Home Audio System Operating Instructions

Home Audio System        Getting Started

                         Disc/USB Playback
Operating Instructions
                         USB Transfer


                         BLUETOOTH Connection

                         Sound Adjustment

                         Other Operations

                         Additional Information

For customers in Europe
      To reduce the risk of fire, do not
      cover the ventilation opening of
      the appliance with newspapers,
      tablecloths, curtains, etc.
      Do not expose the appliance to naked         This appliance is classified as a CLASS 1
      flame sources (for example, lighted          LASER product under IEC 60825-1:2007.
      candles).                                    This marking is located on the rear
      To reduce the risk of fire or electric       exterior.
      shock, do not expose this appliance
      to dripping or splashing, and do not         Disposal of waste batteries
      place objects filled with liquids, such as   and electrical and electronic
      vases, on the appliance.                     equipment (applicable in the
      As the main plug is used to disconnect       European Union and other
      the unit from the mains, connect the
                                                   countries with separate
      unit to an easily accessible AC outlet.
      Should you notice an abnormality in          collection systems)
      the unit, disconnect the main plug                         This symbol on the
      from the AC outlet immediately.                            product, the battery or on
                                                                 the packaging indicates
      Do not install the appliance in a
                                                                 that the product and the
      confined space, such as a bookcase or
                                                                 battery shall not be
      built-in cabinet.
                                                                 treated as household
      The unit is not disconnected from the        waste. On certain batteries this symbol
      mains as long as it is connected to the      might be used in combination with a
      AC outlet, even if the unit itself has       chemical symbol. The chemical symbol
      been turned off.                             for lead (Pb) is added if the battery
      Indoor use only.                             contains more than 0.004% lead. By
                                                   ensuring that these products and
      For product with CE marking                  batteries are disposed of correctly, you
                                                   will help to prevent potentially
      The validity of the CE marking is
                                                   negative consequences for the
      restricted to only those countries
                                                   environment and human health which
      where it is legally enforced, mainly in
                                                   could be caused by inappropriate
      the countries EEA (European Economic
                                                   waste handling. The recycling of the
                                                   materials will help to conserve natural
      CAUTION                                      resources. In case of products that for
      Risk of explosion if the battery is          safety, performance or data integrity
      replaced by an incorrect type.               reasons require a permanent
                                                   connection with an incorporated
      Do not expose batteries or appliances        battery, this battery should be replaced
      with battery-installed to excessive          by qualified service staff only. To
      heat, such as sunshine and fire.             ensure that the battery and the
                                                   electrical and electronic equipment
                                                   will be treated properly, hand over
      The use of optical instruments with          these products at end-of-life to the
      this product will increase eye hazard.       appropriate collection point for the
                                                   recycling of electrical and electronic
equipment. For all other batteries,        You can check the software version
please view the section on how to          by pressing OPTIONS, then select
remove the battery from the product        “SYSTEM” – “VERSION” using / and
safely. Hand the battery over to the          .
appropriate collection point for the
recycling of waste batteries. For more     This equipment has been tested
detailed information about recycling of    and found to comply with the limits
this product or battery, please contact    set out in the EMC regulation using
your local Civic Office, your household    a connection cable shorter than
waste disposal service or the shop         3 meters.
where you purchased the product or
battery.                                   This Home Audio System is designed
                                           to be used for the following purposes:
Notice for customers: the                  •• Playing back music/video sources
following information is only                 on discs or USB devices
applicable to equipment sold               •• Transferring music to USB devices
in countries applying EU                   •• Listening to radio stations
                                           •• Listening to TV sound
                                           •• Playing back music sources on
This product has been manufactured
                                              BLUETOOTH devices
by or on behalf of Sony Corporation.
EU Importer: Sony Europe Limited.          •• Enjoying social gatherings with
Inquiries to the EU Importer or related       the Wired Party Chain and Wireless
to product compliance in Europe               Party Chain functions
should be sent to the manufacturer’s
authorized representative, Sony            For customers in Australia and
Belgium, bijkantoor van Sony Europe        India
Limited, Da Vincilaan 7-D1, 1935
Zaventem, Belgium.
                                                       Disposal of old
Hereby, Sony Corporation declares that                 electrical &
this equipment is in compliance with                   electronic
Directive 2014/53/EU.
The full text of the EU declaration of
conformity is available at the following               (applicable in the
internet address:                                      European Union and
http://www.compliance.sony.de/                         other countries with
                                                       separate collection

This radio equipment is intended to
be used with the approved version(s)
of software that are indicated in
the EU Declaration of Conformity.
The software loaded on this radio
equipment is verified to comply with
the essential requirements of the
Directive 2014/53/EU.

For customers in the United                 •• This system incorporates Dolby*
      Arab Emirates                                  Digital.
                                                    * Manufactured under license from
                                                      Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby
                                                      Audio, and the double-D symbol are
                                                      trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
                                                  •• This system incorporates High-
      This appliance is classified as a CLASS 1      Definition Multimedia Interface
      LASER product under IEC 60825-1:2007.          (HDMI™) technology. The terms
      This marking is located on the rear            HDMI and HDMI High-Definition
      exterior.                                      Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI
                                                     Logo are trademarks or registered
                                                     trademarks of HDMI Licensing
                                                     Administrator, Inc. in the United
                                                     States and other countries.
                                                  •• “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony
                                                  •• LDAC™ and LDAC logo are
                                                     trademarks of Sony Corporation.
                                                  •• The BLUETOOTH® word mark and
                                                     logos are registered trademarks
      License and Trademark Notice                   owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
      ••      is a trademark of DVD Format/          and any use of such marks by Sony
         Logo Licensing Corporation.                 Corporation is under license. Other
      •• “DVD+RW”, “DVD-RW”, “DVD+R”,                trademarks and trade names are
         “DVD-R”, “DVD VIDEO”, and the “CD”          those of their respective owners.
         logos are trademarks.                    •• The N-Mark is a trademark or
      •• WALKMAN® and WALKMAN® logo                  registered trademark of NFC Forum,
         are registered trademarks of Sony           Inc. in the United States and in other
         Corporation.                                countries.
      •• MPEG Layer-3 audio coding                •• Android is a trademark of Google
         technology and patents licensed             LLC.
         from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.         •• Google Play and the Google Play
      •• Windows Media is either a                   logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
         registered trademark or trademark        •• Apple, iPhone, and iPod touch are
         of Microsoft Corporation in                 trademarks of Apple Inc., registered
         the United States and/or other              in the U.S. and other countries. App
         countries.                                  Store is a service mark of Apple
      •• This product is protected by                Inc., registered in the U.S. and other
         certain intellectual property rights        countries.
         of Microsoft Corporation. Use or
         distribution of such technology
         outside of this product is prohibited
         without a license from Microsoft or
         an authorized Microsoft subsidiary.

•• Use of the Made for Apple badge
   means that an accessory has been        About this manual
   designed to connect specifically to
   the Apple product(s) identified in      •• This manual mainly explains
   the badge, and has been certified          operations using the remote
   by the developer to meet Apple             control, but the same operations
   performance standards. Apple is not        can also be performed using the
   responsible for the operation of this      buttons on the unit having the
   device or its compliance with safety
                                              same or similar names.
   and regulatory standards.
                                           •• Icons, such as      , listed at the
                                              top of each explanation indicate
                                              the type of media that can be used
                                              with the function being explained.
                                           •• Some illustrations are presented
                                              as conceptual drawings, and
  (i) ENCODING VIDEO IN                       may be different from the actual
      COMPLIANCE WITH THE MPEG-4              products.
      VISUAL STANDARD (“MPEG-4             •• The items displayed on the TV
      VIDEO”)                                 screen may vary depending on
  AND/OR                                      the area.
                                           •• The default setting is underlined.
                                           •• The text enclosed in bracket ([--])
       ENGAGED IN A PERSONAL AND              appears on the TV screen, and the
       NON-COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY                text enclosed in double quotation
       AND/OR WAS OBTAINED FROM               mark (“--”) appears on the display.
•• All other trademarks are trademarks
   of their respective owners.
•• In this manual, ™ and ® marks are
   not specified.

Table of Contents

       About this manual.................. 5            Viewing information of a
       Unpacking............................... 8       disc and USB device.............. 28

       Playable discs or files on                       Using the Setup Menu.......... 29
       discs/USB device.................... 8
                                                       USB Transfer
       Websites for compatible
       devices................................... 11    Before using the USB
                                                        device.................................... 33
       Guide to parts and
       controls..................................12     Transferring music................ 33

      Getting Started                                  Tuner
       Hooking up the system                            Listening to the radio............ 36
       Deactivating the                                BLUETOOTH Connection
       demonstration.......................18           About the BLUETOOTH
       Inserting batteries.................18           wireless technology.............. 37
       Connecting the TV.................19             Pairing this system with a
                                                        BLUETOOTH device............... 38
       Changing the color system....21
                                                        Listening to music on a
       Performing the quick                             BLUETOOTH device............... 39
                                                        Connecting this system with
       Changing the display                             multiple BLUETOOTH
       mode..................................... 22     devices (Multi-device
      Disc/USB Playback
                                                        One Touch BLUETOOTH
       Before using the USB                             Connection by NFC...............40
       device.................................... 22
                                                        Setting the BLUETOOTH
       Basic playback...................... 22          audio codecs..........................41
       Other playback                                   Setting the BLUETOOTH
       operations............................. 23       standby mode....................... 42
       Using play mode................... 26            Turning on or off the
       Restricting playback of the                      BLUETOOTH signal................ 42
       disc (Parental Control)........... 27            Controlling the system using
                                                        a smartphone or tablet
                                                        (Sony | Music Center)............ 43
Getting frenzied parties with                     Using optional equipment.... 58
 the “Fiestable” app................44             Deactivating the buttons on
 Achieving and sharing a                           the unit (Child Lock).............. 59
 Party People ranking and                          Setting the automatic
 getting bonus features with                       standby function.................. 59
 Party King..............................44
                                                   Updating the software..........60
Sound Adjustment
                                                  Additional Information
 Adjusting the sound............. 45
 Selecting the Virtual
 Football mode....................... 45           Precautions........................... 70
 Creating your own sound                           Specifications........................ 72
 effect..................................... 45    Language code list............... 75
 Creating a party atmosphere
 (DJ Effect)..............................46

Other Operations
 Using the Control for HDMI
 function................................. 47
 Enjoying wired playback
 using multiple systems
 (Wired Party Chain
 function)............................... 49
 Enjoying wireless playback
 using multiple systems
 (Wireless Party Chain
 function)............................... 52
 Listening to music wirelessly
 with two systems (Speaker
 Add function)........................ 54
 Singing along: Karaoke......... 56
 Enjoying sound from a
 guitar..................................... 57
 Enjoying music with the
 Speaker Light........................ 57
 Using the Sleep Timer........... 58
 Using the Voice Guidance..... 58

Playable files on USB device
      Unpacking                                     •• Music:
                                                       MP3 files (.mp3)1)2), WMA files
      •• This unit (MHC-V21D) (1)
                                                       (.wma)2), AAC files (.m4a/.mp4/
      •• Remote control (1)
                                                       .3gp)2), WAV files (.wav)2)
      •• R03 (size AAA) batteries (2)
                                                    •• Video:
      •• FM lead antenna (1)
                                                       MPEG4 files (.mp4/.m4v)2)3), Xvid
      •• AC power cord (mains lead) (1)
                                                       files (.avi)
      •• AC plug adaptor* (1) (supplied only
        for certain areas)                           Note
        * This plug adaptor is not for the use in   •• The discs must be in the following
          Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Use this        format:
          plug adaptor in the countries where it       —— CD-ROM/-R/-RW in DATA CD format
          is necessary.                                   that contains the MP31)2), MPEG42)3)
                                                          and Xvid files, and conforms to
                                                          ISO 96604) Level 1/Level 2 or Joliet
      Playable discs or files                             (extended format).
                                                       —— DVD-ROM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW in
      on discs/USB device                                 DATA DVD format that contains the
                                                          MP31)2), MPEG42)3) and Xvid files, and
                                                          conforms to UDF (Universal Disk
      Playable discs                                      Format).
      •• DVD VIDEO                                  •• The system will attempt to play back

      •• DVD-R/DVD-RW in DVD VIDEO                     any data with the extensions above,
                                                       even if it is not in the supported format.
        format or video mode                           Playing this data may generate a
      •• DVD+R/DVD+RW in DVD VIDEO
                                                       loud noise which could damage your
        format                                         speaker system.
      •• VIDEO CD (Ver. 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0           1) MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3) is a
         discs)                                        standard format defined by ISO/MPEG
      •• Super VCD
                                                       for compressed audio data. MP3 files
      •• CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM in VIDEO                    must be in MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3 format.
         CD format or super VCD format              2) Files with copyright protection (Digital

      •• AUDIO CD                                      Rights Management) cannot be played
      •• CD-R/CD-RW in AUDIO CD format                 back by the system.
                                                    3) MPEG4 files must be recorded in MP4

      Playable files on discs                          file format. Supported video codec and
                                                       audio codec are as follows:
      •• Music:
                                                       —— Video codec: MPEG4 Simple Profile
        MP3 files (.mp3)1)2)                               (AVC is not supported.)
      •• Video:                                        —— Audio codec: AAC-LC (HE-AAC is not
        MPEG4 files (.mp4/.m4v)2)3), Xvid                  supported.)
                                                    4) A logical format of files and folders on
        files (.avi)
                                                       CD-ROMs, defined by ISO (International
                                                       Organization for Standardization).

Discs/files that cannot be played         •• The system may not play back an
back                                        Xvid file when the file has been
•• You cannot play back the                 combined from two or more Xvid
   following discs                          files.
   —BDs   (Blu-ray Discs)                 * Mixed Mode CD: This format records
   —CD-ROMs      recorded in PHOTO CD       data on the first track and audio (AUDIO
     format                                 CD data) on the second and subsequent
   —Data   part of CD-Extra or Mixed        tracks of a session.
     Mode CDs*
     — Graphics disc
   —CD                                    Notes on CD-R/-RW and
   —Super   Audio CDs                     DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW
   —DVD    Audio                          •• In some cases, a CD-R/-RW and
   —DATA    CD/DATA DVD that is              DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW cannot
     created in Packet Write format          be played back on this system
   —DVD-RAM                                  due to the recording quality or
   —DATA    CD/DATA DVD which has            physical condition of the disc, or
     not been correctly finalized            the characteristics of the recording
   —CPRM     (Content Protection for         device and authoring software.
     Recordable Media) compatible            For more information, refer to
     DVD-R/-RW recorded in Copy-             the operating instructions of the
     Once programs                           recording device.
   —A— disc that has a non-standard       •• Some playback functions may not
     shape (e.g., heart, square, star)       work with some DVD+Rs/+RWs,
   —A— disc that has adhesive tape,          even if they have been correctly
     paper, or a sticker attached to it      finalized. In this case, view the disc
•• You cannot play back the                  by normal playback.
   following files
   —The   video files which is larger     Notes on discs
     than 720 (width) × 576 (height)      •• This product is designed to play
     pixels.                                 back discs that conform to the
   —The   video files with a high width      Compact Disc (CD) standard.
     to length ratio.                     •• DualDisc and some music discs
   —A— WMA file in WMA DRM, WMA              encoded with copyright protection
     Lossless, or WMA PRO format.            technologies do not conform to
     — AAC file in AAC DRM or AAC
   —An                                       the CD standard. Therefore, these
     Lossless format.                        discs may not be compatible with
   —The   AAC files which is encoded         this product.
     at 96 kHz.
   —Files  that are encrypted or          Note on multisession disc
     protected by passwords.              This system can play back
   —Files  with DRM (Digital Rights       continuous sessions on a disc when
     Management) copyright                they are recorded in the same
     protection.                          format as the first session. However,
   —Some    Xvid files that are longer    the playback is not guaranteed.
     than 2 hours.
•• The MP3 PRO audio file can be
   played back as MP3 file.
Note on DVD VIDEO and VIDEO              •• Depending on the Xvid file, the
       CD playback operations                     picture may be unclear or the
       Some playback operations for               sound may skip.
       a DVD VIDEO or VIDEO CD may
       be intentionally restricted by           Notes about USB devices
       software producers. Therefore,           •• This system is not guaranteed to
       some playback features may not             operate with all USB devices.
       be available. Be sure to read the        •• Although there are a variety
       operating instructions of the DVD           of complex functions for USB
       VIDEO or VIDEO CD.                          devices, the playable contents
                                                   of USB devices connected to
       Notes on playable files                     the system are music and video
       •• Playback may take a longer time          contents only. For details, refer to
          to start when:                           the operating instructions of the
          —a— DATA CD/DATA DVD/USB                 USB device.
                                                •• When a USB device is inserted,
             device is recorded with a
             complicated tree structure.           the system reads all the files on
            — audio files or video files in
          —the                                     the USB device. If there are many
             another folder have just been         folders or files on the USB device,
             played back.                          it may take a long time to finish
       •• The system can play back a DATA          reading the USB device.
                                                •• Do not connect the system and
          CD/DATA DVD or a USB device in
          the following conditions:                the USB device through a USB hub.
            — to a depth of 8 folders
          —up                                   •• With some connected USB
            — to 300 folders
          —up                                      devices, there may be a delay
            — to 999 files in a disc
          —up                                      before an operation is performed
            — to 2,000 files in a USB device
          —up                                      by this system.
            — to 650 files in a folder
          —up                                   •• The playback order for the system
          These numbers may vary                   may differ from the playback order
          depending on the file or folder          of the connected USB device.
                                                •• Before using a USB device, make
       •• Folders that have no audio files or      sure that no virus-ridden files are
          video files are skipped.                 on the USB device.
       •• Files transferred by a device such
          as a computer may not be played
          back in the order in which they
          were transferred.
       •• The playback order may not be
          applicable depending on the
          software used for creating the
          audio file or video file.
       •• Compatibility with all encoding/
          writing software of the supported
          formats, recording devices,
          and recording media cannot be

Websites for
compatible devices
Check the websites below for the
latest information about compatible
USB and BLUETOOTH devices.
For customers in Latin America:

For customers in Europe and

For customers in other countries/

Compatible iPhone/iPod models
The compatible iPhone/iPod models
are as follows. Update your iPhone/
iPod with the latest software before
using with the system.
Made for
•• iPhone X
•• iPhone 8
•• iPhone 8 Plus
•• iPhone 7
•• iPhone 7 Plus
•• iPhone SE
•• iPhone 6s
•• iPhone 6s Plus
•• iPhone 6
•• iPhone 6 Plus
•• iPhone 5s
•• iPhone 5c
•• iPhone 5
•• iPhone 4s
•• iPod touch (6th generation)
•• iPod touch (5th generation)

Guide to parts and controls
       You can lock the buttons except  (power) on the unit to prevent them from
       being operated by mistake (page 59).



       * The  button has a tactile dot. Use the tactile dot as a reference when operating the
  (power)                                 MEGA BASS indicator
   Turns on the system, or sets it to       Lights up when MEGA BASS
   standby mode.                            sound effect is selected.

  (play)                                    PARTY CHAIN (page 51)
   ——Starts playback.
   ——Hold down  for more than           VOLUME/DJ CONTROL knob
     2 seconds, the built-in sound          Adjusts the volume.*
     demonstration will be played           Adjusts the FLANGER and
     back. Press  to stop the              ISOLATOR effect or outputs
     demonstration.                         the SAMPLER sound effect
                                            continuously (page 46).
    (stop)                                 * You cannot use this knob to adjust
   ——Stops playback. When pressed             the volume when DJ Effect is
     twice, resume playback can               selected.
     be canceled.
   ——Stops transfer during music         Display
   ——Stops the built-in sound            MIC1 jack
     demonstration.                         Use to connect the microphone.

 BLUETOOTH indicator                       MIC2/GUITAR jack
  (page 37)                                 Use to connect the microphone
                                            or guitar.
   BLUETOOTH (page 39, 40)
                                              (USB) REC/PLAY port
     PAIRING                                Use to connect a USB device.
   Hold down to activate                    This port can be used for both
   BLUETOOTH pairing during the             playback and music transfer.
   BLUETOOTH function.
                                         MIC ECHO (page 56)
   Selects a function.                      GUITAR (page 57)

 SPEAKER LIGHT (page 22,                   MIC/GUITAR LEVEL +/–
  57)                                       (page 56, 57)

   VOICE CHANGER (page 57)                      (N-Mark) (page 41)

     VOCAL FADER (page 56)                    +/– (select folder)
   W.PARTY CHAIN (Wireless                  Selects a folder on a data disc or
                                            a USB device.
   Party Chain) (page 53)
                                            S1, S2 (page 46)
   MEGA BASS (page 45)

 FLANGER (page 46)                 Remote control

          ISOLATOR (page 46)

          SAMPLER (page 46)

          DJ OFF (page 46)

         (open/close)
          Opens or closes the disc tray.

        / (go backward/go
         forward) (page 23)

          TUNING +/– (page 36)

          S3, S4 (page 46)

        Remote control sensor
         (page 18)

        Disc tray

                                             (power)
                                              Turns on the system, or sets it to
                                              standby mode.

                                            PLAY MODE (page 26,

                                            REPEAT/FM MODE (page
                                             27, 36)

                                            Numeric (0 – 9) buttons1)2)
                                              ——Selects a track, chapter or file
                                                with its item number.
                                              ——Enters numbers or values.

                                              MEGA BASS (page 45)
REC TO USB (page 34)                     / / /
  Transfers music to the USB              Selects the menu items.
  device connected to the (USB)              (enter)
                                          Enters/Confirms the settings.
  MEDIA MODE (page 23)
  Selects the media to be played        SEARCH (page 23, 24)
  back on a data disc or USB
  device.                                (volume) +/–2)
                                          Adjusts the volume.
  SUBTITLE (page 25)
                                        / (fast reverse/fast
  AUDIO2) (page 25, 29)
                                         forward) (page 24)
  ANGLE (page 25)
                                             / (slow back/slow
  SCORE (page 57)                         forward) (page 24)

  VOICE CHANGER (page 57)                 TUNING+/– (page 36)

  MIC LEVEL+/– (page 56)                   (play)2)
                                          Starts playback.
  VOCAL FADER (page 56)
                                          / (go backward/go
  MIC ECHO (page 56)                      forward) (page 23)
     +/– (select folder)                  PRESET+/– (page 37)
  Selects a folder on a data disc or
  a USB device.                            (pause)
                                          Pauses playback. To resume
  KEY CONTROL /                         playback, press .
  (page 56)
                                           (stop)
 DVD TOP MENU                            ——Stops playback. When pressed
  Displays the DVD title on the TV          twice, resume playback can
  screen.                                   be canceled.
                                          ——Stops transfer during music
  DVD/TUNER MENU (page                      transfer.
  23, 24, 37)                             ——Stops the built-in sound
  CLEAR1) (page 24)
                                        SHIFT1)
  RETURN (page 23)                        Hold down to activate the
                                          buttons printed in pink.
  SETUP1)   (page 29)

  OPTIONS                               SOUND FIELD +/– (page 45)
  Enters or exits options menu.

            Selects a function.

        PARTY LIGHT (page 22,

            LIGHT MODE (page 58)

        DISPLAY (page 18, 22,
         29, 36, 38)
            Changes the information on the

               DISPLAY1) (page 28)
            Views or hides the on-screen

        SLEEP (page 58)

       1) This button is printed in pink. To use this
          button, hold down SHIFT () and press
          this button.
       2) The numeric button 5/AUDIO,  +

          and  buttons have a tactile dot. Use
          the tactile dot as a reference when
          operating the system.

Getting Started

Hooking up the system securely
Unit (Rear)

                                                                            Getting Started
 FM ANTENNA terminal               Audio input and output jacks
   Find a location and an             Use an audio cable (not supplied)
   orientation that provide good      to make either connection as
   reception when you set up the      follows:
   antenna.                           •• AUDIO/PARTY CHAIN IN (TV)
   Keep the antenna away from the        L/R jacks
   AC power cord (mains lead) and          —
                                         —Connect    to the audio output
   the USB cable to avoid picking          jacks of a TV or an audio/
   up noise.                               video equipment. The
                                           sound is output through this
   Extend the FM lead
   antenna horizontally                    system.
                                         —Connect    to another audio
                                           system to enjoy the Wired
                                           Party Chain function
                                           (page 49).

           L/R jacks                             Deactivating the
           —Connect   to the audio
             input jacks of an optional          demonstration
           —Connect   to another audio           To deactivate the demonstration
             system to enjoy the Wired           while the system is turned off, press
             Party Chain function                DISPLAY repeatedly to select the no
             (page 49).                          display mode (Power Saving Mode)
                                                 (page 22).
        VIDEO OUT jack
         Use a video cable (not supplied)
         to connect to the video input jack      Inserting batteries
         of a TV or projector (page 19).
                                                 Insert the two supplied R03 (size
          Note                                   AAA) batteries, matching the
         Do not connect this system to the TV    polarities shown below.
         through the video deck.

        HDMI OUT (TV) ARC jack
         Use an HDMI cable (not supplied)
         to connect to the HDMI input jack
         of a TV (page 19).
        AC power cord (mains lead)             •• Do not mix an old battery with a new
         Connect the AC power cord                one or mix different types of batteries.
                                                 •• If you do not use the remote control
         (mains lead) (supplied) to the
         unit, then to the wall outlet.           for a long period of time, remove the
                                                  batteries to avoid damage from battery
                                                  leakage and corrosion.

                                To wall outlet   To operate the system using the
                                                 remote control
         The demonstration (page 22)             Point the remote control at the unit’s
         starts automatically. If you press      remote control sensor.
          (power) to turn on the system,
         the demonstration ends.

Connecting the TV
Before connecting cables, be sure to disconnect the AC power cord (mains

To watch video
Select the connection methods according to the jacks on your TV.

                               Video cable (not supplied)       VIDEO IN

                                                                                             Getting Started
                                                               HDMI IN (ARC)*

                                                                  HDMI IN

                              High Speed HDMI Cable
                                with Ethernet (not supplied)

* You can listen to TV sound via the system if you connect the system to the TV’s HDMI IN
  (ARC) jack. The Audio Return Channel (ARC) function enables the TV to output sound
  through the system with an HDMI connection, without performing an audio connection
  (connection ) (page 20). To set the ARC function on this system, see [AUDIO
  RETURN CHANNEL] (page 32). To check the compatibility of your TV’s ARC function,
  refer to the operating instructions supplied with your TV.

To listen to TV sound via the system
       Choose one of the connections below ( or ).

                                      Audio cable (not supplied)

                                                                         AUDIO OUT

                                                                       HDMI IN (ARC)

                                     High Speed HDMI Cable with
                                       Ethernet (not supplied)

       To listen to TV sound, press FUNCTION repeatedly to select “TV”.

       •• You can also enjoy the sound of external equipment (DVD players, etc.) via the system
          by connecting to the AUDIO/PARTY CHAIN IN (TV) L/R jacks as connection  above. For
          details, refer to the operating instructions of your equipment.
       •• If the audio output level from the system is low when connecting the external
          equipment, try adjusting the audio output settings on the connected equipment. It
          may improve the audio output level. For details, refer to the operating instructions of
          your equipment.

        If “CODE 01” and “SGNL ERR” appear on the display of the unit
        When the audio input signals to the system are other than 2-channel
        Linear PCM signals, the messages “CODE 01” and “SGNL ERR” (indicate that
        the input audio signals are unsupported) appear on the display of the unit.
        In this case, select the proper audio output mode on the TV in order
        to output 2-channel Linear PCM audio signals. For details, refer to the
        operating instructions of your TV.

4 Press      without loading a disc.
Changing the color                         [LANGUAGE SETUP] appears on the
system                                     TV screen. Displayed items may vary
                                           depending on country or region.
(Except for Latin American,
                                               LANGUAGE SETUP
European, and Russian models)                  OSD :                    ENGLISH
                                               MENU :                   ENGLISH
                                               AUDIO:                 CHINESE 1
Set the color system to PAL or NTSC            SUBTITLE:              CHINESE 2
depending on the color system of                                           THAI

your TV.
Each time you perform the

                                                                                    Getting Started
procedure below, the color system
changes as follows:                     5 Press  / repeatedly to select a
NTSC  PAL                                 language, then press .
Use the buttons on the unit to             [VIDEO SETUP] appears on the TV
perform this operation.                    screen.

1 Press  to turn on the system.        6 Press    / repeatedly to select
                                           the setting that matches your
2 Press FUNCTION repeatedly to             TV type, then press .
    select “DVD/CD”.                       After [QUICK SETUP is complete.]
                                           appears on the TV screen, the
3 Hold down MIC ECHO and MEGA              system is ready for playback.
    BASS for more than 3 seconds.
    “NTSC” or “PAL” appears on the      To change the setting manually
    display.                            See “Using the Setup Menu”
                                        (page 29).

Performing the quick                    To quit the quick setup
                                        Hold down SHIFT and press SETUP.
Before using the system, you            The guide message appears when you
can make the minimum basic              turn on the system for the first time or
adjustments in the quick setup.         after performing [RESET] (see “Returning
                                        the setup menu settings to the default”
1   Turn on your TV and select the      on page 68).
    input according to the

2 Press  to turn on the system.
3 Press FUNCTION repeatedly to
    select “DVD/CD”.
    The guide message [Press ENTER to
    run QUICK SETUP.] appears at the
    bottom of the TV screen.

Changing the display                      Disc/USB Playback
       mode                                     Before using the USB
       Press DISPLAY repeatedly while           device
       the system is turned off.
       Each time you press the button, the      For compatible USB devices, see
       display mode changes as follows.         “Websites for compatible devices”
                                                (page 11).
                                                (You can use your iPhone/iPod
       The messages about the main              with this system via BLUETOOTH
       features of this system scrolls across   connection only.)
       the display and the illumination
       turns on.
       To turn off the illumination, press
       PARTY LIGHT (or SPEAKER LIGHT on         Basic playback
       the unit).
       No display (Power Saving Mode)
       The display and the illumination are     1   Press FUNCTION repeatedly to
       turned off to conserve power.                select “DVD/CD” or “USB”.

                                                2 Prepare the playback source.
                                                    For DVD/CD function:
                                                    Press  on the unit to open the disc
                                                    tray and load a disc with the label
                                                    facing up on the disc tray.

                                                         When you play back an 8 cm disc
                                                         such as a CD single, place it on
                                                         the inner circle of the tray.
                                                    Press  on the unit again to close
                                                    the disc tray.
                                                    Do not forcibly push the disc tray to
                                                    close it as this may cause a

For USB function:                         2    Press SEARCH to display the
     Connect a USB device to the      (USB)         folder list.

     You can use a USB adaptor (not
     supplied) to connect the USB device
     to the unit if the USB device cannot be
     plugged into the (USB) port.

3(                    only)
     Press MEDIA MODE repeatedly               3    Press / repeatedly to select
     to select the media type                       the folder you want.
     ([MUSIC]/[VIDEO]) you want.               4

                                                                                            Disc/USB Playback
                                                    Press   to display the file list.
4 Press  to start playback.
Other operations
To                 Do this
Stop playback Press .
Pause              Press .
playback                                       5    Press / repeatedly to select
Resume             Press .                         the file you want, then press .
playback or
return to
playback                                       Other playback
Cancel the
resume point
                   Press  twice.              operations
Select a track, Press  or 
file, chapter or during playback.
scene            Or, hold down SHIFT           Depending on the type of disc or file,
                 and press the numeric         the function may not work.
                 buttons, then
                                               To               Do this
                 press .
                 (Operation might be           View DVD         Press DVD/TUNER
                 prohibited by disc or         menu             MENU.
                 USB device.)                  View folder list Press SEARCH.
                                               or file list     Press SEARCH again to
                                                                turn off the folder list
To play from a specific file
                                                                or file list.
1    Press MEDIA MODE repeatedly to            Return to        Press RETURN.
     select [MUSIC] or [VIDEO].                folder list when
                                               in file list

To                Do this                2 Hold down SHIFT and press the
                                                     numeric buttons to enter the
       Locate a point    Press  or 
       quickly in fast   during playback.            title, chapter, scene, track, or
       forward or fast   Each time you press         index number you want, then
       reverse (Lock      or , the                 press .
       Search)           playback speed              Playback starts.
       Watch frame       Press , then press
                                                •• For VIDEO CD with PBC playback, press
       by frame          or .
                                                    SEARCH to search the scene.
       (Slow-motion      Each time you press    •• For VIDEO CD without PBC playback,
       Play)             or , the playback         press SEARCH to search the track and
                         speed changes.             index.

                                                To search for a particular point
           Searching a specific track           using the time code

       Hold down SHIFT and press the
                                                1   Press SEARCH repeatedly during
                                                    playback to select the time
       numeric buttons to select the track
                                                    search mode.
       you want to play back, then press
         .                                      2   Hold down SHIFT and press the
                                                    numeric buttons to enter the
       To search using the SEARCH                   time code, then press .
       button                                       Example: To find a scene at 2 hours,
                                                    10 minutes, and 20 seconds, hold
       1    Press SEARCH to display the track       down SHIFT and press 2, 1, 0, 2, 0
            list.                                   ([2:10:20]).
       2    Press / repeatedly to select            If you make a mistake, hold down
                                                    SHIFT and press CLEAR to cancel the
            the track you want to play back,
            then press .
                                                To search using the DVD menu
           Searching a specific title/
                                                1   Press DVD/TUNER MENU.
                                                2   Press / / / , or hold down
       1    Press SEARCH repeatedly during
                                                    SHIFT and press the numeric
                                                    buttons, to select the title or item
            playback to select the search
                                                    you want to play back, then
                                                    press .

 Changing the camera angles
                                      •• [1:STEREO]: The stereo sound of
                                          audio track 1.
                                      •• [1:1/L]/[1:2/R]: The monaural
                                         sound of the left or right channel
Press ANGLE repeatedly during
                                         of audio track 1.
playback to select the camera         •• [2:STEREO]: The stereo sound of
angle you want.                          audio track 2.
                                      •• [2:1/L]/[2:2/R]: The monaural
 Selecting the subtitle setting          sound of the left or right channel
                                         of audio track 2.

                                                                               Disc/USB Playback
                                          Playing a VIDEO CD with PBC
Press SUBTITLE repeatedly during
playback to select the subtitle
language you want or turn off the
                                      You can use the PBC (Playback
                                      Control) menu to enjoy the
 Changing the language/sound          interactive features of VIDEO CD
                                      (VIDEO CD Version 2.0 and Super
Press AUDIO repeatedly during         1    Press  to play a VIDEO CD
playback to select the audio               with PBC functions.
format or mode you want.                   The PBC menu appears on the TV
You can select audio format           2 Hold down SHIFT and press the
or language when the source                numeric buttons to select the
contains multiple audio formats or         item number you want, then
multilingual audio.                        press .
When 4 digits are displayed, they
indicate a language code. See         3 Continue playback according to
“Language code list” (page 75)             the instructions on the menu.
to confirm which language the
code represents. When the same        Note
language is displayed two or more     PBC playback is canceled when Repeat
                                      Play is activated.
times, the DVD VIDEO is recorded in
multiple audio formats.
                                      To cancel PBC playback
VIDEO CD/AUDIO CD/audio file          1    Press  or , or hold down
You can change the sound output.           SHIFT and press the numeric
•• [STEREO]: The stereo sound.
                                           buttons, to select a track when
•• [1/L]/[2/R]: The monaural sound
                                           playback is stopped.
   of the left or right channel.
2   Press  or     .                       When playing a USB device
           Playback starts from the selected     •• [ONE USB DEVICE]: plays the USB
           track.                                   device.
                                                 •• [FOLDER]: plays all playable files
       To return to PBC playback                    in the specified folder on the USB
       Press  twice, then press .                 device.

        Multi-disc resume play                   •• “FLDR” and “SHUF” light off on the
                                                    display when Normal Play is set to
                                                    [DISC] or [ONE USB DEVICE].
                                                 •• “FLDR” lights up on the display when
       This system can store playback               Normal Play is set to [FOLDER].
       resume points for up to 6 discs and
       resumes playback when you insert
       the same disc again. If you store a        Playing in random order
       playback resume point for the 7th          (Shuffle Play)
       disc, the resume point for the first
       disc will be deleted.
       To activate this function, set
       [MULTI-DISC RESUME] in [SYSTEM            When playback is stopped, press
       SETUP] to [ON] (page 32).                 PLAY MODE repeatedly.
       Note                                       When playing a disc
       To play back from the beginning of the    •• [DISC (SHUFFLE)]: shuffles all audio
       disc, press  twice, then press .           files on the disc.
                                                 •• [FOLDER (SHUFFLE)]*: shuffles all
                                                    audio files in the specified folder
       Using play mode                              on the disc.
                                                 * Cannot be selected for AUDIO CD.

        Playing in sequential order               When playing a USB device
                                                 •• [ONE USB DEVICE (SHUFFLE)]:
        (Normal Play)
                                                    shuffles all audio files on the USB
                                                 •• [FOLDER (SHUFFLE)]: shuffles all
                                                    audio files in the specified folder
       When playback is stopped, press
                                                    on the USB device.
       PLAY MODE repeatedly.
        When playing a disc
                                                 •• “SHUF” lights up on the display when
       •• [DISC]: plays the disc.
                                                    Shuffle Play is set to [DISC (SHUFFLE)] or
       •• [FOLDER]*: plays all playable files       [ONE USB DEVICE (SHUFFLE)].
          in the specified folder on the disc.   •• “FLDR” and “SHUF” lights up on the

       * Cannot be selected for AUDIO CD.           display when Shuffle Play is set to
                                                    [FOLDER (SHUFFLE)].
                                                 •• Shuffle Play cannot be performed for
                                                    video files.

•• Shuffle Play is canceled when you:              —— change the function (DVD VIDEO and
   —— open the disc tray.                             VIDEO CD only).
   —— perform Synchronized Transfer.               —— perform Synchronized Transfer.
   —— change Media Mode.                           —— change Media Mode.
•• Shuffle Play may be canceled when you
   select a folder or a track to play back.

                                               Restricting playback of
 Playing repeatedly (Repeat
                                               the disc (Parental

Press REPEAT repeatedly.

                                                                                            Disc/USB Playback
                                               You can restrict playback of
Depending on the type of disc or file,
                                               DVD VIDEOs according to a
some settings may not be available.
•• [OFF]: does not play back
                                               predetermined level. Scenes may be
                                               skipped or replaced with different
•• [ALL]: repeats all tracks or files in
   the selected play mode.
•• [DISC]: repeats all contents (DVD
                                               1    When playback is stopped, hold
                                                    down SHIFT and press SETUP.
   VIDEO and VIDEO CD only).
•• [TITLE]: repeats the current title
   (DVD VIDEO only).
                                               2 Press    / repeatedly to select
                                                    [SYSTEM SETUP], then press .
•• [CHAPTER]: repeats the current
   chapter (DVD VIDEO only).                   3 Press    / repeatedly to select
•• [TRACK]: repeats the current track.              [PARENTAL CONTROL], then
•• [FILE]: repeats the current video
                                                    press .
                                               4 Hold down SHIFT and press the
To cancel Repeat Play                               numeric buttons to enter or
Press REPEAT repeatedly to select                   re-enter your 4-digit password,
[OFF].                                              then press .
Note                                           5 Press    / repeatedly to select
•• “   ” lights up on the display when              [STANDARD], then press .
   Repeat Play is set to [ALL] or [DISC].
•• “      ” lights up on the display when
   Repeat Play is set to [TITLE], [CHAPTER],
                                               6 Press      / repeatedly to select a
                                                    geographic area as the playback
   [TRACK] or [FILE].
•• You cannot perform Repeat Play with
                                                    limitation level, then press .
   VIDEO CD during PBC playback.                    The area is selected.
•• Depending on the DVD VIDEO, you                  When you select [OTHERS], enter
   cannot perform Repeat Play.                      the area code for the geographic
•• Repeat Play is canceled when you:                area you want according to the
   —— open the disc tray.                           “Parental Control area code list”
   —— turn off the system (DVD VIDEO and            (page 76) by holding down SHIFT
      VIDEO CD only).                               and press the numeric buttons.

7 Press    / repeatedly to select
           [LEVEL], then press .                   Viewing information of
       8 Press    / repeatedly to select           a disc and USB device
           the level you want, then press
           The lower the value, the stricter the
           limitation.                                  Information on the TV screen
       To turn off the parental control            Hold down SHIFT and press
       function                                      DISPLAY repeatedly during
       Set [LEVEL] to [OFF] in step 8.             playback.

       To play back a disc for which the
       parental control is set

       1   Load the disc and press .
           The display for entering your
           password appears on the TV screen.
       2   Hold down SHIFT and press the
           numeric buttons to enter or
           re-enter your 4-digit password,          Playback information
           then press .                              Playing time and remaining time
           The system starts playback.              Bit rate
                                                    Media type
       If you forget your password                  Playback status
       Remove the disc and repeat steps
                                                    Title1)/track/file name2)
       1 to 3 of “Restricting playback
       of the disc (Parental Control)”              Album1)/folder name2)/
       (page 27). Hold down SHIFT and                chapter/index number
       press the numeric buttons to enter a         Artist name1)2)
       password “199703”, then press .               Appears when playing an audio
       Follow the on-screen instructions             file.
       and enter a new 4-digit password.           1) If an audio file has an ID3 tag, the
       Then, reload the disc and press .             system will display an album name/
       You need to enter your new                     title name/artist name from the ID3 tag
       password again.                                information. The system can support
                                                      ID3 ver 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3.
                                                   2) If the name contains characters which

                                                      cannot be displayed, those characters
                                                      will be displayed as “_”.

                                                   •• Depending on the source being played,
                                                        —— some information may not be

—— some characters cannot be              1   When playback is stopped in
      displayed.                                 DVD/CD or USB function, hold
•• Depending on the play mode, the
                                                 down SHIFT and press SETUP.
   information displayed may be different.
                                                 The setup menu appears on the TV
Displaying the audio format
information in DVD VIDEOs and                2 Press   / repeatedly to select
video files                                      [LANGUAGE SETUP],
Press AUDIO repeatedly during                    [VIDEO SETUP], [AUDIO SETUP],
playback.                                        [SYSTEM SETUP] or
                                                 [HDMI SETUP], then press .
 Information on the display                  3 Press    / repeatedly to select

                                                                                         Disc/USB Playback
                                                 the item you want, then press
Press DISPLAY repeatedly when                      .
the system is turned on.
You can view the information as              4 Press     / repeatedly to select
follows:                                         the setting you want, then press
—playing    time/remaining time of                 .
  track, title, chapter                          The setting is selected and setup is
—scene    number                                 completed.
  — name, folder name
—title, artist and album information         To exit the menu
Note                                         Hold down SHIFT and press SETUP.
•• The disc name or track name may
   not be displayed depending on the                 S etting the language
•• Playing time of audio files and video             – [LANGUAGE SETUP]
   files may not be displayed correctly.
•• The elapsed playing time for an audio     [OSD]
   file encoded using a VBR (variable bit    Sets the language of the on-screen
   rate) is not displayed correctly.         display.

Using the Setup Menu                         Sets the language for the DVD
You can make various adjustments
to items such as picture and sound.          [AUDIO]
Displayed items vary depending on
the country or region.                       Switches the language of the sound
                                             When you select [ORIGINAL], the
Playback settings stored in the disc take
priority over the setup menu settings.
                                             language given priority in the disc is
Therefore, some of the setup menu            selected.
settings may not be performed.

[SUBTITLE]                               [4:3 PAN SCAN]: Selects this
                                                when you connect a 4:3 screen TV
       Switches the language of the             that does not have a wide-mode
       subtitle recorded in the DVD VIDEO.      function. This setting displays a full-
       When you select [AUDIO FOLLOW],          height picture on the entire screen,
       the language for the subtitles           with trimmed sides.
       changes according to the language
       you selected for the sound track.

       If you select [OTHERS] in [MENU],       [4:3 OUTPUT]
       [AUDIO], and [SUBTITLE], enter a
       language code from the “Language
       code list” (page 75) using the numeric   [FULL]: Selects this when you
       buttons.                                 connect a TV with a wide-mode
                                                function. Displays a 4:3 screen
                                                picture in 16:9 aspect ratio even on a
              S etting the TV screen           wide-screen TV.
              – [VIDEO SETUP]                   [NORMAL]: Changes the picture
                                                size to fit the screen size with the
       [TV TYPE]                                original picture aspect ratio. This
                                                setting displays black bands on the
       [16:9]: Selects this when you            left and right side if you display a 4:3
       connect a wide-screen TV or a TV         screen picture.
       with a wide-mode function.

                                                [COLOR SYSTEM(VIDEO CD)]
       [4:3 LETTER BOX]: Selects this
       when you connect a 4:3 screen TV         (Except for Latin American,
       that does not have a wide-mode           European, and Russian models)
       function. This setting displays a wide
       picture with black bands on the top      Sets the color system (PAL or NTSC).
       and bottom.                              [AUTO]: Outputs the video signal
                                                according to the color system of the
                                                disc. Select this setting if your TV
                                                uses a DUAL system.
                                                [PAL]: Changes the video signal of
                                                an NTSC disc and output it in PAL

[NTSC]: Changes the video signal         [TRACK SELECTION]
of a PAL disc and output it in NTSC
system.                                  Gives priority to the sound track
For details, see “Changing the color     which contains the highest number
system” (page 21).                       of channels when you play back a
                                         DVD VIDEO on which multiple audio
                                         formats (PCM, MPEG audio, or Dolby
(Latin American model only)              Digital) are recorded.
Selects the black level (setup level)    [OFF]: No priority given.
for the video signals output from the    [AUTO]: Priority given.
[ON]: Sets the black level of the        [A/V SYNC]
output signal to the standard level.

                                                                                  Disc/USB Playback
[OFF]: Lowers the standard black         (Video files only)
level. Use this when the picture         [OFF]: Does not adjust.
becomes too white.                       [ON]: Adjusts the delay between
                                         picture and sound when the sound
                                         does not synchronize with the
                                         displayed picture.
[AUTO]: The picture, including
subjects that move dynamically, is       [DOWNMIX]
output with no jitter. Normally select
this setting.                            Selects the audio output signal for
[FRAME]: The picture, including          playing a multi-channel audio.
subjects that do not move                [NORMAL]: Outputs multi-channel
dynamically, is output in high           audio into a 2-channel stereo signal.
resolution.                              [DOLBY SURROUND]: Outputs
                                         multi-channel audio into a
                                         2-channel surround signal.

       S etting the audio options
                                         This function only works for the HDMI
       – [AUDIO SETUP]                   OUT (TV) ARC jack.

(Dynamic Range Compression)
                                                S etting the system
Useful for watching movies at low
volume late at night.                           – [SYSTEM SETUP]
[OFF]: Off.
                                         [SCREEN SAVER]
[STANDARD]: The dynamic range
is compressed as intended by the         The screen saver will help prevent
recording engineer.                      your display device from becoming
                                         damaged (ghosting). Press  +/– to
                                         exit the screen saver.
                                         [ON]: The screen saver image
                                         appears if you do not operate the
                                         system for about 15 minutes.
[OFF]: Turns off the function. The
       screen saver image does not appear.
                                                           S etting the HDMI options
                                                           – [HDMI SETUP]
       Selects the background color or           [HDMI RESOLUTION]
       picture to be displayed on the TV         Selects the TV output resolution
       screen.                                   when the TV is connected via HDMI
       [JACKET PICTURE]: The jacket              cable.
       picture (still picture) recorded on the   [AUTO(1920×1080p)]: Outputs
       disc appears in the background.           video signals according to the
       [GRAPHICS]: A preset picture              resolution of the TV.
       stored in the system appears in the       [1920×1080i]/[1280×720p]/
       background.                               [720×480p]1)/[720×480/576p]2):
       [BLUE]: The background color is           Outputs video signals according to
       blue.                                     the selected resolution setting.
       [BLACK]: The background color is          1)   For Latin American models only.
       black.                                    2)   For other models.
       Sets the playback restrictions. For       [YCBCR]: Outputs YCBCR video
       details, see “Restricting playback
       of the disc (Parental Control)”
                                                 [RGB]: Outputs RGB video signals.
       (page 27).
                                                 [AUTO]: Outputs audio signals in
                                                 original format from HDMI OUT (TV)
       [ON]: Stores the resume playback
                                                 ARC jack.
       point in the memory for up to
                                                 [PCM]: Outputs 2-channel Linear
       6 discs.
                                                 PCM signals from HDMI OUT (TV)
       [OFF]: Playback starts at the resume
                                                 ARC jack.
       playback point only for the current
       disc in the system.                       [CONTROL FOR HDMI]
       [RESET]                                   [ON]: The Control for HDMI function
                                                 is enabled. You can operate
       Returns the setup menu settings to
                                                 mutually between system and TV
       the default settings. For details, see
                                                 connected with an HDMI cable.
       “Returning the setup menu settings
                                                 [OFF]: Off.
       to the default” (page 68).
                                                 [AUDIO RETURN CHANNEL]
                                                 Set this function when the system
                                                 is connected to a TV’s HDMI IN jack
                                                 that is compatible with Audio Return
                                                 Channel. This function is available
                                                 when you set [CONTROL FOR HDMI]
                                                 to [ON].
                                                 [ON]: You can listen to TV sound
                                                 from the speakers of the system.
                                                 [OFF]: Off.
This function is available when you         USB Transfer
[AUTO]: When you turn off the TV,       Before using the USB
the system turns off automatically in
the following conditions:               device
—while   playing video in DVD/CD or
  USB function                          For compatible USB devices, see
—when    the audio playback is          “Websites for compatible devices”
  stopped in DVD/CD or USB              (page 11).
  function                              (You can use your iPhone/iPod
—when    TV function is selected        with this system via BLUETOOTH
[ON]: The system turns off              connection only.)
automatically when you turn off the
TV regardless of the function.
                                        Transferring music

                                                                                       USB Transfer
[OFF]: The system does not turn off
when you turn off the TV.
                                        You can transfer music from a disc
                                        (AUDIO CD or MP3 disc only) to a
                                        USB device connected to the (USB)
                                        The audio format of files transferred
                                        by this system is MP3.

                                        •• Do not remove the USB device during
                                           transfer or erase operations. Doing so
                                           may corrupt the data on the USB device
                                           or damage the USB device itself.
                                        •• MP3 files are transferred with the same
                                           bit rate as the original files.
                                        •• When transferring from AUDIO CD,
                                           you may select the bit rate before
                                        •• USB transfer and erase operations are
                                           prohibited when the disc tray is opened.

                                        Note on copyright-protected content
                                        The transferred music is limited to private
                                        use only. Use of the music beyond this
                                        limit requires permission of the copyright

                                        To select the bit rate
                                        You can select a higher bit rate to
                                        transfer music with better quality.
                                        1   Press OPTIONS.
2   Press / repeatedly to select              3 Prepare the sound source.
           “BIT RATE”, then press .
                                                        Synchronized Transfer:
       3   Press / repeatedly to select                 If the system starts playback
           the bit rate you want, then press            automatically, press  twice to stop
             .                                          the playback fully.
           •• “128 KBPS”: encoded MP3 files             When playback is stopped, press
              have smaller file size and lower          PLAY MODE repeatedly to select the
              audio quality.                            play mode you want.
           •• “256 KBPS”: encoded MP3 files
              have bigger file size but higher
                                                        If you start transferring in Shuffle Play
              audio quality.
                                                        or Repeat Play, the selected play mode
           To exit the options menu, press              changes to Normal Play automatically.
                                                        REC1 Transfer:
                                                        Select the track or MP3 file you want
        Transferring music from a disc                  to transfer, then start playback.

       You can transfer music to a USB               4 Press REC TO USB.
       device connected to (USB) port as                “PUSH ENTER” appears on the
       follows:                                         display.
       •• Synchronized Transfer: Transfer
          all tracks or MP3 files from a disc        5 Press      .
          to USB.                                       The transfer starts, then “DO NOT
       •• REC1 Transfer: Transfer a single              REMOVE” appears on the display.
          track or MP3 file during playback.            Do not remove the USB device until
                                                        the transfer is complete.
       1   Connect a transferable USB                   When the transfer is complete, the
                                                        system performs as follows:
           device to the (USB) port on the
           unit.                                        Synchronized Transfer:
                                                        The disc stops automatically.
           You can use a USB adaptor (not               REC1 Transfer:
           supplied) to connect the USB device          The disc continues to play the next
           to the unit if the USB device cannot be      track or file.
           plugged into the (USB) port.

       2 Press FUNCTION repeatedly to                To stop transfer
                                                     Press .
           select “DVD/CD”, then load a
                                                     Notes on transfer
                                                     •• You cannot transfer MP3 files on a UDF
                                                        (Universal Disk Format) formatted disc
                                                        to the USB device.
                                                     •• While transferring, no sound is output.
                                                     •• CD-TEXT information is not transferred
                                                        to the created MP3 files.

•• The transfer stops automatically if:       When transferring to a USB device,
   —— the USB device runs out of space        a “MUSIC” folder is created directly
       during transfer.                       below “ROOT”. Folders and files are
   —— the number of audio files or folders
                                              generated within this “MUSIC” folder
       on the USB device reaches the limit
       that the system can recognize.
                                              according to the transfer method
•• If a folder or file that you are trying    and source as follows:
   to transfer already exists on the
   USB device with the same name, a
                                              Synchronized Transfer
   sequential number is added after the
   name without overwriting the original
                                               When transferring all tracks
   folder or file.                               from an AUDIO CD
•• You cannot perform the following             Folder name: “CDDA0001”*
   operations during transfer:                  File name: “TRACK001”*
   —— Eject the disc.
   —— Select another track or file.            When transferring MP3 files
   —— Pause playback or find a point in the      from a disc

                                                                                        USB Transfer
       track or file.                           Folder name: Same as the source
   —— Change the function.                      File name: Same as the source
•• When transferring music to a
   WALKMAN® using “Media Manager for          REC1 Transfer
   WALKMAN”, be sure to transfer in MP3
   format.                                     When transferring a track from
•• When connecting a WALKMAN® to the
                                                 an AUDIO CD
   system, be sure to connect after the
   display “Creating Library” or “Creating      Folder name: “REC1-CD”
   Database” on the WALKMAN® has                File name: “TRACK001”*
                                               When transferring an MP3 file
                                                 from a disc
 Folder and file generation                     Folder name: “REC1-MP3”
 rules                                          File name: Same as the source

                                              * Folder and file numbers are assigned
Maximum number of MP3 files                     serially thereafter.
that can be generated
•• 298 folders
•• 650 files in a folder
                                               Erasing audio files or folders
•• 650 files in REC1-CD or REC1-MP3            on the USB device
These numbers may vary depending
on the file or folder configuration.
                                              1   Press FUNCTION repeatedly to
                                                  select “USB”.

                                              2 Press MEDIA MODE repeatedly
                                                  to select [MUSIC].

                                              3 When playback is stopped,
                                                  press OPTIONS.

4 Press  / repeatedly to select
          “ERASE”, then press .
          The folder list is displayed on the TV
          screen.                                   Listening to the radio
       5 Press    / repeatedly to select a
          folder, then press .                      1   Press FUNCTION repeatedly to
          The file list is displayed on the TV          select “TUNER FM”.
                                                    2 Tune to a station.
       6 Press   / repeatedly to select                 For automatic scanning:
          an audio file you want to erase,              Hold down TUNING+/– until the
          then press .                                  frequency begins to change on the
          If you want to erase all the audio            display.
          files in the folder, select                   Scanning stops automatically when
          [ALL TRACKS] on the list.                     a station is tuned in. “ST” (for FM
          “FOLDER ERASE” or “TRACK ERASE”               stereo programs only) lights up on
          and “PUSH ENTER” appear on the                the display.
          display.                                      If scanning does not stop, press 
          To cancel erase operations, press .          to stop scanning. Then, perform
                                                        manual tuning (below).
       7 Press      .
                                                        For manual tuning:
          “COMPLETE” appears on the display.
          To exit the options menu, press               Press TUNING+/– repeatedly to tune
          OPTIONS.                                      to the station you want.

       Note                                         Note
       •• You can erase the supported audio file,
                                                    When you tune to an FM station that
          MP4 format file, and 3GP format file      provides RDS services, information such
          only.                                     as the service name or station name is
       •• You cannot erase audio files or folders
                                                    provided by broadcasts. You can check
          when Shuffle Play has been selected.      the RDS information by pressing DISPLAY
          Set the play mode to Normal Play          repeatedly.
          before erasing.
       •• Erase operation is prohibited when the
          disc tray is opened.                      To reduce static noise on a weak FM
                                                    stereo station, press FM MODE repeatedly
                                                    until “ST” lights off from the display. You
                                                    will lose the stereo effect, but reception
                                                    will improve.

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