REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline
True Value Support Areas..................................2-3             Strategic Reunion Vendor Partners............... 14-15

Event Overview ................................................4-7        Education Sessions...................................... 16-19

Item Events.......................................................... 4   On-Demand Sessions................................... 16-17

Assortment Events............................................... 5        Live Sessions............................................... 18-19

Display/Off-Shelf Merchandising Events	�������������� 6                   Spin It To Win It Schedule...................................21

Comprehensive Events & Ordering Info	��������������� 7                    Exhibitor List (Alphabetical).......................... 23-61

V-Union Ordering...............................................8-9        Exhibitor List (By Department)...................... 63-99

V-Union Ordering FAQs................................. 10-12              2021 Marketing Program.................................100

                                                                                                  2020 FALL V-UNION GUIDE | 1
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

KEY BUYING AREAS                                                                       BARGAIN BURNERS EVENT:
Visit Assortment City, Bargain Burners and Discount City at Fall V-Union.              Monday, September 28 | 4:00 pm–8:00 pm (CST)
Assortment City will include details on all CTB offerings and product merchant         Don’t miss this virtual opportunity to preview the V-Union platform, network with
videos for all new CTBs. Discount City will include photos and details on all pallet   retailers and take advantage of bargains across all departments. Be online between
offerings with links to ordering. Take advantage of savings across all departments     4:00 pm and 8:00 pm (CST) on Monday, September 28th to grab great offers and
with Bargain Burners.                                                                  check out all that the Fall V-Union has to offer!
                                                                                       Note: You can take advantage of the Bargain Burners deals from 9/28–10/1.

                                                                                       2020 FALL V-UNION HOURS
                                                                                       Monday, September 28–Thursday, October 1
                                                                                       V-Union will be open from September 28 at 4:00 pm (when Bargain Burners begins)
                                                                                       through the end of the order window.

OUR FALL V-UNION WILL INCLUDE ALL OF THE BUYING                                        Hours that booths are staffed:

YOU LOVE, INCLUDING:                                                                            Tuesday, September 29                   8:00 am – 6:00 pm (CST)

                                                                                              Wednesday, September 30                   10:00 am – 8:00 pm (CST)
• Growth                                                                                          Thursday, October 1                   8:00 am – 6:00 pm (CST)
• International
• Marketing
• Retail Technology Services
• True Value® University - RBPC
• TVU Theater

You will have the opportunity to review videos and content as well as schedule
appointments and live chat with associates in each of these areas.

2                                                                                                                                                                       3
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

ITEM EVENTS                                                                                                  ASSORTMENT EVENTS
		                             Event #577          		                              Event #583                   TRUE
                                                                                                                C U STO M I Z E D

                                                                                                                                    Customized True Blue         Retail Assortments (RA):
 -Union Event available to order
V                                                  Order via Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse or
                                                                                                                                    (CTB) Assortments:           Event #566, 567, 568, 570
Monday, 9/28–Thursday 10/1 ONLY                    POS during the V-Union order window 9/12–11/1             Order via True Value Field Representative;          Order via Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse or
• Please rregister to participate in the Monday   • Items representing the latest trends and innovations   Order window opens 9/8 and extends beyond           through V-Union MOL e-catalog order window
   evening networking event                                                                                  the V-Union order window through 12/5               9/12–11/1
                                                   • All new items stocked in the warehouse for
• Over 100 items up to 45% off from various          easy replenishment                                     • Recently line reviewed product categories        • Full planogram assortments available in
   departments and vendors                         • Items offered may or may not have discounts                resulting in relevant assortment offerings in      Netwarehouse every day with discounts and
• Order via: Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse or                                                                 multiple sizes and demographics                     dating during the Reunion order window
   POS during live V-Union event 9/28–10/1 ONLY                                                              • Up to 50% markdown dollars and 90-day            • Must order the complete assortment (all items)
                                                             270154                      273003
                                                                                                                dating with free POP/racking (when applicable)   • Basic (#566), seasonal (#567) and Farm &
                                                             FREUD 54-pc.                DAP INC 12-oz.
                                                             Screwdriving Set            Barrier Foam        • Options to order only MISSING items 		              Ranch (#568) assortments available. Stores
                TOP ITEMS                                                                                       or ALL items                                        can rebuy RAs at each reunion to replenish and
                                                                                                             • Multiple ship options available                      prepare for the selling season (unlike CTBs)

                                                                                                             • Assortment categories can be purchased ONE       • Pro Yard (#570) assortments include brands
                                                   Department Events: #551-#574                                                                                     tailored for lumber yards and home centers
                                                                                                                time while in the CTB program
                                                   Order via Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse or                                                                      and are merchandised on 5-foot gondolas with
                                                   POS during the V-Union order window 9/12–11/1                                                                    job-lot quantities

         135382                 548295             • Margin boosting items from each merchandising
    Blue DEF 2.5-gal.         MM 2”X27                department
      Exhaust Fluid         Ratch Tie Down         • Broad selection of items with smaller discounts
                                                      (approx. 5% – 10%); many high-turning “A” and

                                                      “B” items offered
                                                                                                             NEW VENDOR SPOTLIGHT AREA
                                                   		Event #578                                              1) Area highlighting new vendor partners

                                                   Order window opens early on Monday 8/3;
                                                                                                                 with True Value.                                 Be sure to check out NEW
                                                   Order via Netwarehouse or POS Monday                      2) Suppliers supporting innovative product 		       vendors in the Vendor List
                                                                                                                 or growing categories.
                                                   8/3–11/1                                                                                                              (Pg. 23-99)
                                                   • Discounts on True Value’s prestigious private          3) Customer vote- Best New Vendor
        791394                   147454
                                                      label Green Thumb branded products
     DAP 10.1-oz.              5’ LD U Sty
    White Alex Caulk           Fence Post          • Supports the following year’s spring season
                                                      with lawn & garden merchandise

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                5
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

DISPLAY/OFF-SHELF                                                                                                 COMPREHENSIVE EVENTS &
MERCHANDISING EVENTS                                                                                              ORDERING INFORMATION
                    Events #561 - Warehouse                                                                       Event #             Event Name                   Event Type             Order                        How To Order

                    Events #575 - Commodity                                                                        577           FR20 BARGAIN BURNERS                Item Event          9/28-10/1          POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                    Events #581 - Warehouse Pottery                                                                561      DISCOUNT CITY WAREHOUSE PALLETS Display/Off-Shelf Event      9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                                   575            COMMODITY PALLETS            Display/Off-Shelf Event   9/12-11/1    New Netwarehouse, fax or email to Order Processing
Order #561, 581 via Netwarehouse or POS during the V-Union order window 9/12–11/1
                                                                                                                   581       DISCOUNT CITY POTTERY PALLETS     Display/Off-Shelf Event   8/3-11/1    POS, Netwarehouse, Starting 9/12: New Netwarehouse
Order #575 Drop Ship pallets via New Netwarehouse, email PDFs to Order Processing
                                                                                                                   565           IMPULSE ASSORTMENTS           Display/Off-Shelf Event   9/12-11/1            Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
• Find quarter and full-size pallet items, displayers and countertop items from vendors in every department
• Big discounts on over 1000 bulk products and commodity offerings                                                571           END CAP ASSORTMENTS           Display/Off-Shelf Event   9/12-11/1            Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

• Warehouse, commodity and pottery events                                                                          584          IMPULSE ALLEY CLIP STRIPS      Display/Off-Shelf Event   9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                                   583          NEW ITEM NEIGHBORHOOD                Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

      TOP DISCOUNT                               NEW FOR FR20                           TOP SELLER                 566                 RA - BASIC                Assortment Event        9/12-11/1            Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                                   567             RA - L&G/SEASONAL             Assortment Event        9/12-11/1            Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                 55% OFF                                  15% OFF                                20% OFF           568            RA - FARM AND RANCH            Assortment Event        9/12-11/1            Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
                 Bloom                                    First Alert                            Fluidmaster       570           PRO-YARD ASSORTMENTS            Assortment Event        9/12-11/1            Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
                 Pallet #273085                           Pallet #272196                         Pallet #259946
                                                          22-pc. 10 Year                         56-pc. Tank       551      FARM & RANCH, AUTOMOTIVE AND PET         Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
                 72-pc. Green
                 Water Can PLT                            Smoke/COAlarm                          Repair Kit PLT    552                 ELECTRICAL                    Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                                   553             HAND/POWER TOOLS                  Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                                   554                 PLUMBING                      Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
                                   Event #565 - Wing Panels, Check Out Displays and                               555                    HOME                       Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
                                                 Impulse Racking                                                   556            PAINT, PAINT SUNDRIES              Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
                                   Event #584 - Clip Strips                                                        557         HARDWARE, LBR & BLDG SPEC             Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

Order #565 via Netwarehouse & New Netwarehouse during the V-Union order window 9/12–11/1                           558              LAWN AND GARDEN                  Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
Order #584 via Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse or POS during the V-Union order window 9/12–11/1                     559                 SEASONAL                      Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
• Shop clip strips, wing panels, check-out assortments and add-on programs                                        562               RENTAL-TV MFG                   Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse
• Find savings on fast moving, convenience items that increase retail sales
                                                                                                                   564                   RENTAL                      Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

Event #571 - End Caps                                                                                              573         A/C, FANS AND DEHUMIDIFIERS           Item Event          9/12-11/1         POS, Netwarehouse, New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                                    574            OUTDOOR FURNITURE                 Item Event          7/1-11/1    POS, Netwarehouse, Starting 9/12: New Netwarehouse
Order via Netwarehouse & New Netwarehouse during the V-Union order window 9/12–11/1
                                                                                                                   578           GREEN THUMB SPECIALS                Item Event          8/3-11/1    POS, Netwarehouse, Starting 9/12: New Netwarehouse
• Seasonal & everyday solutions to drive add-on sales
                                                                                                                   N/A         CUSTOMIZED TRUE BLUE (CTB)        Assortment Event        9/8-12/5           Field Representatives place CTB Orders
• End Cap quantities included for turnkey store set up
Note: Stores should change endcaps every 14 days

6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          7
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

New Netwarehouse offers a new way to shop
Reunion, making it easier than ever to take
advantage of great deals and discounts!

       Go to MOL>New Netwarehouse>Reunion Ordering

We’ve improved search and filter capabilities to
make ordering across events faster and easier.
• Warehouse Department Events can be viewed by all items at once or by all vendors
  within a given Promo #
• Drop Ship Vendor Events and Drop Ship Discount City can be added directly to your cart
  and emailed to the vendor (New Netwarhouse Only)
    - You will receive an email confirmation of the order details
• Discount City and Impulse Alley Clip Strips will display images of the product
• Discount City/Impulse Alley will display the component detail
• Bargain Burners event can now be submitted through Netwarehouse as well as POS
• Reunion Retail Assortments such as RA and Pro-Yard can be added to one cart and
  submitted at once
    - Note: Restrictions still apply based on RDC stocking, State/County and size families. Alternative
      suggestions will be available in Netwarehouse to direct you to the correct assortment.
                                                                                                                         MOL>New Netwarehouse>Reunion Ordering
• Reunion Retail Assortment and End Caps discounts will be issued in the form of a credit 		                             Order Window Open 9/12/2020 – 11/01/2020
  at the time of shipment                                                                                                POS Download – 9/12/2020 For Warehouse Offerings Only: Promos 551,
                                                                                                                         552, 553, 554, 555, 556, 557, 558, 559, 561, 562, 564, 573, 583, 584
• Ordering can be done via your mobile device for all shopping areas

Note: Simply log into New Netwarehouse from MOL and order from your mobile device. No other website or app to download

8                                                                                                                                                                                               9
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

ANSWER: Not much is changing. V-Union and warehouse event offers will be available in
                                                                                                         Q:       HOW CAN I TURN IN DROP SHIP
                                                                                                                  FORMS TO A VENDOR?
                                                                                                         ANSWER: Vendors will have special offers available within their booth similar to previous Reunions.
Netwarehouse and New Netwarehouse. Other events that will also be available in New Netwarehouse          These are NOT available to order in New Netwarehouse and should follow the turn in instructions
include: Drop Ship Events, Drop Ship Discount City, and Bargain Burners. Drop ship orders will be        included on the forms. This may require emailing or faxing in the form directly to the vendor. All drop
emailed directly to vendors when you submit and checkout your drop ship cart(s) in New Netwarehouse.     ship forms can be sent directly to vendors and are not required to be ordered in New Netwarehouse.
                                                                                                         Order forms can also be turned into your TAM or emailed to the Order Processing Team for passing to
Shopping in the virtual platform will also feel different as you review vendor content and collateral.   the vendor. Any forms that have a deadline date after 11/1 and will need to go direct to the vendor.
You can now click on PDF Events Catalog of each vendor’s promotions and offers and link directly back
to New Netwarehouse to place an order.
Note that ordering will not take place on the virtual platform. The platform is solely used to view
content, network, and connect with True Value associates and vendors. You will need to leverage
either New Netwarehouse, Netwarehouse or your POS system to place orders.
                                                                                                         Q:       HOW DO I MAKE A CHANGE
                                                                                                                  TO A DROP SHIP ORDER?
                                                                                                         ANSWER: If you have submitted your order direct to the vendor or processed completely through
                                                                                                         New Netwarehouse, you will need to contact the vendor to make any updates / changes. You can

Q:       HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT THE DEALS AND OFFERINGS ARE?                                               also contact Customer Support and they will work with the Merchandising department to make those
                                                                                                         changes. Keep in mind that New Netwarehouse will not display these orders in the Order Status
         WHERE ARE THESE BEING PUBLISHED?                                                                section and will not have the ability to communicate changes directly to the vendor.

ANSWER: As in the past, a USB Drive with PDFs deals was mailed to you. These PDFs as well as
Excel spreadsheet versions were also posted to the Reunion Order Form Page on MOL. Warehouse
Offerings will be downloaded to your POS system(s) on 9/11. Reference help documents on MOL
for how to view and order from your Retail System. Other collateral provided by vendors will be
available within their designated “booth space” on the virtual platform and can be saved to a
                                                                                                         Q:       I USED TO RECEIVE A SPIFF DIRECTLY FROM THE VENDOR ON
                                                                                                                  ORDER ITEMS IN THEIR EVENT, IS THIS STILL AVAILABLE?
                                                                                                         ANSWER: Yes, vendors are still independently offering Spiffs on their products when bought through
virtual briefcase for reference later.
                                                                                                         warehouse events. A listing of the eligible items will be posted on MOL for reference, under V-Union
                                                                                                         Deals & Ordering Information. Once you have placed an order from that vendor in New Netwarehouse

                                                                                                         or POS, contact the vendor with the details and they will process as they have in the past and/or send
         CAN I ORDER DROP SHIP                                                                           a mailed check. True Value does not issue any credits or handle any vendor-specific Spiffs.

ANSWER: Vendor drop ship offers that are featured on the USBs will be available in
New Netwarehouse to order. Simply navigate to Drop Ship Events or Drop Ship Discount City
and select items and pallets to add to your cart. Your cart will automatically separate by vendor
so that an individual order can be submitted to each of the vendor(s) offering drop ship.
                                                                                                         Q:       CAN I USE SCANNING
                                                                                                                  TO PLACE MY ORDERS?
                                                                                                         ANSWER: While scanning is a core function of the mobile ordering, it will not take you to the V-Union
                                                                                                         Event offering for that item. Currently it will only take you to the product detail page for that item.
An email confirmation with your orders details will be sent once you complete the checkout.
                                                                                                         Navigate to the Reunion Ordering Home page and then the shopping area to get to that specific deal
If you have questions on your orders, contact Customer Care.
                                                                                                         on that item. Physical Reunions will include the capability to scan directly to that deal offering.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                             11
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

ANSWER: The Bargain Burners event will kick off as a networking event on 9/28 with ordering opening
that evening. To place orders for Bargain Burners you do not need to “attend” the event as ordering
will be open from the evening of 9/28 through 10/1 in both New Netwarehouse and Netwarehouse.
Additionally, orders can be placed via Retail Systems with a download coming the morning of 9/28.
V-Union Readiness reports will continue to be available to help you prepare for the event.

ANSWER: These reports provide important and useful information for making ordering decisions and
will still be available for all the warehouse shopping areas. These can be run in Retail Workbench
with sort and filter capabilities. We recommend that you place orders in your Retail System or in New
Netwarehouse, but these can also be turned into your TAM or faxed to Order Processing. Please be
mindful of deadline dates for getting these orders placed.

ANSWER: All assortment orders such as RA, Pro-Yard, Impulse Assortments, and End Caps will receive
the discounts in the form of a credit. This will be issued at the time of order shipment and will come as
a lump sum credit by assortment on your statement. As we have done in the past at the Spiff Booth,
we try to limit the ordering of incorrect assortments and will be enforcing restrictions that look at
stocking strategy, state/county restrictions, dealer programs, and size families to ensure you are
purchasing the right assortment for your region. History of previously purchased assortments from
SR20 will be removed so they are eligible for credit in FR20. As always, 1 credit applies per
assortment per store number.

ANSWER: : CTB’s will continue to be ordered in Retail Workbench and will require the assistance of
your TAM or an RSC employee to place the order. During the Virtual event you will be able to view
videos, talk to Merchants, and connect with vendors on details about CTBs. Reference the CTB
catalog PDF and the CTB page on MOL for an entire listing of planograms available by category.

12                                                                                                          13
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

 Vendor #            Company Logo                   Company Name                Department           Vendor #   Company Logo         Company Name                Department

     18655                                            G E LIGHTING                Electrical           209                       PANACEA PRODUCTS CORP          Lawn & Garden

     20164                                        HILLMAN FASTENERS               Hardware             606                     JONATHAN GREEN & SONS, INC.      Lawn & Garden

     36939                               NATIONAL MFG/SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI         Hardware            5212                             CHAR-BROIL               Outdoor Living

     6130                                           SCOTTS LAWNS               Lawn & Garden          8104                                ORCA                  Outdoor Living

     61267                                   WEBER-STEPHEN PRODUCTS            Outdoor Living
                                                                                                      91645                    GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS, INC.       Outdoor Tools

     67777                                       AMES COMPANIES, THE            Outdoor Tools
                                                                                                      72215                          MTD SOUTHWEST               Outdoor Tools

 200024                                     TRUE VALUE MANUFACTURING        Paint & Paint Sundries
                                                                                                      18549                           SUNCAST CORP               Outdoor Tools

     38950                                            RUST-OLEUM            Paint & Paint Sundries
                                                                                                      68965                        MTD PRODUCTS INC.             Outdoor Tools
     25460                                  BRASS CRAFT SERVICE PARTS             Plumbing
                                                                                                      9809                              MEROTEC                  Outdoor Tools
     89045                                      BLACK & DECKER/DEWALT               Tools
                                                                                                      6862                              STIHL INC                Outdoor Tools
     98723                                              FREUD                       Tools
                                                                                                      8814                            BIG GREEN EGG          Paint & Paint Sundries
                                                                              Automotive, Pet
     7901                                        STANDLEE HAY COMPANY
                                                                              & Farm & Ranch
                                                                                                      29520                              DAP INC             Paint & Paint Sundries
                                                                              Automotive, Pet
     6983                                          Purina/Mars/ADMC
                                                                              & Farm & Ranch
                                                                                                      38224                         LOUISVILLE LADDER        Paint & Paint Sundries
                                                                              Automotive, Pet
     64998                                      MIDWEST AIR TECH/IMPORT
                                                                              & Farm & Ranch
                                                                                                      66050                     LIQUID NAILS/PPG ARCH FIN    Paint & Paint Sundries
                                                                              Automotive, Pet
     8007                                        ADM ANIMAL NUTRITION
                                                                              & Farm & Ranch
                                                                                                      38398                           3M COMPANY             Paint & Paint Sundries
     2043                                    SOUTHWIRE/COLEMAN CABLE              Electrical
                                                                                                      38422                       MINWAX COMPANY, THE        Paint & Paint Sundries
     36996                                          FIRST ALERT BRK               Electrical
                                                                                                      73478                          ADAMS MFG CO.                Patio Plaza
     17335                                        WIREMOLD COMPANY                Electrical

                                                                                                      7754                      LETRIGHT INDUSTRIAL CORP          Patio Plaza
     36483                                   DURACELL DISTRIBUTING NC             Electrical

                                                                                                      2393                         PATIO MASTER CORP              Patio Plaza
     36459                                       EVEREADY BATTERY CO.             Electrical

                                                                                                      26351                          PENTAIR WATER                 Plumbing
     17673                                          PASS & SEYMOUR                Electrical

      547                                         APEX TOOL GROUP LLC             Hardware            4392                        SHARKBITE/CASH ACME              Plumbing

     21691                                          RUBBERMAID INC.                 Home              31344                     RELIANCE WATER HEATER CO.          Plumbing

     81760                                        WOODSTREAM CORP              Lawn & Garden          98426                     ROBERT BOSCH TOOL GROUP              Tools

     67736                                       TEKNOR-APEX COMPANY           Lawn & Garden          98343                          MAKITA USA INC                  Tools

14                                                                                                                                                                                15
REUNION GUIDE 2020 FALL V-UNION - Membersonline

       ON-DEMAND SESSIONS                                                                                                  ON-DEMAND SESSIONS
ADM ANIMAL NUTRITION                                     BOSCH/DREMEL                                               FREUD AMERICA- DIABLO                                   LOUISVILLE LADDER
GEAR UP FOR CHICK DAYS                                   LADIES’ NIGHT OUT WITH DREMEL                              WHY DIABLO?                                             LOUISVILLE LADDER PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
45 Min.                                                  – HOW TO HOST AN EVENT AT YOUR STORE                       30 Min.                                                 30 Min.
Mike Barrett |                   30 Min.                                                    Trey Sheffield |              Lee Jorwic |
Learn about PenPals Chicken products, get tips on        Jennifer Lawhead |           Learn how and why Diablo is the market leader.. We      Get an overview of Louisville Ladders Fall Program,
how to recommend them to your customers and ideas        Drive traffic to your store with an in-store event         will discuss all the different products provided and    including new Items, 10% savings and 90 days dating.
for making your 2021 Chick Days a great success.         featuring Dremel. Get an overview of the different         how they will benefit you and your customers.           We’ll also cover Wow & Bargain Burner Items.
                                                         types of events, the materials you’ll need, and a
SHARKBITE                                                demonstration of how to create unique gifts using
                                                         Dremel tools and accessories.
                                                                                                                    PENTAIR                                                 DAP PRODUCTS, INC.
NOTHING BEATS THE SHARK                                                                                             WATER IN/WATER OUT                                      DAP NEW PRODUCTS AND PROGRAMS
30 Min.                                                                                                             30 Min.                                                 45 Min. | Pat Kaack |
Anthony Antol |                    BOSCH                                                      Steve Rust |                    Join DAP as they discuss new products and programs!
Get a comprehensive overview of Sharkbite                BOSCH – A LEADER IN CONCRETE TOOLS & ACCESSORIES           Robert Chapman |            They will focus on new RSC product and supporting
products. Learn about category and consumer trends       30 Min.                                                    Join the conversation about shallow, deep well and      marketing videos. Learn how you can take advantage
as well as Certified True Blue planograms and how        Grace Brinker |                 submersible well pumps in the “water in” category as    of greater DAP presence in multiple categories.
they will benefit your store!                            Andrea Molinar |               well as on sump, sewage and effluent applications for
                                                         Learn how you can capitalize on the tool business with     Water Out and installation.
                                                         Bosch Hammers and Accessories. Get an overview of
                                                                                                                                                                            STANDLEE PREMIUM WESTERN FORAGE
KWIKSET / SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI                            the available products and accessories.
                                                                                                                                                                            STANDLEE PREMIUM WESTERN FORAGE
LOCKS 101                                                                                                           JONATHAN GREEN                                          PRODUCT OVERVIEW
30 Min.                                                                                                             THE NEW AMERICAN LAWN PLAN:                             35 Min. | Dr. Steven Duren
Sam Falsone |             RELIANCE WATER HEATERS                                     SUPERIOR SEED. SUPERIOR SOIL. SUPERIOR LAWN.            Colleen Johnson |
Experience a high-level overview of the different lock   HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT WATER HEATER                       30 Min.                                                 Attend this training for an overview of the Standlee
functions, families and finishes of the Kwikset lock     & ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR CUSTOMER                            Mark Arlotta/Barry Green |   Premium Western Forage product line.
brand. Learn the various lock uses and the difference    30 Min.
                                                                                                                    Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan is
between pin tumbler and SMART KEY and how to             Jerry Winslett |
                                                                                                                    successfully changing the way homeowners approach
rekey SMART KEY locks.                                   Learn how to select the right water heater for your        lawn care through the use of two unique products–
                                                         customer’s lifestyle including fuel type, technologies,    Black Beauty Grass Seed and Mag-I-Cal Plus Soil
                                                         capacities, etc. Find out how to sell the accessories to
STIHL INC                                                complete the job (expansion tanks, etc.).
                                                                                                                    Food. Learn how you can revolutionize and grow your
STIHL NEW ICADEMY TRAINING                                                                                          Lawn Care category.
30 Min. | Adam Wolff |
Join Stihl for an overview of their new training!        MINWAX/PURDY/DUCKBACK
                                                         NEW PRODUCTS FROM MINWAX, PURDY, AND
                                                         DUCKBACK                                                   FIRST ALERT
                                                         30 Min. | Charles Allen |               FIRE SAFETY AND PREVENTION PRODUCTS
                                                         Introduction to new Minwax, Purdy and Duckback             30 Min.
                                                         products for 2020 and 2021.                                Diana Redlien |
                                                                                                                    This session is a “must attend” for your customers’
                                                                                                                    safety. We’ll discuss the importance of smoke and
                                                                                                                    carbon monoxide alarms in homes, why every home
                                                                                                                    should have fire extinguishers and available options.

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 17

     LIVE SESSIONS - TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29                                                                                                     LIVE SESSIONS - WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30
NETWORKING SESSION #1                                                    ADAMS MFG.                                                         MEROTEC / YARD FORCE                                             NETWORKING SESSION #4
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT                                                        ADAMS - AMERICAN-MADE, INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS                         GAS-POWERED MOWERS AND TILLERS                                   MARKETING
10:00 am (CST) | 45 Min.                                                 1:15 pm (CST) | 30 Min.                                            11:00 am (CST) | 30 Min.                                         2:30 pm (CST) | 45 Min.
True Value University |               Ted Oczypok |                                John Plocic |                             True Value University |
A networking session to discuss popular people-                          Learn about the quality and innovation behind every                Learn about the features and performance of a gas-powered        Join this exciting networking session where everything
management topics, such as communication, hiring and                     Adams product! Discover best practices for expanding your          walk mower. Find out which mower will deliver the best results   marketing is on the table for discussion! Social media,
working with multiple generations!                                       current selection of Adirondack chairs to include the more         based on size and type of grass. Learn about gas-powered         in-store events and Local e-Commerce are just a few of the
                                                                         profitable, newly launched Big Easy line.                          tillers, and how to choose one based on the customer’s goals.    topics we’ll be covering!

BBQ ACCESSORY TRENDS                                                     RUST-OLEUM                                                         ORCA                                                             CASTLE WEALTH ADVISORS
11:00 am (CST) | 30 Min.                                                 RUST-OLEUM ROOFING                                                 ORCA: USA-MADE COOLERS THAT                                      COVID’S IMPACT ON SUCCESSION/EXIT
Houston Cline |                                     2:00 pm (CST) | 30 Min.                                            YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE ASKING FOR                                    PLANNING, BUSINESS VALUATIONS AND
As the BBQ industry has seen a lift in smokers and pellet                Jeff Stephens |                        11:45 am (CST) | 30 Min.                                         RETIREMENT DECISIONS IN 2020
grills, the way consumers buy accessories has also evolved.              Join this training for a complete Rust-Oleum Roofing Program       Greg Manis |                              3:30 pm (CST) | 45 Min.
Learn about the changing POS trends and discuss how to                   overview and learn the value proposition for choosing              Learn how to merchandise and sell an upscale line of coolers,    Gary Pittsford |
position assortments to take advantage of these trends.                  Rust-Oleum Roofing over the competition.                           drinkware and apparel to consumers. Orca has equal or better     Michael Kalscheur |
                                                                                                                                            quality products than the competition, and also a great sports   In this extremely valuable session we will cover business exit
                                                                                                                                            licensing and customization program for True Value.              planning decisions, business valuations, tax planning ideas,
NATIONAL HARDWARE / SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI                                  NETWORKING SESSION #2                                                                                                               and retirement decisions based on COVID-19 and how it has
THE EVOLUTION OF BARN DOOR                                               PRODUCT MANAGMENT                                                                                                                   impacted you and your company.
11:45 am (CST) | 30 Min.                                                 3:45 pm (CST) | 45 Min.                                            TRUE VALUE MARKETING
Jason Niswonger and Melissa Zellner                                      True Value University |         2021 TRUE VALUE MARKETING PLAN                                       Interact with your peers regarding all-things product during       12:30 pm (CST) | 45 Min.                                         G.E. LIGHTING
This session will cover types of kits (1-pc. vs. 2-pc.), review          this networking session! Discuss new product ideas, niche          Erin Korous |                          2021 LIGHT BULB RETAIL MARKETPLACE
finish upgrades, offer installation videos, and teach you how            businesses and managing inventory.                                 Julie Jozwik |                        4:30 pm (CST) | 30 Min.
to take the consumer from awareness to purchase. The                                                                                        Learn how to drive sales with the True Value 2021 Marketing      Glenn Wernke |
barn door is no longer your rustic solution. It is today’s home
improvement solution for the DIY customer.
                                                                         ENERGIZER                                                          Program. We will review changes to the retail marketing
                                                                                                                                            plan for the upcoming year and discuss the five key areas of
                                                                                                                                                                                                             During this session, we will cover the 2020/2021 consumer
                                                                                                                                                                                                             light bulb marketplace. Consumer trends, new items, legisla-
                                                                         ENERGIZER HOLIDAY NATIONAL PROMOTION/
                                                                         ARMOR ALL NEW DISINFECTANT PRODUCTS                                marketing that will drive sales and profits to your store.       tion, and new light bulb planograms will be reviewed.
LEGRAND                                                                  4:45 pm (CST) | 30 Min.
A NEW WAY TO SEE ELECTRICAL                                              Marcia McDonald |
12:45 pm (CST) | 30 Min.                                                 Learn how to grow your battery sales faster than your              NETWORKING SESSION #3
Michael McCutcheon |                       competitors with Energizer national holiday consumer savings       OPERATIONS
Learn how to remove fear about the electrical aisle. Take home a         program–Save $5 with every Energizer purchase of $15.              1:30 pm (CST) | 45 Min.
few basics, review tips and questions and find resources at your         Additionally, Armor All is announcing a new line of disinfectant   True Value University |
disposal. Best of all, this session will inspire you while having fun!   products available in sprays, pumps and wipes.                     In this Operations Networking Session, you’ll have an
                                                                                                                                            opportunity to connect with fellow retailers about buying
                                                                                                                                            strategy, using True Value programs, and more!

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       19

     Spin It to Win It will be making a return at the Fall V-Union. More
     details about how you can participate will be shared on MOL.

     Spin It to Win It will take place at the following times:
                TIME                          TIME                      TIME

            1:00 pm (CST)                 9:00 am (CST)             9:00 am (CST)

            3:00 pm (CST)                11:00 am (CST)            11:00 am (CST)

            5:00 pm (CST)                 1:00 pm (CST)             1:00 pm (CST)

            7:00 pm (CST)                 3:00 pm (CST)             3:00 pm (CST)

     Winners will be picked at random.
20                                                                                    21

1 IN 6 SNACK - CAROLINA               ACCENT DECOR                         ALEXANDRIA MOULDING
KETTLE CHIPS                          6875                                 7890
9705                                  Lawn & Garden                        Hardware
Home                                  Austin Walker                        Ron Welkomer
Robert Maida                          P 770-346-0707                       P 630-276-6532
P 630-759-7774                        E             E
E                 Planters                             Lumber & Building - Moulding
Beverages & Snacks
                                      ACCUTEC BLADES INC                   ALI INDUSTRIES
3M COMPANY                            20404                                98244
38398                                 Hand & Power Tools                   Hand & Power Tools
Home                                  Amy Maurer                           Steve Daley
Michael Jennings                      P 224-422-2713                       P 937-878-3946
P 816-304-1010                        E          E
E                  Cutting Tools                        Abrasives
                                      ADAMS MFG CO                         ALLIED TUBE & CONDUIT

A                                     73478
                                      Outdoor Living
                                      Kathryn Stack
                                                                           Janet Hatfield
                                      P 847-520-8050                       P 630-873-4350
                                      E              E
Outdoor Tools
                                      Holiday Decor                        Electrical & Light - Conduit
Jason Hamlin
P 630-434-1350
                                      ADM ANIMAL NUTRITION                 ALLSTAR MARKETING GROUP LLC
                                      8007                                 2889
Pressure Washers
                                      Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch       Home
                                      Mike Barrett                         Bob Daly
                                      P 217-299-8071                       P 847-981-0002
                                      E            E
                                      Livestock Feed & Salt                As Seen On TV Items
Charlie Aranoff
                                      ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS            ALLWAY TOOL INC.
Plumbing & Heating - Filters
                                      25072                                14332
                                      Plumbing                             Paint
                                      Brooke Stobaugh                      Evan Anderson
                                      P 630-455-6300                       P 847-478-1800
                                      E         E
Paulla Fetzek
                                      Underground & Drip Irrigation        Painting Tools
Electrical & Light - Breakers/Fuses
                                      ALBANESE CONFECTIONERY               ALPHA ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS INC
                                      GROUP                                93146
                                      8721                                 Plumbing
                                      Home Impulse                         Jack Manalli
                                      Patrick Patterson                    P 800-533-4393
Dave Luster
                                      P 847-239-8218                       E
P 630-473-0036
                                      E   Plumbing & Heating - Cements
                                      Beverages & Snacks                   & Solvents
Plumbing & Heating - Plastic Pipe
& Tubing


ALPINE CORPORATION               AMERIGAS PROPANE L.P.                     AMY HOWARD AT HOME                      ARCH CHEMICAL		                   ARROW HOME PRODUCTS CO                AUTOMATIC TRAP COMPANY
7033                             93385                                     10188                                   10389                             37655                                 10850
Outdoor Living                   Outdoor Living                            Paint                                   Outdoor Living                    Home                                  Lawn & Garden
Michael Vinik                    Emily Faddis                              Eugene Howard                           Rob Passarelli                    Tim Reed                              Ty Huggins
P 630-395-9329                   P 610-337-7000                            P 901-547-1448                          P 770-833-8209                    P 630-898-3600                        P 843-636-3975
E            E               E             E        E                  E
Outdoor Decor                    Grill Accessories                         Interior Paint                          Pool & Spa Chemicals              Kitchen                               Rodent Control

7722                             66969                                     94052                                   7896                              27441                                 7729
Rental                           Hardware                                  Plumbing                                Outdoor Tools                     Plumbing                              Lawn & Garden
Tom Jarvis                       James Kenny                               Justice Rice                            Andy Popp                         Donna Magnuson                        David Boersma
P 479-799-6592                   E                      P 225-281-4243                          P 704-402-7215                    P 331-771-1047                        P 877-992-8868
E     Hardware, Lumber &                        E                    E                E   E
Rental Tools                     Building - Metal Products                 Plumbing & Heating - Brass Fittings     Riding Mower/Tractor              Plumbing & Heating - Valves           Planters

AMERICAN METAL PRODUCTS          AMERISCAPE INC                            ANGRY ORANGE                            ARIES MFG                         ARTU USA INC		                        AVERY DENNISON, PRINTER
28290                            68452                                     10572                                   7481                              65003                                 & FASTENERS
Plumbing                         Lawn & Garden                             Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch          Home Impulse                      Hand & Power Tools                    35147
Michael Vinik                    Kim Cimaglio                              Christopher Hupp                        Mike Passaglia                    Emma Mach                             Store Supplies
E             E                 P 317-698-3781                          E             P 847-945-6900                        Cindy Fletcher
Plumbing & Heating - Furnace,    Bagged Goods                              E                       Check Out                         E                 P 513-292-8672
Stove Pipe & Heating Access                                                Farm Accessories                                                          Drill Bits                            E
                                 AMERTAC-WESTEK		                                                                  ARMALY BRANDS                                                           Product Labels & Cards
AMERICAN POWER PULL              49031                                     ANNIN FLAGMAKERS                        88260                             ATHENS STONECASTING INC
Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch
Amy Maurer
                                 Janet Hatfield
                                 P 630-873-4350
                                                                           Outdoor Living
                                                                           Maripat Scott
                                                                                                                   Nick Pfeifer
                                                                                                                   P 248-669-2100
                                                                                                                                                     Outdoor Living
                                                                                                                                                     Tom Tuton
                                                                                                                                                                                           B&G FOODS INC
P 847-526-4100                   E                 E   E   E                8767
E          Electrical & Light - Int Light Fixtures   Flags - All Made in the USA             Painting Tools                    Outdoor Decor                         Outdoor Living
Push & Tow Accessories                                                                                                                                                                     Kirk Bond
                                 AMES COMPANIES, THE                       AP & G CO INC		                         ARNOLD			                         ATLAS CHEMICAL CORP                   E
AMERICAN STANDARD                67777                                     5138                                    67116                             68502                                 Grill Accessories
2835                             Outdoor Tools                             Lawn & Garden                           Outdoor Tools                     Lawn & Garden
Plumbing                         Bill Stafford                             Meghan Mclaughlin                       Tim Haley                         Terry McGinn                          B&K LLC
Darlene Fuentes                  P 6630-898-3600                           E meghan-mclaughlin@gdhwd.Com           P 847-375-9500                    P 319-377-8921                        26690
E    E                    Rodent Control                          E         E        Plumbing
Plumbing & Heating - Kitchen &   Long Handle Tools                                                                 Mower Parts & Accessories         Animal Repellents                     Sam Lombardo
Bath Fixtures                                                              APEX TOOL GROUP                                                                                                 E
                                 AMMEX CORPORATION                         547/14456                               ARROW FASTENER CO LLC             ATT SOUTHERN INC                      Pipe Misc Fittings
AMERICAN WOOD FIBERS             8276                                      Hand & Power Tools/Hardware             158                               7099
2868                             Home                                      Cindy Foster                            Hand & Power Tools                Lawn & Garden                         BACON PRODUCTS CORPORATION
Automotive, Pet, Farm & Ranch    Aryn Newburn                              P 919-306-9356                          Sonny Swick                       Judy Mangos                           NEW - 12318
Amanda Williams                  P 425-251-4000 ex. 128                    E        E    P 708-848-4580                        Lawn & Garden
P 704-728-9419                   E                      Pliers/Wrench/Snips;                    W           E             Doug Dyer
E              Cleaning Supplies                         Farm & Ranch - Farm Accessories         Farm, Ranch, Automotive & Pet -   Planters                              P 423-892-0414
Livestock Feed & Salt                                                                                              Fencing                                                                 E
                                                                           APPLICA/SPECTRUM                                                          AUDIOVOX                              Bird Feeders
                                                                           31617                                                                     95869
                                                                           Home                                                                      Electrical
                                                                           Rose Sreniawski                                                           Janet Hatfield
                                                                           P 847-678-8680                                                            P 630-873-4350
                                                                           E                                                   E
                                                                           Small Appliances                                                          Audio/Video/Data

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                        25

BARENBRUG USA		                  BELL SPORTS INC                       BETTER LIFE TECHOLOGY              BISSELL HOMECARE                    BLUMENTHAL BRANDS                 BRAINERD MFG CO/LIBERTY HDW
93328                            10983                                 NEW - 11195                        INTERNATIONAL                       INTEGRATED                        36665
Lawn & Garden                    Home                                  Hardware                           80481                               9394                              Hardware
Peter Ward                       Jason Lott                            Terry Terrill                      Home                                Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch    Wilma Araiza
P 541-704-1257                   E                     P 913-890-4603                     Rose Sreniawski                     Theresa Kulikowski                P 630-588-1200
E               Toys/Recreation                       E              P 847-678-8680                      P 847-387-3063                    E
Seeds                                                                  Floor Covering                     E             E              Cabinet Hardware
                                 BELLA+CANVAS                                                             Floor Care                          Vehicle Fluids
BARR COMPANY, THE                NEW - 11967                           BEYOND PAINT		                                                                                           BRASS CRAFT
38281                            Hand & Power Tools                    8785                               BLACK & DECKER/DEWALT               BONA KEMI USA INC                 25460
Paint                            Sandra Harris                         Paint & Paint Sundries             89045                               4739                              Plumbing
Erika Toomer                     P 415-572-4996                        Thomas Morrell                     Hand & Power Tools                  Home                              Terry Dzierzanowski
P 224-422-1470                   E       P 772-349-0420                     Jennifer Ward                       Jeff Enders                       P 630-588-1200
E    Personal Safety                       E          E            P 440-610-5875                    E
Solvents & Removers                                                    Brush On Enamels                   Portable Cordless                   E            Faucet Repair
                                 BEMIS MFG. CO.                                                                                               Cleaning Chemicals
BAYCO PRODUCT INC                25353                                 BIG GREEN EGG                      BLASTER CHEMICAL CO                                                   BROAN-NUTONE LLC
93393                            Plumbing                              8814                               2545                                BOND MFG CO		                     25460
Electrical                       Kris Amen                             Outdoor Living                     Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch      7810                              Plumbing
Kim Cimaglio                     P 708-790-6294                        Greg Nichols                       Michele Baum                        Lawn & Garden                     Kris Amen
E        E            P 770-938-9394                     E       Janet Hatfield                    P 708-790-6294
W          Toilet Seats                          E   Lubricants & Oilers                 P 630-873-4350                    E
Electricians Tools                                                     Grills                                                                 E         Range & Bath Venting
                                 BENGAL CHEMICAL INC                                                      BLOEM LLC		                         Water Gardening
BAZZ INC                         81125                                 BIG ROCK SPORTS LLC                6877                                                                  BRYSON INDUSTRIES
NEW - 11814                      Lawn & Garden                         19                                 Lawn & Garden                       BONIDE PRODUCTS INC               7253
Electrical                       Joey Sommers                          Outdoor Living                     Patrick Ott                         68676                             Outdoor Living
Daniel Goulet                    P 800-367-0394                        Janet Hatfield                     E               Lawn & Garden                     Kelli Kusch
P 514-931-4470                   E                 P 630-873-4350                     Planters                            Rick Speer                        E
E          Indoor Insect Control                 E                                              E               Grill Accessories
Int Light Fixtures                                                     Fishing                            BLOOM USA CORP		                    W
                                 BENJAMIN MOORE & CO                                                      8747                                Outdoor Insect Control            BULLSEYE ENTERPRISES
BEAR MOUNTAIN BBQ                6109                                  BIG TIME PRODUCTS                  Lawn & Garden                                                         5246
9863                             Paint                                 4914                               Michele Baum                        BOSS MFG COMPANY                  Lawn & Garden
Outdoor Living                   Tom Kusswurm                          Home                               E       3570                              Susan Albrecht
Keely Vetter                     P 224-315-1228                        Lexi Adair                         Hose                                Hardware                          E
P 303-802-5419                   E   P 513-851-4900                                                         Joni Bumphrey                     Hose Nozzles
E          Interior Paint                        E      BLUE MAGIC INC		                    P 309-937-4501
Fencing                                                                Cleaning Supplies                  96230                               E        BULLY TOOLS
                                 BERCOM INC		                                                             Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch      Work gloves, boots and rainwear   3938
BEHRENS INC		                    40386                                 BILL NAPLETON NATIONAL             Ruth Fraker                                                           Outdoor Tools
14258                            Paint & Paint Sundries                FLEET SALES                        E                 BRADSHAW INTERNATIONAL            Glenn Kaufman
Home                             Valerie Vizgirda                      7688                               Appearance Products                 22723                             P 847-754-8228
Rose Sreniawski                  E                     Rental                                                                 Home                              E
P 847-678-8680                   Painting Tools                        Mike Lureau                        BLUEBIRD TURF PRODUCTS              Michele Baum                      Landscaping
E                                                E             8079                                E
Trash Cans/Util Tubs             BERRY GLOBAL                          Rental                             Rental                              Kitchen                           BURPEE GARDEN PRODUCTS
                                 1973                                                                     Lindsay Dobson                                                        84103
BEKAERT CORPORATION              Home                                  BIRD B GONE INC                    P 704-995-6307                                                        Lawn & Garden
8265                             Jonathan Slavin                       142                                E                                     Steven Moore
Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch   E                   Lawn & Garden                      Rental - Lawn & Garden                                                P 877-504-6551
Alan Johnson                     Trash Bags                            Rose Sreniawski                                                                                          E
P 801-209-5183                                                         P 847-678-8680                                                                                           Seeds
E                                             E
Fencing                                                                Animal Repellents

26                                                                                                                                                                                                            27

7445                                10778                               35543                             49528                              7029                                    3902
Home                                Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch      Store Supplies                    Hardware                           Rental                                  Electrical
Michele Baum                        Tim Haley                           John Anderson                     Janet Hatfield                     Maureen Kelk                            Caterina Petty
E       P 847-375-9500                      P 847-419-3034                    P 630-873-4350                     E                    E
Home Cleaning Supplies              E           E     E          Party Rental                            Flashlights
                                    Vehicle Fluids                      Paper Supplies, Forms, Labels     Lumber & Building - Build &
BWT INC                                                                 & Holders                         Repair Hardware                    CHURCH & DWIGHT                         COGHLANS LTD
991                                 CAMCO MFG		                                                                                              80440                                   5793
Hand & Power Tools                  3283                                CENTURY DRILL & TOOL CO INC       CHAMPION COOLER                    Home                                    Outdoor Living
Amy Maurer                          Plumbing                            NEW - 8557                        1225                               Mark Holaday                            Mike Superits
P 847-526-4100                      Diana Tomasiewicz                   Hand & Power Tools                Plumbing                           P 916-804-5079                          E
E             E                Amy Berge                         Meghan Mclaughlin                  E   Camping
Farm & Ranch - Fencing              Water Heater Accessories            P 920-339-8700                    P 630-873-4350                     Cleaning Chemicals
                                                                        E         E                                              COLEMAN COMPANY

                                    CAMCO MFG
                                    Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch
                                                                        Taps & Dies

                                                                        CENTURY SPRING CORP
                                                                                                          Evaporative Coolers

                                                                                                          CHANNELLOCK INC
                                                                                                                                             CLASSIC BRANDS LLC
                                                                                                                                             Lawn & Garden
                                                                                                                                                                                     Outdoor Living
                                                                                                                                                                                     Janet Hatfield
41483                               Michele Baum                        50559                             422                                Terry Dzierzanowski                     P 630-873-4350
Lawn & Garden                       E       Hardware                          Hand & Power Tools                 P 630-588-1200                          E
Kim Cimaglio                        Recreational Vehicles Accessories   Ana Cuevas                        Kevin Kelley                       E        Camping Supplies
E                                               P 800-237-5225                    P 630-833-0016                     Bird Feeders
Bird Food                           CANARM, INC.                        E       E                                           COLGATE PALMOLIVE CO
                                    NEW - 71886                         Lumber & Building - Screw/Bolt/   Pliers/Wrench/Snips                CLEAN CONTROL CORPORATION               80952
C R PLASTIC PRODUCTS                Electrical                          Nut/Washer                                                           8296                                    Home
9103                                Eric Grams                                                            CHAR-BROIL		                       Home                                    Dean Horvat
Outdoor Living                      E           CENTURY WIRE & CABLE              5212                               Erika Toomer                            P 262-470-0565
Rebecca Ross                        Int Light Fixtures                  3233                              Outdoor Living                     P 224-422-1470                          E
P 519-271-1283                                                          Electrical                        Gerry Mallon                       E           Cleaning Chemicals
Patio Courtyard - Patio Furniture   CANDLE LITE                         Carrie Mclamore                   P 800-621-7337                     Home--Cleaning Chemicals
                                    79046                               P 800-999-5566                    E                                              COLLIER MFG. LLC
CAIG LABORATORIES                   Home                                E                Grills & Grilling Accessories      CLEVA HONG KONG                         2802
8495                                Kathryn Stack                       Outdoor Cords                                                        9128                                    Paint
Electrical                          P 847-520-8050                                                        CHARLOTTE PIPE & FOUNDRY           Hand & Power Tools                      Brenda Trickel
Michael Neumann                     E             CEQUENT CONSUMER PRODUCTS         74559                              Kim Cimaglio                            P 503-669-1953
P 858-486-8388                      Home Decor                          7228                              Plumbing                           E               E BrendaTrickel@
E                                                         Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch    Jack Manalli                       Wet/Dry Vac. & Accessories    
Electrical Accessories              CAYAN LLC                           Janet Hatfield                    P 800-533-4393                                                             Solvents & Removers
                                    8411                                P 630-873-4350                    E      CLOROX COMPANY, THE
CALICO BRANDS		                     Retail Technology Services          E         Plastic Pipe & Tubing              80085                                   COMPASS MINERALS
28589                               May Toomey                          Trailer & Towing                                                     Home                                    79012
Outdoor Living                      P 617-607-0345                                                        CHERVON NA/SKIL		                  Jay Mckinney                            Plumbing
John Casey                          E                 CERAMO COMPANY INC                8459                               P 901-395-4812                          Jason Haskell
E                                                5359                              Hand & Power Tools                 E            P 913-424-9890
Grill Accessories                   CENTRAL GARDEN BRANDS               Lawn & Garden                     Tadd Wenman                        Cleaning Chemicals                      E
                                    1584                                Kim Cimaglio                      P 331-214-0362                                                             Conditioners & Salt
                                    Lawn & Garden                       E         E              CLOSETMAID
                                    Thomas Eastham                      Farm, Ranch, Automotive           Portable Cordless                  19364                                   CONNECTICUT ELEC/ VIEW-PAK
                                    E          & Pet - Fencing                                                      Hardware                                73866
                                    Herbicides/Fungicides                                                                                    Michael Klos                            Electrical
                                                                                                                                             P 224-283-3390                          Mike Knudson
                                                                                                                                             E                 P 765-215-4216
                                                                                                                                             Shelving & Storage                      E
                                                                                                                                                                                     Breakers / Fuses

28                                                                                                                                                                                                                   29

CONOPCO INC                        CRAWFORD PRODUCTS                CUSTOM BLDG PRODUCTS          DANSONS INC                      DELTA CONSOLIDATED INDS INC           DIAL MFG INC
8932                               641                              51714                         7476                             40931                                 28951
Home                               Hardware                         Shellie Morris                Outdoor Living                   Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch        Plumbing
Dean Horvat                        Tara Sunder                      P 502-896-0342                Tadd Wenman                      Cindy Foster                          Jim Henderson
P 262-470-0565                     P 815-821-6200                   E           P 331-214-0362                   P 919-306-9356                        P 602-799-1703
E               E         Hardware, Lumber & Building   E            E      E
Cleaning Chemicals                 Shelving & Storage               - Concrete                    Grills                           Vehicle Accessories                   Evaporative Coolers

7                                  40758                            59170                         29520                            9292                                  53173
Lumber                             Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch   Hand & Power Tools            Paint                            Hardware                              Home
Lori Ackerman                      Tadd Wenman                      Melodie Johnson               Pat Kaack                        Jeff Greenstein                       Jodie Minikel
P 484-787-9493                     P 331-214-0362                   E          P 847-494-1005                   P 508-698-0606                        P 414-727-0377
E   E            Tool Bags & Storage           E                 E                E
Drywall                            Lubricants & Oilers                                            Caulk                            Home - Shelving & Storage             Check Out

                                   CRESCENT GARDEN
                                                                    D & D COMMODITIES LTD
                                                                                                  DARE PRODUCTS INC
                                                                                                                                   DELTA FAUCET CO
                                                                                                                                                                         DISSTON COMPANY
Electrical                         Lawn & Garden                    6860                          Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch   Plumbing                              Hand & Power Tools
Janet Hatfield                     A Klein                          Lawn & Garden                 Charrise Hamner                  Kristine Mattes                       Joe Gray
P 630-873-4350                     E      Nicki                         P 847-921-2552                   P 630-588-2977                        P 219-218-6977
E          Planters                         Sczepanski                    E           E             E
Breakers/Fuses                                                      P 218-478-3308                Fencing                          Faucets                               Drill Bits
                                   CROSSMASTER                      E
COOPER LIGHTING		                  9110                             Bird Food                     DATACOLOR INC                    DELTA FAUCET CO                       DOSKO
36400                              Hand & Power Tools                                             1378                             10199                                 6784
Electrical                         Gary Robinson                    D.M. MERCHANDISING INC        Paint                            Plumbing                              Rental
Sam Lombardo                       P 786-533-8410                   186                           Ekaterina Garber                 Kristine Mattes                       Chris Osgood
E       E    Home                          P 215-850-7856                   P 630-588-2977                        P 612-756-1928
Int Light fixtures                 Screwdrivers                     Carolyn Caracci               E          E             E
                                                                    P 630-782-2700                Paint - Painting Tools           Faucets                               Rental - Lawn & Garden
CORE HOME		                        CULLIGAN INC		                   E CCARACCI@DMMERCH.COM
7641                               25304                            Check Out                     DDP SPECIALTY MATERIALS (DOW)    DELTA MARKETING                       DOT’S PRETZELS
Home                               Plumbing                                                       38539                            INTL                                  9379
Rebecca Prentice                   Jack Manalli                     DANCO COMPANY                 Paint                            25320                                 Home
E             P 800-533-4393                   28910                         Valerie Vizgirda		               Home                                  Nikki Shumansky
Kitchen                            E    Plumbing                      E                Valerie Desautels		                   P 701-566-8520
                                   Water Filtration                 Janice LaManna                Foam Sealant                     E             E
CORONA CLIPPER                                                      P 972-721-6081                                                 Cleaning Chemicals                    Beverages & Snacks
48488                              CURTIS WAGNER PLASTICS CORP.     E      DELTA BRANDS INC.
Outdoor Tools                      10367                            Toilet Repair                 5683                             DEROMA                                DR. BRONNERS
Terry Dzierzanowski                Lawn & Garden                                                  Home                             1987                                  9551
P 630-588-1200                     Tim Warner                       DANNER MANUFACTURING          Noelle Boncher-Garcia            Lawn & Garden                         Home
E   P 800-533-4393                   86579                         P 847-506-1950                   Kelly Masco                           Nicholas Canelake
Pruning Tools                      E tim@            Lawn & Garden                 E      P 630-887-0707                        P 760-743-2211
                                   Planter Supplies                 Bob Daly                      Dollar Program                   E                   E Home
COYOTE CREEK ORGANIC                                                P 847-981-0002                                                 Planters                              Cleaning Chemicals
8404                               CUSTOM ACCESSORIES               E           DELTA CARBONA LP
Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch     59741                            Water Gardening               74914                            DIAL CORPORATION
Brooke Hobby                       Hardware                                                       Home                             3550
P 512-285-2556                     Michele Baum                                                   Noelle Boncher-Garcia            Lawn & Garden
E       E                                  P 847-506-1950                   Mike Lyons
Livestock Animal Needs             Vehicle Accessories                                            E      P 704-340-8993
                                                                                                  Cleaning Chemicals               E
                                                                                                                                   Indoor Insect Cntrl

30                                                                                                                                                                                                     31

DRAINBO                                                             ECi SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS          ECOWATER SYSTEMS LLC           EPICOR SOFTWARE CORPORATION           EXHART ENVIRONMENTAL
12017                                                               5585                            7766                           5586                                  SYSTEMS
Home                               E FILLIATE                       Retail Technology Services      Plumbing                       Retail Technology Services            2776
Troy Galvez                        8249                             Sandi Hurt                      Tadd Wenman                    Robert Corona                         Outdoor Living
P 925-371-0497                     Home                             P 817-662-8781                  P 331-214-0362                 E                  Kim Cimaglio
E T.GALVEZ@DRAINBO.COM             Steve Gudenkauf                  E        E          Retail Technology Services            E
Cleaning Chemicals                 P 916-858-1000                   Retail Technology Services      Conditioners & Salt                                                  Outdoor Living - Outdoor Decor
                                   E                                                                     ESAB
DRAMM COMPANY                      Check Out                        ECLECTIC PRODUCTS INC           ELECTRIC EEL MFG CO            8818                                  EZNECTAR LLC
48785                                                               29959                           36004                          MRO                                   8329
Lawn & Garden                      EAB TOOL CO. USA INC             Paint                           Rental                         Amy Maurer                            Lawn & Garden
Terry Dzierzanowski                9180                             Amy Maurer                      Mark Speranza		                P 847-526-4100                        Michael Vinik
P 630-588-1200                     Hand & Power Tools               P 847-526-4100                  E    E               P 630-395-9329
E   Danny Wight                      E         Tools                          Hand & Power Tools - Welding          E
Hose Nozzles                       E        Glues & Epoxys                                                                                       Bird Feeders
                                   Circular Saw Blades                                              ELKAY SALES INC - SINKS        ESPOMA
Lawn & Garden
                                   EARTHTRONICS INC
                                                                    E-CLOTH INC
                                                                                                    Kris Amen
                                                                                                                                   Lawn & Garden
                                                                                                                                   David Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                         FARO INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Kelly Masco                        Electrical                       Erika Toomer                    P 708-790-6294                 P 856-825-0542                        NEW - 11193
P 630-887-0707                     Bill Iwami                       P 224-422-1470                  E     E                 Hand & Power Tools
E                E       E   Kitchen & Bath Fixtures        Fertilizers                           Shannon Sharrock
Bird Feeders                       Light Bulbs                      Cleaning Supplies                                                                                    P 714-432-8780
                                                                                                    ELMER’S PRODUCT INC            ESTWING MFG CO                        E
DUKE CANNON                        EASY GARDENER INC                ECO FLO PRODUCTS                29173                          786                                   Measuring Tools
9970                               6148                             7452                            Paint                          Hand & Power Tools
Home                               Lawn & Garden                    Plumbing                        Janet Hatfield                 Matt Simunovich                       FEDERAL PROCESS CORP
Brooke Stobaugh                    Nick Prater                      Janet Hatfield                  P 630-873-4350                 P 847-915-7633                        5487
P 630-455-6300                     P 269-921-5590                   P 630-873-4350                  E      E             Paint
E       E         E       Glues & Epoxys                 Hand & Power Tools - Striking Tools   Ryan Byers
Personal Care                      Fertilizers                      Pumps                                                                                                P 216-364-0188
                                                                                                    EMSON DIV. OF E. MISHON        ETTORE PRODUCTS COMPANY               E
DUMOND CHEMICALS                   EASY HEAT, INC - ASCOLP          ECOCLEAN SOLUTIONS              77420                          81877                                 Painting Tools
NEW - 89474                        EMERSON AUTOMATION SOLUTION      8870                            Home                           Home
Paint                              26096                            Home                            Louise Sitt                    Cathy Olson                           FEIT ELECTRIC
Janet Hatfield                     Plumbing                         Nick Brennan                    P 917-379-1010                 E              18762
P 630-873-4350                     Sam Lombardo		                   P 847-377-6126                  E LOUISE.SITT@EMSONUSA.COM     Cleaning Supplies                     Electrical
E          E     E           (ASOTV) As Seen On TV                                                Janet Hatfield
Solvents & Removers                Insulation & Cables              Cleaning Chemicals                                             EVAKARE, LLC.                         P 630-873-4350
                                                                                                    ENCAP LLC                      10844                                 E
DURACELL DISTRIBUTING NC           EATON CORPORATION                ECOCLEAR PRODUCTS INC           3884                           Plumbing                              Fencing
36483                              17137                            8141                            Lawn & Garden                  Paul Goldberg
Electrical                         Electrical                       Lawn & Garden                   Kelly Masco                    P 224-294-0404                        FERNCO INC
Kendel Braithwaite                 Luis Lucena                      Jeff Maslinski                  P 630-887-0707                 E               25668
P 800-336-9336                     E           P 847-683-9114                  E            Bath Hardware                         Plumbing
E kendel@woodsinc.met              Electrical Breakers and Panels   E               Fertilizers                                                          Sam Rosenthal
Batteries                                                           Rodent Control                                                 EVEREADY BATTERY CO                   P 630-694-4054
                                   EATON J T                                                        ENVIRO PROTECTION IND CO INC   36459                                 E
DURAFLAME COWBOY INC               81554                            ECOSMART TECHNOLOGIES           3941                           Electrical                            Plastic Fittings
4449                               Lawn & Garden                    605                             Lawn & Garden                  Marcica McDonald
Outdoor Living                     Rose Sreniawski                  Lawn & Garden                   Dave Riffey                    E
Rob Passarelli                     P 847-678-8680                   Brooke Stobaugh                 P 715-790-6688                 Electrical & Light - Batteries
E         E          P 630-455-6300                  E
Grill Accessories                  Rodent Control                   E    Rodent Control
                                                                    Indoor Insect Cntrl

32                                                                                                                                                                                                        33

9397                               26880                           29876
Home                               Paint                           Paint
Paul Sampica                       Joe Williams                    Amy Maurer
E             P 847-420-3157                  P 847-526-4100
Beverages & Snacks                 E        E
                                   Painting Tools                  Construction Adhesve
10724                              FLUIDMASTER INC                 FRESH WAVE/OMI INDUSTRIES
Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch     26328                           95141
Jerry Pedersen                     Plumbing                        Home
P 860-483-2265                     Jack Manalli                    Barbie Chmieleski
E     P 800-533-4393                  P 847-304-9111
Equine                             E   E
                                   Toilet Repair                   Cleaning Chemicals
8742                               FNA GROUP                       FREUD
Outdoor Tools                      1928                            98723
Chad Steinhoff                     Outdoor Tools                   Hand & Power Tools
P 602-999-1829                     Matt Wendt                      Trey Sheffield
E    P 224-688-7053                  P 336-689-5564
Generators                         E MWENDT@FNA-GROUP.COM          E
                                   Pressure Washers                Cutting Tools
36996                              FOGO CHARCOAL                   FTI BRANDS
Electrical                         9601                            NEW - 11457
Carla Shannon                      Outdoor Living                  Home
P 224-374-9419                     Alberto Suriano                 Kevin Consolo
E       E      P 440-773-0228
Home Safety                        Grill Accessories               E
Lawn & Garden
Mike McGrath
                                   Dan Rine
                                                                   G E LIGHTING
P 847-998-9770                     P 954-702-9474                  18655
E         E      Lawn & Garden
Outdoor Tools--Garden Hand Tools   Cleaning Chemicals              Paulla Fetzek
FLEXRAKE                           FORNEY INDUSTRIES INC           Light Bulbs
6973                               13649
Outdoor Tools                      Hand & Power Tools              GARDEN WEASEL
Bill Tegert                        Brian Fitzgerald		              68924
E           E     Lawn & Garden
Long Handle Tools                  Welding                         Mike Passaglia
26302                              48314
Plumbing                           Lawn & Garden
Dave Luster                        Jim Dvorchak
P 630-473-0036                     P 630-898-3600
E               E
Pumps                              Garden Sprayers

34                                                                                                  35

GARDNER BENDER INC                   GLOBE ELECTRIC                    GRASSWORX LLC                      GUARDSMAN PRODUCTS INC           HARMAN INC                         HENKEL CORPORATION
17467                                3900                              81414                              80648                            8786                               90712
Electrical                           Electrical                        Home                               Home                             Giftware                           Paint
Mike Tufano                          Morgan Schmelzer                  Don Seidel                         Cathy Olson                      Mani Bagga                         Bret Simkovich
P 317-574-1498                       P 608-393-0269                    P 314-997-8600                     P 630-588-2973                   P 905-670-0801                     P 440-281-4755
E           E      E      E         E         E
Electronic Accessories               Light Bulbs                       Floor Covering                     Cleaning Chemicals               Home Decor                         Glues & Epoxys

                                     GOJO INDUSTRIES INC
                                     Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch
                                                                       GREAT SOUTHERN WOOD PRESERVE
                                                                                                          HAGERTY W J & SON LTD
                                                                                                                                           HAROLD IMPORT CO INC
                                                                                                                                                                              HENRY CO
Bob Daly                             Randy Wiggins                     Jay Wrenn                          80499                            Erin Dague                         Erika Toomer
P 847-981-0002                       E               E             Home                             E          P 224-422-1470
E                  Appearance Products               Treated Lumber Composite Decking   Jean Gorman		                    Kitchen                            E
Roofing/Coating                                                                                           E                                              Brush On Enamels
                                     GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS CO            GROTRAX                            Cleaning Chemicals               HARVEST LANE HONEY
GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS, INC.          90522                             9163                                                                8089                               HENRY, WW COMPANY
91645                                Rental                            Lawn & Garden                      HALEX/SCOTT FETZER               Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch     62273
Outdoor Tools                        Mike Sidoti                       Emma Mach                          7806                             Dan Wort                           Hardware
Janet Hatfield                       P 513-218-8186                    P 847-945-6900                     Electrical                       P 574-612-3259                     Michael Vinik
P 630-873-4350                       E           E              Janet Hatfield                   E         P 630-395-9329
E            Party Rental                      Fertilizers                        P 630-873-4350                   Farm Accessories                   E
Generators                                                                                                E                                           Construction Adhesive
                                     GORILLA GLUE COMPANY              GROUND HOG INC                     Wiring Devices                   HC COMPANIES INC
GENERAL TOOLS MFG                    68734                             78493                                                               NEW - 41384                        HIGH CALIPER GROWING INC
919                                  Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch    Rental                             HAMILTON BEACH BRANDS INC        Lawn & Garden                      6792
Hand & Power Tools                   Claire Hensley 		                 Allen Carlson                      31880                            Dick Kurtzweil                     Lawn & Garden
Amy Maurer                           P 513-527-3745                    E           Home                             P 630-418-3425                     Kelly Masco
P 847-526-4100                       E   Construction Rental                Jack Manalli                     E        P 630-887-0707
E              Fencing                                                              P 800-533-4393                   Planters                           E
Fencing                                                                GRUBBLY FARMS                      E                                       Planter Supplies
                                     GRABBER WARMERS                   9354                               Small Appliances                 HEADWIND CONSUMER PRODUCTS
GLAMOS WIRE PRODUCT CO               4671                              Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch                                      1886                               HILLMAN FASTENERS
1149                                 Outdoor Living                    Amy Maurer                         HAMPTON PRODUCTS-KEEPER          Outdoor Living                     20164
Lawn & Garden                        Cheryl Smith                      P 847-526-4100                     44032                            Matt Glenn                         Hardware
Steve Tomas                          P 708-633-1090                    E            Automotive, Pet & Farm & Ranch   E       Megan Keck
E           E         Livestock Animal Needs             Michele Baum                     Outdoor Decor                      P 513-851-4900
Planter Supplies                     Camping                                                              E                                       E
                                                                       GT-LITE                            Trailer & Towing                 HEATH MANUFACTURING CO             Roofing/Coating
GLEASON INDUSTRIAL PRD               GRACO INC                         9315                                                                68932
6833                                 164                               Electrical			                      HAMPTON PRODUCTS-WRIGHT          Lawn & Garden                      HITRONS SOLUTIONS INC
Lawn & Garden                        Paint                             Electrical & Light - Light Bulbs   49668                            Meghan McLaughlin                  9145
Maureen Voypick                      Shellie Morris                                                       Hardware                         E       Plumbing
E               P 502-896-0342                    GTO, INC.                          Michele Baum                     Bird Food                          David Kim
Outdoor Tools - Wheelbarrows/Carts   E               30981                              E                                       E
                                     Powered Applicators               Farm, Ranch, Automotive & Pet      Windows/Doors                    HEATHCO LLC                        Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
GLOBAL INSTRUMENTS                                                     Robert Maida                                                        94169
79962                                GRANITE GOLD INC                  P 270-791-6016                     HANSON C H CO                    Electrical                         HOME CARE LABS
Lawn & Garden                        4017                              E            3210                             Terry Dzierzanowski                62562
Meghan McLaughlin                    Home                              Fencing                            Hand & Power Tools               P 630-588-2972                     Home
E         Cathy Olson                                                          Michael Vinik                    E   Amy Maurer
Rodent Control                       E                                             P 630-395-9329                   Ext Light Fixtures                 P 847-526-4100
                                     Cleaning Chemicals                                                   E                                               E
                                                                                                          Layout Tools                                                        Cleaning Chemicals

36                                                                                                                                                                                                            37
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