2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
2019 Corporate
Social Responsibility
2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
                                                                                                                                                          2019 CSR Report

1     Delivering the future,                   14    Empowering our people            24      Delivering for our planet             31   Helping our neighbours
                                               15		 Enriching Purolator’s 		          25      Focus on addressing climate           32   Focus on community
2		 Highlights from this year                       employee experience in 2019               change                                     investment
3 		Message from the President                17    Focus on occupational            25		 What it means to us                      32		 What it means to us
     and CEO                                         health and safety
                                                                                      25		 Our approach                             32		 Our approach
4		 Who we are                                 17		 What it means to us
                                                                                      27		 Key performance highlights               33		 Key performance highlights
6		 Our strategy                               17		 Our approach
                                                                                      29      Focus on sustainable
7		 About this report                          21    Focus on diversity and                   products and services
                                                                                      29		 What it means to us
                                               21		 What it means to us                                                             34   Appendix A: Detailed
                                                                                      29		 Our approach                                  performance data table
                                               21		 Our approach
                                                                                      30		 Key performance highlights               36   Appendix B: GRI content index
                                               23		 Key performance highlights

8     Driving purposeful
      change at Purolator
9		 How we work
11		Mapping our material topics
     against the United Nations
     Sustainable Development
12    Our commitments

     Delivering the future,     Driving purposeful         Empowering our        Delivering for            Helping our neighbours           Appendices
          responsibly          change at Purolator            people              our planet

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
2019 CSR Report

Delivering the
future, responsibly

Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful   Empowering our   Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
     responsibly         change at Purolator      people         our planet

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
Highlights from this year
                                                                                                                                                     2019 CSR Report

Empowering our people                        Delivering for our planet             Helping our neighbours                      Growing our business

                                             Launched innovation pilots                                                        Opened four new terminals
Heightened health and                                                              100% Canadian organization
                                             with E-Bikes, Parcel Lockers,                                                     to support capacity growth
safety focus with programs in                                                      partnering with 55 food banks
                                             Self-Serve Kiosks and Sort-to-                                                    with the flagship addition in
onboarding, defensive driving,                                                     across Canada
                                             Route concepts                                                                    North York, Ont.
Geotab pilots, and sharing
weekly learnings

                                                                                   Delivery to virtually every postal
                                                                                   code in the country (99.9% of
                                             29% reduction in scope                Canadian postal codes)                      Enhanced network visibility:
                                             2 indirect greenhouse gas
Continued our Lean journey                   emissions since last year                                                         3,000 new scanners
with employees achieving
                                                                                                                               1,000 GPS tracking on trailers
1,233 Yellow Belts, 144 Green
Belts and 14 Black Belts                                                           1.65 million lbs of food                    700 new vehicles in the fleet
83% of employees agreeing                                                          raised through Purolator
                                                                                   Tackle Hunger®                              Creation of 2,500 jobs since
that Purolator provides
                                             13% overall decrease in direct                                                    2016 to keep up with our
learning and development                                                           18 million meals donated
                                             scope 1 emissions since 2015                                                      pace of growth
opportunities                                                                      to local food agencies since
                                             767 fuel efficient fleet              2003 through Purolator Tackle               $1 billion Delivering the
Enhanced safety onboarding                   vehicles purchased
and driver training programs,                                                      Hunger®                                     Future growth and innovation
with three new programs                                                                                                        plan launched

11.41% increased use of                                                                                                        Vendors selected for $330
overall Employee and Family                                                                                                    million 430,000 sq ft new
Assistance Program (EFAP),                                                         20 refurbished curbside                     national “Super Hub” in
representing progress on                     90,000 sq feet LEED certified         delivery vehicles donated to                Toronto, tripling network
access to mental health                      head office space opened              local food banks since 2003                 capacity in future years

    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful         Empowering our       Delivering for          Helping our neighbours           Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator            people             our planet

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
Message from the President and CEO
                                                                                                                                                             2019 CSR Report

                                            As Canada’s largest express courier       A few highlights include:                          Hunger®, bringing our total to
                                            company, we have the responsibility                                                          18 million meals donated to local
                                                                                      •     Launching the company’s historic
                                            to lead by delivering shared value                                                           food agencies since the
                                                                                            $1 billion Delivering the Future
                                            to society, the economy and every                                                            program began in 2003.
                                                                                            growth and innovation plan,
                                            stakeholder who relies on our
                                                                                            which was designed to future-            I would like to thank the many
                                            business. We are also accountable for
                                                                                            proof our business and customer          employees, customers and key
                                            addressing the major challenges that
                                                                                            experience. It includes significant      stakeholders who are driven
                                            our industry creates, like reducing
                                                                                            investment in job creation, long-        to advancing corporate social
                                            greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
                                                                                            term operational scale – like our        responsibility at Purolator. We have
                                            To achieve this, it starts with                 new national “Super Hub,” and            made marked progress in a short
                                            listening and learning. And that’s              sustainability advancements such         period of time, which is a direct
                                            exactly what we've been doing.                  as our fleet of e-cargo bikes.           reflection of Purolator’s pride and
                                                                                                                                     purpose culture. We are making
                                            Last year was a pivotal one for           •     Advancing health and safety
                                                                                                                                     a difference in virtually every
                                            corporate social responsibility                 across the organization by
                                                                                                                                     community in Canada by delivering
                                            at Purolator. We completed                      opening 16 Learning and
We are making a                             the company’s first materiality                 Development Centres of
                                                                                                                                     promises, every day. Our spirit and
difference in virtually                     assessment, engaging our customers              Excellence to ensure our couriers
                                                                                                                                     enthusiasm help meet our vision
                                                                                                                                     of becoming the most sustainable
every community in                          and our employees to identify                   have the best training available
                                                                                                                                     courier company in Canada.
Canada by delivering                        the critical environmental, social
                                            and governance issues facing our
                                                                                            for on-road safety.
                                                                                                                                     John Ferguson, President and CEO
promises, every                             business. This information guides
                                                                                      •     Developing a five-year
day. Our spirit and                         our long-term corporate social
                                                                                            employment equity plan to
                                                                                            strengthen diversity
enthusiasm help us                          responsibility strategy founded on
                                                                                            and inclusion.
meet our vision of                          three key pillars:
                                                                                      •     Establishing specific, aggressive
becoming the most                           •     Empowering our people
                                                                                            GHG emission reduction targets
sustainable courier                         •     Delivering for our planet                 to curb our fleet emissions.
company in Canada.                          •     Helping our neighbours              •     Raising 1.65 million pounds
                                                                                            of food through our signature
                                            We're proud of the significant
                                                                                            corporate social responsibility
                                            progress we made in these areas
                                                                                            program, Purolator Tackle
                                            throughout the year.

   Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful           Empowering our         Delivering for             Helping our neighbours            Appendices
        responsibly         change at Purolator              people               our planet

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
Who we are
                                                                                                                                                                2019 CSR Report

Purolator Inc. is Canada’s leading
integrated freight, parcel and                      1
logistics solutions provider. Celebrating               Shipment Creation
60 years of delivering its customers’                   Customers use a variety of
promises, we continue to expand                         channels to generate their
our reach, renowned service levels                      shipment labels.                                                                         Hub sorting & Transport
                                                                                                                                                 Packages from all
and reliability to more people, more
                                                                                                                                                 terminals are sorted
businesses and more places across the                                                                                                            and consolidated for
country and around the world.                                                                                                                    final destination.
We are proud of our Canadian                                                                                Transportation
heritage and are focused on                                                                                 Packages are moved
sustainably positioning ourselves for                                                                       using different modes
future growth and innovation to benefit                                                                     of transportation.

customers, employees and society.
Fostering a safe work environment,                  2
we are committed to the physical                        Dispatch & Pickup
                                                        The national dispatch
safety of our employees as well as
                                                        centres work together with                                                           6
strong policies against discrimination,                 our couriers and linehaul
sexual harassment or other forms of                                                                                                               Packages are sorted
                                                        drivers to pick up packages.
                                                                                                                                                  and sent out for
inappropriate behaviour.
                                                                                                                                                  delivery to their final
In support of our mission to create                                                                                                               destination such as a
                                                                                                        3                                         retailerʼs store, an office,
a more diverse and inclusive work
                                                                                                            Terminal Sorting                      or a customerʼs home.
environment, Purolator is focused
                                                                                                            Sorters consolidate packages
on building innovative solutions to                                                                         ready to be transported to the
strengthen diversity, inclusion, and                                                                        regional hub.
cultural proficiencies across our

    Delivering the future,     Driving purposeful       Empowering our                 Delivering for              Helping our neighbours    Appendices
         responsibly          change at Purolator          people                       our planet

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
2019 CSR Report

 As a part of the transportation                                                                                 We're supporting continuous
industry, we recognize the importance                                                                            improvement culture, making a safer
of investing in cycle logistics and                                                                              working environment and introducing
sustainable fleet, in an effort to                                                                               innovations that are environmentally
mitigate the negative impacts of                                                                                 sustainable.
freight activities and reduce our
carbon emissions. We are equally
committed to contributing to the well-
being of the communities we serve                                                                                We are proud
and where 12,000 of our people live,
work and play, through its Purolator
                                                                                                                 of our Canadian
Tackle Hunger® program.                                                                                          heritage and
In Canada and globally, e-commerce
                                                                                                                 are focused
growth projections are on an upward                                                                              on sustainably
trajectory, which will continue to                                                                               positioning
transform the entire industry. Rapid
parcel growth and digitization have
                                                                                                                 ourselves for
lowered the barrier to entry for                                                                                 future growth
participating in the final mile delivery.                                                                        and innovation to
Nimble, asset-light models are also
driving the disaggregation of the                                                                                benefit customers,
traditional supply chain. Customers                                                                              employees and
expect high levels of speed, real-
time tracking, pricing transparency
and customization. The “Amazon
Prime effect” is accelerating the
change in expectations. To continue
to lead the market during this time
of unprecedented change, we are
focused on strengthening employee
health and safety, matching capacity
with fluctuating demand, and
enhancing the customer access
network and customer experience.

     Delivering the future,      Driving purposeful   Empowering our   Delivering for   Helping our neighbours           Appendices
          responsibly           change at Purolator      people         our planet

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Purolator
Our strategy
                                                                                                                                                       2019 CSR Report

In 2019, Purolator introduced a               5. Advancing social responsibility         understanding and establishing
historic five-year $1billion investment
strategy in growth and innovation
                                                    and sustainability across all
                                                    areas of the business
                                                                                         trust-based relationships. More
                                                                                         customers want to understand their
                                                                                                                                      In 2019,
called Delivering the Future. This
                                              Our strategy is to differentiate
                                                                                         carbon footprint and are requesting          Purolator introduced
investment strategy is designed to
                                              through service excellence, leveraging
                                                                                         greenhouse gas (GHG) emission                a historic five-year
future-proof our company and invest
in the areas that are most important to
                                              our premium Canadian network
                                                                                         information to help in their decision-
                                                                                         making process when it comes to
                                                                                                                                      $1 billion investment
our customers, our people and society.
                                              and customer-first mindset. Our
                                              differentiation strategy will include
                                                                                         shipping.                                    strategy in growth
The recent events of COVID-19                 building our network infrastructure        Finally, we will achieve success in          and innovation
tested the mettle of our strategic            to be the most expansive premium           the area of service and reliability by       called Delivering
plan. In fact, we accelerated many
of our long-term priorities, including
                                              network in Canada with strategic
                                              consolidation points in the US.
                                                                                         continuing with our strong record
                                                                                         of on-time performance, and going
                                                                                                                                      the Future.
contactless deliveries. Our strategy is                                                  the extra mile to deliver a positive
                                              We will establish a customer-first
founded on five pillars:                                                                 experience.
                                              mindset through deep customer
1. Empowering our people
    through health and safety
    and new technologies to keep
    employees and communities
    safe and connected
2. Increasing network capacity,
    speed and access to help
    businesses grow and benefit
    from emerging market
3. Enriching the digital experience
    of shippers and receivers
4. Expanding global supply chain
    capabilities for businesses
    shipping to and from Canada

    Delivering the future,     Driving purposeful           Empowering our          Delivering for           Helping our neighbours       Appendices
         responsibly          change at Purolator              people                our planet

About this report
                                                                                                                                                                                                       2019 CSR Report

Following our inaugural Corporate             •     Empowering our people
Social Responsibility (CSR) report                                                                                                                                                               Health & safety
                                              •     Delivering for our planet
produced in 2019, this report
                                                                                                                                                                           Very high
summarizes Purolator’s strategy,              •     Helping our neighbours
management and performance on
                                              The outcomes from the materiality
important CSR topics in Canada.                                                                                                                                                              Climate change & GHG emissions
                                              assessment will guide the evolution of                                                                                                   Ethical conduct
Through it, we encourage you to
                                              our CSR strategy in the coming years.

                                                                                         Perceived Purolator impact
learn more about our initiatives                                                                                                                                                          Diversity & inclusion
                                              It will ultimately help us focus on                                                            Corporate                  Data protection & security
which continue to evolve.                                                                                                                    governance
                                              the issues and opportunities where
Demonstrating our commitment to               we can make the greatest positive                                                                                             Community investment
                                                                                                                                                                          Labour practices
accountability and transparency to            impact.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sustainable products & services
our stakeholders, we have made                                                                                                                            High
                                              With the goal of focusing on what                                                                                                 Employee engagement & development
significant improvements to our
                                              matters most, this report explores
report this year. We have applied                                                                                     Hazardous goods transport
                                              the five material topics that emerged
global best practices and the Global                                                                                                                                 Transparency & disclosure
                                              from this assessment. We continue to
Reporting Initiative standard to                                                                                                                                     Energy management
                                              identify, monitor and manage topics                                             Moderate
define the content and focus of the
                                              not reported on, such as labour
report. In the future, we look forward                                                                                                      Materials
                                              practices and data protection and                                                             efficiency
to sharing additional performance                                                                                                           & waste                  Human rights
                                              security, and will continue to refine                                                         management
metrics and broadening the scope                                                                                                           Humanitarian assistance
                                              our reporting across all pillars in
of our reporting to include our
                                              future reports.
operations beyond Canada.                                                                                                               Importance to stakeholders
                                                                                                                                               and business
Last year, we conducted our first
materiality analysis. Through
interviews with our people and
customers, we identified the most
pressing environmental, social
and governance topics facing our
business. Our list of material topics
focus around three key CSR pillars:

    Delivering the future,     Driving purposeful           Empowering our         Delivering for                                Helping our neighbours                       Appendices
         responsibly          change at Purolator              people               our planet

2019 CSR Report

Driving purposeful
change at Purolator

Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful   Empowering our   Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
     responsibly         change at Purolator      people         our planet

How we work
                                                                                                                           2019 CSR Report

For almost 60 years, responsible
corporate governance has been an
important promise to our customers,
stakeholders, employees, and the
broader community.
Our Board of Directors is responsible
for managing, or supervising the
management of, Purolator’s business.
Its work to fulfill Purolator's vision
and strategy is supported by three
committees: Audit Committee,
Governance Committee, and Human
Resources and Compensation
The President and CEO is responsible
for developing Purolator’s strategic
plan, managing the day-to-day
business, and reporting on Purolator
affairs to the Board on a timely and
regular basis.

    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful   Empowering our   Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator      people         our planet

2019 CSR Report

Our management of corporate                  Reflecting the importance of
social responsibility                        creating a more diverse and inclusive
Our leadership team brings an                workplace, our Diversity and
extensive and diverse background             Inclusion (D&I) Leadership Council is
to drive our collective vision and           responsible for the development and
mission. The Senior Vice President           execution of Purolator’s D&I strategy.
and Chief Human Resources                    The D&I Leadership Council works
Officer oversees policies, programs,         with Regional Councils to better
performance and overarching                  execute and maximize employee
strategy of Purolator’s CSR. Under           engagement on the strategy.
that leadership, a Corporate Social
                                             The President and CEO
Responsibility department was
                                             communicates Purolator’s CSR
introduced to develop Purolator’s
                                             policies, programs and performance
CSR strategy and roadmap. The
                                             at Board meetings and Board
department is also responsible for
                                             committee meetings. Purolator’s
raising the visibility of Purolator’s
                                             annual CSR Report is reviewed by
CSR and sustainability initiatives,
                                             the Board and the board Human
actively demonstrating our focus on
                                             Resources committee.
safety, environmental performance,
community engagement, and
diversity and inclusion.

The D&I Leadership
Council works with
Regional Councils to
better execute and
maximize employee
engagement on the

    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful         Empowering our               Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator            people                     our planet

Mapping our material topics against the United
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2019 CSR Report

Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Minimizing our value chain footprint for our people and the planet.


                                                                                                                    Provide a proactive employee wellness program

                                                                                                                    Develop evidence-based strategies to attract and retain a higher proportion of female workers

                                                                                                                    Increase share of women on Board of Directors and in senior roles

                                                                                                                    Provide targeted internships for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to promote social mobility

Integrate diversity and inclusion into                                                                              Develop the skills of lower paid workers to give them improved professional opportunities
supply chain management practices
                                                                                                                    Expand Purolator Tackle Hunger® across communities and review opportunities and alignment with the business
to provide opportunities for women
and minority-owned businesses

                    Increasing positive impact                                                                                                        Distribution

                                                                  Company                                                                                                 Sorting and                      Packages sorted
                                   Suppliers                                                                                              and pickup
   Raw materials                                                  operations                         Shipment creation                                                    transport                        and sent out for
                                   Suppliers selected for                                                                                 National dispatch                                                                                    Product end of life
   Sourcing and                                                   Systems, equipment,                Customers use a variety                                              Packages from all                delivery to their final
                                   services, facilities,                                                                                  centres work with                                                                                    Packaging material loses
   extraction of raw                                              people and processes               of channels to generate                                              terminals are sorted             destination such as
                                   supplies and                                                                                           our couriers and                                                                                     its original purpose
   materials                                                      needed for the company             their shipment labels                                                and consolidated for             a retailer’s store,
                                   equipment                                                                                              linehaul drivers to
                                                                  to function                                                                                             final destination                an office or a
                                                                                                                                          pick up packages
                                                                                                                                                                                                           customer’s home

Minimizing negative impact                                                                                                                Reduce waste generation
                                                                                                                                          throughout the business,
                    Minimize the use of non-renewable                                                                                     including through adoption
                    mineral resources through the use                                                                                     of new technologies
                    of reused, recycled, repurposed and                                                                                   Provide customers with
                    renewable material content                                                                                            options for sustainable
                                                                Invest in systems, institutions and climate-smart technology to                                         Improve operation and management of fleets to                Explore models that enable
                    Build cross-sector partnerships to                                                                                    products and services
                                                                reduce, mitigate or adapt to climate change (e.g., retrofit energy                                      maximize energy efficiency of transport                      more circular flows of goods and
                    unlock complementary investments            efficient fixtures)                                                                                                                                                  materials (e.g., reverse logistics
                    in sustainable, resilient business and                                                                                                              Upgrade fleet to enable use of alternative,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and resource flows)
                    products                                    Integrate climate risks into analysis and decision-making                                               less carbon-intensive fuels and drive use of
                                                                                                                                                                        renewables (e.g., Mobile Quick Stop)                         Move towards reusable or
                                                                Measure, reduce and report climate exposure and progress on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     recyclable packaging
                                                                actions to confront climate change                                                                      Work with government and peers to reduce
                                                                                                                                                                        deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents

                                                                                                                                                                        Use data-driven solutions to optimise
                                                                                                                                                                        management, planning and operation of
                                                                                                                                                                        transport networks over time

       Delivering the future,                     Driving purposeful                   Empowering our                                Delivering for                     Helping our neighbours                              Appendices
            responsibly                          change at Purolator                      people                                      our planet

Our commitments
                                                                                                                                                                                                2019 CSR Report

We are committed to operating our                 practices and decision-making.
business in a responsible manner,                 We work together to strengthen
as reflected in our Corporate                     the communities we serve, and we
Stewardship value and supported by                manage our business ethically and
our management systems, business                  sustainably.

                     CSR Pillar                           Commitments                                Relevant material topics       2019 highlights

                     Empowering   Open 16 Learning and Development Centres of Excellence for         1.   Occupational              In October 2019, 16 Learning and Development Centres of Excellence
                     our people   timely and consistent training of our frontline employees.              health and safety         were launched across the country in time to meet greater than 80
                                                                                                                                    per cent of our new hires during peak season.
                                  Launch a standardized onboarding program for all new hires         2.   Diversity and inclusion
                                  to foster a safe working environment from day one and reduce                                      The new experiential training developed for the Learning and
                                                                                                     3.   Labor practices
                                  turnover.                                                                                         Development Centres of Excellence became the standard onboarding
                                                                                                                                    program for all new hires.
                                  Deploy our mentorship program to provide our diverse mentees
                                  additional opportunities to grow their leadership, interpersonal                                  Our Mentorship Program launched in Q3 of 2019 to all employees,
                                  and technical skills.                                                                             enabling our employees to learn from one another. It is housed on
                                                                                                                                    SuccessFactors, and this system matches employees based on competence,
                                  Develop a five-year employment equity plan outlining way to
                     More                                                                                                           providing the opportunity for mentees to drive their own learning.
                                  reach targets for employment, equity, and diversity, and address
                                  the statutory requirements of the Canadian Human Rights
                                  Commission regarding the four designated groups.

    Delivering the future,         Driving purposeful             Empowering our                     Delivering for                 Helping our neighbours                  Appendices
         responsibly              change at Purolator                people                           our planet

2019 CSR Report

                 CSR Pillar                                Commitments                                Relevant material topics    2019 highlights

                 Delivering       Establish GHG emission reduction targets by setting a               1.   Climate change         Our inaugural CSR Report was released in October 2019. We disclosed our GHG
                 for our planet   baseline and engaging with stakeholders to implement                     and GHG emissions      emissions data and emissions intensity metrics to our internal and external
                                  initiatives to reduce emissions.                                                                stakeholders. Based on the feedback gathered from our key stakeholders,
                                                                                                      2.   Sustainable products
                                                                                                                                  we are in the process of establishing a baseline against which the emission
                                  Conduct energy audits and retrofits in our facilities                    and services
                                                                                                                                  reduction targets will be set, measured, and tracked. We are also in the process
                                  to drive energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption,
                                                                                                                                  of exploring GHG emissions reduction targets that are aligned with the industry
                                  and improve building performance.
                                                                                                                                  best practices.
                                  Join industry-led initiatives to modernize urban
                                                                                                                                  This year, we tracked and reported our energy consumption and buildings
                                  freight operations and address last-mile urban freight
                                                                                                                                  intensity data to identify opportunities to drive energy efficiency in our buildings.
                                                                                                                                  We will leverage this data to roll out a series of energy optimization projects
                                  Develop a waste diversion and recycling strategy                                                in our facilities to decrease energy consumption and GHG emissions, and to
                                  to reduce waste consumption in our facilities, and                                              improve employee well-being.
                                  identify programs to support sustainable packaging.
                 Link                                                                                                             Towards our industry-led initiatives, Purolator joined the Urban Delivery
                                                                                                                                  Solutions Initiative (USDI) as a founding partner. The UDSI is a national network
                                                                                                                                  of organizations working to modernize urban freight operations in Canadian
                                                                                                                                  cities. By coming together, businesses, academia, government and not-for-profit
                                                                                                                                  institutions can share, engage and champion for efficient and sustainable urban
                                                                                                                                  freight activities.
                                                                                                                                  In 2019, we started collecting our waste management data for our facilities to
                                                                                                                                  assess our recycling versus landfill rate. This data was used to understand the
                                                                                                                                  current state of Purolator’s waste diversion and how to move towards a circular
                                                                                                                                  economy in the long-term. In 2020, we will identify gaps in the waste data, work
                                                                                                                                  with our vendors to track and report data, and review our packaging options.

                 Helping our      Launch a portal for our employees to track and report volunteer     1.   Community investment   In 2019, vendors were sourced to explore external development of a portal to
                 neighbours       hours for all events that contribute to a collective impact.                                    track and report on our employees’ philanthropic efforts. Work is still ongoing.
                                                                                                      2.   Ethical conduct
                                  Develop a process to track food and monetary donations                                          A group of our Purolator Tackle Hunger® Champions developed an online
                                  for the Purolator Tackle Hunger® program.                                                       solution to help track all food and monetary donations.
                                  Create a partnership strategy to engage with vendors and                                        In 2019, we also conducted a thorough review to map our material topics against
                                  relevant partners for food drive campaigns implemented                                          the SDGs and pillars, with consideration of our value chain impacts.
                                  across the organization.
                                  Identify United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
                                  that are most relevant to our business and stakeholders and
                                  prioritize them based on those that will have the greatest impact
                                  on our three CSR pillars.

Delivering the future,             Driving purposeful              Empowering our                     Delivering for              Helping our neighbours                       Appendices
     responsibly                  change at Purolator                 people                           our planet

2019 CSR Report

Empowering our people

Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful   Empowering our   Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
     responsibly         change at Purolator      people         our planet

2019 CSR Report

In order to empower our people,              Enriching Purolator's                        Enhancing our Employee                      Improving employee
we recognize that we need to invest          employee experience                          Value Proposition                           performance management
in their growth, build an even more          in 2019                                      In developing our employer brand,           In 2018, we launched new
inclusive workplace, demonstrate fair                                                     Purolator asked employees through           behavioural competencies by level,
                                             We are proud of the progress we
labour practices, and protect their                                                       multiple focus group sessions,              and incorporated them into our
                                             have made in 2019 to enhance
well-being and safety.                                                                    leadership interviews, and a                talent management processes,
                                             the talent experience of our
                                                                                          comprehensive review of employee            including performance management.
Last year can best be described              employees. We took significant
                                                                                          feedback (e.g., engagement surveys,         Following this, we launched a
as an enterprise-wide, foundation-           steps forward this year to enhance
                                                                                          exit surveys and commissioned               new tool through SuccessFactors
building and capabilities-building           our value proposition and evolve
                                                                                          Cultural Assessment Survey) to define       called Continuous Performance
year. In June 2019, our President            our training programs to provide
                                                                                          Purolator’s uniqueness. It became           Management (CPM), to support
and CEO announced Purolator’s                new opportunities for learning and
                                                                                          clear that what makes Purolator             ongoing discussions and feedback.
$1 billion “Delivering the Future”           development.
                                                                                          unique is teamwork, learning                This tool supports more regular
investment strategy that included
                                             A great place to work                        opportunities, and the ability for          check-ins between managers and
building a national “Super Hub”
                                             Service excellence is critical to our        employees to make an impact.                employees and day-to-day routine
facility in Toronto. Because workforce
                                             Purolator strategy. Attracting and                                                       goal alignment, ongoing feedback,
expansion is essential to complement                                                      This led to our EVP which now forms
                                             retaining a future-ready workforce                                                       and in-the-moment coaching. With
these capital enhancements, we have                                                       the backbone of our internal and
                                             will help us continue to achieve our                                                     this approach, managers have
earmarked significant investments in                                                      external campaigns, providing job
                                             aspirations. Developing a unique                                                         increased visibility into employee
employee training, development, and                                                       candidates with an insightful outlook
                                             Employee Value Proposition (EVP)                                                         activities and achievements, enabling
health and safety. Multiple training                                                      on Purolator’s culture. We are proud
                                             and empowering our managers                                                              them to provide coaching and
programs and initiatives were rolled                                                      that our inaugural campaign features
                                             through real-time performance                                                            guidance. Employees can also give
out over the course of the year.                                                          a diverse group of employees from
                                             management are just two ways in                                                          and receive feedback at any time, to
                                                                                          across our organization.
                                             which we helped make this possible                                                       or from anyone in the organization.
                                             in 2019.                                                                                 This modern, mobile-enabled
                                                                                                                                      approach helps foster happier, more
We are proud of the                                                                                                                   engaged employees and higher
progress we have                                                                                                                      performance aligned to our business.

made in 2019 to
enhance the talent
experience of our

    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful         Empowering our              Delivering for          Helping our neighbours           Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator            people                    our planet

2019 CSR Report

                                         Providing new opportunities                   Mentorship program                          schedule prepared by their manager,
                                         for learning and development                  In 2019, we launched our mentorship         which includes key activities, including
                                         Purolator is a people first                   program. It provides additional             partnering with an onboarding coach,
                                         organization. We are successful               opportunity for rich learning and           meetings with teammates and key
                                         when we provide our teammates                 development for both mentors and            stakeholders, role-specific training,
                                         with a safe and healthy workplace,            mentees, and is accessible to all           completion of Lean Six Sigma Yellow
                                         and have the right people in the right        employees. Employees themselves             Belt training, and visits to local
                                         roles, with the support they need to          define their competency strengths           terminal and hub operations.
                                         succeed. Learning is just one way             facilitating a more effective pairing
                                                                                                                                   New hires are then assigned
                                         we empower our people to deliver              with a mentor, with the primary
                                                                                                                                   talent management e-learnings
                                         outstanding work, safely.                     criteria being competencies and
                                                                                                                                   that provide knowledge of
                                                                                       specialized skills. To support an
                                         We are proud of our progress in                                                           Purolator’s performance and talent
                                                                                       effective mentoring relationship,
                                         2019. In fact, this year’s employee                                                       management processes, as well
                                                                                       participants are provided with
                                         engagement survey found that 83                                                           as the organization’s behavioural
                                                                                       support resources. Current
                                         per cent of professional employees                                                        competency model that defines key
                                                                                       participants represent unionized
                                         agreed or strongly agreed that                                                            competencies required for success
                                                                                       and non-unionized employees, up
                                         Purolator provides them with                                                              at each level. Within their first 30
                                                                                       to the executive level. The program
                                         the opportunity for learning and                                                          days, professionals set meaningful
                                                                                       is being monitored and future
                                         development.                                                                              performance goals aligned to the
                                                                                       program enhancements will include
                                                                                                                                   organizational strategy.
                                         Lean Six Sigma Continuous                     the introduction of key performance
                                         Improvement Training program                  indicators and tracking capabilities.       Purolator’s 2019 employee
                                         We deployed Lean Six Sigma                                                                engagement survey demonstrated
                                                                                       Enhanced onboarding experience
                                         Continuous Improvement training                                                           the impact of the onboarding
                                                                                       We improved our onboarding
                                         in 2019, resulting in over 1,300                                                          program on new hires. Eighty-five per
                                                                                       program for professional employees
                                         employees certified in Yellow,                                                            cent of employees who have been
                                                                                       to incorporate additional elements
                                         Green and Black Belts across the                                                          with Purolator for less than three
                                                                                       of training and development that will
                                         organization. Employees leading Lean                                                      months are engaged, compared to
                                                                                       set them up for long-term success
                                         continuous improvement projects                                                           the IBM Global Norm of 71 per cent.
                                                                                       at Purolator. Professional employees
                                         delivered over $24 million in savings/
                                                                                       received a role-specific onboarding
                                         revenue to the organization.

Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful         Empowering our               Delivering for          Helping our neighbours            Appendices
     responsibly         change at Purolator            people                     our planet

Focus on occupational health and safety
                                                                                                                                                             2019 CSR Report

Protecting the psychological and physical health of our people, so they arrive home safe, every day.

What it means to us                            Our approach                                   Committee (WHSC) to ensure worker
                                                                                              participation and consultation in           Safety in action
We know that our frontline employees           Our vision is to be the industry’s
                                                                                              the development, implementation,
are exposed to a wide variety of               safest workplace in Canada. At                                                             Our voluntary snow-rated
                                                                                              and evaluation of the Health
physical hazards throughout their              Purolator this is achieved through                                                         footwear program, launched in
                                                                                              and Safety Management System.
workdays – whether they are a                  our health and safety policies and                                                         2018, is one way our frontline
                                                                                              WHSC members participate in any
courier navigating icy roads in local          procedures, training and controls,                                                         employees are supported to
                                                                                              occupational hygiene testing that
neighbourhoods or team members                 and measured by illness, injury and                                                        carry out their work safely.
                                                                                              may occur at their location, hold
navigating conveyer belts and aisles           motor vehicle incidents. All of these                                                      Each courier is provided with
                                                                                              monthly meetings, conduct workplace
in our delivery warehouses. We also            aspects are indicative of a strong                                                         vouchers to purchase footwear
                                                                                              inspections, and communicate
acknowledge the importance of                  safety culture. We are focused on                                                          specifically engineered and
                                                                                              relevant information on all aspects of
mental health in the well-being of our         developing:                                                                                designed to perform on wet icy
                                                                                              occupational health and safety to the
people and the critical role work plays                                                                                                   surfaces. Couriers who chose
                                               •     An interdependent safety                 employees in their workplace.
in the quality of their day-to-day lives.                                                                                                 to participate in this program
                                                     culture, where our people can
                                                                                              One hundred per cent of our                 are seeing the results. Since
Our people are our most important                    rely on each other to make the
                                                                                              employees and contractors                   the launch of the voluntary
asset, as reflected in our People First              right decisions
                                                                                              are covered under our Safety                snow-rated footwear program,
value. Purolator is committed to
                                               •     Best-in-class safety process             Management System (GRI403-8).               couriers who chose to wear
engaging and developing our team
                                                     standards, that help us think                                                        boots during our busy winter
so that they are successful in a safe                                                         As part of the Health and Safety
                                                     about and carry out our work                                                         season in 2019 had fewer and
and healthy workplace. We aim to                                                              Management System, job hazard
                                                     safely                                                                               less severe falls.
empower our employees with the                                                                and risk assessments are conducted
tools and skills to arrive home safe,          •     Effective digital tools, that            regularly to identify and put into
every day.                                           enable us to make the right              place appropriate controls to manage
                                                     decisions, real-time, and execute        employee safety. To execute their
                                                     our work in better ways                  work safely, front-line employees are
                                                                                              provided health and safety training,
Our vision is to be                            At the center of health and safety at
                                                                                              access to safe operating procedures,
the industry’s safest                          Purolator is an integrated Internal
                                               Responsibility System. To achieve
                                                                                              and depending on their job function,
workplace in Canada                            this, each Purolator location has
                                                                                              access to equipment and protection
                                                                                              (such as safety footwear, gloves and
                                               a Workplace Health and Safety
                                                                                              hearing protection).

    Delivering the future,      Driving purposeful           Empowering our              Delivering for          Helping our neighbours      Appendices
         responsibly           change at Purolator              people                    our planet

2019 CSR Report

Starting off on the right foot:                Site safety tours (1,490 completed)           •     Enhanced safety onboarding
Spotlight on our safety                        We've improved the site safety tour                 and driver training programs
training programs                              with stops in key locations of the
                                                                                             The journey to first-class health
We have enhanced the way that                  facility where important messaging
                                                                                             and safety is never finished. In             Safety in action
new employees are exposed to                   about that area can be accessed
                                                                                             2019, Purolator invested in several
and familiarized with the policies,            through multiple formats. This                                                             Ashley Brand, Courier, is a
                                                                                             initiatives in occupational health
procedures and expectations                    ensures new employees know how to                                                          Humble Hero. In September
                                                                                             and safety, including mental health
addressed in several e-learnings.              navigate their workplace safely and                                                        2019, Ashley was performing
                                                                                             and wellness aimed at ensuring our
Our goal was to improve the                    where to quickly access specific areas                                                     her delivery at a local
                                                                                             company remains a great place to
employee onboarding experience                 in emergency situations.                                                                   McDonald's when an elderly
                                                                                             work. As part of our Lean Continuous
while maintaining or improving                                                                                                            gentleman in line collapsed.
                                               Simulated defensive driving                   Improvement culture, areas of
the employee awareness of these                                                                                                           Her first aid training kicked
                                               training (217 completed)                      improvement to our risk-based
policies. These policies include,                                                                                                         in and she went to his aid.
                                               Our defensive driving theory and              Health and Safety Management
but are not limited to, Purolator                                                                                                         As Ashley started performing
                                               simulated driving training for couriers       System were identified through an
Crisis Management – Employees. All                                                                                                        CPR, the McDonald's staff
                                               address common preventable risks.             external health and safety audit
employees across the organization,                                                                                                        called 9-1-1. As the gentleman
                                               Plus, coaching ensures safe driving           conducted the previous year. This
regardless of role, now have a                                                                                                            started to breathe on his own,
                                               practices.                                    spurred terminal safety assessments,
consistent onboarding experience                                                                                                          Ashley stayed with him until the
                                                                                             conducted at over 90 Purolator
from day one. The orientation is more          Continuous improvement                                                                     paramedic came.
                                                                                             locations in 2019.
engaging and interactive, covering             We are proud of the significant
                                                                                                                                          She was recognized by our
key policies, procedures and safety            milestones we achieved in health              Putting continuous improvement
                                                                                                                                          Scarborough team, who
protocols.                                     and safety in 2019:                           into action, Purolator focused on
                                                                                                                                          provided her an award for her
                                                                                             making foundational program
Operations safety – Eight common               •     Designed an integrated Health                                                        bravery and courage. She was
                                                                                             improvements in health and safety
risks (1,164 completed)                              and Safety Management System                                                         also recognized company-wide
                                                                                             in 2019. To prevent recurrence of
All front-line employees proceed to                  framework and governance                                                             with a Circle of Excellence Award.
                                                                                             common incidents in our terminals,
a standardized day two for safety                    model for the organization
                                                                                             the Operations leadership team
onboarding. Throughout the day, new
                                               •     Completed baseline                      established a weekly incident review
hires complete hands-on activities
                                                     organizational (terminal) safety        call where incidents transpired
that reinforce safe behaviours on
                                                     assessment study identifying            within terminals and relevant
the terminal floor (such as wearing
                                                     gaps in safety compliance               lessons learned are shared to foster
personal protective equipment,
                                                     and culture                             ongoing learning. This call is led by
safe lifting practices, and conveyor
                                                                                             the Chief Operations Officer or Chief
safety). This is followed by role-specific     •     Completed health and safety
                                                                                             Human Resources Officer, and the
training, and multiple check-points on               reorganization design and
the job that ensure employees are                    expanded Return-to-Work team
equipped to perform their roles safely.

    Delivering the future,      Driving purposeful           Empowering our             Delivering for           Helping our neighbours      Appendices
         responsibly           change at Purolator              people                   our planet

2019 CSR Report

incident is described by the affected        Employee and Family Assistance                        how to build towards a financially      pension and other investments,
manager, followed by a review of the         Program (EFAP). Some of these                         secure future by meeting with           and reminded about their flexible
determination of the root cause(s)           activities are outlined below.                        some of our external experts.           benefits re-enrolment window.
and lessons learned. As a result,
                                             Taking care of mental health                    •     Benefits re-enrolment and
the risk assessment is reviewed
                                             In the fall of 2019, Purolator introduced             pension review: During Financial
and hazard analysis updated where
                                             a new wellness program, Thrive. It's                  Literacy Month, employees were
required to prevent recurrence.
                                             designed to help our employees stay                   encouraged to review their
Much of this work forms the building         physically, mentally, and financially
blocks for the new Health and                resilient and healthy. Thrive initiatives
Safety Management System being               ranged from fitness and nutrition
developed in 2020 that affects               programming, financial literacy and
all employees, contractors and               planning expertise, and awareness and
subcontractors, and activities at all        education on public and self-stigma
Purolator locations and on the road.         related to mental health:
                                             •     Mental Illness Awareness
Helping employees thrive:                          Week: With Purolator’s ongoing
Spotlight on mental health                         commitment to mental health
awareness initiatives and                          and safety, Purolator recognized
inclusive practices                                Canadian Mental Illness Awareness
Our mental wellness strategy is                    Week from October 6 to 12 and
aimed at supporting all employees                  World Mental Health Day on
with an environment that supports                  October 10. During this time, we
their physical, psychological, social,             provided education and brought
mental and emotional well-being.                   awareness around the importance
Last year, we updated our policy                   of mental health and reducing
and procedural documents, and                      both public and self-stigma.
provided guidance and training on
                                             •     November Financial Literacy
accommodations, return to work
                                                   Month: Purolator empowered
and disability. This year we focused
                                                   employees across the country
on promoting the support programs
                                                   to take control of their finances,
and services available through our
                                                   reduce financial stress, and learn

    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful           Empowering our               Delivering for            Helping our neighbours        Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator              people                     our planet

2019 CSR Report

Encouraging access to                        Mental health                                individual course completions by            Purolator will continue to partner
mental health resources                      awareness education                          our front-line employees, which             with the Mental Health Commission
Our goal is to help our employees            In 2019, as part of our multi-               represents approximately 15 per             of Canada to train Mental Health
learn more about their own mental            year mental health strategy, we              cent completion of the mandatory            First Aid (MHFA) Responders across
health, and how to support others            launched our e-learning program –            courses. This was considered a strong       all Purolator locations. Our goal is to
who may be experiencing a mental             called Building Blocks for Positive          start to the program given that front-      have at least one MHFA Responder
health challenge. In 2019, in                Mental Health to all of our frontline        line employees are heavily focused on       in every location, with multiple
partnership with our EFAP service            employees on June 25, 2019.                  operational execution during the last       responders in large locations like
providers, the Total Rewards team            Developed in partnership with our            four months of the calendar year.           Hubs and facilities.
launched a major promotional                 EFAP provider, Morneau Shepell, six
                                                                                          Mental health first aid training In         People leader training
campaign encouraging the use of              training modules were offered, with
                                                                                          fall 2019, our first group of employees     We aim to equip our people
extensive mental health, general             three being mandatory. Employees
                                                                                          successfully completed the two-day,         leaders with the tools to address
health and wellness resources                have 12 months to complete
                                                                                          in-class training program and became        mental health in the workplace.
available to them. Overall, we               the training and each module is
                                                                                          certified by the Mental Health              That’s why we offer training that
experienced 11.41 per cent overall           approximately 10-15 minutes
                                                                                          Commission of Canada as Mental              focuses on reducing mental
EFAP utilization representing                in duration.
                                                                                          Health First Aiders. Participants from      health stigma, dealing with
increases over both 2017 and 2018.
                                             All new employees hired after                all levels of the organization and          workplace accommodations,
While still below industry average and
                                             the initial launch have the mental           across the country were nominated           and supporting employees with
national norm, we are committed to
                                             health program automatically                 by their people leaders. As part of         mental health challenges. This
exceeding both of them.
                                             assigned to their training and               the ongoing Mental Health First Aid         training module will be included
In 2019, Purolator’s Total Rewards           development program. As of                   certification program, 21 employees         in our Evolve manager training
team also introduced the Cleveland           December 2019, we had over 4,500             from across the organization                program.
Clinic Canada Virtual Health Care                                                         completed this certification and
                                                                                                                                      In 2019, designated facilitators
Program. Employees can virtually                                                          are available to provide support to
connect with a medical professional          Our goal is to help                          colleagues in need in their respective
                                                                                                                                      completed the Mental Health
                                                                                                                                      Commission of Canada's Working
through live video for non-emergency
medical health issues using the
                                             our employees learn                          work locations. This will continue into
                                                                                          2020 and beyond.
                                                                                                                                      Mind Train-the-Trainer program
Express Care Online® app from the            more about their                                                                         in order to be able to develop
App Store or Google Play. Once the           own mental health,                           “I feel lucky to be part of an
                                                                                          organization that supports mental
                                                                                                                                      appropriate mental health content
                                                                                                                                      for our people leaders. Training
app is downloaded and the employee
is registered to use TytoClinic®, they
                                             and how to support                           health awareness and breaking down          content is under development with
have access to diagnostic tools such         others who may                               the cultural stigmas that exist.” –         a roll-out schedule for 2020.
as a thermometer or a stethoscope            be experiencing                              Training participant
to conduct a health assessment
onsite in the First Aid Room.
                                             a mental health
    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful         Empowering our              Delivering for          Helping our neighbours            Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator            people                    our planet

Focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I)
                                                                                                                                                       2019 CSR Report

Capturing the uniqueness of our individual people and creating an environment that values
and respects individuals for their talents, skills and abilities to the benefit of the collective.

What it means to us                          Our approach                                Continuous improvement in 2019              Diversity and
                                                                                         Purolator has experienced record            inclusion in action
At Purolator, diversity is about the         A diverse, inclusive work environment
                                                                                         growth in 2019 thanks to our
individual. It is about the variety          allows employees to reach their full                                                    International Women’s Day
                                                                                         employees, their incredible diversity
of unique dimensions, qualities              potential. Our goal is to develop                                                       is the focal point for gender
                                                                                         of thought, and their unique
and characteristics we all possess.          talent across all stages of the                                                         equality and women’s rights
                                                                                         perspectives, experiences and
We consider inclusion to be about            employee lifecycle. With this in mind,                                                  across the world. This year, we
                                                                                         backgrounds. With this in mind,
the collective. It is about a culture        our strategic talent management                                                         hosted a panel discussion to
                                                                                         we were proud the recipient of the
that strives for equity. Our culture         plan ensures we adopt a proactive                                                       share insights on how we can
                                                                                         Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate
embraces, respects, accepts and              approach in attracting, managing                                                        think equal, build smart and
                                                                                         Cultures of 2019 – Enterprise and
values difference, and demonstrates          and developing talent. We use role                                                      innovate for change to find
                                                                                         Best Talent Management Strategy
it in what we say and do.                    profiles and competency needs as a                                                      #BalanceforBetter.
                                                                                         2019 (Canadian HR Awards) awards.
                                             means of identifying essential skills to
We believe that having a diverse team                                                                                                Our panel featured a cross-
                                             be developed in all employees.              Additionally, our 2019 MyVoice survey
with different cultural backgrounds                                                                                                  section of women in the
                                                                                         results indicated that 76 per cent
and experiences encourages                   We are committed to building                                                            organization, sharing their
                                                                                         of our people agreed that Purolator
debate and problem-solving to                the most diverse and inclusive                                                          unique insights on how
                                                                                         is committed to providing equal
inspire innovative solutions to the          organization across all levels of our                                                   individuals and our business
                                                                                         opportunity for all employees. While
organization’s business challenges.          business. In addition to providing                                                      can balance for better.
                                                                                         this is positive feedback, we can
We consider diversity and inclusion of       equal opportunities to our employees
                                                                                         continue to ensure our employees
our workforce in our hiring choices,         with respect to our talent experience,
                                                                                         from coast-to-coast feel empowered
the opportunities we provide for             a number of initiatives to improve
                                                                                         to share in these opportunities and
learning and development, and how            strategic support and executive
                                                                                         help shape our company to support
we treat each other.                         sponsorship, and advance inclusion
                                                                                         their needs.
                                             in all of our programs and initiatives.

    Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful          Empowering our            Delivering for          Helping our neighbours      Appendices
         responsibly         change at Purolator             people                  our planet

2019 CSR Report

In the past several years, we focused         Diversity and Inclusion                        Future Leaders
on building the D&I fundamentals              Leadership Council                             Development program
                                                                                                                                         Diversity and
aligned with our business objectives:         The Leadership Council consists of             Launched in 2019, all people
                                                                                                                                         inclusion in action
                                              senior leaders across our business             managers were trained on talent
•   2020-2025 Employment
                                              that can affect positive changes               management best practices, to               Unique perspectives,
    Equity Plan
                                              within their respective business lines.        remove bias, promote inclusion,             experiences and backgrounds
•   Diversity and Inclusion                   Together, these leaders provide                add consistency and to reinforce            are in Purolator’s DNA.
    Governance and Accountability             strategic support and executive                the value of career/development
                                                                                                                                         As co-chairs of our National Diversity
    Framework                                 sponsorship aimed at advancing                 planning. This program accelerates
                                                                                                                                         and Inclusion Council, Shikha
                                              inclusion in all our programs and              the development of future leaders
•   Diversity and Inclusion Strategy                                                                                                     Gandhi, VP, Finance, Corporate
                                              initiatives.                                   through flexible and customizable
                                                                                                                                         Services and Sue-Lynn Noel, VP,
•   Diversity Recruitment Strategy                                                           development journeys that
                                              “I am proud of Purolator’s approach                                                        General Counsel and Corporate
                                                                                             may include personal coaching,
•   Diversity and Inclusion                   to diversity and inclusion and of the                                                      Secretary, know this firsthand. They
                                                                                             mentoring, external training, special
    Communication Strategy                    progress being made in this area.                                                          help champion diversity initiatives
                                                                                             assignment/projects and job
                                              At the same time, there is still a lot                                                     throughout the company.
Our next stage will be identifying                                                           rotations.
                                              further to go. I’m looking forward to
multiple key performance indicators                                                                                                      Shikha says the council aims
                                              making it a business imperative to             Mentorship program
(KPIs) to track our progress towards                                                                                                     “to create the most inclusive,
                                              drive real change and add immense              Accessible to all employees, our
meeting our priorities and targets,                                                                                                      accessible workplace in Canada
                                              value in the coming years.”                    mentorship program provides
to hold our business accountable                                                                                                         by fostering an environment
                                                                                             additional opportunity for rich
for living our values. This work is in                   – Shikha Gandhi, co-chair,                                                      where women, people living with
                                                                                             learning and development for both
addition to our efforts to enhance                       D&I Leadership Council                                                          disabilities, people of colour,
                                                                                             mentors and mentees. After self-
workplace awareness and de-                                                                                                              and Indigenous Peoples feel
                                                                                             identifying strengths, employees are
stigmatization of mental health                                                                                                          empowered and have equal
                                                                                             paired with a suitable mentor and
through training and education.                                                                                                          opportunity.” The council will also
                                                                                             support resources. In 2019, 54 per
                                                                                                                                         focus on newcomers to Canada
Spotlight on diverse and                                                                     cent of mentees were female. As the
                                                                                                                                         and LGBT+.
inclusive leadership                                                                         program evolves, we look forward to
It's important to have a diverse and                                                         including key performance indicators         “The Diversity and Inclusion
inclusive leadership team as well.                                                           and tracking capabilities.                  Council is a platform to raise
That's why we’re exploring new ways                                                                                                      awareness of diversity and
to inform our talent experience                                                                                                          inclusion issues,” says Sue Lynn.
and nurture growth of the next
                                                                                                                                         Guiding the future, the council
generation of unique leaders.
                                                                                                                                         will develop training programs,
                                                                                                                                         workshops and initiatives aimed
                                                                                                                                         at fostering a rich, dynamic
                                                                                                                                         workplace for all.

    Delivering the future,     Driving purposeful          Empowering our               Delivering for          Helping our neighbours      Appendices
         responsibly          change at Purolator             people                     our planet

2019 CSR Report

Key performance
Indicator: Diversity of governance bodies and employees

Diversity of employees			                                                                                     GRI 405-1
                                               2015                2016              2017          2018           2019
 Diversity of senior management (%)
    Women                                            -                  -                -                -        21%
    Men                                              -                  -                -                -        79%

 Other indicators of diversity (%)
    Representation of                                -                  -                -                -        6%
    people with disabilities
    Representation of visible                        -                  -                -                -        14%
    Representation of                                -                  -                -                -        0%
    Indigenous people
 Diversity of non-management (%)
    Women                                            -                  -             20%              20%         20%
    Men                                              -                  -             80%              80%         80%
 Other indicators of diversity (%)
    Representation of                                -                  -             1.8%             4.7%       4.5%
    people with disabilities
    Representation of visible                        -                  -            32.3%         26.8%           27%
    Representation of                                -                  -             2.4%             3.3%       3.2%
    Indigenous people

Please see Appendices for applicable assumptions, scope, and boundary information.

       Delivering the future,                 Driving purposeful                      Empowering our                     Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
            responsibly                      change at Purolator                         people                           our planet

2019 CSR Report

Delivering for our planet

Delivering the future,    Driving purposeful   Empowering our   Delivering for   Helping our neighbours   Appendices
     responsibly         change at Purolator      people         our planet

Focus on addressing climate change
                                                                                                                                                                2019 CSR Report

Managing our GHG emissions and considering climate-related environmental impact and risks.

What it means to us                           on a detailed emissions inventory,            In addition to our impact on the            conducted a comprehensive
                                              using ISO 14064-1 (and the WRI/               climate, physical and transition risks      GHG inventory aligned to leading
There is scientific consensus that
                                              WBCSD GHG Protocol’s convention),             of climate change may affect our            practices – evidence of Purolator’s
the global climate is changing as a
                                              our direct emissions are mainly               ability to achieve our business goals       commitment to actively manage our
direct result of human activities. This
                                              driven by the on-site combustion of           in the future. However, these same          environmental impact. The GHG
change will continue to intensify and
                                              fuels, used for operation of buildings        risks provide Purolator with the            inventory and study set the stage
is the most serious environmental
                                              and mobile emissions from fleet               opportunity to explore efficiency and       for our sustainability story, which is
challenge our world faces today.
                                              directly operated by Purolator.               adoption of low-emission products           helping us to understand magnitude
Our business is linked to climate                                                           and services.                               and distribution of GHG emissions
                                              Purolator is well-positioned to
change in many ways, especially as                                                                                                      associated with our operations.
                                              showcase climate leadership and
we continue to expand our reach to
more people, more businesses and
                                              to facilitate the transition to a more        Our approach                                Our strategy is evergreen as
                                              energy efficient, low-carbon economy.                                                     we incorporate best practices
more places, across the country and                                                         Our approach to addressing climate
                                              We are determined to invest in                                                            and guidance on strategy and
around the world. We have a vital role                                                      change continues to evolve. We
                                              sustainable fleets, buildings and                                                         management.
to play in addressing climate change                                                        continuously track our emissions to
                                              technologies to transition Purolator
risks in the transportation industry,                                                       understand our current performance
                                              into a low-carbon resilient economy
including limiting our contributions to                                                     and identify opportunities for
                                              and be recognized as an effective and
global GHG emissions associated with                                                        improvement. Since 2007, we’ve
                                              accountable Canadian business.
energy use and transport fuels. Based

We have a vital role to play in addressing
climate change risks in the transportation
industry, including limiting our contributions
to global GHG emissions associated with
energy use and transport fuels.

    Delivering the future,     Driving purposeful         Empowering our               Delivering for          Helping our neighbours            Appendices
         responsibly          change at Purolator            people                     our planet

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