Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

arrow.com Lighting Components – EMEA Lighting Guide Q4 2014

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

1 Seeing into the future isn’t easy, especially without the right light. At Arrow Lighting, we are a beacon for innovating illumination. Experts in the new way of lighting the world. From the backlit tablet in a child’s hands, to the interior lights in the family car all the way through to the lights showing the way across a bridge – examples of our lighting applications are everywhere, everyday. Retail, portable, signage, indoor, outdoor, transportation and virtually any other application – we offer SSL solutions for every market application.

Our solid-state lighting (SSL) capabilities can be the difference between night and day for your business. We provide state-of-the-art technology to support you from the first moment of insight to distribution and reverse logistics. There will be new standards, new fixtures, new design elements. More importantly, there will be new ideas and new breakthroughs to manifest. We will be there at every step, today and Five Years Out. For Arrow, SSL means progress. SSL means solving the challenges your business is facing, streamlining the creation of new lighting from conception to production, and benefiting your bottom line with green, clean, smart technology.

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

2 Table of Contents Arrow Lighting 01 Bright Opportunities with LED 01 From Connector to Reflector 03 Arrow Lighting Expertise 04 Understanding Your Key Needs 05 Online Lighting Design Tools 06 Proof of Concept – LED Street Lighting 07 Small LEDs with a Huge Task 09 Colour Measurement 11 White Chromaticity Bins 12 Arrow Lighting Line Card 13 Light Sources 14 Avago Technologies 15 Cree 20 Osram Semiconductor 25 Vishay 27 Lenses and Optics 28 Carclo 29 Ledil 30 Fusion Optix 31 LED Drivers Electronics 34 Diodes Incorporated 35 International Rectifier 36 Microchip 37 Moons 38 NXP 40 ON Semiconductor 42 STMicroelectronics 44 Interconnect and Passives 46 Littelfuse 47 Molex 50 TE Connectivity 53 Thermal Management 58 3M 60

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

1 Bright Opportunities with LED Vast Applications and Support Light Emitting Diodes (LED) equate to a virtually unlimited spectrum of applications. Regardless of your specific requirements, our expansive LED portfolio means the right product for every project. However, it takes more than a vast array of options. Arrow also brings you the utmost technical competence in lighting. Our experts are available to pick up and carry the torch for your entire design process. Where Style and Efficiency Meet Despite their relatively high costs, LED lighting systems are coveted amongst car buyers. In addition to the safety aspects, LED lights dramatically enhance the look of a new vehicle. Beyond their increasing importance in the automotive industry, LED design is integral throughout many industries.

In addition to enabling stylish design choices, LED lighting systems are highly efficient. Their low power consumption makes for strong growth throughout energy conscious markets phasing out and, in some cases, banning the sale of conventional bulbs.

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

2 Expanding Market Already estimated to be a EUR one billion market in Europe, according to McKinsey, LEDs are expected to reach 110 billion globally by 2020. With a high percentage of new LED-based products, general lighting represents the largest portion of the market. Taking advantages of LED’s reliability and design flexibility, retail and architectural applications are the next largest percentage of this growing market, followed by outdoor lighting. With significant investments in traditional technology such as fluorescent lighting, the industrial and office applications market segment at first appear less attractive for conversion to SSL. However LED technologies perhaps could provide an ideal opportunity for innovation, particularly as they do not contain Mercury and other heavy metals typically found in other light sources such as Flourescent.

While halogen bulbs also provide an energy efficient alternative, the superior quality of the LEDs and the continuously falling prices level-out the long-term success of LEDs.

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

3 From Connector to Reflector To maximize light output, energy efficiency and design flexibility, modern solid-state lighting applications require an integrated approach. With a complete range of components available through Arrow, your engineers can develop innovative lighting systems with potential competitive advantages. Supporting Every Phase of Your Project Designing a lighting system involves several steps and iterations: 1. Producing light 2. Shaping the light with optics 3. Removing heat from the back of the LEDs 4. Delivering the right current at the right voltage 5. Safely connecting the system mechanically and electrically 6. Controlling when and how the light should appear Each of these steps demands different competencies and technologies. Fortunately, our lighting team takes a truly systems-orientated approach and is available with expertise and a strong line card of products. From technical and design support to inventory and bin management, we will help you achieve the best possible electrical and optical efficiency, while keeping costs within target.

Removing heat from the back of the LEDs Delivering the right current at the right voltage Safely connecting the system mechanically and electrically Controlling when and how the light should appear Thermal Management Control Optics Producing Light Connectivity Delivering the right current at the right voltage

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

4 Arrow Lighting Expertise Leverage our pivotal position in the market and our long-standing relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, design experts and key industry players. Whatever the level of integration you may require, we have the capabilities to select, store and redistribute valuable information and products for your project. Let us help you with: - Thermal behaviour - Light output - Light patterns - Light colours - Electrical compliance - Communication protocols - Electrical/optical efficiency - Lifetime of equipment Providing Solid Business Support Not only do we have a solid grasp on the business of lighting, we understand the business of business. Count on us for supply chain solutions, flexible service, financing support and more to make it easy for you to expand your reach and get to market faster.

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

5 Understanding Your Key Needs No matter the final application, we are focused on helping you make better and more successful lighting equipment. Our team lighting experts work closely with you to fully understand your key needs. We couple this insight with our continuously updated knowledge of suppliers to identify the ideal solutions for your project. Comply with regulations Have alternatives Receive goods at the right time Purchase at the right price Reduce system costs Migrate technologies Finance production Pass qualifications Your product’s lifetime Design & technical assistance - Product concept - Right products - Technical advice - Reference designs - Demonstration - PCB layout design Consulting your activity - With a partnering network - For return on investment - Covering lighting standards - As your design partner LED binning services - Strong & consistent quality - The right mix of bin(s) Manufacturing services - Regional LED con- tract manufacturers - Experienced LED handling Sales & after sales care - From a fully trained sales team - With market prices - Variety of samples - Stock support Product supply & services - From connector to reflector - From industry leading suppliers - Offer of financing tools WE can offer you: YOU need to:

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

6 Online Lighting Design Tools Leveraging our convenient, online platform, engineers can design complete LED lighting solutions. With built-in guidelines, users can quickly achieve accurate designs and costings. Arrow Lighting Designer combines multiple tools for: - Selecting and optimising LED solutions - Adding secondary optics - Defining the power supply - Laying out designs Each tool can be used independently to design and analyse individual components, or in tandem to develop a comprehensive solution. In addition to valuable LED product and system data, the tool offers several LED system options, such as “recommended,” “highest efficacy” and “least expensive” designations for solutions. After selecting an option, users can see suggested alternatives and immediately review return on the investment to make the transition from traditional lighting. Application specific reference designs are available as an easy starting point for rapid development. The Arrow Lighting Designer enables users to obtain a quick mock-up of the elements for their final lighting product. Users can download their designs as a PDF file, save their designs for review later and share their designs with collaborators. For more information on the Arrow Lighting Designer, visit: www.arroweurope.com/lighting-designer A helpful sharing feature enables users to collaborate with colleagues and Arrow’s extensive team of field application engineers

Q4 2014 - Lighting Guide

7 Proof of Concept – LED Street Lighting Saving Energy and Protecting the Environment Approximately one third of Germany’s street lighting is more than 20 years old. Modernising has the potential to save 2.2 billion kilowatt hours, reduce CO2 emissions and cut costs over the long term. In addition, converting will help the German municipalities be compliant with the EU Ecodesign Directives prohibiting the sale of mercury vapour lamps past 2015. Potential Solution Arrow and our suppliers are collaborating with the German government to bring about a green and cost effective SSL solution. LEDs have been identified as a well-established, economical alternative to the country’s legacy street lighting. In addition to offering enormous flexibility for indoor and outdoor lighting, LED lighting is synonymous with longevity, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, easy dimming and resistance to knocks and vibrations.

8 Important Considerations Lighting Classes Street lighting is defined in DIN norms, e.g. in DIN EN 13201 Part 1, which regulates the selection of lighting classes. The basic parameters are the types of user – motorised vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians – along with their typical speed. Geometrical properties of the traffic area and weather are also taken into account. Lifespan While LEDs generally score high in terms of useful life, a long-lasting system depends on the quality of thermal management design. The barrier layer temperature is an important variable for LEDs. Heat generated inside the LED has to be removed from its back via materials that have high thermal conductivity, like metallic or ceramic elements, thermal pads to the board and to the surroundings.

Optical Properties It is not only the service life that depends on the temperature of the barrier layer, but the optical properties, such as colour or light intensity, are also affected. Precise knowledge of this variable, also referred to as the junction temperature, is of great importance. While some suppliers might measure this temperature using thermal imaging cameras, more precise measuring techniques are available to better determine the temperature of the barrier layer, while at the same time measuring further key parameters such as light intensity and power consumption.

Arrow can support your lighting modernization through our vast portfolio of SSL products and extensive insight to bring them to light.

9 Small LEDs with a Huge Task Commonly known as high bay lighting, the interior of industrial and other buildings are often illuminated by lighting units more than seven meters above the floor. As a more efficient alternative, Arrow is working with companies to replace traditional ceramic discharge metal- halide (CDM) with LEDs. Original System 150 W CDM-T lamp producing 10800 lumen with a colour temperature of 4200 Kelvin and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) Ra of 86. LED Alternative Approximately 58% of the light actually leaves the CDM lamp, which means that the target usable output of an LED replacement is 6250 lumen. To optimally distribute the lighting for this application, we first consider the correct lens selection. Lamps used for high bay lighting are fitted against the ceiling in a grid, forming a chequer board pattern. Ledil provides a specific family of “high bay” lenses for this specialized arrangement.

The square field of light generates a regular pattern without differences in light intensity. The optical system is designed for several LEDs, which reduces both the installation effort and the overall costs. Quadruple optics with 2x2 lenses in a square configuration are suitable for this project with 87% efficiency. Solutions such as the XT-E optical system by Cree or Osram’s Oslon Square offer a highly luminous flux at a low cost, though both manufacturers also offer Array Type LEDs to greatly simplify the assembly process. Source: Roman Sigaev, Shutterstock

10 Using the Arrow Lighting Designer Tool, we select a suitable configuration – 36 discrete High Powered LEDs in a field of 3x3 lens clusters. The 700mA LED current and voltage drop across a group of slightly more than 12 V, adding up to just over 36 V for three groups each in series to simplify the power supply selection. The power consumption of the LEDs will be 77 W, roughly half of the power required by a 150 W CDM lamp. Heat Sink About 60% to 70% of the power remains in the LED in the form of heat. This must be dissipated to prevent overheating. A suitable heat sink solution can be easily identified using the Arrow Lighting Designer Tool to select and model thermal performance.

Power supply To achieve the required 77 W, the nearest available off-the-shelf power category is 100 W. Standards for lamps mandate Class C under EN61000-3-2, but few power supplies are capable of this. The Recom LED driver RACD100-48 has been tested for lighting applications and provides adequate current, up to 2.1 A at 48 V. Three step-down DC LED drivers are configured with 48 V input to power the three LED circuits. The Recom type RCD-48-0.70 will then deliver a 700 mA constant current. Conclusion Efficiencies can be achieved with LEDs, even for demanding lighting situations such as high bays, provided the components are correctly selected and properly configured. Control of these lighting systems using various protocols (via wiring or wireless) is possible and ongoing improvements will continue to increase the efficiency of LEDs, power supplies and, hence, the overall systems. Whether it is a high bay or another demanding and lighting project, Arrow can support you.

11 Colour Measurement CIE Chromaticity Diagram To measure colour, the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE) created the 1931 Chromaticity Diagram. The curve that forms the periphery, or edges, of the diagram, is called the spectral locus. The spectral locus corresponds to the spectral colours in the visible light spectrum and contains wavelength values. Diagram Features The two-dimensional chart represents colour as seen by the human eye in full daylight. Chromaticity is displayed by X and Y coordinates, with spectral colours along the outside of the horseshoe shape curve (spectral locus). The colours located in other areas are not spectral, such as the bottom straight line that represents purples. The interior depicts unsaturated colours, a mixture of a spectral colour and a grayscale colour.

LEDs And Saturated Colours Monochromatic light, consisting of only one wavelength, is fully saturated. Single LEDs are essentially monochromatic and, therefore, produce saturated light. However, when multiple LEDs of different colours are combined the result is unsaturated light. Lighting Sources With several leading LED manufacturers in our portfolio, we offer one of the broadest selections of electronics devices for lighting applications in the industry. This spans LEDs, LED arrays, LED modules, lenses, LED driver ICs, power supplies, heat sinks, circuit protection devices and connectors. For every possible light specification there is a suitable LED solution based on high power, high brightness, array or LED module. Obtaining the desired colour and luminous flux is also simple thanks to our LED binning services.

12 White Chromaticity Bins Warm, Neutral, and Cool White White light is called warm, neutral, or cool, depending on its colour temperature range. The higher the colour temperature, the cooler the light. The lower the colour temperature, the warmer the light. “Cool” means the white light appears more bluish and “warm” means the white light appears more reddish. Warm: 2700 K – 3700 K Neutral: 3700 K – 5000 K Cool: 5000 K – 10000 K Colour Sensitivity Our eyes can detect subtle changes in colour, down to ~10 nm for red and 2 to 3 nm for green. For white light LEDs, this sensitivity may or may not be an issue depending on the application. For example, matching the chromaticity of white light in a flashlight is not as critical as a string of a dozen HB-LED modules on an office wall. When LEDs are not properly matched, they produce a rainbow of different shades of white light. To minimize this potential problem, vendors provide binning charts and Arrow can offer bin selection services Binning Explained Binning is the process of sorting and grouping LEDs to allow: - Design engineers to systematically specify an LED - Manufacturers to order LEDs that function consistently - Customers to reorder LEDs that match the original Binning diagrams employ geometric regions on the CIE 1931 Chominicity Diagram arranged along the BBL to specify chromaticity coordinate variation. The BBL below is the line on which the colour temperatures for white light from sources with a CRI of 100 will lie. The lines labeled 5000K through 10000K are the lines of CCT. Each of the regions, such as WA, WB, and WC, represent two kinds of colour variation. One is the CCT variation (for example, 5000K to 5700K in WH and WJ). The other variation is called tint, indicating how far the chromaticity coordinates are from the BBL. The top of region WG, for instance, would have a slightly more greenish tint than the bottom. The bottom of WP would have a slightly more purplish tint than the top. WD, in between WG and WP, would have a smaller range of tint. Nevertheless, WG, WD, and WP are all in the same CCT range. Chromaticities that lie directly on the BBL do not have a tint.

Supplier and Customer View of Binning Chromaticity bins are set up as a function of an LED supplier’s production yield. Customers can use them to specify and record parts. Rectangle WE contains the chromaticity coordinates CCy = 0.33, CCx = 0.30. It also contains CCy = 0.32 and CCx = 0.29, and many others that intersect within it. For a given application, the light that any LED emits whose chromaticity falls within the region WE, will be considered a match for the light from any other LED whose chromaticity coordinates also fall within region WE.

13 Lighting Line Card Arrow Electronics has the industry’s broadest selection of electronics devices for lighting applications. It includes LEDs, LED arrays, LED modules, lenses, LED driver ICs, power supplies, heatsinks, circuit protection devices and connectors from the leading manufacturers in these sectors. High Brightness LEDs High Power Lighting Class (>=1W) LEDs LED Driver Semi LED Light Engines/ Modules Lenses & Optics PSU/Driver Module AC/DC PSU/Driver Module DC/DC Heatsink Thermal interface Connectivity Circuit Protection LEDs Avago Technologies • Cree • Everlight • LiteOn • • Osram Semiconductor • Samsung • Sharp Microelectronics • Toshiba • Vishay • • Lens and Optical Products Carclo • Fraen • Fusion Optix • Gaggione • Intematix • Khatod • Ledil • Power Solutions Lightech • Meanwell • Moons • • Osram Lighting • • Recom • Driver Electronics Analog Devices • Cypress • Diodes • Dialog Semiconductor • Fairchild • Infineon • International Rectifier • ISSI • Linear Technology • Micrel • Microchip • NXP • ON Semiconductor • Renesas • STMicroelectronic • Texas Instruments • Thermal Solutions 3M - Innotape • Assmann • • Fischer Elektronik • • Panasonic • PEMCO Amphenol • AVX • Bourns • Ideal • Littlefuse • Molex • Phoenix Contact • TE Connectivity •

14 Light Sources Focusing on solid state lighting, Arrow has several industry leading LED manufacturers in its portfolio. From signalization LEDs to high power LED arrays, we have all Solid State Light components according to the required level of integration of the light source. For every possible light specification there is the right LED solution based on High Power, High Brightness, or LED Module. Obtaining the desired colour and luminous flux is also simple thanks to our LED binning services.

15 High Performance RGB PLCC6 Surface Mount LEDs Additional Product Features: - Operating Temperature: -40°C to 100°C - Narrow color binning – “flexi bin” option is available on request - Available in White-Surface, Black-Surface and full Black-Body for better contrast (e.g. indoor full color displays) - Diffused silicone encapsulation: - enhanced contrast ratio (reduction of reflection light from leadframe) - enhanced consistency of the radiation pattern OneLED – Infinite Colors, Water Resistant, High Brightness RGB PLCC6 LED Avago’s OneLED series of RGB PLCC-6 LEDs have separate heat paths for each LED dice, enabling them to be driven at higher currents.These surface mount LEDs have high brightness and reliability performance and are designed to work under a wide range of environmental conditions, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor full colour signage applications. Key product features: - Small PLCC6 package 3.4 × 2.8 × 1.8 mm - In-line RGB dies configuration - Individual addressable pin- out for drive configuration flexibility - High reliability LED package with silicone encapsulation - Water-Resistance (IPx6) per IEC 60529:2001 - Compatible with reflow soldering process - Wide viewing angle - JEDEC MSL 3 Target applications: - Outdoor & indoor full color displays - Video screens - Advertising signs - Stadium scoreboards - Industrial applications - Gaming machines - Decorative lighting Product Number Color Dominant Wavelength Luminous Intensity IV (min.) Luminous Intensity IV (typ.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage typ. VF Viewing Angle Packaging ASMT-YTB7-ZAA02 Black-Surface RGB PLCC6 Red 617 - 627nm 560mcd 650mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V 120° 2000 pcs per reel Green 525 - 537nm(1) 1400mcd 1900mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Blue 465 - 475nm(1) 285mcd 384mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V ASMT-YTC7-ZAA02 Black-Body RGB PLCC6 Red 617 - 627nm 224mcd 330mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V 110° 2000 pcs per reel Green 525 - 537nm(1) 560mcd 840mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Blue 465 - 475nm(1) 112.5mcd 160mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V ASMT-YTD7-ZAA02 White-Surface RGB PLCC6 Red 617 - 627nm 560mcd 650mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V 120° 2000 pcs per reel Green 525 - 537nm(1) 1400mcd 1900mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Blue 465 - 475nm(1) 285mcd 384mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Avago Technologies is one of the largest producers of visible LEDs in the world, shipping billions of products annually. Known for performance, efficiency and reliability, Avago’s extensive portfolio includes high brightness and high power LEDs, as well as PLCC surface mount LEDs. These LEDs address a wide range of markets, including electronic signs and signals, automotive and solid state lighting.


16 High Performance RGB PLCC4 Surface Mount LEDs Key product features: - PLCC4 package 3.2 × 2.8 × 1.9 mm - Two package options (MTB0, MTB1) with different Lead Configurations - In-line RGB dies configuration - High reliability LED package with diffused silicone encapsulation - Compatible with reflow soldering process - Operating Temperature: -40°C to 100°C - Wide viewing angle of 115° - JEDEC MSL 3 Target applications: - Indoor full color displays - Video screens - Advertising signs - Stadium scoreboards - Industrial applications - Gaming machines - Decorative lighting Product Number Color Dominant Wavelength Luminous Intensity IV (min.) Luminous Intensity IV (typ.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage typ. VF Viewing Angle Packaging ASMB-MTB0-ZA3A2 Black-Surface RGB PLCC4 Red 619 - 629nm 450mcd 540mcd 20mA 25mA 2.1V 115° Green 525 - 535nm (1) 1125mcd 1600mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Blue 465 - 473nm (1) 285mcd 350mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V ASMB-MTB1-ZA3A2 Black-Surface RGB PLCC4 Red 619 - 629nm 450mcd 540mcd 20mA 25mA 2.1V 115° Green 525 - 535nm (1) 1125mcd 1600mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Blue 465 - 473nm (1) 285mcd 350mcd 20mA 25mA 3.1V Low-Cost, Single-Bin RGB PLCC6 Surface Mount LED Additional Product Features: - Single color bin and single intensity bin - Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C Tall High Performance RGB PLCC6 Surface Mount LED (2.8mm high package) Key product features: - Tall PLCC6 package 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.8 mm - In-line RGB dies configuration - Tall package enables potting process - Individual addressable pin- out for drive configuration flexibility - High reliability LED package with diffused encapsulation - Compatible with reflow soldering process - Operating Temperature: -40°C to 100°C - Wide viewing angle of 115° - JEDEC MSL 3 Target applications: - Outdoor & indoor full color displays - Video screens - Advertising signs - Stadium scoreboards Product Number Color Dominant Wavelength Luminous Intensity IV (min.) Luminous Intensity IV (typ.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage typ. VF Viewing Angle Packaging ASMT-YTB6-Z2113 Black-Surface RGB PLCC6 Red 618 - 628nm 400mcd 455mcd 15mA 20mA 2.0V 120° 2000 pcs per reel Green 528 - 533nm 590mcd 690mcd 10mA 20mA 3.0V Blue 466 - 470nm 123mcd 140mcd 10mA 20mA 3.0V Product Number Color Dominant Wavelength Luminous Intensity IV (min.) Luminous Intensity IV (typ.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage typ. VF Viewing Angle Packaging ASMB-TTB0-ZA3A2 Black-Surface RGB PLCC6 Red 620 - 630nm 560mcd 790mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V 115° 2000 pcs per reel Green 525 - 535nm (1) 1800mcd 2400mcd 20mA 35mA 3.1V Blue 465 - 472.5nm 355mcd 500mcd 20mA 35mA 3.1V

17 4 mm and 5 mm Oval Through-Hole LEDs Three new families of cost-effective oval LEDs with precision optical performance are specifically designed for full colour video, passenger information and billboard sign applications. The oval shaped radiation pattern and high luminous intensity ensure that these devices are excellent for the wide field of outdoor sign applications where a wide viewing angle and readability in sunlight are essential. The package epoxy contains UV inhibitors to reduce the effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight. Avago offers “Flexi-Binning” part number options with up to 350k pcs of single colour bin & single Iv bin.

Part Number Size Viewing Angle Color Dominant Wavelength Dice Technology Forward Voltage typ. VF Luminous Intensity at 20mA Min. Max. HLMP-LG73-XZ0DD 4mm 40° x 100° Red 618 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.1V 1660mcd 2900mcd HLMP-LM73-35PDD 4mm 40° x 100° Green 525 - 535nm(1) InGaN 3.2V 4200mcd 7260mcd HLMP-LB72-UWPDD 4mm 40° x 100° Blue 465 - 475nm(1) InGaN 3.2V 960mcd 1660mcd HLMP-HL71-XZ0DD 5mm 40° x 100° Amber 584.5-594.5nm (1) AlInGaP 2.1V 1660mcd 2900mcd HLMP-HG71-VX0DD 5mm 40° x 100° Red 618 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.1V 1150mcd 1990mcd HLMP-HM71-23BDD 5mm 40° x 100° Green 524 - 532nm(1) InGaN 3.1V 3500mcd 5040mcd HLMP-HB71-TUBDD 5mm 40° x 100° Blue 464 - 472nm(1) InGaN 3.1V 800mcd 1150mcd HLMP-AL71-130DD 5mm 30° x 70° Amber 584.5-594.5nm (1) AlInGaP 2.1V 2900mcd 5040mcd HLMP-AG71-Z20DD 5mm 30° x 70° Red 618 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.1V 2400mcd 4200mcd HLMP-AM71-35BDD 5mm 30° x 70° Green 524 - 532nm(1) InGaN 3.1V 4200mcd 7260mcd HLMP-AB71-TWBDD 5mm 30° x 70° Blue 464 - 472nm(1) InGaN 3.1V 800mcd 1660mcd Avago’s next generation SMT Lamp - round and oval Incorporating high brightness intensity with customized optical solutions in surface mount platform Avago Technologies has developed the next generation of its high brightness surface mount (SMT) LED with Iv match to through hole (TH) Lamps performance for real outdoor applications. Avago’s SMT Lamp is available in amber, red, green, cyan and blue colors with viewing angles of oval 40°x100° and round 30°. This new technology allows the use of both sides of the PCB for the components and enables a highly compact circuit design. The Avago SMT Lamp family enables assembly through pick&place and reflow soldering which guarantees a fast cycle time with high output.

Viewing Angle Part Number Color Dominant Wavelength Luminous Intensity IV (min.) Luminous Intensity IV (max.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage typ. VF Packaging Round 30° ALMD-EL3E-VX002 Amber 584.5-594.5nm(1) 4200mcd 9300mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V 1000 pcs per reel ALMD-EG3E-VX002 Red 618 - 630nm 4200mcd 9300mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V ALMD-CM3E-Y1002 Green 519 - 539nm (1) 9300mcd 21000mcd 20mA 30mA 3.2V ALMD-CE3E-VXC02 Cyan 500 - 510nm (1) 4200mcd 9300mcd 20mA 30mA 3.2V ALMD-CB3E-SU002 Blue 460 - 480nm (1) 1900mcd 4200mcd 20mA 20mA 3.2V Oval 40° x 100° ALMD-LL37-WZ002 Amber 584.5-594.5nm(1) 1380mcd 2900mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V 1000 pcs per reel ALMD-LG37-WZ002 Red 618 - 630nm 1380mcd 2900mcd 20mA 50mA 2.1V ALMD-LM37-14002 Green 519 - 539nm (1) 2900mcd 6050mcd 20mA 30mA 3.2V ALMD-LB37-SV002 Blue 460 - 480nm (1) 660mcd 1380mcd 20mA 20mA 3.2V Key product features include: - Surface mount (SMT) platform with TH optics performance - Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications - Dimensions: Oval 4.2 x 4.2 x 5.2mm, Round 4.2 x 4.2 x 6.5mm - Tinted lens for better contrast - SMT Reflow soldering capability - Compact Form Factor to enable 12mm cluster to cluster pitch - MSL 2a Target applications: - Full Color Signs - Mono Color Signs - Variable Message Signs Key product features: - Narrow intensity Iv bin ratio 1:1.2 - Well defined spatial radiation pattern - LOP Iv < 50% with up to 100 khrs HTOL/RTOLSuperior resistance to moisture - Standoff package (optional non-standoff package is available for 5mm devices) - Tinted and diffused for high contrast ratio - Standard RGB package height - “Flexi-Binning” part number options available on request - JEDEC MSL 3 Target applications: - Billboard signs - Full color signs - Fuel price signs - Mono color signs - Variable message signs

18 5 mm Round Through-Hole LEDs The new family of cost-effective high-brightness round Through- Hole LEDs with precision optical performance and superior light output are ideal for excellent readability in sunlight. These LEDs have been designed for mono colour and full colour signage applications. They are extremely stable in light output performance over a long period of time. These LEDs feature an advanced optical grade epoxy offering superior high temperature (+130°C max. junction temp.) and high moisture resistance performance. The package epoxy contains UV inhibitors to reduce the effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight. Avago offers narrow colour bin selections for amber, green and blue on request Key product features: - High brightness performance lamps - Consistent low forward voltage - Well defined spatial radiation pattern - Untinted, non-diffused - Viewing angle: 15°, 23° and 30° - Package options: with or without lead standoff - Superior resistance to moisture - Target applications: - Traffic signs - Variable Message Signs - Work zone warning lights - Commercial outdoor advertising - Full colour and mono colour signs High Brightness PLCC2 and PLCC4 Colour LEDs The new series of cost-effective high-brightness colour PLCC2 and PLCC4 LEDs come in an industry standard PLCC2 / PLCC4 package with a wide viewing angle of 120°. The product selection table on this page mainly contains standard part numbers which are available from Distributor inventory. In addition Avago also offers part number options with higher minimum intensity (for all colours) and/or tighter colour bin selections (for amber, green and blue) Key product features: - High reliability LED package - Super wide viewing angle at 120° - Available in full selection of colors - Stabile & Consistent performance with minimum degradation with Silicone Encapsulation - Compatible with both IR and TTW soldering process - JEDEC MSL 3 Target applications: - Electronic signs and signals - Interior full color sign - Variable message sign - Office automation, home appliances, industrial equipment - Front panel backlighting - Push button backlighting - Display backlighting Part Number without Standoff Part Number with Standoff Viewing Angle Color Dominant Wavelength Dice Technology Forward Voltage typ. VF Luminous Intensity at 20mA Min. Max.

HLMP-EL1G-Y10DD HLMP-EL1H-Y10DD 15° Amber 584.5-594.5nm (1) AlInGaP 2.1V 9300mcd 21000mcd HLMP-EG1G-Y10DD HLMP-EG1H-Y10DD 15° Red 618 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.1V 9300mcd 21000mcd HLMP-CM1G-350DD HLMP-CM1H-350DD 15° Green 520 - 540nm (1) InGaN 3.1V 27000mcd 59000mcd HLMP-CB1G-WY0DD HLMP-CB1H-WY0DD 15° Blue 460 - 480nm (1) InGaN 3.1V 5500mcd 12000mcd HLMP-EL2G-WY0DD HLMP-EL2H-WY0DD 23° Amber 584.5-594.5nm(1) AlInGaP 2.1V 5500mcd 12000mcd HLMP-EG2G-XZ0DD HLMP-EG2H-XZ0DD 23° Red 618 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.1V 7200mcd 16000mcd HLMP-CM2G-Z20DD HLMP-CM2H-Z20DD 23° Green 520 - 540nm (1) InGaN 3.1V 12000mcd 27000mcd HLMP-CB2G-UW0DD HLMP-CB2H-UW0DD 23° Blue 460 - 480nm (1) InGaN 3.1V 3200mcd 7200mcd HLMP-EL3G-VX0DD HLMP-EL3H-VX0DD 30° Amber 584.5-594.5nm(1) AlInGaP 2.1V 4200mcd 9300mcd HLMP-EG3G-VX0DD HLMP-EG3H-VX0DD 30° Red 618 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.1V 4200mcd 9300mcd HLMP-CM3G-Y10DD HLMP-CM3H-Y10DD 30° Green 520 - 540nm (1) InGaN 3.1V 9300mcd 21000mcd HLMP-CB3G-TV0DD HLMP-CB3H-TV0DD 30° Blue 460 - 480nm (1) InGaN 3.1V 2500mcd 5500mcd Part Number Package Option Color Dominant Wavelength Dice Technology Forward Voltage typ. VF Test Current Luminous Intensity at 20mA Min. Max.

ASMT-UAB4-ZU802 PLCC2 Amber 583 - 598nm(1) AlInGaP 1.8V 20mA 560mcd 1400mcd ASMT-JAB4-ZU7H2 black-surface PLCC2 Amber 583 - 592nm (1) AlInGaP 1.8V 20mA 560mcd 1125mcd ASMT-UHB4-ZU802 PLCC2 Red-Orange 611 - 625nm AlInGaP 1.8V 20mA 560mcd 1400mcd ASMT-URB4-ZU802 PLCC2 Red 620 - 630nm AlInGaP 1.8V 20mA 560mcd 1400mcd ASMT-UGB5-ZV702 PLCC2 Green 515 - 535nm (1) InGaN 3.2V 20mA 900mcd 1800mcd ASMT-UBB5-ZS8Q2 PLCC2 Blue 460 - 475nm (1) InGaN 3.2V 20mA 224mcd 560mcd ASMT-SAB4-ZW905 PLCC4 Amber 583 - 598nm(1) AlInGaP 2.2V 50mA 1400mcd 4500mcd ASMT-SHB4-ZW905 PLCC4 Red-Orange 611 - 625nm AlInGaP 2.2V 50mA 1400mcd 4500mcd ASMT-SRB4-ZW905 PLCC4 Red 620 - 630nm AlInGaP 2.2V 50mA 1400mcd 4500mcd ASMT-SGB5-ZW703 PLCC4 Green 515 - 535nm (1) InGaN 3.2V 30mA 1400mcd 2850mcd ASMT-SBB5-ZT7Y3 PLCC4 Blue 465 - 475nm InGaN 3.2V 30mA 355mcd 715mcd

19 High Brightness OneWhite PLCC2 Surface Mount LEDs with min. 2000/2240 mcd Part Number Color Color Temperature (CCT) CRI (min.) Luminous Intensity at 20mA (min.) Luminous Intensity at 20mA (typ.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage (VF ) Packaging ASMT-UWB1-ZX7A2 Cool White 8000K (ANSI) 70 2240mcd 4500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZX7B2 Cool White 6500K (ANSI) 70 2240mcd 4500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZAAB2 Cool White 6500K (ANSI) 70 2000mcd 2500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZX7C2 Cool White 5700K (ANSI) 70 2240mcd 4500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZAAC2 Cool White 5700K (ANSI) 70 2000mcd 2500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZX7D2 Cool White 5000K (ANSI) 70 2240mcd 4500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZAAD2 Cool White 5000K (ANSI) 70 2000mcd 2500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZX7E2 Neutral White 4500K (ANSI) 70 2240mcd 4500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZX7F2 Neutral White 4000K (ANSI) 70 2240mcd 4500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZAAF2 Neutral White 4000K (ANSI) 70 2000mcd 2500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB1-ZAAH2 Warm White 3000K (ANSI) 70 2000mcd 2500mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel High Brightness OneWhite PLCC2 LEDs Key product features - High optical efficiency with >100lm/W - ANSI color bin structure - CRI min. 80 option available - High reliability package with silicone encapsulation - Viewing Angle of 120° - Compatible with reflow soldering process - JEDEC MSL 3 - ESD threshold of 1000V (HBM model) per JEDEC Target applications: - Panel lighting - Light strips - Down lights - Shop lighting - Wide-surface lighting applications - Backlighting High Brightness OneWhite PLCC2 LEDs Avago’s OneWhite surface mount PLCC2 LED allows designers to incorporate greater functionality while achieving superior performance in terms of light output and color uniformity. This family of SMT LEDs is packaged in the industry standard PLCC2 package. This product has very tight, orderable color bins meeting ANSI C78.377.2008 specification. Every reel will be shipped in single intensity and single color bin.

Part Number Color Color Temperature (CCT) CRI (min.) Luminous Intensity at 20mA (min.) Luminous Intensity at 20mA (max.) Test Current DC Forward Current (max.) Forward Voltage (VF ) Packaging ASMT-UWB2-ZX3A2 Cool White 8000K (ANSI) 80 1800mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-ZX3B2 Cool White 6500K (ANSI) 80 1800mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-ZX3C2 Cool White 5700K (ANSI) 80 1800mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-ZX3D2 Cool White 5000K (ANSI) 80 1800mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-ZX3E2 Neutral White 4500K (ANSI) 80 1800mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-NW7F2 Neutral White 4000K (ANSI) 80 1400mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-NW7G2 Warm White 3500K (ANSI) 80 1400mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-NW7H2 Warm White 3000K (ANSI) 80 1400mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel ASMT-UWB2-NW7J2 Warm White 2700K (ANSI) 80 1400mcd 2300mcd 20mA 30mA 2.8 - 3.6V 2000pcs per reel

20 Cree delivers the industry’s widest portfolio of lighting-class LEDs and LED modules. Application optimized to deliver lowest system cost, its XLamp® LEDs and LED modules are built to the highest standards of performance in brightness, efficiency, consistency and longevity. Cree makes it easy to create beautiful LED light. www.cree.com LMH2 family - The LMH2 family of LED modules from Cree delivers a beautiful 90+ CRI light in 4000K, 3500K, 3000K & 2700K colour temperatures. Delivering up to 108 LPW across all CCT & lumen options, it is an outstanding solution to be integrated in many lighting systems. The LMH2 family offers different lumen, lens, color temperature and driver options, enabling lighting manufacturers to address a wide range of lumen levels and applications with one product platform.

- Designed for 50,000 hours of operation and dimmable to five percent, the LMH2 module comes with Cree’s industry-leading five-year warranty. - Cree Driver Compatibility provides a list of compatible drivers for the LMH2 as verified through evalutation and testing by Cree. The LMH2LED modules powered by compatible third-party drivers keep their light source warranty. Design Guide - LMH2 LED Module (Mechanical, Optical, Thermal design & design examples) STEP Files – LMH2 LED Module STEP Files – 4-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch & faceted reflectors for LMH2 LED Components and Modules LED Modules Integrated System Package Faster Time to Market Engineering Expertise Pre-tested for Regulatory

21 Integrated Arrays (COBs) High Lumen Output, High Efficacy - Family enables full range of 300- 10,000 system lumen designs - Small optical source for high output, narrow beam designs - Single LED + connector replaces many discrete LEDs + PCB - Works with connectors, hand soldering or epoxy attach methods - Binned at 85°C; EasyWhite 4-step & 2-step bins available Cree is constantly extending its family of CXA Integrated LED Arrays. Cree’s CXA LED Arrays deliver high lumen output and efficacy in a family of single, easy-to- use components. Optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost, Cree’s CXA LED arrays deliver system level performance from 300 to over 10,000 lumens and can enable applications ranging from GU10s and commercial downlights to outdoor area lighting and high-bay lighting. The CXA LED Arrays are also available in 95-CRI options that push the boundaries of lighting-class performance by combining high quality of light with unmatched light output and efficacy. With Cree’s CXA LED Arrays, lighting manufacturers can have performance, reliability and ease-of-use in a single LED.

Integrated Arrays - Standard Density - Address a wide range of applications - Simplify designs - Optimized for manual assembly XLamp LED LES Voltages Nominal Power Maximum Power Lumen Range CXA3590 30 mm 36V, 77V 95W 150W 4,300 17,400 CXA3070 23 mm 38V 74W 117W 3,000 12,700 CXA3050 23 mm 37V 52W 100W 2,000 11,350 CXA2540 19 mm 37V 40W 86W 1,750 9,270 CXA2530 19 mm 37V 30W 66W 1,360 6,950 CXA2520 19 mm 36V 20W 50W 1,000 5,650 CXA1830 14 mm 37V 30W 57W 1,850 7,000 CXA1820 12 mm 37V 20W 43W 1,400 4,320 CXA1816 12 mm 37V 16W 37W 1,000 4,100 CXA1512 9 mm 18V, 37V 12W 24W 780 2,470 CXA1510 9 mm 18V, 37V 9W 17W 760 2,025 CXA1507 9 mm 18V, 37V 7W 15W 330 1,700 CXA1304 6 mm 9V, 18V, 37V 4W 11W 200 1,050 When it comes to reliability, CXAs have achieved the UL8750 –OOQL2 LED Component Recognition Level 4 enclosure, allowing the lighting system for non-isolated inputs (so class II power supply is not required), no need of safety cover over the LEDs and ability to operate in damp environments. On the CXAs lifetime, Cree has already released LM-80 data with tests >6000h at 105°C ambient temperature. Easy assembly - Large solder pads, improves the ability to hand solder to the package - Large buffer between optic & solder pads allow for more room for optics to sit directly on LED - Solder pad buffer from edges are designed to make regulatory & safety approval easier - Zhaga-enabling optical source size is compliant with defined Zhaga standard LES sizes

22 With the release of the XB-D and XT-E LEDs, Cree drives the adoption of LED in by doubling the lumen/$ ratio compared to older generation LEDs. Built on Cree’s revolutionary SC3 Technology™ Platform, these LEDs can achieve at 350 mA, 85°C up to 139 lm/W for the XB-D and up to 148 lm/W for the XT-E. For example use them wherever a high density of LEDs in a small space is required (like inside a Zhaga compliant holder) LEDs: Discretes XLamp XB-D White Footprint: 2.45 x 2.45 mm Max Current: 1000 mA XLamp XT-E White Footprint: 3.45 x 3.45 mm Max Current: 1500 mA New Generation of High-Power LEDs to Achieve Lowest System Cost CCT Range CRI Base Order Codes Min. Luminous Flux @ 120 mA Chromaticity Regions Order Code Min Typ Group Flux (lm) @ 85 °C Flux (lm) @ 25 °C* 6500 K 80 --- C4 475 538 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1D0 MHBAWT-0000-000N0HC40E1 D2 510 577 MHBAWT-0000-000N0HD20E1 5700 K 80 --- C4 475 538 2A0, 2B0, 2C0, 2D0 MHBAWT-0000-000N0HC40E2 D2 510 577 MHBAWT-0000-000N0HD20E2 5000 K 80 --- C4 475 538 3A0, 3B0, 3C0, 3D0 MHBAWT-0000-000N0HC40E3 D2 510 577 MHBAWT-0000-000N0HD20E3 The XLamp® MH-B LED is a new generation of high-power LEDs that delivers a more-effective way to achieve low-cost systems than mid-power (MP) LEDs. Built using Cree’s high-reliability ceramic-package technology, the XLamp MH-B is able to operate at higher temperatures than MP LEDs, with no reduction in rated lifetime, enabling an impressive 60% reduction in heat-sink size and cost. Using up to 26 times fewer LEDs than MP LEDs to achieve the same performance, the XLamp MH-B is optimized to simplify LED system designs for directional and semi-directional applications. XQ-E XB-D XB-H XT-E XP-E2 XP-G2 XP-L XM-L2 Footprint Size (mm) 1.60 2.45 2.45 3.45 3.45 3.45 3.45 5.00 Max Current 1.0 A 1.0 A 1.5 A 1.5 A 1.0 A 1.5 A 3.0 A 3.0 A Thermal Resistance (°C/W) 6 6.5 4 5 9 4 2.5 2.5 Typical Vf @ 85°C, 350 mA 2.90 A 2.90 V 2.75 V 2.85 V 2.90 V 2.80 V 2.75 V 2.75 V Typical Vf @ 85°C, 700 mA 3.05 V 3.09 V 2.90 V 3.05 V 3.05 V 2.95 V 2.85 V 2.85 V Typical Vf @ 85°C, 1000 mA 3.15 V 3.22 V 3.00 V 3.18 V 3.15 V 3.05 V 2.94 V 2.93 V

23 LEDs: Arrays Cree MK-R, XM-L and MT-G2 LEDs are available in Cree EasyWhite® color temperatures, providing the LED industry’s best color consistency for designs that use only one LED. The MK-R LED with a 6mm optical source delivers up to 1770 lm @ 85°C, enabling 100+ LPW high lumen directional systems with the right combination of lm/$, lm/W and optical control. The XM-L EasyWhite LED is available in 6V and 12V versions for driver flexibility, it is great for small replacement lamps like the MR-16, and track and accent lighting The MT-G2 EasyWhite LED has a 8mm optical source and deliver up to 2000 lm @ 85°C. They are available in 6V, 9V & 36V versions for driver flexibility. Their uniform emitting surface enables narrow beam optical design, and as a single optical source they replicate the look of traditional halogen.

The MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs array have 8mm optical source and deliver up to 2000 lm @ 85°C. They are available in 6V, 9V & 36V versions for driver flexibility. Their uniform emitting surface enables narrow beam optical design, and as a single optical source they replicate the look of traditional halogen. It is the Easy White array that obsoletes 150W+ halogen. LEDs: Discretes cont. Based on the Silicon Carbide SC3 technology, Cree has upgraded all their industry–standard world-known families, XP-E, XP-G and XM-L to their second generation, bringing up efficiency and lowering costs at the same time. These Generation 2 families are optimized for XP optical compatibility, allowing to migrate designs for better performance with very little or no effort. The XM-L2 LED is the Industry’s highest performance single-die LED, delivering up to 186 LPW @ 1W and up to 1198 lm @ 10W, together with an outstanding 2,5°C/W thermal resistance. The XM-L2 are perfectly suited for very-high-lumen applications such as indoor, high-bay and outdoor lighting.

To address the mid power LED market for lighting luminaires, Cree introduced the XH-B and XH-G LEDs and the XQ-B and XQ-D LEDs. Based on ceramic packages instead of plastic ones, these LEDs are designed to deliver the long L70 lifetimes of Cree’s other ceramic high-power LEDs, such as XP or XT LEDs. The XQ LEDs feature a unique combination of small size, wide light distribution and high- reliability design. This combination of features enables the next generation of designs for applications that require broader light distribution such as omni-directional lamps and fixtures. The XH LEDs are optimized for fluorescent replacement lighting applications, such as troffers and panel lights, where high efficacy, long lifetime and smooth appearance are critical.

XLamp XQ-B White Footprint: 1.6 x 1.6mm Max Current: 300 mA XLamp MK-R White Footprint: 7.0 x 7.0 mm Max Current: 1250 mA XLamp XM-L EasyWhite Footprint: 5.0 x 5.0 mm Max Power: 13W XLamp MT-G2 EasyWhite Footprint: 8.9 x 8.9 mm Max Power: 18W XLamp XQ-D White Footprint: 1.6 x 1.6mm Max Current: 700 mA

24 New XP LED Delivering 200 Lumens per Watt Cree introduced the XLamp® XP-L LED, the first commercially available single-die LED to achieve breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lumens per watt (LPW) at 350 mA. Delivering up to 1226 lumens in a 3.45 mm x 3.45 mm package, the game-changing Cree® XLamp XP-L LED enables an immediate performance increase of 50 percent or more as a drop-in upgrade for lighting designs based on Cree’s market-leading XLamp XP-G LEDs. As the brightest member of the industry’s only family of high-density class discrete LEDs, the new XP-L LED also touts the industry’s highest optical control factor (OCF), a measurement of the impact that LED size and performance have on directional lighting applications. With its high OCF, the XP-L will enable lighting manufacturers to improve the performance of existing lighting designs in the XP footprint, reduce the size and cost of new designs and create innovative new solutions to address applications ranging from lamps to stadium lighting. Characterized and binned at 1050 mA, 85°C, the XP-L LED is available in up to 90 CRI and color temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 8300 K. As a “successor” product to the XLamp XM-L2, lighting manufacturers seeking ENERGY STAR® qualification can use just 3,000 hours of LM-80 data, potentially saving up to four months in the approval process. Color CCT Range Base Order Codes Min. Luminous Flux (lm) @ 1050 mA Calculated Minimum Luminous Flux (lm) @ 85 °C** Order Code Min. Max. Group Flux (lm) @ 85 °C Flux (lm) @ 25 °C* 1500 mA 2000 mA 3000 mA Cool White 5000 K 8300 K V5 460 523 620 776 1034 XPLAWT-00-0000-0000V5051 V4 440 500 593 742 989 XPLAWT-00-0000-0000V4051 V3 420 478 566 708 944 XPLAWT-00-0000-0000V3051 Neutral White 3700 K 5000 K V4 440 500 593 741 989 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LV40E5 V3 420 478 566 708 944 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LV30E5 V2 400 455 539 675 899 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LV20E5 U6 380 432 512 641 854 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LU60E5 Warm White 2700 K 3500 K U6 380 432 512 641 854 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LU60E7 U5 360 409 485 607 809 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LU50E7 U4 340 387 458 573 764 XPLAWT-00-0000-000LU40E7 70-CRI White 4000 K 6000 K V4 440 500 593 741 989 XPLAWT-00-0000-000BV40E3 V3 420 478 566 708 944 XPLAWT-00-0000-000BV30E3 V2 400 455 539 675 899 XPLAWT-00-0000-000BV20E3 80-CRI White 2700 K 3000 K U6 380 432 512 641 854 XPLAWT-00-0000-000HU60E7 U5 360 409 485 607 809 XPLAWT-00-0000-000HU50E7 U4 340 387 458 573 764 XPLAWT-00-0000-000HU40E7 85-CRI White 2700 K 3000 K U3 320 364 431 540 719 XPLAWT-00-0000-000PU30E7 U2 300 341 404 506 674 XPLAWT-00-0000-000PU20E7 T6 280 318 377 472 629 XPLAWT-00-0000-000PT60E7 90-CRI White 2700 K 3000 K U3 320 364 431 540 719 XPLAWT-00-0000-000UU30E7 U2 300 341 404 506 674 XPLAWT-00-0000-000UU20E7 T6 280 318 377 472 629 XPLAWT-00-0000-000UT60E7 * Flux values @ 25 °C are calculated and are for reference only. ** Calculated flux values at 1500 mA, 2000 mA and 3000 mA are for reference only.

25 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers a portfolio of LED components that make the most challenging installations possible. It delivers a broad range of low-, mid- and high-power LEDs that can be mixed and matched in endless combinations. The company‘s products combine the competence of nearly 40 years of expertise in the semiconductor industry with 100 years of experience in lighting technology from OSRAM AG. www.osram-os.com or www.ledlight.osram-os.com LEDs for Lighting Solutions DURIS® E - Footprint of 3.0 mm x 1.4 mm (DURIS® E 3) / 5.6 mm x 3.0 mm (DURIS® E 5) - Stable brightness over lifetime - High efficacy typ.126 Im/W @ 4000 K (E3 @20mA CRI 80) typ. 143 Im/W @ 4000 K (E5 @65mA CRI 80) DURIS® P 5 White and Colors - Footprint of 2.6 mm x 2.2 mm - High maximum forward current of 250 Ma - Long lifetime also at high temperatures and superior corrosion resistance - Colors: deep blue, blue, true green, yellow, amber - High efficacy up to 120 Im/W @ 5000 K, CRI 80, 100mA OSLON® SSL - Ultra-compact footprint for high-density arrays (only 3 mm x 3 mm) - Max driving current up to 0.8 A, for neutral/warm white and up to 1 A for cool white - Broad color portfolio: red, green, blue, and other colors - The first power LED with sophisticated beam angles (80°/ 150°) OSLON® Square next Gen - SMT ceramic ultra-compact package (only 3 mm x 3 mm) with silicone resin and silicone lens with superior corrosion robustness - Luminous efficacy: typ. 100 lm/W @ 3000 K, 85 °C, 700mA Vf measured at 85°C close to “real application” driving conditions - Hot testing eliminates color shifting behavior over temperature - Application: accent lighting, shop lighting, spot lights, stage lighting, retrofits and fixtures DURIS® S 5 - 3 mm x 3 mm footprint - Different versions within one package footprint 3 and 6 V forward voltage options - High efficacy of over 130 lm/W - Applications: indoor consumer, indoor professional, outdoor DURIS® S 8 - 5.8 mm x 5.2 mm plastic package - Two versions with typ. 390lm / 20v typ. and 500lm / 26V @200mA (3000K CRI80) - CCTs from 2700K to 6500K with 3 & 5 SCDM options - Operation temperature: up to Ts = 110 °C - Applications: Directional replacement / Spot lights SOLERIQ® S 13 and SOLERIQ® S 19 SOLERIQ® S13 size 18 x 18 - Color: 2700 K – 6500 K (white) - LuminousFlux:typ.1625lm@4000KCRI80 - CRI: min 80 ( typ. 85 ) and min 90 - Applications: spotlights, indoor lighting SOLERIQ® S19 size 23.5 x 23.5 - Color: 2700 K – 6500 K (white) - Three versions with the same footprint : - typ. 2800 lm @ 4000 K, 85 °C CRI80 - typ. 3950 lm @ 4000 K, 85 °C CRI80 - typ. 5361 lm @ 4000 K, 85 °C CRI80 - CRI: min 80 ( typ. 85 ) and min 90 - Applications: ambient light, indoor lighting, shop lighting SOLERIQ® P 6 and SOLERIQ® P 9 SOLERIQ® P 6 size 12 x 12 - Color: 2700 K - 5000 K (white) - Luminous Flux typ. 860 lm @ 3000 K, 85 °C CRI80 - CRI: min 80 (typ. 85) and min 90 - Applications: spotlights, outdoor lighting SOLERIQ® P 9 size 15 x 15 - Color: 2700 K - 5000 K (white) - LuminousFluxtyp.2040lm@3000K,85°C - CRI: min 80 ( typ. 85 ) and min 90 - Applications: spotlights, shop lighting, museum

26 DURIS® E 3 Type Color CCT/Wavelength CRI Typ. Luminous Flux (20 mA) LCW JNSH.EC / LUW JNSH.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700 K - 6500 K 85 (typ.) 7.7 lm LCW JNSH.PC / LUW JNSH.PC warm / neutral / cool white 3000 K - 6500 K 72 (typ.) 8.8 lm DURIS® E 5 Typ. Luminous Flux (120 mA) LCW JDSH.EC / LUW JDSH.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700 K - 6500 K 85 (typ.) 48lm GW JDSMS1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700 K - 6500 K 80 (min.) 46lm GW JDSLS1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 6500K 85 (typ.) 44lm DURIS® P 5 White and Colors Typ. Luminous Flux (100 mA) GW DASPA1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 5700K 80 (min.) 33 lm GW DASPA1.UC cool white 6500 K 67 (min.) 36 lm GB DASPA1.13 blue 470 nm 7.5 lm GD DASPA1.14 deep blue 450 nm 140 mW GR DASPA1.23 red 625 nm 16 lm GT DASPA1.13 true green 525 nm 26 lm GY DASPA1.23 yellow 590 nm 14 lm DURIS® S 5 Typ. Luminous Flux (150 mA) GW PSLPS1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 6500K 80 (min.) 113 lm GW PSLPS1.CC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 4000K 90 (min.) 97 lm Typ. Luminous Flux (65 mA) GW PSLMS1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 6500K 80 (min.) 26 lm GW PSLMS1.CC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 4000K 90 (min.) 23 lm Typ. Luminous Flux (80 mA) GW PSLLS1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2700K - 6500K 80 (min.) 31 lm DURIS® S 8 Typ. Luminous Flux (200 mA) GW P9LMS1.EM warm / neutral white 2700 - 6500K 80 (min.) 390 lm GW P9LRS1.EM warm / neutral white 2700 - 6500K 80 (min.) 500 lm OSLON® Next Generation Type 80 Type 150 Typ. Luminous Flux (350 mA) LCW CR7P.CC LCW CRDP.CC warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4500 K 95 (typ.) 93 lm @ 3000 K LCW CR7P.EC LCW CRDP.EC warm / neutral white 2700 K - 5000 K 80 (min.) 113 lm @ 3000 K LCW CR7P.PC LCW CRDP.PC neutral white 3000 K - 6500 K 70 (min.) 136 lm @ 5000 K LUW CR7P LUW CRDP cool white 5700 K - 6500 K 70 (typ.) 144 lm @ 6000 K LD CQ7P LD CQDP deep blue 455 nm 580 mW LB CP7P LB CPDP blue 465 nm 28 lm LT CP7P LT CPDP true green 528 nm 98 lm LY CP7P LY CPDP yellow 590 nm 60 lm LA CP7P LA CPDP amber 617 nm 81 Im LR CP7P LR CPDP red 625 nm 59 Im LH CP7P LH CPDP hyper red 645 nm 355 mW OSLON® Square Typ. Luminous Flux (700mA) Typ. Luminous Flux (350 mA) LCW CQAR.CC warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4500 K 95 (typ.) 174 lm @ 3000 K 98 lm @ 3000 K LCW CQAR.EC warm / neutral white 2400 K - 5000 K 80 (min.) 213 lm @ 3000 K 117 lm @ 3000 K LCW CQAR.PC neutral white 3000 K - 6500 K 70 (min) 264 lm @ 5000 K 148 lm @ 5000 K GW CSSRM1.CC warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 95 (typ.) 174 lm @ 3000 K @85°C 98 lm @ 3000 K @85°C GW CSSRM1.EC warm / neutral / cool white 2400 K - 5000 K 80 (min.) 202 lm @ 3000 K @85°C 112 lm @ 3000 K @85°C GW CSSRM1.PC neutral white 3000 K - 6500 K 70 (min) 272 lm @ 5000 K @85°C 148 lm @ 5000 K @85°C LUW CQAR cool white 5300 K - 6500 K 70 (typ.) 276 lm @ 6000 K 155 lm @ 6000 K LD CQAR deep blue 450 nm 1173 mW 633 mW SOLERIQ® P 6 Typ. Luminous Flux (700mA) GW MAEGB1.CM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 90 (min.) 735 lm @3000K @85°C GW MAEGB1.EM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 5000 K 80 (min.) 860 lm @3000K @85°C SOLERIQ® P 9 Typ. Luminous Flux (700mA) GW MAFJB1.CM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 90 (min.) 1600 lm @3000K GW MAFJB1.EM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 5000 K 80 (min.) 2000 lm @3000K SOLERIQ® S 13 Typ. Luminous Flux (500mA) GW KAGHB1.CM warm / neutral white 2700 - 4000K 90 (min.) 1500 @ 4000K GW KAGHB1.EM warm / neutral / cool white 2700 - 6500K 80 (min.) 1625 @ 4000K SOLERIQ® S 19 Typ. Luminous Flux (700mA) GW KAHLB1.CM warm / neutral white 2700 - 4000K 90 (min.) tbd GW KAHLB1.EM warm / neutral / cool white 2700 - 4000K 80 (min.) 3950 @ 4000K @85°C GW KAHNB1.CM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 90 (min.) 4610 lm @ 4000 K @85°C GW KAHNB1.EM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 80 (min.) 5361 lm @ 4000 K @85°C GW KAHJB1.CM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 90 (min.) 2420 lm @ 4000 K @85°C GW KAHJB1.EM warm / neutral white 2700 K - 4000 K 80 (min.) 2800 lm @ 4000 K @85°C

27 0603 ChipLED VLMW1300 0402 ChipLED VLMW1500 Power MOSFET Si7460DP NTC Thermistors NTCS0603E3 Zener Diodes BZD27CxxP Series Capacitors VY1/VY2 Series PLCC2 Plus VLMW51Q2 TELUX™ VLMW9600 NTCS0603E3 NTCS0603E3 VY1/VY2 Series VY1/VY2 Series got light ? In the rush to grab the top spot in the lighting market, manufacturers are tripping over themselves focusing on white LEDs. Yes, Vishay is guilty of that too, but we know that products for the lighting market come in all shapes and sizes. See more lighting products at http://www.arroweurope.com/vishay

28 Lenses and Optics Optics are the elements that shape and direct the light generated by the LED. Optics can be defined as devices used to control light output so that it is a usable source. There are three basic categories of LED optics: - Primary - usually attached directly to the LED - Secondary – usually fit directly over or around the LED - Tertiary – usually some type of external device Primary optics are usually part of the LED package - lenses integrated into LED packages, especially SMT and power packages, can cause the luminous flux from the LED to adopt a specific radiation pattern. Generally referred to as secondary optics, lenses and reflectors are mechanically positioned on top of the LED for the desired lighting result. The field of tertiary optics encompasses numerous types of application.

29 Carclo Optics boasts unrivalled expertise in LED optical design, development and manufacture. Their in-house dedicated team provides innovative specialist design solutions, whilst dedicated global manufacturing sites ensure they have a local presence on a global scale. Carclo Optics have design, development and stock holding capabilities in the UK, USA, China and India. Custom design projects are an important area of the business www.carclo-optics.com Mini Hubbles Carclo Optics’ new range of Mini Hubble freeform lenses are designed around the world’s leading small footprint high power LED’s - typically a 3.5x3.5mm footprint. Based on the USA street lighting standards but with many far reaching applications, this new family of parts all share a common footprint to allow for quick easy board layout.

The family of single optics is supported with a range of arrays from 1x3 through 2x2 and a 2x6 - all as standards. One of the greatest advantages of these optics is that the total area of illumination is created with each optic and not a mix of optics. This enables you to reduce your led and optic usage as the LED’s output continues to evolve. You can mix and match the different optics (if required) to get the illumination of an area that you need. Due to intuitive design and tooling, Carclo Optics even have the option to mould custom array layouts.

All Mini Hubbles are manufactured using high quality optical PMMA. These lenses can be sealed to the boards, allowing them to be on the front surface of the light - saving you light loss that can occur using a separate cover. 10mm 6x1 Array The changes in LED development have resulted in lenses being more complex, moving from TIR to freeform depending on the design. Freeform optics are relatively new. They allow one lens to perform a complex job, which used to be done by a few lenses. Recent freeform projects have included streetlights for the European and the North American markets; a high-bay bubble to generate even illumination; a large reflector with freeform facets for large source LEDs; and freeform bubble lighting for road signs and office lighting.

Optic Select ™ is Carclo Optics’ searchable database that brings the ability to search for the perfect optic or reflector online. All standard optics, reflectors and suitable holders are listed - with new solutions added weekly.

30 www.ledil.com Follow us: ME & T-type street optics System reflectors with colour mixing LEDiL's focus extends beyond its expansive standard product line - with over 5000 qualified LED combinations - LEDiL pioneered the development of asymmetric lenses and now offers asymmetric reflectors as well. Advanced product design continues with the introduction of LEDiL’s interchangeable reflector system featuring COB specific clamps and compatible with Zhaga compliant connectors. With introduction of LEDiL’s patent pending RZ-technology colour mixing as well as variations of white are possible in these reflector systems. All products are featured on an up-to-date web site. LEDiL’s offer also includes application support, photometric files, 3D models and design simulation. Modified standard products and custom solutions further extend LEDiL's expertise. With production in Europe, and Asia and a global network of authorized distributors, LEDiL’s products are market-competitive and readily available.

Standard products - custom solutions -asymmetric optics - advanced materials - application support - global sales and logistics - it's easy to see why LEDiL is The Primary Choice for Secondary Optics. The Leading Edge of New Technology Silicone molded lenses Architectural lighting

31 Fusion Optix optical components solve many of the major challenges of LED lighting and are scalable to many application requirements. We focus on solving challenges of light uniformity and quality, beam shaping, color control and cost reduction. For more than a decade we have helped lighting OEMs around the world with all their difficult to solve LED lighting design tasks. We provide full application engineering support including testing, 3D modelling and prototyping. www.fusionoptix.com Beyond the LED™ Fusion Optix philosophy is to develop optics that enable new approaches to LED lighting product design and to always think about how best to use LED light source. Based on our unique CORE™ Platform of innovations and capabilities, our components are easy to use, efficient, and reliable. Optical components in a variety of form factors and material choices. Film and sheet stock offers a wide range of customization options.

- HighTransmission/LowInsertionLosses - Excellent LED/Lamp Obscuration - Excellent Luminance Uniformity - Wide Choice of Diffusion Angles - Custom Beam Spread - Excellent Color Mixing - Excellent Mechanical, UV, and Thermal Resistance - Low Cost Customization Options Diffusers Fusion Optix industry-leading range of light diffusers offer >90% efficiency and superior light diffusion capabilities combined with wide range of light and color control options. Superior to holographic or bulk additive diffusers Fusion Optix light diffusers enable highly efficient light control in a variety of LED applications. Available in precision thermoformed, coated or laser cut form factors as well as materials up to 12ft lengths or sheets up to 4ft x 8ft. Options include acrylic, polycarbonate, silicone and glass with further enhancements for high temperature and UV resistance. Example Distributions Key Features - Transmission >90% - Wide range of circular diffusion angles (5 to 120) - Wide range of elliptical diffusion (e.g. 60 x 1, 80 x 20) - Available in PMMA, PC, Silicone and Glass - Large area (4ft x 8ft) and long lengths (12ft) - Wide range of converting options Linear Profiles Diffusion Lenses Thermoformed Glass Diffusers Printed ColorTune™ Diffusion Sheet Diffusion Film

32 Light Guides Highly flexible and efficient solutions for LED edge lighting applications. Linear light guides available in up to 12ft lengths. Curved and 3-dimensional light guides. Complete range of 3D beam distributions including narrow, wall wash and batwing. Enables natural, pleasant and diffuse lighting. Key Features - Direct and indirect luminaires - Linear cove and accent lighting - Round, square and linear downlights - Wall sconces - LCD backlighting & signage On-Board Optics Components that are used directly on the LED board to help shape light outputs or improve uniformity and efficiency. Variety of beam control options including narrow beam, asymmetric (wallwash) and batwing. Cost effective alternative to individual secondary optics. Reflectors Broad range of components made from Fusion Optix highly reflective polymer materials. Thermformed and laser-cut reflectors designed to fit seemlessly into any lighting product. Product design and engineering support provided Applications: - Reflector cups for downlighting - Linear LED lighting - Edge lit linear LED lighting fixture - Without Fusion Optix With Fusion Optix Product Selection Guide P/N Type Description Dimensions FOC07-0208-0000 Light Guide 3.85” Wide Linear Light Guide for Direct/Indirect Luminaire 3.85” x 43.5” x 4.65mm FOP01-0317-0001 Linear Diffuser Snap Fit PMMA6060 Diffusion Lens for 1” Linear LED Lighting 1” x 43.5” x 2.0mm FOP01-0306-0001 Linear Diffuser Snap Fit PMMA6060 Diffusion Lens for 1.7” Linear LED Lighting 1.7” x 43.5” x 1.5mm FOP01-0305-0001 Linear Diffuser Snap Fit PMMA6060 Diffusion Lens for 4” Linear LED Lighting 4” x 43.5” x 2.0mm FOC01-0438-0000 Diffusion Lens PMMA5555 Diffusion Lens for 4” Linear LED Lighting 4.525” x 44.125” x 1.5mm FOC02-1012-0001 Diffusion Lens Thermoformed PMMA6060 diffusion dome 53mm DIA x 0.5mm FOC02-1017-0001 Diffusion Lens Drop lens PMMA4040 diffuser for LED Downlighting 81mm DIA x 12mm x 0.5mm FOC01-1025-0002 Glass Diffuser Circular Glass Diffuser with 6060 Acrylate Coating 61.5mm DIA x 2.5mm FOC06-0004-0003 On-Board Optic Batwing Distribution Optic for 1ft Linear LED Module 305mm x 25mm x 10mm FOC06-0006-0001 On-Board Optic 60 FWHM Narrow Beam Optic for 4” x 4” Square LED Module 102mm x 102mm x 20mm FOC01-0454-0000 Diffusion Sheet PC8080 Diffusion sheet for 2’x2’ LED Lighting Panel 600mm x 600mm x 2.0mm FOC01-0455-0001 Diffusion Sheet PC8080 Diffusion sheet for 2’x4’ LED Lighting Panel 600mm x 1200mm x 3.0mm FOR05-0000-0000 Diffusion Sheet Large Area 4ft x 8ft Sheet of PC8080-2000A 1220mm x 2440mm x 2.0mm FOR05-0000-0001 Diffusion Sheet Large Area 4ft x 8ft Sheet of PC8080-3000A 1220mm x 2440mm x 3.0mm FOR04-0005-0009 Diffusion Film Roll of PC7070-350A-3007 Polycarbonate Diffusion Film 300mm x 150m x 0.35mm FOR04-0055-0002 Diffusion Film Roll of PMMA3030-200A-2051 Acrylic Diffusion Film 300mm x 150m x 0.3mm FOR04-0046-0000 Diffusion Film Roll of PMMA6060-550A-2001 Acrylic Diffusion Film 300mm x 150m x 0.55mm FOD03-0001-0000 Sample Pack Collection of 250um Thick Symmetric PMMA Diffusion Films 250mm x 250mm x 0.25mm


34 LED Drivers Electronics Once the number and the arrangement of the LEDs are selected, Arrow can offer all possible combinations of products and reference designs in order to provide the right voltage and the right current for your light. These drivers take as an input an AC or a DC current and deliver the DC current at the right voltage level.

35 Diodes Incorporated’s LED driving solutions are not only recognised for their high efficiency and simplicity; they are also renowned for their versatility. This makes the company the ideal LED driver solutions partner for reliable, robust, cost effective designs. Complementing this is a diverse range of diodes, transistors and MOSFETs - completing the LED lamp solution. www.diodes.com - - General lighting - Signage and display - Portable lighting - Automotive Diodes’ family of LED drivers provides high efficiency, constant current drive for high brightness LEDs for both high and low current. When driving multiple LEDs in a single string, efficiencies greater than 95% may be attained together with very accurate LED current matching. Diodes’ offline LED drivers provide a simple cost-effective solution for offline lamps which includes retrofit lamps as well as T5/T8/T10/T12 replacements. AP1694: BCM PFC Dimmable LED Controller - 3W-15W dimmable solutions - Built-in OVP/OCP/SCP /OTP LED Open/Short protection - Primary side proprietary “BCM-PFC” architecture - High PFC and ultra-low THD with tight LED current control - Supports Fly-back or Buck topology - Good Dimming range with good dimming compatibility - Cost effective BOM with BJT drive and no external control loop compensation circuitry Part Number Topologies Supplies Minimum Input Voltage Maximum Input Voltage LED Current Accuracy Efficiency Temperature Range Dimming Applications AEC-Q100 Grade Buck Buck-boost Boost Linear Isolated 12V systems 24V systems 48V systems Offline T8 replacements E27/A19/GU10/SES14 Industrial lighting High bay lamps Street lamps Archtitectural lighting Accent lighting Wall washers Commercial refrigeration Domestic white goods MR16 MR11 Emergency lighting Signage Portable lighting LED Modules Brake lights Daylight running lamps Position lamps Fog lamps Signal lamps Interior lamps License plate illumination V V A ° C Automotive AL9910 • 15 500 Ext MOS 10 90 -40~85 PWM/DC - AP1682 • 9 21 Ext MOS 3 90 -40~105 • AP1684 • 7 25 Ext BJT 5 90 -40~105 • AP1690 • 9 21 Ext MOS 3 -40~105 Triac • AP1694 • 7 25 Ext BJT 5 90 -40~105 Triac • AP1662 • 9 22 Ext MOS • AP8802H • 8 60 1 5 92 -40~105 PWM/DC - ZXLD1356 • 6 60 0.55 2.5 97 -40~125 PWM/DC • 1 ZXLD1362 • 6 60 1 5 95 -40~125 PWM/DC • 1 ZXLD1366 • 6 60 1 2.5 95 -40~125 PWM/DC • 1 ZXLD1371 • 5 60 Ext MOS 2 97 -40~125 PWM/DC • 1 ZXLD1374 • 6.5 60 1.5 2 97 -40~125 PWM/DC • 1 AL58 11/12 • 3.5 50 0.075/ 0.15 3 -40~85 - AL5801 • 50 1 -40~85 - AL8806 • 6 30 1.5 5 96 -40~125 PWM/DC - AL8807 • 6 30 1/1.3 5 96 -40~125 PWM/DC - AL8807A • 6 30 1/1.3 5 96 -40~125 DC - PAM2863 • 6 30 2 6 96 -40~125 PWM/DC - ZXLD1350 • 7 30 0.35 5 95 -40~105 PWM/DC • 2 ZXLD1360 • 7 30 1 5 95 -40~125 PWM/DC • 1 AP8800A • 8 28 0.35 7 92 -40~85 PWM/DC - AL8400 • 2.2 18 Ext Transitor 3 -40~125 • 1 AL5802 • 30 0.12 -40~85 PWM • PAM2803 • 0.9 5.5 • ZXLD1321 • 1.2 12 1 85 -40~85 - Cost effective LED drivers Automotive LED drivers

36 IRS2983 LEDrivIR™ Control IC IR’s versatile IRS2983 LEDrivIR™ control IC simplifies design and reduces part count for high performance dimming applications. The IRS2983 employs primary side regulation that reduces component count and simplifies design by eliminating the opto-isolator and other components necessary for isolated feedback for fixed loads. The device also features a rapid startup circuit that drastically reduces the turn on time of the system. Features - Flyback LED Driver - Critical-conduction/transition mode operation - Maximum frequency limit, discontinuous mode operation at light load - Primary constant power control (primary side regulator) - High Voltage Rapid Startup - Cycle by cycle over-current protection - Hiccup mode over voltage protection - High power factor - Low THD - Triac dimming option - Micropower startup - Low quiescent current - Latch immunity and ESD protection - Noise immunity - Opto-less isolated design Advantages - The new IC controller offers high power factor and low THD with output current regulation over wide input range for fixed load applications. Comprehensive protection features include hiccup mode over-voltage protection, cycle-by-cycle over current protection and open and short circuit protection.

- Traditional incandescent, halogen, and CFL light sources are rapidly being replaced by LED bulbs and fixtures. The Flyback converter is the preferred power-supply topology for a large segment of the LED driver market as Flyback LED drivers provide an attractive tradeoff between cost and performance. International Rectifier is a world leader in power management technology. The company leverages its expertise in power conversion technologies to deliver efficient, easy to use solutions for LED lighting. www.irf.com/product-info/lighting/ledmain.html Ordering Information Base Part Number Package Type Standard Pack Complete Part Number Form Quantity IRS2983SPBF SO8N Tube/Bulk 95 IRS2983SPBF Tape and Reel 2500 IRS2983STRPBF

37 Adding Intelligence and Flexibility to Lighting Solutions Compared to traditional incandescent solutions, simply having longer life and increased energy savings may not always be enough to motivate change in the lighting market. Advanced lighting solutions from Microchip with PIC microcontrollers give the possibility to offer nontraditional capabilities. Features such as predictive failure and maintenance, energy monitoring, colour and temperature maintenance, remote communications and control are just some of the advanced capabilities that can make intelligent lighting solutions more attractive. These along with reduced operating, maintenance and energy costs can quickly translate to significant savings. Intelligence - Communication and networking - Lumen and color control - Environmental sensing - Thermal management - Predictive failure and maintenance - Day light harvesting and dimming - User interface and control Flexible Power - Flexible topology support - High efficiency power conversion - Fail safe monitoring - Energy monitoring and control - Energy harvesting (solar, etc.) - Battery management and charging Scalable Design - Scalable performance - Analog, 8-, 16-, 32-bit PIC MCUs - Customizable solutions - Ease of use - Easy to use development tools - Reference designs and collateral - Lighting design partner specialists Lighting Communication Development Platform The Lighting Communications Development Platform provides a universal lighting development platform for the creation of communications enabled lighting applications. The platform consists of a main board and various communications interface adapters to support in the development of DALI, DMX512A, as well as future protocol adapters (i.e. RF). Communication Board Highlights Populated with PIC16F1947 for user interface, communications, and LED control - 4-channel constant current control with RGBW color mixing and dimming - Slider potentiometer for dimming control - Universal communications adapter interface - Master and slave support for both DALI and DMX512A - LCD display and push button user interface - Customizable capabilities Available separately or as a kit to get started quickly… DALI Starter Kit (DV160214-1) and DMX512A Starter Kit (DV160214-2) - (2) DALI or DMX512A adapters - (2) Main boards - (1) Prototyping board - 9V International power supply - RJ45 Patch cable Digital LED Lighting Development Kit (DM330014) Microchip’s Digital LED Lighting Development Kit enables designers to quickly leverage the capabilities and performance of the 16-bit dsPIC33 ‘GS’ series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), to develop LED lighting solutions. The dsPIC33 ‘GS’ DSC and this reference design allow developers to create a 100% digitally controlled LED driver, while including advanced features such as dimming and color hue control. Key features: - Fully controlled with a single dsPIC33FJ16GS504 DSC - RGB LED drive with DMX512 support for brightness control - Flexible input voltage support, including buck and boost topologies - Fully dimmable, full digital control, fault protection - Advanced features implemented in software Intelligent lighting and control solutions from Microchip can meet the technical needs of lighting engineers with a large array of 8-, 16-, 32-bit PIC® microcontrollers, analog, wireless, and human interface products. With advanced peripheral integration and support for all lighting technologies designing with Microchip based lighting solutions enables innovation that expands lighting product capabilities and product differentiation. www.microchip.com/lighting

38 MOONS’ is the professional supplier of LED lighting intelligent control and driver solutions. MOONS’ LED intelligent control technologies are widely used in tunnel & roadway lighting, as well as indoor & landscape lighting. Our products include intelligent driver, intelligent lighting control system and etc. www.moonsindustries.com Intelligent LED Driver Features - full range (100% to 0.1%) flicker Free; linear or gamma-corrected curve; 16 bit resolution; support 0~10V, DALI, DMX; - Input: 90-305Vac, total power 30W & 50W, Channel 1/2/3 - Output: Voltage Self-adjustable , Current settable from 200~1050mA - Applications: Stage, Architecture, Agriculture Lighting Function Description - Adjustable current output:The current output can programmed in 1 mA steps from 200 mA to 1050 mA.

This programming can be done at the factory or in the customers place of business. This permits optimization of the current for the LED light engine and conformance to Energy Star Requirements. - Resolution: 20 bit resolution - Dimming: Supports a wide range of dimming from 0.1% to 100% with linear or gamma corrected dimming curve & flicker-free at all levels. - High Efficiency: 89% over a wide power range - Interface: LED Code - Temperature Management: By connecting a 47kΩ NTC thermistor, temperature feedback is provided to insure that normal LED operating temperatures are maintained. - Programming (internal)(optional): (a) temperature (see above), (b) time-of- day, (c) output current, (d) LED bridging (e) LED aging (current compensation at the 30% end of life) Conventional vs.

Intelligent Functional Characteristics Conventional LED Driver Intelligent LED Driver Output Current Fixed Programmable in 10mA steps from 200mA- 1050mA Output Voltage Range: generally 50%-100% of maximum voltage Adaptive adjustment (

39 Intelligent Control System MOONS’ public lighting intelligent monitoring system is suitable for all kinds of urban roads, tunnels, landscape, parking lots, coalpits, etc. Tunnel lighting control system bases on RS485 and CAN bus configurations, and roadway lighting control system can also use wireless and/ or power line communication. The system is mainly composed of intelligent gateway, node controller, intelligent monitor and control management system software, lighting protocol and various sensors. Gateway - Embed powerful CPU (ARM Core, Linux OS) - More than 200 nodes (lamp controller) for each gateway: 700 nodes/RS485; 250 nodes/PLC; 200 nodes/Wireless - Communication: - Uplink (wireless): GPRS, 3G (TD- SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA) - Uplink (wire): Internet - Downlink (wireless): Wireless - Downlink (wire): PLC, RS485 Node Controller - Suitable for most dimming drivers - Different communication modes: RS485, Wireless, PLC (support power up to 1000W) - Power relay inside as a switch - Sampling primary current, primary voltage, power, PF, temperature - Metal housing, IP67 - Applications: LED tunnel lights, street lights Topology Internet Firewall Portable Device Database Apply Servicer Servicer Control Terminal Manage Terminal #1 #2 #3 … #5 #4 Intelligent Driver Internet Gateway Gateway Gateway Lamp Node Controller Driver with Dimming Gateway Significance of Intelligent Lighting Control System Energy-saving - Adjust the light intensity - Lumens depreciation compensation Traffic safety - Eliminate the white hole or black hole - Lamp state detection - Real-time alarm Digital network - Environmental sensors - Monitor equipment - Personnel positioning Maintenance management - Visualization view - Multiple control modes - Authority control

40 High Power SSL2103 This small, highly integrated and highly efficient driver controls an external power switch and can be used to drive any power level. It supports a big range of available dimmers (TRIAC and transistor based) and gives the flexibility of dimmer interoperability. Low Power SSL2129 E.g. 5W GU10: 9V/500mA tapped Buck 80% efficiency @9V best performing dimmability! Key features: - Flexibility for any power level via external MOSFET - Control of external bleeder transistors provide extended dimmer interchangeability - Logarithmic dimming control, deep dimming to 1% Applications: - HV Track Lighting (retail stores) - LED tubes - Dimmable spots and retrofits ARW200 200W reference design The ARW200 200W reference design is a demo board of the NXP SSL4120 combo PFC&LLC controller for lighting. The output voltage is selectable for 60V or 120V via jumper solder on the bottom side of the board and has an universal input range.

This design has a very high efficiency (97% @ 230Vac), is power factor corrected and has a low power stand by. The technical documentation includes: electrical diagram, part list, PCB layout and custom magnetic component description. Board Information The SSL4120T integrates controllers for the PFC and an HBC. The board provides the drive function for the discrete MOSFET of the up-converter two discrete power MOSFETs in a resonant half-bridge configuration. The reference design is available in few samples to demonstrate the proof of concept, tested but not CE certified and not for sale as it is. All source files are available from the Arrow. Please ask your Arrow contact for more information. NXP offers a full range of lighting solutions. It leads innovation in electronic systems for solid state lighting (SSL), bringing high efficiency, flicker-free mains dimmability, high power factor, low total harmonic distortion (THD) values, long lifespan, small PCB footprint, low no-load power consumption values, robustness and intelligent control to end- customers.

www.nxp.com and www.nxp.com/ssl Mains-dimmable LED driver solutions Power Range Non or PWM/ (analogue) dimmable Flyback or Buck-Boost and LLC Non or PWM/analogue dimmable Buck or Buck-Boost Triac/transistor (mains) dimmable Flyback/Buck 3 – 8W SSL21151, SSL21153 • Flyback or Buck-Boost • internal MOSFET SSL21083 • Internal MOSFET SSL2129 (best performing dimmability!) • Buck, tapped Buck or Flyback SSL2101 • Buck or Flyback, Internal MOSFET 8 – 15W SSL21101 • Flyback or Buck-Boost • internal MOSFET SSL21084 • Internal MOSFET SSL2102 • Buck or Flyback, Internal MOSFET 15 – 25W SSL2129A • Flyback or Buck-Boost • external MOSFET SSL2109 • External MOSFET SSL2102 / SSL2103 • Buck or Flyback, internal or external MOSFET 25 – 300W SSL4101 (+ SSL2109) • PFC/Flyback combo IC (+Buck comb.) • Optimized upon THD SSL4120 (+ SSL2109) • PFC/HBC resonant combo IC • Optimized upon THD SSL2109 • External MOSFET • combine with separate PFC controller SSL4101 • PFC/Flyback combo IC • optimized upon THD • separate phase angle detection circuit SSL2103 • Buck with separate PFC PFC

41 Non – or PWM/analogue- dimmable Buck converter solutions SSL21083/4 This IC family has been designed for non-mains dimmable, non-isolated Buck controller LED spots especially optimizing on a low BOM. Comes with an integrated 300V, lower Rdson MOSFET, operates in power-efficient Boundary Conduction Mode and thus minimizes the required coil. Key features: - Highly efficient Boundary Conduction Mode (up to 95%) - Very low BOM –count, very low BOM costs (1€), very small footprint - True current source behaviour, drives strings up to 600V - Integrated MOSFET SSL2109 Controller-only version of SSL2108x for external MOSFET Demo Boards available: SSL21009 25W Buck - Vout 30-150V (DC) - Iout 200mA ± 4% ( 450mA max ) - Max. Power 25Watt - PF 0.6@ 15W - Efficiency > 94% - Board size 17.5x57x1mm Applications: - LED spots and downlights - Panel lighting - Desk lamps Demo Boards available: SSL21084 15W Buck - Vout20-130VDC - Iout 96mA ± 4% - Maximum power15 W - Power factor 0.6@10W - Efficiency >94% - Board size 17.5 x 53.5 x 17.5mm aaa-000504 C2 2.2 µF 400 V D1 L1 1.5 mH R1 J6-1 J6-2 L N 22 Ω C1 100 nF 400 V R2 13 J 300 V HV SOURCE VCC NTC DRAIN GND GND DVDT SSL21083 U1 D2 C5 100 pF 630 V R4 NTC 100 Ω R3 18 kΩ R6 4.7 Ω R5 4.3 Ω C4 1 nF 250 V C3 1 µF 16 V C6 0.47 μF 250 V J5 (1 to 3) LED+ LED- J5 (4 to 6) L2 3.3 mH 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 1 3 4 2 J6-1 L L N 2 1 4 3 R1 500 mA R2 10 Ω L1 1 mH L2 2.1 mH 900 mA 1 J6-2 N 1 LED- R3 J5-1 LED+ 1 J5-2 LED- 1 LED+ C5 120 pF, 1 KV D3 P6KE400A D3 1N5953BG Q2 BT169D B57560G104F D1 DBLS105G R6 100 Ω 1206 R8 220 kΩ 0603 R7 33 Ω 1218 R5 2.2 Ω, 1% 1206 R4 2.2 Ω, 1% 1206 Q1 MOSFET N aaa-002207 HV DRAIN VCC GND NTC DVDT SOURCE DRIVER 1 2 3 4 6 5 8 7 U1 SSL2109 C2 3.3 µF 400 V C6 10 µF 160 V D2 BYV25G-600 C3 1 µF 16 V C4 1000 pF C1 2.2 µF 385 V SSL 2109 25W Buck

42 Precisely regulate a constant LED current from the primary side with the NCL3008x The NCL30080~83 implement a current- mode architecture operating in quasi- resonant mode. Thanks to proprietary circuitry, the controller is able to accurately regulate the secondary side current of the flyback converter without using any optocoupler or measuring directly the secondary side current. Implementing quasi-resonance operation in peak current-mode control, the device optimizes the efficiency by switching in the valley of the MOSFET drain-source voltage. Thanks to a smart control algorithm, the controller locks-out in a selected valley and remains locked until the input voltage or the output current set point significantly changes.

The controller is able to compensate for the leakage inductance of the transformer and allow accurate control of the secondary side current. It also integrates compensation for possible variation of the output current caused by system slew rate variation. High Power Factor Boost for HV LED Strings – NCP107x/NCP4328 High voltage multi-junction LEDs become more common as suppliers move to better optimize the LED for better overall system efficacy and introduce more application specific LEDs. The LEDs can have a nominal forward voltage per package range from 24-200V and some are designed for spot lighting applications while others are optimized for omni- directional or linear lighting. Features - > 90% efficiency - Fast 20 msec Startup - Open LED protection - Off-the-shelf inductor - > 0.95 Power Factor - > 10 W Power Capability with NCP1075 Applications - LED Bulbs and tube lights - Low Power Luminaires and Fixtures - Electronic Control Gear - LED Drivers ON Semiconductor provides an extensive portfolio of LED driver solutions for a diverse range of applications. The company leverages its expertise and strength in power management and high volume manufacturing to develop application specific LED drivers tailored to the needs of the evolving portable, consumer, industrial and automotive marketplaces. www.onsemi.com Name Pins Thermal Foldback Analog/Digital Dimming Adjustable OVP Application 5 Step LOG Dimming NCL30080A/B 6 No No No Retrofit/Ballast No NCL30081A/B 6 No No No Dimmable Bulb Yes NCL30082A/B 8 Yes Yes Yes Bulb/Ballast/Smart Higher Power N NCL30083A/B 8 Yes Soft-start Yes Dimmable/ Higher Power Yes Reference Design Boards NCL30081/3 NCL30081LEDGEVB (smallBoard) - NCL30080/1 Isolated Flyback - Intended for GU10 form factor - 3-4 LEDs at 500mA - 100-265 Vac, 83% typ efficiency NCL30083FLYGEVB - 10W - NCL30082/3 Isolated Flyback - Intended for A19/PAR/Drivers - 3-7 LEDs at 500 mA (9.5-22V) - 100-265 Vac, >87% typ efficiency NCL30083BB1GEVB - 12W - NCL30082/3 Non-isolated Buck-boost - Intended for A19/PAR/Drivers - 10-20 LEDs at 200mA (30-60V) - 100-265 Vac, >90% typ efficiency Fitsina22x60mmcylinder 34.1mm x 17.3mm x 16mm Schematic Change, Different Magnetics 6 fewer components

43 Constant Current Regulators Linear solutions are the preferred approach for many lighting applications, as they are simple, straightforward to design, and allow the LEDs to be driven with a tightly regulated current, regardless of the LED forward voltage or input supply variation. Because the LED drivers are linear, they must be matched to the power dissipationrequirementsoftheapplication. ON Semiconductor offers a wide range of constant current linear LED drivers whose current levels span from 10 mA to 350 mA. The two-terminal (three-terminal for adjustable) linear constant current regulators (CCRs) are simple, economical, and robust devices that provide an effective solution for regulating current in cost-sensitive LED applications. The devices require no external components, allowing them to be implemented as high or low-side regulators. These devices regulate output current over a wide range of input voltage, and are designed with a negative temperature coefficient to protect LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltage and operating temperature. Features - Regulated current provides constant brightness over wide voltage range - Low startup voltage - Tight current regulation regardless of Vf variation - Negative temperature coefficient protects LEDs - LEDs protected from voltage surge Applications - LED light bulbs - Rope lights - Cove lighting - Accent lighting - Under-cabinet lighting Resources - Sample Kit: CCR2KIT/S - Application Notes and Design Notes available Device Max Anode- to-Cathode Voltage (VAK ) (V) Voltage Overhead (Vin – VLEDs ) (V) Constant Current Ireg (@ Vak = 7.5 V) (mA) Current Tolerance Over Voltage Max Junction Temperature (°C) Packages NSI45xxx 45 1.8 Fixed: 15, 20, 25, 30 ±15%, ±10% 150 SOD-123, SOT-223 NSI50xxx 50 1.8 Fixed: 10, 350 ±10% 175 SMC, DPAK NSIC20xx 120 1.8 Fixed: 20, 30, 50 ±15% 175 SMB NSI45xxxJ 45 1.8 Adjustable: 20 to 40 35 to 70 60 to 100 90 to 160 ±15% 150 SOT-223, DPAK NSI50150AD 50 1.8 Adjustable: 150 to 350 ±10% 175 DPAK NOTE: xxx in the device number represents the current level.

44 STMicroelectronics offers a wide portfolio of LED drivers, addressing the whole lighting and display market and ensuring maximum power savings. High voltage off-line technologies allow SIP solutions for LED retrofit lamps, compact and high efficient drivers for general illumination and street lighting, while monolithic DC supplied single and multi-string LED driver solutions are manufactured in state of the art BCD technologies. www.st.com New LED Array Drivers: Now also for High-end Applications & Automotive STMicroelectronics fully integrates all functions required to drive high brightness LEDs. These devices allow constant-current control of more channels in a single-chip solution. The control of the several channels is easily realized through an external microcontroller thanks to an SPI interface (4 wires). The external parts are reduced to only one resistor which sets the preferred maximum current for all outputs.

The devices differ for the number of channels (4 to 24) and the current range (5 mA to 400 mA), as well as for the presence of additional features, as error detection (ED) and auto power- saving functionality (AS). The family offers a wide portfolio, from simple and economical solutions (as the STP16CPC26) to more advanced solutions presenting both the ED and AS, to the new & very high-end LED1642GW with current gain control & independent dimming. All the devices embed thermal shutdown. Devices are available in a wide range of packages (DIP, SO, SSOP/TSSOP, QFN, TQFP, TSSOP exposed pad). Basic Schematic of a LED Array Driver Typical Applications - Full-color or monochrome LED driving: electronic matrices and high-resolution giant video displays - Consumer electronics: 7-segment digits or discrete LED driving - Industrial: gaming machines and white goods - General lighting: power-LED driving in special and architectural lighting - Display backlighting - Traffic displays, roadwork signage and battery-operated or solar powered electronic signs - Automotive: tell-tales, rear lights, dashboard LED Array Drivers in Panels Industrial Grade LED Array Drivers DEVICE Number of channels ILED (mA) Error Detection Auto Power Saving Balanced TON /TOFF Progr. Current Gain Local Dimming STP04CM05 4 80 to 400 STP08CP05 8 5 to 100 STP08DP05 8 5 to 100 • STP16CP05 16 5 to 100 STP16CPS05 16 5 to 100 • STP16DP05 16 5 to 100 • STP16DPS05 16 5 to 100 • • STP16CPP05 16 3 to 40 STP16CPPS05 16 3 to 40 • STP16DPP05 16 3 to 40 • STP16DPPS05 16 3 to 40 • • STP16CPC05 16 5 to 100 • STP16CPC26 16 5 to 90 • STP24DP05 24 5 to 80 • LED1642GW 16 3 to 40 •

45 LED5000 – HV DC-DC LED Driver The LED5000 is a monolithic buck switching regulator specifically designed to drive long LED strings since it can operate with an input voltage range from 5.5 V to 48 V, providing an output current up to 3 A. It embeds both PWM circuitry for LED brightness control and Inhibit for zero current consumption. A very low feedback voltage (200 mV) minimizes power losses on the sensing resistor. Compensation is external so to make easier also the implementation of other topologies as buck-boost of floating boost, in order to drive an even higher number of LEDs. Typical applications are High Brightness LED driving, Street lighting or Halogen bulb replacement.

LED5000 works with high switching frequency (850-kHz) which, combined with low impedance ceramic capacitors, minimize the output ripple. It is protected against thermal overheating, over current and output short circuit. Soft-start is also implemented and disabled during dimming to maximize the dimming performance. Technical documentation on reference designs is available on www.st.com. Key Features - High switching frequency (850 kHz) - PWM dimming for brightness control - Other topologies supported (buck boost, floating boost) - Very low feedback voltage (200 mV) Key Benefits - Very low-pass output filter - Wide brightness control - High design flexibility Main Applications - Street lighting - Architectural lighting - Halogen bulb replacement - Automotive LED lighting - High beam - Low beam - DTRL - Interior Lighting LED5000 – Typical Application Circuit in Buck Topology Design Support 4 types of demo-board are available, with related technical documents, one for each topology, in order to provide the best- in-class support for design.

The IC will be soon supported by the “eDesignSuite” simulation software available on www.st.com/edesignsuite. LED5000 – Evaluation Boards DC-DC VIN (V) IOUT (A) Package Topology Order code LED5000 Up to 48 Up to 3 HSOP8 Buck EVALED5000 LED5000 Up to 48 Up to 3 HSOP8 Floating Boost EVALED5000FB LED5000 Up to 48 Up to 3 HSOP8 Positive Buck-boost EVALED5000B-B LED5000 Up to 48 Up to 3 HSOP8 Negative Buck-boost EVALED5000NB-B

46 Interconnect and Passives Connectors are used to create separable electromechanical interfaces and basically comprise a housing and some contacts. Used for power and/or signal transmission between elements of the luminaires, typical connectors in lighting systems include holders for LEDs and board-to-board, wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connections within the module and between the module and the outside world. Connectors also provide the necessary and often innovative final connection of the luminaires to the power source. Some of the main dedicated components for lighting include devices to protect the LEDs and components such as capacitors, inductive components, trimmers, potentiometers and batteries needed for the electronic circuits that drive the LEDs.

47 Reliable Protection Devices for LED Lighting Applications High brightness LEDs are now being used in many different lighting applications such as street lights, tunnel lights, interior commercial lighting, retrofit lamps, outdoor displays, traffic signals and car headlights. In addition to the LED emitters, solid state lighting fixtures also include power conversion electronics (AC/DC), driver electronics, a heat sink for thermal management and optics to optimise light quality. The typical building blocks of such an LED based lamp, including the recommended circuit protection products from Littelfuse, are shown in the following diagram.

Takeaway: More protection needed on Outdoor Street light Addition of an SPD module/ TMOVs needed to pass Category C High, in addition to Fuse + MOV in LED driver DC-DC Converter Line Rectifier EMI Filter AC Input L N G Osc. AC Line Fuse Varistor TVS Diode Constant Current LED String Driver PTC (optional) Iso / Step Down TVS Diode (optional) LED DRIVER UltraMOV 25Sx3151 TMOV 25Sx3151 HB34 Series SPD Fuse Series: 454, 443, 383, 392 473, 209, 219 SMAJ, SMBJ, 1.5KE MOV 7/10/14/20 mm PLED 5 PLED 6, 9, 13, 18 PLED Littelfuse develops industry-leading circuit protection solutions by working closely with its customers and standardization agencies. The company’s solutions can be found in virtually any product requiring electrical energy, including lighting systems.

www.littelfuse.com/led-protectors.html Typical Building Blocks for LED Lighting Application & Recommended Protection Equipment that is directly connected to AC mains (e.g. 120/250VAC) can be damaged by short circuit and overload conditions caused by component and/or circuit failures inside the bulb/lamp. In addition, lightning surges or load switch- ing transients can create voltage spikes or ring waves that can stress and ultimately damage components. Given that the value proposition for LED bulbs/lamps is not only lower energy usage, but longer life- times, it will be crucial that transient volt- age protection is taken into account so as to eliminate field failures driven by the electrical environment.

A common protection scheme prevalent in most LED lighting circuits consists of a current limiting fuse at the AC mains sup- ply in series with the load in addition to a metal oxide varistor in parallel for surge energy handling. Depending primarily on the location of the LED lamp or fixture, either outdoors or indoors, different standards for surge immunity will apply. Energy Star, IEEE C62.41-2002, IEC61547, IEC61000-4-5 are all such examples and consist of specific surge waveforms and number of strikes to be tested.

Following the rectification and power fac- tor correction (PFC) part, a transient volt- age suppression (TVS) diode can offer a fast-acting and highly reliable surge pro- tection solution on the DC side in a typical LED driver supply. The last stage in the scheme is a protection element to safe- guard the LED strings in the event that one of the LEDs in the series string is damaged by electro-static discharge (ESD) or a surge event, the other LEDs will continue to operate. This is particularly important for high reliability applications such as safety lights, outdoor parking and street lights. A specific LED protection element offering surge protection as well as bridging functionality is prevalent in the Littelfuse PLED LED protector series. Littelfuse is committed to helping the LED lighting manufacturers meet or ex- ceed these specifications by providing robust coordinated over-current and over-voltage protection solutions for all surge levels.

48 Recommended Littelfuse Protection Elements for LED Lighting Applications Test Requirements (Surge withstand) Fuse Options (AC side) MOV Options (AC side) TVS Diode (DC side) PLED (Bypass for open LED string protection) Consumer Low Power LED Replacement Lamps (e.g. LED R ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Integral LED Lamps (for USA) PPP = 400W: SMAJ400A SMAJ440A PPP = 600W: P6KE300CA SMBJ400A SMBJ440A PPP = 1500W: 1.5KE400A 1.5KE440CA Optional PLED6M (VBRmin=5.5V; ILED=350mA MAX; Small Footprint POWERMITE® Pkg) 1. ANSI/IEEE C.62.41-1991, Class A operation. 0.5us 100kHz Ring Wave, 2.5kV, 7 strikes com- mon and differential modes 0453001. (1A Smt2410 125V) 0454001. (1A SMT 2410 125V) 0473001. (1A Pico 125V) 39211000000 (TE5 250V 1A) 38211000000 (TR5 250V 1A) V150LA2P, V175LA2P, V240ZA05P IEC 61547 Equipment for general lighting purposes - EMC immunity requirements (for Europe/Asia/Australia) 1. IEC 61000-4-5 Surge Immunity Test. For lamps < 25W: 1.2x50us/8x20us combination wave 500V/250A line-to-line test (10 strikes, 5+ at phase angles 90, 5- at phase angle 270) 0876016. (3.6x10 250V 1.6A) 39211000000 (TE5 250V 1A) 38211000000 (TR5 250V 1A) 0465001. (Smt4818 250V 1A) V300LA2P, V320LA7P 2. IEC 61000-4-5 Surge Immunity Test. For lamps > 25W: 1.2x50us/8x20us combination wave 1000V/500A line-to-line test (10 strikes, 5+ at phase angles 90, 5- at phase angle 270) 0877002. (2A 250V 3.6x10) 39211600000 (TE5 250V 1.6A) 38211600000 (TR5 250V 1.6A) 046501.6 (250V Smt4818 1.6A) V300LA10P, V320LA10P Commercial Industrial LED Lighting IN- DOOR - ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2-2002 - IEC 61000-4-5 Installation Class 3 IEC 61000-4-5 Installation Class 3 PLED6M (VBRmin=5.5V; ILED=350mA MAX; Small Footprint POWERMITE® Pkg) PLED6S/9S/13S/18S (VBRmin =6V/VBRmin=9V/VBRmin =13V/ VBR- min =18V; ILED=1A MAX; DO-214AA Pkg) PLED6Q12/9Q12/ 13Q12/18Q12 (VBRmin =6V/VBRmin =9V/ VBRmin =13V/ VBRmin =18V; ILED=1A MAX; 3x3mm QFN Pkg) PLED5Q12 (8/15kV ESD Withstand) (ILED=0.5A MAX; 2x2mm QFN Pkg) PLED5HT (8/15kV ESD Withstand) (ILED=0.7A MAX; SOT-89 Pkg) 1.2x50us Voltage 8x20us Current Combination Wave 2kV 1kA (2ohm), 40 strikes, 5+ and 5- at phase angles 0/90/180/270 0443002. (2A 250V) 20901.5 (1.5A 350V) 0219001. (1A 250V) 38312500000 (2.5A 300V) 39211600000 (1.6A, 250V) V300LA10P (10mm 300V) V320LA10P (10mm 320V) IEEE C62.41.2-2002 Location Category A 0.5us 100kHz Ring Wave 6kV 0.5kA (12ohm) 045402.5 (2.5A 125V) nano Slo-Blo 0443002. (2A 250V) nano Slo-Blo 0473003. (3A 125V) PICO Slo-Blo 020901.5 (1.5A 350V) 2AG Slo-Blo 0219001. (1A 250V) 5x20 Slo-Blo 38312500000 (2.5A 300V) TR5 Slo-Blo 39211600000 (1.6A,250V) TE5 Slo-Blo 39612500000 (2.5A 125V) TE5 Slo-Blo 80411000000 (1A 250V) TE7 Slo-Blo V300LA10P (10mm 300V) V320LA10P (10mm 320V) 1.2x50usVoltage8x20usCurrentCombinationWave 6kV 0.5kA (12ohm) IEEE C62.41.2-2002 Location Category B 0.5us 100kHz Ring Wave 6kV 0.2kA (30ohm) 80716300000 (6.3A 300V) TE7 Slo-Blo 0219005. (5A 250V) 5x20 Slo-Blo 0209007. (7A 350V) 2AG Slo-Blo V300LA20AP (14mm 300V) V320LA20AP (14mm 320V) 1.2x50usVoltage8x20usCurrentCombinationWave 6kV 3kA (2ohm) Commercial Industri- al LED Lighting OUT- DOOR - US Department of Energy (DOE) - MSSLC Roadway Luminaires (Street Lighting) - CBEA High Efficien- cy Parking Structure Lighting - CBEA LED Site (Parking Lot) Ligh- ting - IEC 61000-4-5 Installation Class 4 IEC 61000-4-5 Installation Class 4 1.2x50usVoltage8x20usCurrentCombinationWave 4kV 2kA (2ohm), 40 strikes, 5+ and 5- at phase angles 0/90/180/270 80714000000 (4A 300V) 0219004. (4A 250V) 0209005. (5A 350V) V300LA20AP (14mm 300V) V320LA20AP (14mm 320V) DOE Basic Requirement (IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C Low) 0.5us 100kHz Ring Wave 10 strikes per line, 6kV 0.5kA (12ohm) 80716300000 (6.3A 300V) TE7 Slo-Blo 0219005. (5A 250V) 5x20 Slo-Blo 0209007. (7A 350V) 2AG Slo-Blo V300LA20AP (14mm 300V) V320LA20AP (14mm 320V) 1.2x50usVoltage8x20usCurrentCombinationWave 10 strikes per line, 6kV 3kA (2ohm) DOE Elevated Requirement (IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C High) 0.5us 100kHz Ring Wave 10 strikes per line, 6kV 0.5kA (12ohm) 328 Series, FLM030, LVSP010 V25S300PX3151 (25mm 300V) V25S320PX3151 (25mm 320V) TMOV25SP300MX3151 (25mm 300V) TMOV25SP320MX3151 (25mm 320V) V321HB34 (34mm 320V) 1.2x50usVoltage8x20usCurrentCombinationWave 10 strikes per line, 20kV 10kA (2ohm) NOTE: MOVs were tested with 1.2x50us open circuit voltage waveform and 8x20us short circuit current waveform forming a combo waveform with 2ohm source impedance. Standard method was used for testing the MOVs per datasheet specifications which consisted of driving 10kA through the part with the generated combination wave. Peak voltage was adjusted to a bit higher than 20kV in order to drive exactly 10kA of peak current. In real world events, actual peak current through the luminaire with typical circuit impedance path will likely be lower. Littelfuse has tested the above part selections to a more stringent level as it complies with our internal testing standards. The TVS diodes and PLED options were not tested due to the custom nature of each commercial lighting design. The enterprise LED lighting market adoption rate is expected to soar globally over the next several years resulting in a very bright outlook for the technology. As a global circuit protection leader, Littelfuse is committed to providing application support, LED lighting sample kits, standards interpretation and testing to ensure our customers meet their end customer requirements.

49 LSP05 & LSP10 Series LSP05 & LSP10 Series Surge Protection Modules are designed for use in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection. Constructed with Littelfuse thermally protected varistors, they provide robust surge current handling capability (Max Single Surge Current, 10kA@8/20us and 20kA@8/20us) and offer quick thermal response due to a thermal disconnect in close proximity to the MOV body. These modules have UL 1449 3rd Edition Type 4 recognition and are compliant with IEC61643-11 Class II and EN61643-11 Type 2. They meet ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C High Exposure and US Dept of Energy MSSSLC LED Roadway LuminariesModelSpec,ElevatedElectrical Immunity requirements. The LSP05 Series is provided with parallel connections. The LSP10 Series is available in both parallel and series connection options. The two parallel connection modules offer monitor indication wire options.

LSP Thermally Protected Varistor Modules are designed specifically for outdoor and commercial LED lighting applications. Their built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection from catastrophic failures and fire hazards, even under the extreme circumstances of MOV end of life or sustained overvoltage conditions. LSP05 and LSP10 Series modules are replaceable. The LSP10 series-connected version has a special indication function that turns the light off when it is activated. Application - Outdoor and commercial LED lighting, including roadway lighting, traffic lighting, digital signage, service entrance lighting, parking garage/lot lighting, flood lighting, tunnel lighting, and street lighting.

- The LSP Thermally Protected Varistor Module is replaceable and protects the lighting fixture/luminaire from damage due to transient overvoltage and overheating, reducing maintenance costs and extending luminaire lifetime. The indication wire can be connected to an indication circuit for light monitoring purposes. Features Benefits Maximum Lightning Surge Current: 20,000A (LSP10); 10,000A (LSP05) Optimized surge immunity solution to protect outdoor LED fixture investments Thermally protected varistor technology Internal varistors thermally protected to prevent failure due to end-of-life or continuous overvoltage faults IP66 water-proof and dust-proof Flexible outdoor installation locations, inside or outside of luminaire, top or bottom at lighting pole, in transformer box or on distribution panel Indication wire options Facilitates an indicating/monitoring circuit for SPD replacement Certified to meet UL1449 Type 4 and compliant with IEC 61643-11 Class II and EN 61643-11 Type 2 Enabling lighting fixture worldwide marketing Compact form factor (48x48x30mm) with mounting tabs Small size makes it easier to mount inside luminaire; mounting tabs simplify installation and replacement

50 Flexi-Mate™ Designed to meet the backlighting needs of LED TVs and room lighting applications, Molex’s Flexi-MateTM family of connectors is the first of its kind on the market to provide a full range of both board-to-board and wire-to- board solutions. - Designed to easily and reliably connect LED panels across lighting fixtures in office and industry lighting applications - 3.70mm pitch system with a 3.00mm stacking height - 2 circuit, dual-contact terminal design for secure electrical contact - Provides a full range of co-planar board-to-board and wire-to-board solutions - Space-saving positive side locks for wire-to-board connections - A terminating connector is available and is used as a shorting device to complete an open-loop signal Pico-Lock™ The Pico-LockTM 1.50mm pitch wire-to-board system offers an ideal combination of low profile, high current capacity and durable locks.

- Offers the industry’s only combination of low profile, high current capacity and durable locks; ideal for LED backlighting applications where tight- pitch spacing is critical - 1.50mm pitch, 3.0A SMT wire-to- board system with a maximum mated height of 2.00mm - Available in 6 to 10 circuit - Gold-plated terminals for durable and reliable electrical performance - Unique side positive-lock design ensures the signal withstands shock or vibration - Friction locks for additional mating assurance - Wide solder tab wraps-up into the header and around the housing for additional PCB retention and mechanical system assurance Mizu-P25™ Molex’s Mizu-P25™ miniature wire-to- wire connectors provide the smallest size and highest level of dustproof and waterproof protection of any similar system in the market today. - IP67-rated system ensures connector integrity when submerged in up to one metre of water - System includes two sub-families: the low-voltage system rated up to 125 volts, 4.0A and the high-voltage system rated up to 250 volts, 3.0A - Available in 2,3 and 4 circuits - Some of the smallest mated diameters of any similar system helps to fit wire-to-wire lighting solutions through smaller spaces, holes and hinges - Features include colour coded housings, low-insertion terminal design, easy-to-use positive-locks and polarization features to ensure correct mating Lite-Trap™ Ideal for thin LED lighting-module applications, Molex’s Lite-Trap™ SMT wire-to-board connectors offer a low profile, easy wire removal, and low wire insertion and high wire retention forces. - The termination method of Molex’s Lite-Trap connector system is similar to Molex’s Wire Trap connectors, and also to certain competitive “Poke-In” style versions - With a profile height of just 4.20mm, Molex’s Lite-Trap connectors offer the lowest profile available of similar wire- removable types - The Lite-Trap connector includes a housing design that accepts more insulation-length range than competitive designs. This provides more stable wire seating for electrical contact assurance - Molex’s wire-removable Lite-Trap connector offers lower wire insertion force than similar types - The Lite-Trap product offers a user- friendly latch that is easy for operators to engage and disengage, even without the use of a tool - Molex’s product has compact industry-standard PCB pattern layout Molex is committed to delivering innovative solutions for the lighting industry that enhance design flexibility and lower cost. Its product range includes standard interconnect systems and user interface solutions. The company also offers custom solutions ranging from tailored wire and cable assemblies to fully assembled LED modules.


51 LED Array Manufacturer LED Array Series Number Suitable Molex LED Array Holder Molex Image COB Array Dimensions CoB LES Description Citizen CLL010 180412-0001 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.9 7.4 1 Piece LED Array Holder Citizen CLL020 180414-0102 13.5 x 13.5 x 0.9 11.2 1 Piece LED Array Holder Tridonic LES10 10.5 Citizen CLL020 180414-0001 13.5 x 13.5 x 0.9 11.2 2 Piece LED Array Holder Citizen CLL030 180414-0103 19 x 19 x 0.9 17 1 Piece LED Array Holder Tridonic LES17 17 Citizen CLL030 180414-0001 19 x 19 x 0.9 17 2 Piece LED Array Holder Citizen CLL040 180416-0104 28 x 28 x 0.9 24.5 1 Piece LED Array Holder Citizen CLL040 180416-0001 28 x 28 x 0.9 24.5 2 Piece LED Array Holder Citizen CLL050 180416-0001 38 x 38 x 0.9 35.3 2 Piece LED Array Holder Sharp Mega Zenigata - GW5D 180330-0003 24 x 20 x 1 17.2 Mega Zenigata** With Zhaga Fit Cover Sharp Mega Zenigata - GW5D 180330-0002 24 x 20 x 1 17.2 Mega Zenigata** Without Zhaga Fit Cover Sharp Mini Zenigata - GW5B 180390-0002 15 x 12 x 1 10 Mini Zenigata** LED Array Holder Cree CXA1507 180560-0001 15.85 x 15.85 x 1.15 10.25 LED Array Holder for CREE XLamp ‡ CXA1507 and CXA1512 LED Arrays Cree CXA1512 10.25 Cree CXA2520 180720-0002 23.85 x 23.85 x 1.15 19.75 LED Array Holder for CREE XLamp ‡ CXA2520, CXA2530 and CXA2540 LED Array with integrated pre-hold tab Cree CXA2530 19.75 Cree CXA2540 19.75 Cree CXA2520 180810-0001 23.85 x 23.85 x 1.15 19.75 LED Array Holder for CREE XLamp ‡ CXA2520, CXA2530 and CXA2540 LED Array with integrated pre-hold tab - Zhaga Fit Style Cree CXA2530 19.75 Cree CXA2540 19.75 Bridgelux BXRA- XXXXXXX-B-00 180150-0001 25.8 x 22.8 x 1.7 19.15 Bridgelux* ES Array Holder With Clear Cover Bridgelux BXRA- XXXXXXX-F-00 180150-0000 25.8 x 22.8 x 1.7 19.15 Bridgelux* ES Array Holder Without Clear Cover BXRA- XXXXXXX-H-00 BXRA- XXXXXXX-J-00 Nichia NSBWL110 180580-0001 19 x 16 x 1 11 LED Array Holder for Nichia L110 and L110-H3 Arrays LES = Light Emiiting Surface

52 Pico-EZmate™ Harness for Integrated LED Arrays Bridgelux* Vero+ Arrays Harness Length (mm) AWG Molex Image Molex Part Number Vero+ 10 Vero+ 13 Vero+ 18 Vero+ 29 152.50 28 AWG pigtails, strip and retain 68801-4146 305.00 68801-4147 458.00 68801-4227 152.50 28 AWG fused to 20 AWG pigtails 68801-4084 305.00 68801-4085 458.00 68801-4228 152.50 28 AWG fused to 18 AWG pigtails 68801-4226 305.00 68801-4225 458.00 68801-4229 Product Description LED Array Holders • Molex LED Array Holders available for Bridgelux*, Citizen† , Cree‡ , Nichia and Sharp** • Certified and tested to UL 496 OLFB2 Lampholder specification • Simplifies the COB (chip on board) LED installation process, reducing quality concerns associated with other installation methods such as hand solder • Compression contacts to power array provide a reliable electrical connection • Double-ended wire-trap terminal to attach power source, allows for wiring single or serial LED sequences to ensure ease of assembly and design flexibility • New elegant design features provide a clean and finished look to COB LED array installation • Molex LED holder designs address every aspect of COB LED installation: thermal management, reliable electrical conection and optical requirement Cree LED Array Holders • New designs available for Cree XLamp‡ series CXA1507, CXA1512, CXA2520, CXA2530 • Mechanical attachment for directional optics (Optional CXA25) • Pre-load feature allows for attachment of COB LED to holder prior to attaching to heat sink, simplifying installation • Elegant design with flat landing surface for secondary optics and beveled area to allow for an uninterrupted beam pattern from lightsource • High temperature thermal plastic housing to resist high heat environments Nichia LED Array Holders • Designed to accommodate Nichia L series COB LED arrays • Clearance provided around LED to easily incorporate secondary optics • Concealed wire trap cap protects electrical contacts and provides additional voltage isolation when incorporating metal reflectors • High temperature thermal plastic housing to resist high heat environments COB Array Holders • Concealed wire trap design • Inspired by Zhaga Book 3 standards (50.00mm diameter circular versions) • 4.10mm low-profile design • Robust housing, compression contacts • Screw-mount attachment method for securing array to heat sink; standardized hole centers on Zhagatype round versions • Releasable wire trap for rework or replacement • Highly-reflective white PBT thermoplastic housing * +Bridgelux and Vero are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bridgelux, Inc. † Citizen is a registered trademark of Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. ‡ Cree and XLamp are registered trademarks of Cree, Inc. ** Sharp and Zenigata are registered trademarks of Sharp Electronics Corporation. New

53 TE Connectivity is at the core of LED Lighting, providing electrical, thermal, and optical connectivity, protection and control products, all designed to enable your energy efficient LED lighting solutions. TE Connectivity Solutions for Lighting Applications NECTOR, Corcom, TE Connectivity and TE connectivity (logo) are trademarks. Corcom FB Series Filters High Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector RZ Relay LED Holder Type Z50 NECTOR S Power System

54 TE Connectivity (TE) is a global company which designs and manufactures over 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data. Its extensive catalogue includes innovative solid state lighting interconnects for the emerging LED lighting market. TE is at the forefront in the development of next generation lighting solutions that accelerate lighting manufacturers’ transition from traditional light sources to new LED lighting fixtures. www . t e . c o m LED Holders TE partners with the leading LED and optics manufacturers in the industry to bring you connectivity solutions for your specific choice of LED array. TE offers a broad range of holder solutions for over 12 major LED manufacturer’s products. TE LED holders form the core of the fixture ecosystem by integrating LED electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical interconnectivity to accelerate time to market, minimize applied costs, facilitate easy integration, and improve assembly efficiency.

Product flyer: 8-1773700-9 Key features include: - Z50 series holders enable construction of Zhaga compliant modules - Integrated poke-in wire termination - Snap-in LED retention on some versions - Alignment features simplify installation - Easy attachment of secondary optics - High-reflectivity polymeric housing materials - Wide operating temperatures Applications: - Spot Lights - Track Lights - Recessed Downlights - High Bay Lights - Retrofit Lamps - Wall Sconces Inverted Thru-Board SMT Connectors The SMT thru-board connector provides a means to bring power from the underside of an FR4 or aluminum-clad pc board, eliminating issues of dressing wires on the top side of LED boards. The 2 position through 6 position connector utilises surface-mount technology on the top of the board and passes through the board to present an underside interface. The connector mates with standard AMP Mini CT connectors.

Product flyer: 7-1773453-0 Key features include: - Low profile design - Rounded corners to minimise shadowing - Connector is positioned through cutout or notch in PCBs - Surface mount hold downs provide stability during mating and un-mating - High temperature material for reflow processing - Flat top surface allows for vacuum pick up Applications: - LED lighting controls - Indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures - General LED illumination fixtures - Various non-lighting applications that require wire dress connections beneath the PCBs New: High Power Inverted Thru-Board Connectors The High Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connector has a 7 AMP, 600 VAC UL rating and is available in 2, 3 & 4 positions to meet your design requirements and bring power to LED pc boards from underneath the PCBs. The mating Economy Power II (EPII) Connector, based on 22-18 AWG (0.34mm2 -0.75mm2 ) solid and stranded wire sizes, is ideal for delivering power to the PCBs.

Product flyer: 5-1773700-9 Key features include: - Discrete wire leads around the top surface of LED PCBs - Low profile top surface height of 2.00mm above the LED PCBs - High temperature material - Rounded corners to prevent shadowing and maximize LED light emission - Surface mount board locks - Accepts Economy Power II (EP II) UL rated 600 VAC connectors - Connector is positioned in cutout or notch in the PCBs Applications: - Indoor and outdoor solid state lighting fixtures - Solid state LED lighting modules & controls - Industrial and commercial meters & controls

55 SlimSeal Solid State Lighting (SSL) Connectors TE’s SlimSeal SSL Connectors are developed for indoor/outdoor lighting applications, and are well suited for any application where low power (5A, 300V maximum), sealing (IP67) and UV resistant (UL F1) connections are required. Product flyer: 4-1773455-9 Key features include: - Low profile, protected latch - Polarized housing - Positive latching - Shadow minimizing rounded corners - UV resistant material - Optional grounding pin Applications: - Office - Residential - Architectural lighting fixtures - Commercial & residential refrigeration lighting - Indoor & outdoor use New: 1 Position SlimSeal SSL Connector The one position free hanging plug and receptacle assembly is an extension to the SlimSeal SSL connector family. Key features include: - 1 position designed for daisy chaining adjacent LED modules in a single fixture - Polarized connections eliminate the possibility of mismating connectors Micro Poke-in Wire SSL Connectors The Micro Poke-In Wire SSL connector is a low profile, PCB connector specifically designed for LED lighting applications. The connector is currently available in a one position version that accepts 24 and 26 AWG solid wire. It is less than 1/3 the height and length of our standard SMT poke-in wire one position connector for 18 - 22 AWG solid wire. The connector is designed with rounded corners to minimize shadowing.

Product flyer: 7-1773460-1 Key features include: - Small size: 8.2mm (L) x 3.3mm (W) x 2.475mm (H) - Long product lifetime: 40,000 hours - Wire retention force: 6N - Creepage distance: 1.5mm - Low profile flat surface allows for vacuum pick up - High temperature material for type reflow processes Applications: - LED channel letter lighting strips - General illumination LED fixtures - Architectural cove & valence lighting - Digital signage - LED Module - Available for COB application SSL IDC Connectors The IDC SSL connector series are insulation displacement (IDC) SMT and thru-hole wire-to-board connectors designed for quick, tool-less termination of discrete wires onto LED PCBs. These connectors use TE’s proven insulation displacement technology to provide a robust, stable electrical and mechanical power connection to single or multiple PCBs in solid state lighting and non-lighting applications.

Product flyer: 5-1773455-1 Key features include: - Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 positions - SMT and thru-hole - Closed end and feed thru - 18-24 AWG stranded and solid wire - Dual IDC slots - Wire placement “viewing” window - Wire gauge colour coded Applications: - LED lighting controls - General illumination LED fixtures - Connecting strings of pcb LED light modules - Non-lighting wire-to-board applications

56 Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Connectors The hermaphroditic and mini- hermaphroditic blade and receptacle in-line connectors from TE designed to make connecting of PCBs for LED lighting applications that include lighting controls and LED light modules. The low-profile surface-mount connector, available in 2, 4, and 6 positions, uses a hermaphroditic blade and receptacle design to allow LED PCBs strips to be joined with more flexibility than with traditional post-and- receptacle headers. Product flyer: 6-1773454-3 Key features include: - Connector mates to itself - Single part to be stocked and placed onto pcb per position - Connector mates and unmates horizontally and vertically - 3 axis mating - Connector can be articulated from 90°C to 180°C - Low profile flat surface is compatible with SMT and reflow processing Applications: - LED lighting modules - Incandescent lighting strips - Channel lettering SMT and Thru-Hole Poke-In Wire Lighting Connectors The thru-hole version of TE’s popular SMT poke-in connector for the LED lighting market. The new thru-hole version joins the existing surface-mount connector to provide a low-profile solution suited for use in PCB-based LED strings, lighting controls, and other non-lighting applications that can benefit from an easy poke-in wire termination to a PCB. Product flyer: 1773451-5 Key features include: - Available in 1 and 2 positions - Standard and Low Insertion Force connectors available - Accepts 18, 20 and 22 AWG solid wire; 18 and 20 AWG pre-bond stranded wire; 18 AWG stranded wire - Gel-filled versions available for indoor moisture and outdoor application - Cost effective alternative to hand soldering wires to PCB Applications: - LED Lighting Controls - General illumination LED fixtures - Interconnecting strings of printed circuit LED light modules - Various non-lighting applications that require attaching flying leads to PCBs NECTOR S Power Systems The NECTOR S Power System is designed for lighting industry applications, where size and easy interconnection are key requirements. It is installable in small fixtures, furniture, ceilings, walls and floors.

Product flyer: 1773457-7 Key features include: - 7.5mm outer diameter of plug to fit into 8mm furniture holes - Available in wire-to-wire configuration - Outlet and Plug assemblies with two contact positions - Use of widely known MQS contacts - 6 way distributor with additional switch feature Applications: - Specifically designed for lighting industry applications where size is a key requirement; office, kitchen, bathroom and shop furniture

57 CoolSplice Connectors TE CoolSplice connectors are designed to connect a pair of discrete wires, or a twin cord cable in line to a pair of discrete wires or twin cord cables. The insulation displacement, free hanging connectors accepts either 18 AWG or 20-22 AWG stranded or solid wire in unsealed and sealed, colour coded configurations. Product flyer: 8-1773459-0 Key features include: - Simple push button termination - Developedwithinsulationdisplacement technology - Terminates either 18 AWG [0.82mm2 ] or 20-22 AWG [0.52mm2 - 0.33mm2 ] stranded or solid wire - Left/right side independent terminations - Available in unsealed and sealed versions - IP65 and IP67 rating - Visually controlled termination Applications: - Outdoor architectural lighting - Commercial display cabinets lighting - Commercial refrigeration lighting - Residential and office furniture lighting - Security & alarm systems RTX Power PCB Relays The RTX relay uses a bistable DC coil and has a 1 form A contact arrangement. It has a 16A current rating and an ambient operational temperature range of -40°C to 70°C. It is offered in a compact 29.1mm x 12.7mm x 16.0mm package.

Key features include: - 1 pole 16A, 1 form A (NO) contact - 16A/250V making and breaking capacity according IEC60669-1 - Tungsten pre-make contact + AgSnO2 - Bistable coil - Standard 5mm footprint - Reinforced insulation RoHS compliant & Cd free Applications: - Lighting control - Smart home implementations (bus systems, remote switching) 2Pro AC hybrid device Key features include: - Integrated overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature protection - Reduces component count and footprint - Reduces warranty returns - Helps equipment meet surge test per IEC6100-4-5 Applications: - LED Lighting - Smart Meters - Appliances - Power Supplies Corcom FB Series Filters The FB Series power line filters are specially designed for lighting devices, fluorescent lamp and related lighting ballasts but are also suitable for general applications requiring 277VAC or 277VDC. The compact size of this filter allows installation in most standard lighting tracks. Current ratings range from 0.5A to 5A.

Product flyer: 3-1773462-6 Key features include: - Compact size - 277VAC/VDC - Strong differential mode performance - Solid lead wires - Ambient temperature up to 50°C Applications: - Fluorescent ballasts - LED displays - Office and Hospital lighting - Architectural lighting - Instrumentation lighting - Outdoor signage - UV curing lights - Lower current industrial applications (AC or DC rated)

58 Thermal Management In terms of solid state lighting, thermal management is the process of controlling and diverting heat from the LED package. LEDs require current to pass through them in order to maintain a consistent level of illumination. This also means that the temperature of the device must be controlled, since current flow generates heat that could negatively affect the light output and the lifetime of the LED if not properly managed. There are three basic categories of thermal management products: > Primary - MCPCB (Metal Core PCB using thermal compound) or copper-based PCB > Secondary - Heatsink or other material that directly attaches to the LED or PCB > Tertiary - Forced air or other heat dispersal method A heatsink is a device (usually made of metal) that absorbs and dissipates heat from another device (in this case a power LED). Heatsinks are available in a wide variety of sizes and forms.


60 Specialty Products for Thermal Management Junction temperature effects the flux (lumen/ volt) output as well as the useful life of LED devices, making thermal management a crucial part of modern lighting system design. The 3M thermal interface materials include a broad range of high adhesion thin tapes and pads which offer efficient thermal transfer. These materials are used for a wide variety of applications that require a high performance thermal management solution. Thermally Conductive Transfer Tapes 3M’s 8805, 8810, 8815 and 8820 series of thermally conductive transfer tapes exhibit a high mechanical strength, improved surface wet out and strong shock performance for applications requiring thin bonding with good thermal transfer. These tapes can be applied quickly and easily using die-cut shapes, offering high temperature adhesion with good dielectric strength. Applications range from bonding heat sinks, heat spreaders and other cooling devises to IC packages, power transistors and other heat generating components like LEDs.

Key features include: - Strong thermal conductivity - Strong electrical insulation - Good & reliable adhesion performance - Low thermal impedance Applications: - LED module bonding - General heat sink bonding Thermally Conductive Interface Used with Heatsink 3M’s hyper-soft, thermally conductive interface pads are derived from either silicon or acrylic polymer filled with ceramic particles. They are flame retardant and used to augment the heat dissipation effect of conventional heat sinks and other passive devices. The pads are best used for applications requiring gap filling and superior thermal performance without bonding. Key features include: - Thin for lower thermal impedance: 0.20mm & 0.25mm thick products available - Softness & conformability even to non-flat surfaces - Good dimensional stability to improve converting process & ease to make complex die cut patterns - Good thermal conductivity - Strong electrical insulation properties - High pressure relaxation capability - Surface tack allows pre-assembly Applications: - LED board TIM - IC packaging heat conduction 3M offers a wide variety of specialty products for thermal management which address the critical issues of today’s lighting designs – the need to dissipate the sizable amounts of heat being generated by LED devices.

www.3m.com Thermally Conductive Interface Used with Heatsink Thermally Conductive Transfer Tapes

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