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Parksen is an easily adoptable Green, Smart and Connected City Platform that is accessible through a public
API and runs entirely on the existing Parksen Parking Cloud. By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, the IOTA
Tangle and our own PARQ utility tokens, we will offer a variety of solutions and smart contracts that will
directly benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders within urban metropolises and smaller cities.

We aim to use an open and universal ledger to record and map data that will give us a picture of major
chokepoints in urban areas. With that information we can continuously improve the flow of traffic and
decrease carbon monoxide emissions and congestion, while replacing and renewing outdated technology
and investing in smart parking solutions through IoT (Internet of Things) devices, green field appliances, a
real-time parking app and universal dashboards.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities    3

Table          1.	EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                  1.1 The Challenges Ahead

of Contents
                  1.2 Our Global Solution                                8
                  1.3 Stakeholders and Users                             10

               2. OUR HISTORY                                            12
                  2.1 A word from our CEO                                12
                  2.2 Parksen Parking App                                13
                  2.3 Parksen Parking Cloud                              14

               3. YOUR FUTURE	                                           15
                  3.1 Parksen Market Potential                           16
                  3.2 Parksen Global Expansion                           17
                  3.3 Parksen Features & Integrations                    21
                  3.4 Parksen Streams of Revenue                         22
                  3.5 Parksen Roadmap                                    23

               4.	THE PARQ TOKEN	                                        26
                  4.1 PARQ Token Functionality                           26
                  4.2 PARQ Token details                                 27
                  4.3 PARQ Token Distribution and Allocation             28
                  4.4 PARQ Charity and Smart City Project Budget         29
                  4.5 Why PARQ is a Utility Token and Not a Security     29

               5.	THE PARQ ICO                                           30
                  5.1 Pre-Sale Information                               30
                  5.2 Public Sale Information                            30
                  5.3 Use of Proceeds                                    31
                  5.4 Buyback tokens from exchanges                      31

               6.	THE PARKSEN TEAM                                       32

               7. CONCLUSION                                             37

               8. REFERENCES                                             38

               9. DISCLAIMER                                             39
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   4

1         EXECUTIVE

The Parksen Green, Smart and Connected          drivers are estimated at $33 billion. Their
City Platform has the power to revolutioni-     American counterparts spent 17 hours
ze urban infrastructure industries. To pro-     (nationwide average) per driver per year,
ve our solution works, we are first going to    which costs US citizens a total of $72.7 bil-
bring the desired and necessary innovation      lion annually.
to one of the most outdated industries out
there: Parking and Transportation.              These amounts get higher still. When we
                                                factor in parking fines and overpaying (ha-
Loss of Time and Money                          ving to pay for extra parking time), drivers
According to the 2017 The Impact of Par-        in the U.K. pay a whopping $44.2 billion
king Pain in the US, UK and German [1]          per year while Americans fork over a grand
INRIX research paper, drivers have to pay       total of $95.7 billion.
a substantial price (both economically and
emotionally) to find themselves available       Economic and Non-Economic Impact
and affordable parking spots.                   Aside from obvious economical problems,
The search itself costs citizens of the U.K.    the INRIX research also argues that the
44 hours (nationwide average) per driver        non-economic impact of searching for par-
per year. Combined, the yearly costs of all     king weighs heavily on drivers as well. From
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     5

getting into arguments with fellow drivers          asonable rates, drivers also end up paying
(32% of male drivers during 2016 in the             for hours of parking that they do not need.
U.S.) and feeling stressed (69% of female           Reasons for this include having to pay for a
drivers during 2016 in the U.K), to missing         minimum of two hours while only needing
appointments (40% of all participating dri-         30 minutes, for instance, or paying for ex-
vers in 2016).                                      tra hours out of fear for parking tickets.
To put it in perspective, let’s have a look at      On average, drivers in the U.S. overpay
some more numbers. Drivers in New York              for 13 hours per year while drivers in the
City spent an average of 107 hours (against         U.K. do the same for 45 hours. In the most
a nationwide average of 17) per driver per          extreme cases we’re looking at 96 hours
year looking for parking, and this costs            per year and $896 per driver in New York,
them $2,243 per driver per year. Wasting            against 67 hours per year and $539 per
time and fuel makes up the bigger part of           driver in London.
the cost for searching parking spots.               The INRIX research paper also specifies
Londoners end up driving around 67                  the biggest problems that drivers expe-
hours (against the national average of              rience while searching for parking spots,
44) per driver per year, which costs them           with congestion and delays being the most
$1,566 per driver per year. These are no            prominent. Parking availability, wasted se-
small amounts of money to waste just on             arch time, cost of parking and stress rela-
parking.                                            ted to parking make up for the most fru-
Because of outdated technology and unre-            strating aspects of their endeavors.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   6

Requested Solutions by Drivers                     Our platform will run on the Ethereum
The INRIX research states that some of the         blockchain because of the capability to
most desired features include real-time            host smart contracts, which will be an im-
parking availability, advanced parking re-         portant factor for Parksen. Those smart
servation, advanced payment and naviga-            contracts make it possible for us to draft
tion with parking. All of which are features       up immutable agreements between local
which will be a part of our Green, Smart           municipalities, companies and consumers.
and Connected City Platform.                       By including parking pricing lists within
Real-time availability and parking reser-          these smart contracts, we can guarantee
vation are most popular. With only 8% of           that, for the agreed upon time, drivers will
Americans using some sort of reservation           never pay more than what than what it
against 77% that would use such a more             states in the contract.
specific feature if it existed, only 15%           Our platform will run on the Ethereum
would never use it. Real-time parking avai-        blockchain and IOTA Tangle because of the
lability is being used by 7% of Americans          capability to host smart contracts and the
while 84% would use such a feature if they         ability to support a high amount of tran-
could, 9% would not.                               sactions, which will be an important factor
In summary, we’re looking at an extremely          for Parksen. Those smart contracts make
fertile and underdeveloped industry with           it possible for us to draft up immutable
a lot of areas that are ripe for immediate         agreements between local municipalities,
improvement. This includes, but is not li-         companies and consumers. By including
mited to, decreasing our carbon footprint,         parking pricing lists within these smart
utilizing IoT devices and offering a one-si-       contracts, we can guarantee that, for the
ze-fits-all cloud-based solution that can be       agreed upon time, drivers will never pay
easily adapted by cities, parking garages,         more than what than what it states in the
companies and individual consumers.                contract.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   7

1.1 The Challenges Ahead                          such as Internet of Things devices, univer-
LOSS OF TIME AND MONEY                            sal software systems and clear communi-
As mentioned in the introduction, the big-        cation directly contributes to an increase
gest problem for drivers right now lies           in congestion and driver frustration as well
in searching and overpaying for parking           as irregular pricing rates.
spots. Not knowing where they can find
available spots, the inability to select and      ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES
reserve them ahead of time and the stea-          According to a 2017 U.K. study titled
dy increase of inner-city congestion costs        Tackling Pollution and Congestion [2] by
a lot in terms of time and money.                 Professor David Begg and Claire Haigh,
                                                  congestion has been rising in all major
OUTDATED SYSTEMS                                  U.K. cities. When congestion occurs, tail-
A large and global problem is that cities,        pipe emissions are four times higher than
companies and garages alike use varying           when the traffic flows smoothly. Moreover,
software and hardware. Due to a lack of           congestion has been leading to a decrea-
cooperation between the different parties,        se in traffic speed which in turn leads to
many parking spots remain unused and              more emission and health issues. People
workload for developers, maintenance              in the U.K. are 64 times as likely to die of
personnel and administrators is unneces-          air pollution compared to Sweden and twi-
sarily high. The lack of modern equipment         ce as much as drivers in the U.S.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   8

DEPENDENCY                                        clude real-time information on traffic situa-
If you’re at a bar and forget to add more         tions, congestion and, most importantly,
coins to renew your parking session you’ll        a guidance system that helps drivers find
probably get a fine. Much like you will get       the closest and most affordable parking
charged extra for forgetting to turn off your     spots near them.
parking app. In the end, you’re wasting
money while it shouldn’t be something for         Further down the road, we’ll offer clear,
you to worry about. The system is set up to       universal API’s and dashboards for compa-
take as much of your money and time as            nies, parking garages, municipalities, main-
possible. We’re here to change that.              tenance workers, emergency services and
                                                  consumers. By offering everyone the same
1.2 Our Global Solution                           service, which runs entirely on the Parksen
GREEN, SMART & CONNECTED                          Parking Cloud, we ensure that all included
CITY PLATFORM                                     parties can cut out the middleman that
Our platform has been created with the            drives up their margins, thus guaranteeing
intention of dramatically improving outda-        reasonable and affordable rates across
ted and ancient city infrastructures. The         the board.
aim is to streamline day-to-day activities
for anyone who finds themselves in the            These API’s and dashboards will be con-
heart of busy cities. To prove beyond the         nected to a variety of smart city solutions
shadow of a doubt the necessity of our            which will focus and rely heavily on IoT in-
platform, we are going to put it to the test      tegrations and smart car technology. The
by tackling the problems of the Parking           collection of traffic related data will allow
and Transportation industry.                      our app and platform to provide our users
                                                  with a constant stream of accurate and
First, we will revamp and expand our Mi-          real-time situations in the streets, while
nimum Viable Product (MVP): the Parksen           local governments and municipalities can
Parking application. New features will in-        use the data to fight congestion on a more

The only limit to our realization
of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   9

fundamental level. Companies are already           PARQ to purchase software or hardware
investing heavily in IoT, and it will be a mat-    upgrades for their existing systems, but
ter of time [3] before every car becomes a         also licenses and other parking related
smart car, ready to connect to our Parksen         expenses from our partners.
Platform.                                          We have here a unique possibility to come
                                                   together and make greatness happen. By
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in          connecting cities all over the world and
order to stimulate constant development            having them operate under one universal
and innovation of our platform, we will of-        platform, we will be able to influence par-
fer a public API and release special SDKs          king prices and make sure that no spots
for all you developers out there to play           are wasted, while simultaneously comba-
around with.                                       ting congestion and harmful emissions.
                                                   Are you ready for the challenge and take
The Parksen Green, Smart & Connected               back the power into your own hands? We
City Platform will run exclusively on PARQ,        certainly are. Let’s build something great
our own Utility Token on the Ethereum              together and make our cities green again!
Blockchain. With these tokens you will be          If you’ve got the skills and desire to contri-
able to undertake several actions depen-           bute, we want to know about it. Keep an
ding on the kind of user that you are.             eye on our bounty program going forward
Drivers can use it to pay for parking, whi-        if you feel like you can add to the Parksen
le individuals or groups that offer parking        platform!
spots will be able to earn tokens and use
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   10

1.3 Stakeholders and Users

DRIVERS                                            PARKING SPOT OWNERS
Being the primary end-user of our app,             Whether you are part of a corporation
drivers are at the top of our list. We strive      that rents out parking spots to employe-
to make your parking experience so easy            es, a parking garage owner, a municipality
that you barely have to think about it. By         representative or simply an individual with
offering real-time information on availa-          extra spots: you will be able to manage
bility and price, you will be able to see in       your available parking spots through our
advance where there’s heavy congestion.            platform by means of an easy dashboard.
Thanks to countless future integrations            Add and remove available parking spots
with IoT and smart devices [4] you won’t           whenever you want and use the available
even have to worry about pressing a “stop”         data in the dashboard to analyze your
button when you’re finished parking, as it         busiest and least busy moments of the
will all be done for you. Forget about over-       day. Seeing a big drop in activity during
paying on parking and risking tickets – you        the hours of 2 and 4 PM? Advertise your
can just enjoy the activities of your day and      availability during those hours to optimize
leave the rest to us.                              your usage and profits.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities    11

One of the very best things about our pla-            Have you ever seen Steve Balmer’s in-
tform is that it’s globally adoptable and             famous “Developers, developers, deve-
made in such a way that it can be effort-             lopers!” video? Well, not unlike Steve, we
lessly integrated into your own systems.              absolutely love developers too. That’s why
That’s why local parking app providers can            our main API is entirely publicly available
integrate their own app, or use a white la-           for you to play around with.
bel version of the Parksen app and enjoy
all of our functionalities while customizing          In an effort to drive adoption of smart city
its design to their own taste.                        integration, our goal is to break through
                                                      the skillset inefficiencies of the average de-
                                                      veloper and general difficulty surrounding
                                                      API’s by supplying a simplified abstraction
                                                      layer API in a familiar and easy to use for-
                                                      mat. Developers familiar with existing RE-
SOFTWARE / HARDWARE PROVIDERS                         STful APIs will feel at home using the free
In order to create truly green and con-               SDK’s to interact with the Parksen network.
nected cities, we are looking to replace
as many old brownfield appliances with                The API and SDK suite will support the
modernized and green replacements. In                 same set of uniform core APIs in nearly all
order to do this, we want to connect pro-             of today’s most popular programming lan-
viders of such equipment with cities and              guages. Starting with Python,JS, .NET, C#,
companies. The goal here is to connect re-            Objective-C, Java, Node.Js, Go and PHP.
levant vendors with city councils, corpora-
te institutions and individuals that want to          API contributions, integrations with third
cater to the ever-growing world of smart              parties and industry-related decentrali-
parking.                                              zed applications will be rewarded throu-
                                                      gh a bounty program. Keep an eye out for
                                                      updated bounties on our website both du-
                                                      ring the ICO and after its conclusion.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     12

2           OUR
PARQ is a creation of Parksen Parking, whi-        “Now we are going to do the same on a global
ch a fully functional and tested parking app       scale. We will build the platform, integrate and
that has been operational in the Netherlands       incorporate smart IoT devices and continue
since 2015. Parksen was created and built al-      to develop our app according with the wishes
most entirely by our CEO Eddie Postma, who         of our users. Developers will be allowed to
has been active in the parking industry for ye-    contribute to our platform through an open
ars himself.                                       API and free SDKs. We are looking forward to
                                                   seeing all of your innovative creations!”
2.1 A word from our CEO
“Together with our real-time Parksen Parking       “Of course, we will not forget to reward our
app, the all new global Parksen platform will      enthusiastic community and developers. Do
allow us to create fight congestion in highly      you have a good idea or a solution that will
populated urban areas with the help of small,      enrich your town or city and makes your area
energy-efficient, smart and affordable IoT de-     better, more sustainable and a lot smarter?
vices.”                                            We want to know about it, and, if it fits within
                                                   our ecosystem and has the support of our
“Our app and platform have been tested in          community, we will implement it in our pla-
the Netherlands. My team and I have worked         tform.”
on digitizing small and big cities across the
country, while keeping in mind the need to         “Let’s get this show on the road!”
keep the cities efficient and green, so as to
not ruin all of the beautiful nature.”
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities      13

2.2 Parksen Parking App                              You can easily import existing and relevant
The Parksen app currently allows users to ea-        data and add it to the central system for re-
sily locate and reserve parking spots throu-         gistration and licensing. Additionally, you can
ghout the Netherlands. Because our app               add parking zones without as much as brea-
runs entirely on the cloud and is connected          king a sweat. You can complete the parking
to municipalities and garages through a va-          zone profiles by adding additional metadata
riety of APIs, users are always guaranteed to        such as location, status, price, timeslots, con-
receive real-time information on parking pos-        ditions and exceptions.
sibilities near them.                                You can also keep an eye on the status of
Something else that has already existed for          connected smart devices, sensors, parking
several years now is our dashboard for mu-           machines and access control systems. Than-
nicipalities, companies and parking garages.         ks to acquired real-time information you can
It maps how many cars have parked in your            easily optimize and improve your available
spots, predicts activity in the next hour / week     infrastructure. You can even purchase new
and provides you with analytical insights ba-        hardware directly though the dashboard.
sed on which you can optimize your spaces.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities    14

2.3 Parksen Parking Cloud                         Our universal solutions are made available
                                                  for all participating Dutch stakeholders and
From our previous experiences, we’ve seen         users. Everyone uses the same data, the
the downsides of having individual servers        same systems and the same databases. This
and databases. Keeping each of them upda-         way users do not have to suffer inconsisten-
ted with new data separately costs far too        cies and the stakeholders are always guaran-
much, not to mention the number of man-           teed to be up-to-date.
hours it takes developers and maintenance         The way our systems are set up will allow par-
personnel to update the systems. That is why      ticipants immediate access to all of the ne-
we decided to host our platform entirely in       eded information, without having to pay for
the cloud.                                        expensive hardware and individual software
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     15

3           YOUR

We strongly believe that, by working              on modern, urban areas that will benefit
together and putting faith in each other,         the most from green solutions, cost re-
the troubles of packed, smog-filled cities        ductions and infrastructural optimization.
will soon be behind us. Our community             All products will be made in such a way
will be spearheading a campaign that will         that they fit perfectly into the existing Par-
fight hard for greener cities and a better,       ksen ecosystem.
healthier future. A greener world starts          We’re living in an age of technological
with us, and with Parksen you can finally         wonders. Boundaries and limitations are
do something and be a part of the change          being pushed every day and everything is
that you seek in the world.                       evolving at the speed of light. Parksen is
The Parksen app, our Parksen Green,               here to make sure that the Parking and
Smart & Connected City Platform and all           Transportation industry evolves in a heal-
future Parksen product lines will focus           thy and progressive manner.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities    16

3.1 Parksen Market Potential
With over 700 million drivers worldwide,           What has happened over the last 3-5
the Parking and Transportation industry            years? Let’s take a look at what has chan-
generated an annual $25 billion in the             ged since then. A lot of local and some
United States and another $50 billion              international parking apps were deve-
in Western Europe, according to a 2013             loped, and even though it certainly was
Frost & Sullivan analysis [5]. The same            an important first step to offer real-time
document predicted that the industry               parking information, we’re still only at the
would flourish thanks to a variety of in-          beginning of actual change.
vestments of about $200 – $250 million
over the next 3 to 5 years.                        Why is everything moving so slowly? A
                                                   fair assessment would be to say that, in
These investments were meant to impact             part, the slow development is because
both on- and off-street parking, but go-           local governments and municipalities
vernments (on-street parking providers)            play a big part in the Parking and Tran-
and corporations (off-street parking pro-          sportation industry, and these guys have
viders) have been struggling to keep up            never been known for their speed. This
with the demand of consumers that are              would explain the emergence of so many
getting used to technologically innovative         peer-to-peer solutions, but we believe
creations.                                         that a true fix for environmental and
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities      17

infrastructural issues can only be achie-          Parksen is the connecting factor betwe-
ved by working together with corporate             en all stakeholders and users, adding a
institutions and government bodies.                very important pillar to green and smart
                                                   city solutions. Instead of battling along-
Simply put, industries and governments             side one-dimension apps, our platform
alike cannot afford to stay behind in this         will combine the best of all three worlds
age of technological development and               and create a global norm, a true Green,
disruption. Driven by political and socie-         Smart and Connected City Platform.
tal pressure [6], cities and companies are
being forced to look into long-term su-            3.2 Parksen
stainable solutions in order to drive back         Global Expansion
congestion and harmful emissions.                  Even though Parksen is currently located
                                                   in Amsterdam, and our new platform is
The rise of IoT technology has sped up             being developed here, we are primarily
the entire process significantly, now              focusing on English-speaking (specifically
more than ever are we able to gather               the United States and United Kingdom),
and distribute data that directly contri-          Russian and Asian markets first due to
bute to healthier city infrastructures. All        their high level of congestion, harmful
we need now is a platform that utilizes            emissions and high costs of driving. After
all of this data and uses it to improve our        which we will seek expansion towards
quality of life, which is exactly what Park-       Africa, the Middle East and South Ameri-
sen is creating.                                   ca.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities    18

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                            and heavy congestion, has been tied to
Losing an average of 107 hours per                  an increase in respiratory sickness like:
driver per year, citizens of Los Angeles            asthma and bronchitis among inhabitan-
scores highest in terms of congestion               ts of larger cities.
on the 2017 INRIX Global Traffic Score-
card [7]. New York City comes in on third           The possibilities for improvement throu-
place with 91 hours and drivers in San              gh our Green, Smart and Connected City
Francisco (5th) and Atlanta (10th) spend            Platform are enormous. Municipalities
79 and 70 hours respectively.                       are undertaking their own projects to
                                                    push back pollution and congestion as it
Driving in these cities costs its citizens          is, but they lack a unified effort. By offe-
a pretty penny as well, parking related             ring a universal solution, using our pla-
costs superseding car ownership. For                tform to connect municipalities to each
instance, in New York city, which is fa-            other and with interested third parties,
mous for unbelievably expensive parking,            we can start making a difference almost
drivers pay about $7,237 per year for               instantly.
car ownership and another $5,395 for
parking, but if we add indirect costs such
as congestion ($2,960) and parking pain             UNITED KINGDOM
($3,334) the total surges to a total annual         London also finds itself in the top 10
cost of driving of $18,926.                         of the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard.
                                                    Coming in at the 7th place, Londoners
A 2014 article posted on the Union of               spent an average of 74 hours per driver
Concerned Scientists [8] states that, in            per year in congestion. In fact, conge-
2013, transportation made up for more               stion has been steadily deteriorating and
than half of carbon monoxide and ni-                predictions made in the “Tackling Pol-
trogen oxides in the United States. Such            lution and Congestion” research paper
emission, often created by diesel cars              state that it will continue to get worse.

A city is not gauged by its length and width, but
by the broadness of its vision and the height of its
                                           Herb Caen
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     19

An interesting thing to note is that the           versal plan in place, which makes the UK
average traffic speeds are said to be              a perfect place to roll out our platform.
dropping each and every year. The ave-
rage driving speeds during morning                 RUSSIA
rush hour in London have fallen from 16            Moscow traffic is known for low speeds
km/h in 2006 to 12 km/h in 2016. Driving           and high congestion. On the INRIX Glo-
slower means more congestion, which in             bal Traffic Scorecard, it ranks 2nd place
turn means more pollution.                         with 91 hours per driver per year suffe-
                                                   ring from congestion. According to the
Pollution in the United Kingdom accoun-            TomTom Traffic Index, drivers in Moscow
ts for 40,000 to 50,000 deaths per year,           have to deal with 49 extra minutes in
and has been linked to cancer, strokes             travel time each and every day.
and asthma, to name a few. The costs of
these illnesses are estimated at approxi-
mately $28 billion. Shockingly, it is often        The Russian government has implemen-
those in poorest societal circles that end         ted a major Intelligent Transport System
up paying most.                                    (ITS) in 2014. This system included instal-
                                                   lation of over 7,000 sensors which were
The United Kingdom is in dire need of              placed on roadside posts and buildings
smart and green solutions to fight back            throughout Moscow. They are being
against deteriorating circumstances.               used to measure road traffic intensity,
Besides a few peer-to-peer parking apps            average speed and congestion. They also
and government actions, there’s no uni-            placed over 1,200 road security cameras
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     20

all over the city, which will warn drivers         SOUTH KOREA
about dangers and accidents, according             Seoul is a frontrunner in terms of al-
to a ITS International article [9] from            ternative solutions in the battle against
2015.                                              congestion and pollution. However,
                                                   rather than trying to “fix” traffic, they
Despite these actions, Moscow still deals          are attempting to change the commute
with incredibly high congestion and slow           behavior of their citizens, investing hea-
traffic speeds. The Russian Federation is          vily in public transportation optimization
the only large emitter that hasn’t ratified        [11] by using smart sensors, which col-
the Paris Agreement [10] , opting to go            lect data that is then broadcasted to the
for a national strategy instead.                   public through roadside signs.
                                                   The wider Seoul Capital Area is home to
While it might prove challenging to enter          over 25 million people, which makes up
the Russian market due to their skeptical          for almost half of South Korea’s popula-
attitude towards foreign involvement in            tion. In order to keep up with an incre-
governmental issues, they would surely             asing population, the city has no other
stand to benefit from universal solutions.         option than to proactively prepare.
Given the technical nature of the Fede-
ration, they would be very open to IoT in-         The technical nature of the country,
tegrations and blockchain technologies,            paired with the governmental desire to
especially considering the amount of               make sustainable and green changes,
data they are currently collecting through         makes Seoul a perfect target for our
their ITS implementation.                          platform.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities       21

3.3 Parksen Features                               lection will directly improve the stability
& Integrations                                     and accuracy of the system. Doing so will
                                                   earn you PARQ tokens, the amount will
REGISTERING &                                      be based on the completeness of your
OFFERING PARKING SPOTS                             information as well as on the number of
Anyone in possession of a parking spot             parking spots you’ve added to our sy-
can use the Parksen platform to make it            stems.
available for other drivers. Do you have
a free spot in front or inside of your             INCORPORATING SMART, IoT & GREEN
apartment building? Rent it out to your            DEVICES
fellow commuters! Thanks to our smart              If you own a garage or simply an indivi-
contracts you can rent out your spots              dual parking spot and feel like you can
and earn PARQ Utility Tokens. The Park-            make it smarter or greener, our partners
sen Platform will claim a commission of            are here to help you out. By purchasing
5-10% for facilitating services.                   supporting equipment, you will directly
                                                   contribute to cleaner and smarter cities,
LOCATING & MAPPING PARKING                         and, because you do, we will reimburse
SPOTS                                              a part of the price in PARQ tokens after
If you are the owner of, or know of any            you’ve installed them and added the
unused, parking spots, please let us               information to your parking spot profile.
know! Contributing to our metadata col-            Go green!
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   22

REVIEWS, SURVEYS & DATA SHARING                     ded with a modest amount of PARQ
Data makes the world spin, and it will              tokens, how much exactly will depend on
most certainly help us continuously im-             a few factors such as accuracy, volume
prove our platform and ensure you have              and usefulness. In the future you will find
the best possible experience. We will               more detailed information on this system
never sell your data to third parties, it will      on the PARQ website.
only be used to improve the quality of
our platform and parking app.                       3.4 Parksen Collaborations
Much like with Uber, we will ask you to
leave reviews and remarks every time                IOTA
you use one of the parking spots that is            IOTA is a permissionless distributed
being offered through Parksen. How was              ledger, designed for a new economy that
the accessibility? What were the condi-             thrives on sharing and machine-to-ma-
tions of available hardware? Of course,             chine transactions. It has been designed
we will also ask you to rate the drivers.           to power the future of Internet of Things
Did they leave your spot the same shape             with feeless microtransactions and data
they found it in? Let us and your fellow            integrity for machines.
users know!                                         Seeing how mainstream adaption has
Alternatively, we will also ask you to fill         put strain on the processing speed of
out surveys so we can stay on top of                transactions on traditional blockchain
what you, as a user, find most important.           networks, IOTA created the Tangle. The
We want to be able to build the platform            Tangle, IOTA’s distributed ledger, does
that you would actually love to use, and            not consist of transactions grouped into
to do this properly we need as much of              blocks that are stored in a chain, but ra-
your feedback and input as possible.                ther of a stream of individual transaction
Finally, we will ask you to share with us           entangled together.
data that includes but is not limited to            IOTA offers a secure, scalable and feeless
parking duration, average search time,              transaction settlement layer, which takes
price ranges and the like. Help us provi-           the power away from powerful miners
de you with the service you expect.                 that have gotten rich off mining fees.
All data-related requests will be rewar-            With the Tangle, IOTA will power machi-
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     23

nes and humans alike in new permission-            on every parking action depending on
less economies, most important of which            the local prices and systems – this will
being the Machine Economy.                         be our main source of income during
All in all, Parksen believes that IOTA is          the first stages. Later on, by offering
doing an exceptionally important job in            equipment and services for municipali-
this industry. They offer high scalability,        ties, companies and individual users for
devices with low resource requirements,            a lower-than-market price, we will also
zero-fee transactions, secure data tran-           claim a commission fee for any and all
sfer, offline transactions and signatures          purchases made at one of our partners.
that make IOTA resilient to the next               Finally, at a future stage, we also want to
generation of computing. We envision               work closely with maintenance and re-
strong collaboration during the develop-           pair companies. Connecting the perfect
ment and placements of the Parksen IoT             firm to one of our clients will also include
devices that will power our Green, Smart           a small commission fee.
and Connected City Platform.                       Adoption and usage of our Platform by
                                                   cities will be free of charge in order to
3.5 Parksen Streams                                stimulate the growth and health of our
of Revenue                                         eco-system. Potential partnerships with
Parking providers currently earn money             automotive- and city-development in-
through commission, as they kickback               dustries are subject to individual pricing
almost all of the money paid by a driver           depending on the scope of the coopera-
for a municipal- or parking garage-ow-             tion.
ned spot to the respective owner of that
Parksen will operate under this same
principle, earning between 5% and 10%
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities    24

       3.5 Parksen Roadmap

       Development of the Parksen Cloud and Parking App
2016   The parking app was developed and connected to 113 cities in the Netherlands,
       including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

       Beta Testing of Parksen Cloud and Parking App
       We tested the app with thousands of end-users and municipalities across the

       First Round of Private Funding from Dutch Government & Investors
2016   We received funding to develop a nationwide platform with support from both
       angel investors and the local governments.

       Alpha Launch of Parksen Cloud and Parking App in the Netherlands
 Q1    Parksen app became available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for
2017   end-users in the Netherlands.

       Started Research for Green, Smart & Connected City Platform
       Given immediate success, we started conceptualizing the Green, Smart & Con-
 Q1    nected City Platform and dove into Market Research for global expansion. Idea for
2017   ICO took form and the company started preparation.

       Hired Additional Team Members Towards ICO
2017   Localized and recruited specialists to aid and assist us with ICO preparation.

       ICO Prep, Website, Smart Contract and Whitepaper Development
       With a complete team, we continued our ICO preparation, drafted our first official
       whitepaper and built the ICO website. We have also started the development of
       the first few Smart Contracts for parking prices and actions.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities       25

 Q2    Start of the Pre-Sale and Public Sale
2018   Interested parties are able to participate in our Pre- and Public ICO Sale.

 Q4    Setting Up Offices and Expanding Teams for Global Expansion
2018   Targeting the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia for our first round of Global Expansion,
       locating new offices, expanding our teams and conducting further market research.

       Start Development of IoT Devices for Smart Parking Solutions
 Q4    Collaborating with third parties and partners towards the creation of innovative IoT
       devices, which will be integrated in participating cities and connected to our pla-

       Start Development of Beta Parksen City Platform
2019   Creation of (micro)APIs and integrating them with Parksen Cloud for easy imple-
       mentation in our Selected Test Cities, localizing app and services in 5+ different
       languages. Mapping of parking zones, environmental issues and outdated systems.

       Launch Beta of Parksen City Platform
       Selected Test Cities get full access to the Beta of our Green, Smart & Connected City
       Platform. Extensive testing will follow thanks to close cooperation with local munici-
       palities and end-users. Collecting data, identifying areas of improvement and gathe-
       ring community feedback.

       Final Product Launch in Selected Cities
       Rolling out the end-product in all of the selected Test Cities after improvements.
2020   Continuing to gather data and feedback from the communities and municipalities to
       ensure a healthy growth of our Platform and Ecosystem.

       Global Release of Green, Smart & Connected City Platform
       After extensive testing, our Platform and app will be rolled out globally and be made
       available to all participating cities and their citizens. During this stage we will conti-
       nue to work on the platform based on feedback from different markets. We will rely
       heavily on community input to make sure that our product works the way that it
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   26

4             THE
              PARQ TOKEN
In order to make sure our community and the
participating municipalities have the freedom       4.1 PARQ Token Functionality
to grow strong and stable, we have decided          We are issuing PARQ Utility Tokens for several
to issue a total of PARQ utility      reasons:
tokens. After careful consideration we believe
that this will allow us to focus on the long-term    To raise funds for the long term-deve-
goals of our platform.                               lopment of our Green, Smart & Con-
By managing our distribution properly, we            nected City Platform
ensure the potency of our ecosystem as well
as the health of our community. With this in         To serve as go-to payment method
mind, during the pre-sale we will accept pur-        within the Parksen app and platform
chases for a minimum of 0.1 ETH. During the          for all stakeholders and end-users.
public sale there will not be a minimum contri-
bution, we would love to offer even the smal-       Our PARQ Utility Tokens are ERC20 compati-
lest of investors a fair chance of getting on our   ble, built on the Ethereum blockchain and are
platform                                            thus suited for many wallets and, most impor-
PARQ tokens can be bought with FIAT curren-         tantly, for smart contracts.
cy, Paypal, Credit cards and the following cryp-
tocurrency: ETH, BTC. All purchased PARQ will
be transferred to the wallets of ICO participan-
ts after the ICO, KYC and audit have conclu-
4.2 PARQ Token details

City life is stressful.
Everybody is running
around like crazy,
stuck in traffic jams        Total tokens             Ticker
trying to make
meetings, trying to
make ends meet,
trying to meet
deadlines, trying to          ERC20               None
get kids to and from            Type              Inflation

activities. There
aren’t enough hours
in the day for all this
                          01 – 06 - 2018          1 year
                           Token sale start      Sale length
Rebecca Pidgeon

                              $ 0,10          $ 19.500.000
                           Token Base Price       Hard Cap
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities         28

4.3 PARQ Token Distribution and Allocation

                                                                          Total Tokens
        Total Tokens                  Amount of total
         Charity                            1%                            10.000.000
   Bounties / Referrals                     2%                            20.000.000
 Airdrop & Hodlers reward                   5%                            50.000.000
       Private Sale                         3%                            30.000.000
  Business Development                      4%                            40.000.000
          Team                              5%                            50.000.000
       Pre-ICO sale                         5%                            50.000.000
      Public ICO sale                       20%                          100.000.000
      Development                           15%                          150.000.000
        Marketing                           20%                          200.000.000
    Smart City Projects                     20%                          200.000.000

                                                                   1% Charity

                                                                   2% Bounties

                                                                   5% Airdrop & Hodlers reward

                                                                   3% Private sale

                                                                   4% Business Development
                    PARQ Token
                 Distribution and
                                                                   5% Parksen Team
                                                                   5% Pre-ICO sale

                                                                   20% ICO sale

                                                                   15% Development

                                                                   20% Marketing

                                                                   20% Smart City Project Budget
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities   29

4.4 PARQ Charity and                               willing to give enthusiastic participants a
Smart City Project Budget                          helping hand towards realizing our goals.

To keep in line with our green, smart and          4.5 Why PARQ is a Utility Token and
connected ambitions, we will be setting            Not a Security
aside a fund for charitable organizations
that we feel fit well with our own identity.       Globally, tokens are considered either to
Originally, we will keep 10.000.000 PARQ           be utility or security. As the name sugge-
utility tokens stored for this purpose alo-        sts, utility tokens are tokens which have an
ne.                                                underlying utility function within the pla-
We will also hold onto 200.000.000 PARQ            tform or product, whereas security tokens
utility tokens for our smart city project bu-      are solely used as a fundraising and tra-
dget. These funds are going to be made             ding currency.
available for cities that are interested to        As this whitepaper has properly proven,
implement the Parksen platform but who             PARQ is a utility token. End-users engage
do not possess the immediate funding to            in transactions with other end-users and
acquire necessary equipment. Additional-           can either spend or earn PARQ through
ly, we aim to support innovative blockchain        several actions within both the Parksen
developments and projects that could lead          Parking app and the Parksen Green, Smart
to strategic partnerships.                         and Connected City Platform. PARQ is, in
We are very serious about turning the wor-         other words, a consumable resource that
ld into a better place, and we are equally         forms a red line within all of our products.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities       30

5          THE
           PARQ ICO
As illustrated in the PARQ Utility Token
Distribution and Allocation chapter, we
                                                 The pre-sale will begin on 01–06–2018
                                                 and end when the tokens are sold out.
are making a total of 25% available for          The public sale will begin after all pre-sale
the community and for angel investors            tokens have been sold.
by means of a token sale. The token sale
will be divided between a pre-sale and a         5.2 Public Sale Information
public sale.                                     During our public sale we will sell
                                                 200.000.000 available PARQ tokens.
5.1 Pre-Sale Information                         Investors will be able to buy our tokens
A limited amount of people will be invited       against a 20% discount at $0,08. The pu-
to participate in the exclusive first round      blic sale will run for a full year or until all of
of our ICO. We want to reward early adap-        the tokens have sold out.
tors and enthusiasts accordingly by giving       All unused tokens at the end of our run
them early access and softer prices. We          will be burned.
will make 5% of all tokens available for the
pre-sale, which will sell at a 30% discount      The specific details of all our sales are
at $0,07. Minimum contributions during           found below.
the pre-sale is 0.1 ETH.

        sale                    start                   tokens                     price

    PRE-SALE                01 – 06 - 2018          50.000.000           $0,07 (30% discount)
   PUBLIC SALE             AFTER PRE-SALE           200.000.000          $0,08 (20% discount)
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     31

                                                   our team and move to new locations in
5.3    Use of Proceeds                             order to reach global markets. The rest
All of the raised funds will be used               of the funds will be used for Research
towards the realization of Parksen Green,          and Development of our Platform and for
Smart and Connected City Platform. In the          enthusiastic future city participants.
early stages, this means we will expand

                                                                    10% Business Development
                                                                    15% Global Expansion
                    of Proceeds
                                                                    30% Marketing

                                                                    45% Research & Development

5.4	Buyback tokens from exchanges                  ning tokens. This will also provide PARQ
Parksen will use up to 10% of its yearly           investors with a larger ROI and raise the
profit to buy tokens back from exchanges.          token price if the same price-to-earnings
By doing this it will reduce the amount of         (P/E) ration is maintained.
tokens available of exchanges, with the
result of increasing the value of the remai-
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     32

      Eddie Postma
      CEO & Founder
      As a veteran project manager and fearless internet entrepre-
      neur, Eddie Postma has been building and maintaining enterpri-
      ses for nearly three decades. With experiences varying from onli-
      ne magazines and video production companies to the Parksen
      Parking app, Eddie tackles each of his projects with unlimited
      energy and dedication.

      Paul Heath
      Chief Security Officer
      Our very own Certified Ethical Hacker, Paul Heath, worked for
      the Dutch Ministry of Justice as a Migration Specialist before
      becoming a Senior Developer at the Ministry of Defense. From
      there he moved on to the Parking industry and Amsterdam mu-
      nicipality as a Senior Technical Consultant, before finally landing
      at KPN as a Solutions Architect.

      Fokko van den Bosch
       IT Architect
      A city is only as good as its infrastructure, much like every ap-
      plication or platform, and that’s why we’re happy to have Fokko
      in our corner. With more than a decade of experience as an IT
      Architect, our platform and the backend modules could not be in
      better hands. He has been putting his talents to the test for one
      of the largest Dutch telecom companies KPN.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities         33

Arjan Douwes
Senior Developer
Arjan is our All-Star developer, which isn’t that surprising considering his
lengthy resume which includes several gigs at Parking Providers, Airports
and a whopping six years tenure where he worked on a Parking Platform
for the city of Amsterdam. He is a highly skilled developer who loves to
keep up with the latest technological innovations.

Senior Developer
An exceptionally experienced Azure Solution Architect and Developer
from Italy, Massimo joined Parksen to assist in the creation of our Smart,
Green and Connected City Platform. His experience as Senior Software
Developer at a rivaling parking app makes him a perfect fit, and so does
his experience working on blockchain and smart contract development.

Professor Joost Platje
Global Sustainability Strategist
Joost is a renowned professor of Economics and researcher who is cur-
rently teaching at the WSB University in Wroclaw, Poland. He has done
extensive research on sustainable transport and has written several
in-depth reports, which can be found on his own website.

Roy van Pamelen
Urban Development Specialist
As our very own City Planning Expert, Roy is quite literally the man with
the plan, if you will. For over a good decade, he has been involved with
numerous sustainable and urban renewal projects in the Netherlands.
Driven by the desire to bring green solutions to large cities, he is a crucial
part of our team.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities         34

Tanna Heath
Risk Assessment Manager
Tanna is the angel watching over our collective shoulders. The Dutch govern-
ment is very lucky to able to say that she has been working for the Ministry of
Justice and Safety for over a decade now, and so are we. Tanna was also active
for the first Dutch internet provider, XS4ALL, for over 3 years as a Project
Support Officer.

Cor Alberts
Legal Counsel
Specialized in corporate law, Cor Alberts has been at the helm of his own
company Legal Today for over 8 years. Providing a wide spectrum of legal
advice, his company focuses primarily on counseling companies that
generate sustainable energy, which ties in perfectly with our own green

Maarten Voskuil
Legal Counsel for Consumer Privacy
Privacy is a very important part of what we’re trying to do, managing data
is a tricky thing. Thankfully we have Maarten at our side to keep us on the
right path. He has a strong background in all things IT and advises several
boards on related legal matters.

Wilhelm Roth
Marketing & Communications Manager
In 2014 Wilhelm founded WTR Strategic Consultancy, a company speciali-
zed in European legislation. Constantly stimulated by political and econo-
mic development, he quickly turned into one of Europe’s top Instagram
pundits. His background makes him one of the sharpest tools in our
modest shed, which incidentally makes him the perfect Marketing & Com-
munications manager.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities         35

Jan Heemskerk
Content Manager
Born into a family of journalists and writers, Jan could not escape his calling
for long. After a brief Marketing education, he moved on to Journalism and
joined the Dutch newspaper Volksrant in 2013. Two years later, he decided
to switch it up and became a part of a daring Fintech startup called bunq.
His newfound love and enthusiasm for tech finally led him to us.

Marc Garcia Abellan
Community & Social Media Manager
Born in Spain, Marc swapped the sunny sky of Barcelona for the Amster-
dam climate to help us develop and manage Social Media Content, while
also creating interactive and engaging relationships with our users and
partners. Having started out in the Hospitality industry, Marc made his way
here through a Community Management job for Dutch Fintech bunq.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     36

      Simon Cocking
      Being an established journalist and having founded several suc-
      cessful companies, Simon’s vast experience as an entrepreneur
      and writer is undeniable. A winner of 2016 Littlewoods Best Ire-
      land Blog for Digital & Tech, he currently works as Editor in Chief
      of Irish Tech News – which has been called Ireland’s answer to
      TechCrunch. Over the years, he’s built an impressive network
      and is now well known as one of the most influential ICO advi-

      Jason Hung
      Jason Hung is a veteran entrepreneur who has lent his ears and
      offered advice to over 35 different ICOs. This has earned him the
      reputation of being one of the most respected advisors in the
      industry. Jason has invested in blockchain ecosystems, AI, digital
      marketing and mobile businesses. Being a co-founder of several
      companies, Jason has over 20 years of experience managing RD,
      IT, Sales and Consultancy Services.

      Dennis Schouten
      Dennis is an experienced IoT member with a proven record of
      working within the computer software industry as a (freelance)
      consultant. Currently, he holds a seat on the steering committee
      of the IOTA Evangelist Network and is one of its driving forces in
      the Netherlands. We hope to see Dennis play an instrumental
      role within our research and development of IoT devices and
      smart city development.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities     37

Nick Reineman
When first entering the startup industry, Nick had one very clear
goal in mind: to add all of the startup founders and CEOs to his
ever-growing network of serious entrepreneurs. To facilitate
this growth in his personal circles, he founded the Startup Boot
(a boat that hosts events for startups and tech-savvy entrepre-
neurs). Since then, Nick has created a network with over 7300
people, and that number is steadily rising.

Richard Krawczyk
Richard Krawczyk is a former investment banker who now is
Editor in Chief of The ICO World, one of the largest ICO websites,
and he sits among the top 1% of social media influencers in the
industry. Richard assists ICOs with their initial and post-ICO mar-
keting, and with making sure that the organization is following
the most recent regulations as defined by the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission.

Mohamed Roushdy
Being a true industry veteran, Mohamed has over 22 years of
extensive experience as a Chief Information Officer within the
Fintech and IT industries. As an advisor and avid blockchain
enthusiast, he assists businesses with optimizing bottom-line
productivity and helps them achieve their goals.
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities      38


     Our Green, Smart and Connected         cipalities. By involving them in the
     City Platform will help cities all     ever-changing landscape of tech-
     across the world step into the         nology, the transition into every-
     future by investing in sustainable     day-use will go a lot smoother.
     and green solutions, fighting          It is our duty as citizens of the
     against pollution, extortion and       world to work together against
     waste of time and resources.           the deterioration of our planet. By
     As our platform and community          embracing new technologies and,
     grows, we will be able to put pres-    perhaps more importantly, ta-
     sure on organizations that have        king away the stress that current
     stood in the way of innovation.        solutions still cause, we will not
     We might be focusing on parking        only create a cleaner future for
     now, but there are many aspects        the next generations, we will also
     of urban life that are ready for im-   undo some of the damages cau-
     provement.                             sed by those who came before us.
     This is a long-term project, and       This is Parksen’s mission, and we
     we are well aware that it requires     are confident that, together with
     the real world to catch up with        our community, we will be able to
     blockchain, crypto and Internet of     make an actual difference. We’re
     Things (IoT). Mass adoption is re-     going to take the world by storm,
     quired, which is why we are invol-     will you be a part of it?
     ving the governments and muni-
Creating Green, Smart & Connected Cities                    39

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This whitepaper has been written with the sole purpose of informing readers about
Parksen as a business and our Ethereum-based PARQ token.

In this white paper we will go into the future of Parksen as a business and our
Ethereum-based PARQ token, and as such we make several predictions based on a
fair number of variables. Given that many things can change over time, none of the
statements should be considered guarantees or promises of future performance.

The information in this document is subject to change or update without notice.
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