Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL

Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre
Concept Plan & Implementation Plan
December 2008 FINAL
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
strategic framework and analysis                     3

                                                                             background       5
                                                                      aims & objectives       7
                                                                       strategic context      8
                                                                      managing growth         9
                                                               mixing land uses & form       11
                                                                movement & circulation       13
                                                                             open space      20
                                                                    social infrastructure    23
                                                                   economic conditions       25
                                                                                services     27
                                                                  regulatory conditions      28
                                                               stakeholder consultation      30

                                         town centre concept                                 31
                                                                          design process     33
                                                                    town centre precincts    33
                                                                      mainstreet precinct    36
                                                                      community precinct     39
                                                                  licensing trust precinct   42
                                               northern shops and Kaumatua precinct          45
                                                     gunner drive commercial precincts       48
                                                         gateway and corridor precincts      51
                                     residential intensification – surrounding precincts     54
                                                                     town centre concept     56

                                         implementation plan                                 59
                                                             implementation process          61
                             Te Atatu peninsula master plan – actions to deliver vision      62

strategic framework
  November 2008 DRAFT   Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
part I: strategic framework and analysis

                                                             background         5

                                                                                    Strategic framework and analysis
                                                        Document Structure      6

                                                     aims & objectives          7
                                                reasons for concept planning    7

                                                       strategic context        8

                                                      managing growth           9

                                          mixing land uses & built form        11

                                               movement & circulation          13

                                                             open space        20

                                                   social infrastructure       23

                                                  economic conditions          25

                                                                 services      27

                                                  regulatory conditions        28

                                              stakeholder consultation         30

December 2008 FINAL     Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                 3
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
December 2008 FINAL   Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre   4
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
Over the past 15 years, Te Atatu Peninsula has been         into an attractive village green. This project involved the

                                                                                                                                                                                              Strategic framework and analysis
the focus of a number Council initiatives to enhance the    removal of a road through this park, the creation of a
use of its natural landscape and improve the urban          mix of recreational spaces, and the incorporation of a
environment.                                                range of artworks into the design of the reserve. The
                                                            revitalisation programme also recommended that the
In the 1990's, Waitakere City undertook a joint             future redevelopment of the Community Centre be used
development to create a new residential community at        as an opportunity to open up the northern and eastern
Harbour View. At that same time there was                   elevations of this facility to enable interaction with the
considerable community engagement with the Council,         Park.
which led to a push for improvements to the town
centre through a revitalisation programme. The              With the exception of the diversion of Pringle Road
Harbour View development was designed to deliver a          from the centre of Jack Pringle Park to its edge, no new
new type of sustainable development that incorporated       connections or pedestrian crossings were created at
a range of dwelling types and urban design principles.      this time. Many of these connections were dependent
In parallel, Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                 upon redevelopment of key sites within the town centre;
Revitalisation Project; Design Brief (December 1995)        e.g. WLT site and the supermarket site on Te Atatu
was developed. This brief included proposals for            Road. Council expenditure at this time was focused on
creating an attractive and identifiable town centre,        streetscape improvements, Jack Pringle Park, and
upgrading leisure facilities, improving pedestrian          creating a series of reserves and walkways through the
environments, and creating a focus around the village       Harbour View residential development and the Harbour
green. Both of these projects were intended as a            View / Orangihina Reserve.
catalyst for further private investment
                                                            In additional to the village green development, other
The Harbour View Development was completed in the           revitalisation projects implemented by the Council were
late 1990’s. It focused on higher density living near the   the development of a design palette for street furniture
town centre or overlooking the high amenity of parks or     and lighting in the town centre, and construction of              Plan 1.0 Town Centre Village Green: 2000 Concept
coastal edge. It also provided a connected network of       street furniture, lighting and art in the street. A feasibility
open spaces, and streets designed to calm vehicle           study was also undertaken to consider the options for             Growth
traffic, direct and safe walking routes to town and local   the refurbishment of the Peninsula’s community centre.            In the period since this earlier work was completed the
facilities, and design standards for new housing                                                                              Council has recognised that Te Atatu Peninsula needs
ensured that streets were overlooked by balconies and       In 2006 the Council established a programme of work               to plan for the future and that a number of these earlier
windows, and streets were not dominated by high walls       through the Long Term Council Community Plan
                                                                                                                              initiatives to revitalise the town centre should be
or garage doors.                                            (LTCCP) to commence a design exercise for the
                                                                                                                              revisited. With a current (2006) population of 11, 688
                                                            Community Centre and Te Atatu Peninsula Library in
                                                                                                                              people, the (Waitakere City Working Draft) Growth
The Town Centre Revitalisation Project recommended          the 2007/2008 financial year. This programme was
                                                            partly driven by recommendations of Te Atatu                      Management Strategy (WDGMS) anticipates that the
a number of initiatives that required private sector
investment to improve access and service links over         Peninsula Community Centre Preliminary Service and                Peninsula will absorb a further 2,500 people by 2021,
private property, e.g. rear access lanes behind the         Needs Assessment report (June 2002), which                        based on what is currently allowed by the District Plan.
main-street shops, connections through the Waitakere        presented options for making improvements to the                  The strategy also anticipates a corresponding increase
Licensing Trust’s (WLT) site, and additional pedestrian     existing facility. The budget put forward to                      in employment, with a further 1,000 jobs across the
connections. It also recommended improvements to            refurbishment was not informed by a detailed analysis             Peninsula (there are around 1000 jobs on the
public spaces in the Town Centre. The most significant      of what ‘could be done’ with the existing facility and did        Peninsula at present). This growth will have an
of these was the redevelopment of Jack Pringle Park,        not anticipate projected levels of growth.                        inevitable impact on the Town Centre and on the
                                                                                                                              residential housing structure across the Peninsula.

   December 2008 FINAL                                          Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                                            5
Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
background                                                                                            document structure
                                                                                                                                         Part I of this document sets up a strategic planning
                                   The Council has also begun to receive a number of
                                                                                                                                         framework by outlining the aims and objectives for
Strategic framework and analysis

                                   enquiries from investors, seeking to undertake                                                        updating the town centre concept plan and identifies
                                   development within the town centre, which is a further                                                issues and opportunities for Te Atatu Peninsula,
                                   indicator of change.                                                                                  captures the views of stakeholders to inform future
                                                                                                                                         planning, and identifies the vision for the future of this
                                   The existing planning framework for Te Atatu Peninsula                                                centre.
                                   has done little to facilitate the redevelopment of the
                                   Peninsula’s mainstreet or promote the redevelopment                                                   Part II of this document is where an updated concept
                                   of key sites at the core of the town centre over the past                                             plan is developed. It tests the strategic framework by
                                   five years.                                                                                           identifying a set of principles to achieve the vision and
                                                                                               Plan 2.0 Street Revitalisation Project
                                                                                                                                         address stakeholder needs. It identifies issues and
                                   The notion of residential intensification around the town                                             opportunities that impact on transport, landscape,
                                   centre and public transport nodes has been promoted                                                   heritage, public spaces, and community infrastructure,
                                   through the completion of the Harbour View                                                            and uses diagrams and plans to demonstrate how
                                   development. However market demand and the                                                            these issues could be addressed.
                                   absence of flexible planning controls to enable more
                                   intensive development around the town centre has                                                      Part III of this document recommends the next steps to
                                   resulted in a dominant two lot subdivision pattern                                                    implement the concept plan. This section addresses
                                   across the Peninsula. This has come at the expense of                                                 the need for staging, flexibility in planning, and
                                   a more comprehensively planned form of medium                                                         identifies roles and responsibilities for implementing this
                                   density development around existing services and                                                      vision.
                                   areas of amenity.                                           Photo 1.0 Bella Vista Apartment Complex

                                   In the midst of a changing economic climate and a
                                   relatively slow rate of change in the Town Centre, the
                                   Council has acknowledged its programme of work set
                                   down by the LTCCP to commence initial design work
                                   and consider options to upgrade Te Atatu Peninsula
                                   Library and Community Centre. The architectural brief,
                                   engaged in early 2008 for consultants to undertake
                                   preliminary design of these facilities, included a
                                   requirement to consider the relationship between these
                                   facilities and Jack Pringle Park, in addition to other
                                   principles around scale and mainstreet interface to
                                   contribute to an active and vibrant town centre.

                                   This work has come at a time of increased community
                                   interest in the future of the Town Centre, and an
                                   awareness of the potential for growth and change. The
                                   Council commenced a project to revisit and develop a
                                   new concept plan for the Town Centre; building on the
                                   1995 design brief, as part of Council’s wider work
                                   programme to revitalise its Town Centres.

Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre - Concept Plan & Implementation Plan December 2008 FINAL
aims & objectives
                                                            ƒ   To plan for physical infrastructure, social
reasons for concept planning                                    infrastructure, and services to accommodate

                                                                                                                                                               Strategic framework and analysis
Te Atatu Peninsula concept planning exercise is
                                                                growth and changing needs of this community.                Prepare
intended to provide a framework to manage growth            ƒ   To assist the Business Improvement District (BID)
and change on the Peninsula, and to consider the
                                                                                                                            - Aims, Objectives
                                                                in promoting Te Atatu Peninsula as a commercial
interests of all stakeholders and users of the centre,          destination, in particular:
                                                                                                                            - Identify Issues
now and into the future.                                                                                                    - Establish Design Principles
                                                                -   Facilitate engagement between the BID and
Key aims and objectives of this exercise are:                       Town Centre landowners to formalise access
                                                                    over private land to open up critical pedestrian
ƒ   To set a vision for the future and for Te Atatu as              and service connections.
    an attractive walkable destination that is able to          -   Facilitate redevelopment that provides a
    absorb growth and retain a ‘village’ atmosphere.                gateway into the Town Centre from Te Atatu              Design
                                                                    Road corridor;
ƒ   To set up a consistent planning framework for new           -   Facilitate redevelopment within a compact               - Demonstrate a vision in
    development in the Town Centre that applies:                    Town Centre area (Te Atatu Road / Gunner                  words, diagrams & plans
                                                                    Drive) that provides for an increase in scale,          - Undertake      testing  to
    -   Citywide rules for Urban Design;                            (from the existing single level mainstreet),
    -   Promotes intensification of residential densities           incorporates a mix of uses, i.e. offices above            achieve principles
        close to the town centre and bus routes, in                 shops, and improves amenity.                            - Develop plans to address
        order to support an improved public transport                                                                         stakeholder needs
        system, and to facilitate economic growth and       ƒ   To guide the redevelopment Te Atatu Peninsula
        in economic opportunities in the Town Centre;           Library and Community Centre in a manner that
        and                                                     addresses the mainstreet, interacts with Jack
    -   Addresses growth and change but at the same             Pringle Park,
        time builds on the heritage and character of the
        area, and promotes sustainable urban form.                                                                          Implementation
                                                            ƒ   To develop design guidance for the redevelopment
                                                                of key sites in the Town Centre core to fit with the        - Consider the economic
ƒ   To design an urban form and street layout that:             Town Centre vision; the e.g. WLT site, the
                                                                Supermarket / Petrol Station site on Te Atatu               climate, baseline conditions for
    -   Builds on the Peninsula’s natural landscape,            Road.                                                       change, issues & options
        and improving access to green spaces, and                                                                           - Develop an action plan &
        heritage features.                                  ƒ   To identify the role of the Kaumatua Reserve and            timeframe to implement the
    -   Improves existing linkages and access to
        enhance connections to enable more walking
                                                                how the community cluster within this reserve               vision
                                                                relates to the development around the northern
        and cycling through the wider neighbourhood,            shops and the Town Centre.
        access to public transport, and connections
        between green networks in the Town Centre.          ƒ   To develop a programme of action to implement
    -   Maintains Te Atatu Road’s through function for          these objectives through Council’s Long Term
        heavy vehicles.                                                                                                Diagram 1.0 Concept Planning Process
                                                                Planning processes.

December 2008 FINAL                                         Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                     7
Regional Scale                            Te Atatu Peninsula            strategic context
                                                                                                                             geographical context
Strategic framework and analysis

                                                                                                                             The concept planning exercise focuses on Te Atatu
                                                                                                        Te Atatu Peninsula
                                                                                                                             Peninsula Town Centre. However its size and function
                                                                                                                             is affected by where it sits in a local and regional
                                                                                                                             context. Planning for growth and change in the Town
                                                                                                                             Centre is affected by Regional Growth policy, changes
                                                                                                                             to regional transport infrastructure and public transport
                                              Waitakere                  Auckland
                                                                                                                             services. It is also affected by changes to the
                                                                                                                             population structure across the Peninsula and the
                                                                                                                             success of smaller retail nodes (local shops) and
                                                                                                                             employment areas outside of the Town Centre.
                                                                                                                             Developing a vision for the Town Centre requires an
                                                                                    Kumeu Motorway                           understanding of these wider influences.

                                                                                                                             related strategies
                                                                                                                             Establishing a framework for future development in the
                                                                                                                             Town Centre is also affected by other Council
                                                                                                                             strategies that are in place and community aspirations,
                                                                                                           Harbour View Rd   as reflected through the LTCCP and the Community
                                                                                                                             Outcomes process. The principles, concepts and
                                                                                                                             strategic intent for Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre are
                                                                                     Community Centre
                                                                                                                             contained in the following policy documents:
                                                Waitakere                                                                    ƒ    Local Government Auckland Amendment Act 2004
                                                                      Auckland                                                    (LGAAA);
                                                                                                                             ƒ    Auckland Regional Growth Strategy (1999);
                                                                                                                             ƒ    Waitakere City Draft Growth Management
                                                                                                                             ƒ    Waitakere District Plan & proposed plan changes;
                                                                                                                             ƒ    Evolving work by Council for One Plan;
                                                                                                                             ƒ    Waitakere Economic Development Strategy.
                                                                                                Te Atatu Road
                                                                                                                             Waitakere City has put in place the changes to its
                                                                                                                             District Plan, through the Local Government (Auckland)
                                                     Waitakere                                                               Amendment Act process, to guide greater standards in
                                                                                                                             urban design and intensification around growth nodes
                                   Plan 3.0 TAP in Local, City & Regional Context     Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre         such as Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre, as reflected
                                                                                                                             in Proposed Plan Changes 16 and 18.

managing growth
                          Growth Indicators                                                                Te Atatu Peninsula is likely to continue to be a more                    Te Atatu   Durham
                                                                                                           popular destination for residential growth because of        2006                            Matipo     Total

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Strategic framework and analysis
                          Te Atatu Peninsula is growing in population. The                                                                                                          Central    Green
                          population on the Peninsula grew by 7% between the                               the commanding views of the Waitemata Harbour, the
                          1996 and 2001 Census report and by 14% between                                   reasonable level of motorway access, and its proximity       Dwellings   1578       1413     1044       4053
                          2001 and 2006 Census report. This compares with a                                to local employment. It is also likely to grow at a higher
                                                                                                                                                                        Residents   4461       4404     2823       11688
                          more stable city-wide growth of 8% and 10% over these                            rate than in other part of Waitakere because of the
                          two periods respectively. The population is expected to                          attractiveness of this location, and is currently expected   Average
                          increase in size from 11,688 to nearly 16,000 residents                          to exceed regional projections for growth, (contained        household   2.83       3.12     2.70       2.788
                          by 2030. Assuming the current average household size                             within regional policy documents), around this town          size
                          with remain constant, an additional 1,500 homes will be                          centre.
                          required over the next two decades to accommodate                                                                                             Figure 2.0 Te Atatu Resident Population 2006 - NZ
                          this increase in population.                                                     Changing Population                                          Census
                                                                                                           The population is also changing. Some highlights
Population in thousands

                                                                                                           ƒ     The slight increase in persons over 65 years of
                                                                              n                                  age, (Te Atatu has an higher than average
                                                                       p   tio                                   proportion of persons over 65 when compared
                                                                ass                         n                    with the rest of the City),;
                                                          t   h                          tio               ƒ
                                                    row                             mp                           A drop in the number of households with children
                                                  hg                         s    su
                                            Hig                            ha                                    (from 48% in 1996 to 43% in 2006);
                                                                     wt                                    ƒ
                                                                  gro                                            A steady drop in persons of European ethnicity
                                                          m                                                      (73% in 1996 to 60% in 2006);
                                                    Me                                                     ƒ     An increase in Asian ethnic groups from 4 – 14%
                                                                                                                 over the last census period; and
                             2006          2010                  2020                    2030              ƒ     A steady Maori and Pacific Island population on
                                                    year                                                         the Peninsula.

                          Figure 1.0 Te Atatu Peninsula Projected Resident
                          Population 2006-2031 Durham Green, Te Atatu
                          Central and Matipo Census Area Units.

                          (Waitakere City Council: 2001 Statistics                              NZ   CAU
                          projections rebased to 2006 Statistics NZ)

                          Statistics show that much of the growth has been in the
                          areas to the south and east of the Town Centre. This
                          has largely been driven by the Harbour View and
                          Waimanu Bay developments, and the Bella Vista
                          apartment complex. The remainder of the growth has
                          been absorbed by two lot infill subdivisions of the larger
                          sites around the Peninsula.                                                                                                                   Plan 4.0 Census Area Units & Primary Growth

December 2008 FINAL                                                                                          Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                                 9
managing growth
                                                                                                                                                              The Plan below demonstrates the footprints of existing
                                   issues & opportunities                                           design principles                                         buildings, together with their different heights.
Strategic framework and analysis

                                   Growth and change in Te Atatu Peninsula will create              Waitakere's growth strategy adopts an "urban villages"
                                   demand for:                                                      approach that reinforces existing town centres as focal
                                                                                                    points linked together by a network of passenger
                                   ƒ     Housing and a wider range of housing types for             transport. Therefore the approach to managing growth
                                         individuals and couples living alone, and houses           in Te Atatu Peninsula has been to focus first on the
                                         for large families.                                        Town Centre to achieve good urban form.
                                   ƒ     More local shops;
                                   ƒ     More local services, medical and personal;                 The success of each centre relies on the following core
                                   ƒ     Improved community facilities offering activities          urban sustainability principles:
                                         for all of the population;
                                   ƒ     Traffic management on Te Atatu Road, improved              ƒ     Concentrating the growth in people and activities
                                         bus shelters, and pedestrian connections;                        (jobs, housing, leisure) within walking distance
                                   ƒ     Improved trunk infrastructure, water supply,                     of public transport and the Town Centre;
                                         drainage, broadband to service new needs;                  ƒ     Vary the density profile by having a mix of
                                   ƒ     Better connections to link the areas of open                     residential housing types near the Town Centre
                                         space, urban parks, and coastal edges on the                     to accommodate the changing make-up of new
                                         Peninsula.                                                       households.
                                                                                                    ƒ     Provide an inter-connected network of streets
                                   The District Plan currently enables growth to occur on                 to reduce walking distances between residential
                                   sites in the centre of this Town Centre; e.g. the WLT                  areas and the Town Centre core and provide a
                                   site, the supermarket site, with relatively few restrictions           choice of routes;
                                   on bulk and scale. On other town centre sites a higher           ƒ     Require a higher quality design of buildings,
                                   density of development could occur as a discretionary                  (where there is a higher level of residential
                                   activity but would need to be carefully considered in                  density), and use landscaping, and improved
                                   terms of effects on the environment.                                   streets to retain character and amenity;
                                                                                                    ƒ     Focus on accommodating a higher density of
                                   Elsewhere in the Peninsula growth has been absorbed                    development in this existing centre that is of               1 level structure
                                   by 2-lot subdivision of large residential sites The                    human scale, especially along key streets like Te
                                                                                                          Atatu Road and Gunner Drive. This is about                   1-2 levels
                                   significant issue for Te Atatu Peninsula is that a further
                                   1,500 households will not be accommodated by infill                    achieving higher density development around the              2 or more levels
                                   subdivision alone and restricting growth to small                      core in a “village context”.
                                   pockets where the only higher density can occur may
                                   result in a disproportionate level of growth in these                                                                      Plan 5.0 Intensity of development in the Town
                                   areas. This may not be the best outcome for                                                                                Centre
                                   accommodating growth if the community wish to see
                                   intensification that is of a scale that the centre still has a
                                   “village feel”.

mixing land uses & form
   Historical land development in Te Atatu Peninsula has      ƒ   There are a cluster of community activities at the       ƒ   The town centre has limited commercial office
                                                                  rear of the northern shops, e.g. childcare, leisure,         activity and is dominated by a surplus of takeaways

                                                                                                                                                                                          Strategic framework and analysis
   lead to a dominance of single level and detached
   dwellings (low density), across the Peninsula. The             TAP community house, which don’t feel part of the            and bakeries.
   exception to this pattern is the Harbour View                  walkable town centre, but are an important               ƒ   Large open areas covered in at-grade carparking
   development, which provides for a more intensive mix           component of a mixed use town centre.                        fronting busy streets. This has affected the ability to
   of housing types. This land use had shaped the             ƒ   Key corner sites have been developed for single              achieve a sense of enclosure and activity in the
   character and scale of the existing town centre, which         level single purpose land uses that do not have a            street environment.
   is convenience based, small format retail, described by        strong front building line or address the street (e.g.   ƒ   Small clusters of convenience shops and cafes
   the Peninsula’s residents as having a “village feel”.          Taikata Road / Te Atatu Road corner).                        exist outside of the town centre, including those at
                                                              ƒ   Large anchor sites in the centre of town have not            Wharf Road and Gloria Avenue, neither of which
                                                                  been developed to their full potential; e.g. WLT site        compete with the function of the town centre.
   issues & opportunities                                         and the supermarket/petrol station site.
                                                              ƒ   The supermarket is an important retail anchor for
   The town centre itself has the following mix of land           the town centre. Although some work has been
   uses:                                                          undertaken to improve on-site pedestrian
                                                                  conditions, the supermarket is still a large area of
   ƒ Low scale         development, mostly single-storey,         surface carparking surrounding a large box, with no
       independently operating retail and commercial              active frontages along the main streets (Te Atatu
       buildings, positioned on long narrow sites on the          Road and Gunner Drive).
       mainstreet;                                            ƒ   The service access to the shops on the west side of
   ƒ   Minimal variation in building heights, styles, and         Te Atatu Road mainstreet is dependent upon an
       character, creating a bland street environment;            informal rear access arrangement across private
   ƒ    Ground level angle parking at the front and side of       property and service lanes between shops on
        most retail areas;                                        private property that connect the rear service area
   ƒ    A mix of retail and commercial tenants on Gunner          with Te Atatu Road. These service arrangements
        Drive that have been developed at a slightly higher       have restricted the ability to extend current building
        scale, (two storey), with good servicing.                 footprints and have affected the potential for re-
   ƒ    Te Atatu Peninsula Library & Community Centre             development of these sites;
        are key town centre facilities but the current        ƒ   There is no clear definition of the start or end of            Photo 2.0 Single Level Shops Mainstreet
        building form performs poorly in terms of                 “town” and signage and way-finding in the centre
        addressing the mainstreet, interacting with the           could be improved.
        reserve, taking advantage of views. It has an ad      ƒ   The apartment building on the corner of Te Atatu
        hoc clustering of retail and community services at        Road and Gunner Drive is of a much greater scale
        ground floor level,                                       that other Town Centre development. As such, it
   ƒ    The shops north of Harbour View / Taikata Roads           creates a landmark at the entrance to the Town
        are poorly connected to the mainstreet. There are a       Centre. It is also a good model for how retail,
        mix of low density retail, service and residential        commercial, and residential activities can co-exist.
        activities in this area that are not well connected
        with the mainstreet.

December 2008 FINAL                                               Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                                         11
mixing land uses & form
                                                                                                                                                                       The success of making Te Atatu Peninsula a
                                   The Plan below demonstrates the general mix of land                    design principles                                            sustainable Town Centre will rely on:
Strategic framework and analysis

                                   uses in Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre core.
                                                                                                          A successful and sustainable local neighbourhood is          ƒ   Redevelopment of existing commercial and retail
                                                                                                          the product of the distances that people have to walk to         sites and expand building footprints to improve on
                                                                                                          access daily facilities, the presence of a range of              the mix of uses within the current building stock;
                                                                                                          facilities to support their needs, and places and spaces     ƒ   Identify opportunities for a mix of land use on key
                                                                                                          where a variety of activities can take place.                    streets in the centre of the town (e.g. residential
                                                                                                                                                                           above ground level retail);
                                                                       2                                  Te Atatu Peninsula has historically functioned as a local    ƒ   Building on the mix of land uses on sites to the
                                                                                        9                 centre, serving the mix of needs ranging from                    north of Te Atatu Road / Harbour View Road
                                                                                                          employment, retail, leisure services, residential                roundabout, which already include retail,
                                                              1            1                              communities and a small commercial sector. Town                  residential, service, recreation and leisure
                                                                                                          Centre surveys also reveal a high proportion of                  activities.
                                                                                                          residents walking in this centre. However as growth          ƒ   Promoting a sufficient mix of local services that will
                                                                               10                         occurs it in important to retain this variety and meet the       negate the need to travel out of the Peninsula to
                                                                                                          needs of the community.                                          access these services, which may be provided in a
                                                                                                                                                                           larger format; e.g. hardware, ethnic food,
                                                                               8                                                                                           household goods.
                                                                                                                                                                       ƒ   Encourage development of landmark buildings at
                                                                                            3                                                                              the ‘beginning’ or ‘end’ of town, (either through
                                                                               4                                                                                           scale or design), to help to define the extent of the
                                         7            7                                                      1     Single storey retail                                    centre.
                                                                                                                                                                       ƒ   Promoting the benefits of a mixed use centre
                                                                       5                                     2     Commercial uses extending into residential              including;
                                                                                                             3     Tavern/bottle shop                                      -    more eyes on the street,
                                                                                                                                                                           -    visual stimulation from having a range of
                                                                       6                                     4     Stand alone supermarket                                      building types,
                                                                                            10                                                                             -    a more efficient use of space and buildings,
                                                                                                             5     Petrol station
                                                                                   11                                                                                      -    and     greater    opportunities    for   social
                                                                                                             6     Service retail ground floor, apartments above                interaction.

                                                          7                                                  7     Low density residential
                                                                                                             8     Community centre
                                     0       50       100         200metres

                                                                                                             9     Community use

                                    Plan 5.0 Land Uses TAP Town Centre                                       10    Open space

                                                                                                             11    Harbour View residential

movement &circulation
    Overview – Movement & Access to Open Space

                                                                                                                                                             Strategic framework and analysis
    Te Atatu Peninsula street network is formed around a
    number of major roads. These include Te Atatu Road,
    which is the only road into and out of the Peninsula,
    which extends from Te Atatu interchange of the North-
                                                                                                                               Open Space or Esplanade
    western Motorway (SH16), to Te Atatu Town Centre,
    and from the Town Centre to its intersection with Wharf                                                                    Reserve
    Road, then out to the northern end of the Peninsula.
    Other key roads are Harbour View Road, running from                                       Wharf Road
    the Town Centre to the eastern side of the Peninsula,                                                                      Te Atatu Community Corner
    Taikata Road, running from the Town Centre to the
    western end of the Peninsula, and Gloria Avenue,
    providing an alternative route to Te Atatu Road via the
                                                                                                                               500m Town Centre Radius
    older residential areas on the western side of the
    Peninsula. A combination of meandering grids and cul-                             Te Atatu Road
    de-sacs run off these key roads.
                                                                                                                               Heavy Haulage Route
    The residential community across the Peninsula is
    surrounded by Open Space networks. These are either
    on the coastal edges of the land, part of the private
    open spaces connected to schools, or public parks                             Taikata Road           Harbour View Road
    pocketed within living environments. These open
    spaces are connected by a series of pedestrian                                                                             City Park
    walkways to their adjoining streets.                                                                                       (Harbour View / Orangihina
                                                                                                   Gunner Drive                and Te Atatu Peninsula
    The Waitemata Harbour Foreshore surrounds Te Atatu                                                                         Park)
    Peninsula, and a series of foreshore reserves are
    dotted around the perimeter of the Peninsula.                                                                              Wharf Road Employment
    Pedestrian connections between these open spaces                                                                           Area
    play an important role in providing public access to the
    coastline. Work programmed through Council’s LTCCP
    to extend the Taipari Strand walkway, will continue to
    link up a coastal walkway around the Peninsula.

    It is important to think about connections across street                             Te Atatu Road
    and open space networks in order to ensure that
    people can walk between public spaces, feel safe
    doing so, and contribute to a vibrant street
    environment. This will be particularly important for the
    Town Centre as this area redevelops and grows over
    time.                                                      Plan 6.0 Streets & Open Space Networks around the Town Centre

December 2008 FINAL                                            Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre
movement &circulation
                                   As well as providing access to buildings and services,    Te Atatu Road has two roundabouts. The first is at           Walking and Cycling on Te Atatu Road
                                                                                             Gloria Avenue, which is located to the south of the          Te Atatu Road is the busiest pedestrian road in the
Strategic framework and analysis

                                   streets are the most important public spaces. Streets
                                   are multi-functional spaces and there is always the       Town Centre and approximately 600m north of the              town centre. It is also regularly used by around 160
                                   risk of conflict between uses. The key is to design for   motorway interchange. A small collection of shops and        recreational and commuter cyclists each day, despite
                                   all uses and users.                                       a café are clustered just off Te Atatu Road, serving this    there being no dedicated on-street cycle lanes in the
                                                                                             local catchment. A small formed road into Harbour            Town Centre. Consultation was undertaken in 2008 on
                                   Vehicle access and parking are also critical to a town    View / Orangihina Reserve is located to the right of this    preliminary design work for on-road cycle lanes in the
                                   centres economic success. However all town centres        roundabout. The second roundabout is at its                  Town Centre and along Te Atatu Road corridor.
                                   should be designed and managed with an emphasis           intersection with Harbour View Road and within the           Concerns have been raised through this process about
                                   on safe and legible pedestrian movements, on the          town centre itself. These roundabouts enable the flow        the safety of cyclists in this environment and the need
                                   needs of cyclists, and on achieving the best possible     of freight and residential traffic, but they do not create   to ensure that on-street carparking is not lost as a
                                   routes to bus stops and public transport routes.          the best environment for pedestrian movements                consequence of providing for cycle lanes. General
                                                                                             particularly where buildings are set back from the street    feedback from cyclists was in support of the cycle
                                                                                             and feel very large for people on foot.                      lanes, and these stakeholders have signalled that they
                                   issues & opportunities - streets                                                                                       will continue to cycle on Te Atatu Road whether there
                                                                                                                                                          are formal lanes in place or not. The Council has
                                   Te Atatu Road (Town Centre)                                                                                            approved detailed design of these cycle lanes through
                                   Te Atatu Road is the only District Arterial Road on the                                                                the (2009-2019) LTCCP.
                                   Peninsula and it runs from the northern tip of the
                                   Peninsula to the motorway at the south. It connects the
                                   Wharf Road Employment area (just 600m north of the
                                   town centre where over 300 people are employed), the
                                   town centre, the primary vehicle movements of
                                   residents travelling out of the Peninsula, and daily
                                   commuter bus services. Te Atatu Road has vehicle
                                   movements of around 30,000 per day, which is high
                                   given the relatively suburban nature of the Peninsula.
                                   By comparison Lincoln Road has around 40,000 vpd,
                                   and Hobsonville Road has around 25,000 vpd.

                                   Te Atatu Road is a local purpose heavy haulage route.
                                   This means that the carriageway must be able to
                                   physically accommodate over dimension loads moving        Plan 7.0 Te Atatu Peninsula Northern Roundabout
                                   along this road (11m clearance at all times). It also
                                   means that the key road through the town centre will      The town centre section of Te Atatu Road has a
                                   always have a shared function between cars, trucks,       pedestrian crossing that connects a pedestrian linkage       Photo 3.0: Mainstreet Cyclist
                                   cyclists, and pedestrians.                                to the south of the Library with shops on the western
                                                                                             side of the road. This zebra crossing has a slightly
                                   There is one signalised intersection on Te Atatu Road,    raised table and bulb outs at each end of the crossing
                                   which is located approximately 200m north of the          to calm traffic in this location.
                                   motorway interchange. A shell petrol station is located
                                   to the north of these signals.

movement &circulation
    Key issues and opportunities for the road serving the            art was part of the last revitalisation project.          Gunner Drive
    town centre are:                                                 However a consistent palette of materials used for        Gunner Drive intersects Te Atatu Road at the southern

                                                                                                                                                                                                Strategic framework and analysis
                                                                     Town Centre street furniture would assist with            end of the Town Centre. The western end of Gunner
    Te Atatu Road                                                    ongoing supply of materials and maintenance.              Drive (at its intersection with Te Atatu Road) is
    ƒ There is only one pedestrian crossing in the Town          ƒ   The City bound bus stop obscures the library              bordered by the Bella Vista apartment complex to the
       Centre. As a consequence informal desire lines are            entrance and occupies a large proportion of the           south and by the supermarket / petrol station to the
       used as crossing points in lieu of controlled crossing        narrow eastern side footpath. Whilst this is an ideal     north. This is not a controlled intersection and there are
       points. More pedestrian crossings are needed to               location for a visible bus shelter, there is a conflict   no pedestrian crossings in this location. Gunner Drive
       make Te Atatu Peninsula a more connected town                 between the needs of pedestrians and public               has a commercial and retail environment at its western
       centre and a safer pedestrian environment.                    transport users.                                          end, (opposite the supermarket), and becomes more
    ƒ The northern roundabout is a major visual and              ƒ   Te Atatu Road mainstreet is an informal cycle-route       residential in character as it weaves toward the
       psychological barrier, separating northern retail area        regularly used by cyclists. Cycle-lanes and               coastline.
       from the mainstreet. However the zebra crossings to           appropriate standards are not in place to safely
       the east, west and north of this roundabout support           provide for these road users. However the wide            The original design of Gunner Drive had a far wider
       pedestrian movements and the roundabout is an                 mainstreet means that on-road cycleways are               carriageway. A wider area of road reserve continued
       effective means of managing traffic movements.                possible.                                                 around the corner past the sites between 543 - 547 Te
       This area has the potential to be significantly           ƒ   The wide carriageway area allows for a mix of angle       Atatu Road, to provide for a future slip lane. Given that
       improved in order to meet the needs of residents,             parking, parallel parking, cycle lanes and traffic        the Gunner Drive carriageway was significantly
       shoppers, intermediate school children walking into           lanes. However ownership of “road” areas still            reduced at the time of the Harbour View development,
       the Town Centre.                                              needs to be resolved.                                     it is unlikely that this additional area of road reserve will
    ƒ Footpaths on the western side of the mainstreet are        ƒ   The carriageway and footpath on the western side          be needed by the Council. In any case the Bella Vista
       not in Council ownership. Although the condition of           of the mainstreet encroaches private property and         development was set back sufficiently from Te Atatu
       these footpaths is reasonable, the ownership                  part of the “street” is in private ownership              Road to enable the construction of a slip lane in future.
       arrangements mean that Council cannot manage                                                                            A slip lane in this location would enable a greater ease
       this part of the street environment for public use.       Te Atatu Road (Corridor)                                      of movement for vehicles moving out of Gunner Drive,
    ƒ The western side footpaths are often blocked by            ƒ Traffic volumes are high during peak periods and            however slip lanes are not conducive to good
       signage and stock, parking in the Town Centre                the four lane carriageway south of the Town Centre         pedestrian conditions. Providing for a slip lane would
       cannot be managed in a comprehensive way, and                does not promote slow vehicle movements along              require the building line to be set back for development
       the responsibility for upgrading and improving these         this corridor as residential development beside this       on gateway sites at the entrance to the Town Centre.
       areas is unclear.                                            corridor is still relatively low density. For these
    ƒ Footpaths on the eastern side of the mainstreet are           reasons this corridor environment is not conducive         Key Issues and opportunities for Gunner Drive are:
       in reasonable condition although for a Town Centre           to walking or the use of public transport. The             ƒ   Cars turning right into Gunner Drive are confused
       environment, the 1.5m wide footpaths would benefit           requirement to provide for over-dimension vehicles,            by the proximity of this “give way” intersection to
       by widening (to at least 2m). However they do not            and the low recorded crash rates, would not support            the petrol station and supermarket access points.
       have weather protection, and are not adjoined by a           further traffic calming within the corridor section of     • There are no pedestrian crossings at the
       continuous and active building line; i.e. the                the carriageway.                                              intersection and poor links across this road.
       supermarket and petrol station have large open            ƒ Bus lanes in this location could support traffic            • This is a one sided street environment because of
       areas of carpark beside the footpath.                        calming and use of public transport, however this             the low density of development on the Supermarket
    ƒ The Town Centre conditions are slower because of              section of Te Atatu Road has not been identified as           and the WLT site.
       the angled parking arrangements and the kerb                 a (high occupancy) Quality Transit Network in the          • There is an opportunity to calm traffic between
       extensions around the pedestrian crossing.                   Regional Passenger Transport Strategy.                        Yeovil Drive and the Gunner Drive intersection,
    ƒ The standard of street furniture is high as the new                                                                         particularly once development of sites on the
       design palette for street lights, furniture, and public                                                                    eastern side of Te Atatu Road occurs.

December 2008 FINAL                                                  Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                                            15
movement & circulation
                                     Harbour View Road                                          This site is in Council ownership and is zoned as Living   Key issues and opportunities for Taikata Road are:
                                     Harbour View Road is defined as a Collector Road in        Environment. Residential development of this site is       ƒ    The rear lane access from Taikata Road could be
                                    the District Plan, and runs east of the northern Te Atatu   possible and there is no legal right of way access over
Strategic framework and analysis

                                                                                                                                                                extended to connect through to the second rear
                                     Road roundabout. Te Atatu Peninsula intermediate           this site into the rear access area (shown in red).             lane access area from Peachgrove Road (refer to
                                    school is located just to the east of this roundabout                                                                       Plan 8.0) This would require a private legal
                                    (opposite part of Jack Pringle Reserve). Bus routes                                                                         agreement between landowners.
                                    travel westward along this road and back down Te                                                                       ƒ    Improve pedestrian connections across this road
                                    Atatu Road toward Henderson and the CBD. A                                                                                  and back into the mainstreet. A more intensive
                                    pedestrian crossing is located on Harbour View Road                                                                         and finer grained re-development on key corners
                                    to the east of the roundabout, connecting the small                    Rear Lane Access                                     (Te Atatu and Taikata Roads), could improve
                                    cluster of shops on the corner with Jack Pringle Park.                 (Council)                                            these conditions.
                                     This is a busy traffic environment, particularly during                                                               ƒ    The Taikata Road bus stop is not immediately
                                    periods of pick-up and drop-off around the school.                                                                          obvious from the mainstreet and signage directing
                                                                                                                                                                people to the bus stop from the mainstreet could
                                    Key issues and opportunities for Harbour View Road                                                                          be improved.
                                    are:                                                                                                                   ƒ    Connections from Taikata Road to the Kaumatua
                                    ƒ    Improve pedestrian connections across this road                                                                        Reserve would allow for this reserve and its
                                                                                                     Access (private)
                                         and back into the mainstreet. In particular                                                                            adjoining community cluster to be better
                                         pedestrian movements out of the school and into                                                                        connected to the Town Centre. The current review
                                         the Jack Pringle Park and the Town Centre should                                                                       of the Reserve Management Plan presents an
                                         be addressed.                                                                                                          opportunity to provide for and accessway in the
                                    ƒ    Some stakeholders have signalled that the                                                                              Reserve Concept Plan, but a connection from the
                                         intersection of Harbour View Road and Pringle                                                                          reserve boundary to Taikata Road will need to be
                                         Road is confusing given the proximity of the sharp                                                                     taken through private property.
                                         bend in Pringle Road with the accessways for the
                                         community centre carpark and the entrance to the                                                                   Peachgrove Road
                                         WLT site’s carpark. This issue could be                                                                           This is a residential street with traffic calming at each
                                         considered when redevelopment of the WLT site                                                                     end. It is residential in nature with pedestrian links
                                         occurs.                                                Plan 8.0: Rear Lane Access from Taikata Road               through to Ramleigh Park. A privately owned section,
                                                                                                                                                           (between 21 and 25 Peachgrove Road) provides rear
                                     Taikata Road                                                                                                          lane access into some of the mainstreet shops. There
                                    Taikata Road runs west of Te Atatu Peninsula northern                                                                  are pedestrian connections through the shops, but the
                                    roundabout. It is predominantly residential in character                                                               pedestrian connections from Peachgrove Road, into
                                    and carries around 2,260 vehicles per day. A bus stop                                                                  this access area, and through to the mainstreet are
                                    is located 20m to the west of the roundabout.                                                                          unclear. The properties backing on to the rear service
                                                                                                                                                           area have low scale residential development and large
                                    A pedestrian crossing is located to the west of the                                                                    rear lots. Therefore there is no informal surveillance of
                                    roundabout, connecting the larger format hardware                                                                      the access area (it is bordered by close boarded
                                    store with the Methodist church on the corner. The site                                                                fences), and potential to intensify these lots to
                                    immediately adjacent to the Baptist Church contains an                                                                 incorporate development that faces the rear lane and
                                    unformed driveway area, providing rear lane access to                                                                  mainstreet has not been realised.
                                    service some of the shops on Te Atatu Road.

                                                                                                Photo 4.0: Rear Lane Access from Taikata Road

movement & circulation
                                                               Walking & Cycling on the Peninsula                                is particularly important around the entrance to the
  Key issues faced on Peachgrove Road are:                     Te Atatu Peninsula Cycleway Study has considered                  Town Centre and around the northern roundabout.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Strategic framework and analysis
  ƒ    There are no safe and direct pedestrian                 some general safety principles for cyclists;                  ƒ   Pedestrian and cycle friendly streets need to be
       connections from Peachgrove Road, through the           ƒ The New Zealand supplement to the Austroads                     attractive, well lit and safe;
       rear lane service area to the mainstreet.                 standards requires a cycle lane width of between            ƒ   Narrower streets make better urban environments.
  ƒ    The disorganised rear lane arrangement means              5m and 2.0 metres when next to angle parking. And               However this must be balanced against the
       that service vehicles and staff vehicle movements         clearance from angle parks with a range of between              functional requirements of Te Atatu Road.
       need to get to the commercial area via a quiet            2.0m and 3.0m. This provides for sufficient room for        ƒ   Regular pedestrian crossings points mean that
       residential street.                                       cyclists to move along shared lanes with parked                 pedestrians do not have far to go to cross the road.
  ƒ    As Council already own a site on Taikata Road             cars.                                                           These crossing points should provide routes to the
       serving part of the rear lane access arrangement,       ƒ Feedback from commuter cyclists has revealed that               places that people want to go; e.g. the mainstreet,
       the Council have an opportunity to work together          Te Atatu Road is the most direct route out of the               Jack Pringle Park, and should be convenient so that
       with landowners to get an agreed outcome that             Peninsula and that even if there are no dedicated               pedestrians do not have to wait too long to cross;
       suits all parties.                                        cycle lanes in the Town Centre, cyclists will chose         ƒ   Controlled pedestrian crossing points should be
                                                                 this route over all others.                                     used where there are over 500 vehicle movements
  Public Transport on the Peninsula                                                                                              per day.
  Public transport options on the Peninsula are limited to                                                                   ƒ   Footpaths should be comfortable and have a
  buses in the short to medium term. This is because
                                                               design principles - streets                                       sufficient width of pathway and no obstacles.
  there are no rail services alongside the Kumeu /                                                                           ƒ   Streets need good signage so that finding a clear
                                                               Good town centres depend on movement systems;                     route is not difficult.
  Helensville motorway, or on the Peninsula. Ferry
                                                               roads, streets, footpaths and public transport routes.        ƒ   A consistent palette for street furniture can make
  transport is also limited by the tidal range and the
                                                               They are important to the success of an urban area                places legible, recognise the uniqueness of place,
  difficulty in providing an all tide ramp to serve a ferry
                                                               because they link up new and old areas, they give                 and have a function as well as being a feature.
  terminal at the motorway end of the Peninsula. Park
                                                               people choice about how they want to move around.                 Public art in streets can have the same effect.
  and ride options have been considered, however a park
  and ride facility close to the motorway would not be                                                                       ƒ   Lighting that is designed to suit the pedestrian
                                                               They need to be safe, they affect the management of               makes places safer and extends the Town Centre
  effective in drawing people in to the Town Centre.
                                                               traffic, and they are fundamental in creating a sense of          operating hours by encouraging night-time activities.
  Therefore supporting the existing bus service on the
                                                               place.                                                        ƒ   Streets are best managed when in public ownership
  Peninsula is critical.
                                                                                                                                 because of they form a critical part of the public
                                                               Streets need to be considered as the most important of            realm and the interests of the wider community; i.e.
  In order to support increased bus services on the
                                                               all public spaces and an integral part of a successful            quality pedestrian environments, can be best
  Peninsula, the following elements need to be in place;
  ƒ   Sufficient people within a 500m radius (5 minute                                                                           managed by the Council. This is particularly
                                                               ƒ Main routes should give priority to pedestrians and             important where there is fragmented ownership of
      walk) of each bus stop;
                                                                   cyclists in the centre. Where high traffic levels occur
  ƒ   Clear direct routes to the bus stop and well place                                                                         the public realm; i.e. multiple land-holdings on the
                                                                   an alternative route may be required. This is difficult       western side of the mainstreet occupy footpath and
      crossings on major roads.
                                                                   in Te Atatu Peninsula because of limited alternative
  ƒ   A rear lane will be unsafe if there is no formal                                                                           parking areas.
                                                                   options and the requirement to carry over-dimension
      surveillance of this area so sightline will need to be
                                                                   loads through the Town Centre.
      preserved. Residential redevelopment that faces
                                                               ƒ Building frontages that are close to the street edges
      this rear lane will also support a safer
                                                                   will encourage drivers to move slowly through the
      environment, although it is likely that it will also
                                                                   town centre. In this case of Te Atatu Peninsula this
      face the rear servicing areas of the shops.

December 2008 FINAL                                               Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                                         17
movement & circulation
                                   Assumed customer or public parking
                                   Assumed private parking                                                                                                              issues & opportunities - parking
Strategic framework and analysis

                                   *estimated from aerial + WCC count

                                                                                                                                                                        Cars are stationary for most of the time. Where and
                                                                                                                                                                        how they are parked can be a major factor in the quality
                                                                                                                                                                        of a development. It is important to strike a balance
                                                                                                                                                                        between provision for parking to support the economic
                                                                                                                                                                        survival of the town centre, without allowing it to
                                                                                                                                                                        dominate the street environments, or discourage the
                                                                                                                                                                        use of public transport.

                                                                                        Library /                                                                       The District Plan currently requires parking for
                                                                                        Community                                                                       residential, commercial and retail activities to meet the
                                                                                        Centre                                                                          parking and driveway guidelines. The traditional
                                                                                                  Te Atatu                                                              approach to parking management has been to
                                                                                                  Tavern                                                                prescribe minimum parking ratios to manage
                                                                                                                                                                        environmental effects.

                                                                                                                                                                        The Council have developed a Strategic Parking Study,
                                                                                                                                                                        which recommends a range of options for the
                                                                                                                                                                        management of parking from minimum parking
                                                                                                                                                                        requirements to maximum parking requirements with
                                                                                                                                                                        stringent conditions. This study will be taken to
                                                                                                                                                                        stakeholder groups for consultation in late 2008. In
                                                                                                                                                                        essence, the Council are considering an approach to
                                                                                                                                                                        parking provision where the emphasis is on providing
                                                                                                                                                                        for enough parking to support the role of the Town
                                                                                                                                                                        Centre, whilst exploring opportunities for shared
                                                                                                                       0   50   100   150 metres N                      parking and parking management. This new approach
                                                                                                                                                                        will reduce costs of providing public parking areas, and
                                                       Plan 9.0: At-Grade Parking in the Town Centre                                                                    will promote a shift from the private motorcar to
                                                                                                                                                                        walking, cycling and the use of public transport.

                                                                                                                                                                        This approach to parking needs to be considered as
                                                                                                                                                                        part of the Town Centre concept as it impacts on the
                                                                                                                                                                        street environment and restrictions on site

                                                                                                                                                     Photos 5.0 & 6.0 At-Grade Parking
                                                              Existing carpark                         Angled on-street parking

movement & circulation
Town Centre Parking Provision                                  where ‘events’ can be held. The shared value of

                                                                                                                     Strategic framework and analysis
Parking conditions in the Town Centre are as follows:          this space should be recognised.
y   There is a large amount of surface level parking
    available in Te Atatu Town Centre            (at an
    estimated 550 parking spaces for approximately
                                                           design principles - parking
    11,000m2 of retail and commercial activities,          ƒ   Design new developments with parking behind,
    however much of this is on private sites; i.e. the         under, above or to the side of buildings;
    supermarket, the WLT site and the library /            ƒ   Promote       shared    parking      and   support
    community centre.                                          comprehensive parking areas.
y   The mainstreet has angle parking on the western        ƒ   The provision of on-street parking can be
    side     of   Te      Atatu  Road       from    530        accommodated in a wider carriageway as long as
    Te Atatu Road to the Baptist church on the corner          it allows room for street trees, good pedestrian
    of the roundabout.                                         areas and a greater freedom of pedestrian
y   The eastern side of the mainstreet has parallel            movement.
    parking between the Gunner Drive intersection          ƒ   Comprehensive carparking areas can be
    and the northern roundabout. For much of the day           considered as “public space”. In many instances
    these parking spaces are not well utilised, possibly       they can be designed as such to contribute to
    because large parking areas are available in the           positive amenity with good landscaping and
    immediate vicinity, outside the supermarket and            surface treatment.
    behind the community centre.                           ƒ   Provide dedicated parking routes within parking
                                                               areas that are safe, direct, and preferably
Key issues and opportunities for parking in the Town           sheltered.
Centre are:                                                ƒ   Position parking rows perpendicular to the main
y   The oversupply of private on-site parking is               building entrance to assist safe pedestrian
    inhibiting intensification of key anchor sites; e.g.       movements toward the building.
    WLT site and the supermarket site.                     ƒ   Parking areas should be constructed / managed to
y   An economic analysis of current conditions in the          incrementally match land use build-out schedules.
    Town Centre (undertaken by CBRE in April 2008)         ƒ   Ensure that access-ways to parking areas are well
    suggests that the current method of providing for          defined to avoid confusion over movements off
    parking on a site by site assessment basis results         public streets.
    in “piecemeal development” that is not conducive
    to promoting a comprehensive retail environment.
y   Community and BID stakeholders have signalled
    that they would like to retain current levels of
    parking but it needs to have better security and
y   The existing at-grade parking areas for the library
    and community centre (which also sit within the
    reserve) are perceived by the community as
    having value as ‘hard surface’ community spaces

   December 2008 FINAL                                         Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                       19
open space
                                   issues & opportunities - open
Strategic framework and analysis

                                   Te Atatu Peninsula is well served in terms of quality
                                   open space. It has two Citywide Parks, the Harbour
                                   View / Orangihina Reserve and Te Atatu Peninsula
                                   It also has a network of older suburban parks, playing
                                   fields associated with the four schools on the Peninsula,
                                   and a series of urban pocket parks that were created as
                                   part of the Harbour View development. Jack Pringle                                                            4                      2
                                   Village Green Reserve was transformed into a vibrant
                                   urban space when it was redeveloped in 2000.
                                   Redevelopment included the construction of series of
                                   artworks and recreational features, as well as a large
                                   area for public events.
                                                                                                                                                                                       1 Jack Pringle Park
                                   The Council spend on open space has been                                                                                                            2 Skateboard park in Harbour View Reserve
                                   proportionally higher on the Peninsula for a number of
                                   years and this community are very proud of these                                                                                                    3 North side community facilities
                                   areas.                                                                                                                                              4 Community centre + library

                                                                                                                Plan 10.0: Reserves & Open Space around the Town Centre

                                     Emplacement batteries in Harbour View Reserve              Skate park in Harbour View Reserve
                                                                                                                                                 Jack Pringle Reserve       Harbour View pedestrian connection

                                                                                     Photos 7.0 – 10.0 At-Grade Parking

open space
Reserves in the Henderson Ward, which Te Atatu              The 2002 concept recommended direct pedestrian links        entrance and the mainstreet. It sits within the reserve
                                                            to this historic site from the Village Green.               identified in the Reserve Management Plan as Te Atatu

                                                                                                                                                                                    Strategic framework and analysis
Peninsula is part of, are subject to a Reserve
Management Plan (currently in draft form). The purpose                                                                  Peninsula Community Corner. It contains a war
of this plan is to strengthen the values of the reserves    Key issues and opportunities for Jack Pringle Village       memorial garden and is used by the RSA for the annual
for the community who live around them, in a manner         Green and Jack Pringle Sports Park are:                     Anzac Day parade. It has a south facing orientation and
that reflects and retains the existing character of these   ƒ   Jack Pringle Village Green is a wonderful example       is often affected by wind, and is obscured by the bus
areas. The purpose and function of the reserves                 of an urban park that embraces public art,              stop. The RSA have signalled that the area is valued
surrounding the town centre is an important part of             embraces iconic themes that are reflective of the       for the “space” it provides for the Anzac Parade but an
concept planning.                                               Peninsula, and provides for a range of recreational     alternative space could be found in the Town Centre to
                                                                activities.                                             serve this function.
The urban design issues that are now faced are not          ƒ   Jack Pringle Park is poorly connected to
necessarily focused on the quality of these open                surrounding buildings & activities. The blank walls     Ramleigh Park
spaces, but how they are connected to the town centre           of community centre provide only enclosure to this      Ramleigh Park is a Recreation Reserve and has
and how the built form of the centre interacts with these       large open space.                                       pedestrian connections through to Peachgrove Road,
spaces to make them work well.                              ƒ   The skateboard park is disconnected from the            Taikata Road and Yeovil Road. As “the crow flies” it is
                                                                Town Centre and surveillance of this area is poor.      within 180m of the mainstreet. However connection to
Jack Pringle Village Green                                  ƒ   The road that once ran through Jack Pringle Park        the mainstreet is via the rear service area behind the
The Jack Pringle Village Green includes Te Atatu                has been removed but the transport environment          mainstreet shops, and through side alleyways or
Peninsula community corner where the Library and                zoning still exists on the District Plan.               corridors through the shops. If in time, the residential
Community Centre are currently situated. This area          ƒ   Signage to direct pedestrians between Jack              form on Peachgrove Road becomes more intensive,
was acquired from the Auckland Harbour Board and                Pringle Park and the gun emplacements is                this Park will become a more valuable asset to people
vested in Council as a recreation ground, although it           needed. The pedestrian conditions between the           living within a 500m circle of the Town Centre.
does not have an official reserve classification. This          village green / sports park and the start of the
area comprises of the community corner and its                  Harbour View / Orangihina Reserve need to be            Key issues and opportunities for Ramleigh Park are:
carpark, and an urban park that was development in              clearer (this could be achieved by signage,             ƒ    Pedestrian connections from the park to
accordance with a community drive “village green”               consistent street tree planting, and / or consistent         Peachgrove Road to the east and Burberry Lane
concept. The village green has a number of walkways,            footpath treatments.                                         to the west could be improved by introducing
public toilets, and frontage to Te Atatu Road.              ƒ   The walkway between the eastern side of the                  lighting, and where possible, widening these
                                                                mainstreet, through to the parking area at the back          access-ways (currently 3m in width).
Jack Pringle Sports Park                                        does not perform well and ends in a large at-grade      ƒ    Planning for improvements to the Peachgrove
The Jack Pringle Sports Park is part of the Jack Pringle        carpark.                                                     Road connection, could be undertaken in
Reserve, separated by Pringle Road. The Sports Park         ƒ   Jack Pringle Park pushes mainstreet to one side of           conjunction with improvements to pedestrian
contains a number of community buildings including an           the road as the edge on the eastern side is                  access from Peachgrove Road, via a more
RSA clubroom / function centre, a bowling green and             relatively inactive and there are no visible crossing        formalised (mainstreet) rear access area.
clubrooms, and a kindergarten. There is also a skate            points between the park edge and the western            ƒ    When subdivision and redevelopment around the
park within the reserve, on the corner of Pringle Road          side of the mainstreet.                                      Park occurs, Council can require permeable
and Gunner Drive.                                           ƒ   The built form around the Village Green needs to             perimeter fencing to improve surveillance of the
                                                                interact with this space and blank walls should be           park.
Historical World War II Gun emplacements are located            replaced by doors and windows on this façade
opposite the Sports Park on Gunner Drive, and are               (when development occurs).
within the Harbour View / Orangihina Reserve. They
provide a strong visual cue, linking the walkway            RSA Memorial Garden
between Jack Pringle Park and the coastline.                This 350m2 garden area is located between the library

   December 2008 FINAL                                         Te Atatu Peninsula Town Centre                                                                                      21
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