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Dear Delegates,
Please accept our very warm welcome to the inaugural
Federation-wide Coaching Convention here at Stareton
Hall, Stoneleigh Park.
We are delighted to be hosting this day for all of our 16
member organisations and for you, as the coaches and
leaders in the field. You represent the front line in the
delivery of high-quality coaching and in developing and
inspiring the current and future generations of riders,
drivers and vaulters: our athletes. We want them to
excel, and we present this conference to help you
ensure that this is possible.
We established a British Equestrian Federation (BEF)
Coaching Development Action Team several years ago.
It represents an excellent example of our ‘work in
partnership’. The Team, as a whole, has achieved
much in the delivery of solid long-term results.
This was best illustrated when the British Equestrian
Federation, as a whole, was awarded the sports coach
UK National Governing Body of the Year Trophy for
Coaching in 2009; a recognition shared with you all for
the work that you do.
Today we are honoured to bring you great sporting
stars and ambassadors, Dame Kelly Holmes, Geoff
Thompson MBE and Phil de Glanville, to share their
experiences with you today.
In doing so, it is important that we also recognise the
support provided for us by UK Sport, Sport England,
sportscotland and sportscoachUK. Without them and
without you we would not be achieving success in
coaching that is so vital to our athletes.
Thank you for joining us today.

Andrew Finding
Chief Executive
British Equestrian Federation
for the Day

9.30    Arrival
        Bacon rolls and refreshments

10.00   Opening and welcome
        Phil de Glanville

        Keynote Speech
        Geoff Thompson MBE

11.00   Workshop 1
        Case Studies from Riders and their Coaches

        Emma Kent and Tanya Larrigan

        British Equestrian Vaulting
        Joanne and John Eccles

        British Showjumping
        Charlotte Platt and Corinne Bracken

12.30   Lunch
                                                     © Kit Houghton         © Adam Fanthorpe
13.30   Workshop 2
        Developing yourself as a coach and
        developing others as coaches

15.00   Refreshments

15.15   Keynote Speech
        Dame Kelly Holmes

        Chaired by Phil de Glanville

16.15   Market Place
                                                                             © Kit Houghton

                                                                      British Equestrian Federation  1/1
Our Mission

                 Our journey                                              coaching strategy needs to cover the whole industry,
                                                                          through our integrated UK Coaching Framework
                 The BEF Coaching Development Action Team                 delivery plan.
                 (est. 2004) leads the development work on all our
                 coaching programmes and strategic planning and           Our strategic aims:
                 underwrote the Unified Coaching Strategy 2005–2009.
                                                                           to embed the principles and ethos of the UK
                 The strategy, combining the aims and ideals of all 16      Coaching Framework to ensure that coaching
                 member bodies, found that many people were involved        developments are sustainable and integrated
                 in equestrian teaching and coaching, and many more         throughout equestrian activity
                 were capable of becoming involved in equestrian
                 coaching but we needed to work more closely               to ensure the strategic aims are translated into
                 together to ensure we had more qualified and               operational delivery in partnership with our
                 up-to-date instructors and coaches. Equestrian was         member federations and other key partners to
                 identified as a priority sport for government funding      ensure quality coaching opportunities for coaches
                 and support that became available at that time for         and quality coaches for participants throughout
                 sports coaching development.                               the rider pathway.

                                                                          Delivering coaching qualifications and support from
                 Our coaching mission                                     our member bodies and other partners means
                                                                          continuing to forge strong bonds with the regions,
                 To create the world’s most respected                     county sports partnerships, local authorities
                 sports coaching system that delivers                     and schools.
                 coaches who are fit for purpose in                       The BEF is now working towards developing the UKCC
                 sufficient numbers at all levels and                     Level 4 and is achieving great results across the board,
                                                                          with the recognition of coaching staff increasing all
                 delivers the right coach to the right                    the time.
                 place at the right time for the needs
                                                                          The BEF was named Governing Body of the Year in
                 of every rider at every stage of                         2009 at the UK Coaching Awards, acknowledging
                 their development.                                       Equestrian’s development work in coaching across
                                                                          the Federation.
                 Coaching is embedded as the cornerstone of the
                 Federation’s sports development planning. BETA
                 surveys have found that 2.1million people ride a horse
                 at least once a month, therefore, the impact of our

© Kit Houghton                                                            © sportscoachUK
© Kit Houghton

                                                                        Coaches have access to high-quality
Recent medal successes                                                   coach education
The British Team has performed well in all Fédération
Equestre International (FEI) disciplines in the 10 years                Delivery of the world’s best-educated and
from 2000–2010:                                                          experienced coaching workforce

 23 senior medals in eventing                                          A better experience and value for money is enjoyed
                                                                         by people receiving the coaching
 Young rider/junior/pony/children on horses:
  109 medals                                                            Participation increases

   – Eventing: 44                                                       Equine welfare and care is enhanced, as is rider
                                                                         health and safety
   – Showjumping: 54
                                                                        International results are improved, with coaching
   – Dressage: 11                                                        contributing to it

 88 para-equestrian dressage medals                                    Britain becomes an exporter of coaches and
                                                                         coaching expertise around the world
 6 senior dressage medals
                                                                        Coaches are happy in their roles and are held in the
 1 senior showjumping medal                                             highest regard by other sports
 2 vaulting gold medals                                                Equestrian sport demonstrates wider social
                                                                         governmental objectives
 2 reining medals
                                                                        Equestrian coaches of all types and disciplines are
 1 endurance medal                                                      regarded as the best in the world – by riders,
                                                                         parents, public, overseas nations, the media,
 6 driving medals
                                                                         government and funding agents.
Our plan in the run-up to
2012 is to continue to develop
and ensure:
 Comparable coaching qualifications across all
  disciplines at every level

                                                                                                     British Equestrian Federation  2/3
Phil de Glanville
Phil began playing rugby whilst at Durham University
before playing at Oxford and then for England
Under 21s.

He began his professional playing career with Bath,
where he remained until 2001; during which time he
made 189 appearances for the club, scored 53 tries
and amassed 250 points.

He made his debut for England in 1992 against the
Springboks. During his International career, which
spanned 7 years, he won 38 caps and scored 8 tries
for his country, before succeeding Will Carling to
become England captain in 1996.

Phil is now a National Governing Body of Sport
Relationship Manager (Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon,
Rounders, Rugby Union and Sailing) at Sport England.

He works with the British Equestrian Federation to
support growing the sport, in line with Sport
England targets.
Keynote speaker
Geoff Thompson MBE
Five times World Karate Champion (1982–1986),
Geoff Thompson is a holder of over 50 national and
international titles. As one of Britain’s most successful
and celebrated sportsmen of the 1980s, Geoff made a
transition from tracksuit to lounge suit, establishing
himself as one of the country’s leading sports
politicians and administrators.

Serving as a member of the GB and English Sports
Council for 11 years, he was a member of the New
Opportunities Fund and President and Chairman of the
Sports Aid Foundation NW Region. Geoff has served
on numerous public/private sector bodies and
government initiatives, and has advised and developed
policy in the areas of equality, diversity, social inclusion
and regeneration. He was also heavily involved in
promoting Manchester’s bid for the 2000 Olympics
and the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Geoff recently
contributed to the Independent Sports Review Group’s
‘Raising the Bar’ document.

As Founder and Executive Chairman of the Youth
Charter, a UK-registered charity and United Nations
Non-Governmental Organisation, Geoff has, for the
past 17 years, been at the forefront in developing             The Sports Writers Association, the Commonwealth
policies and innovative approaches, looking at the role        Sports Awards, the Variety Club of Great Britain, and
of sport, arts and cultural activity in addressing             the prestigious Arthur Bell Trophy for outstanding
educational non-attainment, health, physical activity,         contributions to sport, have all recognised Geoff for his
exclusion, and anti-social behaviour and the effects           work. He has also been inducted into the Martial Arts
of guns and gangs on lives and communities                     Hall of Fame.
locally and globally.
                                                               Geoff was honoured in the Queen’s New Year Honours
As one of the world’s leading motivational speakers,           list with an MBE in 1995, for his services to sport. He
Geoff’s unique journey from social disaffection                is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has also
describes how sport helped him to overcome social              been awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Law by
and cultural adversity to achieve personal and team            Roehampton University and an Honorary Fellowship of
success with results that have lead to this unique             the University of Central Lancashire.
pursuit of personal excellence.
                                                               Geoff’s current work as a motivational speaker and
Now reflected in his Corporate Coaching enterprise,            corporate coach provides a unique balance between
Geoff travels the globe engaging, motivating and               the business of social delivery and how government,
inspiring leading executive, middle-management and             business, public/private sector and other organisations
corporate workforces on how Corporate Social                   can maximise their effectiveness and performance in
Responsibility policies and strategies can successfully        realising the potential of young people and the
improve behaviour and performance in the                       wider community.
corporate workplace.

                                                                                              British Equestrian Federation  4/5
Coach, Inspire, Develop

Riding for the Disabled
Association (RDA)
Emma Kent
Emma began riding at the age of 2, for therapeutic
reasons, with Bexley RDA, winning her first rosette on
Rupert, a Shetland pony. She rode at Bexley until 2002
when she moved to Arrow RDA; here she began her
para-equestrian dressage career with a pony called
Harmony, achieving wins at a regional level. In 2002,
Harmony passed away and Emma began riding her
yard manager’s Friesian Mare, Riemkje. At 15, Emma
gained a place on the World Class Development
para-equestrian dressage programme.

Emma is a grade III level rider. She was born with Holt
Oram Syndrome, which causes severely shortened
upper limbs; her right arm is a radical club, with no
thumb and deformed shoulder and scapula. Her left
arm is only attached by tissue and has only 2 fingers
and a partial ulna bone.

Emma now rides Gentle II and has enjoyed great
successes, becoming grade III Young Rider
International Champion in 2006 and 2007, being
short-listed for the World Championships in 2007
and becoming the grade III Open Winter Champion
in 2008.

Emma is now on the World Class Potential Programme.
Alongside her training, she is also studying for a
degree in Equine Science.                                 © David Sinclair

Tanya Larrigan
                                                          As well as a British Dressage, British Showjumping
Tanya Larrigan is an International trainer and former     and British Horse Society trainer, she is also a
Olympic team member. Coming from a horsey                 coach educator and author. Tanya is currently
background, she began competitive dressage when           working with British Dressage to develop a para
she was aged 18, making the Junior European               coaches pathway.
Dressage Championships.

After making the team for the World Championships at
23, Tanya went on to be selected for the Los Angeles
Olympic Games in 1984.

2009 saw Tanya appointed as para-equestrian dressage
coach for the South East and London BEF Regional
Foundation Squad and British para-equestrian dressage
representative for the South East.
British Equestrian Vaulting
Joanne Eccles
Joanne has been riding since 1997. In 1998, after
becoming a member of the Scottish team, she was
selected to go to the World Equestrian Games in Rome,
Italy, as second reserve.

A member of the vaulting team since 1999, Joanne
represented Great Britain at team competitions from
1999–2007. She first competed individually in 2003
and has gone on to compete for Great Britain
individually since 2004.

After becoming European Champion in 2009, Joanne
has topped the International rankings for 2010 and has
enjoyed a brilliant start to her season with wins in
Holland, France, Belgium; she recently won silver with
sister, Hannah Eccles, at the FEI Open Senior Pas de
Deux Championships in Stadl Paura, Austria.

Joanne is now the vaulting World Champion after
winning the Individual Female competition at this year’s
Alltech World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

John Eccles
John Eccles is lunger for both his daughters, Joanne
and Hannah. He started riding aged 7 and became
involved with vaulting in 1999 after going to the World
Equestrian Games in 1998 with Joanne.

John has lunged horses for vaulting all over the world;
as well as training teams and individuals he is also a
national vaulting judge and the Chief Executive of
British Equestrian Vaulting.

                                                           © Kit Houghton

© Patrick Bussman

                                                                            British Equestrian Federation  6/7
British Showjumping
Charlotte Platt
Charlotte was first a member of a Nations Cup team in
2005 and has since gone on to represent Britain in
numerous Nations Cup teams. She won an individual
bronze and team silver at the European young rider
championships in 2006 and went on to win a team
gold medal in Auvers, France, in the young rider
European championships in 2007.

2008 saw Charlotte produce the only double clear
round of the Samsung Super League Nations Cup at
Hickstead, which helped the British team secure
second place.

Corinne Bracken
Corinne was appointed Chef d’Equipe and Team
Coach of the juniors and young riders at the
beginning of 2009, having been Team Coach for
the previous 4 years. Corinne used to compete
internationally on home-produced horses and is a
member of the British Showjumping Performance
& Development Committee.

More recently, Corinne returned from the Youth
Olympic Games, which were held for the first time this   © David Sinclair
year in Singapore, where she was Chef d’Equipe for
the Gold medal winning European Showjumping Team
and coach of British rider, Carian Scudamore.
© Adam Fanthorpe

“Personal coaching philosophies should not be confused
 with technical or tactical beliefs and values.”

                                                                       Am I a good coach and how would I define ‘good’?
Second workshop
Improving your own ‘coaching’ and ‘helping                             Do my actions and practice always mirror
                                                                        my philosophy?
others to improve’.
                                                                       What values do I demonstrate in my coaching
During this interactive workshop you will be required to
                                                                        practice; eg. honesty, equality and fairness, win at
think about and share your coaching philosophy.
                                                                        all costs, professional standards..?
This is something that provides coaches with a set of
                                                                       What situations as a coach have challenged my
guiding principles for coaching practice and identifies
                                                                        coaching philosophy?
those values that influence you when faced with
different situations. Personal coaching philosophies                   What words would come to mind when you reflect
should not be confused with technical or tactical                       on your values as a coach?
beliefs and values. It is made up of your beliefs,
knowledge and values and often has an element of                       What makes your sport enjoyable?
ethics involved.
                                                                         – What do coaches need to do more and less of to
A coaching philosophy is normally derived from                             increase levels of enjoyment?
experiences in both coaching and other aspects of life.
Self-reflection is usually the start of identifying those              As a coach, what can you do to help riders to grow
values that make up your coaching philosophy.                           and develop as people, team members and leaders?

To help you begin to think about your philosophy as a                    – What might coaches do inadvertently that would
coach, consider the following questions:                                   prevent this?

 Why do I coach?                                                      How can I help others develop?

 What are my goals as a coach?                                        What are we trying to achieve together?

                                                                                                     British Equestrian Federation  8/9
Keynote speaker
                 Dame Kelly Holmes
                 Dame Kelly Holmes secured her place in history by
                 becoming the first British female athlete to win both
                 the 800m and 1500m in the 2004 Olympic Games.

                 One of her most successful seasons ever, Kelly’s
                 achievements on the track in 2004 set the pace for 25
                 high-profile awards and accolades, among others, BBC
                 Sports Personality of the Year, European Athlete of the
                 Year, the prestigious title of the Laureus World
                 Sportswoman of the Year and, in 2005, the ultimate
                 honour of a Damehood by the Queen in the New Year
                 Honours lists.

                 Kelly first established her working career as a member
                 of the British Army in 1988. Reaching the rank of
                 Sergeant, Kelly decided to leave in 1997 to pursue a         © The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust
                 senior athletics career full time. Upon leaving, Kelly was
                 awarded a Member of the British Empire for her               they develop a new career, whilst at the same time
                 services to the British Army.                                making the most of their skills and experience,
                                                                              mentoring young people through personal
                 Since retiring from athletics in 2005, Kelly has             development programmes.
                 developed both her professional and personal career
                 path by founding ‘On Camp with Kelly’ in January             Kelly is an Ambassador and Patron to the following
                 2004; a mentoring and education initiative for junior        UK charities:
                 middle-distance athletes
                                                                               Prince’s Trust
                 She then founded her own charity the Dame Kelly
                 Holmes Legacy Trust in 2008                                   Variety Club of Great Britain
                 (, for which she is the active
                                                                               The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
                 Chair, to provide support to other elite performers as
                                                                               Sport Relief

                                                                               Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

                                                                               Hospice in the Weald

                                                                               Kent Sports Ambassador

                                                                               ForceSelect Foundation.

                                                                              She is also a key member of the Ambassador team for
                                                                              the London 2012 Olympic bid.

                                                                              Kelly chaired an Olympic Legacy Taskforce on behalf of
                                                                              David Cameron and suggested a ‘School Olympics’ to
                                                                              create competitive sport within schools as part of the
                                                                              sporting legacy post London 2012, which has now
                                                                              been adopted as a policy.

                                                                              Her current roles include member of the Commission
                                                                              for Women in Sport, and President of the
                                                                              Commonwealth Games England.

                                                                              Dame Kelly has recently completed a course in
                                                                              Company Direction at the Institute of Directors as
                                                                              she builds her own company in Training and
                                                                              Brand Development.

© The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust
UK Coaching
Certificate (UKCC)

The UKCC is a national intiative, endorsing coach
education programmes across the UK.

For sports clubs, the UKCC enables clubs to train their
coaches or members to a recognised standard of                            UK COACHING CERTIFICATE
competency. For parents, this also means appropriate
and pre-prepared coaching is delivered to the child.

Following a review of coaching across all sports, the              E X C E L L E N C E I N S P O RT S C O A C H I N G
Coaching Task Force Review (2002) recommended:

“A unified and integrated coach education system,
                                                          The roles of the coach at:
operating across all sports; all of the home              Level 1
countries and across the UK.”
                                                          Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of
The Task Force Vision was for: “a coherent and unified    coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision
education and qualification system; an identifiable
career pathway with attractive employment                 Level 2
opportunities; quality-assured processes, which are
valued by employers; a more systematic approach to        Prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions
the identification and fostering of talented coaches.”
                                                          Level 3
The UKCC was born and offered across sports               Plan, implement, analyse and revise annual
opportunities for investment in coach education.          coaching programmes
National endorsement criteria and qualification
guidance that reflected best practice were                Courses and learning programmes have been
also developed.                                           developed and are being run UK-wide with assessment
                                                          being offered in riding, driving and vaulting, and all our
Equestrian was chosen as being one of the priority 21     sporting disciplines.
sports supported to implement the UKCC and, to
enable this, the Federation-wide steering group for
coaching – BEF Coaching Development Action Team
(CDAT) – was formed with representatives from each
member body.

Yogi Breisner, World Class Performance Manager and
Chef d’Equipe commented: “The work done by CDAT
to develop the UKCC within equestrianism has enabled
the different disciplines within the BEF to work
closely together.

“For British Eventing, it means that we now have
coaching qualifications that are based on the same
principles as the other equestrian disciplines and
sports in the UK, which could only improve coaching
within our sports and therefore raise the general
standard of our participants and enhance our medal
chances in the future.”

                                                                                           British Equestrian Federation  10/11
 Prepare participants for the series of
Coaching framework:                                              coaching sessions
Plan                                                            Establish and maintain working relationships
(Planning process)
                                                                Deliver coaching sessions
                                                                Develop participants’ performance
(Conduct coaching sessions)
                                                                Conclude sessions
                                                                Evaluate participants’ performance and the sessions
(Review the coaching session/process)
                                                                Monitor personal coaching practice
Coaching outcomes:
                                                               Level 3
Level 1                                                         Fully autonomous coach; role model at
 Prepare for activities in a safe working environment           country/regional level

 Establish working relationships with the participants         Can plan, deliver, analyse and review annual
  and others                                                     programmes of rider development

 Prepare and support participants                              Goal setting

 Deliver prepared activities                                   Prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions

 Conclude the activities                                       Plan a series of coaching sessions

 Review the activities to help others                          Prepare the coaching environment

 Continuously develop personal practice                        Deliver a series of sessions

Level 2                                                         Monitor and evaluate coaching sessions and
                                                                 personal practice
 Review participants’ needs

 Produce plans for a series of sessions that
  support participants’ development in a safe
  coaching environment

                                          Recipe for a Seasonal Plan

                                                            How do you
                                                                                             Where are
                                                          know if you are
                            PLAN                                                             we now?
                                                           getting there?

            REVIEW                       DO                How are you
                                                                                             Where do you
                                                           going to get
                                                                                             want to get to?
Who We Are

The Coaching Development
Action Team (CDAT)
Suzanne Genery
Head of Sports Development, BEF
Suzanne is a former European Karate Champion and
worked for the National Governing Body (NGB)
of Karate for 13 years as Director of Education and
more latterly as World Class Performance Strategist,
managing World Class Programmes.

Following a consultancy role with British Rowing,
Suzanne moved to the BEF in October 2005 as
Consultant Coaching Manager before being appointed
Head of Sports Development in June 2007. As part of
her role, Suzanne coordinates the CDAT group;           Joanna Jones
responsible for coaching delivery and development.      sportscoachUK
Suzanne is a member of the sport-wide Coaching          Joanna works as a Coaching System Manager at
Standards Group, which is responsible for UKCC          sportscoachUK. Her role involves working with a
endorsement, and a member of the Government’s           number of NGBs to develop their Coaching Systems.
Coaching Legacy Group chaired by Sir Steve Redgrave.    Joanna has been working with the BEF and member
                                                        bodies for the past 18 months in supporting the
Dennis Bell                                             development and implementation of their coaching
BEF Board Member
Dennis taught PE for 11 years, coaching a wide range    Joanna has extensive NGB and local sports
of sports before moving into local government leisure   development experience from her time working
management, where he has been responsible for a         within Scotland for 10 years with sportscotland and
range of services, including sports development and     Edinburgh Leisure, and for the past 5 years in England
grant aid. He is a strong believer that good coaching   with sportscoachUK. Joanna is an ex-international Great
ensures the individual not only maximises their         Britain swimmer and is currently an active swimming
potential, but also has a more enjoyable experience,    coach for her local club.
leading to improved retention in the sport.

                                                                                   British Equestrian Federation  12/13
The CDAT group
John Eccles, BEV                                       Vikki McDonald, TPC
Coaching Lead for British                              Coaching Lead for The Pony Club
Equestrian Vaulting
                                                       Jane Barker, RDA
Ann Varley, BHDTA                                      Coaching Lead for Riding
Coaching Lead for British Horse Driving                for the Disabled
Trials Association
                                                       Jill Day, BD
Billy Bell, Horsescotland                              Coaching Lead for British Dressage
Coaching Lead for Horsescotland
                                                       Linda Haworth, EQL
Vix Borland, BR                                        Coaching Lead for Equestrian
Coaching Lead for British Reining                      Qualifications GB Limited

Pauline Brimson, BR, EGB                               Margaret Linington-Payne, BHS
Coaching Lead for British Reining                      Coaching Lead for British Horse Society
and Endurance GB
                                                       Mary Worth, MGAGB
David Pettifor, BHA                                    Coaching Lead for Mounted Games
Coaching Lead for British                              Association of Great Britain
Horseball Association
                                                       Nicky Fuller, BS
Hilary Wakefield, TPC                                  Coaching Lead for British Showjumping
Coaching Lead for The Pony Club
                                                       Paul Graham, BE
                                                       Coaching Lead for British Eventing

                                    © Adam Fanthorpe
The World Class

The UK Sport-funded Equestrian World Class             The aim of the Programme is to have in place a
Programme supports a pathway to success for            sustainable system that can deliver more medals on
eventing, showjumping, dressage and para-equestrian    the international stage now and in the future. The
dressage athletes. The aim is to have in place a       Programme has been funded by the Department for
sustainable system that can deliver more medals on     Culture, Media and Sport, through Exchequer and
the international stage now and in the future.         National Lottery funds via UK Sport, since 1998.

The programme’s mission is to:                         Coaching is one area of support offered by the
                                                       Programme, aiming to provide support to both the
 Identify talent                                      riders and horses during squad sessions at the rider’s
                                                       yards. It also aims to develop elite-level coaches,
 Maximise potential
                                                       working in conjunction with the UKCC and UK Sport.
 Deliver success

The Plan comprises three programmes:

 World Class Performance

 World Class Development

 The Equine Pathway

The programmes work closely with the three British
Equestrian Federation Olympic Member Bodies: British
Dressage; British Eventing; and British Showjumping.
Their own training and competition programmes work
hand in hand with the programmes run within
World Class.

                                                       © Kit Houghton                     © Kit Houghton

                                                       © Kevin Sparrow

                                                                                  British Equestrian Federation  14/15
“A mediocre coach tells;
 A good coach explains;
 The great coach inspires.”
Author Unknown

“Coaching is an interactive process that
 helps individuals to develop more rapidly
 and produce more satisfying results.”
Author Unknown

                                               © Claridge, Chrisholm and Wigley
“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential
 to maximise their own performance.”           “You get the best effort from others, not by
Author Unknown                                  lighting a fire beneath them, but by building
                                                a fire within.”
“Coaching is a process that enables learning    Bob Nelson
 and development to occur and thus
 performance to improve.”                      “Things do not change; we change.”
Author Unknown
                                                Henry David Thoreau

“The test of a good coach is that when they
 leave, others will carry on successfully.”    “Do it right, leave it better, be a better
                                                person and help others to be the best they
Author Unknown
                                                can be…want a ‘leaderful’ team.”
                                                Kevin Bowring (Welsh rugby coach)

                                               “High-quality instruction, athlete
                                                empowerment, the creation of a supportive
                                                and challenging training environment, and
                                                the social well-being of athletes.”
                                                Peter Stanley (Jonathan Edwards’ coach)

                                               “Expect high standards from self and players,
                                                getting players to perform to their full
                                                potential. Train hard to achieve goals.
                                                Pressurise players to cope with the tough
                                                situations they face. Commit myself totally
                                                to players and my profession…a coach has
                                                only got so much energy to give. Because
                                                you’ve got to give everything, you make a
                                                total commitment in your energy.”
                                                NZ netball coach

                                               “My England team has a winning mentality.”
                                                Sir Clive Woodward

                                               “It’s horses for courses!”
                                                Sir Clive Woodward (said in respect of his team
                                                selection policies!)
British Equestrian Federation
                                                 Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth
                                                 Warwickshire CV8 2RH
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                                                 T +44 (0)2476 698871
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