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Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

The Magazine for Supply Chain & Logistics Professionals in Asia | September 2019 Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. supplych in Asia 2019 Awards & Gala Dinner Supply Chain Asia

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Supply Chain Asia Team Paul Lim Founder/President Publications & Editorial Elliyani Md. Ali Production & Design Apple Ang Events & Membership Administration & Finance Carol Chong General Enquiries CONTENTS 2 About us 3 PRESIDENT MESSAGE 5 supply chain asia forum 2019 18 supply chain asia AWARDS 2019 Warehousing Complex @ Dis3plex Free Commercial Zone Your Regional Air Cargo Distribution Centre ONE STOP COST SAVING FLEXI-FACILITIES The 2-storey warehouse units with total built-up size of 4069 to 7083 square feet are suitable for workstations or offices on the 1st level and warehouse on the ground level for storage / deferment of goods, trading activities, distribution, transhipment, and also to undertake VALUE-ADDED COMMERCIAL Dis3plex Free Commercial Zone Dynaview Sdn Bhd (183215-U) 51-23 Menara BHL Bank, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang Telephone: +(604) 226 4466 Facsimile: +(604) 226 7609 visit us @ or call Audrey at 012-5710618 Your Regional Air Cargo Distribution Centre ONE STOP COST SAVING FLEXI-FACILITIES The 2-storey warehouse units with total built-up size of 4069 to 7083 square feet are suitable for workstations or offices on the 1st level and warehouse on the ground level for storage / deferment of goods, trading activities, distribution, transhipment, and also to undertake VALUE-ADDED COMMERCIAL activities such as break-bulking, packing, repackaging, grading, repairs of goods/transit of cargo.

Adjacent warehouse units can be joined / expanded into larger warehousing facilities, depending on the client’s needs. Basic infrastructure (road network, street lighting, utilities like light power supply, water supply) is already in place at this location. The Warehouses are available for lease on a fixed term year-round or limited time basis. The views and opinions expressed or implied in Supply Chain Asia Magazine (MCI (P) 109/07/2019) do not necessarily reflect those of Supply Chain Asia Community Ltd. No responsibility is accepted for the claims made in advertisements, articles, photographs or illustrations contained in this publication.

Unsolicited material will not be returned. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of Supply Chain Asia Community Ltd. All rights reserved. All information is correct at time of printing.

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Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Be Part of a Growing SupplyChainCommunityin Asia Connect with like-minded supply chain professionals from all over the world, gain access to exclusive industry events, and stay up-to-date with our in-depth news coverage of the latest happenings in the supply chain sector. Enrol now for instant membership and enjoy exclusive members-only benefits. 3typesofmembership Supply Chain Professional (SC Pro) SC Pro provides a unique avenue to Supply Chain Professionals who seeks a platform to connect and network with the industry.

Supply Chain Fellow (SC Fellow) SC Fellow is the higher level of recognition given to supply chain professionals with more than 10 years direct working experience.

Corporate Member Corporate Membership to Supply Chain Asia (SCA) comes with special privileges. Besides access to various SCA events and professional development programmes, Corporate members will also be able to access to SCA’s unique network. All corporate member representatives will have similar benefits to SC Professionals. Those who qualified as SC Fellows will be accorded the privileges and profile.

More details can be found at ExecutiveCommittees@SupplyChainAsia Membership Council 2019/2020 Chairman Mr Onno Boots, Regional President & CEO, Geodis Core Members Mr Laurent Simon, Managing Director, Kuehne+Nagel Mr Euan Kenworthy, Executive Director, Russell Reynolds Associates Mr Vijay Anand, Vice President, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, IBM Mr Radu Palamariu, Managing Director, Morgan Philips Mr Koh San Joo, Managing Director, iHub Solutions Mr Jason Goh, CEO, Asia, Yang Kee Logistics Ms Ingeborg Veelenturf, Senior Director, Logistics, Tapestry Mr Roland Chong, Supply Chain Director, Qiagen Mr Allen Wan, Head of Supply Chain, Diageo Mr Koh Jin Kiat, Director, Business Growth, Bombardier Recreational Products Mr Peter Woon, Managing Director, Koru Greentech Institution/Agency Representatives Economic Development Board – Mr Lee Eng Keat, Executive Director, Logistics Enterprise Singapore – Mr Law Chung Ming, Group Director, Transport & Logistics Workforce Singapore – Mr Yeo Fujie, Principal Manager, Manufacturing Division Singapore University of Social Sciences – Assistant Professor Tan Yan Weng Republic Polytechnic – Mr Soh Lai Seng, Acting Director Temasek Polytechnic – Ms Cheryl Wee-Teo Ni Ni, Dy Director Ngee Ann Polytechnic – Mr Leow Teck Sim, Course Director Forum 2019 Executive Committee Chairman Vijay Anand, IBM Alvin Ea, Haulio Sundi Aiyer, Accenture Lin Chee Kin, Singapore Post Koh Niak Wu, The Intelligent Warehouse Ang Tian Teck, StickySpy Laurent Simon, Kuehne + Nagel Wesley Tham, Economic Development Board Woo Pei Jie, Enterprise Singapore Awards 2019 Executive Committee Chairman Jaya Moorthi Pillai, Schneider Electric Vijay Anand, IBM Koh Jin Kiat, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) Ingeborg Veelenturf, Tapestry Paul Bradley, Caprica International Law Chung Ming, Enterprise Singapore Lee Eng Keat, Economic Development Board Allen Wan, Diageo Dennis Quek, COI-SCM@RP Dr Mark Goh, National University of Singapore

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

SupplyChainAsia (sca) The three main cores of SCA are connecting people from various sectors of the industry, encouraging communication amongst professionals and creating opportunities for collaborations. The four main pillars of the organisations are memberships, events, academy and publication. SCA holds various events annually to provide networking and learning opportunities for the community. The organisation also provides training courses in the area of logistics and SCM, equipping attendees with skills that are applicable to the real working scenarios in the industry. As for membership, SCA aims to develop a close-knit community that continues to better itself by leveraging on SCA’s platform and services.

SCA publishes a bi-annual magazine that is available in April and September. The issue in September coincides with its annual Forum and Awards celebrations. “I t doesn’t get any easier. You only get better at it!” Fourteen years ago, when Supply Chain Asia (SCA) was conceived in an apartment somewhere in Bangkok, I would have never imagine that we will be where we are today. In the next two days, we will be hosting our largest ever Forum, with an inaugural Innovation & Tech Expo that bring together emerging tech and solutions to showcase to the industry as well as our largest ever Awards celebration with almost 700 guests in attendance!

SCA was founded on a simple premise – to bring people together to network, share and learn from each other. Everything that we have done since Day 1 brings us back to this simple thought. We are exclusive to no one and seek to maintain an open community platform to benefit everyone. In the midst of conducting our daily affairs, we have been misunderstood for many things – that we are aligned to specific companies or being commercially driven. Far from the truth as we seek only the best for the industry. As such, our role has evolved from a passive player of just collating information and news to an acute observer and activist role with an intent to bring benefits and changes to the community at large.

In the last 24 months, we have deployed initiatives, such as the Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP), designed and conducted several runs of the highly popular Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain Transformation Programme and facilitating the e-Commerce Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programme with support from Workforce Singapore.Today, we also host theTech Accelerator Programme (TAP), which is supported by Enterprise Singapore.TAP’s main objective is to seek out new and emerging technologies developed by startups and bring them to the level of adoption – whether in trials, Proof of Concepts or full commercial deployment.

The next few years will be an exciting journey as we aligned our efforts with the Supply Chain Employees Union (SCEU) of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) in Singapore. The formal alliance with SCEU will be signed on 10th September and together with them, we hope to bring more structured programmes to the supply chain and logistics professionals in both the local community in Singapore and beyond. For professionals working and located in Singapore, there will be added protection provided by SCEU through extending the union memberships to those who are paid members of SCA.

To those who have been supportive of SCA since its inception, I want to extend my heartfelt and sincere thanks for your engagement and friendship.

You know who you are and without whom, I know I would have never lasted these many years and grown to be where we are today. Enjoy your networking over the next two days. If you need help, do look out for me or our Young Ambassadors. We stand ready to assist and to ensure that all of you have a fruitful time with us. Mr Paul Lim Founder/President Supply Chain Asia president MESSAGE Emeritus Council of Advisors Dr Robert Yap, YCH Group (Emeritus Chairman) Mr Sundi Aiyer, Accenture Mr Wayne Hunt, AsiaPac Executive Insights Mr Koh Jin Kiat, Bombardier Recreational Products Mr Paul Bradley, Caprica International Mr Peter Woon, Koru Greentech Mr Lee Eng Keat, Economic Development Board Mr Jamal Chamariq, Estee Lauder Companies Mr Onno Boots, Geodis Wilson Mr Michael Tyler, GlaxoSmithKline Mr Vijay Anand, IBM Mr Law Chung Ming, IE Singapore Mr Laurent Simon, Kuehne + Nagel Mr Khoo Seng Thiam, SATS Mr Jonathan Lim, SPRING Mr Brian Miles, SSI Schaefer Mr Turloch Mooney, TACT Mr Tony Lugg, TAPA Ms Ingeborg Veelenturf, Tapestry Dr Mark Goh, TLI-AP (NUS) SCA | 3

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Beyond visibility: Discover JDA Luminate® Control Tower A SaaS solution processing real-time signals from the digital ecosystem to warn you of an impending supply chain disruption, and then leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to prepare and potentially avoid it. JDA Software Supply Chain Innovator of the Year 2017 & 2018 2018 2017 To learn more, write to:

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Supply Chain Asia Leadership Summit 2019 Innovation & Tech Expo @ SCAF 2019 Supply Chain Asia Awards & Gala Dinner 2019 Forum 2019 Supply Chain Asia Digitalisation of the Supply Chain World 10-12 September 2019 | Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Message W elcome to the annual Supply Chain Asia Forum 2019 and thank you for your unwavering support over the last 14 years. I am honoured to participate as the Chairman for the third consecutive year and would like to take this opportunity to thank our core team, specifically Paul Lim (President, SCA), Emeritus Board of Advisors and the event organising committee for their relentless focus and contribution that made this event possible.This year’s event is quite special as we have combined two key events, the annual SCA Forum and the high-profile SCA Awards.

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Moon landing this year, we pay tribute to the entire team that made this single greatest achievement in human history possible.

NASA had to experiment and engineer new technologies that required over 7.5 million pounds of thrust to launch the rocket and payload equivalent to 50 Jumbo 747s into orbit. Kudos to the supply chain professionals for the coordination and innovation in distribution and logistics, as mission critical parts were manufactured and sourced at several locations and assembled — just in time — with precise and flawless execution. Remember, there were no mobile phones, fax machines, emails or personal computers at that time! We have since come a long way. In the connected world today, Supply Chain visibility and collaboration remains high on the agenda for global organisations in order to improve customer experience, reduce costs and boost operational efficiency.

Disruption is everywhere with new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Industrial Internet of Things and very soon, 5G.

At the same time, there are uncertainties due to trade tensions. As some of you may have noted, the International Monetary Fund advised more work is needed to reduce global trade imbalances and issued a recent warning that such conflicts are weighing on the global economy. We will be focusing on these new developments and disruptive technologies in greater detail under the main theme “Digitisation of the Supply Chain World” , with global experts sharing their perspectives and solutions to collaborate and progress as one industry.

My team and I look forward to hosting you at SCA Forum 2019, and we wish you a wonderful time at the event.

Chairman, Forum 2019 VIJAY anand Worldwide Sales & Distribution, VPTravel, Transportation & Hospitality Asia Pacific, Greater China, Japan, IBM Message from Chairman, Forum 2019 | SCA 6

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia

Sponsors Supporting & Endorsing Organisations In Partnership with Premier Gold Corporate SCA | 7

Supplych in - Supply Chain Asia


Floorplan (Central 1&2, East 1&2) Exhibition Hall J1 J5 J2 J6 J3 J8 J4 BotSync KMS Solutions CCI-ESG Parcel Perform SLA Wine & Chef Unabiz B5 B6 C3 C4 Esker Visi chain Haulio IPOS C5 C6 D2 D3 BLU NTUC Versa SUSS G4 G5 G6 G7 Sticky Spy Kerry Logistics Lustre Bijoux Viatick H3 H4 H5 H6 IPI Zhong heng Doog Paves G3 G2 H2 H1 BYD INFOR FGL Tourism of Thailand E2 E1 F4 F3 Dodeca Studios Hiverlab Syrius Robotics YCH B4 B3 B2 B1 F1 D1 G1 C2 C1 SATO JABIL Presentation Area Locus JDA STB F2 XiaoXin Machines IBM INFOLOG WITRON Dematic Blu (C3) BotSync (J4) BYD (G3) CCI-ILSTC (J3) Dematic (F1) Dodeca Studios – AR Zone (E2) Doog International (H5) Esker (B5) Friendly Groups (H1) Haulio (C3) Hiverlab -VR Zone (F4) IBM (D1) INFOR (H2) IPI Singapore (H3) IPOS (C4) JABIL (C2) JDA (B3) Kerry Logistics (G5) KMS Solutions (J8) Locus (C1) Lustre Bijoux (G6) NTUC - SCEU (C6) Parcel Perform (J2) Paves (H6) SATO (B4) Singapore Logistics Association (J6) SingaporeTourism Board (B2) StickySpy (G4) SUSS (D3) Syrius Robotics (F3) Tourism Authority ofThailand (G2) XiaoXin Machines/Goldbell (F2) Unabiz (J5) Versafleet (D2) Viatick (G7) Visichain (B6) Wine & Chef (J1) Witron (B1) YCH (E1) ZhonghengTechnologies (H4) Locate the Exhibitors J7 SCA | 9

Programme West Ballroom 3 West Ballroom 2 West Ballroom 1 East & Central Ballrooms 0800 Registration Opens 0830-930 Breakfast Talk Breakfast Talk 0930-1030 Opening Ceremony Opening Address Mr Paul Lim Founder/President, Supply Chain Asia Welcome Address Mr Vijay Anand Chairman, Forum 2019 Vice President, Travel, Transportation & Logistics, IBM Membership Council Chairman Address Mr Onno Boots Chairman, Membership Council, Supply Chain Asia; Regional President & CEO, Geodis Exhibition Opens 1030-1100 Tea Break Reception @ Banquet Area (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) 1100-1200 Plenary Session 1 Hosted by JDA Plenary Session 2 Hosted by WITRON Plenary Session 3 Hosted by Dematic Tech Forum 1 Hosted by IPOS International 1200-1400 Luncheon Reception @ Banquet Area (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) Tech Forum 2 Hosted by Zhongheng Technologies Tech Forum 3 Hosted by Sepio 1400-1500 Keynote Address 2 Hosted by IBM 1500-1530 Tea Break Reception @ Banquet Area (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) 1530-1630 Plenary Session 4 Hosted by Jabil Plenary Session 5 Digitalisation of Procurement - Case Studies and Learnings Moderator: Mr Peter Woon, Managing Director, Koru Greentech Plenary Session 6 Hosted by Locus Tech Forum 4 Hosted by Esker Singapore 1630-1730 Plenary Session 7 Hosted by Infor Plenary Session 8 Digitalisation of Supply Chain – The Hidden Implications Moderator: Mr Jaya Moorthi, VP, Logistics, Schneider Electric Plenary Session 9 Hosted by Syrius Robotics Tech Forum 5 Hosted by Visichain 10th September 2019 (Tuesday) Locate the ballrooms from Resorts World Convention Centre Map.

View latest programme outline at | SCA 10

Programme West Ballroom 3 West Ballroom 2 West Ballroom 1 East & Central Ballrooms 0800 Registration Opens 0800-0930 Breakfast Talk Breakfast Talk 0930-1030 Leadership Summit Keynote Address Dr Dee Waddell Global Managing Director, Travel & Transportation Industries, IBM Exhibition Opens 1030-1100 Tea Break Reception @ Banquet Area (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) 1100-1230 Leadership Summit Dialogue with Leading Regional and Global Logistics and Supply Chain Leaders Moderator: Mr Vijay Anand, Chairman, Forum 2019 Panellists: Mr Adam Jiang, Founder & CEO, Syrius Robotics Mr Alvin Ea, Founder/CEO, Haulio Mr Karl Hoegen, CEO, WITRON America Mr Michael Lee, Managing Director, Asianet Consultants Mr Tom Sproat, Sr.

Director Network Development, TradeLens/Maersk Exhibition Opens 1200-1400 Luncheon Reception @ Banquet Area (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) Tech Forum 6 Hosted by Unabiz Tech Forum 7 Hosted by Parcel Perform 1400-1700 Ballrooms turnover for Awards & Gala Dinner Night 1700-1830 Awards & Gala Dinner Night Cocktail Reception (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) 1830-2200 Awards & Gala Dinner Night (Paid Delegates & Sponsors Only) 11th September 2019 (Wednesday) Locate the ballrooms from Resorts World Convention Centre Map. View latest programme outline at SCA | 11

Speakers Anand,Vijay Worldwide Sales & Distribution, VP Travel, Transportation & Hospitality Asia Pacific, Greater China, Japan, IBM Chairman, Forum 2019 @ Supply Chain Asia Boots, Onno President & CEO, Asia Pacific/ Group Board of Management, GEODIS Chairman, Membership Council @ Supply Chain Asia Ea, Alvin CEO/Founder, Haulio Brentjens, Cas Vice President Solution Consulting, Infor Hoegen, Karl CEO, Witron America Kandhadai, Sridhar VP, Supply Chain & Procurement, Marina Bay Sands Krishnamoorthy, Ramesh APAC Procurement Director, Philips Khandelwal, Krishna Chief Business Officer, Locus Lai, Kevin Head of Procurement & Supply Chain, Shell Lee, Michael Managing Director, Asianet Consultants Illindala, Sriharsha VP, Solutions Advisor, JDA Software Murad, Nathani Co-Founder & CEO, Sepio Products Private Limited | SCA 12

Lim, Paul Founder/President, Supply Chain Asia Moorthi, Jaya VP, Logistics, Schneider Electric Chairman, Awards 2019 @ Supply Chain Asia Ng, Kee Wee Vice President, Supply Chain, Enterprise and Infrastructure Division, Jabil Speakers Rajan, Rajeev Senior Vice President, Group Supply Chain and Projects (South East Asia and China), YHS Scott,Todd Vice President, Global Trade, Blockchain @ IBM Seng, Gerard Director, KPMG Sproat,Tom Senior Director Network Development, TradeLens Veelenturf, Ingeborg Senior Director, Logistics, Tapestry Vermetten, Luc Vice President, Distribution & Logisticsm APAC, Estee Lauder Waddell, Dee (Dr) Global Managing Director, Travel & Transportation Industries, IBM Woon, Peter Managing Director, Koru Greentech Chairman, Procurement Council @ Supply Chain Asia SCA | 13

Supply Chain Asia Tech Accelerator Program (TAP) Overview Supply chain and logistics developments in the world have undergone major transformations over the last few years. With constant new technology inventions and ongoing disruptions, the sector has to strive to achieve new ways to meet today’s challenges and reach its potential. Tech Accelerator Program The Supply Chain Asia Tech Accelerator Program (TAP) is an evolution of the Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) initiative. TAP is designed to support startups and enterprises with less than 5 years of existence in the curation, promotion, showcasing, adoption and implementation of innovation tech solutions impacting the supply chain and logistics industry.

Accelerating Innovation Adoption in Supply Chain TAP is a platform that is ideal to display and test new logistics and supply chain developments and applications, as well as target innovations that could be adopted for faster, more flexible, and more ecologically sound logistics and supply chain of the future. TAP will be unique platform to the industry here in Singapore and Asia, whereby new solutions and technologies from corporations, startups and even individual professionals can set up their solutions in a controlled operating environment. The vision is to create synergistic networks for new ideas and accelerate their development from a prototype to actual implementation.

TAP-partners will be able to expand their network through participation in SCA’s curated events. Through the Community Hub Café, SCA will have a platform that will allow SMEs and companies alike to explore advisory and consulting services in the adoption of new technologies and innovation. Startup SG – an Enterprise Singapore initiative Supply Chain Asia (SCA) is an appointed Startup SG Accelerator. Startup SG Accelerator is a part of the Startup SG programme managed by Enterprise Singapore. Startup SG represents the shared interests of the startup community and positions Singapore as a leading startup hub.

It provides entrepreneurs with a launchpad to connect them to the global stage, and a platform for access to local support initiatives.

Currently, there are six pillars of support – Startup SG Founder, Startup SG Tech, Startup SG Equity, Startup SG Accelerator, Startup SG Loan, and Startup SG Talent. TAP Showcase and Promotion Platforms SCA will provide various platforms to showcase and promote startups that sign up to become a TAP-partner, including: TAP partners will be able to work closely with SCA to explore various industry initiatives and set up of showcases. These initiatives and showcases will provide a platform for startups to engage in live implementation and promote their services and solutions Industry Showcases & Initiatives A 4,000 sq.

ft. exclusive platform set up at the Trade Association Hub, a former JTC HQ located at Jurong Town Hall Road. TAP-partners can participate to host regular talks as well as promote their services during special events hosted at the Community Hub Café. SCA Community Hub Café

TAP-Partners Framework All TAP-partners are expected to sign a minimum of 3-month agreement for SCA to promote its solutions and services to its network. The partnership agreement is free for all selected startups. Solutions showcase @ Community Hub Café - A nominal fee will be charged for selected solutions Collaborative Projects - SCA will curate, design and deploy collaborative projects incorporating emerging technologies from TAP-partners - A nominal fee will only be charged upon successful implementation of project Investment and Incubation - Mentoring and coaching support relating to the marketing and promoting of solutions and industry applications - Advisory and consulting support relating to adoption challenges - Improved valuation and/or revenue expansion potential - A nominal fee will only be charged upon successful fund raising Services provided by TAP - Showcase of emerging technologies, such as AR/VR, robotics, autonomous technologies, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence - Incubation (including ideation support) for startups - Accelerating adoption, proof of concept (POC), trials and pilots for solutions and startups hosted at Supply Chain Tech Accelerator

To register, please contact Criteria for Participation of TAP Startups A startup is defined as a new business entity that is less than 5 years incorporation. For showcasing of solutions at the Community Hub Café, the startups’ solutions must be at the POC or pilot stage. SMEs & Commercial Organisations SMEs and Commercial organisations open for collaborative projects can also sign up to become a TAPUser. Companies that sign up as TAP-User will secure special access to solutions that are curated and participate in regular events and talks.

Value-Added Activities Through the Community Hub Café, TAP partners and users will be invited to regular talks and dialogues to share their use cases, identify challenges and promote the benefits.

2019 Awards & Gala Dinner Supply Chain Asia 11th September 2019 Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore | SCA 18

Awards Brief Into its fourteenth year, the Supply Chain Asia (SCA) Awards continues to keep its prestige and value through recognition of individuals as well as corporation contributions to the growth and development of the industry. This year’s awards celebration is held together with its annual Forum and expected to draw record attendance to the event. Various traditional awards have also been included in this year’s recognition ceremony. Individual Recognition Awards SCA offers a platform to recognise individual contributions to their companies and communities.

Individuals are nominated by industry professionals, community members and SCA Awards committee members.

Corporate Awards SCA offers two core awards for corporations involved in the provision of supply chain and logistics services:
  • Recognition Awards. These are awards accorded to companies who have been successfully developed, crafted or deployed innovative and transformative projects.The nominations of recognition awards are selected from industry professionals and community members of SCA. Awardees are selected by SCA editorial team as well as its Awards Committee members.
  • Competing Awards.
  • To qualify for these awards, companies will need to pass through a nomination and selection process, acceptance of the nomination and finally voted to win by a Panel of Judges as well as SCA Awards Committee members.The nomination and selection process are held from January-April. Nominated companies need to accept their nominations before they can compete to win the award. Overall Supply Chain Partner of theYear The Overall Supply Chain Partner of theYear are open to ALL CORPORATE FINALISTS who meet the following criteria:
  • Presence during the Awards celebration
  • Strong leadership team (or at least visible leaders with strong profile in the industry)
  • Has a regional presence (in at least five countries in Asia)
  • Provides supply chain and logistics related services and solutions with focus on adoption and intensive use of technology The final list of 10 companies will be voted by the Awards Committee and Panel of Judges and presented for live voting during the Awards Night.

SCA | 19

R egardless of the industry, awards celebrations gather together a unique blend of talent that are courageous, achievement oriented, ones with growth and innovative mindset and more importantly, possess a deep sense of pride in what they do. It is a necessary event in any industry to assemble the collective leadership of the various companies together to honour and share the accomplishments of their peers. In this pursuit, we endeavour to uncover silent achievers for the greater good of creating a strong professional bond across. There is a tsunami of change, uncertainty and unpredictability in the supply chain ecosystem.

To internalise, adapt, change and let alone thrive in this challenging environment requires strategic mindset, relevant competencies, distinctive leadership and the boldness to execute. Beyond this, strategic collaborations within and across industries are a competitive edge if one is successful in creating a sound value proposition. Traditional boundaries are not respected in the face of rapid technological change. New generation of leaders brings unfettered desire to change, alter the norms and take risk. This ignites the energy in the supply chain and forces present in leaders to embrace this as a potent catalyst.

The speed of technological advances requires a very different leadership to question the norms, encourage a sense of curiosity and creativity, and enable a fusion of talent. SCA Awards 2019 aims to recognise such leaders and companies that make a difference to the industry, provide the vision and the drive to alter our paths to success. The awards committee, made up of respected leaders in the academia, trade bodies, private and public sector, carefully assembled various categories of awards to honour these winners. The task was not easy. How do we ensure we have ample coverage across all domains and yet make sure we dwell deep enough to make a wise decision?

In recognising the need for technology enabled transformation, we introduced four new categories under the umbrella of Emerging Technologies, Innovation and Transformation. We would like the Awards to reflect the current landscape as well as distinctively encourage a fusion of new wave of companies with entrenched ones. It has been a fulfilling experience for me to be part of the Awards team and enjoy the experience of debates and calibration of how the Awards should be organised and kept relevant. This further reinforces my strong believe that SCA executes its humble aspiration to bring professionals across the industry very seriously.

Additionally, Paul has worked tirelessly with other like-minded individuals to host numerous other events throughout the year. In the capacity of Chairman of Shippers Council as well as President of this Awards, I have witnessed the enthusiasm. This is a truly an honour for the industry itself.

On behalf of the Awards committee, I would like to share my heartiest congratulations to all the nominees, winners and everyone else for taking time and effort to be present for this prestigious and memorable event. Chairman, Awards 2019 Jaya Moorthi Pillai Vice President, EAJ Logistics, Schneider Electric Asia Pte Ltd Message from Chairman, Awards 2019 | SCA 20

Awards 2019 Committee Members & Judges Ms Ingeborg Veelenturf Senior Director, Logistics, Tapestry Mr Paul Bradley Chairman & CEO, Caprica International Mr Koh Jin Kiat Director, Business Growth, Bombardier Recreational Products Mr Law Chung Ming Group Director, Logistics & Transport, Enterprise Singapore Mr Vijay Anand Vice President, Transportation & Logistics, IBM Mr Lee Eng Keat Executive Director, Economic Development Board Mr Allen Wan Head of Supply Chain, Diageo Mr Dennis Quek Director, Centre of Innovation - Supply Chain Management, Republic Polytechnic Dr Mark Goh Director (Industry Reserch), The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific Committee Members Chairperson Judges Mr Roland Chong Global Senior Director, Head of Supply Chain Global Process Management, QIAGEN Mr Sebastian Chua Head of Procurement, Health & Promotion Board Mr LucasTan Director, Business Development, Zuellig Pharma Mr Foo ChooYen Course Manager, Temasek Polytechnic Mr Kevin Cheong Director, Global Transportation, Molex MrTan Boon Hao Senior Manager, Asia Transportation, 3M Ms Elliyani Mohamad Ali Lead Editor, Supply Chain Asia Mr Jaya Moorthi Pillai Vice President, Logistics, Schneider Electric SCA | 21

Individual Recognition Awards SCA offers a platform to recognise individual contributions to their companies and communities. Individuals are nominated by industry professionals, community members and SCA Awards committee members.The following are the various individual recognition awards presented by SCA: Award Description How to Qualify Logistics Equipment Operator of the Year For logistics equipment operator Individuals must be nominated by immediate supervisor and validated for contribution. Young Professional of the Year For young professionals below 35 years old Professionals who have shown high potential in their individual contributions to both their organisation and community.

Supply Chain Executive of the Year Reserved for executives involved in the provision of logistics and supply chain services Nominated individuals must have contributed to their organisation’s growth and must be actively involved in community services (in personal or professional capacity). Supply Chain Professionals of the Year For cargo owners and supply chain professionals involved in manufacturing and distribution Nominated individuals must have contributed to their organisation’s growth and must be actively involved in community services (in personal or professional capacity). Supply Chain Educator of the Year For trainers, professors or educators in the supply chain/ logistics sector Nominated individuals must show commitment, passion and participate actively in the industry development programmes relating to education and training.

Most Inspiring Professional of the Year For senior professionals with volunteering experience in industry work Nominated individuals must have contributed to industry development work as a volunteer in associations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Industry Partner of the Year For individuals outside the Supply Chain & Logistics industry who makes contributions to its growth and development Nominated individual must have contributed to the supply chain and logistics sector through participation in various industry initiatives and activities.

Honorary Fellows For senior professionals with more than 25 years of experience Honorary Fellowship Award is accorded to senior professionals who have contributed extensively to either their organisation or industry growth and developments. Individuals accorded this award must have spent at least 15 years in senior management positions. Visionary of the Year For senior executives working in governmental and non-commercial organisations This award is accorded to senior professionals in various governmental and non-commercial capacities and have contributed extensively to industry growth and developments.

Individuals accorded this award must have spent at least 12 years in senior management positions. Supply Chain Woman of the Year For senior female senior executives involved in supply chain and logistics management Nominated individuals must have contributed to their organisation’s growth and must be actively involved in community services (in personal or professional capacity). SME CEO of the Year For CEOs (or equivalent) of country-based SME LSPs Nominated individuals must show that they have contributed effectively to their organisation’s growth and success in the industry.

Supply Chain CEO of the Year For CEOs (or equivalent) of MNC LSPs Nominated individuals must show that they have contributed effectively to their organisation’s growth and success in the industry. Chief Supply Chain Officer of the Year For the highest ranking supply chain executives based in Asia Pacific region and working for cargo owners or manufacturers Nominated individuals must show that they have contributed effectively to their organisation’s growth and success in the industry. Hall of Fame For the highest ranking regional senior executives in LSPs Nominated individuals must be a senior supply chain/ logistics professionals with a distinguished careers in the supply chain and logistics industry.


As the President of UPS Asia Pacific region, Ross leads over 14,000 employees and oversees all UPS operations in the nearly 40 countries and territories, including UPS’s package delivery, freight forwarding, contract logistics and distribution services. Ross’s vision for UPS’s Asia Pacific region is based on a continued commitment to growth through providing greater access to UPS, innovation that creates value for the customer and a firm belief that empowering the right talent with the right tools will cement UPS’s position as a global logistics leader.

Like many senior UPS leadership, Ross began his career at UPS while completing his undergraduate studies as a part-time employee. Since joining the company in 1984, Ross counts a number of ground-breaking ‘firsts’ at UPS, which have contributed to successful product, portfolio and geographic expansions throughout the business. In 1996, he headed UPS’s first ever e-commerce function.This was followed by post-acquisition integration and relationship development for Mail Boxes Etc. in the UPS Europe Region, which paved the way for the company’s successful and growing retail strategy in Europe, and integrating UPS’s supply chain solutions under one marketing portfolio, positioning UPS as one of the first end-to-end global logistics integrators.

In his prior role as Vice President for Corporate Strategy, Ross led the creation and launch of a new strategic planning process, together with the development of a comprehensive global vision and strategy communications platform.A growth champion, Ross has leveraged his experience with global merger and acquisition projects to oversee key initiatives, including significant strategic investments, and established relationships with leading transportation companies in the region. In 2018, UPS strengthened reach and connectivity for Asian businesses; rolling out transit time improvements impacting over 500 trade lanes, and added seven new Boeing 747-8s to service intercontinental trade routes.

Ross has contributed to discussions around changing trade in Asia and the impact of technology on businesses at regional events, including the 2017 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit andThe Economist Innovation Summit 2018. He has a bachelor’s degree in IndustrialTechnology from Eastern Illinois University, and earned an MBA in International Business from Emory University. When Ross is not working on his next first, he is most likely to be found spending time with his wife, son and daughter.

President, Asia Pacific, UPS Ross Mccullough Hall of Fame SCA | 23 Individual Recognition Awards

Formerly the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance inThailand, Somchainuk Engtrakul, also known as “Thai’sTroubleshooter” , certainly lives up to his reputation as a successful civil servant-turned-entrepreneur. Now holding various board directorships and Chairman positions in various public entities inThailand, Somchainuk has always been in pursuit of progress and development for the many facets of businesses that he has been involved in. In his early years as Director-General of Customs and Excise in the Ministry of Finance from 1980s to 2000, he was responsible for driving the logistics infrastructure and development in the local economy, pushing various initiatives that level up the Thai logistics infrastructure to support warehousing and transportation.

Somchainuk holds various Chairmanship and board memberships, including Chairmanship of Dhipaya Insurance PCL, Major Cineplex Group Ltd, Energy Absolute Ltd, Siam Piwat Co Ltd, and Vejthani PCL. He is also the chairman of his own logistics company called Friendly Groups Logistics and his personal business extends to beauty care (BB Clinic), Hotels and Hospitality (Le Monte Khao Yai), as well as movie studios and automotive distribution and repairs. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Upsala College, US, as well as Bachelor of Laws and an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration from Sripatum University,Thailand.

He has received various royal decoration, including Knight Grand Cordon (Special Class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant, Knight Grand Cordon (Special Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown ofThailand, Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant and Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand. Chairman, Friendly Group Logistics (former Perm Sec, MOF, Thailand) Somchainuk Engtrakul Honorary Fellow | SCA 24 Individual Recognition Awards

Tan Puay Hin joined Singapore LogisticsAssociation (SLA) as the Chief Executive in January 2018, after retiring from PSA International Pte Ltd.

He was the Senior Advisor (Group Port Design & Connectivity) prior to his retirement. Before that, he was the Regional Chief Executive Officer for South EastAsia of PSA international Pte Ltd. He had the overall responsibility and accountability for PSA Group’s portfolio of operating terminals inASEAN region, including PSA Singapore Container Terminals, the flagship terminal of PSA Group.

He played a key role in SingaporeTerminal’s transformation into the model of efficiency and service excellence that it is known for today. Under his leadership and guidance over the years, Puay Hin has nurtured a team of leaders that now operates PSA’s terminals worldwide with the same work philosophy and culture of service excellence. PuayHinisservingontheboardofSingaporeMaritimeFoundation(SMF)andheisalsoaGov erningCouncilMemberofthe SingaporeMaritimeInstitute(SMI)andamemberoftheMaritimeIndustryAdvisoryCommi tteeofSingaporeMaritime Academy(SMA).Apartfromthese,heisaCouncilMemberoftheWorkplaceSafetyandHealth Council(WSHC)andchairs the Logistics &Transport Committee of WSHC.

Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Logistics Association Tan Puay Hin Honorary Fellow SCA | 25 Individual Recognition Awards

Thuy Mai is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of DiCentral. Mai is responsible for DiCentral’s overall management, direction, and strategy. His primary responsibilities include, directing and leveraging the investments in human capital and technology to scale the company’s supply chain integration platform across multiple industries globally. The company has built a cohesive team of over 700 global employees across 11 countries over the last two decades to deliver scalable solutions that enable their customers to resolve complex and evolving supply chain integration challenges.

He consistently encourages his team to grow as individuals and champion B2B integration and the role it plays in automating the clients’ supply chains, thereby creating efficiencies that reduce their operational costs and provide opportunities for growth. From a career perspective, he seeks to push the envelope on technological innovations that enable a competitive edge for his clients. On the personal side, he aspires to take care of his health, which, in turn, provides the energy, mental capacity and enthusiasm necessary to inspire others to do great things.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, DiCentral Thuy Mai Honorary Fellow | SCA 26 Individual Recognition Awards

John Huang, chairman of CTW Logistics Corporation, is integral in strategy formulation for the company and shaping of internal culture and external relations of the company. Under his leadership, CTW becomes a leading 3PL service provider inTaiwan. CTW was founded in 1974 as a container trucking company. In the historical perspective, it was the era between two times of Energy Crisis (1973-1974 and 1982-1983) in which Taiwan was in its economic boom (with GDP growth of 14 per cent), and this provided an excellent opportunity for CTW’s growth. In the 2000s, CTW expanded its business focus from transportation into warehousing and total logistics solutions.

By adopting world-leading WMS and German Dematic AS/RS, and also adopting self-developedTMS, Dock Door Management System (CTW’s transportation partners make reservations for dock door usages), CTW seized the Taiwan economic growth momentum and semiconductors/ electronics industry development to build up its market share and gradually thrived to become a leading third-party logistics service provider inTaiwan. CTW especially dedicates to logistics service for semiconductor-related parts, special gases, chemicals, dangerous goods, electronics devices, precise machines, and fashion goods.

Facing the US-China trade war and severe global competition, CTW keeps the competitive advantage by adopting robotics automation system, big data application and IoT technology, as well as innovative services, such as the regional ControlTower, and the Logi-Intelligence platform to track and trace cross-country shipments. The change in pace is faster than ever and CTW needs to act responsively and effectively.This requires different ways of thinking and doing things. John Huang is leading CTW across this transformation.

CTW welcomes its 45th anniversary in 2019, and looks ahead to the next 15 years.To achieve this long-term vision, CTW treasures employees, and expects them to carry on the sustainability of the company.

CTW regularly organises the internal and external trainings to strengthen the employees’ logistics knowledge and skills, as well as to increase their awareness of safety, security risks and the changes in regulation compliance. CTW management team consciously cultivates the friendly working environment and encourage employees to engage in decision-making to retain the outstanding performers. John Huang is also passionate about the public welfare. CTW’s educational foundation, founded in 1998, will keep its mission to devote in public welfare for the local neighbouring communities andTaiwanese society.

Echoing CTW’s business philosophy: Repay the society; Repay the earth. Care for humanity; Care for peace, CTW’s educational foundation acts to express the appreciation for the homeland.

Executive Chairman, CTW Logistics John Huang Honorary Fellow SCA | 27 Individual Recognition Awards

Alan Hsu is the Chairman of Trade-Van Information Services Co., which is a leading corporation of cloud value-added services in Taiwan to provide integrated services that meet customer needs and complete the infrastructure of application service development in cloud with specialty on advanced technology capabilities and innovative services in the field of information technology.The company has served clients in areas, such as customs clearance, retail supply chain, tax filing, land administration services, insurance, and information security.

In addition, also works with governments for projects.These ubiquitous services have brought significant convenience to masses and makes the company a top cloud value-added service provider inTaiwan. With Alan’s leadership and all outstanding efforts by all the employees, Trade-Van was granted with the Management Excellence Award of the 25th National Quality Award in 2018. Also, the company was awarded 2018 Customer Service Excellence Award by TCCDA, 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards by TCSA, and 2018 WITSA Global IT Excellence Awards — Digital Opportunity Award. Alan was granted with 15th National BrandYuShan Award excellent enterprise and 14th ROCTop 10 Enterprise GoldenTorch Award — AnnualTop 10 Manager.

With excellent ability of leadership, operations and management, Alan is also is the Chairman of the Global Blockchain Strategy and Application Development Association, the Vice Chairman of Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance, the Executive Director of Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C., the Consultant of Customs Association of R.O.C., the Director of DigitalTaiwan Roundtable, and the Editorial Board ofTaiwan Academy of Banking and Finance:TheTaiwan Banker Chairman, Trade-Van Information Services Alan Hsu Honorary Fellow | SCA 28 Individual Recognition Awards

Adrian Cai has more than 20 years of experience in supply chain management across a myriad of industries spanning different countries within Asia Pacific.

He has worked in a range of supply functional areas in consumer packaged goods, logistics outsourcing, startups and consulting. The topic areas include supply and procurement strategy development, supply chain transformation, network optimisation and e-commerce technologies. He is a graduate of the National University of Singapore, earning his degree in Business Administration and majoring in Logistics. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Systems Analysis with the same institution.

Adrian’s roles over the recent 10 years were all within Diageo. Over this time, he has undertaken no less than five roles in the regional headquarters and markets where he held executive management capacities looking after key supply installations and functions. He successfully delivered the supply chain enablers for Diageo to increase market shares and profits for their international spirits businesses in the Greater China region.This covers Mainland China,Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2016, he was seconded to Swellfun/Shui Jing Fang (SJF).This is a business where Diageo currently holds 63.14 per cent of their shareholding.

SJF is a Chinese White Spirit (Baijiu) brand playing in China.The entire Baijiu category accounts for about a third of the world’s spirits volume drunk and more than a quarter sales volume.This is another strategically important category for Diageo. Adrian took charge of the SJF Baijiu production facility in Chengdu taking care of the end-to-end supply chain; from procurement, liquid production, packaging, logistic to customer service. Besides running the SJF supply operations of more than 800 employees, he also developed and executed the supply transformation strategies around quality and service level assurances.

All these have created a sustainable supply chain platform which has enabled the past sales volume to grow at an extraordinary three-year CAGR of circa 50 per cent.

Adrian recently assumed the Supply Strategy Director role of SJF . In this position, he is accountable for developing the future Supply Chain blueprint and delivering the strategic projects under it.The spectrum of these projects centres around scaling up the supply chain capabilities of people, systems, capacity and infrastructure in order to meet the future growth of the business. Prior to Diageo, Adrian has held supply and systems consulting positions with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Deloitte. He was also with third-party logistics providers like DHL and CJ logistics, where he implemented outsourced logistics solutions for MNCs like Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, Samsung and Philips.

Supply Director, Sichuan SwellFun Adrian Cai Chief SC Officer of the Year SCA | 29 Individual Recognition Awards

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