What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies
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Insights from Veolia Water Technologies

            What’s new in 2018?

                                WATER TECHNOLOGIES
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies


                    05                                     17
                    Boost your water value                 EVA Link remote control
                                                           The new smart EVALED® evaporators

                    06                                     18
                    Interview                              ACTIFLO®
                    Aude Giard &                           One of the highest performing
                    Jean-François Nogrette                 clarifiers in the world

                    08                                     20
                    AQUAVISTA              ™
                                                           AQUAVISTA™ Certification
                    The all-in-one water digital service

                    10                                     21
                    BlueKolding                            AQUAVISTA™, digital trust
                    Inspired by the concept
                    of blue economy

                    12                                     22
                    Water quality for a                    Smart glasses:
                    laboratory monitored                   how to support your plant’s
                    by AQUAVISTA™                          operations?

                    14                                     24
                    AQUAVISTA for a soft   ™               EVALED®
                    drink manufacturer                     Evaporation technologies for
                    Portal, Insight & Assist               wastewater treatment

                    16                                     25
                    AQUAVISTA™                             ACTIFLO®
                    for the Oil & Gas Industry             The ultimate microsand
                                                           ballasted clarifier
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

26                                     34
ACTIFLO™ Carb                          BIOTHELYS™
Optimum treatment for natural          Batch thermal hydrolysis
organic matter and micropollutants

27                                     35
FILTRAFLO™ Carb                        BIOCO™
The next generation polishing          Sludge drying, incineration & energy
technology                             optimization

28                                     35
ANOXKALDNES™ MBBR                      GASTOP
The next generation polishing          New efficient digester design

29                                     37
ANITA™ Mox                             OLEIS
The cost-effective ammonia             New sludge conditioning
removal solution

30                                     38
ECODISK™                               SOLIA™ Mix
The ecological solution for domestic   The new generation of solar sludge
wastewater treatment plants            drying

31                                     39
HYDROTECH Filters                      HYDREX™
Boost your primary filtration          Covers all your water treatment
                                       chemical needs

32                                     40
BIOTHANE                               Mobile Water Services
Leading anaerobic technologies         Delivering water anywhere

33                                     41
EXELYS     ™                           AQUA service plant audit
Thermal hydrolysis process             Expertise to optimise your plant
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies



PERFORMANCE                                    EXPERTS ONLINE


                   WATER TECHNOLOGIES
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies
Insights from Veolia Water Technologies

                    Boost your water value
                    The world of water is changing: treatment is more complex, resources are declining,
                    customers expect more, operational costs are rising, water and wastewater operations
                    will need to adapt.

                    Part of the Veolia group, the global leader in optimized resource management, Veolia
                    Water Technologies offers the most important portfolio of technologies, standard
                    products and services to help municipalities and industrial companies to face these

                    Regarding the quality of their water, our customers also needed reliable data available in
                    real-time 24/7 on a secure platform this is why we created AQUAVISTATM, digital services.
                    This new platform of digital services provides a smarter management of your water
                    treatment systems.

                    As a unique digital platform, Aquavista is entirely dedicated to water treatment
                    applications. With Aquavista you have a smart partner – based on Internet-of-Things
                    and advanced data analytics from Veolia Water Technologies, you have the opportunity
                    to access the best water expertise for both water and wastewater treatment, for your
                    installations and for your equipment.

                    In connecting your equipment to a highly secured platform you will have a privileged
                    access, in real time, to the heart of your operations.

                    In the following pages, discover how we can help you to address your water challenges.
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

Jean-François Nogrette,
Aude Giard,
Chief Digital Officer
Veolia Water Technologies

What are the main challenges of             real time, over a long period of time.     These digital tools need to be flexible,
the water world?                                                                       they need to be available 24/7, and
                                            How can we get an accurate and             most importantly, they need to be
Jean-François Nogrette: We often            reliable information?                      available on a highly secured Cloud
talk about the issue of access to water.                                               platform. This is how we can provide
This is of course a very important          JFN: This information can be               information to our clients and
topic that needs to be addressed,           obtained by establishing the digital       establish a long-term relationship
along with access to sanitation and         plant.                                     based on trust.
the importance of water reuse. But
there is another topic that we don’t        For me, the digital plant is a lever to    Could you give us an example of the
address as much, and that I feel is         boost operational performance and          benefits of a digital plant?
very important, and that is the issue       it is also a way to solidify a long-term
of trust.                                   pact with the client. This pact of trust   Aude Giard: Yes of course, we have
                                            is based on real-time data paired          several projects. One example is our
In many parts of the world, we are          with water treatment expertise and         customer BlueKolding who optimized
sharing, exchanging and reusing             a worldwide benchmark.                     its energy consumption thanks to our
water in various ways, through                                                         digital offer AQUAVISTATM.
many different partners at a much           The world is changing fast,
faster pace than ever before. These         technologies need to respond to an         BlueKolding is an environment,
exchanges must be based on trust,           increasingly complex environment           energy, and climate company which
and trust can only be established           and help us address the challenges of      covers the entire municipality of
through information.                        water scarcity and water reuse. And        Kolding in Denmark. They are inspired
                                            as I mentioned before, they need to        by the concept of blue economy and
Information about water quality, of         secure the trust of the client and of      and are constantly working to find
course, quality of the water coming         the end-user.                              new ways of exploiting the resources
in, quality and composition of the                                                     in wastewater and improving
water going out, but also information       Water is either an ingredient of           processes to clean it.
about chemical consumption, about           customers’ value creation or a cost
the amount of sludge generated, of          of compliance but either way, it           Veolia has been working with
biogas produced and energy used.            needs to flow as per expectations.         BlueKolding for several years. In 2017,
Information about hydraulics, about         Implementing a digital plant can help      they decided to adopt our digital
the network, even about the weather.        clients focus on their own business        service offering Aquavista. Doing this
                                            value and on the performance of            gave them access to a sort of digital
This information must be accurate           their daily operations.                    autopilot at the service of energy
and reliable, it must be available in                                                  optimization, while maintaining
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

robust and        sustainable      water     AQUAVISTA™ is not just one offer,        financial information to deliver
treatment.                                   it presents four different modules       business decision KPIs and enable
                                             which can be adapted        to our       operators and managers to simulate
They had the flexibility to choose           different clients’ needs.                the impact of an operational decision.
which features of AQUAVISTA™ they
wanted to activate on the processes          A customer portal which provides         As a digital services solution,
in their plant. They have access to          real-time remote monitoring of           AQUAVISTA™ is value driven.
real-time cloud-based information            equipment and alert management
that optimizes energy use and                to our clients.                          Our ambition is to deliver high
energy production through biogas.                                                     value services to our customers and
It also optimizes sludge production          The     AQUAVISTA™      Plant,     our   address their key business stakes and
and recirculation, and it optimizes          most complete offer, is a stack of       industrial challenges :
chemical usage.                              remote controls algorithms that          • increase their operational efficiency
                                             embed twenty five years of process         and plant uptime,
How far does Aquavista help                  knowledge of our engineers in            • improve their water quality anytime
the municipalities and industrial            Denmark. This product provides real-       anywhere
companies to better operate their            time remote controls on drinking         • ensure the output effluent complies
plants?                                      water & wastewater treatment               with regulation for a better
                                             plants (municipal and industrial).         environmental footprint
AG: AQUAVISTA™ is a complete suite of                                                 • work on the complex energy
digital services using internet-of-things,   We have some other modules in the          exchanges the plant perimeters:
advanced analytics and our water             pipeline, for example, a module called     biogas management optimization,
treatment expertise. We developed            ‘‘Assist’’ which aims to provide our       SMARTGrid and energy balance,
Aquavista on several of our existing         customers with remote expertise by         water network optimization, etc
technologies, on solutions provided to       giving access to the network of VWT
our customers during these past few          process and commissioning engineers      Connecting our customers to
decades and on our design & build            (water quality reports, compliance       Aquavista will make them better
experience. We are really lucky to be        reports, online expertise, etc.).        operators of our technologies and
able to take advantage of these VWT                                                   will boost their own value creation! �
long-term experiences. Innovation is         And we have an “Insight” module,
in our DNA and we count on this new          based on more advanced analytics,
offer to improve the operations of our       looking at long-term data, liaising
clients’ plants.                             operational    information     and

               SHARE                                             TRUST
                          DIGITAL                                                 QUALITY                ACCURATE
                                                                                                         & RELIABLE
  BEST-IN-CLASS                                             DATA
                                             CLOUD                                        CLIENT
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

                    AQUAVISTA,                                                             ™

                    the water digital service

                             AQUAVISTA™ Portal                                AQUAVISTA™ Insight

                    KEY FEATURES                                      KEY FEATURES
                    Single point of reference for all information     Through remote access to an information
                    relating to your water treatment system:          dashboard, benchmarks and suggestions for
                    > real-time remote monitoring of equipment       process optimization, AQUAVISTA™ provides:
                       data,                                          > key operational information overview,
                    > dynamic alarm management and                   > analysis of technology units performance,
                       information for operators,                     > global benchmarks (comparison, scenario
                    > key information about service contracts and       and optimization).
                    > archive of all service and sales orders,      This data-driven optimization of equipment
                    > a ccess to equipment data: user guides,       performance could ultimately result in a full
                        performance documents, calibration            auto-pilot solution.
                        certificates, documentation for a specific
                                                                      ADDED VALUE
                        site, O&M manuals and training videos/
                                                                      A dashboard for managers, operators and
                        materials for operation of selected
                                                                      engineers, built in conjunction with the
                                                                      existing AQUAVISTA™ Portal and leading to:
                    > notification of events for equipment.
                                                                      > global benchmarking,
                    ADDED VALUE                                       > continuous optimization review,
                    > Improvement of preventive maintenance          > monitoring of key performance indicators.
                       through dynamic alarm management,
                    > access data from multiple sites via a single
                       point of entry,
                    > private and secure,
                    > 24/7 managed service,
                    > ATAWAD: Any Time,
                       AnyWhere, Any Device,
                    > improves convenience
                       and simplifies operations.
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

         AQUAVISTA™ Assist

Support operators’ treatment processes
through access in real time to knowledge,
digital training and a network of process
engineers for:
> advice in a timely manner, enabled by data
   as well as a consistent platform,
> a better understanding of the specific end
   users’ operations,
> an improved risk mitigation to meet your
   challenges (compliance, plant shutdown,

> Community management where operators
   can communicate and share knowledge
   with other operators and Veolia process
> Operators can request support from
   Veolia Water Technologies (site visit,
   online assistance for maintenance service,
   troubleshooting, emergency support).

         AQUAVISTA™ Plant
AQUAVISTA™ Plant is a holistic solution:
> a suite of intelligent software solutions,
> a state-of-the-art plant overview,
> an online control & forecasting tool.

AQUAVISTA™ Plant is implemented across
several countries with hundreds of plants
already connected.

It is suitable for small and large municipal
and industrial wastewater plants.
What's new in 2018? - IFAT 2018 SPECIAL EDITION - Veolia Water Technologies

                             inspired by the concept of blue economy

                             BlueKolding’s needs                               In 2017, BlueKolding extended its software
BlueKolding A/S              For many years BlueKolding has prioritised        solution on the new cloud platform
                             and applied software solutions for capacity       AQUAVISTA™ Plant by the integrated control
BlueKolding A/S
                             extension and operations optimisation for         of Agtrup WWTP together with the sewer
Environment, energy
                             the entire sewerage system; from the sewer        network for the City of Kolding as well as the
and climate company
                             network to the wastewater treatment plants.       three satellite WWTPs.
covers the entire
                             The aim is to maximise the use of the existing
municipality of
                             facilities and at the same time guarantee an      Over the years BlueKolding has experienced
Kolding, Denmark.
                             optimum and compliant operation under all         compliant operation under all conditions by
BlueKolding is
                             conditions, i.e. under dry and wet weather        active online control with far less manpower
constantly working
                             conditions. BlueKolding wishes to provide         than is required for visits to the satellite plants.
to find new ways of
                             its staff with efficient tools to ensure a good
utilising the resources
                             overview of all the utility’s systems.
in wastewater and
improving processes
                                                                               The concrete benefits for BlueKolding:
for cleaning it.
                             The AQUAVISTA™ Plant answers                      • 25% less Total-N in effluent,
                             In 2007, the aim for Agtrup WWTP was to           • Precipitation in chemicals reduced by 45%,
BlueKolding manages
                             improve the effluent quality and ensure           • Hydraulic capacity increased by 80%,
the treatment of
                             operational savings. The result was 25% lower     • Overflow in catchment area reduced 45%.
15 million m⁳ of
                             Total-N and a reduction of the chemical               •
wastewater for the
                             precipitant by 45%.                                   •
city of Kolding and its
                                                                               “The AQUAVISTA™ Plant has helped us to lower
surrounding area every
                             The introduction of integrated control of         the costs of our operations and helped us to
year. 12 million m⁳
                             Agtrup WWTP and the sewer system in 2011          have a better carbon footprint as well. And now
goes to Agtrup central
                             secured 80% higher hydraulic load at the          it’s cloud-based and that means that our data
wastewater treatment
                             plant and therefore reduced the costs of the      security is on a very high level and that’s very
plant (WWTP).
                             planned basin extensions by 22% the costs         important to us.” Per Holm, BlueKolding CEO.
                             of the planned basin extensions. At the same
                             time, BlueKolding even managed to reduce          “Using AQUAVISTA™ Plant our processes are
                             the number of overflow events from approx.        optimised, meaning that the plants produce
                             35 to

Innovation projects                              The latest innovation projects are from 2014
Since the 2011 implementation, Veolia            (SMARTGrid) and 2017 (BlueGrid). Both focus
Water Technologies and BlueKolding have          on energy-balance optimisation through
collaborated to develop various software         utilisation of the basin volume in the
solutions for intelligent use of a large         catchment area as part of the active control
amounts of data from the entire sewerage         strategy at the WWTPs.
system, i.e. the sewer network and the
treatment plants.

     AQUAVISTATM Plant is a real-time remote control and optimization of drinking
     water treatment plant, sewer network & wastewater treatment plant processes.

     This holistic solution covers different objectives in different customer segments.
     The main objectives, no matter the customer segment, are:
     • CAPEX savings/avoidance by additional hydraulic capacity
     • CAPEX savings/avoidance by additional biological capacity
     • OPEX savings by optimised operation
     • Compliance through stable operation, easier operation, created operator
       awareness and improved system understanding

     Aquavista Plant covers different types of processes. The main processes covered, no
     matter the customer segment, are:
     • Aerobic wastewater treatment (municipal or industrial)
             > Activated sludge
             > Biofilters
             > MBBR
     • Anaerobic wastewater treatment (industrial)
             > UASB
     • Anaerobic sludge treatment
             > Digesters

     Aquavista Plant is implemented across several countries with hundreds of plants
     already connected.

Water quality for a
laboratory monitored

                    The Biochemical & Molecular Biology             offer that allows laboratory technicians and
                    laboratory at Nîmes University Hospital         medical biologists to have real-time access
                    has four main activities: the Biochemistry,     to water quality monitoring and to intervene
                    Hormonology, Biological Oncology and            within the scope of preventive and curative
                    General Toxico-Pharmacology sectors, for both   maintenance actions.
                    routine and emergencies; the Toxicology and
                    specialized and forensic Pharmacology sector;   Traceability at the heart
                    the Molecular Genetics sector (somatic          of the laboratory
                    oncogenetics, neurogenetics, constitutional     The current era of medical biology
                    pharmacogenetics) and finally a delocalized     laboratories is the consolidation of analytical
                    Biology sector.                                 solutions (grouping of several analysers into
                                                                    a single one) for medico-economic aspects
                    The laboratory team is composed of 41           to ensure greater traceability in sample
                    staff, of which 26 technicians who are          processing procedures, while optimising the
                    mainly in charge of the maintenance of the      analysers’ performance and production.
                    analysers and the technical validation of the
                    examinations and also nine medical biologists   “Previously, each analyser had a dedicated
                    who ensure, among other things, the medical     water supply, today a single water
                    expertise of the laboratory examinations        production plant must be able to produce
                    through the provision of advice to clinicians   a sufficient volume of water while ensuring
                    and a university teaching activity.             an irreproachable water quality, as this is
                                                                    an essential part of the analytical process
                    The laboratory operates 7 days a week and       at the origin of the production of patient
                    24 hours a day and on average the laboratory    examination results”, explains Dr David-Paul
                    processes 1200 samples/day and produces 2.4     De Brauwere, hospital practitioner at the
                    million procedures/year.                        Biochemical & Molecular Biology laboratory.
                                                                    These automated technical platforms are at
                    The Biochemical & Molecular Biology             the heart of the laboratory’s organisation;
                    laboratory at Nîmes University Hospital         they make it possible to manage high flows
                    has been using Roche Diagnostics and            while meeting the quality and traceability
                    Veolia solutions since 2013. This solution      standards required by regulations.
                    is differentiated by a complete analytical

Roche Diagnostics France supports
laboratories in this evolution by offering high-
performance, proven analytical solutions for
automated technical platforms.

Clinical analysers need a constant, safe and
compliant supply of water to produce and
reproduce reliable diagnostic tests. Roche
and Veolia’s offer meets this requirement for
quality and traceability. It includes both the
Roche product lines (cobas®8000), Medica Pro
for water supply and the user interface with
the AQUAVISTATM portal for real-time water
quality monitoring.

An interface that facilitates                      “For example, regarding resistivity, we
the accreditation process                          evaluated at 18 hours the interval between the
By 2020, 100% of the NABM examinations             beginning of its deterioration and its impact
produced by a laboratory must be certified.        on water quality and therefore on the results
The COFRAC (COmité FRançaise                       of patient examinations. Water quality is at
d’ACcréditation - French Certification             the heart of the laboratory’s activity in order
Authority) is in charge of issuing these           to ensure a constant quality service in the
certificates to medical biology laboratories       production of test results while guaranteeing
who must meet the specific requirements            the performance of our production: over
concerning competence and quality required         1,000 samples are processed every day; 24/7
by standard NF EN ISO 15 189.                      reproducibility of analytical processes is
                                                   essential for rigorous monitoring of patients’
With a view to full accreditation in 2 years:      biological parameters.”
“access to an interface that centralises water
quality histories and allows us to view all        When an alarm sounds, or when one of the
these main parameters on a single page -           water quality monitoring parameters shows
temperature, conductivity, resistivity - provide   a deterioration of the water quality, the
a guarantee of traceability; as well as access     technicians intervene immediately as part of
to the calendar of events, allowing us to          a preventive maintenance action.
view the history of alarms. We become more
efficient! We can immediately provide all the      “This type of early warning has enabled us to
information requested during the COFRAC            reduce the number of alarms since the solution
audits”, says Dr De Brauwere.                      has been deployed in our department”,
                                                   concludes Dr De Brauwere. �
Anticipating risks: preventive
                                                      Customer: Roche Diagnostics
Every day, the technicians check the water
                                                      End user: Biochemical and Molecular Biology Laboratory
quality from the AQUAVISTA™ Portal. Thanks
                                                      at Nîmes University Hospital (CHU de Nîmes)
to the graphs, they can see if the water
quality is deteriorating, and if necessary, act       Solutions: cobas®8000 (Roche Diagnostics), Medica
                                                      Pro & AQUAVISTA™ Digital Services from Veolia Water
preventively by changing the Medica Pro
filtration cartridges.

                   AQUAVISTA™ for a soft
                   drink manufacturer,
                   Portal, Insight & Assist

                   Food and Beverage companies currently face       The Problem
                   several challenges with water management,        During operation the performance of both
                   which is especially true concerning ingredient   ultrafiltration units had severely and abruptly
                   water used in the actual product. It is a        declined. Discussions, analysis and various
                   key challenge to monitor in real-time the        counter measures such as CIP procedures
                   quality of their ingredient water in order       on site had been carried out without
                   to ensure the maximum traceability of the        sustainably solving the problem. Since a
                   production processes to ensure compliance to     further degradation of the UF performance
                   increasingly stricter regulations.               would have lead to a shutdown of the plant
                                                                    causing considerable damages and costs,
                   Project Scope                                    an action plan was defined by Veolia Water
                   In September 2015, a 100m⁳/h water               Technologies engineers. The main objectives:
                   treatment plant for a global beverage leader     • Determination of root causes of rapid
                   was installed in North Africa. The solution         differential pressure increase
                   implemented is BERKEFELD PurBev®, a range        • Reduction of the differential pressure of the
                   of hygienic water treatment solutions for           UF systems by performing modified CIP
                   the food & beverage industries consisting        • Inspection of the dosing equipment and
                   of reverse osmosis, activated carbon                dosing rates
                   and ultrafiltration technologies. This           • Check of chemical quality and concentration
                   beverage company was looking for a way
                   to considerably improve the monitoring of        The Action
                   their ingredient water. One of the client’s      As Aquavista Portal, Insight and Assist was
                   main objectives was to improve their water       implemented, process experts were able
                   consumption KPI liter to liter.                  to investigate the causes based on the
                                                                    available data and trends from the previous
                                                                    months and to suggest counter actions
                                                                    in a timely manner. The Aquavista digital
                                                                    services modules provided are Portal, Insight
                                                                    and Assist. The Aquavista Services has
                                                                    successfully allowed the company to closely
                                                                    monitor their ingredient water in real-time
                                                                    by monitoring the parameters of PurBev, with
                                                                    an ATAWAD (AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device)
                                                                    access to this information.

                                                                    AQUAVISTA Key Features:
                                                                    • Remote monitoring of parameters
                                                                    • Remote control on demand
                                                                    • Operations reporting

• Feedback on performance and                      The client benefits from more process support
  recommendations for optimization                 and expertise to operate the water treatment
• Training in local language                       plant, as well as from high value digital services.
• HYDREX® service with special chemicals
                                                   “We are very satisfied with the new Veolia
                                                   performance monitoring service. This really
                                                   is a high value service which helps us to
                                                   reduce operational cost and improve the
                                                   reliability of our water treatment plant.
                                                   Veolia’s digitaliation strategy is the right
                                                   step to differentiate its services further from
                                                   competition” engineering director, April 2017.

                                                   This project has not only allowed for the client
                                                   to benefit from increased reliability but also
                                                   from increased plant uptime and an overall
Client Benefits                                    improvement in performance. The client
The introduction of digital services in the        feedback and testing has allowed us at Veolia
water treatment plant at this production           to considerably improve our technologies,
site has provided technical and operational        services and the PurBev design. �
benefits for the client. Their processes and
plant is now more reliable and they were able      KPIs
to reduce their operating costs.
They are able to now fully access real-time
data on their ingredient water and monitor             Benefits
the quality of it according to the regulations,        • Increased membrane lifetime from
and more importantly, to their specifications.           8-12 months to 2,5 y
A full team of Veolia experts are in charge of         • Reduced liter-to-litre KPI from 3,0 to
analysing the reports generated from the KPIs            1,8l
and send out immediate feedback in case                • Prevented 5-8 days downtime,
of any problem. These experts also provide               equivalent to many thousands kilo €
recommendations and advice on how to
improve operations.

                     UF Permeability decreased over weeks
                     CIP procedures by local operators did
                     not stop the trend
                                                              Specialised cleaning
                                                              procedure by Veolia

     AQUAVISTA                                                ™

     for the Oil & Gas Industry
     a new era in service solutions for Water Injection
     Asset Integrity Management

                     Veolia’s unique combination of a digitized      visibility into the performance of the water
                     system with expert engineers now provides       injection system. Combined with the onshore
                     upstream water injection assurity.              process specialist delivered by Veolia through
                                                                     Aquavista Assist, a service of true value is
                     Our expertise in facility asset management      integrated into the customer’s teams, both
                     has been gained from decades of experience      onshore and offshore.
                     in operations enabling us to balance            Using OSIsoft PI, Aquavista will transform
                     conflicting drivers and deliver pragmatic       upstream water injection operations;
                     outcomes based on the actual production         unlocking the value of your data to transform
                     needs of the Industry.                          it into relevant business driven operations.
                                                                     Aquavista improves water injection system
                     In the challenge to meet the oil & gas          performance:
                                                                     • Real-time upstream data capture onshore
                                                                     • Business KPI’s for water injection
                                                                     • Laboratory analytics and manual offshore
                                                                        batch control inputs
                                                                     • Generates “benchmarking” performance
                                                                     • Technical and process support by Veolia
                                                                     • Bespoke water injection operational
                                                                        support for unlocking availability and
                     industry’s need for improved operation and         reliability
                     reduced OPEX, Veolia has developed the          • Optimised chemical consumptions and
                     AQUAVISTA™ digital services platform that          performance
                     allows smarter management of our client’s       • Early event detection notification for
                     upstream water injection systems; improving        operational risk reduction
                     performance, minimising operational risk,
                     whilst reducing OPEX.
                     Existing methods of handling and assessing        The key benefits to our clients: water
                     upstream asset data was problematic as a          injection assurity - providing increased oil
                     service provider onshore. Aquavista, Veolia’s     recovery and reduced OPEX
                     real time monitoring service, delivers early
                     warning of deteriorating performance and
                     operational issues, giving unprecedented

                  EVA Link remote control
EVA Link Remote Control                                    EVA Link, the remote control access,
                                                           is one of the most important service

                  The new smart EVALED evaporators
                                                           included into the EVA-Life program.
EVA Link is the new service
product targeted to Clients                EVA Life, the program which makes

who have an evaporator equipped            your evaporator perfectly performing
                                           for its entire life.
with a state-of-the-art HMI.
This ultimate interface allows             EVALED is a reliable partner as ensures
to keep your evaporator under              a lifetime guarantee for the EVALED
        and to  optimize its               evaporators.to EVALED evaporators which allows
             Link is the new service pack dedicated                                                                                  to monitor your
performances, thanks to the daily
checks water    treatment
        and to the updating unit from smartphone, tablets and PC.
of parameters and programs.                                         Evaporation Leadership
                                                                                                            since 1978
                                                                                       Veolia Water Technologies Italia
                                                                         Via Pra’ di Risi, 3 • 33080 Zoppola (PN) • Italy
                                                                         tel. +(39) 0434 516311 • fax +(39) 0434 516310
In keeping with the progressive nature of the company,
                                                           �   Alarm notification can be set up
                                                                              info@evaled.com | service@evaled.com          REFERENCES
we reserve the right to amend details without notice.                                                 www.evaled.com
                                                                for rapid troubleshooting from
                  �   Ideal to optimise EVALED                                                                             Food & Beverage, Candies
                                                                Veolia personnel (available in the
                       evaporators’ water treatment                                                                         production (CANADA)
                                                                GOLD level service pack).
                       performances and reducing                                                                            Remote operation and
                       running costs.                                                                                       assistance, Monthly detailed
                                                           FEATURES                                                         reporting, Technical suggestions
                  BENEFITS                                 �   Access to your water treatment                              for process optimisation,
                                                                unit from any device (PC, tablet,                           Reduction of maintenance
                  �   Real time data and trends check-
                                                                smartphone)                                                 activities and costs.
                                                           �   No software or license to buy                                Chemical, Detergents
                  �   Monthly data check-up and back-
                                                                                                                            production (ITALY)
                       up (with technical comments only    �   Password security protocol with
                                                                                                                            Remote operation and
                       with the GOLD level service pack)        double access level.
                                                                                                                            assistance, immediate support
                  �   Alarms notification via e-mail/                                                                      and troubleshooting, Reduction
                       SMS                                                                                                  of non-scheduled maintenance
                  �   Minor modifications on PLC and                                                                       activities and consequent
                       HMI’s softwares upgrading                                                                            downtimes.

                  �   Veolia’s technical personnel will
                       intervene via online request.


                          ACTIFLO ,                                        ®

                          one of the highest performing clarifiers
                          in the world boosted by digitalisation

                                                                               • Asset improvement: scenarii for
     Actiflo is a high rate compact water clarification process in                 � Operational cost savings
     which water is flocculated with microsand and polymer in a                    � Effluent quality improvement and
     Turbomix® draft tube. The microsand enhances the formation                       stability
     of robust flocs and acts as ballast, significantly increasing their           � Throughput increase
     settling velocity. The unique characteristics of the resulting            • Asset Benchmarking: Comparison of
     microsand ballasted flocs allow for clarifier designs with very             multiple sites or the same site over different
     short retention times, high rise rates and extremely compact                seasons
     system footprints that are up to 50 times smaller than other
     clarification processes of similar capacity. It counts more               Benefits
     than 1,000 references all over the world, for municipal and               Aquavista Insight gives the plant managers
     industrial water and wastewater treatment over the past                   more peace of mind by:
     25 years (see page 25 to know more about Actiflo).                        • An improved operation of the Actiflo: real-
                                                                                 time optimisation of the plant based on
                                                                                 historical data and intelligent algorithms.
                          The AQUAVISTATM team works with the                  • Having a greater stability of downstream
                          technical department and the data scientists           treatment: by an optimised clarified water
                          of Veolia to improve the performance of the            quality, the lifetime of the downstream
                          Actiflo thanks to the digitalisation. In light of      filters are increased and the process
                          the market needs, are developed Aquavista              stabilised.
                          Insight and Assist.                                  • Reducing operational costs: reduced
                                                                                 polymer and coagulant consumption. In one
                          AQUAVISTA™ Insight                                     plant 19,8% chemical savings.
                          Plant operators are faced with increasing            • Increasing resilience of the operation:
                          demands for continuous process                         improved up-time of the operation and
                          optimisation, reduction of water, wastewater,          increased predictability of the operation.
                          chemical and energy consumption, while not           • Ensuring compliance by increase
                          jeopardising the process stability and meeting         operational resilience.
                          strict regulations. To support clients in this       • Learning from comparable sites: Evaluate
                          crux, Aquavista Insight aggregates historic            the performance of different sites to apply
                          data acquired from multiple Actiflo around             lessons learned throughout.
                          the world and real-time data from site, and
                          applies analytics developed based on Veolia’s        “By adding Veolia’s process expertise to the
                          experience in designing and operating water          new digital tools we can go much further
                          and wastewater treatment plants worldwide.           in monitoring and optimizing the quality of
                                                                               treatment. We have access to an “enhanced”
                          Features                                             process control adapted to each site, which
                          • Asset monitoring: Correlation of process           represents a real optimization compared to
                            data with operational costs                        what we had with scientific formulas alone.

In addition, thanks to the Aquavista Insight      • Online training materials: Documents/
dashboard, operators have a global and              videos on process troubleshooting,
comprehensive vision of their installations.        maintenance etc.
The operator thus benefits from a continuous
supervision and optimization service.” Philippe   Benefits
Bréant, projects department director, Veolia      To support you in this, Veolia is developing
Research & Innovation.                            AQUAVISTA™ Assist, a suite of digital
                                                  communication channels and training
In cooperation with our customers, we have        modules. It is based on a long-term
carried out several tests on their Actiflo.       experience of troubleshooting, maintenance
Aquavista Insight has a real impact on their      and process knowledge that have been
operating expenses, the processes carried out     compiled into training materials, as well as
on the various operations are optimized, which    access to experts at your own convenience.
in turn extends the equipment’s durability. We    AQUAVISTA™ Assist will give more agility
can see a real optimisation of the operation      to Actiflo operators, and will secure the
of the plant and water quality”, Philippe         equipment by:
Sauvignet, water industrialization manager,       • Having a direct line to process experts from
Veolia technical & performance department.           Veolia to support with day to day questions,
                                                     pro-actively ensuring that problems are
AQUAVISTA™ Assist                                    resolved avoiding plant downtime
The framework under which a plant is              • Knowledge sharing with other sites
operated is challenging: technologies are         • Providing continuous development of
highly complex, new developments occur               operators, by attending training sessions
at a fast speed, the number of operators is          or revising materials at the operator’s own
declining and there is often little time for         speed and time
training. In a day to day operation it is thus    • Facilitating onboarding of new operators
challenging to solve complex problems or             by giving them access to a library of step-
improve operation.                                   by-step training videos, troubleshooting
                                                     support and process knowledge
Features                                          If combined with AQUAVISTA™ Portal, Veolia
• Communication platform: Channels to             experts can access real-time data and provide
  exchange with operators from different sites    even more powerful advice. �
• Virtual process engineer: Specialized
  support from a network of experienced
  Veolia experts

                    AQUAVISTA™ Certification
                                                   AQUAVISTA™ is
                                                   embedded by
                                                   design in standard
                                                   equipment made
                                                   by Veolia Water
                                                   All our
                    AQUAVISTA™-compatible technologies will
                    be stamped and certified by Veolia Water
                    Technologies as able to be integrated within the
                    AQUAVISTA™ environment.

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AQUAVISTA™, digital trust
Digital transformation is no longer a buzz-        Physical security means that the phase where
word: it has become a reality. The growing         the data is acquired is safe. This is achieved by
connectivity of equipment, people and              ensuring the physical security of the device
businesses has profoundly changed the entire       or equipment, of course, but also through
landscape in which businesses are operated         secured accessibility and data encryption.
and is quickly becoming a key parameter of         Veolia Water Technologies complies with all
success for companies all over the world.          industry standards.
The amount of data captured through
these connected systems, the big data,             Network security covers data transfer. We
processed with intelligence in cloud gives a       ensure that the data transits through secured
way to optimise the processes and increase         tunnels and that the protocols used for data
the overall efficiency. Hence it needs to be       communication are secured and recognized
protected and the channels through which           by registered regulation entities. Moreover,
it transits must be controlled and secured         network-enforced policies are put in place.
to ensure that it is only
available to those for whom                                           Cloud security is all about
it is meant.                                                          safe data aggregation and
                                             PHYSICAL SECURITY safe data analysis. On a cloud
The increasing digital                       Data acquisition         architecture, security is in
connectedness of the entire                                           place by design. A dedicated
value chain creates agility                                           team of security experts with
and procures flexibility,                    NETWORK    SECURITY      access to state-of-the-art
but it also demands that                     Data transfer            tools manages the security
cybersecurity risks and                                               and applies continuous
threats be effectively                                                security improvement
                                             DIGITAL SECURITY
assessed and thwarted.                                                strategies, while also
                                             Data aggregation /
The key is to address these                                           conducting penetration
                                             Data analysis
challenges by embedding                                               tests and security audits.
security at the core of                                               We ensure cybersecurity
platform design.                                                      compliance (NSIT/IES
                                                    Standards) and apply industry-proven security
                                                    architecture practices.
At Veolia Water Technologies, we believe that
security is better and stronger when it is built    The value and the volume of data have
in and not bolted on. Our Digital Platform,         never been higher, affording users with a
AQUAVISTA™, is built with security at its core.     level of information and flexibility that has
Cybersecurity aspects are considered as vital to    never been seen before, but which could
the design and architecture of the platform, and    also potentially make businesses more
we ensure that best-in-class security practices     vulnerable than ever before. It is imperative
are enforced over the entire infrastructure.        that we maintain confidentiality, integrity
                                                    and availability of the data and Veolia Water
Physical Security, Network Security and Cloud       Technologies is committed to do so in
Security: the complete digital landscape is         partnership with our clients. �

Smart glasses:
how to support your plant’s operations?

                   VIRTUAL SUPPORT                                  • Live video calling & annotations → Support
                   User                                               from back-office that can instantaneously
                   Operator or technician on site                     annotate things in your field of view
                   Features & Added Values                          • Hands-free glasses → Increased safety
                   • Access to manuals and checklists                 precaution, focus on tasks
                     (document/videos) → Remember to
                     perform all tasks in the correct order         VIRTUAL REALITY
                   • Live video calling → Troubleshooting           User
                     support from the back-office, enabling them    • Engineer, operator, technician during
                     to see exactly what you are seeing and           training or design phase, off-site
                     instructing you                                Features & Added Values
                   • Shoot pictures or videos → Record your         • Simulated image of an equipment/plant in
                     steps for quality assurance                      3D → walk inside a plant before doing it in
                   • Hands-free glasses → Increased safety            real life, increased safety
                     precaution, focus on tasks                     • Explode the equipment → Understand
                                                                      how the equipment is built, facilitating
                   3D/AUGMENTED REALITY                               maintenance services
                   User                                             • Build 3D representation of the build
                   Engineer, operator, technician during training     environment, e.g. for refurbishments before
                   or inspection, off-site                            implementing them in real life → time
                   Features & Added Values                            savings, cost savings, safety precautions
                   • Walk around a 3D image of a plant on a
                     computer → no need for glasses
                   • Familiarise and train operators on a new
                     plant → increased safety, time savings
                   • Tag equipments with datasheets or points
                     of precaution → ease of use, ensure data
                     transfer, increased health and safety

                   MIXED REALITY
                   Operator or technician on site
                   Features & Added Values
                   • Instructions superimposed on your actual
                     field of view → Read instructions and
                     highlights while seeing the equipment in
                     front of you

Veolia Deutschland
is looking forward
to meeting you.
Our cutting-edge solutions in the waste management,
water, and energy utility sectors combine innovation
and efficiency with the power of digitization. Take a
closer look at all we have to offer.

Visit us at Hall A6, Booth 339/438.

                          Water Technologies
    Hall A3
    West Entrance

             Hall A4

                       Hall A5                                        Halle A6
                                                                      East Entrance

                                 Resourcing the world

                   EVALED                                            ®

                   Evaporation technologies for wastewater

                   APPLICATIONS                                      BENEFITS
                   �   Effective solutions for the treatment of     �   Waste disposal costs reduction
                        industrial wastewater, concentrating and     �   Low energy consumption
                        removing salts, heavy metals and a variety
                        of hazardous components.                     �   Fully automatic, minimum labor
                                                                     �   Remotely controllable (Industry 4.0
                   PERFORMANCES                                           compliant)
                   �   ZLD                                         �   Standard & Package design
                   �   Water reuse                                 �   Small footprint, Plug & Play
                   �   Valuable matter recovery                     �   High quality of distillate
                   �   Up to 95% distillate yield
                   �   Sizes from 0.1 to 200 m⁳/day of distillate   Evaled is now boosted by our digital services
                        produced                                     offer AQUAVISTA™

ACTIFLO                                             ®

The ultimate microsand ballasted clarifier

With more than 1,000 references all over the       • Proven process with 735 references
world, Actiflo has been in use for municipal         in 55 countries for
and industrial water and wastewater                  - Drinking water treatment
treatment for more than 25 years.                    - Municipal wastewater treatment
                                                     - Industrial water and wastewater
Actiflo is a high rate compact water                    treatment
clarification process in which water is
flocculated with microsand and polymer             Actiflo is now boosted by our digital services
in a Turbomix® draft tube. The microsand           offer: AQUAVISTA™ (see pages 18 & 19)
enhances the formation of robust flocs and
acts as ballast, significantly increasing their
settling velocity. The unique characteristics of
the resulting microsand ballasted flocs allow          REFERENCES
for clarifier designs with very short retention
                                                       Severn Trent Water, UK
times, high rise rates and extremely compact
system footprints that are up to 50 times              In 2017, we have secured a contract
smaller than other clarification processes of          with Severn Trent Water to design and
similar capacity.                                      implement three Actiflo® Turbo high
                                                       performance water clarifiers at the
Major benefits:                                        Frankley Water Treatment Works as part
•   Extremely compact footprint                        of the Birmingham Resilience scheme.
•   Rapid start-up within few minutes                  This compact, high flow rate water
•   Clarifier rise rates of 80 m/h and higher          clarification solution uses patented
•   Excellent treated water quality                    technology to offer the capacity to
•   Stable and flexible process behavior               process 312 million litres of water a day.
•   Automatic operation with frequent start-
    ups & shut-downs possible

Optimum treatment for natural organic
matter and micropollutants
Designed to treat and refine water, ACTIFLO® Carb combines the fast flocculation and
sedimentation performance of Actiflo® with the adsorption capacity of Powdered Activated
Carbon (PAC) to eliminate substances resistant to the clarification process.

APPLICATIONS                               PERFORMANCES                             REFERENCES
�  F or municipalities and industries     �   dvanced Powdered Activated
                                              A                                     Nantes Métropole, France
� Drinking water: for the treatment          Carbon treatment                      � 160,000 m3/day

    of non-flocculable Natural             � Maximum elimination of NOM
                                                                                    DSM Nutritional Products,
    Organic Matter (NOM), pesticides,         and emerging micropollutants
                                                                                    Village-Neuf, France
    emerging micropollutants, micro-          (removal of up to 95%)
    algae, odors                                                                    �   2,400 m3/day 
                                           �   Polishing of the treated water
�    rocess water: for refining and
    P                                      �    igh sedimentation speed:
                                               H                                    Fuyang, Zhejiang, China
    treating resistant NOM                     ≥ 30 m/h                             �250,000 m3/day
�    ewage: to eliminate hard
    S                                                                               Harpeth Valley, Nashville, USA
    Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)           BENEFITS                                 �90,000 m3/day
    and other compounds resistant to
                                           �   ompatible with other
                                              C                                     TW Moses, Indianapolis, USA
    chemical or biological treatment
                                              clarification processes upstream:     �91,000 m3/day
�   “ Reuse”: for the advanced tertiary      Actiflo®, Multiflo™, Spidflow®
     treatment and refinement of                                                    Raffineria di Millazo, Italy
                                           � Using Hydrex Biosourced
                                                                                    � 7,200 m3/day
     treated sewage                           flocculants
                                           �   Small footprint
                                           �    imple to commission: start-up in
                                               a few minutes
                                           �    asy, low-cost upgrading of
                                               existing installations

The next generation polishing technology
A chemical-free polishing solution, FILTRAFLO™ Carb uses a recyclable activated carbon
in microgranules to eliminate by adsorption natural organic matter, pesticides,
and other micropollutants in treated water while also filtering it.

APPLICATIONS                               �   Stable performance                  REFERENCES
�   For small to medium-size facilities   �   F lexible design using concrete,    Filtraflo™ Carb has already
                                                metal or plastic (HDPE)             been implanted on several
�    pgrading of existing drinking
                                                daptability to variations in
                                               A                                    municipal sites in the west
    water plants                           �

                                               contaminants                         of France.
�    roundwater first treatment step
                                                                                    Craon, France
    with low turbidity water
                                           BENEFITS                                 � 80 m3/hr
�    urface water after flotation or
                                           �   Easy to operate                     Fouet Barrégant, France)
                                                                                    �100 m3/hr
                                           �   Compact and modular
�    astewater tertiary polishing
                                                                                    La Française DWTP, France
    treatment                              �   Low-energy consumption
                                                                                    �250 m3/hr
                                           �    o activated carbon sludge to
PERFORMANCES                                   treat (savings)
�    ombines physical filtration of
    suspended solids with adsorption
    of organic matter using innovative
    reusable activated carbon in

The next generation polishing technology
EXPERTISE                                 ADVANTAGES                             REFERENCES
�   1000+ references Worldwide           �    iofilm expertise applied using
                                              B                                  Heathrow Airport, UK
                                              MBBR technology                    VWT UK has been awarded a contract
�   30+ years of experience
                                                                                 to design, build and operate a new
                                          �   Retrofit and Increase Capacity
�    27 years, longest plant
    +                                                                            wastewater treatment plant for
    in operation-with original            �   Compact Footprint                 Heathrow Airport. During the cold
    AnoxKaldnes media                                                            weather months, glycol is used for
                                          �   Robust and Tolerant
�    eferences in municipal and most
    R                                                                            de-icing the planes and in order to
                                          �   Flexible Configurations
    industrial sectors                                                           ensure compliance with new discharge
                                                                                 consents applied by the environmental
                                                                                 regulator, Heathrow needs a treatment
                                                                                 solution to improve the quality of the
�    iological expertise allows
    B                                                                            wastewater that is discharged.
    AnoxKaldnes to find the best                                                 At the core of the wastewater
    solution to fit your needs                                                   treatment plant is our AnoxKaldnes
�   F or BOD/COD and nitrogen                                                   MBBR and Hydrotech Discfilter
     removal                                                                     technology. AK MBBR technology
                                                                                 is also used at Oslo airport to treat
�    ut also for complex compounds
                                                                                 de-icer. However at Oslo this de-icer is
    like pharmaceuticals, EDTA,
                                                                                 combined with municipal wastewater
    Selenium and Phenols
                                                                                 and during the summer months
�    ide stream and mainstream
    S                                                                            the plant is operated on municipal
    anammox solutions                                                            wastewater alone. As a result, given
                                                                                 that the Heathrow plant will be
                                                                                 operated solely on de-icer and only
                                                                                 during the cold weather months, this
                                                                                 will be the first plant of its type globally.

The cost-effective ammonia removal
With an ammonia removal efficiency of over 80% with no use of external carbon source
and at a very low energy cost, ANITA™ Mox is well suited to efficiently reduce the operating cost
and improve the environmental record of a wastewater treatment plant.

APPLICATIONS                               BENEFITS                         REFERENCES
ANITA™ Mox is specially developed          �   No carbon source needed     Denver Colorado, USA
for the treatment of streams highly                                         � Operating since 2017
                                           �   Compact process
loaded in ammonia such as:                                                  � Treating muncipal digestate
                                           �   Almost 60% oxygen savings   � 3000 kg N/day
�    eject water following anaerobic
    digestion from municipal WWTP          �   Reduced sludge production   Gothenburg (Gryaab), Sweden
    to reduce the nitrogen load on the     �   Robust process              �  Operating since 2018
    main wastewater treatment line                                          � Treating municipal digestate
                                           �   Stable process              � >1000 kg N/day
�   I ndustrial wastewaters, especially
                                           �   Lower CO2 emissions
     after anaerobic treatment and                                          Osberstown, Ireland
     landfill leachates                                                     � Treating municipal THP

                                                                            � Start-up 2018

                                                                            � 600 kg N/day

                                                                            Five Fords (Wales), UK
                                                                            � Treating municipal THP

                                                                            � Start-up 2018

                                                                            � 775 kg N/day

The ecological solution for local
wastewater treatment plants
Effluent treatment of small and medium communities requires economical and easy to operate
systems which are not sensitive to organic and hydraulic load variations. Ecodisk is the ecological
solution for local wastewater treatment plants, from 100 to 10,000 population equivalent.

PRODUCTS                                   �    rocess adaptable to load and
                                               P                                   REFERENCES
                                               hydraulic variations
�   Packaged biological plants                                                    Königswalde, Germany
                                           �    omplete treatment of
                                               C                                   � Connection size: 2,200
�   NEW Ecodisk Denit for TN
                                               wastewater                             inhabitant equivalents
                                                                                   � Restoration of a worn rotational
                                           �   Reliability of the set culture
�    EVELOPMENT Ecodisk Solar for
    D                                                                                 body system by replacing
    autonomous installations               �    orldwide experience with more
                                               W                                      the rotating body by rotating
                                               than 1,000 reference plants            biological disks with a diameter
APPLICATIONS                               �    eliable, recyclable and durable
                                               R                                      of 3.7 m and an area of 2 x 5,540 m²
                                               process                                in an existing concrete tank.
�   I deal design for wastewater
     treatment in small and medium-                                                Imi Ouaddar Resort, Morocco
     sized communities                     BENEFITS                                �  Connection size: 5,350
                                               Low energy consumption                 inhabitant equivalents
�    ompact solutions for
    C                                      �
                                                                                   � Beautifuly integrated into the
    decentralized treatment (living        �    xpansion and rehabilitation of
                                                                                       coastline, the treatment process
    base, hotel, industrial complex)           existing plants
                                                                                       includes a bar screen, settler
                                           �   Small footprint                        digester, four Ecodisk units, a
                                                                                       Hydrotech drumfilter and a UV
                                           �   Simple and minimal operation
�    odular and upgradeable process
    M                                                                                  system to reuse the treated
    integrated into the environment                                                    water.

Boost your primary filtration

A successful wastewater treatment starts at the beginning.
Hydrotech filters offers great flexibility in terms of possibilities                REFERENCES
of controlling the loading (TSS, BOD, COD and P) to the                             Stavanger primary filtration,
biological treatment downstream. The efficiency of primary                          Norway
sludge removal by filtration will also maximize the possibilities                   � The Central Wastewater Treatment

for energy production by digestion.                                                    Plant of Nord Jæren (SNJ) in the city
                                                                                       of Stavanger, located on the south-
                                                                                       west coast of Norway.
                                                                                    � Primary treatment upgrade by using
BENEFITS                                Boost your plant with the
                                        Hydrotech Plug and Play units                  Hydrotech filters.
Proven technology
                                        • Upgrade and retrofit your current         Key figures
With more than 10 years experience
and with successful references for                                                  �   500,000 population equivalent
                                        • Minimize the effects of your
the primary treatment application,                                                  �   2 800 l/s
                                          seasonal loading variations
Hydrotech filter is considered as a
                                        • Improve your storm water or CSO           �   300 mgTSS/l / 33000kgTSS/d
proven technology.
                                          treatment                                 �   20 Hydrotech Drumfilters model
                                        • Flexibility to control the filtration          HDF2010
Small footprint
Compared to conventional primary          efficiency by usage of on-line
                                                                                    The Benefits
clarifiers the Hydrotech filters only     chemical dosing to fulfil your
                                          specific requirements                     �   Reducing aeration volume and
require 20 % of the footprint. With
                                                                                         aeration demand in downstream
chemicals added upstream even
                                                                                         biological treatment
less footprint is required.
                                                                                    �   Smaller footprint
                                                                                    �   Odor control
                                                                                    �   Increasing energy recovery in the

Leading anaerobic technologies for industrial effluent treatment and municipal sludge treatment

BIOBED® ADVANCED EGSB                        �   Overall high yield on biogas           and biomass quality. The system
                                                  production                             is provided with automated 24/7
Proven technology
                                                 > Intake load higher through 		         backup service - 365 days per year.
Extremely compact, high
                                                   skipping of pre-treatment unit        This innovation is expected to
performance process for industrial
                                                 > Degradation of FOG and TSS            change the regular operation of
effluents using granular sludge.
                                                                                         biological wastewater treatment
                                             �    Simplified process
�   Pressurized & gastight concept                                                      plants into automated selfregulating
�   Up to >95% COD removal, with 		                                                     plants, which are monitored
     loading rates up to 15-25kg/m⁳/day      MemGas™                                     remotely.
                                             Biogas upgrading
�   A highly stable technology for a
     great variety of industries
                                             �   Low Methane slip (loss) of less than
                                                  < 0,5% leads to Methane yield of
�   Large net energy production by               more than 99%
     biogas recovery                                                                          REFERENCES
                                             �   High purity of the CO2 in the OFF-
�   Low sludge production and very               Gas (> 99%)                                 Arla, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire,
     low energy consumption                                                                   United Kingdom
                                             �   L ow electrical power consumption
                                                                                              � World‘s first zero-carbon milk
                                                  (< 0,3 – 0,4 kWhel / m³ Biogas)
Memthane®                                                                                        processing facility using cutting
Memthane® is an Anaerobic                    �   Surplus compressor heat available              edge renewable energy solutions.
Membrane Bio-Reactor (AnMBR)                      for the digester (0,3 kWhth/m³              � Technology: Memthane®

which maximizes renewable energy                  Biogas)                                        anaerobic membrane bioreactor
production while producing superb                                                                (combination of the advantages of
                                             �   No chemicals needed
quality effluent that can be reused or                                                           anaerobic treatment with external
discharged directly to sewer.                                                                    crossflow filtration).
                                             SMART Biogas Management
                                                                                              � Treatment of 500 m⁳/d of
�   Excellent permeate quality              To increase the ease, reliability and
     > 98% COD & BOD removal                 effectiveness of the operation of                   wastewater containing 5 tCOD/d.
     > Secondary treatment effluent          anaerobic wastewater treatment                   Paulaner Brewery, Munich,
      quality                                plants AQUAVISTA™ Plant has been                 Germany
    > Crystal clear & Base for water         developed. The technology provides               � Paulaner built a new greenfield

     re-use                                  a new dimension in operating                        brewery with special emphasis
                                             anaerobic granular wastewater                       on modern and environmentally
�   Robust = 100% Biomass retention =
                                             treatment process through 24/7                      friendly brewery technology as
     no biomass wash out
                                             real-time control. This allows for                  well as an energy- and emission-
     > Biomass is retained through
                                             minimal physical operational                        optimised infrastructure.
      Ultra Filtration not through
                                             attendance. This technology                      � Technology: Biobed®Advanced
                                             consists of a carefully designed                    EGSB
    > High tolerance for FOG and TSS         instrumentation and control                      � Treatment of 2,800 m⁳/d of

�   Lower overall CAPEX and OPEX            package. It measures online                         wastewater containing 23,5
    > Saving of pre- and post- treatment     quality parameters: water flow,                     tCOD/d. The biogas produced is
     > 3 processes in 1                      COD reduction, biogas production                    used to produce energy in the
                                                                                                 boiler house on site.
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