IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference

IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference

IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
SILJA SERENADE arrives in Stockholm                                                                Waiting for check-in and embarkation

Welcome Coffee, sponsored by Stena RoRo                                                            Kai Knocke and Lazaros Charalmbous, FRS, Förde Reederei Seetouristik and Shipmanagement

Jan Bagger, ForSea, Alastair Danabie and Alastair Fleming from   Andreas Hammar, Hammarship and Mohamed Badaway, United              Ville Parpala, The Switch, Heikki Suutari, Robert Hilden
Northern Marine Group                                            Marine Egypt                                                        Marioff and John Hemgård, United Technologies

Tobias Ahlberg and Håkan Jönsson, TTS Marine, sponsors of        John Kollander, Stena RoRo Asia                      NSO OASIS Good morning drink, sponsored by North Sea Offshore
the badges

Zhiwei Tian, North Sea Offshore, Nikos Karamoutas Aluminox       Kenneth Lindblad and Fabian Lundgren, Bore                          Michael Nykjaer, Dampa , Dacheng Tong and Robert
and Kristian Vidfar, NSO                                                                                                             Rust, North Sea Offshore

    2     SHIPPAXINFO – JUNE 19
IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference

The 17th edition of the Shippax Ferry Conference was held
on board Tallink Silja’s SILJA SERENADE during her scheduled
Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm sailing between the 12th and 14th
of March, 2019. This year’s gathering attracted a record attend-
ance of about 500 delegates from various parts of the industry.
Over a two-day-period they discussed and debated issues of the
industry and mapped a way forward.

                                                                   Paavo Nõgene, Tallink Grupp

                                                                                         JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO   3
IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
The Shippax team welcomes you all the to this year’s conference on board SILJA SERENADE
Philippe, Elizabeth, Frederik, Victor, Göran, Charlotte, Annelie and Marko

                                                                                            Jan Eliasson, Former Minister for Foreign ­Affairs of Sweden and Deputy
                                                                                            Secretary-General of the UN

       t his opening speech, represent-                     future for the industry of tomorrow.              – in their brief presentations spoke
       ing the conference’s host, Paavo                        In support of this stance, two                 of the vital role of telecommunica-
       Nõgene, CEO of Tallink Grupp,                        primary sponsors – Telenor Maritime,              tion services on ships, booking and
spoke of the importance of innovation                       represented by its Cruise & Ferry CSO             distribution system, as well as future
and digitalisation as well as the need                      Jan Erik Norli, and Liknoss, represent-           prospects and requirements in this
to work together in ensuring a better                       ed by its MD George P ­ apastamatiou              connection.

                                                                                                              KEYNOTE MESSAGES

                                                                                                              Setting the scene for the conference,
                                                                                                              Jan Eliasson, Former Minister for
                                                                                                              Foreign A­ ffairs of Sweden and Deputy
                                                                                                              Secretary-General of the UN, spoke
                                                                                                              extensively on general global issues,
                                                                                                              including the shifting of economic
                                                                                                              power to the East, militarisation of re-
                                                                                                              lationships between countries, weak-
                                                                                                              ening of the transatlantic link, refugee
                                                                                                              problems, and the issue of Brexit, etc.
                                                                                                              He pointed out that the Brexit was
                                                                                                              one of the biggest tragedies of the EU.
                                                                                                              He also spent a lot of time discussing
                                                                                                              the roles and positions of women and
                                                                                                              young people in future societies.
                                                                                                                  Eliasson had been party to many
                                                                                                              negotiations on international and
                                                                                                              local issues. He gave an interesting
                                                                                                              analysis on reasons for failures and
                                                                                                              successes in these negotiations. In
                                                                                                              conclusion, he painted an optimistic
Jan Erik Norli, Telenor Maritime                            George Papastamatiou, Liknoss                     picture of the future.

IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
Alastair Fleming, Northern Marine Group   Robin Meech, Marine and Energy Consulting   Ingemar Gustavsson, Actemium

    The conference then continued in      phur emission limit. Meech told the         nine in Sweden and two in Norway.
earnest with an informative speech by     conference that this regulation could       The key objective of this product is
Alastair Fleming, General Manager/        cost global sea transport industry          the reduction of emissions and pollu-
DPA of Northern Marine, a Stena           an additional USD 45 billion, as the        tion.
Group company. He outlined the            average bunker ­expenditure would
business of his company, which had a      increase by 25%. A degree of chaos          SUSTAINABLE MARKET
special focus on the human resources      was expected, but exhaust gas clean-
services. Fleming also spoke of the       ing systems would help smoothing            Under the title ‘Capacity, performance,
importance of leadership, reflective      the transition. His key message to the      outlook and challenges’ Philippe
learning, and learning engagement.        industry was: “if you are not preparing     Holthof, Shippax’s editor-in-chief and
He stipulated that zero incident          today for 2020 you are too late”.           the conference’s lead moderator, in his
should be a goal of the industry.               Closely connected to the sub-         presentation gave a general overview
    “Energy for the ro-pax industry       ject under discussion, ­Ingemar             of the state of the ferry industry and
post 2019” was the title of the presen-   ­Gustavsson, BU Manager of                  a forecast based on its 2018 financial
tation by Robin Meech, MD of Marine        ­Actemium, spoke of his company’s          and volume performance.
and Energy Consulting. The main             onshore power systems, which was              According to the Shippax and
issue discussed here was related to the     already installed at 24 locations, both   individual ferry company data, in 2018
upcoming IMO 2020 global 0.5% sul-          low and high voltages, in eleven ports:   the fleet capacity increase acceler-

                                                                                                           JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO   5
IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
The executive’s view: 2019 ro-pax & ro-ro panel debate

ated. Altogether 46 ro-pax newbuilds                           Better economic performance                 struggle to maintain or improve prof-
were delivered, with a freight capac-                      is needed to support the industry’s             itability and to increase volumes.
ity totalling 20,000 lanemetres and a                      recovery, even at a moderate pace.                   The session entitled ‘2019 ro-pax &
passenger capacity totalling 30,000.                       Holthof anticipated that the three ma-          ro-ro panel debate’ consisted of panel-
China consolidated its position as the                     jor European ferry groups – Grimaldi,           lists from five European and Canadian
biggest ro-pax builder in the world.                       Stena, and DFDS – were expected to              ferry companies.
    Financial performance of top ferry                     further increase their market shares.                Janette Bell, CEO of P&O Ferries,
groups continued to be mixed, with                         Competition in Europe was expected              outlined the development in P&O
freight volumes rising and passenger                       to remain particularly fierce. Further          ­Ferries. Not surprisingly, she spoke
numbers stagnating.                                        consolidation of activities was ex-              of the big concerns over Brexit, as the
    Looking forward, Holthof predict-                      pected.                                          business of P&O Ferries might be seri-
ed that in 2019, assuming there would                          As to challenges and opportunities,          ously affected by its final outcome.
be no major delays or cancellations of                     the Brexit and oil price development                 Brexit certainly was also a big issue
deliveries, over 60 ro-pax newbuilds                       were among the major uncertainties.              to DFDS. Torben Carlsen, the group’s
were expected, with the freight capac-                     While the former was a challenge for             CFO, believed that the company was
ity totalling 25,000 lanemetres and a                      many, it might also be an opportunity            well-prepared for all the eventuali-
massive passenger capacity of 35,000.                      for others.                                      ties. DFDS has other equally pressing
This would represent another accel-                            In summing up, he warned that                concerns, such as sustainability and
eration.                                                   many operators would continue to                 digitalisation. Its priorities for 2019

Janette Bell, P&O Ferries           Torben Carlsen, DFDS           Mark Collins, BC Ferries   Emanuele Grimaldi, Grimaldi Group   Harri Hanschmidt, Tallink Grupp

IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
Torben Carlsen, DFDS               Vesa Marttinen, Wärtsilä Finland            Emanuele Grimaldi, Grimaldi Group       Mark Collins, BC Ferries

were broadly based, including adapt-              weekend just before the conference                          yond human vision bringing together
ing to the market conditions, deliv-              sparked some discussion. While no                           augmented reality, sensor fusion and
ering the selected five performance               casualties were reported, the financial                     machine learning on board in real
drivers, customer satisfaction, value             losses were immense. The need for                           time’. In it he ‘remotely’ demonstrated
creating, and investments.                        shipping companies to have access to                        the so-called Marine Pilot Vision
    Grimaldi Group seemed to have                 information on the cargo they carried                       system in operation on board SILJA
similar priorities, but it presented a            was called for.                                             SERENADE from the conference au-
longer-term view. According to its MD                 Tallink was represented by Harri                        ditorium. It clearly showed the multi-
Emanuele Grimaldi, they included                  Hanschmidt, a member of the group’s                         ple benefits of the system in terms of
the target of 50% reduction in CO2                management board. For the premier                           safety, efficiency, and ergonomics.
emissions by 2050, zero emission in               Estonian ferry company, the key word
ports, and sustainability in general.             for the future was ‘innovation’.                            REGULATORY DEVELOPMENT
The company has a EUR 500-million                     The company recently signed a
investment programme.                             firm contract with Rauma Marine                             The second day of the conference
    Most notably Grimaldi is imple-               Constructions (RMC) for a modified                          was kicked off by the presentation of
menting a comprehensive list of en-               sister vessel to the MEGASTAR. Cen-                         Edwin Pang, Senior Naval Architect of
vironmental protection measures. As               tral to the future development of the                       Leadership, entitled ‘What’s coming
examples, Mr Grimaldi mentioned the               sector, according to Hanschmidt, was                        up? New rules & regulations for the
lengthening of two CRUISE ROMA                    “Smart Ships, Smart Ports, Smart Cus-                       ferry & ro-ro industry’. Pang expound-
Class vessels and the fact that 100 of            tomers”. Availability of Wi-Fi at sea                       ed extensively on the most pressing
the group’s ships would be equipped               was a must to support digitalisation                        issues relating to the development of
with scrubbers. He also defended his              and wider onboard payment options.                          rules and regulations.
view that the use of open-loop scrub-                 The first day of conference was                             He presented several recommen-
bers was not a major environmental                concluded by the presentation of Peik                       dations on how to tackle the issues
issue.                                            Jansson, Global Sales Manager of                            of today and of the near future. They
    In this connection, the GRANDE                ABB Marine and Ports, entitled ‘ABB                         included measures introduced to look
AMERICA accident during the                       Ability Marine Pilot Vision – looks be-                     into the inventory of hazardous mate-
                                                                                                              rials as an element in ship recycling,
                                                                                                              the 0.5%-sulphur-emissions-limit-
                                                                                                              compliant fuels, SOLAS 2020 vs. EU
                                                                                                              regulations, cold ironing, underwater
                                                                                                              noise regulations, greenhouse gas
                                                                                                              emissions and the 2030 goal.
                                                                                                                  Pang’s overall recommendation
                                                                                                              was to ‘get involved’ in the process of
                                                                                                              the regulatory development and inter-
                                                                                                              pretations via various industry bodies.
                                                                                                              His blunt advice was “educate your
                                                                                                              flag state”, as many of them did not
                                                                                                              have adequate resources to handle the
                                                                                                              progressively complicated regulatory
Peik Jansson, ABB Marine & Ports                  Edwin Pang, Leadship Engineering & Consulting                   As a departure from the regulatory

                                                                                                                                JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO   7
IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
Willem-Jan Hamers, Redwise                     Martin Hedman, Marine Profile                   Koert Grever, IESE                 Vahur Ausmees, Tallink Grupp

theme, the title of the next presenta-                          TALENT AVAILABILITY                                      psychological assessments. He spoke
tion, by Willem-Jan Hamers, MD of                                                                                        of the changes in the landscape of hir-
Redwise, was ‘An outsider’s perspective                         ‘How to find, train and retain tomor-                    ing people and the need to understand
on passenger experience and econom-                             row’s onboard talents?’ was the sub-                     what kept people in the company.
ics’, which covered three areas of the                          ject of the second conference panel                      New approaches were called for. He
company services: global ship delivery,                         that had a focus on human resources.                     also emphasized the importance of
crew management, and pilots & VTS.                              This was considered to be a criti-                       emotional stability.
Hamers spelt out the benefits of using                          cal issue for the viable future of the                       Koert Grever, Director of Neth-
the services like those provided by                             industry.                                                erlands and Nordic Countries, IESE
Redwise were in the areas of economy,                               Martin Hedman, Senior Consult-                       Business School, spoke about the
saving potentials, passenger experi-                            ant & Partner with Marine Profile,                       requirement of continuous learning
ence, and maintenance and spares.                               discussed the needs and values of                        because of the changing nature of the
                                                                                                                             Vahur Ausmees, HR Director at
                                                                                                                         Tallink Grupp, spoke of ‘people’ as a
                                                                                                                         strategic cornerstone of the company.
                                                                                                                         The key points relating to finding,
                                                                                                                         training and retaining people were or-
                                                                                                                         ganisational culture, values, physical
                                                                                                                         working environment, and leadership.

                                                                                                                         NEW SHIPS

                                                                                                                         Entitled ‘Newbuildings and projects’,
                                                                                                                         the third panel, consisted of four
                                                                                                                         presentations, covered the more tradi-
                                                                                                                         tional topic of tonnage supply.
                                                                                                                             Kristian Lind, Chief Technical Of-
Pierre Mattei, Corsica Ferries and Ralph Axelsson, Nordic HSC
                                                                                                                         ficer of OSK-ShipTech, and William
                                                                                                                         Zhou, Vice President of Guangzhou
                                                                                                                         Shipyard International (GSI), dis-
                                                                                                                         cussed the subject of the recently de-
                                                                                                                         livered VISBORG, which had suffered
                                                                                                                         a considerable delay. GSI is building
                                                                                                                         another VISBORG Class unit, the
                                                                                                                         THJELVAR, for Rederi AB Gotland,
                                                                                                                         designed by OSK-ShipTech, due for
                                                                                                                         delivery later this year. GSI and OSK-
                                                                                                                         ShipTech have established a design
                                                                                                                         joint venture in China under the name
                                                                                                                         SinoDane in order to promote passen-
                                                                                                                         ger shipbuilding business. GSI is also
                                                                                                                         building a ferry for Algérie Ferries.
Peter Rea, Liferaft Systems Australia, Bernard Dwyer, Spirit of Tasmania and Mike Grainger, Liferaft Systems Australia       Much of the subsequent presenta-

IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
Kristian Lind, OSK-ShipTech and William   André Powilleit, Flensburger Schiffbau-   Håkan Enlund, Rauma Marine                Jesper Aagesen, DFDS
Zhou, GSI                                 Gesellschaft                              Constructions

tion by André Powilleit, Head of Sales                    energy source. Enlund also spoke                       an example of what can be achieved in
& Design at Flensburger Schiffbau-                        about the background of shipbuilding                   a Chinese yard.
Gesellschaft (FSG), was centred upon                      in Rauma and the present operation                         In addition to the series from
the recently delivered W. B. YEATS of                     of RMC, with a special emphasis on                     Jingling Shipyard, DFDS has recently
Irish Ferries. He candidly told the au-                   the unorthodox business practices of                   taken delivery of two 4,076-lanemetre
dience of the hick-ups relating to the                    delegating works to the local ship-                    ro-ros from FSG. It has a contract
construction of the vessel, in particu-                   building network.                                      for two 4,500-lanemetre ro-paxes
lar the issues concerning the cost.                           The last presentation of the panel                 with GSI and has reached a bareboat
    FSG’s focus is exclusively on ro-                     was delivered by Jesper Aagesen,                       charter deal with Stena RoRo for a
ro and ro-pax vessels. The yard has                       Director of Newbuilding & Major                        3,100-lanemetre E-Flexer unit, to be
developed a series of ro-pax vessel                       Conversions at DFDS. He described                      built by AVIC Weihai in China.
classes of seven different ship sizes,                    the construction of the 6,700-lanem-                       Beyond the newbuilding plan,
three different variants for LNG                          etre GOTHIA SEAWAYS, the first of                      Aagesen spoke of DFDS’s major refit
fuel concepts, and a standardisation                      the series of six identical ro-ro vessels,             and conversion programmes. After
philosophy. Powilleit was convinced                       at China’s Jinling Shipyard.                           having completed the lengthening of
of the positive development of the                            The project started in 2015 with                   PRIMULA SEAWAYS, the company
market in the future and the role of                      the conceptual design. The tender                      embarked upon the refurbishing of
FSG would play in industry.                               package was issued in April 2016. The                  various other ro-pax ferries, ballast
    ‘Wasaline, the new Kvarken                            yard was selected in July 2016 and                     water treatment plant retrofits, and
Project’ was the title of the presenta-                   the initial contract for two vessels                   twelve scrubber retrofits.
tion by Håkan Enlund of RMC. The                          was signed in September 2016. Four                         Next, the MD of Knud E. Hansen
company recently won the contract                         additional vessels were added to the                   Finn Wollesen gave a somewhat
for the construction of the new                           order in 2017 and 2018. Steel cutting                  philosophical discourse on the EEDI
24,300-gross-ton Vaasa-Umeå ferry.                        of the first vessel took place in August               issue. Knud E. Hansen is the principle
The new ice class 1A Super vessel will                    2017. The ship was launched in July                    designer of various DFDS vessels.
be dual fuel, with LNG as the primary                     2018. Aagesen presented this case as

The Newbuildings and Projects session                                                                            Finn Wollesen, KNUD E. HANSEN

                                                                                                                                      JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO   9
IN GOOD COMPANY - SHIPPAXINFO - Shippax Ferry Conference
LIFELINE FERRIES                            solidation, digitalisation, marketing            and tidal ­problems.
                                            strategies, and onboard spending.                    Alexander Bard, a renowned Swed-
A special session – entitled ‘2019 life-        The four panellists – Kevin George,          ish cyberphilosopher, music producer,
line ferry sector panel debate’ – was      Chairman of Red Funnel, Trine                     television star, write and lecturer,
dedicated to discussing the lifeline       Heinemann, Project Coordinator for                looked into his crystal ball and talked
ferry services. It began with Fredrik      ELLEN E-ferry Project, Jaak Kaabel,               about digitalisation in his typical
Erdmann Shippax correspondent              CEO of TS Laevad, and Carl-Ulfert                 entertaining way. He reflected on the
and co-moderator outlining the 2018        Stegmann, CEO of AG Reederei                      ferry industry and how different a
performance and megatrends of the          ­Norden-Frisia – then went on to dis-             ship like SILJA SERENADE may look
lifeline ferry operations. He listed        cuss a great variety of issues specific          in a world dominated by digitalisation.
a number of issues concerning this          to their respective operations and                   The session was concluded by Ljubo
segment of the ferry business, such as      communities they served, including               Jurisevic, President of Cruise Division
those relating to new ships, second-        community involvement, electric cars             and Managing Director of EVAC, who
hand vessels, electric propulsion, con-     as cargo, Wi-Fi as human right, draft,           introduced his company’s range of ser-

 Kevin George, Red Funnel                  Trine Heinemann, Ærø ferry                        Alexander Bard

Jaak Kaabel, TS Laevad                     Carl-Ulfert Stegmann, AG Reederei Norden-Frisia   Ljubo Jurisevic, EVAC

George Anagnostou, Iosif Kouroupis, Spiros Paschalis and Charalambos Katzourakis from Attica Group

vices and products aiming at decreasing                      Shipmanagement, AS Tallink Grupp,                               Alessandro Onorato, Vice Presi-
the environmental footprint by saving                        described how the company man-                              dent of Onorato Armatori, spoke
energy, recycling waste, and purifying                       aged ageing vessels. Tallink’s oldest                       about the 1975-built MOBY KISS. As
wastewater, etc.                                             ferry was 47 years. In addition, the                        the result of a recent refurbishment,
                                                             company had a few large cruise fer-                         the ship, although old from the com-
OLDER VESSELS                                                ries, like SILJA SERENADE, SILJA                            mercial point of view, is no longer
                                                             SYMPHONY, and SILJA EUROPA,                                 old from the technical perspective.
Aptly named ‘Managing ro-pax lifecy-                         which were between 28 and 31 years                          Onorato elaborately described the
cles’, the last panel of the conference                      old. The issues for the future of their                     comprehensive refurbishment of the
was dedicated to discussing subjects                         operations were sustainability, which                       vessel in 2016. He also mentioned that
relating to older vessels.                                   included cold ironing, waste energy                         Moby had opted for scrubbers only for
    Per Westling, Managing Director                          management, operational perfor-                             younger vessels and that the company
of Stena RoRo, spoke about plan-                             mance, and preventive maintenance.                          was in the process of ordering two
ning and management of older fleets.                         Progress had been made in opera-                            large new ships from GSI.
Stena’s slogan in this connection was                        tional performance over the years, as                           Finally, in his presentation, en-
‘Our ships should be built and main-                         fuel consumption per passenger had                          titled ‘Performance based services
tained to such a standard that they                          been reduced by 44.7% since 2009.                           for shared success’, Tage Klockars,
will have an eternal life’. Care, inno-                      Tallink had not chosen the scrubber                         General Manager of Marine Service
vation, and performance were key to                          option for its fleet. Tuulik highlighted                    Agreements at Wärtsilä, outlined
achieving this goal.                                         the risk of increasing weight on the                        Wärtsilä’s services to maintaining old-
    Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, CEO of HT                           old vessels.                                                er vessels, especially its performance-

Per Westling, Stena RoRo                     Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, AS Tallink Grupp         Alessandro Onorato, Onorato Armatori   Tage Klockars, Wärtsilä

                                                                                                                                           JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO   11
Hans-Jürgen Breitz, Sternenfrucht         Mike Corrigan, Interferry                  Bruce Peter, Glasgow School of Art

based services, life-cycle solutions,     summary of the activities of Interferry,   Ferry Conference is now entering its
smart maritime digital integration,       including information on its next an-      18th edition. It has become the defini-
and big data utilisation. He stressed     nual gathering in London from the 5th      tive platform for discussing issues and
the importance of optimised mainte-       to the 9th of October, 2019.               exchanging ideas. By way of closing
nance, optimised operations, and asset        Before the Shippax Award 2019          the 2019 conference, Philippe Holthof
performance resulting in matching         ceremony, under the title ‘How             announced the date and place for the
solutions to the customers’ businesses.   franchising became a hotel industry        Shippax Conference 2020, which will
                                          megatrend’, Professor Bruce Peter of       be held on board PEARL SEAWAYS
SHIPPAX PLATFORM                          Glasgow School of Art gave a presen-       between the 1st and the 3rd of April
                                          tation on the similarities and differ-     2020. DFDS will be the honoured
At the end of another successful          ences between the hotel and cruise/        host.
Shippax Ferry Conference, Mike            ferry industries.
Corrigan, CEO of Interferry, gave a           The well-established Shippax

The 23rd annual Shippax Awards

Zhongqian Chen and Li Hao, Guangzhou       Kristian Lind, OSK-ShipTech, Philippe Holthof and Elizabeth          André Powillet, Flensburger Schiffbau, Philippe, Andrew Sheen, Irish
Shipyard International                     Mandersson, Shippax                                                  Ferries, Elizabeth, Camilla Horn, Steen Friis Design

Arild Austrheim and Christine Hammesvik, Fjord1 and Mikael Johansen, Multi Maritime    Philippe, Shippax, Jan Bagger and Jens Ole Hansen both from Forsea and Elizabeth, Shippax

Mark Collins, BC Ferries                   Kevin Puzicha, Rina, Afttu Korpela, Meyer Werft and Pino Spadafora, Rina    Trine Heinemann, Ærø Ferry, Philippe, Elizabeth and Frederik,

Roberto Prever, Naos Ship & Boat Design    Some of the Shippax Award winners

                                                                                                                                                    JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO              13
Coffee break, sponsor Stena RoRo      Pawel Wojdalski, Unity Line         Jaroslaw Kotarski, Unity Line      Paul Harper, Kiwirail                Argo Sildvee and Mart Lankots, Velvet

The team of Rauma Marine Constuctions                                      Anders Bergh, Möller Data            Dacheng Tong, North Sea Offshore        Guldar Kivro, TS Laevad
                                                                           Workflow Systems

Perttu Kurvinen and Jonas Teir, NLC       Jarek Majdanski, JDA and Frode Teigen, Fjord Line     Mamdouh Oraby, UME Shipping          Stephen Weaver, P&O Ferries and Paul Davies,
Ferry / WASALINE                                                                                                                     ­TT-Line / Spirit of Tasmania

Herman Klungsöyr, Eltorque and                Moritz Henning, KfW Bank and Jan H.             Ian Richardson, ICE Support and William         Alvaro Garcia, Hijos De J. Barreras and Cyril
Börge Skeide, Rolls-Royce Marine              Telseth, Schottel                               MacLachlan, HFW, Holman Fenwick Willan          Jarnet, Parimar Brokers

Appie Boorsma, Nicolas Lehl, Frank Berger, Alan Arent, Oliver Sanquer, Ingemar Gustavsson,    Meri Rigby, Niclas Blomström, Maria Åkersten & Jennie Hinz, Hogia Ferry Systems
all from Actemium & Barillec

Bernard Dwyer, TT-Line / Spirit of Tasmania, Tanya          Mika Rytkönen, MikMek and Laurens van Eck,         The team of EHRENBERG SØRENSEN          Daniele Bottino, ABS
Baluk and Alex Morcos, UES Seating                          TLS-Boca Systems and Sarah Deall, UES Seating      Kommunikation

Rolf Petter Almli and Kristian Saetre, Ulstein Werft      Geir Nielsen, OSM Maritime        Oscar Anchér, Simsonship      Kristian Eikre, Ferd AS, Rickard Ternblom, Fjord Line AS and
visited Gerflor’s stand                                   Group                             Shipbrokers                   Marcus Pettersson, Truepayers

Selcuk Bakanoglu, Sefine        Christer Johansson, Godby Shipping and Bart            Knut Frömming, Flensburger Schiffbau and    Mario D’Angelo, Versonix and Luca Marini, Direct
Shipyard                        Vandedrinck, Victualic                                 Lukas Johansson, Macgregor                  Ferries

The back of the STI Marine team                   James Stahl, Carlo Luisi, Ruben Wansink         Öyvind Sundgot and Carl-Henrik           Jan Rombach and Arno Ahrens Boehm,
                                                                                                  Moltumyr, Metizoft                       Steripower

Thomas Högberg, Ehrenborg                       Monika Breitz, Sternenfrucht                   Alexandra Rolland Andersson and Suljo Sahbegovic      Kenneth Påvall, Rederi AB Eckerö
                                                                                               from Scanmarine

                                                                                                                                                      JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO              15
Main Sponsor Telenor Maritime with part of the team on board, Jan Erik Norli, Knut Fjellheim, Henrik Lindqvist, Roger Vimme, Kate Smeland Knudsen, Morten Martens Breivik and Joakim

Claudio Natalini and Nicola Cammarota,        Alberto Mazzali, Mathias Sandil and Staffan   Christer Ahlback and Kristofer Piber, FLIR    Johan Andersson, Ozon Tech Systems and
E-Dea                                         Magnusson                                     Maritime                                      Bengt Sangberg, Bureau Veritas

Andres and Carol Ludmar, Eiseman-Ludmar       Nils Brovold. Ole Martin Sleten and Alexis    Foucauld Watine and Etienne Spehler,          Thomas Pedersen, Tage Klockars and Jonas
                                              Rene, Bazeport Technology                     Gerflor                                       Bergring, Wärtsilä

Ertug Yasar, Elkon                            Daniel Wikström, Rolls-Royce Kamewa and       Kelly Edwards and Matthew Humphreys,          Thomas Halvorsen, Bridgehill
                                              Jonas Bäckström, Rolls-Royce Sweden           Intellian

Mike Corrigan, Interferry                     Gencay Ok, Sedef Shipbuilding                 Juvi Hämäläinen, LG Electronics               Jelle Grijpstra & Wietse Bandstra, C-Job
                                                                                                                                          Naval Architects

Janne Tulivuori and Henrik Hansen, Halton    Marko Sibakov, Reaktor and Joonas              Wilhelm Penders, Daspos                    Vincent Frontzek and Florian Solleder,
Marine                                       Heinonen, Dsign Vertti Kivi & Co                                                          Wincard Global Sales

Zbigniew Szyca and Stanislaw Domagallo,      Axel Meynköhn, Wyker Dampschiffs               Stephen Tunks and Björn Johnny Nybakk,     Martin C Kviteberg and Bertine Kviteberg,
NED-Project                                  Reederei and Carl-Ulfert Stegmann, AG          Newtec                                     Adonis
                                             Reederei Norden-Frisia

Marcus Högblom and Muhammad Yasir, ABB Marine & Ports                                       David Wendel and Hans Eivind Siewers, DNV GL and Christer Schoug, BoCS Consulting

Main Sponsor Liknoss, George Papastamatiou, Eleni Kolokythia, Katia Cok and Yiannis Loussidis

Peter Ståhlberg, NLC Ferry / WASALINE        Robin Weiss, Eckerö Group                      Helen Xiaoyun Zhao, North Sea Offshore      Edmund Sweetman, Meana Green Maura

                                                                                                                                                 JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO             17
Mie Jakobsen, Danish Cruise and Ferry Group     Archipelago Philippine Ferries,       Erik Klöve, BRS                  Hugo Modderman,                TOS Shipdelivery, Rolf Kievits
and Hans-Juul Jacobsen, Saint-Gobain Marine     Christopher and Mary Ann Pastrana                                      Dolfinance

Chiel de Leeuw, Damen Shipyards and Finn      Ann-Sofie Forss, Stena RoRo, Klas Hedelin,    Anders Larsson, Oresund Drydocks             Nina Savijoki, Deltamarin and Angela Nieder,
Arne Rognstad, Rolls-Royce Marine             MacGregor, Constantinos Goudis, Seacore                                                    Macholl & Sprecht
                                              Shipbrokers and Fotis Poulides, BRS

Wolfgang Schüler, Flensburger Schiffbau,      Happy Hour; Kevin George, Peter Rea, Mike     Bent Hansen, Mantec, David McGibbon from     Steve Thurlow, Incat/Maatsuyker and Peter
Anders Agnell-Olsen, Color Line and Knut      Grainger, Mike Corrigan, Mark MacDonald       David MacBrayne, Frode Teigen Fjord line     Frölich, Fjord Line AS
Frömming, Flensburger Schiffbau               and Robert Clifford                           and Brian Fulton, CalMac Ferries

Vegard Gjerde, Fjord Line AS and Robert       Lars Hallengren and Johan Brax, Brax Shipping welcome all to the Dinner drink. Sponsored
Hahmann, Aecorlink                            by Brax Shipping

Pierre Mattei, Corsica Ferries and Frédéric        Götz Becker, Förde Reederei    Dan Bridgett, P&O Ferries    Bo-Gustav Donning,        Patrik Almqvist, Stena Line, Julie Stuit, Bolidt,
Pouget, Brittany Ferries                           Seetouristik                                                Rederi AB Eckerö and      Gudmund Holte, Speedcast and Mario Fuduli,
                                                                                                               Suleyman Akin, Sefine     Grimaldi Group

Tomaz Bianga, Derek Bryans and Oscar          Dan Mikkola, Godby Shipping and Juan Pablo    Katia Cok, Liknoss and Jukka Suominen,       Emanuele Grimaldi, Grimaldi Group and
Rivella, all from Eaton                       Marrero, Naviera Armas                        Eckerö Group                                 Christophe Mathieu, Brittany Ferries

Janette Bell, P&O Ferries and Torben Carlsen, Leo Hugo Lagström, Fosen Ulstein Design &       Matteo Catani, GNV and Xin He, Telenor         “The Port table”; Nina Liljeqvist, Port of
DFDS                                          Engineering and Egil Monsen, Fosen Yard         Maritime                                       Helsinki, Christian Ramberg, Port of Turku,
                                                                                                                                             Ronny Eriksson, Port of Långnäs and
                                                                                                                                             Tomasz Zaryzcji, Port of Gdynia

Morten Larsen, Fjord Line, Tage Klockars,      Johan Brax, Brax Shipping and Vicki Rose,      Morten Leknes, Glamox, Öyvind Sundgot, Metizoft, Bruce Peter, James P Mason, Mason
Wärtsilä and Fredrik Moliis, Wasaline          Marine Atlantic                                Shipbroker and Eugenio Grimaldi, Grimaldi Group

Bernhard Johannes Termühlen, TT-Line and       William Xuhui Zhou, Zhingquian Chen, GSI and Markus Mikael West, NLC Ferry /          Ben Marland, Austal, Tor-Egil Tinderholt, Baze
Jens Vind Jensen, Jensen & Partners            Matthiessen, EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation Wasaline                                Technology, Bruno Jourdan-Barry, BRS and Mohamed
                                                                                                                                     Elalfy, United Marine Egypt

Tommaso Scolaro, Enrico Scolaro             James Anderson, Caledonian Maritime              Marcus Risberg, Silja Line, Eva Mikkola-        Susanne MacKillop, Pressreader and Torbjörn
Shipbrokers, Matteo Catani and Matteo Della Assets and Camilla Caroline Horn, Steen          Karlström, Godby, Lars Erik Lunöe,Telenor       Johnsson,Telenor Satellite Communications
Valle, GNV                                  Friis Design                                     Maritime and Eleni Kolokythia, Liknoss

John Bertell, Carus               Pierre Denneulin, Dino Jugov and Tvrtko Coric all   Jason Cohn, Speedcast, Olga Liebkind,              Sebastian Jaggi, Telenor Maritime, Christine
                                  from Brodosplit                                     Norsepower and Kevin Hobbs, Caledonian             Malmros, Stena Line, Charalambos Katzourakis,
                                                                                      Maritime Assets                                    Attica Group, Martin Hedman, Marine Profile, Joe
                                                                                                                                         Lindblom, Sea Lines and Pia Röder, KfW Bank

The big team from Telenor Maritime, one of     Maria Åkersten, Hogia Ferry Systems and       Maj-Britt Hoff, Assa Abloy, Donald Barnes,      Jose Larragan, Alta Shipping Brokers, Jose
the Main Sponsors                              Brett Chamberlain, Seastreak LLC              Marine Atlantic, Jennie Hinz, Hogia and Jelle   Rodriguez, Carus and Ruben Navas, Naviera
                                                                                             Grijpstra, C-Job                                Armas

                                                                                                                                                       JUNE 19 – SHIPPAXINFO               19
Carus, sponsor of the Happy Hour April 13th     Anders Rundberg, Carus                        Hanns Heinrich Conzen, TT-Line and John       Marios Illiopoulos and Ilas Bezas, Seajets
                                                                                              Garner, P&O Ferries

Iacopo Sintini, Rosetti Marino and Nikias       Sergey Kotenev, St. Peter Line/Moby, Victor   Dinner drink sponsored by Hydro. Chris Moyle welcomes all delegates to the Dinner drink
Ioannidis, LMG Marin France                     Velton and Regina Velton, Versonix            April 13th.

Chander Arora, Star Ferries and Angel Ariel     The Speedcast team!                           The guys from Armatore Interestate; Marko     Brian McKenna and Andrew Sheen, both
Pozo, Baja Ferries                                                                            Cicin-Sain, Franco Napp, Guideo Giambuzzi     from Irish Ferries
                                                                                              and Aris Slama

Mike Corrigan, Interferry, Mark MacDonald,      Johan Hellman, ABB Marine, Daniel Olsén,      Bruce Xu, North Sea Offshore and Philippe     Frederik Erdmann, Shippax, Christine
Bay/Northumberland Ferries & Robert             Rederi AB Eckerö, Frank Berger, Actemium      Holthof, Shippax                              Malmros, Stena Line, Ann-Sofie Forss, Stena
Clifford, InCat                                 and Max Wilhelmson Thörn, Brax Shipping                                                     RoRo and Gilbert Walter, BRS

Jan-Olof Grönhult, DNV GL and Mattias           Jannik Svahnström and Jukka Nikula, Paf       Poul Örsted Bredesgaard, Navitaship and       Jesper Aagesen, DFDS, welcomes everyone
Hansson, Caterpillar Marine                     Casino. Sponsor of the Night cap April 12th   Jesper Hartvig Nielsen, DFDS                  to next year’s conference on board PEARL

Thank you for this conference! See you next year!
Last but not least, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the sponsors of the event, including:
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