AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing

AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing

AI driven analytics platform for influencer
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing

 Prometeus Labs is an influencer ranking, discovery and
 AI driven analytics platform

 Providing its customers with in-depth insights into
 demographic & psychographic data of social media
 influencers and their audiences

 Built on a decentralized data storage model which allows
 data owners to monetize fairly on their data
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
What is Influencer Marketing?

 With today’s instant ways to communicate a new era of marketing is on the rise!
 Where focus is placed on influential people, social networks and their audience, making it a more engaged and targeted marketing model.

1950’s 2010’s


• One way communication – no feedback • Two way communication with instant feedback
• Very limited targeting and poor analytics • Opportunity to collect and leverage precise user data
• Low level of trust, especially for young generation • High level of trust and engagement

 “Just “Oh, yesterday I drove
 a new cool car, ahaha,
 buy it!”
 look what a beautiful
 lady sits next to me!”
 “Hey, my friend,
 Ads buy it!” I am using this
 product, it is
 “This is the
 product you've
 been waiting for!”
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Influencer marketing market growth rate

 Higher SpendForecast
The Influencer marketing Lower Spend Forecast
industry will be a $5-$10
billion market by 2020 $12
The Influencer marketing $10
industry will be a $5-$10 $8.2B

 Ad Spend in Billions
billion market in the next 2 $8
years. According to Google $6.3B
Trends, interest in influencer $6
marketing has more than $4.4B
doubled within the past year. $4 $5.0B
 $2.5B $4.1B
This is a significant increase $2 $3.2B
from the previous year which $500М $2.4B
already saw a 40% increase. 0 $1.5B

 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Problems with today’s Influencer Marketing

 Even though billions of people are engaged with millions of influencers online, both brands and bloggers struggle to use data for beneficial and effective
 influence marketing campaigns. All due to limited data access and a lack of comprehensive analytical tools to interpret the data right

 What can you see from these pages
 for your marketing campaign...?!

No comprehensive reports on Limited analytics provided by social
audience and ads efficiency of particular network - has close to zero information about
blogger/influencer his/her own audience

Quantity over quality - work with as Fakes, bots or wrong audience -
many influencers as possible in the hope to actively participates in cross-promos leading to
engage the audience - wasting budget bad results

Local influencers and rising stars Struggle to find advertisers with
underutilized - they have relatively small though relevant products that will interest the
dedicated and engaged audiences subscribers

No official marketplace for data analytics,
having to use “black markets” with questionable
provenance and low quality data … REALLY NOTHING!
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Our technologies

 Our current solution allows the search of potential influencers by applying multiple search criteria based on influencer data as well as engaged audience data
 Below are key metrics - geographic, demographic, psychographic and performance data for both an influencer and their audience


• Countries • Age • Brand Affinities • Audience Credibility
• States (for US) • Gender • Interests • Paid Post Performance
• Cities • Age-Gender • Popular #hashtags • Notable Followers & Engagements
• Regions [under development] • Ethnicity • Popular @mentions • Fake followers [under development]
 • Languages • Interests by picture content [under • Active Audience [under development]
 • Best time to post [under development]
 • Household income [under development]

 In addition, our technologies TOPICTENSOR and AUDIENCE LOOKALIKES
 powered by AI put influencers search onto the next level.
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Our technologies

 TopicTensor is our killer feature to find bloggers which post about specific topics, as narrow as you want them to be.
 The search is based on tags and their relation to each other, established with vectors, tensors and machine learning algorithms.

This feature allows you to find 1 Input topic #bmw 4 Expand topic with #bmw, #audi, #mercedes, #vw
bloggers related to topics (tags),
based on input keyword or a
combination of keywords (tags) 2 Identify the following related tags: 5 Identify related tags to a combination of input tags:
Similar to Google AdWords, where
targeted audience is found based on
search words, we target audience
based on tags
The model operates with vectors
and tensors in multidimensional
spaces (high-dimensional spaces) in
order to mathematically represent
relations (distances) between tags Tag relevance low media high This example shows TopicTesnor’s ability to generalize: it understood
Machine learning algorithms studied that we meant cars in general (#car #cars); it also understood that
 As you can see, TopicTensor did a fine job with shaping the subject is German cars (tags circled in red); added the “missing”
billions of Instagram posts to identify the subject matter of ‘BMW’ and found many relevant tags: #porsche (also German auto brand) and options for different
which tags are close to each other tags, the existence of which most do not even suspect. wording: #mercedesbenz, #benz and #volkswagen
(i.e. related) and which are apart in
“the universe of tags”
 3 Find all bloggers posting about this topic 6 Find all bloggers posting on the expanded topic
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Our technologies

 Audience Lookalike is our second killer feature that finds similar bloggers based on the amount of common subscribers
 and overcomes inherent limitations related to tags in TopicTensor technology


 To search for similar bloggers without restrictions the 1 Input account @realdonaldtrump
 TopicTensor searches for bloggers similarity is determined by how close their audiences are. In
 with similar topics, defined through the most primitive version, lookalikes can be built as
 tags used. However this method is following: 2 Find accounts with overlapping subscribers:
 not universal:
 Blogger A Blogger B Blogger C Ivanka Trump Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Advisor to POTUS
 1. Not all bloggers use tags First Lady This account is run by the Office of First Lady
 Blogger A --- 10 20 Melania Trump Melania Trump.
 2. Topic may not be expressed Blogger B 10 --- 5 Mike Pence
 Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Republican Vice
 with tags. Entertainment blogs Presidential Candidate
 may use a wide variety of tags, Blogger C 20 5 --- EVP of Development & Acquisitions The
 Donald Trump Jr.
 @Trump Organization, Father,
 depending on the owner’s
 Tiffany Ariana
 imagination T.A.T.
 Where A, B, C are bloggers with approximately the same size Trump
 of the audience. The size of the overlapping audience (i.e. Executive Vice President of The @Trump
 3. Tags are usually local to each Eric F. Trump
 Organization. Husband to @LaraLeaTrump
 subscribed to both A & B) is entered into the table. In this
 language. #cat tags in English United States First Lady
 table most similar bloggers are A & C. Melania Trump
 and #gato in Spanish will
 belong to different clusters of The real model is based on matrix factorization and Republican Party Proud to be a Republican? Click here�
 topics sophisticated machine learning algorithms Fox News The Official Fox News Channel Instagram
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Ready to use solution UI

 Allows you to identify potential influencers by applying
 multiple search criteria based on influencer data as well as
 engaged audience data

 You can identify influencers using 10 parameters
 • TopicTensor • Followers
 • Gender • Ethnicity
 • Location • Brands
 • Interests • Engagements
 • Bio search • Language

 and up to 8 parameters more to filter their audience
 • Language • Location
 • Age • Brands
 • Interests • Ethnicity
 • Gender
AI driven analytics platform for influencer marketing
Ready to use solution UI

Provides you with access to in-depth demographic &
psychographic data on both influencer and their audience.

Sample on the right is one page of a 33 pages report of
statistical data. All statistics are based on enriched raw-data
(posts and followers) that was uploaded from Instagram.

Please note that all of our data is proprietary metrics based on
estimated data and not necessary reflective of actual data

Visual Reports are also available in Web, PDF, JSON and API
Hundreds of brands and agencies

While working on influencer data services the Founders of Prometeus Labs helped hundreds of brands and agencies to enhance their marketing
 campaigns. We see all of them as potential clients of Prometeus ecosystem.

 and othe rs
Business Cases & Testimonials

Case I Case II
We had a project with HotelsCombined with the aim to increase their service After unsuccessful marketing campaigns for cosmetics products Clarins has decided to use our
popularity and brand awareness by using analytical insights available from data insights of social media Influencers’ audience this resulted in an increase of campaigns’
Influencers and personal data of the targeted audience. success rate up to 100%.
• Need to attract potential users from Israel, and offer them help in finding • Strong emphasis on promoting products via social media channels
 the best travel deals
 • 50% of marketing campaign budget was spent in-efficiently, where 2 out of 4 influencers
• Target to increase brand awareness in the respected market showed poor results
• Need for marketing campaigns on Instagram through influencers ACTIONS TAKEN
ACTIONS TAKEN • Through analytical insights we analyzed the problems of the underperforming influencers
 and found that the wrong audience was targeted:
• Using the analytical insights we selected the right influencers for the
 campaign: four celebrities from Israel with a matching target audience “It turned out that even though these two women were from the UAE, their audience was
 mainly from third countries, and the majority of their followers were men. The audience was
• Hosted them free of charge at our best locations in Barcelona
 not interested in beauty products for women but rather attracted by physical appearance of
• The influencers posted images and stories of their holiday on Instagram, the influencers”
 shared their experiences and exclusive tips with followers
 • Started checking each marketing campaign through influencers using insights
 • Next advertising campaigns were strictly conducted according to the parameters of: location
• More than 2.4M views of exclusive and interesting content with “brand (only the target market), age, and the gender of followers
• more than 300K followers engaged (likes and comments)
 • The campaign showed a 100% successful rate in terms of audience response
• Reduced cost from approximately $0.025 to $0.01 per engagement
 • Marketing effectiveness has doubled, as opposed to campaigns without data insights

 The campaign success has surpassed our expectations, its We saved on our marketing budget and got excellent results, for which we
 results are much better than any of the previous are very grateful to our partner.
Business Cases & Testimonials

Case III Case VI
Uber with the objective to launch a clothing donation campaign during Ramadan Samsung faced the challenge of reaching the right audience to promote their
decided to use our data insights of their social media audience to choose the mobile products, they decided to use our tools and insights to choose the best-
right influencer for this sensitive religion related topic. fit social media Influencers for the campaign #We_are_Samsung

• The objective was to drive people to donate clothing during Ramadan • “How can our brand reach its audience in an effective way?”
• It was critical to identify the right influencers with appropriate content and • Goal was to reach the most creative part of the Israeli audience and show
 audience them the new capabilities of smartphones and how they can create
 interesting content with them.
• Using audience data reports, we identified influencers in 2 different countries,
 with matching audience criteria and the brand's target audience • Various fields of interest were chosen - beauty and fashion, teens, foodies,
 sports and extreme, art and photography
• Analyzed data of the content posted by targeted influencers to make sure that
 influencers did not post any inappropriate content that might contradict this • With insightful data 15 influencers from Israel were analyzed, the following
 sensitive topic and hurt the brand's image criteria were applied: had an involved and active audience; their audience was
 interested in the chosen topic; the largest number of followers lived in Israel
• Also investigated data related to the type of content and language in order to
 and were of the targeted age
 identify best-fit influencers in terms of the brand's identity
 • Campaign got more than 11 mln engagements, with a total reach of over 68
• The campaign resulted in more than 15k engagements from 5 influencer posts.
 mln and over 9 mln views
• This allowed the brand to save 46% on cost per engagement, compared to
 • Samsung page has doubled its number of followers
 having to promote their own posts.

 Hashtag #We_Are_Samsung gained a life of its own and the
 comments speak for themselves!
Business Cases & Testimonials

Our partner has been very very The platform provides us with Instantly allowed us to add With the help of our partner, With the support of insightful
helpful to our Agency. With the the most crucial and precise beautiful detailed demographic the agency is able to properly data, our platform was able to
quality of the data they audience data for influencers reports to our Influencer vet the quality an influencer's help a client save thousands of
provide, it has added an extra on Instagram. Global consumer identification engine. Our audience to ensure they cater dollars, as data was able to
value to our Agency. And much brands and agencies rely on customers find them extremely to our clients' key demographic show that an American
needed boost to make our analytical data to choose the valuable in helping them decide - ensuring every campaign we Influencer's audience was
Influencer Campaigns more right influencers to collaborate which influencers to work with. execute drives the strongest predominantly Russian - which
effective. with. results possible. is a sure sign of Influence Fraud!
 Milo Spencer-Harper
Victoria Harrison Francis Trapp Co-Founder of Noah Parker Tony Tran
Managing Director at Moju Partner & Director of Co-Founder, CEO at
 Founder & CEO,
The Exposure Co Strategy at Lumanu
 Brandnew IO
 The Influence Agency
Current problems of personal data market

 In the era of digital society terabytes of valuable personal data is generated every minute. However the only beneficiaries of this data are big corporations
including social networks, social media, search engines etc. The real owners and producers of personal data get no reward and often are treated like an asset
 rather than real persons. Furthermore the raw data is of little interest for the end buyers and must be enhanced beforehand by machine learning experts to
 create valuable data that can be used in multiple spheres - from internet advertising to medical research. Prometeus Labs is creating an ecosystem that
 connects all the interested parties including data owners, aggregators/validators, machine learning experts and buyers primarily rewarding real people -
 influencers, patients, etc.

 Users, not assets Access and quality Regulation limbo

 User data is scattered on different Raw data represents low value and GDPR and Facebook–Cambridge
platforms and is being sold without any must be enriched by AI beforehand. Analytica data scandal drive social
 reward for users, sometimes without Without official way to purchase platforms towards limiting the use
 their direct consent. Access to users valuable data businesses and of their data by cutting the API
 data is limited by the major players analytics have to use “black markets” down to its complete uselessness,
 (FB, Google, Apple, etc) limiting with questionable provenance and however real data owners finally
 opportunities for AI technologies and low quality of data can get access to their data under
 start-ups the same regulations
Our solution

 Prometeus Labs has designed secure and decentralized ecosystem for people-owned data markets that overcomes current
real-world barriers and serves as an infrastructure for gathering ,validating, processing, enriching, and selling people-owned data.

 System designed to solve particular problems
 Direct reward for data owners for every access
 of growing markets with real clients and high
 to their data

 Encryption mechanism for secure storage of
 Censorship-resistant, trustworthy data storage
 people-owned data and transaction
 with fair access for everyone

 Working system of incentives to network
 GDPR compliant
 members for providing and updating the data
 and inviting new members to the network
How it works

 Data Source Enriche (Data science, AI or
 Machine Learning
 r companies)
 Apply in-depth analysis
 methods to the data
 Generate new valuable
download enrich optional
 personal 1 off-chain
 step upload verified 3 step
 buy verified
 data personal data personal
 data data

 2 4 5
 Data Owner Validator
 DataMart Data Buyer

(Blogger or Data Aggregator) data (Advertising agency,
 Deposits N tokens to marketing agency, brand
Creates Prometeus Network Provides user friendly
 become a Validator or intermediary service)
account and an encryption interface to search and
key Authenticates data owner pay for data Navigates Datamart to
 Monitors quality of data Provides payment options find data for purchase
Downloads personal data
from social network account Encrypts data with public in tokens or fiat Primary price of data is set
 key of the provider by Owner or Validator
Uploads data to the Validator
 Pays a fee for uploading Final Price is determined
Changes/deletes data and
 verified data to the by demand
manages its sales
Why Blockchain

 Centralized systems that deal with personal data have a number of disadvantages. We eliminated them by implementing
 blockchain architecture with Prometeus network bringing ownership, security and transparency to the next level.

 Traditional centralized systems Prometeus blockchain network

 Centralized system is subject to potential misuse by corporations Decentralized system is censorship-resistant, GDRP compliant net
ARCHITECTURE and high scrutiny from governments and regulators with fair access for everyone. No point of failure & no single owner
& PRICE MODEL Aimed at increasing profits for the system itself, resulting Mutually beneficial system of incentives and direct reward for all
 underpricing for bloggers and overpricing for buyers participants, where the price of data is determined by market

 All data collection & handling rules hidden in “black box”. Lack of Strictly compliant with transparent rules described in smart contracts.
 mechanisms allowing its participants to ensure integrity of system All system activities are readily trackable by participants.
 Users do not know who/when/how many times purchased data, All transactions is traceable. Their history is viewable. Users have
 whether or not this data is accurate and true complete information about the data and their accuracy.

 Data Owner 's reputation is unknown or can be boosted and Automatic transparent ranking system, which computed by smart
 falsified. contract
 Risk of data being stolen, forge, or copied but not purchased. Encryption mechanism for secure storage . Publishing only MetaData
 Centralized insecure storage. in public access. Impossible to forge / break
Prometeus Labs Ecosystem

 Prometeus Labs is building an ecosystem for people-owned data markets with proprietary analytical tools & businesses that overcomes real-world
 barriers and serves as an infrastructure for gathering, validating, enriching and providing analytical data in a decentralized, secure and transparent manner

 Data Influencers Marketing
 Brands Researchers
 People-owned aggregators Bloggers agencies
 data market

 Monetized via
 Owned data 1 smart contracts 4 Data insights
BUSINESSES Analyze data Ranking
 Data Validate Data Data Data
 Extract insights Analytical Reports
 Validator Monetize Data Enricher AI empowered Mart Tools & Services
 Data Analytics
 Data Validation
Data Enrichment
 Validated data Enriched data
 Validated data 2 for enrichment to secure storage 3 Enriched data
PROMETEUS Smart Secure &
 NETWORK Contracts Transparent

 Decentralized Data GDRP
 storage & encryption compliant
Native Token



Utility token functions: the network Market DataMarts Stocks
currency, a possible acquirer’s payment deposits Liquidity

medium, a possible owner’s payment Source
medium Enrichers

Work token functions: network service Storage Blockchain
 rewards pool +Storage
fees, proof-of-stake deposits for Market

ecosystem participants Nodes
 Tx fees

 Block rewards Blockchain
 Deposits /

 Nodes’ stacking
Network Features

 Smart Contracts Nodes & Storage Dead Man Switch Encryption
 All business rules, including Data is uploaded into nodes storage To go offline without stopping the Encryption with the Data owner's
verification, sale and payment, are by Validator and Enricher. sale of data, Data Owner delegates key is performed by Validator.
 strictly enforced through smart Hash, keys, list of all participants, Data generation of the keys to Dead man Secure transportation of data to the
 contracts in a transparent and sales announcements are fixed on switch mechanism — Buyer is provided using the re-
 accessible manner blockchain off-chain key storage encryption keys

 Participants Rating Data MetaData Data History
The popularity of participants is Data management is implemented To protect data from being All network participants own a
 expressed in Reputation. It is through Data owner’s private key, copied, Validator publishes only public identifier and use it as a
based on transparent indicators, which allows change/delete data and metadata in public access. key to the history of data. Who,
 attributed via smart contracts, manage its sales Buyer will be able to value when and how many times sold/
 making it impossible to forge data but not to steal it without bought/processed this data
Network Applications

Decentralized and secure Infrastructure for
personal data storage decentralized apps
and marketplace (Dapps) development

Marketing tasks Develop/Train AI models
● Influencer Marketing ● Socio-demographic data inference
● Work with Micro-Influencers (1k-100k followers) ● Sentiment analysis
● Insurance data market ● Object and face recognition
● Marketing research in other various fields ● Influencer matching, audience
 matching for marketing campaigns
 ● ROI modeling for marketing campaigns
Research and Statistics ● Customer churn prediction
● Statistics gathering for research ● Predictive Customer Lifetime Value modeling
 and analysis in various fields
● Medicine and genome research Other Dapps
● Human resource statistics analysis ● Implement monetization mechanisms
● Photos and other multimedia statistics analysis
Road map

 Prometeus Network ecosystem will be launched with the application – AI driven analytics platform for Influencer marketing.
 Prometeus Labs continues to develop data analysis methods which can be used within the network

 Proof of Concept

 Today Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3
 2019 2019 2019 2020 2020 2020

 Concept Prototype Release MVP (α testnet) MVP (β testnet) New features Main net

• Concept developed Use of production ready • Participants adoption • Second stage of • Mass Data owners • Scaling to adjacent
• Whitepaper released solutions: (validators and testing and bug fixing adoption markets
 • Ethereum based smart enrichers) • Integration of AI • Adding “Dead man • Global expansion
• Seed fundraising
 initiated contracts • Launch own network algorithms switch” mechanism
 • Ethereum Swarm (Proof-of-stake) • Network Resource
 • BigChainDB • Data storage via • Optimization
 nodes functionality
 • NuCypher
Prometeus Labs team leaders & our experience

 Arthur Suilin Sergey Bryukov Armen Beglaryan
 Chief Executive Officer Chief Blockchain Architect Chief Operation Officer

Arthur is serial entrepreneur and a data Sergey is technology leader in every aspect, Armen started his career in IT as an SEO in
scientist with over 15 years of experience. from architecture, business and vision to 2004, and he was at the forefront of Internet
He has founded two successful companies: implementation. He is ex-Head of R&D in marketing in the Russian Internet. He has a vast
Webvisor, users' behavior analytics service - LAToken, managed cryptocurrency experience in creating and managing companies
acquired by Yandex (YNDX $10.5B) and exchange platform development team. He in IT and trading spheres (retail, wholesale,
Rusnew, predecessor of Reddit - acquired has participated in smart contract import, and export). He has a proven track
by (MAIL $5.476B). He is also a developing and applying projects: record in leading teams and managing
Kaggle competition winner, contributor of Acropolis, Melonport, DHARMA and hold a successful businesses. Armen knows what
ClickHouse (world's #3 fastest bigdata DB) role of Market Making team leader. Sergey needs to be done to move to a new office, deal
and ex-lead of Yandex.Metrica (world's #2 has got a hube experience in cryptography, with hiring staff, launch customer support,
web analytics service). while he had been working for more than 10 establish connections and networks and turn a
 years on the cutting edge of R&D in Intel startup into a professionally managed company
 and Bosch. (lawyers, accountants, HR, and so on).
Prometeus Labs team leaders & our experience

 Daniil Minkov Arstan Toregozhin Maxim Prudchenko
 Blockchain Team Lead Senior Project Manager Head of Support

Daniil is an experienced manager, many IT Arstan was responsible for development, Maxim is blockchain enthusiast with a
projects and complex ecosystem marketing and monetization of 11 sites and serious experience in relationship manager
blockchain products have been created 8 mobile apps with consolidated DAO over with experience in community management
under his leadership. 2m at Mail.Ru Group (MAIL $5.478B). He and team management. He has participated
With Prometeus Danill is responsible to has 10+ years of diverse experience in in various token launches as a head of
manage both our own team of blockchain software developing, mobile apps building, support, bounty manager, community
developers as well as developments sales and marketing. Being a student, manager. He has got a bachelor's degree in
outsourced to our strategic partner, Arstan became Microsoft Certified Applied Mathematics and going to improve
Snowfox Technologies Professional Developer (MCPD). his skills in area of distributed storage
( Snowfox is a leading systems and cryptography.
solution provider for building world class
blockchain solutions.
Prometeus Labs team leaders & our experience

 Vladislavs Semjonovs Maksym Maljuk Dmitry Vizhnitsky
 Business Development Senior Blockchain Developer Tokenonomic modeling

Vladislav is an experienced professional with a legal Maksym is an experienced blockchain Dmitry has PhD in Economics, MA in International
and financial academic background with more than developer, specifically with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Finance, associate professor of National Economy,
five years of career progression in business Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric/Burrow and EOS. Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine.
development, law and investment operations Software development skills include solid Member of Regional Studies Association (RSA),
across several industries. He is an early crypto knowledge of PHP, Node.js, Golang, and basic UK. Former postgraduate intern, Sustainable
investor(who started trading Bitcoins from 2011) knowledge of C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Development Dept., World Bank. Areas of
and is active in the blockchain industry as a jQuery; databases skills: MySQL, PostgreSQL, expertise: investment analysis and modeling,
consultant for startups, service provider and MongoDB; framework: Yii2. Maksym has quantitative modeling and forecasting,
venture investor. Vladislav will be leading business graduated from National Technical University of sustainability economics and finance.
development and alliance management at Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute“ as Software
Prometeus to strengthen and utilize its network for Engineering(distant education), Heat-And-
continuous expansive growth. Energy Engineering Faculty - Master's degree.
Our advisory board

Alex Mizrahi Iddo Bentov

Alex has been programming since he
 Iddo has been involved in the Bitcoin
was 10 years old. He is the first
 space since 2011. He is a postdoctoral
person in the world who has done
 researcher at Cornell University
the implementation of Bitcoin 2..0.
From 2012 he leads the open source
 and the author of several academic
colored coins project . MSc in applied
 papers on cryptography and
mathematics from Donetsk National
 cryptocurrency. He also works on
University, graduated with honors.
 succinct zero-knowledge proofs at
Author of several academic papers
 SCIPR Lab, and holds a Ph.D. in
about Bitcoin. Also known as
 Computer Science from the Technion
“killerstorm”. Besides, Alex is CTO and
 - Israel Institute of Technology.
Co-Founder of ChromaWay.
Thank you for your attention !

 Vladislavs Semjonovs
 СBDO at Prometeus Labs
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