PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College

PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
   Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships
                      2019 - 2020
PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Contents                                                                                                                       Welcome to
    Welcome to Kendal College............................ 3
                                                                                                                                   Kendal College
    Creating Bright Futures......................................... 4
    What our former students say........................ 5
    State-of-the-Art Facilities........................................6-7                                                         I am delighted that you are thinking about coming to Kendal College
    Dedicated Study Spaces &                                                                                                       for the next phase of your education.
    Progression Centre................................................... 8
    Student Life.................................................................... 9                                             We are a modern and forward-thinking                 Our superb facilities are matched by our
    Opportunities to Consider............................10-11                                                                     college offering a variety of qualifications,        team of staff. You will be taught by experts
    Understanding Levels............................................12                                                             and just by considering Kendal College as a          who are highly qualified, professional and
    Careers Advice...........................................................13                                                    place to study you have already taken the            friendly, and are passionate about their
    Visit Us..............................................................................14                                       first step towards a bright future. We have          subject and teaching.
    Applying to College...............................................15                                                           a lot to offer, so I am sure you will find a
                                                                                                                                                                                        Kendal College is a fantastic place to
                                                                                                                                   course that interests you and the information
    AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR                                                                                                                                                              learn and study, with a distinctive, prestigious
    COURSES & APPRENTICESHIPS                                                                                                      you need, to make the next important
                                                                                                                                                                                        and high-quality curriculum offer. We are
    Apprenticeships..............................................................16                                                decision of your educational journey.
                                                                                                                                                                                        a college that learners and staff want to
    A-Levels................................................................................18                                     There is a learning culture here at Kendal           come to each day, and where you will enjoy
    Access to Higher Education...............................20                                                                    College that is evident wherever you go; we          being part of a vibrant community. You’ll be
    Animal Care....................................................................22                                              are an aspirational college and expect our           expected to work hard, but we are sure that
    Applied Sciences.........................................................24                                                    learners to perform above their potential.           you will have fun along the way.
    Art & Design...................................................................26                                              We support all of our learners to achieve
                                                                                                                                                                                        I’d like to take this opportunity to personally
    Barbering, Hairdressing & Beauty                                                                                               the qualifications they need, alongside the
                                                                                                                                                                                        wish you success and enjoyment in whatever
    Therapy...............................................................................28                                       development of academic, vocational and
                                                                                                                                                                                        you choose. Good luck & very best wishes.
    Business & Accounting............................................30                                                            technical skills that employers and universities
    Childhood Studies......................................................32                                                      are looking for.
    Computing, IT & Software                                                                                                       I take great pride in the fact that we offer
    Development.................................................................. 34                                               innovative and engaging courses which are
    Construction....................................................................36                                             delivered in state-of-the-art learning facilities.   Kelvin Nash, Principal
    Film Production & Photography..................... 40
    Health & Social Care..............................................42
    Hospitality & Catering............................................ 44
    Motor Vehicle Maintenance................................46
    Performing Arts.............................................................50
    Production, Theatre & Events.............................52
    Sport & Outdoor Adventure............................... 54

    Finding Us.................................................................... 56
    Learning Support.....................................................57

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Creating                                                                                             What our former
    Bright Futures                                                                                       students say...
    Everything we do at the College focuses           Last year, 170 students progressed to university
    on our students gaining the skills and            and our links with employers have provided
    experience they need for progression to           a fantastic platform for students to secure
                                                                                                                              Claire Kettlewell,                                       Katherine Walsh,
    higher education or employment.                   higher-level apprenticeships with employers
                                                                                                                              studied Access to                                        studied Business
                                                      including the BBC, NHS and BAE Systems.
    Our courses are taught by industry and                                                                                    Higher Education
                                                                                                                                                                                     “In my early 20’s
    academic experts, who have worked in the          In our last Ofsted inspection, our support
                                                                                                                             “I’m doing an                                           I decided that I
    careers that interest you and/or are qualified    for students’ personal development, welfare
                                                                                                                             occupational                                            wanted to explore
    to a high academic level.                         and behaviour was graded as ‘outstanding’.
                                                                                                                             therapy degree at                                       other opportunities
                                                      This included preparing our students for their
    You will receive comprehensive careers                                                                                   the University of                                       with my career.
                                                      next step.
    advice and guidance to help you make well-                                                           Cumbria. I had a placement last year                    I decided that an apprenticeship involving
    informed decisions about your future plans.       #CreatingBrightFutures                             in a paediatric community setting that I                customer service and business administration
                                                                                                         really enjoyed. I would highly recommend                would be the best option for me. I
                                                                                                         Kendal College to anyone, whether you’re                completed a business apprenticeship at
                                                                                                         leaving secondary school, or returning as               Kendal College and now work as a Business
                                                                                                         a mature student, the support, welcome                  Support Officer at North Yorkshire County
                                                                                                         and environment is fab!”                                Council, which I love!”

                                                                                                                              Alastair Speed,                                          Catherine Chant,
                                                                                                                              studied Engineering                                      studied Childhood
                                                                                                                              “I’m now on
                                                                                                                              the Higher                                                “I’m studying Primary
                                                                                                                              Apprenticeship                                            Education at York
                                                                                                                              scheme with BAE                                           St John University.
                                                                                                                              Systems in Barrow-                                        I have been on
                                                                                                         in-Furness, working full-time and studying              placement in a school where I did 456
                                                                                                         for my HNC at the same time. It’s a                     hours over the year, and I have loved
                                                                                                         3-year scheme, the first two years I’m                  getting to know the class and teaching
                                                                                                         studying for the HNC & HND, and I’ll                    my first lesson. It is an enriching
    “Teachers and assessors provide excellent                                                            be going on to the BA Mechanical                        experience. The placements at Kendal
    information, advice and guidance for learners                                                        Engineering Degree in the last year.                    College deepened my understanding of
    and apprentices, preparing them exceptionally                                                        BAE Systems fund the course, all my                     how to deal with parents and how to
    well for their next steps”                             SOURCE:
                                                                                                         education and extra-curricular tasks,
                                                           Ofsted 2017                                                                                           build up a professional relationship with
                                                                                                         and pay me a good salary.”                              staff and the children.”

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
State-of-the-Art Facilities
                                                                                  ‘The Box’ dedicated performance
                                                                                  venue opens
    The investment never stops at Kendal College. We recognise that to stay       Innovative Castle Dairy Restaurant,
    at the top of our game, we need to be constantly refreshing and updating      Art Gallery & Apprenticeship
    our equipment and facilities. In the last 15 years, more than £27 million     Academy opens
    has been invested in brand new and upgraded College resources.

                                                                                  Pioneering new Animal Rescue
                                                                                  Centre opens
                                                                                  Refurbishment of the Allen Building
                                                                                  (Arts & Media Campus)
                                                                                  New £2.2m Engineering, Science,
                                                                                  Technology & A-Level Centre opens

                                                                                  New £2.5m Wildman Street Studios
                                                                                  opens (Arts & Media Campus)

                                                                                                                                           “Learners and apprentices benefit from
                                                                                                                                           well-resourced and industry-standard
                                                                                                                                           facilities that provide them with good
                                                                                                                          SOURCE:          professional working environments”
                                                                                                                          Ofsted 2017

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Student Life
                                                                                          There are lots of additional opportunities
                                                                                          for you to benefit from and take part in,
                                                                                          • R
                                                                                             esidential trips & visits in the UK &
                                                                                            abroad e.g. Kenya, Italy, San Francisco
                                                                                            and Morocco to name just a few!
                                                                                          • Work placements in industry
                                                                                          • National competitions & WorldSkills
                                                                                                                                                                     “Meaningful work
                                                                                          • Part-time courses & additional qualifications                           experience and
                                                                                                                                                                     enrichment activities
                                                                                            tudent Governor & Class Rep positions                                   extend opportunities for
                                                                                           (voluntary)                                                               learners to develop their
                                                                                                                                                                     practical, personal, social
                                                                                          • Student Ambassador positions (paid)                      Ofsted 2017
                                                                                                                                                                     and employability skills
                                                                                                                                                                     extremely effectively”
                                                                                          • Totum Card – student discounts

    Dedicated Study Spaces                                                                                    Rowan Morgan,                                             Billy Thompson,

    & Progression Centre                                                                                      studied Outdoor
                                                                                                                                                                        studied Computing

                                                                                                                                                                     “The work
                                                                                                               “We visited Scotland                                  experience
                                                                                                               for a week kayaking                                   I was able to
    There are dedicated spaces for you to                                                                      on the river Edif                                     complete as
    undertake study and research with the                                                                      and climbed Ben                                       part of my
    support of a team of experienced staff in                    Students of all ages     Nevis, and travelled to Morocco to climb                course was exceptional. I have
    our Learning Centres and University Hub.                     study with us and        Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in                  always been fascinated with
                                                                                          North Africa. We had the opportunity                    computers and had a passion for
    These facilities include:                                    it’s a friendly, adult
                                                                                          to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh                   computer programming. I’m now
    • PC zones, Wi-Fi access & study booths                      environment. There
                                                                                          Award Scheme and gain other sports                      working as a web designer and
                                                                 are no uniforms or       qualifications such as 2-star Kayaking                  developer for BFI web agency
      he latest academic journals, books,                       bells and you call       award and the Mountain Leadership                       and I’m an independent mobile
     business magazines and newspapers                           your teachers by         (ML) qualification.”                                    app developer.”
    • P
       rogression centre to support you in                      their first name.
      securing a job or applying for university

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Opportunities                                                                              Professional and Technical Courses
                                                                                                - UAL Arts Diplomas, BTECs, NVQs etc
     to Consider                                                                                • Full-time (3-5 days) studied over one or two years
                                                                                                •	Study subjects related to a general career area e.g.
                                                                                                   engineering, sport, film
            A-Levels                                                                            •	Combine academic learning with practical experience
                                                                                                • Level 1 to Level 3 qualifications

     •	Full-time (3-5 days) studied over                                                       •	Level 3, two year diploma qualifications, are equivalent
        two years                                                                                  to 3 A-Levels

     •	Up to four A-Level subjects can                                                         •	Progression to university, apprenticeships or employment
        be studied as a cluster, or one
        A-Level could be combined with
        a Professional & Technical course
     •	Academic and pastoral support
        to reach your full potential
     • Level 3 qualifications                                                                   Access                                        Degree-Level Study
     •	Progression to university,                                                              to Higher
        apprenticeships or employment
                                                                                                Education                                     · Level 4 to Level 7 qualifications
                                                                                                Diploma                                       · Full-time and part-time options
                                                                                                                                              ·	HNCs, HNDs, Foundation Degrees, Higher-
                                                                                                                                                 Level Apprenticeships and BA Honours
                                                                                                •	Full-time (2 days) studied
                                                                                                                                              ·	Partnerships with the University of Central
                                                                                                   over one year
                                                              Apprenticeships                                                                    Lancashire, the University of Cumbria and
                                                                                                •	Specifically designed for                     other Professional Institutions
                                                                                                   adults aged 19+ without
                                                              • A full-time job with training      traditional qualifications
                                                              •	Earn a wage and receive        •	A fast track route to
                                                                 paid holidays                     university
                                                              • Highly valued by employers      • Level 3 qualification                                  English
                                                              •	Available at no cost to the    •	Student loans are                                     and Maths
                                                                 apprentice                        written off when students
                                                                                                                                              If you are aged 16-18 at the start of your
                                                                                                   complete a degree
                                                              • Level 2 to Level 6 training                                                   programme and haven’t achieved a GCSE grade
                                                                                                                                              9–4 (previously grade ‘C’ or above) in English
                                                              •	Opportunities to progress to
                                                                                                                                              or Maths, then these classes will be compulsory.
                                                                 higher apprenticeships and
                                                                                                                                              Our tutors will work with you to achieve better
                                                                 degree-level study
                                                                                                                                              grades, which will help you progress to the next
                                                                                                                                              stage of your education or your chosen career.

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Understanding                                                                               Useful careers                                            Making the Decision
                                                                                                                                                           At Kendal College we understand
                                                                                                 websites:                                                 that making decisions about your

                                                                                                                                                           future can be challenging, so our
                                                                                                                                                           helpful Student Services Team are
                                                                                                                                                           always on hand to talk you through
                                                                                                                                                           your options.
                                                                                                 Start Profile
                                                                                                                             If you have any questions or queries
                                                                                                                                                           please contact us:
                                                                                                 A free national website that covers
     We offer qualifications from Entry                                                          all the stages of career planning -             
                                                                                                 explore your skills & interests, see
     Level to Level 7.                                                                                                                                     01539 814700
     Please see individual course information
                                                             ENTRY LEVEL                         suggested careers and find relevant
                                                                                                 courses, apprenticeships and jobs
                                                                                                                                                           Open Evenings offer a great way
                                                                                                 close to where you live.
     for entry requirements. If you haven’t any              Courses are normally suitable                                                                 to explore what’s available and
     previous experience of a technical area e.g.            for people who want to build                                                                  find the best match for you –
                                                             up their personal and study         Prospects                                                 see page 14 for information.
     motor vehicle, hairdressing etc, you may                skills, and are a good stepping
     need to start on a Level 1 or 2 course to               stone to a Level 1 course.
                                                                                                                      Follow our social media pages
     gain the basic practical skills first.                                                      Answer questions about what you                           for an insight into the day-to-day
                                                                                                 find interesting and they’ll match you                    activities taking place across both
                                                                                                 with job groups containing more than                      of our campuses:
                                                                                                 400 job profiles.

                                                                                                 National Careers Website
          LEVEL 2                                            LEVEL 1                   
                                                                                                 This site includes a range of job
          Courses are normally suitable                      Courses are normally suitable       profiles, employability tools and
          for people who have gained 4                       for people who have gained          careers advice.
          GCSEs at Grade 3 and above or                      2 GCSEs at Grade 1 and
          who want to study a practical/                     above or who want to study a
          skills based course. A Level 2                     practical or skills based course.   Apprenticeships
          course is equivalent to 5 GSCEs                                              
          at Grade 4 and above.
                                                                                                 Earn while you learn with an

                                                                                                 A national search engine.

          LEVEL 3                                                                                Volunteering is a great way to
                                                                                                 discover what you like and don’t
          Courses are normally suitable for
          people who have either completed
                                                             LEVELS                              like doing. It also gives you valuable
                                                                                                 work experience which looks
          a Level 2 practical/skills-based
          course and want to progress or
                                                             4, 5, 6 & 7                         fantastic on your CV. If you can’t find
                                                                                                 what you are looking for, contact
          have gained 5 GCSEs at Grade                       Courses are degree-level            employers directly.
          4 and above and want a course                      and postgraduate courses.
          with some academic learning                        Students will need to have
          e.g. A-Levels or a Professional &                  completed a Level 3
          Technical course that is equivalent                qualification to progress
          to 3 A-Levels.                                     on to the level 4 courses.

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Visit Us                                                                                              Applying to College
     Meet our staff & students, explore our
     facilities and see if College is for you!
     For more information and to register for our events
                                                                                                           Full-Time Courses
     visit If you are unable to
                                                                                                           Complete an application form online at
     attend, we can organise an alternative time for you
     to visit the College. Please contact us to arrange this.
                                                                                                           or contact us on 01539 814700 or email
                                                                                                  for a printed copy.
                                                                                                           Many of our courses are very popular so
     Open Evenings                                                                                         we advise you to apply as soon as possible.

     Open Evenings at Kendal College
     enable you to see first-hand what
     opportunities are available to you.
     Drop in anytime between 4.30pm – 7pm                                                                  Read more about apprenticeships
                                                                                                           and complete the contact form at

     Thursday 6th December 2018

                                                                     South Lakes
     Thursday 7th February 2019
                                                                     Saturday 17th November 2018,
                                                                     10am - 3pm at Kendal College
     Thursday 28th March 2019
                                                                                                           What Happens Next
                                                                     Meet employers, universities and
                                                                     training providers and discover the   We will invite you to come and see us at
     Thursday 20th June 2019                                         range of opportunities available!     the College for an ‘Admissions Event’. There
                                                                                                           will be a short presentation where you can
                                                                                                           find out more about the College, and you
                                                                                                           will meet a member of the curriculum team
                                                                                                           to talk about the course or apprenticeship
                                                                                                           and determine whether it is right for you.

     Summer Advice Days                                                                                    Full-time courses start in September and
                                                                                                           apprenticeships start throughout the year.             DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                                                           You may be invited into College prior
     We are open throughout the summer for                                                                 to this to complete essential paperwork,               IF YOU ARE UNDER 19,
     information and advice. Our tutors are                                                                organise transport and finalise other course           THE COLLEGE WILL SUPPORT
                                                                                                           requirements before you officially become              YOU TO ATTAIN A GCSE IN
     available on designated ‘Course Advice                                                                a College student!
                                                                                                                                                                  ENGLISH & MATHS
     Days’. See our website for dates and
     more information.

14     T: 01539 814700    E:           @kendalcollege                        @kendalcollege        T: 01539 814700   E:   15
PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Apprentice Story

                                                                                              I am a Mechanical Engineering
                                                                                                      with Gilkes. I have gained
                                                                                          a Level 2 & 3 qualification whilst being
                                                                                          paid a full-time wage. I am now
                                                                                          studying a HNC, a Level 4 course, and
                                                                                          as long as I work for Gilkes for 5 years,
                                                                                          they will pay for my degree so I won’t
                                                                                          have any debt. Gilkes manufacture
                                                                                          engine cooling pumps and design                      Apprenticeships are available in:

                                                                                          hydro turbines. The work is practical,               Accounting (AAT), Animal Care,
                                                                                          hands-on and I’m experiencing                      Business Administration, Customer
                                                                                          all parts of the company e.g.                     Service, Childcare, Teaching, Learning
                                                                                          manufacturing, commissioning, design,            & Assessment, Computing, Construction
                                                                                          sales. I’m discovering what I like and           and the Built Environment, Engineering,
     An apprenticeship is a full-time job with                                            what I’m good at. I’m really looking
                                                               THERE ARE ON AVERAGE                                                            Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy &
     training. There has never been a better

                                                                                          forward to working with the hydro team             Complementary Therapies, Health &
     time to consider a career as an apprentice.                                          – they work all around the world and             Social Care, Hospitality, Motor Vehicle,

     We work with over 400 small and large                                                sustainable power is the future!
                                                                 APPRENTICESHIP                                                            Sciences, Sport & Outdoor Adventure,
     employers who are keen to invest in people
                                                              OPPORTUNITIES ON THE                                                              Team Leading & Management
     and provide on-the-job training.                                                     Emily Campbell
                                                            “FIND AN APPRENTICESHIP”
     Key benefits of being an apprentice include;              WEBSITE EVERY MONTH
     gaining job-specific skills, working alongside
     experienced staff, earning a salary, getting                                         Apprentice Story                              management. The best things about working for
     paid holidays, and receiving training to
     enhance your career.                                          431,300                                “   I work for the NHS. I
                                                                                                          completed my Level 3
                                                                                                                                        the University Hospitals Morecambe Bay Trust
                                                                                                                                        is that I work across all the sites and regularly
     Apprenticeships are open to people of
                                                               PEOPLE BEGAN THEIR                                                       travel to Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow. I learn
                                                            APPRENTICESHIP LAST YEAR                      Business Administration       so many different things daily – there is always
     all ages; from 16-year-old school leavers
                                                                                                          Apprenticeship last year      something new to keep me busy. I especially
     to working-age professionals who want
                                                                                                          and will be starting the      enjoy working with people from different
     to progress in their workplace or change

                                                                                                          Level 4 soon. My job          cultures and backgrounds and being part of
     their career.

     Apprentices receive regular monitoring and             OF APPRENTICES SAY THEIR
                                                                                                          includes working with
                                                                                                          doctors to support their
                                                                                                                                        a team who have one shared goal.
                                                                                                                                        Jenson Moon
     support from our dedicated and experienced              CAREER PROSPECTS HAVE                        work as well as events
     team of specialist trainers.                           IMPROVED AS A RESULT OF
                                                              BEING AN APPRENTICE
     Apprenticeships are offered from Level 2                                                            Find out more:
     to Level 6 (degree-level study).
                                                      *Source:                                    visit

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PROSPECTUS 2019 2020 - Full-Time Courses & Apprenticeships - Kendal College
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                   “at the
                                                                                                       I studied a degree in economics
                                                                                                            University of Birmingham before
                                                                                                   joining PricewaterhouseCoopers as
                                                                                                   a graduate. I then worked as a

                                                                                                   chartered accountant for brands
                                                                                                   such as Jaguar, Ford and GAP.
                                                                                                   When I moved to the Lake District,
                                                                                                   I retrained as a teacher to fulfil a
                                                                                                   life-long desire to work with young
     A-Level students typically choose three                                                       people. I now teach A-Level Business
     subjects and those with very high entry                Subjects Available:                    and A-Level Economics, which allows
     qualifications may apply to study four.                                                       me to share my knowledge and
                                                           • Accounting           • Geography
     An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) may
     be undertaken as part of your A-Level studies
                                                           • Art & Design         • History
                                                                                                   Sinéad Kay
                                                           • Biology              • Law
     to help showcase your academic skills for
                                                           • Business             • Mathematics
     university applications. An A-Level can also
                                                           • Chemistry            • Music
     be combined with a Level 3 Professional &
     Technical course, e.g. Engineering with A-Level       • Computing            • Philosophy
     Maths (equivalent to four A-Levels).                  • Dance                • Photography    Student Story
                                                           • Economics            • Physics
     Our students have progressed on to
     a variety of Russell Group Universities,
                                                           • English Language
                                                           • English Literature
                                                                                  • Politics
                                                                                  • Psychology
                                                                                                                       “   The teaching style is really effective, and I love the flexibility,
                                                                                                                       facilities and expertise at the College. So far, I’ve had the
     full-time employment and higher-level
                                                           • French               • Sociology                          opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities and go on
     apprenticeships. We also have experience
                                                           • Further Maths                                             trips. I’m hoping to study a law-related course at university to
     of preparing students for Oxbridge
     applications. Recent A-level students
                                                                                                                       pursue a career in either law or politics.
                                                                                                                       Nate Walker
     have gone on to study Law at Lancaster
     University, Physics at Leeds University,
     Teacher Training at the University of Cumbria
     and Chemical Engineering at Manchester
                                                               OF STUDENTS PASSED
     University.                                                                                                  Find out more:
                                                                IN 2018, WITH 83%
                                                                 ACHIEVING A*-C                                   visit

18     T: 01539 814700     E:               @kendalcollege        @kendalcollege             T: 01539 814700      E:   19
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                               I have worked in science and
                                                                                                                     for 30 years and feel
                                                                                                           privileged to help students realise
                                                                                                           their ambition to go to university and

                     Access to Higher Education                                                            on to professional careers. Science is
                                                                                                           a wonderful way of understanding
                                                                                                           the world and the simple
                                                                                                           disciplines of observing, questioning,
     It’s never too late! Our courses are
     specifically designed for adults aged 19              Courses Available:                              experimenting and the willingness to
                                                                                                           change our minds. Science helps us
     and over returning to study, either after a
     break or as part of a career change. They            HEALTH & HUMAN                                   to solve just about every problem
     offer a proven and successful route on to
     university study.
                                                          SCIENCES PATHWAY
                                                                                                           we face.
                                                                                                           Steve Richardson
                                                          Level 3 (1 year)
     The Health & Human Sciences Pathway is
     a stepping stone to all branches of nursing,
     paramedic science, occupational therapy,             SCIENCE PATHWAY
     social work, nutrition, physiotherapy, forensic      Level 3 (1 year)                                 Student Story
     psychology and more. The Science Pathway
     can lead on to careers such as engineering,
     marine biology, microbiology and nuclear
                                                          HUMANITIES PATHWAY                                                  “   You don’t realise your potential until you have started the
                                                                                                                              course. The tutors have shown us we can do it and we are good
                                                          Level 3 (1 year)
     physics. We are excited to launch a new                                                                                  at it. After this course, I’m going to London to be a Paramedic at
     Humanities Pathway in 2019.                                                                                              St. George’s Hospital.
                                                                                                                              Graeme Bainbridge
     The courses build confidence and will give            An Advanced Learner Loan is available to
     you specialist knowledge and study skills to          cover the course fee and Student Finance
     provide entry into a range of universities.           England will ‘write off’ the loan once you
                                                           complete a higher education course, so
     Over the last 3 years, 85% of our students            you won’t have to repay it. There is also
     progressed on to their first choice university        a Bursary Fund that provides additional
     within a year of completing the course.
                                                           financial support for students living in low-                  Find out more:
                                                           income households. This can help pay for
                                                           things like childcare and transport.                           visit

20     T: 01539 814700    E:                @kendalcollege                @kendalcollege         T: 01539 814700   E:   21
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                   “yearsIt’s ofwonderful  to share my 30
                                                                                                                  industry knowledge with
                                                                                                   what will be the next generation of
                                                                                                   animal carers. For our students, no
                                                                                                   day is ever the same with each one
                                                                                                   bringing a new challenge and the
                                                                                                   opportunity to work with a large

                     Animal Care
                                                                                                   variety of animals
                                                                                                   LISBETH TUCKEY

     Kendal College is the first college in                                                                THE ANIMAL CARE
                                                            Courses Available:                            INDUSTRY IS WORTH

     the UK to have an Animal Rescue &
     Rehabilitation Centre alongside its
     teaching department.                                    ANIMAL CARE
     Facilities include an intensive care and                Level 2 (1 year)
                                                                                                         TO THE UK ECONOMY
     treatment room, with industry standard
                                                                                                                *SOURCE: LANTRA
     surgical equipment and digital x-ray facilities,
     which provide the highest level of care for
     animals and the best possible practical
     learning environment for students. Courses
                                                             Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to
                                                             3 A-Levels
                                                                                                   Student Story
     are headed up by experienced staff with
     backgrounds in veterinary science, marine
     biology and animal behaviour.
                                                             Option to ‘Add an A-Level’, e.g.
                                                             Animal Management with A-Level
                                                                                                                         “  I like the ARC facilities, it’s a mini rescue centre. We learn to
                                                                                                                         handle the animals properly which increases your confidence; I
                                                             Biology or Chemistry (equivalent to                         would never have touched a tarantula before but I would now.
     Our students have progressed on to a
                                                             4 A-Levels)                                                 I’m looking forward to watching operations on the animals and
     variety of courses after college including
                                                             Ask us about apprenticeships                                I am hoping to get a job as an Animal Welfare Officer after
     zoology, ecology and veterinary medicine.
     Employment and apprentice opportunities                 in this area or visit:
                                                                                                                         college or go to university.
                                                                                                                         Hannah Short
     include veterinary nursing, laboratory and
     ecological work, or pursuing animal-related             Degree-level programmes
     roles in the police, retail and agricultural            are also available including
     industries.                                             the Foundation Degree in                               Find out more:
                                                             British Animal Management
                                                             and Wildlife Rehabilitation                            visit

22     T: 01539 814700     E:              @kendalcollege         @kendalcollege               T: 01539 814700   E:   23
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                  I have worked with offenders
                                                                                                          my career and am
                                                                                              passionate about passing the
                                                                                              knowledge I have learnt onto the
                                                                                              next generation of forensic scientists,

                        Applied Sciences                                                      crime scene investigators, police
                                                                                              officers and anthropologists. I have
                                                                                              degrees in criminology and forensic
                                                                                              science, and I ensure learners
     Our students benefit from learning in                                                    are presented with current cases,
     a purpose-built scientific laboratory               Courses Available:                   subjects and legislation to prepare
     complete with state-of-the-art IT facilities.                                            them to progress on to university,

     Medical Science students develop
     practical laboratory skills that will be             MEDICAL SCIENCE                     apprenticeships or employment.

     vital for their future, and Forensic Science         Level 3                             Sarah Spibey
     students study current affairs and the most
     groundbreaking forensic techniques.
     Often a stepping stone to university, our            FORENSIC SCIENCE
     Medical Science students progress on to              Level 3                             Student Story
     degrees in radiography, pharmaceuticals,
     biomedicine and chemical engineering.
     Our Forensic Science students progress on
     to degrees in psychology, criminology and
                                                          Both courses are 2 years and
                                                          equivalent to 3 A-Levels
                                                                                                                  “   Forensic Science is really interesting and covers a lot – my
                                                                                                                  favourite subject is criminology and I would like to do this at
     forensic anthropology, and a variety of                                                                      university after college. All the tutors are supportive, I would
                                                          Option to ‘Add an A-Level’, e.g.                        definitely go to them if I needed help. I am very glad I made
     careers within the police and community
     services.                                            Medical Science with A-Level
                                                          Biology or Forensic Science
                                                                                                                  this decision.
                                                                                                                  Jamie Howell
                                                          with A-Level Psychology or
                                                          Law (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)
         5.8M EMPLOYEES
               EQUATING TO 20%                            Ask us about apprenticeships
             OF THE UK WORKFORCE                          in this area or visit:                              Find out more:
                *SOURCE: SCIENCE COUNCIL                            visit

24    T: 01539 814700   E:             @kendalcollege        @kendalcollege          T: 01539 814700    E:   25
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                          I studied Visual Arts at the
                                                                                                                  of Wales and have worked
                                                                                                      in galleries, design studios and
                                                                                                      theatres all over Europe. I moderate
                                                                                                      for University of the Arts London and
                                                                                                      train teachers across the country. My
                                                                                                      goal in teaching is to nurture every

                        Art & Design
                                                                                                      student to reach their full potential
                                                                                                      and achieve their aims for whatever
                                                                                                      direction they may choose.
                                                                                                      Sorrel Sratford
     The Arts & Media Campus at Kendal
     College is widely respected and has an                 Courses Available:
     excellent record of producing talented                                                          ONE-IN-EIGHT          THERE ARE OVER
     and successful creative students. Our                                                           UK BUSINESSES         THREE MILLION
     passionate tutors have a wealth of
                                                            ART & DESIGN                              OPERATE IN             CREATIVE JOB
                                                            Level 2 (1 year)                         THE CREATIVE
     experience, strong industry links and                                                                                     ROLES IN
     teach all the latest techniques in a                                                               SECTOR                  THE UK
     vibrant environment.
                                                            ART & DESIGN
     Facilities include Mac suites with the latest          Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to
     software, specialist print, textiles and 3D
                                                            3 A-Levels                               Student Story
     workshops, a photographic studio and
     darkroom, and multidisciplinary spaces.
     The new Wildman Street Studios house a
     professional gallery space that is open to
                                                            ART & DESIGN                                                 “   The facilities at Kendal College really impressed me. There is a
                                                                                                                         lot of practical space and a huge range of equipment. The course
     the public.
                                                            FOUNDATION,                                                  is really varied too. One week I will be drawing and the next
                                                            pre-degree course (1 year)                                   printmaking or working on a ceramics project. I organised an
     Our students achieve places at top                                                                                  exhibition with a local artist while on work placement which

     universities such as London College of                                                                              I am really proud of.
     Fashion, Goldsmiths University of London,              Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g. Art &                        Marta Zawadzki
     The Royal School of Needlework Hampton                 Design with A-Level English Literature
     Court, University of the Arts London, and              (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)
     the Glasgow School of Art. They progress
                                                            You may also be interested in our
     on to a variety of careers in fine art, textiles
                                                            Photography & Film Level 2 course.
                                                                                                                    Find out more:
     and fashion, product design, photography,
     graphic design, illustration and animation.
                                                            See page 40 for information.                            visit

26     T: 01539 814700     E:              @kendalcollege           @kendalcollege         T: 01539 814700    E:   27
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                “I loveI owned  a salon for 15 years and
                                                                                                          passing my knowledge to
                                                                                                others. It’s an exciting time for the
                                                                                                industry, with an increased demand
                                                                                                for hi-tech treatments like IPL and
                                                                                                microdermabrasion, which offer
                                                                                                opportunities for students to progress
                                                                                                on to advanced qualifications.
                                                                                                Alysia Parkin
                   Barbering, Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy
                                                                                                         THERE ARE OVER

     Our students benefit from hands-on
     learning in the College’s own commercial             Courses Available:
                                                                                                 HAIR AND BEAUTY BUSINESSES
     salon, The Retreat. The College is well                                                           IN THE UK WITH A
     respected in the area for producing high-             HAIRDRESSING                            COMBINED TURNOVER OF
     quality professionals who are proficient
     in using industry standard facilities and
                                                           Level 2 and Level 3
     equipment and understanding the day-to-               BARBERING                                      *SOURCE: NHF & HABIA

     day running of a busy salon environment.              Level 2 and Level 3

     Opportunities are not limited to working in           BEAUTY THERAPY                       Student Story
     salons or renting chairs on a self-employed           Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
     basis. Many of our students have gone
     on to work for major employers in the
     travel and tourism trade including Center
                                                           BEAUTY MAKE-UP
                                                           Level 2 and Level 3
                                                                                                                     “   Massage, facial electrics and hot stones are covered in Level 3.
                                                                                                                     We have guest speakers and will be going to visit a high-end spa in
     Parcs, luxury hotel groups, and cruise ship                                                                     Harrogate to try some of the treatments. I hope to work in massage
                                                           ADVANCED BEAUTY
     operators. It is also possible to progress
     on to higher-level study in areas like salon          TECHNIQUES
                                                                                                                     therapy in a spa in the Lake District when the course ends.
                                                                                                                     Sophie Adams
     management and advanced treatments.                   Level 4

                                                           All the above courses are 1 year

                        1/5                                Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g.
                                                           Hairdressing with A-Level Business
         VACANCIES THEY WANT TO FILL                       Ask us about apprenticeships                         Find out more:
                                                           in this area or visit:
                  *SOURCE: NHF & HABIA                                                                          visit

28    T: 01539 814700    E:             @kendalcollege         @kendalcollege         T: 01539 814700    E:   29
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                “beingI caught   the teaching bug after
                                                                                                          invited into College as a guest
                                                                                                speaker while employed by Thomas
                                                                                                Cook in a managerial role. I also

                        Business & Accounting
                                                                                                worked for the North Lakes Hotel
                                                                                                Group and have a Master’s degree in
                                                                                                Tourism Management. I teach a range
                                                                                                of topics up to Level 5, which allows
     Business is one of the most diverse                                                        me to share my experiences and
     course areas, with our students going
     on to successful careers in a wide range
                                                         Courses Available:                     knowledge with learners.
                                                                                                Beverley Davis
     of areas including management, retail,
     accountancy, sales and marketing. Our                BUSINESS
                                                                                                     OVER 99%
     tutors have worldwide industry experience            Level 2 (1 year)
     and deliver courses that are practical and
     relevant to today’s fast-changing business                                                OF THE 5.5 MILLION UK BUSINESSES
     world. Work placements, talks from                                                          ARE SMALL TO MEDIUM-SIZED
     industry experts and visits to London and            BUSINESS                                    ENTERPRISES (SMES)
     international destinations are key parts of          Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to                 *SOURCE: PROSPECTS
     the study programmes.                                3 A-Levels

     The pathways offered enable students to
     make progression choices that are right for                                               Student Story
     them. These include setting up their own             Option to ‘Add an A-Level’
                                                          e.g. Business with A-Level Law,
     businesses, both physically and online, and
                                                                                                                          I prefer the freedom of College, meeting new people, and
     gaining apprenticeships with some high               Accounting or Economics
                                                                                                                     being in a more relaxed atmosphere. There is a lot of work, but
     profile companies such as BAE Systems                (equivalent to 3 or 4 A-Levels)                            it is enjoyable. We went to a business conference in Paris which
     and Leonardo.
                                                          Ask us about apprenticeships                               was really good, and the course is helping me to decide what to
     University is always a popular pathway
     choice that our students make. The
                                                          in this area or visit:                                     choose for university.
                                                                                                                     Mike McGlynn
     excellent reputation of the Business School
     has supported progression into excellent             Degree-level programmes
     universities such as Lancaster, Leeds and            are also available including
     Manchester, on to courses ranging from               the HND in Business                                   Find out more:
     business management, law & politics to
     fashion retail.                                                                                            visit

30    T: 01539 814700   E:              @kendalcollege         @kendalcollege          T: 01539 814700   E:   31
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                  “andI worked  at Natland Pre-School
                                                                                                        a variety of early year settings
                                                                                                  for 10 years before completing the

                    Childhood Studies
                                                                                                  Foundation Degree at Kendal College,
                                                                                                  the BA (Hons) at UCLAN and then
                                                                                                  training to teach. Being able to train
                                                                                                  the next generation of early years and
                                                                                                  primary practitioners puts us as tutors
     Our tutors are all ex-industry
     professionals with extensive
     experience. They have built up
                                                      Courses Available:                          in a very privileged position.
                                                                                                  Lorraine Howie
     excellent links with employers
     including schools, nurseries and                   VOCATIONAL STUDIES
     children’s centres. The courses                    Level 1 (1 year)
     focus strongly on work placements
     to develop first-hand experience                   EXPLORING THE                                OF CHILDCARE PROVIDERS
     and much-needed practical skills.                                                               SAY THEY FIND IT HARD TO
     Classroom work is varied and                       CARING SECTORS                                  FILL JOB VACANCIES
     mirrors true working environments,                 Level 1 (1 year)
                                                                                                          *SOURCE: NURSERY WORLD
     such as primary classrooms which
     are used when local school children                CHILDHOOD STUDIES
     visit the College.
     Childhood Studies courses lead to
                                                        Level 2 (1 year)
                                                                                                  Student Story
     careers in teaching, health, social                CHILDHOOD STUDIES
     and youth work, counselling, early
     years and paediatric nursing. Our
                                                        Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to                             “  The work is varied and includes visits to schools, trips and weekly
                                                                                                                     work placements. It’s eye-opening how much you learn from the
                                                        3 A-Levels                                                   practical sessions. My future options include a teaching degree at
     students progress on to a wide range
     of degree programmes including                                                                                  university or an au pairing opportunity in America that I found through
                                                        Ask us about apprenticeships
     our degree in Children, Schools and                                                                             College. I would 100% recommend this course especially to males,

     Families as well as a range of courses             in this area or visit:                                       as there is a huge demand for male teachers at the moment.
     at Edge Hill, York, Manchester and       
                                                                                                                     Ed Crisp
     Leeds. The course equips students with
                                                        Degree-level programmes are also
     the necessary skills and experience to
     progress straight into employment or               available including the Foundation
     pursue apprenticeship opportunities.               Degree and BA (Hons) Top Up in                           Find out more:
                                                        Children, Schools and Families.

32   T: 01539 814700       E:              @kendalcollege       @kendalcollege         T: 01539 814700   E:   33
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                            “andI graduated in computer science
                                                                                                  worked as an engineer, fixing
                                                                                            hardware and networking, for a
                                                                                            telephonics company. The ever-
                  Computing, IT & Software Development                                      changing world of technology is an
                                                                                            enjoyable challenge. Computing is
                                                                                            no longer a standalone subject; it is
                                                                                            integral to the way most of society
     Our facilities promote independent
     learning in a professional environment.            Courses Available:                  now functions. On these computing
                                                                                            courses, students will develop the
     Learners use dual monitor, high-end
                                                                                            problem-solving skills needed for
     workstations, loaded with the latest
     commercial software, for event driven               IT (SOFTWARE                       the industry.
     and procedural programming, web                     DEVELOPMENT)                       Dee Mackenzie-Eley
     design, graphics, and animation.                    Level 3
     Computer systems and architecture,
     including mobile platforms, are also
     explored, and there is a range of                   CREATIVE MEDIA                     Student Story
     desktop and server components for                   & GAMES DESIGN
     practicing assembly and fault finding.              Level 3                                                  We have visited the European Gaming Expo and had industry
     A computing course is the perfect stepping                                                                talks, which are great opportunities to update our knowledge. I
     stone to careers and degree courses                                                                       have had really good support from the Learning Services team,
                                                         Both courses are 2 years and
     in areas such as software engineering,
     digital game design, web programming,
                                                         equivalent to 3 A-Levels
                                                                                                               Hannah Roberts
                                                                                                               and I feel it is an exceptional learning environment.

     information technologies or systems                 Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g.
     analysis. Careers in these fields offer             Computing with A-Level Maths
     rich opportunities for talented students,           (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)
     whether you want to work for a cutting-
     edge developer, make strides in                     Ask us about apprenticeships
     cybersecurity or design web-based                   in this area or visit:                              Find out more:
     business solutions.                                           visit

34   T: 01539 814700   E:            @kendalcollege        @kendalcollege       T: 01539 814700   E:   35
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                     As an Approved Electrician with
                                                                                                         30 years’ experience in the
                                                                                                 industry I have held some interesting
                                                                                                 and varied positions, from electrical
                                                                                                 apprentice to the project manager
                                                                                                 on large industrial installations. Being

                    Construction                                                                 an electrician gives you the ultimate
                                                                                                 flexibility in life. It gives you the
                                                                                                 opportunity to work away from home
                                                                                                 or even abroad. You can wire new
     The Construction industry is                                                                houses, fit out new shops, maintain
     growing fast, with a wide range of         Courses Available:                               systems in a factory, run your own
     job opportunities in the ‘trades’,                                                          business and more…. the sky is the
     and careers in site and project             MULTISKILLS                                     limit and the money is nearly
     management for those who
     want to go further. With huge
                                                 Level 1                                         always good.
                                                                                                 Nick Whiteley
     UK projects on the horizon such             CARPENTRY & JOINERY
     as HS2 and the home building                Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
     boom, jobs are plentiful after
     training at College. Our students           ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS                        Student Story
     have recently gained employment             Level 2 and Level 3

     with local, and national firms
                                                                                                                        I am enjoying Bench Joinery. There is a good mix of practical
     including Russell Armer, Barratt            PLUMBING                                                            and theory and I am learning all the time. There is more freedom
     Developments and Storey Homes.              Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3                                        than school and you get treated like an adult. I now have an offer
     Many students also undertake
     apprenticeships after training at           BRICKWORK                                                                                                               “
                                                                                                                     of a full-time job as a result of my work experience.

                                                 Level 1 and Level 2                                                 Callum Atherton
     College full-time, and some progress
     to higher-level studies including
     foundation degrees in building              All courses are 1 year. Option to ‘Add an
     studies, building engineering and           A-Level’ e.g. Joinery with A-Level Maths
     construction management.
                                                 Ask us about apprenticeships in this area                       Find out more:
                                                 or visit:

36   T: 01539 814700     E:               @kendalcollege        @kendalcollege         T: 01539 814700   E:   37
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                      “andI worked in both engineering
                                                                                                            construction industries before
                                                                                                      pursuing a career in teaching.

                                                                                                      Courses at Kendal College are
                                                                                                      fun, fast and friendly. It’s extremely
                                                                                                      rewarding to see students progress
                                                                                                      through the course, gaining new
                                                                                                      found confidence and knowledge.
     Our flagship £2.2m Engineering,                                                                                                                                AN ADDITIONAL
                                                    Courses Available:
                                                                                                      My advice to anyone is to come
     Science & Technology Centre houses
                                                                                                      and see our facilities and meet
     CNC machines, numerous manual
                                                                                                      our tutors yourself; we offer open
     lathes, 3D printers, the latest CAD                                                                                                                       ENGINEERING EMPLOYEES
     suite systems and much more. Our
                                                      ENGINEERING                                     evenings throughout the year.
                                                                                                                                        “                       WILL BE NEEDED EACH
     tutors have a wealth of experience               TECHNOLOGY                                      Nick Evanson                                                 YEAR UNTIL 2022
     in the industry and organise guest               Level 2 (1 year)                                                                                             *SOURCE: ENGINEERING UK
     speakers and trips to engineering
     firms in the UK and abroad.                      ENGINEERING
     There are over 20,000 different job              TECHNOLOGY                                      Student Story
     opportunities in the engineering                 Level 3 (2 years)
     industry, so following a career in
                                                                                                                           “  The equipment is very good and really interesting to use.
     this field could take you down
     any number of paths. Many of our
                                                      ENGINEERING SCIENCE                                                  We have loads of different machines, like the robot arm, and we
                                                                                                                           learn how to use them safely. I’ve enjoyed the independence and
                                                      Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to
     students go on to higher-level study,                                                                                 responsibility for your own learning, and I am hoping to progress
                                                      3 A-Levels
     attaining degrees in subjects such as
     mechatronics, energy, motorsports,               Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g. Engineering
                                                                                                                           to a higher apprenticeship.
                                                                                                                           Jack Smith
     and aeronautics. Just as many secure             with A-Level Maths (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)
     apprenticeships with local and
                                                      Ask us about apprenticeships in this area
     national employers including Gilkes
                                                      or visit:
     and BAE Systems, or go on to study
     our Higher National Certificate (HNC).           Degree-level programmes are available                           Find out more:
                                                      including the HNC in Engineering                                visit

38    T: 01539 814700      E:             @kendalcollege             @kendalcollege            T: 01539 814700    E:   39
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                       I was a camera operator on
                                                                                                                for the BBC, ITV, Channel
                    Film Production & Photography                                                  4, Sky and MTV throughout the UK
                                                                                                   and in Europe, Mauritius and Australia.
                                                                                                   Since moving to the Lakes, I’ve
     Film Production & Photography is a key                                                        continued to make films for a range
     part of Kendal College’s Arts & Media                Courses Available:                       of companies. There is no other art
     Campus. Our tutors have an enviable                                                           form that can transform an audience
                                                                                                   as powerfully as film, and it’s the most
     background working in the industry and                PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM
     continue to work as freelance filmmakers
     and photographers, enabling our students
                                                           Level 2 (1 year)
                                                                                                   rewarding career I know.
                                                                                                   Simon Sylvester
     to learn from the best. Our Mac studios
     have all the latest software and you will             FILM PRODUCTION
     be taught how to use a variety of cameras             Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to
     and film equipment.                                   3 A-Levels                              Student Story
     This area is a particularly powerful,
     incredibly exciting and inspiring career
     choice. Career opportunities include film
                                                           ART & DESIGN                                               “  Film Production is always very hands-on and productive, so at the
                                                                                                                      end of the day, we have made something we can be proud of. It’s a
     editing, cinematography, directing, sound
                                                           FOUNDATION                                                 very supportive atmosphere with quality feedback from students and
     recording, becoming a freelance press                                                                            tutors. I did my work experience at Lakeland in Windermere filming
     and photojournalist and many more. Our                pre-degree course (1 year)                                 a training video and am considering Manchester Film School for
     students progress on to a wide range of
     university degrees, apprenticeships and self-         Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g.
                                                                                                                      screenwriting after this course.
                                                                                                                      AbbieJo Lester
     employment.                                           Film Production with A-Level English
                                                           Literature (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)

                                                           Our Art & Design courses also                          Find out more:
                                                           include photography.

40    T: 01539 814700    E:              @kendalcollege           @kendalcollege           T: 01539 814700   E:   41
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                    “andI trained as a nurse in the NHS
                                                                                                          then joined the Army. I have
                                                                                                    worked in various settings including

                    Health & Social Care
                                                                                                    A&E and operating theatres before
                                                                                                    becoming a lecturer. I consider myself
                                                                                                    to be in a privileged position to
                                                                                                    support students to start their careers
     Our courses strongly focus on work                                                             in this fascinating, unpredictable, but
     placements to develop first-hand experience
     and broaden students’ understanding
                                                           Courses Available:                       rewarding sector.
                                                                                                    Debbie Kavanagh
     of health services. Classroom work is
                                                            EXPLORING THE CARING
     varied and exciting, and our tutors are
                                                            SECTORS                                   AT ANY ONE TIME, 1/11 JOB
     all ex-industry professionals with extensive
                                                            Level 1 (1 year)                         VACANCIES ARE UNFILLED IN
     experience in the sector.
                                                                                                      THE NHS, WITH A FURTHER
                                                            HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE
     With an increasing population, there is
     a significant demand for more people to                Level 2 (1 year)
     enter the industry. Courses open up a wide                                                              IN SOCIAL CARE
     and varied range of job opportunities - from
                                                            HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE
                                                                                                            *SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN
     nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, to              Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to
     care and social workers, psychologists and             3 A-Levels
     counsellors employed by the NHS, local
     authorities, charities and schools.
                                                            HEALTH & SOCIAL                         Student Story
                                                            CARE NHS CADETS
     We have a strong partnership with the NHS              Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to                              College is a relaxed atmosphere and friendly; the tutors are very
     Morecambe Bay Trust, delivering the Cadet              3 A-Levels
                                                                                                                       supportive and approachable. There is a lot of work but if you apply
     Programme, which involves significant hospital         Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g.                            yourself and manage your time well, you can do it. We’ve learnt about
     experience at Furness General or the Royal             Health & Social Care with A-Level                          health & body systems e.g. how the respiratory system works, as well as
     Lancaster Infirmary.                                   Psychology (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)                      studying social modules e.g. how to tackle difficult situations and calm
     Our students progress on to a variety of               Ask us about apprenticeships                               people down. Next year we’ll also have work placements. I am progressing
     degree programmes, apprenticeships and full-
     time employment. Lancaster University, Kings
                                                            in this area or visit:
                                                                             Jason Taylor
                                                                                                                       on to Level 3 and then hope to study mental health nursing at university.

     College London and Northumbria University              Degree-level programmes are
     are just some of the destinations of our former        also available including the
     students, who are now studying a variety of            Foundation Degree in Health
                                                                                                                   Find out more:
     degrees including psychology, social work and          & Social Care                                          visit
     all strands of nursing.

42    T: 01539 814700    E:              @kendalcollege            @kendalcollege         T: 01539 814700   E:   43
Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                      “in theI have over 20 years’ experience
                    Hospitality & Catering                                                                       hospitality industry and have
                                                                                                      gained valuable experience as a
                                                                                                      Head Chef all over Scotland and
     Our experienced tutors regularly host                                                            Northern England, including working
     and support high-profile functions and            Courses Available:                             at AA Red Rosette Level for seven
     events at the College, which gives our                                                           years. We’re a college at the top of
     students the confidence and experience            PROFESSIONAL COOKERY                           our game, hosting key events for up
     to carry forward to their future careers.         Level 1 and Level 2 (1 year)                   to 200 guests with food prepared
     You will gain valuable experience in                                                             and served by students. We deliver
     our fine-dining restaurant, which is              FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE                        the high-quality training required to

     open to the public for lunches and                Level 2 (1 year)
                                                                                                      progress into the workplace.
     dinner, as well as through external
     work placements. The College has an               PROFESSIONAL COOKERY: PATISSERIE               Richard Axford
     unrivalled reputation for delivering              Level 3 (1 year)
     some of the most talented chefs,
     front of house managers and industry              PROFESSIONAL COOKERY: MULTISKILL
                                                       Level 3 (1 year)
     professionals in the UK.
                                                                                                      Student Story
                                                       HOSPITALITY SUPERVISION &
     “Kendal College, home to one of the               LEADERSHIP
     most influential cooking courses in the
     country” Jay Rayner
                                                       Level 3 (1 year)                                                    “  I was expecting college to be quite stressful, but I’ve found it
                                                                                                                           to be much more chilled, friendly and relaxed. I really enjoy being
                                                       HOSPITALITY, EVENTS & LEADERSHIP                                    able to get practical experience in the college kitchens and being
     Thanks to the location of the College in          Level 3 (2 years), equivalent to 3 A-Levels                         involved in major dining events like the Cumbria Life Awards. After
     one of the country’s most popular tourist                                                                             my course, my aim is to work full-time, then study to become a Sushi

     destinations, there is no shortage of             Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g. Hospitality,
                                                                                                                           Chef in Japan.
     career opportunities. Our students have           Events & Leadership with A-Level Business
                                                       (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)                                          Edlie Syamsul
     progressed on to a wide range of roles
     in some of the most prestigious venues in         Ask us about apprenticeships in this area
     the country, including Forest Side Hotel,         or visit:
     L’Enclume and The Samling Hotel.
                                                       Degree-level programmes are also available                     Find out more:
                                                       including the HND in Hospitality Management

44    T: 01539 814700       E:             @kendalcollege            @kendalcollege           T: 01539 814700   E:   45
Meet Our Tutors

                    Motor Vehicle Maintenance                                                     “fromI was  an apprentice straight
                                                                                                          school, so I can really relate
                                                                                                  to the vocational study route in
                                                                                                  practical careers such as this one.
     Facilities in the Motor Vehicle Workshop                                                     A hands-on learning experience
     are industry standard, including the latest         Courses Available:                       is immensely valuable when you
     diagnostic equipment. The workshop                                                           are working with anything motor
     provides a range of vehicle repair services
     to College staff, thus giving you real-
                                                          MOTOR VEHICLE                           related.
     life experiences and daily challenges to             MAINTENANCE                             Craig Brook
     expand your learning and development.                Level 1 and Level 2
     There is also the opportunity to work                Both courses are 1 year
     on renovation projects, such as on the
     College’s resident Lotus Éclat. All students
     take part in a work placement with a local
                                                          Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g.
                                                          Motor Vehicle with A-Level Business
                                                                                                  Student Story

     Careers in the motor trade can be very
                                                          Ask us about apprenticeships
                                                          in this area or visit:                                       “  I have always been interested in cars and have worked on
                                                                                                                       the Lotus Classic Car and a VW powered trike. At the Classic Car
     varied, so you have the chance to be       
                                                                                                                       Show, we were involved in marshalling and took photos of the
     at the forefront of an evolving and
                                                                                                                       cars on display which was fun. My next step is an apprenticeship
     dynamic industry. Our students progress
     on to apprenticeships with national and                     THE UK AUTOMOTIVE
                                                                                                                       at a garage.
                                                                                                                       Ella Beevers
     international car dealerships, and some                   INDUSTRY TURNED OVER
     have gone on to successfully running their            £21.1BN LAST YEAR, EMPLOYING
     own garages and even building Harley
     Davidson motorcycles in Canada.                               345,600
                                                               PEOPLE AND SERVICING                               Find out more:
                                                                   30M VEHICLES
                                                             *SOURCE: AUTOMOTIVE COUNCIL & SMMT

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Meet Our Tutors

                                                                                                   “filmI and
                                                                                                          specialise in writing music for
                                                                                                              TV and have performed
                                                                                                   extensively as a musician for many
                                                                                                   years within a variety of ensembles

                   Music                                                                           as a pianist and bassist, including
                                                                                                   touring and recording in Nashville
                                                                                                   in the famous ‘Carport’ studios with
                                                                                                   Russ Long. The key ingredient to
     Our Music Department provides the                                                             being successful in any career is to
     ideal balance of music performance and              Courses Available:                        enjoy it. It’s very rewarding to see
     technology. Whether you’re a budding                                                          students develop and grow their
     songwriter, instrumentalist, vocalist, an
                                                          MUSIC                                    confidence. The creativity of students
     aspiring live sound engineer, Kendal
     College’s industry-trained professionals will
                                                          Level 2 (1 year)
                                                                                                   never ceases to amaze me..
                                                                                                   Geoff Orr
     help you on your path.
     Many of our students progress on to
     higher education courses at the College              Level 3 (2 years) equivalent to
     and around the country, such as LIPA,                3 A-Levels                               Student Story
     London College of Music, Leeds and BIMM
                                                          Option to ‘Add an A-Level’ e.g.
     (Manchester). Our students study a wide
                                                                                                                            The level of independence here lets you express yourself which is
     range of subjects including performance,             Music with A-Level English Literature
                                                                                                                        a very important thing in music. It’s a great experience performing
     events management, music technology,                 (equivalent to 4 A-Levels)
     theatre, journalism, composition, teaching,                                                                        in front of a lot of people at the college gigs which are really
     music therapy and psychology. We have a              Degree-level programmes                                       professionally done. Another great opportunity is having a professional
     reputation for producing raw musical talent
     with many past students achieving national
                                                          are also available including
                                                          the HND in Music
                                                                                                                        recording studio that you can use at any time for free.
                                                                                                                        Sebastian Harper
     and international success.


                                     142,208                                                                        Find out more:
                          PEOPLE ACROSS THE SECTOR.           *SOURCE: UK MUSIC

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