Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

    July 23rd to 27th, 2019
Open Class Exhibitor’s Handbook
Coos County Fairgrounds
770 4th Street
P O Box 332                                                                 Phone: 541-396-2200
Myrtle Point OR 97458                                                         Fax: 541-396-2202
                     2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

            COOS COUNTY FAIR                                                     COUNTY OPEN CLASS
                     FAIR BOARD                                        Fair Schedule …...……..……………….…………. 3
                    Aaron Leep                                         Pre-Entry & Entry Schedule …...……………....… 3
                                         Rules - General Rules …...…………………......... 4
                                                                       Livestock Rules …...…………………...….…..….. 5
         Candy Baumer      Michael Bohannon                            Static Exhibits - How to Enter …..…………......… 7
         Daris Bouthillier   Brad Burnett
           Julie Groves    Dennis Hermann
                                                                       STATIC EXHIBITS
Denise Stevens …...Fair and Rodeo Queen Chair
                                                                       Fine Arts …..……………………..……..………..... 7
                  Year Round Staff                                     Applied Arts …......……………….………..…….… 9
Debbie James ......................Asst Fair Manager                   Photography …....…...…………………….…...... 10
Brian Couch ............... Maintenance Supervisor                     Culinary …..………………………………...….…. 12
                       4-H & FFA                                       Needlecraft & Clothing ……....…......………...… 18
Elissa Wells .............................................. 4-H        Floral …....….………………….…...….…………. 23
Julie Harris ............................................... FFA       Land Products …...……….…….……………..…. 27
Rhonda Fischer ....... Editor of Exhibitor’s Handbook                     Includes Beers, Wines, Liqueurs & Cordials
                                                                       Community Exhibits …..……………………..….. 32
Fair Theme provided by Shannon Thomas, Myrtle Point

               ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Contests ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦                                ANIMAL ENTRIES
Kid Craft Day Afternoon in the Grove —                                 Cattle, Dairy ..…………………….…….………… 32
            Sponsored by Coquille Supply                               Cattle, Beef …...……………..……….……..……. 32
                                                                       Swine .…………….……..………….………….…. 33
       Flea Market Flip                       Page 9                   Sheep .………………..…………….…….………. 34
       Steampunk Item                         Page 9                   Goats .…………….…………….….…….…….…. 35
       Mason Jar Revival                      Page 10                  Poultry ..…….………………………….…………. 37
       Salsa Contest                          Page 14                  Rabbits ….…..…………………….………….…... 38
       Yard Art                               Page 27                  Llama.………………………….……….....………. 42
       Bird House Special                     Page 30                  Exotics ….………………………...……..……….. 43
    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦                                           Horses ..…………………………....………...…… 43

         Coos County Commissioners
                                                                       Horse Halter ……………………….…...………... 45
                                                                       Performance ………………………….………..… 46
                                                                       Livestock ...…………………………………….…. 47
                                Commissioner                           Rabbits & Cavies…………….………..………..... 48
                                Robert “Bob” Main                      Fair Grounds Map ….……………...………...….. 49
                                                                       Grand Marshals & Fair Queens …….... Back Page

                                                                                      For Parade Information
                                                                                      contact the Fair Office

     Commissioner John Sweet
                                                                           Visit The Coos County
                                                                                 Fair Museum
                                                                            New fair and county
                                                                               history exhibits
                                                                           Come see the expanded
                                                                                 Train display
                                Melissa Cribbins                           Open Daily During The Fair

                                                      “American Pride, County Wide”
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

          Coos County Fair & Rodeo 2019
                           Open Class
               ANIMAL PRE-ENTRY DEADLINE June 15
              HORSES – PRE-ENTRY DEADLINE July 24
                     ALL 4-H ENTRIES DUE May 15
                     SATURDAY – JULY 20 ENTRY DAY
               10 am - 6 pm Open Class Static Exhibits received:
Arts & Crafts, Photography, Culinary, Floral, Land Products, Wine, Needlework
                       SUNDAY – JULY 21 - ENTRY DAY
          10 am - 6 pm Open Class & 4-H Static Exhibits received:
Arts & Crafts, Photography, Culinary, Floral, Land Products, Wine, Needlework.
    9 am - 4 pm 4-H Static Exhibits received, judged, appointment required
                  6 - 8 pm 4-H Horses received, vet checks
                      MONDAY – JULY 22 - ENTRY DAY
       7:30 am - 8 pm 4-H, FFA and Open Class Livestock received
                  4-H and FFA auction animals vet checks
                  All Day Open Class Static Exhibits Judged:
Arts & Crafts, Photography, Culinary, Floral, Land Products, Wine, Needlework
                         9 am - 5 pm 4-H Horse Show
                   6 pm to 8:30 pm Auction Swine Weigh-in
                      6 pm Auction Small Animal Weigh-in
                           TUESDAY – JULY 23
    4-H, FFA and Open Class Shows: Horse, Livestock and Small Animals
          Auction Lamb, Goat, Steer Weigh-In, 7 pm Fashion Revue
         5:30 Fresh Salsa Contest, Davenport Building, See page 14
                        WEDNESDAY – JULY 24
    4-H, FFA and Open Class Shows: Horse, Livestock and Small Animals
                          6:30 pm PARMALEE
                        THURSDAY – JULY 25
4-H, FFA and Open Class Shows: Horse, Llama, Livestock and Small Animals
                        6:30 pm TRACY BYRD
                            FRIDAY – JULY 26
                       8 am Open Class Horse Show
                           10 am 4-H Dog Show
                  4 pm Large Animal Master Showmanship
                  6 pm Small Animal Master Showmanship
                        6:30 pm Rodeo Kids Events
                               7 pm RODEO
                   9:30 pm Billy Lund, Whiskey Weekend
                          SATURDAY – JULY 27
                           10 am Parade Begins
              1:00 pm AUCTION - 4-H & FFA Livestock Auction
                    3:00 - 6:00 pm Premium Pay-Outs
                               7 pm RODEO
                   9:30 pm Billy Lund, Whiskey Weekend

                   SUNDAY - JULY 28 - RELEASE DAY
             8:00 am – 2:00 pm 4-H and FFA Exhibits Released
             10:00 am - 2:00 pm Open Class Exhibits Released
                  10:00 am - 2:00 pm Premium Pay-Outs

                    2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458
  The following rules and regulations become a part of the contract of each exhibitor, licensee, concessionaire and
 every other person having contractual relations with the Coos County Fair. Special rules take precedence over
 general rules, if there is a conflict.
  The Coos County Fair Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and
 arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, or, otherwise arising out of,
 or connected with or incidental to the Fair.
  Payment of premiums is contingent upon the availability of funds for distribution at the Coos County Fair.

1. The general supervision of the grounds and entire exhi-         - LATE ENTRY FEES will be charged on Livestock
    bition, including entries, booths, concessions, arrange-           and animal entries made after the Pre-Entry
    ment of exhibits, and all details, is vested in the Fair           Closing Date.
    Board.                                                         - LATE ENTRY ACCEPTANCE is based on space
ELIGIBILITY                                                            available and superintendents approval.
2. All departments except Llamas and Exotics, 4-H and              - ENTRY TIMES during Entry Days at the Fair are
   FFA, are open to all counties and states.                           listed on the Exhibitors Schedule in the Exhibitors
3. All static (still, non-livestock) exhibits must be made by          Handbook and online.
   the exhibitor and finished within the past year, since the      (For Open Class Horses, see Department for Horses
   last Fair. No unfinished articles will be accepted.                 and Horse Entry Forms and Exhibitors Schedule)
4. Only the owner or lessee may exhibit an animal, which
   must be entered in his / her name.                              9. LIVESTOCK and ANIMAL EXHIBITS: The man-
                                                                      agement will use every precaution in its power for
NOTICE                                                                the safe preservation of all exhibits, but will not be
4-H and FFA members shall not exhibit the same livestock,             responsible for loss or damage.
   excluding horses, in both 4-H or FFA divisions and
   open classes except for non-premium championship                10. EXHIBIT BUILDINGS will be open only to
   classes.                                                            exhibitors and fair facilitators during entry days.

OPEN CLASS ENTRY PROCEDURE                                         11. ENTRY ACCEPTANCE is required. The manage-
5. Entry Forms are available in the Exhibitors Handbook,               ment reserves the right to reject any exhibit of-
   at the Fair Office, and the OSU Extension Office in Myr-            fered and to remove any exhibit improperly en-
   tle Point, online at                 tered or deemed dangerous or objectionable.
   (the County website listed under Departments as Coos            12. STATIC EXHIBITS: All static (still) exhibits, when
   County Fair) or            assigned space, become subject to the control of
   See the “How to Enter” section following the Rules and              the management. The management will use every
   Regulations.                                                        precaution in its power for the safe preservation of
6. A separate Entry Form should be completed for each                  all exhibits, but will not be responsible for loss or
   Department. Pre-Entry is encouraged for all Depart-                 damage.
   ments and mandatory for all animal entries. Pre-Entry           13. EXHIBIT RELEASE TIME is listed in the Exhibi-
   forms submitted on or before the closing date as noted              tors schedule in the front section of this fair book,
   on entry forms for each department allows for prepara-              the Exhibitors Handbook. Exhibits will be released
   tion of accommodations for livestock and other animals              at that time only. No exceptions. Exhibitors must
   and for preparation of information for the fair exhibit             present their claim checks to the superintendent
   process.                                                            or clerk in charge of the department before re-
7. Every entry will be issued an entry tag which identifies            moving exhibits, excepting livestock.
   the Exhibitor by ID number and the class by number              ENTRIES - JUDGING - AWARDS
   and description, and sub-division, if any.                      14. Only one entry in each class or lot may be made
   Each entry tag will be placed with each exhibit accord-             by an exhibitor unless otherwise stated.
   ing to the requirements of the superintendent of the            15. An exhibit may be entered in only one class or lot
   department. Entry tags may be printed out for all pre-              for premium with the exception of livestock.
                                                                   16. REGROUPING - The management reserves the
ENTRY DEADLINES                                                        right to combine like classes or to reclassify exhib-
8. ENTRY DAYS are during fair week for all exhibits,                   its when there is lack of competition.
    with Pre-Entry required for all livestock and animal en-
    tries and preferred for static entries. Entry fees are re-     17. JUDGING:
    quired for animal entries, must accompany the complet-             - Any animal or article deemed unworthy shall not
    ed entry form and be postmarked and/or received by                 be awarded a premium merely because there is
    the deadline posted.                                               no competition.
                                                                       - The decision of the judges is final.
The Pre-Entry Closing Date is approximately one month                  - Judges will not be allowed to adjudicate in a
prior to Fair, in order to allow for planning and preparation          class in which they are exhibitors.
of space and penning (accommodations). Entry fees are                  - Any person interfering with the judges during the
required to provide for livestock bedding and feed for rab-            adjudication will forfeit the right to premiums. All
bits and poultry. Pre-entry is required for some entries in            employees and volunteers are required and ex-
which there are space limitations, such as Booths and rec-             hibitors are requested to report any violation of
ommended for Table Settings. There are no entry fees for               this rule to the Fair Office.
non-livestock entries unless specified.

                                                 “American Pride, County Wide”
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

18. PROTESTS: All complaints / protests must be made                27. SECURITY: The Coos County Fair will have security
    in writing and signed, with date of signature, to be                officers on the grounds and will use every reasonable
    taken under advisement.                                             precaution for the preservation and protection of persons
                                                                        and property, articles and livestock on exhibition, but
19. AWARDS: Awards will be made according to the                        will in no case be responsible for any loss or damage that
    merit of the exhibit. The judge may disqualify or                   may occur, and each exhibitor will waive any right of
    award 2nd, 3rd, or 4th at his / her discretion. All rib-            subrogation against the Fair, where permissible, under
    bons, stickers or banner awards are to be conspicu-                 any contract of insurance owned by that exhibitor. The
    ously displayed with the exhibits and left there until              Fair’s public liability does not cover exhibitors; therefore,
    release time.                                                       each exhibitor is responsible for any loss, injury or
                                                                        damage done to, or occasioned by or arising from, any
20. PREMIUMS: Exhibitors are eligible for only one                      animal or article exhibited or owned by that exhibitor,
    premium in any one class or lot, except livestock,                  and shall save, free and harmless the Fair, its’ officers,
    which are eligible for two premiums in any one class                board and employees, from any claims for damage or
    or lot. Each exhibit is eligible for only one premium.              loss, either to person or property, from all and every
    NO PREMIUM MONEY WILL BE PAID ON ANY                                cause whatsoever.
    MIUM LIST. Premiums will be paid only on the                    28. EXPENSES and CLAIMS: No expenses or claims will be
    record of awards listed on the clerks sheets returned               allowed unless specifically authorized in advance by the
    to the Fair Office. Ribbons and cards have no value                 Fair Board.
    for premium redemption. Errors in the records caused
    by oversight or neglect are subject to correction by            29. DELIVERIES: All deliveries of supplies must be made
    the management. Payment of premiums is contingent                   before 10 am each morning, after which the area inside
    upon the availability of funds for distribution. Premi-             the fences will be closed to ALL VEHICLES.
    ums may be adjusted depending upon funds availa-                30. GARBAGE: Receptacles will be placed at convenient
    ble.                                                                locations and exhibitors are asked to make use of them.
                                                                        The garbage will be picked up daily by Fair maintenance
21. PREMIUM PAYMENTS are made during Fair, at the                       staff.
    Fair Office, at the dates and times listed in the Exhibi-
    tors Schedule. Premiums will not be mailed. All pre-            31. FIRE PROTECTION: All matters of fire protection are
    miums, prizes and awards contained herein shall be                  under the direct supervision of the State Fire Marshal
    void unless picked up within thirty (30) days of the                and the Myrtle Point Fire Chief. Fire clause - The Coos
    closing of the Fair and will become a contribution to               County Fair will use precaution to guard against fire, but
    the Fair fund.                                                      will not be responsible for any losses occasioned by fire
                                                                        or damage by water.
22. SUPERINTENDENTS: Each superintendent, under
   the direction of the Fair Board, shall have charge and           32. CREDENTIALS / PASSES: Exhibitors in these divisions
   authority of the department to which he / she may be                 will receive season passes in the following allocations:
   assigned, and exhibitors must follow his / her order                 LIVESTOCK 1 pass for 1-3 animals
   relating to placing of exhibits, showing, etc.                   LIVESTOCK RULES and REGULATIONS
                                                                    NOTE: Area Veterinarians DONATE their time FOR ORGANI-
23. CLERKS: The clerks are requested to make a note                    ZATIONAL and CHECK-IN purposes. If an exhibitor re-
    to all classes where registration or entry forms are               quires the services of a veterinarian during the Fair, the
    not satisfactory to the superintendent and to so indi-             responsibility for payment to that veterinarian is that of the
    cate by checks on the judges sheets.                               exhibitor.
    - Clerks shall not permit any person / exhibitor to             NOTICE
    examine his / her records while judging is in pro-              4-H and FFA members shall not exhibit the same livestock,
    gress, except the superintendent in charge or other                excluding horses, in both 4-H or FFA divisions and open
    management.                                                        classes except for non-premium championship classes.
    - Clerks will encourage judges to give written com-             1. All animals must be in their stalls by 8 pm on Livestock
    ments on back of entry tags for the education of the                Entry Day, unless stated otherwise in the department
    exhibitor.                                                          rules or otherwise posted by the Fair Office. No animals
    - Anyone not directly involved in the judging process               will be removed before the Exhibit Release Time listed in
     will not be allowed to see the entry books until after             the Exhibitors Schedule. Livestock trailers and trucks are
     the awards have been made and entered therein.                     required to have a PARKING PERMIT ISSUED FROM
24. DOGS: Dogs are allowed only in camping spaces                       THE FAIR OFFICE and park in assigned areas. Use the
     (Grove, Leep’s, Compound campgrounds) and must                     application for TRUCK / TRAILER PARKING PERMIT:
     be restrained at all times. DOGS ARE NOT AL-                       Horse / Livestock / Trailer / Truck Parking Permit Applica-
     LOWED ON THE MAIN FAIRGROUNDS except                               tion.
     for service dogs and dogs entered in the 4-H Dog               2. To avoid congestion on the Fairgrounds on entry day, all
     Show competition on the day of the show.                          livestock must enter through Leep’s field gate and will be
25. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and SMOKING are                                inspected by a veterinarian in the unloading area.
     prohibited in all Fair Exhibit Buildings, barns and
   livestock                                                        3.   All cattle, sheep, goats, llamas and swine are to be
    areas.                                                               unloaded, as directed, at the appropriate receiving
                                                                         stations, between 7:30 am and 8 pm, on Livestock Entry
26. BIKES and SKATEBOARDS are prohibited from the                        Day. No Livestock to be delivered on the Opening Day of
    grounds during the Fair.                                             Fair. Any exceptions to these delivery hours shall be

                                     2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

     cleared by the department superintendent and the                  attend to their animals while on exhibition and an-
     exhibitor shall be responsible for obtaining the ser-             swer such questions as the judges deem essential
     vices of a veterinarian to inspect the animals prior to           to a correct estimate of their relative value. All ani-
     their entry into the livestock barn.                              mals occupying exhibit stalls must be at all times
4.   While the Fair provides the showcase situation al-                kept thoroughly groomed, clean and in show condi-
     lowing for exhibitors to show the animals as best                 tion. Stalls and pens must be neatly kept and sup-
     they can, it also represents some real risks. Combin-             plied with necessary bedding. Pathways and ap-
     ing many animals from different sources in a place                proaches must be kept clean for the spectators. Ma-
     unfamiliar to those animals, along with the stresses              nure and waste must be deposited in designated
     that result, creates a high risk situation for the                areas.
     spread of infectious diseases. For the benefit of your        12. Both halters and neck ropes will be required for all
     own and others animals, it is recommended that all                cattle. Sheep, Goats and Llamas must be under
     Fair animals be on the best health / immunity / pre-              restraint, secured by halters or collars, when moved
     ventive regime possible, including vaccinations,                  outside pens. All animals shall be moved and tied to
     feeding and management. Because every situation                   the department superintendent’s satisfaction with the
     is unique, it is recommended that the exhibitor work              safety of the general public, exhibitors and animals
     out a preventative program with a veterinarian and                as a primary consideration.
     4-H or FFA advisor. Many vaccination programs
     must begin weeks or months in advance of the Fair.            13. Spray nozzles or shut-off valves will be used on all
     A clinical inspection will be made of all animals and             wash rack hoses. Water use shall be kept to a mini-
     poultry upon arrival. Any animals and poultry show-               mum.
     ing clinical evidence of disease may be refused en-           14. NO ENTRY FEES WILL BE REFUNDED WITHOUT
     try. Diseased animals must be removed from the                    VETERINARIAN’S WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION.
     Fairgrounds. It should be noted that the inspection
     will include, but not necessarily be limited to these         15. All cattle, including calves old enough to vaccinate,
     areas: CATTLE (BEEF & DAIRY, EXOTIC CAT-                          must meet current Oregon State brucellosis require-
     TLE) respiratory disease, ring worm, warts pinkeye                ment.
     LLAMAS: respiratory disease, skin and foot diseas-
     es SHEEP & GOATS: abscesses, foot problems,                   16. SHEEP: All sheep originating within twenty (20)
     respiratory diseases, pinkeye, skin disease, sore                 miles of confirmed blue tongue outbreak will be re-
     mouth SWINE: warts, lice, respiratory disease.                    quired to have been vaccinated no less than thirty
                                                                       (30) days or more than eighteen (18) months prior to
5. Animals or poultry which develop disease conditions                 entry.
   during the course of the Fair are to be removed from
   the premises with permission from the Superinten-               17. SHEEP: A Scrapie tag with point of origin is required
   dent. Animals or poultry injured during the Fair will be            on each sheep. Scrapie tags are available through
   reviewed by a veterinarian and the Fair Board repre-                ODA for information and forms call the Extension
   sentative to determine release from the Fairgrounds.                Office at 541-572-5263 ext 25240.

6. Livestock Barns will be closed to the public, exhibi-
   tors, and anyone else not expressly authorized by a
   department superintendent from 11 pm till 6 am.
   Please respect the need for rest by our livestock.
7. Any exhibitor attempting to show his or her animal
   under false or irregular registration papers or refusing
   to show the registration papers will be barred from
8. Livestock exhibitors are limited to no more than two
   monies (2 premiums) in each class.
9. No person having entered anything for competition
   will be allowed to withdraw or change the entry after
   the opening day of the show except with the permis-
   sion of the management.
10. All exhibits will be under the control and direction of
    the management, but the Fair Board will in no case
    be responsible for any consequential or other loss,
    injury or damage done to or occasioned by or arising
    from any animal or other article being exhibited or
    any unspecified other condition or incident on the
11. After having properly entered their exhibit, exhibitors
    must themselves see to the delivery to the proper
    department so exhibits may be in place, correctly
    ticketed and ready for competition by 10 AM the first
    day of the Fair. Exhibitors are likewise required to

                                                 “American Pride, County Wide”
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

OPEN CLASS EXHIBITS - STATIC EXHIBITS                                  =DEPARTMENT AR=
Exhibitors entries are very important to the Fair. It is           ARTS - FINE ARTS
    helpful if the exhibitors fill out their entry card tags
    early. Some exhibitors prefer to fill out the entry tags               Superintendent - Carol Ann Wheeler
    in the comfort of their own home and some use their
    return address labels to complete the identification                                PREMIUMS:
    section of each tag. Entry tags already complete or
    nearly complete when submitted to the department                                AM, ADV, SEN, PRO
    on entry day speeds up the process greatly and re-                             1st=$5; 2nd=$3; 3rd=$1
    duces the lines and waiting. If the following entry                              PRE-12TH GRADE
    procedures aren’t clear and assistance is needed to                            1st=$3; 2nd=$2; 3rd=$1
    complete entry tags, please seek assistance from
    fairgrounds staff.                                                      BEST OF SHOW - PRE-12TH GRADE
                                                                                   $20 CASH from the
1. To enter the Coos County Fair, obtain ENTRY TAGS                              Coquille Valley Art Center
   Myrtle Point or online. One Exhibitor Number per                          BEST OF SHOW - AM / ADV / SEN
   exhibitor. The Exhibitors Numbers are permanent,                              $25 Gift Certificate from
   beginning with those issued in 2002 and assigned to                             The Art Connection
   those who exhibited the prior year.
                                                                                   BEST OF SHOW - PRO
2.   Livestock entries must be made on entry forms that                            $25 Gift Certificate from
     are in the Exhibitors Handbook at the Fair Office. Be                           The Art Connection
     sure to look for livestock entry deadlines listed on
     the Entry Form or online.                                      ENTRIES TAKEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY

3.   Enter your Exhibitors Number on the Entry Tag.                          SATURDAY July 20 10 am to 6 pm
                                                                             SUNDAY   July 21 10 am to 6 pm
4.   Print your Name and Address on the Entry Tag, or
     affix your return address label, making sure that the           Exhibit release time: Sunday July 28, 10 am to 2 pm
     Exhibitors Name is the same as the one assigned                 Exhibits must be entered during Entry Times and must
     the Exhibitor number.                                                remain in place until Exhibit Release Time.
5. In your Exhibitors Handbook, under the Department,                          There will be NO EXCEPTIONS
   find the Division and class you are entering and write
   the Division and Class on the Entry Tag.                             AFTER UNLOADING EXHIBIT MATERIAL,
                                                                         VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED TO THE
6. Fill out the Claim Check end of the Entry Tag, which                     PARKING AREA IMMEDIATELY.
   will be given to you when you enter your exhibit and
   will be used to identify your claim to the exhibit when         ART DEPARTMENT PAINTINGS: An artist may enter a
   you return to retrieve it after the Fair.                       total of (7) seven pictures with no more than one in any
7.   CANNED GOODS TAG: A separate type of Entry                    class. Size of pictures will be limited to 36 by 48 inches
     Tag, a self adhesive round ID tag, is used for                including the frame. There is also a weight limit of no
     canned goods only. The round label is to be placed            more than 20 pounds. All work MUST be original and
     on the lid, under the ring.                                   must be entered in the name of the artist. Copies will not
                                                                   be hung.
8.   PHOTOGRAPHS and ART: use standard entry tags.
                                                                   HANGING REQUIREMENTS:
9.   Bring your entries on the Correct Entry Day. See
     Entry Dates and Times. A clerk in each Department             All Adult paintings and frames must be dry. All pictures
     will check over your tags and give you the Claim              must be framed and ready for hanging with wire hangers.
     Check stub portion of your Entry Tag before you               We do not recommend saw tooth hangers. They easily
     leave your entries.                                           pull out of the frame when being hung with the S hooks.
                                                                   No tape allowed when securing wires or string. NO UNI-
10. Entries may not be picked up until the Exhibit Re-             FRAMES WILL BE ALLOWED due to sharp glass edges.
    lease Time, listed in the Exhibitors Schedule.
                                                                   All Youth paintings and drawings must be done on art
11. Entries should be picked up from the department                paper or canvas boards. They must be matted and / or
    soon after exhibits are available for release. Exhibits        mounted on lightweight poster board mats or foam
    not picked up within two hours of release may not              boards. They do not need hangers. The Fine Arts De-
    remain in the exhibit building.                                partment will provide and install Velcro hangers.

                                                                   DATES: Exhibits that have been entered in this depart-
                                                                   ment at a previous Coos County Fair are not eligible for
                                                                   re-entry. Entries must have been completed within the
                                                                   last year.

                                     2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Exhibitor MUST NOT enter more                    128   Unlisted other medium - Floral / Still Life
than one class of the same description.                             129   Unlisted other medium - Landscape
LABEL / ENTRY TAG: Every exhibit must be labeled showing            130   Unlisted other medium - Portrait
SKILL DIVISION and CLASS NUMBER as well as EXHIBI-                  131   Unlisted other medium - Seascape
TOR’S NUMBER, NAME and ADDRESS. Please also in-                     132   Unlisted other medium - Other subject
clude the medium under Entry and describe the painting such         133   Art - Computer (must be originally generated by exhibit-
as barn, floral, ocean, etc. under Description.                           tor)
CLASSIFICATION: The superintendent reserves the right to            GRAPHIC DRAWING 134 - 138
reclassify entries.                                                 134 Pencil / Ink / Charcoal - Floral / Still Life
                                                                    135 Pencil / Ink / Charcoal - Landscape
JUDGING: All names attached to the exhibits will be                 136 Pencil / Ink / Charcoal - Portrait
covered until judging is complete. The exhibit area will be         137 Pencil / Ink / Charcoal - Seascape
closed to the public during judging and no one except the           138 Pencil / Ink / Charcoal - Any other subject
clerks will be permitted to accompany or talk to the judge until
judging is completed.                                               139 Graphic Prints - Artist produced etching, wood cut, or
PREMIUMS: Will not be awarded unless the article exhibited
is in itself worthy and articles will receive premiums according    SENIOR CITIZENS (60 AND OVER)
to merit regardless of competition. Where there is no compe-        140 Animals
tition in a class, awards may be given at the judge’s discre-       141 Floral / Still Life
tion. Honorable mention ribbons may also be awarded at the          142 Landscape / Seascape
judge’s discretion.                                                 143 Portrait
                                                                    144 Any Other Subject
TION IS INCLUDED IN THE PREMIUM LIST.                               YOUTH ART
                                                                    (no preprinted pictures from coloring books, posters, etc.)
There are now (4) four Adult Division and (4) Youth Divisions.      Pre-school - 3rd grade
AM - AMATEUR Any adult artist who has been painting                 145 Fair Theme
for less than (5) years.                                            146 South Coast Scenes
                                                                    147 Crayon
ADV- ADVANCED Any adult artist who has been painting                148 Colored Pencil
for (5) or more years.                                              149 Drawing - pen / pencil
                                                                    150 Watercolors
PRO - PROFESSIONAL Any artist who collects a fee for
                                                                    151 Unlisted Other Medium
instruction and / or sells their artwork for more income than
they spend on materials.                                            GRADES 4 - 6
SEN - SENIOR Any artist (60) sixty years old or older not           152 Fair Theme
including professional artists.                                     153 South Coast Scenes
                                                                    154 Crayon
        PAINTINGS in all medium 101 through 132                     155 Drawing - pen / pencil
                                                                    156 Watercolor
Class                                                               157 Art - Computer Generated
101 Fair Theme                                                      158 Oil
102 South Coast scenes any media                                    159 Acrylic Pour
103 Acrylic - Animals                                               160 Unlisted Other Medium
104 Acrylic - Floral / Still Life
105 Acrylic - Landscape                                             GRADES 7 - 9
106 Acrylic - Portrait                                              161 Fair Theme
107 Acrylic - Seascape                                              162 South Coast Scenes
108 Acrylic - Unlisted Other Subject                                163 Painting - oil / acrylic
109 Oil - Animals                                                   164 Painting - watercolor
110 Oil - Floral / Still Life                                       165 Drawing - pen / pencil
111 Oil - Landscape                                                 166 Pastels
112 Oil - Portrait                                                  167 Art - Computer Generated
113 Oil - Seascape                                                  168 Acrylic Pour
114 Oil - Unlisted Other Subject                                    169 Unlisted Other Medium
115 Pastel - Animals
                                                                    GRADES 10 - 12
116 Pastel - Floral / Still Life
                                                                    170 Fair Theme
117 Pastel - Landscape
                                                                    171 South Coast Scenes
118 Pastel - Portrait
                                                                    172 Painting - oil / acrylic
119 Pastel - Seascape
                                                                    173 Painting - Watercolor
120 Pastel - Unlisted Other Subject
                                                                    174 Drawing - Pen / Pencil
121 Watercolor - Animals
                                                                    175 Pastels
122 Watercolor - Floral / Still Life
                                                                    176 Art - Computer Generated
123 Watercolor - Landscape
                                                                    177 Acrylic Pour
124 Watercolor - Portrait
                                                                    178 Unlisted Other Medium
125 Watercolor - Seascape
126 Watercolor - Unlisted Other Subject
127 Unlisted other medium - Animals

                                                   “American Pride, County Wide”
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458

      =DEPARTMENT AA=                                              212
                                                                         Christmas - other
                                                                         Doll - handmade - any
                                                                         Jewelry - beaded - Necklace
       APPLIED ARTS &                                              215
                                                                         Jewelry - beaded - Earrings
                                                                         Jewelry - beaded - Bracelet
          CRAFTS                                                   217
                                                                         Leather - hand crafted or tooled item
                                                                         Metal - hand welded
                                                                   219   Metal - plasma cut - original design. Include design
             Superintendent - Julie Groves                               drawing
               541 572-2834 Mon-Thurs 9-5                          220   Fabric art - Hand Painted or Dyed
                 Weekends 541 572-5615                             221   Painting - Tole
                                                                   222   Painted Rock - scenic
                   PREMIUMS:                                       223   Painted Rock - message
         Adult      1st=$5; 2nd=$3; 3rd=$1                         224   Sign painting - must be ready for hanging
         Grade 7-12 1st=$3; 2nd=$2; 3rd=$1                         225   Porcelain Painting
         Grade 0-6 1st=$3; 2nd=$2; 3rd=$1                          226   Nail Art-Fantasy - displayed on hangable cardstock -
                                                                          5 nails
  ENTRIES TAKEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY                           227   Nail Art-Wearable - displayed on hangable cardstock -
            SATURDAY July 20 10 am to 6 pm                               5 nails
            SUNDAY      July 21 10 am to 6 pm                      228   Stained Glass - Leaded - Hanging, Decorative
  Exhibit release time: Sunday July 28 10 am to 2 pm               229   Stained Glass - Leaded - Lamp
   Entries must be made during Entry Times and must                230   Stained Glass - Leaded - Window Pane
       remain in place until Exhibit Release Time.                 231   Stained Glass - Leaded - Other
                                                                   232   Stained Glass - Copper Foil - Hanging, Decorative
                     NO EXCEPTIONS                                 233   Stained Glass - Copper Foil - Lamp
                                                                   234   Stained Glass - Copper Foil - Window Pane
  An artist / crafter may enter a total of 7 pieces, with no       235   Stained Glass - Copper Foil - Other
more than one in any class. All work must be entered in            236   Scrapbooking - 1 representative page
the name of the crafter. Work must be dry. Exhibits that           237   Fly tying - display of 5 minimum on poster board
have been entered in this department at a previous Coos            238   “FLEA MARKET FLIP” * Salvage item - remake,
County Fair are not eligible for reentry. Entries must have              repurpose, reuse
been completed within the past year and entered in the             239   Steampunk item* - functional
correct division.                                                  240   Steampunk item* - decorative
                                                                               i. *Entries in 238, 239, 240 must be accompanied
 Any changes that occur after the exhibitors book goes to                          by photographic evidence of original item(s)
the printers can be found at                        used in final exhibit. Entries limited by size.
Fair Office: 541-396-2200                                                          No entries shall exceed a 12 ft. sq. floor space.
                                                                   241   Paper craft - example: origami, weaving, paper flowers
DIVISION IS DETERMINED BY AGE:                                     242   Paper Mache
900 - Seniors (60 and older)                                       243   Handmade paper or paper product
901 - 18 & Older                                                   244   Mosaic - paper
902 - 12 to 17 years of age                                        245   Mosaic - other media - not paper
903 - 6 to 11 years of age                                         246   Handmade soap (must be in Ziploc bag if scented)
904 - under 6 years                                                      a.    Cold processed soap
905 - Nursing home or handicapped                                        b.    Hot processed soap
906 - Group project                                                      c.    Melt & pour
Declarations regarding whether exhibitor is a Professional,              d.    Liquid soap
Advanced Amateur, etc. will be taken at the time of individ-       247   Handmade candle (must be in Ziploc bag if scented)
ual entry. The exhibit will be noted by PRO or ADV in the                one pillar or two matching tapers
margins for judging purposes. All entries will be judged by        248   Craft - any other
age divisions with consideration given to experience.              WOODWORKING
                                                                   249 Fair Theme
All items that are designed to hang must come into the
                                                                   250 Beds - Chests - Cabinets
fair ready to hang with secure backing that will support
                                                                   251 Clocks
the display. Failure to have proper mounting may re-
                                                                   252 Jewel boxes or small containers
sult in item being disqualified.
                                                                   253 Tables & Chairs
CLASS                                                              254 Toys
201 Fair Theme - any media, not woodwork, poetry or                255 Animal Carvings - stylized
    Lego                                                           256 Animal Carvings - realistic
202 Basket Weaving-any natural material                            257 Human Figures - stylized
203 Wheat Weaving                                                  258 Human Figures - realistic
204 Ceramics - Hand built                                          259 Carousel Animal
205 Ceramics - Wheel                                               260 Chip Carving
206 Ceramics - Beads, Pins, Jewelry                                261 Driftwood
207 Ceramics - Sculpture - Abstract                                262 Inlay and Marquetry
208 Ceramics - Sculpture - Realistic                               263 Intarsia Artistry in Wood
209 Ceramics - judged for hand painted design                      264 Ornamental
210 Christmas - set of three ornaments                             265 Turning Pattern on Bowl
211 Christmas - Wreath                                             266 Turning Vase

                                      2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class
Open Class Exhibitor's Handbook - July 23rd to 27th, 2019 Coos County Fairgrounds 770 4th Street P O Box 332 Myrtle Point OR 97458
      Wood Craft with Carving
                                                                       = DEPARTMENT PH =
      Native Carving
      Relief Carving
272   Pyrography - item judged on wood burning technique
POETRY                                                                     Co-coordinated by Don & Carol Todd,
All poetry should be mounted for hanging.                            with the OREGON COAST PHOTOGRAPHERS
273 Fair Theme                                                                     ASSOCIATION, Inc.
274 Poem - Free Verse 8 - 32 lines
275 Rhyme 8 - 32 lines                                                      Email:
276 Short Poem 1 - 4 lines                                               Rules / Guidelines Available For Download:
277 Poem and art form - display should not exceed 14 x14                OCPA Website:
LEGO CONTEST                                                        1. See general rules and regulations, at the beginning of
1. Fair Theme                                                             this book. Please read them carefully, they apply to
        a. Fair Theme is a build that is themed towards                   this department.
            the fair or the theme of the fair.
2. Original Realistic Creation                                      2. EXHIBIT RELEASE TIME: All photography exhibits
        a. Original Realistic Creation is an original build               must remain in place until the Exhibit Release Time
            (no instructions) which is modeled after a real               and must be picked up by the end of the Exhibit Re-
            vehicle or object.                                            lease Time. No exceptions.
3. Original Fantasy Creation                                        3. ENTRY LIMIT: An exhibitor may enter a maximum of
        a. Original Fantasy Creation is an original build                 seven (7) entries in any combination of classes in
            (no instructions) which is made up and not                    one division only. The superintendent may reclassi-
            based on a real vehicle or object.                            fy the image if the photo does not meet the subject
4. Kit Build                                                              criteria,
         a. Kit Build is a build that is from one box and is        4. If there are more entries than space allows, the super-
             built per the instructions in the box.                       intendent will decide what is displayed. All accepted
          “Engineer Prize” *                                              entries will be judged. The superintendent also re-
          “Engineer Prize Runner Up” *                                    serves the right to reclassify any entry or entrant
                                                                          deemed not properly classified (class and / or divi-
          Contest sponsored by Round Mountain                             sion).
          Prizes to be announced at Fair                                A. The superintendent may reclassify entries to
                                                                        the nearest related class if deemed necessary.
         Entries will be judged on problem solving and en-
gineering which expresses the talents and skills a person          B. Monochrome (Black & White - i.e. one tone)
can carry with them into adulthood. These abilities are            and Color prints can be judged separately in each
valuable to potential employers. Especially in fields where        class at the superintendents’ discretion.
engineering abilities are particularly valuable and neces-
sary. We strive to acknowledge, award, and encourage 5. No piece previously entered in the Coos County Fair,
young engineers to develop and maintain these talents.             more than three years old, or prints that are essen-
         *Kit Build entries will not qualify for the Engineer      tially the same are eligible for competition. Potential-
Prize as these items have already been engineered by               ly objectionable photos may be excluded at the su-
Lego Company.                                                      perintendents’ discretion.
         All other categories regardless of age are eligible 6. All entries must be mounted (i.e. the photo is firmly
for the Engineer Prize.                                            attached to a lightweight, rigid backing such as foam
                                                                   core, foam board cardboard, mat board, etc.).
  MASON JAR REVIVAL                                                Frames, canvas, metal prints, glass prints, wood,
                                                                   plastic (shrink) wrap will NOT be accepted. Mats (i.e.
  Creative use of a canning jar.                                   a window, decorative opening, etc.) are appropriate
  THREE CASH PRIZES of                                             for protection and presentation but are not mandato-
  $20 EACH.                                                        ry.
                                                                   No Hangers.
  One ENTRY per person.
                                                              7. DIMENSIONS: The outside dimensions must be at
  Entries are ONE JAR                                              least 5" x 7" (or 35 sq. in.) not to exceed 16" x
  creations.                                                       20" (or 320 sq. in.), including mount / mat. Total
  Maximum width of display is 12 inches.                           thickness, including mount / mat, must not exceed
  The jar could be a candle holder, centerpiece, place             3/8 in.
 setting enhancement, cupcake baked in the jar - the                8. The name, address or email address, and telephone
 possibilities are only limited by your imagination ! There             number of the exhibitor must appear legibly on the
 are project ideas on line.                                             back of the mount. Also indicate which way is up
 Any size jar, MASON, KERR, or BALL or vintage brand,                   with an arrow or the word “TOP”.
 any style is acceptable for the contest.                           9. The photographer’s name or other information (titles,
 Entries are to be submitted in the Oaks Pavilion with the              date stamp, business name, copyright information,
 Master Food Preservers Display area on July 20 and 21.                 any information that may indicate the photographer,
                                                                        etc.) must NOT appear on the front of the exhibit.

                                                 “American Pride, County Wide”

10. All photographs must be the original work of the en-              DIVISION 15: (ADV) ADULT ADVANCED – 17 years +
     trant. If “clip-art” is used for images in the “Graphics”            (Persons with experience - example: consistent
     and / or “Fair Theme” classes, it must be non-                        award winners, sales, etc.).
     photographic, royalty free and / or not copyrighted by
     anyone other than the entrant.                                   (*Note: Previous winners in Divisions 13 and / or 14 may
                                                                      be asked to advance to the next higher category at the
11. JUDGING CRITERIA                                                  superintendent’s discretion.)
     Composition / Appeal / Impact ..….... 35%
     Technical Quality ………..……..….… 35%                               CLASSES (for all Divisions)
     Presentation ………………...…..…… 30%
                                                                      101 Coos County Scenes (any image that repre-
12. AWARDS                                                                sents Coos County – it’s land, people, culture, his-
     Best of Show …………………….. $ 15.00 / ribbon                             tory, beauty… etc.)
     (Chosen from “Best of Division” winners)                         102 Landscapes (scenic)
     Best of Division ………………….. $ 15.00 / ribbon                      103 Seascapes (scenic)
     1st Place…………….……………. $ 5.00 / ribbon                            104 Night Scenes (images taken at night)
     2nd Place……………….………… $ 3.00 / ribbon                             105 Domestic Animals (pets)
     3rd Place………………….………. $ 1.00 / ribbon                            106 Wildlife (wild animals, zoo animals, etc.)
     Honorable Mention ...……….……………… ribbon                           107 Birds / Insects (domestic and wild)
     “People’s Choice”………………... $10.00 / ribbon                       108 People (candid)
                                                                      109 Formal Portrait (people)
13. SPECIAL AWARDS                                                    110 Selfies (a photograph that one has taken of
                                                                          oneself, usually taken with a smartphone or tablet.
“People’s Choice” will be selected by Fair attendees
  who fill out a ballot. The photograph with highest                      Can contain more than one person.)
                                                                      111 Flora (flowers, plants, trees, vegetation, etc.)
  number of eligible votes will be declared the winner
                                                                      112 Still Life (where the subject is placed, arranged)
  and awarded $10 and a ribbon. Plus, winner of this
                                                                      113 Macro / Close up (Small items larger than life
  award will be invited to display the winning image at
  the next year’s fair.
                                                                      114 Abstract / Altered / Special Effects (not neces-
  Ballots will be available in the Photography Depart-
                                                                          sarily representing or imitating external reality or the
  ment. One eligible ballot (non-duplicated, properly
  filled out) per vote. Ballots which are not properly                    objects of nature – heavy use of filters, double ex-
                                                                          posing, painting w / light, computer manipulation /
  filled out will not be counted.
                                                                          enhancement, obvious “HDR”, etc.)
“Youth Award” given by (and chosen by) the ORE-                     115 Architecture / Buildings (primary subject is
  GON COAST PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION                                     made by Man – barns, bridges, towns, lighthouses,
  (OCPA) to outstanding photographers in Division 11                      etc.)
  and / or Division 12.                                               116 Transportation (primary subject is man-made
  To be eligible, an entrant must have a minimum of                        transportation – automobiles, planes, boats, trains,
  three (3) images entered in their Division and be a                      etc.)
  resident of Coos County. Previous winners in a divi-                117 News / Journalism / Action / Sports (any image
  sion will not be eligible for this award in consecutive                  that shows action, sport and / or images that
  years.                                                                   present a story - examples are seen in news-
                                                                           papers, magazines, etc.)
    1st Place - $10                                                   118 Found Art (subjects found, not arranged,
    2nd Place - $5                                                         photographed artistically – part of a larger whole)
    3rd Place - $3                                                    119 Monochrome (Black & White, one tone - open
    Honorable Mention - $1                                                 subject matter)
    In addition to the cash awards, all winners will be               121 Graphics / Collage / Montage (image must be
    granted a one-year membership in the OCPA. There                       primarily photographic, made by entrant, but may
    must be a minimum of three (3) eligible entrants per                   include text and / or other non-photographic, royal-
    division for all awards to be given.                                   ty free elements. Images may combine original
                                                                          work of the photographer either digitally or using
“Kathy Chambers Award” - A (additional) cash                            other techniques such as gluing images to paper.
  award of $25 will be given to the image receiving 1st                   Text must not include photographers name, copy-
  Place in the “Fair Theme” class (note: entries from all                 right information, etc.)
  Divisions are combined into this class). This award is              122 Fair Theme (images that communicate this
  sponsored by Kathy Chambers.                                            year’s fair theme). Note: entries from all Divisions
                                                                          are combined in this class.
DIVISION 11: (YTH) YOUTH – 11 years and under
DIVISION 12: (JR) JUNIOR – 12 - 16 years old                          Note: definitions for the divisions and classes are
DIVISION 13: (NVC) ADULT NOVICE – 17 years +                               for example only, they may be more encompassing,
     (Just starting photography, little or no experience)                  broad or possibly narrower than defined.
     years + (Individuals with some experience -                       Rules in the official Coos County Fair Exhibitors Handbook
    example: knows some of the tools of photography,                                  supersede those published here.
    no sales, etc.)

                                     2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class

                                                                     HAVE RECIPES INCLUDED.
     =DEPARTMENT CL=                                              2. All entries must have been canned by the exhibitor
                                                                     since the last day of the prior Fair.
        CULINARY                                                  3. All food preservation entries are to be canned in
                                                                     standard canning jars. This may include any size jar
                                                                     except for quarts where noted.
                 Superintendent - TBD
                                                                  4. All jars must be sealed and exhibited with clean
            Contact Fair Office 541-396-2200
                                                                     screw band on. DO NOT DECORATE JARS.
      Premiums offered unless otherwise indicated:                5. Fruits, jellies, jams, butters, marmalades, preserves,
               1st=$4; 2nd=$2; 3rd=$1                                conserves, pickles, and relishes may be OPENED
                                                                     during the judging, at the discretion of the judge. Dur-
        ENTRY DAYS: SATURDAY & SUNDAY                                ing the fair exhibitors may substitute a sealed jar of
Exhibit Entries must be made during the following times:             the same product to replace their opened jars.
               Saturday 20 10 am - 6 pm                           6. All canning entries must be prepared according to
                Sunday 21 10 am - 6 pm                               current United States Department of Agriculture and /
 Exhibits must remain in place until the Exhibit Release             or Oregon State University recommendations availa-
          Time: Sunday July 28 10 am - 2 pm                          ble at the Coos County Extension Office.
                    NO EXCEPTIONS                                        **************************************************
                                                                   SPECIAL AWARDS — FOOD PRESERVATION
                                                                                        The Canning Queen
                       BEST OF SHOW FOOD PREP                                        Pressure Canner / Cooker
                              gift basket from                                      special award sponsored by
                          “CRANBERRY SWEETS”                             Farr’s True Value of Coquille and Coos Bay
                                                                  This special award will be awarded to the exhibitor who
                                                                  accumulates the most points in Food Preservation (A -
                                                                  M) using the following scale:
                                                                         3 points for each blue ribbon
                                                                         2 points for each red ribbon
                                                                         1 point for each white ribbon
 RESERVE Best of Food Prep                                        If there is a tie in the number of points, the exhibitor with
      Gift Certificate to                                         the most blue ribbons will be the winner. One person
   Katrina Kathleen’s Gifts                                       cannot win more than two divisions in any one year. No
                                                                  person who has won this special award in the last three
                                                                  years is eligible.
                                 BEST OF SHOW                     Thank you to all our sponsors for donating gift certificates
                              FOOD PRESERVATION                              for Champion and Division winners.
                               $50 Gift Certificate from                              Food Preservation
                                “GROCERY OUTLET”                                       Grocery Outlet
                                                                                      Pottery Company

CULINARY RULES:                                                   SPECIAL CANNING AWARDS - sponsored by
1. Only one entry per class, unless otherwise specified or        McKay’s Price and Pride Markets of Coos County.
    an “any other” class.                                         The winners of these special awards will be the exhibi-
2. The Fair Board will NOT be responsible for any dishes          tors who accumulate the most points using the following
    or utensils left with exhibits at the time of entry.          scale:
3. All exhibits of perishable items not picked up will                  3 points for each blue ribbon
    become the property of the Fair Board.                              2 points for each red ribbon
4. The judge has the option of NOT having a blue, red or                1 point for each white ribbon
   white ribbon placing in any one class, if, in his / her        One person cannot win more than two divisions in any
   opinion, the entries received do not have the quality of       one year. If there is a tie in the number of points, the
   such a placing.                                                exhibitor with the most blue ribbons will be the winner.
5. Entries not in a jar should be on a paper plate / foil tray    McKay’s Price and Pride Markets
    and wrapped.
6. Taste Test: All items MAY be tasted, at the discretion         A. Canned fruits - one dozen quart jars
    of the judges.                                                B. Canned vegetables - one dozen quart jars
7. The awards decisions reached by the judges are final.          C. Canned meat - one dozen pint or half pint jars
                                                                  D. Canned fish - one dozen pint or half pint jars
FOOD PRESERVATION Rules and regulations:                          E. Jelly - one dozen pint or half pint jars
1. LABELS WILL BE PROVIDED AT TIME OF ENTRY.                      F. Jam - one dozen pint or half pint jars
   EACH LABEL MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING                             G. Butters, marmalades, preserves - one dozen pint jars
   INFORMATION: DATE PRODUCT WAS MADE,                            H. Pickles and relishes - one dozen pint or quart jars
   METHOD OF PRESERVATION (boiling water canner                   I. Canning specialties, fruit based - one dozen half pint
   or pounds of pressure) AND TIME PROCESSED.                        or pint jars
   ALL PICKLE, SALSA, AND SAUCE RECIPES MUST                      J. Canning specialties - one dozen half pint or pint jars

                                                “American Pride, County Wide”

K. Junior canning - one dozen half pint, pint or quart jars          143 Seafood - Tuna, fresh canned
L. Teen canning - one dozen half pint, pint, or quart jars           144 Seafood - Tuna, smoked
M. Dried foods - one dozen half pint, pint, or quart jars            145 Seafood - Clams
                                                                     146 Seafood - Other (crab, etc.)
Exhibit will consist of 1 pint or 1 quart jar.                       Exhibit will consist of 1 pint or less size jar, no quarts, no
Must include processing time.                                        paraffin seals. Must include processing time.
Class                                                                Class
101 Fruit - Canned - Apples                                          147 Jelly - Apple
102 Fruit - Canned - Applesauce                                      148 Jelly - Berry, blackberry, cultivated
103 Fruit - Canned - Apricots                                        149 Jelly - Berry, blackberry, wild
104 Fruit - Canned - Berries, blackberry type                        150 Jelly - Berry, other blackberry type
105 Fruit - Canned - Berries, blueberries                            151 Jelly - Berry, raspberry
106 Fruit - Canned - Berries, raspberries                            152 Jelly - Berry, strawberry
107 Fruit - Canned - Berries, any other                              153 Jelly - Berry, blueberry
108 Fruit - Canned - Cherries, dark                                  154 Jelly - Berry, any other berry
109 Fruit - Canned - Cherries, light                                 155 Jelly - Cherry
110 Fruit - Canned - Cherries, pie                                   156 Jelly - Crabapple
111 Fruit - Canned - Cranberries                                     157 Jelly - Grape
112 Fruit - Canned - Fruit cocktail / salad with 3 / + fruits        158 Jelly - Mint
113 Fruit - Canned - Peaches                                         159 Jelly - Mixed fruit (2 / + different products OK to enter)
114 Fruit - Canned - Pears                                           160 Jelly - Plum
115 Fruit - Canned - Plums                                           161 Jelly - Pepper
116 Fruit - Canned - Other fruit                                     162 Jelly - Other jelly
117 Fruit - Canned - Other fruit, sugar free / diabetic              163 Jelly - Other jelly, sugar free / diabetic
118 Fruit - Canned - Pie filling, apple
119 Fruit - Canned - Pie filling, berry                              F - JAMS - BOILING WATER CANNER METHOD
120 Fruit - Canned - Pie filling, any other                          Exhibit will consist of 1 pint or less size jar, no quarts, no
                                                                     paraffin seals. Must include processing time.
LESS OTHERWISE NOTED Exhibit will consist of 1 pint or               Class
1 quart jar. Must include processing time, type of processing        164 Jams - Apricot
and pounds of pressure where pressure method is used.                165 Jams - Berry, blackberry, cultivated
                                                                     166 Jams - Berry, blackberry, wild
Class                                                                167 Jams - Berry, blueberry
121 Veg - Canned - Asparagus                                         168 Jams - Berry, boysenberry, loganberry
122 Veg - Canned - Beets                                             169 Jams - Berry, wild
123 Veg - Canned - Carrots                                           170 Jams - Berry, any other
124 Veg - Canned - Corn, cut from cob                                171 Jams - Mixed fruit (2 / + products O.K., if different)
125 Veg - Canned - Mixed vegetables                                  172 Jams - Peach
126 Veg - Canned - Mushrooms (can be in 1/2 pint jar)                173 Jams - Plum
127 Veg - Canned - Peas                                              174 Jams - Raspberry
128 Veg - Canned - Pumpkin (cubed only)                              175 Jams - Strawberry
129 Veg - Canned - Sauerkraut (boiling water canner OK)              176 Jams - Other jam
130 Veg - Canned - Shell beans                                       177 Jams - Other jam, sugar free / diabetic
131 Veg - Canned - String beans
132 Veg - Canned - Tomatoes (hot packed boiling water                G - BUTTERS, MARMALADES, PRESERVES -
          canner method OK)                                              BOILING WATER CANNER METHOD
133 Veg - Canned - Tomatoes, stewed                                  Exhibit will consist of 1 pint or less size jar, no quarts, no
134 Veg - Canned - Wax beans                                         paraffin seals. Must include processing time.
135 Veg - Canned - Other canned vegetable                            Class
C - CANNED MEAT - PRESSURE METHOD                                    178 Preserves - Butter, apple
Exhibit will consist of 1 quart or smaller jar. Must include         179 Preserves - Butter, any other
processing time and pounds of pressure.                              180 Preserves - Marmalade, orange
                                                                     181 Preserves - Marmalade, any other
Class                                                                182 Preserves - Preserves
136 Meat - Canned - Beef                                             183 Preserves - Butters, sugar free / diabetic
137 Meat - Canned - Pork
138 Meat - Canned - Poultry                                          H - PICKLES and RELISHES - BOILING WATER CAN-
139 Meat - Canned - Wild meat (elk, venison)                         NER METHOD. Must include recipe. Exhibit will con-
140 Meat - Canned - Other meat                                       sist of 1/2 pint, pint or quart jar. ALL PICKLE PRODUCTS
                                                                     MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY PROCESSING TIME AND
METHOD Exhibit will consist of 1/2 pint or pint jar. Must
include processing time and pounds of pressure.                      Class
                                                                     184 Pickles - beet
Class                                                                185 Pickles - bread and butter
141 Seafood - Salmon, fresh canned                                   186 Pickles - dill
142 Seafood - Salmon, smoked                                         187 Pickles - green or snap beans

                                        2019 Exhibitors Handbook—Coos County Fair—Open Class
188 Pickles - mixed vegetables (min 2 different)                         L - TEEN CANNING Entrant shall be between 13
189 Pickles - sweet                                                      years of age and up to and including 19 years of age
190 Pickles - zucchini                                                   ONLY. Exhibit shall consist of ½ pint, pint or quart jar as
191 Pickles - sweet dill                                                 appropriate for class. Scoring for Teen Canning is the
192 Pickles - any other                                                  same as for Adult Canning.
193 Relish - tomato (green or ripe)                                      ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY
194 Relish - zucchini                                                    PROCESSING TIME AND POUNDS OF PRESSURE IF
195 Relish - any other                                                   PRESSURE CANNED.
196 Relish or Pickled - sugar free / diabetic
197 Relish - Salsa                                                       Class
                                                                         223 Teen Canning - Fruit
                       ************************************              224 Teen Canning - Jam, no quarts
                                                                         225 Teen Canning - Jelly, no quarts
              Fresh Salsa Contest begins at 5:30 in the                  226 Teen Canning - Vegetable, pressure canned
                Davenport Building. Tuesday the 23rd.                    227 Teen Canning - Meat / Fish / Poultry, pressure
             Bring one cup of chilled salsa to the Davenport                  canned
               Building with an exhibitor’s tag by 5:15 pm.              228 Teen Canning - Other canned product
             Prizes donated by Coquille Valley Produce
                                                                         M - DRIED FOODS Exhibit will consist of approxi-
                       ***********************************               mately ½ cup of product in a jar.
CL541-271-   51-Wall

I - CANNING SPECIALTIES, FRUIT PRODUCTS Ex-                              Class
hibit will consist of 1/2 pint, pint or quart jar, as appropri-          229 Dried - Fruit, apple
ate. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY                                 230 Dried - Fruit, banana
PROCESSING TIME AND POUNDS OF PRESSURE IF                                231 Dried - Fruit, leather
PRESSURE CANNED.                                                         232 Dried - Fruit, any other
Class                                                                    233 Dried - Parsley
198 Fruit - Conserve                                                     234 Dried - Herbs
199 Fruit - Cranberry sauce                                              235 Dried - Garlic
200 Fruit - Juice, apple                                                 236 Dried - Meat (jerky)
201 Fruit - Juice, cider                                                 237 Dried - Teas
202 Fruit - Juice, fruit                                                 238 Dried - Vegetables, carrot
203 Fruit - Syrup, blackberry                                            239 Dried - Vegetable, corn
204 Fruit - Syrup, raspberry                                             240 Dried - Mushrooms
205 Fruit - Syrup, strawberry                                            241 Dried - Vegetable, onion
206 Fruit - Syrup, any other                                             242 Dried - Vegetable, potato
207 Fruit - other fruit based canning specialty                          243 Dried - Vegetable, Other
                                                                         244 Dried - Soup mix
J - CANNING SPECIALTIES Exhibit will consist of 1/2                      245 Dried - Powders
pint, pint or quart jar, as appropriate. ALL PRODUCTS
                                                                         FOOD PREPARATION Rules and Regulations
                                                                         1. See Rules of Culinary Department.
                                                                         2. Individual exhibits in this section will number as follws:
                                                                          Biscuits, cookies, muffins, rolls and doughnuts - 5
                                                                              individual pieces
Class                                                                     Candy - 1/4 lb. cut into six serving-size pieces or
208 Canning Specialty - Catsup, tomato                                        the equivalent of six servings
209 Canning Specialty - Chili sauce                                       Quick or sweet breads 1/2 or one whole loaf or
210 Canning Specialty - Barbecue sauce                                        round
211 Canning Specialty - Sauce, tomato base                                Cakes - 1/2 cake except for decorated cakes
212 Canning Specialty - Soup                                              Pies, yeast breads - one whole, uncut product.
213 Canning Specialty - Mincemeat                                        3. One entry per class unless otherwise specified or an
214 Canning Specialty - Juice, vegetable                                    “any other” class.
215 Canning Specialty - Vinegar’s                                        4. Except for decorated cakes, all products MAY be tast-
216 Canning Specialty - Other (not fruit based)                             ed, at the discretion of the judge.
                                                                         5. No Prepared / packaged mixes.
K - JUNIOR CANNING Entrant shall be up to and in-                        6. BUSY BAKER AWARD is the high point entrant.
cluding 12 years of age only. Exhibit shall consist of 1/2
pint, pint or quart jar as appropriate for class. Scoring for                        ************************************
Junior Canning is the same as for Adult Canning.                                     SPECIAL SPONSORED AWARDS
ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY PRO-                                                 FOOD PREPARATION
CESSING TIME AND POUNDS OF PRESSURE IF                                             ***********************************
PRESSURE CANNED.                                                         Special Food Preparation Awards - The winners of these
Class                                                                    special awards will be the exhibitors who accumulate the
217 Jr. Canning - Fruit                                                  most points using the following scale:
218 Jr. Canning - Jam, no quarts                                              3 points for each blue ribbon
219 Jr. Canning - Jelly, no quarts                                            2 points for each red ribbon
220 Jr. Canning - Vegetable, pressure canned                                  1 point for each white ribbon
221 Jr. Canning - Meat / Fish / Poultry, pressure canned                 One person cannot win more than two divisions in any
222 Jr. Canning - Any other canned product                               one year. If there is a tie in the number of points, the
                                                                         exhibitor with the most blue ribbons will be the winner.

                                                     “American Pride, County Wide”
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