Equine Schedule 15-17 JUNE 2018 - Three Counties

Equine Schedule 15-17 JUNE 2018 - Three Counties
15-17 JUNE 2018

                                   Equine Schedule

                                CLOSING DATES FOR ENTRIES
By Post 24 April 2018   Online 8 May 2018 Show Jumping 7 June 2018
Equine Schedule 15-17 JUNE 2018 - Three Counties
             See page 10-15 for timetable and locations

                                                           Warm up area 

   to West Gate

                                                                                                      HORSE BOX PARKING
                                Heavy Horse              Horse Ring 1
                                                                                 Horse Ring 5
                                  Village              The Hereford Ring
                                                                               The Ledbury Ring

                                                                                   Horse Stabling

           Main Ring               HORSE WALK

                                                                                   Horse Ring 3
                                                           Horse Ring 2         The Gloucester Ring
                                                         The Malvern Ring
                                              ROW 8

                                                                                      Horse Ring 4
                                                                                   The Worcester Ring
                               AVENUE 6

                                                                                              Yellow Gate

                                                          The Cotswold
                                               ROW 8

                       ROW 7

                                                                            North Entrance

                                                                                 North Gate
Equine Schedule 15-17 JUNE 2018 - Three Counties
                         2017 OFFICIAL SCHEDULE
             / British Spotted Ponies
Appaloosa Horses                             34
                                              34       Miniature Horses (British)               63-64
Arabs – Anglo & Part Breds In Hand           33
                                              32       Mountain & Moorland – LR & FR            54-55
Arabs – Pure Bred In Hand                    32
                                              32       Mountain & Moorland – Junior Ridden 53-54 52-53
Arabs – Pure Breds & Anglo/PBs Ridden        33
                                              33       Mountain & Moorland – Novice LR & FR 54-55  55
Breeding Ponies                              50
                                              49       Mountain & Moorland – Novice Ridden 52-53    52
British Skewbalds & Piebalds                 35
                                           34-35       Mountain & Moorland – Novice WHP         56-57
Carriage Driving                          67-68
                                           67-68       Mountain & Moorland – Ridden Ponies 51-52 50-51
Cleveland Bays                               37
                                              37       Mountain & Moorland – Open WHP           55-56
Cobs – Ridden                             28-29
                                           28-29       New Forest Ponies                           61
Connemara Ponies                             62
                                              62       Palominos                                   38
Dartmoor Ponies                              60
                                              60       Part Bred Pony of the Year – Ridden         49
Donkeys                                   65-66
                                              65       PRIZE MONEY                                   88
Double Harness Scurry                        66
                                              66       Racehorses as Riding Horses              39-40
Exmoor Ponies                                60
                                              60       REGULATIONS – GENERAL SHOW   SHOW          2-7
First Pony of Show Hunter Type               45
                                              45       REGULATIONS – HORSES                       8-9
First Ridden Show Ponies – Open           43-44
                                           43-44       Riding Horses – In Hand                     28
First Ridden Show Ponies – Novice            45
                                              44       Riding Horses – Ridden                      27
Flat Ridden Sport Horses                     24
                                              24       Senior Horses & Ponies                   64-65
Hacks – In Hand                              26
                                              26       Shetland Ponies                             61
Hacks – Ridden                               25
                                              25       Shire Horses                             69-70
Haflingers                                   63
                                              63       Show Hunter Ponies                       45-46
Heavy Horse – Cart Harness                   70
                                              70       Show Ponies                              42-43
Heavy Horses – In Hand                       70
                                              70       Show Jumping                             71-72
Heavy Horses – Ridden                        69
                                              69       Side Saddle                                 41
Heavy Horses – Turnouts                      70
                                              70       Sport Horses
                                                       Supreme       In Hand
                                                                 Welsh   In Hand Championship      23
Highland, Dales & Fell Ponies                62
                                              62                 WelshChampionship
                                                       Supreme Pony      In Hand Championship      59
Hunters – Amateur Ridden                  17-18
                                              17                 Pony Championship
                                                       Supreme Cuddy       In Hand Championship    49
Hunters – 4 year Old & Novice                18
                                              18       Supreme Cuddy In Hand Championship 10-15
                                                       TIMETABLE                                   64
Hunters – In Hand                         22-23
                                           22-23       TIMETABLE
                                                       Welsh  Mountain Ponies – Section A       10-15
Hunters – Small & Ladies                     19
                                           18-19              Mountain
                                                       Welsh Ponies       PoniesB– Section A
                                                                      – Section                    57
Hunters – Weights                            16
                                              16       Welsh Ponies Cob
                                                                      – Section
                                                                             TypeB– Section C      58
Intermediate SRT & SHT                    43-44
                                           43-44              Ponies– Cob
                                                       Welsh Cobs     SectionType
                                                                                D – Section C   58-59
Irish Draughts & Irish Draught Sport Horses36-37       Welsh Cobs
                                                       Working      – Section
                                                                Hunter   PoniesD– Open             59
Lead Rein Pony of Hunter Type                47
                                              46                Hunter Ponies
                                                       Working Hunters    – Open – Open         48-49
Lead Rein Show Ponies – Open              43-44
                                           43-44       Working Hunters – Novice
                                                                             Open               20-21
Lead Rein Show Ponies – Novice               45
                                              44                             Novice/Amateur
                                                       Working Hunters – Amateur                21-22
Maxi Cobs                                    31
                                              31       Working Show Horses                         30

                                EQUINE ENTRIES
                           Please send all postal entries to:
              Betsy Branyan, Equine Team, Royal Three Counties Show,
                   7 Papyrus Way, Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5TY
           Email: equineteam@threecounties.co.uk            Phone: 01684 584930

           Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th
                                         25th April 2018
                                                    2017 by post, 8th
                                                                  9th May 2018
                                                                          2017 online
                       GENERAL SHOW REGULATIONS
                          SHOWGROUND HOLDING NUMBER 17/551/8000


R1   RESPONSIBILITY: The Society, its Officers and Servants, shall not be responsible to any person
     whatsoever whilst entering on, or leaving the Society’s premises, for any damage or loss,
     however caused to the property of such person, or for any injury, fatal or otherwise, to any
     such person. The Society, its Officers and Servants shall not be responsible for any accident,
     damage or loss however caused that may occur to any exhibitor or his employee or to any
     animal, article or property brought into the showground, or whilst entering or on leaving, or
     being carried into or out of the said showground. The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for
     any loss, injury or damage that may be done to, or occasioned by, or arising from any animal,
     article or property exhibited or brought into the showground by him/her and he/she shall
     indemnify and hold harmless the Society from all action, suits, expenses and claims on account
     of, or in respect of any such damage or injury which may be so caused or occasioned.
R2   CONDUCT OF EXHIBITORS AND THEIR EMPLOYEES: All persons in charge of stock will be subject
     to the orders of the Society’s Officials. Employees must be in attendance each day during
     the Show, at least half an hour prior to the time appointed for the examination, exhibition or
     parade of the animals in their charge. Exhibitors will be held responsible for the behaviour of
     their employees and for the consequence of any misconduct of such employees. Any fine
     imposed upon an exhibitor or his/her employee for infringing the regulations or disobedience
     to the order of the Steward shall be recoverable from the exhibitor as a debt due to the
     Society, and until such fines be paid shall debar the exhibitor from exhibiting at future shows
     of the Society.
R3   ANIMAL WELFARE: The Three Counties Agricultural Society expects all exhibitors to observe a
     best practice at all times.

     made online at www.threecounties.co.uk Alternatively, entry forms for the Show may be
     obtained from the Livestock Officer, Three Counties Agricultural Society, Malvern, Worcestershire,
     WR13 6NW. No entry will be accepted unless made on the prescribed form and accompanied
     by the correct fees. Information from entry forms will be stored on computer and the name,
     address and details of entries will be published in the catalogue, unless otherwise advised.
     Information about results may also be published and/or provided to the Press and Breed
     Societies for publication. Information about exhibitors may also be passed to any regulatory
     authority, such as DEFRA or Trading Standards, as well as the Society’s Veterinary Advisers.
     The making of an entry is irrevocable consent for the storage and disclosure of information
     in this way.
R5   EXHIBITS ENTERED IN MORE THAN ONE CLASS: Animals may be entered in more than one class,
     except where otherwise stated in the schedule. The number of such additional classes shall
     be stated in the space provided on the entry form and the additional fees remitted for each
R6   ENTRIES FOR SPECIAL PRIZES: No fee is required for such entries, though each exhibit shall have
     appeared in the appropriate breed class and the fees paid for the same. This regulation does
     not apply for entry of animals for Champion Prizes as all eligible animals are automatically
     entered for such awards.
R7   CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES: The dates appointed for the closing of entries are:
     Horses, Ponies                               Postal: 24th April 2018       Online: 8th May 2018
     Show Jumping                                 Postal: 7th June 2018         Online: 8th May 2018
     Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Pigs, Goats             Postal: 17th April 2018
     National Rare & Minority Breeds Show         Postal: 17th April 2018

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

No livestock or competing entry will be accepted for competition unless the necessary entry
      form is properly completed and signed by the exhibitor (or by his duly authorised agent acting
      on his behalf), together with a remittance to cover the necessary fees in full, shall have been
      delivered to the Livestock Officer at the Society’s Offices, on or before the closing date of
      entry for the respective section. No entry can be accepted by telephone. ENTRIES RECEIVED
R8    CORRECTNESS OF ENTRY FORMS: Every exhibitor or competitor will be held responsible for the
      correctness of his/her entry form and must check all entry details when confirmation is sent.
      At this stage, changes may be made. If, when called upon to prove its correctness, he/she
      fails to do so, the entry in question may be disqualified and any award made to it cancelled.
      If it shall be proved that any exhibitor or competitor has knowingly signed an incorrect entry
      form, or has attempted to obtain a prize by unfair means whatsoever, all awards made to
      such an exhibitor or competitor in any class or competition may be cancelled and he/she
      may be disqualified from exhibiting at future shows of the Society. Exhibitors are to state on
      entry forms if the exhibit has been imported from outside the United Kingdom. RANDOM
R9    OWNERSHIP: All exhibits shall be bona fide property of the exhibitor at the original date of
      entry closing, except where the regulation is varied by any condition applicable to specific
      classes stated in the schedule. In the event of the death of the exhibitor between the date
      of entry closing and date of the show, the executor of the deceased shall be deemed to
      be the exhibitor.
R10   ENTRY BY MINORS: Entries by persons under 18 years of age shall be accepted only provided
      the entry form is countersigned by the parent, guardian or trustee of the entrant, who shall
      be held responsible for the correctness of the entry and for the compliance with these Show
      Regulations. Any entry made in contravention of this Regulation and inadvertently accepted
      may be cancelled.
R11   PARTICULARS OF EXHIBITS: Full pedigree details must be given on the entry form. The Sire and
      Dam of ALL Horse/Pony exhibits including entries for both RIDDEN and BREEDING classes should
      be included. These details may be printed in the show catalogue. Every animal entered for
      competition must be entered or certified as eligible for entry in the Herd, Flock or Stud Book
      of its breed in the UK. Where an animal is entered by the exhibitor as eligible for entry in the
      Herd, Flock or Stud Book, proof of such eligibility must be furnished at the time of making the
      entry. This regulation does not apply to Commercial Cattle classes.
R12   AGE OF EXHIBITS: The exact date of birth of each exhibit must be stated on the entry form
      except in the case of horses or sheep, where the year of birth only need be given. In the case
      of doubt or protest a certificate signed by the Society’s duly appointed Veterinary Surgeon
      shall be considered final and conclusive.
R13   RIGHT TO REJECT ENTRIES: The Council of the Society reserves the right to reject or cancel the
      entry or entries made by any person, if it shall deem fit to do so, and right to cancel any class
      or classes, refunding any fees made in respect thereof. Owing to shortage of accommodation,
      which can be provided to house stock at the show, the Council also reserves the right to limit
      the number of entries in any class or section should this be necessary, with the exception of
      the National Rare and Minority Breeds Show.
R14   CANCELLATION OF ENTRIES: In the event of there being fewer than four entries in any breed
      section (Pig breeds – three exhibitors) the classes for such breed may be cancelled and the
      entry fees refunded, unless otherwise stated under individual breed sections. In the event of
      there being less than two exhibitors entered in any class it will be cancelled and entry fees
      refunded, except in cases where possible amalgamation is specifically allowed for in the
R15   NOMINATION OF ENTRIES: Any form failing to give the full name of the exhibit will be refused.
      The entry form together with any fees remitted herewith will be returned to the person sending
      the form. (Except in the case of R82 Pig Section).
R16   ACCURACY OF CATALOGUE: The Society will not be responsible for any inaccuracy in any
      pedigree or other particulars inserted in the catalogue, though every care will be made
      to ensure the accuracy of all particulars printed therein. Please use BLOCK CAPITALS when
      completing your entry form.

           Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

R17 PAYMENT OF ENTRY AND/OR ACCOMMODATION FEES: All remittances in payment of fees
     shall be by crossed cheque, credit card or debit card, money order or postal order made
     payable to: ROYAL THREE COUNTIES SHOW. A charge of £25 will be made for any returned
     or refused cheques.
R18 ENTRY FEES: Fees for each entry are shown at the head of each section of this schedule. All
     entry fees are inclusive of VAT at 20%. (Any change in VAT rate will be applied from the due
     date.) The acceptance of entries at Members rates is conditional upon the exhibitor having
     paid their annual subscription. Persons desiring to become Members and wishing to avail
     themselves of entering at Members rates must pay £50.00 being the subscription for 2018.
     Entry fees include the £12.00 Horse of the Year Show levies contribution where applicable.
R19 REFUND OF ENTRY FEES: Any entry fee paid shall not be refundable, except in the case of
     an animal incapacitated by accident, injury or illness. Any claim under this clause must be
     made in writing to the Chief Executive and must be accompanied by a certificate issued by
     a Veterinary Surgeon to be received not later than 1st June 2018 together with all labels and
     passes issued by the Society in respect of the entry fees in question. ANY CLAIM RECEIVED

R20 EXHIBITORS’ PASSES: Each exhibitor shall receive passes as listed below, but a Member of the
     Society will receive his/her Members’ Badge in lieu thereof.
R21 TICKET ALLOCATION: Exhibitor passes will be allocated on the number of exhibits entered
     as listed below. An additional ticket will be sent for Lead Rein classes. Additional one-day
     exhibitor passes may be purchased in advance only at £16.20 inclusive of VAT.
     Number of Exhibit(s)       Single day admission passes (valid for day of judging only)
		               1                                            2
		               2                                            3
		               3                                            4
		               4                                            4
		          5 and over                                        5
R22 LORRY PASSES – LIVESTOCK: All vehicles will be inspected before entering the showground.
     “Dirty” vehicles will be turned away or moved to an area to be cleaned before entering the
     showground. Exhibitors will be provided with a lorry pass to enable them to bring their stock
     into the showground, and such passes will cover (pre-show) the lorry and driver. Upon off-
     loading of stock such lorries will be required to be parked in the designated area and will not
     be permitted to return to the vicinity of the stock lines until departure time on the afternoon
     of the last day of the show. Exhibitors must state on entry forms the additional number of such
     lorry passes required. Please note: A one-way traffic system will be in operation.

R23 ANIMALS SUFFERING FROM DISEASE: Every exhibitor shall indemnify the Society against all
     actions, claims, proceedings and demands by any person, company or other representative
     body of whatsoever nature in respect of any matter, directly or indirectly connected with
     the bringing onto the Society’s showground of any animal which may have been suffering
     from any contagious or infectious disease or which develops such a disease whilst on the
     showground and in addition the exhibitor shall pay all costs and expenses incurred by the
     Society in connection with any such claim. The Society’s Veterinary Officers are authorised to
     refuse permission for any animal to be admitted to or have removed from the showground
     any animals affected with contagious or infectious disease. The exhibitor or such animal may
     obtain a certificate from the Show Secretary, stating the nature of such disease or infection.
     The onus of proving the freedom of any such animal from contagious or infectious disease
     shall rest on the exhibitor of the animal concerned.

R24 PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded on the scales shown at the beginning of each entry section.
R25 CONDITIONAL AWARDS: In all cases where the prizes are offered or awarded conditionally,
    they will be withheld until the exhibitor shall have proved to the satisfaction of the Council
    that the conditions have been complied with.

           Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

R26 ROSETTES AND PRIZE COLOURS: No animal will be allowed to wear a rosette or ribbon other
    than those issued by the Society and no rosette or ribbon may be displayed during judging
    which has been awarded in a previous class. The colours for prizes will be:
    SUPREME CHAMPION & CHAMPION                                          Red, White & Blue
    RESERVE SUPREME CHAMPION & RESERVE CHAMPION                          White & Red
    SPECIAL PRIZE                                                        White & Blue
    RESERVE FOR SPECIAL PRIZES                                           Mauve
    ALL OTHER AWARDS                                                     White
    FIRST: Red SECOND: Blue THIRD: Yellow              FOURTH: Green       FIFTH: Brown
R27 PROTESTS: Any exhibitor wishing to make a protest having reference to livestock or horses
    exhibited at the show, must make the same in writing to the Livestock Officer, and must
    deposit a sum of £25. If upon investigation the protest is not sustained to the satisfaction of
    the Stewards, the sum thus deposited shall be forfeited to the Society’s funds. All protests
    must be delivered to the Show Office at the showground before 4.00pm on the day on which
    the award shall have been made and no protest will be subsequently received unless a
    satisfactory reason be given for the delay. Protests will be considered by the Chief Steward
    of the section concerned in consultation with his/her assistants. If the Chief Steward is unable
    to resolve the protest, then he/she will refer the matter to the Society’s Livestock Committee.
R28 ALTERATION OF AWARDS: In case of protest made in accordance with Regulation R27, whereby
    any prize animal becomes disqualified, the winner of the next succeeding prize in that class
    shall take the prize that had been awarded to the disqualified animal.
R29 PRIZE MONEY PAYMENT: The prize money offered by the Society WILL BE PAID OUT BEFORE
    1ST AUGUST 2018 in respect of all prizes offered by the Society. Special prizes offered by
    private donors of Breed Societies will be paid directly to the winners and the Society cannot
    hold itself responsible for non-payment of any such prizes. Any claim or complaint regarding
    prize money paid or unpaid shall be notified to the Livestock Officer of the Society before 1st
    September 2018. Cheques must be cashed within six months of issue and any cheque not
    presented within this time limit will deem the prize and cheque cancelled.
R30 CHALLENGE TROPHIES: Winners of trophies offered by the Society may hold these until 1st April
    of the year following the award when the trophies must be returned in good condition to the
    Office Supervisor or to the Society’s appointed agents for engraving.  Trophies returned by
    post must be sent by Recorded Delivery. Failure to return trophies by the due date may incur
    a maximum penalty of £100. The Society’s Trophy Registration Number is shown in brackets
    after the name of each trophy in the list of Special Prizes in each section. Exhibitors who wish
    to hold trophies must collect these from the Society’s Offices between 9.00am and 5.00pm
    on each day of the show days to be signed for.

R31 JUDGES: The Judges are instructed to withhold prizes where the entry is not of sufficient merit,
    and in awarding prizes the Judges are instructed to make their awards according to the
    relative merits of the exhibits for breeding purposes in breeding classes. If in the opinion of the
    Judges any animal appears to be unfit for breeding purposes, the Judges shall be at liberty to
    have the animal examined by one of the Society’s Veterinary Surgeons, whose opinion shall
    be considered final and conclusive, and if he/she so directs, the animal will be disqualified
    from taking a prize which might otherwise be awarded to it. No person other than a Steward
    or authorised Official of the Society shall enter a ring when judging is in progress, nor shall
    have any communication with the Judges during the time of judging, and all exhibitors and
    their agents acting in opposition to this regulation shall forfeit such prize as may be awarded
    to their exhibit.
R32 CHANGE OF JUDGE: Should an exhibit be forward for competition, which was either bred or
    previously owned by the officiating Judge, then a referee may be introduced at the request
    of the Chief Steward of the Section. The onus of a horse being exhibited in a class judged by
    a person who has had a financial interest in the animal or which has stood in his stable etc.
    must be on the exhibitor. The exhibitor will know who is judging from the schedule, whereas
    the Judge will not know which animals are coming before him until he arrives in the Ring. If
    there is an unforeseen change of Judge, then the exhibitor should stand down from the class
    and entry fees will be refunded. EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO INFORM EXHIBITORS OF A

           Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

R33 PARADES AND JUDGING: Any exhibitor or employee refusing to bring their exhibits on parade
    at a specified time when requested by the Stewards to do so shall be liable to forfeit to the
    Society any prize money previously awarded to the said exhibits. All employees in charge of
    stock which is to be paraded must have their exhibits ready for such parade 30 minutes prior
    to the times of parades as laid down in the official timetable. White coats or Breed Society
    uniform must be worn in the Breed judging Ring and the Grand Parades. Cattle exhibitors
    should note that bulls should always have two handlers.

R34 PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: All livestock exhibitors should ensure they have adequate public
     liability insurance cover.
R35 SMOKING: To comply with Health and Safety Regulations, we are obliged to inform you that
     there will be no smoking in the livestock lines or at the stable area.
R36 HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK REGULATION: Exhibitors are reminded that they are responsible for
     the observation by themselves, their employees and their contractors or all Health and Safety
     at Work regulations. Any item of risk or hazard should be reported to the Chief Executive’s
     Office immediately.

R37 VETERINARY SURGEON: it is a condition of entry that the Society’s Veterinary Surgeons may
    on their own authority give such emergency treatment as they may consider appropriate in
    the event that the owner or representative cannot be found.
R38 DEFRA REGULATION: Exhibitors should be aware of and conform to the regulations in place
    by DEFRA at all times.
R39 TRANSIT OF ANIMALS: From January 2007, Welfare in Transport Regulations (EC) no. 1.2005
    will apply. NOTE: It will be an offence to transport any female animal for whom 90% or more
    of the gestational period has already passed or female animals that have given birth in the
    previous week. PLEASE NOTE: if you are transporting animals over 65Kms you will require an
    Animal Transporter Authorisation, and as from January 2008 it is now a legal requirement to
    have a Certificate of Competence for transporting animals over 65Kms.  (Please check with
    your local authority).
R40 STALLING OF EXHIBITS: Exhibitors and their employees must see that their exhibits are stalled
    or penned in the allotted space for them in accordance with their exhibit numbers, and no
    person shall remove or otherwise deface any notice or exhibit number placed by the Society,
    or its Officers on the stalls or pens, nor shall any exhibit be stalled or penned in the place
    allotted to another exhibit, and no persons shall utilise a vacant stall or pen without written
    consent of the Steward or Chief Steward. The penalty for the infringement of this regulation
    shall be that the exhibitor whose exhibit is incorrectly stalled or penned shall forfeit all prizes
    awarded to such exhibit and shall incur a fine of £20 for each day, or part of a day the animal
    is incorrectly stalled or penned. No animal shall be cleansed other than at the wash downs
R41 STRAW: Straw will be allocated on the following basis: Cattle – Loose straw in the stall on
    arrival. Sheep – One third of a bale per pen on arrival. Pigs – Half a bale per pen on arrival.
    Further straw to be distributed at the beginning and end of each day as required – times to
    be advised within the lines. No straw tickets will be issued.
R42 RUGS AND SHEETS: Except by special permission of the Steward of the Section, no rug or sheet
    shall be hung up so as to conceal any animal in a horsebox, stall or pen. All sheets used for
    this purpose must be removed before the opening of the show on each day to the general
    public and must not be replaced until after the closing of the show each day.
R43 PUBLICITY: Exhibitors will be allowed to promote their herd/flock but the following conditions
    will apply:
    a) Cattle section – space allowed per animal forward, maximum of 5’ wide per stall.
    b) Sheep & pig sections – space allowed per pen maximum of 5’ wide per pen.
    c) Maximum height for herd/flock publicity boards from ground level, cattle 8’, sheep & pigs
    d) No promotion material to be hung from the roof or placed in the gangways.
    e) No advertising other than acknowledgements of suppliers will be permitted.

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

f) Only rosettes and Prize Cards of this Society to be displayed and these must only be for the
      current year.
      g) Exhibit cards provided by the Society must be clearly displayed for each animal forward.
R44   STOVES: Exhibitors or their employees desiring to bring portable stoves or barbecues onto the
      showground for cooking etc. will only be permitted to do so provided such stoves are carried
      and used in a properly constructed fire resisting box.  Use of stoves will not be permitted under
      any circumstances within the confines of Livestock and Stock Person’s accommodation within
      the main showground area.
R45   STEWARDS: No person shall officiate in the judging ring as Steward at the time of judging of
      a class in which he or she shall have an exhibit. In the event of a Steward making entries
      after his or her appointment, the Chief Steward shall at his sole discretion appoint a deputy
      Steward to carry out the duties for the class in question.
R46   DOGS / PETS: are not allowed on the showground or in the Stock Lines with the exception of
      Assistance Dogs and those taking part in competitive classes or events.
R47   PENALTIES: Any infringement of any of the Regulations or Conditions printed in this schedule
      will subject the exhibitor to forfeiture of any prize to which he/she may be entitled (in addition
      to the consequences attaching to the infringement) and the Council reserve the right to
      inform other Agricultural Societies and bodies of any decision it may come to with respect
      to an exhibitor.
R48   INTERPRETATION OF REGULATIONS: The Council reserves to itself the sole absolute right to
      interpret these or any other prescribed conditions and schedule and to finally settle and
      determine all or any matter, question, difference, in regard thereto or otherwise arising out
      of, or in connection with any incident in connection to the show, to substitute Judges for
      those announced in the schedule, or make additional appointments as may be deemed
R49   PLEASE NOTE: All exhibitors and other persons admitted to the showground shall be subject to
      the rules, orders, conditions and regulations of the Council of the Three Counties Agricultural
      Society. The Organisers of this show have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health
      and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take
      all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the
      instructions of the Organisers and all Officials and Stewards.

      Three Counties Agricultural Society                        By order of the Council
      Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW                          Three Counties Agricultural Society
      Telephone: 01684 584900 Fax: 01684 584910
      Email: Equineteam@threecounties.co.uk

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online



                                  MAIN ARENA.

R86 ENTRY FEES: All entry fees are inclusive of VAT @ 20% (any changes in the VAT rate will be applied
    from the due date). Fees are as below unless otherwise stated in the schedule. The following
    fees include the £12.00 Horse of the Year Show Levy and the £9.50 RIHS Levy where applicable.
                                                      Members             Non-Members
    In Hand Classes                                    £14.00                £23.00
    Open Ridden Classes                                £20.00                £33.00
    Horse of the Year Qualifiers                       £32.00                £45.00
    Royal International Qualifiers                     £29.50                £42.50
    SSADL Classes (2nd Round Qualifiers)               £25.00                £38.00
    Heavy Horse Classes – In Hand/Turnouts             £10.00                £10.00
    Heavy Horse Ridden – HOYS Qualifier                £22.00                £22.00
    Double Harness Scurry                              £14.00                £14.00
    Donkey Classes                                      £6.00                £10.00
    Foal Classes                                        FOC                    FOC
    NO. OF CATALOGUED ENTRIES              1st        2nd       3rd      4th        5th         6th
    1 – 6			                               £50        £30       £20
    7 – 11			                              £50        £30       £20    £10
    12+				                                £50        £30       £20    £10          £10         £8
    FOALS			£15
    CHAMPION HORSES/PONIES                 £25: 20 – 99 entries		        £50: 100 entries or more

R87 SPECIAL PRIZE: See regulation R3, page 1 of this Prize List. No entry fee required.
R88 STABLING: Free stabling is not provided. Exhibits must arrive and depart on the day of judging,
    unless stabling is booked and paid for. Exhibitors requiring stabling for their exhibits must
    reserve a stable (10’ x 10’) at a charge of £35 inclusive of VAT for the period of 21 hours (from
    8.00pm on the evening prior to judging to 5.00pm on the day of judging). Reservations for
    stables must be made on the entry form in the space provided and payment made at the
    time of entry. One bale of straw is provided per stable. Stables must be cleaned out by the
    exhibitor prior to departure. A deposit of £15 will be charged at the time of booking which
    will be refunded after the show providing the stable is left clean. The Stable Manager will
    issue a refund voucher to the Exhibitor after inspection of the stable. This voucher must be
    sent in to the Three Counties Agricultural Society to claim the refund.
R89 FODDER: Free fodder is not provided and will not be available. Exhibitors are strongly advised
    to bring their requirements with them to the show.
R90 STUD BOOK: every horse entered for competition in the breeding classes shall be entered for,
    or accepted for, entry in the Stud Book of its breed in this country.
R91 AGE: It is only necessary to state the year of birth in respect of all horses except that of foals,
    where the exact date of birth must be stated on the entry form. No foals under the age of
    THREE WEEKS will be allowed on the showground.
R92 WEIGHT: if in the opinion of the Judges an exhibit in the Ridden Hunter classes is in the wrong
    weight, transfer to the correct weight class is permitted, and no additional entry fee will be
R93 HEIGHT: All certificates must be available with the horse/pony for inspection, failing which
    the horse/pony will be measured. Failure to pass this height test or to comply with the Joint
    Measurement Scheme Rule Book will disqualify the horse/pony from competition. The decision
    of the Society’s appointed Veterinary Surgeon will be final.
R94 ELIGIBILITY: In all classes, animals must be practically sound and no veterinary inspection will
    be required except where it may be considered necessary by the Judges, or on a protest

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

being lodged. The owner of the animal rejected for unsoundness may, upon request in writing
       to the Chief Executive, be furnished with a copy of the Veterinary Inspector’s Certificate, and
       if he so desires, may remove the animal from the showground at once upon rejection.
R95    CLASS ATTENDANCE: it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to present their exhibit(s) on time for
R96    AMALGAMATION OF CLASSES: The Society reserves the right to amalgamate classes if
R97    BREEDING CLASSES: Mares whose foals have died or are prevented from being exhibited
       owing to accident or illness CANNOT be exhibited.
R98    EQUINE INFLUENZA: It is strongly recommended that all horses and ponies should be vaccinated.
       The Society’s Veterinary Surgeons will carry out regular checks of the horse lines. The Stewards,
       at the direction of the Society’s Veterinary Surgeons, are empowered to require any horse
       or pony showing clinical signs of equine influenza to be immediately removed from the
       showground. In the event of a serious outbreak the Society reserves the right to require
       vaccination certificates to be produced.
R99    FARRIER: A farrier will be in attendance each day of the show from 07.00 until 18.00.
R100   FALL OF HORSE/PONY OR RIDER: A fall of horse/pony or rider during any class will result in
       elimination.   The rider must not remount in the ring and should see a medically qualified
       attendant before remounting.
R101   OWNERS/HANDLERS: All horses must have a competent person in charge.
R102   ALL STALLIONS: are to be stabled in separate accommodation for Health & Safety reasons.
R103   DRESS CODE: Grooms/Attendants appearing with animals in judging rings must be of smart
       appearance and in proper dress code (not jeans), with appropriate headwear,
R104   MOBILE PHONES: The use of mobile phones is not permitted within the Collecting and judging
R105   TIMETABLE: Classes may commence at or after the published time. The Society will not be
       responsible for any loss where an exhibitor has made entries in more than one class and
       because of a time over run it is not possible for him/her or the horse/pony to compete in
       one or more later classes. No claim for refund of fees paid or other loss, direct, indirect or
       consequential will be accepted or paid. Once a class has commenced trotting it is deemed
       the class is closed and no further exhibitors may enter the ring.
R106   SHOWING: In some circumstances exhibitors may be asked to perform their show two at a
       time. The Judge may choose to organise a set show for exhibitors to perform.

                                            TSR QUALIFIERS

 Riders can now qualify for three Championships with a TSR card. Not only can they qualify for
a TSR Final, they can also enter the BSHA Grass Roots Championships in September at the BSHA
         Championship Show, Addington, PLUS the SHB(GB) Riding Club Championship.

TSR Riders & In Hand Regional Finals – This show is a qualifier for the 2018 TSR Regional Finals.  Qualify
and enter ANY of the Regional Finals – Central, East Anglia, North West, North East, South East,
South, Wales & South Wales or Scottish. You DO NOT have to be a TSR Member to qualify or enter
a final.  The Rider/Handler qualifies and can enter any horse/pony in any number of finals!

TSR Riders Finals – 1st & 2nd riders qualify and will receive a qualification card in the ring.
TSR In Hand Finals – The two highest placed handlers with a TSR In Hand Card will qualify in any In
Hand class. Handlers MUST have their cards signed in the ring by the Judge/Steward. Cards are
available FREE from the TSR website. Full details at: www.theshowingregister.co.uk

TSR Medal Awards – TSR members can collect qualification cards and signatures and redeem a
TSR Medals. See TSR website for details.

BSHA Grass Roots Championships – With a TSR qualification card you can also enter the BSHA Grass
Roots Championships in September at Addington Equestrian Centre. You do not have to be a
BSHA Member to qualify or enter the Final. See www.britishshowhorse.org PLUS the Sport Horse GB
Riding Club Championships www.sporthorsegb.co.uk for details.

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                       Friday 15th June 2018
                MAIN ARENA                                      MALVERN RING
8.00am                                             8.00am
Judges: Mr R James (C) & Mrs J M Cooper (P)        Judges: Mrs J Beatham (C) & Mrs M Taylor (P)
Class H143 M&M Lead Rein Class (HOYS)              Class H128 Ridden Welsh C (HOYS)
Class H144 M&M First Ridden (HOYS)                 Class H129 Ridden Fell (HOYS)
CHAMPIONSHIP                                       Class H130 Ridden Connemara (HOYS
                                                   Class H131 Ridden Welsh D (HOYS)
11.15am                                            Class H132 Ridden New Forest (HOYS)
Class H237 Double Harness Scurry - Small           CHAMPIONSHIP

12.45pm                                            Not before 1.00pm
Class H269 Two Fence Challenge - SJ                Judges: Mrs J MacInnes (C) & Mrs V Hampton (P)
                                                   Class H133 Ridden Dart/Exmoor/Shetland (HOYS)
2.00pm                                             Class H134 Ridden Welsh A (HOYS)
Class H238 Double Harness Scurry - Large           Class H135 Ridden Welsh B (HOYS)
Judge: Mrs C Grover

Class H266 Heavy Horse Turnouts - Teams             GLOUCESTER RING
                                                   Judge: Ms A Gomersall
              HEREFORD RING                        Class H213 Ridden Connemara
                                                   Class H214 Connemara 1,2,3 years
Judges: Mrs C Frith (C) & Mrs E A Nicholls (J)
                                                   Class H215 Connemara 4 years & over
Class H147 M&M WHP exc 143cms (HOYS)
Class H148 M&M WHP 143cms (HOYS)

Class H149 M&M WHP 133cms (HOYS)
Class H150 M&M WHP 122cms (HOYS)
                                                   Judge: Mrs J MacInnes
                                                   Class H207 Ridden New Forest
                                                   Class H208 New Forest Colt / Stallion
Not before 1.00pm                                  Class H209 New Forest Mare / Gelding
Judges: Mr M Saunders (C) & Mrs H Banbury (J)      Class H210 New Forest Colt / Filly Foal
Class H151 Novice M&M WHP 122cms                   Class H211 New Forest 2-3 years Filly / Gelding
Class H152 Novice M&M WHP 133cms                   Class H212 New Forest Yearling
Class H153 Novice M&M WHP 143cms                   CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H154 Novice M&M WHP exc 143cms
CHAMPIONSHIP                                       11.15am
			                                                Judges: Ms G Wright (C) & Ms A Gomersall (P)
                                                   Class H141 Junior Ridden M&M Sm Breeds (HOYS)
                                                   Class H142 Junior Ridden M&M Lge Breeds

                                                   Judge: Mr R James
                                                   Class H216 Highland / Dales / Fell 4 years & over
                                                   Class H217 Highland / Dales / Fell 2-3 years old
                                                   Class H218 Highland / Dales / Fell Foal/Yearling
                                                   Class H219 Ridden Highland/Dales/Fell

                                                   Judge: Mrs J M Cooper
                                                   Class H136 Novice Ridden Dart/Exmoor/Shetland
                                                   Class H137 Novice Ridden Welsh A / B
                                                   Class H138 Novice Ridden New Forest /
                                                   Class H139 Novice Ridden Fell / Highland / Dales
                                                   Class H140 Novice Ridden Welsh C / D

             Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                      Friday 15th June 2018
              LEDBURY RING                                     WORCESTER RING
8.00am					                                         8.00am
Judge: Mrs J Kilbey (Idyllic)		                     Judge: Mr D R Smith (Broughton)
Class H155 Novice Welsh A Broodmare                 Class H180 Welsh D Barren Mare / Gelding
Class H156 Welsh A Broodmare                        Class H181 Welsh D Broodmare
Class H157 Welsh A Colt / Filly Foal                Class H182 Welsh D Colt / Filly Foal
Class H158 Welsh A Barren Mare / Gelding            Class H183 Welsh D Yearling
Class H159 Welsh A Yearling Colt                    Class H184 Welsh D 2-3 years Filly / Gelding
Class H160 Welsh A Yearling Filly / Gelding         Class H185 Welsh D 2-3 years Colt
Class H161 Welsh A 2-3 years Filly / Gelding        Class H186 Welsh D Stallion
Class H162 Welsh A 2-3 years Colt                   CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H163 Welsh A Stallion
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        10.00am (Split Ring)
                                                    Judge: Mrs E M Houghton
10.15am                                             Class H188 Ridden Dartmoor
Judge: Mrs C Grover                                 Class H189 Dartmoor Mare
Class H253 Shire Barren Mare                        Class H190 Dartmoor Colt / Filly Foal
Class H254 Shire Broodmare                          Class H191 Dartmoor 2-3 yrs Filly / Gelding
Class H255 Shire Colt / Filly Foal                  Class H192 Dartmoor Yearling
Class H256 Shire Gelding                            Class H193 Dartmoor Gelding
Class H257 Shire 2 years old                        Class H194 Dartmoor Stallion / Colt
Class H258 Shire Yearling
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        10.00am (Split Ring)
Class H259 Any Other Heavy Horse Breed              Judge: Mr M Dewhurst
                                                    Class H195 Exmoor 4 years old & over
12.00noon                                           Class H196 Exmoor 1,2,3 years old
Judge: Mrs R E Cheetham (Carrwood)                  CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H164 Welsh B Barren Mare / Gelding            Class H197 Ridden Exmoor
Class H165 Welsh B Broodmare
Class H166 Welsh B Colt / Filly Foal                11.45am
Class H167 Welsh B Yearling Colt                    Judge: Mr D Hodge
Class H168 Welsh B Yearling Filly / Gelding         Class H198 Miniature Shetland Mare
Class H169 Welsh B 2-3 years Filly /                Class H199 Miniature Shetland Foal
Gelding                                             Class H200 Miniature Shetland Stallion / Gelding
Class H170 Welsh B 2-3 years Colt                   Class H201 Miniature Shetland 1,2,3 years old
Class H171 Welsh B Stallion                         CHAMPIONSHIP
                                                    Class H202 Shetland Mare
1.45pm                                              Class H203 Shetland Foal
Judge: Mr D D Morgan (Parc)                         Class H204 Shetland Stallion / Gelding
Class H173 Welsh C Barren Mare / Gelding            Class H205 Shetland 1,2,3 years old
Class H174 Welsh C Broodmare                        CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H175 Welsh C Colt/Filly Foal		                Class H206 Ridden Shetland
Class H176 Welsh C Yearling Filly / Gelding
Class H177 Welsh C Yearling Colt                    3.30pm
Class H178 Welsh C 2-3 years Filly / Gelding        Class H267 Senior Foxhunter / 1.20m Open
Class H179 Welsh B Stallion / Colt		                Class H268 Avon National 1.30m Open

Judge: Mrs E A Russell (Gartconnel)
Class HS81 Supreme Welsh Championship
Judge: Mrs E A Russell
Class H172 Ridden Welsh A / B
Class H187 Ridden Welsh C / D
Judge: Mrs E A Nicholls
Class H145 Novice Ridden M&M Lead Rein
Class H146 Novice Ridden M&M First Ridden

           Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                      Saturday 16th June 2018
              MAIN ARENA                                           MALVERN RING
7.45am                                                8.00am
Judges: Mrs R Hetherington (C) & Mr T Chalmers        Judges: Mrs A Fowler (C) & Mrs L Homer (P)
(R)                                                   Class H102 Int Show Hunter Type (HOYS)
Class H1    LWT Hunter (HOYS)                         Class H103 Int Show Riding Type 153cms (HOYS)
Class H2    MWT Hunter (HOYS)			                      Class H104 Int Show Riding Type 158cms (HOYS)
Class H3    HWT Hunter (HOYS)		                       CHAMPIONSHIP
11.15am                                               Judges: Mrs J Cope (C) & Mrs J Banks (R)
Judges: Mrs C Grover & Ms T Southern                  Class H6    4 years old Ridden Hunter
Class H252 Ridden Heavy Horse (HOYS)                  Class H7    Novice Ridden Hunter
1.35pm                                                CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H272 Six Bar Show Jumping
2.35pm                                                1.00pm
Class HS107 Double Harness Scurry Final               Judges: Mrs A Hooley (C) & Miss M Traves (R)
5.10pm                                                Class H8    Small Hunters (HOYS)
Judge: Mrs C Grover                                   Class H9    Ladies Side Saddle (HOYS)
Class H262 Single Agricultural Turnouts               3.00pm
Class H265 Pairs Trade Turnouts                       Judges: Mrs J Cope (C) & Mrs J Banks (R)
                                                      Class H4    LWT Amateur Hunter
                                                      Class H5    HWT Amateur Hunter
           GLOUCESTER RING                            CHAMPIONSHIP
Judges: Mr M Jones (C) & Mrs L Cadman
Class H99 Show Pony 128cms (HOYS)		                               WORCESTER RING
Class H100 Show Pony 138cms (HOYS)                    8.15am
Class H101 Show Pony 148cms (HOYS)                    Judge: Miss A Sheppard
CHAMPIONSHIP                                          Class H109 Novice First Ridden SHP
                                                      Class H110 Open First Ridden SHP
11.15am                                               CHAMPIONSHIP
Judges: Mr D Machin (C) & Mrs S Palmer (P)
Class H111 Show Hunter Pony 122cms (HOYS)             9.30am
Class H112 Show Hunter Pony 133cms (HOYS)             Judge: Miss A Sheppard
Class H113 Show Hunter Pony 143cms (HOYS)             Class H107 Novice Show Pony Lead Rein
Class H114 Show Hunter Pony 153cms (HOYS)             Class H108 Novice Show Pony First Ridden
CHAMPIONSHIP                                          CHAMPIONSHIP
Judges: Mrs L Homer (C) & Mrs A Fowler (P)            Judges: Mr T Chalmers (C) & Mrs R Hetherington
Class H115 Lead Rein SHP (HOYS)                       (P)
Judges: Mrs L Homer (C) & Mrs A Fowler (P)            Class H105 Lead Rein Show Pony (HOYS)
Class H121 Ridden Part Bred Pony (HOYS)               Class H106 First Ridden Show Pony (HOYS)
Not before 3.00pm                                     CHAMPIONSHIP
Judge: Mrs J Bryer
Class HS60 Supreme Pony Championship                  3.30pm
                                                      Class H270 Malvern 1.25m Open
                                                      Class H271 National 1.30m Open

                                          HEREFORD RING
7.45am                                                1.00pm
Judges: Mr P Hilton (C) & Mrs M Ludlow (J)            Judges: Mr A Edmunds (C) & Mrs A Lance (R)
Class H116 Nursery Stakes                             Class H10 Cuddy LWT Working Hunter (HOYS)
Class H117 WHP 133cms (HOYS)                          Class H11 Cuddy HWT Working Hunter (HOYS)
Class H118 WHP 143cms (HOYS)                          CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H119 WHP 153cms (HOYS)		                        Judges: Mrs H Hillard (C) & Mrs J Hubbard (R)
Class H120 WHP 158cms (HOYS)                          Class H12 Novice Working Hunter
CHAMPIONSHIP		                                        Class H13 Amateur Working Hunter

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                    Saturday 16th June 2018
          LEDBURY RING A                                     LEDBURY RING B
8.00am                                      8.00am
Judge: Mrs H Hillard			                     Judge: Mrs M E Mansfield-Parnell
Class H14 Small Hunter Broodmare            Class H122 Riding Pony Broodmare
Class H15 Hunter Colt / Filly Foal		        Class H123 Riding Pony Colt / Filly Foal
Class H16 LWT Hunter Broodmare              Class H124 Riding Pony Yearling
Class H17 Hunter Colt / Filly Foal		        Class H125 Riding Pony 2-3 years 128cms
Class H18 HWT Hunter Broodmare              Class H126 Riding Pony 2-3 years 138cms
Class H19 Hunter Colt / Filly Foal		        Class H127 Riding Pony 2-3 years 148cms
CHAMPION MARE                               CHAMPION YOUNGSTOCK
Class H20 Hunter Yearling
Class H21 Hunter 2 years old                10.00am
Class H22 Hunter 3 years old			             Judge: Mr J Lloyd
CHAMPION YOUNGSTOCK                         Class H83 Cleveland Bay 4 years & over
CHAMPION HUNTER CHAMPIONSHIP                Class H84 Cleveland Bay Broodmare
                                            Class H85 Cleveland Bay Foal
                                            Class H86 Cleveland Bay 1,2,3 years
10.30am                                     CHAMPIONSHIP
Judge: Mrs J Bryer
Class H23 Sport Horse Yearling              11.30am
Class H24 Sport Horse 2-3 years             Judge: Mrs T Day
Class H25 Sport Horse Mare/Gelding          Class H30 Hack Broodmare
Class H26 Sport Horse Foal			               Class H31 Hack Colt / Filly Foal
CHAMPIONSHIP                                Class H32 Small Hack Yearling
                                            Class H33 Large Hack Yearling
12.15pm                                     Class H34 Small Hack 2-3 years
Judge: Mrs L Cadman                         Class H35 Large Hack 2-3 years
Class H97 Side Saddle Equitation            CHAMPIONSHIP

1.00pm                                      1.15pm
Judge: Ms T Southern                        Judge: Mr P Hilton
Class H75 Irish Draught Graded Mare         Class H38 Riding Horse Broodmare
Class H76 Irish Draught Colt / Filly Foal   Class H39 Riding Horse Colt / Filly Foal
Class H77 Irish Draught Yearling            Class H40 Large Riding Horse Yearling
Class H78 Irish Draught 2-3 years           Class H41 Large Riding Horse 2-3 years
Class H79 ID Sport Horse Yearling           Class H42 Small Riding Horse Yearling
Class H80 ID Sport Horse 2-3 years          Class H43 Small Riding Horse 2-3 years
Class H81 Ridden Irish Draught
Class H82 Ridden Irish Draught Sports Horse 3.15pm
CHAMPIONSHIP				 Judge: Mrs T Day
				                                        Class H223 Miniature Horse Stallion
3.00pm                                      Class H224 Miniature Horse Mare / Gelding
Judge: Mr J Lloyd                           Class H225 Miniature Horse 1,2,3 years
Class H87 Ridden Cleveland Bay              CHAMPIONSHIP
Judge: Mr D Machin
Class H27 Flat Ridden Sport Horse
Judge: Mrs L Cadman
Class H98 Classical Ladies Side Saddle

         Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                     Sunday 17th June 2018
               MAIN ARENA                                      MALVERN RING
8.00am                                  8.00am
                                        Judges: Mr J Keen (C) & Mrs E Edwards-Brady (R)
Judges: Miss D Atkinson (C) & Mrs L Bell (R)
Class H44 LWT Ridden Cobs (HOYS)        Class H28 Ridden Small Hacks (HOYS)
Class H45 HWT Ridden Cobs (HOYS)		      Class H29 Ridden Large Hacks (HOYS)
CHAMPIONSHIP                            CHAMPIONSHIP

10.00am                                 10.15am
Judge: Mrs C Grover                     Judges: Mr R Ramsay (C) & Mrs E Edwards-Brady (R)
Class H260 Best Working Harness         Class H36 Small Riding Horses (HOYS)
Class H261 Best Decorated Harness       Class H37 Large Riding Horses (HOYS)
12.00pm					                            12.15pm
Judge: Mrs C Grover 			                 Judges: Mrs D Atkinson (C) & Mrs L Bell (R)
Class H263 Single HH Trade Turnout      Class H46 Amateur Owner/Rider Cob
Class H264 Pairs Agricultural Turnout		 1.15pm
                                        Judges: Mrs D Atkinson (C) & Mrs L Bell (R)
2.40pm                                  Class H48 Maxi Cobs (HOYS)
Judge: Ms J Beswick                     3.00pm
Class H248 Driven Concours D’Elegance   Judge: Mr A Williams
Class H249 Driven Sporting Concours		   Class HS102 Cuddy Supreme In Hand

              LEDBURY RING                                  WORCESTER RING
8.15am                                       8.15am
Judges: Mrs S Wooderson & Miss P Bindley     Judge: Mr C Porter
Class H226 In Hand Pre-Senior Horse/Pony		   Class H232 Best Conditioned Donkey
Class H227 In Hand Senior Horse / Pony       Class H233 Donkey Stallion/Gelding
Class H228 In Hand Senior Plus Horse / Pony  Class H234 Donkey Mare
Class H229 Ridden Pre-Senior Horse/Pony      Class H235 Donkey 1,2,3 years
Class H230 Ridden Senior Horse / Pony        Class H236 Pet Donkey
Class H231 Ridden Senior Plus Horse/Pony     CHAMPIONSHIP
                                             Judge: Mrs H J Davies
             HEREFORD RING                   Class H220 Ridden Haflinger
8.00am					                                  Class H221 In Hand Haflinger Colt /Stallion/Gelding
Judges: Mrs G Oakes (C) & Miss R Adlam (R/P) Class H222 In Hand Haflinger Filly/Mare
Class H92 Novice Potential Showing Class     CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H93 RoR Novice Ridden Show Horse
Class H94 RoR Tattersalls Ridden TB          10.45am
Class H95 Novice Potential Performance TB    Judge: Mr C Porter
Class H96 RoR Racehorse Challenge            Class H63 In Hand Appaloosas/Spotted 4 yrs +
CHAMPIONSHIP                                 Class H64 In Hand Appaloosas/Spotted 1,2,3 yrs
2.00pm                                       Class H65 In Hand Part Bred Appaloosa/Spotted
Judges: Mr J Keen (C) & Mrs P Hollings (R)		 Class H66 Ridden Appaloosa/Spotted
Class H47 Working Show Horse
                                             Judge: Ms S Whitfield
                                             Class H88 In Hand Palomino Yearling
                                             Class H89 In Hand Palomino 2-3 years
                                             Class H90 In Hand Palomino 4 years & over
                                             Class H91 Ridden Palomino

                                             Class H273 1.05m Open
                                             Class H274 Senior Newcomers / 1.10m Open
                                             Class H275 1.15m Open

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                     Sunday 17th June 2018
          GLOUCESTER RING                                     COTSWOLD RING
8.00am                                              9.15am
Judges: Mrs C Dew (C) & Mrs S White (R/P)           Judge: Mrs V Hampton
Class H67 Ridden Pie/Skew Trad/Native Pony          Class H239 Junior/Disabled/Novice Driver
Class H68 Ridden Pie/Skew Plaited Pony		            9.45am
Class H69 Ridden Pie/Skew Plaited Horse		           Class H240 2 Wheeled Exercise Vehicle
Class H70 Ridden Pie/Skew Trad/Native Horse         10.15am
Class H71 Ridden Pie/Skew Pony		                    Class H241 4 Wheeled Exercise Vehicle
Class H72 Ridden Pie/Skew Horse		                   10.45am
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        Class H242 Whip and Groom
11.15am                                             Class H243 Private Driving 122cms (HOYS)
Judge: Mrs P Hollings                               11.45am
Class H60 Ridden Pure Bred Arab		                   Class H244 Private Driving 138cms (HOYS)
Class H61 Ridden AA/PBA not exc 148cms              12.15pm
Class H62 Ridden AA/PBA exceeding 148cms            Class H245 Private Driving exc 138cms (HOYS)
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        PRIVATE DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIP

12.30pm                                             12.45pm
Judge: Mrs S White                                  Judge: Mrs L Walsh
Class H73 In Hand Pie/Skew Pony                     Class H246 Hackney Harness Pony
Class H74 In Hand Pie/Skew Horse                    2.10pm
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        Collect in Cotswold Ring for Classes:
                                                    Class H248 Concours D’Elegance
1.00pm                                              Class H249 Sporting Concours
Judge: Mr C Lowe                                    3.00pm
Class H49 Arabian Mare                              Judge: Mrs L Walsh
Class H50 Arabian Yearling Filly                    Class H247 Hackney Harness Horse
Class H51 Arabian 2-3 years old Filly               HACKNEY CHAMPIONSHIP
Class H52 Arabian Yearling Colt                     3.30pm
Class H53 Arabian 2-3 years old Colt/Gelding        Judge:
Class H54 Arabian Gelding                           Class H250 Debutante Traditional Carriage
Class H55 Arabian Stallion                          Driving
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        Class H251 “Essence of Attelage” Driving

Judge: Mr C Lowe
Class H56 AA / PBA Yearling
Class H57 AA / PBA 2-3 years not exc 148cms
Class H58 AA / PBA 2-3 years exc 148cms
Class H59 AA / PBA 4 years old & over

           Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

                               SPONSORED BY LINK BUSINESS CENTRE
These classes will run in accordance with the general rules as set out in the Horse of the Year Show
Rule Book, a copy of which can be downloaded from www.hoys.co.uk. Held under the rules of
the British Show Horse Association. Horses must be registered with the Association and all Owners,
Producers and Riders must be Association Members. Riders must be 15 years of age or older.
Registration numbers must be quoted on entry form. This is a Horse of the Year Show Qualifier,
all data given upon entry of this class is provided to Grandstand Media Limited and stored on the
Grandstand Entries System. For full policy details please visit www.grandstandentries.com.

HORSE OF THE YEAR SHOW. The highest placed unqualified Show Hunter in the first three, in classes
H1-H3 will qualify for Horse of the Year Show, NEC Birmingham, 3rd - 7th October 2018. No horse
lower than third will qualify. Qualification will be verified by the Horse of the Year Show Office.
Horses competing at the Horse of the Year Show and qualifying shows in The Hunter sections of
The Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain classes at their Affiliated Shows cannot compete in Hack,
Cobs and Riding Horse classes at the same show, on the same day and vice versa. This does not
apply to SHB (GB) Ridden Sport Horse classes. Entries in these classes may not compete in the Small
Show Hunter of the Year and vice versa. Competitors must enter their horses in the appropriate
sections, but section A will be judged first, and the judges shall have the power to transfer exhibits
to section B or C if they deem it necessary.

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society kindly offer rosettes to the highest placed registered pure or
part-bred Cleveland Bay in these classes. To be eligible, recipients of the rosettes must provide
the relevant registration number.
(not already qualified) from each of classes H1-H3, that is registered or eligible for registration on the
Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse Registers, i.e. with a minimum of 25% proven Irish Draught
breeding, will qualify for the Final of the Blue Chip & IDHS (GB) £2000 Challenge. Horses need not
be registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) to qualify but must be on the IDHS(GB)
registers by the time of the Championship, which will be held at the IDHS(GB) Annual Breed Show
on 18th - 19th August 2018 at Arena UK, Allington, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2EF. NB: A horse
may only qualify for the Final once, regardless of the type or number of classes won, placed in or
entered.  Each qualifier will receive a card and £10 voucher from Blue Chip. Qualifiers are required
to complete an online form at www.idhsgb.com to inform the IDHS(GB) that they have qualified
for the Final. In the Final, the Champion will be awarded £1,000 prize money, a trophy and a Blue
Chip rug. The Reserve Champion will be awarded £500 and 3rd to 7th inclusive will be awarded
£100 each. In addition, the highest placed Pure Bred Irish Draught will be awarded a trophy and
£100 and the highest placed 158cm (15.2hh) and under will receive a trophy and £50 the highest
placed Sport Horse will receive a trophy and £50 and the highest placed Amateur Produced and
Ridden Horse will receive a silver salver and a rug. The Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) will award
a Special Incentive Card to the highest placed Irish Draught Horse Pure Bred or Irish Draught Sport
Horse in classes H1-H3. To be eligible, exhibits must be registered with or overstamped by the IDHS
(GB) on either the Irish Draught Breed or Irish Draught Sport Horse Registers. Registration numbers
to be stated on the entry form
JUDGES:     Mrs R Hetherington, Middleham, North Yorkshire (Conformation)
            Mr T Chalmers, Colchester, Essex (Ride)
H1      Catplant Group of Companies Ltd Lightweight Show Hunter - Horse of the Year Show
        Qualifier. Mare or gelding, 4 years old or over, capable of carrying up to 12 stone 7
        lbs. Exceeding 158cms.
H2      Catplant Group of Companies Ltd Middleweight Show Hunter - Horse of the Year
        Show Qualifier. Mare or gelding, 4 years old or over, capable of carrying 12 stone 7
        lbs and not exceeding 14 stone. Exceeding 158cms.
H3      Catplant Group of Companies Ltd Heavyweight Show Hunter - Horse of the Year Show
        Qualifier. Mare or gelding, 4 years old or over, capable of carrying over 14 stone.
        Exceeding 158cms.
HS1       CHAMPION RIDDEN HUNTER - open to 1st & 2nd prize winners in classes H1-H3. The
          Rennel Perpetual Cup (41), a gift of Lord Rennel, KBE, CB, DL. TCAS Rosettes for
          Champion and Reserve.
HS2       WINNER OF CLASS H3 - the “Work of Art” Perpetual Cup (80), a gift of the late Mr J
          R Sumner, CBE, DL, JP.
            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

These classes are affiliated to the Sport Horse Breeding (GB) and will run under their rules.  Only
horses registered on the Show Hunter Register are eligible to enter. Registration numbers must be
quoted on entry forms and owners and riders must be members of the Society. Day Ticket = £35
(this entitles competitors to compete at a maximum of 2 show’s in the year – it covers owner and
rider membership together with horse registration for that show). If the class is a qualifying class
for RIHS, in order for the qualification to be valid, application for full owner/rider membership and
horse registration must be received in the SHB(GB) office within 14 days.

1) Engage in livery, buying, selling, dealing or hiring horses as a means of deriving a main source
   of income since 1st January 2016.
2) Accept remuneration whether it be monetary or goods in kind for employment in connection
   with horses in a racing, showing or livery stable or riding school (instruction at Pony Club and
   Riding Club excepted). Since 1st January 2016.
3) Show a horse owned or sponsored by a company or commercial firm, or a horse for which his
   or her immediate family accepts livery or training charges from a person outside the immediate
   concern since 1st January 2016.
4) Show a horse which a professional rider has ridden in any ridden hunter or ridden sport horse
   class during the current year, with the exception of working hunter classes & ladies hunter
   classes unless the horse has subsequently been re-registered under new ownership.
5) Professional show persons must not enter the Amateur Ring whilst the classes are in progress. A
   professional show person is another term for a professional producer and as such a professional
   groom who works for a producer can enter the ring to groom.
6) A professional rider must not ride or exercise an amateur’s horse on the day it is competing in
   amateur classes.
7) Amateur Home Produced – Horses which are either stabled at home or in a D.I.Y yard and
   which since 1st January 2018 have not been shown by a professional during the current season
   or stabled in a professional yard at any time in 2018. Must be ridden by an Amateur. This does
   not exclude the Amateur Owner Home Produced riders having lessons at any time with an
   instructor, providing the horse remains stabled at home or in a D.I.Y. yard.

ROYAL INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW 2019 QUALIFIERS - in Class H4, the two highest placed smalls
and the two highest placed lightweights will qualify and in Class H5 the two highest placed
middleweights and the two highest placed heavyweights will qualify. Judges must place all horses
to determine qualifiers.

(not already qualified) from each of the following classes that is registered or eligible for registration
on the Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse Register, i.e. with a minimum of 25% proven Irish
Draught breeding, will qualify for the Final of the Blue Chip & IDHS (GB) £2,000 Challenge. Horses
need not be registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) to qualify but must be on the IDHS
(GB) Registers by the time of the Championship which will be held at the IDHS (GB) Annual Breed
Show on 18th – 19th August 2018 at Arena UK, Allington, Grantham, Lincolnshire. NG32 2EF. N.B: A
horse may only qualify for the Final once, regardless of the type or number of classes won, placed
in or entered.  Each qualifier will receive a card and a £10 voucher from Blue Chip.  Qualifiers are
required to complete an online form at www.idhsgb.com to inform the IDHS (GB) that they have
qualified for the Final. In the Final, the Champion will be awarded £1,000 prize money, a trophy
and a Blue Chip rug. The Reserve Champion will be awarded £500 and 3rd to 7th inclusive will be
awarded £100 each. In addition, the highest placed Pure Bred Irish Draught will receive a trophy
and £100, the highest placed 158cm (15.2hh) and under will receive a trophy and £50, the highest
placed Sport Horse will receive a trophy and £50 and the highest placed *Amateur Produced and
Ridden Horse will receive £50 a silver salver and a rug.

            Horse and Pony Entries close: 24th April 2018 by post, 8th May 2018 online

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