Master of Public Policy

4    WELCOME                                       43   WELCOME TO MONTREAL
                                                       45   Getting Around
    5    YOUR MPP IN DETAIL                           46   Getting Set Up
    7    Key Dates and Courses                        48   Eating in Montreal
    10   Registering for Courses
                                                       49   Places and Events
    11   Space for MPP Students
    12     Public Policy Association of
           Graduate Students                           55   CONTACT INFORMATION

    13    Max Bell School Equity, Diversity,
          and Inclusion Committee
    14    The Equalizer
    15   Group and Individual Work
    16   Co-curricular Activities for MPP Students
    17    Grading for MPP Courses
    18   Academic Integrity
    19Í ÍÍÍ Absences from Class
    20    Career Services
    21    Mandatory Training
    22    COVID-19 Information and Resources
    23    Digital Resources

    26     Getting Started as a McGill Student
    28     McGill IT Services
    29     Signing into IT Systems
    31     Staying Connected
    32     Software and Training
    33     Academic Regulations
    34     Travel
    35     Student Services
    36     Life Outside Your Classes
    39     Campus Map
    41     New Student Checklist


Welcome *% the Max Bell School!
We are thrilled that you have chosen
to undertake your Master of Public
Policy (MPP) degree with us. You aren’t
just coming to the Max Bell School, you
are coming to McGill, which has
maintained its record as a g(*
university illed with lots of intellectual
excitement for two hundred years.

McGill has many services to support your     It also provides an overview of campus life and
academic studies and activities on           resources, as well as useful information on
campus to keep you busy. This guide          how to take advantage of all that Montreal has
outlines key information about the MPP       to offer.
program and what you need to know to
succeed and complete your degree.

Chris Ragan
Director, Max Bell School of Public Policy

Your MPP in Detail

The MPP program at Max Bell
School is a new and innovative
Master's program which tackles the
complexities of public policy from
diverse perspectives, giving students
the skills to understand and solve
the most important issues impacting
Canada and the world today.

6   6
Your MPP in Detail

Key Dates and Courses

Aug 6Ж Aug 7 Orientation Period

            PPOL 602: Microeconomics for Public Policy
SEÐ0 – Oct 8
            PPOL 603: Comparative Government Structures
SeptÐ6            Labour day – Administrative offices and libraries closed. No classes.
Sept 10           Professional Development Day
Oct 8             Professional Development Day

Oct 11            Thanksgiving and Study Break - Administrative offices and libraries
                  closed. No classes.
Oct 14 – Oct 5   Exam Period

Oct 8 – OctÐ22   PPOL 631-632-633-637: Policy Case Studies
Oct 25 – -ARÐ29   ..-*Ð4 5-636-638Ð.MJGAWÐ!?QCÐ1RSBGCQÐ

Nov 1 – Dec 0 PPOL 611: The Canadian Political and Policy Landscape
               PPOL 612: The U.S. Political and Policy Landscape
               PPOL 613: The Global Political and Policy Landscape
               PPOL 604: Ethics, Rights, and Law
Nov 12            Professional Development Day
Dec 13 – Dec 17 Exam Period
"CAÐ0 – (?LÐ4    &MJGB?WÐ PC?k


Jan 7             Professional Development Day


Jan 17 – Feb 25   ..-*Ð07ÐMedia and Information Literacy
                  ..-*Ð06ÐScience, Experts and EvidenceÐ
                  ..-*Ð05ÐAnalytical Methods for PEÐÐ
                  PPOL 608: Theory and Practice of Program Evaluation
Feb 11            Professional Development Day
Feb 28 – Mar 4    Reading Week
Mar 7 – Mar 11    Exam Period

+?P 4 – Mar 18 ..-*Ð 8Ð.MJGAWÐ!?QCÐ1RSBGCQÐ
+?PÐ1 – +?PÐ5ÐÐÐPPOL 631-68: Policy Case Studies

NPÐ1ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ Professional Development Day

Apr 4СÐ+?WÐ3 ..-*Ð1ÐGlobal Macroeconomic Policy
               ..-*Ð09ÐReasoning and Public Policy
Apr 1 ¡ÐApr 18   Good Friday and Easter Monday – Administrative offices and libraries
                  closed. No classes.
Apr 29            Professional Development Day
May 13            Professional Development Day
May 16 – May 20 Exam Period

13++#0 MODULE
May  – JulÐ9     Policy Lab
(SLÐ24ÐÐÐÐÐÐ       St-Jean Baptiste – Administrative offices and libraries closed. No classes.
(Sl 1ÐÐÐÐ          Canada Day – Administrative offices and libraries closed. No classes.


 MPP degrees are officially granted in the fall, following McGill
 University's senate meeting.

 Please refer to
 programs/current-students for complete course and program

Your MPP in Detail

Registering for Courses

IDENTIFICATION NUMBER                             While the School’s staff and faculty will
If you are attending McGill for the first time,   provide advice and guidance, you have
your 9-digit student number will have been        ultimate responsibility for:
issued to you online upon submission of           o The completeness and correctness
your application. If you have forgotten your           of your course selection and
PIN number or if it has been disabled for              registration;
any reason, call the Minerva Help Line            o Compliance with the completion of
(514-398-7878) during McGill business                  program and degree requirements;
hours to have it reset.                           o Observance of regulations and
                                                       deadlines as outlined in the University
Minerva does not guide you to the courses              Calendar.
you need and will not necessarily prevent
you from registering for courses you are          REGISTRATION PROCEDURES
not entitled to take. You are responsible for     To register for courses, new students
making sure that you follow the regulations       can access Minerva at:
and deadlines outlined in the calendar.           minerva-students

Your MPP in Detail

Space for MPP Students
Please note that our offices are taking precautionary measures against
COVID-19 and that they are subject to change as the situation evolves.

The Max Bell School has dedicated space for     In addition, the main McGill University
MPP students. The ten team rooms are ideal      Library is equipped with several meeting
for working on the many group assignments       rooms and special study spaces that may
and the Policy Lab, all of which are an         be reserved by students:
integral part of the MPP learning experience.
Two seminar rooms, when they are                groupstudy
available, can be booked and used by MPP
students for larger group discussions.

Your MPP in Detail

Public Policy Association of Graduate Students

PPAGS is an association of graduate            Throughout the year, PPAGS plans and
students at the Max Bell School of Public      hosts events for the Max Bell and McGill
Policy, serving as the official student        community. These include social events,
representative organization. Membership of     wellness sessions, student and faculty
the organization is composed of all graduate   town halls, a speaker series and the
students enrolled at the Max Bell School.      Policy under Pressure case competition.

PPAGS' mandate is to represent and             PPAGS needs engaged students who are
advocate for its members' interests and        willing to advocate and work for the
concerns, to develop graduate student          betterment of the program and to create
participation, and to provide a platform for   a meaningful and fulfilling student
improvement of all social and educational      experiences for their peers. If you’re
interactions between students at Max Bell.     interested in participating next year,
                                               please contact Catherine Stace at:

                                               To learn more, visit:

Your MPP in Detail

About the EDI Committee
The Max Bell School Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)     The EDI Committee has identified five key
Committee’s mandate is to further the         priority areas and is working towards their
School’s mission to bring together people     realization. The five key priorities areas of
from varied perspectives to explore and       focus are to
design innovative policy solutions to
address discrimination and racism, and to       1. Ensure resources are available to
promote equity.                                     support EDI work.
                                                2. Diversify programs, events, and
The EDI Committee was created in the                publications.
context of broad structural and systemic        3. Improve the diversity of the workforce
challenges related to racism and                    and advisory boards.
discrimination in our learning                  4. Establish mentoring and wellness
environments. It works for and with people          initiatives for staff, instructors, and
who face systemic barriers, including               students.
people with disabilities and LGBTQ2SIA+         5. Improve accessibility for persons with
people, and to address all forms of racism,         disabilities and promote universal
including against Black people, Indigenous          design for all.
peoples, and people of colour.
                                              With the collaboration of PPAGS VP EDI, the
The School is committed to developing         EDI Committee has created structured
innovative policy solutions and ideas that    pathways, including a First Responders
address these challenges, tracking            Program and EDI Office Hours, for students
progress on the five broad axes identified    and staff to disclose EDI concerns related to
by the University: student experience,        mental health challenges, discrimination,
research and knowledge, outreach,             access to University mechanisms, amongst
workforce and physical space.                 other issues

                                              To meet the Max Bell School EDI
                                              Committee, visit:

Your MPP in Detail

About The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a student-led podcast at        For more information about The Equalizer
the Max Bell School of Public Policy. It         and how students can get involved, please
aims to contribute to Max Bell’s inclusion       contact the project lead Nayantara
project: what is the particular role of public   Sudhakar (MPP 2021) at
policy in relation to equity-seeking groups or
and how do we explore and design                 EDI Chair Pearl Eliadis at
innovative policy solutions related to the No experience is
challenges they face?                            required. We will support on-boarding and
                                                 work to secure a small budget.
We are looking for leaders with a passion
for justice, storytelling, and podcasting.
The Equalizer needs engaged students
who are willing to take the initiative to
identify emerging topics in areas of justice,
equity, and sustainability, who can reach
out to engage with people that are making
a difference, and who have diverse
identities and experiences to ask
challenging questions about innovative
and inclusive policymaking.

Your MPP in Detail

Group and Individual Work

GROUP WORK                                     INDIVIDUAL WORK
Since working with others is a key part of     Despite the importance of group work in
most professional settings, learning how to    the Max Bell MPP program, students have
work productively and respectfully in small    considerable individual work and receive
groups is a central aspect of the Max Bell     individual grades in all of their courses.
MPP program.
                                               Each Core Policy Course (3 credits) will have
Each of the Core Policy Courses (3 credits)    a final exam, and MP a major paper. The
has several group assignments. The Policy      Policy Case Studies (1 credit) and the
Case Studies (1 credit) and the Complexity     Complexity Seminars (2 credits) will be
Seminars (2 credits) involve mostly            graded mostly through individual writing
individual work, although students should      projects, such as op-ed columns, short
expect informal group activities and           essays, and policy briefing notes. Students
discussions to occur regularly in class. The   should feel free to consult widely during the
Policy Lab (9 credits) is entirely group       formative stages of their written projects,
work, with teams of 4-5 students working       but the final written products must be original.
together over several months to deliver a
full policy briefing in response to a well-
defined policy challenge. In any of these
group settings, students must work hard to
ensure that their teams are inclusive,
respectful and productive.

 Problems with team dynamics should be
 brought to the attention of the relevant
 MPP instructor as soon as possible.

Your MPP in Detail

Co-curricular Activities
for MPP Students
Professional Development                      #?AFÐRCPK ÐQCTCP?JÐNMJGAWÐQNCAG?JGQRQÐDPMKÐ
workshops are specially designed for the      GKNMPR?LRÐNMJGAWÐGLQRGRSRGMLQÐ?PCÐGLTGRCBÐRMÐ
MPP students and are integrated into their    NPCQCLRÐR?JIQÐ?RÐRFCÐ1AFMMJ Ð2FCQCÐCTCLRQÐ
program. In particular, they will build the   ?PCÐMNNMPRSLGRGCQÐDMPÐ+..ÐQRSBCLRQÐRMÐÐ
skills necessary for the successful           CLE?ECÐTGQGRMPQÐGLÐBGQASQQGMLÐ?LBÐBC@?RC
completion of the 9-credit Policy Lab.        To see what's going on at Max Bell, visit:
There are workshops on several “soft
skills,” such as developing leadership,
managing conflict, engaging in courageous     123"#,2 *#"Í#4#,21
conversations, and building alliances, and    1RSBCLRQÐK?WÐNPMNMQCÐMPÐMPE?LGXCÐCTCLRQ Ð
also workshops on several “hard skills,”      R?JIQ Ðand social activities for which they can
such as conducting stakeholder interviews,    apply to the School for funding and
building insights, writing a policy brief,    administrative support.
managing jurisdictions and public
speaking.                                     OTHER EVENTS AT MCGILL UNIVERSITYÍÍ
                                              Students of the Max Bell MPP program have
                                              full access to all of the activities open to
                                              other McGill students. There are many
                                              interesting activities occurring all across the
                                              McGill campus, every week! To find out
                                              what's happening at McGill, see:

Your MPP in Detail

Grading for MPP Courses

Max Bell MPP students must successfully           FAILURES
pass all of their courses (45 credits) in order   The lowest passing grade in all MPP courses
to complete the MPP degree.                       is 65%, a letter grade of B-. Any student who
                                                  receives a grade lower than B- in a course
Students’ final course grades are                  can apply MLÐ+GLCPT? for the permission to
determined by the course instructor,              take a Supplemental Exam. If granted such
consistent with the grading scheme                permission, the new course grade is
described in the relevant course outline.         determined by the grade received on the
This grading scheme (including the                Supplemental Exam; however, the original
weighting of various assignments and              grade remains on students' transcripts and
exams) is not permitted to vary from the          both grades are calculated in students' GPA.
description in the course outline, except in
extraordinary circumstances.                      Students will not be granted permission to
                                                  write two Supplemental Exams in any one
EXTENSIONS !K GRADES"                             course; nor will they be granted permission
In extraordinary circumstances (determined        to write Supplemental Exams in two
by the course instructor), a student may be       different courses in which they received a
permitted an extension beyond the normal          failing grade. Students who fail two courses,
deadline for completion of an exam or             or fail any course twice, will be required to
submission of a major assignment. In such         withdraw from the MPP program. In such
cases, a grade of K is submitted and a new        cases, no tuition or ancillary fees are
deadline for completion of course work is         reimbursed to the student.
assigned. Both student and professor must
sign the appropriate form and submit it to        More information about the university's
the School’s Administrative Officer. The new        exams and failure policy can be found here:
deadline is normally no more than one
month a#er the initial deadline.

Your MPP in Detail

Academic Integrity
McGill places a great deal of importance on    PLAGIARISM
honest work, the art of scholarship, and the   “Plagiarism” means the representation of
fair treatment of all members of the           another’s work as one’s own or assisting
university community, and demands a rigid      another in representing another’s work,
insistence on giving credit where credit is    published or unpublished, as their own.
due. Offenses such as cheating and breaches
                                               No student shall represent another
of research ethics undermine not only the
                                               person’s work, published or unpublished,
value of our collective work, but also the
                                               as their own in any writing, such as an
academic integrity of the University and the   essay, thesis, research report, project or
value of a McGill degree.                      assignment submitted in a course or a
                                               program of study, or represent as their
                                               own the work of another, whether the
                                               material so represented constitutes a
                                               part or the entirety of the work

                                               No student shall contribute any work to
                                               another student with the knowledge that
                                               the latter may submit the work in part or
                                               whole as their own. Receipt of payment
                                               or other forms of compensation for work
                                               contributed shall be cause for
                                               presumption that the student had such

                                               To learn more about Academic Integrity and
                                               the Student Code of Conduct at McGill,
                                               please refer to this page: https://

Your MPP in Detail

Absences from Class

Students who miss classes due to illness   It is the student’s responsibility to catch up
(or other reasons) must make               on relevant class material, readings and
arrangements with their relevant MPP       group assignments. Due to the importance
instructor and their assigned teams.       of group work in the MPP program,
Students should be prepared to provide     students must recognize that missing
confirmation of their illness to the        classes and getting behind on the material
instructor.                                imposes costs on their team members.

Your MPP in Detail

Career Services at the Max Bell School

Max Bell Career Services provides       To book an individual appointment, please
career coaching, workshops, programs,   email:
events, and resources that will help
students to:

• Identify career objectives and set
• Expand awareness of career paths;
• Build professional relationships;
• Communicate skills, experience,
  motivation, and value to
  employers in their desired field;
• Develop a personalized job search

Your MPP in Detail

Mandatory Training

All students are required to complete a          FREE OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE
mandatory Academic Integrity Tutorial in         It Takes All of Us: Creating a Campus
order to ensure that they know—and fully         Community Free of Sexual Violence is a
understand—what’s expected of them.              learning program that strives to increase
                                                 awareness of sexual violence, to ensure
The Tutorial—which can be found in Minerva       that our campus culture is based on
( under the           respect and consent, and to help create a
Student Menu— must be completed by the end       community free of sexual violence.
of their first term at McGill. Failure to
complete the Tutorial will result in a           The training consists of four modules that
registration block for the following term. The   use character-driven scenarios to teach
registration block is automatically released     important topics surrounding sexual
the moment the Tutorial is completed in          violence and its impact. You can find this
Minerva.                                         mandatory training on myCourses.

Your MPP in Detail

COVID-19 Information and Resources
As regulations for COVID-19 continue to shift   MCGILL CAMPUS COVID-19 UPDATES
for both the city of Montreal and the McGill    For news and updates specific to the McGill
campus, it's important to keep track of any     community, please refer to the university's
updates and advisories.                         COVID-19 page for more information. This
                                                page contains the current guidelines for
                                                quarantine procedures on campus as well as
To know more about the recommendations
                                                resources for students on learning remotely,
and guidelines issued by the regional public
                                                financial aid, health, and well-being. Learn
health department (Direction régionale de
Santé publique de Montréal), please refer to:
coronavirus-covid-19/. This page provides
updates about current COVID-19 safety
regulations and news:

Your MPP in Detail

Digital Resources

1-$250#Í                                       OTHER SOFTWARE
As a McGill student, you will have access to    2MÐJC?PLÐKMPCÐ?@MSRÐ-DDGACÐÐ?LBÐ-LC"PGTC Ð
free software to aid in communications,         NJC?QCÐQCCÐN?ECÐ31 Ð$MPÐGLDMPK?RGMLÐ?@MSRÐmW
productivity, and collaboration. These          !MSPQCQ ÐPCDCPÐRMÐN?ECÐ9 Ð
platforms and resources will be particularly
important for the Fall 2020 semester. See
                                                *' 007Í0#1-30!#1
page 31 for more details.                       +A%GJJÐ3LGTCPQGRWÐF?QÐ?ÐUMPJBÐAJ?QQÐlibrary and
                                                online database with over 2.5 million e-books,
8OOM                                            e-journals, and multimedia resources—all
+A%GJJÐQRSBCLRQÐ?SRMK?RGA?JJWÐF?TCÐ?AACQQÐRMÐ   available to you 24/7 from around the globe.
?Ðlicensed 8MMKÐ?AAMSLR.                        These can be accessed by simply using your
This allows users to host unlimited             McGill credentials. The library also accepts
KCCRGLEQÐUGRFÐSNÐRMÐ3ÐN?PRGAGN?LRQ Ð@SRÐ      requests from students for the purchase of e-
UGRFÐ?Ð24 hourÐK?VGKSKÐfor group                books.
meetings. Learn more here:

McGill in Detail

McGill University is one of Canada’s
best-known institutions of higher
learning and one of the leading
universities in the world. With students
coming to McGill from over 150
countries, our student body is the most
internationally diverse of any research-
intensive university in the country.

Founded in 1821, McGill is recognized        McGill University is located on land which
around the world for the excellence of its   has long served as a site of meeting and
teaching and research programs. In           exchange amongst Indigenous peoples,
addition to a stellar faculty, McGill is     including the Haudenosaunee and
known for attracting the brightest           Anishinabeg nations. The School honours,
students from across Canada, the United      recognizes, and respects these nations as
States, and around the world.                the traditional stewards of the lands and
                                             waters on which we meet today.
McGill students have the highest average
entering grades in Canada, and our
commitment to fostering the very best
has helped our students win more
national and international awards on
average than their peers at any other
Canadian university.

McGill in Detail

Getting Started as a
McGill Student
GETTING YOUR STUDENT CARD                        Be sure to bring your McGill ID number, valid
Your student ID card is proof that you are a     photo ID, and the documents you used to
registered student at McGill and gives you       prove your citizenship status. More details
access to a full range of McGill services. You   can be found at: records/
will need it to use most essential services on   personal-information/id
campus including the library and athletic
facilities and to access certain study areas     Those students who have a McGill
and classrooms during regular daytime            undergraduate ID card will need to replace it
hours as well as a#er hours.                     with a new graduate level ID card.

   International Students
   International students must submit copies of their Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec
   (CAQ) and Study Permit in order to receive their ID card. International students who
   have confirmed their medical insurance on Minerva will receive their International
   Health Insurance (IHI) card at the same time as their ID card. Students who are eligible
   for an exemption must present valid documentation to Service Point and submit an
   online exemption request via Minerva.

   For international students, there is a buddy program run by International Student
   Services (ISS). An incoming student can request a buddy from McGill here:
   internationalstudents/once-here/buddy. A buddy will be assigned based on request
   and availability.

BUY YOUR BOOKS AND                            HEALTH !AND INSURANCE"
COMPUTER EQUIPMENT                            Health and dental insurance for local
The McGill University Bookstore, Le James,    students can be arranged through the Post
is open year-round and carries new and used   Graduate Student Society (PGSS).
textbooks as well as reference and general
books, stationery and office supplies, McGill
merchandise, and snacks.
                                              International Students
Le James Bookstore:                           Health insurance is mandatory for most
680 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC      incoming international students and it is part
H3A 2M7                                       of the tuition fee package.

Regular Hours (Subject to COVID-19):          The Health Insurance Card has to be printed
Monday-Friday: 10am – 6pm                     from Minerva and can be activated here:
Saturday: 11am – 4pm                
Sunday: Closed
                                              Get Reimbursed
Visit the Bookstore online or in person to    To get reimbursed on medicine, one can
sign up for email reminders so you are the    download Medavie app (from Playstore or
first to know about services such as a used   Appstore) and file the claim. For quicker
textbook buy-back and other events.           processing, one can visit the Medavie
                                              Blue Cross office across from the McGill                                    Downtown campus at 550 Sherbrooke West.

McGill in Detail

McGill IT Services

McGill’s Service Point provides you with       McGill’s IT Services website is your one-
a variety of administrative services and is    stop shop for all central IT services at
located at 3415 McTavish Street, near the      McGill.
intersection with Sherbrooke.
                                               Visit the McGill IT website to:

Opening Hours (Subject to COVID-19):           o   Get IT service descriptions and
Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm                          read FAQs;
(Wednesdays until 5pm)                         o   Find detailed information such as
                                                    service cost and service availability as
Tel: 514-398-7878                                   well as instructions on how to access
Contact form:                                       service and get IT help and support;              o   Find system availability, down times,
                                                    and new service announcements
IT SERVICE DESK                                     posted under “Announcements,
McGill’s IT Service Desk provides you with a        Features and Events”;
variety of IT services.                        o   Search the McGill IT Knowledge Base.

Tel: 514-398-3398

Walk-in downtown:
688 Sherbrooke Street West
Room 285

McGill in Detail

Signing into IT Systems

To access IT services, you need your                SET UP YOUR WIFI
McGill username (usually in the form of             Find instructions for setting up your WiFi at: and    
McGill password. Central IT services include
myMcGill, myCourses, email, wireless,               WiFi on campus:
Virtual Private Network (VPN), and McGill’s
Dial-up Access Service (DAS).                       COMPUTERS ON CAMPUS
                                                    Public computers are available in the libraries
For some systems, like uPrint, you can use          and many areas on campus. Find out more at:
your McGill short username, the first letter
of your first name + first 5 letters of your last
name, usually followed by a number (e.g.            MYMCGILL PORTAL
jsmith5).                                           The myMcGill portal is the central access
                                                    point for student services. Here you can:
Find out your McGill username and short             o   Read your email;
username and create/reset your McGill               o   Access myCourses;
password in Minerva:                                o   Get direct links to Minerva to view
o Log in with your McGill ID and                        and update your student records and
     Minerva PIN;                                        account information;
o   Go to Personal Menu > Password                 o   Search the McGill Library Catalogue;
     for McGill Username.                           o   Keep abreast of the latest McGill news.

                                                    Customize your experience by hiding/
                                                    showing links, moving portlets around, and
                                                    adding your own links in myFavorites.

                                                    Access the portal from the Quick Links
                                                    menu of any McGill web page at:
                                                    and sign in using your McGill short
                                                    username and McGill password.


MYCOURSES                                         UPRINT
Many of your courses will have online             UPrint is a cloud printing system that allows
materials or activities including assignments     students to print to any machine on campus
and readings, lecture recordings, course          from McGill computers, personal laptops,
syllabus, project guidelines, discussion          home desktops, and mobile devices.
forums, calendars, etc.
                                                  o   Use one of the public computers on
o   Access myCourses from the                         campus or email your print jobs to:
     myMcGill portal;                         or
o   Click on the title to access the course ;
     homepage;                                    o   Swipe your McGill ID card and enter
o   Your course contents are available                your McGill password to log into the
     from the start date of the course;                machine.
o   Set up notifications to receive
     announcements and important dates on         Copy and print charges are billed to your
     your smartphone/mobile;                      student account. Scanning to email is free.
o   View the class list and interact with your
     instructor and classmates.                   For more information about the uPrint
                                                  service, how to request access and how to
Watch videos and find support on                  install print drivers for your personal laptop
myCourses at:                                     or computer, please refer to the following                IT Knowledge Base article:

McGill in Detail

Staying Connected

EMAIL                                          ADDRESS
Your McGill email address is the official        Remember to keep your contact information
email address that the university uses         accurate and up-to-date on Minerva, where
to communicate with you. It is your            you can view and update your mailing,
responsibility to ensure that email is         permanent and employer addresses. You
accessed, read, and acted upon in a timely     can also update your phone number and
fashion. If you choose to forward university   make minor corrections to your name, such
email to another email mailbox, it is your     as changing upper/lower-case letters or
responsibility to ensure that the alternate    adding accents. Be sure to also complete the
account is viable.                             “Emergency Contact” information.

You can access your McGill email in            Mailing
several ways:                                  While you’re getting settled into your
o Mail tab in the myMcGill portal;            new place, don’t forget to tell us where
o Outlook Web App (OWA);                      you’re living! McGill will use this address
o   Smartphone/mobile instructions;           for mailing purposes. If le# blank, the
o   Configure an email client, such as        permanent address is used.
     MS Outlook.
                                               Permanent Address
ONLINE STUDENT DIRECTORY                       All students must have a valid permanent
Opt-in to the student directory and make it    address. McGill will use this as the current
easier for your classmates to contact you.     mailing address if no other address is provided.                   Student Billing (if not your mailing address)
                                               You may request that your bills be sent
                                               to a third party. This address is used by
                                               Student Accounts to direct a fee invoice to
                                               an address other than the regular mailing
                                               address. In addition, this address will be
                                               used for billing a corporate or government
                                               sponsor that has agreed to cover a
                                               student’s tuition.

McGill in Detail

Software and Training

Access to the following services is through     FREE SOFTWARE
your McGill username and McGill password.       Download free so#ware from McGill’s
                                                So#ware Licensing Site.
You must establish a Virtual Private Network    o Microso# Office 365 ProPlus is available
(VPN) connection to access McGill restricted         free to all registered students. Read this
sites and resources (e.g. library resources)         article for the steps to download it on y our
if you connect to the Internet with an               personal computer:;
Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than      o   MATLAB licenses are also available to
McGill’s DAS.                                        registered students. Read this article
                                                     for the steps to download it on your
You can find an explanatory article by McGill        personal computer: ;
IT Services here: EZproxy is   o   Be sure to uninstall any previous antivirus
a quick, convenient way to access restricted         so#ware from your computer before
McGill library databases and other online,           installing new antivirus so#ware.
library-licensed resources from off-campus.
For more information:           The McGill Bookstore also sells so#ware at
                                                educational institution prices. Learn more:
IT SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING                  aspx?vsro=8
A series of comprehensive IT Security
Awareness Training courses are available in     ONEDRIVE CLOUD FILE STORAGE
order to raise awareness of IT security         You get 1 terabyte of free file storage space
issues and identify key behaviours that         for your personal use. Access your files
create risks to our organization. More          from anywhere and share easily with friends
information is available on at:    and family. Visit the site to find out more:

McGill in Detail

Academic Regulations

You can find several important McGill          o   Policy Concerning Rights of Students
Regulations online:                                 with Disabilities
o University Examination Policies                             content/uploads/2016/01/Rights-of-
o Code of Conduct and Disciplinary                 Students-with-Disabilities-Policy-
    Procedures                                      Concerning-the.pdf   o   Regulations on Conflicts of Interest
    disciplinary_procedures.pdf                     content/uploads/2016/01/conflict-of-
o University Student Assessement Policy            interest-regulation-on_0.pdf

McGill in Detail


TRAVEL INSURANCE                               TRAVEL REGISTRY
For ALL MPP-related travel, students           As a traveler, you are required to sign up on
must have health insurance that provides       the Max Bell School of Public Policy Travel
travel coverage outside and within Canada.     Registry. This allows McGill University to
Students have travel coverage if enrolled in   track where and when you travel, so that
the Post-Graduate Student Society’s (PGSS)     emergency assistance can be offered if a
Health and Dental Plan through StudentCare,    crisis occurs. Prior to your travel date, you
or, for international students, the McGill     must complete the Travel Registry form,
International Health Insurance Plan (IHI)      along with the mandatory Student
provided by BlueCross.                         Acknowledgment and Consent Form. By
                                               clicking “ACCEPT”, you agree to the outlined
For details, please see:                       condition. A hard copy must also be signed.                         ALL students are to register, even if only
McGillUniversitygraduatestudentsPGSS_          taking a trip to nearby cities, such as Ottawa.
and        All international students should
activate-your-coverage                             consult with International Student
                                                   Services well prior to their
Students who are not enrolled in either of         departure date so as to assure that
these two plans must verify their travel           all documentation is in order.
coverage with their insurance provider.

McGill in Detail

Student Services

The Student Wellness Hub has a renovated          SERVICES !ISS"
space, with increased staff numbers,               ISS offers a host of services to graduate
clinicians and medical professionals, for any     degree students who opt in to pay McGill
and all health and wellness needs that you        Student Services fees. A list of those
may have. It is located on the third, fourth      services can be found on ISS’ website:
and fi#h floors of the Brown Building. It has
consolidated and expanded Health Services,
Counselling and Psychiatric Services, so you      SCHOLARSHIPS AND STUDENT AID
won’t have to restart if or when you go           Find all the resources and advice you need
between units. You also won’t have to guess       to help pay for university, from step-by-
which service is right for you. See this page:    step guides on how to apply for funding to                            information on how to budget effectively.
                                                  Learn more here:
DISABILITIES !OSD"                                DRIVESAFE AND WALKSAFE
The OSD works with students who have              Drivesafe and Walksafe are two great
documented disabilities, mental health            student services. Drivesafe (514-398-8040,
issues, chronic health conditions, or other is a free transportation
impairments. These may be temporary,              service operating on Friday-Saturday from
permanent, or episodic. The OSD encourages        11 pm to 3 am that will drive students
all students to book an appointment with an       anywhere on the island of Montreal. Walksafe
Access Services Advisor to discuss your           (514-398-2498, is a
barriers and to determine what resources or       free walking companion service operating
accommodations will help to make your time        Sunday-Thursday 9 pm to 12 am and Friday-
at McGill a success. Visit the site:   Saturday 9 pm to 3 am that will walk with you
osd/new-osd-students                              anywhere on the island of Montreal.

   The McGill App can be downloaded from Play Store/App Store and can be synced
   with myCourses to access all the important resources:

RESOURCES                                      AND RESOURCES
Writing Centre’s GRAPHOS                       Office for Sexual Violence Response,
Graduate courses and workshops and work        Support and Education (OSVRSE)
opportunities are offered.                      OSVRSE/SACOMMS offers workshops on                              active bystanding and resources for
                                               survivors of sexual violence.
Workshops for grad students on
leadership, writing, study methods, etc.       Shag Shop                            Sexual health boutique on campus.
Activities that go towards students’           McGill Nightline
Co-curricular Record.                          Confidential and anonymous                          student-run helpline.
McGill Tutoring Services                             OTHER RESOURCES
                                               First Peoples’ House
In addition to Max Bell's Career Services,     Resources and support for Indigenous
you also have access to CaPS:                  people.
CaPS Career Planning Services        
                                               McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual
Work Study Program                             Life (MORSL)       MORSL offers spiritual guidance, quiet
                                               spaces to study, praying spaces, and
Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E)                more.
CL&E offers services touching almost  
everything that has to do with life at
McGill as a student and has a newsletter for   Food and Dining Services
new grad students.                             McGill offers a variety of food and dining            services, including residential dining halls,
transition-grad                                retail food options and meal plans.

McGill in Detail

Life Outside Your Classes

STUDENT SOCIETY !PGSS"                          Get active, stay fit and meet new people.
The Post-Graduate Student Society               McGill has almost fi#y varsity and club
organizes several events of a purely            teams as well as a thriving intramural
recreational nature. Field trips, parties and   program – and fresh faces are welcome.
dinner events offer the chance to relax and      Work up a sweat in any one of over 100
mingle with fellow students outside the         fitness, recreation, aquatic and dance non-
classroom setting. McGill’s Post-Graduate       credit courses. Play a game of basketball,
Student Society (PGSS) also boasts              tennis, squash, soccer, volleyball or
numerous student clubs and associations.        badminton during drop-in recreation times.
                                                Do all of this and more at our indoor and                          outdoor tennis courts, squash courts,
                                                weight rooms, indoor and outdoor tracks,
THOMSON HOUSE                                   two outdoor playing fields with artificial turf,
You can enjoy Montreal’s famous nightlife       gymnasia, arena, swimming pool and
with fellow MPP students or attend              fitness centre.
Thursdays at Thomson House, McGill
graduate students’ private club. You can
look forward to many memorable
experiences in the program, and to
developing friendships that will endure long
a#er graduation.

McGill in Detail

Campus Map

                                         Rutherford Reservoir


                                  BROWN STUDENT
                                  SERVICES BUILDING

                      FACULTY              LIBRARY              MACDONALD#
                      CLUB                                      STEWART LIBRARY



ATHLETICS   Dependent on COVID-19 restrictions, your
            classes in the Max Bell MPP program
            will take place at 680 Sherbrooke St. W.,
            6th floor.

            You can access detailed electronic campus
            maps at:

MPP and McGill in Detail

New Student Checklist

■ Have you submitted your proof of          For international students only
  Canadian citizenship or permanent         ■ Have you accessed Minerva -> Student
  residency (Canadian citizens/PR)              -> International Student Health
  or your Study Permit, CAQ document            Insurance Coverage Form to confirm
  (international students) to Enrollment        your coverage? Doing this will allow you
  Services? *                                   to pick up your health insurance card at
                                                Service Point.
■ Have you verified your fee information
  and updated your mailing address on

■ Have you picked up your Student ID card
  from Service Point?

■ Have you activated your McGill email

■ Have you completed the mandatory
  Academic Integrity Tutorial on Minerva?

                                               *Please note that all students are
                                               considered international students until
                                               proof of permanent residency or
                                               citizenship is received.

Welcome to Montreal

Montreal is called the cultural
capital of Canada; with four
universities, the city has the
largest per-capita student
population in North America.

Montreal is a functionally bilingual              to the fullest. You will find people having
community and you can manage with no              lunch in the park or next to the fountains
French. But since you’re here, you might          at Place des Arts. The outdoor terraces
as well take advantage and learn a new            are buzzing with activity all through the
language, which would not only help make          summer. The highlights of the season are
new friends but also improve job prospects.       the Montreal International Jazz Festival and
Montreal – an amalgamation of different            the International Fireworks Competition.
cultures and communities – is vibrant and         Winters are cold, so you will want to invest
exciting all year round.                          in a good warm jacket and boots. Layering
                                                  yourself in warm clothes is the best way to
Downtown Montreal is the hub of all               enjoy Canadian winter activities that could
cultural activity with art, music, and cultural   include skiing or enjoying a meal at one of
festivals throughout the year. Summer is          the region’s sugar shacks, our famous Nuit
hot and it’s a season Montrealers enjoy           blanche or Igloofest.

38   44
Welcome to Montreal

Getting Around

PUBLIC TRANSIT                                 CAR
Montreal is well served by public              International students with a study permit can
transportation. The OPUS card is a smart       drive in Canada using their foreign driver’s
card providing access to the Montreal          licence if it is in French or English. Otherwise,
bus and metro network. For students under      they will have to obtain an international
25 years of age, the OPUS card is available    licence from the SAAQ.
at a discounted price and can be ordered
from Minerva.                        
information/opus                                         Inform yourself! Some rules are specific
                                                 to Montreal and/or Quebec, and parking
BIKE                                             is difficult in the city, especially during
Montreal has more and more bike paths            the winter.
each year, and cyclists love to explore
Montreal from April to October. You can buy
a bike, or buy a BIXI pass to use Montreal’s   CAR#SHARING SERVICES
public bike system.                            Communauto offers different packages for
                                               round-trip or one-way travel. It is low cost
                                               and eco friendly.

Taking a taxi in Montreal is safe and

Taxi Coop: 514-725-9885
Taxi Diamond: 514-273-6331

Welcome to Montreal

Getting Set Up

BANKING                                           PHONE AND INTERNET
To open a bank account, you will need to:         Each call you make AND those you receive
o     Make an appointment                        are calculated as part of your airtime. There
o     Bring your passport and study permit       are several option and rate plans that include
o     Bring your letter of acceptance from the   unlimited incoming calls to avoid paying for
       school and your Student ID                 calls you receive.

Most banks have student packages, e.g. no
                                                  Check before purchasing:
charge for the first 25 transactions. Major
                                                  o Length of the contract and the fee for
banks near the downtown campus are:
                                                      breaking your contract before it ends
o CIBC: Sherbrooke @ Metcalfe
                                                  o Billing for incoming text messages (SMS)
                                                  o Start time for night rates
o Royal Bank of Canada (RBC):
                                                  o Monthly network access fees, voicemail,
    Sherbrooke @ Peel
                                                      caller ID, 911, and taxes
o Banque Nationale: Sherbrooke @ Stanley
                                                  List of companies providing phone services:
                                                  Bell: 514-310-BELL
o Bank of Montreal (BMO):
                                                  Vidéotron: 1 877 512-0911
    Maisonneuve @ Peel
                                                  Télus: 1-866-558-2273
                                                  Virgin Mobile: 1-888-999-2321
o TD Canada Trust:
                                                  Fido: 1-888-481-FIDO
    Meltcalfe @
                                                  Rogers: 1-877-ROGERS-1
o HSBC: Sherbrooke @ McGill College
                                                  Internet services are available from Bell,
o Scotia Bank: Sherbrooke @ Metcalfe
                                                  Videotron, Distributel, Fizz, TekSavvy,
                                                  Electronic Box and Acanac.

     Important! There will be a charge if you
                                                  Check the plans and make sure service is
     withdraw money from an ATM that is not
                                                  available in your apartment complex before
     part of your Bank’s network. Choose a
                                                  purchasing. If service is not available, you
     bank with a large network.
                                                  may have to pay an installation fee.

WORK PERMITS                                  Post-Graduation Work Permit
On Campus                                     Following your studies, should you wish to
You can work on campus without a work         remain in Canada, you may be eligible for
permit as long as you satisfy certain         the PGWP. Learn more: https://
conditions. You can find all the necessary
details on the Government of Canada           citizenship/services/study-canada/work/
website:            after-graduation.html
refugees-citizenship/services/study-          If you need any help or have any questions,
canada/work/work-on-campus.html               you can contact the relevant government
                                              office or McGill International Student
Off Campus                                     Services:
To work off campus you must apply for          internationalstudents/
an off campus work permit through the
Government of Canada. You can find all         TENANT’S INSURANCE
the necessary details and forms on their      Tenant’s insurance is not compulsory, but it
website:            is advisable. Check with a bank or
refugees-citizenship/services/study-          insurance company for more details.
                                              HEALTH CARE
You will need a Social Insurance Number       If you are not feeling well and want
(SIN, NAS in French) whether you want to      to see a doctor, you can go to the McGill
work on campus or off campus in order to       Wellness Hub.
get paid. You will find all relevant
information on the Service Canada website     Brown Student Services Building, third
( Gather all the required     floor 3600 McTavish Street West Montreal,
documents and go to a Service Canada          Quebec H3A 0G3
office – you will get your SIN in 10 minutes.   Tel: 514-398-6017
It is an important identification document
and you should not share the card   
information with anyone, except your
employer and university. Learn more:

Welcome to Montreal

Eating in Montreal

There are four main public markets in            FOOD AID
Montreal – Jean Talon, Atwater, Lachine,         Located at McGill University, Midnight
                                                 Kitchen offers free vegan meals to
and Maisonneuve. Three (not the Lachine
                                                 students and other programs such as
market) are located close to metro
                                                 weekly meal pick-up, a food bank,
stations. Each market provides its own
                                                 and workshops.
flavour of Quebec and produce from around
the world. Visit their site to see more:
                                            POPULAR NEIGHBOURHOODS
SUPERMARKETS                                TO EXPLORE
Montreal’s main supermarkets are Metro,     There are many food options in and
IGA, Provigo, Maxi, Super C, and Adonis.    around campus but it is o#en worth taking
                                            the trip to other Montreal neighbourhoods
Independent Stores:                         to enjoy all the good food Montreal has to
Eden – Les Galeries du Parc: 3575, avenue   offer:
du Parc
                                            o     Jean-Talon
Supermarché Akhavan – 6170, rue
                                            o     Plateau Mont-Royal
Sherbrooke O.
                                            o     Mile End
Segals – 4001, boul Saint-Laurent           o     Chinatown
Frigo Vert – 2130, rue Mackay               o     Old Montreal
Supermarché PA – 1420, rue du Fort          o     Saint-Henri
                                            o     Little Italy

                                            Eater Montreal (,
                                            Timeout Montreal (
                                            montreal) and Tastet (, all
                                            have great neighbourhood guides and
                                            top restaurant lists that are worth
                                            checking out.

Welcome to Montreal

Places and Events

PLACES TO DISCOVER                           Montreal Science Centre
Whatever your passion, Montreal has it.      The Montreal Science Centre is a science
Whether you’re checking out various          museum located on the King Edward Pier
museums and landmarks, or “festival-         in the Old Port of Montreal. Unlike most
hopping”, you’ll find plenty to see, do and   museums, the Science Centre encourages
enjoy. And as Lonely Planet* notes,          you to touch and interact with the exhibits.
“Few cities can compete with Montréal’s      There are permanent and temporary
mouth-watering mix of food, festivals and    exhibits to entertain even the most intrepid
fun-centric living.”                         of adventurers and most technophobic
*           individuals. See more:
Grande bibliothèque
Quebec’s National Library                    Montreal Biodôme                                   A facility located at Olympic Park in
                                             the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal         neighbourhood of Montreal that allows
Contemporary art museum                      visitors to walk through replicas of four                                     ecosystems found in the Americas. Visit
                                             their site here:
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
Fine arts museum                             Environment Canada’s Biosphère                                   As the only environment museum in North
                                             America, the Biosphere’s mission is to
Pointe-à-Callière                            raise citizen awareness, action, and
Museum of archaeology and history            engagement in environmental issues. The                               museum offers interactive exhibits and
                                             guided activities. Find out more:
Centre Canadien d’Architecture     
Museum of architecture and research

Maisons de la culture                         Lachine Canal
Offering shows, lectures, exhibitions,         A link between the city and nature, the
music, dance and more - Professional and      Lachine Canal is located in the southwest
up-and-coming artists perform at the rate     section of Montreal. Its 13.5-kilometre
of more than 200 events per year. All         urban route runs between the Old Port and
activities are free of charge.                Lake Saint-Louis, a navigable waterway
For more information:        punctuated by five locks. Along its banks, a
                                              linear green urban park is lined with
Old Port                                      vestiges of the industrial era when the canal
Bateau-Mouche cruise, Bota Bota spa on        boomed. Throughout the year, a varied
the water, pedal boats, SOS labyrinthe, MTL   schedule of activities makes this historic
Zipline & Quick Jump, and more! Find out      site a great place to experience with family
more:                 or friends. Read more:
Parc Jean-Drapeau
The unique Jean-Drapeau Park, known for       JOURNÉES DE LA CULTURE
its diverse cultural and sports               Tons of FREE cultural activities occur in the
programming, is the perfect place for         fall during Journées de la culture. Visit their
getaways 5 minutes from downtown              website:
Montreal! See their site here:
                                                Looking to explore the city at your
                                                own pace with recommendations
Mt. Royal Park
                                                tailored to your tastes, preferences,
Explore the nature, culture and history
                                                location and time of day? Download
of Montréal’s beloved mountain situated
                                                My Official Montréal CityGuide app to
immediately west of Downtown Montreal.
                                                access offline maps and receive
Learn more:
                                                personalized recommendations:

MONTREAL FESTIVALS                              Igloofest
Festivals and grand events are a                Every winter thousands of electronic music
cornerstone of life in Montréal. Jazz,          lovers dance under the stars at the Quays of
comedy, avant-garde dance, poutine –            the Old Port of Montréal. With its icy décor
name a season, art form or signature local      blanketing steel structures, its striking
dish and you’ll find Montréal has a festival     architectural volumes, its programming
for it. From illuminated winter festivals of    drawing from the best local and
art, gastronomy and outdoor sports to           international DJs, its igloo village, and its
international rhythms and circus                “Iglooswag” snowsuit contest, Igloofest
performances in the heat of summer, the         offers the hottest winter evenings in
city’s festivals and special events gather      Montréal! Visit their site:
locals and visitors alike in the name of
celebration. Relaxing under the sun or in       Montréal en lumière
the plush comfort of a theatre seat,            Revel in an atmosphere of light and warmth
festival-goers and artists from all walks of    in the middle of winter. Hundreds of
life come together to create Montréal’s truly   exceptional gastronomic and wine tasting
unique festival vibe.                           activities, shows (music, dance, theater,
                                                circus...) and a free outdoor illuminated site
                                                in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles
                                                annually in February. Learn more here:

You can also read