Chrome moly pipe: Properties and scope

Chrome moly pipe: Properties and scope
chrome moly pipe: Properties and scope

There are a large number of tubes of a variety of metal and plastic materials. But the chrome-plated products stand out
in the background. It is only necessary to know well the main nuances and exact application in order to prevent
ridiculous errors.

Special features

Chrome plated tube differs from simpler structures by increased protection against corrosion. This solution turns out to
be especially practical where the corrosive effect is very strong, but for some reason one cannot use stainless steel or
non-ferrous metal structures.

Besides the improved protection properties, it is impossible not to mention the attractive appearance. In most cases, a
layer of chrome is applied using electrolysis technology. It is more economical, both in money and at the right time.

Where are they using?

It is customary to apply several types of chrome plating:

The milk

With luster


Milk is made at temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees, and the total density will be relatively small. The decrease in
strength results in a beneficial property such as high flexibility.

Slight bending does not lead to the loss of an attractive appearance.

But the glossy type of chrome is widespread in the furniture and furniture industry. It is actively used in decoration of
visual elements of water systems. Moreover, the gloss of chrome in ss square pipe has been appreciated by designers
who use this mineral to form accent objects inside. To make this coating, usage is heated to 45-60 degrees, and the
current density is 30 to 100 amps per 1 sq.m. The wear resistance of the layer being made makes it possible to avoid
fear of deformation in a335 p11.

As for the hard type of chrome, the technology requirements here are more stringent. The maximum temperature
during operation is 40 degrees, and the current density is 1 square meter. Dm should be exactly 100 a. The strength of
this layer is increased by the loss of all decorative properties. The durable paint hides the secret of low-density friction
associated with every other part. The thickness is very large, and therefore it takes longer to apply the paint.

It is possible to reduce the number of pores in the chrome layer carbon steel saw pipe by treating them with oils and
varnishes. It is useful to know that chrome plating is possible even for plastics, and the engineering of the tube does not
play a special role.

Almost always, this method of treatment is designed to improve the aesthetic properties of the source material. For this
reason it is often implemented for pipes used as part of commercial equipment. Therefore, the typical dimensions are
small, although there are no technical barriers to handling structures of all sizes used.
Most often, the corresponding internal products are decorated, decorated in modern and avant-garde styles. With a p22
pipe size of 2.5 cm, it can be used as any outdoor support unit under the furniture product.

Chrome plumbing pipes can be larger than other cases. The use of non-ferrous metals allows you to adapt to the
traditional lack of steel systems, i.e. with their corrosion. At the same time, the decorative properties are still much
higher than plastic plumbing circles. In many cases, the chrome plating is used for the heat exchanger tubes, visual
elements - soul, siphon, tap, conclusions from radiators and inputs to them.

According to experts, preference is given to annealed copper with a chromium layer. This option is a compromise
between the requirements of strength and flexibility.

The use of ASTM a106 chrome tubes is not limited to the possibilities shown. Therefore, for hygienic purposes, they
can be used to create towel heaters.

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