University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR

University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
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                                                             Term 4, 2017

University of
Sydney ends
with fixed ATAR
The University of Sydney has
introduced a fixed ATAR so students
can have greater transparency and
certainty when choosing courses.

We have introduced fixed ATARs       this approach,” Professor Tyrone       The University will continue to offer
for most of our courses, to          Carlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor         alternative admissions pathways
simplify the application process     (Registrar), said.                     to many students, including those
and make it more transparent.                                               who have experienced social
It removes the uncertainty         “More than 80 percent of our             and educational disadvantage.
about what’s required for           commencing undergraduate                These pathways are merit based,
entry, so students can have the     students qualify for entry to the       taking into account additional
confidence to list their dream      University of Sydney on the basis       factors alongside a student’s
course as their first preference.   of their ATAR alone. A key concern      academic results.
                                    for these potential students and
 The ATARs are fixed and will       their parents is always the ATAR        A list of required ATARS that
 not change throughout the          that will allow them to pursue          guarantee entry into a
 preference and admissions period, their preferred course.                  student’s preferred course
 providing a simple way for you to                                          is available at:
 make informed decisions about     “Now the ATAR the University             −−
 your future.                       requires will be known upfront and
                                    will not change between rounds –        You can download our fixed
“We are continuing our long         providing simplicity and clarity with   ATAR flyer at:
 tradition of entry on merit but    respect to entry requirements for
 this is a major change in how we   courses. This means that students
 engage with our students. As       can have great confidence about
 far as we are aware we are the     the likelihood of receiving an offer
 only university in NSW offering    for their preferred course.”
University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
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                                University of Sydney ends
                                uncertainty with fixed ATAR....... 1
                                Table of contents......................2

                                University of Sydney graduates
                                again rated Australia’s
                                most employable.......................3
                                Degrees of the future............ 4-5
                                How to prepare for the
                                future of work...........................6
                                Rural high schools visit.............. 7
                                Introducing our new online
                                study portal: #studygoals..........8
                                Opportunities and key dates......9
                                Contact us.............................. 10

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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
Our graduates rated
Australia’s most employable
for the third year running
The University is ranked 1st in Australia and
4th in the world for graduate employability.

                                                                                                               Term 4, 2017
Our graduates are the most            “Workplaces of the 21st century      of Engineering and Information
employable in Australia for            are under rapid change, with        Technologies students have
the third year running and in          technological advancements          helped engineering firm Cardno to
the top 5 globally, according          and an increasingly globalised      navigate a drone‑enabled future.
to the 2018 QS Graduate                workforce. The skills our
Employability Rankings.                graduates will require to           This year the QS rankings
                                       excel in such a workplace are       considered 600 universities –
The rankings also reveal that the      likewise evolving.”                 double last year’s total – and
University’s graduates are the                                             expanded from a top 200 in
fourth most sought after in the       “This is why we have transformed     2016 to a top 500. The rankings
world, the same position as last       our undergraduate curriculum        also increased the number
year and up from 14th in 2015.         with the Sydney Undergraduate       of Australian universities
                                       Experience. Every University        included from 15 to 24.
In addition to surveying more          of Sydney student will have the
than 30,000 employers, the             opportunity to take on real-world
QS rankings move beyond                industry, community, research
employment rates and evaluate          and entrepreneurship projects,”
the affiliations of high achievers,    said Dr Spence.
as well as work placement
partnerships and employers’           One of the main drivers of the
connections with graduates.           University’s ranking was the
                                      networking and partnership                                               Career Advisers News

“We are delighted by the rankings,    opportunities made available
 which confirm our graduates          to students by employers.
 continue to be the most sought
 after by employers in Australia      A recent event saw students pitch
 and in high demand worldwide,”       their best ideas to a panel that
 said Vice-Chancellor and             included entrepreneurs, industry
 Principal Dr Michael Spence.         and government.

“It is testament to our               Students have also helped solve
 exceptionally designed courses       real-world challenges for
 delivered by world-class             Australia’s largest book retailer
 teachers.”                           Dymocks, while in the Faculty
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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR

                                Degrees of the future
                                Where can an arts or science degree take you?
The University of Sydney

                                Today’s world requires creativity, critical thinking   passion for French and Chemistry. “On the surface,
                                and the flexibility to use skills and knowledge        these seem to come from opposing fields,” she
                                across a diverse range of fields. Firms such as        says, “but the mix of nutrition and psychology in
                                KPMG, Westpac and NBC Universal are turning            my university studies has given me a real desire to
                                to arts and science graduates to fill this demand,     help those who have eating disorders. At the same
                                because they bring unique perspectives to              time, studying French and going to France for a year
                                decision-making and challenge traditional              on exchange has allowed me to discover the huge
                                modes of thinking.                                     variety that exists in eating habits all around the
                                Through their exposure to a wide range of diverse
                                and challenging ideas, students studying liberal       Similarly, liberal degrees enable students to discover
                                degrees develop flexible and cross-disciplinary        their passions through their ability to sample a range
                                skillsets. During Year 12, current Bachelor of         of different subjects and apply them practically.
                                Science student Genevieve Kennard discovered a         In his first year at university Will Zhou found
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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
himself “inspired by my lecturer’s own research             says Bachelor of Arts student Salina Alvaro.
and its applicability to all facets of life. It led me     “I’m currently interning two days a week at the
to continue my statistics study and use these               European Australian Business Council through
skills in an internship. I never would have expected        the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Internship
to be enthralled by statistics!”                            for Credit program. Through this internship I am
                                                            developing a keen interest in careers in research,
When it comes to graduate employability and                 communications and diplomacy.”
career readiness, it is now commonplace for
students to undertake exchange and internship              Arts and science degrees are now a key
programs within arts and science degrees. These            component of many firms’ hiring policies, and
programs enable students to gain critical workplace        open up a world of opportunities, cultivating
experience and cultivate global perspectives,              passions and careers that students never even
ensuring they are equipped to face not only their          knew existed. As current Bachelor of Science
first career, but their sixth and seventh ones.            (Advanced Mathematics) student Denzel Florez
                                                           attests about his high school passion for

                                                                                                                 Term 4, 2017
“With the help of a study abroad scholarship I             mathematics and statistics: “Now I am completing
 studied American popular culture and US foreign           a double major in maths, and this has encouraged
 politics at the University of California, Los Angeles,”   me to want to pursue a career in finance!”

Will Zhou                                                  Salina Alvaro

                                                                                                                 Career Advisers News

“With the help of a study abroad
 scholarship I studied American popular
 culture and US foreign politics at the
University of California, Los Angeles.”
Salina Alvaro
Bachelor of Arts student
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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
How to prepare
                                for the future of work
                                The world is changing, and university education needs to change too.

                                The World Economic Forum estimates that                Follow your passions with our
                                young people will change careers at least seven
                                                                                       shared pool of majors and minors
                                times in their lives, and 35 percent of the skills
                                required today will be different in five years.        Available in liberal degrees, several
                                                                                       specialist degrees, and those combined
                                The jobs and careers of the future will be very        with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies,
                                different from today and universities need to          the shared pool of majors and minors
                                respond in kind. “The world is changing, and the       offers you unparalleled range of
                                way in which people work together is changing,         choice, with the opportunity to choose
                                so university education needs to change as well,”      a second major or minor from more
                                says University of Sydney Deputy Vice‑Chancellor       than 100 offered across the University.
                                (Education) Professor Pip Pattison. “Our
                                undergraduate curriculum will provide students         “It’s designed to give every student
                                with a broader range of skills, to take advantage      the capabilities and agility they will
                                of a world full of new possibilities.”                 need to thrive in the future world, by
                                                                                       providing deep expertise in a chosen
                                That means offering more choice and flexibility        primary field of study, but also access
                                when it comes to study options. As well as             to multiple forms of cross-disciplinary
                                choosing your primary field of study you can also      learning, by introducing a shared pool
                                try other disciplines that suit your own tastes,       of more than 100 majors and minors,”
                                interests and goals.                                   Professor Pattison said.

                                                                                       More opportunities for cultural
                                                                                       and global exchange
The University of Sydney

                                                            “Through my time           The new curriculum structure
                                                                                       provides more opportunities to study
                                                            spent at the University
                                                                                       internationally and build skills to work
                                                            of California, I gained    effectively in intercultural settings, and
                                                            invaluable cultural        aims to increase the number of students
                                                            insights and developed     undertaking some of their study abroad
                                                                                       to at least 50 percent by the year 2020.
                                                            a global perspective,
                                                            becoming even more         To find out more about the Sydney
                                                            excited to work            Undergraduate Experience and how
                                                            overseas in the future.”   our undergraduate curriculum will set
                                                                                       your students up for careers that don’t
                                                            Laurie Yutuc               even exist yet, visit:
                                                            Bachelor of Commerce
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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
Wealth of knowledge shared
with rural high school students
We hear from Penny Elvery, a Bachelor of Pharmacy student
who travelled to rural high schools across NSW’s west to
address burning questions from current Year 12 students.

Over three days in July, an adventure hosted         A student remarked that she “didn’t think I’d

                                                                                                         Term 4, 2017
by the University of Sydney’s rural health club      be able to do pharmacy because I didn’t do any
(MIRAGE) took 10 students from four health           sciences, but now know I can because one of the
disciplines in one van traipsing across NSW’s        girls who [is] in pharmacy didn’t either.” I know
west. Our goal? To inspire rural high school         I speak on behalf of our entire team when I say
students to pursue a rewarding career in health!     that feedback like this is incredibly rewarding!

We took students from both rural and urban           As one of the lucky 10 students selected to
backgrounds and, with such diverse experiences,      participate, I found this trip inspirational and
each individual was able to provide an insight       beneficial to my own education too. We saw
into the concerns of students from Blayney,          first-hand the struggles many rural students face
Dubbo and Orange high schools about their            in attaining tertiary education, and were exposed
imminent futures.                                    to potential aspects of our own future careers
                                                     during visits to Narromine Health Clinic and
We ran practical activity stations supported by      Narromine and Dubbo Hospitals – supplemented
a discussion about university life, admissions,      by a few hours at the zoo!
scholarships, and the many pathways available
for entering into a degree. During these sessions,   Considering that the most common negative
we encouraged students to consider their             feedback after “none” was “standing up,”
futures and discussed many issues regarding          I am proud to call this trip a success!
university life. It was extremely satisfying to be
able to open up conversation and help school
                                                     Blayney High School students getting hands on
students work around these barriers towards
their career goals.                                                                                      Career Advisers News

We shared our own stories of transferring
between courses (which most of us had done),
changing to a completely different field, living
out of home, moving to the city and applying
for scholarships.

By reflecting upon our personal experiences
and journeys, we connected with the high
school students and showed them opportunities
that they may not have previously considered.
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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
Introducing our new online
                                study portal: #studygoals

                                Resources to help your students get                 and equipped with the skills needed to achieve
                                through Year 12 and beyond                          their HSC and career goals. We aim to improve
                                                                                    student achievement by providing expert advice

                                From study tips to making the most of their         and key study tips from current University of
                                UAC preferences, students will find a wealth of     Sydney students.
                                information about the HSC and preparing for
                                university on our new online #studygoals portal.    Don’t miss our ‘5 tips to help you study for the
                                                                                    HSC’ poster that students can print out and
                                This one-stop resource has been designed to help    hang in their study areas.
                                Year 11 and 12 students stay motivated, confident
The University of Sydney
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University of Sydney ends uncertainty with fixed ATAR
Opportunities and key dates

These events will inform and inspire high school students.

Info Day                     Spectacular                  STEM Girls @                Sydney Science
2017                         Science                      Sydney                      Experience
Saturday 16 December,        22 and 23                    10 and 11 January 2018      10-12 January 2018
9am–4pm                      November 2017                Join us for a free          Designed for students
Choosing a university        Designed for high            two-day workshop for        about to start Year
is a big decision. Info      school students from         female students who are     10 or 11, the Sydney
Day is the last chance       Years 7 to 11, Spectacular   interested in creating      Science Experience is an

                                                                                                                   Term 4, 2017
for future students to       Science will engage          life-changing solutions     opportunity for science
get a taste of campus life   students and spark           through science,            enthusiasts to participate
before they finalise their   interest in the huge         technology, engineering     in a range of hands-on
preferences for the main     diversity of science.        and mathematics. You’ll     workshops and lectures
round offers. Info Day       Students will enjoy          get to work on real-life    that uncover the reality
is a great opportunity       hands-on activities and      engineering problems,       behind popular TV crime
for them to talk with        hear from real scientists.   meet current students       shows. Register online
student ambassadors          Places are limited.          and female academics,       by 1 January 2018 at 5pm.
and staff, get tailored      Register online by 24        ask your questions          −−
course advice, attend        October 2017 at 5pm.         of women working in            science/outreach/
information sessions,        −−            the industry, and trial        high-school/
join a campus tour and          science/outreach/         the range of different         experience
explore everything the          high-school/              engineering disciplines
University has to offer.        spectacular-science       through a range of hands-
−−                                         on, practical activities.
   info-day                                               Register now:
                                                          −− http://whatson.

Book in your school visits                                                                                         Career Advisers News

We offer many ways for students, teachers and             −− Term 4 is the perfect time to book our interactive
the community to engage with the University                  campus tour for Year 10 and Year 11 students, to
of Sydney, including visits to schools, specialist           get a taste of what the University has to offer.
presentations, guided campus tours, hands-on
activities hosted by our faculties or something           For onshore international students, our student
tailored specifically for your needs.                     ambassadors can tailor a tour and/or presentation
                                                          specifically for small groups, giving students an
Here are some tips for booking your event:                opportunity to get answers to all their questions
−− Get in early. Book next year’s event this year.        about applications, accommodation and student life.
   Terms 2 and 3 book out particularly early.
                                                          To make a booking online, or find out more about
−− Think about combining events with another
                                                          tours and upcoming events, please visit:
   school, or having multiple year levels attend.
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Contact us

                                 Name/position                     Phone/Email                           Management areas and regions

                                 Schools outreach

                                 Jit Loh                           02 8627 0117                          Responsible for:

                                 Head of Undergraduate                    –– Managing Australia/New Zealand
                                 Recruitment (Australia/New                                                 undergraduate student recruitment
                                 Zealand)                                                                –– High Achievers program
                                                                                                         –– New Zealand
                                                                                                         –– South Australia

                                 Chris Lewis                       02 9351 7335                          Responsible for:
                                 Student Ambassador and               –– Student Ambassadors Program
                                 Outreach Coordinator                                                    Regions:
                                                                                                         –– Schools in Sydney’s North Shore
                                                                                                         –– Victoria

                                 Millie Norton-Knight              02 8627 0815                          Responsible for:
                                 Student Recruitment Officer    –– Onshore international events
                                                                                                         –– Year 10 academic awards
                                                                                                         –– Schools in east and southeast Sydney
                                                                                                         –– Queensland

                                 Nick Fahy                         02 8627 5136                          Regions:
                                 Student Recruitment Assistant           –– Schools in northwest and upper north Sydney
                                 (Undergraduate)                                                         –– All other schools in NSW
                                                                                                         –– Australian Capital Territory
                                                                                                         –– Tasmania

                                 Lauren Ribbon/Caitlin Harvey      02 8627 6484                          Responsible for:
                                 Student Recruitment Assistant        –– Support for Student Ambassadors Program
                                                                                                         –– Campus tours

                                 Alternative pathways and schools outreach

                                 Fabi Fugazza                      02 8627 0123                          Responsible for:
                                 Alternative Pathways Manager            –– Schools in south and southwest Sydney
The University of Sydney

                                                                                                         –– Alternative pathways programs including the
                                                                                                            Early Offer Year 12 (E12) scheme
                                                                                                         –– Western Australia

                                 Indigenous Student Recruitment

                                 Sarina Solar                      02 9351 7003                          Responsible for:
                                 Indigenous Student                  –– Managing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
                                 Recruitment Manager                                                        student recruitment
                                                                                                         –– Northern Territory
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