Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL

Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
our readers
“Every time the latest issue of Provider                           Our readers are empowered
magazine hits my desk, I always carve out a
few minutes to catch up on the latest buzz                         to make decisions.
on all things long term care. Lately, I’ve been                    Our readers represent every sector
passing it around to my folks too.                                 of the long term and post-acute care
                                                                   community—they are the who’s who of
Thanks Provider magazine for always                                our field. More importantly, they make
providing the most relevant content to my                          the decisions that can help you achieve
organization.”                                                     your annual media goals.

-Mark Maxford
President/CEO, The Cottages LLC                                    Readership Profile

Our readers enjoy each issue and                                                        5%
share content with colleagues.
With Provider, your investment is not a “one                            32%                                48%
and done” proposition. Because of industry-
leading content, an issue of Provider is saved
and passed along to colleagues and that
means repeated exposure to your critical                                           15%

Our readers are engaged through
quality subscriptions.                                             48% Owner, Administrator,
                                                                                   1 2 3 4
                                                                       Assistant Administrator
Issued monthly, Provider magazine does not
superficially inflate its circulation through
                                                                   15% Executive Director, CEO, COO,
purchased lists. Provider readers opt in to
                                                                       CPO, CIO, Director, Manager,
receive copies of the magazine, therefore you
                                                                       Administrative Personnel
can be assured readers are active and engaged
in our content.
                                                                   32% DON, Nursing Supervisor, Consulting
 Publication                     Total Print                           Pharmacist, Medical Director,
                                 Circulation                           Geriatric Physician

 Provider                        50,828                            5% Other LTC Professionals

 McKnight’s Long-Term            40,200
 Care News

Information based on printed and sworn publisher statements.

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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
quality content
Readers stay informed              In print and online - our content helps drive
with Provider                      our profession.
“I look forward to reading
Provider magazine to keep          Featuring in-depth articles, exclusive industry research, and
informed about emerging            enlightening case studies on a monthly basis giving you
trends affecting my business,      twelve opportunities to market your product or service.
or that could have an impact
on my business. I also enjoy
reading about how my               Seven regular topical columns - covering topics
colleagues around the country      benefiting the entire readership profile
are dealing successfully
with same challenges that I        Caregiving - Long term and post-acute care professionals
commonly face in operating         present enlightening case studies and how-to articles on an
my assisted living communities.    array of topics designed to help the business owner provide
It’s just smart to learn from      quality care.
and build upon strategies that
others have implemented and        Finance - Finance professionals talk dollars and cents
Provider helps me do just that.”   about a variety of topics, including mergers and acquisitions,
                                   accounting practices, financing options, investment and
- Gerald Hamilton                  market analysis, and crucial financial indicators.
R&G Healthcare Management
                                   Legal Advisor - Written by experienced attorneys, legal
 Increase brand                    advisor explores crucial issues that impact the long term and
 awareness or launch a             post-acute care community.
 new product.
                                   Medical Director Focus First hand accounts about
 Our experienced sales             topical challenges from leading medical directors working in
 professionals can help            the industry.
 with a customized national
 advertising plan.                 Technology In Health Care
                                   Subject matter for this column includes electronic medical
 Whether planning for a            and health records, health information exchange, HIT vendor
 few targeted issues or            selection, and remote monitoring and sensor technology.
 developing a campaign to
 run throughout the year,
 Provider can tailor a plan to     Human Resources - Written by HR experts, this column
 suit virtually any budget.        instructs readers on how to best address an organization’s
                                   employee management process.
 Contact the sales
 department, and let’s get         Management - In this instructive based column solutions
 started today!                    are presented to help solve crucial issues for the industry in
                                   the areas of marketing and sales, public relations, disaster
                                   preparation, and management.

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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
how can provider work for you?
Reach, inform, and motivate                                              Engaging Content
                                                                         Beyond the Page
Advertorials – With an advertorial, you control your own
content, message, and look. It’s more than an advertisement. It’s
your opportunity to explain in detail the benefits of your product
or service, or to share an innovation or company research.                                                        TV
Sponsored Columns – For organizations operating in a niche

market, supporting a column is an ideal way to reach specialized
groups. With seven regular columns (see pg. 3) you can target
the professionals that can positively influence your bottom line.
Columns are also posted online, and all advertisers receive a full-
page advertisement appearing with the column and company
recognition on the column itself.

Sponsor Supplements – Quality, Finance, and Technology—                  Video advertising
they’re just a few of the topics covered in annual supplements.          helps you connect with
Supplements offer a unique way for your organization to be part          new audiences by telling
of key research or industry innovations.                                 a compelling story about
                                                                         your business or product.
                                                                         Complement your
                                                                         advertising campaign with
                                                                         a 15 second video message
                                                                         on Provider TV.

Provider Leadership Series - For audiences, Provider’s                   Marketplace - a 30 word
Leadership Series promises to deliver fresh perspectives on              description and image
today’s topics impacting the operations and business strategies          linking to a sub page online
within the long term care sector. For sponsors of this section,          where readers can learn
you will gain brand building and immediate recognition. Harness          more about the product or
Provider’s editorial access and feature your event to the who’s          service offering
who in the profession.

Banner Advertising - Banner ads are added value for                      Special Branding
frequent print advertisers only.                                         Poly Bag - A high impact
                                                                         opportunity to engage all

                                                                         Cover Tip - Great exposure on
                                                                         the magazine’s cover with a
                                                                         long shelf life

                                                                         Belly band - An opportunity
                                                                         to be creative with readers as
                                                                         they first receive the magazine
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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
unique opportunities
In-Person Advertising Opportunities
Provider Magazine Interview Lounge – Provider
Magazine Interview Lounge is a unique opportunity to interact
with many thought leaders during conferences. Sponsors work
with Provider in the lounge to conduct live interviews with
industry leaders. After the conferences, interviews are available
on demand at the Provider magazine website and inserted in               LED Talks - Lead Engage
subscriber e-blasts.                                                     Discover on Provider TV
                                                                         curated by Provider, the
“…if you want to reach key decision makers in the Long                   LED Talks are proactive,
Term Care marketplace, there is no better magazine to do it              inspirational, and sometimes
in. Provider’s reach to these professionals helps us reinforce           disruptive. Every March
our key marketing initiatives throughout the year. No matter             these memorable stories are
what part of the country you are in, the one constant you will           given by engaging industry
find is Provider magazine in the local nursing home.”                    professionals at the AHCA/
                                                                         NCAL Quality Summit
Shawn Scott                                                              and then promoted online
SVP Corporate Sales, Medline Industries                                  and social media. To see
                                                                         recent LED Talks click here.
                                                                         Sponsorship opportunities
                                                                         are available.

                                                                         To inquire about specific
                                                                         details and investment levels
                                                                         for all in-person events
                                                                         contact or

                                                                         Click here to see the 2019
                                                                         Marketing Planner, provides
                                                                         more information about the
                                                                         AHCA/NCAL marketing and
                                                                         networking opportunities.

Round Table Discussions – Provider Roundtables are
excellent venues for engaging in an in-depth discussion covering
a theme of a sponsors choosing. Recognition to the sponsor is
given during the event and sponsor participation is encouraged
during the discussion. Provider does the leg-work of finding
appropriate participants while the sponsor authors original
content published in an edition of the magazine. Provider
Roundtables are organized in conjunction with AHCA/NCAL
Convention & EXPO in October.
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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
2019 Editorial Calendar January - June
Month				Features				Bonus Distribution
Cover Story:                  Featured Content:
Legal Issues in LT/PAC        Focus on Caregiving
                              Medical Directors Focus

Cover Story:                  Featured Content:
Clinical Advances in LT/PAC   Human Resources
                              Focus on Caregiving
                              The Quality Forum

MARCH: Technology Issue
Cover Story:                  Featured Content:                    Bonus Distribution:
Technology: What Works Now    Medical Director Focus               AHCA/NCAL Quality Summit;
                              Technology in Health Care            AHCA/NCAL Independent
                              Finance: NIC                         Owner Leadership Conference;
                                                                   ACHCA Annual Convocation
                                                                   & Exposition; AMDA Annual

Cover Story:                  Featured Content:                    Bonus Distribution:
Meeting Social Needs of       Focus on Caregiving                  AADNS/AANAC Conference;
Seniors                       Human Resources
                              Finance: NIC
                              The Quality Forum

Cover Story:                  Featured Content:                    Bonus Distribution:
The Patient-Driven Payment    Focus on Caregiving                  AHCA/NCAL Spring
Model                         Legal Advisor-Staffing ratios        Multifacility CEO & Senior
                              Human Resources                      Executive Leaders Conference

Cover Story:                  Featured Content:                    Bonus Distribution:
SNFs as a Pillar of Rural     Medical Director Focus               AHCA/NCAL Congressional
Community                     Legal Advisor - Evaluating           Briefing; NADONA Convention
                              Potential Buyers or Sellers
                              The Quality Forum

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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
2019 Editorial Calendar July - December
Month				Features				Bonus Distribution
Cover Story:                     Featured Content:
Update on Rules of               Focus on Caregiving
Participation                    Technology in Health Care

Cover Story:                     Featured Content:
An Update on Managed Care        Focus on Caregiving
                                 The Quality Forum

Preconvention Issue
Cover Story:                     Featured Content:                    Bonus Distribution:
Revisiting Person-Centered       Convention Sessions Preview          NIC Conference
Care                             Finance: NIC
                                 Medical Director Focus

Convention Issue
Cover Story:                     Featured Content:                 Bonus Distribution:
Special Needs Plans              AHCA/NCALSpecial Award Recipients AHCA/NCAL 70 Convention

                                 List of Exhibitors                & Expo
                                 National Quality Award Recipients
                                 Focus on Caregiving
                                 Human Resources
                                 The Quality Forum

Cover Story:                     Featured Content:                    Bonus Distribution:
Latest on Opioids                Finance: NIC                         AHCA/NCAL Fall Multifacility
                                 Legal Advisor                        CEO & Senior Executive
                                 Focus on Caregiving                  Leaders Conference

Cover Story:                     Featured Content:
Hospitality in Assisted Living   Focus on Caregiving
                                 Legal Advisor
                                 The Quality Forum
                                 Medical Director Focus

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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
print advertising rates
 Issuance and Closing                    Special Position Rates                Classified Advertising
 Dates                                   The publisher reserves the            The closing dates for
 Provider is published monthly.          right to select ad locations          insertion order and copy
 Refer to page 7 for closing             unless the advertiser pays            to be sent can be found
 deadlines. If new material is           a 10% premium on space.               on page 10 under “Closing
 not received by the closing             Positions on pages 1 and 2            Deadlines.” Classifieds are
 date, the latest ad of similar          require a 6-page minimum              $225 per column inch with
 size and color will be used.            contract.                             a minimum of one inch.
                                                                               Frequency discounts are
 General Advertising Rate Bleed Charges                                        available. Classified ads are
 Policy                   There is no extra charge for                         non-commissionable and
 Rates are determined by the     bleeds.                                       must be prepaid. No ads will
 total space used within a                                                     be taken over the telephone.
 12-month period, dating from                                                  Standard display ads placed
 the first insertion. Earned                                                   in the classified ad section are
 frequency is determined by                                                    commissionable at the current
 the total number of insertions,                                               rates.
 not issues. Sizes may be
 mixed. In schedules composed                                                  Classified Specifications
 of different size space units,                                                Two-column format
 a one-third page space is the                                                 Column width: 3 3/8”
 minimum size that can be
                                                                                    Provider                                            classifieds
 combined with larger units to                                                      employment
                                                                                                                  december 2014

 earn frequency rates.
                                                                                       One Source, Countless Solutions
                                                                                      for Post-acute and Senior Care Providers
                                                                                    LeaderStat’s Executive Recruiters place
                                                                                     talented individuals in exciting career
                                                                                           opportunities at all levels.

 Cover Net Rates
                                                                                    Recent Placements
                                                                                       VP of Operations

 Cover charges are in addition
                                                                                       Corporate CFO
                                                                                      Corporate VP of
                                                                                      Business Development

 to space and color costs.
                                                                                       Director of Nursing
                                                                                       MDS Coordinator

 Cover positions require a
 6-page minimum contract
                                                                                                      (877) 699-7828
                                                                                             National AANAC Training-Partner

 and a 90-day notice of                                                              Are you working with a limited budget?
                                                                                               RUN A CLASSIFIED AD!

                                                                                             E-mail our Sales Team at


 Inside Front Cover $785                                                             Can't get enough of

                                                                                                Provider ?
 Inside Back Cover $595                                                              Follow us at:

 Back Cover $965                                                                     NATION
                                                                                     The official blog of Provider magazine


Color Display Advertising Rates
                                                                                                                                                                December 2014 Provider 53

The following advertising annual net rates are effective for all advertisers on January 1, 2019.
                  1x                3x               6x             12x                18x                                                          24x
Spread            $8,575            $8,205           $7,805         $7,435             $6,865                                                       $6,375

Full-Page         $5,685            $5,465           $5,225         $4,955             $4,665                                                       $3,755

2/3 Page          $4,815            $4,645           $4,445         $4,225             $3,995                                                       $2,390

1/2 Page          $4,395            $4,235           $4,065         $3,875             $3,675                                                       $3,465

1/3 Page          $3,965            $3,825           $3,685         $3,525             $3,345                                                       $3,165

1/4 Page          $3,535            $3,425           $3,305         $3,165             $3,025                                                       $2,875
Classified Ad $225 per column inch with a minimum of one inch
*Black and White rate reduction of $1,365 regardless of size
                                                      | 202-842-4444 |                                                                     8
Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
online advertising rates/ specifications
   Banner Specifications              Format GIF, JPEG, PNG, Flash              Title Maximum of 6 words
   Banner ads will be formatted as    * File size not to exceed 500KB.          Abstract Maximum of 30 words
   companion ads/roadblock ads.                                                 Expanded Description about
   Please design all ads with the     Cost Per Month                            250 words
   same branding design to ensure     Print advertisers $2,500                  Format Plain text only, no
   that your message receives         Non-print advertisers $5,000              bullets, trademarks, etc.
   the maximum visibility and
   maintains continuity throughout    Marketplace Specifications Image 150px wide x 150px high
   the site.                    Marketplace is an opportunity                   Format JPEG
                                for advertisers to say more.
   All sizes below must be      Content will be located on                      Cost per Month
   provided by each advertiser. the home page, includes one                     Print advertisers $7,500
                                thumbnail image and up to 30                    Non-print advertisers $10,000
   Pencil 968px W x 30px H      words inviting readers to learn
   Drop-down 968px W x 340px H more. Readers have the option                    Provider TV Specifications
   Right Zone 234px W x 385px H to click to a sub page where                    Length 15 secs
   Bottom Zone 692px W x 72px H they can read more about your                   Format 3GPP audio/ video (.3gp)
   Top Zone 940px W x 106px H   product/service offering.                       Cost per Month $5,000

  Banner/ Content Placement
                        Home                                                   Interior
                                              ← Pencil

                                              ← Drop-down                                               ← Top Zone

                                                                                                        ← Right Zone

                                              ← Right Zone

Provider TV   →
                                                 Bottom Zone   →

                                     ← Marketplace Abstract


Bottom Zone                                                                                        Marketplace
                                                                                               Expanded Description

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Provider Provider Provider - AHCA/NCAL
print advertising specifications
Magazine Offset Printing                       Cancellation Policy
Specifications                                 All cancellations should be sent to:
Provider will accept advertising materials     Provider Magazine | Attn: Sharon Purvis
for reproduction as follows:                   1201 L Street, NW | Washington, DC 20005
                                               Fax: 202-842-9806
Electronic Files: Provider is produced 100%
computer-to-plate according to SWOP            Cancellations will not be accepted after
standards. All ads must be submitted in        the space reservation deadlines as listed.
a PDF format using the Adobe Acrobat           Cancellations not made in writing or within
Distiller job options settings required for    the cancellation period will be charged to
proper output. Please contact                  the advertiser at the full rate.
Shevona Johnson, Production Manager,
202-898-6303 or                                Any revised ad copy received after the art, for our         deadline will be charged an extra $200.00.
Adobe Distiller job settings.                  New art cannot be accepted after blueline.

Four-color ads must be CMYK only. Black-       Closing Deadlines
and-white ads must be grayscale only.          Note: Artwork not received by material
Please be sure your PDF does not contain       deadline automatic pick up a previous ad.
ICC, RGB, LAB, or Spot-based colors. For
optimal resolution, please ensure that
embedded 4-color graphics are at least
600 dpi. All fonts must be embedded and
                                                2019               Signed         Material Due
crop marks included. In addition, a high-                          Insertion
resolution digital proof must be provided                          Order Deadline
with your ad.
                                                January            12/3              12/6
Provider cannot guarantee an exact color
match. Provider is not responsible for color    February           1/7               1/10
shifts due to differences between the file
and the proof.                                  March              2/4               2/7

Tone Reproduction: Continuous-tone color        April              3/4               3/7
files must be separated to CMYK using GCR
or UCR methods with a maximum density           May                4/8               4/10
of 280 percent for all links.
                                                June               5/6               5/9
Number of Proofs: One comprehensive
proof and/or set of progressive proofs,         July               6/3               6/6
complete with color bars or match prints,
chromalins, or color keys with density          August             7/3               7/8
patches are required for all material.
                                                September          8/5               8/8
Rotation of Colors: Web-fed rotation is
cyan, magenta, yellow, and black four-color     October            9/2               9/5
                                                November           10/7              10/10
Binding: Saddle stitched. Some issues may
be perfect bound.                               December           11/4              11/7

                                      | 202-842-4444 |   10
print advertising specifications
Artwork Shipping Instructions
Send materials to:
Provider Magazine | Attn: Kate McCullough
1201 L Street, NW | Washington, DC 20005
If sending a CD, please send a printout of
                                                         Full Page
its contents and a match proof (SWOP
preferred) for color guarantee. If new
material is not received by the closing date,
the latest ad of similar size and color will be

                                                                                  1/2 Page
Mechanical Requirements                                                            (Island)
Publication Trim Size: 8 1/8” x 10 7/8”
Note: Allow exactly 0.125 (1/8”) of bleed
beyond your trim size. All ad copy, including
logos, addresses, etc., must be 0.188 (3/16”)
within trim boundaries.

                                                             2/3 Page
Space Unit              Width & Depth

Spread (non-bleed)      15 1/2” x 10”

Spread (bleed)          16 1/2” x 11 1/8”

Full Page (non-bleed) 7” x 10”
                                                                                      1/2 Page
Full Page (bleed)       8 3/8” x 11 1/8”

2/3 Page                4 1/2” x 9 1/2”

1/2 Page (horizontal)   7” x 4 3/4”

1/2 Page (island)       4 1/2” x 7 1/4”

1/2 Page (vertical)     3 3/8” x 9 1/2”
                                                     1/3 Page
                                                     (Square)                      1/2
1/3 Page (square)       4 1/2” x 4 3/4”
1/3 Page (vertical)     2 1/8” x 9 1/2”
1/4 Page                3 3/8” x 4 3/4”                                                       Page

                                         | 202-842-4444 |   11
print & online advertising order
Advertiser                                                                      Agency/Bill to
Company                                                                         Company

Contact                                                                         Contact

Address                                                                         Address

City/State/Zip                                                                  City/State/Zip

Phone 			                               Fax                                     Phone 			                               Fax

Email                                                                           Email

Artwork Contact Name/Phone/Email

For Color Guarantee Please Submit a SWOP Proof of Ad

Issue Date 2019                                   Print Specifications                                                         Online
 ¨ : Print ad       ¡: Online ad                  Size                                                                         Specifications
¨¡ January           ¨¡ July                      ¨ Spread		                       ¨ 1/3 Page Square                           Size
¨¡ February          ¨¡ August                    ¨ Full Page		                    ¨ 1/3 Page Vertical                         ¡ Banner
¨¡ March             ¨¡ September                 ¨ 2/3 Page		                     ¨ 1/4 Page                                  ¡ Marketplace
¨¡ April             ¨¡ October                   ¨ 1/2 Page Horizontal                                                        ¡ Provider TV
¨¡ May               ¨¡ November                  ¨ 1/2 Page Vertical              ¨ Classified                                Per Monthly Charge
¨¡ June              ¨¡ December                  ¨ 1/2 Page Island                      Columns x            Inches
                                                                                                                               Ad Per Monthly Charge

¨ Purchasing Guide                                Earned Frequency (please circle)                                             $

                                                  1x 3x 6x 12x 18x 24x                                                         Total Contract Amount
¨ Convention Onsite Guide                                                                                                      $
                                                  Ad Per Issue Charge $
Special Instructions                              Total Contract Amount $

I agree to the above ad placement and to the terms and conditions specified in the current rate card.

Authorized by 							 Title

Accepted for Provider magazine by 						                                                                           Date

15% agency commission to recognized agencies responsible for payment only if payment is received within 30 days. Send
insertion order and proof materials to Provider, Advertising Department, 1201 L STREET, NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20005.
Closing is the 30th, two months prior to publication; materials are due on the monthly deadlines listed on page 10. Artwork               Fax
should be sent via email in a high resolution PDF file to All cancellations must be in writing to ATT:
SHARON PURVIS and received before the closing date otherwise advertisers will be charged the full rate. Payment terms are        202-842-9806
30 days from issuance. Credit approval may be required. Provider reserves the right to decline advertisements.

                                                                           | 202-842-4444 |           12
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