Detox Program
Tel: 250-843-6977
Fax: 250-843-6978                                                   3894 Commercial Street
Email:                                            Vancouver, BC
                                                                    V5N 4G2
                                                                    Tel: 604-708-2616
Services: Assessment, counselling, treatment.                       Services:
                                                                    Non-medical detox offers 24-hour support and supervision in a
                                                                    home-like setting and family atmosphere. We accept only volun-
                                                                    tary placements, through self or other referral.

48                                                                                                                                                49
British Columbia                                                                    British Columbia
                                                                                    Tsow-Tun Le Lum Treatment Centre
Round Lake Treatment Centre                                                         Box 370 -699 Capilano Road
Rural Route #3. Comp 10, Grandview Flats North                                      Lantzville, BC
Armstrong, BC                                                                       V0R 2H0
V0E 1B0                                                                             Tel: 250-390-3123
Tel: 250-546-3077                                                                   Fax: 250-390-3119
Fax: 250-546-3227                                                                   Email:
Email:                                                         Website:
Website:                                                        Services:Tsow-Tun Le Lum means “helping house.” We provide
Services:                                                                           programs that address the issues of addictions and substance abuse,
Round Lake Treatment Centre is an accredited 36-bed alcohol                         and that support the survivors of trauma and residential schools.
and drugabuse treatment facility located on the Okanagan Indian                     Our mission is to strengthen the ability of First Nations people to
Reserve near Vernon in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Pro-                     live healthy, happy lives and to have pride in their native identity.
grams in addictions treatment are offered to clients from through-                  Tsow-Tun Le Lum is a registered non-profit society operating a
out the province, with a focus on holistic healing and First Nations’               fully accredited treatment centre in Lantzville, on Vancouver Is-
culture. It is situated in a private, park-like setting on the edge of              land, British Columbia. Our facility is located on five acres of land
scenic Round Lake.                                                                  over looking Nanoose Bay, leased from the Nanoose First Nation.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Three Bridges Community Health Centre                                               Urban Native Youth Association
                                                                                    1640 East Hastings St.,
1292 Hornby Street                                                                  Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC                                                                       V5L 1S6
V6Z 1W2                                                                             Tel: 604-254-7732
Tel: 604-736-9844                                                                   Fax: 604-254-7811
Services:                                                                           Email: Email:
Offers the Crystal Clear Peer Project to provide education, aware-                  Website:
ness and access to resources about crystal meth. As well, we offer                  Services:UNYA offers group alcohol and drug counselling sessions
training, information sharing, peer support, skill-building opportu-                throughout East Vancouver. Individual sites are developed once
nities and outreach to street-involved youth.                                       youth have indicated a desire to have this resource in a specific
                                                                                    East Vancouver area. The groups are established in partnership
                                                                                    with community organizations who contribute to the program by
                                                                                    providing space for the meetings, helping to identify Native youth
                                                                                    who can benefit by participating in the meetings, and by advertis-
                                                                                    ing the program. The two Alcohol and Drug Counsellors also offer
                                                                                    limited individual counselling
50                                                                                                                                                                51
British Columbia                                                                    British Columbia
Victoria Youth and Family Services                                                  Wilp Si’ Satxw House of Purification
                                                                                    Box 429 Cedarvale -Kitwanga Road
#12-1560 Church Ave.                                                                Kitwanga, BC
Victoria, BC                                                                        V0J 2A0
V8P 2H1                                                                             Tel: 250-849-5211
Tel: 250-721-2669                                                                   Fax: 250-849-5374
Fax: 250-721-3408                                                                   Email:
Services:                                                                           Website:
For youth ages 12-19 with a problematic substance addiction.                        Services:Wilp Si’Satxw Community Healing Centre believes that
Programs include group therapy, individual counselling, family                      people who are chemically dependent can gain control over their
therapy and artistic self-exploration programs.                                     dependency. We also believe that individuals learn, change and
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   grow with the most long-lasting effects when they decide and ex-
Watari Research Association                                                         perience for themselves. The process of healing in Wilp Si’Satxw
                                                                                    begins with the understanding that each of us is responsible for
Youth Day Treatment Program                                                         Our-self and that self-healing is a personal choice. Our goals are
251a East 11th Avenue                                                               to: share knowledge of traditional native values; demonstrate a
Vancouver, BC                                                                       model of self-awareness and self-esteem; share knowledge of ad-
V5T 2C4                                                                             diction and addictive
Tel: 604-438-3755                                                                   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fax: 604-438-3745                                                                   Young Eagles Healing Lodge
Email:                                                        Circle of Eagles Lodge Society
Website:                                                             1470 East Broadway
Services: The Watari Youth Day Treatment Program is a 7 week                        Vancouver, BC
voluntary alcohol and drug day treatment program for youth aged                     V5N 1V6
13-24 in the Vancouver area. The goal of the program is to facili-                  Toll Free: 1-888-332-6357
tate positive change for at risk children, youth and families through               Fax: 604-327-5244
the development and delivery of innovative services. The Day Pro-                   Email:
gram runs from Tuesday to Friday from 12:30-4pm in a facilitated                    Website:
group counselling format. Participants can explore and develop                      Services: Young Eagles Healing Lodge designs, delivers, and
skills in the following areas, within the context of substance abuse:               evaluates programs and services which support and empower court
identity and self-awareness, relationships, communication and                       adjudicated Aboriginal youth, ages 13-18 years old, that want
social skills, decision making, exploring and managing problems,                    to make healthy informed choices; while maintaining culturally
emotions, recreation and community support,creative expression,                     appropriate care. Young Eagles program is a 16 week residential
and ongoing care.                                                                   program for court adjudicated Aboriginal youth dealing with Drug
                                                                                    and Alcohol addictions
52                                                                                                                                                                53
Alberta                                                                             Alberta
                                                                                    Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women
Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
                                                                                    610 – 25th Avenue Southwest
Toll Free Help Line: 1-866-33AADAC
                                                                                    Calgary, AB
1-866-332-2322 (Alberta only)
                                                                                    T2S 0L6
                                                                                    Tel: 403-245-9050
                                                                                    Fax: 403-245-9485
As an agency of the Government of Alberta, AADAC (Alberta Al-
cohol and Drug Abuse Commission) operates and funds informa-
tion, prevention and treatment services to help all Albertans with
alcohol, tobacco, other drug and gambling problems. AADAC also
                                                                                    We develop programs based on the concept that addiction is a
provides funding for programming and services specific to Ab-
                                                                                    holistic illness and requires change in four specific areas: physi-
original people. These include crisis services, outpatient treatment,
                                                                                    cal, emotional, social, and spiritual. Through treatment, education
short-term and long-term residential treatment, priority access
                                                                                    and support, we offer women with addictions the opportunity for a
for pregnant women, information, prevention, community educa-
                                                                                    healthy life and a new direction.
tion and addictions-related training programs. AADAC also offers
alcohol, other drugs, tobacco and problem gambling information,
                                                                                    Beaver Lake Wah Pow Detox and Treatment Centre
support, and referral services to callers accessing our toll-free, 24
                                                                                    Box 1648
hour, and confidential help line.
                                                                                    Lac La Biche, AB
                                                                                    T0A 2C0
Action North Recovery Centre
                                                                                    Tel 780-623-2553
Box 872
                                                                                    Fax: 780-623-4076
High Level, AB
T0H 1Z0
                                                                                    Services: Assessment, counselling, treatment.
Tel: 780-926-3113
Fax: 780-926-2060
                                                                                    Bonnyville Indian Métis Rehabilitation Centre
                                                                                    PO Box 8148
                                                                                    Bonnyville, AB
                                                                                    T9N 2J4
                                                                                    Tel: 780-826-3328
Action North offers a variety of programs which provide safe,
                                                                                    Fax: 780-826-4166
respectful environments where clients can work on issues. In addi-
tion to the main program, the 28-day Treatment Program , we offer
                                                                                    Services: Bonnyville provides a 26-bed residential treatment facil-
a 14-day Follow-up Program, a Long-term (90 day) Treatment
                                                                                    ity and offers a 28-day intensive treatment program that includes
Program and Specialized Mobile Programs on a variety of issues,
                                                                                    individual and group counselling, information sessions, recreation
provided at the centre or brought to your community.
                                                                                    activities, an introduction to self-help groups, and exposure to Ab-
54                                                                                  original culture (including workshops with an Elder).                          55
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