HORSES IN ACTION Prize Schedule | Competition Information - Royal Adelaide Show

HORSES IN ACTION Prize Schedule | Competition Information - Royal Adelaide Show
Prize Schedule | Competition Information

31 August - 9 September 2018 |
                                      ARRIVAL & REMOVAL OF HORSES
Horses will not be permitted to enter the Showground before 8.00 am on Tuesday 28 August under any
circumstances. Entry for horses is via the Leader Street entrance. Only the driver will be admitted free but
will be required to produce a pass when re-entering the Showground after removal of their vehicle once
the Show has commenced. Caravans will not be permitted on the Showground. Only horses accepted for
competition are permitted on the Showground.
                                 SHOWTIME ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES
•    From 8.00 am on Tuesday 28 August to 9.30 pm on Thursday 30 August – all arrivals to enter via
     Leader Street Gate.
•    From 6.00 am till 9.30 pm, Thursday 30 August to Sunday 9 September – all arrivals and departures
     to enter via Leader Street 3 Car Park.
•    From 9.30 pm till 6.00 am, Thursday 30 August to Sunday 9 September – all arrivals and departures
     to enter via Leader Street Gate.
An exit permit and departure time must be obtained from the Stabling Co-ordinator prior to
Exhibitors may not remove their horse/s before a Grand Parade (if programmed).
During the Show, no horse is permitted onto the Showground prior to the night before the first day of
allocated stabling.
For the loading and unloading of exhibits, a duration limit of 45 minutes for cars and floats and 60 minutes
for trucks is allowed. An Infringement Notice will be issued should the time limit be exceeded.
Prior to arrival, the exhibitor must record the vehicle registration, the name of the responsible person (driver)
and their mobile phone number on the Vehicle Permit (provided by the Society).
Exhibitors who do not display the Vehicle Permit and do not provide correct information on the Vehicle
Permit, will not be permitted to enter the Showground.
The Vehicle Permit must be displayed in clear view on the dashboard of the vehicle upon entering the
Showground and while loading and unloading.
All cars, floats and trucks must be removed from the Showground by 8.30 am daily.
There is no vehicle access to the Showground between 6.00 am and 9.30 pm during the Royal Adelaide
Failure to comply with this ruling and/or pay any fee incurred by 31 December 2017 may result in refusal of
entries for future Shows.

                     The Society gratefully acknowledges the support of
                                   S. KIDMAN & CO LTD
                         in the provision of Horse/Rider Numbers.
REQUIRE STABLING AND LOCKERS. The onus is on the exhibitor to ensure the correct days are
indicated on the Stabling & Locker Request Form.
•    Pony hack/show hunter pony exhibitors who also exhibit hacks and/or show hunter horses, Galloway
     hacks and/or Galloway show hunters, MAY be permitted to remain on the Showground after Monday
     3 September (subject to availability of stalls and lockers)
•    Pony hack/show hunter pony exhibitors who DO NOT also exhibit hacks, Galloway hacks and/or
     show hunter horses or galloways must depart the Showground on Monday 4 September or before 8.00
     am on Tuesday 4 September.
•    Hack and/or show hunter horse and Galloway hack and/or Galloway show hunter exhibitors who also
     exhibit pony hacks and/or show hunter ponies MAY be permitted to arrive from Tuesday 28 August
     (subject to availability of stalls and lockers)
•    Hack and/or show hunter horse and Galloway hack and/or Galloway show hunter exhibitors who
     DO NOT also exhibit pony hacks and/or Show Hunter ponies cannot arrive at the Showground until
     Monday 3 September
•    Harness and Showjumping exhibitors may arrive from 8.00 am on Tuesday 28 August but must depart
     the Showground no later than 6.00 pm on Sunday 9 September.
•    Racehorse to Showhorse exhibitors may arrive on Saturday 8 September or Sunday 9 September.

All horses must vacate the Showground by 6.00 pm on Sunday 9 September.

Exhibitors must indicate their arrival and departure dates on the Stabling & Locker Allocation Form and return
with entry forms. .
Requests received after the closing date of entry will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Horse measuring times will be as follows:
Wednesday 29 August to Friday 31 August..........................................................................6.30 am to 5.00 pm
Saturday 1 September to Sunday 2 September.....................................................................7.30 am to 5.00 pm
Monday 3 September to Friday 7 September........................................................................7.30 am to 5.00 pm
Saturday 8 September...........................................................................................................6.30 am to 9.30 am
Exhibitors must produce their registration papers at the time of measuring to prove identity of horse. The
maximum time given to any one animal in the measuring bay is 10 minutes. Exhibitors are reminded that
measuring is an essential part of competition and therefore all rules and regulations apply.

Following the recording of a measurement, exhibitors may apply to the RA&HS of SA Inc to receive
a certificate stating the recorded measurement where a fee of $20 will apply. Once the certificate is
issued, the exhibitor is permitted to use the certificate for whatever purpose they choose, provided the
exhibitor acknowledges that the Society accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the measurement
following the Royal Adelaide Show performance and that the certificate has a 12 month currency
expiring one week prior to the immediate and following years programmed Royal Adelaide Show
commencement date.
For more detailed information on measuring, please refer to “Measuring” in the Prize Schedule.

                                                                ENTRY FEES
                                                                                                                                 Entry Fee
     Rider/Driver Classes                                                                                                         $30.00
     Harness Classes                                                                                                              $30.00
     Equestrian/Smartest on Parade Classes                                                                                        $35.00
     Leading Rein Classes                                                                                                         $35.00
     Hack/Hunter Classes                                                                                                          $35.00
     Section 4‘s                                                                                                                 $100.00
     Individual Hunter Classes                                                                                                    $35.00
     World Cup Jumping                                                                                                           $160.00
     Group A – Section 1 Jumping Nomination Fee (to be paid at time of entry)                                                     $85.00
     Group A – Section 1 Jumping Entry Fee                                                                                        $95.00
     Group A – Section 2 Jumping Nomination Fee (to be paid at time of entry)                                                     $75.00
     Group A – Section 2 Jumping Entry Fee                                                                                        $85.00
     Group A – Section 3 Jumping Nomination Fee (to be paid at time of entry)                                                     $65.00
     Group A – Section 3 Jumping Entry Fee                                                                                        $75.00
     Group B – Junior Jumping Nomination Fee (to be paid at time of entry)                                                        $45.00
     Group B – Junior Jumping Entry Fee                                                                                           $55.00
     Grand Prix Jumping Contest                                                                                                   $60.00
     Young Rider Jumping Contest                                                                                                  $25.00
     Article 269 Accumulator                                                                                                      $50.00
     Racehorse to Showhorse                                                                                                       $35.00
     Paper Processing Fee                                                                                               $20.00 per exhibitor

    Nomination fees are not refundable.
    Stalls (including bedding)..................................................................................................... $30 per day
    Locker.................................................................................................................................. $15 per day
    (exhibitors with less than five horses may not apply for more than one locker)
    Locker Deposit - $25 per locker (refundable on return of the key prior to departure). Lost or non-
    returned keys or padlock will result in the deposit being forfeited.
    Please ensure you advise your arrival and departure dates and times on the Stabling & Locker
    Application - failure to complete the form correctly, may result in refusal of entries.
    Make cheques payable to RA&HS and post with completed entry form to:
    RA&HS - Horse Section
    • All entry fees include GST.
                          CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES
                          FRIDAY 18 MAY 2018 at 5.00 pm CST
                          ONLY - FRIDAY 6 JULY 2018 AT 5.00 PM (CST)

           CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES                                       MEMBERSHIP
The following conditions will strictly apply:          Exhibitors must be members of the Royal
•    All entry forms, whether posted, lodged in        Agricultural and Horticultural Society of SA Inc.
     person or completed on-line must be in the        except exhibitors competing in Rider/Driver classes
     Society’s possession at its Administration        only; World Cup Showjumping only; Section 4’s
     Office by 5.00 pm on the dates stated             only
     above.                                            Membership fees: Adults $165, Juniors $56 (under
•    When sending entry forms and fees by              18).
     post, the onus is on the exhibitor to ensure      Membership of other Royal Show Societies does
     adequate delivery time                            not exempt exhibitors.
•    A $20 processing fee will be charged on                           CONTACT DETAILS
     every paper entry form (ie) per exhibitor
                                                       Post    RA&HS – Horse Section, PO Box 108,
•    A late entry option is available under the                Goodwood SA 5034
     following conditions:                             Email:
    o Late entries may only be submitted               Phone: (08) 8210 5211 (between 9.00 am and
          online and will be accepted for 7 days               5.00 pm Monday to Friday)
          after the official closing date              Website
          (by 5.00 pm CST)
    o An additional fee equivalent to three                              YOUR PRIVACY
          times the standard entry fee is paid.        If you do not want your details to be made
•    Entry forms by email or facsimile are strictly    available to other parties, please tick the box on
     forbidden and will be destroyed.                  the entry form supplied by the RA&HS . Your
•    Absolutely no exception to the above              personal information will then only be used by the
     conditions will be made to any exhibitor          RA&HS to maintain contact with you and allow
     under any circumstance.                           us to manage your entries. The RA&HS reserves
                                                       the right to inform prize sponsors of the details of
                PAYMENT OF FEES                        recipients to enable distribution of their voucher/
When paying fees by cheque or credit card,             product prizes. Please note: by ticking the box to
exhibitors must ensure that sufficient funds are       suppress your details, your name will appear in the
available at the time of entry. Failure to do so may   Catalogue (if applicable) but your address will not.
result in non-acceptance of entries. Make cheques
                                                                    GENERAL REGULATIONS
payable to RA&HS and post with completed entry
form.                                                  Exhibitors are reminded that the Society’s General
                                                       Regulations apply to all sections of the Show. A
                     REFUNDS                           copy of the General Regulations can be obtained
No refund of entry fees,stabling or locker fees will   from the Society’s website at
be made after an exhibitor has been notified of the    or from the Society’s Administration Office.
acceptance of their horse.                             Exhibitors should note that the General Regulations
Membership may be refunded by returning all            contain a number of provisions relevant to
badges and tickets before the commencement of          competitions and this Schedule including but
the Show.                                              not limited to, offences, penalties, prohibited
Fees for horses, galloways or ponies for which a       drugs. As those conditions apply in addition to
nomination is made and the entry not accepted          the regulations contained within this schedule,
shall be refunded MINUS A $20 Administration           Exhibitors should familiarise themselves with the
Fee.                                                   General Regulations.

                  SPECIAL REGULATIONS                                          REGISTRATION
    Exhibitors are reminded that the Special                 All horses, galloways and ponies entered in any
    Regulations contained within this Schedule are           class must be registered with Equestrian Australia
    merely supplementary to and subject to the General       (hereafter referred to as the EA), Show Horse
    Regulations.                                             Council of Australasia or any other organisations
    The members of the Society’s Horse Committee             acceptable to the Committee.
    shall have the power on behalf of the Society to         A photocopy, back and front, of the current
    take any necessary action under these Special            Registration certificate must be produced when
    Regulations.                                             lodging entries for all horses, galloways or ponies,
                                                             including those registered within South Australia. .
                 SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES
                                                             Entries submitted online must have the registration
    Exhibitors must state on each entry form the class
                                                             papers attached before the entry/ies are submitted.
    number (as per schedule) and the name, colour, sex
                                                             Harness, Sidesaddle and Section 4's exhibits only,
    and registered number of each horse.
                                                             are exempt from these registration requirements.
    Horses in each class must be named excepting
    where the rider only is to be judged.                                       OWNERSHIP
    A $20 administration fee will be levied on every         All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the
    incorrect or incomplete entry (including online          exhibitor or held by the exhibitor under a written
    entries)                                                 and recorded lease at the time of entry.
                           NOTICE                                              ENTRY PASSES
    1. It is a condition of your entry that the Society      •    One day exhibitors competing in Rider,
    reserves the right to accept, reject or cancel any            Section 4s and Racehorse to Showhorse
    entry at any time without being bound to give any             classes will receive a One-Day Pass for each
    reason therefore.                                             day of competition. An extra one-day pass
    2. Any exhibitor who supplies incorrect information           will be issued for exhibitors with 3 or more
    on an entry form is liable to disqualification.               horses.
                                                             •    Exhibitors competing in only World Cup
                          ENTIRES                                 classes ie: Warm-up and World Cup
    An entire horse, galloway or pony will not be                 Qualifier, will receive 2 one-day passes for
    permitted to compete in sections other than                   one horse and up to four one day passes for
    Jumping and Harness classes.                                  two or more horses.
                    BIRTH CERTIFICATE                        •    Members exhibiting 3 or less horses will not
    In a class for which an age limit is specified,               be provided with any additional passes. If
    the birth certificate of each competitor must be              additional passes are required, members
    produced at the time of making an entry.                      can purchase extra guest passes or pre-paid
    If this certificate has been produced previously it is        tickets at a reduced rate.
    unnecessary to do so again                               •    Members exhibiting more than three
                                                                  horses will receive 1 extra full Show pass.
                                                                  If additional passes are required, members
    Please ensure exhibits are entered in the correct
                                                                  can purchase extra guest passes or pre-paid
    class at the time of entry. No exhibit will be
                                                                  tickets at a reduced rate
    transferred to another class after the closing date of
    entries. Exhibits may be transferred for height (or                        WITHDRAWALS
    weight in harness classes) reasons only after being      All withdrawals must be made in writing and can
    measured by the official Society measurer. If an         be sent via email to: entries@adelaideshowground.
    exhibit measures over or under the height class/es or faxed to (08) 8210 5222.
    in which they entered, they must nominate which          Emailed withdrawals must include “Withdrawal” in
    class/es they wish to transfer to when there is no       the subject line and the section (eg Horse Section),
    equivalent class.                                        exhibitor name, class number, exhibit number (if
                                                             known) and exhibit name (if applicable).

No refund of fees will be made after an exhibitor      In entering the competition, you acknowledge your
has been notified of the acceptance of their horse.    agreement to the following:
A $20 Administration Fee will be levied on             •     You will not issue a tax invoice to the RA&HS
withdrawals made before notification of                      in respect to prize money received;
acceptance.                                            •     You will notify the RA&HS if you cease to be
  PENALTY FOR NON EXHIBITION OF ANIMALS                      registered for GST.
Following advice from the Society of acceptance        If you provide your Australian Business Number
of their nomination/s, any exhibitor whose exhibit     but are not registered for GST, we will pay the prize
becomes unable to compete for any reason must          money as detailed in the Prize Schedule without
notify the Society in writing prior to the first day   reference to the GST.
of the Royal Adelaide Show, that their exhibit/s       If you confirm you are entering as part of a private
are unable to compete. Exhibitors who fail to          recreational pursuit or hobby, we will pay the prize
scratch prior to the Royal Adelaide Show will be       money as detailed in the Prize Schedule without
fined $200 for each exhibit not scratched and may      reference to GST.
be disqualified from competing at future Royal
Adelaide Shows.                                                            IMPORTANT
                      PRIZES                            It is important that you either:
Prize ribbons will be as listed in each category.       •      Confirm you are entering as part of a
                                                               private recreational pursuit or hobby, or
In pairs classes ribbons will be awarded to each
placed horse.                                           •      Confirm you are entering as a GST
Champions will be selected from first prize winners            registered business and supply your ABN
and Reserve Champions from remaining first prize        Failure to do either of the above will cause
winners and the second prize winner in the class        the RA&HS to withhold 48.5% of your prize
that supplied the Champion.                             money in accordance with Australian tax

 All prize money won during the Royal Adelaide
 Show will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer         The RA&HS is not a tax consultant and
 (EFT) only.                                            therefore assumes no liability for actions
                                                        taken as a result of these guidelines. In any
                                                        instances where an entrant or sponsor is
                                                        uncertain of the tax implications of their
               OCTOBER.                                 involvement, they should consult their own
Any trophy, prize or prize money not claimed by         accountant or tax advisor.
11 December of the current year. shall be deemed
forfeited by the exhibitor and the RA&HS shall no
longer be liable to pay or provide the prize.          The Society makes every endeavour to ensure all
                                                       prizes listed are accurate at the time of printing.
             PRIZE MONEY AND GST                       Should a prize (cash, voucher, product, trophy) be
Prize money as stated in the Prize Schedule does       withdrawn by a sponsor subsequent to printing,
not include GST.                                       the Society will pay prize money as stated above.
The prize money which we pay to successful             It is the responsibility of the prize winner to follow-
exhibitors depends on information provided to          up with the Society any sponsored prize (cash,
us. If you confirm that you are GST registered and     voucher, product, trophy) they believe they are
provide your Australian Business Number (ABN),         entitled to prior to 11 December in the year of the
we will pay the appropriate prize money plus 10%       prize being awarded. The Society will not follow-up
GST. We will provide you with a Recipient Created      prize sponsors after this date or review any prizes
Tax Invoice which you will need to submit to the       that may have been incorrectly awarded
Australian Taxation Office.

    Property Identification Codes (PIC's) are            AND HUNTER CLASSES
    compulsory for all horse exhibitors. Failure to
                                                         Exhibitors are urged to read the following to
    provide your PIC will result in your entry being
                                                         ensure performances listed on entry forms meet
    refused. For more information or to register,
                                                         the acceptance requirements.
    contact BioSecurity SA on 1800 654 688 or visit                                MINIMUM QUALIFYING PERFORMANCES –
                        ENTRIES                          HACK & HUNTER CLASSES (eligibility for entry)
    In all classes, unless four or more nominations      No more than two (2) Hack or Show Hunter
    are received, the Committee reserves the right the   rings at any one show will be considered for
    cancel or merge the class.                           qualifications.

                    PERFORMANCES                         Competitors must obtain the minimum
    Performances of each horse, galloway or pony         performances listed below to qualify for the
    must be stated on the entry form for Harness,        Royal Adelaide Show competition for Hack,
    Hack, Show Hunter and Jumping classes.               Galloway Hack, Pony Hack, Hunter, Galloway
    The schedule of classes is divided into seven        Hunter, Pony Hunter and Equestrian classes:
    main sections.                                       •    Three (3) first placings in an open height or
    1. Rider/Driver Classes                                   weight or Lady's or Gentleman's class in the
                                                              current season (ie) 20 May 2017 to 17 May
    2. Harness classes.
                                                              2018 at three (3) separate agricultural shows
    3. Hack classes.
                                                              affiliated with the Agricultural Societies
    4. Show Hunter classes.
                                                              Council. No more than one (1) win per day
    5. Jumping contest (groups A, B and C).                   per show will be accepted as a qualifying
    6. Section 4’s                                            performance.
    7. Racehorse to Showhorse
    A separate entry and performance form is             •    Two (2) first placings and two (2) second
    required for each section for each horse,                 placings in an open height or weight or
    galloway or pony nominated.                               Lady's or Gentleman's class in the current
    From the information contained on the entry form          season (ie) 20 May 2017 to 17 May 2018 at
    the Society will determine which entries are to be        four (4) separate agricultural shows affiliated
    accepted. If incomplete information is forwarded,         with the Agricultural Societies Council.
    the performance will not be recognised. The               No more than one (1) win/placing per day
    Society will then advise all nominators whether           per show will be accepted as a qualifying
    their nomination is accepted as an entry for              performance.
    competition at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show in
    the class or classes stated.
                                                         •    One (1) first placing and four (4) second
    The Society will not consider any further
                                                              placings in an open height or weight or
    performances or information which is forwarded,
                                                              Lady's or Gentleman's class in the current
    after entries have closed.
                                                              season (ie) 20 May 2017 to 17 May 2018 at
             PERFORMANCES RECOGNISED                          five (5) separate agricultural shows affiliated
    The Society will only recognise performances at           with the Agricultural Societies Council.
    shows which are affiliated with the Equestrian            No more than one (1) win/placing per day
    Australia, Agricultural Shows affiliated with the         per show will be accepted as a qualifying
    Federal Council of Agricultural Societies and the         performance.
    Show Horse Council of Australasia. The onus is       OR
    on the exhibitor to only list performances from      •    Six (6) second placings in an open height or
    recognised Shows.                                         weight or Lady's or Gentleman's class in the
    Exhibitors entering Hack classes must qualify             current season (ie) 20 May 2017 to 17 May
    and compete as a Hack only.                               2018 at six (6) separate agricultural shows
    Exhibitors entering Hunter classes must qualify           affiliated with the Agricultural Societies
    and compete as a Hunter only.                             Council. No more than one (1) placing per
                                                              day per show will be accepted as a qualifying

Any Champion Hack, Champion Galloway                    These performances will only be recognised
Hack, Champion Pony Hack, Champion Show                 as winning performances after the minimum
Hunter Horse, Champion Show Hunter Galloway             qualifying performances have been achieved.
or Champion Show Hunter Pony gained at any              Events which do NOT count as acceptable
capital city Royal Show (including State and            performances (at shows other than State or
Territory capital city Royal Shows but excluding        Territory capital city Royal Shows) are:
the Melbourne Summer Royal) in the 12                   a. Maiden classes
months prior to the closing date of entries will        b. Hack or Hunter classes restricted by breed,
gain automatic acceptance to compete at the             colour or age.
forthcoming Royal Adelaide Show.                        c. Hack or Hunter classes restricted by a district.
Qualified Hacks and Show Hunters may also               d. Classes at unaffiliated events.
enter Smartest on Parade and Leading Rein               e. Pleasure and/or education and/or paced
classes.                                                classes.
OBTAINING THE MINIMUM QUALIFYING                        f. Riding and/or turnout classes
PERFORMANCES DOES NOT GUARANTEE                         g. Consolation Hack or Hunter classes
ACCEPTANCE FOR COMPETITION.                             h. Pairs, teams etc classes.
                                                        i Child’s classes.
                                                        j. Combined training classes
                                                        k. Pony Club classes
 Exhibitors wishing to compete ONLY in
 Leading Rein class/es or Ridden Shetland Pony          l. Novice Champion and/or Novice Hack or
 class/es are not required to obtain qualifying         Hunter classes
 performances.                                          m. Elementary classes
                                                        n. Intermediate classes
ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCES – HACK AND                      o. Leading Rein and/or Smartest on Parade
SHOW HUNTER                                             classes.
Exhibitors are advised to list additional winning       p. Newcomer classes.
performances to nominate for acceptance in              FROM THE PERFORMANCES LISTED ON THE
the Royal Adelaide Show competition for Hack,           ENTRY FORM, THE SOCIETY WILL AT ITS
Galloway Hack, Pony Hack, Show Hunter Horse,            DISCRETION, DETERMINE ACCEPTANCE.
Show Hunter Galloway and Show Hunter Pony               All rules and regulations relating to the Horse
classes.                                                section are subject to change without notice.
It is expected that entries will be high and
additional performances will be required in the                        HARNESS CLASSES:
event of a ballot.                                      Exhibitors must state harness performances of
Performances must be achieved at:                       horses entered. The Society reserves the right to
•      Shows affiliated with the Federal Council of     determine which horses are accepted. Harness
       Agricultural Societies.                          horses entered for other classes must qualify for
•      Placings 1 to 6 in any ridden Hack or Show       those classes.
       Hunter class (competing singly) at any                               JUMPING:
       Royal Show (including State and Territory        Exhibitors must state their best six performances
       capital city Royal Shows but excluding the       from 12 May 2017 until 10 May 2018 along with
       Melbourne Summer Royal)                          their best six performances prior to 13 May 2016
•      Wins in any ridden Hack or Show Hunter           ONLY.
       class (competing singly) in the current season
       at EA or EA affiliated shows.                        SECTION 4S (TEAMS AND INDIVIDUALS):
•      Wins in any ridden Hack or Show Hunter           No performances are required.
       class (competing singly) in the current season
       at Show Horse Council or Show Horse
       Council affiliated shows.

                       TIMETABLE                          Exhibitors with less than four horses will not be
    A timetable of all classes and events is enclosed.    allotted a large locker.
    When entering Horses in Action classes, please        These fees will apply whether locker is shared or
    be aware that due to the complicated nature           not.
    of programming, there are likely to be clashes        Should the number of applications received
    between some classes.                                 exceed the number of lockers which are
    We are aware of these and every endeavour has         available, the Society will require exhibitors
    been made to eliminate them, where possible.          with one horse to share a locker with another
    However, due to as many as four rings being run
    at the same time, it is not possible to eliminate     Exhibitors with one horse are requested to
    all clashes. Therefore, where these occur, the        indicate on the Stabling/Locker Request form
    exhibitor may have to make a choice between           with whom they would be prepared to share
    one class and the other.                              a locker if required. If exhibitors do not state
                                                          a name, the sharing will be determined by the
    The Committee reserves the right to substitute,
    vary the time of, alter or abandon any event in
    the day or night programmes.                          Exhibitors must pay a $25 locker key deposit at
                                                          the time of entry. The deposit will be refunded
    The Committee reserves the right to conduct
                                                          upon return of the key and lock upon departure.
    elimination tests in any event at any time, on due
                                                          Failure to return the key and lock or if the key
                                                          or lock is lost, the deposit will be forfeited.
    Exhibitors entered in other categories must give
                                                          Unauthorised removal of the padlock will also
    24 hours notice of a potential conflict in the
                                                          result in forfeiture of the deposit.
                                                          The key for the locker allocated will be given to
    Depending on entry numbers, classes may
                                                          the exhibitor by the Stabling Co-ordinator.
    commence at 8.30 am.
                                                          Requests received after closing date of entries
                   STALLS & LOCKERS                       will not be considered.
    For price information on stalls and lockers, please   Stables are to be used for the sole purpose of
    refer to page 2.                                      stabling horses only, the use of the stable for any
    THE ONUS IS ON THE EXHIBITOR TO ENSURE                other purpose such as accommodation, storage of
    STALLS AND LOCKERS ARE BOOKED FOR THE                 fodder, bedding or tack etc is strictly forbidden.
    CORRECT DAYS.                                         Any exhibitor acting in breach of this regulation
    Unless a horse is nominated and competes in at        may be fined $200 for each stable per day and
    least two events excluding rider classes a stall      may, at the discretion of the Committee, be
    will not be allocated.                                disqualified from competing at the current Show,
    A limited number of stalls and lockers are            in which event any Award that the exhibitor may
    available on the Showground.                          have won at that Show is also forfeited.
    Due to the limited lockers available for exhibitors   An exhibitor who has not occupied the stable
    onsite , we urge our exhibitors to consider their     that has been allocated to that exhibitor by 8.00
    accommodation requirements for 2017 and plan          am on the day of allocation is advised that the
    accordingly                                           stable will be deemed vacant and all payment
    The Society will, subject to availability, allocate   received by the RA&HS in association with the
    stalls and lockers as soon as practicable after the   stable/s will be forfeited. The stall will likely be
    acceptance of entries.                                reallocated to an alternative exhibitor.
    Depending on entries received local horses may        Whilst the Society will consider stabling
    not get a stall.                                      requests, no guarantee is made that they will be
    The Society reserves the right to alter this          met.
    allocation at any time should such action be          •     Horses which are nominated in one or two
    considered necessary, and may allocate another              classes only may be removed on the day on
    stall or locker to the exhibitor.                           which they have competed but not before a
                                                                Grand Parade (if programmed). Stalls will not
    Applications for stalls and lockers must be lodged
                                                                be allotted for these horses and exhibitors
    at time of entry.
                                                                must notify the Society at the time of lodging
    Exhibitors with less than five horses may apply
                                                                entries that the horse will be removed.
    for one locker only.

•    Exhibitors of horses which have been              4.   Exhibitors may buy additional bags of
     allocated a stall may remove their horses at a         sawdust and/or shavings from the fodder
     time approved by the Stabling Co-ordinator             store during the Show.
     (but not before a Grand Parade) providing
                                                                    ALTERNATIVE STABLING
     a deposit of $50 is lodged with the Society.
                                                       Alternative stabling is available at the SA
     This deposit will be refunded provided that
                                                       Equestrian Centre, cnr Warren Ave & Tapleys Hill
     the horse is returned before 8.00 am on the
                                                       Road, Glenelg North. For more information and
     following day.
                                                       bookings, contact Greg Crocker on
            CARE OF STALLS/LOCKERS                     0438 035 070 or
Numbers or any other identification marks                                 MEASURING
which may have been placed on or in a stall            All horses, galloways and ponies entered in a
or box by the Society, whether by placard,             class with a height restriction, whether it be an
painting, posting or any other means, must not         upper or lower limit, must be measured by the
be removed, disfigured or altered in any way,          measuring steward before competing.
nor shall any other notice, number or mark be
                                                       Exhibitors must produce their registration papers,
placed in or upon any stall or box other than
                                                       which must be checked to belong to the horse
by the order of the Society. Screens, rugs or any
                                                       presented, before a measurement can be taken.
other obstruction which may obscure the interior
                                                       All horses, galloways and ponies will be
of the stall to the public must not be used during
                                                       measured at the highest point of the wither.
daylight hours.
                                                       The poll shall not be lower than the highest point
Stalls shall be used only by animals entered for
                                                       of the wither at the time of measurement.
competition and for the purpose for which they
have been allocated to the exhibitor.                  An allowance of 10 mm for shoes will be
                                                       observed. Should an exhibit be measured with
The consumption of intoxicating liquor in lockers
                                                       shoes on, and the exhibitor disagrees with the
and adjacent areas is forbidden.
                                                       measuring steward, the exhibitor may have the
The observance of the above regulations will be
                                                       animal re-measured without shoes.
the responsibility of the exhibitor.
                                                       Any exhibit having passed the measuring steward
Infringement of these regulations will result in the
                                                       for its class shall not be eligible for a class of a
cancellation of the stall or locker in question.
                                                       different height.
                 STALL CLEANING                        The maximum time given to any one animal in
Exhibitors will, to the satisfaction of the Society:   the measuring bay is 10 minutes.
1. Keep each stall allotted to them and their          The responsibility is on the competitor to advise
     animals in a clean and proper condition           the Arena Co-ordinator if a horse is transferred
     throughout the Show.                              to a class of a different height. Failure to do so
2. Clean out their stalls regularly. Refuse must       will preclude entry into that class.
     be deposited in manure bins provided.             The Society may refuse to measure any horse
3. Manure must not be deposited in alleyways           presented for measuring if in its opinion the
     or general purpose rubbish bins.                  horse is not in a fit and proper condition to be
4. General purpose rubbish must not be                 measured or if in its opinion any circumstances
     deposited in manure bins.                         exist which are likely to lead to the horse being
                                                       incorrectly measured. The Society shall not be
                     BEDDING                           required to give any reason for the exercise of the
1.   Sawdust and/or shavings will be the only          discretion hereby conferred.
     horse bedding used on the Showgrounds.            The Committee reserves the right to re-measure
2.   The cost of bedding is included in the stall      horses at any time during the Royal Show.
     fees.                                             Following the recording of a measurement,
3.   Exhibitors of hacks occupying a stall in the      exhibitors may apply to the RA&HS of SA Inc
     second half of the Show will be issued two        to receive a certificate stating the recorded
     bedding tickets by the Stabling Co-ordinator      measurement where a fee of $20 will apply.
     at the time of stall allocation.

 Once the certificate is issued, the exhibitor is   These numbers shall be retained by the
 permitted to use the certificate for whatever      competitor. If a competitor loses a number during
 purpose they choose, provided the exhibitor        the Show it will be replaced at a cost of $5.
 acknowledges that the Society accepts
 no responsibility for the accuracy of the                             ELIGIBILITY
 measurement following the Royal Adelaide Show      Each horse, galloway, or pony competing in pair
 performance and that the certificate has a 12      and team classes must be nominated separately
 month currency expiring one week prior to the      on the entry form, and exhibitors may pair with
 immediate and following years programmed           other entries received for the same class. If a pair
 Royal Adelaide Show commencement date.             separately owned gains a prize, the prize will be
               STANDARD HEIGHTS                     A horse, galloway or pony will not be permitted
 Hacks - over 15 hands (1524 mm).                   to compete more than once in any one pair class.
 Galloways - over 14 hands (1422 mm) and not        A horse, galloway or pony which has won in a
 exceeding 15 hands (1524 mm).                      pair class is still considered a novice for a single
 Ponies - not exceeding 14 hands (1422 mm).         class.
           METRIC CONVERSION TABLE                  The Committee may restrict riders in jumping
 8.2 ¼ hands - 870 mm                               classes to riding a maximum of three horses,
 10.2 hands - 1067 mm                               galloways or ponies.
 11 hands - 1118 mm                                 In Hack events, excluding championships, a
                                                    competitor will not be permitted to ride more
 12 hands - 1219 mm
                                                    than one horse, galloway or pony in each class.
 12.2 hands - 1270 mm
                                                    Substitution of any horse, galloway or pony will
 13 hands - 1321 mm
                                                    not be permitted in any event.
 13.2 hands - 1372 mm
 14 hands - 1422 mm                                                      JUDGING
 14.2 hands - 1473 mm                               The Society reserves the right to substitute a
 15 hands - 1524 mm                                 Judge when deemed necessary.
 15.2 hands - 1575 mm                               Persons other than judges and stewards are not
 16 hands - 1625 mm                                 permitted in the ring.
 16.2 hands - 1675 mm                               Horses must not enter the ring unless called by
                                                    the stewards or a Society representative.
                NOT TO STANDARD                     Winkers will not be permitted except in harness
 The Society reserves the right to exclude from     classes.
 competition;                                       Top reins and/or head checks are permitted
 1. Horses that are not up to standard.             except for Shetland Classes where head checks
 2. Horses not exhibited in Show condition.         are NOT permitted.
 3. Horses not given proper attention during the    Any animal which in the opinion of the stewards
      Show.                                         is considered dangerous, will be removed from
 4. Riders who disregard an instruction from the    the ring.
      Stewards.                                     The competing horse’s name must not appear on
                    NUMBERS                         the browband.
 In all classes competitors must wear a             Exhibitors who fail to comply with any direction
 distinguishing number supplied by the Society      given by a Society representative may be fined.
 corresponding to the number in the programme.                      CHAMPIONSHIPS
 Numbers must be worn on the chest of the horse     Entries eligible for Champion and Reserve
 in rider classes.                                  Champion awards must be presented to the
 Numbers for the full period of the Show will be    judge unless exemption has been granted by the
 available from 8.00 am on the Tuesday preceding    Committee.
 the opening of the Show and may be collected       Entries which are not presented will forfeit the
 from the Stabling Co-ordinator.                    award and prize money in the class in which
                                                    they gained championship eligibility.

Entries eligible for Champion and Reserve                 3.   Any person guilty of an offence will be
Champion awards must compete under the same                    reported to the Equestrian Federation of
criteria under which they became eligible.                     Australia (SA Branch), other Royal Show
Winners of novice classes are not eligible for                 Societies and the Show Horse Council of
championship awards.                                           Australasia.
                                                          4.   This part of the Special Regulations shall not
                                                               derogate from the other parts of the Special
Protests against awards must be lodged in writing
with the Chief Executive within one hour of the
announcement of results.                                              TRANSFER OF PENALTIES
Protests in all cases must be accompanied by a            This Society reserves the right to refuse entries
deposit of $100 at time of lodging. The deposit           from exhibitors who are under suspension by
will be forfeited to the Society should the protest       another Society.
be deemed frivolous.                                      1. The Society may in its absolute discretion:
                     OFFENCES                                  (a) convey to any body any information
                                                                   concerning any fine, disqualification,
1.   Any person who:
                                                                   withdrawal of a prize or ribbon,
     (a) provides the Society with false
                                                                   handicap, reprimand, warning or any
          information relating to their qualifications
                                                                   other form of punishment (“penalty”)
          to compete or the qualifications of their
                                                                   imposed by the Council on or in
          child under 18 years of age to compete;
                                                                   connection with any exhibitor or exhibit;
     (b) provides the Society with false
                                                               (b) convey to any body any information
          information relating to an exhibit;
                                                                   concerning any investigation, inquiry
     (c) misrepresents the identity of an exhibit;                 or hearing (“proceeding”) conducted
     (d) does any act or thing which is intended                   by the Council, whether or not the
          to or is likely to result in an exhibit being            proceeding was or has been finalised and
          incorrectly identified;                                  notwithstanding that the proceeding did
     (e) does any act or thing which is intended                   not result in the imposition of any penalty
          to or is likely to result in an exhibit being            on any person or exhibit;
          incorrectly measured;                                (c) recognise, act upon and enforce any
     (f) presents an exhibit for measuring                         penalty imposed upon any exhibitor or
          when that exhibit has had any drug                       exhibit at any time by any body;
          administered to it;                                  (d) itself conduct such further proceeding in
     (g) commits an act of cruelty to an exhibit; or               connection with any matter concerning
     (h) commits any breach of these regulations                   any exhibitor or exhibit, or any person
          shall be guilty of an offence.                           seeking to become an exhibitor or to
2.   A Sub-committee of three members of the                       enter any exhibit, and impose a penalty
     Society’s Horse Committee, which members                      in relation thereto notwithstanding that a
     are neither exhibitors nor competitors in the                 penalty may have already been imposed
     Horses-in-Action Section, shall have power                    by that other body;
     to investigate offences and impose penalties              (e) enter in reciprocal arrangements with
     including the following:                                      any body in relation to any of the matters
     (a) disqualification of a competitor from this                referred to in (a) to (e) above.
          year’s Show and/or future Shows, and            2. For the purpose of (1.) “body” includes any
          forfeiture of any prizes;                            other society, organisation or body within
     (b) disqualification of an exhibit from this              or outside Australia having similar objects
          year’s Show and future Shows and                     to those of the Society and in particular
          forfeiture of any prizes; and                        includes:
     (c) any combination of the above.                         (a) RASV Limited;
                                                               (b) The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria
                                                               (c) The Royal Agricultural Society of New
                                                                   South Wales;

      (d) The Royal National Agricultural and         the Showground. Any expense incurred by the
           Industrial Association of Queensland;      Society in respect of such horse shall be debited
      (e) The Royal National Capital Agricultural     to the owner.
           Society;                                   Animals entered for competition must not
      (f) The Royal Agricultural Society of           have been exposed to any communicable/
           Tasmania;                                  notifiable disease/s at least 14 days prior to the
      (g) The Royal National Agricultural and         commencement of the Royal Adelaide Show.
           Pastoral Society of Tasmania;                                 SWABBING
      (h) The Royal Agricultural Society of Western   The Committee may make or cause to be made,
           Australia;                                 any test of any exhibit at any time before, during
      (i) any breed association or society            or after competition including but not limited
           recognised as such by the Society.         to, the measuring bay. The Society will appoint
              VETERINARY SURGEON                      a vet for the sole purpose of taking swabs.
 Judges and RA&HS officials may call on the                EXERCISING/WARMING UP OF HORSES
 Society’s Veterinary Surgeon in respect to           Helmets must be worn by all riders and drivers at
 establishing the soundness of any exhibit.           all times.
               VETERINARY SERVICE                     Lunging of horses is prohibited in the exercise
 1. The Society will appoint a treating veterinary    ring (east of the Main Arena) between 6.00 am &
 surgeon to provide a service to exhibitors. The      6.00 pm unless permission is given by the Horse
 treating vet does not undertake swabbing nor         Committee.
 is involved in the selection of horses to be         The following times have been allocated for the
 swabbed.                                             exercising of horses on the outer half of the track:
 2. Should a horse become ill or suffer an injury     Entires - 5:45 am till 6:15 am
 then the Society’s Veterinary Surgeon may attend     Hacks, Ponies & Jumpers - 6:15 am till 7:00 am
 to and treat such animal in the absence of any       and overnight (track only, walk and trot only)
 authority from the owner, and the Society or its     Harness horses - 7:00 am till 8:15 am
 Veterinary Surgeon shall not be liable in any way    Exhibitors are reminded that the Adelaide
 for loss arising out of such treatment.              Showground has limited space available for
 3. Exhibitors may employ a veterinary surgeon        exercising and/or warming up of horses.
 other than the Society’s, but in any such instance
                                                                  SCHOOLING OVER JUMPS
 must inform the Society of the exhibit concerned.
                                                      Schooling of horses over jumps on any part of
 4. The Society’s Veterinary Surgeon may refuse
                                                      the Showground other than the area provided is
 to attend an animal previously examined and
 treated by another Veterinary Surgeon.
                                                      Exhibitors or riders disregarding this regulation
 5. Unless otherwise specifically stated, only the
                                                      may incur disqualification.
 Society’s Veterinary Surgeon may give certificates
 required by the Society.                                               ADVERTISING
 6. All costs incurred in the attendance and          Competitors are not permitted to display any
 treatment of an animal shall be the responsibility   material advertising private sponsors except in
 of the exhibitor.                                    jumping competitions in accordance with FEI
                 INJURY, DISEASE
 If in the opinion of the Society’s Veterinary                             RIBBONS
 Surgeon a horse on the Showground shall be           Only ribbons awarded during the current Show
 so injured or be so affected by sickness, disease    will be permitted on exhibits.
 or other ailment as to warrant its destruction or
                                                                      GRAND PARADES
 its removal from the Showground, as the case
                                                      All horses must be paraded in accordance with
 may be, the Society shall be entitled to have
                                                      the printed programme and notices displayed in
 the horse destroyed and/or removed from the
                                                      the Horse area.
 Showground and/or shall be entitled to require
 the owner to forthwith remove the horse from

Exhibitors may lead a mounted horse in the           from all classes of competition for the same day
Grand Parade under special circumstances             of the exemption or the validity period of the
provided approval is obtained by a member of         certificate, provided it is no greater than the
the Horse Committee.                                 calendar year of competition.
Protective headgear to the current Australian,       Exhibitors seeking exemptions for reasons other
European or American Standard MUST be worn           than the above (eg work commitments etc) may
by all riders and harness drivers in the Grand       apply for an exemption prior to Friday 4 August
Parade.                                              and pay the Exemption Fee of $100 per horse
Exhibitors must wear their exhibit numbers           per parade. Exhibitors applying for an exemption
when participating in Grand Parades.                 after Friday 4 August will be required to pay an
Grand Parade Attire                                  Exemption Fee of $150.
The standard attire for Grand Parades is the         Part Show Exhibitors
same dress as worn in competitive classes.           Exhibitors who are competing part-Show
Inappropriate attire may result in the voucher for   only must return their unused vouchers when
admittance to the Grand Parade being rejected.       collecting their exhibit numbers from the
Parade Participation Vouchers                        Horse Office. Exhibitors must surrender four
When collecting numbers from the Horse Office,       vouchers during the Show. The responsibility of
all exhibitors will be presented with a sheet of     surrendering vouchers over is with the exhibitor.
four Parade Participation Vouchers. The number       Failure to Comply
printed on each voucher will be the same as your     Exhibitors failing to produce all four vouchers
exhibit number.                                      may be fined $250 for each voucher not
When entering the main arena to participate in       presented.
a Grand Parade, one voucher is to be handed to       Failure to pay any fee incurred by 31 December
a Horse committee member, ie: one voucher is         2017, may result in refusal of entries for future
to be produced each time you participate in a        shows.
Grand Parade.                                                          EQUIPMENT
Exemption from Grand Parades                         Spurs and whips -
An exemption can only be obtained between            Spurs which may inflict injury to a horse are not
10.00 am and 11.00 am from a representative          permitted. The Committee and Stewards reserve
of the Horse Committee in the Stabling Co-           the right to request the removal of spurs which
ordinator’s Office on the day of parade. If an       they consider may cause injury.
exemption is granted you will be required to         No whip longer than 750 mm may be used
surrender one Grand Parade voucher with your         or carried other than in sidesaddle or harness
approved application for exemption.                  classes. In jumping competitions, in accordance
Being absent from the Showground is not a valid      with FEI rules.
reason for failing to parade.                        Boots and Bandages -
If a weekly exemption is granted all vouchers are    The use of boots or bandages will not be
to be surrendered with your approved exemption.      permitted on horses competing in any event
Exhibitors with more than one horse are only         other than Jumping, Cone Scurry, Cone Driving
required to pay an exemption if at least one         and Obstacle Driving Competition.
Grand Parade mount is not nominated and              Helmets –
paraded.                                             It is compulsory for anyone riding a horse
Parade exemptions may be granted to exhibitors       anywhere on the Showground including practice
who produce a current medical or veterinary          and schooling arenas to wear protective
certificate with application for exemption.          headgear approved under the current Australian,
Once the Society is presented with a medical         European or American Standard.
or veterinary certificate together with an           All riders, including competitors in speed events,
application for exemption to participate in a        must wear protective headgear to the current
Grand parade, such exemption, if approved, will      Australian, European or American Standard. No
cause the ineligibility of the rider and/or horse    other head gear will be permitted.

 The onus is on the riders to comply with the rules                             FODDER
 regarding helmets, and their insurance may be             Exhibitors must arrange their own fodder
 rendered void in the event of an accident/injury,         requirements. The sale of all fodder is in the
 if they are found to have been using a non-               hands of the fodder merchant, whose store is on
 compliant helmet.                                         the Showground. All sales will be by selected
 It is the recommendation of the RA&HS that                credit card or cash only.
 inspections of helmets are conducted by                   Any exhibitor who, in the opinion of the
 competitors/owners on a regular basis to ensure           Committee, has more fodder than is considered
 compliance with the rules.                                necessary, will be required to remove the excess
                                                           from the Showground.
                                                           Exhibitors must not solicit orders for fodder on
 Dogs, bikes, scooters and skateboards will not be
                                                           the Showground.
 permitted in the Horse area. This regulation will
 be strictly enforced during the Royal Adelaide                        CONTAINERS AND HOSES
 Show.                                                     Exhibitors are requested to supply their own feed
                                                           and water containers and length of hose with 1”
                  CORRECT ATTIRE
                                                           (25 mm) fittings to use at the wash down.
 Competitors in hack or jumping classes must
 wear recognised riding costumes.                                         FIRE PRECAUTIONS
 Riders under 18 years are not permitted to wear         The use of primus stoves, heating or lighting
 high top riding boots in riding classes.                appliances of a like character or any naked
 Riders taking part in any parade or competition         flame, is strictly prohibited in the horse stalls and
 must be correctly attired in accordance with the        lockers.
 following conditions:                                   The alteration of or interference with any
                                                         electrical wiring, switch or plug is strictly
 Ladies - Formal occasions -
                                                         Precautions will be taken to guard against fire
 Tan, fawn or buff breeches; black high top riding       and to protect the property at the Showground,
 boots; dark type of grey or black coat; stock; vest;    but exhibits will not be insured at the cost of the
 gloves; crop or leather covered cane; spurs.            Society.
 Ladies - Informal occasions -                           Smoking is strictly prohibited in all livestock
 Jodhpurs or breeches; tan or black riding boots;        pavilions and lockers.
 tweed or navy coat; stock or shirt and tie; gloves;     No exhibitor or other person shall remove or
 crop or leather covered cane; spurs if desired.         displace or interfere in any way with or use for
 Gentlemen - Formal occasions -                          any purpose other than the prevention of fire, any
 Breeches; tan or black high top riding boots;           article or appliance provided for use in the case
 tweed coat; shirt and tie or stock; crop or leather     of an outbreak of fire upon the Showground, nor
 covered cane; spurs.                                    shall any exhibitor or other person remove or
 Gentlemen - Informal occasions -                        alter or add to or interfere in any way with any
 Jodhpurs or breeches may be worn.                       fixture, fitting, article, appliance or thing owned
 Gloves optional.                                        by the Society or use such fixture, fitting, article,
                                                         appliance or thing for any purpose, other than for
               JUMPING CONTESTS -
                                                         which it is intended by the Society to be used.
 Riders in jumping events                EXHIBITOR
                           must wear white    or light – ROYAL ADELAIDE SHOW
                                              Conditions Because
                                                         of Entry of fire risk all stalls will remain
 fawn breeches. As per Article 256 of the FEI Rules
                                                         unlocked during the Show.
 for jumping events.
                    SCURRY, CONE & OBSTACLE                                  DUTY OF CARE
 Competitors must notify    the Area/Pavilion Supervisor
                         DRIVING                           It is important to ensure your own safety and that
 or the Venue Management Office immediately of             of all other site personnel, visitors and general
 Protective headgear, gloves, apron, whip and
 any hazards detected. Hazards are any situation           public at the Adelaide Showground.
 jacket are required.
 which has the potential to cause:                         All competitors have a “Duty of Care” to avoid
 1. Injury, illness or death to people or animals either   exposing themselves or other people to situations
    immediately or in the future                           which could lead to injury. This “Duty of Care”
 2. Damage or destruction to property                      extends to the prevention of damage to property.

                 INCIDENT REPORTING                                   LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY

                                            AGE OF COMPETITORS
    The age of all competitors is to be the actual age on 1 September of the current year.
          In all events and parades the minimum age of riders shall be five years.
                                         COMPETITOR AGE RANGES
5 years and under 8 years...........................................(Born after 1/9/10 and before 2/9/13)
8 years and under 10 years.........................................(Born after 1/9/08and before 2/9/10)
10 years and under 12 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/06 and before 2/9/08)
12 years and under 14 years........................................(Born after1/9/04 and before 2/9/06)
Under 12 years.......................................................................................(Born after 1/9/06)
12 years and over................................................................................(Born before 2/9/05)
12 years and under 14 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/04 and before 2/9/06)
12 years and under 15 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/03 and before 2/9/04)
Under 13 years.......................................................................................(Born after 1/9/05)
13 years and under 17 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/01 and before 2/9/05)
13 years and under 18 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/00 and before 2/9/05)
Under 14 years.......................................................................................(Born after 1/9/04)
14 years and under 16 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/02 and before 2/9/04)
14 years and under 18 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/00 and before 2/9/04)
15 years and under 18 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/00 and before 2/9/03)
16 years and under 18 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/00 and before 2/9/02)
Under 17 years.......................................................................................(Born after 1/9/01)
17 years and over................................................................................(Born before 2/9/01)
Under 18 years.......................................................................................(Born after 1/9/00)
18 years and over................................................................................(Born before 2/9/00)
18 years and under 21 years.......................................(Born after 1/9/97 and before 2/9/00)
21 years and over................................................................................(Born before 2/9/97)

                        THE MATTHEW HILL SMITH PRIZE
                              THE MATTHEW HILL SMITH PRIZE
                               SUPREME EQUESTRIAN AWARD
 This award recognises participation and skill across a number of horse disciplines held at
                                     the Royal Adelaide Show
  This award will be presented to the rider (not the exhibitor) who achieves a minimum of
   four first place class wins in two or more of the following disciplines held at the Royal
                                          Adelaide Show:
• Hack and Show Hunter Sections - Hacks and Galloway Hacks, Show Hunter Horse and
                                      Show Hunter Galloways
         • Hack and Show Hunter Sections - Pony Hacks and Show Hunter Ponies
                                         • Harness - Light
                                        • Harness - Heavy
                                             • Rider
                                             • Driver
                                           • Section 4's
                                         • Show Jumping
                                        • Working Hunter
                           A prize of $1000 will be offered annually.
  If the prize is not awarded in any given year, the prize will jackpot and be added to the
                               following year's $1000 prize offer.
In the event of a tie, the rider/driver's second and third placing's will determine the winner.
       • $1,000 and Royal Adelaide Show Trophy sponsored by Matthew Hill Smith

                                            RIDER CLASSES
 Overnight stabling will not be available for horses entered in rider/driver classes only.
 Riders in 5 years and under 8 years classes who do not gain a place will receive a pink ribbon.
 Riders/drivers who have not previously produced their birth certificate must do so at the time of making
 entry (excepting 18 years and over classes).
 Rider/drivers need not be members of the Society.
 Protective headgear to the current Australian, European or American Standard must be worn by riders/
 Horses may not be led in ridden classes unless otherwise specified.
 Name of rider/driver to be stated on the entry form. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure the
 correct age class/es are entered.
                                                                   THE HOLTHAM FAMILY PRIZE
     First, $30 and rosette; second, $20 and rosette;
                                                         CHAMPION JUNIOR RIDER UNDER 14 YEARS
       third, $10 and rosette; fourth to sixth rosette
                (unless otherwise specified)                Open to first prize winners in classes 2 to 5
                                                             • Trophy sponsored by Holtham Family
                                                                      THE EQUISSAGE SA PRIZE
 Class 1 - Girl or Boy Rider, 5 and under 8 years,                                 for
      on the lead                                         RESERVE CHAMPION JUNIOR RIDER UNDER
      Must be on a pony not exceeding 12.2                                     14 YEARS
      hands (1270 mm).                                        • Product sponsored by Equissage SA
      Riders competing in this class will not be
                                                         Class 6 - THE NAN SCOTT MEMORIAL PRIZE
      permitted to ride independently off the lead
                                                              Pair of riders, 10 years and under 14 years.
      as a combination in any other class/es.
                                                              On pony or galloway.
 Class 2 - THE WELLER FAMILY TROPHY                           Pair to consist of either girls or boys or girl
      Girl or Boy Rider, 5 years and under 8                  and boy.
      years.                                                  Riders will be permitted to pair with other
      On pony or galloway.                                    riders in this class.
 •    First : Trophy; Second : Trophy; Third :                First to third placegetters receive rosettes for
      Trophy sponsored by Vernon Weller                       each rider.
 Class 3 - THE HUMPHRIES FAMILY PRIZE                    •    First : $50; Second : $25; Third : $15
      Girl or Boy Rider, 8 years and under 10                 sponsored by Michael Scott
      years.                                             Class 7 - Girl or Boy Rider, 14 years and under
      On pony or galloway.                                    16 years.
 •    First : $30 and Trophy; Second : $20 and                On galloway or hack.
      Trophy; Third : $10 and Trophy sponsored           Class 8 - Girl or Boy Rider, 16 years and under
      by Humphries Family                                     18 years.
 Class 4 - Girl or Boy rider, 10 years and under              On galloway or hack.
      12 years.
      On pony or galloway.                                       THE SIMPSON FAMILY PRIZE
 Class 5 - Girl or Boy Rider, 12 years and under                                 for
      14 years.                                            CHAMPION JUNIOR RIDER 14 YEARS AND
      On pony or galloway.                                               UNDER 18 YEARS
                                                           Open to first prize winners in classes 7 and 8
                                                          • $400 and Trophy sponsored by N P Simpson
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