Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC

Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC

to the
next level
2018–2022 & beyond
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
The TTC has come a long way.
                         Now, to become the world-class
                         transit system the Toronto of
                         the future needs,

                         we are advancing to
                         the next level.

2 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                    TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 3
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
Table of contents
Letter from the Chair                                       6

Letter from the CEO                                         8

Public transit at a turning point                          10

The TTC Way                                                21

 Our Plan

Plan Overview                                              28

Critical Path 1: Transform for financial sustainability   32

Critical Path 2: Enable our employees to succeed          42

Critical Path 3: Move more customers more reliably        56

Critical Path 4: Make taking public transit seamless      72

Critical Path 5: Innovate for the long-term               88

Cornerstone: Safety & security                            100

5 year outlook                                            110
25 year outlook                                           112


Progress on the last plan                                 114

Executive leadership                                      116

References                                                117
Acknowledgements                                          118

                                                                TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 5
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
From the Chair
                                                                                            OUR VISION

                         Public transit in Canada’s largest urban centre plays an           To be a transit system that
                         essential role in making our city, our province and our country
                         inclusive, accessible and environmentally sustainable.             makes Toronto proud.
                         Achieving that goal in a rapidly changing world requires a
                         new and larger perspective on mobility. It’s not about “us”
                         or “them” or “this mode” versus “that mode.” It’s about working
                         together to realize a larger, more equitable vision for how        OUR MISSION
                         people move around and connect with our city.

                         The TTC will require partnership, collaboration and innovation     To provide a reliable, efficient, accessible
                         more than ever before. Those values are woven into this
                         plan, starting with how it was developed: an extensive process     and integrated bus, streetcar and subway
                         of involving stakeholders, Board members, frontline staff
                         and our customers to create a new vision for the future and        network that draws its high standards of
                         build on the past.
                                                                                            customer care from our rich traditions of
                         Alongside the City of Toronto, we look forward to working
                         with our provincial and federal partners to make transportation    safety, service and courtesy.
                         in Toronto the best it can be in the next five years and set the
                         groundwork for the decades to come.

                         On behalf of the Board, I’d like to thank everyone at the TTC
                         for their hard work to provide excellent service to our loyal      THE TTC WAY
                         customers, day in and day out. I also want to commend the
                         management team and staff for their ongoing commitment to
                         taking the TTC to the next level.
                                                                                            Respect one another.
                                                                                            Value each other’s time.
                                                                                            Tell people what’s happening.
                                                                                            Stay safe.
                         Josh Colle                                                         Mind your space.
                         Toronto Transit Commission                                         Help others out.

6 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                              TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 7
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
From the Chief Executive Officer

                         When I joined the TTC in 2014, it had begun one of the biggest                            This plan sets the TTC up to achieve that vision over the
                         transformations I’ve ever seen at a large transit agency — and                            long-term. It aims to put us on a sustainable footing for
                         I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years.                                              decades to come — financially, environmentally and in
                                                                                                                   terms of our culture.
                         Everything the TTC was doing was laid out in a plan: the TTC’s
                         first ever five-year corporate plan, launched in 2013. By 2017, the                       Over the last five years, we have created a strong
                         plan’s final year, the progress we’d made was recognized by the                           foundation for the future. This plan puts us in the best
                         American Public Transportation Association, which named the           “We still have     possible position to tackle our current and future challenges.
                         TTC their Outstanding Public Transportation System of the Year.                           Of course, what’s most important is whether our customers
                         This kind of recognition does not happen because we’re perfect,         to get a lot      can get to work, school, events and to their families and
                         but because we’d come such a long way in such a short period                              communities safely, easily, seamlessly and on time.
                         of time. Opinions may differ, but the results speak for themselves:     better if we’re   This plan will be backed by detailed action plans and
                         we’d gotten a huge amount done in terms of modernizing our                                resourcing to make sure we can deliver.
                         fleet and our infrastructure, and we’d gotten significantly better      going to be
                         in terms of our service and customer experience.                                          To all of our employees: We know that on a good day, it’s
                                                                                                 the transit       easy to feel proud working for the TTC — you’ve got great
                         But we still have to get a lot better if we’re going to be the                            teammates and you’re working on something that impacts
                         transit agency our diverse and growing city needs.                      agency our        millions of people. On a bad day, it can feel thankless.
                                                                                                                   I can assure you that this plan isn’t just designed to make
                         When we began working on this new plan more than nine                   diverse and       things better for customers; it’s also designed to make
                         months ago, we started with a question: What does a world-class                           things better for you.
                         public transit system for Toronto look like — not just in the next      growing city
                         five years, but in the next 25?                                                           Together with our many partners, the TTC is creating
                                                                                                 needs.”           a transit system that makes Toronto proud.
                         To answer that question, we consulted hundreds of people,
                         as well as the TTC Board and the City of Toronto. We held
                         customer workshops; we gathered frontline employees; we asked
                         supervisors and managers; we consulted the regional transit
                         agencies that operate in and around Toronto. At the same time,
                         we looked at trends in transportation around the world.                                   Richard J. Leary
                         What we found is that if we want more people to take public                               Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
                         transit in the future, the TTC must be faster, easier,
                         more reliable, more accessible and more integrated with
                         other ways of getting around.

8 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                      TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 9
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
                          The population of Toronto
                          will have increased by more
                          than a million people.
                          The downtown core will be twice as crowded.
                          Our city will be even more culturally diverse.
                          Tens of thousands more people will travel

years from now            in and out of Toronto every day, as the region
                          around us booms.
                          There will be three times as many very hot
                          days, and flooding will be more common.

10 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                        TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 11
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
Will it be easier to travel
in and around Toronto in
the future?

Will we be more welcoming
and inclusive?

Will our city meet aggressive
                                It all depends
climate targets?                on a public
                                transit system
                                that makes
                                Toronto proud.
12 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                    TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 13
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
To compete in this
The health of Toronto depends on people
choosing public transit, in co-ordination with
                                                  tech-enabled world of
driving, cycling and walking, rather than         higher customer expectations,
choosing cars alone.
                                                  the TTC must evolve.
That’s the key to our city reducing congestion,
lowering greenhouse gas emissions and             We must move beyond
providing affordable, inclusive mobility and
equitable access to employment, services,         a transit-first-and-only view
entertainment and culture.                        of the world to become a
Yet in 2017, TTC ridership flatlined. At many     mobility agency that supports
major transit systems in North America,
ridership declined.                               customers getting from A to B
Changes in transportation, including the rise     in the most efficient way.
of services like Uber and Lyft, are providing
customers with more mobility options, greater
control and a more seamless experience.

14 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                 TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 15
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
This plan positions the TTC
to be strong and sustainable in
a more crowded, competitive,
climate-changed world.

                                  We will be
                                  more inclusive
                                  more efficient
                                  more reliable
                                  more accessible
                                  more flexible
                                  more innovative
                                  & more integrated.
16 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                     TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 17
Advancing to the next level - 2018-2022 & beyond CORPORATE PLAN - TTC
Our plan was developed with input from
                          hundreds of stakeholders. We consulted
                          frontline employees and managers across
                          the TTC. We met with our partners at
                          Metrolinx and other GTA transit agencies.
                          We held workshops with customers with
                          diverse needs and backgrounds, in addition
                          to consulting the TTC Customer Liaison
                          Panel and the TTC Advisory Committee
                          on Accessible Transit.
                          This plan proudly supports and delivers on
                          the vision and Council-approved plans of the
                          City of Toronto, including its strategies for
                          climate change and poverty reduction.
                          It also aligns with Metrolinx’s Regional
                          Transportation Plan, while taking into
                          account the unique realities of running a
                          transit system that employs nearly 15,000
                          people and represents 85% of all local
                          transit ridership in the region.

18 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                       TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 19
                                                                              one another.
We are committed
to working together.                                                          Value each
                                                                              other’s time.
Advancing public transit to the next
level demands a mindset that has          Developed in consultation with

always defined the TTC at its best.
                                            a diverse group of customers
                                            and TTC employees working
                                             together, this describes how
                                                                              Tell people
The TTC Way is how we work with
                                                 we treat others and how
                                               we expect to be treated. It    what’s
our co-workers, our colleagues in the
                                           even applies to how we hope

City, our partners at Metrolinx and
                                          customers will treat each other
                                                      when riding with us.    happening.
in regional transit, our suppliers, our   It sounds like common sense,
                                                             doesn’t it?
communities and, most important of                When we all follow The      Stay safe.
all, our customers.                          TTC Way, we have a much
                                          better chance of getting where
                                               we need to go on time —
                                               whether that’s you getting
                                                to work, a visitor arriving
                                               at a landmark, or the TTC
                                                                              Mind your space.
                                             completing a major project.

                                                                              Help others out.

20 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                     TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 21
Respect one            Value each             Tell people       Stay safe.        Mind your               Help others
                           another.               other’s time.          what’s                              space.                  out.

TTC                        We will value,         We will do all         We will let       We will ensure    We will keep            We will go out
                           support and treat      we can to keep         you know right    the safety and    our spaces              of our way to
                           every customer         you moving             away about        security of our   clean, clear            help — and if
                           and colleague with     quickly, efficiently   anything that     customers,        and easy to             we can’t, we will
                           patience, respect      and reliably.          might affect      employees         use. We are             take the time to
                           and dignity. We                               your trip.        and everyone      becoming a              point you in the
                           welcome all.                                                    around us.        transit system          right direction.
                                                                                                             that is more
                                                                                                             for all.

Customers                  Treat everyone on      Help keep us           Pass along        Look out for      Respect                 Help each
                           the TTC, including     moving. Try not        information       each other and    everyone’s              other. Make
                           staff, with respect.   to do anything         that might help   use common        space and               room. Give up
                           Please be mindful      that could hold        others. When      sense. If you     take pride in           your seat for
                           of others.             up service.            possible, use     see something,    your own. Help          those in need.
                                                                         technology to     say something.    us keep the
                                                                         keep informed.                      system clean
                                                                                                             and clear. Don’t
                                                                                                             leave anything

 22 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                        TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 23
Respect one              Value each             Tell people         Stay safe.         Mind your            Help others
                           another.                 other’s time.          what’s                                 space.               out.

Co-workers                 Speak with and           Be punctual.           Inform quickly,     Stay alert.        Take pride           Look out for
                           about others with        Do what you say,       clearly and         Adhere to safety   in your              when others
                           respect, and treat       when you say. Seek     transparently.      guidelines.        environment.         need a hand.
                           everyone with dignity.   more efficient ways    Communicate         Escalate when      See the TTC          Work together
                           Value each other’s       to get things done.    what’s              needed, e.g. to    from the             to find better
                           differences, needs       Keep things moving     happening,          your Supervisor,   perspective          solutions for
                           and perspectives.        for others.            why and what’s      Manager or         of those with        the TTC. Deal
                                                                           being done          Transit Control.   accessibility        directly with an
                                                                           about it. Provide                      needs. Pick          issue when it’s
                                                                           alternatives.                          up litter in         safe to do so.
                                                                                                                  the system.

Leaders                    Be a role model          Value each             Encourage           Provide a          Be accountable.      Encourage
                           of The TTC Way.          employee’s time        employees to        healthy and        Provide              collaboration
                           Create a culture         and effort. Assess     share concerns,     safe work          employees            beyond your
                           of integrity, trust,     performance fairly     without fear of     environment,       with a positive,     team. Empower
                           respect and dignity.     and consistently.      reprisal. Set       free from          inclusive and        employees to
                                                    Give feedback in the   expectations,       harassment.        accessible           help themselves.
                                                    moment. Recognize      communicate                            place to work.       Provide
                                                    excellent work.        decisions and                                               opportunities
                                                                           explain what                                                to continuously
                                                                           they mean to                                                develop.

 24 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                          TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 25
Respect one            Value each            Tell people        Stay safe.      Mind your                Help others
                           another.               other’s time.         what’s                             space.                   out.

Communities                We will value          We will actively      We will openly     We will be      We will                  We will listen
                           each community’s       manage and work       engage with        proactive       recognize the            and be open to
                           uniqueness and         to minimize the       you and your       and vigilant    TTC’s place in           your ideas and
                           strive to plan and     impact of closures,   City Councillors   in protecting   your community           perspectives
                           deliver service that   detours and other     as early as        your safety     and be mindful           about how
                           meets its needs.       disruptions in your   possible about     and the         of how we affect         to keep your
                                                  community.            our transit        safety of our   the daily lives of       community
                                                                        projects.          customers.      those who work           moving, aided
                                                                                                           and live there.          by the best

Partners                   Respect each           Immediately raise     Keep               Uphold          Be clear about           Seek outcomes
                           other’s expertise.     anything that could   stakeholders       our shared      roles and                that work for
                           Work together          impact timelines.     informed and       commitment      responsibilities.        both sides.
                           to achieve our         Don’t be the          avoid surprises.   to the safety   Respect                  Offer solutions
                           common goal.           bottleneck that       Document           of people,      each other’s             rather than
                                                  holds others up.      all relevant       property and    boundaries.              roadblocks.
                                                                        information.       information.

 26 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                       TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 27
            to the                      This is our plan to become your preferred
                                        connection to the communities, people,

            next level                  experiences and opportunities you care
                                        about in this great city.

 Critical Paths

    1        Transform for
             financial sustainability

    2        Enable our employees
             to succeed

    3        Move more customers
             more reliably

    4        Make taking public
             transit seamless                                             Cornerstone

    5        Innovate for
             the long-term                                           & Security

  28 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                  TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 29
Plan highlights

                            For customers                                                                     For employees

                                                                  2 hrs

                                      5 min

Customer Service Agents      Real-time information      Time-based transfers         “One TTC” site & app       Connect to the frontline   Approvals & decision-
Mobile and empowered         Better communication       Relaxed rules that give      Relevant communication     Senior managers joining    making reset
customer-facing employees    during your trip           you greater flexibility to   for every employee         employees in the field     Eliminating layers of
in subway stations                                      hop on and off                                                                     unnecessary approvals

Transit in the fast lane     TTC Family of Services     Fix before failure           Pay for performance        Merging workplaces         The TTC Way
Measures to give transit     More integrated            More proactive               Tying compensation to      Consolidating offices to   Shared expectations
priority and cut through     options for customers      maintenance for improved     performance for staff      improve collaboration      for co-workers, leaders,
congestion on key routes     with accessibility needs   service reliability                                     and efficiency             customers and partners

30 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                      TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 31
Critical Path 1

for financial
Critical path 1 — Transform for financial sustainability

        Fiscal sustainability depends
        on our ability to fund what
        the TTC is expected to deliver
        over the long-term.
        The City of Toronto’s plans for the future of transit, and
        Metrolinx’s plans for our region, are ambitious. We must
        close the gap between our revenue and the expected
        increases in expenditures.
        The only way to achieve that — for our city, for the
        customers who pay our fares, for taxpayers and for our
        provincial and federal partners — is for the TTC, with
        the City, to transform how it does business. Our fiscal
        sustainability is at risk under the current model, with the
        City acting as almost the sole funding source for growing
        operating subsidies.

            This critical path is measured by

            Alignment of funding with
            cash flow priorities

         34 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                      TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 35
Critical path 1 — Transform for financial sustainability

                                                                                                            Transform for
                                                                                                            high efficiency
                                                                                                            Transformation review                            Best practices in
                                                                                                            & service optimization                           capital project delivery

                                                                                                            As part of the City of Toronto’s ongoing         The TTC is responsible for billions of dollars
                                                                                                            focus on transformation and efficiency, the      in capital projects, which range anywhere
                                                                                                            TTC will be undertaking a comprehensive          from making transit accessible to building new
                                                                                                            review of the services we provide. What do       subway extensions. The coming years will
                                                                                                            we need to make or do in-house to provide        see a number of new mega projects, including
                                                                                                            reliable, efficient and integrated service?      building the Scarborough Subway Extension
                                                                                                            What can others help us do, in a way that        and advancing the Relief Line and the Yonge
                                                                                                            maintains or even improves quality? Where        Subway Extension.
                                                                                                            can we better use partnerships to perform?
                                                                                                                                                             Ensuring value for money and demonstrating
                                                                                                            Having decided what services we will do          sound stewardship over the resources
                                                                                                            ourselves, we’ll turn our attention to how       entrusted to us depends on strong portfolio
                                                                                                            we can perform them better, with a focus         management. In 2016, the TTC Board

        Take the
                                                                                                            on improving efficiencies and embedding          approved a series of recommendations that
                                                                                                            processes for improved delivery of services.     advance the maturity of the TTC’s capabilities
                                                                                                            That includes making investments in tech-        in this area. To achieve the target state of

        long view                                                                                           nology that could yield savings in the future.
                                                                                                            We will also examine all non-fare revenue,
                                                                                                            consistent with the City’s user-fee policy,
                                                                                                                                                             governance over hundreds of projects — from
                                                                                                                                                             the routine to the very large — a four-year plan
                                                                                                                                                             ending in 2021 is underway to advance our
        Budgeting for the long-term                                                                         to ensure appropriate cost recovery, and         project, program and portfolio management
                                                           •   Accurate estimates of resources              continue to explore opportunities for shared     and bring the TTC in line with best-in-class
        Working closely with our colleagues at the             required to deliver new projects             services, pooled resources, and enhanced         public sector project management practices.
        City of Toronto, we are redesigning our            •   Prompt communication of budget               buying power with other City agencies.
        operating and capital budgeting process                decisions to staff internally

        to provide more reliable information, support      •   Prioritization of funded and unfunded        Procurement & partnership
        strategic long-term decision-making and                capital projects and operating initiatives
        streamline the annual budget process for our                                                        As the TTC explores “making less” and

        staff. We will be instituting:                     At the end of 2017, we delivered a new,          “partnering more,” the demands on our
                                                           preliminary five-year outlook; our goal          procurement process will change. To support
         •    A simpler process, applied consistently      is to ensure we’re capturing all costs,          this, we will be adjusting our procurement
              across the TTC                               including operational impacts associated         process to align with industry best practices
         •    A longer-term focus, including
              operational forecasting at one-year, two-
                                                           with capital projects. That way, the TTC
                                                           can communicate to the City and its funding
                                                                                                            and continue our social procurement strategy,
                                                                                                            while ensuring agility and accountability. In
                                                                                                                                                             in capital projects
              year and five-year horizons                  partners at the provincial and federal levels    addition, our approach to partnerships and       awaiting funding
         •    Asset-based budgeting, including capital     of government exactly where pressures            vendors will focus on nurturing healthy two-
              projections based on asset life              exist so they can be planned for.                way relationships rooted in The TTC Way.         2017-2028
         36 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                                    TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 37
Critical path 1 — Transform for financial sustainability

                                                                                                                                                                  Define lanes
                                                                                                                                                                  Sustainable funding advocacy

                                                                                                                                                                  To grow to be the system that Toronto needs
                                                                                                                                                                  25 years from now, the TTC requires funding

                                                                                                              Upgrade the
                                                                                                                                                                  that is sustainable, that is protected from
                                                                                                                                                                  sudden reductions and that strikes the right
                                                                                                                                                                  balance between fares and subsidies from

                                                                                                              back-office                                         various funding partners. Alongside the City,
                                                                                                                                                                  the TTC is committed to advocating for a
                                                                                                                                                                  more sustainable model around operating
                                                                                                              SAP                                                 subsidies, including operating funding from
                                                                                                                                                                  the Province; to exploring fiscal incentives

                                                                                                              In 2017, the TTC began the introduction             that can help drive the right balance of
                                                                                                              of SAP, an industry-standard enterprise             walking, cycling, cars and public transit in
                                                                                                              software solution that modernizes our core          our city; and to maximizing existing and

        prioritize, prioritize                                                                                systems and makes them comparable with
                                                                                                              those used by the City of Toronto.
                                                                                                                                                                  new sources of revenue.

                                                                                                                                                                  Collaborate to define roles &
        Aligning resources with work                                                                          The transition to SAP is a multi-year effort.       responsibilities with other agencies
                                                           this plan, which is backed up by a detailed        It will ultimately allow our people to put more
        In the past, new projects and mandates             resourcing roadmap that ensures we                 time into creating value for our customers and      The success of our transit system requires
        have often been taken on without the               are not simply adding new projects to an           less time into antiquated processes. It will also   close co-operation between the TTC, the City
        corresponding addition of people or other          already full workload. For this reason, most       provide management with faster access to            of Toronto, Metrolinx and our region’s other
        resources required to execute them. As a           new initiatives in this plan do not begin          better information to make decisions.               municipal transit agencies. This includes
        result, our staff have been stretched further      until 2019.                                                                                            a co-ordinated approach to operating and
        and further, spreading themselves thinner                                                             SAP is rolling out in phases, starting with         capital investments in our transit system. To
        across multiple priorities.                        Going forward, the senior management team          our most basic HR and finance systems               support this, we will collaboratively work to
                                                           commits to clearly prioritizing funded and         (Phase I), progressing to Time and                  clearly define roles and responsibilities
        Starting now, every new project will be            unfunded projects on an ongoing basis, and         Attendance (Phase 2), and then moving               surrounding the funding, planning, design
        accompanied by additional or reallocated           providing clear direction to staff on what to do   to systems such as Procurement and                  and operation of transportation projects and
        resources to execute it. That starts with          if full funding or resources are not approved.     Materials Management (Phase 3).                     services that affect our city.

         38 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                                        TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 39

TTC Finances
                          Operating Budget                                                                     Capital Budget
                                         (2018)                                                                  (Funded, 2018-2027)

        Where is the                                      Where does the                     Where is the                                        Where does the
        money going?                                     money come from?                    money going?                                       money come from?

                          4%                                    3%                                3%                                      4%          Other revenue
                          Claims, utilities,                    Other revenue
                          insurance & licenses                                                Service                         Capital reserve
                                                                including advertising                                                                       8%
                                                                                              such as               5%                                      Development
                            8%                                                            purchase of                                                       charges
                                                                         32%                                        Growth such
                            Vehicle energy                                                 new buses                as new facilities
                                    16%                                                                                                                             Provincial
                                    Material, services                                                                                                              subsidy
                                    & equipment                                                                         Legislated such
                                                                                                                        as accessibility

             $1.8                                             $1.8                                $6.5                                               $6.5
            billion                                          billion                             billion                                            billion

                                                                        65%                                                             Debt
                           72%                                                                          82%                                               30%
                           Salaries                                     Fares
                                                                                                        State-of-good                                 Federal
                           & benefits
                                                                                                        repair such as                                subsidy
                                                                                                        vehicle maintenance
                                                                                                        & track repairs

40 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                               TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 41
Critical Path 2

Enable our
to succeed
Critical Path 2 — Enable our employees to succeed

        The vast majority of employees
        at the TTC want to do right by
        our customers. They want to
        improve the quality of our service.
        Unfortunately, we haven’t always
        made it easy for them to do so.
        From operators to mechanics, service planners to engineers;
        from bus to streetcar to subway to Wheel-Trans; from Transit
        Control to Transit Enforcement: we asked employees to tell
        us what was most important to focus on in this plan, and they
        did not hold back.
        They told us about the need to radically improve communication.
        They said that we need to cut out the bureaucracy; that we
        should celebrate our employees more; that we have to empower
        them to make decisions and then hold them accountable. They
        said they want the TTC to be a more positive, innovative and
        collaborative place to work.

           This critical path is measured by
           Employee engagement

        44 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                           TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 45
Critical Path 2 — Enable our employees to succeed

        Close the
        communication gap
        “One TTC” site & app                              Connect to the frontline

        It’s not easy to effectively communicate with     To bring the TTC closer together, we’re
        a workforce that is on the move across the        putting ourselves in each other’s shoes.
        city. When one of our 5,500 bus operators         To start with, we’ll be requiring every member
        goes to work at the beginning of their shift,     of the Senior Management Team to join
        they get on their bus and go; they don’t          a different customer-facing role in the
        have time to sit around and talk. Add to that     field for one day, twice annually. Across
        the maintenance employees who keep our            subway, bus and streetcar, we’ll also be
        system and our vehicles running, and you’ve       rolling out “Feet on the Ground” Days,
        got two-thirds of our workforce needing           when managers will be out of their offices,
        information in very different ways.               interacting with their frontline employees.

        What’s the most efficient solution? Giving
        everyone email is surprisingly expensive,
        and we know from other major transit                                                               Merging workplaces
        agencies that it isn’t always effective. So
        we’re making a website & app (this is one                                                          The best way to increase communication and
        of the things we’re partnering for) that will                                                      collaboration is to work side-by-side. Outside
        allow us to put truly relevant, real-time                                                          of stations, bus divisions, maintenance
        information into each employee’s hands.                                                            shops and railway car houses, TTC staff are
                                                                                 One                       scattered across a variety of TTC-owned and
        We’re aiming to launch “One TTC” by                                                                leased office locations throughout Toronto.
        2019. As it evolves, it will couple targeted                                                       By bringing office staff together through an
        communication to each employee with                                                                office consolidation strategy, we’ll
        functionality that makes their lives easier,                                                       save money, upgrade our office space,
        such as the ability to access benefits services                                                    increase efficiency and improve collaboration.
        or potentially even sign-up for their shifts.
                                                                                                           While office staff come together, we’ll also be
                                                                                                           opening a newly consolidated Operational          Merging workplaces
                                                                           “One TTC” site and app          Control Centre which centralizes transit          Consolidating offices
                                                                           Relevant communication          control functions across subway, streetcar        to improve collaboration
                                                                           for every employee              and bus, as well as a newly consolidated          and efficiency
                                                                                                           central warehouse.

        46 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                               TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 47
Critical Path 2 — Enable our employees to succeed

        the next                                     Leader development                                  The secret   Building better managers

                                                     & succession planning

                                                     A suite of Future Leader Initiatives put            to happy     The TTC Way forms a new framework for what
                                                                                                                      every employee can expect of their manager,

        of leaders                                   in place as part of our last five-year plan
                                                     prepares top performers to become the               customers?
                                                                                                                      as well as what every manager can expect
                                                                                                                      of their employee. We’ll be taking other steps
                                                     future leaders of the TTC, with opportunities                    to create successful managers, because we
        Frontline mobility                           including exposure to other transit agencies.
                                                     This isn’t just an investment in our future, it’s
                                                                                                         Happy TTC    recognize that good managers are the key to
                                                                                                                      helping our frontline employees succeed. In
        Those with frontline experience have
        unique insight into both our customers and
                                                     a necessity: one in five TTC employees is
                                                     eligible for retirement. In 2017, we instituted     employees.   line with our focus on Financial Sustainability,
                                                                                                                      we will also be providing new training in
        our operations. To make it easier for non-   a program that identifies pools of potential                     Financial Management for managers.
        supervisory employees to develop into        succession candidates, rather than single
        management roles if they have the desire     individuals, for key roles. We’ll also be
        and the potential, we’ll explore new paths   increasing secondments with City of
        to skills and leadership development for     Toronto colleagues to cross-pollinate our
        frontline employees.                         expertise when possible.

        48 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 49
Critical Path 2 — Enable our employees to succeed

        Celebrate our people
        Expanded employee recognition

        With regular critiques in the news and on social media, it’s easy

        to lose sight of the great work TTC employees do every day. We’ll
        be extending our Reward & Recognition Program to recognize
        more employees for the contributions they make every day. We’ll
        publicize positive customer experiences and feedback, and share
        stories of TTC employees who exemplify The TTC Way through a
        variety of internal and external channels, including on social media.

                  Earlier this week I found myself on a hot, stuffy and jam
                  packed Toronto streetcar during the peak of rush hour;
                  however, instead of this being a sweaty and mundane ride,
                  I was filled with overwhelming happiness from the moment
                                                                                  Take care in
                  I stepped into the car.

                  The operator was cracking jokes and conversing with
                  passengers over the streetcar’s PA system, thanking them
                  for their patience during the heavy traffic. What struck
                  me the most was when we pulled up at the next stop the
                  operator looked towards the back door through his rearview
                  mirror and thanked a young woman who was stepping out…

                  “I saw you give up your seat a few times over the last hour
                  for different people in need. The world needs more humanity
                                                                                  tough times
                                                                                  Increased mental health support

                                                                                  Because we move tens of thousands of
                                                                                  people every day, we see customers at their
                                                                                  best…and in times of crisis. Here are two of
                                                                                  our least favorite statistics: Every day, a TTC
                                                                                  employee is assaulted by a customer; each
                                                                                  year, more than twenty people attempt or die
                                                                                  by suicide within the system. We are expanding
                                                                                  our award-winning Peer Support Program
                                                                                  to provide support to employees involved in
                                                                                                                                    in 2016
                                                                                                                                                out of 10

                                                                                                                                    The TTC measures employee
                                                                                                                                    engagement and satisfaction
                                                                                                                                    through an extensive survey with
                  like that — let’s bring it back one streetcar at a time,” the
                                                                                  traumatic incidents. And, in recognition of       all employees every two years.
                  operator said before pulling away dinging the streetcar’s       the challenges life brings on or off the job,
                  horn and bell in a musical rhythm.                              we’ll be exploring increased mental health
                  							                                     — TTC customer      support, such as access to counselling and
                                                                                  psychological services, for all employees.

        50 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                              TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 51
Critical Path 2 — Enable our employees to succeed

                                                                                                    Be a more
                                                                                                    workplace                                         A positive work-
                                                                                                    Principles of flexwork                            place combines
                                                                                                    Research shows that flexwork, which               flexibility, agility
                                                                                                                                                      and accountability.
                                                                                                    includes the ability to work remotely or work
                                                                                                    alternate hours, can improve productivity

        Empower                                                                                     and increase employee engagement in
                                                                                                    particular situations. It can also help attract

                                                                                                    a diverse workforce. At the same time, we

                                                                                                    know that, due to the nature of our work, it’s
                                                                                                    not possible for many roles in the TTC. We

        and accountability                                                                          will be developing guiding principles for
                                                                                                    non-union staff on when flexible working
                                                                                                    arrangements can be adopted to increase
        Approvals & decision-making reset                                                           flexibility and boost productivity, supported
                                                                                                    by the use of online meetings, collaboration      Diversity & human rights
        When we require supervisors and managers to seek multiple                                   tools and technology.                             strategic plan
        approvals even for very small decisions, we undermine both

        their leadership and our organization’s agility. We’re going to                                                                               Each year, the TTC becomes more diverse,
        correct that by undertaking a process to remove layers of           Approvals & decision-                                                     accessible and inclusive, for both employees
        approval where they don’t make sense. Then, we’ll provide           making reset                                                              and customers. Our new multi-year Diversity
        clear guidelines around decision-making, so everyone is on
        the same page and can take personal responsibility in the
                                                                            Removing layers of
                                                                            unnecessary approvals   The TTC Way                                       and Human Rights Strategic Plan will
                                                                                                                                                      embed diversity and inclusion in every facet
        spirit of The TTC Way.                                                                                                                        of the TTC by attracting and developing
                                                                                                    Ethics & integrity in the spotlight               a more diverse and qualified workforce;
        Pay for performance                                                                                                                           continuing to build a respectful and inclusive
                                                                                                    Ethics and Integrity are increasingly becoming    workplace culture; providing continuous
        Accountability means taking responsibility for your                                         pillars by which leading organizations operate.   education on human rights, accessibility,
        performance. With the introduction of a new Performance                                     As a public agency dedicated to both of           diversity and inclusion; enhancing the TTC’s
        Management System through SAP, the performance of                                           these values, it is our desire to demonstrate     delivery of programs and services to meet the
        non-union staff, right up to and including the members                                      this commitment through an Ethics and             needs of diverse customers; and measuring
        of our executive team, will be graded on a curve alongside                                  Compliance Program. Rooted in research            and reporting on progress for greater
        their peers; those who perform better will get paid more,                                   and best practices, the TTC’s goal is to be       accountability. A new Diversity and Human
        even if they’re already at the top of their pay scale. Using        Pay for performance     among those setting the pace as a leading         Rights Executive Committee will include
        SAP, each individual’s goals will feed directly into the Critical   Tying compensation to   ethical organization.                             unionized and staff employee representatives.
        Paths defined in this Plan. Introduction is targeted for 2021.      performance for staff

        52 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                             TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 53
SPOTLIGHT ON                                                                         multiracial
TTC Workforce                                                                                          indigenous
                                                                                                                            The TTC has made significant
                                                                                                                            strides, but we have more work
                                                                                                                            to do to become reflective of the
                                                                                                                            great diversity of our city. Our plan

14,484                                     6,723                                                                            for the next five years is backed by
                                                                                                                            a multi-year Diversity and Human

employees                                  operators                                  DIVERSITY                             Rights Strategic Plan focused on
                                                                                                                            continuing to build a workforce that is
                                                                                                                            accessible, diverse and inclusive, as
                                                                       persons with                                         well as trained to meet the needs of
                                                                        disabilities                              youth     our diverse customers. At the same
                                                                                                                            time, our long-standing relationships
                                                                                                                            with community partners help
                                                                                                                            us recruit from lower-income
                                            Bus     Wheel-Trans
                                                                                                                            populations and Neighbourhood
                                                                                                                            Improvement Areas, in support of the
                                                                            LGBTQ+                                          City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

                                           Subway     Streetcar
                                                                                           1 in 2                                          15%
     79% unionized                                                                          Executive positions                            Of all employees
                                                                                            are filled by women                            are women


4,042 skilled
                                                          0–4 years

                                                                                           4 in 10                                         4x
tradespeople                                                                                Employees
                                                                                            are racialized
                                                                                                                                           Increase in employment
                                                                                                                                           outreach since 2014 to attract
Including mechanics,                         Years                                                                                         more diverse applicants
electricians, machinists,
carpenters and more
                            32%             service                    Why aren’t we more diverse yet?
                            >15 years
                                                                       The transportation industry has been historically male-dominated.
                                                                       Transit operators and skilled trades positions make up 74% of
                                                                       the TTC, and these positions have not attracted a large pipeline
                                                                       of women or persons with disabilities. While tailored recruitment
                                    15%                                initiatives can help to change that, very low employee turnover
                             10–15 years                   21%         means recruitment efforts take time to have a significant impact.
                                                           5–9 years

54 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                      TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 55
Critical Path 3

Move more
more reliably
Critical Path 3 — Move more customers, more reliably

       For more people within and
       around Toronto to choose transit,
       we need to strengthen our transit
       system and provide service that
       is more reliable, fast, frequent,
       affordable and equitable.
       In the next decade and beyond, customers will see
       significant growth in Toronto’s transit system. At the same
       time, we’re undertaking a multi-faceted strategy to grow
       ridership and improve travel times. New rapid transit lines will
       reduce crowding and better serve high growth areas of our
       city; transit expansion will also improve access to employment
       and services for people with low-incomes. With a focus on
       upgrading transit planning in a multi-stakeholder environment,
       we’re building stronger and more accessible connections to the
       regional transit agencies in and around Toronto: GO Transit, UP
       Express, York Region Transit / VIVA, MiWay in Mississauga,
       Brampton Transit and Durham Region Transit.

           This Critical Path is measured by
           Reliability of service

       58 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                            TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 59
This map reflects the planning priorities of the City of Toronto, as presented to City Council
                          on March 31st, 2016, and is a vision of what future rapid transit in Toronto could look like. The
                          map does not reflect the level of funding commitment or analysis undertaken to date. This map
                          includes both TTC and Metrolinx transit lines, which form a new, integrated transit network
                          within the City of Toronto. Ownership of the transit lines is not depicted in the map.

                          * Future line names, route alignments and station/stop names are subject to change.

60 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                             TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 61
Critical Path 3 — Move more customers, more reliably

      Grow the network
      with our partners
      Line 1                                 SmartTrack /                      Line 3 Relief Line*
      Subway Extension                       Regional Express Rail                                                                 Vaughan Metropolitan Centre                                           Richmond Hill Centre

      (Opened December 2017)                 Integration (RER)*                This new subway line is                                                                    Pioneer
                                                                                                                                                                          Village                                         Steeles                                                              Milliken
                                                                               currently being planned by
      This state-of-the-art northerly        Building on existing heavy        the TTC, City and Metrolinx.
      extension of Line 1, which             rail transit infrastructure and   The southerly portion would                                              Finch-Jane         Finch West
                                                                                                                                                                                              Downsview Park

      opened at the end of 2017              leveraging the province’s         connect Line 2 — Danforth                        Humber College
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Leslie                               Agincourt   Sheppard-McCowan
      and includes six new stops, is         $13.5 billion investment in       Avenue east of the Don River                                                                                                                                                                Don Mills                      Scarborough
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Centre           UTSC
      accessible and wifi-enabled. As        RER, SmartTrack will include      — to downtown.
                                                                                                                                             Pearson Airport
      a key step in better integrating       six new stations on the                                                                                                      Mount

      transit in our region, it provides     Stouffville, Lakeshore East       Yonge Subway                                                                               Dennis                       Cedarvale                     Eglinton                              Science Centre      Kennedy                     Guildwood

                                                                                                                                                      Eglinton-Jane                     Caledonia                                                                                                             Eglinton-Brimley
      a direct connection between            and Kitchener GO corridors.
      the TTC, GO Transit and York           SmartTrack will also include
      Region Transit.                        service at eight existing         This subway extension, which                                                             Dundas
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     St George
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Main Street
                                             GO stations and consideration     is currently being planned by                                                     Jane                      Lansdowne           Spadina      Bloor-                           Pape

      Line 5 Eglinton (2021)

                                             of through-service at             the TTC, City, York Region
                                             Union Station.                    and Metrolinx, would extend                                                                                                                                                   Gerrard

      This new light rail transit line                                         Line 1 from Finch Station up to                                                                                                Osgoode       Queen

      being built by Metrolinx will          Scarborough Subway                Highway 7, where it will link to                                                                                                                                      East Harbour

      run across Eglinton Avenue,            Extension                         York Region Transit.                                                                                      Exhibition                       Union                      Broadview/
                                                                                                                            Long Branch
      from Mount Dennis to Kennedy
      Station, including a 10 km             This extension of Line 2 will     Waterfront transit*
      underground section through            provide a direct connection                                                                              Yonge-University Line                           Eglinton Line                             Waterfront transit*                            Interchange station/stop
      the middle of the city. Future         between Scarborough Centre        The Waterfront Transit Reset                                           Bloor-Danforth Line                             Finch West Line                           Durham-Scarborough BRT*                        Accessible station/stop
      extensions currently being             and Kennedy Station.              Study is looking at extending
                                                                                                                                                      Relief Line*                                    Sheppard East Line*                       Steeles BRT*
      planned will extend from                                                 service along the waterfront in
                                                                                                                                                      Sheppard Line                                   Jane Line*                                McCowan BRT*
      Pearson Airport in the west            Line 7 Sheppard East*             five segments: Long Branch to
      to the University of Toronto                                             Humber River; Humber River
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                GO Transit rail
      Scarborough Campus                This new light rail transit line       to Strachan Avenue; Strachan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Union-Pearson Express
      in the east.                      built by Metrolinx will run            Avenue to Parliament Street;
                                        along Sheppard Avenue,                 Parliament Street to Woodbine       This map reflects the planning priorities of the City of Toronto, as presented to
      Line 6 Finch West (2022) from Don Mills Station to                       Avenue; and the East Bayfront       City Council on March 31st, 2016, and is a vision of what future rapid transit in Toronto
                                                                                                                         This map reflects the planning priorities of the City of Toronto, as presented to City Council
                                                                                                                   could look like. The map does not reflect the level of funding commitment or analysis
                                                                                                                   undertaken to date. This map includes both TTC and Metrolinx transit lines, which form
                                        Morningside Avenue.                    to Union Station.                   a new, integrated transit network within the City of Toronto. Ownership of the transit
                                                                                                                         on March 31st, 2016, and is a vision of what future rapid transit in Toronto could look like. The
      This new light rail transit line                                                                             lines is not depicted in the map.
                                                                                                                         map does not reflect the level of funding commitment or analysis undertaken to date. This map
      being built by Metrolinx will run                                                                           * Future line names, route alignments and station/stop names are subject to change.
                                                                                                                         includes both TTC and Metrolinx transit lines, which form a new, integrated transit network
      along Finch Avenue. It will link                                                                                   within the City of Toronto. Ownership of the transit lines is not depicted in the map.
      Line 1’s Finch West Station
      with Humber College.                                                                                              * Future line names, route alignments and station/stop names are subject to change.

       62 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 63
Critical Path 3 — Move more customers, more reliably

                                                                                            VISION (Vehicle Information System                 One Person Train Operation (OPTO)
                                                                                            and Integrated Operations Network)
                                                                                                                                               With the benefit of wireless technology that
                                                                                            This $100 million project modernizes the           lets a train operator see the full length of the
                                                                                            backbone of how the TTC tracks, manages            platform, it becomes possible for one person to
                                                                                            and communicates with any one of our 2,000         operate a subway train safely, without a second
                                                                                            buses and streetcars on the streets at any         person watching and operating the doors from

       New fleet,
                                                                                            moment. VISION means we’ll have much               the middle of each train. One Person Train
                                                                                            better information for scheduling and planning;    Operation has been used safely on Line 3
                                                                                            better real-time information to provide            Scarborough since 1985 and on Line 4 since

       new facilities                                                                       operators and customers during their trip;
                                                                                            more efficient Transit Signal Priority to keep
                                                                                                                                               2016. It will be operational on Line 1 by 2020.

                                                                                            TTC vehicles moving; and more efficient yard       Line 2 modernization
       Higher-capacity accessible vehicles                                                  management and crew sign-ups.
                                                                                                                                               Much of the next five years will be focused
       In the next five years, the TTC will spend more than a billion                       Automatic Train Control (ATC)                      on completing the modernization of Line 1;
       dollars on new vehicles, including more than 700 buses,                                                                                 Line 2 is next. That effort, which includes
       150 streetcars and over 80 Wheel-Trans vehicles. New                                 With the installation of Automatic Train           replacing subway cars, installing ATC and
       vehicles replace old ones and grow our fleet to increase                             Control, the speed of trains and the               OPTO, and planning and building a new
       overall system capacity and reduce overcrowding; in                                  separation between them is automatically           storage and maintenance facility will begin
       addition, they are all more accessible, more comfortable and                         controlled. For customers, that means a safe       in the next five years and continue into the
       more reliable.                                                                       and faster journey with more consistent travel     future, with a targeted completion of 2030.
                                                                                            times; it could also mean a potential increase     We will use a portfolio approach to project
       New storage & maintenance facilities                                                 in subway capacity of up to 25%. ATC is a          management to maximize synergies between

                                                                                            $562 million effort that’s been underway for a     projects and optimize cost.
       The expansion of transit requires new places to store                                number of years; it involves the installation of

       and maintain vehicles. The TTC will open the McNicoll                                thousands of kilometres of cable and a new
       Bus Garage in 2020. We’ll also begin planning for a new                              signalling system track-side. By 2020 all of
       subway maintenance and storage facility on Line 2.                  new buses        Line 1 will have ATC.

                                                                           150                                                                 million
       We will also create a new central warehouse, with an
       additional 90,000 square feet of capacity. The new location,
       which consolidates the operations of four warehouses (two of
       which are leased) that are currently spread across the city, will
       modernize the TTC’s warehouse operations and distribution           new streetcars                                                      TTC ridership in 2017
       using technology, automation and industry best practices.

       64 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                        TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 65
Critical Path 3 — Move more customers, more reliably

       Put transit in the fast lane
       “Keep Transit Moving”                            Improved schedules
       on key routes                                    & on-time performance
                                                                                                            Express Bus Network 2021
       The single greatest obstacle to a bus or         In 2019, when VISION (Vehicle Information
       streetcar arriving on time is congested          System and Integrated Operations Network)
       streets. For more customers to choose transit,   comes online, we will have the ability to know
       it must be faster, less expensive and more       where our buses and streetcars are at any
       reliable than if they drove themselves.          point in time, including where they stop or
                                                        pause and why; that means more accurate
       The next five years will see the TTC and the     information to inform scheduling and
       City collaborating to develop and execute        improve on-time performance.
       a comprehensive Surface Transit Priority
       Plan that lets buses and streetcars move         At the same time, we are implementing
       more quickly on key corridors without getting    a new metric for all service planning:
       stuck in traffic. The King Street Pilot, which   Customer Journey Time, which includes
       is exploring new ways to speed up the TTC’s      time spent travelling to and waiting for transit,
       busiest route — the 504 King Streetcar           as well as time en route.
       carries more than 65,000 passengers a day
       — is a first step.                               The result? Schedules and routes that
                                                        reflect actual operating conditions, are
       Measures that keep transit moving include        better tuned to passenger demand and are
       dedicated right-of-way like we currently         more reliable for our customers. Building
       have on the 510 Spadina and 512 St. Clair        on this foundation, we will explore further
       streetcars: queue jump lanes that let transit    improvements in network integrity.
       bypass other traffic at key intersections and
       traffic signal priority, which reduces dwell
       times for TTC vehicles by holding green
       signals longer or shortening red signals.
                                                                                                            New & enhanced                                 route serves at least one Neighbourhood
                                                                                                            express bus routes                             Improvement Area, and we’re building a
                                                                                                                                                           strong grid of express bus service in
                                                                                  Transit in                Express Bus routes save customers at least     Etobicoke and Scarborough.
                                                                                  the fast lane             20% in travel time compared to local routes
                                                                                  Measures to give          on common corridors; typically, riders use     Between 2019 and 2021, we’re planning
                                                                                  transit priority          them for long-distance trips. In addition to   new or enhanced Express Bus service
                                                                                  and cut through           being preferred by customers, they provide     on 13 routes, and other routes have been
                                                                                  congestion on             a faster and more convenient connection        identified as candidates for our Express
                                                                                  key routes                to work and services. Every Express Bus        Bus Network in 2022 and beyond.

       66 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                                  TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 67
Critical Path 3 — Move more customers, more reliably

       Fix before failure
       Proactive maintenance

       From vehicle breakdowns to signal failures, one of the
       most common causes of poor reliability is when something
       suddenly stops working. Rather than fixing something

                                                                                                            Minimize disruptions
       when it fails, we are advancing preventative and predictive
       maintenance, so our vehicles and infrastructure fail less
       often and last longer, and we keep our customers moving.

       We will be adopting Enterprise Asset Management for all                                              Fast-track city permitting & site plan approvals
       of our major asset classes, based on a 30-year outlook on
       assets. This is a major transformation effort that will require   Fix before failure                 To efficiently deliver projects that grow the transit system
       new systems unified by common principles, co-ordinated            More proactive maintenance         and improve the customer experience — whether that’s
       across the TTC.                                                   for improved service reliability   building a new garage or a new bus shelter — we need to
                                                                                                            be able to move quickly. With the City’s support, the TTC
                                                                                                            will benefit from a consistent, co-ordinated process for fast-

                                                                                                            track City permitting and site plan approvals to deliver
                                                                                                            transit projects.

                                                                                                            Co-ordinated closures and detours
                                                                                                            Whether it’s a subway closure to make necessary upgrades
                                                                                                            that improve the frequency and reliability of service, or        in delay
                                                                                                                                                                             minutes on
                                                                                                            a surface detour as the result of construction on City
                                                                                                            streets, closures and detours can be very inconvenient
                                                                                                            for our customers. With our colleagues at the City, we
                                                                                                            have radically improved the co-ordination of capital             the subway
                                                                                                            improvements — such as partnering with the City to
                                                                                                            repair shared bridges or the sidewalks in front of stations
                                                                                                                                                                             since 2014
                                                                                                            concurrently, or power cleaning stations that are closed
                                                                                                            to update signal systems. We’re also taking greater care
                                                                                                            to keep surrounding communities informed to reduce
                                                                                                            disruptions. Meanwhile, during subway closures, the City is
                                                                                                            giving shuttle buses the roadway space needed to make the
                                                                                                            journey faster and easier for our customers.

       68 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                               TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 69

TTC Service                                                                                                                  Customer
                                                                                                                             Journey Time

                                                                                                                  New metric being developed for
                   minute                                       Half-hour
                   walk                                         standard
                                                                                                                  all service planning; includes time
                                                                                                                  spent walking to or waiting for
                                                                                                                  transit, as well as time en route
    90% of the city’s population
    and employment within a five-
                                                 Minimum frequency
                                                 promised for all bus and
    minute walk of transit                       streetcar routes
                                                                                                                              New stop
                                                                                  Extensive city-wide network                 markers
                                                                                  of subway, streetcar and bus
                                                                                  services that operates every

            181                      15                                75
                                                                                  ten minutes or better

            Bus                      Streetcar                         Subway                                       112C

            routes                   routes                            stations                                     112D


                                                                                                                    125          65



                   All day,
                   everyday                                    6     minutes
                                                                     or better
                                                                                  Overnight bus and streetcar
                                                                                  network that runs on most
    Most TTC services operate from               Subway trains operate            major routes every 30 minutes   New streetcar and bus stop markers
    approximately 5:30am–1:30am, Monday          every six minutes or             or better from 1:30am–5:30am    with more service information, more
    to Saturday, and from 8am on Sundays         better, all day, every day                                       clearly presented

70 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                          TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 71
Critical Path 4

Make taking
public transit
Critical Path 4 — Make taking public transit seamless

       Getting from A to B should
       be easy, frictionless and
       barrier-free — wherever you
       started, wherever you’re
       headed and whatever your
       accessibility needs.
       When we asked customers what should be in this plan they
       told us they hoped for a transit system that is more accessible
       and could be navigated by anyone, including tourists and
       newcomers. They want more positive interactions with our
       employees and better communication when things go wrong.
       They want a payment system that works for everyone,
       everywhere. And, they want the TTC to connect seamlessly
       with our region and with all the different forms of mobility
       people use to get around our city.

           This critical path is measured by
           Customer satisfaction

        74 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                          TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 75
Critical Path 4 — Make taking public transit seamless

                                                                                                           Wheel-Trans 10-Year strategy
                                                                                                           & the TTC Family of Services                         Relieve
                                                                                                           The TTC’s Wheel-Trans service provides               overcrowding
                                                                                                           pre-booked, accessible transportation for
                                                                                                           persons with disabilities using accessible           Reduce overcrowding on vehicles
                                                                                                           Wheel-Trans buses and partnerships with
                                                                                                           accessible taxis and sedan companies.                We know how negative the experience of
                                                                                                           In 2017, in accordance with the AODA,                being squeezed into a packed vehicle, or
                                                                                                           customer eligibility for Wheel-Trans was             having to wait as a series of overcrowded
                                                                                                           expanded to include customers with cognitive,        vehicles pass by, is for our customers. To
                                                                                                           sensory and mental health disabilities in            help, we are continuing to reallocate buses
                                                                                                           addition to those with physical disabilities.        to overcrowded routes based on new and
                                                                                                                                                                more frequent Automatic Passenger Count

       Accessibility                                                                                       Wheel-Trans has always operated as
                                                                                                           distinct and separate from the conventional
                                                                                                                                                                data. We are also building the capacity of our
                                                                                                                                                                bus fleet to relieve overcrowding, especially

                                                                                                           TTC transit system. But with system-wide             during rush hour. Ultimately, our goal is to
                                                            This is complemented by other system-          accessibility improvements underway, we              take proactive steps on crowding that will
                                                            wide accessibility improvements,               have the opportunity to schedule and connect         create capacity for ridership growth.

       everyone                                             including accessible low-floor streetcars,
                                                            accessible buses with flexible seating to
                                                                                                           Wheel-Trans, subways, streetcars and bus
                                                                                                           services to provide customers with a multi-          Crowd management in stations
                                                            accomodate strollers, new Wheel-Trans          modal trip that can be faster, more flexible
       Easier Access & beyond                               buses, a growing number of accessible          and more efficient. We call this the TTC             We continue to employ smarter crowd
                                                            bus and streetcar stops, interior and          Family of Services.                                  management solutions, such as cordons
       Accessibility goes beyond accommodating              exterior audible and visual stop and route                                                          and wayfinding to keep the flow of customers
       people using mobility devices. If you have a         announcements, simpler wayfinding,             At the heart of the TTC Family of Services           moving, in co-ordination with the increased
       cognitive disability, vision loss or hearing loss;   and consistent use of braille on elevator      is a new scheduling and dispatch system              presence of Customer Service Agents.
       if you’re older or travelling with a stroller, or    buttons and at customer help points. With      that will combine real-time information about

       you can’t communicate in English — a more            our partners in regional transit, we’re also   different modes to provide the most efficient
       accessible TTC benefits everyone.                    committed to improving accessibility when      solution for customers, allowing them to book
                                                            transferring between systems.                  a trip end-to-end, on-demand. Enabling
       In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights                                                         the Family of Services will be Access Hubs:
       Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with        Access via third-party developments            clean, dry, well-lit transfer points for customers   customer
       Disabilities Act (AODA), the TTC’s Easier                                                           to wait between segments of their trip.
       Access program is on track to make subway            As part of the City of Toronto’s real estate                                                        satisfaction
       stations accessible by 2025, with elevators,
       wide fare-gates and automatic sliding doors.
                                                            strategy, the TTC supports development
                                                            around and above stations; it’s part of a                                                           in 2017
       There will be 45 accessible stations by the end      wider City strategy that encourages transit-                                                        The TTC measures customer satisfaction
       of 2018; by the end of 2022, 55 stations will        oriented development along transit corridors                                                        by surveying customers quarterly across
       be accessible. We’re also focused on making          and near stations. We’ll be working with                                                            a number of dimensions, including
       improvements to subway platform edges to             the City to ensure consistent expectations                                                          convenience, accessibility, employee service,
       make it easier and safer for customers with          of developments, including accessible                                                               and quality of information. Satisfaction
       disabilities to board trains, and facilitate TTC     entrances to subway stations through                                                                has risen eight points since 2014, when
       Family of Services trips on the subway system.       adjoining buildings.                                                                                customer satisfaction stood at 72%.

        76 • TTC CORPORATE PLAN                                                                                                                                                        TTC CORPORATE PLAN • 77
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