Carnelian Gemstone: Properties, History And Its Uses

Carnelian Gemstone: Properties, History And Its Uses
Carnelian Gemstone: Properties, History And Its Uses

A silicon accumulation of the mineral 'Chalcedony', Carnelian gemstone is considered semi-precious and is identifiable
for its dark brown-red shade as a result of the visibility of iron oxide within its composition. The stone is mapped back
as a birth rock suggested for the zodiac signs Leo as well as Virgo. The stone predominates from the 'Quartz' family as
well as originally was called 'cornelian' due to its cherry red shade which was similar to the fruit 'cornel cherry'.

Geological History of the Carnelian Gemstone

 Back in the late centuries, this rock was discovered in the Bronze Age, so early that the time goes back till 1800 BC.
Even in India, you can discover carnelian digs up along with traces in Africa, Russia is found to be plentiful in
significant deposits.

Properties of the Carnelian Gemstone:

    The chemical as well as a physical property of 'Carnelian' distinguishes it from an additional natural diamond
    called 'sard' which is also found as mineral sediment of quartz, as well as is harder and tougher than the Carnelian.
    The stone was previously called 'Carnelian Agate' as well as is prominent in the form of crimson, dark brownish as
    well as white shades.
    Sporting a molar mass of around 60g/mol it protects a crystal system that comes under the group of the 'Trigonal'.
    It possesses a crack which is irregular, conchoidal as well as rugged. When determined on the Moh's Scale, the
    perseverance is gauged around 6-7 and also preserves a details gravity of concerning 2.69-2.61.
    This translucent gemstone undergoes synthetic home heating such that the color can be deepened for better
    commercial sales.

Folklore and Legends of the Carnelian Gemstone

    From last centuries this stone holds a primary value with respect to its historic misconceptions as well as ideas. It
    was the Egyptians who thought the rock to have recovery buildings, some which are experienced for zodiacs of Leo
    as well as Virgo.
    The therapeutic convictions talk about the rock being helpful for blood circulation and produce a favorable
    perspective towards life within a person.
    It is said to stop bleeding and treat wounds. The Greeks thought the rock to stop spirits as well as evil energy from
    affecting the user whereas the Asians belonging to Tibet as well as India dealt with the stone to be a lucky beauty
    which would bring fame, fortune as well as defense as its beauty.

Uses of the Carnelian Gemstone

The stone is famously utilized in fashion jewelry in the form of rings, armlets and necklaces, the rock can be used in any
form of jewelry as well as therefore has actually come to be commercially very popular amongst the masses. The very
factor that the Carnelian rock is considered spiritual because of its relevance for medical support also the high name it
holds for being a stone of appeal as well as beauty, its manufacturing has actually enhanced to a ten-fold, therefore,
advertising even more nations to remove this rock, among them being Madagascar which is an additional land of its

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