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Skema international programmes

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Message from the Dean                          03
Skema’s mission                                04
Pedagogy and research                          05
At home worldwide                              06
International recognition                      07
Take your career to the next level             08
A network of 33,000 Alumni                     09
Bachelor in Global Management                  10
Esdhem                                         12
Master in Management, Grande Ecole Programme   14
MSc programmes                                 16
Mastères Spécialisés ®                         22
Admissions                                     26
ELS Language Centre                            30
Practical Information                          31
What makes a global
                                                                 business school

                                                       33 000graduates throughout the world
                                                                         134 countries

                   Alice Guilhon
            Dean, Skema Business School

Knowledge                                                 6students
makes the
difference                                                                                       rankings

Skema is a global business                                                                   2
                                                                                              8th best Master
school which, through its                                                                     in Management in
research and teaching, trains                                                                 the world - no. 2 for
and educates the talented                                                                    international course
individuals businesses                                       65 student                      experience
                                                         societies and clubs
require in the current
competitive environment.                                                                     MSc Financial Markets
                                                                                             & Investments ranked
                                                                                             6th worldwide
At Skema we have created resources to
deliver educational programmes perfectly

suited to the global economic environment.
We train adaptable and talented managers
who can make a valuable contribution to
economic and societal performance while                                                campuses
delivering sustainable outcomes.
Our graduates can expand the boundaries
of knowledge and innovation. They are at
ease working in environments that are multi-
cultural and socially diverse.
Our international structure with sites in Asia,
Europe and America, enables us to remain in
tune with the global business environment
and the world of international higher

Your success in a world of opportunities lies at
the core of the Skema development strategy.
I give you my personal commitment, on
                                                   nationalities on Skema’s campuses

behalf of all the staff at our campuses, to help
you achieve this goal.

                                                                     403 peer-reviewed
                                                                                          publications since 2010

         Share the Skema experience

                                                                                              Message from the Dean   03
E volve successfully in a multicultural context and in
    skema’s                                                                               a globalised knowledge economy in organisations
                                                                                          of any size, in any country

                                                                                          Contribute to the development and the sustainable
                                                                                           performance of their organisations through their
                                                                                           ability to innovate, their technical skills and their
                                                                                           cross-disciplinary and international culture

                                                                                       To this end, the school emphasises:
                                                                                        Academic and applied research that will both
                                                                                         advance management theory and disciplines, that
To educate and guide high-achieving                                                      assist global managers in the application of best
students and practitioners                                                               practices
from a variety of backgrounds in their professional                                      Pedagogical innovation
and personal development so that, while respecting ethical                                A multi-campus strategy
and responsible principles and practices, they can:
                                                                                       The school thereby contributes to:
                                                                                        The development of the regions and countries in
                                                                                         which it is located
                                                                                         The development of firms with which it has links

     The name SKEMA School
     of Knowledge Economy
        and Management,
            defines the school’s ambition: to be the point of reference among
                           business schools internationally.

            Skema Business School is a learning community committed to the creation and transmission of knowledge and practices
         in management. The vision, mission, DNA and values on which the strategy is based are completely in keeping with the world’s
                       economic evolution: globalisation. Since its creation, Skema has taken up the challenge of being
                                            a globalised school through its multi-campus structure.

                                                                                       Programme portfolio

                                                                                                 International/                    Global
                                                                                                    Mobility      Conventional    exposure

                   It comprises three themes pertaining
                                                                                              Intercontinental                    Monosite
                        to the knowledge economy:                                                  tracks                        programmes

                                                                                Management                        Skema
                         Internationalisation                                   knowledge/                                                   Multiculturalism
                                                                                Information                        DNA
                      Sustainable performance                                                   programmes
                                                                                                                                 (dual degree)
               Entrepreneurship and innovation
                                                                                                  Innovation                     Entrepreneurship

    04     Skema’s mission

& research
Skema has a permanent faculty of 160                                 Skema invests heavily in research
Permanent professors dedicate all their working time to              Faculty is supported in its efforts to this end – the fruit of this
Skema. Courses are also given by numerous practitioners who          support is the many research articles and books produced each
are experts in their field, as well as by visiting professors from   year, as well as conferences hosted by Skema or attended by
partner universities abroad. Faculty members not only teach and      faculty members. This investment in research attests to the
provide students with personal career guidance for the future,       school’s strong involvement in knowledge creation. It also
they also carry out scientific research in areas closely related     has positive repercussions for students: courses based on the
to the professional environment. Their mission is fourfold:          latest research allow them to be one step ahead of the crucial
pedagogy (teaching, supervising student projects, tutoring)          questions that companies will be asking in the near future.
research, representing the school in academic and professional
organisations and participating in the life of the school.

Some of the books recently published
by SKEMA’s professors

                                                                                                             Pedagogy and research   05
At home

                                       Paris                                         The hub of Europe: the biggest
                                       La Défense, France                            and the most thriving student city
                                                                                     outside Paris.
                                       One of the most stimulating cities                                                                       China
                                       in the world as a centre of cultural                                                                     Just one hour from Shanghai, one
                                       and economic activity.                                                                                   of the most advanced centres of
                                                                                                                                                technology across the globe.

Located in the Centennial Campus
at NC State University, close to the
Research Triangle Park.

                                                                                         Sophia antipolis
                                                                                         At the heart of the Fench Riviera,
                                                                                         an attractive area for tourism and
                                                Belo Horizonte                           a strategic location for companies.
                                                MG, Brazil
                                                Set in Nova Lima within the
                                                campus of Fundação Dom Cabral,
                                                best business school in Latin
                                                America according to the Financial

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         06     At home worldwide

                               international recognition                                                  international professional

                                                                                              A large number of internationally
                                                                                              recognised professional certifications
                                                                                              are available to our students in their
                                                                                              respective areas of expertise
   Skema is Equis (European Quality
Improvement System) accredited for the          Skema obtained the AACSB accreditation
                                                                                              Auditing, Control, Information Systems & Consulting / Finance
 high quality of faculty and research at          in February 2014. AACSB accreditation
                                                                                               Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA Institute)
 the school as well as its international        evaluates the excellence of an institution,
                                                                                                Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  dimension and relationship with the             and in particular the academic level of
                                                                                                 SAS Academic
  business community. Skema is one              its faculty, the quality of its programmes,
                                                                                                   The “Interim Cost Consultant»” (ICC), “Certified Cost
    of the few schools worlwide to                  the relevance of its strategy and the
                                                                                                    Engineer” (CCE) and “Certified Cost Consultant” (CCC) of The
   have obtained the five-year Equis                       means to implement it.
                                                                                                    Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering International
        accreditation renewal.
                                                                                                    DPAI (certificate in internal audit delivered by IFACI)

                                                                                              Project & Programme Management - Supply Chain
                                                                                              Management & Purchasing
                                                                                               Project Management Professional (PMP®) and Certified
                                                                                                Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) of the Project
                                                                                                Management Institute (PMI®)
                                                                                                Foundation and Practitioner level certification of PRINCE2®
                                                     Skema has ISO 9001 and 14001                and MSP®
                                                             certifications                      SCOR-S of the Supply Chain Council (SCC)
                                                                                                  Green Belt and Yellow Belt certification of the Six Sigma
                                                                                                   BASICS (BASICS of Supply Chain Management) of APICS
      Skema is accredited by the Global                                                             The Association for Operations Management
  Accreditation Center® (GAC®) from the                                                             Skema Business School is PMI® Global Registered Education
   Project Management Institute®. This                                                               Provider (R.E.P. No 1435) and PRINCE2® / MSP®
     accreditation was awarded in 2005                                                               Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)
    and has been renewed until 2019 in
  recognition of the school’s track record                                                    Marketing
    in training for project management.                                                        Data Mining offered by SAS™
Skema is the first business school to have                                                      PMV, the European certification in value management offered
 received this international accreditation                                                       by the European Practitioner in Value Management (AFAV)
 in France. Only 40 academic institutions           Skema is a member of the United              ASQ (American Society for Quality) certifications, Certified
    in the world have the accreditation.                Nations Global Compact                    Quality Improvement Associate, Certified Quality Manager or
                                                                                                  ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organisational Excellence

   French State recognition                         international rankings
                                                                                              PRINCE2® is a registered rrade mark of the Office of
                                                                                              Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other

                                                                                             MSP® is a registered trade mark of the Office of Government
       Skema’s Grande Ecole diploma is                                                        Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.
     recognised by the French State and                       6 in 2015

   endorsed as “Master”. The Conférence                 FT international ranking of
       des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) is the              pre-experience Masters in Finance
      accrediting body for Skema and its              for MSc Financial Markets and
  specialised masters programmes as well                       Investments
     as certain masters of science (MSc).
      The specialised masters (Mastères                      28th in 2014
  Spécialisés®) are referenced by the RNCP               FT international ranking
   (Répertoire National des Certifications             for Master in Management
   Professionnelles – National register of
  professional qualifications); this confirms
    the recognition of the diploma by the
                 French State.

                                                                                                                        International recognition      07
Take your Career
to the next level
The Skema Career                               Employment rates
Centre helps students                                                                       TOP
and Skema graduates
                                                                                            TOP SKEMA
                                               Bachelor                                     Graduates
identify their career                          9
                                                7% of Skema students were
goals and then                                 Employed 6 months after graduation
develop the action                             7
                                                2% of graduates work in an international
plans to achieve them.                         context
The Career Centre                              5
                                                9% work abroad
                                                €39k average salary
develops relationships                         P
                                                opular industries for 2013 graduates
between the school                             are tourism hospitality & leisure,
and employers, locally,                        marketing, luxury goods
nationally, and
internationally.                                          See

Career Events
Company presentations, business games,
conferences, career fairs which provide        Master in Management
students with the chance to meet               8
                                                4% of Skema students were
employers face-to-face, to learn about         employed 4 months after graduation
current vacancies and opportunities            See more details on pages 14-15
available, and to market themselves to
prospective employers.
                                               97%of Skema students were
Career Development                             employed 4 months after graduation
The Career Centre also manages a               Average salary: €39k
long-term course called Professional and       5
                                                6% of our MSc students have an
Personal Development which is part of          international function
the MS and MSc academic programmes.            4
                                                1% sign their contract before graduation
This course combines: workshops, career        2
                                                013 graduates work in finance, marketing
seminars, mock-interview simulations,          and consulting
personality and assessment tests, individual
career guidance and job start preparation.
Career Resources
Resources are available on our Skema
Career Centre online platform: job and
internship offers, company directories,
professional guides, Skema’s CV database of    4
                                                3% of our MS students work in an

careers/jobs information, and personality      international function
tests. More than 4500 internships are          5
                                                8% sign their contract before leaving
made available per year.                       Skema Business School. Lille and Paris
                                               are two cities where students find
                                               employment easily. Positions are mainly
                                               in finance/banking/insurance 15%, and
                                               marketing 22%


                                               Source: Skema Career Centre

    08   Take your career to the next level
Your global
of 33,000 alumni
Skema Alumni is a network of over 33,000 in key
positions located in 134 countries all over the world.                                         a few figures
Its vocation is to generate business and career
opportunities amongst Skema graduates, to contribute
to their professional success and to bolster pride in
belonging to one of the biggest alumni communities in                                                        50events
the world.                                                                                                     abroad

Skema Alumni is a reliable
network of talents you can rely
Some of our alumni personalities
                                                                              events per year                           6
Didier Bonnet, (MIM 1983), global practice leader, Capgemini Consulting                                                prestige events
Jean-Philippe Courtois (MIM 1983), president, Microsoft International
Julien Codorniou (MIM 2002) director, Global platform partnerships,

Alain Dinin (MIM 1975), CEO, Nexity
Alexandre Haillot Canas Da Silva (MIM 1999), managing director, Prezioso
Technilor, Brazil
François Mollard (MIM 1983), vice president div. PME-PMI & Solutions                              ambassadors
Entreprises, IBM France
Jean-Paul Picard (MIM 1974), chairman of the Board at Deloitte CIS

Some of our recent graduates

Chiheb Ben Mahmoud (MSc 2005), executive vice president - Head of
 Hotels & Hospitality, Middle East & Africa, Jones Lang LaSalle, Dubai
Marianna Bonechi (MSc 2004), project manager, EPIC Financial Consulting,
                                                                                           job postings
Aymeric de Condé (MSc FMI 2012), senior analyst, Chappuis Halder & Co
Mahel Abaab Fournial (MIM 2012), account director for Africa and Middle
 East, ASCOM, Dubai
Pauline Foessel (MIM 2012), director Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai
                                                                                     workshops                        80
Fanny Houlliot (MS 2005), senior management (general & business unit) /                                          personalised
 Strategy, KPMG                                                                                                 career coachings
Laurie Venet (MSc IMBD 2011), international sales analyst & key user for
 Red Bull, Austria
M’Hamed Tazi (Bachelor 2004), communication director, Renault, Morocco
Alexandra Whitaker (MSc IMBD 2011), media manager for YouTube,
 Google, Amsterdam

                                   Discover more profiles
                                on Skema’s Linkedin page                    13 815                 8 700                   5 200
                                                                            Linkedin members      Viadeo members         Facebook members

                                                                                                Your global network of 33,000 Alumni   09
bachelor in global
management                                                                                            taught in english

The Bachelor degree is the reference undergraduate degree in the world.
The bachelor is a standard recognised by companies recruiting in an international environment.
Depending on the specialisation, this qualification leads to direct entry in the job market, or to higher
levels of education such as masters of science degrees, which usually take a further 12 or 18 months.
Skema’s four-year bachelor programme is taught entirely in English.

Our teaching is student-centred,                    and type of courses each semester. They are
emphasising interaction within small classes        free to choose electives that allow them to                    why a global bachelor?
and encouraging a personal approach                 develop the skills and knowledge necessary
to achievement of individual objectives.            for their professional project. All the while,
Our teaching team consists of faculty               students have regular and individualised
and business professionals, French and              meetings with a tutor.

                                                    We are committed to giving students a head
Students do part of their studies outside of        start in their professional lives. Mandatory
France, with partner universities or on our         internships, seminars on the world of work,
own Skema campuses in China or the US,              academic projects and group work are all
for a period of 12 to 24 months. This means         examples of opportunities to give students
students become operational in foreign              concrete experience of the challenges and
                                                                                                                           employment rate
managerial culture and gives them the               rewards of professional life.                                            at 6 months
opportunity to live a unique mutli-campus
experience.                                         100% of students obtain a double degree:             €39,000 average salary
                                                    the degree from Skema Bachelor, and
                                                                                                         Source: Skema Career Centre – 2013 graduates
In addition to Skema’s campuses, we offer            a degree from Lille 2 University, (French
our students an attractive network of                 university), or
partner universities. We have developed our           a degree from NCSU, Raleigh, USA, for
partnerships with universities and schools
which give our students the very best
                                                       those who do their year 3 in Raleigh and
                                                       their year 4 at NCSU, or                            1st                     8th                       9th
chances of success and which meet our high             a degree from the partner university in the
standards.                                              case of transfers.

 Roger Williams University Bristol - Rhode
  Island                                                Yana Ghanem                                   in international
                                                                                                        excellence *
                                                                                                                                in academic
                                                                                                                                excellence *
                                                                                                                                                         in relationships
                                                                                                                                                        and connections
  Hawaii Pacific University - Honolulu
   North Carolina State University - Raleigh
                                                        Bachelor in Global                                                                              with international
    California State University - Fullerton            Management                                                                                         companies *
     Florida Institute of Technology - Melbourne
                                                        class of 2015-16, Suzhou                              Among the
      Florida International University - Miami
                                                                                                          best six
       University of Hawaii - Manoa
                                                             I chose the Global Business
        University of Florida – Gainesville                                                                bachelor
                                                        Development specialisation because                                               *L’ETUDIANT magazine 2014
                                                                                                             degrees                            ** SMBG 2014-2015
                                                        of my interest in different cultures                  in France **
                                                        and my desire to work later in
 Bishop’s University - Sherbrooke
                                                        an international environment.
  Concordia Montreal - Montreal
                                                        Studying and living in three different
                                                        countries (France, China, USA) and
                                                        meeting a variety of cultures make
 University of Queensland - Brisbane
                                                        for a real advantage.
  Australian Catholic University – Sydney
                                                        The course of study is relevant
                                                        to my ambitions and gives me
 University of the West of England - Bristol
                                                        knowledge of many cultures and
  University of Hull – Hull                                                                                To see this page with augmented reality,
                                                        markets and business styles. Sophia
                                                        Antipolis, Raleigh and Suzhou are                 download the app Skema Augmented Reality
The programme is based on flexibility and                                                                   and scan the title at the top of the page
                                                        economically dynamic areas while
customisation: students decide the number
                                                        giving students the opportunity for

                                                        total cultural immersion

    10    Bachelor in Global Management
Subject specialisations                                                                    1-year                                  2-year
                                                                                        mobility track                          mobility track

                                                                  Finance                                                                   (1)

                                                                Marketing                                                                   (1)

                        Entrepreneurship & Business Administration                                                                          (1)

                                        Global Business Development                                                                         (2)

                                                       Event Management


                                                           Marine Biology                                                                   (3)

                                                  Environmental Science                                                                     (3)

            Sustainable Development & Environmental Management                                                                              (3)

                                                       Engineering Science                                                                  (3)

                                   Product Innovation Management

                                   Standard (General Management)

(1) 2 years either at a partner university or at Skema Raleigh + NCSU
(2) 2 years at both Skema international campuses (1 year at Skema Raleigh and 1 year at Skema Suzhou)
(3) 2 years at a Skema partner university

two global tracks
                              Baccalauréat, high school       Bac+1, high school+1 year,   Bac+2, high school+2 years
                                  diploma, A levels,                      or                           or
                             international baccalaureate           60 ECTS credits             120 ECTS credits

                                      Year 1                          Year 2                       Year 3                               Year 4


         track                      Sophia Antipolis                 Sophia Antipolis                                                  Sophia Antipolis


                                                                                                 Partner university

                                                                                                      Raleigh                              Suzhou

         track                      Sophia Antipolis                 Sophia Antipolis

                                                                                                      Suzhou                               Raleigh

                                                                                                 Partner university                   Partner university

                                                                                                                      Bachelor in Global Management        11
  taught in french

L’Esdhem pour réussir ses Etudes Supérieures
Esdhem = la préparation aux concours AST des
Grandes Ecoles de Commerce françaises + une
Licence (sciences de gestion ou droit) + des stages en
entreprise + un parcours international (USA ou Chine)
sur les campus internationaux de Skema.
                                                                                    3e année
                                                                                                           ou Master 2
                                                                              d’une Grande Ecole de
                                                                                                           en université
                                                                               Commerce française

                                                                                    2e année
                                                                                                           ou Master 1
                                                                              d’une Grande Ecole de
                                                                                                           en université
                                                                               Commerce française

              Esdhem 3                                                          Concours AST2
                                                  6e semestre                  Grandes Ecoles de
   3 année de Licence (Gestion ou
                                       dont stage en entreprise de 2 mois     Commerce françaises
    Droit privé) + préparation aux
 concours AST2 des Grandes Ecoles de
                                                    5e semestre
   Commerce françaises Esdhem 3

                                                       Bac+2                        1re année
                                                                              d’une Grande Ecole de
                                                                               Commerce française
              Esdhem 2                              4e semestre
   2 année de Licence (Gestion ou

    Droit privé) + préparation aux                   3e semestre                Concours AST1
 concours AST1 des Grandes Ecoles de      dont international (Chine ou USA)    Grandes Ecoles de
        Commerce françaises                   sur les campus de Skema         Commerce françaises



              Esdhem 1
   1re année de Licence (Gestion ou                 2e semestre
    Droit privé) + préparation aux
 concours AST1 des Grandes Ecoles de                1e semestre
         Commerce françaises                                                   ous pouvez intégrer en première
                                                                              année de l’Esdhem si vous êtes
                                                                              titulaire du baccalauréat ou d’un
                                                    Baccalauréat              niveau équivalent.
                                                                               ous pouvez intégrer en deuxième
                                                                              année de l’Esdhem si vous êtes
                                                                              titulaire d’un bac+1 ou d’un niveau
                                                                              équivalent ou après avoir validé
                                                                              60 crédits ECTS (European Credits
                                                                              Transfer System).
                                                                               ous pouvez intégrer en troisième
                                                                              année de l’Esdhem si vous êtes
                                                                              titulaire d’un bac+2 (120 crédits
   12   Esdhem

Double cursus : Prépa diplômante et préparation
aux concours sur titre des Grandes Ecoles de Commerce

  éussir le concours de l’Ecole que vous avez choisie                        L’apprentissage des cultures américaine ou chinoise vous est ouvert
Vous choisissez votre parcours (Licence de Gestion ou Licence                 grâce à un semestre d’étude sur les campus internationaux de
de Droit privé) et vous vous préparez aux concours des Grandes                Skema (cours en anglais).
Ecoles de Commerce françaises. Vous êtes préparé pour réussir les
concours des plus Grandes Ecoles de Commerce.                                  L ’environnement d’une Grande Ecole pour réussir
                                                                              L’Esdhem, programme de Skema, vous offre l’accès à tous les
  es enseignements et des préparations spécifiques                           supports et services d’une Grande Ecole accréditée au niveau
La préparation aux concours représente 8 à 10 heures de cours par             international : career center, médiathèque avec les bases de
semaine. S’ajoutent également deux concours blancs par an, des                données dignes des grandes universités internationales, ressources
simulations d’entretien, des colles de langues vivantes, un TOEIC,            pédagogiques en ligne (Crossknowledge, Skema knowledge…).
des sessions CV + lettre, un forum des écoles de commerce….
                                                                                es valeurs au service de votre réussite
 L e diplôme Licence de l’université                                         L’Esdhem promeut des comportements humanistes. La dynamique
La Licence est délivrée par les universités partenaires de Skema              et les valeurs insufflées notamment par le corps enseignant et les
Business School. (l’Université de Lille 2 et l’Université du Littoral         équipes administratives contribuent au développement d’un esprit
Côte d’Opale).                                                                humaniste et solidaire.
                                                                              La vie étudiante avec les associations favorise la pratique du sport
  eux sites de formation                                                     et l’intégration dans l’environnement social.
Lille (Skema – Campus de Lille), La Défense (Skema - Campus de                L’Esdhem vous accompagne dans votre réussite et votre
Paris).                                                                       épanouissement scolaire, professionnel et humain.

 L ’entreprise pour réussir votre définition du projet professionnel          L ’Esdhem ouvre de nombreuses portes.
Les stages obligatoires, un grand nombre d’intervenants                       Notre prépa diplômante permet de :
professionnels, des outils d’aide à l’étude de la personnalité                - maximiser les chances d’intégrer une Grande Ecole de Commerce
constituent des supports riches pour vous accompagner et réussir              - faciliter les poursuites d’études à l’étranger
la définition de votre projet professionnel.                                  - accéder aux cursus Masters des universités en France ou à
 Un semestre à l’international sur les campus de Skema à Raleigh              - présenter d’autres concours que celui des Grandes Ecoles
(Caroline du Nord, USA) ou à Suzhou (Shanghai, Chine).                           de Commerce (par exemple : Sciences politiques, écoles de
                                                                                 journalisme, fonction publique Catégorie A…).


Panorama des formations

                Programme             Campus                    Rythme                            Des taux de réussite qui traduisent la
                                                                                                  qualité des enseignements
               Esdhem 1 Gestion       Lille, Paris La Défense   Temps plein
                                                                                                   T aux de réussite à la Licence : 90 % en 1re année,

                                                                                                   92 % en 2e année, 98 % en 3e année.
               Esdhem 2 Gestion       Lille, Paris La Défense   Temps plein
                                                                                                   Taux de réussite aux écoles classées dans le Financial
                                                                                                    Times : 95 %
               Esdhem 3 Gestion       Lille, Paris La Défense   Temps plein                        Ecoles intégrées : EM Lyon, Grenoble Graduate School
                                                                                                    of Business, Edhec, IESEG, ESC Toulouse, Skema BS,
                                                                                                    Audencia, ESC Rennes, Kedge, Neoma.
               Esdhem 1 Droit         Lille                     Temps plein

               Esdhem 2 Droit         Lille                     Temps plein

               Esdhem 3 Droit         Lille                     Temps plein

                                                                                                                                    Esdhem    13
master in
   taught in english

The Master in Management - Grande Ecole programme is open
to students with a non-French bachelor degree. It is delivered in France (Lille, Paris and Sophia Antipolis
campuses), the USA (Raleigh campus), China (Suzhou campus) and Brazil (Belo Horizonte campus).
Skema’s Master in Management diploma is recognised by the French State and endorsed as Master.

Master 1                                            Master 2
ADVANCED BUSINESS                                   Specialisation and                                  Matei-Dinu Hariton
MANAGEMENT AND                                      career start                                        Master in Management
GLOBAL BUSINESS                                                                                         final year in 2013-14,
                                                    During their final year, students have the
ENVIRONMENT                                         opportunity to fine tune their profile and          from Romania
                                                    acquire specialised knowledge.
Students will study Advanced Business
Management in the first semester. Courses
are taught in English and help the student
                                                    The chosen specialisation and post-study
                                                    work experience placement are designed
                                                                                                        “   The customisable curriculum
                                                                                                        and wide range of courses have
                                                                                                        given me the opportunity to grow
develop a deeper understanding of business          to help the student successfully join the           in a dynamic environment in the
management principles. The student                  business world. Final year courses are              heart of Paris’s business district
may then choose either to pursue his                taught in English except for dual track             and, consequently, to get a taste of
studies with Global Business Environment,           specialised programmes taught at Skema or           French business culture.
which provides an opportunity to develop            with one of our partners.
international experience through a clearer                                                              The multicultural environment
grasp of global business dynamics and               Options available in Master 2 include:              and interaction with diverse and
expectations, or undertake an international             Studying an MSc or postgraduate                international students and faculty
mission.                                                 programme (Specialised Master - MS)            has been great!
                                                         for the chosen specialisation (over 22
An international mission during the second               specialisations)                               In addition, the mix of theoretical
semester allows students to apply skills                 Choose from the dual track programmes         classes in strategy, web-based
learnt in the first semester within a global              on offer (leading to prestigious exams such   courses in management accounting,
context. The work placement, four months                  as the Chartered Financial Analyst- CFA)      practical team projects such
minimum, takes place either in a company             Studying on one of our international              as business games, and the
based outside the student’s own country               campuses                                          international internship have
of origin or within their home country                An academic exchange with one of our             helped me acquire the necessary
if the mission is considered to have an                foreign partners                                 skills to successfully launch my
international dimension.                               An international work placement                 career in a competitive professional
At the end of the Master 1, all students may
undertake a company placement of three                                                                  This has made a decisive impact
months or an extended work placement                                                                    on my career path, helping me
(two placements of six months minimum)                                                                  to develop business acumen and
enabling them to identify their own career                                                              providing me with the international

plan, gain a clearer insight into the workings                                                          dimension I was seeking.
of a company and thus choose their final
year specialisation.
                                                    To see this page with augmented reality,
                                                  download the app Skema Augmented Reality
                                                    and scan the title at the top of the page
                                                                                                                more testimonials:

    14   Master in Management - Grande Ecole Programme
one Global school
  many choices
                                           SEMESTER 1                                        SEMESTER 2

                                                  Academic exchanges with partner universities

M2             Choice of
                                                       Skema campuses in France and abroad
               campuses                                  Choice of final year specialisation
               Lille                                          in English or in French                                           company
               Paris                                                                                                           placement
               Sophia Antipolis
                                                                 MSc/dual degree/                                              (optional)
               Raleigh                                       postgraduate programmes
               Belo Horizonte

                                  Professional experience year (optional - minimum 10 months)

                                                                                            Skema campuses
                                                                                          in France and abroad
                                      Skema campuses in France
                                                                                           Academic semester                    3-month
                                         Academic semester
M1                                  Advanced Business Management           Choice of
                                                                                       Global Business Environment
                                           taught in English              campuses
                                                                                             taught in English                 (optional)
              Choice of
                                                                               Paris                or
                                                                    Sophia Antipolis      international mission
              Paris                                                          Raleigh
              Sophia Antipolis                                       Belo Horizonte

                                           SEMESTER 1                                        SEMESTER 2

a few figures

nationalities on Skema’s campuses


                                                                   28th                                    employment rate
                                                      in the FT Master in Management                         and salary
                                                           worldwide 2014 ranking

                                                                                                      One global school, many choices   15
   taught in english

An MSc has become the                           by guiding each programme with a             Internships or research projects:
graduate degree of choice                       Scientific Committee composed of              Eight months in class followed by a four- to
for students who want to                        internationally recognised professional and   six-month internship in a company or a
enhance their employability                     academic members                              research project under the supervision of
in an international                                                                           a Skema research centre for at least four
environment.                                   Skema MSc programmes benefit from              months. The internship or research project
                                               the school’s research and close links with     will be the basis for the thesis.
This aim is achieved:                          the world of business. These connections
 by promoting an attitude of excellence,      guarantee quality, not only from a technical
  professionalism and responsibility on        viewpoint but also for management skills       Who should apply: Pre-experience students
  behalf of researchers and faculty working    which are truly in line with what companies    and professionals, with good knowledge of
  on international management practices        need from their leaders and managers.          English, seeking to specialise in a particular
                                               Skema’s approach to teaching and learning      area and work internationally. Mostly taught
 by preparing our future graduates            is varied, with a range of possibilities       over a one-year period but also available as
 for professional life through practical       depending on programmes and teachers.          a two-year programme for those who hold
 experience in companies                       These include face-to-face and distance        only a three-year bachelor’s degree.
                                               learning, case studies, team work,
 by offering a wide variety of programmes     internships, company-based projects and a      Results: Graduates are prepared for
 so that each student may find the one         thesis. Teachers seek to balance theory and    the professional world after developing
 suited to his or her personality and career   insights from research with a concern for      a high level of expertise and obtaining
 objectives                                    application and practical business skills.     international certifications.

      Employment rate                           MSc Financial Markets & Investments           MSc International Marketing & Business
                                               100% Employment rate at 6 months
                                               €50,000 Average salary (France and             100% Employment rate at 6 months
                                               international)                                 €50,640 Average salary (France)

                                                         MSc Financial Markets
                                                           and Investments

                                                          in the 2015 FT
            employment rate
              at 6 months                             international ranking
           for MSc graduates                               of pre-experience
                                                           Masters in Finance                       To see this page with augmented reality,
                                                                                                  download the app Skema Augmented Reality
Some examples:                                                                                      and scan the title at the top of the page

 MSc Auditing, Management Accounting
and Information Systems

100% Employment rate at 6 months                               rankings
€95,000 Average salary (international)

    16   MSc programmes
MSc Programme Overview
                                  Lille         Paris         Sophia antipolis              suzhou          raleigh       belo horizonte

                                                                    see academic calendar on page 28

  MScs                 Concentrations                                     Campus                            Intake(s)                 Teaching
  in                                                                                                                                  language

                       Auditing, Management Accounting &

                                                                          Paris                             September                 English
                       Information Systems

                       Corporate Financial Management                     Paris, Sophia                     January & September       English

                       Financial Markets & Investments                    Paris, Raleigh, Sophia            September                 English

                       International Marketing & Business

                                                                          Paris, Sophia, Lille              January & September       English

                       Strategic Event Management & Tourism               Sophia                            January* & September      English

                       International Hospitality Management               Sophia                            September                 English

                       Luxury & Fashion Management                        Sophia, Suzhou                    January & September       English

                       Global Luxury Management
                                                                          Raleigh (Semester 1)              August
                       with NC State University - Raleigh    new                                                                      English
                                                                          Paris (Semester 2)
                       Dual degree

                       Digital Marketing                                  Sophia                            January & September       English

                       International Human Resources &

                                                                          Paris                             September                 English
                       Performance Management

                       Business Consulting & Information Systems          Sophia                            September                 English

                       Supply Chain Management                            Lille                             September                 English
                       & Purchasing

                       Project and Programme Management &                 Paris                             January & September       English
                       Business Development                               Lille
      Business &

                       Digital Business                                   Sophia                            September                 English

                       Entrepreneurship & Innovation                      Sophia, Suzhou                    January & September       English

                       International Strategy & Influence                 Paris                             September                 English

                       International Business
                       Doing Business in Europe                           Sophia                            January & September
                       Doing Business in China                            Suzhou                            January & September       English
                       Doing Business in America                          Raleigh                           January & August
                       Doing Business in Latin America      new           Belo Horizonte                    September
* for candidates with relevant experience

Engineering & Management                                           new

MSc joint programme with University of Science and Technology of China - Two years of schooling - Dual degree

  First year                                USTC - China                 Suzhou                         September                   English

  Second year                               Skema                        Sophia or Suzhou               September                   English

Two-Year MSc
Designed for students who hold a three-year bachelor’s degree, it’s the ideal choice for those who wish to do a year of study on the
business fundamentals before specialising on the MSc itself.
  First year                                General international                 Paris, Raleigh, Sophia,     January & September       English
                                            management programme                  Suzhou

  Second year /                             MSc specialisation from               See specific MSc            January & September       English
  Specialisation                            the programme list above              for campus options
                                            (except dual degree programmes)

                                                                                                                                        MSc programme overview   17
Auditing, Management Accounting &                                                 Corporate Financial Management
Information Systems
                                                                                   enG.       Paris        Sophia antipolis

  enG.      Paris
                                                                                  Finance and accounting in one interactive programme
Keeping students proactive in using the newest methods and helping
them build a successful international career                                        rogramme outline: The programme aims to provide participants
                                                                                   with solid technical knowledge and skills, as well as the transversal
  rogramme outline: This programme is designed to help participants
 P                                                                                 competencies which are required to manage complex financial situations
 develop an in-depth understanding of audit, management control and                in an international environment.
 information systems, and the different ways these disciplines contribute
 to competitive advantage, wealth and the advancement of society.                  Career opportunities: Financial managers, fnancial analyst, treasury
                                                                                     managers, credit analysts, business development managers, internal
  areer opportunities: Internal and external auditing, consulting,
 C                                                                                   auditors, financial controllers, financial Analyst.
 specialised auditing (IT, marketing), management control, industrial
 management control, consolidation management, chartered accountancy,              In-company projects and assignments:
 administrative and financial management…                                               Implementation of a balanced scorecard for strategic performance
                                                                                        management in a multinational software company
 I n-company projects and assignments: Preparation of management                       Business development of new structured products on the French market
  accounts , planning, budgeting, and forecasting management reporting
  for decision-making, product and service costing, information                    Partner companies: Eads, Crédit du Nord, Thomson, Faurecia, Dell,
  management, project appraisal, project management, working capital                Deloitte, Ernst & Young.
  control, the impact of the setting up of a new information system on
  management control, the impact of the setting up of a new decisional
  data processing on a management control system, the optimal
  organisation of software bricks within an organisation…

  artner companies: Accenture, BNP Paribas, Caisse d’Epargne, Cap
 Gemini, Deloitte France and Luxembourg, Ernst & Young, Galeries
 La Fayette, Grant Thornton, Kpmg France and Luxembourg, Mazars,
 PricewaterhouseCoopers France and Luxembourg.

Financial Markets & Investments                                                   International Marketing & Business
  enG.      Paris        raleigh         Sophia antipolis
                                                                                   enG.       Paris        Sophia antipolis            Lille

This MSc is recognised as one of the world’s very best (Financial Times           Broad strategic insight and the skills to develop new business
2015: ranked 6th worldwide)                                                       opportunities

 Programme outline: The programme educates students in a personalised             rogramme outline: Our philosophy: sales and business development
 academic environment for success in a wide variety of finance jobs. It            go hand in hand with market and consumer insight to drive growth.
 gives students practical expertise in the key areas of finance within the         Core courses cover the essentials, while a range of options and electives
 new post-crisis (2008 and today again) financial environment in the               allow students to personalise and develop specific career orientations
                                                                                   and skills (product management, web, retail, B2B, communication…
 fields of trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, banking
                                                                                   etc). The programme balances academic input and practical application,
 management, sustainable finance…                                                  reaching out to companies through projects, testimonials, case studies
                                                                                   and challenges. Creativity, innovation and sustainability in the global
 Career        opportunities: Trader, broker, sales analyst, risk manager,         knowledge economy are explored throughout, as, too, are the challenges
        controller, investment advisory, equity research, corporate banking...     facing marketing in the always-on digital world.
 In-company projects and assignments:
  Correlation between commodities and equities                                     areer opportunities: Marketing research, trend agencies,
   Dividend swaps as a new asset class                                            communication and event agencies, marketing or product managers,
    Forward curve as a forecasting tool in the soft commodity market and its      trade marketing or category managers, sales and business development,
     Granger casualty test                                                         key account managers, purchasing…
     Oil and natural gas correlation
      To what extent does Islamic finance banking present a growing stable and    I n-company projects and assignments: Potential for on-board internet
                                                                                    services for airlines, new product launches for Ford, connected objects
       safe banking system?
                                                                                    and new market opportunities, improving employer branding; managing
       Leveraged ETF: the real correlation with their index                        the shopper experience, imagining the customer relationship of the
                                                                                    future, sales challenge...
 Partner companies: HSBC, Calyon, BNP Paribas, SocGen, Commerzbank,
  EFG…                                                                              artner companies: Procter & Gamble, Monaco Telecom, Hilti, Cisco
                                                                                   Systems, Frost & Sullivan, UPS, Décathlon, Danone, Auchan, Valéo, Thales,
Students on the Raleigh campus can get a US-recognised degree as Skema             Microsoft...
US is licensed by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina
to confer masters degrees.                                                         Double-degrees are possible with the LUT school of business in Finland
                                                                                   as well as with the research master ‘Marketing advanced programme’ at
                                                                                   Lille 2 University.

     18   MSc programmes
Strategic EVENT Management & tourism                                           Digital Marketing
Management (SEMTM) ANd
International Hospitality Management (IHM)                                       enG.       Sophia antipolis

 enG.       Sophia antipolis                                                   Professional certifications, the latest tech, real-world projects and
                                                                               personalised coaching
On the French Riviera, learn by application with the programme’s
network of local companies                                                       rogramme outline: Companies are struggling to find young and
                                                                                experienced digital-marketing professionals. This MSc answers that
  rogramme objectives: SEMTM: - Understand the tourism and business
 P                                                                              demand by producing graduates who are competent and experienced
 events systems and their stakeholders - Apply managerial, financial,           in three key areas: digital-marketing, project management and the
 and marketing knowledge to tourism and event projects - Identify               development of marketing campaigns. Throughout the year, students
 upcoming challenges and opportunities for the sectors. IHM: - Focus            work on real life projects with companies from many different areas.
 on the international hospitality industry - Learn sustainable and quality      This MSc provides skills in web-marketing - digital marketing and project
 management techniques and certification procedures - Understand the            management in partnership with the PMI (Project Management Institute).
 emphasis on service attitude, service delivery, quality, and innovation.       Students do the Google Adwords and Google Analytics certifications as
                                                                                well as project management certifications: CAPM or PMP of the PMI.
 Career opportunities: SEMTM: Yield managers in hotels, researchers in
 tourism consultancy companies or product managers for tour operators,           areer opportunities: Digital marketer, SEM manager, sales manager,
 careers within communication agencies, event departments in large              project manager, product marketing manager, communication manager,
 companies or in hotel conference departments etc.                              media planner, web analyst, traffic manager, community manager, quality
 IHM: Managerial positions in the hospitality sector such as guest service      and sales manager, affiliation & partnership manager, on-line marketing
 manager, front desk manager, communication manager; sales and                  director, director e-commerce.
 marketing manager, etc.
                                                                                I n-company projects and assignments: Digital marketing plan, media
 I n-company projects and assignments: lectures, case studies and               planning, business plans, project plan, quality and risk plans, legal issues
  professional projects in cooperation with tourism, events and hospitality      analysis, web-site creation / design / management, CRM and e-CRM,
  businesses.                                                                    e-commerce, change management, community and social network
                                                                                 management, affiliation management.
  artner companies: Accor, Amadeus, Atout France, American Express
 Business Travel,, Club Méditérranée, Choice Hotels, CRT             artner companies: IBM, PMI (Project Management Institute),
 Riviera Côte d’Azur, Deloitte, European Society of Cardiology, Expedia,        Amadeus, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Dow AgroSciences, Altran,
 Fairmont, Hyatt, HRS, International Congress Services, IHG, JonesLang          Nike, Areco, Convers, Luxotica, Chambers of Commerce, Opera of Nice,
 LaSalle, Marriott, MCI Group, Messe Munich International, Naseba, Pierre       Arion Laboratories, Genevrier Laboratories, Synertal, Nice Airport, RTE
 et Vacances, PriceMatch, Relais et Châteaux, Reed Exhibitions, Société         Technologies, Sophianet, club leaders Sophia Antipolis. Goodyear, ...
 des Bains de Mer de Monaco, …

Luxury & Fashion Management                                                    International Human Resources &
                                                                               Performance Management
 enG.       Sophia antipolis          suzhou

                                                                                 enG.      Paris
                                                                               Project based and networked with local companies and professional HR
Global Luxury Management                                                       organisations

 enG.       Paris       raleigh        new!
                                                                                 rogramme outline: To meet the needs of future human resource
Global Luxury Management is taught at the NC State University (NCSU),           practitioners and managers who develop and manage HR processes.
Raleigh (1st semester) and at the Skema Paris campus (2nd semester).            This programme combines the study of human resource management
This programme was created in partnership with the Poole College of             in a multicultural and international setting with an understanding of
Management of NCSU and the College of Textiles, NCSU.                           how to design and manage activities that will help individuals and teams
                                                                                develop knowledge and skills. This programme is aimed at students
                                                                                wishing to pursue an international management career, to specialise in
  rogramme outline: These programmes give students regular access
                                                                                human resource management in a global context, and to develop a critical
 to experienced fashion and luxury specialists and expands their career
                                                                                approach towards performance management in a context of growing
 prospects by providing them with training in fashion and luxury
                                                                                demands for performance assessment, measurement and management.

                                                                                 areer opportunities: Human resources manager, training manager, talent
  areer opportunities: Careers in a wide range of fashion and luxury
                                                                                development management, recruitment manager, career development
 fields, and in international luxury brand management: designing,
                                                                                manager, organisational change project manager, organisational consultant
 sourcing, merchandising, budgeting, advertising, global luxury or fashion
 brand management as well as strategy. Graduates work in a variety of
 organisations including: commercial and marketing firms, consultancy and       I n-company projects and assignments: Specialised assignments on some
 research, corporate luxury or fashion institutions.                             aspect of HR policy (recruitment, training, studies on strategic workforce
                                                                                 planning, participation in setting up of HR management systems) / Broader,
                                                                                 general assignments combining several different aspects of HR policy
 I n-company projects and assignments: The use of celebrity endorsement
                                                                                 (recruitment and/or training, remuneration and/or SWP) or in relation
  in the luxury industry; Asymmetry in multicultural luxury communication;
                                                                                 with transverse projects (change management consulting, diversity project
  A comparative analysis of luxury brand communication in India & China;
  Profitability of fashion shows; Richard Mille: From fantasy to legitimacy.

  artner companies: BETC Design, Dassault, Baume & Mercier, RSW, Jitrois,
 P                                                                               artner companies: Adecco, Amadeus, Auchan, Bayer Schering, EDF,
 Gucci, Neemrana Hotels, Global Luxuria, Jaypee Group, M. Kors, Tommy           Henkel, l’Occitane, Valeo, Rexel, Orange, Otis, General Electric, Accenture,
 Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Christian Dior.                                  LVMH, Crédit Agricole, SAP, IBM, Marineland, Thales, Microsoft.

                                                                                                                                   MSc programmes      19
Business Consulting & Information Systems                                       Supply Chain Management & Purchasing
                                                                                 enG.        Lille
 enG.       Sophia antipolis

                                                                                A unique combination of two related fields, with the project
Created in response to the job market’s need for graduates with these           management discipline
types of expertise
                                                                                  rogramme outline: This programme is designed for practising
  rogramme outline: The programme is designed to reinforce the cross-
 P                                                                               professionals, mid-career managers and graduates seeking specialised
 functional competencies needed by consultants and project managers. It          training in the complementary fields of purchasing, supply chain
 gives high potential for recruitment and it provides a unique opportunity       management and project management at managerial level. It facilitates
 for acquiring a specialist qualification in both the areas of information       the undertaking of professional certifications in project management
 systems management and business consulting, combined with                       (Prince2® of APMG) and in SCM (BASICS of APICS)
 generalized expertise in project management. PMI® Certification will be
 granted to graduates of this MSc. Students will have the possibility to take
                                                                                  areer opportunities: The field of purchasing and supply chain offers a
 ITIL® or change management certification.
                                                                                 variety of possible assignments and jobs ranging from generalist supply
 Courses are delivered by professional experts: courses on SAP are
                                                                                 chain management, materials management and project management
 held on the premises of SAP Labs France at Sophia-Antipolis. Business
                                                                                 to specialist purchasing, procurement, demand planning, logistics &
 consulting courses are taught by the senior consultants from Ernst &
                                                                                 transportation …
 Young (leader on the French market for information systems auditing),
 KPMG or Cap Gemini and professional partners.
                                                                                 I nternships: During their internship, students are immersed in companies
  areer opportunities: Consultant in information systems management,
 C                                                                                in order to deal with real life supply chains and purchasing issues.
 consultant in operations management, consultant in organisation,                 Examples include: reorganisation of material flows of a warehouse at
 auditor of information systems, project manager for information systems          Schneider Electric, improving purchasing performance and cost analysis at
 projects.                                                                        Degometal, elaboration and evaluation of the purchasing strategy at Dow
                                                                                  Corning Europe, review customer service integration at Hilti.
 I n-company projects and assignments: Project management (IBM), IS
  audit (EY, KPMG, PWC), IS consulting (EY, Deloitte, Cap Gemini, Accenture,      artner companies : Association Française pour la Logistique (ASLOG),
  Sogeti, Logica, Solucom), project support engineer (SAP, Dell), Software       Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France (CDAF), Project
  methodology (Amadeus, Apple, Microsoft, Google).                               Management Institute (PMI®), Groupement pour l’Amélioration des
                                                                                 Liaisons dans l’Industrie Automobile (GALIA), Supply Chain Council
                                                                                 (SCC), and the Six Sigma Institute. Companies recruiting our students
  artner companies: EY (Ernst & Young), SAP, PMI, Amadeus, IBM, Cap
                                                                                 include CMA/CGM, Dow Corning Europe, Kone, Schneider Electric, Thales
 Gemini, Amaris, Inventy consulting, MC2I…
                                                                                 Underwater Systems and Virbac.

Project and Programme Management &                                              Digital Business
Business Development
                                                                                 enG.       Sophia antipolis
 enG.       Paris         Lille

                                                                                Comprehensive understanding of the effects of digitalisation, the most
The only MSc programme in France to be 100% project management                  powerful and overwhelming force in modern business.
                                                                                  rogramme outline: Today, all companies use the internet to continually
  rogramme outline: This programme offers students access to
 P                                                                               transform traditional business activities. Marketing, production,
 professional certifications in PRINCE2 and CAPM/PMP as well as a choice         strategic planning, etc. have all been transformed by use of the internet
 of specialisations: (1) Global Project Management at the Lille campus,          in data collection, product distribution and the provision of services.
 and (2) Project Management for Business Excellence at the Paris campus.         This MSc provides students with the knowledge and quantitative skills
 The programme uses innovative learning and teaching methods including           necessary to work in a data-rich digital environment. The knowledge
 role play, case study, simulation, flipped classroom, distance and blended      courses encompass traditional business disciplines, e.g. strategy,
 learning giving a stimulating and flexible learning environment to              marketing, economics, and information systems. Each course is tailored
 students. The programme capstone is a major project in the form of an           to emphasise the nature of digital transformation, and its implications
 academic or professional thesis or business development project.                for analysis and decision-making. The skills courses include big data
                                                                                 analytics, business statistics, and econometrics. These courses provide
  areer opportunities: The Global Project Management specialisation
 C                                                                               students with the tools necessary to properly collect and analyse data
 leads to jobs in global businesses on international projects that involve       in a digital environment. To integrate their knowledge and skills training,
 multiple organisations and languages as well as cultural diversity.             students will participate in a two-semester-long group project that uses
 Students who do the Project Management for Business Excellence                  data generated by a global company, with guidance from that company’s
 specialisation can expect to work in in a multi-project portfolio               managers and Skema faculty.
 environment, contributing to sustainable competitive advantage and
 business efficiency. Both specialisations offer essential capabilities for       areer opportunities: Opportunities for our graduates include positions
 recruiters who need project managers that can work effectively in a             as consultants in areas such as digital and social media, business analytics
 competitive global marketplace.                                                 and strategy, data strategy; and on the management side, as account
                                                                                 managers, strategic partner managers, audience marketing managers,
 I n-company projects and assignments: During their internship, students        etc.
  develop their knowledge and practical skills by working on real projects.
                                                                                  esigned by: The academic content for the MSc in Digital Business has
  artner companies: Airbus, Alstom Transport, General Electric
 P                                                                               been designed by Skema’s leading faculty in close collaboration with
 Healthcare, Thomson Reuters, Compagnie des Wagons Lits, Valeo,                  experts from industry leaders, including: AXA, Capgemini Consulting,
 Lacoste, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Gemalto, NQI, Maltem, Innovateam,               Facebook, IBM and SAP.
 Wynnesystems, PCubed.

    20    MSc programmes
Entrepreneurship & Innovation                                                      International Strategy & Influence

 enG.        Sophia antipolis          suzhou                                       enG.       Paris

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn to think differently.                 Designed by leading strategic consultants, this MSc combines corporate
                                                                                   strategy and competitive intelligence​
  rogramme outline: This programme is designed to help participants
 develop an in-depth understanding of eco-system of innovation,                      rogramme outline: This master of science provides students with
 identifying and managing entrepreneurial opportunities, new venture                     strategic management and competitive intelligence knowledge and
 and business plan, entrepreneurial finance, advanced strategy, strategic                methods, opening up vast job opportunities. The MSc International
 marketing of innovation, product design, new business models for                        Strategy & Influence is designed to train students in:
 sustainable growth, intellectual property (IP), entrepreneurial skills             handling the challenges of strategic management of firms operating in a
 and leadership, executive consulting, solutions-based selling, and                      globalised environment
 negotiation skills. The positioning of the programme also prepares future           the skills and knowledge to develop strategies drawing on competitive
 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to take advantage of the new business                   intelligence methods
 opportunities offered by sustainable growth.                                         legal methods of influence
                                                                                       the execution of strategies for the organisation of knowledge and skills in
  areer opportunities: Entrepreneur, executive consultant in strategy and
 C                                                                                       using information as a strategic asset
 business development, business unit manager, business development                      designing the right organisation and the appropriate managerial
 manager, marketing and sales manager in innovative start-ups and existing               structure to operate corporate strategy in the global economy.
 companies, business analyst in venture capital firms, incubator advisor …
                                                                                     areer opportunities: In a wide variety of fields in international business,
 I n-company projects and assignments:                                             executive consulting, or national security: strategic analyst, strategy
  Co-working with start-ups and innovative SMEs                                    consultant for large and small businesses, knowledge and information
   Possibility for students to use their entrepreneurial project as a framework    manager, organisation and quality manager, manager of information
    throughout courses;                                                             security and systems…
    Project pitching in front of entrepreneurs, business angels, and incubator
     managers                                                                        esigned by experts for experts: The academic content of the MSc
     Students can draw up the business plans for their own projects instead of     International Strategy & Influence has been designed by Skema’s experts
      the thesis                                                                    and leading organisations of strategic consulting and competitive
                                                                                    intelligence, including Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini Consulting,
                                                                                    Institut National des Hautes Études de la Sécurité et de la Justice (INHESJ).
  artner companies : Sophia-Antipolis local incubators, Sophia Business
 Angels, Reseau Entreprendre PACA, Suzhou local incubators, partnership
 with the Master Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MNN) of
 the Tech de Monterrey (Mexico).

International Business                                                             Engineering & Management

 enG.        Sophia antipolis          suzhou                                       enG.        Sophia antipolis           suzhou          new!

  raleigh        new! belo horizonte                                               Gain unique expertise, in partnership with one of the best Chinese
                                                                                   universities (ranked 49th worldwide).
Global and multi-campus with immersion in local business environments              This two-year programme is taught at the University of Science and
in France, China, USA and Brazil. Students on the Raleigh campus can get           Technology of China (1st year) and at the Skema Sophia Antipolis campus
a US-recognised degree.                                                            (2nd year) . Two degrees are delivered: Master of Engineering by USTC and
  rogramme outline: For students who want to join organisations
 P                                                                                 MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation by Skema
     operating internationally. Graduates of this MSc can offer companies their
     competences in:                                                                 rogramme objectives: The objective is to train team-leaders for
 Understanding the legal, economic, business and cultural issues of                technical groups in R&D institutions or CTOs for high-tech enterprises.
  internationalisation,                                                             The students will:
  Addressing the impacts of cultural, administrative, political, geographical,     Master fundamental software engineering knowledge and skills;
   economic distance on developing business abroad,                                  Acquire knowledge of management and industry standards, analytical
   Using methods & tools for analysis and evaluation of international                thinking and problem-solving ability;
    contexts and conduct the process of business internationalisation,                Gain foresight of industry technology and market trends;
    Managing multiculturalism & diversity.                                            Get practical experience, and be able to undertake the design,
                                                                                        development and management of products independently;
                                                                                        Develop management talent for international project management.
 Career opportunities: International product manager, global account
  manager, international business development manager, export-area
  sales manager, international sourcing manager, strategic consultant,               areer opportunities: Entrepreneur, incubator advisor, executive
  international project manager in diverse sectors – consulting,                    consultant in strategy and business development, business unit manager,
  manufacturing, banking and insurance, logistics – and in a broad range            marketing and sales manager in innovative start-ups and existing
  of firms and organisations from exporting start-ups and SMEs and                  companies, venture capital/investment fund advisor.
  multinational companies, b2b and b2c, to international government
  agencies and NGOs.                                                                 artner companies:
                                                                                    IBM, HUAWEI, Tencent, Alibaba, SIAT
                                                                                     Local incubators in Sophia Antipolis (France), Sophia Business Angels,
 I n-company projects and assignments: under consultancy mode in
                                                                                      competitive clusters (Pegase, Telecom Valley), Reseau Entreprendre PACA,
  company-based projects.
                                                                                      PEPITE Cre@tude
                                                                                      Suzhou local incubators
  artner companies: IBM, Orange, Amadeus, Groupe Accord, Decathlon,
 P                                                                                     Partnership with the Master Innovation and Technological
 Auchan, Arjowiggins / Non-profit: European Union, Ubifrance, Chambers                  Entrepreneurship (MNN) of the Tech de Monterrey (Mexico)
 of Commerce, UN Industrial Development Organisation - Vienna…

                                                                                                                                       MSc programmes       21
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