Top level of streaming & data solutions - Sport Level

Top level of streaming & data solutions - Sport Level
Top level of streaming & data solutions

Top level of streaming & data solutions - Sport Level
SportLevel – General Information
    Solutions                                     Video Delivery                Data: collection and                        Odds Feed (Coming soon!)
                                                  System                        delivery of live sports data

    Unique solution for
    supply and distribution                       36 000                        75 000                                      75 000
    of sports data and video                      VIDEO STREAMS                 EVENTS WITH                                 FOR ALL OUR EVENTS
                                                                                DATA FEED                                   WITH DATA FEED

    We work with the following sports federations

    Slovak Volleyball     Kazakhstan Volleyball     National Basketball      Belarus Ice Hockey   Table Tennis Federation   VTB United League
    Federation            Federation                Federation of the        Federation           of Russia
                                                    Republic of Kazakhstan

    Handball Federation   Russian Ice Hockey        Russian Football Union   Russian Basketball   Russian National          Continental Hockey
    of Russia             Federation                                         Federation           Football League           League projects

Top level of streaming & data solutions - Sport Level
About us
SportLevel is a unique provider of sports data and video streams                     Among Our clients
for its clients around the World. We provide cutting-edge techno-
logies and services to bookmakers, sports federations and media companies.

We operate our own video delivery system which can service 1000000+ users
concurrently. Additionally, our cutting edge technology can deliver data and video
streams to our partners with extremely low latency. Our robust system architec-
ture guarantees stability, where you need it most. Partners can use our API for
integration into their back-office trading tools.

We are constantly working on expanding our rights portfolio, with
new and exciting content constantly being added.

Content per Season


2016/2017           2017/2018            Current

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Top level of streaming & data solutions - Sport Level
Video Delivery System

                                              SportLevel                Your
          Stadium                               Server                websites   Clients

    Integration options

    •   iFrame
    •   Streams for partner’s players
    •   Integration into partner’s technical solutions
    •   Convenient for integration API
    •   Protection from content theft
    •   Minimum possible latency
    •   DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
    •   Users will have access to the video archive and information
        on significant events (such as goals) using marks
Data solution
                                                      Your traders

    Scout at the              SportLevel                                 Your      Your
      stadium                   Server                                  server   websites

                                                      API Integration

•   State of the art solution for data transmission
•   Special “fast” protocols for data exchange
•   Several backup connection sources
•   Professionally trained scouts
•   Unique scout management system
•   The most complete package of transmitted events
•   Easy API Integration
•   Simple backoffice interface
•   Odds Feed (Coming soon!)
Trader Interface
                       Give your traders convenient and customizable interface
                       with SportLevel’s Trader Mode — the one solution for all
                       the essentials they might need:

                       • Trader video: fastest video stream possible, right from
                         the arena to your trader;
                       • Live data feed & in-game stats
                       • Customizable notifications: select which events to be
                         alarmed about and customize a sound for it
                       • Odd’s feed (coming soon!)

Video content. Basketball
Andrey Kirilenko, the former NBA star and famous CSKA Moscow and Russian na-           Coverage list
tional team player, was elected as president of the Russian Basketball Federation
in 2015. He has done a great job for popularization and development of basketball      •   Russian Men’s and women’s Basketball
in Russia. Since then, a number of competitions have been introduced to improve            leagues and cups
the skills of athletes (from childhood to adolescence) and attract the best talent     •   Championship of VTB United League
into the Under-21 and the main National teams. The RBF management, paying                  (men)
special attention to fair play in all matches, strictly controls this system. We are   •   Youth Championship (VTB)
pleased to offer exclusive access to all competitions held by the RBF!                 •   Russian VTB Student league (men)
                                                                                       •   Student Superleague (women)
VTB United League is a Basketball tournament, involving the best teams from Rus-       •   International Student Basketball Cup
sia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Estonia. The strongest European teams, which      •   Russia. Liga Pro 3х3
repeatedly confirmed their status by victories in major European competitions          •   Kazakhstan National League, First
are the crown jewels of this tournament. We offer exclusive rights to broadcast            League, National Cup
VTB United League matches, which are available for viewing on the territory of
the countries who are taking part in the tournament: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Latvia and Estonia.

Student tournaments VTB Student League, Student Superleague and International
Student Basketball Cup is an excellent chance to feel the energy of youth and
maybe even spot a new rising star!

This season we are also starting to provide Kazakhstan’s basketball primary
championships — National League, First League and National Cup.

Events package: 4270+ events

Video content. Ice Hockey
    VHL, the Supreme Hockey League of Russia is the second highest level of              Coverage list
    European ice hockey after KHL. The teams from Russia, China, and Kazakhstan
    participate in the tournament, which makes the League one of the most important      •   Ice hockey Junior Club World Cup
    international leagues. The main tournament is “VHL - Silk Road Cup”. We also offer   •   VHL (Russian Supreme Hockey League)
    “VHL Championship”, one of the strongest tournament in the Russian ice hockey        •   MHL (Russian Junior Hockey League of
    system.                                                                                  KHL)
                                                                                         •   WHL (Women Hockey League)
    MHL, the Junior Hockey League of KHL is a major junior ice hockey league in          •   Belarus Extra League
    Eurasia, founded in 2009. This competition is held and organized under the aegis     •   Belarus Supreme League
    of KHL. Allow your customers to see how the future celebrities started their way     •   Cup of the Republic of Belarus (Ruslan
    into the big hockey, like Ovechkin, Malkin and Kovalchuk who started their careers       Saley’s Cup)
    in MHL. Emotional degree of matches, high level of skills and minimum gap in         •   Russia. Liga Pro 4x4
    playing days make this tournament the very attractive for the spectators.

    Russian Women’s Hockey League (WHL) is an ice hockey league that unites ice
    hockey clubs from Russia, which annually compete for the main league trophy.
    The league was formed on June 19, 2015.

    Belarus’ Hockey Leagues is exciting set of tournaments as ice hockey is number
    one priority in Belarus’ national sports and personal passion of their leader and
    several generations of fans.

    Events package: 5088+ events

Video content. Beach Football
The Russian Beach Football Championship and the The Russian Beach Football              Coverage list
Cup are among the strongest tournaments of the world in this sport. The best
athletes of the clubs also play in the the national teams of the leading countries in   •   Russian Championship
the beach football.                                                                     •   Russian Cup

Events package: 105+ events

Video content. Football FNL Cup 2019
This is a football tournament officially registered by UEFA and FIFA. Clubs from        Coverage list
the Russian National League and the Russian Premier League take part of the
tournament. Players, involved in the tournament, usually play for the Russian           •   Russia. FNL Cup
Under-21 National team, while the games are officiated by Russia’s top referees.

Events package: 38+ events

Video content. Handball
     The Russian Handball Super League is also one of the best tournaments             Coverage list
     in the world. Many international athletes prefer to play for Russian clubs.
     Russian teams are constantly engaged in prestigious continental tournaments.      •   Russian Men’s and Women’s Handball
     Russia’s Women’s team is the current Olympic champion, and most of the girls          Championships and Russian Cups
     play for Russian Super League clubs. We offer coverage of the men’s and women’s
     Super Leagues and the Russian Cup!

     Events package: 300+ events

Video content. Table Tennis
The strongest Russian athletes participate in TTFR championships.             Coverage list
At the request of our customers, we also increased the number of matches in
the Table tennis tournament Liga Pro (Russian Men’s and Women’s) to 22000     •   TTFR Russian Championship
matches.                                                                      •   TTFR Russian Cup
                                                                              •   TTFR Russian Continental (Club)
Events package: 24750+ events                                                     Championship (Premier League + Super
                                                                              •   TTFR Russian Continental (Club)
                                                                                  Championship (Supreme League)
                                                                              •   TTFR Russian Championship Under 22
                                                                              •   Liga Pro 24/7

Video content. Volleyball
     We are glad to announce that our portfolio of video content has expanded to       Coverage list
     contain Volleyball matches! Fast paced and tough to predict - volleyball proven
     to be one of the bookmaker’s favourites. We cover Belarus’ Championships and      •   Belarus Division A
     Cup tournaments, Kazakhstan’s National & Highest Leagues and cups as well         •   Belarus Division B
     as Slovakian tournaments and, finally, Liga Pro tournaments with highly skilled   •   Kazakhstan National League + Supreme
     players participating. Point Ace!                                                     league + Cup (men/women)
                                                                                       •   Kazakhstan Supreme League second
     Events package: 1660+ events                                                          teams U23
                                                                                       •   Russia. Liga Pro (every week
                                                                                       •   Slovakian Extraleague (men/women)

Exclusive official video streams
                                Minimum quantity                               Territory
 Sport                          of events                                      of broadcasting

 Basketball                     3 850                                          All countries

                                                                               Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
                                420 — VTB United League
                                                                               Latvia and Estonia
 Ice Hockey                     5 088                                          All countries

 Handball                       300                                            All countries

 Football                       38                                             All countries

 Beach Football                 105                                            All countries

 Table Tennis                   24 750                                         All countries

 Voleyball                      1 660                                          All countries

 Total                          36 211

You can mix and match content, filling up your tailor made package. We are committed to constantly
adding more content. If you need more details or want to get a trial of our services, please, do not hesitate
to contact us!

Data feed
     data feed                      Minimum quantity of events

     Table tennis                   25 480

     Ice hockey                     17 968

     Volleyball                     14 820

     Basketball                     5 954

     Futsal                         2 810

     Badminton                      2 500

     Tennis                         2 000

     Floorball                      1 371

     Handball                       1 350

     Beach Volleyball               500

     Beach Football                 365

     Total events                   75 000

     • Football and water polo — coming soon
     • Odds Feed — coming soon

Events transmitted in data format

              Ice Hockey
action                                                                       Pre-match commands

•   Time start/stop                                                          • Match format (no overtime, overtime,
•   Match status (1st, 2nd, 3rd period, overtime)                              penalty shootout or unknown)
•   Penalty shootout                                                         • Match duration (3x15, 3x20 minutes)
•   Puck possession                                                          • Jersey colors
•   Suspension (2, 4 or 5 minutes) Scout enter only those suspensions        • Players on the ice
    that lead to a change in the number of players on the ice. There is no   • Warming-up
    automatic betstop in 5vs3 and 3vs5 situations)                           • Start of the match
•   Goal
•   Empty net (there is no automatic betstop. Betstop will be entered
    manually by scout after puck interception)
•   Betstop
•   Timeout, commercial break
•   Match suspended
•   End of the period/match

Events transmitted in data format

     action                                                             Pre-match commands

     •   Time start/stop                                                •   Match format (no overtime, overtime)
     •   Match status (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter, overtime)            •   Match duration (4x8, 4x10, 4x12 minutes)
     •   Ball possession                                                •   Jersey colors
     •   Foul (no free throws, 1, 2 or 3 free throws, technical foul)   •   Players on the court
     •   Point (2 or 3 points)                                          •   Warming-up
     •   Cancellation of point or the last action                       •   Start of the match
     •   Score adjustment                                               •   Jumpball
     •   Betstop
     •   Timeout, commercial break
     •   Match suspended
     •   End of the quarter/match

Events transmitted in data format

               Beach Volleyball
Action                                                           Pre-match commands

•   Ball in play                                                 • Match format (best of 5, best of 7)
•   Points                                                       • Game Conditions (Location, Illumination,
•   Point Ace, Point Serve Error                                   Court Type)
•   List of of prospective events (blocking reasons):            • Team Conditions (Main Squad, Second
    Video replay, Injury of a player, the controversial point,     Squad, Short Bench)
    the controversial point, wrong placement                     • Players on the court
•   Timeout, technical timeout                                   • Warming-up
•   Game Interruptions, Medical Timeout                          • Team greetings
•   Betstop                                                      • Start of the match
•   Fifth set server                                             • First server
•   Match suspended
•   End of the set/match.

Events transmitted in data format

                   Table tennis
     Action                                                    Pre-match commands

     •   Serve                                                 •   Players on the court
     •   Points                                                •   Warming up
     •   Timeout                                               •   The match will start soon
     •   Player injury (medical timeout, the game continues)   •   Start of the match
     •   Betstop                                               •   First server
     •   End of the set/match.

Events transmitted in data format

action                                                                 Pre-match commands

•   Ball Possession                                                    • Match format (no extra time, extra time,
•   Timer stop / continue                                                penalty shootout or unknown)
•   Foul (free kick, dangerous free kick, 6meter kick, 10meter kick)   • Match duration (2x25, 2x20 minutes)
•   Card (yellow, red, yellow/red)                                     • Jersey colors
•   Suspension (2 or 4 minutes, suspension time counter)               • Players on the court
•   Corner kick                                                        • Warming-up
•   Timeout                                                            • Start of the match
•   Goal                                                               • First team to kick-off
•   Betstop
•   Empty net
•   Match suspended
•   End of the half/match

Events transmitted in data format

     action                                            Pre-match commands

     •   Possession home/away                          • Match format (no extra time, extra time,
     •   Time start/stop                                 penalty shootout)
     •   Foul (free throw, 9meter or 7meter throw)     • Match duration (2x25, 2x30 minutes)
     •   Suspension (2 minutes, 4 minutes)             • Jersey colors
     •   Card (yellow, red, blue)                      • Players on the court
     •   Timeout                                       • Warming-up
     •   Goal                                          • Start of the match
     •   Betstop                                       • First team to throw-off
     •   Empty net
     •   Match suspended
     •   End of the half/match

Events transmitted in data format

                 Beach Soccer
action                                                               Pre-match commands

•   Match status (1st or 2nd half, 1st or 2nd extra time)            • Match format (no extra time, extra time,
•   Penalty shootout                                                   penalty shootout)
•   Betstop                                                          • Match duration (2x30, 2x40, 2x45 minutes)
•   Ball possession                                                  • Jersey colors
•   Ball out                                                         • Players on the pitch
•   Ball position (safe ball, attack or ball in the penalty box)     • Warming up
•   Shot (shot on target, shot off target, shot on the bar)          • Start of the match
•   Goalkeeper’s save                                                • First team to kick-off
•   Penalty
•   Goal kick
•   Goal
•   Corner kick (with displaying the relevant side of corner kick)
•   Foul (free kick, dangerous free kick)
•   Card (yellow, red, yellow/red)
•   Substitution
•   Offside
•   Added time
•   Match suspended
•   End of the half/match

* Football is coming soon                                                                                          21
Events transmitted in data format

     action                                                       Pre-match commands

     •   Points                                                   •   Match Format
     •   Point Ace, Point Serve Errors                            •   Players on Court
     •   Timeout                                                  •   Warming-up
     •   Game Interruptions, Medical Timeout, Player Withdrawal   •   Start of the Match
     •   Betstop                                                  •   First Server
     •   End of set/match

Events transmitted in data format

action                                            Pre-match commands

•   Serve                                         •   Players on the court
•   Serve Faults, Serve Retries                   •   Warming up
•   Points                                        •   The match will start soon
•   Tiebreaks                                     •   Start of the match
•   Betstop                                       •   First server
•   End of set/match

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