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2   YAGNA | September 2019
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FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School

                                                         US CITIES LOSE AROUND 36 MILLION
                                                         TREES A YEAR. THAT’S WHY IT
                                                         MATTERS AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED

                                                               NOSTRADAMUS TIMES
SAUDI KING REPLACES ENERGY                                 OCTOBER
MINISTER, NAMING ONE OF HIS SONS                           •    Parent Teachers Conference (PTC)
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has replaced the                •    Vice - Chairman Remembrance Day
country’s energy minister with one of his own sons,
naming Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman to one of the           NOVEMBER
most important positions in the country even as oil        •    The Little Emperors (TLE)
prices remain stubbornly below what is needed to
                                                           •    Sales Day
keep up with government spending.
                                                           •    Sangamam

                                                                         Editor In Chief
                                                                        Sub Editors
                                                                   KALPANA KARTHICK
MYSTERIOUS DISEASE KILLING                                        AYSHA SIDDIKA FEROZE
DOGS IN NORWAY                                                       Student Editors
Norwegian authorities haven’t been able to detect the    PRAJITH SELVARAJ SHERBOURN ISSAC.S
cause behind an unexplained disease that is estimated       ANUSHA THENU SUBRAMANIAN
to have killed dozens of dogs in the country in recent

4   YAGNA | September 2019
FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School

THE DIRECTOR-ACADEMICS ..................................................... 8
SCHOOL PARLIAMENT ........................................................ 10
COUNSELLOR’S INSTINCT ................................................ 11
CONOISSEUR’S EXHORTATION ...................................... 12
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ................................................... 14
SIXTH SENSE ................................................................................. 16
CAREER CHOICES ...................................................................... 18
PATH THE NAVIGATOR ............................................................ 20
INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION ............................................ 21
GAITIES & CELEBRITIES ............................................................ 22
HARAPPAN SCRIPTS .................................................................... 23
TRAVELOGUE .................................................................................... 24
AMAZING FACTS & FRESH THOUGHTS ........................ 25
QUASAR KIDS ...................................................................................... 26
TRAILBLAZER ....................................................................................... 27
CONNEXIONS ...................................................................................... 29
LEARNER’S COLUMN ..................................................................... 30
AGARAM ................................................................................................... 34
CHILD HEALTH AND SAFETY ................................................... 36
STAR OF THE TERM ......................................................................... 37
JUNIORJOURNALIST....................................................................... 38
CIS PREP EVALUATOR’S VISIT .................................................... 40
SPORTS ..................................................................................................... 41
Q’S ACHIVEMENTS........................................................................... 42

FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School

                             Dear Readers,

                             Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink. May be
                             Lines from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,”
                             written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

                             However, this does not apply only to Sailors/Mariners in the
                             context we see this world today. 75 – 80% of the surface of
                             this Earth is filled with water, in the form of Oceans and seas.
                             A miniscule proportion of this 75 – 80% water is potable /

                             Depletion of water bodies/sources needs to be viewed in the
                             larger context of Global Warming and Climate Change. For
                             example, the exploitation of water aquifers is purported to be
                             the cause for many earthquakes and desertification wherein the
                             water which acts as a mechanism to balance is being lapped
                             up by greedy humans. On another front, we have floods in
                             some parts of the country while the others are under the grip
                             of drought. If we view this under a microscope, the problem
                             is rampant and sobering due to the simple fact that India is a
                             nation with a billion+ people. What would have been a minor
                             issue escalates due to the problem of numbers here.

                             This edition of Yagna is the chime of a Warning Bell and a
                             squirrel’s effort in creating awareness or generating the need
                             to save or conserve water, starting today. We hope this is well
                             received and helps build a stronger knowledge base amongst
                             our audience.

                             We extend this opportunity to welcome articles / papers
                             and the like from you which would help contribute to help
                             improve this knowledge base amongst our audience. At this
                             juncture we would like to thank the people who acted as the
                             backbone for this successful yagna. We thank our subeditors,
                             student editors, column in charges for bringing light about this
                             “Mission Priceless Drop”. We thank our Designing Partner -
                             Odd Dimension Advertising and our Print Partner - Vinagaya

                                                                                 Editor in Chief

6   YAGNA | September 2019
FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School
Hello Readers!                                                 cooking, bathing, washing clothes, gardening etc.
We are Anusha and Issac from Grade 11; your new                People working in different domains need water
student editors for Yagna. As student editors, we felt the     for different purposes. Farmers need water to grow
need of creating awareness among readers regarding             crops, industrialists for various industrial purposes,
water consumption and thus awareness on a larger               electricity plants to generate hydro-electricity, etc.
scale which will eventually lead to a solution be brought      So, we should save clean water for the wellness of our
toward the mission “Priceless Drop”                            future generations and wildlife animals. People in
                                                               many places globally are suffering due to acute water
All of us live in cities and enjoy carefree and
                                                               scarcity or complete lack of water or bad water quality
sophisticated lifestyles with 24 hours supply of running
                                                               in their regions.
water from taps, swimming pools and decorative
fountains. Sheltered in this layer of comfort, many of us      “Water – A priceless treasure, save it with pleasure”
remain unaware of the impact of such water-intensive           Uncommon ways to save water:
activities on our environment.
                                                               • Install water meters to measure water supply
Rapid urbanization and water pollution is aggravating             just like electricity and charge on the basis of
an already grim scenario of water scarcity, thereby               consumption.
putting enormous pressure on the quality and quantity
of surface and groundwater sources. Water is a resource        • Use green manure; recycle crop residues and
that must be saved. It is a precious natural resource             animal manure in fields to improve the soil organic
and is replenished naturally. Water wasted is water               matter which will in turn increase water holding
lost. Water is the most valuable gift of God for human            and retention capacity of soil.
existence. Life exists on Earth because of availability of     • Reusing or recycling water should be made a habit/
water. Itself being tasteless, odorless and colorless, it         law.
adds taste, color and flavor to life. It is found everywhere
and known as a life saving elixir. It takes nothing from
                                                               • Promote growth of water-efficient crops thereby
                                                                  reducing the stress / utilization of water. Crop
us but gives life to us.
                                                                  irrigation alone accounts for 70% of the world’s
“If we don’t take care of the water cycle, it will not take       fresh water consumption.
care of our life cycle.”
                                                               • Optimal use of water by keeping the tap closed
Three-fourths part of this earth is water; however, we            while washing hand, tooth brushing, face wash,
need to conserve water as the percentage of potable               washing dishes, etc. also will reduce the wastage of
water is miniscule. Without water life is not possible on         water.
earth. All living beings - humans, animals and plants
                                                               “Thousands Lived without Love, but not without
need water, to grow, develop and live. We need water
                                                               water. So SAVE WATER.”
in all activities from morning till night like drinking,

                     Prajith Selvaraj Sherbourn Issac.S           Anusha Thenu Subramanian
                                 Grade 11, QMIS                            Grade 11, QMIS

FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School
                               DIRECTOR ACADEMICS

                                                    Dear Readers,
                                                    Team QMIS steps with more vigour and cheer into
                                                    its 10th Academic year. We are indebted to all our
                                                    well wishers, stake holders and benevolent hearts
                                                    who have nurtured the growth of Team QMIS all
                                                    along this journey with thoughtful inputs. Over
                                                    the years we have progressed steadily, diversifying
                                                    students’ exposure horizontally and vertically in
                                                    various dimensions. QMIS strives continually for
                                                    improvement and not just perfection. The responses
                                                    to our Parent Satisfaction Survey conducted at end
                                                    of the Academic year 2018-19 acts as the key data
point for the school to understand our strengths and areas for development. School continues to evolve
through the analysis of this survey. We extend our wholehearted note of thanks to all the parents for
participating in the survey process. Do extend the same in the years to come.

                             2017-18 & 2018-19 PSF 2 Survey Results

8   YAGNA | September 2019
FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School
The school focuses on making schooling as                 School has also taken full-time support of faculties
meaningful and happy through every initiative,            from Activities Department and extended
has not stopped with making learning fun, but,            availability of these Performance and Martial arts
purposeful as well. School does a lot of research and     team members from 10am to 6pm with their service
develops newer horizons for students to explore and       extension during After School Activities (ASA)
excel. It is an exciting journey every year for all our   sessions too. ASA, though has been introduced
stake holders, as every year adds a new flavour to        two years back, is gradually gaining momentum.
their experience. This year Team QMIS is decking          The resources and the infrastructure support are at
up with many more interesting things to impart a          disposal of the parent community and Parents are
more rewarding experience to the children.                highly requested to ensure its utilization effectively.

vâujh¡ fh¡F« m¿Édh®¡ »šiy                                 Besides all the fun and activities, Team QMIS has
mâu tUtnjh® nehŒ                                          proven its mettle through the board exam’s results
                                                          and student placement in Colleges as well. The
             FwŸ v© - 429
                                                          2018-19 board showed an overall school average
With the directions from the Advisory Board, the          performance of 84% in both Grades X and XII.
team understands the need for bridging gaps in their
                                                          On behalf of entire fraternity of Faculties, Students
learning and making assessments a happy process.
                                                          and Parents we congratulate all the students and
To address and equip them for the future, school
                                                          Parents (Grade 10 & 12) for their tremendous effort
has introduced Einstein+, 120% booster program to
                                                          and support all through the academic year.
accelerate the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of children
and boost skill sets around domains of Language,          With a blended curriculum while integrating
Information, Memory, Numeracy, Spatial thinking           an international dimension through Sustainable
and Fine Motor skills with due significance to            Development goals into their day to day lesson plan,
Emotional Quotient (EQ). As a part of the activities      QMIS is making their learning process impressive
to enhance the numeracy, linguistics and fine motor       and interesting. Ms.Jenni Thompson, the school
skill have been introduced in the first phase of this     support and evaluation officer from CIS and Mr.
academic year (2019-20). The Einsten+ components          Iain Stirling, a Volunteer from Spain who is also the
are executed through,                                     head of a CIS accredited school, visited our school
                                                          as part of preparatory visit and approved the school’s
•   X seed – Max (KG – Grade VII)
                                                          headway into the next stage of accreditation cycle.
•   Exclusive Einstein+ daily session
                                                          They say well begun is half done; but Perseverance
    (KG – Grade VIII)
                                                          on the way down takes you up to a great end.
•   Integrated Academic Program
                                                          With all your support and wishes, gearing up into
    (Grade IX & XI)
                                                          the new journey with all persevereance.

                                                                                              Sujatha Guptan
                                                                                           Director Academics

FRONT PAGE - Queen Mira International School

The investiture ceremony started when the special
guest Dr.Sudha Govindasamy arrived along with
the Managing Director Mr. Abinath Chandran
and Academic Director Ms. Sujatha Guptan. After
the perfect marching of the Prime Minister, Deputy
Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers of the school
Parliament, the swearing – in ceremony started with
the Welcome speech presented by Calvin Bernard
of Grade 12 (the head boy of 2018-19) and Dr.
Sudha Govindasamy pinned up the badges for the
members of the Parliament. The President of the
School Parliament Ms. Sujatha Guptan initiated
the process of oath taking. Then the special guest
highlighted that the students are fortunate enough
to be in this prestigious school and conveyed her
gratitude to all the parents, who selected QMIS for
their children. The ceremony ended with a Vote of
thanks proposed by Anchana Guptan of Grade 12
(the head girl of 2018-19). She congratulated all
the school parliament members and thanked the         Teacher Incharge: Ms.Anita Rajesh
dignitaries and everyone present there.               Student Incharge: Guhan Kaalai.C

10   YAGNA | September 2019

“Examination of family constellation, we can understand        or drawing. They will emphasize more on social rather
the people’s lifestyle. By understanding their outlooks on     than academic success.Second born children tend to be
life, we can understand the roles people have in their         more caring, friendly and expressive than their older
families.” - Alfred Adler                                      siblings.
A person’s family constellation includes the composition       3. Youngest children - They may be pampered and spoiled
of the family, each person’s role and the reciprocal           by the rest of the family, they may feel a need to go at top
transactions that a person has, during the early formative     speed at all times just to keep up with their older siblings.
years with siblings and parents. Children get influenced       These children would experience strong feelings of
by how parent(s) and siblings respond to them. Each            inferiority. They often become adventurous, easy going,
child plays a vital role in the family that is determined by   empathic, sociable and innovative. They typically pursue
interactions and transactions within that family.              interests that are all their own to avoid competition with
Birth order is another important aspect of families that       siblings. When we focus on the youngest child, we need to
has a profound impact on child’s development. Here we          pay more attention on the developmental area. Educating
have some of the identification of psychological positions     the children on an effective basis may help the child in
and characteristics believed to be associated with each        achieving things.
development for better understanding.                          4. The One and Only child - They have much in common
1. Oldest Children - First born tend to be the most            with both firstborn and youngest child. They seek
intelligent and achieving person. Their verbal skills are      achievement like firstborn and usually enjoy being the
especially strong. First born who initially grow up in a       center of attention like the youngest. They may become
family of adults, tend to be dependable, well organized        pampered and spoiled; focusing only on their own needs,
and responsible. They generally behave well and                but also may integrate the achievement orientation of the
cooperative in conforming to societal expectations. Their      firstborn with the creativity of later born children.
strength often helps them attain positions of leadership.      In the recent days, we are reading a lot from newspaper
First born, if they happen to be the only child in the         and television regarding the personality issues (especially
family, tend to be the center of attention and sometimes       Sexual abuse).
are spoiled. When siblings are born, oldest children tend      The reason for such concern may be because of their
to feel dethroned and may feel threatened, angry, fearful      developmental stages. When a child is not handled
and jealous in response to losing their special role as only   properly and healthily according to their birth order,
child. Dealing effectively with the birth of siblings can      then the child may feel dethroned and inferior. These
help firstborns to become more self-confident.                 emotions stimulate the children to behave inappropriate
2. Second Born - They feel pressure to catch up and to         to the circumstances.
compete with the oldest child. Because second born             When we identify and guide them on the right track, they
children usually realize that they cannot outdo the            will be a change factor for a peaceful and meaningful
success the firstborn achieved. A common pattern is for a      society.
firstborn to excel in a traditional area such as English or
Mathematics and for the second born to seek success in a                                      Teacher Incharge: Ms.Shajitha
more creative and less conventional area such as singing                                   Student Incharge: Naren Moorthy

                                                                                    He added painfully, that at the end
                                                                                    of the day there won’t be any benefit
                                                                                    for the farmers i.e. to say farmers
                                                                                    won’t even get the production cost in
                                                                                    He was expressing how earlier, there
                                                                                    used to be more trees which helped
                                                                                    to bring rain. Now, the situation has
                                                                                    changed. We cut down trees, take
                                                                                    sand from rivers, rocks, stones and sell
                                                                                    them for our short-term benefits. Mr
                                                                                    Kalaivanan Chandrasekar explained
                                                                                    that natural resources such as sand,
                                                                                    rocks are very much important to
                                                                                    save /store water however due to the
                                                                                    prevailing situation everything has
                                                                                    been used improperly and has created
                                                                                    a great demand for water especially
                                                                                    for agriculture. He said that the
                                                                                    government should take necessary
                                                     V.H.Lakshmi Gayathri, KG 2-B
                                                                                    actions on mining and quarrying, as
     “We have to build our economy from agriculture”                                it has drastically reduced the water
                                                                                    level which resulted in water scarcity.
     				                                           - Mahatma Gandhi
                                                                                   He further added that farmers should
We began our interview with a feeling     farmers. He expressed that, even do something to save the rainwater.
of suffused warmth from the family        though the government provides aid He shared with us that, he has
of Mr.Kalaivanan Chandrasekaran           and loans for farmers it is inadequate. constructed a small pond like area
.B.Sc., CHM who has relocated                                                      where around 3 Lakh Liters water
                                          He further spoke about natural
himself from the United States                                                     can be stored. He said that he is using
                                          farming. He said that in earlier days it
of America to India to pursue his                                                  that water for Drip Irrigation. He
                                          was sole means of farming, however,
passion of farming.                                                                gave awareness that even government
                                          now hybrid seeds are used commonly
                                                                                   gives helping hand by sanctioning
Mr. Kalaivanan started with an in-        in farming. He was worried, that,
                                                                                   subsidy to construct such ponds for
depth explanation about Hi-Tech           due to the use of hybrid seeds many
                                                                                   the farmers.
farming and Drip Irrigation. He           insects /pests arise in crops and it
expressed that Drip Irrigation is the     gets multiplied very quickly in one He further explained that he has
best method to save adequate water        day, which affects the quality and adopted the modern method of
for agriculture during drought. He        the production of crops. Cyclically, farming and he is happy that it moves
drew a clear picture of the problems      to avoid this, we use advanced well and yields more.
faced by the farmers in today’s           pesticides for destroying these pests
                                                                                   Tips for saving water:
agricultural world. He suggested          which results in different infections
that ‘The Green House’ method of          and diseases in crops and damage to • In an open field, try to crop more
farming is one of the best sources for    soil. He further made us understand          crops instead of growing a single
yielding high income and cultivation.     that the person who sells the hybrid         crop by which the water wastage
He further enlightened us by giving a     seeds also sells the pesticides together     can be controlled
thought that even during heavy rain       with the seed as the solution for the • If there is plenty of water, the usage
and storm this method of farming          problem. So, it finally turns out that       of water should be restricted, and
is helpful. He further shared a gist      “we are chained to the hybrid seeds          we should preserve the water for
of various facilities available for the   and pesticides for a lifetime”.
12   YAGNA | September 2019
•   Less runoff chemicals into rivers pest or disease resistance, color, size,
                                              and groundwater                   and how well the harvested crop
                                                                                responds to transporting. Nutritional
                                          • Increased worker safety
                                                                                values are rarely a concern and may
                                          With this as the backdrop he educated suffer in comparison to non-hybrid
                                          students on Controlled Environment seeds. He also highlighted the cons
                                          Agriculture (CEA) by which plants of using such hybrid seeds as being
                                          are grown inside a greenhouse or more expensive, less nutritious and
                                          grow room. He further added that less tasty and preserving hybrid seeds
                                          the controlled environment allows is usually not practical.
                                          the grower to maintain the proper
                                                                                As a part of the farming community,
                                          light, carbon dioxide, temperature,
                                                                                shared problems faced by them
                                          humidity, water, pH levels and
                                                                                in crop production. He added
                                          nutrients to produce crops year-
                                                                                that the main problem as on date
                                          round. He educated us with the entire
                                                                                in agriculture is dependence on
                                          process of controlled environment
                                                                                rainwater, economy and Pollution.
    future use.                           agriculture where it focuses on
                                                                                He expressed that farmers can’t even
                                          making the most of space, labor,
•   Build the rainwater harvesting                                              bid their own selling price on their
                                          water, energy, nutrients and capital
    area to preserve rainwater.                                                 produce, so they can’t make a profit.
                                          to operate while still producing a
Further he spoke about the poly                                                 They suffer with shortage of water as
                                          bountiful harvest. In this method of
house and the greenhouse for                                                    many quarry’s, mines are constructed
                                          cultivation, pests are best managed
agriculture. He said that Farmers no                                            near agricultural lands, resulting
                                          through integrated pest management
longer must apply water, fertilizers,                                           in the water table to dip. Farmer’s
and pesticides uniformly across                                                 couldn’t get loan from banks because
                                          He further articulated that now we of their occupation instability.
entire fields. Instead, they can use
                                          see another big wave of technology
the minimum quantities required                                                 What Government can do?
                                          reshaping our traditional industries
and target very specific areas, or even
                                          and certainly agriculture is one Government can allow the farmer’s
treat individual plants differently. He
                                          of the most basic ones. Hybrid to fix their own selling price for their
shared the benefits of Polyhouse /
                                          seed production is predominant own produce. By this the farmers can
greenhouse as
                                          aspect in modern agriculture and directly connect with the consumer
•   Higher crop productivity              home gardening. Hybrid seeds are and reap the profit.
•   Decreased use of water, fertilizer    produced by cross-pollinating two
                                                                                Mining, and other digging activities
    and pesticides, which in turn         different strains of plants. Hybrid
                                                                                must be banned near agricultural
    keep the costs down                   seeds are scientifically produced,
                                          either to sell to consumers or to
•   Reduced impact       on    natural    grow commercial crops. As such, Govt. can give them some more
    ecosystems                            the hybridization often focuses on economic support apart from what
                                                                                they already provide and it should be
                                                                                done directly.
                                                                                  Govt. should ban all the Genetically
                                                                                  Modified [GM] seeds inside our
                                                                                  country as they are harmful to health.
                                                                                  (even if it gives more yield)

                                                                                                        Teacher Incharges:
                                                                                              Ms.Archana Karthikeyan
                                                                                                         Student Incharge:
“Film Making is A Chance to Live Many Lifetimes”
The Popcorn club kindles the creativity and artistic
skills from the minds of children. The club helps
children not only to observe and admire movies on
screen, but to step ahead to visualize their thoughts and
imagination into reality through short films. Children
were oriented about the elements and nature of films
in life, followed by which they were taught about the
elements of writing scripts, because a Perfect script
can bring out a Perfect picture on screen. Ms.Praveena         jÄœ k‹w«
Rajan and Ms.Lilly Joeno guided and motivated the
children to put into action to make movies by showing jhŒbkhÊ jÄœbkhÊia tYnthL« bghÈnthL«
                                                          ifah©L gšntW âwid ts®¡F« bghU£L QMIS jÄœ
them few Award winning short films.
                                                          k‹w« Mu«ã¡f¥g£L ïu©lh« M©oš mobaL¤J
“First THINK, second SCRIPT, third BELIEVE and it¡»wJ. k‹w¢ brašghlhf x›bthU khjK« x›bthU
finally DIRECT, rolling camera action!!!!”                braš â£l¤âid tF¤J khzt®fS¡F gaDŸs
                                                          tifÆš brašgL¤â tU»nwh«. flªj I&iykhj« Kjš
                                                          et«g® khj« tiu ãwbkhÊ¢ brh‰fS¡F ïizahd
                                                          brh‰fis m¿ªJ f‰f brŒjš, g©ila jÄH®fË‹
                                                          Éisah£Lfisí« mit cz®¤j« ga‹fŸ g‰¿í«
                                                          m¿a¢brŒjš    ngh‹w    gštifâw‹     ts®gƉá
                                                          mË¡f¥gL»wJ. nkY« bkhʤâwid nk«gL¤JjY«
                                                          thœÉaš ÉKÄa§fisí« jÄH‹ ïÅikí« òf£Ljiy
                                                          k‹w¤â‹ K¡»a rhu«rkhf¡ bfh©L jÄœJiw
                                                          brašg£L tU»wJ. k‹w¢ brašgh£oš khzt®fŸ ÄFªj
                                                          M®t¤JlD« k»œ¢áílD« g§nf‰gij¡ f©L jÄœ
                                                          k‹w« bgUik bfhŸ»wJ.

                                                               HERITAGE CLUB
Erudite club enhances communication skills of children.
The club involves students of Grade 3 – 8 to enrich their      ‘Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and
linguistics skills. The erudite club activity started in the   collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’
month of August. The children were given a brief on            ‘National Integration’ is a part of Heritage Club Activity
what the club activity was all about and what is going         and the Children of Grades III to VIII were involved
to be focused for this term. Students were introduced          in this activity. The students were assigned different
to report writing skills. Students were taught how to          states for which the students had prepared bulletin
write a report on daily basis and the element of critical      board content, displayed in the classroom, dressed
thinking involved in report writing. Various techniques        up, prepared, displayed and served their food items
that need to be followed while writing a report were           according to their states. The students were enthusiastic
shared with students. Children were given an activity          to take up the responsibility in delivering information
of experiencing a situation during the week and asked          about their states. They shared their knowledge about
to prepare an awareness report about the same the              the features of different states with a great pride of having
coming week. They have been trained to deliver flawless        the club’s goal ‘To explore the past, by experiments and
language and which will instill the level of confidence.       to preserve the values for the future’ in their young
14   YAGNA | September 2019
Traditional Craft Fair 2019-20                              ADVENTURE CLUB
“People without the knowledge of their past, origin
                                                            On 27th July 2019, Saturday, as a part of adventure club
and culture is like a tree with no roots.”
                                                            activity QMIS had organized its first trek for the year
                                                            2019-2020 to KuttuPatti, Dindigul District. Students
                                                            started the trek to the mountainous KuttuPatti area.
                                                            They carried refreshments in their backpacks. It was a
                                                            pleasant day. The sun was mild, and a gentle breeze was
                                                            blowing. While climbing uphill it was a tough job for
                                                            many of them, but everybody motivated each other. It
                                                            is true that “A journey of thousand miles seem easier
                                                            while walking with your loved ones”.
                                                            Everyone had lunch sitting side by side while they
                                                            were enjoying the beauty of nature and took snaps of it
                                                            with their peer groups. After lunch, students gathered
                                                            together to descend to the base point. The ultimate goal
                                                            of trekking is to realize that “Coming down is easy but
                                                            climbing up is difficult, just as success of life depends
                                                            on how much steps you are climbing and how much
                                                            steps you are going down.” At the end, each student
                                                            was happy and had thoroughly enjoyed the trek. They
                                                            have achieved their main motto that “everyone should

Keeping this quote in mind, The Heritage Club
had taken a great effort in inculcating the values of
our tradition to our children. The club incharges
Ms.Archana, Ms.Gomathi, Ms.Anitha, Ms.Shivani
along with the guidance of Ms.Christinal organized
a traditional craft fair on 26.08.19. The fair included
pottery making, garland making, carpentry and
basket weaving. The external people hosted the fair
to demonstrate the importance of handmade crafts to
the children. The skill of pottery making was exhibited
on the spot by the craftsmen and they made mud pots,
piggy banks, Dhiya’s which inspired the kids. The
children enjoyed a lot and they also understood the
hardwork of those people. They also showed interest
in making it. The children from Pre- Kindergarten to
Grade 12 were taken to view the fair and it was a feast
for their eyes. The children enjoyed by trying potteries,
basket weaving and garland making and carpentry.
Children enjoyed the fair completely along with the
takeaway about the importance of the traditional craft                                                Teacher Incharge:
items that were made by them.                                               Ms.Joy Sheeba & Ms.Archana Rajendran
                                                                                       Student Incharge: Fadilah Asima


                                                                                       Pranav Sai Saran.P
                                                                                                   Grade 4B

PRESERVE LIFE,                          Every drop of blood in our body is     Water body census reports that
                                        priceless. We need to take care, not   household water utilization is the
                                        to bleed when we cut our fingers       area where we need to concentrate
OF WATER!                               with blade. Let’s all join together    to minimize water wastage. It also
As we cruise in a ship called ‘Life’    and start viewing water wastage as     highlights that more than 100
we come across many things we           these blades and start to preserve     million people live with access to
are unable to buy with money, no        blood called water to save our own     poor water quality. Others, who
matter. One among such things is        lives and this Earth.                  are blessed to live with good water
water. ‘Water’ needs to be valued not                                          quality, should realize the true
                                        Indian government and several
as a running liquid, but, as our very                                          worth and utilize water judiciously.
                                        water resources census reveal that
blood or our very life itself.          we need to take measures in terms So, let’s all mark this moment and
Science says our body is mostly         of planning for region wise tanks, start acting to save every drop of
filled with water and like our          irrigation system, river basins, dams, water and water energy. Let us all
mother earth. When we do not            village-wise dug wells, tube wells, start to be calculative by perceiving
maintain adequate water in our          surface lift schemes and surface water to be ‘our blood’, ‘our money’
body, we end being sick. So would       flow schemes. The government is and start saving to see a better
our mother earth, if we do not take     taking several measures nationwide, world tomorrow for our own well
adequate measures to save water for     but, from an individual perspective being and pass on a safe life for our
the future, to keep our Mother Earth    what action(s) have we taken to save upcoming generations.
hale and healthy.                       water?

16   YAGNA | September 2019
Let us be conscious while using           urinals                            ways in which we feel the existence
water at our home as a first step.                                           of sixth sense. Similarly, we should
                                     • Minimize car washes
                                                                             use our sixth sense in preserving our
• Reduce time we take to shower,
                                     • Sensor operated taps usage for        water usage and view water to be a
    rather than spending hours
                                          cleaning                           precious one, more than one’s life.
    showering and thus wasting
                                                                             At times our senses have the ability
    water.                     •          Usage of cooling           tower
                                                                             to foresee a mis-happening and take
• Install low pressure shower             conductivity controllers
                                                                             precautionary steps. Like birds we
    system that saves water and •         Water saving sterilizers which     should seek a way to eradicate the
    energy.                               save water by using steam          water wastage problems by pitching
• Close all taps, if you find any • Use of Rain water harvesting             in our sixth sense. Using magnetic
    leaking water wastefully, take                                           field to navigate the routes to ensure
    immediate plumbing measures. •        Evolving evaporation pan           safe landing. Imagine that we are
                                                                             birds who want to land safely by
• Re-use water. Explore concepts Finally, we should ensure that the
                                                                             preserving water for our generations
    to use Grey Water (Water water usage in agricultural sector
                                                                             and for ourselves too. Become an
    collected from baths for also should be minimized by:
                                                                             inclinometer of yourself and start
    gardening or faucets etc.,)
                                      • Install intelligent irrigation       weeding out the moments that lead
•   Water waste and Sewerage            systems         using    water       to water wastage.
    Water treatment facilities to be    conservation methods available
    installed / enhanced.                                                   Taking an instance of TED talk
                                      • Use technological solution          delivered by Pranav Mistry- a PhD
•   Ensure habitat conservation by
                                        to eradicate the problems           student at MIT has shared about
    minimizing human use of water                                           the thrilling potential of sixth sense
                                        arising through improper drip
    so that water is preserved for                                          - technology. Likewise each of us
                                        irrigation system
    use of birds, animals and other                                         have our own potential to foresee
    species.                          • Treating water with sand            with our sixth sense and formulate
•   Avoid      /    Prevent     water   filtration system
                                                                            innovative      technologies      that
    contamination     caused     by •     Pathogen which causes human eradicate water wastage in our day
    humans.                               infection can be removed from to day life.
Secondly, we all should ensure to         re-cycled water which ensures
                                                                            Say aloud ‘Save water as you would
conserve water at a societal level in     high yield in agricultural sector
                                                                            save your blood and money’.
the following ways:                   •   Adopting appropriate irrigation
                                                                            Preserve the blood and money,
• Installation of water meters to         system like flood irrigation,
                                                                            today in your hand called water to
    measure water usage on day to         overhead irrigation and drip
                                                                            enjoy a precious life of Tomorrow!
    day basis.                            irrigation from time to time

• Use water re-cycling shower.     Start practicing the same from home
                                   then at your school or institution or                            Teacher Incharge:
•   Create       awareness     for organizations that you are associated
                                                                                        Ms.Kundhavai Santharam
    organizations by campaigning with. Share this piece of information
    through          environmental with your friends, family, peers and                             Student Incharge:
    protection agency.             strangers as well.
•   Cities in dry climates should To ensure the above in our practical
    plan for installing natural life, our normal senses alone is not
    landscaping.                   enough, it requires you to become a
Thirdly, it is evident to conserve bird that uses its sixth sense to land
water at business level where we in the water by sensing the magnetic
can try to:                        fields. We have a sense that is beyond
                                   the fifth one which we take names
• Make employees use waterless like hypnotism, telepathy and other

Hi Children !                                              invaluable relationships with people from all over the
                                                           world. You broaden your international connections
Wishing to extend your knowledge outside India for
                                                           while having the opportunity to meet people that could
your higher studies and highly passionate towards in
                                                           turn into life-long friends. Some connections can even
studying abroad ?
                                                           lead to career opportunities, including internships, job
Earning an international degree is not only about          offers and business partners.
expanding your career and personal horizons but also
                                                           Discover Career Opportunities Abroad: Studying in a
about having an experience of a lifetime. Studying
                                                           new country dramatically increases opportunities that
abroad can be a life-changing experience. From
                                                           come your way, depending on field of study.
enhancing your global network to experiencing a new
culture, the benefits to your education and career are     Impress Employers: Studying abroad can help launch
significant. With an increasingly globalized world,        your career and make you more competitive in the
studying abroad is now more important than ever.           workforce. It gives you the opportunity to show future
                                                           and current employers that you have the open mind,
Why should I have to invest my money in studying
                                                           resourcefulness, and drive needed to adapt to a different
Learn about new cultures and perspectives: Your
                                                           In this issue, let’s have an overview of USA Universities
experience with a different culture allows you to expand
                                                           admission process…
your worldview. By studying abroad, you’ll learn about
new perspectives and develop cross-cultural awareness.     When it comes to the USA, Universities follow a
                                                           holistic approach in choosing students. They evaluate
Develop your confidence: By immersing yourself in
                                                           a student not only through academic criteria but also
another culture, you develop valuable life skills needed
                                                           through their personal qualities and characters.
for personal growth, including independence and
adaptability. These skills can boost confidence in your    There are over 4000 Universities in the USA. Students
personal and professional life.                            apply to only a handful among them and then finalise
                                                           on one. It is important that they find the right set of
See the World: Studying abroad allows you to see the
                                                           Universities through some serious research. Application
world, travel to new places you would otherwise not
                                                           process for USA Universities is done through the
have visited. During your time away from your studies,
                                                           Common Application Process, which is otherwise
you can go sightseeing in your new city. You’ll also get
                                                           known as “Common App”. The common application
to know your region more intimately than if you were
                                                           is a standardized online application form accepted by
just visiting for a shorter period of time.
                                                           more than 517 Undergraduate Institutions and used by
Enhanced Network: Studying abroad helps you build          more than 800,000 students. Once completed, it can be

18   YAGNA | September 2019
sent to any participating college.
When would be the right time to apply?
                                                               COUNTRIES SENDING
Ideally, the process of applying for undergraduate study       THE HIGHEST NUMBER
in the US begins 1-1 ½ years before enrolment. For
most students, this is during the spring/summer at the
                                                               OF STUDENTS TO THE US
end of Class 11. Students need not panic if their class
12 year has started and they are getting started with                                   Students’
the application process. They simply need to work at a                                  Migration
                                                                Flag     Country
faster pace. Students should begin planning about their                                 For Higher
admissions almost 18 months before the US study year.                                    Studies

Students should
• Research various colleges and University programs                       China           194,029
     to see which suits their academic and professional
• And they should also register and prepare for                           India           103,895
     TOEFL and SAT exams. Once the students get
     their SAT scores, they can shortlist the Universities
     which can be considered for application.
Application deadlines: There are certain deadlines for                 SouthKorea          73,351
applications for the US universities. There are two ways
of actions 1) Early decision 2) Early action.
Application Requirements:                                              Saudi Arabia        22,704
1.   Application form
2.   Academic documents – Report cards
3.   Test scores of IELTS/TOEFL,SAT etc.,                                Canada            27,546
4.   Essays – Students are asked to their cultural
     background, other life experiences, academic
     interests or other aims in an essay. Essays play a
                                                                         Taiwan            24,818
     very important role in the admission process.
5. Letter of Recommendation Every US University
     requires at least 2 to 3 letters of recommendation,
     one from a Counsellor and the other two from the                     Japan            21,290
     subject teachers.
6. School forms
7. Activities List
                                                                        Vietnam           14,888
8. Other documents /requirements – Interview,
     Portfolio , audition for talent based course
We will delve and discuss more about the top
Universities in the US in the forthcoming Yagna Issue.                   Mexico            13,713

                      Teacher Incharge: Ms.Kalpana Karthick              Turkey            12,184
                          Student Incharge: Jeevana Rose.M.J

QMIS does not make boundaries for students with
academics. They help in career building and inculcate
valuable thoughts and ideas. One such step was the
path session organized on 22nd July 2019 for graders
10 and 11 with Prof. Ramanujam Nedumaran, an
experienced scholar with 35 years of rich teaching
service at American College, Madurai. He briefed the
importance of our mother tongue and how to master
the language. He engaged the students with videos like
“a music concert” to emphasize the value of happiness,
a basketball game with “Stephen Cry” to inculcate
the importance of practice. He made the session
informative about passion, practice and change needed
for life. He shared a few famous quotes to give a clear-cut
idea about how students should be motivated towards
their goal. In this interactive session, students actively
participated in clarifying their queries regarding career
choices. Further he briefed about the career as a teacher
as being a blessing, which is, as colorful as the rainbow.
He advised the gathering to take on life as a challenge
against superstition and procrastination.
                                                              Keeping in mind the student’s career as an ultimate
                                                              goal, the school has tied up with Univariety, since past 4
                                                              years, where they help in building up and strengthening
                                                              the career of our students. The orientation was
                                                              organized on 1st July 2019 at our school premises
                                                              for both students as well as parents. The speaker
                                                              Ms. Rakhi explained about various features of
                                                              univariety, its objective and how it helps students in
                                                              choosing a right career in this competitive world. She
                                                              also gave a short note on the best feature of “Alumni
                                                              guidance” and discussed the new features and assisted
                                                              students on how to complete and validate profile
                                                              building, with the help of a presentation. She also
                                                              described the significance of attending the milestones,
                                                              webinars and tests offered by Univariety which helps
                                                              the students know, which career suits them the best.
                                                              Students posed their questions and finally session
                                                              ended cheerfully.

                                                                                                        Teacher Incharges:
                                                                             Ms.Parasakthi & Ms.Charanya Jeyakumar
                                                                                                        Student Incharge:
                                                                                                    Mahaveera Vishal.S

20   YAGNA | September 2019
                                                              opening session on waste management was conducted
WASTE MANAGEMENT                                              by Ms. Gnanasundari. The emphasis on 3 R’s (Reduce,
“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we            Reuse &Recycle) was the key takeaway of this session.
borrow it from our children”                                  She educated the children that proper adherence of
                                                              three R’s will reduce global warming and help save
                                                              the environment. The children were enlightened with
                                                              the thought that “They can save the environment by
                                                              effective use and management of Waste”. We made
                                                              them realize that everybody has a responsibility to
                                                              leave our future generations a planet that is healthy and
                                                              habitable by all species.

                                                              ENDANGERED FOREST
                                                              To help the children get aware of endangered species
                                                              and to make the planet a better place to live, an ISA
                                                              activity on the endangered species was conducted for
                                                              kindergarteners. This activity’s major focus was to
                                                              enhance knowledge of endangered species in general.
                                                              The students dressed up themselves like different
                                                              endangered species and did a role play. They went
                                                              around the campus to educate the other children to save
                                                              animals and to plant more trees. It was a new learning
QMIS actively involves kids of various levels for             experience for children and to exhibit their talents. The
various International dimension activities. We                students were enthusiastic and did the activity with
strongly believe that children learn by example, so if        great spirit and enthusiasm.
they see you making wise, environmentally conscious
decisions, they will be motivated. Keeping this in mind
the GCC committee planned and conducted an activity
on “Waste management” in the month of July for the
students to create awareness about degradable and
non degradable waste. Waste Segregation is important
because: “If the waste is not separated properly, it gets
mixed up and finally ends up in landfills.” Students of
grade 3 were asked to bring dry and wet waste from
home. An activity was conducted where they were
provided with different bins and they had to segregate
dry and wet waste. Organic waste such as kitchen
waste, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fruits was put into wet
waste. And wastes like paper, glass, metals and plastics
were put into dry waste. Taking it to the next level
graders of grade 4&5 were asked to create beautiful
art made from waste projects which were displayed
in their the classrooms. They came up with the best
out of waste craft ideas which are suitable to reuse
waste materials and decorate each household. An eye-                Teacher Incharges: Ms.Ramalakshmi & Ms.Susikala.A
                                                                                                Student Incharge: Dharani


73RD INDEPENDENCE DAY                                       STEP JUNIOR LEAGUE
CELEBRATION                                                 “No child is born great; they are made great”
We proudly share the report of 73rd Independence            QMIS and the STEP Junior League 2019 takes great
Day Celebrations at our premises. It was a grand gala       pleasure in creating such great English masterminds
occasion which provoked patriotic feeling in us when we     during summer. The aim of the STEP Junior League
celebrated Independence Day. The day started at 7.15am      2019 was to inculcate and infuse the 3C’s in the children
with Thamizh Thai Vazhthu. The National Flag was            i.e. Creativity, Confidence and Communication. They
hoisted by our honourable Chairman Dr. C. Chandran.         succeeded in socialising with peers and earned a
The Flag Song was followed by the Welcome Address           sonorous applause from the audience. The seniors of
delivered by Guhan Kaalai, Prime Minister of the School     the block proved their mettle at acting. They enacted
Parliament. The highly Prestigious Swearing – in –          four mesmerizing skits with wonderful stories. The
Ceremony of the Office bearers of the Student Council       trainers made a special mention about this - incredible
stole the show. The House – Mistress honoured the           creativity in sculpting their own climaxes for stories, the
captains and the vice captains of their houses with their   exceptional teamwork and commitment in providing
batches. Tamil speech, presented by Krithika of Grade       proper inputs for the skits. All four skits excelled in
10 about the hard earned independence was reminiscent       uniqueness. Talent grows when honoured. Finally, the
of the past. Eye-catchy demonstrations of Martial Arts      little stalwarts of English were recognised by our QMIS
by the students of Karate, Kungfu, Taekwondo and            team. Every joyful day of learning had an eventful end.
Silambam were catchy and a feast for the audience.          Parents were provided their ward’s memory books and
The Chief guest’s address presented by our Chairman         workbooks from the workshop. Children bid a tearful
was splendid, thought –provoking which shared of            farewell to their trainers, friends and teachers as they
information about Pro – Independence Struggle               took leave to immerse and enjoy the remaining summer
underwent by National Leaders like Subash Chandra           holidays.
Bose. He stressed the importance of moral education
that students ought to take from the school and be
proud of being the applaudable product of our esteemed                                                Teacher Incharges:
institution. Vote of Thanks proposed by Thirupathi, the                            Ms.Vaishnavi.R & Ms.Jenifer Ruth
Deputy Prime Minister of the School Parliament, gave                                        Student Incharge: Lisa Arul
an epilogue to the celebration. National Anthem ended
the show leaving a glow in the minds of the audience.
Hats Off to all the National Leaders. JaiHind.

22   YAGNA | September 2019

                   Teacher Incharges: Ms.Manimegalai
                   Student Incharge: Muhamed Aslam.S


                                                              di-oxide it looks like a glass of champagne and hence the
                                                              name. Exhausted after a long day in the sun we returned to
SOMEWHERE UNDER THE                                           our accommodation. The evening breeze was refreshing
                                                              and we set out to visit redwood forest. The redwood tree
SAME SKY! – NEW ZEALAND                                       walk and night lights were absolutely amazing. Anyone
“Memories made together with family lasts LIFETIME”           would probably love this place. Wooden suspension
Hello readers, here I’m happy to share our travel             bridges were connected to one another; they took us
experience to New Zealand. Travelers around the globe         around the forest. Night lights were hung on the giant
often seek to find an off to disconnect from day to day       trees which made a beautiful visual that was hard to
activity and to have recreation. New Zealand is one such      forget. These Californian red woods are native to west
destination, words or pictures cannot do justice to the       coast of America.
pristine beauty of this island nation. The landscape varies   We were awestruck when we looked at the largest tree
largely through the length and breadth of New Zealand         in that habitat which was 72 meters tall and 162cm
raging from snow capped mountains in Queenstown.              in diameter; they covered a wide area and served an
Spectacular middle earth and exclusive beaches in the         eco system by itself. Next morning we moved back to
north island were eye capturing one.                          Willington, and evening time was an unforgettable
During the vacation in December, we chose to explore          one that we would always recollect. Travelling around
Rotorua popular for its geothermal activity. We began a       New Zealand not only gave us happiness but also
6 hour drive, early in the morning and reached around         inculcated many values in young minds. The first one
noon. We spent the evening relaxing and taking pictures       was to respect all lives and protect nature. There was no
at the side of Lake Rotorua. At night time, we went star      reckless destruction of trees or natural habitat for the
gazing with dark clear skies that makes the view a breath     sake of expanding cities. When you travel, you drive in
taking experience. Both large and small clouds were           the moments rather than being glued to mobile or any
visible to the naked eye. The next morning our first visit    electronic devices. It was also a wonderful opportunity to
was to Wai-o-Tapu thermal wonderland, its prominent           interact with travelers from across the globe. Travel also
features are Lady Knox geyser, mud pool and geothermal        broadens the horizons and develops responsibilities and
park. Being a nature explorer we picked up a brochure         connects young minds towards nature and adventure. By
and followed the directions on the map.                       sharing this with you I went back in the memory lane and
                                                              cherished those days.
The unique geyser erupts to a height of about 20 meters
every morning at 10:15 AM. We were stunned by this                       “Life is an adventure, just explore and enjoy it”
visual.We then moved to the Geothermal Park there we                                          Aryan Balaji, Grade 1A.
had to walk for 2 – 3 KM in a loop. The most popular
feature is the Champagne pool. The Champagne pool is               Teacher Incharges: Ms.Anitha Thiliban & Ms.Lilly Jeone
a vibrant hot bubbling one. Due to the efflux of carbon-                              Student Incharge: Ibrahim Shakir Syed

24   YAGNA | September 2019

                                                             “A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a
                                                             thirsty person.”
ICE STUPA                                                    India, the second populous country where the wettest area
Sharing an amazing fact and thrilled to present the “Ice     in the world is located, then, why is India experiencing
Stupa”. Ice Stupa is a form of glacier grafting or glacier   water shortage? Unfortunately, there is an ecological
growing or artificial glaciations, which has been in         imbalance of water on the global scale, India is one of
practice since, at least the 19th century in the Hindu       the eight countries which is facing a sharp increase in
Kush and Himalayan ranges. The main idea behind              water crisis that threatens humans seriously. The most
this method is to create small new glaciers, to increase     effective solutions to conserve water are Water Harvesting,
water supply for crops. These ice stupas are used to         Water-shed management and river interlinking. Roof-top
store water in the form of conical shaped ice heaps          harvesting is also an effective way of harvesting rainwater
during the winter and during summer they melt and            which enables people to economize water for upto 4-5
increase the supply of water, for growing crops.
                                                             Wouldn’t it be great to make a positive impact on others
Ice Stupa was invented by Sonam Wangchuk (often
                                                             just by simply asking them to conserve water for the future?
ascribed to be the inspiration behind the lead character
in the movie Three Idiots), an Indian engineer,                                                   Lishanth.S, Grade 8A.
innovator and education reformist from Ladakh. He
founded the SECMOL (Students’ Educational and                “Water, Water everywhere, not a drop to drink”.
Cultural Movement of Ladakh). The “Ice Stupa” project
                                                             “Water”, the elixir of life, is limited. Water being a natural
won the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise.
                                                             source, is essential to accelerate the economic and human
The working principle behind the Ice Stupa is very           development. So readers, the ultimate aim of describing
simple. Water is directed from high altitudes through        the importance of water is to brief how to conserve water.
pipes and when it reaches the village it will rise up to     Closing taps when not necessary, preventing the overflow
60m. It is made to fall from that height in cold Ladakhi     of water, etc. Carelessness in the pipe – valve systems can
nights when the temperature is as low as -30o to -50o        lead to severe water shortage. Therefore, pipe connections
C. The water starts freezing as it reaches the ground and    must be checked and repaired if required on timely basis.
starts to form a huge cone. The height of the pipe can       The motor pump system that is utilized in nearly every
be increased from the ground up and the water might          home can be replaced with automated motor system.
be left to freeze from the ground up, thus forming the       Implementation of these steps in every home will contribute
Ice Stupa. This has become a life line for the farmers       to the conservation of water.
who primarily had no solution to water shortage              So readers, it is our turn, lets change the future with a
during summer. Now Sonam Wangchuk is planning                small step….
on building fifty more ice stupas that could supply ten
                                                                                        Mohamed Ibrahim, Grade 11A
million litres of water each, a year, and irrigate twenty
five acres of land.
                    Teacher Incharge: Ms. Uma Maheshwari Teacher Incharges: Ms.Lavanya Jeyakumar & Ms.Gomathi.U
                        Student Incharge: Sai Naga Abirami                            Student Incharge: Ms.Sowmya
                                                                                Getting all of the senses involved
                                                                                in learning is the ideal way to make
                                                                                well rounded, intelligent children.

                                              SENSES ACTIVITY

                                                                                         BIRTH PARTY
                                         “Senses empower limitations, senses
                                         expand vision within borders, and “A birthday is a million moments,
                                         senses promote understanding each holding a promise of
                                         through pleasure.”                      fulfillment of their dreams and
                                                                                 accomplishment of some special
                                         Our senses are the route we explore
                                         the world and understand what
     VISIT TO WORSHIP                    is going on around us in terms of Every little one stepping into
                                         awareness. The kids were taught the school, is a new birth for
“Worship is the believer’s response      various activities that stimulate their kindergarten & to commemorate
of all that they are – mind, emotions,   senses and help the brain to develop their new birth at school, our pre-
will, body – to what God is and says     and function at its peak.               kg children had their birthday
and does.” -Warren Wiersbe                                                       celebration party as part of their
                                         The KG Team organized an activity
                                                                                 curriculum.     Classrooms      were
All religions have one common            “My Five Senses”, through which
                                                                                 beautifully decorated with balloons,
ideal, worship of the Lord and all of    these kids acquired knowledge
                                                                                 caps and welcome cards which
them proclaim in universality. The       regarding the five senses - sight,
                                                                                 attracted the growing buddies and
temple, the church and the mosque        smell, sound, taste, touch through
                                                                                 added more charm to the occasion.
may be different from one another.       hands-on experience, which in a
                                                                                 All kids had their celebration with
The idol or the symbol in them           way helped them to understand
                                                                                 QMIS family by distributing cakes.
may not be the same and the rites        their body functioning. This activity
                                                                                 The very first celebration taught
performed in them differ, whatever       was an exploration for the little
                                                                                 the toddlers, our future leaders,
the faith, to understand, was the        minds, because they were able to
                                                                                 the values of sharing, respect and
outcome of the visit.                    discover some new and exciting
                                         things about their selves.
“If we live in our oneness-heart,
we will feel the essence of all          This activity helped the kids to
religions which is the love of God.      understand what each of their senses
Forgiveness, compassion, tolerance,      did for them, and how the body part
                                         associated with each sense and is                         Teacher Incharges:
brotherhood and the feeling of                                                                     Ms.Priyadharshni
oneness are the signs of a true          useful in everyday life.
religion.”-Sri Chinmoy.                  Experiential learning builds a                             Student Incharge:
                                         concrete future and we are sure this                     Anbuselvam.S.M.C
                                         will manifest in our students’ life.
26   YAGNA | September 2019
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