IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB   BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                     02 ― 03

IDOLO                 Welcome

                      Welcome to Idolo Wellness Club, your personal

                      wellness refuge. Our main goal is to offer you an
                      extraordinary magical journey dedicated to the
                      rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

CLUB                  We have created an environment of high aesthetics
                      with luxury facilities, highly trained personnel, VIP
                      treatments rooms, a heated indoor pool, a water
                      bed, a beauty salon and a fitness center. We invite
                      you to explore all the benefits of our state-of-the-
                      art Wet Area (emotional showers, ice maker, steam
                      rooms, saunas, steam baths), but also to relax in
                      the amazing Relax Area with the serenity that the
                      wall of Himalayan salt can offer you. Idolo Wellness
                      Club offers Spa System by Starpool, an innovative
                      and trademarked way of using the Spa facilities in
                      order to achieve wellbeing and maximum pleasure.

                      Take a break and retrieve your inner peace! The
                      exceptional treatments are with the signature of
                      the top skincare professional brand of Germaine de
                      Capuccini. Since 1964, the company has a strong
                      global presence and has been recognized as a
                      leader of Cosmetology with top treatments and
                      protocols and 100% safe products.

                      SPA ETIQUETE            06

                      SP.A_SYSTEM®            08

                      FACIAL TREATMENTS       10

                      BODY EXFOLIATIONS       12

                      BODY WRAPS              12

                      MASSAGE COLLECTION      14

                      SIGNATURE TRETAMENTS    16

                      VIP TREATMENTS          19

                      ROYAL SUITE             20

                      SPECIAL PRENATAL        21

                      SPECIAL POSTNATAL       21

                      WELLNESS THERAPY MENU   22

                      GREEK TREASURES         23

                      SPA PACKAGES            24

                      BEAUTY MENU             26
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                                                                      BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                                         06 ― 07


           WORKING HOURS                                          BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL                                               WHAT TO WEAR                                          DURING YOUR STAY
           Daily 10:00-20:00                                      As many Spa treatments improve blood circulation                  A large towel and a locker for your personal items    The Spa is dedicated to maintaining an
                                                                  and during which special body pressure techniques                 are provided upon arrival at the Spa. In addition,    environment of peace and tranquility. Help us by
           RESERVATIONS                                           are applied, we advise against eating a heavy meal                we provide undergarments that you can wear            respecting our atmosphere of privacy and quiet.
           Please contact the Spa reception to book an            before your treatment. However, a light snack is                  during your treatment. Please bring your flip flops   Please put your mobile phones in flight mode
           appointment. We recommend making a reservation         appropriate. Alcohol is forbidden before any Spa                  for your own hygiene.                                 during your Spa stay. Smoking, alcohol and eating
           to guarantee your preferred treatment and time.        treatment.                                                                                                              at Spa are prohibited.
                                                                  The Spa has lockers to store your personal                        HEALTH QUESTIONS
           CANCELLATIONS                                          items. We recommend that you do not bring                         Please inform us at the time of booking of any        AGE REQUIREMENTS
           Understanding that your program can be                 your valuables in the room. The Spa bears no                      medical condition or special needs. This will allow   The Spa is suitable for guests over 18 years of age.
           diversified, we will do our best to meet your needs.   responsibility for any loss of personal belongings.               the Spa receptionist to guide you in selecting the    For younger ages parental consent is required.
           However, as Spa time is reserved for you, please       If the treatment you choose includes water                        right treatments. Before any treatment, our staff     Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied
           inform our team 24 hours in advance to avoid           treatment, please wear a bathing suit.                            will ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire. We   by the parent.
           billing. Otherwise there will be a full charge for                                                                       fully comply with EU’s General Data Protection
           the service.                                           AT YOUR ARRIVAL                                                   Regulation.
                                                                  Please come at least 15 minutes before your
           PREGNANCY                                              appointment. Arriving with delay will reduce the                  PAYMENT
           In our menu you will find specially formulated         available time for your treatment. It will therefore              Payment is completed before your treatment
           treatments for women during pregnancy and for          reduce its effectiveness and your pleasure.                       only at the Spa's reception and all credit cards
           those who are nursing. Please allow the Idolo          This is your moment and you have to enjoy the                     are accepted.
           Wellness Club team to guide you on, by choosing        experience to the fullest. Please let us know about
           which treatment is the most suitable during this       any preference regarding room temperature,
           special time.                                          pressure and music. Your care is our highest
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                   BY IDOLO CONSULTING                               08 ― 09


                                                                 PURIFY     Restores the balance. It
Spa System is the                                                           favors the elimination of
appropriate method for                                                      toxins.
the correct use of facilities                                               65’ Duration   25€

and equipment, aiming at
maximum pleasure and well-
being. With the signature of
Starpool, a world leader in                                      EXCITE
                                                                            Recovers lost energy.
                                                                            Improves the sense of
Spa and Wellness systems.
                                                                            renewal and vitality.
Knowing the main expectations of our visitors, we                           70’ Duration   25€
have created, along with a team of Spa specialists,
four different routes.

Each path follows the appropriate course to
achieve the desired result, while providing im-
portant information about hygiene and proper
                                                                 RELAX      Relieves the tension.
duration of stay in the wet area, thus maximizing
                                                                            Achieves a slow and
the benefits for the user.
                                                                            gradual relaxation of the
                                                                            90’ Duration   25€

                                                                 TONIC      Rejuvenates the body.
                                                                            It restores physical
                                                                            stimulation and muscle
                                                                            90’ Duration   25€
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                                                                      BY IDOLO CONSULTING   10 ― 11


           BE-CALM (WITH ALOE VERA)                               NO MORE WRINKLES
           Sun-damaged skin has an immediate need for             Extreme treatment that fights wrinkles. It contains
           reparation. This treatment includes a cool gel         specialized ingredients and an exclusive massage,
           mask from the Aloe Vera plant, which has unique        with a special metal lifting tool. It increases the
           refreshing and healing properties. If necessary, a     production of collagen and elastin, neutralizes
           second gel tissue mask is applied, which removes       the effects of skin contractions and naturally fills
           redness and relieves your skin.                        the wrinkles.
           30’ & 45’ Duration                    45€ & 60€        60’ Duration                                    80€

           VITAMIN C POWER                                        MEN’S C+ POWER
           Enriched with Vitamin C derivative and Japanese        Appropriate treatment for men's skin with lack
           Ume plum extract, this treatment is the most           of vitality and intense signs of fatigue. Enriched
           powerful weapon against glycosylation, which           with vitamin C, birch juice and trace elements,
           causes premature aging. The skin radiates and          the skin rejuvenates instantly, it fills with energy
           looks smooth, shiny and refreshed.                     and glow while being protected from external
           40’ Duration                                  60€      attacks that cause premature aging.
                                                                  60’ Duration                                    80€

           Hyaluronic acid-enriched intensive hydration
           treatment at high, medium and low molecular
                                                                      ADDITIONAL GESTURES
           weight. It achieves maximum levels of hydration,
           not only on the surface of the skin but also in the        Combine all facial treatments with this
           deeper layers. In addition, it prevents transdermal        special care for the fragile eye area.
           water loss by providing a youthful, elastic skin
           protected from environmental attacks.
                                                                      SHINY EYES
           50’ Duration                                   55€         Fast and effective solution that acts di-
                                                                      rectly on lines and expression wrinkles
           TOTAL LIFT(IN)G                                            with a cool gel mask. Bags and black
           Ideal treatment for skin which requires volume             circles recede, the outline reshapes and
           and density. The exclusive technology of Ger-              the skin is immediately normalized.
           maine de Capuccini directly improves- skin relax-          20’ Duration                        20€
           ation and performs lateral and vertical lifting with
           stability that competes with the surgical effect.
           60’ Duration                                  80€
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                                                                   BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                                                12 ― 13


           MEDITERRANEAN ΚISS                                   OCEAN BREEZE                                                     LOVE YOUR LEGS                                       SEA MUD
           All of the Mediterranean on your body! It con-       Discreet and gentle body scrub with marine                       When heavy and tired legs hinder your day-to-        This unique mud is extracted from the depths of
           tains argan oil, olive cores, grape extract and a    scent. Enriched with seaweed, marine elements                    day activities, this extraordinary wrapping offers   the sea of ​​French Brittany and is rich in marine
           combination of citrus fruits with mainly an orange   and metal salts, it transfers you directly to the                the solution. The sense of discomfort and edema      minerals and trace elements. It deeply cleanses
           component. The skin is left shiny, released from     endless blue of the ocean.                                       are removed instantly, while the specific serum      the skin and revitalizes it remarkably, as it pro-
           dead cells and extremely soft.                       30’ Duration                                 40€                 with active ingredients provides your feet with      vides it with all the essential ingredients that are
           30’ Duration                                 40€                                                                      a cool, long-lasting feeling.                        lost from everyday activities and stress.
                                                                                                                                 30’ Duration                                40€      30’ Duration                                         50€
                                                                ORANGE C+ ΕNERGY
           LAVA & BAMBOO                                        All the strength of vitamin C is perfectly com-
           This explosive body treatment invites you to         bined with the base of beeswax. This exfoliation
           enjoy a fresh exfoliation with bamboo pieces and     melts on your body and supplies it with a super
           green tea extract. Afterwards volcanic water, rich   smooth texture, thanks to the sequential action
           in hyaluronic acid, anti-aging, moisturizing and     of exclusive micro-particles from orange peels
           antioxidant elements is applied on your body.        and papaya seeds.
           30’ Duration                                 50€     30’ Duration                                 40€

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Body wrap

           SILKY TOUCH                                          LILY OF THE DESERT
           Close your eyes and let the unique touch of silk     Aloe Vera is the miraculous 'lily of the desert'
           captivate your senses. With an extraordinary         with many exceptional qualities. Among other
           velvety feel, it provides deep nourishment and       things, it has remedial, antioxidant and anti-ag-
           leaves your skin surprisingly soft and hydrated.     ing action. It is an ideal choice for sensitive and
           30’ Duration                                 50€     burned skins, as it directly removes the sense
                                                                of inflammation and irritation. In addition, mint
                                                                offers a unique sense of coolness.
                                                                30’ Duration                                 40€
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                                                                     BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                                         14 ― 15


           BACK, NECK & SHOULDERS                                   PRENATAL                                                       DEEP ΤISSUE RELIEF                                   ORIENTAL KNOT
           Strong daily routine, workload, and constant             Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful com-                   Special massage with intense pressure and knead-     The West meets the East and presents you with
           wrong body posture are often responsible for             plementary option for prenatal care. It is a very              ing on deep muscle groups with fingers, punches,     this ritual massage with a silk scarf and a pressure
           sustained pains in the area of ​​the back, neck          beautiful and affectionate way to rest, reduce                 forearms and / or elbows. This technique results     stick. It consists mainly of traction and stretching
           and shoulders. The choice of this massage is a           stress and relieve pain and discomfort.                        in the relaxation not only of the superficial mus-   movements throughout the body resulting in a
           saving step for relief from the blocked spots in         40’ Duration                                50€                cles but of the entire structure of the muscle       strong sense of relief. Choose between the black
           these areas.                                                                                                            groups and connective tissues. This massage          tea or cinnamon, with refreshing and antioxidant
           30’ Duration                                    40€                                                                     successfully fights muscle contractions, chronic     properties, respectively.
                                                                    AROMA ESSENCE                                                  inflammation, pain and anxiety.                      50’ Duration                                  80€
                                                                    The harmonic notes of fragrances guide you to
                                                                                                                                   50’ Duration                                 70€
           STOP CELLULITE                                           a magical, relaxing journey. As a base, quality
           When the connective tissue loses its elasticity, the     almond oil and fine essential oils are selected,                                                                    OCEANS HEART
           skin displays a picture of orange peel. This spe-        improving blood circulation resulting in detoxi-               CANDLE PARADISE                                      Natural sea shells gently slide into your body and
           cial massage treatment focuses on problematic            fication of the body and providing a deep sense                The warm golden oil from the melting candle          captivate your senses. Combining them with the
           spots of local fat and offers instant visible results.   of well-being.                                                 offers a direct intense feeling of relaxation and    wonderful cinnamon balm results in the stimu-
           30’ Duration                                    45€      50’ Duration                                60€                well-being. The product is based on beeswax          lation of the body and activation of the senses.
                                                                                                                                   and is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants,      Live a different experience!
                                                                                                                                   transforming it into an oil of the finest quality    50’ Duration                                  80€
                                                                                                                                   that leaves your skin extremely soft. Choose your
                                                                                                                                   favorite fragrance, with olive, citrus or lavender
                                                                                                                                   50’ Duration                                 75€

                                                                                                                                   PINDAS PARADISE
                                                                                            Candle Paradise

                                                                                                                                   The delicate aroma of essential oil based on cin-
                                                                                                                                   namon, nutmeg, cardamom and rice make up a
                                                                                                                                   heavenly massage. This holistic treatment com-
                                                                                                                                   bines relaxing kneading moves and pressures with
                                                                                                                                   warm pindas containing rice, spices and seeds.
                                                                                                                                   50’ Duration                                80€
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB   BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                                            16 ― 17


                                 AWARD-WINNING TREATMENTS WITH                           OIL PHYTO-CARE
                                 T H E P U R E S T R AW M AT E R I A L S A N D           Luxury ritual body treatment. Initially, an organic
                                 S P EC I A L A P P L I CAT I O N P ROTO C O L S         antioxidant oil from the African Baobab tree is
                                 FOR IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB.                                applied and then followed by exfoliation with
                                                                                         natural marine crystalline salt flower releasing the
                                 O2 FOR YOU*                                             body from dead cells. The treatment is completed
                                 Oxygen is a valuable ingredient for the skin as it      with the moisturizing and toning body lotion,
                                 gives life to the cells and maintains their youthful-   which nourishes the skin deeply.
                                 ness. This excellent oxygen therapy acts not only       60’ Duration                                  70€
                                 proactively and therapeutically against aging but
                                 also as a shield against atmospheric pollution.
                                                                                         LITHO POWER
                                 Enjoy the wonderful feeling of Bubble Gel that
                                                                                         The glamour of gems and the power of trace
                                 produces oxygen bubbles on your skin, a special
                                                                                         minerals are perfectly combined to offer you this
                                 massage protocol, a cool crystal mask and see
                                                                                         extraordinary anti-aging treatment. After a mar-
                                 your skin radiate life.
                                                                                         velous body exfoliation, with diamonds and five
                                 50’ Duration                                   60€
                                                                                         other gemstones, comes a harmonious massage
                                                                                         that will flood your senses. This impressive ritual
                                 *Has been awarded the best professional
                                 treatment in 2018 at the Vogue Beauty Awards.           ends with Diamond Noir Face Treatment, which
                                                                                         includes a black diamond mask. Your skin is left
                                                                                         fully protected and shiny with velvety texture.
                                 GLOBAL ANTI-AGE*
                                                                                         85’ Duration                                   95€
                                 Excellent face treatment based on epigenetics.
                                 Its stunning composition fills the wrinkles, reju-
                                 venates, moisturizes the skin and activates the         24K MIDAS TOUCH
                                 defense and cellular regeneration mechanisms. It        According to Greek mythology, King Midas had
                                 contains hyaluronic acid, collagen activators and       the ability to turn everything he touched into
                                 the exclusive ingredient of Germaine de Capuc-          gold! In this treatment, the most precious met-
                                 cini, a Zinc-Glycine complex. The ritual includes       al embraces your body with a luxurious wrap-
                                 a massage with a special spoon, placed on ice           ping which is then complemented by a twen-
                                 and a unique metallic frosted mask.                     ty-four-carat massage! Gold on the skin provides

                                 60’ Duration                                   80€      anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, in-
                                                                                         creases collagen production and increases its
                                 *Ηas received the highest award from the                elasticity.
                                 International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists           90’ Duration                                 100€
                                 (IFSCC), a prize for the most important scientific
                                 achievements in the world of skin care, equivalent
                                 to the Nobel Prize.
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB   BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                                      18 ― 19


                                 Unique treatments on the heated Aemotio water          ADDITIONAL GESTURES
                                 mattress for endless wellness trails and unfor-
                                 gettable experiences of steam bath, rain shower
                                                                                        Combine your favorite VIP treatment
                                 (Vichy Shower) and massage (Bolero).
                                                                                        with these extra services and ensure
                                                                                        maximum wellness and relaxation!
                                 CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION
                                 Zero calories pleasure for chocolate lovers! Sweet
                                                                                        HAIR & SCALP CARE
                                 exfoliation with thousands of chocolate pieces
                                                                                        The relaxing head massage with organic
                                 and intense scent, followed by the creamy co-
                                                                                        Baobab oil removes the tension from
                                 coa-based body mask and anti-cellulite benefits.
                                                                                        your body. The experience is complet-
                                 A sweet delight that makes the skin even and
                                                                                        ed with the extraordinary neck thrusts
                                 smooth without imperfections.
                                                                                        protocol with warm towels.
                                 100’ Duration                                110€
                                                                                        20’ Duration                       20€

                                 ORANGE BLOSSOM
                                 Offers extremely smooth texture thanks to body
                                                                                        Enjoy a splendid body massage on the
                                 peeling with orange peel and papaya seeds. The
                                                                                        area that you prefer with excellent qual-
                                 anti-aging and moisturizing body mask provides
                                                                                        ity almond oil.
                                 instant brilliance and velvety texture.
                                                                                        30’ Duration                       30€
                                 100’ Duration                                110€

                                                                                        FRESH UP
                                 SLIM MISSION
                                                                                        Express facial treatment with the right
                                 If your goal is to get a well-formed silhouette,
                                                                                        products suitable to your skin type. It
                                 then this treatment is an ideal choice for you. Ini-
                                                                                        gives you the immediate renewal you
                                 tially, there is an exfoliation and then a mask that
                                                                                        desire and lightens your face.
                                 sculpts the body. All products contain micronized
                                 seaweed and marine elements, achieving greater         30’ Duration                       30€
                                 penetration of the active ingredients in the skin
                                 and more immediate results.
                                 100’ Duration                                120€
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                       BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                       20 ― 21

ROYAL                                                                     SPECIAL
SUITE                                                                     PRENATAL

Enjoy the Royal Suite for unique Spa                                                 Future mommies can enjoy the beneficial and re-      SIGNATURE & VIP
                                                                                     laxing effects of these treatments on their bodies   TREATMENTS
experiences with steam, colors, warm bath,                                           However it is necessary to inform their gynecol-        O2 for You
tropical storms, cool fog, perfumes and                                              ogist and the Spa staff of the condition and the
                                                                                                                                             Oil Phyto-Care
                                                                                     month they are in before their treatment begins.
music, all in your own privacy. The sense of                                                                                                 Chocolate Temptation
                                                                                                                                             24k Midas Touch
euphoria and rejuvenation will be enhanced                                           The treatments proposed are for daily skin care
                                                                                     to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, prevent       Orange Blossom
with a glass of white wine and seasonal fruits
                                                                                     skin discoloration and retain moisture.
for the ideal welcome. The suite is ready to                                                                                              FACIAL
                                                                                                                                             Vitamin C Power
accommodate you and your company up to a
total of 6 people.                                                                                                                           Shiny Eyes

up to 2 people                                                   100€                                                                     BODY TREATMENTS
                                                                                                                                             Silky Touch
up to 6 people                                                   240€
                                                                                                                                             Ocean Breeze
                                                                                                                                             Prenatal Massage
Our suggestion is to complete your experience with a treatment from our
                                                                                                                                             Love your Legs


                                                                                     Once the nursing period has ended, all face and      SIGNATURE & VIP
                                                                                     body treatments, and especially the following        TREATMENTS
                                                                                     ones, can be selected. Otherwise, Special Pre-          Oil Phyto-Care
                                                                                     natal treatments can be applied.
                                                                                                                                             Chocolate Temptation
                                                                                                                                             Slim Mission

                                                                                                                                          BODY TREATMENTS
                                                                                                                                             Ocean Breeze
                                                                                                                                             Lava & Bamboo
                                                                                                                                             Sea Mud
                                                                                                                                             Love your Legs
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                                                                       BY IDOLO CONSULTING                                                                                                    22 ― 23

WELLNESS                                                                                                                  GREEK
THERAPY MENU                                                                                                              TREASURES

           Clinical studies have shown that gentle massage        ICY PLEASURE                                                       A FEW DROPS OF OLIVE OIL                                HONEY BEE
           techniques are particularly beneficial for patients    The healing properties of Aloe Vera are combined                   Healing massage with olive oil all over the body.       Honey massage all over the body with beneficial
           with CA, both on physical and emotional level,         beneficially with the unique freshness of mint and                 The nutritional properties of the oil give a soft       properties. It offers a hydrating and velvety effect
           helping to reduce anxiety and depression, re-          are applied with a gentle massage throughout the                   and youthful look to the skin. Suitable for all ages.   on dry and dull skins.
           lieve pain and fatigue, and improve mood and           body. The experience is complemented uniquely                      50’ Duration                                   70€      50’ Duration                                          70€
           sleep quality.                                         with Rose Hip Oil with regenerative properties
           The following treatments are designed to help          and anti-inflammatory effects. The treatment is
           restore the balance of the soul, the mind and the
                                                                                                                                     AROMA OF GREECE                                         MEDITERRANEAN PACKAGE
                                                                  completed with a relaxing head massage with a
                                                                                                                                     Massage that leads to the awakening of the sens-        This body scrub with Mediterranean grains of olive
           body. Appropriate and selected products are            product containing five nutritious oils (Baobab,
                                                                                                                                     es, relaxation and stimulation of the muscles with      is completed with a relaxing body massage and
           used, combined with gentle massage.                    Patawa, Birch, Soya, Sesame) for strong, healthy
                                                                                                                                     the help of Greek traditional ouzo. Try ouzo in a       a face or head massage according to your needs.
           Before any treatment is applied, approval by the       and shiny hair, maximizing the sense of relaxation.
                                                                                                                                     completely different way and enjoy its beneficial       Scents from the Mediterranean will take you on a
           supervising physician is required. Treatments          90’ Duration                                  100€
                                                                                                                                     properties.                                             journey and will help you relax like never before.
           are suitable for people who are not in an acute
           stage of illness and are undergoing preventive                                                                            50’ Duration                                   70€      20’ Peeling
                                                                  HANDS, FEET & SCALP LIBERATION                                                                                             40’ Body massage
                                                                  This treatment promotes intense nourishment                                                                                10’ Face or head massage
                                                                  and is suitable for the renewal of hands and feet.
           ROSES ROYAL AMBROSIA                                                                                                                                                              70’ Duration                                          95€
                                                                  The mild exfoliation is followed by a moisturizing
           Specially designed facial treatment to relieve         mask, which is not removed with water, in order
           sensitive skin from intense dryness. A variety of      not to affect the level of pH of the skin. The treat-
           products are used, including Rose Hip Oil (Beauty      ment is completed with a relaxing massage in the
           Shortlist Awards 2017). It is combined with the        head area, with special oil for hair strengthening
           amazing royal jelly elixir, ideal for treating dull    and an extraordinary protocol with neck pulls

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A few drops of olive oil
           skin tone. The treatment is completed with the         using a warm towel.
           refreshing gel mask with rose petals of five dif-
                                                                  75’ Duration                                   90€
           ferent varieties of roses, ideal for the sensitivity
           caused by medication.
           60’ Duration                                  70€      BAOBAB CEREMONY
                                                                  Enjoy a fully relaxing ritual, starting with a per-
                                                                  sonalized welcome protocol with warm pouches.
                                                                  The body is exfoliated, followed by a complete
                                                                  massage with organic dry oil, ideal for smoothing
                                                                  and deep nourishment. The treatment is com-
                                                                  pleted with the application of a special gel on
                                                                  the leg area, ideal to relax the lower limbs. All
                                                                  products used in this treatment contain African
                                                                  Baobab oil, proteins, vitamins, minerals and pro-
                                                                  mote cell nourishment.
                                                                  90’ Duration                                  100€
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                             BY IDOLO CONSULTING   24 ― 25



               SP.A_SYSTEM® Purify program (65')
               Seaweed mask in the steam bath (15')
               Ocean Breeze body exfoliation (30')
               Ocean's Heart body massage (50')
               2h 40’ Duration      145€


               SP.A_SYSTEM® Excite program (70')
               Chocolate mask in the steam bath (15')
               Mediterranean Kiss body exfoliation (30')
               Oriental Knot body massage (50')
               2h 45’ Duration      145€


               SP.A_SYSTEM® Relax program (90')
               Silk mask in the steam bath (15')
               Lava & Bamboo body scrub (30')
               Pindas Paradise body massage (50')
               3h 5’ Duration      155€


               SP.A_SYSTEM® Tonic program (90')
               Mud mask in the steam bath (15')
               Orange Body C + Energy body exfoliation (30')
               Candle Paradise with citrus body massage (50')
               2h 45’ Duration      140€


Our specialised staff can
also serve your needs
for manicure, pedicure,
and depilation. If you are
interested, please contact
the Spa reception.
IDOLO WELLNESS CLUB                                                    BY IDOLO CONSULTING

                                                                          TIME FOR
                                                                          TIME FOR
                                               E: wellnessclub@idolo.gr
A: Nei Epivates 570 19
                         T: +30 2392 022 291

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