Get to know your benefits - MCR, LLC MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide - MCR ACCESS Team Welcome

Get to know your benefits - MCR, LLC MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide - MCR ACCESS Team Welcome
Get to know
your benefits.

MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide
Get to know your benefits - MCR, LLC MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide - MCR ACCESS Team Welcome
Knowing your benefits helps you
    make more informed choices.
    By understanding your benefits, you can
    select the coverage that best fits your needs.
    In this guide, you'll find information about
                                                     Table of Contents
    your options and programs to help make
                                                     BENEFITS                 PAGE #
    your choices easier.
                                                     Health Plan Details           5
    UnitedHealthcare is committed to providing       Choice Plus HRA - BAGL        6
                                                     Vision                        8
    you a smooth and simpler enrollment              Prescription                 10
    experience with the support you need.            HEALTH & WELLNESS RESOURCES
                                                     Go Digital                   11
                                                     Rally                        12
                                                     Access to Support            13

    Want more information?
                                                     Real Appeal                  14
                                                     Wellness                     15
                                                     We're Here to Help           16
           • Search for network providers.           What's Next?                 17

           • Learn about your benefits and more.

           Toll-free 1-866-873-3903, TTY 711
           Habla Español? Podemos ayudar.

Get to know your benefits - MCR, LLC MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide - MCR ACCESS Team Welcome
Benefits     Health & Wellness Resources      Enrollment

Helpful Highlights
     UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® Mobile Application
     Download Health4Me to your smartphone and you’ll get quicker access to
     your health plan details. It also lets you:
     • Search for a network doctor, clinic or hospital.
     • Find options for quick care, such as a nearby clinic, Urgent Care or ER.
     • Locate and share digital health plan ID cards.
     • Compare costs and see provider reviews.
     • View claims and account balances.
     • Find pharmacies and fill prescriptions.

     Get support to help you meet your health goals.
     The Rally program is an interactive, personalized health and wellness experience available when you
     become a health plan member. It includes a website and app found on® that gives you
     support and tools to help you achieve personal health goals. You’ll start with a short survey, which gives
     you your Rally Age® — a measure of your overall health. Then it puts you in charge with a personalized
     digital experience that includes Missions, Challenges and Communities. You’ll receive real-time feedback
     and ongoing encouragement to help you live a healthier life.

     Real Appeal®
     Get help losing weight and keeping it off.
     Whether you want to lose a lot of weight or just a few extra pounds, Real Appeal is designed to help
     with simple steps and support along the way for lasting weight loss. As a benefit of your health plan,
     it includes:
     • A personalized transformation coach will guide you and customize steps to fit your needs,
       personal preferences, medical history and goals.
     • 24/7 online support and a mobile app to help you stay on track and help you reach your goals.
     • A success kit featuring a personal blender, digital food scale and more.

       om ®
                                    Manage your plan
                                    online and on the go.
                                    Your member website:
Get to know your benefits - MCR, LLC MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide - MCR ACCESS Team Welcome
Benefits      Health & Wellness Resources        Enrollment

    Helpful terms to know
    when choosing a plan.
    Coinsurance                                            Out-of-pocket Limit
    Your share of the costs of a covered health care       The most you could pay during a coverage period
    service, calculated as a percent.                      (usually one year) for your share of the costs of
                                                           covered services. After you meet this limit, the plan
    Copayment or Copay                                     will usually pay 100 percent of the allowed amount.
    A fixed amount of money you’ll pay for a covered       The out-of-pocket limit includes all of your network
    doctor visit or prescription.                          payments.

    Covered Services                                       Prescriptions
    The portion of a medical and vision expense that the   Medications and drugs prescribed by your doctor.
    plan has agreed to pay for or reimburse. They          You may save money by choosing prescriptions from
    include:                                               the lower tiers and signing up for home delivery. Talk
    • Doctor's office visits                               to your pharmacist or doctor to learn ways that may
    • Prescription drugs (Pharmacy)                        help you save.
    • Emergency Services
    • Hearing aids                                         Preventive Care
    • Hospital care                                        Routine health care, including screenings, checkups
    • Lab services                                         and patient counseling to prevent or discover illness,
    • Pregnancy care services                              disease or other health problems.
    • Outpatient care services
    • Rehabilitative services and devices
    • Wellness services
    • Mental health and substance use disorder services

    The amount you’ll need to pay before your plan will
    start to pay for covered services.

    Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
    An account funded by MCR, LLC to help you pay for
    covered health care services. Your HRA will
    automatically pay for covered services first and you
    won’t pay as long as you have money in the account.

    A group of health care providers and facilities that
    have a contract with UnitedHealthcare. Using the
    network may help lower your costs because these
    providers and facilities have agreed to provide
    services at a discount. If you use out-of-network
    providers, your costs may be higher.


Get to know your benefits - MCR, LLC MCR, LLC 2019 Benefits Guide - MCR ACCESS Team Welcome
Benefits           Health & Wellness Resources                    Enrollment

                                                                                              Choice Plus HRA - BAGL

EE                                                                                                       $650
EE+1                                                                                                    $1,300
EE+Child                                                                                                $1,300
Family                                                                                                  $1,300
                                                                                                  WHAT YOU PAY
                                                                                                     IN THE NETWORK                     OUT OF THE NETWORK
EE                                                                                                                    $2,000                                     $4,000
EE+1                                                                                                                  $4,000                                     $8,000
EE+Child                                                                                                              $4,000                                     $8,000
Family                                                                                                                $4,000                                     $8,000
Doctors and Specialists
Doctor Visit (Illness or Injury)                                                                                        10%*                                      30%*
Virtual Visit (online)                                                                                                  10%*                                      30%*
Specialist Visit                                                                                                        10%*                                      30%*
Non-preventive Tests                                                                                                    10%*                                      30%*
Preventive Care
Screenings & Counseling                                                                                     You pay nothing                                       30%*
Immunizations                                                                                               You pay nothing                                       30%*
Well-Child & Well-Woman Visits                                                                              You pay nothing                                       30%*
Labs & Imaging Test                                                                                         You pay nothing                                       30%*
Emergency Care
Urgent Care Visit                                                                                                       10%*                                      30%*
Emergency Room                                                                                                          10%*                                     10%**
Emergency Transportation                                                                                                10%*                                     10%**
Other Care
Mental Health Visit (outpatient)                                                                                        10%*                                      30%*
Mental Health Visit (inpatient)                                                                                         10%*                                      30%*
Outpatient Surgery                                                                                                      10%*                                      30%*
Hospital Stay Facility Fee                                                                                              10%*                                      30%*
EE                                                                                                                    $6,350                                 $6,350
EE+1                                                                                                                 $12,700                                $12,700
EE+Child                                                                                                             $12,700                                $12,700
Family                                                                                                               $12,700                                $12,700
Retail (up to 31-day supply)
Tier 1                                                                                                                   $10^                                     $10^
Tier 2                                                                                                                   $35^                                     $35^
Tier 3                                                                                                                   $60^                                     $60^
Home Delivery (90-day supply)
Tier 1                                                                                                                 $25^                            Not Covered
Tier 2                                                                                                               $87.50^                           Not Covered
Tier 3                                                                                                                $150^                            Not Covered
This information does not replace your official health plan documents. Please see your official health plan documents for all coverage details, which includes
limitations and exclusions.
Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates.
*After Deductible Met
**After In-Network Deductible met
^Goes toward Out-of-Pocket limit

Benefits     Health & Wellness Resources            Enrollment

    Choice Plus HRA - BAGL
    with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
    Use our national network to help save money.

                 Save money by staying in our network.
                 A network is a group of health care providers and facilities that have a contract with UnitedHealthcare.
                 You can receive care and services from anyone in our network. If you don’t use the network, you’ll have
                 to pay for all of the costs.

                 There’s no need to select a primary care physician (PCP) or get referrals to
                 see a specialist.
                 Consider choosing a PCP. Your PCP can be your partner in managing your care. They can help you
                 avoid duplicating tests and services and connect you to a specialist.

                 Preventive care is covered 100 percent in our network.1


    Enjoy the benefits of an HRA.
                                                                                                                Look for care in our
    An HRA is an account funded by MCR, LLC to help you pay for covered
                                                                                                                network first.
    health care services. Funds for your medical claims are automatically paid
    by your HRA for covered services first and you won’t pay as long as you                                     The doctors and facilities in our
                                                                                                                national network have agreed to
    have money in your HRA.
                                                                                                                provide you services at a discount. We
                                                                                                                • 930,000++ physicians and
    An HRA saves you money.                                                                                       health care professionals.*
    When you have money in your HRA, you’ll pay less out of your pocket for                                     • 5,600++ hospitals.*
    covered services. This is how much MCR, LLC is contributing to the HRA.
                                                                                                                • 67,000+ pharmacies.*
    EE                     $650                   EE+Child                            $1,300
                                                                                                                Search the network at
    EE+1                   $1,300                 Family                              $1,300          
                                                                                                                *As of 3/31/2018

    For all of the COVERAGE DETAILS, see your official health plan documents.

     Age appropriate preventive care services are covered 100 percent when received in the plan network.
6   You may be required to receive approval for some services before they can be covered.
Benefits      Health & Wellness Resources            Enrollment

How paying for network care works with an HRA.

                    STEP                                                        STEP                                            STEP
                      1                                                           2                                                  3

           Your deductible                                         Your copayment
                                                                        coinsurance                              Your out-of-pocket limit
Your HRA automatically pays                               After you reach the deductible, you                 When you reach the limit, you are
network providers directly for                            share the costs with the plan. If                   done paying. The plan pays 100
covered services first. If you spend                      you have money in your HRA, it will                 percent of covered services for
all of your HRA, you’ll have to pay                       automatically pay for your share.                   the rest of the plan year.
until you reach your deductible.

    Your HRA
    pays first       +         You pay
                                                            Your plan
                                                            pays 90%           +         You pay
                                                                                                                     You are done paying

           Preventive care is covered 100 percent when you use a provider in the plan's network.1


                                                                                                            Use an HRA to help
                                                                                                            save and pay.
                                                                                                            Ways to pay with your HRA:
Visit to learn more.                                                                       • Automatic payments. If a service is
                                                                                                              covered by the plan, the bill (claim)
                                                                                                              will automatically be reimbursed

Paying for prescriptions.                                                                                     from your HRA.
                                                                                                            • Use the Health Care Spending
You will pay a copayment for prescriptions. Check your official health plan                                   Mastercard®.
documents to see if your plan allows you to use your HRA to pay for                                         • Submit claims on
prescriptions.                                                                                                to get reimbursed.

                                                                                                            Eligible expenses:
                                                                                                            • Doctor office visits
                                                                                                            • Prescriptions
                                                                                                            • Non-preventive tests (lab work,
                                                                                                              X-rays, etc.)

 Age appropriate preventive care services are covered 100 percent when received in the plan network.
You may be required to receive approval for some services before they can be covered.                                                                          7
Benefits          Health & Wellness Resources         Enrollment

    Vision Plan
    Vision benefits that are easier to see.
    Eye health is important to you and your family’s overall health. Save on eye care by purchasing a Vision Plan. Plan
    Eye exam
    Your plan includes a comprehensive eye exam.
    Frame allowance
    When you use a network provider, you have an allowance you can use to help buy any frames your eye doctor offers.
    Contact lens benefit
    You get contact lenses, a fitting and up to 2 follow-up visits. Choose from popular brands, including some that may
    be fully covered.
    Popular lens options
    Popular lens options may be available to you at price-protected amounts. Plus, standard scratch coating and
    polycarbonate lenses for dependent children are available at no additional cost.
    Additional pairs of glasses
    Get a discount of up to 20 percent on additional pairs of eyeglasses, including prescription sunglasses.

    Paying for exams and eyewear.
                                                                                           Vision Plan
    Benefits                                                                      IN NETWORK         REIMBURSEMENTS

    Copays the amount you’ll pay:                                                  Exam once every 12 months

    Eye Exam                                                                                 $10                     $40

    Materials                                                                                $10                     N/A
                                                                                 Frames once every 12 months
    Allowances money to help you pay for:                                   Contact Lenses 4 boxes every 12 months

    Eyeglass frames                                                                         $130                     $45

    Contact lenses                                                                           $10                  $105

    Lens Options                                                             Spectacle Lenses once every 12 months
                                                                             Covered in full after
    Single vision                                                             applicable copay1           pay up to $40
                                                                             Covered in full after
    Bifocals                                                                  applicable copay1           pay up to $60
                                                                             Covered in full after
    Trifocals                                                                 applicable copay1           pay up to $80

    For all of the COVERAGE DETAILS, see your official vision plan documents. This information does not replace your official health
    plan documents. Please see your official health plan documents for all coverage details, which includes limitations and
    exclusions. See back page for all legal statements.

    The material copayment will apply once if frames and lenses, or contact lenses in lieu of eyewear, are purchased at the same time at a network provider.

8   Plans may vary. Please see your official plan documents.
Benefits           Health & Wellness Resources                    Enrollment

Learn more about
your vision coverage.
Save at network providers.
Without a vision plan, this is what you could pay on average.1

                                                                                                                                               WITHOUT A PLAN


    Routine Eye Exam                                                                                                                                         $60
    Glasses Copay (frames and lenses)                                                                                                                            $0
    Frames ($130 retail price at retail provider)                                                                                                          $130
    Standard Progressive Lenses                                                                                                                            $219
    Standard Anti-Reflective Coating                                                                                                                         $70
    Standard Scratch-Resistant Coating                                                                                                                       $27
    Total Due to Provider                                                                                                                                  $506

See more savings with these discounts.                                                                                    Find an eye doctor.4
                                                                                                                          The plan uses Spectera Eyecare
Laser vision correction                                                                                                   Networks, a national network of eye
Save up to 15 percent2 through the Laser Vision Network of America’s                                                      doctors, which includes optometrists
nationwide network.                                                                                                       and ophthalmologists. Participating
                                                                                                                          locations consist of both private
Contact lenses                                                                                                            practice and retail settings, including:

We provide a fast, easy way to order contact lenses online, while
offering a variety of lens options. One of the ways we do that is by
providing you a 10 percent discount on your order.

Hearing aids3
You can buy quality, digital hearing aids at discounted prices through
hi HealthInnovations®.

Now you can use your benefits at
Warby Parker.
Warby Parker offers a range of colors, styles and materials with
                                                                                                                          SEARCH for an eye doctor or
a 1-year, no-scratch guarantee; and for every pair purchased, a
                                                                                                                          clinic at
pair is distributed to someone in need. Visit
for more information.
For all of the COVERAGE DETAILS, see your official vision plan documents.
 This information is a generalized savings illustration based on internal UnitedHealthcare data (Jan. 2017 – Mar 2017). The charges for services and materials
without a plan may vary by provider.
 hi HealthInnovations® is an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.
 Not all providers participate in all plans. Check with your provider before using your benefits.                                                                              9
Benefits           Health & Wellness Resources         Enrollment

     Pharmacy Benefit
     Your covered medications.
                                                                                                                     Fill your prescriptions
     OptumRx® is your UnitedHealthcare® plan’s pharmacy care services
                                                                                                                     two ways.
     manager. OptumRx is committed to helping provide you with safer,
     easier and lower cost ways to get the medication you need.                                                      1. Choose from thousands of network
                                                                                                                        retail pharmacies.
     The UnitedHealthcare Prescription Drug List (PDL) is the list of
     medications that are covered by the plan. The PDL is organized by                                               2. Take advantage of the convenience
                                                                                                                        of OptumRx home delivery.
     cost levels, known as tiers. Choosing medications in the lower tiers
     may save you money.

          Tier 1                      Tier 2                       Tier 3
         Lower-cost                Midrange-cost                 Higher-cost
         Medications                Medications                  Medications

     Find out if your medication is covered by visiting

     Save on your medications.
     • Use home delivery. Up to a three-month supply of your medications will
       ship free to your home, often at a lower cost than retail. You also get 24/7
       phone support, medication refill reminders and more. And it saves you
       trips to the pharmacy.
     • Use network pharmacies. Use network pharmacies and you will generally
       pay less out-of-pocket. Our network includes thousands of pharmacies
       across the country.
     • Use lower tier medications, such as generics. Ask your doctor or check
       your PDL for lower-cost options. If you have a medication that is placed
       in a higher tier (Tier 3, for example), check to see if a lower-tier option is

                                 Manage your pharmacy benefits on the go.
                                 With and the UnitedHealthcare app1 you can:
                                 • Enroll in home delivery.                      • Estimate and compare medication costs.
                                 • Find network pharmacies.                                               • Search your plan’s PDL.
                                 • Refill prescriptions and set up refill reminders.

10   1
      The UnitedHealthcare app can also help determine how a medication is covered and whether or not there are other options to help save you money.
Benefits      Health & Wellness Resources     Enrollment

Get the most out of your
benefits when you go digital.
• Find network providers and provider locations.
• Manage your claims, track expenses and pay your medical bills.
• View benefit cost details.
• Find and compare covered medications.
• Refill, renew and transfer home delivery prescriptions.

        Estimate health care costs.                               Your path to better health.
        You have easy-to-use tools so you can see                 Sign up for Rally®, an online health
        what a treatment or procedure typically                   and wellness experience. Take a quick
        costs, estimate costs of prescriptions and                Health Survey and get personalized
        see what your share of expenses may be.                   recommendations to help you achieve your
                                                                  health and wellness goals.

        Manage your medications                                    Find quality doctors.
        and get refill reminders.                                  We make it easy to find doctors and other
        You can view your medications, find lower                  health care providers who are recognized
        cost options and sign up for text reminders                for meeting national quality or cost-efficiency
        so you don’t forget to take or refill your                 care in the UnitedHealth Premium®
        medication.                                                program. Look for the blue hearts.

                 On the go? Download the free UnitedHealthcare app
                 and take your plan with you.

                 Download at the App Store®.          Android available at Google PlayTM.

Benefits      Health & Wellness Resources   Enrollment

     Getting healthier just got fun.
     Your path to better health.
     Rally® is a digital experience on that is designed to make it easier for you to
     improve and maintain your health. Based on your responses to a Health Survey, you’ll get
     your Rally Age®, a simple measure to help assess your overall health.

                 Get personalized recommendations.
                 Set your goals and we’ll provide a list of recommended activities
                 to help you reach them.

                 Earn Rally coins for taking healthy actions.
                 As you complete certain activities, you’ll earn coins that can be used
                 for a chance to win prizes, support charities or bid in auctions.

                 Connect with a Community.
                 Compete with others in an online Challenge using a tracking
                 device to count your steps on virtual courses, or join a Community
                 with similar interests.

                 Track your progress to help stay motivated.
                 Once you sync your tracking device, you will be able to join a Mission or
                 complete Challenges and easily track your progress.

                        om ®

                                      makes managing
                                               your health plan easier.
                                               Sign up when you become a member.

Benefits      Health & Wellness Resources           Enrollment

Get access to support
and care at any time.
Need help? We’re on it.
                                                                                           Contact us for help with a
We know that managing your health plan benefits and your health
                                                                                           personal touch.
isn’t always easy. That’s why we have a team of people dedicated
to helping you. From understanding your claims to estimating costs                         Call the number listed on your health
ahead of time, we’re here to help.                                                         plan ID card.

You may want to know:
• Is this treatment covered?
• How much will I have to pay for a test my doctor wants
  me to get?
• What does this charge mean on my bill? And why is
  it this amount?
• Can you help explain my benefits and what I need to do?
• If I need to find a new doctor, can you help me?

Get care online with Virtual Visits.
A Virtual Visit lets you see and talk to a doctor from your mobile device1 or computer without an appointment. The
doctor can provide a diagnosis and, if appropriate, send a prescription2 to your local pharmacy, all in 30 minutes or
less. It’s all part of your health benefits.

                 Conditions commonly treated through a Virtual Visit.
                 Doctors can diagnose and treat a wide range of non-emergency medical conditions, including:
                 • Bladder infection/                          • Flu                       • Sinus problems
                   Urinary tract infection                      • Fever                     • Sore throat
                 • Bronchitis                                   • Pinkeye                   • Stomach ache
                 • Cold                                         • Rash

                 It’s easy to get started.
                 To get started with a Virtual Visit, go to and choose from provider sites where you
                 can register for a Virtual Visit. After registering and requesting a visit, you will pay your portion of the
                 service costs according to your medical plan, and then you will enter a virtual waiting room. During your
                 visit you will be able to talk to a doctor about your health concerns, symptoms and treatment options.

    Data rates may apply.
    Prescription services may not be available in all states.                                                                              13
Benefits     Health & Wellness Resources           Enrollment

     Lose weight and
     get help keeping it off.
     Get started with Real Appeal®.
                                                                                                                 What makes
     Losing weight can be difficult, especially when you try to do it alone.
                                                                                                                 Real Appeal different?
     That’s why we’re excited to offer Real Appeal, a program led by experts
     who have proven experience developing simple weight loss plans that                                         • No additional cost to members.1
     actually work and have long-term results.
                                                                                                                 • Easily accessible online
     Depending on your needs, a transformation coach will help you develop                                         weight loss program.
     a plan specific to your health goals, fitness level and lifestyle. Members
     also receive a Success Kit that includes program and workout guides, a                                      • Focus on small changes that
                                                                                                                   may lead to lasting results.
     recipe book, weight scale and cooking tools. All of this is no additional
     cost to Real Appeal participants!                                                                           • Based on weight loss
                                                                                                                   research studies.
     The Real Appeal program includes:                                                                           With Real Appeal, you will be
                                                                                                                 supported through every stage of your
                                                                                                                 weight loss journey. Real Appeal can
                     Expert one-on-one coaching.                                                                 work for most anyone, no matter how
                     • Plus, weekly group coaching and live                                                     much weight you want to lose or what
                       online discussions.                                                                       kind of shape you are in.

                     Personalized support.
                     • Nutrition guides, meal plans, video
                       workouts and fitness guides.

                     Engaging entertainment.
                     • All-Star Show featuring healthy tips from
                       celebrities, athletes and health experts.

                     24/7 online support, tools and a mobile app.
                     • Resources and tools to help you track your diet and exercise.

            GET STARTED. To learn more, visit

14   The Real Appeal program is provided at no additional cost to you as part of your benefit plan.
Benefits     Health & Wellness Resources      Enrollment

Support to help you reach your
wellness goals and earn rewards.
     Personalized health recommendations, just for you.
     Rally™ can help you get healthier, one small step at a time.
                                                                                          Get Your Rally Age
     Rally is designed to help you make changes to your daily routine, set smart goals
     and track your progress. You’ll get personalized recommendations to help you
     move more, eat better and improve your health—and have fun doing it.

     Get your Rally Age®.
                                                                                          Build Health Habits
     Take the Health Survey and instantly get your Rally Age — measure of your
     “health age” — to help assess your overall health.
     Then pick Missions to help you get your health on track. You can store your
     health history, connect with online Communities and compete in fun Challenges.
     Earn coins as you track and complete each Mission, then use them for a chance
                                                                                            Win Cool Stuff
     to win great prizes.

     Stay on top of your preventive care.
     Preventive care helps you and your doctor find health issues at an early stage to
     help prevent serious problems. Please see your plan documents for more details
     about preventive care coverage.

     Save 10% – 50% with our UnitedHealth Allies® health
     discount program:
     • Fitness memberships.
     • Weight management programs.
     • Fitness gear.
     • Nutrition and natural products.
     • And more.

     Powered by:

 LEARN MORE about wellness support at
Benefits     Health & Wellness Resources              Enrollment

     We’re here to help.
     Whether it’s finding care or managing a complex health condition, you’ll get help whenever you need it. Here are
     some of the programs and services that are available as part of your health plan with no additional cost to you.

                 Get access to the nation’s leading
                 health care facilities.                                                 Do you need a transplant?
                 Our Centers of Excellence network provides access to                    If you need a transplant, the Transplant
                 leading health care facilities, physicians and services to              Resource Services program can
                 support safe, specialized and cost-effective care.                       connect you to transplant Centers of
                                                                                         Excellence. Our experienced nurses
                                                                                         will work with you and your doctors
               Call to talk to a maternity nurse.                                        throughout your care.

               The Maternity Support Program offers comprehensive
               maternity services before, during and after pregnancy.
               Get support through one-on-one access to an
               experienced maternity nurse, medical director and
               social worker throughout your pregnancy, regardless of
               risk level, to provide assistance, guidance, answers and

                 See a doctor anywhere, anytime.
                 When you don’t feel well or your child is sick, the last thing
                 you want to do is leave the comfort of home to sit in a waiting
                 room. Now, you don’t have to. A Virtual Visit lets you see and
                 talk to a doctor from your mobile device or home computer.
                 There is a cost for Virtual Visits. See your health plan
                 documents for coverage details.

Benefits      Health & Wellness Resources   Enrollment

What comes next?
Choose a plan.
As you consider your benefits, think about how often you go to the doctor and the total cost of your benefits,
including how much you pay in monthly premiums.

Before coverage starts.
While we’re setting up your insurance:

         SEARCH OUR NETWORK for providers near you

Once coverage begins.
Your coverage starts January 1, 2019.

         WATCH THE MAIL for your                           GET STARTED ONLINE at and
         welcome kit and ID card.                          download the UnitedHealthcare app to help
                                                           manage your health and benefits.
                                                           1. Go to
                                                           2. Click on Register Now.
         once your coverage starts.

Use your plan.
Here are some great ways to use your plan throughout the year:

         SCHEDULE A PREVENTIVE EXAM,                       ESTIMATE YOUR COSTS before you get care
         flu shot or other preventive                      with or the UnitedHealthcare app.
         screening service.

         USE OUR RESOURCES to help                         GET ON-THE-GO ACCESS to health and account info,
         stay healthier and save money.                    tools and resources with the UnitedHealthcare app.

         CALL US FOR HELP                                  MANAGE YOUR PLAN AND HEALTH ONLINE
         when you need us.                                 at

Do you need more help?
                                                    Toll-free 1-866-873-3903, TTY 711
                                           Habla Español? Podemos ayudar.
Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates.
The information in this guide is a general description of your coverage. It is not a contract and does not replace the official benefit coverage documents which may include a Summary of
Benefits and Coverage and Certificate of Coverage/Summary Plan Description. If descriptions, percentages, and dollar amounts in this guide differ from what is in the official benefit
coverage documents, the official benefits coverage documents prevail.
Disease Management programs and services may vary on a location-by-location basis and are subject to change with written notice. UnitedHealthcare does not guarantee availability of
programs in all service areas and provider participation may vary. Certain items may be excluded from coverage and other requirements or restrictions may apply. If you select a new
provider or are assigned to a provider who does not participate in the Disease Management program, your participation in the program will be terminated. Self-Funded or Self-Insured
Plans (ASO) covered persons may have an additional premium cost. Please check with your employer.
The UnitedHealthcare plan with Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) combines the flexibility of a medical benefit plan with an employer-funded reimbursement account.
MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard Worldwide.
UnitedHealthcare vision coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, located in Hartford, Connecticut, UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York,
located in Islandia, New York, or their affiliates. Administrative services provided by Spectera, Inc., United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates. Plans sold in Texas use policy form
number VPOL.06.TX or VPOL.13.TX and associated COC form number VCOC.INT.06.TX or VCOC.CER.13.TX. Plans sold in Virginia use policy form number VPOL.06.VA or VPOL.13.VA
and associated COC form number VCOC.INT.06.VA or VCOC.CER.13.VA.
The hi HealthInnovations® hearing program is provided through UnitedHealthcare, offered to existing members of certain products underwritten or provided by UnitedHealthcare
Insurance Company or its affiliates to provide specific hearing aid discounts. This is not an insurance nor managed care product, and fees or charges for services in excess of those
defined in program materials are the member’s responsibility. UnitedHealthcare does not endorse nor guarantee hearing aid products/services available through the hearing program.
This program may not be available in all states or for all group sizes. Components subject to change.
Network Access Plan information is available for UnitedHealthcare plans in Colorado. UnitedHealthcare has prepared and maintains a network access that describes how the plan
monitors the network of providers to ensure that you have access to network providers. The access also has information on the referral processes, compliant procedures, quality
programs and emergency services coverage provisions. The network access plan is available at the plan’s office: 6465 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Suite 300, Centennial, CO, 80111 or call
Real Appeal is a voluntary weight loss program that is offered to eligible participants as part of their benefit plan. The information provided under this program is for general informational
purposes only and is not intended to be nor should be construed as medical and/or nutritional advice. Participants should consult an appropriate health care professional to determine
what may be right for them. Any items/tools that are provided may be taxable and participants should consult an appropriate tax professional to determine any tax obligations they may
have from receiving items/tools under the program.
Access to Virtual Visits and prescription services may not be available in all states or for all groups. Always refer to your plan documents for your specific coverage. Virtual Visits are not an
insurance product, health care provider or a health plan. Virtual Visits are an Internet-based service provided by contracted UnitedHealthcare providers that allow members to select and
interact with independent physicians and other health care providers. It’s the member’s responsibility to select health care professionals. Care decisions are between the consumer and
physician. Virtual Visits are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions and should not be used in those circumstances. Services may not be available at all
times or in all locations. Members have cost share responsibility and all claims are adjudicated according to the terms of the member’s benefit plan. Payment for Virtual Visit services does
not cover pharmacy charges; members must pay for prescriptions (if any) separately.
Rally Health provides health and well-being information and support as part of your health plan. It does not provide medical advice or other health services, and is not a substitute for your
doctor’s care. If you have specific health care needs, consult an appropriate health care professional. Participation in the health survey is voluntary. Your responses will be kept
confidential in accordance with the law and will only be used to provide health and wellness recommendations or conduct other plan activities.
App Store is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc.
The UnitedHealth Premium® designation program is a resource for informational purposes only. Designations are displayed in UnitedHealthcare online physician directories at®. You should always visit for the most current information. Premium designations are a guide to choosing a physician and may be used as one of many factors
you consider when choosing a physician. If you already have a physician, you may also wish to confer with him or her for advice on selecting other physicians. You should also discuss
designations with a physician before choosing him or her. Physician evaluations have a risk of error and should not be the sole basis for selecting a physician. Please visit for
detailed program information and methodologies.
Specialty benefits and programs may not be available in all states or for all group sizes. Components subject to change. These policies have exclusions, limitations and terms under which
the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, contact your UnitedHealthcare sales representative.
The health discount program is offered to existing members of certain products underwritten or provided by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates to provide specific
discounts and to encourage participation in wellness programs. Health care professional availability for certain services may be dependent on licensure, scope of practice restrictions or
other requirements in the state. UnitedHealthcare does not endorse or guarantee health products/services available through the discount program. This program may not be available in
all states or for all groups. Components subject to change.
The Centers of Excellence (COE) program providers and medical centers are independent contractors who render care and treatment to health plan members. The COE program does
not provide direct healthcare services or practice medicine, and the COE providers and medical centers are solely responsible for medical judgments and related treatments. The COE
program is not liable for any act or omission, including negligence, committed by any independent contracted health care professional or medical center.

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