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DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear

DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
      NICI WA                            WATER RESOURCES


    EAR                                  MAINTENANCE

     B                     T             LAKE OPERATIONS
          E S T. 1 9 6 4

  The mission of the Big Bear Municipal
  Water District is to maintain Big Bear
  Lake for recreation and wildlife.
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
Welcome to Big Bear Lake
                We welcome you to Southern Calilfonria's favorite
     aquatic playground. It's here where you can leave everything
  behind and soak up all the pleasures Big Bear Lake has to offer.
  There's an abundance of recreation choices in spring, summer
   and fall on our lake that stretches seven miles long and offers
 over 22 miles of shoreline. Spend a day on a boat, or explore the
coves in a kayak or SUP, or cut the wakes on a wakeboard. If fish-
ing is your thing, Big Bear Lake is your spot! Whether you choose
    to fish from the shoreline or troll from a boat, there's an array
   of different freshwater species to reel in from rainbow trout to
                      bluegill to smallmouth and largemouth bass.
  As you thumb through this guidebook, you'll discover a wide
  range of information related to Big Bear Lake from our public
    boat launch ramps to lake regulations to safety tips. Please
enjoy your time on Big Bear Lake safely. For further information
      visit us online at bbmwd.com or follow us on Facebook.
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
Though we did not get a full lake from this winter’s storms, we will have a                       2020 BBMWD
great year nonetheless! The East Public Launch Ramp will be open through-                        Board of Directors
out this summer season. The fishing budget this year significantly increased,
which practically guarantees you’ll reel in some big ones!

We have grown so much as a District over the past couple years and we are
going to continue with that momentum to get our fish Hatchery built and
the Lake ready for our users. The hatchery project is the most exciting proj-
ect to date that I’ve been involved with. If our budgetary perimeters for the
hatchery are met, we may be able to break ground this year. If completed, it                              Bob Ludeke
will be the most sophisticated Hatchery in the world, that is, until the next                              Division 1
one is built.

The Quagga/Zebra Mussel Prevention Program is in full effect to keep
aquatic invasive species out of Big Bear Lake, so to save time, please arrive
clean, drained, and dry and remember to get a “band” attached to your ves-
sel and trailer when leaving the launch ramp. Our Lake Patrol and Ramp
Attendants will be ready when you arrive to help you take care of any issues
                                                                                                          Larry Cooke
you may have on the Lake.                                                                                   Director
                                                                                                           Division 2

The Replenish Big Bear water reclamation project is also moving ahead and
designs and environmental work is nearing completion. We also welcome
our newest Board Member, Mr. Tom Bradford, who is a driving force on
improving fish habitat and a strong supporter of the hatchery project.

The winter of 2019-2020 brought little precipitation. The Lake reached its
lowest point on November 28, 2019 at 12.15 feet below full. At the time of
                                                                                                        Charlie Brewster
publication the Lake was at 9.58 feet below full. We are looking forward to                                President
                                                                                                           Division 3
an exciting and safe year on the water. Please join us on our beautiful gem,
Big Bear Lake.

My door is always open. See ya soon!
Mike Stephenson

                                           Big Bear Municipal Water District
       NICI WA                                    Lake Management                                        John Eminger
                                                                                                         Vice President


                                                                                                           Division 4


                                          General Manager: Mike Stephenson
                                          Facilities Manager: Tim Bowman
           E S T. 1 9 6 4

                                          Lake Operations Supervisor: Ricky Seward

 P.O. Box 2863                                 Business Office Hours       Phone: 909-866-5796
 405234 Lakeview Dr.                            8:00 AM - 4:30 PM            Fax: 909-866-6485
                                                                                                         Tom Bradford
 Big Bear Lake, CA 92315                         Monday - Friday            Online: bbmwd.com              Director
                                                                                                           Division 5

                                          Mountain Waters Dispatch     4         Spring / Summer 2020
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
 6 Public Launch Ramps & Procedures
 7 Lake Use Permits & Fees
 8 Keep Invasive Species at Bay
10 Low Lake Hazards Map
11 Rules & Regulations
12 Recreation on the Lake
13 California Boater Card                                                                                           7
14 Trout Trolling Tips
16 Big Bear Lake Map
18 Gamefish Chart & Fishing Limits
19 Protect Our Feathered Friends
20 Life Jacket Guide & Loaner Program
22 Be a Safe & Responsible Boater
23 Prep for Cold Water Temps & Stay Off Lake Ice                                                               12
24 Water Quality & Fish Habitats
25 Help Keep Our Lake Clean
26 Hiking Map with Trail Descriptions
28 Water Distribution Map
30 2020 Big Bear Lake Events
32 Facilities / Rentals / Recreation Directory & Guide
     © Big Bear Municipal Water District / All rights reserved. Permission to use or produce material herein
     must be with express written consent of Big Bear Municipal Water District.
     Produced and designed by Dan McKernan / Big Bear Guide - dan@bigbearguide.com.
                         Mountain Waters Dispatch                          5              Spring / Summer 2020
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
                     EAST RAMP     WEST RAMP
                           Carol Morrison Launch Ramp                                                    Duane Boyer Launch Ramp
                          41911 North Shore Dr. (Hwy. 38)                                              38925 North Shore Dr. (Hwy. 38)
                         (1/4 mile west of Stanfield Cutoff)                                           (About 2 miles east of the Dam)
            HOURS OF OPERATION                                                                HOURS OF OPERATION
              Affected by Covid-19                                                             Affected by Covid-19
 Early Season: May 1 - May 22, 7am - 3pm, DAILY
 Peak Season: May 23 - Sept. 7, 6am - 6pm, Su-Thu                                       CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
 				                           6am - 7pm, Fri-Sat
 Late Season: Sept. 8 - Nov 30, 7am - 3pm, DAILY
 Winter Season: Dec. 1 - Mar 31, CLOSED

    Launching Procedures                                                     • Use two people to launch whenever possible. One to operate the
                                                                               vessel and one to drive the tow vehicle.
• All vessels must arrive to Big Bear Lake CLEAN, DRAINED,                   • Leave the winch strap connected until the vessel is in the water
  and DRY. No exceptions!                                                      and operational. Put the boat in deep enough to start the motor
                                                                               but not deep enough to float off the trailer. Start the motor. Once
• All vessels (motorized and non-motorized) must be inspected by               motor is running, unhook winch strap and back the trailer in
  WIT I certified staff prior to launching.                                    deep enough to float the boat.
• Check your boat before coming to the ramp. Every season,                   • Once the boat is in the water, have your partner move it away
  especially at the beginning of the season, boaters have mechan-              from the dock to await your return from parking the vehicle.
  ical issues with poorly running engines, worn impellers, dead                Your partner can motor around outside the courtesy dock areas
  batteries, broken shift cables, etc. and end up not being able to            and re-approach to pick you up.
  launch. Service your engine before coming to the ramp. When
  possible, run your engines at home to ensure everything is work-           • Never block the ramp with an unattended vessel or vehicle.
  ing properly and then drain it. Charge your batteries as they have           Whether launching or retrieving, the launch protocol remains
  a tendency to discharge over time.                                           the same. Do not cut in front of others who have waited in line.
                                                                               Always adhere to staff directions, at times they may be able to
• Put fresh fuel in your boat! And no, your fuel gauge doesn’t work            launch you before someone else depending on the circumstances
  properly. I can’t tell you how many boats are towed in where the             at the ramp line.
  operator says, “but my gas gauge says half a tank!!”
                                                                             • Never park your boat on the inside of courtesy dock fingers. This
• Don’t “roll the dice” and launch a poorly running vessel. While              tends to block those trying to launch or retrieve their vessel. Al-
  Lake Patrol may tow you in if they are available, this is not their          ways park your vessel on the outside of the courtesy dock fingers.
  primary responsibility and it could take a while on a busy day, or
  early or late season evening.                                              • When retrieving, do not pull your vessel into the launch ramp
                                                                               until the towing vehicle is at the ramp. The line is formed by
• Learn how to back your trailer before coming to the ramp. Good               vehicles with trailers, not by vessels in the water. Drop off the
  places to practice are large parking lots after close of business. A         vehicle driver and wait offshore and clear of the ramp until they
  busy holiday weekend is not the time to try this for the first time.         arrive with the trailer.
• Once at the ramp, prepare your vessel for launching well away              • Ramp Attendants are designated Lake Ranges and Lake Patrol
  from the ramp. Load boat with food, water skis, tubes, fishing               Officers are peace officers under California law. Lake regulations
  gear, etc. in the parking lot before you back onto the ramp. The             are designed for your safety and that of others. Failure to follow
  busy ramp is not the place to take everything out of your vehicle            the instructions of District personnel could result in revocation
  and put it into your boat while others wait on you!                          of your Lake Use Permit.
• Unhook tie down straps and put in the bilge plug in the parking            • A little common sense, patience, and consideration for others
  lot, not on the ramp while others are waiting.                               will go a long way to ensuring a pleasant and safe day on the lake
                                                                               for all!

                             Mountain Waters Dispatch                    6            Spring / Summer 2020
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
Lake Use Permit on Big Bear Lake

 Permit Fees for 2020
REGISTERED VESSELS: Motorized vessels up to 26 feet, sailboats over 8 feet in length, powerboats, jet
skis & personal watercraft.
 Seasonal Permit                                                 Daily Permit Rates
 Note: The amount of a single day permit may be                  Note: Consecutive days must be purchased during
 applied toward the purchase of a seasonal permit.               a single transaction
 Lake Use Permit:             $110.00 Lake Use Fee                         Fees               Quagga                        TOTAL

 		                           +$10.00 Quagga Prevention          1 Day:    $25.00          $10.00 = $35.00 $25.00

 			 _______ Program Surcharg 		                                 2 Day:    $45.00          $10.00 = $55.00 $45.00
 			 $120.00                                                     3 Day:    $65.00          $10.00 = $75.00 $65.00
 *REVISED 2020 AMOUNT=             $110.00                       4 Day:    $85.00          $10.00 = $85.00 $85.00
*Quagga Prevention Program Surcharge is waived for California registered vessels when grant reimbursement is received.

NON-REGISTERED VESSELS: Non-Motorized vessels and sailboats 8 feet or less in length, kayaks,
canoes, sailboards, stand-up paddlebaords, fishing float tubes
 Seasonal Permit                                                 Daily Permit Rates
 Note: The amount of a single day permit may be                  Note: Consecutive days must be purchased during
 applied toward the purchase of a seasonal permit.               a single transaction
Lake Use Permit:              $45.00 Lake Use Fee                         Fees                Quagga                        TOTAL

		                            +$5.00 Quagga Prevention           1 Day:    $15.00             $5.00                = $20.00

			                           _________Program Surcharge         2 Day:    $25.00             $5.00                = $30.00

			                           $50.00                             3 Day:    $35.00             $5.00                = $40.00

 • Permit must be displayed on vessel and is non-transferable                                                           For more info
 • Lake Use Permits are available at most marinas, MWD office,                      NICI WA                               call or click
   and public launch ramps                                                                                              909-866-5796
                                                                              IG B MU


 • Lake Use Permits may be revoked for violation of any law                                                              bbmwd.com

 • All vessels must be inspected prior to entry onto Big Bear Lake                                       T             or follow us on...
  A surcharge of $10 will be assessed for the purchase of a Lake Use
                                                                                        E S T. 1 9 6 4
  Permit from a Lake Patrol Officer while on the water

                        Mountain Waters Dispatch            7          Spring / Summer 2020
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
                                                                             completely dry and also brushed
                                                                             to remove any standing mud or

                                                                             Eurasian Water Milfoil is an inva-
                                                                             sive aquatic plant that is found in
                                                                             Big Bear Lake. This noxious weed
                                                                             has the ability to choke out native
                                                                             beneficial species and decrease
                                                                             dissolved oxygen by heating the
                                                                             water column where it grows. Big
Quagga and Zebra Mussels have        boat trailers, bait/fish lockers, and   Bear Lake battles this weed yearly
been a long-standing threat to the   discarded aquarium plants. Cur-
waters of Big Bear Lake. They are    rently, Big Bear Lake does not have
virtually impossible to eradicate.   hydrilla. Please check your vessel
They use tremendous amounts          trailer to make sure you are not
of dissolved oxygen in the water     transporting this unwanted spe-
column, leaving fish, especially     cies to Big Bear Lake. Clean and
trout, with dangerously low levels   drain your fish and bait lockers
of necessary oxygen. Also, they      when you are coming to Big Bear
filter feed ravenously which puts    Lake from ANY other water body.
a major strain on the food web of    This species out-competes native
the lake. Currently, Big Bear Lake   species and devastates beneficial
is quagga and zebra mussel free.     fish habitat.
The District checks water samples
monthly for their presence when      New Zealand Mud Snails (NZMS)
water is above 550F, and substrate   are a major threat to Big Bear
traps are checked weekly. Please     Lake. There have been confirmed
arrive to Big Bear Lake completely
clean, drained, and dry to prevent
                                                                             with its harvesting and herbicide
the spread of mussels.
                                                                             programs. When leaving Big Bear
                                                                             Lake, please clear all dangling
Hydrilla, also known as Brazilian
                                                                             weeds from vessels, trailers, and
Elodea is a very invasive nuisance
                                                                             gear. We don’t want this pesky
aquatic plant species which can
                                                                             weed spreading to uninfested bod-
spread to uninfested waters via
                                                                             ies of water.
                                     reports of NZMS found in the
                                     Santa Ana/Bear Creek confluence.                           Aquatic plant
                                                                                                growth can cause
                                     Currently, Big Bear Lake does                              unprepared and
                                     not have NZMS. These invasive                              distressed swim-
                                     snails are transported primarily by                        mers to panic.
                                     muddy/dirty waders, float tubes,              TIP          Always survey the
                                                                                                area where you’ll
                                     anchors, and fishing tackle. Please                        be swimming.
                                     make sure your gear is clean and

                       Mountain Waters Dispatch        8        Spring / Summer 2020
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
you’re not carrying zebra mus-
Let’s Work Together to Ensure         sels to another body of water is to      NEW THIS YEAR!
These Harmful Pests NEVER                         always clean, drain          Watercraft Inspection
Infest Big Bear Lake                                  and dry your boat,       Database on Tablets
                                                       trailer and gear        This year, at our launch facilities,
Quagga and zebra
                                                       (see below).            you will see inspection staff uti-
mussels are native to
                                                                               lizing tablets while they inspect
Eastern Europe and
                                                       It’s not just boats     your watercraft for quagga and
were first spotted                                                             zebra mussels. When you arrive
in the Great Lakes                               either. In fact, quagga
                                        and zebra mussels can be carried       at the ramp, your CF number will
in 1989. Since then,                                                           be entered into the Watercraft In-
they have spread toward the west      by ANY ITEM that was placed in
                                      infested waters, such as fishing float   spection Database (WID) system
coast at an alarming rate.                                                     on the tablet. For example, if you
                                      tubes, fishing waders, bobbers and
                                      hand carried vessles like canoes,        put your boat on the Colorado
An invasion would happen if                                                    River, the WID will relay that in-
mussel larvae is transported from     SUPs and kayaks.
                                                                               formation to us. If you have been
one infected body of water into Big                                            stopped by the Arizona Depart-
Bear Lake.                           These invasive pests can wreck
                                                                               ment of Game and Fish and mus-
                                     havoc, and if the quagga mussel           sels were found on your vessel, the
You can’t always see these types of were to ever become established in         WID will tell us that information.
mussels because their larvae are     Big Bear Lake, it will have a devas-      If you were last in Big Bear Lake,
invisible to the naked eye. They can tating impact on the environment,         the WID will tell us that informa-
survive for days in water trapped    recreation, and economy.                  tion. The WID is a database that
in a boat. The only way to be sure                                             many agencies use to log entrance
                                                                               and exit inspections of watercraft
                                                                               at their respective waterbodies.
                                                                               The data is uploaded to the da-
                                                                               tabase in real time, which helps
                                                                               our employees determine the last
                                                                               body of water the watercraft was
                                                                               operated on. This data can also be
                                                                               computed quickly to build statis-
                                                                               tical reports which helps the Dis-
                                                                               trict allocate resources and receive
                                                                               grant money. The District began
                                                                               testing the system in 2019 and will
                                                                               make the system fully operational
                 CLEAN. DRAIN. DRY.                                            for the 2020 season.
 Clean your boat, trailer and         Dry the boat and trailer for a
 gear by removing all plants,         week or more before entering
 animals and foreign objects.         another water body. If unable
                                      to let it dry for at least a week,
 Drain all water from the boat,       wash it with a high-pressure
 including the motor, bilge, live     washer and hot (at least 140
 wells and bait buckets, before       degrees), soapy water.
 leaving the lake.

                       Mountain Waters Dispatch         9         Spring / Summer 2020
DISPATCH 2020 MOUNTAIN WATERS - bbmwd.com - bear
      LAKELake Level
           LEVEL     Hazards
       This season’s low water level on Big

                                                                                  BIG  BEAR     LAKE
       Bear Lake presents many challenges to
       a safe boating experience. Lower water
       levels have exposed hazards that have
       been hidden underwater for years.
       Rocks, stumps, old dock poles, and the
                                                                                  KNOW YOUR LAKE MARKERS
       natural unevenness of the sandy and

                                                                                                                                       NO MOORING ALLOWED
       rocky lake floor are all dangers that can
       damage your boat and cause injury to                                                                                                                 DANGER
       persons onboard.                                                                                                                                     Marks random hazards such

                                                                                                                                                            as rocks, shoals and pipes. Also

                                                                                                                                                            indicated by a red or orange ball.
       Different boat/trailer combinations
                                                             NO MOORING ALLOWED

       require varying depth of water for
       safe operation. Operators should be                                        SPEED CONTROL
                                                                                  White no-wake buoys                                                                                            NO
       familiar with the requirements of their                                    are placed along the                                                                                           MOORING
                                                                                  perimeter of the Lake                                                                                          ALLOWED
       particular vessel and assess the water
                                                                                  and indicate a reduced
       depth prior to launching.                                                  speed area. Any boats
                                                                                  traveling between the
                                                                                  buoy line and the
       While the Big Bear Municipal Water                                         shore must travel                                                                 A solid yellow buoy
       District has marked all known hazards                                      at or below the                                                                   indicates a waterski
                                                                                  stated speed.                                                                     course or other
       with red buoys, it is not possible to                                                                                                                        special use.
       mark every hazard due to constantly

                                                                                                                                                             NO MOORING ALLOWED
       changing conditions. Boaters can
                                                                                                                                                                                  SHALLOW WATER
       protect themselves by keeping a sharp                                                                                                                                      Black and white striped cardinal
       lookout for objects in the water and                                                                                                                                       buoys indicate shallow areas.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Boat should not pass between
       changing lake bottom structure.                                                                                                                                            buoy and nearest shore.

       In addition, the 5 mph buoys placed
       around the perimeter of the Lake are

                                                                                                                                                                                                               NO MOORING ALLOWED
       placed in water five feet deep or greater
       whenever possible. Staying outside of                                                                                  CAUTION Absolutely no swimming
       these buoys can help provide a safer                                                                                   beyond 50 feet of the shore. Be aware,
                                                                                                                              not all areas are specifically marked.
       boating experience. A depth finder
       or fathometer can also keep a boater
       informed of the depth of the water.
       Operators who are not familiar with
       current lake level conditions should             NO
       reduce speed. As always, the wearing        MOORING
                                                   ALLOWED                               WATER QUALITY                                                                   MOORING BUOY
       of life jackets is recommended for every                                                                                                   Located at the far west end of the Lake
                                                                                         MONITORING STATION
       person onboard any vessel. For safety                                             Marks the points on the Lake                                    near the Dam. The only type of
                                                                                         where the District gathers                                         buoy that is legal to tie off to.
       reasons, nighttime operation is not                                                                                                                      Boats are prohibited from
                                                                                         Lake water data throughout
       recommended.                                                                      the season.                                                         tying off to any other type of
                                                                                                                                                                           navigational aid.

                                      Mountain Waters Dispatch                                  10             Spring / Summer 2020
2017 BBMWD Dispatch.indd 6
               OPERATIONS                              SAFETY EQUIPMENT All vessels must be                          GENERAL REGULATIONS
                                                       equipped according to California Boating Law            LAKE PATROL officers are peace officers under
RECKLESS OPERATION No person shall operate             safety requirements.
a boat, waterski, or similar device in a reckless or                                                           state law and authorized to enforce all laws, ordi-
negligent manner. The owner and or operator are                         SWIMMING                               nances and regulations in effect on the waters of
responsible for any damage caused by their boat,                                                               Big Bear Lake.
its wake, or its tow.                                  SWIMMING is only allowed within 50 FEET OF
                                                       THE SHORE, within a designated swimming area,
BE A SOBER BOATER. Alcohol and boating are a           within 20 feet of a private dock, or as incidental or
deadly mix.                                            necessary to recreational towing activities, or in
                                                       an emergency.
BE A COURTEOUS BOATER. Stay 100 feet from
other boats when underway.                             SWIM at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty. Al-
                                                       ways swim with a partner.
                                                       SCUBA DIVING is prohibited.
                                                            PERSONAL WATERCRAFT
                                                                                                               LAKE USE PERMITS must be properly displayed
                                                       HOURS of operation are between 7 am to sunset.          on all boats and may be suspended or revoked
                                                                                                               when the permittee, owner or operator violates
                                                       PERSONAL WATERCRAFT shall maintain a 100                the terms and conditions of the permit, the Code
                                                       ft distance from all other vessels while operating      or other requirements of the law.
OPERATORS should maneuver boats slowly and             above wakeless speeds.
carefully in unfamiliar waters since fluctuating                                                               BOAT SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Maximum vessel
                                                       PROHIBITED from spraying down any person or             length is 26 feet and 9 feet in width. Manually pro-
Lake levels can cause unmarked natural or man-
                                                       vessel in the water.                                    pelled vessels less than 12 feet in length and fish-
made hazards to occur.
                                                       RIDERS shall wear personal flotation devices.           ing float-tubes are required to operate between 5
ALL SAILING CRAFT have right of way over mo-                                                                   MPH buoys and the shore.
torized boats, except in an overtaking situation.       RECREATIONAL TOWING ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                               PADDLE BOARDS are considered a vessel and a
BOATING ACCIDENTS must be reported imme-               HOURS OF RTA including waterskiing, wake-               life jacket is required on board.
diately to the Lake Patrol.                            boarding, tubing are between 7 am to sunset.
                                                                                                               PUBLIC DOCKS located at the boat launch fa-
SPEED LIMIT 35 MPH; 10 MPH from sunset to              ALL BOATS engaged in RTA shall maintain a               cilities are for loading and unloading only; do not
7:00am; 5 MPH between buoys indicating same            counter clockwise direction.                            leave boat unattended or moor boat on the inside
and the shoreline; 3 MPH in Papoose Bay, Can-
                                                       PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES shall be worn                of dock after launch.
vasback Cove, Mallard Lagoon, Shore Acres, and
Kidd Cove.                                             by persons in the water.                                SANITATION: No refuse shall be thrown into or
                                                       AN OBSERVER at least 12 years of age is required        left on the shoreline of the Lake; no oil from a bilge
LAUNCHING vessels requiring trailers must only
                                                       to be on board the boat to monitor the progress of      pump shall be allowed to discharge into the Lake;
be launched from designated launch ramps. All
                                                       the person towed.                                       no person shall deposit any type of fish, amphib-
other boats may be carried and launched at des-
                                                                                                               ian, or plant life into the Lake.
ignated recreational or public access points after
inspection and obtaining a boat permit.                RED OR ORANGE FLAG must be displayed when-
                                                       ever a person / equipment is in the water.              VEHICLES are prohibited from driving on the
                                                                                                               Lake bottom. Vehicles on District property must
PERSONS 12 THROUGH 15 YEARS of age are pro-
                                                       NO MORE THAN 2 tow lines at one time shall be           obey posted speed signs and operate in accor-
hibited from operating a vessel with more than 15
                                                       used for RTA activities.                                dance with the Vehicle Code.
horsepower unless supervised on board by a per-
son at least 18 years of age.                                                                                  ANIMALS must be on a leash no more than 7 feet
                                                       NO PERSON shall operate waterskis or similar de-
                                                       vice so as to endanger the life of any person.          long while on District property.
MOORING or tying to navigational markers is pro-
hibited. Overnight mooring                                                                                     LIGHTNING STORMS can develop quickly in the
or beaching of boats along                                                       FISHING
                                                                                                               mountains and lightning frequently strikes the
the shoreline is prohibited.                                       FISHING is prohibited from the Dam          Lake’s surface. Boaters are advised to quickly seek
                                                                   or from within posted no fishing areas.     shelter and safety.
CHILDREN under the age
of 13 are required to wear                                         TROLLER ANGLERS should display a            FISHING BOATS should not impede safe access
a personal flotation device                                        white trolling flag to indicate to other    for waterskiers entering or exiting a designated
while on board a vessel that                                       boaters that they are trailing a line.      ski beach.
is underway.

                                  Mountain Waters Dispatch                     11             Spring / Summer 2020

                                                                                LAKE STATS
                                                                                Lake Elevation: 6,743 feet
                                                                                Lake Length: 7 miles
                                                                                Avg. Lake Width: 1/2 mile
                                                                                Shoreline: 22 miles
                                                                                Max Water Depth: 72 feet
                                                                                Lake Capacity: 73,320 acre feet
                                                                                Lake Surface Area: 2,971 acres
                                                                                Busiest Day Ever: July 4, 2009
                                                                                Big Bear Valley Length: 12.5 miles
MARINAS ON BIG BEAR LAKE:                                                       Population (avg. permanent): 17,988
Big Bear Marina: 		            500 Paine Ct., 909-866-3218                      Avg. Sunny Days (per year): 300
Captain John's Marina:         39369 North Shore Dr. (Fawnskin), 909-866-6478   Avg. Summer High Temps: 720 F
Holloway's Marina & RV Park:   398 Edgemoor Rd., 909-866-5706                   Avg. Winter High Temps: 300 F
North Shore Landing: 		        38573 North Shore Dr. (Fawnskin), 909-878-4386   Annual Percipitation: 37.02"
Pine Knot Marina: 		           439 Pine Knot Ave., 909-633-7511                 Summer Day
Pleasure Point Marina, LLC:    603 Landlock Landing Rd., 909-866-2455           Evaporation: 15,000,000 gallons

                       Mountain Waters Dispatch         12       Spring / Summer 2020
The California Boater Card shows that its holder has successfully       The card is issued by the California State Parks Division of Boating
taken and passed a NASBLA/state-approved boater safety educa-           and Waterways (DBW). DBW began issuing the California Boater
tion examination. In 2018, the California Boater Card program           Card on Dec. 1, 2017. The lifetime card fee is $10. The lost card
began the phase-in by age for operators of motorized boats on state     replacement fee is $5.
waterways. In California, each year a new age group is being add-       Once DBW has received your application, proof of education and
ed to those who are required to possess a valid card. By 2025, all      payment, you will receive a 90-day temporary boater card by email.
persons who operate on California waters will be required to have       You should receive your official boater card by mail within 60 days.
one. Once issued, the card remains valid for a boat operator’s life-    In 2018, DBW accepted proof of passing an approved course taken
time. California Harbors and Navigation Code Section 678.11(b)          between Jan. 1, 2015 – Dec. 31, 2017. As of Jan. 1, 2019, DBW will
contains the following phase-in schedule based on operator age:         only accept proof of passing approved boater education courses
•January 1, 2018 – Persons 20 years of age or younger                   taken since Jan. 1, 2018. Older courses may not include recent state
•January 1, 2019 – Persons 25 years of age or younger                   or national changes to navigation law.
•January 1, 2020 – Persons 35 years of age or younger
•January 1, 2021 – Persons 40 years of age or younger                                      Be sure to know your boat's capacity. If
•January 1, 2022 – Persons 45 years of age or younger                        SAFETY        you have too much on your boat, the boat
•January 1, 2023 – Persons 50 years of age or younger                          TIP         may become unstable and capsize.
•January 1, 2024 – Persons 60 years of age or younger
•January 1, 2025 – All persons regardless of age

                             Mountain Waters Dispatch                  13        Spring / Summer 2020
       Consistent results! That’s the reward, day-in and day-out             WORK IN “S” CURVES: Consistent trolling results require that
       for the angler who uses trolling as his or her primary                you do everything possible to keep from running in a straight
                     fishing technique. The reason is simple –               line. An “S” pattern is recommended because every time the
                                     the entire Lake can quickly             troll and lure are on the inside swing of the boat, they will drop
                                                   and efficiently be        deeper and slow down. On an outside turn, they will speed up
                                                      prospected by          and rise. With each turn, you will impart a different action to the
                                                      trolling and           troll and trailing lure, signaling MEAL TIME to nearby toads.
                                                       of fish can be        IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Try a sharp jerk or two every few min-
                                                       pinpointed            utes, or allow the troll and trailing lure to go completely dead
                                                 with minimum                in the water and sink for a few feet before continuing to troll.
                               effort. It’s a fishing technique used         Another way to bring a strike from a following fish is to double
                       by many anglers on Big Bear Lake.                     your trolling speed for several feet, and then quickly slow down.
                                                                             You will receive most hits after the lure has been quickly and
TROLL SLOWLY: Big fish will not expend any more energy                       erratically moved and is just beginning to slow down. Try going
than necessary to catch a meal. Also, most lures will not perform            to a lighter, longer leader between troll and lure. A six-pound
correctly at fast speeds. The best advice is to troll S-L-O-W-L-Y,           premium-quality monofilament line of small diameter will be
the slower the better.                                                       more difficult for finicky trout to see.

VARY YOUR SPEED: While slow is pro, this does not mean                       Luck is the least important factor in becoming a successful
slow all the time. A lure running through the water at a                     angler. The person who understands trout and their habits, and
constant speed, at a constant depth, and giving off the same                 is willing to experiment with different lures and techniques,
vibration patter will not catch many fish. Slowly, yes, but adjust           will consistently out-fish those using other techniques on the
you speed every few minutes to change the lure’s speed and                   Lake. This year, the District has allocated the largest amount of
vibration pattern.                                                           money to its fish stocking and habitat budget than ever before;
                                                                             all practices of fishing in Big Bear Lake will surely bring a smile
                                                                             to the Lake’s anglers.

                              Mountain Waters Dispatch                  14           Spring / Summer 2020
                           HOME FISHING
                                FISHING TRIPS
                                        TRIPS GALLERY LOGIN/REGISTER
      Call to
           to Book
              Book Now!
                    Now! Toll
                         Toll Free
                              Free (800) 475-3166 or (909) 866-2240
               Over 20
                    20 Years
                       Years Guide
                              Guide Service on Big Bear Lake!

 Don't Get
       Get Spooled
           Spooled By The Rest Fish With The Best!
We have
    have provided
         provided thousands
                      thousands of families and fishermen from all over the
world their
       their fishing
             fishing dream.
                       dream. Our
                               Our company can assist individuals, families
  and groups
      groups upup to
                   to 30
                      30 people.
                         people. From our four boats and three guides we
 can provide
     provide fishing
               fishing options
                        options for
                                for almost everyone. Kids are our specialty
       and we’re
           we’re aa pet
                      pet friendly
                          friendly boat. Drinks and snacks provided.

                                                                         "Our 33 hour
                                                                                 hour charter with Matthew was awesome! He

                                                                         was super
                                                                              super friendly, very knowledgeable and made it really
                                                                         fun for
                                                                             for our
                                                                                  our fa mily. Our kids had never fished before and

                                                                         he was
                                                                            was soso patient and helpful. He worked really hard to
                                                                         help make
                                                                               make sure they caught fish! I highly recommend this
                                                                         company and our guide Matthew."

                                                                        –– Don
                                                                           Don T.T.
                   MATTHEW KELLER
                           KELLER     ADAM
                                      ADAM STROMWALL

                   Small-mouth Bass
                               Bass           Rainbow
                                              Rainbow Trout                                       Large-mouth Bass

                                                     Holloways Marina
                                                    398 Edgmoore
                                                         Edgmoore Road
                                                 Big Bear
                                                     Bear Lake,
                                                           Lake, CA
                                                                 CA 92315

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12       Mountain Waters Dispatch   Summer 2018

2018 BBMWD Dispatch.indd 12
Mountain Waters Dispatch   Summer 2018   13

2018 BBMWD Dispatch.indd 13
Rainbow Trout                                   Largemouth Bass

Black Crappie                                   Smallmouth Bass

Pumkinseed Sunfish                              Bluegill Sunfish

Channel Catfish                                 Common Carp


                Mountain Waters Dispatch   18       Spring / Summer 2020
Please Be Considerate of Our
Fine Feathered Friends
Birds are naturally part of our environment
that frequently use Big Bear Lake for their daily
living purposes. If you are fishing, please be
consciences of your actions to avoid leaving
fishing line / fishing gear on the shoreline or in
the water. Please be aware of our birds and other
wildlife that can get tangled in fishing line and
ingest hooks and lures. If you see fishing line,
hooks, lures, or any other gear in the water or
along the shoreline, please do your part to gather
it and dispose of it properly. You are their only
hope. We appreciate your efforts to help protect
our feathered friends. Thank you!

                        Mountain Waters Dispatch     19   Spring / Summer 2020
     Have the Right Life Jacket?
                                              Be sure it’s U.S. Coast Guard-approved
     Right Style                              and appropriate for the activity.
                                              (Check the label printed on the inside of the life jacket).

                 Paddlers                    Anglers & Open Motor Boats Personal Water Crafts
      (Inherently buoyant or hybrid)              (Suspender inflatable)   & Water Sports
                                                                              (Inherently buoyant)

                     Kids                                 Pets
       (Adult life jackets don't fit kids)      (Harness with lift handles)

     Right Fit
      Snug fit and fastened.
      • You don't want your life jacket
        too large or too small
      • Inflatable life jackets only for those 16
        years and older who are strong swimmers

     Right Care                                Refer to OWNER’S MANUAL and LABEL
                                               for specific maintenance requirements.
      All Life Jacket Care
      • Use properly
      • No rips, waterlogging or mildew
      • Dry after use
      • Hand wash in warm, soapy water
      • Store in a dry place when not boating

      Inflatable Life Jacket Care
      • Test: Orally inflate & holds air for 16-24 hours
      • Inspect cartridge (not discharged & no corrosion)
      • If it holds air, repack & use

               Mountain    Waters Dispatch                                    20                Spring / Summer 2020

                                           ensure that all life jackets are returned,   tions for this program will be the same
                                           borrowers will be asked to provide a         as those for the human life jackets. We
                                           credit card in order to borrow jack-         want to make sure everyone is using
                                           ets, and there will be no overnight or       the Lake with safety in mind. The Dis-
                                           multi-day borrowing. Credit cards will       trict will be offering dog life vests in
                                           only be charged if life jackets are not      sizes from XS up to XL. Even if your
                                           returned. Always carry a life jacket for
                                           all persons on your vessel. Children
                                           under 13 need to be wearing a vest at
                                           all times while recreating on the Lake.
                                           The water is colder, and swimmers are
                                           less buoyant than in other bodies of
                                           water, which can catch folks off-guard.
                                           Drowning can occur in as little as 60
                                           seconds for adults and 20 seconds for
                                           children, and commonly occurs after
                                           the involuntary gasp reflex that occurs
                                           after falling into water.
Life Jacket Loaner Program in 2020 we
will have our second full season of the    NEW PROGRAM - LOANER LIFE
District offering its Life Jacket Loaner   JACKETS FOR DOGS
Program. At the end of 2018, the pilot     In 2020 we will also be rolling out a
program worked out very well, but the      new program to loan life jackets for         dog can swim, we always encourage
full program last season encountered       dogs, so your furry friends can safely       folks to use a life vest to ensure their
some issues. To resolve these issues and   enjoy the lake with you! The condi-          safety in all conditions.

                                                                                            LIFE JACKET TYPES
                                                                                             & DIFFERENT USES
                                                                                        Make sure it's the right fit: for you, the
                                                                                        activity and water conditions. Life jacket
                                                                                        should be in good, serviceable condition
                                                                                        and properly stowed when not in use.
                                                                                                       (Lightweight life jacket)

                                                                                          (Lightweight life jacket)

                                                                                                       Power Boaters
                                                                                                       (Inflatable or lightweight
                                                                                                       life jacket)
                                                                                                       *inflatable life jackets are for
                                                                                                       those 16 years & older who are
                                                                                                       strong swimmers

                           Mountain Waters Dispatch           21          Spring / Summer 2020
     Big Bear Lake Patrol                             •11%- Always make sure to have your           Other agencies you'll encounter
                                                      current BBMWD Lake Permit clearly/            on Big Bear Lake...
     Common Violations                                properly displayed on any vessel that
Of the nearly 1,100 contacts or “stops”               you bring onto the lake including all
made by your local Big Bear Lake Patrol               non-motorized vessels (canoes, kayaks,
officers most were to offer public assis-             stand-up paddleboards). Failure to do so
tance in the form of tows or helping dis-             may result in a citation being issued and/
tressed canoers/kayakers. The following               or restriction from the lake.
were the most common violations during
the 2019 season.                                      • 10%- Not wearing a lifejacket (personal
                                                      flotation device) as required by law, will
• 14%- Riding on the Transom (rear sec-               result in termination of recreating on the
tion), Bow (very front), or Gunwale (rail-            lake until the problem is fixed.              DO NOT INTERFERE WITH ANY
ing or side) of a boat that is in motion,                                                           EMERGENCY OPERATIONS
where you are not protected by a railing,             • 7%- Traveling faster than 5 mph be-         Please give San Bernardino Sheriff, San
is a major safety risk and is against the law.        tween ‘5 mph buoys’ and the shoreline         Bernadino County Fire, US Forest Ser-
                                                      will create a noticeable wake and cause       vice, California Fish & Wildlife and Big
       NICI WA                                        damage to docks and docked vessels.           Bear Municipal Water District the right-
                                                                                                    of-way, especially during an emergen-


                                                      This is a citable offense.


                                                                                                    cy. Note, sometimes helicopters will dip
                                                                                                    without notice in a effort to control a lo-
      B                     T
           E S T. 1 9 6 4
                                                      • 3%- PWC’s (Jet skis) traveling within
                                                                                                    cal fire. If you see a helicopter approach-
                                                      100 feet of another vessel is dangerous       ing the water, please clear the area and
                                                      AND illegal.                                  keep a safe distance. Also, These agencies
                                                                                                    often train on the lake, such as ice rescue,
                                                      Please be a safe and responsible boater for   helicopter aerial rescue and dive rescue.
                                                      everyone’s sake. Know the boating laws.       Do not interfere with training operations.

                                                                                                    DRIVING BELOW THE
                                                                                                    HIGH-WATER LINE IS
                                                                                                    OFF LIMITS
                                                                                                    Do not attempt to drive your vehicle
                                                                                                    below the high-water line. Tire tracks
                                                                                                    can severerly damage the shoreline and
                                                                                                    put wildlife in danger. You will get stuck
                                                                                                    in the muddy terrain and will have to
                                                                                                    get your vehicle towed. In addition to
                                                                                                    a hefty towing price tag, you'll be fined
                                                                                                    $500 by the California Department of
                                                                                                    Fish and Wildlife.

                                          Mountain Waters Dispatch        22         Spring / Summer 2020
                                                ALPINE LAKE WATER
                                                TEMPERATURES DROP
                                                  OCTOBER - MAY,
                                                  SO BE PREPARED
                                               Although Big Bear Lake experiences
                                               good water-surface temperatures during
                                               the summer months (sometimes peak-
                                               ing over 70 degrees), it dips into very
                                               cold temeratures fall through spring.
                                               Water-surface temeratures in the colder
                                               months from October to May decreases
                                               below 6o degrees, which is quite cold
                                               for the human body. In the height of the
                                               winter, lake temps can drop into the 40's
                                               and sometimes even freezes over (see
                                               below regarding Stay Off Lake Ice regu-
                                               lations). Please refer to the Cold Water
                                               Immersion Guide so you are prepared to
                                               withstand any type of cold water situta-
                                               tion via boat or from the shore.

                                                  STAY OFF LAKE ICE
                                                    IT'S THE LAW!
                                                     Up to a $500 Fine
                                               As mentioned above, sometimes Big
                                               Bear Lake freezes over during the winter
                                               months, and produces a thin layer of
                                               ice. The key word in the forementioned
                                               sentence is THIN.

                                               The thin layer of ice can create a very
                                               dangerous situation for anyone that
                                               walks out on the lake. YOU MUST
                                               STAY OFF LAKE ICE. It is the law, and
                                               if you are caught wandering onto the
                                               lake's ice you could face fines up to $500.
                                                                     Dress Properly:
                                                                     Always dress
                                                                     for the weather,
                                                                     wearing layers if
                                                     SAFETY          cooler weather,
                                                       TIP           and bring an extra
                                                                     set of clothes in
                                                                     case you get wet.

     Mountain Waters Dispatch   23   Spring / Summer 2020
Part of the management of Big Bear          Lake, stratification in the lake's water
                                            temperature and dissolved oxygen con-
                                                                                         dam or air bubbling up to the surface
                                                                                         near the old dam. The District receives
Lake is to monitor and track the trends     tent occurs with warmer, more oxy-           numerous inquiries every year about
of water quality to be sure the Lake is     gen rich water on top of colder oxygen       this phenomenon with questions such
sustaining proper elements to remain        poor water below. The area separating        as, “has the dam sprung a leak?” Don’t
healthy. On important monitoring tool       the warmer water and colder water is         be alarmed. This is a lake management
is the limnological testing done by Lake    called the thermocline. A similar layer-     tool used by the District to increase the
Patrol each week when the water reaches     ing effect can be identified by a layering   oxygen content of the lake water above
55 degrees Fahrenheit. Measurements of      of dissolved oxygen concentration sepa-      the oxycline during the summer months
dissolved oxygen and temperature of the     rated by the oxycline. Both of these can     and add oxygen to the entire water col-
Lake’s entire water column are taken at 5   be clearly identified by the limnological    umn during the cooler fall and winter
stations throughout the Lake. These wa-     measurement results.                         months.
ter sampling stations are marked by spe-
cial buoys spaced evenly from the Dam       Rainbow trout are generally most active         MANZANITA BUNDLE
to the East Ramp. These buoys clearly       in water temperatures between 55 and          WARM-WATER FISH HABITAT
state they are only to be used for water    60 degrees and when dissolved oxygen is
monitoring and not to be moored to.         5 parts per million or higher. The weekly    The District is constructing / installing
Information collected from each round       limnological measurements posted on          warm-water fish habitats. These habi-
of measurements is posted on the Big        the District's website can be reviewed by    tats are created by using loosely bundled
Bear Municipal Water District website       fishermen who want to know where on          manzanita and anchored on rock/cob-
at www.bbmwd.com/limno . “Limno”            the lake and how deep the best trout fish-   ble beds at strategic locations around Big
is short for “limnological report” which    ing might be. Next time you see a Lake       Bear Lake. Though these are “artificial”
means a report that shows the constit-      Patrol boat tied up to a water quality       structures, they are made of all natural
uents to help determine the health and      monitoring station buoy you might ask        products. Manzanita is a very hard wood
status of the Lake’s water column.          them about the readings. Throughout
The limnological test results will show                                                  and takes a long time to degrade. After
                                            the summer you might see water spray-        approximately 15 years, the bundles will
that during summertime in Big Bear          ing from a unique looking dock near the      re-turn to lake sediment. These struc-
                                                                                         tures are designed to provide foraging,
                                                                                         nesting, and shelter for warm water fish
                                                                                         species such as panfish and smallmouth
                                                                                         bass. The District performed a site suit-
                                                                                         ability analysis using GIS to find the best
                                                                                         locations to install these habitats. The
                                                                                         analysis was based on average lake level,
                                                                                         proximity to existing beneficial habitat,
                                                                                         proximity to navigable water ways and
                                                                                         heavy use areas, lake-bottom soil type,
                                                                                         and lake bathymetry.

                           Mountain Waters Dispatch            24          Spring / Summer 2020
 Clean water and clean shorelines are so important for the lake’s environment – and environments beyond
 the lake. Every year, more and more trash is left behind on the shoreline and more and more trash is found
 floating in the lake. Remember to follow these tips:
  • Reduce the potential for litter by removing unnecessary packages and wrappings, and bringing reusable
    containers to the boat.
  • Always bring back what you take out; this means everything. Pack it in, pack it out.
  • Fishing line doesn’t biodegrade and can wind up tangled around birds and other wildlife if not properly dis-
    posed of. ALWAYS throw fishing line in a trash receptacle. If you see fishing line litter on the shoreline, please
    pick it up, even if it is not yours. You will be saving the lives of wildlife.
  • Have several litter bags aboard and discard full ones at the marina dumpster or in your home rubbish. Tie or
    weigh bags down to prevent them from blowing into the lake and causing a bigger problem.
  • If trash accidentally falls from your boat into the lake, make an attempt to retrieve it; don’t leave it to float away.
  • Smokers, please don’t flick the cigarette butt, use an ash tray and always bring butts to trash receptacle.
  • Plastic litter doesn’t biodegrade so dispose of it in a trash receptacle to protect fish and wildlife.
  • Make a daily practice of picking up floating trash wherever you dock or anchor; don’t let it drift by; keep your
    slip litter free and ask your neighbors to do the same; feel good about leaving the water a bit cleaner.

                                                                                         & RENTALS

Adopt-a-Shoreline is a volunteer pro-
gram that gives volunteers the opportu-
nity to adopt a section of the shoreline
or trash can, and help keep that specific
                                                   JET SKIS                                   KAYAKS
area clean throughout the season. It is
structured much like the very successful                                                      & SUPs
Adopt-a-Highway program sponsored by
CalTrans. This is an excellent opportuni-
ty for kids, adults and community groups
to participate in a great outdoor activity,                       PINE KNOT MARINA
help the environment, and keep Big Bear                      Where the Village Meets the Lake
Lake beautiful too! If you're interested in
                                                                 FULL SERVICE MARINA
participating in the Adopt-a-Shoreline
program, please visit bbmwd.com.                            909-633-7511 • PineKnotMarina.com

                             Mountain Waters Dispatch       25         Spring / Summer 2020
4   Mountain Waters Dispatch   Summer 2017
           HIKING TRAILS
           San Bernardino National Forest
           P.O. Box 290, Fawnskin, CA 92333
           40971 North Shore Drive, Hwy 38
           (909) 382-2790
                        This symbol indicates that parking at the trailhead requires an Adventure Pass or Interagency Passes.

           Alpine Pedal Path
                   Very Easy           2.5 miles One Way
           This asphalt path meanders along the sparkling north shore of Big Bear Lake from Stanfield Cutoff to the Solar Observatory
           and Serrano Campground. Although not flat by any means, its’ ups and downs are fairly gentle. In the fall of 1998 the path
           was extended and includes a pedestrian tunnel under Hwy 38 to the Cougar Crest Trail parking lot. The new extension
           continues east 0.6 of a mile and connects with the Big Bear Discovery Center. Hikers can find water, restrooms and expert
           advice on all varieties of recreation in the San Bernardino National Forest at the Discovery Center. Seasonal parking is also
           available at Juniper Point Picnic Area and Meadow’s Edge Picnic Area with an Adventure Pass or Interagency Pass.

           The Woodland Trail (1E23)
                 Easy            1.5 miles Loop                                                                   Elevation Gain: 300 feet
           This path starts and ends at the trailhead off Hwy 38, 0.2 miles west of Stanfield Cutoff. It is an interpretive trail with 16
           posted markers, ideal for families with young children. By picking up a pamphlet at the entrance, hikers can take
           themselves on a self-guided tour to learn about the botany, wildlife and geology of this unique area which is described as a

           Castle Rock Trail (1W03)
                   Moderate to Difficult        2.4 miles Round Trip                                              Elevation Gain: 700 feet
           The most popular trail in the Bear Valley begins 1.1 mile east of the dam Hwy 18. There is very limited parking on the north
           side of the highway 50 yards east of the trailhead. At the top of the ridge is an impressive granite rock out-cropping and the
           source of many tales and local folklore. If you trust your rock climbing skills and can climb your way to the top of the rocks
           from the north side, the view of the lake is wonderful. The best part of this hike is that it’s downhill all the way home.

           Gray’s Peak Trail (1W06)
                   Moderate to Difficult        7 miles Round Trip                                             Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet
            This trailhead is located on the west side of HWY 38 0.6 of a mile west of Fawnskin, across from the Grout Bay Picnic Area.
           (This trailhead is in the center of a bald eagle wintering habitat area and is closed to all public use from November 1 to April
           1.) The trail climbs westerly for 0.5 mile until it merges with Forest Road 2N04X. Turning north (right), 2N04X joins Forest
           Road 2N70 after a ¼ mile (go straight, do not turn left) and continue onto Gray’s Peak Trail, 200 yards on your left. From
           there it is 2 ¾ miles to the top of Gray’s Peak.
           Cougar Crest Trail (1E22)
                  Moderate to Difficult         2 miles One Way                                                  Elevation Gain: 750 feet
                  to Bertha Peak
                  Difficult                     1.5 miles One Way                                              Elevation Gain: 1,360 feet
           A well-maintained path through a wide variety of natural environments distinguishes the Cougar Crest. It starts 0.6 of a mile
           west of the Discovery Center on HWY 38. (You can park for free until 5:00 pm at the Big Bear Discovery Center and walk the
           0.6 mile to the trailhead.) In the first mile there’s only a gentle uphill increase, but within the second mile you’ll realize that
           you’re gaining serious altitude. The Cougar Crest Trail ends at the junction of the Pacific Crest Trail (No bicycles on PCT). To
           Bertha Peak: Continue east (right) on the Pacific Crest Trail to a dirt maintenance road. Continue 0.6 on maintenance road
           until you reach the summit of Bertha Peak (8,201 feet); easily recognized by the large collection of communication
           equipment at the top. From the summit there’s a near 360 degree view of the Bear Valley, Holcomb Valley, even the
           Mojave Desert.
                                                                                                          Scan this QR Code
           San Bernardino National Forest website: http://www.fs.usda.gov/sbnf                          for more information
                                                                                                            on hiking trails
                                                                                                           throughout the

                                                                                                         Mountain Waters Dispatch       Summer 2018   5
                                    Mountain Waters Dispatch              27          Spring / Summer 2020
2018 BBMWD Dispatch.indd 5
March 7 — Polar Plunge
April 1 ­­— East Ramp Opens (Lake Opens for 2020)
May 17 — West Ramp Opens
May 23 — Adopt-A-Shoreline Kickoff
May 25 — Memorial Day
June 13 & 14 — Fishin' for $50K
June 20 & 21 — 17th Annual Carp Round-Up
July 4 — Rotary BBQ & Fireworks Show
July 4 — FREE Fishing Day
August 20 - 22 — Antique Wooden Boat Show
September 5 — FREE Fishing Day
September 7 — Labor Day
October 2 & 3 —Troutfest
November 31 — Last Day of Boating (Lake Closes for Winter)

                   C o o l                                                                                                  ®
               Summer Spot                                                                                                          Alpine Sl
                Year- Round Family Fun
                With 300 Clear Days A Year!
                           FREE Tanning!
                                                                                                                                    Magic Mo
                Ride Our Tan  at 7,000 Feet!                                                       NEW
                Double Water Slide                                                                 Soaring
                 Unlimited Slide rides ..... $18                                                   Eagle
                10 Rides ... $15 • Each Ride ... $2
                 Ask About SEASON PASSES                                                           Ride!
                                                       Your Alpine Slide experience begins with
                                                        a scenic chairlift ride above beautiful
                                                      Big Bear Lake. Then, with you controlling
                                                      the speed, your toboggan plummets back
                                                      down the mountain creating a thrill you’ll
                                                            want to relive again and again!        Parents Pay Only If They Play!
                                                      On Big Bear Blvd. • Big Bear Lake
                • Video Game Room • Delicious Snack Bar       1/4 mile West of The Village

                • 2 Hours From Most So. California Cities Family Fun! (909) 866-4626
                • 3 Hours From Las Vegas           www.AlpineSlideBigBear.com

                     Mountain Waters Dispatch                        30              Spring / Summer 2020
Mountain Waters Dispatch   31   Spring / Summer 2020
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