dining guide
Noosa Heads
AROMAS NOOSA                                         10 HASTINGS BOUTIQUE CAFE
7/32 Hastings Street        P: 07 5474 9788          10 Hastings Street          P: 07 5455 3350
NOOSA HEADS              NOOSA HEADS       

                       Aromas Noosa is the heart                            Along with chef Jamie we
                       of Hastings Street. Aromas                           have put a huge amount of
                       Noosa serves delicious food                          thought and effort into our
Type of Cuisine        and fantastic coffee from                             exciting Dinner Menu which
                       6am till late seven days a                           includes an array of tasty
                       week. Aromas is a Noosa                              Spanish tapas, Paella, daily
                       icon.                                                specials and desserts whilst
                                                     Type of Cuisine        not forgetting to maintain
Alcohol Service        Licensed                                             the chilled, fun and happy
                                                                            vibe that 10 is famous for.
                       Breakfast                                            We still have the best
Open for…              Lunch                                                smashed avo for breakfast
                       Dinner                                               in town and our lunch
                                                                            menu has something for
                       7 days a week                                        everyone.
                       6am until late
Opening hours                                        Alcohol Service        Licensed
                       Closed Christmas Day
                                                     Open for…              Lunch
BETTY’S BURGERS & CONCRETE CO                                               Dinner

2/50 Hastings Street        P: 07 5455 4375                                 From 7.30am for breakfast
NOOSA HEADS                                   and lunch 7 days a week
                                                     Opening hours
                       Betty's Burgers and                                  Open until late for dinner
                       Concrete Co is a classic                             Tuesday through Sunday
                       burger shack serving the
                       freshest, juiciest and
                       mouth-watering burgers        BISTRO C
                       around. As with any great
                       burger it needs a             1/49 Hastings Street        P: 07 5447 2855
                       supporting cast and in this   NOOSA HEADS       
Type of Cuisine        case, it is our house made
                       custard icecream otherwise                           Modern Australian Cuisine
                       known as a concrete. The                             and sunset cocktails by a
                       inspiration for this                                 stylish beachfront
                                                     Type of Cuisine
                       restaurant comes from the                            boardwalk. Positioned
                       owner's late grandmother,                            absolute beachfront
                       Betty Anderson who was                               overlooking Laguna Bay.
                       known for making the best
                       burgers in her day.           Alcohol Service        Licensed

Alcohol Service        Licensed                                             Breakfast
                                                     Open for…              Lunch
                       Lunch                                                Dinner
Open for…
                                                                            7 days a week
                                                     Opening hours
                       Open 7 days a week from                              7.30am until late
                       10am until late
Opening hours
                       You can eat in or take away
                       and phone orders are
49 Hastings Street        P: 07 5448 0888          8/ 32 Hastings Street         P: 07 5455 3588

                     A fresh, seasonal menu                                Smoothie and Juice Bar
                     highlighting the regions                              serving super smoothies,
                     produce combined with a                               protein smoothies, freshly
                     relaxed yet sophisticated     Type of Cuisine         squeezed juices, dairy free
Type of Cuisine
                     venue that enables diners                             crushes, lean and green
                     to soak up the glamorous                              smoothies and low fat
                     atmosphere and natural                                smoothies.
                     beauty of Noosa.
                                                   Alcohol Service         N/A
Alcohol Service      Licensed
                                                   Open for…
                     Breakfast                                             Lunch
Open for…            Lunch
                     Dinner                                                7 days a week
                                                                           6.30am - 5pm
                     7 days a week
Opening hours                                      Opening hours
                     6.30am until late                                     During Summer trading
                                                                           open earlier and later (6am
                                                                           to 6pm)
Bay Village               P: 1300 636 300          CAFE LE MONDE
Hastings Street 
NOOSA HEADS                                        52 Hastings Street            P: 07 5449 2366
                                                   NOOSA HEADS         
                     Relaxed friendly
Type of Cuisine
                     atmosphere                                            Modern Australian Cuisine.
                                                                           Speciality Coffee. Certified
Alcohol Service      Licensed                      Type of Cuisine         organic cold pressed juice.
                                                                           Tanglewood organic
                     Breakfast                                             sourdough.
Open for…            Lunch
                     Dinner                        Alcohol Service         Licensed

                     7 days a week                                         Breakfast
Opening hours        Mon - Thur 6am - 5pm                                  Lunch
                     Fri-Sun 6am - 8.30pm          Open for…

                                                                           7 days a week
                                                   Opening hours           6am to late, all year
                                                                           including Public Holidays
Grill’d Noosa                                          EL CAPITANO PIZZERIA & BAR
5/50 Hastings Street        P: 07 5455 3809            Upstairs                     P: 07 5474 9990
NOOSA HEADS                     52 Hastings Street 
                                                       NOOSA HEADS

                       Healthy burgers using the                              El Capitano serves up
                       highest quality and freshest                           artisan organic sourdough
                       ingredients.                                           pizzas with a 72 hour
                                                                              fermentation process. We
                       Burgers, Super Sliders,                                source local ingredients
                       Salads, Hot Chips, Sweet                               combined with our hand
Type of Cuisine        Potato, Avocado and                                    crafted bases to create the
                       Zucchini Chips, Mini Burgers                           best pizzas around.
                       for the kids or Build your      Type of Cuisine
                       own Burger.                                            Our beverage list features
                                                                              carefully selected wines,
                       Every month we support 3                               craft beers and delicious
                       local community groups.                                cocktails that complement
                                                                              the pizzas.
Alcohol Service        Licensed
                                                                              DJ's Saturday nights from
                       Lunch                                                  9pm - Late
Open for…
                                                       Alcohol Service        Licensed
                       7 days a week
Opening hours
                       10am - 10pm                                            Dinner
                                                       Open for…

                                                                              7 days a week
                                                       Opening hours
HALSE LODGE BAR AND RESTAURANT                                                5pm - 10pm

2 Halse Lane                P: 07 5447 3377
                       Open every night for Dinner     3/49 Hastings Street         P: 07 5447 2606
                       and drinks! Happy hour          NOOSA HEADS
                       (and a half!) in the bar from
                       5.00pm - 6.30pm. Dinner                                Our deliciously irresistible
Type of Cuisine                                                               pies and pastries are hand
                       from 5.30pm, fabulous
                       menu with nightly dinner                               made on the premises
                       specials - Best fish tacos in                           using only the freshest
                       town!                                                  ingredients, premium
                                                                              meats, roasted vegies and
Alcohol Service        Licensed                        Type of Cuisine        herbed spices All
                                                                              ingredients are sourced
                       Dinner                                                 locally and encased in a
Open for…                                                                     delicious all butter pastry.
                                                                              We also have delicious
                       7 days a week                                          cakes, sandwiches and
Opening hours          Bar 5pm till late                                      freshly baked bread.
                       Restaurant from 5.30pm
                                                       Alcohol Service        N/A

                                                       Open for…

                                                                              7 days a week
                                                       Opening hours
                                                                              5.30am - 5pm
2 Hastings Street      P: 07 5474 8989                       50 Hastings Street          P: 07 5474 9555

                        Authentic Indian Cuisine                                    Steak House and
                        with wide variety of                                        Bottleshop. Our steaks are
                        vegetarian and vegan                                        served with salad and Jack's
                        options. Best curry ever                                    famous double cream mash
Type of Cuisine
                        tantalising the taste buds of        Type of Cuisine        potatoes, chips or fries, and
                        locals and tourist for over                                 your choice of wild
                        nine years. All the favourites                              mushroom sauce, roasted
                        and signature dishes                                        green peppercorn or classic
                                                                                    diane sauce.
Alcohol Service         Licensed
                                                             Alcohol Service        Licensed
Open for…               Dinner
                        7 days a week                        Open for…
Opening hours                                                                       Dinner
                        From 5.30pm
                                                                                    Sun to Thurs 10am -
                                                             Opening hours          midnight
                                                                                    Fri & Sat 10am - 2am
7/62 Hastings Street          P: 07 5447 51111
NOOSA HEADS                      MAKIMOTO NOOSA
                        Bringing a taste of Italy to         9/32 Hastings Street        P: 07 5455 3741
                        Hastings St, Locale offers an         NOOSA HEADS       
                        unforgettable dining
                        experience and delicious                                    MakiMoto Noosa brings
                        Italian cuisine. Quality                                    Japanese to Hastings Street.
Type of Cuisine         handmade food with fresh                                    With modern design, timber
                        local produce, exceptional                                  and greenery, this relaxed,
                        service and a relaxing                                      open air space has indoor
                        atmosphere nestled in the                                   and outdoor seating
                        French Quarter in the heart          Type of Cuisine        catering for all customers.
                        of Noosa.                                                   Three different open
                                                                                    kitchen areas and bar
Alcohol Service         Licensed                                                    allows MakiMoto to provide
                                                                                    a wide range of Japanese
                        Lunch                                                       meals, drinks for lunch and
Open for…
                        Dinner                                                      dinner.
                        7 days a week                        Alcohol Service        Licensed
Opening hours
                        From 12pm til late
                                                             Open for…

                                                                                    7 days a week

                                                             Opening hours          11am - 3pm

                                                                                    5 - 9pm
6 Hastings Street         P: 07 5474 9999           16 Hastings Street           P: 07 5449 4754
NOOSA HEADS            NOOSA HEADS        

                    Miss Moneypenny’s, located                             Noosa Beach House
                    on beautiful Hastings Street,                          provides relaxed coastal
                    Noosa, is a stylish venue                              dining in a stylishly chic
                    with a relaxed atmosphere                              setting. Featuring an open
                    and a focus on social dining                           kitchen the restaurant
                    that offers a diverse range                             evolves from a sunny
                    of cocktails, alongside the                            daytime venue in to a
                    Mediterranean and Middle                               sophisticated dining
                                                    Type of Cuisine
                    Eastern-inspired modern                                experience in the evening.
                    Australian cuisine.                                    Enjoy acclaimed chef and
                    Architecturally designed,                              restaurateur Peter
Type of Cuisine     Miss Moneypenny’s lends                                Kuruvita’s passion for
                    itself to private functions,                           creative cuisine and
                    including formal and                                   imaginative menus with
                    informal functions,                                    flavours from amazing
                    weddings, corporate events                             travels and destinations.
                    and cocktail classes – the
                    perfect setting for any         Alcohol Service        Licensed
                    occasion. Finalist – best
                    regional bar in Australia                              Breakfast
                    2017. Listed n. 11 in 50        Open for…              Lunch
                    Global Finds, Sun Herald,                              Dinner
                                                                           Open 7 days a week for:
Alcohol Service     Licensed                                               Buffet breakfast
                                                                           6.30 - 10.30am
Open for…           Lunch                                                  Lunch
                    Dinner                                                 Sat & Sun 12 - 2.30pm
                                                    Opening hours
                    Mon to Fri 11.30am -
                                                                           5.30pm - late
                                                                           Bar & all day dining
Opening hours       Sat & Sun 11am - midnight
                                                                           10am - late
                    Serving food at least until
                    11pm                            NOSH EXPRESS
                                                    7/49 Hastings Street         P: 07 5474 5626
                                                    NOOSA HEADS
                                                                           Biggest selection of fresh
1/2 Quamby Place          P: 07 5455 3741                                  and exciting salads, quality
NOOSA HEADS                                                                burgers and fish and chips,
                                                                           available for take-out on
                    Takeaways and seafood                                  Hastings St. We only use
                    deli. Fresh seasonal prawns,    Type of Cuisine
Type of Cuisine                                                            msa grassfed beef and free
                    oysters, fish, salads and                               range chicken and eggs. All
                    house specials.                                        our dressings and sauces
                                                                           are home-made. Gluten and
Alcohol Service     N/A                                                    dairy-free choices available.
                    Lunch                           Alcohol Service        N/A
Open for…
                    7 days a week                   Open for…
Opening hours                                                              Dinner
                    11am - 8pm
                                                                           7 days a week
                                                    Opening hours
                                                                           From 10am
RACV NOOSA RESORT                                    RELISH RESTAURANT
94 Noosa Drive            P: 07 5341 6300            Noosa Springs Golf Resort   P: 07 5440 3317
NOOSA HEADS               & Spa , Links Drive
                                                     NOOSA HEADS
                     RACV Noosa Resort offers
                     the choice of dining at                               Relish restaurant specialises
                     Arcuri Restaurant or light                            in a mixture of Asian and
                     meals or a Wood fired pizza                            Mediterranean cuisine, with
                     at Dazza's Bar. Enjoy an a la                         a delicious lunch special
                     carte or buffet breakfast or                           always available. Enjoy a la
Type of Cuisine                                      Type of Cuisine       carte dining in air-
                     casual lunch with an ice
                     cold beer. Dine on fresh                              conditioned comfort, or
                     produce from our                                      choose an outside table and
                     contemporary Australian                               overlook the lush
                     menu at our chic Arcuri                               vegetation and rolling
                     Restaurant.                                           fairways of the golf course.

Alcohol Service      Licensed                        Alcohol Service       Licensed & BYO

                     Breakfast                                             Breakfast
Open for…            Lunch                           Open for…             Lunch
                     Dinner                                                Dinner

                     7 days a week                                         Breakfast and lunch
                                                                           7 days a week
                     Breakfast                       Opening hours
                     6.30am - 11.00am                                      Dinner
                                                                           Wed - Sat nights
Opening hours
                     Lunch/all day dining
                     11am - 10pm

                     Dinner                          RICKY’S RIVER BAR & RESTAURANT
                     from 6pm
                                                     10/2 Quamby Place           P: 07 5447 2455
                                                     NOOSA HEADS       
PROVIDORE ON HASTINGS                                                      Set on the banks of the
                                                                           beautiful Noosa River,
75 Hastings Street        P: 07 5449 6650                                  Rickys River Bar &
                                                                           Restaurant delivers a dining
                                                                           experience that
                     Providore on Hastings is a
                                                                           encapsulates the Noosa
                     place to stock up on
                                                                           lifestyle. Rickys offers a
                     gourmet groceries, coffees
                                                                           delicious menu featuring a
                     and fresh meals to take
Type of Cuisine                                      Type of Cuisine       wonderful selection of fresh
                     away. From gourmet
                                                                           seafood and the very best
                     sandwiches, salads, cheeses
                                                                           local produce. With
                     and meats - everything you
                                                                           sweeping views of the
                     need for the perfect platter.
                                                                           Noosa River, Rickys is the
Alcohol Service      Licensed                                              perfect place for a leisurely
                                                                           lunch, a sunset dinner or a
                     Breakfast                                             relaxing cocktail in their
Open for…                                                                  River Bar.

                     7 days a week                   Alcohol Service       Licensed
Opening hours
                                                     Open for…

                                                                           7 days a week
                                                     Opening hours
                                                                           12pm to late
75 Hastings Street        P: 07 5447 4235            25 Hastings Street           P: 07 5447 3747
NOOSA HEADS               NOOSA HEADS        

                     Located on the eastern side                             Season Restaurant boasts
                     of Noosa Main Beach, Sails                              superb views over Noosa’s
                     Restaurant offers 180                                    Main Beach, offering the
                     degree views of Laguna Bay.                             best in beachfront dining
                     Executive chef Paul Leete                               and is open for breakfast,
                     presents a creative fusion of                           lunch and dinner seven
Type of Cuisine      modern Australian Cuisine,                              days a week. We have
                     while keeping a strong                                  created a menu that
                     focus on fresh, seasonal                                highlights the freshest local
                     produce. Both the food and                              Noosa produce and our
                     venue are complemented          Type of Cuisine         innovative dishes ensure
                     by an award-winning wine                                that there is something for
                     list.                                                   everyone.

Alcohol Service      Licensed                                                With the perfect mix of
                                                                             relaxed yet professional
                     Lunch                                                   service, stylish food and
Open for…
                     Dinner                                                  glamorous location, Season
                                                                             delivers the ultimate Noosa
                     7 days a week                                           beachfront dining
Opening hours        From 12pm to late                                       experience.
                     Coffee Cart 7am - 11am
                                                     Alcohol Service         Licensed
ROCOCO NOOSA                                                                 Breakfast
42 Hastings Street        P: 07 5474 9600            Open for…               Lunch
NOOSA HEADS                                      Dinner

                     Dine alfresco to the magical                            7 days a week
                                                     Opening hours
                     sounds of classic standards,                            7.30am to late
                     lounge, jazz, show-tunes
                     and cabaret. Sip cocktails by   SURF CLUB RESTAURANT
                     the baby grand in the piano
                     bar. Enjoy a vintage wine or    Noosa Heads Surf Club        P: 07 5447 3055
                     champagne while watching        69 Hastings Street 
                     the foot traffic waltz by.        NOOSA HEADS
                     Dine on contemporary
                     Italian cuisine created by                              Award-winning Surf Club
Type of Cuisine      Executive Chef Lance Elliot                             serving comprehensive and
                     McKenzie and sample some                                extensive menu, including a
                     of the region's great                                   kids menu. Daily fresh
                     produce. Rococo is a multi      Type of Cuisine         specials board. Typical
                     award-winning restaurant,                               Australian cuisine, TAB,
                     relaxed and casually                                    Pokies, Keno, 35 different
                     sophisticated with                                      beers on tap and best
                     exceptional service,                                    beach views in Australia!
                     culminating in an
                     unforgettable dining            Alcohol Service         Licensed
                                                                             Breakfast (Sat & Sun only)
Alcohol Service      Licensed                        Open for…               Lunch
Open for…            Lunch                                                   Breakfast
                     Dinner                                                  Sat & Sun 8am - 10.30am
                                                     Opening hours
                     Mon to Fri 11am - midnight                              Lunch/ Dinner
Opening hours
                     Sat & Sun 8am - midnight                                7 days a week
                                                                             11am - 8.30pm
VIEW BY MATT GOLINSKI                               WASABI RESTAURANT & BAR
33A Viewland Drive        P: 07 5455 2209           2 Quamby Place         P: 07 5449 2443
NOOSA HEADS                                         NOOSA HEADS  

                     Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski                     Award winning
                     has joined the team at                           contemporary Japanese
                                                    Type of Cuisine
                     Peppers Noosa Resort and                         cuisine, with an emphasis
                     Villas as the new Food                           on regional ingredients.
                     Ambassador and Advisory
                     Executive Chef for View        Alcohol Service   Licensed
                     Restaurant. Matt's
Type of Cuisine      philosophy is to give our                        Lunch
                                                    Open for…
                     guests a genuinely local                         Dinner
                     experience, with View
                     Restaurant having great                          Lunch
                     potential to showcase the                        Fri & Sun from 1pm
                     freshest ingredients
                     sourced from local farmers                       Dinner
                                                    Opening hours
                     and producers.                                   Wed to Sun from 5pm

Alcohol Service      Licensed                                         Opening hours may change
                                                                      during peak holiday periods
Open for…            Lunch
                     Dinner                         WOOD FIRE GRILL
                     Open 7 days a week for:        2 Quamby Place         P: 07 5447 2455
                     Breakfast                      NOOSA HEADS  
                     7am -11am
                                                                      If you appreciate the art of
                     Lunch                                            BBQ, then Wood Fire Grill is
                     11am - 5pm                                       a must when in Noosa. With
Opening hours                                                         a relaxed and inviting
                     Dinner                                           setting with views of Noosa
                     5.30pm- 9pm                                      River, a hearty menu
                                                    Type of Cuisine
                                                                      designed to celebrate
                     Happy Hour                                       quality produce and tasting
                     4.30pm - 6pm                                     plates to share, Wood Fire
                                                                      Grill offers an exciting
                                                                      dining experience to enjoy
                                                                      with family and friends.
                                                    Alcohol Service   Licensed
15 Hastings Street        P: 07 5447 3211
NOOSA HEADS                                  Lunch
                                                    Open for…
                     Gourmet Pizza Bar serving                        Dinner
                     Noosa's best pizza for more
Type of Cuisine      than 10 years. Great                             Lunch
                     location, fantastic food and                     Sun 12pm -3pm
                     awesome cocktails.             Opening hours
Alcohol Service      Licensed                                         Wed to Sun from 5pm

Open for…

                     7 days a week
Opening hours
                     From 12pm to late
Noosa Junction
KB’S NOOSA                                         MYSTIC INDIA
44 Noosa Drive         P: 07 5447 3355             1/8 Lanyana Way             P: 07 5455 4299

                  Great value bar food with                              Hearty curries and Indian
                  meals from $10, with nightly                           breads in a relaxed, well-lit
                  games, prizes, music and                               room with colourful
Type of Cuisine
                  dancing. Come chill out with                           traditional decor. Dine-in or
                  a coldie on our new bar                                takeaway. Menu
                                                   Type of Cuisine
                  deck.                                                  incorporates both
                                                                         traditional and classical
Alcohol Service   Licensed                                               favourites with original and
                                                                         new dishes that deliver
Open for…         Dinner                                                 authentic Indian flavours.

                  7 days a week                    Alcohol Service       Licensed
                  Restaurant 5.30 - 8.30pm
                  Bar 5pm - midnight                                     Lunch
Opening hours                                      Open for…
                  Free bus to the nightclub
                  after                                                  Lunch
                                                                         7 days a week
                                                                         12pm - 2.30pm
19 Noosa Drive         P: 07 5430 7500             Opening hours
                                                                         Sun to Thurs
NOOSA JUNCTION                                  5.30pm - 8.30pm
                  The Reef Laguna Bistro &                               Dinner
                  Bar offers modern                                       Fri & Sat 5.30pm - 9pm
                  Australian cuisine with great
                  steaks and seafood. A
                  fantastic dining experience      NOOSA JUNCTION SEAFOOD MARKET
                  for families and friends
                  alike. Flanagan's Irish Pub      Cnr Cooyar Street &         P: 07 5449 2655
                  offers traditional Irish fare     Lanyana Way       
Type of Cuisine
                  with our Guinness Pie a          NOOSA JUNCTION
                  clear favourite. There is sure
                  to be a taste tempter to suit                          Serving up the biggest,
                  everyone. Kids are happily                             freshest range of seafood
                  catered for with its spacious                          and artisan produce
                  Reef Ranger kids room with       Type of Cuisine       sourced from local
                  full bistro viewing for the                            ingredients. Chef in store
                  parents.                                               everyday to help you with
                                                                         cooking advice.
Alcohol Service   Licensed
                                                   Alcohol Service       N/A
Open for…                                          Open for…             N/A

                  7 days a week                                          7 days a week
Opening hours
                  12pm - 9pm
                                                   Opening hours         Mon to Sat 8.30am - 6pm

                                                                         Sun 9am - 6pm
PASTA PRONTO                                              Sumi Open Kitchen
2/25 Sunshine Beach Road     P: 07 5448 0522              The Pavilion 19-21         P: 07 5447 3270
NOOSA JUNCTION           Sunshine Beach Rd,
                                                          NOOSA JUNCTION
                    We offer dine-in and
                    takeaway and are                                            Sumi Open Kitchen provides
                    passionate about creating                                   our staff an outlet to share
                    authentic Italian dishes.                                   a dining experience with
                    Only the finest ingredients
                    are used in our delicious                                   our guest. We inspire one
                    pasta dishes, gourmet                                       and another with
                    pizzas, salads and desserts.                                knowledge, smiles and joy.
Type of Cuisine     Vegan and gluten free                                       As the name suggests Sumi
                    options are available on our
                    menu. We also serve fine                                     Open Kitchen has nothing
                    Italian coffee and have a              Type of Cuisine       to hide offering a space
                    wide selection of drinks to                                 escaping the every day
                    accompany your meal. You                                    grind where one can feel
                    can BYO wine for a small
                    corkage fee of $3 per                                       welcome and resolved. It's
                    person.                                                     our answer to a growing
                                                                                interest in Japanese food .
Alcohol Service     Licensed
                                                                                It all starts with design,
Open for…           Dinner                                                      clean lines integrating
                                                                                comfort and function.
                    Mon - Sat
Opening hours
                    5.30pm - 9pm                          Alcohol Service       Licensed

                                                          Open for…             Dinner
                                                                                Wed - Sun
                                                          Opening hours
Cooyar Street              P: 07 5455 3100                                      5.30pm – 10.00pm

                    Fresh, organic fruit and
                    vegetables, boutique                 YEN TAPPANAKI
                    grocery lines, deli items,
Type of Cuisine     Colin James Gelati, fresh            1/34 Sunshine Beach Road   P: 0421 249 493
                    juices and smoothie bar,             NOOSA JUNCTION   
                    Costa Noosa coffee, flowers
                    and more.                                                  Authtentic Japanese cuisine,
                                                                               our aim is for you to eat
Alcohol Service     N/A                                                        well and have fun. We select
                                                                               the finest ingredients to
Open for…           N/A                                                        prepare delicious and
                                                                               healthy meals. Our menu
                    7 days a week                        Type of Cuisine
Opening hours                                                                  will satisfy hearty meat
                    6am - 6pm                                                  eaters, seafood lovers and
                                                                               vegetarians. We also cater
                                                                               for special dietary
                                                                               requirements including
                                                                               gluten free

                                                         Alcohol Service       Licensed

                                                         Open for…

                                                                               7 days a week
                                                         Opening hours
                                                                               12pm & 5.15pm - 7.15pm
 59 Rene Street            P: 07 5474 3817         59 Rene Street             P: 07 5474 4404

                    Sunshine Coast’s most                               Belmondos features
                    prestigious butchery                                certified organic fruit and
                    offering the home chef or                            veg, pantry goods from Bio
                    self catering holiday maker                         Shop Noosa and organic
                    an outstanding selection of                         meats from Eumundi
                    ethically sourced produce.                          Meats. With ready-to-eat
                    Succulent lamb, pasture                             meals and catering from
 Type of Cuisine
                    raised and organic beef,                            Vanilla Food, and artisan
                    local poultry, award winning                        producers including
                                                   Type of Cuisine
                    pork along with our                                 Tanglewood Organic
                    signature range of                                  Sourdough Bakery, Noosa
                    preservative free sausages,                         Cleanse Certified Organic
                    burgers and charcuterie are                         Cold Press Juices & Cleanses
                    certain to please.                                  and award-winning
                                                                        specialty coffee roastery,
 Alcohol Service    N/A                                                 Clandestino Roasters,
                                                                        Belmondos is an emporium
 Open for…          N/A                                                 for all your organic needs.

                    Mon to Fri 7am - 5.30pm        Alcohol Service      N/A
 Opening hours
                    Sat 7am - 2pm                                       Breakfast
                                                   Open for…

Bavarian hof                                                            Mon to Fri 8am - 5pm
                                                   Opening hours
5/239 Gympie Tce          P: 07 5455 5523                               Sat 8am - 4pm
                   Experience authentic
                   Bavarian food and beer          255 Gympie Terrace         P: 07 5449 8833
                   with an extensive list of       NOOSAVILLE       
                   mouthwatering Bavarian
                   delicacies.                                          Beginning in 2008, Grind
Type of Cuisine                                                         has become not just a café,
                   Bavarian Hof is a German                             not just a place for tasty
                   restaurant.                                          breakfast looking out onto
                                                                        the sparkling Noosa River -
                   Grab your mates and                                  but a state of mind. We
                   celebrate Oktoberfest with      Type of Cuisine
                                                                        serve all-day breakfast,
                   us!                                                  brunch, lunch and coffee.
                                                                        We take bookings and
Alcohol Service    Licensed                                             provide talbe service at a
                                                                        reasonable price with
                   Lunch                                                outdoor/indoor seating
Open for…
                                                   Alcohol Service      Licensed
                   Wed to Sun
Opening hours
                   12pm - 9pm                                           Breakfast
                                                   Open for…

                                                                        7 days a week
                                                   Opening hours
                                                                        6.30am - 2.30pm
GIBSONS HOMEWARES & CAFE                                 Land and sea brewery
7-9 Gibsons Road             P: 07 5414 1111             19 Venture Drive          P: 07 5455 6128
NOOSAVILLE                  NOOSAVILLE      

                       Gibsons on a daily basis
                       produces a cabinet full of                             Noosa's first and original
                       great salads, cakes, frittatas,                        Craft Brewery.
                       slices, tarts and gourmet
Type of Cuisine        pies. Our Chef bakes fresh                             Build your own Brekkie,
                       scones, muffins, and cakes          Type of Cuisine      Snacks, Hand-Cut Chips,
                       daily. Classic, fresh food,                            Lunch, Dinner, Vintage
                       perfect for dinner or                                  Black Specialty Coffee,
                       catered events.                                        House made Soda’s, Spirits,
                                                                              Wine and Craft Beers.
Alcohol Service        Licensed
                                                         Alcohol Service      Licensed
Open for…
                       Lunch                                                  Breakfast
                                                         Open for…            Lunch
                       Mon - Fri 7.30am - 4.30pm                              Dinner

Opening hours          Sat - 7.30am - 3.30pm                                  7 days a week
                                                         Opening hours
                       Sun - CLOSED                                           7am - Late

                                                         MAISIES SEAFOOD AND STEAKHOUSE
1/257 Gympie Terrace         P: 07 5449 7144
NOOSAVILLE                    247 Gympie Terrace        P: 07 5449 7497
                       Mod Oz meets Europe.
                       Hand made pasta, lots of                               Fantastic food and river
Type of Cuisine        local seafood, beautiful                               views. Great Value, family
                       salads and char-grilled                                friendly restaurant offering
                       meats.                            Type of Cuisine      top quality dishes made
                                                                              using fresh local produce.
Alcohol Service        Licensed                                               Take-away, Seafood platters
                                                                              and desserts.
Open for…                                                Alcohol Service      Licensed

                       7 days a week                                          Lunch
                                                         Open for…
Opening hours          Closed Sun night (cooler
                       months only) except long                               Monday to Friday
                       weekends                                               4pm - midnight
                                                         Opening hours
                                                                              Sat & Sun 12pm - midnight
NOOSA BOATHOUSE                                         MOONDOGGY’S CAFE BAR
194 Gympie Terrace    P: 5440 5070                      Islander Resort            P: 07 5449 9659
NOOSAVILLE               187 Gympie Terrace
                     Noosa Boathouse offers
                     relaxed waterfront dining,                              Moondoggy's Café Bar
                     floating right on the Noosa                              offering Segafredo coffee
                     River. Our menu specializes                             and a variety of leaf teas
                     in the freshest local                                   and huge choice of fresh
                     seafood, quality beef and                               juices and smoothies. All
                     locally sourced seasonal                                day breakfasts and easy
Type of Cuisine      produce.                                                lunches with gourmet
                                                                             sandwiches and daily
                     Our famous 3 tiered                                     specials. Vegetarian and
                     seafood platter is always a        Type of Cuisine      gluten free choices. Try the
                     favourite. Stop into the                                familiar Leg Ham Eggs
                     Sunset Bar on the top deck                              Benedict or Chefs Baked
                     for a cocktail and watch the                            Beans or the Vegetarian
                     sun go down.                                            Sunrise with house made
                                                                             pesto. Cakes and biscuits
Alcohol Service      Licensed                                                made by our Chefs with
                                                                             gluten free choices. Wine,
                     Coffee                                                   champagne and beers
Open for…            Lunch                                                   available.
                                                        Alcohol Service      Licensed & BYO
                     Tues to Sun                                             Breakfast
                                                        Open for…
                     9am - 11pm                                              Lunch
                     Coffee, Lunch, Dinner
                                                                             7 days a week
Opening hours
                     Sunset Bar                         Opening hours        7am - 4pm
                     Tues to Sun                                             Christmas 7 - 11.30am
                     4.30pm onwards
                     Drinks, cocktails and street
                     food menu
                                                        NOOSAVILLE FISH MARKET
                                                        90 Hilton Terrace      P: 5449 7127
                                                                             Seafood - fresh and cooked
142 Gympie Terrace   P: 07 5474 4444                    Type of Cuisine      takeaway fish and chips,
NOOSAVILLE                         fresh prawns and oysters.
                     Casual, elegant dining right       Alcohol Service      BYO
Type of Cuisine      on the Noosa River. Italian
                     cuisine.                                                Lunch
                                                        Open for…
Alcohol Service      Licensed
                                                                             7 days a week
                     Lunch                                                   Mon to Fri 10am - 7.30pm
Open for…                                               Opening hours
                     Dinner                                                  Sat & Sun 10.30am - 7.30pm
                                                                             Closed Christmas Day
                     7 days a week
Opening hours        Lunch from 12pm
                     Dinner from 5.30pm
NOOSA YACHT AND ROWING CLUB                              Padre Coffee
Chaplin Park, Gympie Terrace      P: 5440 7400           10 Eenie Creek Rd,   P: 07 5474 2036
NOOSAVILLE                          NOOSAVILLE 

                      Enjoy the relaxed dining                                Opened in early 2016, our
                      atmosphere overlooking the                              Noosa roastery has become
                      beautiful Noosa River. Our                              a mecca for the Sunshine
                      contemporary menu, which                                Coast's coffee community; a
                      focuses on the best local                               roastery, cafe, retail store,
Type of Cuisine       and seasonal produce,                                   training lab and wholesale
                                                         Type of Cuisine
                      mouth-watering steaks and                               HQ all-in-one where we
                      the freshest local seafood,                             roast, brew and drink Padre
                      is supported with an                                    Coffee all under the same
                      extensive list of tap beers                             roof. A bright, sunny and
                      and fine wines.                                          open space brings all the
                                                                              elements together
Alcohol Service       Licensed
                                                         Alcohol Service      N/A
                      Breakfast (Sun only)
Open for…             Lunch                                                   Breakfast
                                                         Open for…
                      Dinner                                                  Lunch

                      7 days a week                                           Mon - Sat
                      Lunch                                                   7am – 2pm
                      12pm to 2.30pm                     Opening hours
                                                                              Closed Sunday and public
                      Sun to Wed 5.30 – 8pm                                   holidays
Opening hours         Thurs to Sat 5.30 – 8.30pm

                      Sun only 8 – 10am                  SAMBA GRILL
                                                         251 Gympie Terrace   P: 07 5449 9577
                      Snack Menu                         NOOSAVILLE 
                      2.30 – 5.30pm
                                                                              Noosa residents and visitors
                                                                              can now enjoy the authentic
PK’S CAFE AND BAR                                                             taste of Churrasco
                                                                              (pronounced Shoo-Has-Co)
Ivory Palms Resort             P: 07 5473 1700                                cuisine for dinner with the
73 Hilton Terrace                            region’s first Brazilian
NOOSAVILLE                                                                    restaurant at 251 Gympie
                                                         Type of Cuisine
                                                                              Terrace, Noosaville. Samba
                      Enjoy a relaxed breakfast,                              Grill will serve traditional
                      lunch or dinner at PK’s Cafe                            Brazilian cuisine 6 NIGHTS A
Type of Cuisine       and Bar, located at Ivory                               WEEK (closed Mondays).
                      Palms Resort. Woodfire                                   Samba Grill is fully licensed
                      pizza available too.                                    with BYO wine also
Alcohol Service       Licensed
                                                         Alcohol Service      Licensed & BYO (wine only)
Open for…
                      Dinner                                                  Lunch
                                                         Open for…
                      Wed to Sun 7 - 9am                                      7 days a week
Opening hours                                            Opening hours
                                                                              5.30 - 9.30pm
                      Fri & Sat 4 - 8.30pm
SIROCCO NOOSA                                         THOMAS CORNER EATERY
2/257 Gympie Terrace    P: 5455 6688                  Cnr Thomas Street &    P: 07 5470 2224
NOOSAVILLE               Gympie Terrace
                       Inspired by and named
                       after the hot Saharan wind                           Thomas Corner Eatery
                       that sweeps across the                               offers a casual style of
                       Mediterranean and into                               dining with stunning water
                       Europe. You will find Sirocco                         views of the Noosa River,
                       Noosa to be an exciting                              mixed with an extensive
                       culinary experience. Our                             wine list and cocktails. A
                       creations are infused with     Type of Cuisine       new menu offers special
Type of Cuisine        exotic spices such as                                dishes with the focus on
                       hanssa, sumac and za'atar                            fresh, regional and local
                       which are married with the                           produce. The ingredients
                       freshest ingredients,                                are handpicked, artisan and
                       including free range eggs                            exclusive and quality is
                       and organic milk.                                    always the main focus.
                       Dedicated menus for gluten
                       free, children and             Alcohol Service       Licensed & BYO wine
Alcohol Service        Licensed                       Open for…             Lunch
Open for…              Lunch                                                Lunch
                       Dinner                                               7 days a week
                                                                            from 11.30am
                       Tues to Fri 7.30am - 11am                            Dinner
                                                      Opening hours
                       Sat & Sun 7am - 11am                                 7 days a week
                                                                            from 5.30pm to late
                       12pm - 2.30pm                                        Breakfast
Opening hours                                                               Sat & Sun from 8am
                       from 5.30pm

                       Open from 3pm for pizza        VILLA NOOSA HOTEL
                                                      19 Mary Street              P: 07 5430 5555

                                                                            Classic restaurant with floor
                                                                            to ceiling windows and a
                                                                            terrace. Quality food at
                                                      Type of Cuisine
                                                                            reasonable prices. Tapas,
                                                                            salads, char-grill, signature
                                                                            steaks, pizza and pasta.

                                                      Alcohol Service       Licensed

                                                      Open for…

                                                                            7 days a week
                                                      Opening hours
                                                                            7.30am to late
Sunshine Beach
Cnr Duke & Bryan Street   P: 07 5455 4460           Cnr Duke Street &        P: 07 5447 5491
SUNSHINE BEACH            Belmore Terrace
                                                    SUNSHINE BEACH
                     Located in the heart of
                     Sunshine Beach Village,                            Fresh club favourites
                     Embassy XO restaurant and                          through to modern Noosa-
                                                    Type of Cuisine
                     wine bar offers an award-                           style cuisine. Emphasis on
Type of Cuisine                                                         great seafood.
                     winning menu and unique
                     setting, providing the
                     ultimate modern Asian          Alcohol Service     Licensed
                     dining experience in Noosa
                                                                        Breakfast (Sat & Sun only)
Alcohol Service      Licensed                       Open for…           Lunch
                     Lunch (Yum Cha)
Open for…                                                               Mon to Fri 11am - late
                     Dinner                         Opening hours
                                                                        Sat & Sun 8am - late
                     Lunch (Yum Cha)
                     Fri to Sun 12 - 2pm
Opening hours
                     Wed to Sun from 6pm

2/18 Duke Street          P: 0456 820 535

                     Serving up Allpress coffee.
                     T2Teas, fresh smoothies,
                     juices, toasties and salads.
                     By night FOMO is an
                     intimate Tapas and wine bar
Type of Cuisine      with premium beers and
                     delicious cocktails to
                     accompany the Charcuterie
                     and cheese platters as well
                     as fresh seafood and
                     vegetarian dishes

Alcohol Service      Licensed

Open for…            Lunch

                     Sun to Wed 6am - 3pm
Opening hours
                     Thurs to Sat 6am to late
PEREGIAN Beach & Beyond
PITCHFORK RESTAURANT                                     PEREGIAN BEACH HOTEL
5/4 Kingfisher Drive         P: 0438 175 796              221 David Low Way        P: 07 5448 3111

                      Modern Australian cuisine,                             Peregian Beach Hotel offers
                      menu changes seasonally ,                              a range of modern
Type of Cuisine
                      creative wine list and fresh                           Australian and fusion
                      cocktails!                         Type of Cuisine     dishes, along with all your
                                                                             traditional favourites. So
Alcohol Service       Licensed                                               much more than ordinary
                                                                             pub fare.
Open for…             Lunch                              Alcohol Service     Licensed
                      Breakfast                          Open for…
                      Sat & Sun 7 - 11.30am
                                                                             7 days a week
Opening hours
                      Tues to Sun 12 - 2pm                                   Sun to Thurs
                                                         Opening hours       10am - 10pm
                      Tues to Sun 5 - 8.30pm                                 Fri to Sat
                                                                             10am - midnight

SUSHI WAVE                                               Spirit house
9/224 David Low Way         P: 07 5471 3199              20 Ninderry Road         P: 07 5446 8977
PEREGIAN BEACH                 YANDINA        

                      Sushi Wave offers Authentic                             Set in lush tropical gardens
                      Japanese in vibrant                                    nestled around a tranquil
                      Peregian Beach Village.                                pond, bubbling waterfalls,
                      Owner and chef Kazuto                                  tinkling wind chimes and
                      (Kaz) Yuki heads a full                                the sounds of nature.
                      Japanese kitchen to bring                              Contemporary Thai cuisine
Type of Cuisine       you the freshest sushi and                             at its best.
                      sashimi on the Coast, as
                                                         Type of Cuisine
                      well as mouth-watering                                 Our menu concept is
                      salads and Izakaya-style hot                           centred around shared
                      dishes. Gluten free (90% of                            dining experiences - we
                      menu), free range meat,                                encourage each table to
                      and sugar free sushi rice.                             order as a group and share
                                                                             the exotic textures and
Alcohol Service       BYO                                                    flavours created by our
Open for…
                      Dinner                             Alcohol Service     Licensed

                      7 days a week                                          Lunch
                                                         Open for…
                      Sat to Thurs 11am -4 pm                                Dinner
                      Fri 11am - 8pm
                                                                             Wed to Sat
Opening hours
                      Winter hours                                           12pm - 10:30pm
                      Lunch only 11am - 4pm              Opening hours
                      (after Easter through to                               Sun to Tues
                      September holidays)                                    12pm -5pm
Noosa Marina & Tewantin
CAFE VIN CINO                                          NOOSA GOLF CLUB
Shop 1F, 2 Parkyn Court    P: 07 5474 4554             46 Cooroy-Noosa Road        P: 07 5447 1407
NOOSA MARINA               TEWANTIN          

                      Located on the Noosa River,                             Dine in comfort and enjoy
                      Café VinCino offers                                      your meal overlooking
                      spectacular water views,                                superb views of the golf
                      friendly staff and delicious                             course and local wildlife.
Type of Cuisine
                      breakfast and lunch options                             With members draws and
                      all cooked to order using        Type of Cuisine        mega raffle every Friday
                      local produce (dine-in or                               night, trivia on the first
                      takeaway).                                              Wednesday night of every
                                                                              month. There is something
Alcohol Service       Licensed                                                for the whole family to
Open for…
                      Lunch                            Alcohol Service        Licensed

                      7 days a week                                           Lunch
                                                       Open for…
Opening hours         Mon to Fri 8am - 3.30pm                                 Dinner
                      Sat & Sun 7.30am - 2pm
                                                                              7 days a week
                                                                              11.30am - 2pm
PIER 11 RESTAURANT, BAR & EVENTS                       Opening hours
Shop 1A, 2 Parkyn Court    P: 5474 4799                                       Tues to Fri
NOOSA MARINA                                           3.30pm - 8pm
                      Offering modern fresh
                      decor, uninterrupted views       RIVER DECK RESTAURANT & BAR
                      of the Noosa River and
                      specialising in modern           Shop 1B, 2 Parkyn Court     P: 5474 1100
                      Australian cuisine, Pier 11 is   NOOSA MARINA      
Type of Cuisine       Noosa's all occasion's
                      venue. Our extensive menu                               River Deck Restaurant
                      offers something for                                     offers a wide selection of
                      everyone, and features only      Type of Cuisine
                                                                              seafood, steak, poultry and
                      Australian meat and fresh                               many specials.
                      seafood and local produce.
                                                       Alcohol Service        Licensed
Alcohol Service       Licensed & BYO
                      Lunch                            Open for…              Lunch
Open for…
                      Dinner                                                  Dinner
                      7 days a week                                           Lunch
                                                                              7 days a week
                      Lunch                                                   11.30am - 3pm
Opening hours         11.30am - 2.30pm
                      Dinner                           Opening hours          Tues to Sun
                      5.30pm to late                                          5.30pm - 8.30 pm

                                                                              Sat 9am - 11am
                                                                              Sun 7.30am - 11am
65 Hilton Terrace        P: 07 5449 7155         Memorial Avenue        P: 5447 1766
TEWANTIN           TEWANTIN     

                    The Bistro @ Tewantin                          Restaurant quality meals at
                    Noosa Bowls Club offers                         Club prices. Wide menu
                                                 Type of Cuisine
                    dining specials every day.                     selection from gourmet
                    For example - BarraMonday                      dishes to old favourites.
                    - Barra & Chips with Salad
                    Bar $10, Tuesday - T-Bone    Alcohol Service   Licensed
                    with Salad Bar $15,
Type of Cuisine     Wednesday - 2 meals for                        Lunch
                                                 Open for…
                    $20 - choice of meals with                     Dinner
                    Salad Bar, Thursday -
                    Parmigiana with Salad Bar                      7 days a week
                    $15 and Friday Roast - 2
                    course $12 - 3 course $15.                     Bistro
                    MUSIC - Friday nights 6pm                      11.30am - 2pm,
                    to 10.30pm.                                    5.30pm - 8pm

Alcohol Service     Licensed                     Opening hours     Coffee Shop
                                                                   9am - 8pm Sun to Wed,
                    Lunch                                          9am - 9.30pm Fri & Sat
Open for…
                    Mon to Sat                                     10am - 12am Sun to Thurs,
                    10am to late                                   10am - 1am Fri & Sat
Opening hours
                    9am to late
Noosa Hinterland & Beyond
A LITTLE SHOP OF SOUL                               COOROY RSL
14 Maple Lane           P: 07 5447 7090             25 Maple Street          P: 07 5447 6131
COOROY            COOROY         

                  A Little Shop of Soul is a                           Selection of delicious cakes
                  bookshop cafe in Cooroy -                            and biscuits to go with our
                  the heart of the Noosa                               famous hot chocolates,
                                                    Type of Cuisine
                  hinterland. It offers a range                         cappuccinos and lattes.
                  of new and second-hand                               Lunch and dinner specials
Type of Cuisine
                  books, a children's corner                           in the restaurant.
                  with games & toys, and
                  some beautiful hand-made          Alcohol Service    Licensed
                  gifts by local Sunshine Coast
                  artists.                                             Lunch
                                                    Open for…
Alcohol Service   N/A
                                                                       7 days a week
                  Brunch                                               10am - 12am
Open for…
                                                    Opening hours
                  Mon to Fri 8.30am - 5pm Sat                          12pm - 2pm
Opening hours
                  8.30am - 2pm
                                                                       6pm - 8pm

56 Main Street          P: 07 5485 4177            856 Tigigan Road         P: 0400 331 216
KIN KIN            GYMPIE         

                  In the garden courtyard you                         Pick your own strawberries,
                  can sit and enjoy an organic,                       handcraft ice cream, fresh
                  fair trade, locally-roasted                         fruit sales, farm gate cafe,
                                                   Type of Cuisine
Type of Cuisine   coffee or tea and a gluten-                          preserving classes, pancake
                  free/vegan treat whilst                             breakfasts, twilight paella
                  taking in the peaceful                              with jazz in the paddock.
                                                   Alcohol Service    N/A
                  Fully licensed with local
Alcohol Service   craft beer (BYO Bottled wine                        Breakfast
                  only)                            Open for…          Lunch
Open for…         N/A
                                                                      7 days a week June to
                                                   Opening hours
                  All products sold at Kin Kin                        December 8am - 6pm
                  General Store:

Opening hours     Mon to Thurs 7am - 5pm
                  Fri 7am - 9pm
                  Sat 7am - 5pm
                  Sun 7am - 3pm
CootharaBar - Habitat Noosa                          IMPERIAL HOTEL
204 Lake Flat Road        P: 07 5483 3165            1 Etheridge Street       P: 07 5442 8811
BOREEN POINT            EUMUNDI        

                     After a day exploring the                            Our dining menu features
                     unique natural wonders of                            classic pub favourites along
                                                                          with a selection of
                     the Noosa Everglades, Lake      Type of Cuisine
                                                                          contemporary dishes –
                     Cootharaba and the                                    guaranteed to appeal to all
                     National Park walking trails,                        the foodies in your tribe.
Type of Cuisine      treat your taste buds to a
                                                     Alcohol Service      Licensed
                     culinary adventure! Our
                     menu caters for all tastes                           Lunch
                                                     Open for…
                     and hits the spot with fresh,                        Dinner
                     local ingredients
                                                                          7 days a week
                                                     Opening hours
                                                                          11.30am - 8pm
Alcohol Service      Licensed

                     Lunch                           NOOSA NORTH SHORE RETREAT
Open for…
                                                     Beach Road                P: 07 5447 1225
                                                     NOOSA NORTH SHORE
                     Mon - Sun 11:30 - 2pm
Opening hours
                     Thurs - Sun 5pm - 8:30pm                             Fresh local seafoods, steaks
                                                     Type of Cuisine      and pizzas. Kids menus

COUNTRY LIFE HOTEL                                   Alcohol Service      Licensed

69 Main Street            P: 07 5485 4103                                 Lunch
                                                     Open for…
KIN KIN                                  Dinner

                     Fresh crumbed seafood and                            A la carte lunch and dinner
                     chicken schnitzels made on                           Friday & Saturday
                                                     Opening hours
                     the premises. $10 lunch
Type of Cuisine                                                           Lunch on Sundays
                     special Monday - Friday.
                     Meals range from burgers
                     to a la carte.

Alcohol Service      Licensed

Open for…

                     7 days a week
Opening hours
                     10am to midnight
MAISON DE PROVENCE                                      SPIRIT HOUSE RESTAURANT AND
9/13 Garnet Street         P: 07 5472 0077              COOKING SCHOOL
                                                        20 Ninderry Road         P: 07 5446 8944
                     Maison de Provence is an
                     authentic French patisserie/
                     boulangerie as well as a                               The Spirit House food is
                     cafe. Everything is made on                            best described as
                     the premises, from the sour                            contemporary Thai cuisine.
                     dough bread/baguettes to                               With four best-selling
                     the croissants, almond                                 cookbooks and a string of
                     croissants, brioches, vanilla                          prestigious food awards,
                     slices (mille feuille), eclairs,                       Spirit House has evolved
Type of Cuisine      mousse, lemon curd tart                                into an iconic food
                     etc. Lunch menu changes                                destination. Romantic
                                                        Type of Cuisine
                     on a daily basis as our chef                           dinners, partying with
                     bakes according to what he                             friends in a private
                     finds at the market (gluten                             courtyard or celebrating
                     free lunch available). Light                           weddings and special
                     lunches are also available                             occasions, Spirit House is
                     (ham and cheese croissants,                            perfect for a dining
                     croque monsieur and                                    experience to remember,
                     quiches.)                                              set in lush tropical gardens
                                                                            around a tranquil pond.
Alcohol Service      BYO (no corkage fee)
                                                        Alcohol Service     Licensed
Open for…                                                                   Lunch
                     Lunch                              Open for…
                     Tues to Fri 8am - 4pm
Opening hours                                                               Lunch
                     Sat 8am - 3.30pm                                       Open 7 days a week
                                                        Opening hours
                                                                            Wednesday to Saturday
50 Pioneer Road           P: 07 5447 8431               TRAIL 518
                                                        18 Reserve Street        P: 0424 208 861
                     Relax and unwind while             POMONA         
                     dining at the Ginger Factory.
                     Set among beautiful sub-                               Pomona has definitely got
                     tropical gardens the Ginger                            its mojo back with this
                     Cafe serves modern                                     awesome venue. Owners
Type of Cuisine
                     Australian cuisine. The                                James and Kimberlee have
                     Ginger Factory is the home                             managed to combine the
                     of Buderim Ginger, featured                            laid-back chill of Pomona
                     in a range of delicious home                           country life with everything
                                                        Type of Cuisine
                     made ginger ice cream.                                 quality in food and coffee...
                                                                            Serving our mouth watering
Alcohol Service      Licensed                                               Cheeky Monkey blend along
                                                                            with some of the best
                     Breakfast                                              brekkies and lunches on the
Open for…
                     Lunch                                                  Coast.... Trail 518 is a must
                                                                            visit cafe!!
                     7 days a week
Opening hours        9am to 5pm                         Alcohol Service     Licensed
                     Closed Christmas Day
                                                        Open for…

                                                                            7 days a week
                                                        Opening hours
                                                                            7am - 4pm
Something different
                      P: 0406 670 952                                         P: 0418 444 898

                      South East Queensland                             Hampers and platters
                      hamper specialists! Enjoy                         delivered to you. The
                      the finest quality, locally                        Sunshine Coast’s finest
Type of Cuisine       sourced produce, taste of                         gourmet provisions and gift
                      the regional delicacies                           hampers. BBQ, lunch,
                      direct from the Sunshine        Type of Cuisine   platters, grocery packages,
                      Coast.                                            high tea and cakes, flowers,
                                                                        corporate gift, liquor gift,
Alcohol Service       N/A                                               champagne and chocolate
                                                                        hampers. Beautiful teepee
Open for…             N/A                                               picnics.

Opening hours         As required                     Alcohol Service   N/A

                                                      Open for…         N/A

LIFE’S A FEAST                                        Opening hours     As required
91 Lake Weyba Drive     P: 0438 469 692
                                                      Noosa cRUISER
                      Boutique cooking school
                      offering hands-on cooking        2 Parkyn Court          P: 0419 216 236
                      classes using local produce     NOOSA MARINA  
                      in a relaxed and fun
                      environment. Choose from                          A La Carte Cruises,
                      13 different class types,                          Champagne Breakfast
                      including Pasta Making,                           Cruise, Seafood Lunch
Type of Cuisine       Seafood Barbecue, Flavours                        Cruise, Surf ’n’ Turf Lunch
                      of Noosa, Spanish,                                Cruise and Sunset Dinner
                      Indonesian, Moroccan and                          Cruise.
                      more. Full meal with wine
                                                      Type of Cuisine
                      included, maximum 10 per                          We offer a quality
                      class. Team-building and                          atmosphere unsurpassed
                      private classes also                              on the Noosa river, white
                      available.                                        tablecloths, candles and
                                                                        friendly attentive staff, in
Alcohol Service       N/A                                               addition to excellent, freshly
                                                                        prepared food.
Open for…             Lunch
                                                      Alcohol Service   Licensed
                      Public / scheduled cooking
                      classes are held most                             Breakfast
                      Saturdays and some Fridays      Open for…         Lunch
                      and Sundays.                                      Dinner
Opening hours
                      Private classes are available                     7 days a week
                      at other times by               Opening hours
                      arrangement.                                      10am - 12am
                     P: 0418 229 570              2 Quamby Place     P: 07 5449 2443
                    NOOSA HEADS

                   Ona Klova is a Michelin star                     Luxury cooking school in
                   chef available for private                       the heart of Noosa. The
Type of Cuisine
                   dining and catering events                       Cooking School Noosa
                   in and around Noosa.                             offers exclusive classes with
                                                                    highly awarded local chefs,
Alcohol Service    N/A                                              as well as guest chefs from
                                                                    around the country. All of
Open for…          All                            Type of Cuisine   our classes are heavily
                                                                    seasonal, relying on
Opening hours      On request                                       produce picked from our
                                                                    own farm Honeysuckle Hill
                                                                    or sourced from local
                                                                    farmers markets. Full day,
                                                                    half day and evening classes
SPIRIT HOUSE COOKING SCHOOL                                         available.
20 Ninderry Road     P: 07 5446 8977
YANDINA        Alcohol Service   Licensed

                   Whether you’re a                                 Lunch
                                                  Open for…
                   competent cook or simply                         Dinner
                   want a basic understanding
                   of Asian ingredients and                         Class times vary, please visit
                   cooking methods, a hands-      Opening hours     our website for up to date
Type of Cuisine    on Spirit House Cooking                          information
                   Class is a great way to meet
                   new people, learn new skills
                   and have an enjoyable day
                   out. Includes Lunch or
                   Dinner and Wine.

Alcohol Service    Licensed

Open for…

                   Daily Classes

Opening hours      Day Class: 9:30am start

                   Evening Class: 4:30pm start
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