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2020/ Austrian Films - Austrian Film Commission
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Austrian Films Coming Soon 2020

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Fiction Films


Böse Spiele
Wicked Games

Directed by Ulrich Seidl

Two men, two brothers, their        German / digital / 1:1.85 / 180 min
childhood home in Lower             Key cast               Hans Michael Rehberg, Georg Friedrich,
Austria. They drink to their late                          Michael Thomas
mother, they bury her. Then         Written by             Ulrich Seidl, Veronika Franz
they drive back to their real       Cinematography         Wolfgang Thaler
lives. One back to Romania, to      Editing                Mona Willi
resume living his newly-begun       Production design      Andreas Donhauser, Renate Martin
life, the other to Rimini, to go    Producers              Ulrich Seidl, Philippe Bober
back to dreaming his old dream.     Production companies 	Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion (A),
But sooner or later both their                             Essential Filmproduktion (D),
                                                           Parisienne de Production (F)
pasts will catch up with them.
                                    Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
                                                           Vienna Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
                                                           and MDM, MBB, ARTE, BR, Eurimages
                                    Contact                Coproduction Office
                                                           24 rue Lamartine
                                                           75009 Paris – France
                                                           tel +33 1 56 02 60 00
 Completion                                                www.coproductionoffice.eu

Ulrich Seidl
Filmography (selection): 2016 Safari (doc.), 2014 Im Keller (doc.), 2012–13 Paradies-Trilogie (fiction),
2007 Import Export (fiction), 2001 Hundstage (fiction)


Die Niere
The Kidney

    spring 2020

Directed by Michael Kreihsl

A routine check-up reveals that       German / digital / 1:2.35 / 90 min
the Pilates trainer Kathrin is        Key cast 	Samuel Finzi, Pia Hierzegger,
suffering from kidney disease                            Inka Friedrich, Thomas Mraz
and needs a transplant. Her           Written by         Michael Kreihsl
husband Arnold is a success-          Cinematography     Wolfgang Thaler
ful architect and afraid of           Editing            Andrea Wagner
donating one of his kidneys.          Production design  Hannes Salat, Julia Oberdorfinger
Götz, a friend of the couple’s,       Producers          Jakob Pochlatko, Dieter Pochlatko
would undergo the operation           Production company epo-film (A)
immediately if it means saving        Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
Kathrin’s life – even though this                        Vienna Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
causes problems with his part-        Contact 	epo-film
                                                         Edelsinnstraße 58
ner Diana. Confronted by issues
                                                         1120 Vienna – Austria
of life and death, the fragility of                      tel +43 1 812 37 18
the relationships between the                            office@epofilm.com
couples and each other is laid                           www.epofilm.com
bare. Eventually, the question
can no longer be avoided: what
is true love?

Michael Kreihsl
Filmography (selection): 2018 Die Wunderübung (fiction), 2016 Liebe möglicherweise (fiction),
2011 Weihnachtsengel küsst man nicht (TV), 2006 Heute heiratet mein Mann (TV)


Ein bisschen
bleiben wir
Oscar & Lilli


Directed by Arash T. Riahi

Chechen refugee children,           German / digital / 1:2.39 / 102 min
Oskar (8) and Lilli (13), who       Key cast 	Leopold Pallua, Rosa Zant, Anna Fenderl,
have been living in Austria for                        Christine Ostermayer
six years, are about to be de-      Written by 	Arash T. Riahi based on a novel by
ported along with their mother.                        Monika Helfer
However, her sudden attempt-        Cinematography     Enzo Brandner
ed suicide results not only in      Editing            Julia Drack, Stephan Bechinger
the short-term suspension of        Production design  Katrin Huber, Gerhard Dohr
their deportation, but also in      Producers          Michael Katz, Veit Heiduschka
the forced separation of the        Production company WEGA Filmproduktion (A)
family. The children’s hope that    Supported by       Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
                                                       Vienna Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
they will be reunited with their
                                    Contact            Les Films du Losange
mother is nourished by their
                                                       22 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie
love for each other and chal-                          75116 Paris – France
lenges all bureaucratic obsta-                         tel +33 1 44 43 87 24
cles with passion and poetry.                          info@filmsdulosange.fr
A bittersweet odyssey about                            www.filmsdulosange.fr
the many ways of perceiving
the world around you in order
to survive.

Arash T. Riahi
Filmography (selection): 2016 Kinders (doc., co-dir.), 2013 Everyday Rebellion (doc., co-dir.),
2008 Ein Augenblick Freiheit (fiction), 2005 Exile Family Movie (doc.)


Fuchs im
Fox in the Hole

Directed by Arman T. Riahi

When Fuchs starts his new           German, Bosnian / digital / 1:2.39 / 100 min
job as a teacher in a prison        Key cast 	Aleksandar Petrović , Maria Hofstätter,
school, replacing the old and                          Andreas Lust, Karl Fischer, Sibel Kekilli
unconventional teacher Berger       Written by         Arman T. Riahi
against her will, he is forced to   Cinematography     Mario Minichmayr
confront his biggest fear, trig-    Editing            Karina Ressler
gered by the mysterious, with-      Production design  Martin Reiter
drawn inmate Samira.                Producers          Arash T. Riahi & Karin C. Berger
                                    Production company Golden Girls Film (A)
                                    Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
                                                       Vienna Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
                                    Contact            Golden Girls Film
                                                       Seidengasse 15/3/20
                                                       1070 Vienna – Austria
                                                       tel +43 1 810 56 36

 spring 2020

Arman T. Riahi
Filmography (selection): 2017 Die Migrantigen (fiction), 2016 Kinders (doc., co-dir.),
2013 Everyday Rebellion (doc., co-dir.), 2011 Schwarzkopf (doc.)


Hals über
Head Over Heels

 spring 2020

Directed by Andreas Schmied

When Ella, the rich daughter       German / digital / 4:3 / 95 min
of a corrupt banker, escapes       Key cast 	Miriam Fussenegger, Otto Jaus,
from her arranged wedding and                         Stefan Pohl, August Zirner, Monica Reyes
hides in the trunk of a Bentley,   Written by         Andreas Schmied
she meets Richie, small town       Cinematography     Xiaosu “Xax” Han
crook who has just stolen the      Editing            Philipp Brozsek
Bentley. Together they stage her   Production design  Rudi Czettel
disappearance as a kidnapping      Producer           Josef Aichholzer
in order to get as much money      Production company Aichholzer Filmproduktion (A)
as possible from her parents.      Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF, Vienna
                                                      Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
                                   Contact            Aichholzer Film
                                                      Heumühlgasse 13–15/2/2/15
                                                      1040 Vienna – Austria
                                                      tel +43 1 523 40 81

Andreas Schmied
Filmography (selection): 2019 Love Machine (fiction), 2018 Harri Pinter, Drecksau (fiction),
2013 Die Werkstürmer (fiction)



 spring 2020

Directed by Evi Romen                                                                   1st film

Mario, a young dancer living in    German, Italian / digital / 1:1.85 / 90 min
a small village, has to face the   Key cast 	Thomas Prenn, Noah Saavedra,
loss of his beloved best friend                         Josef Mohamed, Kida Khodr Ramadan
Lenz, victim of an attack in a     Written by           Evi Romen
gay club.                          Cinematography       Martin Gschlacht, Jerzy Palacz
                                   Editing              Karina Ressler
                                   Production design    Katharina Wöppermann
                                   Producers            Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu,
                                                        Bady Minck, Gregory Zalcman
                                   Production companies AMOUR FOU Vienna (A), Take Five (B)
                                   Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF, Land
                                                        Niederösterreich and IDM Land Südtirol,
                                                        MIBAC, Belgian Tax Shelter
                                   Contact              AMOUR FOU Vienna
                                                        Lindengasse 32/13
                                                        1070 Vienna – Austria
                                                        tel +43 1 994 99 11

Evi Romen
Filmography (selection): 2020 Hochwald (fiction)



 spring 2020

Directed by David Clay Diaz

In this tragic comedy, four        German / digital / 2:1 / 115 min
interwoven stories tell of         Key cast 	Verena Altenberger, Lukas Miko,
Europe’s current way of dealing                       Anton Noori
with the so-called migration       Written by         David Clay Diaz, Senad Halilbašić
crisis. Nora is a young volun-     Cinematography     Julian Krubasik
teer, travelling directly to the   Editing            Lisa Zoe Geretschläger
Mediterranean Sea to help          Production design  Julia Libiseller
refugees, yobbish youngster        Producers          Antonin Svoboda, Bruno Wagner,
Marcel starts an organization                         Barbara Albert
for escorting women due to         Production company coop99 filmproduktion (A)
the fear of allegedly intrusive    Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, ORF,
                                                      Vienna Film Fund
migrants, lonesome teacher
                                   Contact            coop99 filmproduktion
Petra adopts a traumatized
                                                      Wasagasse 12/1/1
refugee and Harald, the head of                       1090 Vienna – Austria
a refugee home, is challenged                         tel +43 1 319 58 25
like never before by one of his                       welcome@coop99.at
protégés.                                             www.coop99.at

David Clay Diaz
Filmography (selection): 2016 Agonie (fiction)



 spring 2020

Directed by C.B. Yi

Fei works illegally as a hustler   Chinese / digital / 1:2.35 / 120 min
in order to support his family,    Key cast 	Kai Ko, JC Lin, Bai Yufan, Zeng Meihuizi,
yet when he realizes they are                             Sun Qiheng
willing to accept his money but    Written by             C.B. Yi
not his way of life, there is a    Cinematography         Jean-Louis Uialard
major breakdown in their rela-     Editing                Dieter Pichler
tions. Through his relationship    Production design      Lily Liao
to the headstrong Long, Fei        Producers 	Barbara Pichler, Gabriele Kranzelbinder,
seems able to find a new lease                            Guillaume de la Boulaye, André Logie
on life, but then he encounters    Production companies 	KGP Filmproduktion (A), Zorba Production (F),
                                                          ­Panache Productions (B)
Xiaolai, the love of his youth,
                                   Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, ORF and
who confronts him with the
                                                           Eurimages, CNC, Taipei Film Commission,
guilt of his repressed past.                               MEDIA Creative Europe, Belgium Tax
                                                           Credit, Taiwan Tax Rebate, ARTE
                                   Contact                 KGP Filmproduktion
                                                           Seidengasse 15/3/19
                                                           1070 Vienna – Austria
                                                           tel +43 1 522 22 21

C.B. Yi
Filmography (selection): 2011 Little Precious (short), 2009 The couple (short),
2008 Emei, viewed from a galloping horse (doc.)


Narziss und
Narcissus and

 spring 2020

Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky

As a young man Goldmund            German / digital / 16:9 / 120 min
is sent away to a monastery        Key cast 	Jannis Niewöhner, Sabin Tambrea,
by his father to atone for his                            Henriette Confurius, Uwe Ochsenknecht
mother’s sins; here he meets       Written by 	Stefan Ruzowitzky based on the novel by
the novice Narcissus, and a                               Hermann Hesse
profound friendship is begun.      Cinematography         Benedict Neuenfels
Some years later, handsome,        Editing                Britta Nahler, Andrew Bird
wise and reserved, Narcissus       Production design      Sebastian Soukup
chooses to continue living his     Austrian producers     Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn
life in prayer and meditation      Production companies 	Lotus-Film (A), tempest film (D),
                                                          Mythos Film (D),
whereas Goldmund, passion-
                                                          Deutsche Columbia Filmproduktion (D)
ate, sensual and impulsive,
                                   Austrian support       Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
chooses a path away from the                              Vienna Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
monastery to become an ad-         Contact                Beta Cinema
venturer, relishing the highs                             Gruenwalder Weg 28d
and lows of pain and ecstasy. A                           82041 Oberhaching, Munich – Germany
highly dramatic moment brings                             tel +49 89 673 469 828
the friends together once more.

Stefan Ruzowitzky
Filmography (selection): 2018 Patient Zero (fiction), 2017 Die Hölle (fiction), 2013 Das radikal
Böse (doc.), 2012 Deadfall (fiction), 2007 Die Fälscher (fiction)



 spring 2020

Directed by Thomas Marschall                                                          1st film

“Keep your eyes on the road,        English / digital / 1:2.39 / 75 min
your hands upon the wheel”.         Key cast 	Anna Mendelssohn, Joep van der Geest,
Martha and Alex should have                            Lynne Rey, Anat Stainberg, Alois Frank
taken Jim Morrison’s advice         Written by         Anna Mendelssohn, Thomas Marschall
to heart, but on their car ride     Cinematography     Martin Putz
through an idyllic landscape        Editing            Stefan Fauland
they are primarily occupied         Production design  Wiltrud Derschmidt
with themselves. Only when          Producer           Daniela Praher
real life comes crashing into       Production company Daniela Praher Filmproduktion (A)
their small self-involved world     Supported by 	BKA – Arts Division,
in the shape of a little dog and                       Land Niederösterreich, Wien Kultur
its grim owner are things set in    Contact            Daniela Praher Filmproduktion
                                                       Große Sperlgasse 32-34/5
motion – more than they could
                                                       1020 Vienna – Austria
have asked for. A devious road                         tel +43 650 341 74 60
movie full of hefty surprises.                         office@praherfilm.at

Thomas Marschall
Filmography (selection): 2009 Faces of the Frontier (doc., co-dir.),
2008 Fronteira Brasil (short doc., co-dir.)


The Trouble
with Being

Directed by Sandra Wollner

Elli is an android and lives with   German / digital / 4:3 / 90 min
a man she calls her father.         Key cast 	Lena Watson, Dominik Warta,
Together they drift through the                          Ingrid Burkhard, Jana McKinnon
summer. During the day they         Written by           Sandra Wollner, Roderick Warich
swim in the pool, and at night      Cinematography       Timm Kröger
he takes her to bed. She shares     Editing              Hannes Bruun
his memories and anything           Production design    Pia Jaros
else he programs her to recall.     Producers 	David Bohun, Lixi Frank, Andi G. Hess,
Memories that mean every-                                Astrid Schäfer, Viktoria Stolpe, Timm Kröger
thing to him but nothing to her.    Production companies Panama Film (A), The Barricades (D)
Yet, one night she sets off into    Supported by 	BKA – Arts Division, ORF, Cine Art,
                                                         Land Niederösterreich, Wien Kultur and
the woods following a fading
                                                         Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg,
echo… The story of a machine                             ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel
and the ghosts we all carry         Contact 	Cercamon
within us.                                               tel +971 566 06 38 24


Sandra Wollner
Filmography (selection): 2016 Das unmögliche Bild (fiction), 2013 Uns geht es gut (short)


aus der
Notes from
the Underworld

Directed by Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

There is unrest in the milieu       German / Super-16 mm / 1:1.66 / 115 min
of the Viennese underworld of       Key cast                 Kurt Girk, Alois Schmutzer
the 1960s. In a controversial       Written by               Rainer Frimmel
trial the singer Kurt Girk and      Cinematography           Rainer Frimmel
his legendary friend Alois have     Editing                  Tizza Covi
to pay for their proximity to the   Producers                Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
illegal card game “Stoss” with      Production company       Vento Film (A)
long prison sentences. The          Supported by             Austrian Film Institute,
charismatic protagonists tell                                Wien Kultur and Land Südtirol Kultur
us about this time from a per-      Contact                  Vento Film
spective never shown before.                                 Leitermayergasse 33/20
                                                             1180 Vienna – Austria
A love letter to a past Vienna
                                                             tel +43 1 406 03 92
that is also a social portrait of                            contact@ventofilm.com
post-war Austria.                                            www.ventofilm.com


Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
2016 Mister Universo (fiction), 2012 Der Glanz des Tages (fiction), 2009 La Pivellina (fiction),
2005 Babooska (doc.)


Beethoven –

 spring 2020

Directed by Michael Seeber                                                               1st film

The search for the origins of       Original languages / digital / 1:2.39 / 90 min
Beethoven’s Scottish Songs          Written by             Friedrich Moser, Michael Seeber
leads researcher Michael            Cinematography         Friedrich Moser
Klevenhaus from Bonn to             Editing                Kirk von Heflin
Imperial Vienna and Scotland’s      Producers              Friedrich Moser, Margaret Cameron
rugged North-West. It is also a     Production companies 	blue+green communication (A),
musical journey back in time,                              MG ALBA (UK), media co-op (UK)
to Ludwig van Beethoven’s era       Supported by 	Vienna Film Fund, FISA and
and the first ethnic cleansing in                          Creative Scotland, UK Tax Credit
modern Europe. The film ex-         Contact                blue+green communication
                                                           Märzstraße 32/28
plores what remains of Gaelic
                                                           1150 Vienna – Austria
song today and the impact it                               tel +43 699 190 160 53
had on Beethoven’s work.                                   f.moser@blueandgreen.info

Michael Seeber
Filmography (selection): 2020 Beethoven – Òrain (doc.)



 spring 2020

Directed by Harald Friedl

The simple staple bread has        German, French, English / digital / 16:9 / 94 min
become a branded product           Written by           Harald Friedl
with an increasing number of       Cinematography       Helmut Wimmer
varieties and providers. The       Editing              Martin Kayser-Landwehr
film provides authentic impres-    Producers            Johannes Rosenberger, Johannes
sions in today’s world of bread.                        Holzhausen, Constantin Wulff,
We encounter small craft bak-                           Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
ers as well as corporate CEOs      Production companies Navigator Film (A), Lichtblick Film (D)
whose professional work is our     Supported by         Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
                                                        Vienna Film Fund, Land Niederösterreich
daily bread and ask the ques-
                                                        and ARTE/ZDF
tion: how do you see the future
                                   Contact              Magnetfilm
of our bread? And: what are we                          Torstraße 154
actually eating?                                        10115 Berlin – Germany
                                                        tel +49 30 246 281 56

Harald Friedl
Filmography (selection): 2012 What Happiness Is (doc.); Mein Leben als Apfelbaum (doc.),
2006 Aus der Zeit (doc.)



Directed by Daniel Hoesl

What drives our world becomes        Original languages / digital / 1:1.85 / 100 min
paradigmatic in Davos: every-        Co-directed by     Julia Niemann
day life in contrast to the global   Written by         Julia Niemann
elite, who operate untied from       Cinematography     Andi Widmer
all places, virtually without        Editing            Gerhard Daurer
touching the ground. Davos is        Producers 	Georg Aschauer, Julia Niemann,
a film about equilibrium and                            Daniel Hoesl
contrast, about capitalism in        Production company European Film Conspiracy Association (A)
our fractured world and the          Supported by 	BKA – Arts Division, Wien Kultur,
impact of the powerful on the                           Land Niederösterreich and
                                                        Kanton Graubünden, Stadt Davos
                                     Contact 	European Film Conspiracy Association
                                                        Gumpendorferstraße 10-12/23
                                                        1060 Vienna – Austria

 spring 2020

Daniel Hoesl
Filmography (selection): 2016 WINWIN (fiction), 2013 Soldate Jeannette (fiction)


Platz auf
The Most
Place on Earth

Directed by Elke Groen

There is a small town in Austria   German / digital / 16:9 / 95 min
called Pinkafeld which gained      Written by           Elke Groen
adverse publicity as a “Nazi       Cinematography       Elke Groen
village” during the presiden-      Editing              Stephan Bechinger
tial election of 2017, when the    Producers            Arash T. Riahi, Sabine Gruber, Elke Groen
majority of residents voted for    Production companies Golden Girls Film (A), Groen.Film (A)
their famous neighbor, right-      Supported by 	BKA – Arts Division, Wien Kultur,
wing candidate Norbert Hofer.                           Land Niederösterreich, Puls 4
What do people really think        Contact              Golden Girls Film
in regard to their homeland,                            Seidengasse 15/3/20
                                                        1070 Vienna – Austria
refugees and populism? The
                                                        tel +43 1 810 56 36
community shows a society in                            office@goldengirls.at
transition, a microcosm reflect-                        www.goldengirls.at
ing Europe’s zeitgeist.

     spring 2020

Elke Groen
Filmography (selection): 2007 Nightstill (short), 2006 Jeder siebte Mensch (doc., co-dir.),
2005 Bunica (doc., co-dir.)


A Jewish Life

 spring 2020

Directed by C. Krönes, F. Weigensamer, R. Schrotthofer, C. Kermer

Marko Feingold survived the        German / digital / 1:1.85 / 114 min
concentration camps of             Written by                  Florian Weigensamer, Roland Schrotthofer
Auschwitz, Neuengamme,             Cinematography              Christian Kermer
Dachau and Buchenwald.             Editing                     Christian Kermer
After the war he helped tens of    Producers                   Christian Krönes, Roland Schrotthofer
thousands of former concen-        Production company          Blackbox Film & Medienproduktion (A)
tration camp inmates on their      Supported by                Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
flight, crossing the Alps into                                 Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg
Italy and on to Palestine. The     Contact                     Blackbox Film & Medienproduktion
film sketches the fateful twists                               Hietzinger Kai 205d
                                                               1130 Vienna – Austria
and turns of his life. At the
                                                               tel +43 1 877 28 57
same time timeless questions                                   office@blackboxfilm.at
are raised: questions about                                    www.blackboxfilm.at
human nature, morals, respon-
sibility, human dignity – and
their limitations.

Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamer, Roland Schrotthofer, Christian Kermer
Filmography (selection of joint works): 2016 Ein deutsches Leben (doc.)



Directed by Hubert Sauper

The latest documentary from      Spanish, English / digital / 1:1.78 / 108 min
Oscar-nominated director         Written by             Hubert Sauper
Hubert Sauper is an immersive    Cinematography         Hubert Sauper
portrait of “utopian” Cuba and   Editing                Hubert Sauper
its resilient people a century   Producers 	Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Paolo Calamita,
after the explosion of the USS                          Daniel Marquet, Martin Marquet
Maine in Havana, the event       Production companies 	KGP Filmproduktion (A),
that ushered in the American                            Little Magnet Films (A), Groupe Deux (F)
Empire alongside a modern        Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF and
                                                        Eurimages, Cine+, Sofica,
form of world conquest: cinema
                                                        Ford Foundation, Impact Partners
                                 Contact                Wild Bunch
                                                        231 Portobello Road
                                                        W11 1LT London
                                                        tel +44 20 7792 9791


Hubert Sauper
Filmography (selection): 2014 We Come as Friends (doc.), 2004 Darwin’s Nightmare (doc.),
1998 Kisangani Diary (doc.)


Glory to
the Queen

 spring 2020

Directed by Tatia Skhirtladze                                                                       1st film

The life stories of the four      Georgian, Serbian, German, English / digital / 16:9 / 81 min
legendary Soviet Georgian chess   Co-directed by         Anna Kharadze
stars Nona Gaprindashvili,        Written by             Tatia Skhirtladze, Ina Ivanceanu
Maia Chiburdanidze, Nana          Cinematography 	Sebastian Thaler,
Alexandria and Nana Ioseliani                            additional footage by Jerzy Palacz
interweave a narration about      Editing                Petra Zöpnek
winning and losing on the         Producers 	Karin Berghammer, Alexander Ivanceanu,
chessboard and in life. It’s a                           Bady Minck, Nino Chichua, Anna
                                                         Kharadze, Sarita Matjevic, Linda Jensen
story about rebelling against a
                                  Production companies 	berg hammer film (A), AMOUR FOU Vienna (A),
powerful male system and a
                                                         1991 Productions (GEO),
cinematic reflection on the                              Playground Produkcija (SRB)
struggle for independence and     Supported by 	BKA – Arts Division, FISA, ORF and
freedom.                                                 Eurimages, Georgian National Film
                                                         Center, Film Center Serbia,
                                                         EWA Network – Women in Film Award
                                  Contact                berg hammer film
                                                         Tandelmarktgasse 8/16
                                                         1020 Vienna – Austria
                                                         tel +43 699 171 189 69

Tatia Skhirtladze
Filmography (selection): 2020 Glory to the Queen (doc.)


How to
Build a

 spring 2020

Directed by Friedrich Moser

The film follows investigative      English, German, Dutch / digital / 1:2.39 / 90 min
journalists and IT teams in         Written by                  Friedrich Moser
their fight against fake news,      Cinematography              Friedrich Moser
disinformation and propaganda       Editing                     Gernot Grassl
whilst uncovering a bizarre case    Producer                    Friedrich Moser
of corruption with ties to Putin,   Production company          blue+green communication (A)
hidden gold and a shaman.           Supported by                Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF
                                    Contact                     blue+green communication
                                                                Märzstraße 32/28
                                                                1150 Vienna – Austria
                                                                tel +43 699 190 160 53

Friedrich Moser
Filmography (selection): 2019 Bier! Der beste Film, der je gebraut wurde (doc.), 2017 The Maze (doc.),
2015 A Good American (doc.), 2012 The Brussels Business (doc., co-dir.)


Jetzt oder
on Empty


Directed by Lisa Weber

Claudia was 15 when she had         German / digital / 1:1.85 / 89 min
her son. The two now live in a      Written by                  Roland Stöttinger & Lisa Weber
public housing apartment to-        Cinematography              Carolina Steinbrecher
gether with her brother and her     Editing                     Roland Stöttinger
mother in Vienna. None of them      Producers                   Rudolf Takacs, Ulrich Seidl
has a job, but what they lack       Production companies        Takacs Filmproduktion (A),
the most is perspective.                                        Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion (A)
Over the course of 3 years,         Supported by                Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF
Lisa Weber gently uncovers          Contact                     Takacs Filmproduktion
what goes on in this family                                     Kaltenleutgebner Straße 24/17/47
                                                                1230 Vienna – Austria
when nothing ever really seems
                                                                tel +43 699 195 886 60
to happen. We are invited to                                    rudi.takacs@gmx.at
take part and look beyond the
clichés of reality TV to discover
real people who cause us to
laugh, to feel shocked or even
deeply moved.

Lisa Weber
Filmography (selection): 2014 Sitzfleisch (doc.), 2013 Tanzen üben (short),
2012 Twinni oder so (short), 2011 Die und der von da und dort (short doc.)


Matter out
of Place

 end of 2020

Directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

The film takes stock of the       Original languages / digital / 16:9 / 100 min
spread of man-made garbage        Written by           Nikolaus Geyrhalter
into the remotest places on our   Cinematography       Nikolaus Geyrhalter
planet and follows the desper-    Editing              Michael Palm
ate efforts to overcome the       Producers 	Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Michael Kitzberger,
problem. Not only in the sea                           Wolfgang Widerhofer, Markus Glaser
and on coasts, but also in the    Production company 	NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Arctic, the jungle, high up on                         Filmproduktion (A)
the mountains and deep inside     Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, ORF, FISA,
                                                       Vienna Film Fund
the desert, garbage is found
                                  Contact              NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion
almost everywhere in various
                                                       Hildebrandgasse 26
forms and dimensions, some­                            1180 Vienna – Austria
times as whole car wrecks, old                         tel +43 1 403 01 62
TV sets or simply construction                         office@geyrhalterfilm.com
rubble, but mostly in the form                         www.geyrhalterfilm.com
of disintegrated plastic parti-
cles a few millimeters in size.
Humanity has thoroughly
handed out its calling cards.

Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Filmography (selection): 2019 Erde (doc.), 2018 Die bauliche Maßnahme (doc.),
2016 Homo Sapiens (doc.), 2012 Donauspital – SMZ Ost (doc.), 2011 Abendland (doc.)


One Man –
One Mission

 spring 2020

Directed by Barbara Gräftner

Solomon Boit and Rhonex            English / digital / 16:9 / 100 min
Kipruto are about to finish        Written by                  Barbara Gräftner
school and take their first        Cinematography              Robert Winkler
steps in their professional run-   Editing                     Sarah Bernhard, Robert Winkler
ning carrier. Together with the    Producer                    Robert Winkler
professional marathon runner       Production company          Bonusfilm (A)
Nancy Kiprop, aged 39, they        Supported by                Austrian Film Institute
have one thing in common: they     Contact                     Bonusfilm
were coached by the Irish mis-                                 Davidgasse 32/5
sionary brother Colm O’Connell.                                1100 Vienna
                                                               tel +43 1 319 24 64
He is somehow the godfather
of Kenyan running; countless                                   www.bonusfilm.at
worldclass athletes started
from his teaching ground.
While the young athletes are
focussing on their first junior
worldchampionship in Tampere
(Finnland), Nancy aims at her
3rd victory in the Vienna City

Barbara Gräftner
Filmography (selection): 2014 Rise Up! and dance (fiction), 2011 Echte Wiener – Die Deppat’n und
die Gspritzt’n (fiction), 2004 Unterwegs nach... Heimat (doc.), 2002 Mein Russland (fiction)


The Bubble

 spring 2020

 Directed by Valerie Blankenbyl

130,000 retirees, 50 golf        English / digital / 1:2.39 / 100 min
courses, 3,000 activities.       Written by           Valerie Blankenbyl
The Bubble depicts everyday      Cinematography       Joe Berger
life in and around the world’s   Editing              Cornelia Märki
biggest retirement community     Producers            Karin C. Berger, Arash T. Riahi,
in Florida.                                           Dario Enrico Schoch, Rajko Jazbec
                                 Production companies Golden Girls Film (A), Cognito Films (CH)
                                 Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF and
                                                      BAK, Filmstiftung Zürich, SRG, FISS,
                                                      Suisseimage, UBS Kulturstiftung
                                 Contact              Golden Girls Film
                                                      Seidengasse 15/3/20
                                                      1070 Vienna – Austria
                                                      tel +43 1 810 56 36

Valerie Blankenbyl
Filmography (selection): 2014 44661m2 – The Impression of Freedom (short doc.),
2013 Ma Na Sapna – A Mother’s Dream (doc.), 2010 I am Jesus (doc.)


This Land
is My Land

 spring 2020

Directed by Susanne Brandstätter

“What the hell happened to my       English / digital / 16:9 / 105 min
country?” After Donald Trump’s      Written by                  Susanne Brandstätter
election, this is a burning ques-   Cinematography              Joerg Burger
tion for Susanne Brandstätter,      Editing                     Susanne Brandstätter, Michael Müllner
an American filmmaker who’s         Producer                    Susanne Brandstätter
lived most her life in Austria.     Production company          Susanne Brandstätter Filmproduktion (A)
With the critical distance of a     Supported by                BKA – Arts Division,
European and an insider’s eye,                                  Land Niederösterreich
she gets close to Trump vot-        Contact                     filmdelights
ers in Ohio: a microcosm of a                                   Lindengasse 25/10
                                                                Vienna – Austria
deeply divided USA. Showing
                                                                tel +43 1 944 30 35
striking parallels to Europe,                                   office@filmdelights.com
the documentary explores                                        www.filmdelights.com
polarization and why people
stick to their political opinions
– no matter what. Is there no
way out?

Susanne Brandstätter
Filmography (selection): 2012 The Future’s Past (doc.), 2006 Rule of Law – Justiz im Kosovo (doc.),
2003 Checkmate – Strategy of a Revolution (doc.)


Tonsüchtig –
Die Wiener
von Innen
Wired for Music –
Inside the Wiener

Directed by Iva Švarcová, Malte Ludin

Luck and tragedy call the tune.    German / digital / 1:2.39 / 90 min
The inside of one of the world’s   Written by         Iva Švarcová, Malte Ludin
most acclaimed orchestras –        Cinematography     Helmut Wimmer
the Wiener Symphoniker where       Editing            Tom Pohanka, Joana Scrinzi
musicians exist between            Producer           Kurt Mayer
climax and inner ordeal.           Production company kurt mayer film (A)
                                   Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
                                                      Vienna Film Fund
                                   Contact            kurt mayer film
                                                      Heinestraße 36/1/2
                                                      1020 Vienna – Austria
                                                      tel +43 1 967 89 29

 spring 2020

Iva Švarcová, Malte Ludin
Filmography (selection of joint works): 2020 Tonsüchtig (doc.)


Weiyena –
Weiyena –
The Long
March Home

Directed by Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt

Two family histories, one cen-      German, Chinese / digital / 1:1.85 / 95 min
tury and two metropolises           Written by                  Weina Zhao
merge in one person: Weina          Cinematography              Judith Benedikt
Zhao, whose parents called her      Editing                     Andrea Wagner
“Vienna” – Wéiyěnà – because       Producer                    Kurt Langbein
they emigrated to Austria.          Production company          Langbein & Partner Media (A)
Her journey into the history        Supported by                Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
of China leads to the Cultural                                  Vienna Film Fund
Revolution, modern China and        Contact                     Langbein & Partner Media
tackles the great issues of the                                 Kellermanngasse 5/12
                                                                1070 Vienna – Austria
21st century: migration, identity
                                                                tel +43 1 535 36 96
and the search for one’s past                                   redaktion@langbein-partner.com

 spring 2020

Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt
Filmography (selection of joint works): 2020 Weiyena – ein Heimatfilm (doc.)



 spring 2020

Directed by M. Lazurean-Gorgan, M. Kirst, E. Sinzinger

An environmental spy infil-        English / digital / 16:9 / 98 min
trates the global syndicate        Written by 	Ebba Sinzinger, Michaela Kirst,
for illegal timber trading. With                          Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
the aid of a hidden camera he      Cinematography         Attila Boa, Jerzy Palacz, Joerg Burger,
documents the chain of illegal                            Jakub Beinarowicz, Lukas Gnaiger
activities, from harvesting of     Editing                Roland Stöttinger, Andrea Wagner
the wood to the marketing of       Producers 	Vincent Lucassen, Ebba Sinzinger,
                                                          Thomas Tielsch, Monica Lazurean-Gorgan,
“washed” products in super-
                                                          Adrian Sitaru
markets. This turns out to be
                                   Production companies 	WILDart Film (A), Filmtank (D),
an excellent motor for political                          4Proof Film (RO)
change.                            Supported by 	Austrian Film Institute, FISA, ORF,
                                                          Vienna Film Fund and
                                                          Romanian Film Centre, Media,
                                                          Filmfund Hamburg, MBB, Eurimages
                                   Contact                WILDart Film
                                                          Pfeilgasse 32/1
                                                          1080 Vienna – Austria
                                                          tel +43 1 595 29 91

Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger
Filmography (selection of joint works): 2020 Wood (doc.)


Living Together

 spring 2020

Directed by Thomas Fürhapter

How is the culture of Vienna        German, English / digital / 16:9 / 90 min
imparted to migrants in inte-       Written by                  Thomas Fürhapter
gration courses? The docu-          Cinematography              Judith Benedikt, Thomas Fürhapter
mentary accompanies new             Editing                     Dieter Pichler
immigrants from various             Producer                    Ralph Wieser
backgrounds during their first      Production company          Mischief Films (A)
steps in Vienna. What images        Supported by                BKA – Arts Division, The Future Fund
and expectations do they have                                   of the Republic of Austria, ORF,
about Vienna? Which informa-                                    Vienna Film Fund
tion and values are addressed       Contact                     Mischief Films
                                                                Goethegasse 1
and avoided in these integra-
                                                                1010 Vienna – Austria
tion courses?                                                   tel +43 1 585 23 24 23

Thomas Fürhapter
Filmography (selection): 2017 Die dritte Option (doc.), 2010 Michael Berger – Eine Hysterie (short doc.),
2006 Planes (short), 2004 Das Gelb ohne Zebra (short)

Directors                   Producers                       Production Companies

Judith Benedikt 35          Aichholzer Filmproduktion 11    Aichholzer Film
Valerie Blankenbyl 32       AMOUR FOU Vienna 12, 27         Heumühlgasse 13-15/2/2/15
Susanne Brandstätter 33     berg hammer film 27             1040 Vienna
Tizza Covi 20               Blackbox Film & Medien-         tel +43 1 523 40 81
David Clay Diaz 13          produktion 25                   office@aifilm.at
Harald Friedl 22            blue+green communication        www.aifilm.com
Rainer Frimmel 20           21, 28
Thomas Fürhapter 37         Bonusfilm 31                    Allegro Film
Nikolaus Geyrhalter 30      coop99 filmproduktion 13        Helmut Grasser
Barbara Gräftner 31         Daniela Praher                  Krummgasse 1A/9
Elke Groen 24               Film­produktion 16              1030 Vienna
Daniel Hoesl 23             epo-film 8                      tel +43 1 712 50 36
Christian Kermer 25         European Film Conspiracy        office@allegrofilm.at
Michaela Kirst 36           Association 23                  www.allegrofilm.at
Michael Kreihsl 8           Golden Girls Film 10, 24, 32
Christian Krönes 25         Groen.Film 24                   Alternative Productions
Monica Lazurean-Gorgan 36   KGP Filmproduktion 14, 26       Konstantin Seitz
Malte Ludin 34              kurt mayer film 34              Irenentalstraße 51
Thomas Marschall 16         Langbein & Partner Media 35     3011 Tullnerbach
Friedrich Moser 28          Little Magnet Films 26          tel +43 676 848 487 870
Arash T. Riahi 9            Lotus-Film 15                   office@alternative.at
Arman T. Riahi 10           Mischief Films 37               www.alternative.at
Evi Romen 12                Navigator Film 22
Stefan Ruzowitzky 15        NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter         AMOUR FOU Vienna
Hubert Sauper 26            Filmproduktion 30               Alexander Dumreicher-
Andreas Schmied 11          Panama Film 17                  Ivanceanu, Bady Minck
Roland Schrotthofer 25      Susanne Brandstätter            Lindengasse 32/13
Michael Seeber 21           Filmproduktion 33               1070 Vienna
Ulrich Seidl 7              Takacs Filmproduktion 29        tel +43 1 994 99 11
Ebba Sinzinger 36           Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion 7   vienna@amourfoufilm.com
Tatia Skhirtladze 27        Vento Film 20                   www.amourfoufilm.com
Iva Švarcová 34             WEGA Filmproduktion 9
Lisa Weber 29               WILDart FILM 36                 berg hammer film
Florian Weigensamer 25                                      Tandelmarktgasse 8/16
Sandra Wollner 17                                           1020 Vienna
C.B. Yi 14                                                  tel +43 699 171 189 69
Weina Zhao 35                                               hi@berghammerfilm.at

                                                            Bernhard Pötscher
                                                            Schwendergasse 41/2/1
                                                            1150 Vienna
                                                            tel +43 664 336 19 35

Production Companies

Blackbox Film &                 e&a film                          film-pla.net
Medienproduktion                Markus Pauser                     Ludwig Wüst, Maja Savic
Christian Krönes                Proschkogasse 1/12                Nordbahnstraße 24/30
Hietzinger Kai 205d             1060 Vienna                       1020 Vienna
1130 Vienna                     tel +43 1 890 60 38               tel +43 699 131 935 40
tel +43 1 877 28 57             produktion@eafilm.at              maja.savic@film-pla.net
office@blackboxfilm.at          www.eafilm.at                     www.film-pla.net
                                epo-film                          FreibeuterFilm
blue+green communication        Dieter Pochlatko,                 Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser
Friedrich Moser                 Jakob Pochlatko                   Turmburggasse 2-8/5/2
Märzstraße 32/28                Edelsinnstraße 58                 1060 Vienna
1150 Vienna                     1120 Vienna                       tel +43 720 34 65 10
tel +43 699 190 160 53          tel +43 1 812 37 18               welcome@freibeuterfilm.at
f.moser@blueandgreen.info       office@epofilm.com                www.freibeuterfilm.com
www.blueandgreen.info           www.epofilm.com
                                                                  Gebhardt Productions
coop99 filmproduktion           European Film Conspiracy          Neusiedlerstraße 50
Barbara Albert, Martin          Association                       2340 Mödling
Gschlacht, Jessica Hausner,     Georg Aschauer, Daniel Hoesl,     tel +43 2236 641 63
Antonin Svoboda,                Gerald Kerkletz, Julia Niemann,   office@filmpark.tv
Bruno Wagner                    Katharina Posch                   www.filmpark.tv
Wasagasse 12/1/1                Gumpendorferstraße 10-12/23
1090 Vienna                     1060 Vienna                       Golden Girls Film
tel +43 1 319 58 25             mail@europeanfilmconspiracy.      Raphael Barth, Arash T. Riahi,
welcome@coop99.at               com                               Karin C. Berger
www.coop99.at                   www.europeanfilmconspiracy.       Seidengasse 15/3/20
                                com                               1070 Vienna
Daniela Praher Filmproduktion                                     tel +43 1 810 56 36
Große Sperlgasse 32-34/5        Film AG                           office@goldengirls.at
1020 Vienna                     Alexander Glehr,                  www.goldengirls.at
tel +43 650 341 74 60           Johanna Scherz
office@praherfilm.at            Felbigergasse 64                  GSF – Günter Schwaiger Film
www.praherfilm.at               1140 Wien                         Produktion
                                tel +43 1 478 71 70               Mollardgasse 85a/1/12
Dokusan Film                    office@film-ag.at                 1060 Vienna
Fritz Ofner                     www.film-ag.at                    tel +34 607 246 457
Mariengasse 3/1                                                   mosolovp1@gmail.com
1170 Vienna                     Filmbäckerei                      www.mosolov-p.com
tel +43 650 530 15 05           Frederick Baker,
office@fritzofner.info          Sandra Fasolt-Baker               Guttner Film
www.fritzofner.info             Margaretenstraße 71-73/1/28       Singerstraße 20/9
                                1050 Vienna                       1010 Vienna
Dor Film                        tel +43 664 181 10 33             tel +43 681 819 631 21
Danny Krausz                    fb346@cam.ac.uk                   office@guttnerfilm.at
Bergsteiggasse 36               www.filmbaeckerei.at              www.guttnerfilm.at
1170 Vienna
tel +43 1 427 10 11

Production Companies

Houchang Allahyari             Little Magnet Films            Orbrock Filmproduktion
Filmproduktion                 Paolo Calamita                 Ulrich Gehmacher
Wipplingerstraße 24-26/6       Wildpretmarkt 1                Schottenfeldgasse 56/23
1010 Vienna                    1010 Vienna                    1070 Vienna
tel +43 699 104 029 01         tel +43 1 581 29 27            tel +43 1 522 25 88
houchang.allahyari@chello.at   office@littlemagnetfilms.com   office@orbrock.com
                               www.littlemagnetfilms.com      www.orbrock.com
Imagine Film Cooperation
Sabine Kriechbaum              Lotus-Film                     Othmar Schmiderer
Capistrangasse 5/54            P. Wirthensohn, T. Pridnig     Filmproduktion
1060 Vienna                    Mollardgasse 85A / Stiege 1    Kellerhausgasse 1
tel +43 664 730 283 44         1060 Vienna                    3484 Grafenwörth
office@imaginefilm.at          tel +43 1 786 33 87            tel +43 676 602 85 70
                               office@lotus-film.at           o.schmiderer@aon.at
KGP Filmproduktion             www.lotus-film.at              www.othmarschmiderer.com
Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Seidengasse 15/3/19            Mischief Films                 Panama Film
1070 Vienna                    Ralph Wieser                   David Bohun, Lixi Frank
tel +43 1 522 22 21            Goethegasse 1                  Geusaugasse 31/4
welcome@kgp.co.at              1010 Vienna                    1030 Vienna
www.kgp.co.at                  tel +43 1 585 23 24 23         tel +43 660 39 22 440
                               office@mischief-films.com      office@panama-film.com
kurt mayer film                www.mischief-films.com         www.panama-film.com
Heinestraße 36/1/2
1020 Vienna                    Mona Film                      Pimp the Pony Productions
tel +43 1 967 89 29            T. Hroch, G. Podgornig         Gabriele Neudecker
office@kurtmayerfilm.com       Marokkanergasse 23/4+5         Tödtleinsdorf 46
www.kurtmayerfilm.com          1030 Vienna                    5203 Köstendorf
                               tel +43 1 513 11 15            tel +43 664 250 56 56
La Banda Film                  office@monafilm.tv             office@pimptheponyproduc-
Flavio Marchetti, Katharina    www.monafilm.tv                tions.com
Mückstein, Michael Schin-                                     www.pimptheponyproductions.
degger, Natalie Schwager       Navigator Film                 com
Sebastian-Kneipp-Gasse 8/1–2   Johannes Rosenberger
1020 Vienna                    Schottenfeldgasse 14           Plaesion Film
tel +43 650 301 08 08          1070 Vienna                    Peter Janecek
office@labandafilm.at          tel +43 1 524 97 77            Schlosshofer Straße 8/4/3
www.labandafilm.at             info@navigatorfilm.com         2301 Groß-Enzersdorf
                               www.navigatorfilm.com          tel +43 660 213 69 66
Langbein & Partner Media                                      office@plaesion.com
Kellermanngasse 5/12           NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter        www.plaesion.com
1070 Vienna                    Filmproduktion
tel +43 1 535 36 96            Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Markus    Plan C Filmproduktion
redaktion@langbein-partner.    Glaser, Michael Kitzberger,    Claudia Wohlgenannt
com                            Wolfgang Widerhofer            Kriemhildplatz 10
www.langbein-partner.com       Hildebrandgasse 26             1150 Vienna
                               1180 Vienna                    tel +43 1 990 63 72
                               tel +43 1 403 01 62            office@plancfilm.com
                               office@geyrhalterfilm.com      www.plancfilm.com

Production Companies

pooldoks filmproduktion       Soleil Film                    Ulrike Gladik Filmproduktion
Markus Wailand,               Filip Antoni Malinowski,       Denisgasse 33/10
Katharina Weingartner         Jürgen Karasek                 1200 Vienna
Redtenbachergasse 15/2a       Linke Wienzeile 142/13         tel +43 650 503 43 40
1160 Vienna                   1060 Vienna                    ul.gladik@gmx.at
tel +43 1 947 76 88           tel +43 699 123 974 78
office@pooldoks.com           office@soleilfilm.at           Vento Film
www.pooldoks.com              www.soleilfilm.at              Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
                                                             Leitermayergasse 33/20
Prisma Film                   Superfilm                      1180 Vienna
Viktoria Salcher,             John Lueftner, David Schalko   tel +43 1 406 03 92
Mathias Forberg               Zieglergasse 1                 contact@ventofilm.com
Rathausstraße 3/18            1070 Vienna                    www.ventofilm.com
1010 Vienna                   tel +43 1 522 19 11
tel +43 1 406 37 70           office@superfilm.at            WEGA Filmproduktion
office@prismafilm.at          www.superfilm.at               Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz
www.prismafilm.at                                            Hägelingasse 13
                              Susanne Brandstätter           1140 Vienna
Raumzeitfilm Produktion       Filmproduktion                 tel +43 1 982 57 42
Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter     Florianigasse 60/14            office@wega-film.at
Rasumofskygasse 21            1080 Vienna                    www.wega-film.at
1030 Vienna                   tel +43 676 500 78 49
tel +43 660 699 44 93         office@envision-film.com       WILDart Film
info@raumzeitfilm.com         www.susannebrandstaetter.com   Ebba Sinzinger,
www.raumzeitfilm.com                                         Vincent Lucassen
                              Takacs Filmproduktion          Pfeilgasse 32/1
RitzlFilm                     Kaltenleutgebner               1080 Vienna
Elisabeth Uhl-Ritzberger,     Straße 24/17/47                tel +43 1 595 29 91
Wolfgang Ritzberger           1230 Vienna                    office@wildartfilm.com
Spechtgasse 34                tel +43 699 195 886 60         www.wildartfilm.com
2340 Mödling                  rudi.takacs@gmx.at
tel +43 1 603 11 33                                          Witcraft Filmproduktion
office@ritzlfilm.at           trotzdemfilm                   Ursula Wolschlager
www.ritzlfilm.at              Astrid Johanna Ofner           Lindengasse 25/10
                              Hegelgasse 8/20                1070 Vienna
Rosdy Film                    1010 Vienna                    tel +43 699 177 881 77
Lustkandlgasse 51/4-5         tel +43 664 130 38 88          office@witcraft.at
1090 Vienna                   office@trotzdemfilm.at         www.witcraft.at
tel +43 1 319 81 42           www.trotzdemfilm.at
www.rosdyfilm.com             Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion
                              Wasserburgergasse 5/7
Ruth Beckermann               1090 Vienna
Filmproduktion                tel +43 1 310 28 24
Marc-Aurel-Straße 5/10        office@ulrichseidl.com
1010 Vienna                   www.ulrichseidl.com
tel +43 699 115 074 98

Distributors, World Sales & VOD

Alamode Film Österreich           Filmdelights                ORF Austrian Broadcasting
Tobias Lehmann                    Christa Auderlitzky         Corporation
Leitermayergasse 43/4             Lindengasse 25/10           Würzburggasse 30
1180 Vienna                       1070 Vienna                 1136 Vienna
tel +43 1 236 21 90               tel +43 1 944 30 35         tel +43 1 878 78 0
info@alamodefilm.at               office@filmdelights.com     www.orf.at
www.alamodefilm.at                www.filmdelights.com
                                                              Director General
autlook filmsales                 Filmgarten                  Alexander Wrabetz
Salma Abdalla                     Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi
Spittelberggasse 3/14             Liechtensteinstraße 17/18   Director of Television
1070 Vienna                       1090 Vienna                 Kathrin Zechner (ext. 12155)
tel +43 720 34 69 34              tel +43 681 103 407 89
welcome@autlookfilms.com          pefinzi@filmgarten.at       Head of Fiction Department
www.autlookfilms.com              www.filmgarten.at           Katharina Schenk (ext. 14331)
www.docs.at                                                   katharina.schenk@orf.at
                                  Filmladen Filmverleih
Constantin Film Holding GmbH      Michael Stejskal            ORF Enterprise GmbH & CoKG
Christian Langhammer              Mariahilfer Straße 58       Am Europlatz 5
Siebensterngasse 37               1070 Vienna                 1120 Vienna
1070 Vienna                       tel +43 1 523 43 62         tel +43 1 878 78 0
tel +43 1 521 28-1122             office@filmladen.at
constantin.office@                www.filmladen.at            Managing Director
constantinfilm.at                                             Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder
www.cineplexx.at                  Flimmit                     (ext. 15050)
                                  Michael Wagenhofer          beatrice.cox-riesenfelder@
EastWest                          Dreihausgasse 9/4.1         orf.at
Filmdistribution GmbH             1150 Vienna                 http://enterprise.orf.at/
Sasha Wieser                      tel +43 1 892 24 63
Lerchengasse 24                   information@flimmit.com     Content Sales International
1080 Vienna                       www.flimmit.com             Armin Luttenberger
tel +43 1 890 83 76                                           (ext. 13030)
office@eastwest-­                 Luna Filmverleih            armin.luttenberger@orf.at
distribution.com                  Michael Stejskal            http://contentsales.ORF.at
www.eastwest-distribution.        Mariahilferstraße 58/7
com                               1070 Vienna                 Polyfilm Verleih
                                  tel +43 1 523 43 62         Hans König
Einhorn-Film                      office@lunafilm.at          Margaretenstraße 78
Michael Wieser                    www.lunafilm.at             1050 Vienna
Gurtnielweg 9                                                 tel +43 1 581 39 00-20
6710 Nenzing                                                  polyfilm@polyfilm.at
tel +43 664 341 03 08                                         www.polyfilm.at
www.einhorn-film.at                                           sixpackfilm
                                                              Brigitta Burger-Utzer
                                                              Neubaugasse 45/13
                                                              1070 Vienna
                                                              tel +43 1 526 09 90

Distributors, World Sales & VOD   Festivals

Stadtkino                         /slash Filmfestival            Filmfestival Kitzbühel
Norman Shetler                    Markus Keuschnigg              Michael Reisch
Siebensterngasse 2/12             Brestelgasse 18/2              Franz Reisch Straße 3
1070 Vienna                       1160 Vienna                    6370 Kitzbühel
tel +43 1 361 81 81-72            tel +43 1 957 42 34            info@ffkb.at
office@stadtkinowien.at           office@slashfilmfestival.com   www.ffkb.at
www.stadtkinowien.at              www.slashfilmfestival.com      14 – 30 August, 2020
                                  17 – 27 September, 2020
Thimfilm                                                         FrauenFilmTage
Andreas Thim-Taban                ALPINALE Kurzfilmfestival      Gabriele Frimberger
Leitermayergasse 43/4             Remise Bludenz                 Währinger Straße 59
1180 Vienna                       Rebekka Rinderer               1090 Vienna
tel +43 1 236 21 90               Lustenauerstraße 56b           tel +43 699 106 940 57
buero@thimfilm.at                 6850 Dornbirn                  kontakt@frauenfilmtage.at
www.thimfilm.at                   tel +43 699 814 467 05         www.frauenfilmtage.at
                                  office@alpinale.at             28 February – 7 March, 2020
Tobis Film GmbH & Co KG           www.alpinale.at
Theodor Gringel                   11 – 15 August, 2020           International Film Festival
Zollergasse 36                                                   for Children
1070 Vienna                       Crossing Europe                Martina Lassacher
tel +43 1 521 28 200              Film Festival Linz             Steggasse 1/12a
info@tobisfilm.at                 Christine Dollhofer            1050 Vienna
www.tobis.de                      Graben 30                      tel +43 664 465 56 60
                                  4020 Linz                      kinderfilmfestival@pitanga.at
Under the Milky Way               tel +43 732 785 700            www.kinderfilmfestival.at
Vincent Lucassen                  info@crossingEurope.at         14 – 22 November, 2020
Pfeilgasse 32/1                   www.crossingEurope.at
1080 Vienna                       21 – 26 April, 2020            International Film Festival
tel +43 1 595 2991                                               Innsbruck
vincent.lucassen@underthe-        Diagonale                      Helmut Groschup,
milkyway.eu                       Festival of Austrian Film       Daniel Dlouhy
galaxy.underthemilkyway.com       Sebastian Höglinger,           Egger-Lienz-Straße 20
                                  Peter Schernhuber              6020 Innsbruck
Waystone Film KG                  Rauhensteingasse 5/3/5         tel +43 512 57 12 62
Johannes Wegenstein,              1010 Vienna                    info@iffi.at
Bruno Batinic                     tel +43 1 595 45 56 0          www.iffi.at
Schleifmühlgasse 8/14             office@diagonale.at            27 May – 1 June, 2020
1040 Vienna                       www.diagonale.at
tel +43 1 585 58 88               24 – 29 March, 2020            Mountainfilm Graz
office@waystonefilm.com                                          Internationales Berg- &
www.waystonefilm.com              Filmfest St. Anton             Abenteuer Filmfestival
                                  Manfred Pascher                Robert Schauer
                                  Ing-Etzel-Straße 25            Filmproduktion GmbH
                                  6020 Innsbruck                 Am Klammbach 1A
                                  tel +43 699 100 405 21         8044 Graz
                                  info@filmfest-stanton.at       tel +43 316 81 42 23
                                  www.filmfest-stanton.at        mountainfilm@mountainfilm.
                                  26 – 29 August, 2020           com
                                                                 10 – 14 November, 2020

Festivals                            Funding

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities        Bundeskanzleramt Österreich      Filmfonds Wien
International Animation Festival     Sektion Kunst und Kultur –       Vienna Film Fund
Waltraud Grausgruber,                Film II/3                        Gerlinde Seitner
Birgitt Wagner                       Federal Chancellery of Austria   Mariahilfer Straße 76/1/10
Q21/MQ, Museumsplatz 1               Barbara Fränzen                  1070 Vienna
1070 Vienna                          Concordiaplatz 2                 tel +43 1 526 50 88
tel +43 1 990 46 63                  1014 Vienna                      office@filmfonds-wien.at
office@trickywomen.at                tel +43 1 53 115 206 880         www.filmfonds-wien.at
www.trickywomen.at                   barbara.fraenzen@bka.gv.at
11 – 15 March, 2020                  www.bundeskanzleramt.at/         FISA – Filmstandort Austria
                                     kunst                            Walcherstraße 11 A
Viennale                                                              1020 Vienna
Vienna International Film Festival   Cine Art                         tel +43 1 501 75 526
Eva Sangiorgi, Eva Rotter            Filmkunst Steiermark             j.schmoelz@aws.at
Siebensterngasse 2                   Martin Titz                      www.filmstandort-austria.at
1070 Vienna                          Landhausgasse 7
tel +43 1 526 59 47                  8010 Graz                        MA 7 – Film, Neue Medien
office@viennale.at                   tel +43 316 877 31 37            Sylvia Faßl-Vogler
www.viennale.at                      martin.titz@stmk.gv.at           Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 5
22 October – 4 November, 2020        www.filmkunst.steiermark.at      1082 Wien
                                                                      tel +43 1 4000 84740
VIS Vienna Shorts                    Cine Tirol Film Commission       sylvia.fassl-vogler@wien.gv.at
International Festival for Short     c/o Tirol Werbung GmbH           www.wien.gv.at/kultur/ab-
Film, Animation & Music Video        Johannes Köck                    teilung
Daniel Ebner, Benjamin Gruber        Maria-Theresien-Straße 55
MuseumsQuartier Wien I Q21           6010 Innsbruck                   Österreichisches Filminstitut
Museumsplatz 1/5/2                   tel +43 512 5320 180             Austrian Film Institute
1070 Vienna                          johnnes.koeck@tirolwerbung.at    Roland Teichmann
tel +43 1 947 61 00                  www.cinetirol.com                Spittelberggasse 3
info@viennashorts.com                                                 1070 Vienna
www.viennashorts.com                 Cinestyria                       tel +43 1 526 97 30 400
28 May – 2 June, 2020                Filmcommission & Fonds           office@filminstitut.at
                                     Enrico Jakob                     www.filminstitut.at
YOUKI Internationales Jugend         St.Peter-Hauptstraße 243
Medien Festival                      8042 Graz
Laura-Lee Röckendorfer,              tel +43 316 4003 54
Boris Schuld                         office@cinestyria.com
Pollheimerstraße 17                  www.cinestyria.com
4600 Wels
tel +43 7242 207 030                 Fernsehfonds Austria
office@youki.at                      Rundfunk und Telekom
www.youki.at                         Regulierungs Gmbh
17 – 21 November, 2020               Oliver Stribl
                                     Mariahilfer Straße 77-79
                                     1060 Vienna
                                     tel +43 1 580 580

Institutions & Government Agencies

AFC – Austrian Films              EU XXL Film                      ÖGB, Younion_Die
Martin Schweighofer               Forum For European Film          Daseinsgewerkschaft
Stiftgasse 6                      Mercedes Echerer                 HG VIII – Sektion Film, Foto,
1070 Vienna                       Schrankgasse 12/3                audiovisuelle Kommunikation
tel +43 1 526 33 23               1070 Vienna                      Trade Union for the Arts,
office@afc.at                     tel +43 1 408 11 40              Media, Sports and
www.AustrianFilms.Com             office@eu-xxl.at                 Independent Professions
                                  www.eu-xxl.at                    Gerhard Schedl
Akademie des                                                       Maria-Theresien-Straße 11
österreichischen Films            Fachverband der Film- und        1090 Vienna
Austrian Film Academy             Musikwirtschaft (FAMA)           tel +43 1 313 16 83 804
Marlene Ropac                     Film and Music Austria           gerhard.schedl@filmsupport.at
Stiftgasse 25/1                   Werner Müller                    www.younion.at
1070 Vienna                       Wiedner Hauptstraße 63
tel +43 1 890 20 33               P.O. Box 327                     Universität für Musik und
office@oesterreichische-          1045 Vienna                      darstellende Kunst Wien/
filmakademie.at                   tel +43 (0) 590 900 3010         Filmakademie Wien
www.oesterreichische-             werner.mueller@wko.at            University of Music and
filmakademie.at                   www.filmandmusicaustria.at       Performing Arts Vienna
                                                                   Danny Krausz
Bundesministerium                 Fachverband der Kino-, Kultur-   Metternichgasse 12
für Europa,                       und Vergnügungsbetriebe          1030 Vienna
Integration und Äußeres           Association of Austrian Cinema   tel +43 1 711 55-2902
Federal Ministry for Europe,      Exhibitors & Showmen             lagler@mdw.ac.at
Integration and Foreign Affairs   Bernhard Gerstberger             www.mdw.ac.at
Sonja Reiser-Weinzettl            Wiedner Hauptstraße 63
Minoritenplatz 8                  1045 Vienna                      VAM – Verwertungsgesel-
1014 Vienna                       tel +43 (0) 59 09 00 3471        schaft für audiovisuelle
tel +43 (0) 501 150-3803          kino-kultur-vergnuegen@          Medien GmbH
sonja.reiser-weinzettl@           wko.at                           Collecting Society for
bmeia.gv.at                       www.kino-kultur-vergnuegen.at    Audiovisual Media Ltd.
www.bmeia.gv.at                                                    Veit Heiduschka,
                                  Forum österreichischer           Michael Kavouras
Creative Europe Desk              Filmfestivals                    Neubaugasse 25/9
Österreich – MEDIA                Marie-Christine Hartig           1070 Vienna
Esther Krausz                     Högelmüllergasse 1B/9-10         tel +43 1 526 43 01
Spittelberggasse 3                1050 Vienna                      vam-wien@aon.at
1070 Vienna                       tel +43 676 54 84 034            www.vam.cc
tel +43 1 526 97 30-406           info@film-festivals.at
info@mediadeskaustria.eu          www.film-festivals.at            VdFS – Verwertungsgesell-
www.creativeeurope.at                                              schaft der Filmschaffenden
                                                                   Collecting Society of
Drehbuchforum Wien                                                 Audiovisual Authors and Actors
Vienna Screenwriter’s Forum                                        Gernot Schödl
Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg                                         Bösendorferstraße 4/12
Stiftgasse 6                                                       1010 Vienna
1070 Vienna                                                        tel +43 1 504 76 20
tel +43 1 526 85 03                                                office@vdfs.at
office@drehbuchforum.at                                            www.vdfs.at

We would like to thank the production companies
for providing the photographic materials.

Special thanks to:
Druckerei Walla, Vienna

The Austrian Film Commission is proud to be powered by
Österreichisches Filminstitut, Bundeskanzleramt Kunstsektion, Filmfonds Wien, VAM – Verwer­tungs-­­
gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Medien, ORF, WKO/ Fachverband der Film- und Musikwirtschaft,
go-international, Fernsehfonds Austria, FISA, Cine Art




Directed by XXX                      1st film

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                  XXX	XXX

                                        Stiftgasse 6
XXX                            1070 Vienna – Austria
XXX                              tel +43 1 526 33 23
XXX                                    office@afc.at
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