Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International
              NEW ZEALAND

Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International
Schools and
Courses Guide

                                                                                                                        Zurich, Switzerland p41
                                                                                                                                                  Paris, France p40
                                                                                                                                                                      Brisbane, Australia p39
                                                                                                                                                                                                Auckland, New Zealand p38
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vancouver, Canada p37
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Toronto, Canada p36
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          San Francisco/Berkeley, USA p35
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            San Diego, USA p34
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Boston, USA p33
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   New York, USA p32
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       London Ealing, UK p55
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cambridge, UK p31
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Brighton, UK p30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      London Hampstead, UK p29
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 London Central, UK p28
Introduction to LSI p2
The First Day and
Your Progress p4
LSI Language System p6
Course Information p7
Accommodation &
Social Programme p26
Schools p27-41
Junior Courses p42-55
                                              GENERAL COURSES p8
LSI Family Programme p56
School Contact Information p57                                              General 20/General 20 Plus
                                                                            Intensive 24/Intensive 24 Plus
                                                                            Intensive 25/Intensive 25 Plus
                                                                            Intensive 30/Intensive 30 Plus
                                                                            Afternoon 10
                                              WORLD OF WORK p10
                                                                            English for Business
                                            ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES   English for Pilots
                                                                            English for Nursing
                                                                            English for Teaching
                                            ENGLISH WITH TECHNOLOGY         English with Intro to Coding
                                                                            English with Intro to Digital Marketing
                                            STUDY & WORK EXPERIENCE         Work Experience Paid
                                                                            Work Experience Unpaid
                                                                            Unpaid Internship
                                                                            Working Holiday
                                                                            Demi Pair/au Pair
                                              ACADEMIC COURSES/SERVICES p13
                                            CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE      FCE (First Certificate)
                                            ASSESSMENT COURSES
                                                                            CAE (Advanced)
                                                                            CPE (Proficiency)
                                                                            BEC (Business English Certificate)
                                                                            TOEFL iBT
                                                                            DELF (French)
                                                                            TEF (French)
                                                                            CCIP (French)
                                                                            Goethe-Zertifikat B1–B2 (German)
                                                                            ISY – International School Year 20
                                                                            ISY – International School Year 24
                                                                            ISY – International School Year 25
                                                                            ISY – International School Year 30
                                                                            Academic English/Pre-Masters
                                                                            GMAT & SAT
                                                                            University Preparation & Pathways
                                              PREMIUM COURSES p22
                                                                            9 Day Compact
                                                                            Mini Group
For the most up                                                             Mini Group Plus

to date course                                EXPERIENCES p24
                                                                            Club 40+
information,                                                                Adventure Programmes

levels and dates                              JUNIOR COURSES p42
                                                                            Combined Courses

please visit                                                                English for Juniors                                                                 Family Programme

All information correct at the time of printing. For the most up to date course information, please visit
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International
Our Worldwide
LSI is committed to maintaining the highest industry standards
and actively participates in national industry accreditation
schemes. Our schools also maintain memberships with
organisations that provide educational research and support
development. LSI schools are accredited by and are members of
the following organisations:

               All Year-Round Schools

                                                                 "The language school
                                                                 exceeds expectations
                                                                 for the quality of
                                                                 education. At the
                                                                 time of inspection,
                                                                 all Standards for
                                                                 Educational Oversight
                                                                 were met and quality
                                                                 is excellent."
                                                                 CURRENT LSI EDUCATION
                                                                 INSPECTION REPORT
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

Learn and live the language
International atmosphere                              We will find the right level for you                   Quality inspected homestays
You will meet students from all over the              On your first day, we will establish your level and    Contact with other students and local people makes
world and share the experience of learning            needs with a written test and an interview, and        sure you practise these skills outside the classroom.
a foreign language.                                   place you in the best class for your level.
                                                                                                             Multicentre courses
Central locations                                     Interactive classrooms                                 Multicentre courses allow you to learn and live the
With centrally located schools in some of the         At LSI, languages are taught in a dynamic and          language in more than one LSI location. For more
most desirable cities in the world, LSI students      energetic way. We believe active communication         information see page 13.
have access to a wide variety of social and           in the classroom is the most effective way of
cultural activities.                                  learning – by speaking you will achieve fluency.       Small classes, excellent teachers
                                                                                                             Regular individual counselling and effective course
                                                      Language competence certificate                        design ensure that you make rapid progress in key
                                                      You receive a certificate on your last day, stating    communication skills. Our teachers are carefully
                                                      the course attended and the level attained, as         selected, friendly, helpful, and ready to listen.

                                                      proof of your language competence. A report is
                                                      available if required.


           Vancouver, Canada p37

                                                                              Boston, USA p33                                        Zurich, Switzerland p41
                                               Toronto, Canada p36
       San Francisco/Berkeley p35                                                                           Paris, France p40

                                                                         New York, USA p32

                    San Diego, USA p34

           98                             %

              OF STUDENTS
              RECOMMEND LSI*

Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

Fully equipped language centres                                         Excellent mix
L SI Language Centres are fully equipped with
 up-to-date materials and resources in comfortable
 surroundings. Computer rooms are readily
                                                                        of nationalities
                                                                        Our students in 2016
                                                                        Brazil                    14.6%
 available for use during lessons or for self-study.                    Colombia                  10.2%      At Language Studies
 Programmes range from intonation practice to                           Japan
                                                                                                             International our
 grammar and vocabulary development.                                    Switzerland                7.8%
                                                                        Saudi Arabia               7.5%      experience ensures
                                                                        Korea                      6.2%
Free WiFi                                                                                                    your success.
                                                                        Turkey                     6.1%
LSI students receive FREE WiFi internet access                          Italy                      4.9%
in school.                                                              China                      3.8%      We have a record of over 50 years of successful
                                                                        Germany                    3.4%      language training, with many thousands of

                                                                        France                     3.0%      satisfied students worldwide. LSI centres provide
                                                                        Spain                      2.9%      the perfect environment for learning.
                                                                        Thailand                   1.8%
                                                                        Mexico                     1.7%
                                                                                                             All our teachers provide a high level of care
                                                                        Taiwan                     1.6%      and attention to ensure you achieve your aims.
                                                                        Chile                      1.5%      These skills, combined with thorough course
                                                                        Argentina                  1.4%      preparation, mean that each lesson will bring
                                                                                                             you a sense of achievement and progress.
                      DIFFERENT                                         Venezuela

                                                                                                             At LSI we believe that the fastest and most
                                                                        Sweden                     0.9%
                                                                                                             effective way to learn a language is to learn
                      NATIONALITIES                                     Other                      9.6%
                                                                                                             it and live it in a country in which it is spoken,
                                                                                                             and we are committed to providing a total
                                                                                                             learning experience.
                                                                                                             Whether you want to improve your language
                                                                                                             skills for professional, academic or personal
                                                                                                             reasons, LSI has the right course for you.
                                                                                                             The social programmes, quality accommodation
                                                                                                             and the support we provide during your stay
                               Cambridge p31                                                                 will help you feel at home and ensure that
                                                                                                             you make maximum use of your time abroad.
                                                                                                             Our reputation is your guarantee.

                              London Central p28                                                             We look forward to meeting you.

London Hampstead p29

                              Brighton p30

                                                                                                             David Immanuel
                                                                                                             LSI – Language Studies International


                                                       Brisbane, Australia p39

                                         Auckland, New Zealand p38

                                                          * Students surveyed from January until June 2017
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

On Arrival at LSI
Moving to an unfamiliar country, embarking on a fresh course of studies and meeting a multitude
of new faces can be a confusing even daunting experience for many newly arrived students.
At LSI we gently guide you through the process by providing all the necessary information and
support you’ll require to make your stay with us happy and productive.

What to expect on your first day                    • Advice on the practicalities of living in your                                   Our General Courses Schedule
As soon as you step into an LSI school, you’ll        host country                                                                      Schedule details across the LSI schools do
experience a warm welcome. Our friendly             • Presentation/tour of the school and facilities                                    vary slightly but the same basic pattern applies
administration team and academic staff work         • Presentation or walk around the local area                                        to all schools. The example timetable below
together to settle you in.                          • Your first lesson(s) for Intensive courses                                        is the schedule for our Cambridge school.
                                                    • Student Q & A                                                                     Afternoon classes for Intensive 24/25 courses
Your first day and orientation talk will include:
                                                                                                                                        run twice a week - the specific days may vary
• Student ID card and handbook                      In addition, in some schools, you may receive:                                      from the sample timetable below.
• In-depth placement level test                     • LSI branded merchandise
• Personal interview with a member of our          • City and transport maps
  academic team
• Introduction to school policies, syllabus and
• Information about our social programmes,                     *During busy periods the General English classes may be run at different times of the day. Please check with individual schools when booking.
  accommodation options and local transport
                                                                 Lessons 1 & 2*                      Break              Lessons 3 & 4*                       Lunch             Lessons 5 & 6*
                                                                 09:00 –10:45                        10:45 –11:05       11:05 – 12:50                        12:50 – 13:45     13:45 – 15:30

                                                                 General 20

                                                                 Intensive 24
                                                                 Intensive 30
                                                                                                                                                                               Afternoon 10
                                                                 General 20

                                                                 Intensive 24
                                                                 Intensive 30
                                                                                                                                                                               Afternoon 10
                                                                 General 20

                                                                 Intensive 24
                                                                 Intensive 30
                                                                                                                                                                               Afternoon 10
                                                                 General 20

                                                                 Intensive 24
                                                                 Intensive 30
                                                                                                                                                                               Afternoon 10
                                                                 General 20

                                                                 Intensive 24
                                                                 Intensive 30
                                                                                                                                                                               Afternoon 10
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

Student Progress
                                                                                                 Your level and what
Throughout the LSI programme, we monitor the                                                     you can achieve
academic development and well-being of each and
every student carefully. We ensure that every student
progresses as quickly as possible and achieves their full                                        Advanced
potential. At LSI we are very proud of our high student                                          You communicate very well using
                                                                                                 most structures accurately.
satisfaction rates.                                                                              • IELTS 6.5+                    • FCE Grade A
                                                                                                 • TOEFL iBT 110–120             • CAE
The level reached after studying at LSI depends on a variety of factors:                         • TOEIC* L/R 945+,             • CPE
                                                                                                   S/W 400+                      • Progress varies
• Duration of the course – the longer the course, the better the results                         • C1 & C2
• Number of lessons – a more intensive course helps you progress faster
                                                                                                 Entry to postgraduate degree courses
• The language level of the student at entry                                                     or work in your host country.
Final results will always depend on you, the student. Active participation in afternoon social
activities, making new friends from all over the world, immersing yourself in the local
                                                                                                 Upper Intermediate
culture, as well as speaking the target language as much as possible, will greatly affect
                                                                                                 You use a wide range of structures
your achievements.                                                                               with a fair degree of accuracy.
                                                                                                 • IELTS 5–6.5                   • B2
                                                                                                 • TOEFL iBT 87–109              • FCE Grade B&C
                                                                                                 • TOEIC* L/R 785–944,          • 8–12 weeks study
                                                                                                   S/W 310–399

                                                                                                 Entry to university degree and diploma
                                                                                                 courses, internships, or paid work in your
"I can truly say that LSI has changed my                                                         host country.

life. For me LSI was much more than just
a school. I made such good friends that I'll                                                     You have better control of grammar

keep for life."                                                                                  and vocabulary. Errors still frequent
                                                                                                 but good understanding of the language.
EMANUELLE CUNHA, BRAZIL                                                                          • IELTS 4–5                     • B1
                                                                                                 • TOEFL iBT 57–86               • 8–12 weeks study
                                                                                                 • TOEIC* L/R 550–784,          • PET
                                                                                                   S/W 240–309

                                                                                                 Entry to vocational or academic
                                                                                                 preparation courses.

                                                                                                 You take part in conversations using
                                                                                                 basic grammar and vocabulary with
                                                                                                 acceptable accuracy.
                                                                                                 • IELTS 3–4                     • A2
                                                                                                 • TOEFL iBT 9–56                • 8–12 weeks study
                                                                                                 • TOEIC* L/R 225–549,          • KET
                                                                                                   S/W 160–239

                                                                                                 You can communicate using very
                                                                                                 simple grammar and vocabulary.
                                                                                                 • IELTS 2–3                     • A1
                                                                                                 • TOEFL iBT 0–8                 • 4–6 weeks study
                                                                                                 • TOEIC* L/R 120–224,
                                                                                                   S/W 80–159

                                                                                                 You only know a few words
                                                                                                 and phrases.
                                                                                                 • IELTS 1
                                                                                                 • 4–6 weeks study

                                                                                                 *TOEIC has two scores for Listening/Reading and
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

LSI Language Learning System
We’re passionate about language learning. That’s why we’re constantly reviewing
the latest trends and methodology in the field.

Academic staff from every LSI school participate in      Latest Materials
the research and development of our programmes.          We’re constantly reviewing the latest materials
We ensure that the latest theories of language           available for language learning. We provide you
learning are considered and evaluated throughout         with what our academic team have identified as
our centres. That’s why every one of our schools is      being the very best materials currently available
a healthy environment for learning. The following        for your level. We are also committed to providing
points are fundamental to our language learning          the latest technology, utilising the most cutting edge
system:                                                  audio, video and web based resources to bring
                                                         modern, real world language into the classroom.
Language Immersion
At LSI we believe that the best way to learn a           Cultural Exchange
language is to study in the country where the            As you ‘learn and live the language’ you will gain a
language is spoken. We want you to immerse               greater understanding of the country in which you
yourself in the culture and truly ‘live the language’.   are studying. And as our students come from all
                                                         over the world, our centres are not just places to
LSI Levels                                               learn languages, but are also places to meet and
Upon arrival at any LSI school, we’ll give you           share experiences with people from a huge range
a comprehensive language level test so we                of backgrounds and cultures.
ensure you go straight into the right class for
you. LSI levels have been closely matched to             Quality Teachers
the Common European Framework, TOEFL iBT,                We understand that our students’ single most
TOEIC, IELTS and University of Cambridge English         identifiable measure of programme quality is
examinations. To move up to the next LSI level           the teacher. That's why at LSI we only work with
you need to master our specific ‘level objectives’,      dedicated, highly motivated teachers, qualified
which you can demonstrate by test scores and             with country specific teaching credentials.
class participation.
                                                         As such we have a systematic programme of
At LSI we understand that some students learn            teacher development and performance evaluation.
faster than others, so our course is tailored for        All of our students are regularly invited to provide
you as the individual. There are regular                 feedback so that we can ensure that your teacher
opportunities to discuss your progress with              meets your expectations.
your teacher.
Through systematic testing, monitoring your class
performance and constant teacher appraisal, the
school academic director will track your progress
and identify exactly when you have mastered the                                                                   Test your
level objectives and are ready to move up to the
next level. This monitoring and testing allows us to
                                                                                                                  language level
grade between and within levels, allowing you to                                                                  Download the free LSI iPhone and iPad app
spend more time studying with the students and                                                                    available from
materials at the level which is right for you.

E-LSI (E-Learning
from LSI)
Our custom built on line learning system works           Your test results can also be analysed to provide
alongside our classes to help you maximise your          unique learning objectives for you, giving you the
time with us. Through your unique log in, you can        chance to study exactly what you need in order
access your test scores, prepare for and record          to progress.
your 1-2-1 tutorials with your teacher, and access
a wealth of further learning resources to
supplement and extend your in class learning.†

† English programmes only
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International
Language Course Prospectus 2018/19 Language Studies International

General Courses                   

Our range of General Courses offers something
for everyone – whether you’re looking for
a short refresher course, or a longer, more
intensive course, LSI has the programme to suit
your needs.
GENERAL COURSES            9

General 20
During the lessons you rapidly improve your                                     writing. You use a text book and a wide variety
communication skills in a variety of everyday                                   of materials and exercises including role-plays,
situations. Classes cover grammar, vocabulary,                                  authentic materials, newspapers, magazines,
pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and                                 YouTube and other internet content.

                            General 20                Intensive 24               Intensive 25               Intensive 30               Afternoon 10           Plus 5               Plus 10             One-

 Locations                  All schools               UK, Auckland,              US and Canada              All schools                All schools            All schools          All schools         All schools
 Lessons per                20                        24                         25                         30                         10                     5                    10                  Varies
 Hours per week             16.67* (15 in             20                         20.83                      25 (22.5 in Zurich)        8.33 (7.5 in Zurich)   3.75 (4.16 in US &   7.5 (8.33 in US &   Varies
                            Zurich)                                                                                                                           Canada)              Canada)
 Minutes per                50 (45 in Zurich)         50                         50                         50 (45 in Zurich)          50 (45 in Zurich)      45 (50 in US &       45 (50 in US &      45 (50 in US &
 lesson                                                                                                                                                       Canada)              Canada)             Canada)
 Minimum level              All                       All                        All                        All                        Intermediate           All                  All                 All
 Maximum class              15†                       15                         15                         15†                        15†                    1                    1                   1
 Minimum                    1 week                    1 week                     1 week                     1 week                     1 week                 1 week               1 week              1 week
 Minimum age                16                        16                         16                         16                         16                     16                   16                  Varies

* In the US equates to 20 clock hrs/wk. A clock hour is defined as a 60-minute span of time, with no less than 50 minutes of actual class instruction
† 12 in Zurich

“I’ve been at LSI for 6 weeks. It was a pleasure to
study here. LSI made everything feel comfortable
for me. I hope to be back soon!”

Intensive Courses                                                                 Afternoon 10
LSI offers 24, 25 or 30 lesson options per week                                   For those who are short of time or may be working,
on our Intensive courses. All our intensive                                       Afternoon 10 gives you the perfect opportunity
courses follow the General 20 course in the                                       to brush up on your conversation skills, Business
morning (lessons 1–4). During the afternoon                                       English or prepare for a range of examinations.
lessons (lessons 5–6) there are a range of
electives to suit all levels, needs and interests.                                Plus Courses
Intensive 24 and 25 afternoon lessons run                                         The combination of group and One-to-One learning
twice weekly whereas Intensive 30 runs every                                      is ideal when you want extra help with general
afternoon. Please check the relevant school                                       skills or more specialised topics. Plus courses are
page to see which electives are offered at that                                   5 or 10 individual lessons. Our teachers work with
school. Some electives run on specific dates.                                     you to develop your study plan. This course can
Contact schools for details.                                                      supplement a General 20 or Intensive courses.

 Intensive 24, 25 and 30 Electives
 English /French/German for Communication
 English for Business                                                             The fastest way to improve your language skills is
                                                                                  through individual lessons. Individual lessons are
                                                                                  ideal if you prefer a very personal focus on your
                                                                                  own aims (see page 22).
 Cambridge Exam Courses (FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC)#

#Cambridge exam courses follow a specific syllabus in the morning
 instead of the General 20 course
10         WORLD OF WORK

World of Work                                                

English for Business
English is the international
language of business. We have
therefore developed a special,
flexible, 12 module course designed
to rapidly improve your business
communication skills.
Every 12 weeks, we recycle the modules with a
fresh syllabus. This means students who wish to
study longer and consolidate and expand their
knowledge of a particular area, can do so without
repeating any material.
• Intermediate to Advanced levels
• 10 lessons per week
• Afternoon option on our LSI Intensive 30 course
• Module dates: contact school
• Age 16+
• Students can join every Monday
                                                              English for Specific Purposes
In each module, through a combination of written
exercises, presentations, dialogues and role-plays            Pilots                                                Teaching
in realistic business situations, you will practice
                                                              This course covers all the ground theory required     Aimed at speakers of other languages, this course
and improve your skills in: business vocabulary
                                                              to gain a private or commercial pilot’s licence.      equips students with the basic tools required to
and “buzz words”, email, memo and letter writing,
                                                              Practical flying sessions can also be arranged with   teach English as a Foreign Language.
negotiating, interviewing and telephoning in English.
                                                              a partner flying school at extra cost.
Module 1   International Trade
                                                                                                                    Option 1: For Individuals
                                                              • General 20 plus 5 or 10 individual lessons p/wk*
Module 2   Developing Leadership Skills & Teambuilding                                                              • General 20 (16.7 hours) plus 5 or 10
                                                              • Course length: 4 weeks (20+10)*/8 weeks              individual lessons per week
Module 3   Effective Communication in Presentations
Module 4 	Decision Making, Motivation & Delegation,                                                                • Individual lesson: 45 minutes
           Effective Communication in Meetings                • Intermediate to Advanced levels                       (in the USA 50 minutes)
Module 5   Marketing & Advertising                            • ICAO compliant                                      • Intermediate to Advanced levels
Module 6   E-Commerce, Viral Marketing & Social Media
Module 7   Banking, Stockmarkets, Mergers & Acquisitions      Subjects covered: Aviation Law, Licensing             • Tailored to the individual
Module 8   Relationship Building & Networking                 for Flight/Radio/Telephone Operators, Human
                                                                                                                    Option 2: Closed Group tuition
Module 9   Recruitment Interviewing                           Factors, Navigation, Meteorology and Aircraft
Module 10 Business Law, Ethics & Environmental Issues         Technology.                                           • Afternoon option on LSI Intensive 30 course
Module 11 Effective Communication in Selling & Negotiations                                                         • Intermediate to Advanced levels
                                                              Language Centres: Auckland
Module 12 Management Styles in International Companies                                                              • Minimum class size: check with school
                                                                                                                    • TKT† (Teaching Knowledge Test) exam
Specific modules can be provided on request
                                                              Nursing                                                 preparation offered covering 3 TKT modules
                                                              This course is ideal for students who wish to           over 4 weeks
                                                              study for a Bachelor of Nursing degree, or
                                                              for students interested in English for Health         Subjects covered: CLIL, Language analysis;
                                                              Professionals.                                        lesson planning; teaching the skills of reading,
                                                                                                                    writing, listening, speaking; classroom activities;
                                                              • 30 lessons per week for 2-24 weeks                  using resources and materials; looking at learners’
                                                              • Intermediate to Advanced levels                     needs; dealing with learners’ mistakes.
                                                              • General English (20 lessons), IELTS preparation
                                                                (8 lessons) and Nursing English (2 lessons)         TKT modules: Language and Background to
                                                                                                                    Language Learning and Teaching, Lesson Planning
                                                              Subjects covered: Language of the Hospitals,          and Use of Resources for Language Teaching,
                                                              the Healthcare System, Health and Disease,            Managing the Teaching and Learning Process.
                                                              Medical and Anatomical Terminology, Patient           Students will be required to keep a portfolio.
                                                              Assessment, Diet, Elderly Care, Alternative
                                                              Treatments, and Medication.                           Language Centres: LSI schools in the USA,
                                                                                                                    Cambridge, London Hampstead and Auckland.
                                                              Language Centres: Auckland
                                                                                                                    † TKT test not available in New York
WORLD OF WORK        11

English with Technology
English with Intro to Coding                             • In LSI's Intensive 30 programme, students            Course structure
                                                           can choose between several different                  • Intro to Digital Marketing: 8 weeks, two classes
LSI’s new course, in conjunction with TurnToTech,          electives including; English for Business,              per week. Each class is 3 hours and comes with
will teach you coding, the most desired skill              exam preparation (TOEFL iBT, FCE & CAE) and             lecture slides, homework assignments, and a
for the 21st century. This course gives you a              conversational fluency                                  final presentation project.
comprehensive overview of the basics of web
development and app development. You'll learn            Course requirements                                     • Office visits to technology companies around
how to build your own website and a smartphone           • No prior coding knowledge is required. This            NYC, at least one a month
app as well as learning English in the heart of New        course will cater to complete beginners.              • Technology events, either at our campus or
York City. After eight weeks, you’ll finish the course   • The coding course requires an Intermediate             other events in NYC, at least once a week
having built your own website and a smartphone             (CEFR: B1) level of English. Students who do not      • English classes: General 20 or Intensive 30
App. And you’ll have made significant progress             yet have the required level of English can study        lessons per week (8 weeks minimum)
with your English language level.                          on a pre-sessional English course at LSI New          • In LSI's Intensive 30 programme, students
                                                           York before beginning the coding lessons.               can choose between several different
TurnToTech, based in NY, is a modern coding
                                                                                                                   electives including; English for Business,
school and teaches its students mobile and web
                                                                                                                   exam preparation (TOEFL iBT, FCE & CAE) and
development and provides them with career                English with Intro to Digital                             conversational fluency
services. This background of coding with a good          Marketing
command over English provides a solid foundation                                                                 Course requirements
                                                         LSI’s new course, in conjunction with TurnToTech,
for taking more advanced courses in Software                                                                     • No prior digital marketing knowledge is required.
                                                         will teach you digital marketing, the must-have skill
Engineering/Graphic Design/User Experience                                                                         This course will cater to complete beginners.
                                                         for 21st-century marketing, while you improve your
Design - all in very high demand, both in the US                                                                 • The digital marketing course requires an
                                                         English in the heart of New York City, the media
and elsewhere. And if you have the right aptitude,                                                                 Intermediate (CEFR: B1) level of English.
                                                         capital of the world.
you could start applying for internships or start                                                                  Students who do not yet have the required level
developing your own apps.                                After eight weeks, you’ll finish the course with a        of English can study on a pre-sessional English
                                                         solid understanding of various aspects of digital         course at LSI New York before beginning the
Course structure                                         marketing, such as paid and earned media,                 digital marketing lessons.
• Intro to Coding: 8 weeks, two classes per             search engine optimization (SEO), paid Google/
  week. Each class is 3 hours and comes with             Twitter/Facebook campaigns, content marketing,
  lecture slides, homework assignments, and a            data-driven strategies for managing your
  final project.                                         campaigns and KPI's and tools such as Mixpanel
• Office visits to technology companies around          and Google Analytics. You'll also cover the latest
  NYC, at least one a month                              trends in digital marketing including the shift
• Technology events, either at our campus or            from traditional media, such as print and TV, to
  other events in NYC, at least once a week              digital mediums. And you’ll have made significant
• Participation in a ‘hackathon’ once a month            progress with your English language level.
• English classes: General 20 or Intensive 30
  lessons per week (8 weeks minimum)

Study & Work Experience
LSI Study & Work Experience Programmes are an excellent opportunity to
practise and develop your language skills in a business environment while
gaining valuable work experience.
LSI offers both unpaid work experience placements and paid positions.
These programmes are ideal for university-aged students or young
professionals with limited experience.

UK                                                    Australia                                             New Zealand
Work Experience (Unpaid)                              Unpaid Internships                                    Unpaid Internships
• Available to EU nationals and for Working          • Available in a range of areas including            • LSI Intensive 30 course for 4–12 weeks prior to
  Holiday Visa holders                                  Marketing, Events, HR, Business Administration,       work experience
• LSI Intensive 30 course for a minimum of             Hospitality and Aged Care                           • Placements are for 3– 6 months and are located
  4 weeks prior to work experience                    • Placement length: 6 –26 weeks (depending on          mainly in Auckland but some may be based in
• Work experience placement for 1–6 months              the programme)                                        other cities
• You select 3 industries or professional areas in   • Minimum level: Upper Intermediate (equivalent      • Ages: 18–30
  which you would like to work; we then search          to IELTS 6.0)                                       • Minimum English level: Upper Intermediate
  for a suitable placement for you                    • Prerequisite: 12 weeks Intensive 30                • Internships offered in various areas such as
• Applications must be received at least 12          • Applications must be made 4 months in advance        Administration, Advertising, Marketing & Sales,
  weeks in advance                                    • Candidate must be enrolled on a tertiary course,     Media & PR, Web development and more
• Minimum age: 18+                                      or a recent graduate (within 18 months of course    • Available to Working Holiday Visa holders
                                                        completion)                                         • Also available to Trainee Visa holders where the
Work Experience (Paid)                                • Internship must be directly related to               internship forms part of the holder’s University
• Available to EU nationals and for Working            educational background                                study requirements
  Holiday Visa holders                                • Ages: 18-30
• LSI Intensive 30 or General 20 course for a                                                              Working Holiday
  minimum of 4 weeks prior to work placement          Demi Pair
                                                                                                            • Working holiday visas are available to students
• Full or part-time work placement in an             • Minimum level of English required: Upper             from a number of countries
  unskilled job for 3–6 months earning at least          Intermediate                                       • Students can study up to 6 months on this visa
  the minimum wage hourly rate                        • Minimum course length: 10 weeks of General 20        depending on their country of origin
• Placements are available in hotels but may be        or Intensive 24                                     • Live and work in New Zealand for 1 year
  based anywhere in the UK                            • Course and placement are taken simultaneously       • Assistance in preparing CVs, cover letters and
• Applications must be received at least 12          • Driving license required                              interview techniques for job applications
  weeks in advance                                    • Visa type: Working Holiday, Work and Holiday
• Minimum age: 18+                                    • Ages: 18-27                                         Demi au Pair
                                                      • 12-24 weeks unpaid Demi Pair placement with        • Available to male and female students, aged
                                                         vetted families                                      18-30 years old
                                                      • Demi pair duties: 15-20 hours of childcare and
                                                                                                            • Minimum level of English required: Intermediate
                                                         light household work
                                                                                                            • Minimum course length: 12 weeks of Intensive
                                                      • Au Pair placement available on completion of a
                                                                                                              24 or Intensive 30 for Working Holiday Visa
                                                         12 week Demi Pair programme
                                                                                                              holders; 14 weeks of Intensive 24/Intensive 30
                                                      Au Pair                                                 for Student Visa holders
                                                      • Minimum level of English: Intermediate             • Demi au Pair placements: 3-12 months
                                                      • Minimum course length: 10 weeks of either          • Driving licence required
                                                        General 20 or Intensive 24                          • E xperience with children preferable but
                                                      • Drivers licence required                             not essential
                                                      • Visa type: Working Holiday, Work and Holiday       • First-Aid Certificate for Children (NZ $70 /
                                                      • Ages: 18 – 30                                        4-hour course in Auckland) required
                                                      • 6 months paid Au Pair placement, starting at the   • Police Clearance/Check from country of
                                                        end of the English course                             origin required
                                                      • Au pair duties: Up to 38 hours of childcare and
                                                                                                            • Visa type: Working holiday Visa or Student Visa
                                                        light household work
                                                                                                              with permission to work up to 20 hours per week
                                                      • Earn between AU$200 – 250 per week during the
                                                                                                            • Student Visa holders can only work for the
                                                        Au Pair placement
                                                                                                              duration of the LSI student visa
                                                      • Various accommodation options are available for
                                                        the study period                                    • Working Holiday Visa students: Time allowed
                                                                                                              to work in one family is subject to country

Academic Courses                                                                     

Multicentre Courses
Multicentre courses are                              Sample Multicentre Courses
perfect for students wishing
                                                      COURSE: Intensive 30 DURATION: 10 weeks
to combine language studies
                                                      School                                                         Weeks
with international travel.
                                                      London Hampstead, UK                                           6
Providing students with the opportunity to            Brighton, UK                                                   4
study their selected ISY course (see page 14) at
two or more LSI centres, the Multicentre Course       COURSE: General 20 DURATION: 20 weeks
can enrich the learning experience by allowing a      School                                                         Weeks
deeper insight into one culture or, if choosing
                                                      Berkeley/San Francisco, USA                                    12
centres in different countries, the opportunity to
compare different cultures.                           Toronto, Canada                                                8

• Available in the UK*, USA, Canada, France,         SESSION: ISY DURATION: 36 weeks
  Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia
                                                      School                                                         Weeks
• Student chooses number of weeks at
                                                      Brisbane, Australia                                            12
  each location
• Progress records transferred between the           New York, USA                                                  12
  selected centres                                    London Central, UK                                             12

This unique opportunity will allow you to learn      *Available to students with a Short Term Student Visa and EU
and live the language locally while travelling        nationals only

the world at the same time.

                                                                                                                             "I've never been
                                                                                                                             outside my country
                                                                                                                             before, so the
                                                                                                                             opportunity to come
                                                                                                                             here and meet
                                                                                                                             people from different
                                                                                                                             countries with
                                                                                                                             different cultures
                                                                                                                             is amazing."
                                                                                                                             JULIA PIETROBELI, BRAZIL

International School Year (ISY)
This could be the most exciting year of your life. Spend a year abroad, achieve a high level of fluency in your
chosen language and make new friends from all over the world. The ISY offers value for money and a great choice
of course options.

Key Features of ISY
• 20, 24, 25 or 30 lessons per week
• Course length 24+ weeks. Advised duration
  24/30/36/48 weeks
• Minimum age: 16+
• Beginner to Upper Intermediate levels
• Lesson: 50 minutes (45 minutes in Zurich)
• Max class size: 15 students (12 in Zurich)
• Afternoon academic options
• Regular testing, academic counselling and
  assistance with university placement
An individual study plan is designed for you to
suit your level , individual aims and the duration
of your course.
We continue to check your progress with
regular meetings to make sure you achieve
your aims. Your study plan options can include:
general language classes (see page 8),
examination courses, fluency practice, study
skills classes, Academic English/Pre-Masters
and English for Business.
ISY 30 is offered at all LSI language centres                ISY & Your Expectations                             Accommodation
but please note that other course options may                As ISY courses are anywhere from 24 to 48           All options are available (see page 26 and
vary between schools. We are happy to advise                 weeks in length we expect our students to           individual LSI language centres in the prices
you as to which option is most suitable for                  achieve excellent results.                          brochure). However, we recommend our
your needs.                                                                                                      carefully chosen homestays to ISY students, at
                                                             The level reached after an ISY course depends
                                                                                                                 least for the first month of your course – the
                                                             on a variety of factors:
                                                                                                                 friendly welcome you receive helps you settle
                                                             • Duration of the course – the longer the          quickly into life in a new country.
                                                               course, the better the results
                                                             • Number of lessons – often a more intensive       Work Experience
                                                               course yields better results                      Work Experience can be arranged for ISY
                                                             • The language level of the students – the         students (see page 12).
                                                               higher the language level, the more time it
                                                               may take to advance to the next level             LSI University Pathway Service
                                                                                                                 Available to all ISY students (see page 19).
                                                             Final results will always depend on you, the
                                                             student. Active participation in afternoon social
                                                             activities, making new friends from all over the
                                                             world, immersing yourself in the local culture,
                                                             as well as speaking the target language as
                                                             much as possible, will have enormous impact
                                                             on your achievements.

Sample ISY Study Plans

 SCHOOL: LSI Vancouver LESSONS P/WK: 30 DURATION: 36 weeks
 Week 1–12                            Week 13–24                              Week 25–36
 General English                      FCE Exam Preparation                    General English
 English for Business                 FCE Exam Preparation                    TOEFL Preparation & Study Skills
 Academic Counselling                 Academic Counselling                    Academic Counselling

 SCHOOL: LSI London Central LESSONS P/WK: 30 DURATION: 36 weeks
 Week 1–12                            Week 13–24                              Week 25–36
 General English                      IELTS Preparation & Study Skills        CAE Exam Preparation
 Academic Counselling                 Academic Counselling                    Academic Counselling
ACADEMIC COURSES/SERVICES                   15

Exam Preparation
LSI students have a very high success rate in examinations. We will be delighted to help you decide which of the
many examination courses we offer is right for you.

Overview of Examinations                                                     KEY TO LEVEL:          Pre-Intermediate (A2)    Intermediate (B1)    Upper Intermediate (B2)     Advanced (C1/C2)

  Examination                                                                Level         Examination Dates                                        Description
                       PET   Preliminary English Test                                      March, June, November, December                          Accepted and highly regarded around the world as proof
                                                                                                                                                    of competence in English
                       FCE   First Certificate in English                                  Frequently throughout the year

                       CAE   Certificate of Advanced English                               Frequently throughout the year

                       CPE   Certificate of Proficiency in English                         March, June, December
                       BEC   Business English Certificate                                  March, May, June, November, December
                       TKT   Teaching Knowledge Test                                       Contact schools for dates                                Focuses on the core teaching knowledge needed to
                                                                                                                                                    teach English
  IELTS                      International English Language                                Frequently throughout the year                           Requirement for enrolment at universities and colleges in
                             Testing System                                                                                                         the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand
  TOEFL                      Test of English as a Foreign Language                         Frequently throughout the year                           Requirement for admission to universities and colleges in
                                                                                                                                                    the USA and Canada
  TOEIC                      Test of English for International                             Frequently throughout the year                           Business English exam for international students and
                             Communication                                                                                                          professionals
  GMAT                       Graduate Management Admission Test                            Frequently throughout the year                           Recognised by graduate programmes at Universities
                                                                                                                                                    around the world (see page 16)
  SAT                        Scholastic Assessment Test                                    Frequently throughout the year                           Recognised by Universities around the world (see page 16)
  DELF                       Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Français 1er Degré                 May, October                                             Recognised by the French Ministry of Education
  TEF                        Test d’Evaluation de Français                                 Frequently throughout the year                           Recognised by French speaking universities and companies
  CCIP                       Diplôme de Français Professionnel (DFP)                       June, December                                           Recognised by the French Ministry of Education
  ZD                         Goethe-Zertifikat B1                                          April, June–July, August–September, November             Universally accepted as proof of intermediate proficiency
                                                                                                                                                    in German
  GZ                         Goethe-Zertifikat B2                                          April, June–July, August–September, November             Set as an official entrance requirement by many
                                                                                                                                                    universities and colleges

Well structured programmes and advice on exam                                We offer the Cambridge TKT exam at some                             Mini Group Exam Preparation
strategies ensure that you are fully prepared                                centres where we run the English for Teaching                       • 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week
when you take your exam. Please remember to                                  course. For more details please refer to English
                                                                                                                                                 • 4-12 week programmes
check with us that the examination of your choice                            for Teaching on page 10.
is available during your planned stay at LSI.                                                                                                    • Participants: Maximum 5
                                                                             IELTS, TOEFL iBT & TOEIC Courses*                                   • IELTS/TOEFL/PET/KET/FCE/CAE/CPE levels
Cambridge English Language Assessment*                                                                                                           • 1 lesson: 45 minutes (50 minutes USA & Canada)
                                                                             • 24/25/30 lessons per week
• FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC and TKT preparation                                                                                                        100% exam focused preparation working
                                                                             • Lesson: 50 minutes
  courses available                                                                                                                              intensively on the grammar, vocabulary, reading,
                                                                             • 1–24 week programmes
• 20/24/30 lessons per week                                                                                                                      writing, listening and speaking skills necessary for
                                                                             • Minimum age 16+
• Lesson: 50 minutes                                                                                                                             the exam of your choice. This complete focus on
                                                                             • Intermediate level and above
• 4–12 week programmes                                                                                                                           your exam, taught in a small group, provides a fast
                                                                             • Locations - see individual LSI language                          route to success in the chosen exam.
• Minimum age 16+
                                                                               centre pages.
• Pre-Intermediate level and above
• Locations – see individual LSI language                                   Up to 20 lessons per week which concentrate on
  centre pages.                                                              grammar input and language skills and 10 lessons
                                                                             per week which focus on study skills and exam
The course focuses on:                                                       practice. In this course you will study:
• Accurate use of everyday grammar and                                      • Accuracy with grammatical structures
  language structures                                                        • Communicative skills and ability
• General reading, writing and listening skills                              • Functional structures
• E xtensive development and practice of                                    • Vocabulary extension
  vocabulary                                                                 • Active study skills
• Improving the comprehension and                                           • E xam skills needed to obtain a high IELTS,
  communicative ability                                                        TOEFL iBT or TOEIC score.
Plus, the exam skills needed to obtain a high
Cambridge English Language Assessment grade.

*In order to ensure these options are available year round, courses may sometimes be combined.

Academic English/Pre-Masters
LSI’s Academic English/Pre-Masters programme gives you the skills in
spoken and written English that you need to succeed at an English-speaking
university or college. The programme is flexible and can be tailored to meet
your individual needs.
Academic English combines general English with         • Optional classes include:
a focus on key academic skills and exam English.         - Cambridge English Exam courses,
The programme includes regular, focussed                   FCE/CAE/CPE/BEC
grammar and vocabulary reviews, which allows             - IELTS, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC
students to target their individual language             - Business English
needs while developing their academic reading
and writing skills. This is all supported by           LSI Language Learning System
specialised, targeted, online resources through        LSI’s Academic English /Pre-Masters
our online learning system, E-LSI.                     programme uses the LSI Language Learning
                                                       System, a complete package with quality            LSI students have been placed in
• Duration: 30 x 50 minutes (25 hours)
                                                       instructors and the latest language learning       universities such as:
• 15 students max. per class
                                                       materials and technology for each level and        University of Warwick (UK)
• Intermediate to Advanced levels                      phase of learning. Each student receives           University of Manchester (UK)
• Course length: 4 – 48 weeks                          personal supervision from our academic team        University of Nottingham (UK)
                                                                                                          University of Chichester (UK)
• Age 16+                                              in conjunction with the school’s university        London School of Economics (UK)
                                                       counsellor to ensure that his or her academic      Imperial College London (UK)
Programme Requirements                                 goals are met. Students can also choose            Edinburgh University (UK)
Academic English is designed for students              classes in English for Business and exam           Brighton University (UK)
who need to meet English language                      preparation classes for the Cambridge English      Sussex University (UK)
requirements to enter an English-speaking                                                                 University College London (UK)
                                                       Language Assessment, IELTS, TOEFL iBT or           Notre Dame de Nemour University (USA)
university, college or further education               TOEIC as part of the programme. This can be        San Francisco State University (USA)
programme, or simply wish to expand their              an excellent way for students to improve their     Golden Gate University (USA)
ability to use English in an academic setting.         CV and gain qualifications as they prepare for     Metropolitan College of New York (USA)
Academic English is appropriate for students           the next stage in life.                            California School of International Management (USA)
who have at least a strong intermediate level                                                             College of the Desert (USA)
                                                                                                          Newbury College (USA)
of English. We recommend that students who             LSI Progress Testing
                                                                                                          Bunker Hill Community College (USA)
do not yet have a sufficient level of English join     Regular testing and multi-skill evaluations        Cambridge College (USA)
the general English programme until they reach         track exactly how far you have progressed and      Suffolk University (USA)
the necessary level. This is an excellent way to       ensure that our academic team keeps you on         Seattle Central Community College (USA)
reach your goals as quickly as possible from a         track to meet your goals.                          Niagara College (Canada)
                                                                                                          Brock University (Canada)
lower starting point.
                                                                                                          Sheridan College (Canada)
                                                                                                          Kwantlen University College (Canada)
What skills do we teach?                               Academic English is available at all our           Malaspina University College (Canada)
• University research and presentation skills          schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and      The Art Institute of Vancouver (Canada)
• Effective communication in academic situations       New Zealand.                                       Central Queensland University (Australia)
                                                                                                          Griffith University (Australia)
• Exam skills and techniques                                                                              Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
                                                       Start Dates
• Note taking and organising                                                                              University of Queensland (Australia)
                                                       For starting dates please consult the relevant     Newcastle University (Australia)
• Essay writing skills, including critical thinking
                                                       school page in the prices brochure.                Australian Catholic University (Australia)
  and developing and presenting arguments
                                                                                                          University of Auckland (New Zealand)
                                                                                                          Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
                                                                                                          (New Zealand)
                                                                                                          UNITEC (New Zealand)
                                                                                                          Manukau Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
                                                                                                          The University of Otago (New Zealand)
                                                                                                          Otago Polytechnic (New Zealand)

GMAT & SAT preparation (USA)
With LSI's GMAT & SAT preparation options, you’ll      Option 2: Closed Groups
work with a qualified and experienced instructor       · Afternoon option on LSI Intensive 30 course
who will focus exclusively on your needs ensuring        (minimum 3 wks)
you achieve a higher score in a shorter time.          · Intermediate to Advanced levels
Option 1: For Individuals                              · Minimum class size: 10
General 20 (English lessons) Plus 5 or Plus 10         · Option to sit exam at a local test centre
(minimum 3 wks)                                          upon completion of course (exam fees
or                                                       charged separately)
One-to-One 5, 10, 20 or 30 lessons p/wk                All programmes include: tuition, LSI GMAT/SAT
                                                       course materials, online GMAT/SAT practice tests
                                                       and other resources, and MBA admissions guide.

LSI Independent Sixth Form College
LSI Independent Sixth Form College provides high quality, fully accredited, A level and university
preparation programmes. We prepare students from all over the world to gain entry into some of the UK’s
most prestigious universities.

The Campus                                         A level Courses                                     Pre-sessional English Programmes
All courses at LSI Independent Sixth Form          A levels are the standard qualifications required   A minimum of Band 5.5 IELTS is required for our
College are based in our beautiful and spacious    for admission to most UK universities. Even         A level courses. For students who do not meet
Victorian building in the leafy borough of         in Scotland, where the Scottish Higher is the       the requirement, LSI runs pre-sessional English
Hampstead. LSI’s location provides a tranquil      predominant entry level qualification, A levels     programmes prior to the start of the A level
environment in which to study, in one of the       are widely accepted.                                programme. For A level programmes that start
most beautiful parts of London. The college has                                                        in September, pre-sessional English classes run
                                                   LSI offers one-year, 18 months and two-year
excellent transport links and is only 20 minutes                                                       in July and August. For students who have not
                                                   A level programmes depending on the student’s
from the heart of London, by tube or by bus.                                                           reached the English requirement by September,
                                                   prior knowledge and qualifications. Generally,
                                                                                                       subject to prior academic performance and visa
Classrooms are fully equipped with technology      A levels are studied over two years with
                                                                                                       requirements, students may be able to extend
including internet, computers, large screen TVs    students selecting three subjects.
                                                                                                       their pre-sessional English studies and follow on
and interactive whiteboards. We also have a
                                                   The college mainly offers the following subjects    with our shorter 18 month A level programme.
specially designed laboratory for our science
                                                   at A level but other subjects can be catered for
programme. The campus has a dedicated
                                                   on request:
student lounge and a beautiful garden that can
host college events in the summer, providing       • Art                      • German
the perfect environment to foster a strong         • Biology                  • History
student community.                                 • Business                 • Latin
                                                   • Chemistry                • Mathematics
                                                   • Computer Science         • Further

"A level students                                  • Economics
                                                   • English Language
                                                                              • Physics
make excellent                                       & Literature             • Politics
                                                   • English Literature       • Psychology
progress in lessons,                               • French                   • Sociology
demonstrating high                                 • Geography                • Spanish

levels of subject
knowledge and
academic skills."

“Excellent teachers, friendly staff and a cordial
atmosphere: these are the three important
factors in choosing a language school. LSI is
the best school with all of these advantages!”

University Pathway Service
The LSI University Pathway Service                  Which LSI schools offer the University             In New Zealand and Australia, LSI works with
is designed specifically to help                    Pathway Service?                                   local universities, polytechnics and tertiary
                                                    We offer the service at all our schools in the     institutions. Whilst LSI can not offer conditional
and prepare our students to apply
                                                    UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.        letters of acceptance in NZ and Australia, if you
to and thrive at English-speaking
                                                    It is available to any student booking 12 weeks    would like to go on to study at these institutions,
universities or colleges.                           or more of our Intensive 30 or Academic            we will assist you with your appointments to see
                                                    English/Pre-Masters Programme.                     the International Admissions Staff.
In addition to intensive language and academic
tuition of our Academic English/Pre-Masters                                                            How does conditional admission work?
                                                    LSI University Counsellors
programme, our trained university counsellors
                                                    Every LSI school has a trained counsellor on       Students apply to a university or college and,
help you choose the right university or college
                                                    site to provide advice throughout the university   if they meet the academic requirements,
programme. They assist you at every stage of
                                                    application process. Students who study with       they are issued with a conditional letter of
the application process, from start to finish.
                                                    us for 12 weeks or more receive free university    admission. This letter states which additional
At the same time, LSI’s academic team work
                                                    counselling. Our friendly and professional         requirements are needed before the student
with you to design a study plan tailored to your
                                                    counsellors work with you one-to-one to ensure     can begin their programme. These additional
needs and then monitor your progress to ensure
                                                    that you choose the best university programme      requirements focus on meeting the English
that you achieve these goals wherever possible.
                                                    for you and with the school’s academic team to     language requirements of the university or
The University Pathway Service includes:            monitor your progress. This ensures that you       college. LSI’s Academic English programme
                                                    are on target to reach the academic standards      and University Pathway Service help you meet
• Preliminary level placement and academic
                                                    required by your chosen university.                those requirements.
  advice before arriving at LSI
• Assistance with conditional letters of           Our counsellors will also assist you with the      Students at LSI schools in the UK, USA and
  admission to universities and colleges            university application process from start to       Canada may receive conditional letters of
  (see right)                                       finish, whether you wish to take up a place        admission for their chosen university or college
• Individual study programmes tailored to meet     at one of our partner institutions or enrol at     which ensure them places on degree courses
  your needs and goals                              another university of your choice.                 subject to completion of an LSI programme.
                                                                                                       Some of LSI’s partner universities in the USA
• Counselling throughout your course, including
                                                    Conditional letters of admission                   and Canada accept LSI’s own levels as proof of
  assistance in completing applications, visiting
                                                    Many colleges and universities in the UK, USA      English language ability; other institutions may
  universities and preparing for interviews.
                                                    and Canada offer conditional admission to          require either IELTS or TOEFL iBT scores.
  We can also assist with your application
                                                    international students. Conditional admission
  documents to any of our partner universities                                                         LSI can arrange a conditional letter of admission
                                                    is perfect for international students who are
  and colleges                                                                                         to your chosen university or college for you
                                                    academically qualified but need to improve
• Visa extension advice and support*                                                                  before you arrive. Once you begin your course
                                                    their English skills before they begin their
                                                                                                       at LSI, our academic team prepare you to meet
                                                    degree programmes.
                                                                                                       the additional language requirements for your
                                                                                                       course and take you step by step through the
                                                                                                       application process.

* Not available in the UK

Country Specific University
Many English-speaking universities
require proof of English language
level as part of their admission
IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge CAE tests are all
recognised tests but universities and colleges
in different countries often specify particular
exams. Our university preparation focuses on
preparing students for the most relevant exams.
In addition, LSI’s Academic English/Pre Masters
course prepares students not only for the exams
but also to thrive in the academic and social
environment of top universities.
University preparation in the UK includes:
• Cambridge CAE
• Academic English
University preparation in the USA and Canada
• Academic English
University preparation in NZ and Australia
• Academic English

"About my TOEFL course, I liked that the          LSI Partner Universities
                                                  Many of LSI’s partner universities
classes were small so the teacher had             in the USA and Canada accept LSI
time to explain to every single student.          levels as proof of ability in English.

The teachers are prepared."                       This means that you can get a university or
                                                  college place without having to take an external
BERTHA OLMOS CARRILLO, MEXICO                     examination such as the TOEFL iBT.
                                                  Our pathway with Berkeley City College outlines in
                                                  more detail how this relationship with LSI and our
                                                  partner institutions works.

                                                  University Pathway with LSI Partner
                                                  Berkeley City College
                                                  Students who have a high level of English and have
                                                  completed an LSI Intensive programme are eligible
                                                  to transfer to Berkeley City College (BCC), which
                                                  is conveniently located just across the street from
                                                  LSI! Berkeley City College is a highly respected
                                                  community college where students can complete
                                                  the first two years of their undergraduate college
                                                  credit, working towards their four year Bachelor’s
                                                  Degree. Once students complete their programme
                                                  at BCC they can then apply to state universities
                                                  throughout America (including the University of
                                                  California, Berkeley) in order to complete the last
                                                  two years of their four year undergraduate degree.
ACADEMIC COURSES/SERVICES                    21

Partner Universities and Colleges Working with LSI
Below are some of our partner institutions, along with English language requirements for enrolment. For more
information, please contact the university counsellor at your chosen LSI language centre.

 Institution                                                              Location                      English Requirement
 Adelphi University                                                       Garden City, NY               TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 American International College                                           Springfield, MA               TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 American University                                                      Washington, D.C.              TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 Arkansas State University                                                Jonesboro, AR                 Completion of level 3 for direct undergraduate admission; completion of level 4 for direct graduate admission
 Auburn University                                                        Auburn, AL                    TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology                                Boston, MA                    TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 California International Business University (CIBU)                      San Diego, CA                 TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Cambridge College                                                        Springfield, MA               TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 College of Idaho                                                         Caldwell, ID                  TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 College of the Desert                                                    Palm Desert, CA               TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Community Colleges of Spokane                                            Spokane, WA                   TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 3
 Fashion Careers College                                                  San Diego, CA                 TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 4 or 5 depending on the programme
 Fisher College                                                           Boston, MA                    TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 4
 Florida International University                                         Miami, FL                     TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 Full Sail University                                                     Winter Park, FL               TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Golden Gate University                                                   San Francisco, CA             TOEFL/IELTS not waived
 Grossmont Community College                                              San Diego, CA                 TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 4
 Humboldt State University                                                Arcata, CA                    TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 IPSB College of Massage & Integrative Health                             San Diego, CA                 TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 4
 Los Angeles Film School                                                  Los Angeles, CA               TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Louisiana State University                                               Baton Rouge, LA               TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 Maryville University                                                     St. Louis, MO                 TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Metropolitan College of New York                                         New York, NY                  TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 National University                                                      California & Nevada           No TOEFL/IELTS, completion of level 5 and then student takes National’s ELP 820 for one month
 New York Film Academy                                                    New York, NY                  Admission to diploma programmes requires completion of LSI’s Upper Intermediate level (TOEFL/IELTS waived)
 Notre Dame de Namur University                                           Belmont, CA                   TOEFL/IELTS waived for undergraduate upon completion of level 4, for graduate upon completion of level 5
 Platt College                                                            San Diego, CA                 TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Prince William Sound Community College                                   Valdez, AK                    TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 3
 Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design                                   Lakewood (Denver), CO         TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 4
 Saint Michael’s College                                                  Colchester, VT                TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 San Francisco State University                                           San Francisco, CA             TOEFL/IELTS score of 61 or IELTS score of 6.0 required
 Schiller International University                                        Largo, FL                     TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5
 Seattle Central Community College                                        Seattle, WA                   TOEFL/IELTS waived upon completion of level 5, students must take English and math placement exams and may be
                                                                                                        placed in the College Bridge Programme
 Southwestern Oregon Community College                                    Coos Bay, OR                  IELTS or TOEFL iBT 45 required
 UC Berkeley Extension                                                    Berkeley, CA                  Will issue conditional acceptance but must submit test score
 University of Central Florida                                            Orlando, FL                   TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 University of Illinois at Chicago                                        Chicago, IL                   TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 University of Kansas                                                     Lawrence, KS                  TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 University of the Pacific                                                Stockton, CA                  TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 University of South Carolina                                             Columbia, SC                  TOEFL/IELTS waived*
 William Jessop University                                                Sacramento, CA                Admission to BA programmes on completion of level 4, and to MA programmes on completion of level 5

 Institution                                                              Location                      English Requirement
 Acsenda School of Management                                             Vancouver, BC                 Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme requires completion of LSI’s Advanced level
                                                                                                        (CEFR level C1)
 Evergreen College                                                        Ontario                       Admission to certificate and diploma programmes requires completion of LSI’s Upper Intermediate level
                                                                                                        (TOEFL/IELTS waived)
 Lambton College                                                          Ontario                       Admission to certificate and diploma programmes requires completion of LSI’s Upper Intermediate level
                                                                                                        (TOEFL/IELTS waived)
 Niagara College                                                          Welland, ON                   Admission to certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programmes requires completion of LSI’s Upper
                                                                                                        Intermediate level (TOEFL/IELTS waived). Admission to degree programmes requires completion of LSI’s Advanced
                                                                                                        level (TOEFL/IELTS waived).
 RCC Institute of Technology                                              Toronto, ON                   Admission to certificate and diploma programmes requires completion of LSI’s Upper Intermediate level
                                                                                                        (TOEFL/IELTS waived)
 Wilfrid Laurier University                                               Waterloo, ON                  Admission to degree programmes requires completion of LSI’s Advanced level and Laurier’s LEAF programme.
                                                                                                        (TOEFL/IELTS waived)

*To meet the English language requirement the student can take the Pearson/Versant test at their LSI school
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