Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection

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Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
- The case study collection
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
Sustainable inspiration
– The case study collection

At ROCKWOOL, we’re dedicated to enriching modern living. We strive to
increase our positive impact on people and society by maximising our positive
product impact and minimising our operational footprint. We recognise that
operating with integrity and as a responsible business is equally important and
underpins everything we do.

As governments and societies continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic,
greening the economic recovery takes on even greater significance. We’ve
just released our Sustainability Report 2020 which details the contribution our
products make toward this goal, including updates on operational improvements
and our progress on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re
happy to say that all ROCKWOOL Group products have been classified as having
a positive impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and we’ve met or
exceeded two of our six sustainability targets ahead of time.

To celebrate, we’ve collected 10 interesting case studies – each with a
sustainability angle – from all over the world to inspire your next building project.
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
A building inspired
     by nature

     BaseCamp – Student
     accommodation complex, Denmark

     A warm – and safe – welcome
     for moms and babies alike

     Bradford Royal Infirmary, UK

     Protecting future roofers with
     the ultimate roof system

     The Federal Education Centre for
     Carpenters, Germany

     Caerula Mar Club Resort
     – Renovating to make
     dreams come true

     Caerula Mar Club Resort, St. Andros
     in the Bahamas

     Saving history, saving a home

     Hirsch pharmacy, Germany
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
     It’s cool to live the high
     life in Frankfurt

     Grand Tower, Germany

     Hosting a modern residential
     complex... on a warehouse roof!

     Sneek warehouse conversation,
     The Netherlands

     When being fire-safe is beautiful

     Langfang Grand Theatre, China

     Combining energy efficiency
     and comfort – the Lagoh
     shopping centre, Seville

     Lagoh shopping centre, Spain

     Kinder to the environment,
     kinder to the pocket!

     Viale Murillo, Italy
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
50-90 percent of the global energy
used in buildings today can be saved
by applying existing energy efficiency
products and technology.

Source: BPIE, 2014, page 10
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection

A building inspired
by nature

                                                     At a glance:
                                                     Innovative, stone wool-based products
Scenic surroundings and student life                 helped an equally innovative, new
                                                     living space scoop the prestigious
go hand in hand in Lyngby, Denmark.
                                                     ‘Building Project of the Year’ award in
Known as BaseCamp, this award-                       Denmark.
winning student accommodation
complex is designed to create a sense
of community while fitting in perfectly                       Aesthetics
with its green surroundings.
                                                              Fire safety
BaseCamp brings student accommodation to
a whole new level. With its’ organic shape and                Energy efficiency
varying heights, the complex almost melts into the
surrounding nature.
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
The challenge
Nature was the main source of inspiration for               The benefits offered
BaseCamp, but at the same time, it also posed a             by ventilated façades
challenge. When designing the complex, Lars Gitz
Architects set out to create a campus that truly            A ventilated façade system as a whole
respected the surrounding nature. Considering that          protects against adverse weather conditions.
the space would also home a wide variety of people,         As the façade is generally the largest surface
from students to senior citizens to visiting business       area of a building, it’s important to consider
people, the safety and comfort of those living there        the relationship between the internal and
was also of high priority.                                  external environment – and properly insulate
                                                            the façade to improve heat regulation.
                                                            ROCKWOOL’s ventilated façade technology
The solution                                                offers buildings thermal benefits, low u-values,
BaseCamp consists of 639 studios for students, 48           fire resistance and acoustic protection from
studios for seniors, 99 corporate apartments and a          the outside world.
circular communal building in the centre.
                                                            Among other benefits, such systems also help
“Based on the vision of creating a building that            to prevent:
intertwines with nature, the forms are inspired by          • Water damage
nature. The construction is therefore neither straight      • Risk of mould
nor symmetrical, it is organic and twisted in shape -       • Thermal bridges
just like nature is,” says Jon Clausen, architect MAA       • Structural damage
and partner at Lars Gitz Architects.
                                                            With ‘open-joint’ solutions, rainwater that
The project, which has won several architecture             gets into the exterior barrier of the rainscreen
awards including the prestigious Building Project           drains through the air gap. This protects the
of the Year in Denmark, also captured nature within         inner layer of insulation from excess moisture.
the façade of the building. This was achieved by
                                                                    Learn more about
installing the ventilated REDAir Flex façade system
from ROCKWOOL and using façade panels from
                                                                    ROCKWOOL’s ventilated
Rockpanel Woods.
                                                                    façade systems here
“BaseCamp achieved the prestigious Gold certificate
from the international green building certification
scheme, DGNB, which confirms a very high level
of sustainability throughout every phase of the
building. The choice of insulation contributes to the
achievement of this high sustainability recognition
for the building,” explains Nina Dencker Nielsen,
Business Director for Denmark, ROCKWOOL Nordics.

Besides the REDAir façade system, ROCKWOOL
delivered flat roof insulation solutions for the circular
communal building at the centre of the space, and
special roof solutions and fire belts for the functional
roof terraces to prevent fire from spreading.
ROCKWOOL was also chosen to provide the fire
preventing insulation for the ventilation system.
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
Naturally energy efficient, naturally beautiful
The REDAir Flex façade system based on stone wool             Rockpanel Woods
proved to be an excellent choice to help ensure that
the space stays energy efficient, has a great indoor          A new way to give your building a natural
climate with no thermal bridges and is fire safe. Not         and harmonious look, boards from Rockpanel
only that, the system is also a joy to work with, which       Woods are manufactured through a careful
was highly appreciated by the construction team.              and innovative production process to look just
                                                              like real wood.
“It’s really easy to work with the REDAir Flex façade
system. It is quick to adapt and install, even when           This product combines the properties of
building curved facades with up to a 15 degree                wood and stone to create a unique panel that
rounding. With REDAir Flex and Rockpanel, it’s no             offers the authentic look and workability of
problem,” says Casper Andersen, chairman of the               wood with the durability, robustness and fire
carpentry company Lund & Refsgaard, who were                  resilience of stone. The boards are sustainable
responsible for the façade contract.                          and very low-maintenance, with a gorgeous
                                                              wood look that doesn’t rot or burn.
The self-supporting façade system was combined
with exterior façade cladding from Rockpanel. For                     Learn more about
BaseCamp, three different types of Rockpanel Woods
were used; Carbon Oak, Ceramic Oak and Rhinestone
                                                                i     Rockpanel Woods
Oak. The façade panels look just like beautiful wood,
but consist of stone fibres.

“The façade panels from Rockpanel make it possible
to play with different wood designs. Again to reflect         Flat roof and terrace insulation
nature, we have gone for a random look, for which a
combination of different wood colours was chosen,”            As heat rises, most energy loss is usually
says Jon Clausen. “The surface of the boards is               through the roofing area. Flat roof insulation
reminiscent of wood, and as it looks so much like             is an effective way to enhance the energy
real timber, it really provides that same warmth and          efficiency of a building and reduce heating
organic touch. At the same time, the Rockpanel                costs.
boards have been chosen because they deliver the
desired expression within an economically realistic           As with BaseCamp, constructions such as
framework.”                                                   terraces, rooftop gardens and solar panels
                                                              increase the demand for a robust and
The boards are also treated with a surface coating            effectively insulated roof, helping to enrich the
that makes them robust and facilitates low                    space available on top of your building.
maintenance. Allan Lindboe, Business Manager at
Rockpanel, explains: “Graffiti can be cleaned off,
                                                                      Understand the benefits
and algae does not settle on the boards. The boards
are treated with ProtectPlus, which makes them
                                                                i     of flat roof insulation
effectively self-cleaning and brings the need for
maintenance to a minimum.”

A rooftop worth visiting                                  For the circular communal building in the middle
Rising to an altitude of 22 metres, a vast, green         of BaseCamp, ROCKWOOL’s sturdy TopRock
roof spans 8000 m2. The roof is truly one of the          solution was chosen to ensure high density and hard
highlights of the space, combining stunning views         insulation, and to provide both an energy efficient
of the surrounding nature, attractive roof terraces,      insulation layer and also a functional roof top to
herb gardens to attract bird, bees and budding chefs      become the foundation for energy producing solar
and a long running path. Stone wool insulation from       panels.
ROCKWOOL was installed in belts throughout the
green roof to keep the structure fire safe.
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
Embracing circularity
ROCKWOOL has a sharp focus on the environment and          It’s time to build a better future
sustainability, with a circular approach to production,
disposal and recycling leftover product, so there are      Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a team
many environmental benefits when builders choose           effort, with governments, companies and
stone wool products from ROCKWOOL.                         citizens all doing their part. A lot has been
                                                           achieved up until now, but there is a long way
“We can recycle all stone wool insulation from             to go and we need to speed up the process.
construction in Denmark. Therefore, we assist              Even companies who are in the energy saving
contractors with collecting leftovers and waste cuttings   business must do more.
from the construction site, and afterwards recycle
the materials into new insulation products,” explains      ROCKWOOL is a net carbon negative
Nina Dencker Nielsen, Business Director for Denmark,       company, with our stone wool insulation
ROCKWOOL Nordics.                                          saving 100 times the energy consumed and
                                                           CO2 emitted in its production. Our other
This is a significant advantage, and one that Casper       stone wool products support sustainable
Andersen, from Lund & Refsgaard, can certainly             modern living within water management,
agree with.                                                sound insulation and growing solutions for
                                                           vegetables. Stone wool is circular by nature
“Normally we collect and bring leftovers to the public     and can be fully recycled indefinitely with no
recycling site, and in large projects such as BaseCamp,    loss of performance. Still, it takes energy to
it becomes a lot. When ROCKWOOL offers a recycling         save energy, and we are committed to do
service, we save additional time and costs,” he says.      more.

                                                           That’s why ROCKWOOL has signed up to the
ROCKWOOL deliveries to BaseCamp:                           Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and
• 12.000 m2 Rockpanel Woods                                committed to a verified and approved plan
• Almost 11.000 m2 RedAir Flex ventilated facade           for an ambitious one-third reduction of our
  system. The façade contractor was Lund & Refsgaard       lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions within
  Aps, a carpentry company from Holstebro, Jutland in      15 years using 2019 as the baseline. This
  Denmark                                                  includes a reduction of our factories’ absolute
• Almost 1.200m2 flat roof insulation TopRock og           emissions by 38 percent and our non-factory,
  TopRock Terrace plus fire belts. The roofing contract    absolute lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions
  was conducted by MultiTag Enterprise.                    by 20 percent. The SBTi is a partnership
• Fire safety insulation of the ventilation system:        between CDP, United Nations Global
  CONLIT Fire mat made of non-combustible, moisture        Compact, World Resources Institute, and
  and water repellent stone wool. The product is           World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and has
  specifically designed to provide maximum fire            been created to drive ambitious climate action
  protection of ventilation ducts.                         in the private sector by mobilising companies
• Continuous product training of construction workers      to set science-based reduction targets.
  on site.
• Recycling: Waste is reduced by taking left over stone
                                                                   Learn more about how
  wool and cut-offs back to ROCKWOOL’s production
  where it is recycled in to new high performing
                                                             i     we’re taking energy
  insulation solutions.
                                                                   saving further here

                                        to learn more about building
         Click here                     healthier living environments.
Sustainable inspiration - The case study collection
100 times
Over its lifetime, our
building insulation sold in
2020 will save 100 times the
carbon emitted and energy
consumed in its production.

Source: ROCKWOOL Group, Sustainability Report 2020, p. 15

A warm – and safe – welcome
for moms and babies alike at
Bradford Royal Infirmary

The Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation             At a glance:
Trust is responsible for providing hospital services to
over 500,000 people across the Bradford district in the    UK based maternity hospital discovers
UK. Its Women’s and Newborn Unit at Bradford Royal         that teamwork – and stone wool – can
Infirmary is one of Bradford’s most well-known hospital    future-proof a building.
buildings, where over 200,000 babies have been born
since it was established over 50 years ago.
                                                                    Thermal properties

The challenge
Built in the 1960s, the façade of the hospital’s Women’s
                                                                    Acoustic capabilities
and New-born Unit had never been upgraded. Heat-
loss, draughts, noise and leaks were just some of the               Fire resilience
issues that made the five-storey building a cold and
difficult space for patients and staff alike.
For Property Tectonics, the architect and lead consul-
tancy company who oversaw the renovation, the team
also needed to meet strict criteria in terms of fire safety
and energy efficiency on the project.

“We worked extremely closely with the hospital to
demonstrate the robustness and safety of the design               Proven fire protection
as well as the products we selected,” explains Richard
Rhodes-Heaton, the company’s Principal Surveyor.                  Fire safety was a vital aspect of this project,
                                                                  and Property Tectonics needed to meet strict
While the renovation work was underway, the Women’s               criteria and to demonstrate the robustness and
and New-born Unit had to be fully operational. This               safety of the design and the products used.
meant that everyone involved in the project had to be
considerate of the patients and staff still visiting and          ROCKWOOL’s fire protection solutions can
working in the hospital.                                          slow the spread of flames, contain fires locally
                                                                  and stop them from spreading further. Resilient
                                                                  stone wool insulation is a key component
The solution                                                      in fire-resilient buildings, as its fibres are
The work on site began in November 2017. Property                 non-combustible and can resist temperatures
Tectonics decided that insulation from ROCKWOOL                   above 1,000°C.
and ventilated façade cladding from Rockpanel were the
perfect solutions to make the hospital a more comforta-           Extensive testing and reliable quality from
ble and energy efficient facility for staff and patients.         ROCKWOOL means that the products are
                                                                  proven to be fire safe – and this was important
To start, they installed ROCKWOOL RAINSCREEN                      following the UK Government’s announcement
DUO SLAB® – a thermally efficient insulation that                 banning combustible materials in all high
secures a robust outer surface and a resilient inner face.        rise residential buildings as well as hospitals,
Made from stone wool, RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB®                        schools and care homes.
is A1 fire rated as non-combustible for optimum fire
resilience. It brings the added benefit of being highly
resistance to wind and rain during construction, which,                    Watch how stone wool can
together with the minimal number of fixings required,                      act as a fire barrier
made the installation quick and easy. The thermal
benefits of the ROCKWOOL solution reduces heat loss
and helps the hospital optimise costs by operating in a
more energy efficient way.

                                                              To fulfil the highest fire safety requirements for exterior
                                                              cladding, Rockpanel A2 façade board was deployed to
                                                              create a unique identity and authentic appearance to
                                                              future-proof the building.

                                                              “When it came to selecting the cladding for the project,
                                                              it was a truly group-based decision,” says Richard
                                                              Rhodes-Heaton. “Property Tectonics put together
                                                              six different designs, and the Trust as well as the staff
                                                              picked the option they preferred. It allowed us to
                                                              involve everyone in the project and give them a say
                                                              about how their place of work would look, which is
Rockpanel Premium A2 boards fulfil the highest
                                                              important for employee engagement.”
European fire protection standard and secure a flaw-
less façade design with no visible rivets or screws.

          The scheme represents a great example of teamwork
          by hospital staff and their professional advisors
          - at every level - to produce a very successful outcome.”
          Prof. Trevor Mole, MD Property Tectonics
Attractive and fire safe
Applied on top of an aluminium supporting structure               A hospital to be proud of
and fixed with blind rivets, Rockpanel A2 boards were
used in combination with ROCKWOOL’s RAINSCREEN                    The entire team at the hospital were delighted
DUO SLAB®. The Rockpanel boards weigh very little                 with the renovation.
compared to alternative board materials, such as high
pressure laminate (HPL), aluminium composite (ACM)                “The fact that we were able to keep services
and fibre cement (FCB). Rockpanel can be easily worked            running as normal while all this work took place
with on site and without special tools, saving installation       is testament to the support and consideration
time and costs. It’s recyclable and has a confirmed               of the contractors,” says Amanda Hardaker,
lifetime of 50 years. All boards are as durable as stone          Midwifery and Gynaecology Matron at Brad-
and resistant to the effects of moisture, temperature             ford Maternity. “We are so pleased with the
and the weather.                                                  finished job: the main difference is that we’re
                                                                  insulated now and fit for the future. We’ve
A maternity ward is a special place where the indoor              gone from having to have extra heaters on in
environment is vital. The acoustic properties of the              patients’ rooms to a really balmy temperature,
ROCKWOOL RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB insulation also                      so that we often don’t even need the radiators
help reduce urban noise transfer into the hospital. Its           on. And most importantly it means that we
high-density makes it extremely resistant to airflow and          can optimise outcomes for babies. The best
excellent when it comes to noise reduction and sound              thing for new born babies, especially ones
absorption, reducing sound energy as it passes through            which are underweight and more vulnerable,
the material.                                                     is that the heat service is consistent, which it
                                                                  absolutely is now.”
The £1.8m regeneration successfully corrected all the
issues the hospital building had – heat loss, draughts,
noise and leaks, while protecting the building from bad
weather and fire. The result was a much more comfort-
able and energy-efficient facility that staff, patients and
visitors alike could enjoy.

                                                                  Amanda Hardaker, Midwifery and Gynaecology
                                                                  Matron, is delighted that the renovation
                                                                  ensures the stable temperature needed for
Richard Rhodes-Heaton, Principal Surveyor at Property             new born babies.
Tectonics, is pleased that the hospital staff were also
involved in the final design choice.

“The scheme represents a great example of teamwork            “The result creates the right internal environment
and excellence in project delivery by hospital staff and      which saves energy, protects the planet and improves
their professional advisors cooperating and engaging          the look and feel of the hospital estate; all achieved
at every level to produce a very successful outcome,”         whilst maintaining full operation of the Unit.”
says Prof. Trevor Mole, MD Property Tectonics.

                                          to learn more about building
         Click here                       healthier living environments.
wins 2020
– as the Danish winner for
sustainable production processes.

  Read more

Protecting future
roofers with the
ultimate roof system

                                                            At a glance:
Welcoming trainees, architects and engineers since
1927, the Federal Education Centre for Carpenters and       An exceptional learning experience
Finishing Trades in Gladbeck, Kassel helps preserve         occurs when an education centre for
interest in timber construction – both traditional and      carpenters and future roofers needs to
modern – in Germany. The sprawling facility spreads         install an intricate roof system.
over 13,000 m2, with learning taking place in workshops,
training and seminar rooms. The bulk of the centre’s
                                                                     Thermal properties
expansion took place during the 1980s.

                                                                     Acoustic capabilities
The challenge
With a goal to improve energy efficiency, most of the
facility was renovated during 2017/2018. Responsibility              Fire resilience
for the roof areas fell to the local craftsmen from Kühne
GmbH, and to master roofer, Dirk Flörke.
The solution
                                                           The diversity of different roof shapes and structures
                                                           meant that ROCKWOOL Meisterdach – a flexible and
                                                           high-performing stone wool insulation system – was the
                                                           perfect choice for the project. Not only would the roof
                                                           insulation help minimise heat loss and reduce heating
                                                           bills for the Centre, the stone wool would also secure
                                                           fire and sound protection – both important benefits for
                                                           a school environment.

Viewed from above, it’s easy to see how the roofs
varied throughout the facility. Kühne GmbH renovated           Roof insulation
a total roof area of around 5,500 m2.
                                                               A sure way to increase the energy efficiency
                                                               of residential and commercial properties is by
“The Federal Education Centre has been expanded                installing effective roof insulation.
again and again. New buildings have been constructed
and extensions added over time,” explains Dirk Flörke.         Whether it’s reducing heat loss in winter time
“So for us, it wasn’t about upgrading the roof structure       or keeping cool in summer, increasing the
of a homogeneous building complex, but about pro-              energy efficiency of a building can reduce bills
cessing many different roof structures and geometries.         and operational costs.
That’s what made our job tricky and exciting at the
same time.”                                                    ROCKWOOL supplies a variety of insulation
                                                               products for flat or pitched roof applications –
In total, 36 individual roof areas covering around             all based on premium stone wool to keep your
5,500 m2 needed refurbishment and modern insulation            properties safe and the indoor environment
installed. Even removing the old roof coverings was            comfortable.
challenging, as many used asbestos corrugated sheets
that needed to be dismantled and disposed of properly.
And to add to the complexity of the project, the
                                                                       Get an overview of the various
refurbishment needed to take place during term time
                                                                       types of roof insulation
when school was running.

                                                           The first step involved installing a ROCKWOOL vapour
                                                           barrier followed by non-combustible and pressure-
                                                           resistant stone wool boards. As these boards came
                                                           with a factory-applied water tight membrane on
                                                           the outer surface, they provided almost instant
                                                           weather protection – which resulted in being very
                                                           useful as the weather was particularly wet during the
                                                           renovation period!

When it came to insulation, the team at Kühne GmbH
from Kassel laid non-combustible and pressure-resistant
stone wool panels from ROCKWOOL.

          The insulation on top of the rafters was the perfect
          solution for us. The use of non-combustible insulating
          materials was part of the fire protection concept.”
          Helmhard Neuenhagen, Managing Director and Head of the Federal Education Centre
The team installed counter battens on top of the
insulation layer, followed by Eternit panels. The entire
roof structure was safely anchored with 300 mm long-              Why do we need roof insulation?
thrust screws, screwed in at an angle of 90°, and 320

mm long-suction screws at a 60° angle. Kühne GmbH
relied on expertise from ROCKWOOL’s technical service
to make the complex static calculation for the screws.

                                                                  Effective insulation in homes and commercial
                                                                  properties can reduce heating requirements
                                                                  by up to 70 percent1! And those that are not
                                                                  insulated properly can lose approximately a
                                                                  quarter of the heat through the roof. As well as
                                                                  warm air escaping, there’s the chance that cold
                                                                  air can also enter through a poorly insulated
                                                                  roof. In hot climates the opposite can occur,
                                                                  where keeping a building cool is essential.

Managing Director and Head of the Federal Education
Center, Helmhard Neuenhagen (right) and Head of
Special Projects Dr. Holger Schopbach (left) are looking
forward to lower energy costs after upgrading the
building envelope and, of course, a better indoor
environment for the students.

                                                                  Heat and cooling buildings accounts for 35-60
‘Easy’ insulation for an intricate installation                   percent2 of the total energy demand around
For Flörke and the team from Kühne GmbH, the fact                 the world. So the resulting reduced energy
that the ROCKWOOL insulation material is easy to cut              bills quickly surpasses the cost involved in
and prepare proved to be a substantial benefit. They              insulating the roof.
needed to follow the varied geometry of the roof
structures and navigate difficult connection areas.

The shed roofs above the workshop halls were particu-       1
larly demanding, requiring experience and a profes-
sional eye with an accurate sense of proportion to cut
the insulation panels precisely. So it was relief for the
team that they could cut and shape the stone wool to
fit perfectly with the roof structure, avoiding air gaps
and any possible errors.                                    “It wasn’t just the new generation of roofers that were
                                                            interested – almost every student enjoyed an educa-
                                                            tional visit to the roofs in the course of the project,”
Educating on the job!                                       said Helmhard Neuenhagen, Managing Director and
The roof renovation work also served as a compelling        Head of the Federal Education Centre. “The work of
visual aid for the students attending the Centre – and      the team from Kühne GmbH interested almost every
they gained unique and concrete understanding of            student. That is why we made sure that they could
what is needed in such a large-scale renovation project.    experience their work up close.”

                                          to learn how sustainability
         Click here                       drives ROCKWOOL’s business.
The wind speeds of hurricanes
around Bermuda have more than
doubled on average over the
last 60 years. This is due to rising
ocean temperatures in the region.


Caerula Mar Club Resort
– Renovating to make
dreams come true

                                              At a glance:
When builder Bryan Baeumler stumbled          Stone wool proved to be a useful,
                                              sustainable building material when
upon a decaying and abandoned resort
                                              it came to revitalising a derelict
on the tropical island of St. Andros in the   Caribbean resort.
Bahamas, he was compelled to quit his
cosy life in Canada and try to transform
the ruin into a luxury escape.                         Circularity


                                                       Acoustic capabilities
It was in 2017 that Bryan Baeumler discovered the
former ‘Emerald Beach Club’, while on vacation with
his wife. Located idyllically on the beach-front of the
largest and least commercial of the Bahamas islands,
St. Andros, Baeumler could see incredible potential in
the space. Although it had been closed and derelict
for eight years, he was completely captivated by the
ruined resort – to the point that he decided to invest
everything he had into revitalising the neglected
buildings with a goal of transforming them into
the ultimate luxury resort. Sounds like the plot of a
spell-binding television show? That’s exactly what
it became. Not only is Baeumler a talented builder
himself, he is also the face of all things DIY and
construction-related on Canadian T.V. The cult series
follows Baeumler and his family, leaving their home
and all things familiar to relocate to the Bahamas,
chasing a dream of creating and running a luxury
boutique resort in paradise.

The challenge
Guests escaping to a luxury island retreat such as          Stone wool – A truly
Caerula Mar want to feel at one with nature – while         circular material
enjoying every modern convenience of home and
more. So it was a key priority to create safe and           One of the reasons stone wool is such a
comfortable surroundings that enable the visitors to        desirable material to work with is the fact
immerse themselves in island living – but without the       that it comes from one of the planet’s most
sweat, mould and mosquitoes...                              abundant raw materials. Unlike non-renewable
                                                            resources, stone wool is made up of rocks
When building in a tropical location such as St. Andros,    that are reproduced via volcanic eruption and
resilience is important. Getting the right building         earthquake occurrences. So it’s a resource that
materials to the island is not an easy task logistically,   continues to replenish itself.
so it’s important to build to last. The humid climate,
coupled with the oceanfront location, makes the resort      Thanks to technologies that enable us to use
very attractive for two unwelcome guests – mould and        waste from other industries as a raw material,
mildew. The heavy, moist air converts almost every          ROCKWOOL also practices upcycling on an
surface into their perfect breeding ground, so effective    industrial scale. On average, ROCKWOOL’s
insulation is vital in achieving attractive and healthy     stone wool is made from one third upcycled
surroundings for the guests.                                waste, including slag from the metal industry
                                                            and sludge from water treatment plants. This
The fragile beauty of the nature surrounding the            means that rather than being sent to landfill,
resort was one of the main reasons that Baeumler fell       these low value types of waste are used in
in love with the space, and it also cemented his belief     producing stone wool insulation that makes
in building with the environment in mind                    buildings more comfortable and energy

The solution                                                Through products and materials such as these,
Central to the project was the fact that Baeumler           generations to come will have a cleaner planet
wanted to build on the existing footprint of the            to work on and a better chance at becoming
former resort. With respect to the location – an island     less dependent on resources that negatively
teaming with wildlife and a sea full of rare coral and      impact our environment.
sea creatures – he wanted to use building materials
that left a smaller environmental footprint. And
stone wool products from ROCKWOOL proved to be                      Watch our video where
exactly what he was looking for.                                    we put the circularity of
                                                                    stone wool to the test
“Many consider the Bahamas a paradise, so it’s also
fitting that we chose a sustainable building product      Why do we need fire
that can help achieve a smaller carbon footprint,”        safe insulation?
says Bryan Baeumler, President, Baeumler Quality
Construction.                                             Protecting the lives of buildings’ occupants is
                                                          the number one priority during a construction
Baeumler is a big advocate of insulation and              or renovation. Fire resilient insulation, made
energy efficient buildings – and he knew that using       from non-combustible materials, slows down
stone wool insulation within the attic would keep         the spread of fire, containing it within one
the hot and humid air outside and keep the cool           compartment of a building for as long as
conditioned air inside. This way, the guests would        possible.
stay comfortable and the energy used would not be
wasted.                                                   This provides more time for residents
                                                          to escape during a fire, creating a safer
“ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation was our first             environment for firefighters to combat the
choice for this project,” says Baeumler. “Given the       flames – and can better contain potential
tropical climate with its oceanfront location and         damage of the building to one smaller area.
humid, moist air, it was very important to choose an
insulation that was not only vapor permeable and          Buildings also need to meet the approved fire
moisture resistant, but that also offered excellent       safety standard set out in national regulations.
drying potential.”
                                                          ROCKWOOL fire safe insulation:
                                                          • Does not produce any significant toxic
Building to protect – and impress                           smoke
Baeumler also insulated all the interior walls with       • Limits fire spread
stone wool. Not only would this also help improve         • Provides robust performance
the internal comfort of the rooms, it also absorbs
sound, helping create a quieter space to relax while
on vacation.

Stone wool within the walls as well as the roof brings
fire safety for guests to a new level. Slowing the
spread of flames, stone wool never burns and doesn’t
produce toxic smoke. In the unlikely case of a fire, it
would protect the integrity of the building structure
to give guests more time to escape – with no risk of
toxic smoke inhalation.

“ROCKWOOL stone wool products also provided
the added benefits of passive fire protection, mould
resistance, and sound dampening,” continues
Baeumler. “After all, a resort is all about the
experience. We want our guests to enjoy a safe, quiet
and comfortable setting.”

                                       to see how ROCKWOOL’s sustainable
        Click here                     solutions can respect your surroundings.
in waste
to landfill
In 2020, we hit our 2022
goal two years early by
reducing landfill waste
by 50 percent.

Source: ROCKWOOL Group, Sustainability Report 2020.

Saving history,
saving a home

                                                          At a glance:
The impact of a fire can affect many – families,
businesses and the community. In 2016, pharmacist         Sometimes, a renovation is much
Klaus Dewies faced his worst nightmare when a fire        more than improving a building....
broke out in the building that hosted his business        it’s about saving a home and
and his home. His family had maintained the historic      someone’s livelihood.
building in the old German town of Haltern am See
since 1919. The pharmacy, where Dewies worked,
was located on the ground floor and the top floor                  Fire resilience
was converted into a bright apartment for his family.
To add to the tragedy, the building itself is protected            Robustness
and considered to be one of the most beautiful
facades in Haltern.
Pitched roof insulation

                                                                Effective pitched roof insulation is ideal for
                                                                residential and commercial properties, offering
                                                                additional thermal comfort, sound protection
                                                                and exceptional fire resistance.

                                                                The pitched roof or attic area of a building
                                                                can be insulated in many ways. Based on local
After effective collaboration between Dewies, Schade            building traditions, requirements and regula-
and ROCKWOOL representatives, they opted for the                tions in combination with the usage of the loft,
ROCKWOOL ‘Meisterdach’ system solution, which                   ROCKWOOL offers exciting products for new-
ensures thermal performance, water and moisture                 build properties as well as renovations.
protection and fire safety in one.
                                                                Made from premium-quality stone wool,
                                                                there are ROCKWOOL products available for
                                                                pitched roof insulation below, between and
The challenge                                                   over rafters, as well as insulation that is placed
Luckily, visitors at the neighbouring ice-cream parlour         in the loft level.
noticed black smoke, so everyone in the building was
evacuated quickly and safely. They assembled outside
                                                                         Want to learn more about
and watched helplessly as the local fire fighters tried
to control the fire – and as flames, smoke and around                    pitched roof insulation?
6,000 litres of water almost destroyed the building. The
water alone used to quench the fire could fill six stand-
ard car trailers! By the time the fire was extinguished,
the roof and interior were completely destroyed.

The investigation carried out by the fire department
in the aftermath showed that the trigger occurred
during work on the historical facade when a painter
tried to remove acrylic resin paint using a Bunsen
burner. The existing roof insulation ignited as a result.
For Dewies, fire safety became a top priority when
considering the resulting renovation of the historic roof
and creation of a new roof structure.

The solution
                                                            A ROCKWOOL weatherproof vapour barrier was
Carsten Schade and his team were hired to take care
                                                            installed to ensure the roof was initially protected, fol-
of the renovation and rebuild project, and they were in
                                                            lowed by the ROCKWOOL fire-safe insulation solution
for a surprise when they removed the damaged parts
                                                            for pitched roofs.
of the old roof structure – there were actually two
roof trusses!

           I have chosen the new insulation very consciously.
           It’s a good feeling that the historical wooden
           beams – and of course we – are protected by
           non-combustible insulation.”
           Klaus Dewies – pharmacy owner
Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)

                                                                  The Energy Saving Ordinance – or Energie-
                                                                  einspaarverordnung (EnEV) as it’s called in
                                                                  German – is an important part of the energy
                                                                  and climate guidelines issued by the govern-
                                                                  ment in Germany. First released in 2002, it was
                                                                  reissued and amended several times, with the
Klaus Dewies was delighted with the final result, and             latest coming into force on January 1, 2016.
happy to move back into his renovated, fire-safe home.
                                                                  The EnEV poses energy requirements for new
                                                                  buildings, taking the structural heat insulation
                                                                  of the building as well as the energy efficiency
                                                                  of the systems used – heating, ventilation,
“You rarely find a beam construction like this,” explains         cooling, light – into account.
Schade. “An external beam structure with a roof over-
hang covered the historic beams where they connected
with the outer wall. This was to protect them from mois-
ture. In principle, it was a good idea. But in the event of
a fire, the fire and smoke could initially go unnoticed in
the cavity between the two roof trusses.”

Stone wool – naturally fire resistant
Insulating a roof is an effective way to minimise heat
loss and reduce heating bills and is important to con-
sider as a major aspect of any roof renovation project.

Non-combustible stone wool was the obvious insu-
lation choice for Dewies. Supported by Schade and
his team, they decided on a ROCKWOOL insulation
solution for pitched roofs that offered heat, noise and –
most importantly – fire protection.

The geometry of the roof was a challenge when it came
to installing the modern insulation, as the large dormer
windows at the front and back created many ridges
and throats. This made a lot of detailed work necessary,      After the renovation, the Hirsch pharmacy reopened for
requiring insulation and foils to be carefully cut and        business, continuing to serve the community as it had
worked on. Here, the fact that the ROCKWOOL stone             done for almost 100 years.
wool is easy to cut and prepare proved to be a sub-
stantial benefit, which helped the team complete their
intricate work while avoiding errors.
                                                              team. They could complete the renovation with peace
The extensive renovation also needed to meet the              of mind knowing that the ROCKWOOL insulation
requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance 2016              system was developed in accordance with these
(EnEv). But this was not a concern for Schade and his         requirements.

                                          to download our
         Click here                       Sustainability Report.
Across the planet,
more than 28 percent
of greenhouse gas
emissions derive from
energy use in buildings.

Source: Global Status Report 2017, figure 7 (IEA)

It’s cool to live the high
life in Frankfurt

Standing tall at the very heart of          At a glance:
Frankfurt’s city centre, the Grand Tower    A luxury residential building in
is the highest residential building in      Frankfurt embrace the latest stone
Germany. Developed for premium              wool innovation for cold insulation.
living, it cuts an impressive and elegant
shadow against the Frankfurt skyline.
                                                     Thermal properties
Exuding comfort, the Grand Tower was
developed as the ultimate urban haven
for discerning dwellers.                             Fire resilience
The challenge                                                vapour barrier to minimise the risk of condensation
A modern building is expected to be able to withstand        on the outside of the insulation and around the pipe,
the trials of city life – and Heating Ventilation and Air    effectively protecting the pipes against corrosion. The
Conditioning (HVAC) systems play a vital part in most        strength and flexibility of the system makes it easy and
building environments. Kramer Dämmtechnik, the               efficient to work with during the construction phase,
insulation experts working on The Grand Tower project,       saving time and reducing errors.
understood that keeping the inhabitants comfortable
during both heatwaves and chilly periods was a basic
need that they had to get just right. At first, they         Intuitive and innovative
considered a classic solution; pipe shells to insulate       “The very robust aluminium lamination on the
the cold pipes and – in order to meet fire protection        insulating materials offers a high level of protection
regulations – covered with non-combustible mineral wool      against damage, and the ‘single-layer installation’
in all the escape and rescue routes. Although effective,     saves space in suspended false ceilings,”
the solution is costly and time-consuming to install.        explains Adrian Baum, site manager from Kramer
                                                             Dämmtechnik. “The system offers us many advantages
                                                             in terms of workmanship and makes us much faster.”
The solution
As luck would have it, the team from Kramer                  The team at the Grand Tower found the system clean
Dämmtechnik learned about a new ROCKWOOL                     and intuitive to work with. They were particularly
system developed to meet the complex needs of cold           impressed by how comfortable it was to work with the
insulation while minimising energy loss.                     reinforced aluminium tape, specifically designed for
                                                             cold insulation, that is used to seal the joints rather
Based on non-combustible stone wool that is naturally        than highly-flammable and toxic liquid adhesives.
moisture- and water-repellent, the ROCKWOOL
TECLIT® system achieves cold, condensation and               “The aluminium tape, with its adhesive surface
fire protection in just one-layer – saving valuable          specially designed for cold insulation, is light and clean
installation time.                                           to work with,” continues Baum. “Optimum bonding of
                                                             all insulation joints is ensured at the usual construction
The fiberglass-reinforced aluminium membrane fortifies       site temperatures in winter and summer. It results in
the system to make it less susceptible to external           an insulation which protects cold ducts, in our view,
damage in operation. It also acts as an additional           reliably against moisture and corrosion.”

Fig. 1: The ROCKWOOL system, with its coordinated            Fig. 2: All joints and connections in the
components, ensures that the refrigeration pipes are         ROCKWOOL cold insulation system are sealed
insulated quickly and safely, and is ideal for use in com-   with the tear-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced
plex pipe systems with many valves, bends and flanges.       aluminium adhesive tape.

           We recommend the ROCKWOOL system for cold insulation.
           As a tested, non-combustible system, it can even be used
           openly in escape and rescue routes. It saved us an entire
           work step and made the installation much faster.”
           Adrian Baum, Site Manager – Kramer Dämmtechnik
Worthy of recommendation
Throughout the Grand Tower, Kramer Dämmtechnik
used ROCKWOOL insulation to protect over 22,000
                                                            Heating Ventilation and
metres of piping – from air conditioning to heating
                                                            Air Conditioning (HVAC)
pipes, to hot and cold drinking water pipes – and
                                                            – Improving building performance
approximately 250 m2 of sewer surfaces. Although the
TECLIT system is designed for cold pipe installations       Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
with temperatures as low as 0 ° C, it can also be used      (HVAC) systems form an integral part of
for installations with temperatures ranging up to 250 °     modern building environments – particularly in
C. The systems boasts dimensional stability – neither       the case of high rise and large scale facilities.
shrinking or expanding with temperature change – nor        Designed to provide thermal comfort – for
do the warm and cold pipes have any negative impact         both hot and cold air – and decent air quality,
on each other in spite of their close proximity.            HVAC systems are used in both residential and
“The tested ROCKWOOL sealing system makes the               commercial project, hospitals and airports.
combination of hot and cold medium pipes in a com-          But their very nature means that they can
ponent feedthrough feasible. No rethinking of pro-          produce unwanted noise and generate high
cessing and switching between different materials was       levels of heat. By effectively insulating HVAC,
necessary,” confirms Baum.                                  the systems can be protected from external
                                                            elements while reducing noise disturbance to
The ROCKWOOL system offered the flexibility and             building occupants. With excellent insulation
ease of installation that Kramer Dämmtechnik sought,        properties, ROCKWOOL HVAC products
while reliably meeting fire protection requirements and     prevent heat loss from a HVAC system
ensuring energy efficiency. And the natural durability      as well as provide superior fire resilience,
of stone wool means that the inhabitants of the Grand       ultimately improving system performance and
Tower will stay perfectly cool in summer and toasty         maximising comfort within the building.
warm in winter for many seasons to come.

                                                                     Expand your HVAC
                                                                 i   knowledge here

    Professional training for
    professional installation

    TECLIT is a high-end system that needs to
    be installed by a specialist – so ROCKWOOL
    has developed a one-day course that ensures
    exactly that! After completing the course,
    the participants are certified as official
    ROCKWOOL TECLIT installers. The course
    overs the principles of cold insulation, practical
    exercises and the warranty conditions tested
    by ROCKWOOL under expected working

    The team at Kramer Dämmtechnik completed
    the training to ensure they were confident and
    comfortable installing the TECLIT system – and
    now they are more than ready to undertake
    similar projects for other discerning customers!

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1 800 000
– enjoy better learning
conditions due to acoustics
solutions delivered to
schools in 2020.

Source: ROCKWOOL 2020 Sustainability Report

Hosting a modern
residential complex...
on a warehouse roof!

                                                           At a glance:
In the Dutch town of Sneek, an old warehouse was
repurposed to serve as much-needed base for assisted       The Rockzero building system
living apartments. The Rockzero® Building system from      helps an aging warehouse find new
ROCKWOOL ensured that the transformation took              purpose by hosting apartments for
place in record time – while securing the highest          a local care institution.
insulation values.
                                                                   Thermal properties
Dutch real estate developer, RTR Vastgoed, owned
an existing warehouse built in the 1950s. Located in a
prime residential area right in the centre of Sneek, the           Acoustic properties
potential of the building was huge – particularly if it
could be extended vertically.
                                                                   Fire resilience
The challenge                                                The ideal option was to build lightweight units – and
The aim was convert the warehouse into eight split-level     here is where ROCKWOOL’s Rockzero system proved
apartments, with some being built on top of the existing     to be a gamechanger.
structure. The apartments would be leased to the local
care institution, the JP van den Bent foundation. As the     “This lightweight building system makes it possible to
development would take place in a residential area,          build the apartments on a wooden floor that is lighter
they needed to be constructed as quickly as possible to      than a concrete floor,” says Van der Veer. “For this
minimise disturbance to those living in the area. But the    transformation from an old industrial building to new
greatest challenge was the fact that some of the apart-      apartments in a densely populated area, we had a
ments would be created above the existing warehouse          series of specific questions about building lightweight.
– more literally put, built on the roof! So the apartments   ROCKWOOL’s Technical Solutions Centre solved it
needed to be lightweight yet stable.                         all for us. The involvement of a large supplier for this
                                                             small-scale project is really special to experience.”

                                                             Collaborating for success
                                                             A floating cement floor was placed on the wooden
                                                             floor to acoustically insulate the homes. Using the
                                                             Rockzero building system, based on ROCKWOOL’s
                                                             stone wool, the apartments achieved exceptionally
                                                             high insulation values – almost at passive level with
                                                             an RC value of 6 for the façade and an RC value of 7 for
                                                             the roof. The building system ensured an optimally
                                                             insulated and fireproof construction, with no cold
                                                             bridges. The building plan included the installation of
                                                             approximately 240 solar panels on the flat roof, to sup-
                                                             ply tap water, warmed by nature, in each of the homes.
Based on the Rockzero building system, the apartments
have high insulation values, almost at passive level.
                                                             It wasn’t the first time that RTR Vastgoed collaborated
                                                             with Adema Architects. Bernd Bove, project manager
                                                             at Adema Architects, particularly enjoyed working on
                                                             this transformation challenge, and explained that the
The solution                                                 entire area – formerly very industrial – has undergone
The design for the transformation and for the develop-       thorough change to become a residential zone.
ment of the new apartments fell to Adema Architects
from Dokkum, Groningen and Kampen. Owner and                 “The building initially had an industrial look that has
real estate developer, RTR Vastgoed, stood for con-          been completely transformed to become charming
struction, under the watchful eye of project leader,         homes,” sat Bove. “This pilot from RTR Vastgoed was
Bart van der Veer.                                           the last to be rebuilt in this area. In this eight-meter-
                                                             high building, split-level homes have been built
Expanding upwards and building the apartments on             to create a spacious living quarter that is accessed
top of the existing warehouse was actually quite a tricky    through a cosy communal courtyard. The floor and
venture as the foundations needed to be deepened and         part of the façades of the old shed have remained
strengthened. The warehouse location is in demand and        intact, in which the steel construction has been adapt-
very densely populated, so such a complex procedure          ed to accommodate a wooden floor and the Rockzero
was not desirable – especially not by the neighbours!        building system.”

          The Rockzero Building Systems worked out well,
          because the system is very flexible and very suitable
          for making adjustments quickly in the work process.
          This system contributes extremely well to a smooth
          construction process.”
          Bernd Bove, project manager at Adema Architects
Stephen Muller, key account manager at ROCKWOOL,
regularly visited the project throughout the construc-
tion period.                                                      Rockzero – making sustainable
                                                                  housing accessible
“For us, this transformation was extremely interesting,
because it was the first time we’d used the Rockzero              If it’s necessary to construct a new building,
building system within an existing building. RTR Vast-            it makes sense to use the latest in available
goed chose our building system to be able to apply                technology to ensure that it’s as energy
a lightweight, fireproof façade with façade cladding,             efficient and sustainable as possible. Nearly
which could be built quickly and flexibly on and against          zero-energy buildings (NZEB) have very high
an existing building,” explained Muller.                          energy performance – and the small amount
                                                                  of energy that these buildings require comes
The Rockzero building system contains columns of                  mostly from renewable sources. According
stone wool, which have a strong structural load-                  to the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings
bearing capacity. The building system is light, flexible,         Directive, all new buildings must be nearly
non-flammable and insulates well, due to the fact that            zero-energy by the end of 2020.1
it is based on ROCKWOOL’s stone wool.
                                                                  ROCKWOOL developed Rockzero to meet
                                                                  this need – a pioneering new system that
                                                                  integrates the natural benefits of stone wool
                                                                  insulation with the structural support of the
                                                                  home. With Rockzero, you can build homes
                                                                  with superior energy efficiency, fire protection,
                                                                  indoor comfort and sound insulation, that
                                                                  deliver on energy performance as calculated
                                                                  and that are airtight yet breathable. Rockzero
                                                                  homes are lightweight and modular, allowing
                                                                  new homes to be constructed quickly, meeting
                                                                  standards that exceed local regulations and
                                                                  giving long-lasting durability. This makes it
                                                                  easier to construct next-generation sustainable
                                                                  homes – while using less valuable resources.
The Rockzero building system allowed the warehouse                Thanks to the Rockzero Revit Plug in, customers
to be converted into apartment – and even host                    can also receive support in the digital space
apartments on its’ roof!                                          using BIM (Building Information Modelling).

                                                                  The performance of Rockzero exceeds current
 “As a result, the system is suitable for any type of             and future energy regulations without the use
façade and façade finish,” continues Muller. “In this             of other energy sources and with no restrictions
project, the building contains different types of façade          on the orientation of the building or choice
finishes that demonstrate that flexibility, such as               of primary heating source. Rockzero has no
existing and new masonry and façade cladding.                     thermal bridges, so it performs consistently,
The system is modular, arrives to the site and can be             regardless of the building’s layout. As stone
assembled directly.”                                              wool insulation is robust and durable, you
                                                                  benefit from predictable low energy and
The success of the project at Sneek was the direct result         maintenance costs for decades. With Rockzero,
of positive team work from RTR Vastgoed, Adema                    you’re ready to meet the requirements of
Architects and ROCKWOOL’s technical solutions centre.             tomorrow – and protect future generations.
By using the Rockzero building system, they could
rapidly development safe and comfortable homes for
local people with special needs.                                               Download our Rockzero
                                                                               brochure to learn more


                                          to learn why circularity
         Click here                       makes sense.
0.8 billion
that’s how much CO2
ROCKWOOL’s technical
insulation sold in 2020 will
save over the lifetime of its
use – more than Germany’s
annual carbon emissions.

Source: European Commission, 2020, Fossil CO2 emissions of all world countries – 2020 Report

Great Acoustics at the
Langfang Grand Theatre

Newly constructed in 2019, the team                       At a glance:
behind the Langfang Grand Theatre                         Sometimes renovation can result in a
wanted to create a venue to serve the                     complete make-over for the building,
Hebei region world class theatre in                       proving that practical can be beautiful!
world class surroundings.
                                                                   Fire resilience
Located approximately half-way between Beijing
and Tianjin, Langfang is a prefecture-level city in the
Hebei province. When it came to creating the most                  Aesthetics
advanced cultural facility in Langfang city, the team
behind the project understood that the final result
needed to visually impress and offer visitors the best             Thermal properties
possible experience.
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