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Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                             Page 1 of 12
Lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep

What is a DA and why do I need one?                                 What Information do I need to submit a DA?
A Development Application (DA) is an application made to            The requirements for DA submission are set out in the DA
Council seeking consent to carry out development including          Application Form and Requirements Checklist on page 4 of this
construction, demolition, change of use, display of advertising,    document. Submission of the DA must be accompanied with
subdivision, or making alterations or additions to a property or    the relevant fees in accordance with Council’s Management
premises. A DA is required so that Council can assess the likely    Plan. A Schedule of Fees can be obtained from Council’s
impacts of the proposal and ensure that:                            Customer Service Centre. Fees are calculated on a scale based
                                                                    on the contract value of the work or the market value of the
• The proposal is a permissible and appropriate use of the site     labour and materials needed to complete the work including
  according to its zoning                                           GST. Before formally submitting the DA, it is advisable that you
• The proposal complies with the provisions of the                  contact Council’s Building and Development Advisory Service
  Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979                    to discuss your application. Appointments can be made online
• The proposal complies with the City of Ryde Development           at or by contacting Customer
  Control Plan (DCP) 2014, and the Ryde Local Environment           Service on 9952 8222. Council will not accept incomplete
  Plan (LEP) 2014 and any other relevant planning controls          applications. See Council’s Development Application - Policy
                                                                    for the Handling of Unclear, Nonconforming or Insufficient
• The proposal has no detrimental environmental impacts
                                                                    Applications for further information.
  upon the locality
• The proposal has no adverse impact upon adjacent and
                                                                    DA Lodgement Requirement
  neighbouring properties.
Not all activity requires a DA. See State Environmental Planning    You will be required to submit :
Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008                • 1x full set of hardcopy plans and documents and
for details on what developments can be done as either an           • 1x full set of softcopy plans/documents/reports on USB, CD,
exempt development (no approval required) or as complying           PDF
development (strict requirements, ten day approval process).
                                                                    How to fill out an application on paper?
The requirements for lodging and processing a DA are set out
in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979,             As we phase in the new online technology, you can still fill in a
and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation            traditional form at the following location:
                                                                        Go to
A Development Application is to be followed by an application
for a Construction Certificate to build or construct the works in
accordance with the DA consent, and can be issued by Council
or a Private Certifier.                                                          Development Application Form
Key documents
Below is some key documents with relevant information
                                                                    How to lodge an application?
          Development Controls
                      Address the application to the General Manager City of Ryde

                                                                    Post:         Locked Bag 2069 North Ryde NSW 1670

          Fees and Charges                                          In person:    Make an appointment through
                                or call Customer
                                                                                  Service on 9952 8222

                                                                    Courier:      Ryde Customer Service Centre
          Development Application - Policy
                                                                                  1 Pope Street, Ryde NSW 2112 (corner Pope and

                                                                                  Devlin Streets, within Top Ryde City shopping

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                        Page 2 of 12
Lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep

What happens after I lodge my application?                         • Referrals
Most DAs follow similar steps during processing, so this           Many applications will require input from specialists within
guide applies to the majority of applications. Please note that    Council. If this is the case the application will be referred to
this is an indicative guide only, and that these steps do not      the relevant department e.g. Landscape Architect, Health
necessarily occur one after the other.                             Officer, Building Surveyor, Development Engineer or Drainage
                                                                   Engineer. Comments provided are included as part of the
• Lodgement Review                                                 overall assessment of the application. If the application is
                                                                   classified as Integrated Development under Clause 91 of the
At this stage, the application is checked by Customer              Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, or if it
Service and a Development Advisory Officer prior to formal         involves land associated with a public authority it may also
acceptance and payment of fees. This is a preliminary              be forwarded at this time to the relevant additional public
review of the application to ensure that the documentation         authority for their consent or agreement.
submitted addresses the relevant matters listed in the
Development Application Information Package. This ensures
                                                                   • Assessment
that the application can be assessed and considered by the
Pre-Assessment Team and Development Assessment Officer.            When the notification period has finished the assessing officer
                                                                   will commence assessing the application. The officer will
• Pre-Assessment Team                                              review all plans and supporting documentation, conduct a site
                                                                   inspection, review any submissions made, consider statutory
The application will be reviewed by the Pre-Assessment             requirements and compliance with relevant planning controls,
Team, generally comprised of Client Managers, Planners,            and complete an assessment report. During this time the
Building Surveyors, Development Engineers and other senior         applicant will be advised of any issues and may be requested
staff. A preliminary assessment of the application is done to      to consider making amendments to the DA. Assessment
ensure that the information provided complies with Council,        officers can be contacted via phone through the Customer
and that the quality of the plans is sufficient. If there are      Service Centre between 3.00pm – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
any noticeable problems with the application, the applicant
will be notified, usually in writing, within 7 days. This may
delay the processing of the application if there is insufficient
information provided to commence the assessment.

• Notification and Submissions
An application is notified for a period of generally a minimum
of 14 days and can extend to 21 days. During the notification
period members of the community are entitled to make
submissions about the proposed development. Also copies
of the application including plans are available for viewing
at the Customer Service Centre. Some applications may
not be notified depending on the nature of the proposal. If
an application is amended before a determination is made,
the changes may require re-notification and be subject to a
re-notification fee. Further information regarding notification
requirements are contained within Section 2.1 of City of Ryde
Development Control Plan 2014.

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                     Page 3 of 12
 REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Enviro Sustainbility & Energy Efficiency Report

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Building Code Report & Fire Safety Schedule

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure
The following table indicates what
information and plans are required

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Residential Falt Buildings (SEPP 65)
to ensure that the City of Ryde can

                                                                                                                                                                         Stormwater/OSD Plan and Checklist
accept your application.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Site-Waste Management Plan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Contaminated Land Report

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Flood Impact Statement
   Colour Plans Required

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cost estimate report
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Geotechnical Report
   Not required

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Demolition Report
                                                                                                                                                       Shadow Diagrams

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Notification Plans
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BASIX Certificate
                                                                                                                               Landscape plans
   Check the DA information

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Heritage Report

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Arborist Report
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bushfire Report

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Access Report
   package if this is required or
                                                                          Site analysis
                                                Survey plan

   call Customer Service on

                                                              Site plan

   9952 8222.

RESIDENTIAL                                          1            2             3             4            5           6             7            8          9                     10                                  11                      12                  13                  14                        15                     16                     17               18                19                     20                                          21                         22                                     23                    24                         25                                   26

Boarding House
Dual Occupancy Attached - 1 & 2 storey
Dwelling House - 2 storey
Dwelling House - 1 storey
Alterations /Additions - Ground Floor
Alterations /Additions - First Floor
Secondary Dwelling (Granny flat)
Multi-dwelling Housing
Residential Flat Buildings (Units)
Mixed-use Development
Decks/Pergolas/Shade structures
Retaining Walls
Swimming Pools & Spas
Water Tanks
Antenna or Satellite Dish
Access Facilities - Ramps, Inclinators, Lifts
Home Occupation
COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL                               1            2            3              4            5           6             7             8         9                  10                                   11                       12                  13                 14                         15                    16                      17                18               19                  20                                             21                      22                                        23                    24                      25                                      26

New Office /Commercial /Retail Building
New Industrial Factory / Warehouse
Alterations / Additions
Internal fitouts to Commercial Buildings
Access facilities - Ramps, inclinators, lifts
Change of use for shops /offices
Advertising Signage
SUBDIVISION                                         1            2            3              4            5           6             7             8         9                  10                                   11                       12                  13                 14                         15                    16                      17                18               19                  20                                             21                      22                                        23                    24                      25                                      26

Land subdivisions
Strata & community titles Inc. dual occupancy
Boundary adjustment and consolidation

TREE REMOVAL                                        1            2            3              4            5           6             7             8         9                  10                                   11                       12                  13                 14                         15                    16                      17                18               19                  20                                             21                      22                                        23                    24                      25                                      26

For Heritage Items/Conservation areas

 Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 4 of 12
Lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep

DESCRIPTIONS                              ADVERTISING                                  ACCESS REPORT
                                          STRUCTURE/SIGN                               Development types:
                                          Development types:                           Required for new high density
ARBORIST REPORT                                                                        development (residential flat buildings
                                          If you are planning on erecting or
                                          changing an advertising structure or sign.   and mixed-use development) and the
                                                                                       majority of commercial and industrial
BASIX CERTIFICATE                         Copies:                                      development.
BUILDING CODE OF AUSTRALIA                One hard copy and one pdf                    Copies:
                                          Plans should include:                        One hard copy and one pdf
                                          • Details of the structure, materials to     Description:
                                            be used and how it will be fixed to the
COLOURED PLANS                              building or positioned on the site         • This report must be prepared by a
                                          • Its size, colours, lettering and overall     relevantly qualified access consultant
CONTAMINATED LAND                                                                        and it is to demonstrate how the issues
DEMOLITION REPORT                                                                        of accessibility have been addressed in
                                          • The proposed location shown on a             the design of the development.
DETAILED COST REPORT                        scale plan and building elevation
ELEVATION PLANS                           • The extent of light spill                  More info?
                                          • Changes to existing signage                Refer to Access for People with
ENERGY EFFICIENCY PERFORMANCE                                                          Disabilities DCP 2014 Part 9.2 for further
                                          More info?                                   information and the Disability (Access to
                                                    Refer to the City’s Signage DCP    Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010
FIRE SAFETY MEASURES SCHEDULE                       2014 Part 9.1
FLOODING & OVERLAND FLOW                              
GEOTECH REPORT                            ARBORIST REPORT
HERITAGE REPORT                                                                        BASIX CERTIFICATE
                                          Development types:
FOOD AND REGISTERED PREMISES              Required for all trees that fall under the   Development types:
FITOUTS                                   controls marked for removal and/or are       (For all new residential development,
LANDSCAPE PLANS                           impacted by the development, including       alterations & additions to residential
                                          trees on neighbouring properties.            developments ≥$50,000 and swimming
NOTIFICATION PLANS                                                                     pools & spas capacity ≥ 40,000L)
                                          One hard copy and one pdf                    Copies:
SECTION PLANS                                                                          One hard copy and one pdf
                                          • This report must be prepared by a          Description:
SITE ANALYSIS                               relevantly qualified professional and      BASIX is a web based planning tool
SITE PLAN                                   is to provide detailed information         designed to assess the water and
                                            on the prominent trees on the site         energy efficiency of new residential
SITE-WASTE MINIMISATION AND                 including neighbouring trees on the
MANAGEMENT PLAN                                                                        developments.
                                            boundary likely to be impacted by the
STATEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL                  development.                               • The BASIX Certificate must not have
EFFECTS (SEE)                                                                            been issued more than 3 months prior
                                          More info?                                     to lodgement of this Development
STORMWATER/OSD PLAN AND                                                                  Application.
                                                    Refer to the City’s Tree
                                                    Preservation DCP 2014 Part 9.5     • Complete the online assessment at
SURVEY PLAN                                    and provide the
SWIMMING POOLS & SPAS                                                                    certificate

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                   Page 5 of 12
• Commitments included on the BASIX              and subdivision certificates.                          Rural Fire Service’s Guidelines
  certificate are to be shown on the plans                                                    
  and specifications                             The report is to:
                                                 • Identify the Classification of the
           Visit the BASIX website at              building;
                   • Rise in Storeys;                           COLOURED PLANS
                                                 • Type of Construction;
                                                                                              Development types:
                                                 • Confirmation that the development          For alterations & additions ALL PLANS
BOARDING HOUSE                                     will comply with the Performance           (x1) are to be suitably coloured
Development types:                                 Requirements of the Deemed-to-             identifying all new work– site & floor plan
                                                   Satisfy provisions of the Building Code    and elevations)
Boarding house in any permissible zone.            of Australia, or alternatively,
Copies:                                          • whether the development will rely          • Brick – Red
One hard copy and one pdf of all                   on an Alternate Solution based             • Concrete – Dark Green
documentation identified in the checklist,         assessment.                                • Tile – Purple
plus the following additional items:             • Address Clauses 93 and 94 of               • Sandstone – Light Brown
• Plan of management in accordance                 the Environmental Planning and
    with template provided in Part 3.5                                                        • Roof tiles – Orange
                                                   Assessment Regulation
    Boarding Houses of Development                                                            • Fibre Cement/Cement Render – Light
                                                 For applications within Macquarie
    Control Plan 2014.                                                                          Green
                                                 Shopping Centre a submission of a fire
• Building Code of Australia Report              safety engineering assessment from a         • Glass & Glass Bricks – Light Blue
    addressing compliance with the               qualified fire engineer is also required     • Steel, Galvanised Iron – Dark Blue
    Building Code of Australia.                  indicating that the development complies     • Timber – Yellow
                                                 with the alternative design solution
                                                 prepared for the centre which is in
                                                 accordance with the Building Code of         CONTAMINATED LAND
REPORT                                                                                        Development types:
                                                                                              For redevelopment of industrial and/or
                                                 BUSHFIRE REPORT                              commercial land – see Appendix 1 of City
Development Types:
                                                 Development types:                           Of Ryde’s Contaminated Land Policy)
Residential buildings, including mixed
uses, existing dual occupancy attached           All development withing Bushfire Prone       Copies:
(other than single dwellings and                 Areas are required to submit a Bushfire      One hard copy and one pdf
town-house/villa type developments);             Assessment Report or a self assessment
Commercial buildings (other than minor           using the Rural Fire Service’s Application
shop fit-outs), including entertainment          Kit.
venues; Industrial development; Special                                                       Some land uses result in the degradation
                                                 Copies:                                      and contamination of land over time. In
use type buildings, eg. Schools, aged
care, child care facilities; Public buildings;   One hard copy and one pdf                    considering changes to land use, Council
Changes of use applications; and.                                                             is legally required to give consideration
Temporary structures. Child care centres.        Description:                                 to potential for land contamination.
                                                                                              Generally, in most cases this is limited
                                                 • This report must be prepared by
Copies:                                                                                       to areas that have had uses other than
                                                   a qualified bushfire consultant
                                                                                              residential uses undertaken on site.
One A3 hard copy and one pdf                       addressing the extent to which the
                                                                                              These include uses such as service
                                                   proposed development conforms with
                                                                                              stations and industrial uses. When
Description                                        or deviates from the specification
                                                                                              development is proposed on land that
                                                   set out in the Planning For Bushfire
Applications for some types of buildings                                                      may be or is known to be contaminated
                                                   Protection (2006), or
should include a BCA compliance report.                                                       a development application is to be
                                                 • For single dwelling applications           accompanied by a Contaminated Land
It is essential that an accredited certifier       including alterations and additions,
who is suitably qualified in this field                                                       Report. Generally this includes two
                                                   complete the Rural Fire Service’s          separate phases. These phases are:
prepares this report otherwise Council             Application Kit
may not accept it.                                                                            • Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) – a
                                                 More info?                                     detailed appraisal of the site history
A BCA compliance report will
minimise delays and the possibility                         View           and a report based on visual inspection
of modifications being needed to the                        bushfireareas development           and assessment.
development consent during future                           section on our website.           • Detailed Site Investigation – required if
assessment for a Construction Certificate                                                       the PSI finds contamination

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                           Page 6 of 12
The reports are to be carried out in           $5 million : A detailed cost report for       incorporates energy efficient design
  accordance with relevant Department            Capital Investment Value (CIV) must           principles and meets the objectives
  of Environment & Climate Change                be prepared by a registered quantity          set out in Part 7.1 of the DCP 2014, and
  Guidelines. The reports must be                surveyor and supplied for the Joint           Clause 6.6 of the Ryde LEP 2014
  undertaken by a suitably qualified             Regional Planning Panel with the
  consultant.                                    applications.                               More info?
                                                                                                        Refer to the DCP 2014 Part 7.1
                                               More info?
  More info?                                                                                  
                                               Refer to the Development Application
  Refer to Contaminated Land Policy for                                                                 Refer to the LEP 2014 Clause
  further information.                                                                                  6.6
  DEMOLITION REPORT                            ELEVATION PLANS
  Development types:
                                               Development types:
  If you are planning on demolishing any
                                               See checklist
                                                                                             FIRE SAFETY MEASURES
  building or structure you will need to
  provide a Demolition Report                  Copies:                                       SCHEDULE
                                               One hard copy and one pdf                     Development types:
                                                                                             A fire safety schedule is required
  One hard copy and one pdf                    Description:                                  for all change of use applications,
                                               Elevation Plans are a side on view of         new commercial/business/retail
  Description                                  your proposal. Elevations of all four sides   developments, and Class 2-9 buildings.
  • Demolition work plan prepared by           (north, south, east and west facing) of
                                               your development need to be included in       Copies:
    a competent person in accordance
    with AS 2601-2001 The Demolition of        your application and labelled accordingly.    One hard copy and one pdf
                                               Elevation Plans should include:               Description
  • Photographs of all buildings or
    structures to be demolished (1 original)    • Drawings to a suitabel scale (ie. 1:100    • A fire safety schedule is to be prepared
  • Payment of all required fees including        or 1:200)                                    by a suitably qualified person listing
    Demolition Security Deposit                • Outline of existing building/                 all existing and proposed essential fire
                                                  development on site (shown dotted)           services. The Schedule should include
  • Details of demolishing Company/
                                               • Window sizes and locations                    a list of the fire safety provisions that
                                                                                               currently apply to all existing buildings on
  • Site-Waste Minimisation and                • Location/position of all buildings/           site and a list of the fire safety provisions
    Management Plan (see page 10 of               structures                                   that are to apply to the development.
    information package)                       • Exterior cladding type and roofing
                                                  material/colourChimneys, flue exhaust
  DETAILED COST REPORT                            vents, duct inlet or outlet                FLOOR PLANS
  Development types:                           • Reduced Levels (AHD) for roof ridge,
                                                  floor and ceiling                          Development types:
  Required for all developments
                                                                                             See checklist
  Copies:                                      ENVIRONMENTAL                                 Copies:
  One hard copy and one pdf
                                               SUSTAINABILTY &                               One hard copy and one pdf
  For Developments:                            ENERGY EFFICIENCY                             Description:
  • Between $0 and $500,000 :                  PERFORMANCE REPORT                            A floor plan is a birds-eye view of your
    The City will accept a cost estimate by
                                               Development types:                            existing and/or proposed layout of rooms
    the builder or a qualified person
                                               Required for new developments on land         within the development.
  • Between $500,000 and $1 million:
                                               in a business or industrial zone if the
    A cost estimate must be prepared
                                               development is 1,500 square metres in         Floor plans should include:
    by a qualified person including their
                                               gross floor area or greater.                  • Drawings to a suitable scale (i.e. 1:100
                                               Copies:                                         OR 1:200)
  • Over $1 million:
    A detailed cost report must be             One hard copy and one pdf                     • Room names, areas and dimensions
    prepared by a registered quantity          Description:                                  • Window and door locations and sizes
                                               • This report must be prepared by an          • Floor levels and steps in floor levels
  • Over $30 million and for Crown                                                             (RL’s)
                                                 accredited energy consultant and
    Developments over
                                                 should discuss how the proposal             • Wall structure type and thickness

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                         Page 7 of 12
• Location of any new or replacement          where the site has been identified               walls and ceilings
  hot water system (minimum 3.5 star          as being potentially affected by land          • Location of any proposed floor wastes
  greenhouse rating)                          instability, where excavation is proposed
                                                                                             • Lighting and ventilation details
• Location of all smoke alarms, hard-         a joining neighbouring property or the
                                                                                               including the location of any proposed
  wired or battery operated                   extent of excavation is significant.
                                              Land instability can be caused by a
• For alterations & additions, an existing                                                   • Location and details of all waste
                                              variety of reasons, however it is primary
  floor plan of all levels is required.                                                        storage areas and garbage rooms
                                              limited to sloped sites. A S10.7 Certificate
                                              obtained from Council will advise you            including details of the container
                                              whether the site is possibly affected by         equipment proposed and access
FLOOD IMPACT                                  land instability. For more information,          arrangements for servicing
STATEMENT                                     please contact Council.                        The details must comply with the
                                                                                             following codes and legislation as
Development types:                                                                           applicable:
Please call customer service on
9952 8222                                     HERITAGE REPORT                                • Australian Standard AS4674-2004
                                              / HERITAGE IMPACT                                Design, Construction & Fitout of food
Copies:                                                                                        premises
One hard copy and one pdf
                                              STATEMENT                                      • Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 (Food
                                              Development types:                               Premises and Equipment)
                                              For all applications involving heritage        • Local Government (Orders) Regulation
Many properties within the City of Ryde       items or within a conservation/character         2004, Schedule 2 – Part 2, Standards
are impacted by localised flooding and        area.                                            for Hairdressers Shops
overland flow paths. This often has                                                          • Local Government (Orders) Regulation
substantial impacts upon the location         Copies:                                          1999, Schedule 3 – Part 3, Standards for
and design of the development. Council        One hard copy and one pdf                        Beauty Salons
has undertaken flood modelling of all
catchment areas and can provide flood         Description:                                   • Public Health Regulation 2012, Part 4 -
information on application; however, this                                                      Division 2, Requirements for premises
                                              • This report must be prepared by a              where skin penetration procedures are
information will need to be endorsed            suitably qualified person (i.e. Heritage
by an engineer who specialised in                                                              carried out.
                                                architect/planner) in order to assess
flooding due to the limitations of councils     the impact of the proposed works
modelling and accounting of localised
irregularities which may affect overland
                                                on the heritage significance of the          LANDSCAPE PLANS
                                                building. Applications adjoining or in
flow.                                           the vicinity of a heritage item should       Development types:
The flood affectation will also be              address the items listed in Clause 5.10      See checklist
noted on a section S10.7 certificate            of the Ryde Local Environmental Plan
from council. In the event that the             2014
                                                                                             One hard copy and one pdf
development is proposed on a                  • Colour Scheme to be included.
flood affected property, additional                                                          Description:
documentation in the form of a flood
                                                                                             A landscape plan is a birds-eye view
impact statement will be required. Please     FOOD AND REGISTERED                            of the site detailing the proposed
refer to section 2.2 of council’s DCP         PREMISES FITOUTS                               and existing planting and landscape
part 8.2 (Storm Water and Floodplain
                                                                                             features. It should include existing /
management -technical Manual) which           Development types:
                                                                                             proposed structures to demonstrate their
outlines the maters to be considered.         Food, hairdressers, beauty salons & skin
                                                                                             relationship to the landscaped elements
                                              penetration premises
                                                                                             of the site.
GEOTECH REPORT                                One hard copy and one pdf                      Information should include:
Development types:                                                                           • Description of ground preparation,
Please call customer service on               Plans should include:                            arrangement and nomination of
9952 8222                                                                                      plantings, procedures and ongoing
                                              • Proposed floor layout and use of each
Copies:                                                                                      • Location and type of any trees to be
                                              • Proposed location and details of
One hard copy and one pdf                                                                      removed
                                                all fixtures, fittings and appliances
                                                (including the proposed method of            • Location of outdoor clothes drying area
                                                installation)                                  (new dwellings only)
A Geotechnical report may be required to                                                     • Schedule of plantings cross-referenced
                                              • Construction and finishes of all floors,
accompany a Development Application

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                         Page 8 of 12
to site plan indicating species, massing      the context of the development                 land (showing street number and
  and mature height                             proposal. Depending on the scope and           street)
• Details of restoration and treatment          complexity of the proposal, a scale        •   Shadows cast by the new development
  of earth cuts, fills, mounds, retaining       model may need to be provided.                 on 21 June at 9am, 12 noon and 3pm on
  walls, fencing and screen walls              More info?                                      adjoining site and street areas
• Name of Landscape Architect or               Contact Council’s Customer Service          •   Note – Elevational shadow diagrams
  Consultant                                   Centre on 9952 8082                             may be required depending upon
                                                                                               the level of affectation to adjoining
NOTIFICATION PLANS                             SECTION PLANS
                                                                                           •   Shadows cast by existing building on
                                               Development types:                              and adjoining the site
Development types: All
                                               See checklist                               •   Shadow diagrams to be prepared by a
Copies: One hard copy and one pdf
                                               Copies:                                         suitably qualified person i.e. surveyor,
A4 copies of the site plan, elevations,
                                                                                               architect or draftsperson
shadow diagrams, must be supplied for          One hard copy and one pdf
notification purposes, where applicable.                                                   •   Drawn to true north and based on a
All plans must be legible, therefore           Description:                                    site survey of levels
reduced large scale plans may not be           A section is a diagram showing a cut
appropriate.                                   through the development at the most
                                               critical point.                             SITE ANALYSIS
                                               A Longitude Section may be required.        Development types:
                                                                                           See checklist
AND GIFTS DISCLOSURE                           Sections should include:
                                               • Drawings to a suitable scale (ie 1:100    Copies:
STATEMENT                                        OR 1:200)                                 One hard copy and one pdf
Description:                                   • Outline of existing building /
It is required to disclose the following         development on site (shown dotted)
reportable political donations and gifts (if   • Section names and where they are          A site analysis will ensure that site
any) made by any person with a financial         shown on plan (ie A/A, B/B, etc)          layout and building design addresses
interest in the application within the                                                     existing and possible future opportunities
                                               • Room names
period commencing five (5) years before                                                    and constraints of both the site and its
                                               • Room and window heights                   surrounds.
the application is made and ending when
the application is determined.                 • Details of chimneys, fire places and
• All reportable political donations             stoves                                    A site analysis should include:
   made to any of Council’s elected            • Roof pitch and covering
                                                                                           • Site dimensions, site area and north
   representatives or their political party    • Site works, finished and proposed           point
• All gifts made to any local councillor or      floor and ground levels in long section
   employee of City of Ryde                                                                • Location, use, overall height and
                                                 (indicate cut, fill and access grades)
   A disclosure is required to be made in a                                                  important papet/datum lines of
                                               • Construction material details               adjacent buildings
   statement accompanying the relevant
   planning application by the person          • BASIX Commitments.                        • Street trees, identified by size,
   who makes the application.                                                                botanical and common names
                                                                                           • Topography, showing spot levels
                                               SHADOW DIAGRAMS
RESIDENTIAL FLAT                                                                             and contours 0.5 metre intervals for
                                               Development types:                            the site, adjoining streets and land
BUILDING (SEPP 65                                                                            adjoining the site
                                               See checklist
DEVELOPMENT)                                                                               • Views to and from the site, and views
                                                                                             enjoyed by neighbouring properties
Development types:                             One hard copy and one pdf                     and adjacent public areas
Buildings with 3 or more storeys, and four
or more self contained dwellings               Description:                                • Prevailing winds
                                                                                           • Geotechnical characteristics of the
Copies:                                        A shadow diagram is a birds-eye view
                                                                                             suite and suitability of development
                                               of the site and surrounding properties
One hard copy and one pdf                                                                  • Pedestrian and vehicular access points;
                                               that shows the location and size of
• All plans must be prepared and verified      the shadow created by the proposed            existing and proposed
  by a registered architect                    development.                                • Location of utility services, including
• A photomontage and scale model are                                                         electricity poles and street frontage
  required to include the context of the       Shadow Diagrams should include:               features such as trees, kerb crossovers
  development proposal in accordance                                                         and bus stops
  with EPA Regulation 2000 (clause 50)         • Location of proposed development
                                                                                           • Privacy; adjoining private open space,
• A photomontage is required to include        • Location of adjoining buildings and         location of any facing windows, doors
Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                         Page 9 of 12
and external living areas to the site          connection and discharge points            STATEMENT OF
• Walls built to the site’s boundary;          • Zone boundaries if multiple zoning
  location, height and materials                 applies
                                                                                            ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS
• Difference in ground levels between          • Site fencing during construction           (SEE)
  the site and adjacent properties             • Location of outdoor clothes drying area    Development types:
• Solar access enjoyed by neighbouring           (residential development only)             Required for all Development
  properties                                   • Length, width and site area of land,       Copies:
• Prominent trees on adjacent properties         both existing and proposed
                                                                                            One hard copy and one pdf
                                               • Width of road reserve
                                               • Distance from the external walls and       Description:
SITE PLAN                                        the outermost parts of the proposed        This is a written statement that describes
Development types:                               building to all boundaries                 the proposed development and states
Required for all developments                  • Approximate distance from the              whether the proposal complies with the
                                                 proposed building to neighbouring          City’s planning controls. It should also
                                                 buildings                                  explain the likely impacts of the proposed
One hard copy and one pdf                                                                   development both during and after
                                                                                            construction and how these impacts will
                                               SITE-WASTE                                   be minimised.
A site plan is a birds-eye view of the
existing and proposed development
                                               MINIMISATION AND
                                                                                            The statement, in appraising the
on the site and its position in relation       MANAGEMENT PLAN                              suitability of land for development,
to boundaries and neighbouring                                                              should also detail (where applicable):
developments. Must be to scale.                Development types:
                                               Required for all Developments                • Applicable planning controls and
                                               Copies:                                        related legislation
A site plan should include:
                                               One hard copy and one pdf                    • Whether the proposal complies with
• Applicant’s name, block/house/shop/                                                         the applicable planning controls and
  flat number, street/road name, town or       Description:                                   related legislation
                                                                                            • Justification for any proposed non-
• Lot Number, Section Number, DP/SP            This plan is a checklist that provides the
                                                                                              compliances with the planning controls
  Number                                       City with details of how the development
                                                                                              and related legislation
• Measurements in metric                       aims to minimise site-waste and about
                                               the ongoing waste management.                • Flooding, drainage, land slip, soil
• The position of true north                                                                  erosion, mine subsidence, bushfires
• Building or parts of building to be                                                         and any other risks
                                               A Site-Waste Minimisation and
  demolished to be indicated in outline        Management Plan should include:              • Effect on the landscape, streetscape,
• Designer’s/Architect’s name and date                                                        national park or scenic quality of the
                                               • Volume and type of waste to be               locality
• Drawings to a suitable scale (i.e. 1:100       generated
  OR 1:200)                                                                                 • Impact on existing and future amenity
                                               • How waste is to be stored and treated        of the locality
• Location of the new and existing               on site
  buildings in relation to site boundaries                                                  • Amount of traffic generated, car
                                               • How residual waste is to be disposed         access, parking and availability of
• Location/position of all buildings/            of
  structures on adjoining land (showing                                                       public transport
                                               • How ongoing waste management will          • Location of garbage and storage areas
  street number and street address)
• Location of any existing and proposed                                                     • Availability of utility services, power,
  fences and landscaping features such         More info?                                     telephone, water/sewer
  as swimming pool, retaining walls,                                                        • Social effects and economic effects
                                               The checklist, a sample waste
  paved areas and driveways                                                                 • Anticipated impact of noise levels to
                                               management plan and further
• Relative location of adjoining buildings     information can be obtained from               the site locality
• Contour lines of site and spot levels at     the City’s Waste Minimisation &              • Effect on historical and archaeological
  all the corners of the building              Management DCP2014 Part 7.2                    aspects
• Location of any adjoining owners                                                          • Effect on flora and fauna
                                                         View the DCP 2014
  windows facing your development                                                           • Design and external appearance
• Location of vehicle access and car                                                          in relation to the site and locality
  parking (indicating extent of cut and fill                    indicating how the design is
  and gradients)                                         sitewaste                            appropriate to the site
• Location of stormwater drainage                                                           • How the privacy, daylight and views
  pipes including downpipes and gutter,                                                       of other dwellings will be affected (i.e.

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                        Page 10 of 12
do they overlook or overshadow each         Description:                                • Bench mark on the kerb or other
  other)                                                                                    suitable fixed point (i.e. natural ground
                                              A Storm water Management Plan is
• Access for the disabled                                                                   level) to AHD
                                              required to show where storm water run-
• Non compliance with the planning            off from structure will be drained to.      • Plan to show all existing structures
  controls                                                                                • Plan to show the exact location of
                                              On-site Storm water Dentition (OSD)           all trees with a height of 5 metres or
• Any special circumstances
                                              may be required depending on the              greater the RL at their base and their
Industrial, Commercial and Change of          type of development and extent of the         height and canopy spread
Use Applications must also address the        proposed hardstand area.
                                                                                          • Location/position of all buildings/
following:                                                                                  structures on adjoining land (showing
•   Hours of operation                        The design of the storm water                 street number & street address) floor
                                              management system must comply with            levels and ridge heights of those
•   Number of employees
                                              councils DCP par 8.2 storm water and          buildings or structures at the boundary
•   Provision of carparking
                                              floodplain management.                      • Levels – contour and spot levels
•   On-going waste management
                                                                                          • Easements and rights of way
•   Fire safety measures                      Essentially the documentation should
•   Signage (refer Advertising Sign section
    for details required)                     • A plan showing the proposed storm         SWIMMING POOLS & SPAS
                                                water drainage system. Including the
Applications for Outdoor Dining must
                                                location of down pipes, the drainage      Development types:
also address the following as part of a
                                                lines and the point of discharge from     In ground and above ground pool
Management Plan for the outdoor area:
                                                the property.                             applications only)
•   Hours of operation
                                              • Details of an on-site detention 		        Copies:
•   Time of last orders taken
                                                system, water sensitive urban design      One hard copy and one pdf
•   Storage of furniture                        components, rain water tanks and
•   Music                                       pump-sump systems.
                                                                                          All pool applications must supply the
•   Cleaning of furniture & footpath                                                      following details:
                                              • A completed development engineering
NOTE: Other matters may be relevant             checklist.                                • Distance from outside edge of coping
depending upon the nature of the                                                            of pool to boundary or structure/
                                              Note: Low level property requirements
development proposal.                                                                       building
                                              must be met if the property falls away
                                              from the street (refer to guide for         • The contours of the site together with
                                              stormwater drainage from low level            natural ground level at each corner
STORMWATER/OSD PLAN                           properties)                                   of the pool in relation to the finished
AND CHECKLIST                                                                               coping level of the pool that relates to
                                                                                            a datum point close to the pool (On
Development types:                                      View the DCP 2014                   sloping sites it is to be identified on the
See Development Engineering Checklist                      survey plan at AHD)
and Guide for Storm water from Low                                                        • Longitudinal cross section of the pool,
Level Properties                                                                            showing the depth.
                                              SURVEY PLAN                                 • Location of the filter
                                                                                          • Location and type of pool fencing to be
            Stormwater Drainage and           Development types:                            used, all fencing surrounding the pool
            On-Site Stormwater Detention
                                              See checklist                                 must conform to AS 1926.
                Copies:                                     • If there are any walls containing
            SW-Submission-Package             One hard copy and one pdf                     windows or doors which could allow
                                                                                            access to the swimming pool area,
            Guide for Stormwater              Description:                                  plans must show compliance with the
            Drainage from Low Level           A survey plan is a birds-eye view of the      Swimming Pools Act 1992.
            Properties                        existing features of the site including     • Method of stormwater disposal
                trees, buildings and ancillary structures   • Quote for cost of work by pool
            Low-level-SD-guide                such as swimming pools and retaining          manufacturer or installer
                                              walls. It is prepared by a registered       • Swimming pools and spas must be
Copies:                                       surveyor and includes the below.              registered, go to
One hard copy, one pdf and any data files
 associated with modelling stormwater         A survey plans should include:
 components (ie OSD/ WSUD).
                                              • An Australian Height Datum (AHD)
                                                plan to scale preferably 1:100

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                                       Page 11 of 12
Lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep


All applications are to be lodged on                statement of Environmental
a form of digital data storage i.e. CD-             effects, heritage report, and
ROM, DVD-ROM or USB containing                      internal residential floor plans,
all documentation (including written                etc. each in a separate file.
documents) This is to assist Council in
record keeping and processing.                      Files larger than 5MB should
                                                    be broken up into logical parts
          The files must be in PDF                  supplied as separate files.
          format. Security settings must
          not be applied to electronic              File naming as follows :
          documents, this includes no               Property Address - Document
          passwords locking.                        Type

          One PDF should contain all                Street number & street name
          plans and drawings i.e. site              - Architectural Plans PDF
          plan, elevation plan, landscape
                                                    Street number & street name
          plan , stormwater , survey etc
                                                    - Application Form PDF
          in the same single file
                                                    Street number & street name
          Plans must be to scale,
                                                    - Statement Of Environmental
          rotatated to landscape and
                                                    Effects PDF
          provided in PDF format. It
          is preferred that plans be                Street number & street name
          converted electronically rather           - Waste Management Plan
          than printed and scanned.                 PDF
          The scale must be clearly                 Street number & street name
          displayed on all plan sheet as:           - Internal; Residential Floor
          Showing a scale (e.g 1:100)               Plans PDF
          and separatly state the original
          sheet size (e.g. A3)

          Showing a scale as 1:100@A3

          Black and white plans are to
          be at a resolution of 300dpi
          Coloured plans may be at a
          lower resolution

          Images photos and
          photomontages are to be
          provided as JPEG(.jpg) images
          or in PDF format

          Multi page documents
          must be provided as a single
          complete document and not
          as a single image. They should
          contain bookmarks to help

          Each additional accompanying
          documents requires a
          separate PDF file
          e.g. application form,

Info Package | Environment and Planning | Development Application | January 2020                               Page 12 of 12
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