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                         Academic Excellence  Personal Best  Giving Back to the Community
Principal: Ms Kathy O’Sullivan                                                      Deputy Principals: Mr Alex Newcomb
                                                                                                       Ms Marisa Carolan
                                                                                          25 June 2021 – Newsletter No.10

       From the Principal
       Legally Blonde
       Congratulations to everyone involved in the
       musical. This annual event is truly a highlight of
       our school year at Manly Campus. The musical
       provides an opportunity to showcase the depth of
       individual and collective talent of our students,
       and brings together the community in a way that
       needs to be seen to be understood. Thank you to
       the many parents and alumni who provided such
       valuable support, ensuring the production was a
       huge success. Thank you to Annetta Verduyn who
       coordinated a team of parents who created the
       costumes, Marg Martin and Annie Woods who,
       assisted by a group of parents, catered for the cast
       and crew each night. Alumni Ben Mills, Michael
       Goodyear, Keith Muir, Tom Coy and Yiming Teng
       whose technical and production expertise ensured
       the production was of such a high quality and to
       our rehearsal assistants; Khika Withnell, Tara
       Dunch, Talia Withnell, Maia Hopf and Neve
       Morgan. Thank you also to Annie McCubbin, a
       parent of an ex-student, who provided the drama
       coaching for our students, taking their
       performance to the next level.

       This wonderful event would not be possible
       without the passion, enthusiasm, expertise and
       hard work of our talented teachers; Chloe
       Woodward, Lucienne Herft and Lanneke Grace.

                                                                                                       NBSC Manly Campus
                                                              138 Abbott Road, North Curl Curl NSW 2099 / Phone: 9905 3982
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Principal Awards                                      the awards presentation. More details of the day
Congratulations to all students who were              follow in the Year 9 report by Ms J Chandra.
recognised for their academic excellence and
personal best at the Principal’s Award ceremonies
this week. Thank you to Ms Lucienne Herft, Ms
Marisa Carolan, Mr Newcomb and our wonderful
Year Advisers and office staff for their co-
ordination behind the scenes.

See the attached list of students who received a
Principal’s Award at the end of The Weekly Pines.

We held a special assembly on Thursday this week
by Zoom to celebrate NAIDOC week. The theme
was Heal Country and our first nations students       Congratulations to:
and SRC members met with members of                   •   Jack Naylor (Year 10) who, as a member of the
Reconciliation Australia, Stephanie Woerde who is         Manly Marlins district team, took out the U15
a former Manly Campus student and Alana                   Boys Junior Rugby Union State Championship
Raymond. They discussed the role of land and the          over the long weekend, with Manly defeating
importance of that relationship to all indigenous         Southern Districts 20-5 in the final.
and non-indigenous people and the opportunity         •   Natasha Woodward (Year 10) who competed
we all have to heal country. The group also               at the Judo National Championships on the
discussed the role that tapping into student voice        Gold Coast and came 3rd with a bronze
via our first nations students and SRC can play to        medal.
help the school community to indigenous               •   Eliza Lo Russo (Year 12) who was selected as
perspectives, culture and histories. We are excited       part of the cohort of playwrights for The
                                                          Drama Studio and Merrigong Theatre’s Young
about continuing our relationship with this
                                                          Playwright’s Program.
organisation so to begin this, we should all think
about our favourite place on the Northern Beaches     In this regular feature, we like to recognize
and what fosters our connection to it.                students who have achieved highly in school and
                                                      community events, competitions and activities.
Project Penguin
                                                      Demonstrations of the school ethos of academic
On Thursday the Project Penguin presentation          excellence, personal best and giving back to the
ceremony was held at Taronga Zoo, celebrating         community deserve to be recognized. Parents are
the achievements of over 1000 students involved       welcome to phone or email the school any
in the project this year. Our 24 Year 9 students      achievements that we may not be aware of, for
mentored students from Beacon Hill Public School      inclusion in The Weekly Pines.
and Brookvale Public School as they worked
through the environmental enrichment program,         Happy Holidays
which raises awareness within our local               Best wishes to all students, parents and staff for a
community of the plight of the fairy penguin          safe and happy winter vacation. We look forward
colonies. Special thanks to Jocelyn Prevett who       to the return of all students on Tuesday 13 July.
mentored two groups single handedly from
Beacon Hill Public School, one of which made it                                          Kathy O’Sullivan
into the finals Expo Day, Ethan Groves for his                                                  Principal
reflective speech on being a mentor, and Sophia
Roques who spoke on behalf of Manly Campus at
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Sport Report                                                  records broken including 17yrs boys 1500m (Logan
                                                              Campbell); 17yrs girls 1500m (Maggie Goodman);
What an incredible term it has been for sport.                13yrs boys Discus (Nile Sturzaker); 16yrs boys
There have been multiple carnivals at various                 Javelin (Noah Sturzaker); 16yrs girls Javelin (Zali
levels, knockout games, grade sport and the                   Currie) and 16yrs girls Discus (Livina Williams). 5
announcement of the winning House.                            relay teams and 39 individuals progressed through
                                                              to the Sydney North Championships, which will be
                                                              held at Sydney Olympic Park in Term 3, Week 2.

Congratulations to all our students who have
participated and succeeded with exceptional
outcomes in all the sporting opportunities that
have been provided. See below for some summary
                                                                               Athletics Age Champions
                                                              Cross Country
School Sport Carnivals and Winning House                      Manly placed 1st at the
                        Cross                                 Warringah Zone
 House       Swimming             Athletics   Total   Place
                        Country                               Championships with 3
 Phillip     432        366       1212        2010    1st     Age Champions (Charlie
 Bligh       544        430       929         1903    2nd
 Macquarie   526        389       982         1897    3rd
                                                              Kanu, Logan Campbell
 Hunter      568        309       1014        1891    4th     and Maggie Goodman)
                                                              and 78 students
                                                              progressing through to
                                                              the Sydney North
                                                              Championships. 2
                                                              students achieved Age
                                                              Champion (Jasper Vajdic
                                                              & Logan Campbell), with
                                                              8 students progressing to
Swimming                                                      CHS State
Manly Campus placed 2nd overall at the Warringah              Championships which
                                                                                              Top left to right: 13Y Boys,
Zone Championships with 2 Age champions (Cillian              will be held at Eastern
                                                                                              15Y Boys, 17 & 18 Girls
McGrath and Christine Ruff), 6 relay teams and                Creek in Term 3, Week 1.
over 30 individual students progressing through to
                                                              Knockout Sport
the Sydney North Championships, and 4 students
progressing further to CHS State championships.               The boys open tennis team had a very successful
                                                              result progressing
Athletics                                                     through to the semi-
Manly again placed 2nd overall at the Warringah               finals of the CHS Stan
Zone Championships. This time it was a very close             Jones Trophy, coming
score as we were only a few points behind                     3rd in the
Narrabeen Sports High School. There were 6 Age                competition.
Champions (Nile Sturzaker, Cillian McGrath, Esther
                                                              The junior girls and opens girls played in round 2 of
Schroeter, Maggie Goodman and Jack Giffin).
                                                              the netball competition, but were unfortunately
There were also a number of Warringah Zone                    defeated.
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Next Term                                              Significant emphasis was placed on the roles of
We are looking forward to another exciting term of     ‘upstanders’ and ‘bystanders’ within our schools
sport, which will include the grade sport finals,      and communities in which we were encouraged to
selection of new sport options for the 3rd and final   apply the idea of ‘upstanding’ to inequality within
round of Wednesday Sport, State Championships          our school. After listening to these guest speakers,
the Year 7 gala day and the rescheduled flag           various students from each school formed
gridiron gala day.                                     breakout groups to discuss how each school can
                                                       better implement the achievement of social
All information about sport will be advertised to      justice, through committees, student-teacher
students through the school daily notices, along       alliances and student
with emails and The Weekly Pines.                      representative councils.

                         Ms Walker and Mr White        Following the
                                Sport Organisers       conference, the students

Enrichment                                             aim to implement their
                                                       learning into establishing
The end of Term 2 has been busy with our               a Manly Campus
students involved in a broad range of enrichment       equality
and extra-curricular.                                  committee
                                                       which will
Equality Conference @ Sydney Boys High School
Student Report: Eden King, Gina Harrison (Year 11
                                                       the upholding of
Legal Studies)
                                                       social justice
Last Friday, a group of five students from Year 11     within the school.
Legal studies along with a few members of the SRC
represented the school at the 2021 Sydney Boys         Project Penguin
High Equality Conference. Over the course of the       Student Report: Juliet Stephens (Year 9)
day, the topics of education equality, equality        The Project Penguin Expo Day presented a
within the government and equality within schools      satisfying and successful finish to the program.
and the broader community was discussed.               Occurring on June 17th at Taronga Zoo, it brought
                                                       together everyone involved - including teachers,
Various speeches were delivered from notable
                                                       students, organisers, mentors and official guests-
figures such as Dr Pinnington Wilson (Deputy
                                                       and showcased the achievements of the primary
Principal of the school and representative of the
                                                       school students and high school mentors. Groups
Department of Education) and Mehreen Faruqi
                                                       of primary school students selected for their
(Member of the Greens party). Dr Pinnington
                                                       innovative ideas presented a variety of creative
Wilson shone light on the drastic and shocking gap
                                                       and informative stalls during the morning session.
in education equality between rural and urban
                                                       This was followed by an exciting presentation
Australia. Mahreen brought to light the racism and
                                                       ceremony in which various participants and
sexism within our community and government as a
                                                       keynote speakers, including James Griffin (MP,
Member of the Parliament and as an immigrant
                                                       Member for Manly), expressed the significance
from Pakistan. As well as this, inequality and
                                                       of Project Penguin and specific groups and
bygotry within our own community was discussed
                                                       individuals were recognised for their contribution.
through the lens of World War 2 in coordination
                                                       Overall, the Taronga Zoo Expo Day was an
with Courage to Care, an equality foundation, who
                                                       exhilarating celebration of Project Penguin and a
conducted an interview with a survivor of the
                                                       great way to end a memorable experience.
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Dance Ensemble Update                                 Australian Geography
It has been a busy week for our dance ensembles.      Competition Results
Last Friday, Company and Ensemble A performed         This year 358 students in Year 8-10 participated in
at Glen Street Theatre, participating in a            the Australian Geography Competition. The
professional-level film shoot of their routines, to   following students achieved in the top 1% of their
be screened as part of the 2021 Sydney North          year groups:
Cinematic Dance Festival.
                                                      Amelie Chan (Yr 8)
On Sunday all 4 Manly Campus ensembles                Liam Llewellyn (Yr 8)
competed at Extreme Eisteddfod. This was our first    Michelle Plon (Yr 9)
public performance in over 18 months, and all of      Alex Coulter (Yr 9)
the dancers did a fantastic job.                      Samuel Sherlock (Yr 9)
                                                      Nathan Prolon (Yr 9)
We achieved some exciting results; Company took       Ella Maryska (Yr 10)
out 2nd place in the open age contemporary            In addition, 96 students achieved a High
section, and Ensemble B were awarded Highly           Distinction.
Commended in the Year 7- 9 contemporary
                                                      Staff Raffle
                                                      To acknowledge the hard work of our staff, we
                                                      held a staff raffle at a special morning tea. Our
                                                      teachers have worked so hard over the semester
                                                      as they implement the new Strategic Improvement
                                                      Plan, adjusted to an influx of activities as COVID
                                                      restrictions eased, and continue to go above and
                                                      beyond to engage and support students.

                                                      A huge thank you to the many local businesses for
                                                      their kind and generous donations for the raffle.

                                                                                       Some of our
                                                                                       lucky winners
Congratulations to all of the dancers for your hard
work and impressive performances.
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Year 7 Praxis ‘Games 4                                 Congratulations to all Year 7 students who so
                                                       confidently and creatively presented their learning
Good’ Arcade                                           in Praxis. A special congratulations also to the
                                                       winners of the Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice
Year 7 students have                                   Awards.
been hard at work
this semester on their
Games 4 Good
project, which has
involved students
working in teams to
create a game to
meet the needs of
the community.
Students were
challenged to use their collaborative and time                         Praxis, Session 1 Winners
management skills as they enhanced their
empathy to design a game to benefit a community
user, such as an academically gifted primary
student, a local toddler, a teenager concerned
about climate change or a Tibetan refugee from
the local community in Dee Why.

On Friday in Week 8, Year 7 students set up their
expo stall complete with a playable prototype and
prepared to deliver their pitch to our expert panel,
which included Michael Kasumovic (Associate
                                                                       Praxis, Session 2 Winners
Professor at UNSW and Director of Arludo), Julija
McDowell (founder of Tinker Tank) and Anjali
Kalambe (UTS Women in Engineering                      Year 7 English
Ambassador). Thank you so much to our panellists
who gave up their time to provide our Year 7
                                                       - Poetry Incursion
students with authentic feedback on their work.        Year 7 English Poetry Incursion
                                                       To complement their study of poetry, Year 7
                                                       students attended a workshop on Tuesday of
                                                       Week 8 with guest speaker and slam poet, Miles
                                                       Merrill. The founder of Word Travels, Miles hails
                                                       from Chicago and introduced slam poetry to
                                                       Australia by establishing the Australian Poetry

                                                       Miles delivered a captivating series of spoken word
                                                       poems and stories, which included his experiences
                                                       moving to Australia and confronting the lack of
                                                       diverse representation in literature, art and film.
                                                       He also helped our Year 7 students to compose
                                                       their own spoken word poetry and encouraged
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
them to write about topics that matter most to
                                                    Year 8 VA Excursion
                                                    Last Friday, Year 8 embarked on an excursion to
The English faculty were excited to discover that
                                                    Curl Curl Beach to explore their creative ability.
we had one of Miles’ books in our faculty
                                                    The students spent the day drawing en plein air at
collection. Miles kindly signed it for us!
                                                    North and South Curl Curl using a variety of
                                                    mediums including pencil, charcoal and pen
                                                    drawings, as well as capturing the views through
                                                    photography. This unique opportunity to draw
                                                    outdoors, rather than working from a photograph,
                                                    enriched the students' understanding of
                                                    composition and allowed them to further develop
                                                    and explore the techniques they have learnt in
                                                    Visual Arts this semester.
Enjoy reading some
recent examples of
poetry from Ingsel Phelrabtsang and
Thomas Stevens (7Y). Students were tasked with
emulating the language of a poem, 'The Rider' by
Naomi Shihab Nye. Students had to reimagine a
motif, and recreate the same mood, tone, and
rhythm as the original poem. This skill
demonstrates students' ability to think
conceptually about a poem's thematic ideas, and
make deliberate stylistic choices to convey those

                                                    These drawings will be used for the beach
                                                    paintings that Year 8 are starting next term.

                                                    Whilst there we received many compliments from
                                                    the public on how well-behaved Year 8 were and
                                                    the incredible standard of their artworks.

                                                            By Lillian Hamilton

                                                                                    By Chloe Funnell
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Year 9 Drama                                             The students were extremely fortunate to have
                                                         one of the experts in the field of traditional food
This term, Year 9 Drama have been studying mask          growing processes join us this week to share his
work in theatrical styles over time. This learning       stories and expertise. You can watch the short clip
culminated in a Commedia del Arte performance            about this company via Black Duck Foods – An
in which students had to create their own original       Indigenous Food Story That Connects Us All and
piece using the conventions of the style, including      read a student’s perspective below.
making a mask. The mask making was messy but
                                                         Student report
luckily the rain cleared in time for us to use plaster
bandages outdoors to flex our creativity. Well           Chris from Black Duck Foods came to talk to us
done Year 9 Drama.                                       Year 9 students about food security and
                                                         sovereignty in Australia. He showed us videos
                                                         displaying traditional Aboriginal agriculture
                                                         practices and how native foods and grains are vital
                                                         in being able to achieve food security and
                                                         sovereignty in Australia. As an example he brought
                                                         in some kangaroo grass for us to try and we
                                                         thought that it tasted like a nuttier version of
                                                         Weetbix. He told us how it
                                                         was a great substitute for
                                                         meat and had the same
                                                         amount of protein as a
                                                         chicken. Year 9 had a fun
                                                         experience listening to
                                                         Chris and learning about
                                                         traditional food and
                                                         growing practices.

                                                                                         Nihira More (Year 9)
                                                         Year 10 Peer Academic
Year 9 have been studying the topic of Food
Security in Geography this year. As part of their        Leader Career Planning and
study, they have investigated and assessed
sustainable food production practices, and
                                                         Training Workshop
explored First Nations practice around utilising         Last week, Year 10 Peer Academic Leaders co-
native plants.                                           designed an innovative Year 7 Academic program
                                                         with a careers/life-design twist. The award-
In classes students had
                                                         winning edu-tech career consultancy Become
the opportunity to taste
                                                         Education, on-boarded the Year 10 students and
snacks of the future
                                                         assisted them in the design of 5 classes which will
from Circle Harvest.
                                                         teach Year 7 the skills to explore, design and
Most students thought
                                                         navigate their future in a rapidly changing world.
the Barbeque flavoured
crickets and the                                         In Term 3 classes, Year 7 will master life design
Saltbush and rosemary                                    skills and connect what they’re learning today to
flavoured mealworms                                      the possibilities they’re creating for their future.
were much tastier than they had anticipated.             With the assistance of their Year 10 academic
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
leaders, they will be putting the ‘why’ into their
education and recognising the impact of influence

and unawareness on their future decisions.

The program will culminate with the students
executing a ‘flipped careers expo’ in Term 4 on
Thursday, 7 October. The Year 10 Peer Academic
Leaders will facilitate this expo as well as create a
video showcase of the classes and event, in
addition to writing, and presenting, a robust report
for the Executive on the impact of the program
using data collected throughout.

Most excitingly, James Griffin, MP for Manly kindly
accepted an invitation to join the Year 10 PALs for
lunch to discuss the programs aims. He was so           Engineering students in Year 12 also completed an
impressed that he is looking forward to visiting        aeronautical project, designing quadcopter blades
again to see the outcome of ‘flipped career expo’       using Computer Aided Design, 3D printing and a
in Term 4.                                              new thrust measurement test rig. Basic principles
                                                        of lift, thrust and drag were investigated in their
Senior Technology Update                                quest to produce an optimum blade.

Engineering students in Year 11 have finished their
second engineering product and report, designing
and manufacturing a biomedical arm capable of
accurately picking up a ping pong ball and
relocating it. Students were highly engaged,
creating some outstanding products, and Year 7
were also thrilled to see the test runs.
Manly Campus - NBSC Manly Campus
Art Club
Throughout the year Art Club has been enriching
students through the exploration of new and
interesting mediums.

In Term 1 they were inspired by Van Gogh’s
sunflower series and spent the term developing
                                                                                           Top left to right:
our compositions by drawing flowers from life                                              Marlon Leforestier,
then developing them into an Impressionist style                                           Ella Cooper, Lillian
painting. This coincided with the arrival of Van                                           Hamilton
Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ to the National Gallery of
Australia, which some students had been lucky
enough to see in person. Some of the works           Art Club is on Tuesday lunch times in room 109, all
completed in Art Club were submitted to the Kids x   are welcome.
Van Gogh competition which invited school-age
artists from across Australia to recreate Vincent    Year Adviser
van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers.
                                                     Term 2 Reports
                                                     Year 7
                                                     With another term under their belt, Year 7 have
                                                     really settled into the swing of things at Manly
                                                     Campus. It has been wonderful to see them strive
                                                     for excellence both academically and personally,
                                                     showing dedication, confidence and resilience by
                                                     putting their hands up to be involved in all areas of
                                                     the school community.

                                                     Congratulations to all Year 7 students for
                                                     successfully getting through the arduous process
                                                     that is NAPLAN.

                                                     We started the term with a bang with many Year 7
                                                     students attending their first Manly Campus Band
                              Top left to right:     Camp. They were officially initiated into the
                              Louise Muenninghoff,   program with the usual band camp shenanigans. It
                              Ell Qiu, Rae Cai       was a terrific opportunity for talented young
                                                     people to get involved with the older years and
                                                     make some incredible music, whilst working with
                                                     industry professionals who provided their
                                                     invaluable advice and expertise.
Term 2 involved an investigation into the world of
printmaking, as the students chose an animal as      Students demonstrated their speed and
inspiration for a lino carving. This was a new       perseverance at the athletics carnival, with House
technique for almost all the students to learn and   points earnt by all those involved. Those who
while lino presented many difficulties, the          didn’t participate in an event came through with
students produced wonderful and creative prints      the house spirit and cheered on their peers to
of their designs.                                    achieve outstanding results.
Musical rehearsals and crew workshops continued
every weekend throughout Term 2 with many Year
                                                      Year 8
7 students preparing for their debut in a Manly       As more opportunities opened up in 2021, Year 8
Musical. Legally Blonde was a huge success with       participated with gusto by undertaking something
sell-out crowds. We couldn’t have done it without     new every week.
the hard work and dedication of the students who
put their hands up to be in the cast, crew and        To start the term, many entered a variety of
orchestra. Congratulations to all who were            events in the Athletics Carnival and continued their
involved.                                             Sunday musical rehearsals from 9am to 4pm for
                                                      the school production of Legally Blonde.
The newly elected team of Year 7 SRC members
involved themselves in the preparation of events      Due to COVID restrictions last year, the cohort
such as Tim Tam & Jim Jams, Carnation Day and         were unable to participate in NAPLAN. In Week 2 a
Night of Stars.                                       check in task focusing on numeracy and literacy
                                                      was completed and gave valuable data to the
Year 7 took part in the Optus Cyber Safety            senior executive on how the students were
workshops where they learned about their digital      developing in those key areas of learning.
thumbprint and how to be safe and respectful on
the world wide web. They were enriched with           In Week 3, food technology students presented for
invaluable opportunities such as the science zoo      Critics Day, with members of the public and lucky
excursion and an incursion for History.               teachers judging the creations. The end results
                                                      looked as good as they tasted.
Well done to the students on their Praxis
presentations. They were required to present their    Students presented sections of their Learning
‘Games 4 Good’ projects to a panel of expert          Portfolio in Week 4, which allowed the cohort to
judges and there were many innovative ideas.          reflect on previous chosen exercises and the skills
                                                      developed in completing these tasks.
Wishing Year 7 students and families a safe and
relaxing holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all   In Week 5, Year 8 watched an English incursion of
nice and refreshed for more fun in Term 3.            the Bell Shakespeare company, linking to the text
                                                      studied in class.

                                                      There was the Science competition in Week 6 as
                                                      well as the Music night, where members of the
                                                      Vocal Ensemble and Tides of Sound sang for the
                                                      first time in a performance setting in 2021.

                                                      The debating team came together for their first
                                                      round in Week 7 and the School Musical show
                                                      week took place throughout Week 8. It was
                                                      wonderful to see so many participants from Year 8,
                                                      they put on an amazing show each and every

                                                      Write a Book in a Day participants conducted their
                                                      first bake sale in Week 9, raising money for
                                                      children living with cancer and cancer research.

                                                      In Week 10, selected students of the Raise
                                          Ms Grace    program presented to the mentors and Executive
                                     Year 7 Adviser
the small-scale community activity that they have      thank you to all the participants and volunteers
been working on for the second half of the term.       who made the day successful.

                                                       Term 2 has been another big and busy term for
                                                       G24, with so many students contributing to the
                                                       many activities and programs on offer at Manly
                                                       Campus. Our Project Penguin mentors built strong
                                                       connections with the local primary schools and
                                                       have successfully completed the program.
                                                       Similarly, the Year 9 Rise program mentees have
                                                       formed positive partnership local volunteers.

                                                       Several members of G24 have also successfully
                                                       completed their requirements for the Duke of
                                                       Edinburgh Awards, through their participation in a
                                                       two-night camp at Somerset.

                                                       Whole school activities including the Tim Tams &
                                                       Jim Jams fundraiser and school musical ‘Legally
                                                       Blonde” were also embraced with enthusiasm as
                                                       several Year 9 students were involved in the
                                                       organisation or production, whilst others
                                                       supported the event through participation and
The Principal’s                                        attendance.
Award ceremony
was also held this week and I was very proud to        As Term 2 draws to a close, I would like to thank all
read out the names of so many students who             of G24 for their contributions to making Manly
received these, highlighting outstanding results       Campus a great school and for consistently
and dedication to all subjects.                        choosing to reflect the school values of: academic
Wishing all Year 8 students a restful and safe         personal best and
holiday.                                               giving back to the
                                          Ms Herft
                                     Year 8 Adviser    Have a safe and
                                                       relaxing break.
Year 9
                                                                                              Ms Chandra
This term, Year 9 has engaged in a variety of                                               Year 9 Adviser
activities at school.

Academic achievements have been acknowledged           Year 10
with sixty-four students receiving Principal’s Award   As we hit the half way mark of Year 10, with
for their commitment and excellence across             another possible lockdown looming on the
multiple learning areas. All G24 students also         horizon, we can reflect on the exceptional
completed their final NAPLAN which was once            achievements of our cohort in so many different
again successfully delivered online.                   fields.
On the sporting field, our students enjoyed            Term 2 kicked off with several of our students
participating in the Athletics Carnival.               participating in a training day for the ‘Ethics
Congratulations to all our age champions and a big     Olympiad’. Olympiad provides teachers and
students with a creative vehicle for developing       Year 10 also participated in the ICAS REACH
skills in communication, critical thinking and        Science Competition online. Feedback
respectful discourse while dealing with important     acknowledged this was a positive event.
ethical issues.
                                                      The team from Become came to train out Peer
Nine of our most creative and collaborative deep-     Academic Leaders (PALs) in a peer academic
thinking Year 10 students took part in the Senior     session. PALs is a program run by the school to
Ethics Olympiad via zoom. All students reported       give leadership opportunities to our cohort. Our
that they thoroughly enjoyed the day. They were       PALs showed excellent leadership qualities and
involved in a series of four heats where they were    with this training they can then train our Year 7.
scored by a global University judging panel           They will run 5 sessions on the EAM line and then
according to set criteria. Students were rewarded     be responsible for a major project on one of the
for clear, concise, respectful discourse around       following: an expo on 7 October, speak to the
interesting ethical cases such as: The Korean Pop     executives on 12 October, or present a video at
Industrial Complex, The Tiger King, The Ethics of     the year meeting on 14 October.
Truth and Public Safety during the COVID-19
Pandemic, Dating After Prison, Who Gets to Be         Our cohort is now starting thinking about subject
Fashionable? Gaming platforms and shocking            selections for their senior years and beyond. Ms
speech, (De)funding the Police, Is Elite a Case of    Fee, our Careers Advisor organised a Year 10
Creative Freedom or Muslim Stereotyping?              Subject Selection UAC Parent and Student
Although our students were not successful in          presentation via zoom. This gave important
moving through to the next round, the judges          university entrance information which, although
commended both NBSC Manly Campus teams for            still a few years away, is necessary now, as they
their collaborative tam work, their innovative and    may have to choose specific subjects to follow
in-depth responses and for providing mature and       their dream careers. There are a number of other
emotionally appropriate discourse around              resources available for Year 10 when choosing the
contemporary issues.                                  right subjects for their senior years. These can be
                                                      accessed on the Year 10 Careers Google
Well done to Toby Cox, Cal Amos, Nena Harmstorf,      Classroom.
Shashwat Manish, Ella McAvoy, Felicity Murray,
Samuel Stoddard, Ruben Stones and Livinia             I would like to wish everybody a happy and safe
Williams for representing our school at such an       holiday break, and I look forward to seeing you all
impressive level.                                     again next term for the second half of this
                                                      wonderful journey in Year 10.
 Year 10 Parent Teacher interviews took place this
term, where parents and members of our cohort         Who are we? G23!
could discuss current progress, achievements and                                            Mr Goykovic
areas for improvement. I was personally very                                              Year 10 Adviser
pleased with my Year 10 classes and did not hold
back on my praise to the parents.
                                                      Year 11
Workshops ‘Tomorrow Man’ and ‘Tomorrow
                                                      Second last term of Year 11 - tick. Only one more
Woman’, took place again this year. Students were
                                                      term until G22 takes on the role of Year 12. Over
able to discuss freely and without judgement,
                                                      the course of the term, the Year 11 cohort have
difficult topics including safe behaviour, domestic
                                                      demonstrated their many talents. From sporting
violence and consent. Although confronting, all
                                                      achievements, academic excellence, through to
students who participated found the day to be
                                                      acting and dancing abilities as seen in the school
extremely valuable.
                                                      musical. Well done on such an action-packed term.
The Life Ready program continued this term, with        secure a ticket for the sold-out performances
a presentation from Brent Sanders. This consisted       would agree that the music, lighting, acting, dance,
of two gender specific workshops with a frank,          vocals and set all came together to produce an
open and down-to-earth presentation to the boys         incredibly uplifting and moving performance. The
examining critical issues such as peer pressure,        orchestra was phenomenal and our talented Year
decision making, self-discipline, respect,              12 musicians in conjunction with Ms Herft and the
motivation, and essential keys required for             other orchestra members, are to thank for the
success. To the girls, a guide to survival in the new   magnificent soundtrack.
millennium, which is a total self-protection
programme with a difference. It was centred             It was also wonderful to see our dancers and
                                                        actors grace the stage with their energy and
around knowledge, assertiveness, and basic
conflict psychology, with a focus on prevention.        presence. Congratulations to Elsie Loadman,
Both presentations were extremely well received         Gemma Cooper, Hannah De Mars, Sonakshi Sharda
                                                        and Anna Birke for your amazing lead
by Year 11. Thank you to Ms Herft for helping with
the organisation.                                       performances in your final year of high school.

The RYDA driving safely excursion has been              The back stage, lighting and tech crew are also to
postponed due to continuing COVID restrictions.         be thanked, as while they may not be seen,
                                                        without them the production would not occur. I
An update on this will be provided next term.
                                                        was very proud to watch all of the Year 12
The design for the G22 Year 12 Jerseys has been         students involved in their final high school musical
finalised. Order forms for these will be forwarded      production. It is an experience that will stay with
to parents and students very soon. These will need      them for life, as they will forever be part of the
to be returned early next term.                         Manly Campus musical family. Thank you to Ms
                                                        Woodward, Ms Herft and Ms Grace for your
This week I had the pleasure of assisting with the      tireless efforts, energy and time to give our
presentation of Semester 1 Year 11 Principal            students this fabulous opportunity.
Awards. This is the well-deserved culmination of a
whole semester’s hard work. Well done to all the        I wish all Year 12 student a safe holiday. While this
recipients.                                             may be seen more as a ‘study break’, I hope that
                                                        students are kind to themselves and do take the
Wishing everyone has a wonderful and relaxing           time to have a well-earned rest and ensure to mix
holiday break. See you next term.
                                                        some fun activities into their busy study schedule.
                                          Mr Crooks
                                                        I look forward to seeing Year 12 in Term 3 and
                                     Year 11 Adviser
                                                        assisting them through their final ‘official’ term of
Year 12
The end of Term 2 is a busy time in the Year 12
calendar with students finishing their final
assessments and beginning preparation for the
Trial Examinations in Term 3 (Starting Friday Week
2 till the end of Week 4). This term has seen many
achievements across the Year 12 cohort, which are
particularly commendable given their busy
academic schedule.                                      Warm wishes.

An impressive number of Year 12 students                                                          Ms Truong
participated in the school musical Legally Blonde,                                           Year 12 Adviser
which was a huge success. Those lucky enough to
Extract from the NBSC                                  nature, and my company. I learnt how to read
                                                       maps and plot routes. The most challenging thing
College Newsletter                                     was walking up the first spurs. My advice for
                                                       someone about to go on the journeywould be to
Student Duke of Ed Spotlight                           not pack as many clothes as you think you’ll need
Ella Beanland                                          but make sure you have enough snacks because
BRONZE Award Level                                     you will get hungry. Also don’t give up when
Physical Recreation: Strength                          you’re ascending because it will get easier when
and Conditioning                                       you flatten out.
Skills: Cooking
Voluntary Service: Tour de Cure                        SRC Staff Spotlight
office administration                                  Teacher: Mr Leung
Adventurous Journey: Bronze Qualifying Journey,
Colo River, Wollemi National Park                      How did you decide
The Bronze Adventurous Journey                         to get into
                                                       teaching? And what
Day 1 Highlights                                       have you been
- Campsite had toilets and running waterHard           doing prior to
   incline and decline                                 teaching at Manly?
- Easy fire trail to follow for main sectionalong
   the ridge                                           Before I became a
- Many native plants and trees Nice weather -          teacher, I was
   sunny with clouds so it
                                                       working in a bank. I
- wasn’t too hot
                                                       was also
- Walking down the mountain was fun because
   it was slightly challenging but alsoa lot easier    volunteering at my church and from that
   than going up                                       experience, I found helping young people more
- Nice views of lake and surrounding areas             rewarding than climbing the corporate ladder, so I
- Had time to talk with people I wouldn’t              trained to be a teacher.
   normally talk to and became closer toexisting
   friends                                             What is your favourite Manly memory?
- Swam in the lake Made a fire and cooked
- dinner independently                                 This one is a hard one to answer because I really
                                                       can’t choose. I’m on my ninth year of teaching at
Day 2 Highlights                                       Manly Campus and new ‘favourite memories’ still
                                                       being created quite frequently. Whenever a
-   First aid scenarios Slightly warmer than Day 1,
    but still easy to walk in                          student shows drastic improvement in HSC
-   Same flora and fauna -lots of insects, native      Economics, whenever a student overcomes anxiety
    plants and trees                                   and takes initiative in the SRC, whenever the SRC
-   Most of route had paths of some kind -more         runs a successful event and makes an impact on a
    rocky                                              charity, whenever I go on Year 9 camp and get to
-   Walked with other groupsand made new               know a student on a deeper level, a new favourite
                                                       memory is created. Either I have short memory, or
Ella’s Reflection                                      I have a lot to be thankful for at Manly.

I really enjoyed the hike, as I got closer to people   I hear you are in the teacher’s band, what do you
and made new friends. It was challenging enough        play and when did you start?
that I wasn’t bored, but it was also achievable. I
enjoyed swimming in the lake and messing               I play drums, bass and guitar. But for the teacher’s
around with my friends. Some of the most               band, I just play or sing whatever they need. In
memorable things were just enjoying the scenery,       fact, the first ‘teacher act’ I did was rap ‘Fancy’ by
Iggy Azalea with Ms Giuffrida in Hollywoodstock
                                                         Bright and Quirky Ideas Lab
Do you have any other secret talents or skills that      - For parents of twice
aren’t well known to your students?
                                                         exceptional children
Not sure if I still have this skill/talent… but I used
                                                         If you haven’t already checked it out, the team at
to breakdance. I can possibly still pull off a few
                                                         the Bright and Quirky IdeaLab have a fantastic
                                                         newsletter and regular sessions with experts to
Who was your favourite teacher in high school            assist us in parenting. It is based in the United
and why?                                                 States but they run sessions for Sydney time zone.
                                                         They are affiliated with professional education
Truth be told, I was quite a problematic student so      groups who support the work of our teachers at
I didn’t get along with my teachers that well. But I     NBSC Manly Campus.
suppose I drew inspiration from a few that left an                                               Rebecca Stuart
impression, like the Music teacher who was quite                                          HT Secondary Studies
socially awkward but used his quirkiness to make
the lessons memorable; or my Physics teacher who         Debbie and the Bright & Quirky Team asked
came up with funny phrases to help me memorise           parents about the benefits of the idealab:
formulas; or my Economics/Business teacher who           How do you ease the struggle for your bright and
generously spent time outside of class to help me        quirky child so they can realize their true potential
                                                         and thrive?
catch up.

What is your favourite animal and are you a cat          •   Gaining knowledge from the experts and filling
                                                             my toolkit
or dog person?
                                                         •   Hearing stories from other members
Favourite animal: Sea turtle, for sure. Alpacas are a    •   Getting validation and confidence from
                                                             coaches that we're on right track, getting help
close second. I guess I just love how chill they both
                                                             identifying the next right step
are.                                                     •   Making friends with other members and
                                                             feeling camaraderie on the journey
Cat or dog? Depends. Cat, if I have to take care of
                                                         •   Discarding/re-evaluating preconceived
it. Dog, if somebody else does.                              parenting notions that no longer serve me
                                                         •   Learning how to come alongside my child,
Do you have any advice for students when they
                                                             rather than pushing or pulling
are picking subjects for electives, HSC etc?             •   Working the action plan. We've made more
                                                             progress in the last 2 months than the last two
Choose subjects that you love and are good at, aim           years
for both. If you love it but aren’t good at it, you      •   Recalibrating my expectations and stripping
may end up resenting the subject if you get                  away the stressors
disappointing results. And if you don’t love the
subject, you’ll find it hard to put in the work and      As a result, these parents have grown in their
stay good at it. Extra tip: Don’t pick subjects purely   confidence in terms of the decisions they're making
                                                         and the path they're choosing, even if it feels like
for scaling. The scaling is simply an equaliser – e.g.
                                                         they're "swimming upstream" from the norm.
high-scaling subjects offer high scaling only
because their Band 6s are harder to attain. It won’t     Learn more about the IdeaLab and enrol here.
add much to your ATAR if you’re getting a low            We’d be honoured to help you ease the struggle
band in a ‘high scaling’ subject.                        and help your bright child thrive, even with
                                                         learning, social or emotional challenges.
                                                         Help your bright and quirky child thrive by joining
                                                         us in the IdeaLab parent learning
                                                         community. Summer enrolment closes Friday.
Band Manager
                                                       Second Hand
      Job Position
                                                       Uniform Shop
 Bands of Manly Campus (BoMC) are
 seeking a Manager to implement the
 Band program. You will be reporting                The uniform shop will be open on the first
                                                    Tuesday and third Thursday of the month
 to the Band Executive, have the                              from 8:15am-9:30am
 support of the Band Committee and
 families and work closely with the                  NEXT OPEN: Thursday 15
 school and music department to                        July 8:15am-9:30am
 deliver a wide variety of
                                                   COVID safe practices in place, please adhere
 performances and events each year
                                                   to the following:
 for over 200 students in thirteen                 - Check in with the QR code on arrival
 ensembles, under the leadership of                - Wear a mask
                                                   - Stand 1.5 meters apart while waiting in
 five high-calibre Music Directors &                   line
 Conductors.                                       - Only one parent/caregiver with their
                                                       child are allowed in the uniform shop at a
 More details can be found in the                      time.

 BoMC pages of this newsletter.                    Parents are encouraged to order online
                                                   where possible. You can place an order by
 Enquiries to Betina Friedeberg, Band              email at
 President or
                                                   Donations of washed good quality uniforms
 Mel Corner, Band Vice President,                  are most welcome and can be left at the                              school office.
                                                   Proceeds go to the P&C for school
 Application - CV and cover letter                 improvement projects.

 please by Wednesday 30 June 2021                  For second hand band blazers (buy & sell)
                                                   please contact Sarah Cole at

                Volunteering in the Canteen
Volunteering in the canteen is a great way to be part of the school community. If you are
  a parent or carer of a student at NBSC and would like to volunteer, please go to the
                            canteen roster sign up for Term 3.
Congratulations to the 2021 Principal Award Recipients

Year 7                Charlie Naylor               Jin Kim                     Madi Heesom
Utsab Ahmed           Zarina Nestel                Pahandee Sehasna            Antoinette Hewish
Jai Altman            Ashley Nestlerode                                        Ivan Ho
                                                   Joanna Lee
Sophia Bannister      Maggie Ng                                                Kate Hollander
                                                   Kevin Lee
Niklas Barkhausen     Ingsel Phelrabtsang                                      Joel Huxley
                                                   Vernon Leong
William Benson        Laura Piper                                              Leo Jiang
                                                   Livia Lin
Jarod Binley          Alexandra Prankerd                                       Ziqiao Jiang
                                                   Sophie Lintvelt
Pushan Broka          Ella Qiu                                                 Charlie Kanu
                                                   Liam Llewellyn
Daisy Burt            Tristan Randall                                          Jeremy Kwong
                                                   Eliza Lyons
Byron Cahill          Bianca Robinson                                          Sunny Lam
                                                   Lily Murphy
Rae Cai               Nikhalya Shaji                                           Eugene Lee
                                                   Lucie Oliver
Dexter Carr           Oliver Sherlock                                          Mason Lowe
                                                   Eileen Park
Antoine Cheminat      Alec Smith                                               Maria Margossian
                                                   Arshia Paryavi
Patrick Chen          Alexander Stanojevic                                     Nihira More
                                                   Alexandra Pearson
Sarah Chen            Thomas Stevens                                           Lauren Mulquiney
                                                   Jia Rastogi
Ewen Chung            Ryan Sullivan                                            Truth Nathanael
                                                   Orson Reid
Samuel Clift          Aizen Tam                                                Ewan Odenthal
                                                   Sophie Roach
Ella Cooper           Adelaide Tippett                                         Thomas Osborn
                                                   Kateryna Shalopa
Samara Correya        Noah Turner                                              Leonardo Paletto
                                                   Michael Shim
Mylo Davies           Dhanya Vasanta                                           Ahana Parijaat
                                                   Maira Sibal
Timothy Fortescue     Ada Vercoe                                               Michelle Plon
                                                   Hannah Steele
Akshita Ghosh         James Jiayu Wang                                         Dylan Potgieter
                                                   Yukina Teitei Miyazaki
Aidan Gilbert         Rhys Weaving                                             Jocelyn Prevett
                                                   Nishka Tolani
Katrina Gong          Nicholas Whitney                                         Oscar Pritchard
                                                   Frances Truman
Archie Hay            Kye Williams                                             Nathael Prolon
                                                   Amy Wan
Elise Heffernan       Harrison Woods                                           Hamish Reyes
                                                   Cecilia Wan
Meika Herron          Sooyeon Yeo                                              Sophia Roques
                                                   Annie Wang
William Hope-Jones    Charlize Zoldos                                          Mitchell Rose
                                                   Tina Wang
Zoe Humel             Year 8                                                   Ayane Satsuma
                                                   Harriet Wessling
Rufus Hunter          Tahleo Arkell-Andrews                                    Dex Schmidt
                                                   Michaela Woerlee
Marek Jaaniste        Makia Bailey                                             Esther Schroeter
                                                   Isabell Wu
Nilay Javadkhani      Aarohi Bansal                                            Jack Searle
                                                   Austin Ying
Ashley Jee            Allister Barker                                          Samuel Sherlock
                                                   Katie Yoon
Honami Kanoshiro      Darcie Barker                                            Tara Smith
                                                   Sherissa Zhang
Eimi Kawasaki         Ethan Barlow                                             Annabelle So
                                                   Year 9
Taj Kenton            Evan Cahill                                              Henry Springhall
                                                   Andrius Alcazar
Annalise Kline        Amelie Chan                                              Oliver Springhall
                                                   Sorcha Badell
Kenjin Kondo          Jennifer Choi                                            Juliet Stephens
                                                   Annabelle Bartram
Jennie Ming Kowalik   Michael Elliott                                          Lachlan Swinton
                                                   Ella Beanland
Isaac Lai             Amelie Evans                                             Daniel Thompson
                                                   Felix Birke
Hayden Lee            Wilson Foo                                               Kota Toyooka
                                                   Lauren Brown
Berkeley Leung        Chloe Funnell                                            Matyas Vyhnalek
                                                   Matthew Brown
Sophie Li             Alexander Goodman                                        Johanna Walters
                                                   Kaelan Carlos
Yu (Leo) Li           Lillian Hamilton                                         Charlie Westwood
                                                   Hannah Chan
Jason Liang           Darien Hsu                                               Anna Xian
                                                   Oliver Franz
Conor Lieghio         Lexi Hu                                                  Danica Xu
                                                   Hamish Geraghty
Angelina Liu          Daisy Hughes                                             Jaylan Yang
                                                   Tessa Halverson
Xiao Tong Liu         Benjamin Jewell                                          Natalie Yang
                                                   Kai Hampson
Annie Lu              Wenhao Jiang                                             Isabel Young
                                                   Alexandra Harris
Siena Maietta         Josephine Johnson
                                                   Charles Heaton-Armstrong
Year 10                  Catherine Foo              Tai Woodley               Sarah Li*
William Baker            Thomas Freeman             Jerry Yan                 Eliza Lo Russo
Genevieve Bauder         Catherine Gilbert          Matthew Zabel             Elsie Loadman
Eva Beaumont             Margaret Goodman           Wanjie (David) Zhan       Isabella Lorenzo
Gemma Bones              Freya Green                Year 12                   Hannah Lovlin*
Riyansh Chanda           Gina Harrison              Alysha Airey*             Ryan Lynch
Alisha Choi              Lucas Harvey               Anna Birke*               Nicholas Milford
Samuel Doughty           Tara Harvey                Alexander Blackmore       Andre Mitchell
River Fitzgerald         Xavier Herbert             Olaf Braaksma-Menks       Kyra Murphy*
Claudia Hadwen           Rebecca Hoffman            Chloe Bracher             Felicity Nop
Max Hamilton             Matthew Horvath            Christopher Brown         Alexander Norris
Jiaying Han              Daniel Huang               James Caddick             Tess Northcott
Sean Itzhaki             Liu Xi Zhen (Hugh) Huang   Matthew Calder            Max Oldham*
Alicia Jiang             Tomas Jonmundsson          Matthew Cameron           Vivienne Paduch*
Rachel Kim               Michael Joyce              Katherine Cannon*         Benjamin Parry
Luke Larson              Emma Kha                   Holly Chandler            Jessica Prescott
Riccardo Longhi          Jenna Kim                  Jonathan Chen             Rishi Raju
Naomi Lui                Annie-Ming Kowalik         Zahra Chew*               Mia Rankin
Annabel Lynch            Nanami Kuranari            Matthew Cook              Isabella Rigatos
Oliver Mace-Smith        Jay Lakhana                Gemma Cooper*             Matthew Robinson
Olivia Maietta           Kenneth Lamb               Anna Dahlstrom            Malayika Russell
Leo Marland              Chloe Lau                  Hannah de Mars*           Noah Sawyer
Ella Maryska             Paolo Lieghio              Thilara De Mel            Bo Schroeter*
Jack Naylor              Matthew Lim                Pema Deane*               Mia Schwartz*
Ferdinand Nel            Josephine Lo               Matilda Dearden           Rory Self
Yasamin Raminzad         Catherine Mao              Daniel Duncan             Sonakshi Sharda*
Christine Ruff           Daniel Martin              Stephanie Evans*          Daniel Shi
Hannah Stephenson        Amelia Matthews            Abigail Everett           Halainah Smith
Samuel Stoddard          Abbey McAllan              Daniel Field              Paige Soo
Thomas Thake             Louis McKay                Elle Fitzgerald           Jesse Steele
Sarah Walker             Amy Milford                Charlotte Fullarton       Chelsea Stone
Gabriel Wan              Alessandra Pascoe          Mitchell Gayfer*          Gloria Thomas
Callia Ward              Luke Riddle                Amelie Grattan*           Alexander Todd
Troy Wilson              Joshua Roberts-Coles       Sophie Grcev              Genevieve Watson
Dominic Wood             Bezi Saunders              Nina Grozdanova           Kristin Withana
Matthew Young-Thompson   Anton Simdyankin           Ashley Hanna              Aidan Wong
Hannah Yu                Emma Spencer               Lea Hartley               Alexander Yuen
William Zhang            Jasper Straetemans         Benjamin Havranek         Yingying Zhang*
YEAR 11                  Kanan-Hannah Toyoda        Jason Ho
                                                                              NB Students with an
Logan Campbell           David Tulk                 Joshua Hort               asterisk have received a
Samuel Capell            Jasper Vajdic              Jayden Huang              Principal’s Award every
                                                                              year from Year 7-12, with
Olivia Castree-Croad     Tyler Valentine            Rishi Israni
                                                                              the exception of 2020,
Bennett Chan             Amrita Vivekanandhan       Kylie Lam                 where no Principal Awards
Nathan Colyer            Eli Walton                 Martin Le                 were given due to COVID.
Andrew de Montfort       Olivia Watts               Amelie Letchford*
Max De Vries             Nick Weng                  Ganxinzhou Li
Chloe Dearden            Elinor Williams            Jared Adam Chiu-Fook Li
Term 3 Calendar                                                  Duke of Ed update via Zoom,
                                                      11/08/2021 6:30pm, phone the college office
                                                                 for more information: 99396942
Please check the dates closer to the event. The
                                                                 Term 3 Band Concert - WE, BB, SE,
calendar is updated and added to regularly            12/08/2021
                                                                 CO and CvB
 Week 1A                                                            Year 8 Science Techno showcase
             School Development Day - Pupil                         Manly TBC
             free                                     Week 6B
             Band Workshop day - CB, WE, SWO,         16/08/2021 Pinestock
             SE, JO                                              Term 3 Band Concert, 6:30pm
                Principal's Tour 9:30am. Bookings                CB, SwB, SB, JJC, PG
  14/07/2021                                                     Write a book in a day, 8am-8pm,
                essential via the office 9905 3982    17/08/2021
                                                                 some Year 8 students
             Year 10 Into 11 Subject Selection
  15/07/2021                                          18/08/2021 ICAS English Competition
             Evening, 6pm
  16/07/2021 CHS Cross Country                                      Applications close for School
 Week 2B                                                            Captain
 19/07/2021- Sydney North Athletics                   21/08/2021 P&C Trivia Night – Save the date!
 20/07/2021 Championships
  21/07/2021 OC Placement Test                        Week 7A
             Cake stall - Fundraiser for Write a      23/08/2021    Year 9 Math Enrichment Day
             Book in a Day                            24/08/2021    Year 10 into 11 Interviews
  23/07/2021                                          25/08/2021    CHS Athletics
             Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations
  -6/08/2021                                          25/08/2021    Creative Arts Night
 Week 3A                                              27/08/2021    CHS Athletics
  23/07/2021                                          27/08/2021    Year 9 Forensic Science Day
             Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations
  -6/08/2021                                          Week 8B
                Applications for SRC (Student         30/08/2021  Year 12 Physics Excursion - ANSTO
  26/07/2021                                          31/08/2021  SRC Induction Ceremony
                Representative Council) open
                                                                  Principal's Tour 9:30am. Bookings
             Principal's Tour 9:30am. Bookings          1/09/2021
  28/07/2021                                                      essential via the office 9905 3982
             essential via the office 9905 3982
                                                        1/09/2021 P&C Meeting, 7pm in the library
             P&C AGM Meeting, 7pm in the
 28/07/2021                                           Week 9A
             school library
                                                      6/09/2021 -
 Week 4B                                                          Year 11 Assessment Block
 23/07/2021                                            6/09/2021-
             Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations                       Intermediate Band Tour WE/BB
  -6/08/2021                                            9/09/2021
   2/08/2021 Year 7 Gala Day                                      Musicale Independent Theatre
             Australian Mathematics                   11/09/2021
   6/08/2021                                                      SWO/JO/SE/CO
             Competition                              Week 10B
   7/08/2021 HAST Tests Year 8-11 2022                6/09/2021 -
                                                                  Year 11 Assessment Block
 Wekk 5A                                              17/09/2021
   9/08/2021 SRC Applications close                   15/09/2021 Year 12 Farewell Assembly
   9/08/2021 All Campus' Science Techno Expos         17/09/2021 Last day of Term 3
   9/08/2021 Year 12 Drama Night
             Year 8 into 9 Subject Selection
             Evening, 6:45pm
             BStreet Smart Excursion Year 10, all
             day                                      Band news on the following
             Backflips against Bullying incursion -
             Year 7 &8                                         page…
Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and String
                                                      Ensemble will be representing Manly Campus in
                                                      the modified version of this annual festival.

Happy and safe holidays to all                        Arrival times for band members
Thank you to band members, families and band          Concert Band (CB): 11:20 am
directors for your enthusiasm and dedication to       Wind Ensemble (WE): 1:40 pm
band this term.                                       String Ensemble (SE): 2:35 pm

Enjoy a very well-deserved and happy holiday.         Look for call-sheets (to be emailed from liaisons)
For all dates and event listed in this report,        and permission notes (sent from school emails).
cancellations and variations may occur with short
notice due to COVID. Please always look out for       Dress for 2021 will be Performance Blacks
the advice by email and/or the school app prior       (includes band polo)
to an event to find out if there are any changes to
                                                      Performance times are not published but typically
arrangements and follow the latest instructions.      take place around 30 minutes after arrival time.
Revised date:                                         Listen for announcements.
Monday 16 August, Hall, 6:30-7:30 pm                  Audiences are welcome (subject to the latest
Term 3 Band concert for CB, SwB, SB, JJC and PG       COVID advice at the time) and require registration
This date has been changed from Tuesday 17            with QR code on entry.
August to avoid the clash with ‘Write a Book in a
Day’ ending at 8 pm.                                  Tickets may be purchased at the door or online at
Term 3 Workshop- pupil free day 12 July, Manly
Campus- CB, WE, SWO, SE and JO                        Intermediate and Junior Band Tours:
Please return online permission notes for this ASAP   Intermediate Tour (WE/BB): Monday 6 September
that were circulated this week.                       to Thursday 9 September
After two weeks’ break, this annual workshop will
provide very important preparation for the            Junior band tour (CB, SwB, SB): Tuesday 30
competition the following Sunday 18 July, HSC         November to Friday 3 December.
performances on 19 July and for events being
planned for later in Term Three.                      If COVID restrictions are on our side at the time,
Call-sheets have been circulated via band liaisons.   the two tours will be bringing music to towns and
                                                      communities around Batemans Bay and Port
CB 8:30-11:30 am                                      Macquarie. Our bookings are able to be cancelled
SE: 8:30-11:30 am                                     with refunds if Government departments require
SWO 11:30- 1:30 pm                                    this at the time. Further information about the
WE 1:30- 4pm                                          tours is being circulated via email this coming
JO 2-3:30 pm                                          week.

Those few students in more than one group at a        To confirm numbers for accommodation and
time will attend part of each session.                coach bookings, you are asked to please advise
                                                      your liaison by 12 July if there is some unavoidable
Australian School Band Festival, Sydney
                                                      reason your child cannot attend their tour.
Conservatorium of Music, Sunday 18 July
Please return online permission notes for this ASAP
that were circulated this week.
Musicale, The Independent theatre, North              Larry has been a licenced driving instructor for
Sydney, Saturday 11 September, 5pm (TBC)              over 15 years and has a current Working with
A highlight of the band calendar, this concert        Children Certificate. He has taught a many of the
showcases senior ensembles and honours our Year       students at Manly Campus. His lessons are ideal
12 members before their final exams.                  for starting off (automatic or manual), for taking
                                                      up manual part way through their 120 hours
It will feature SWO, SE, CO and JO.                   and/or for their pre-test.
Band members are required from 12:30pm and
the concert start is 5 pm with final times TBC.       If any family from the school wishes to purchase
Please save the date.                                 one or more of the lesson vouchers, or wants to
                                                      find out more, please
Seeking a new Band Manager                            email
Our Band Manager, Sarah Dowse, is stepping down       All proceeds will be donated to the band
now that the job of re-establishing band systems,     program where they will be used to save for new
tours and events post the 2020 shutdown is            equipment or an instrument that is needed.
complete. She will always be nearby and remains a
big supporter of the program.                         Diary Dates Term 3

We are seeking someone to take over early in          Monday 12 July (pupil free day), Workshop day at
Term 3. Please click here for more information.       Manly Campus, CB, WE, SWO, SE and JO

If you are interested in the role and would like to   Australian School Band Festival at the Sydney
find out more, please get in touch with Betina        Conservatorium of Music, Sunday 18 July
Friedeberg, Band President                            CB,WE,SE, times TBA or Mel Corner, Band Vice
President, at                    Friday 16 July, Rehearsal for HSC Music Trial
                                                      performances at MSC hall, JO, 3:30-5:30 pm,
Application —CV and cover letter please               school uniform
by Wednesday 30 June 2021.
                                                      Monday July 19, HSC Music Trial performances at
                                                      Manly Campus, from 9:30 am, JO, performance

                                                      City to Surf Fundraiser for Band, Sunday 8 August,
Thank you Del Driving!                                Bondi Beach (TBC), all families welcome

– generous contributor to band fundraising.
                                                      Term 3 Band Concert for WE, BB, SE, CO and CvB
For over nine years, Larry Delaney, instructor of     Thursday 12 August (TBC), Hall, 6:30-7:30 pm
Del Driving has very generously donated driving
lessons to support the Manly Campus band              New date: Term 3 Band concert for CB, SwB, SB,
program. His donation this year equates to a          JJC and PG
whopping $1056 of value to the band program for       Monday 16 August, Hall, 6:30-7:30 pm
which we are very grateful, especially after a
financially difficult 2020.                           Intermediate Regional Band Tour, Monday 6
                                                      September to Thursday 9 September, WE/BB
Buy lessons and donate to the band all at the same
                                                      Musicale - The Independent theatre, North
Available are 12 vouchers each valued at $88 (NB      Sydney, Saturday 11 September SWO/JO/SE/CO,
half have already sold this week!)                    Students from 12:30 pm TBC, concert 5pm
•   Arranging and ensuring the smooth running of
Diary Dates Term 4                                         annual auditions
                                                       •   Co-ordinating and chairing the executive and
NEW event: Manly Jazz Festival, 1-4 October (long          general band committee meetings
weekend), JO/BB/JC- ensembles and dates/times          •   Meeting budget requirements set by the band
yet TBC                                                    executive
                                                       •   Ensuring accurate information in
Orchestral Soiree - Monday 8 November,                     communications to band members and
Mosman art Gallery, 7pm -SE/CO                             families, performance call sheets, The Weekly
                                                           Pines, annual Pines Magazine, the Band
Jazz night Out, DY RSL, Saturday 13 November,              handbook, annual reports
6pm, all jazz bands                                    The job is casual position at an award rate of
                                                       ($28.38/hour, for 20 hours/week, for 40
Junior regional band tour, Tuesday 30 November         weeks/year).
to Friday 3 December, CB/SwB/SB
                                                       Apart from meetings at school, the Band Manager

Band Manager job position                              would work offsite (e.g. home office), with
                                                       irregular hours involving weekends and evenings
Bands of Manly Campus is seeking a Manager for         when required.
its Band Program.
                                                       The successful applicant would ideally be a current
Bands of Manly Campus (BoMC) is a school-              member of the Northern Beaches Secondary
approved extra-curricular program with around          College Manly Campus school community, or
20 parent committee volunteers. BoMC currently         someone with close ties to the school, and must
have over 200 students rehearsing each week in         have a Working with Children clearance.
thirteen ensembles, under the leadership of five
                                                       Enquiries to Betina Friedeberg, Band President
high-calibre Music Directors & Conductors. BoMC
                                              and Mel Corner, Band
plan and deliver a wide variety of performances
                                                       Vice President, at
and events each year, including school events,
regional tours and camps, and several fundraising      Application, CV and cover letter please by
ventures.                                              Wednesday 30 June 2021 to:
The Band Manger will be responsible for
implementing the program, reporting to the Band
Executive and working closely with the school
and music department.
This involves:

•   Liaising with school executive, band executive
    and president, band directors, band
    committee members, band members and their
    families and outside suppliers
•   Consulting with band directors to develop a
    rich and engaging program of band events and
    tours and attending weekly conductors
•   Arranging and ensuring the smooth running of
    events and tours and liaising with the school to
    ensure Department of Education requirements
    are met
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